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1983 American League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1983 American League Awards
    AL Comeback Player of the YearAlan Trammell
    American League Cy Young AwardLaMarr Hoyt
    American League Gold GloveRon Guidry Pitcher, Lance Parrish Catcher, Eddie Murray First Base, Lou Whitaker Second Base, Buddy Bell Third Base, Alan Trammell Shortstop, Dave Winfield Outfielder, Dwayne Murphy Outfielder, Dwight Evans Outfielder
    American League Manager of the YearTony La Russa
    American League Most Valuable PlayerCal Ripken
    AL Player of the MonthGeorge Brett April, Rod Carew May, Lou Whitaker June, Cecil Cooper July, Lloyd Moseby August, Cal Ripken September
    American League Player of the WeekAndre Thornton April 4-April 10, Milt Wilcox April 11-April 17, George Brett April 18-April 24, Ben Oglivie April 25-May 1, Rod Carew May 2-May 8, Luis Leal May 9-May 15, Dave Stieb May 16-May 22, Lloyd Moseby May 23-May 29, Tony Armas May 30-June 5, Lou Whitaker June 6-June 12, George Wright June 13-June 19, Cliff Johnson June 20-June 26, Lou Whitaker July 4-July 10, Wade Boggs July 11-July 17, Rick Honeycutt July 18-July 24, Jim Gantner July 25-July 31, Dave Winfield August 1-August 7, Dave Winfield August 8-August 14, Moose Haas August 15-August 21, LaMarr Hoyt August 22-August 28, Jesse Barfield August 29-September 4, Harold Baines September 5-September 11, Dan Quisenberry September 12-September 18, Bob Stanley September 19-September 25
    AL Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the YearDan Quisenberry
    American League Rookie of the YearRon Kittle
    AL Silver Slugger AwardLance Parrish C, Eddie Murray 1B, Lou Whitaker 2B, Wade Boggs 3B, Cal Ripken SS, Lloyd Moseby OF, Dave Winfield OF, Jim Rice OF, Don Baylor DH
    AL Pitcher of the MonthRick Honeycutt April, Dave Stieb May, Charlie Hough June, Scott McGregor July, Jack Morris August, Richard Dotson September
    1983 Batting Leaders
    1Alfredo Griffin162
    2Cal Ripken162
    3George Wright162
    4Jim Gantner161
    5Lou Whitaker161
    6Cecil Cooper160
    7Willie Upshaw160
    8Gary Gaetti157
    9Gary Ward157
    10Hal McRae157
    At Bats
    1Cal Ripken663
    2Cecil Cooper661
    3Lou Whitaker643
    4George Wright634
    5Jim Rice626
    6Gary Ward623
    7Buddy Bell618
    8Paul Molitor608
    9Lance Parrish605
    10Jim Gantner603
    1Cal Ripken121
    2Eddie Murray115
    3Cecil Cooper106
    4Rickey Henderson105
    5Lloyd Moseby104
    6Robin Yount102
    7Wade Boggs100
    8Dave Winfield99
    9Willie Upshaw99
    10Paul Molitor95
    1Cal Ripken211
    2Wade Boggs210
    3Lou Whitaker206
    4Cecil Cooper203
    5Jim Rice191
    6Ted Simmons185
    7Hal McRae183
    8Larry Herndon182
    9Eddie Murray178
    10Robin Yount178
    1Cal Ripken47
    2Wade Boggs44
    3Lance Parrish42
    4Robin Yount42
    5Hal McRae41
    6Kent Hrbek41
    7Lou Whitaker40
    8Ted Simmons39
    9George Brett38
    10Cecil Cooper37
    1Robin Yount10
    2Alfredo Griffin9
    3Kirk Gibson9
    4Larry Herndon9
    5Dave Winfield8
    6Jim Gantner8
    7Julio Franco8
    8Willie Wilson8
