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1985 American League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1985 American League Awards
    AL Comeback Player of the YearGorman Thomas
    American League Cy Young AwardBret Saberhagen
    American League Gold GloveRon Guidry Pitcher, Lance Parrish Catcher, Don Mattingly First Base, Lou Whitaker Second Base, George Brett Third Base, Alfredo Griffin Shortstop, Dave Winfield Outfielder, Gary Pettis Outfielder, Dwayne Murphy Outfielder, Dwight Evans Outfielder
    American League Manager of the YearBobby Cox
    American League Most Valuable PlayerDon Mattingly
    AL Player of the MonthMike Davis April, George Brett May, Rickey Henderson June, George Brett July, Don Mattingly August, Don Mattingly September
    American League Player of the WeekPhil Bradley April 8-April 14, Steve Balboni April 15-April 21, Willie Upshaw April 22-April 28, Cal Ripken April 29-May 5, Tony Armas May 6-May 12, Darrell Evans May 13-May 19, Gary Ward May 20-May 26, Carlton Fisk May 27-June 2, Kirk Gibson June 3-June 9, Bob Shirley June 10-June 16, Rickey Henderson June 17-June 23, Ron Guidry June 17-June 23, Spike Owen June 24-June 30, George Brett July 1-July 7, Robin Yount July 15-July 21, Oddibe McDowell July 22-July 28, Rod Carew July 29-August 4, Tom Seaver July 29-August 4, Don Mattingly August 5-August 11, Bert Blyleven August 12-August 18, Mike Young August 12-August 18, Pete O'Brien August 19-August 25, Tony Armas August 26-September 1, Lloyd Moseby September 2-September 8, Ron Kittle September 9-September 15, Darrell Evans September 16-September 22, Jose Canseco September 23-September 29
    AL Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the YearDan Quisenberry
    American League Rookie of the YearOzzie Guillen
    AL Silver Slugger AwardCarlton Fisk C, Don Mattingly 1B, Lou Whitaker 2B, George Brett 3B, Cal Ripken SS, George Bell OF, Rickey Henderson OF, Dave Winfield OF, Don Baylor DH
    AL Pitcher of the MonthCharlie Leibrandt April, Dave Stieb May, Jay Howell June, Bret Saberhagen July, Dave Righetti August, Charlie Leibrandt September
    1985 Batting Leaders
    1Greg Walker163
    2Alfredo Griffin162
    3Bill Buckner162
    4Brook Jacoby161
    5Cal Ripken161
    6Kirby Puckett161
    7Tony Fernandez161
    8Wade Boggs161
    9Gary Gaetti160
    10Harold Baines160
    At Bats
    1Kirby Puckett691
    2Bill Buckner673
    3Wade Boggs653
    4Don Mattingly652
    5Cal Ripken642
    6Phil Bradley641
    7Harold Baines640
    8Julio Franco636
    9Dave Winfield633
    10Cecil Cooper631
    1Rickey Henderson146
    2Cal Ripken116
    3Eddie Murray111
    4Dwight Evans110
    5George Brett108
    6Don Mattingly107
    7Wade Boggs107
    8Brett Butler106
    9Dave Winfield105
    10Lou Whitaker102
    1Wade Boggs240
    2Don Mattingly211
    3Bill Buckner201
    4Kirby Puckett199
    5Harold Baines198
    6Phil Bradley192
    7Cecil Cooper185
    8Brett Butler184
    9George Brett184
    10Julio Franco183
    1Don Mattingly48
    2Bill Buckner46
    3Wade Boggs42
    4Cecil Cooper39
    5George Brett38
    6Greg Walker38
    7Eddie Murray37
    8Kirk Gibson37
    9Dave Winfield34
    10Jesse Barfield34
    1Willie Wilson21
    2Brett Butler14
    3Kirby Puckett13
    4Tony Fernandez10
    5Jesse Barfield9
    6Ozzie Guillen9
    7Cecil Cooper8
    8Gary Pettis8
    9Lou Whitaker8
    10Phil Bradley8
    Home Runs
    1Darrell Evans40
    2Carlton Fisk37
    3Steve Balboni36
    4Don Mattingly35
    5Gorman Thomas32
    6Eddie Murray31
    7Dave Kingman30
    8George Brett30
    9Dwight Evans29
    10Kirk Gibson29
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Don Mattingly145
    2Eddie Murray124
    3Dave Winfield114
    4Harold Baines113
    5George Brett112
    6Bill Buckner110
    7Cal Ripken110
    8Carlton Fisk107
    9Jim Rice103
    10Cecil Cooper99
    Stolen Bases
    1Rickey Henderson80
    2Gary Pettis56
    3Brett Butler47
    4Willie Wilson43
    5Lonnie Smith40
    6Lloyd Moseby37
    7Jack Perconte31
    8Alan Wiggins30
    9Kirk Gibson30
    10Dave Collins29
    Caught Stealing
    1Brett Butler20
    2Damaso Garcia15
    3Lloyd Moseby15
    4Alan Wiggins13
    5Kirby Puckett12
    6Wayne Tolleson12
    7Otis Nixon11
    8Willie Wilson11
    9Mike Davis10
    10Pete O'Brien10
    1Dwight Evans114
    2Toby Harrah113
    3George Brett103
    4Rickey Henderson99
    5Wade Boggs96
    6Alvin Davis90
    7Darrell Evans85
    8Willie Randolph85
    9Dwayne Murphy84
    10Eddie Murray84
    1Steve Balboni166
    2Jesse Barfield143
    3Reggie Jackson138
    4Kirk Gibson137
    5Mike Easler129
    6Phil Bradley129
    7Gorman Thomas126
    8Gary Pettis125
    9Dwayne Murphy123
    10Brook Jacoby120
    Hit by Pitch
    1Don Baylor24
    2Carlton Fisk17
    3Brian Downing13
    4Phil Bradley12
    5Chet Lemon10
    6Dick Schofield8
    7George Bell8
    8Gary Gaetti7
    9Don Slaught6
    10Onix Concepcion6
    Intentional Walks
    1George Brett31
    2Kirk Gibson16
    3Don Mattingly13
    4Carlton Fisk12
    5Darrell Evans12
    6Eddie Murray12
    7Kent Hrbek12
    8Reggie Jackson12
    9Doug DeCinces11
    10Rich Gedman11
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Bob Meacham23
    2Bob Boone16
    3Donnie Hill16
    4Dick Schofield12
    5Marty Barrett12
    6Onix Concepcion12
    7Alan Trammell11
    8Scott Fletcher11
    9Jim Gantner10
    10Mike Heath10
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Don Mattingly15
    2Tom Brunansky13
    3Bill Buckner11
    4Ben Oglivie10
    5Cecil Cooper10
    6Don Baylor10
    7Harold Baines10
    8Kirk Gibson10
    9Alan Trammell9
    10George Brett9
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Jim Rice35
    2Cal Ripken32
    3Jim Presley29
    4Julio Franco26
    5Cecil Cooper24
    6Willie Randolph24
    7Al Cowens23
    8Harold Baines23
    9Wade Boggs20
    10Gary Ward19
    Total Bases
    1Don Mattingly370
    2George Brett322
    3Phil Bradley319
    4Wade Boggs312
    5Eddie Murray305
    6Bill Buckner301
    7Cal Ripken301
    8Kirk Gibson301
    9Harold Baines299
    10Dave Winfield298
    Plate Appearances
    1Wade Boggs758
    2Dwight Evans744
    3Kirby Puckett744
    4Don Mattingly727
    5Bill Buckner718
    6Cal Ripken718
    7Phil Bradley714
    8Julio Franco703
    9Lou Whitaker701
    10Harold Baines693
    Batting Average
    1Wade Boggs.368
    2George Brett.335
    3Don Mattingly.324
    4Rickey Henderson.314