    9Lloyd Moseby7
    10Rickey Henderson7
    Home Runs
    1Jim Rice39
    2Tony Armas36
    3Ron Kittle35
    4Eddie Murray33
    5Dave Winfield32
    6Greg Luzinski32
    7Cecil Cooper30
    8Tom Brunansky28
    9Cal Ripken27
    10Jesse Barfield27
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Cecil Cooper126
    2Jim Rice126
    3Dave Winfield116
    4Lance Parrish114
    5Eddie Murray111
    6Ted Simmons108
    7Tony Armas107
    8Willie Upshaw104
    9Cal Ripken102
    10Ron Kittle100
    Stolen Bases
    1Rickey Henderson108
    2Rudy Law77
    3Willie Wilson59
    4Billy Sample44
    5Paul Molitor41
    6U.L. Washington40
    7Wayne Tolleson33
    8Julio Franco32
    9Mike Davis32
    10Damaso Garcia31
    Caught Stealing
    1Rickey Henderson19
    2Damaso Garcia17
    3Mike Davis15
    4Steve Henderson14
    5Julio Franco12
    6Rudy Law12
    7Alfredo Griffin11
    8Alan Trammell10
    9Lou Whitaker10
    10Toby Harrah10
    1Rickey Henderson103
    2Ken Singleton99
    3Wade Boggs92
    4Andre Thornton87
    5Eddie Murray86
    6Mike Hargrove78
    7Bobby Grich76
    8Toby Harrah75
    9Robin Yount72
    10Dwight Evans70
    1Ron Kittle150
    2Reggie Jackson140
    3Tony Armas131
    4Gary Gaetti121
    5Greg Luzinski117
    6Jesse Barfield110
    7Lance Parrish106
    8Dwayne Murphy105
    9Dave Hostetler103
    10Jim Rice102
    Hit by Pitch
    1Chet Lemon20
    2Don Baylor13
    3Greg Luzinski11
    4Hal McRae10
    5Ron Kittle8
    6Bobby Grich7
    7Randy Bush7
    8Toby Harrah7
    9Carlton Fisk6
    10Jim Gantner6
    Intentional Walks
    1Ken Singleton19
    2Andre Thornton14
    3Eddie Murray13
    4George Brett13
    5Harold Baines13
    6Ben Oglivie12
    7Carl Yastrzemski11
    8Don Baylor11
    9Fred Lynn10
    10Jim Rice10
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Alan Trammell15
    2Charlie Moore14
    3Steve Lubratich13
    4Jerry Remy12
    5Alfredo Griffin11
    6Glenn Hoffman11
    7Jerry Dybzinski11
    8Jim Gantner11
    9Mike Fischlin11
    10Tim Foli11
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Lance Parrish13
    2Bill Almon11
    3Dave Lopes10
    4Greg Luzinski10
    5Eddie Murray9
    6Larry Parrish9
    7Andre Thornton8
    8Ben Oglivie8
    9Cecil Cooper8
    10Dave Stapleton8
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Jim Rice31
    2Tony Armas31
    3Dave Winfield30
    4Buddy Bell24
    5Cal Ripken24
    6Gary Ward24
    7Ted Simmons23
    8Ken Singleton22
    9Julio Franco21
    10Lance Parrish21
    Total Bases
    1Jim Rice344
    2Cal Ripken343
    3Cecil Cooper336
    4Eddie Murray313
    5Dave Winfield307
    6Willie Upshaw298
    7Lou Whitaker294
    8Lance Parrish292
    9Robin Yount291
    10Larry Herndon288
    Plate Appearances
    1Cal Ripken726
    2Lou Whitaker720
    3Cecil Cooper710
    4Jim Rice689
    5Wade Boggs685
    6Paul Molitor682
    7George Wright681
    8Eddie Murray680
    9Buddy Bell678
    10Gary Ward676
    Batting Average
    1Wade Boggs.361
    2Rod Carew.339
    3Lou Whitaker.320
    4Alan Trammell.319
    5Cal Ripken.318
    6Lloyd Moseby.315
    7Hal McRae.311
    8George Brett.310
    9Robin Yount.308