    5Brett Butler.311
    6Harold Baines.309
    7Phil Bradley.300
    8Bill Buckner.299
    9Eddie Murray.297
    10Paul Molitor.297
    On-Base Percentage
    1Wade Boggs.450
    2George Brett.436
    3Toby Harrah.432
    4Rickey Henderson.419
    5Eddie Murray.383
    6Willie Randolph.382
    7Alvin Davis.381
    8Dwight Evans.378
    9Brett Butler.377
    10Brian Downing.371
    Slugging Percentage
    1George Brett.585
    2Don Mattingly.567
    3Jesse Barfield.536
    4Eddie Murray.523
    5Darrell Evans.519
    6Kirk Gibson.518
    7Rickey Henderson.516
    8Mike Young.513
    9Phil Bradley.498
    10Carlton Fisk.488
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1George Brett1021
    2Don Mattingly938
    3Rickey Henderson935
    4Wade Boggs928
    5Eddie Murray906
    6Jesse Barfield905
    7Kirk Gibson882
    8Darrell Evans875
    9Phil Bradley863
    10Mike Young861
    1Willie Randolph2.179
    2George Brett2.102
    3Toby Harrah1.883
    4Ted Simmons1.781
    5Wade Boggs1.574
    6Rickey Henderson1.523
    7Brett Butler1.500
    8Lou Whitaker1.429
    9Jack Perconte1.389
    10Don Mattingly1.366
    1985 Pitching Leaders
    1Ron Guidry22
    2Bret Saberhagen20
    3Britt Burns18
    4Frank Viola18
    5Charlie Leibrandt17
    6Doyle Alexander17
    7Mike Moore17
    8Jack Morris16
    9Phil Niekro16
    10Tom Seaver16
    1Matt Young19
    2Danny Darwin18
    3Mike Boddicker17
    4Neal Heaton17
    5Charlie Hough16
    6Bud Black15
    7Mike Mason15
    8Chris Codiroli14
    9Floyd Bannister14
    10Frank Viola14
    1Dan Quisenberry84
    2Ed Vande Berg76
    3Dave Righetti74
    4Willie Hernandez74
    5Edwin Nunez70
    6Bob James69
    7Gary Lavelle69
    8Bill Caudill67
    9Donnie Moore65
    10Jay Howell63
    Games Started
    1Chris Codiroli37
    2Mike Smithson37
    3Dave Stieb36
    4Doyle Alexander36
    5Frank Viola36
    6Jack Morris35
    7Matt Young35
    8Mike Witt35
    9Oil Can Boyd35
    10Britt Burns34
    Complete Games
    1Charlie Hough14
    2Mike Moore14
    3Jack Morris13
    4Oil Can Boyd13
    5Danny Darwin11
    6Ron Guidry11
    7Bret Saberhagen10
    8Bert Blyleven9
    9Frank Viola9
    10Mike Boddicker9
    1Britt Burns4
    2Jack Morris4
    3Charlie Leibrandt3
    4Danny Jackson3
    5Mike Smithson3
    6Oil Can Boyd3
    7Walt Terrell3
    8Bud Black2
    9Dave Stieb2
    10Eddie Whitson2
    Games Finished
    1Dan Quisenberry76
    2Willie Hernandez64
    3Bob James60
    4Dave Righetti60
    5Jay Howell58
    6Donnie Moore57
    7Edwin Nunez53
    8Bill Caudill51
    9Ron Davis50
    10Don Aase43
    1Dan Quisenberry37
    2Bob James32
    3Donnie Moore31
    4Willie Hernandez31
    5Dave Righetti29
    6Jay Howell29
    7Ron Davis25
    8Rollie Fingers17
    9Edwin Nunez16
    10Bill Caudill14
    Innings Pitched
    1Oil Can Boyd272.1
    2Dave Stieb265
    3Doyle Alexander260.2
    4Ron Guidry259
    5Jack Morris257
    6Mike Smithson257
    7Frank Viola250.2
    8Charlie Hough250.1
    9Mike Witt250
    10Mike Moore247
    1Oil Can Boyd273
    2Doyle Alexander268
    3Mike Smithson264
    4Frank Viola262
    5Neal Heaton244
    6Bruce Hurst243
    7Ron Guidry243
    8Matt Young242
    9John Butcher239
    10Mike Moore230