    10Ted Simmons.308
    On-Base Percentage
    1Wade Boggs.444
    2Rickey Henderson.414
    3Rod Carew.409
    4Eddie Murray.393
    5Ken Singleton.393
    6Mike Hargrove.388
    7Alan Trammell.385
    8George Brett.385
    9Andre Thornton.383
    10Robin Yount.383
    Slugging Percentage
    1George Brett.563
    2Jim Rice.550
    3Eddie Murray.538
    4Carlton Fisk.518
    5Cal Ripken.517
    6Willie Upshaw.515
    7Dave Winfield.513
    8Cecil Cooper.508
    9Ron Kittle.504
    10Robin Yount.503
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1George Brett948
    2Eddie Murray931
    3Wade Boggs930
    4Jim Rice911
    5Cal Ripken888
    6Willie Upshaw888
    7Robin Yount886
    8Lloyd Moseby875
    9Carlton Fisk873
    10Dave Winfield858
    1Wade Boggs2.556
    2Mike Hargrove1.950
    3Rich Dauer1.621
    4Toby Harrah1.531
    5George Brett1.462
    6Charlie Moore1.310
    7Rickey Henderson1.288
    8Robin Yount1.241
    9Andre Thornton1.208
    10Ken Singleton1.193
    1983 Pitching Leaders
    1LaMarr Hoyt24
    2Richard Dotson22
    3Ron Guidry21
    4Jack Morris20
    5Dan Petry19
    6Scott McGregor18
    7Dave Stieb17
    8Rick Sutcliffe17
    9Floyd Bannister16
    10Mike Boddicker16
    1Larry Gura18
    2Bob Stoddard17
    3Dennis Martinez16
    4Frank Viola15
    5Jim Beattie15
    6Matt Young15
    7Albert Williams14
    8Jim Gott14
    9Mike Smithson14
    10Mike Witt14
    1Dan Quisenberry69
    2Ed Vande Berg68
    3Ron Davis66
    4Tippy Martinez65
    5Bob Stanley64
    6Bill Caudill63
    7George Frazier61
    8Rick Lysander61
    9Dan Spillner60
    10Len Whitehouse60
    Games Started
    1Dan Petry38
    2Jack Morris37
    3Dave Stieb36
    4LaMarr Hoyt36
    5Scott McGregor36
    6Luis Leal35
    7Richard Dotson35
    8Rick Sutcliffe35
    9Floyd Bannister34
    10Frank Viola34
    Complete Games
    1Ron Guidry21
    2Jack Morris20
    3Dave Stieb14
    4Shane Rawley13
    5Scott McGregor12
    6Charlie Hough11
    7Geoff Zahn11
    8Jim Clancy11
    9Ken Forsch11
    10LaMarr Hoyt11
    1Mike Boddicker5
    2Britt Burns4
    3Dave Stieb4
    4Charlie Hough3
    5Geoff Zahn3
    6Moose Haas3
    7Neal Heaton3
    8Ron Guidry3
    9Bruce Hurst2
    10Chris Codiroli2
    Games Finished
    1Dan Quisenberry62
    2Ron Davis61
    3Bill Caudill54
    4Bob Stanley53
    5Tippy Martinez51
    6Rich Gossage47
    7Aurelio Lopez46
    8Dan Spillner41
    9Pete Ladd40
    10Luis Sanchez34
    1Dan Quisenberry45
    2Bob Stanley33
    3Ron Davis30
    4Bill Caudill26
    5Pete Ladd25
    6Rich Gossage22
    7Tippy Martinez21
    8Aurelio Lopez18
    9Dennis Lamp15
    10Salome Barojas12
    Innings Pitched
    1Jack Morris293.2
    2Dave Stieb278
    3Dan Petry266.1
    4LaMarr Hoyt260.2
    5Scott McGregor260
    6Charlie Hough252
    7Ron Guidry250.1
    8Rick Sutcliffe243.1
    9John Tudor242
    10Richard Dotson240
    1Tommy John287
    2Scott McGregor271
    3Mike Caldwell269
    4Jack Morris257
    5Dan Petry256
    6Rick Sutcliffe251
    7Shane Rawley246
    8Frank Viola242
    9Bruce Hurst241
    10Jim Clancy238
    1Frank Viola141
    2Rick Sutcliffe131
    3Dan Petry126
    4Tommy John126
    5Mike Caldwell125
    6John Tudor122
    7Dennis Eckersley119
    8Larry Gura119
    9Jack Morris117
    10Chris Codiroli115
    Earned Runs
    1Frank Viola128
    2Dan Petry116
    3Rick Sutcliffe116
    4Mike Caldwell115
    5Tommy John113
    6Dennis Eckersley110
    7John Tudor110
    8Jack Morris109
    9Larry Gura109
    10LaMarr Hoyt106
    Home Runs
    1Dan Petry37
    2Mike Caldwell35
    3Frank Viola34
    4John Tudor32
    5Jack Morris30
    6Bob Stoddard29
    7Dennis Eckersley27
    8LaMarr Hoyt27
    9Ron Guidry26
    10Scott McGregor24
    1Richard Dotson106
    2Rick Sutcliffe102
    3Dan Petry99
    4Tim Conroy98
    5Charlie Hough95
    6Dave Stieb93
    7Frank Viola92
    8Jack Morris83
    9Steve McCatty82
    10John Tudor81
    1Jack Morris232
    2Floyd Bannister193
    3Dave Stieb187
    4Dave Righetti169
    5Rick Sutcliffe160
    6Ron Guidry156
    7Charlie Hough152
    8LaMarr Hoyt148
    9Richard Dotson137
    10John Tudor136
    Wild Pitches
    1Jack Morris18
    2Dan Petry12
    3Tommy John11
    4Bryan Clark10
    5Dave Righetti10
    6Milt Wilcox10
    7Juan Eichelberger9
    8Lary Sorensen9
    9Sammy Stewart9
    10Floyd Bannister8
    1Bob McClure6
    2Bob Stoddard4
    3Mike Brown4
    4Albert Williams3
    5Dave Rozema3
    6Mike Stanton3
    7Rick Sutcliffe3
    8Bruce Hurst2
    9Chris Codiroli2
    10Edwin Nunez2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Rick Honeycutt2.42
    2Mike Boddicker2.77
    3Dave Stieb3.04
    4Charlie Hough3.18
    5Scott McGregor3.18
    6Richard Dotson3.23
    7Matt Young3.26
    8Moose Haas3.27
    9Geoff Zahn3.33
    10Jack Morris3.34
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1LaMarr Hoyt1.02
    2Mike Boddicker1.08
    3Dave Stieb1.14
    4Jack Morris1.16
    5Rick Honeycutt1.17
    6Ron Guidry1.17
    7Moose Haas1.18
    8Dave Righetti1.20
    9Don Sutton1.20
    10Floyd Bannister1.21
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Mike Boddicker7.09
    2Dave Stieb7.22
    3Charlie Hough7.82
    4Tim Conroy7.83
    5Richard Dotson7.84
    6Matt Young7.85
    7Jack Morris7.87
    8Floyd Bannister7.92
    9Milt Wilcox7.94
    10Dave Righetti8.05
    HR per 9 IP
    1Danny Darwin0.44
    2Rick Honeycutt0.46
    3Dave Righetti0.50
    4Jim Beattie0.55
    5Mike Smithson0.57
    6Moose Haas0.60
    7Storm Davis0.63
    8Ken Schrom0.64
    9Mike Boddicker0.65
    10Dave Stieb0.68
    BB per 9 IP
    1LaMarr Hoyt1.07
    2Scott McGregor1.56
    3Tommy John1.88
    4Rick Honeycutt1.90
    5Dennis Eckersley1.99
    6Mike Caldwell2.01
    7Moose Haas2.11
    8Ron Guidry2.16
    9Don Sutton2.21
    10Geoff Zahn2.26
    SO per 9 IP
    1Floyd Bannister8.00
    2Jack Morris7.10
    3Dave Righetti7.01
    4Tim Conroy6.22
    5Jim Gott6.15
    6Dave Stieb6.05
    7Jim Beattie6.03
    8Mike Boddicker6.03
    9Britt Burns5.95
    10Rick Sutcliffe5.93
    1LaMarr Hoyt4.774
    2Jack Morris2.795
    3Floyd Bannister2.718
    4Ron Guidry2.600
    5Dave Righetti2.522
    6Don Sutton2.481
    7Mike Boddicker2.308
    8Britt Burns2.091
    9Dave Stieb2.011
    10Jim Beattie2.000

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