    1Frank Viola136
    2Matt Young135
    3Mike Smithson134
    4Chris Codiroli125
    5John Butcher125
    6Bruce Hurst123
    7Floyd Bannister121
    8Neal Heaton119
    9Scott McGregor118
    10Oil Can Boyd117
    Earned Runs
    1Mike Smithson124
    2Matt Young119
    3Bruce Hurst115
    4John Butcher115
    5Floyd Bannister114
    6Frank Viola114
    7Neal Heaton113
    8Chris Codiroli112
    9Oil Can Boyd112
    10Scott McGregor109
    Home Runs
    1Danny Darwin34
    2Scott McGregor34
    3Bruce Hurst31
    4Floyd Bannister30
    5Dennis Martinez29
    6Joe Cowley29
    7Phil Niekro29
    8Ron Romanick29
    9Doyle Alexander28
    10Ken Schrom28
    1Phil Niekro120
    2Jack Morris110
    3Floyd Bannister100
    4Mike Witt98
    5Dave Stieb96
    6Walt Terrell95
    7Mark Langston91
    8Tim Birtsas91
    9Mike Boddicker89
    10Joe Cowley85
    1Floyd Bannister198
    2Jack Morris191
    3Bruce Hurst189
    4Mike Witt180
    5Britt Burns172
    6Dave Stieb167
    7Bret Saberhagen158
    8Mike Moore155
    9Oil Can Boyd154
    10Phil Niekro149
    Wild Pitches
    1Jack Morris15
    2Jaime Cocanower13
    3Mark Gubicza12
    4Charlie Hough11
    5Floyd Bannister11
    6Gene Nelson11
    7Mike Witt11
    8Mike Moore10
    9Tom Seaver10
    10Bud Black9
    1Bruce Hurst4
    2Bill Krueger3
    3Bill Swift3
    4Bob Ojeda3
    5Bret Saberhagen3
    6Charlie Hough3
    7Charlie Leibrandt3
    8Jack Morris3
    9Mark Langston3
    10Mike Moore3
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Dave Stieb2.48
    2Charlie Leibrandt2.68
    3Bret Saberhagen2.87
    4Jimmy Key3.00
    5Tom Seaver3.16
    6Ron Guidry3.27
    7Charlie Hough3.31
    8Jack Morris3.33
    9Dan Petry3.35
    10Danny Jackson3.42
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Bret Saberhagen1.06
    2Ron Guidry1.10
    3Charlie Hough1.12
    4Jimmy Key1.12
    5Dan Petry1.13
    6Dave Stieb1.14
    7Moose Haas1.17
    8Teddy Higuera1.17
    9Mike Moore1.21
    10Charlie Leibrandt1.22
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Dave Stieb7.00
    2Charlie Hough7.13
    3Dan Petry7.15
    4Jack Morris7.42
    5Teddy Higuera7.90
    6Jimmy Key7.94
    7Ken Dixon8.00
    8Bret Saberhagen8.08
    9Mark Gubicza8.14
    10Britt Burns8.17
    HR per 9 IP
    1Danny Jackson0.30
    2Walt Terrell0.35
    3Storm Davis0.57
    4Mike Boddicker0.58
    5Charlie Leibrandt0.64
    6Mike Moore0.66
    7Mark Gubicza0.71
    8Bret Saberhagen0.73
    9Bud Black0.74
    10Jack Morris0.74
    BB per 9 IP
    1Moose Haas1.39
    2Bret Saberhagen1.46
    3Ron Guidry1.46
    4John Butcher1.86
    5Jimmy Key2.11
    6Oil Can Boyd2.22
    7Doyle Alexander2.31
    8Frank Viola2.44
    9Mike Moore2.55
    10Charlie Leibrandt2.57
    SO per 9 IP
    1Floyd Bannister8.45
    2Bruce Hurst7.43
    3Britt Burns6.82
    4Jack Morris6.69
    5Mike Witt6.48
    6Phil Niekro6.10
    7Bret Saberhagen6.05
    8Ken Dixon6.00
    9Mike Boddicker5.99
    10Dave Stieb5.67
    1Bret Saberhagen4.158
    2Ron Guidry3.405
    3Moose Haas3.120
    4Bruce Hurst2.700
    5Oil Can Boyd2.299
    6Mike Moore2.214
    7Britt Burns2.177
    8John Butcher2.140
    9Doyle Alexander2.119
    10Bud Black2.068

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