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1981 National League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1981 National League Awards
    NL Comeback Player of the YearBob Knepper
    National League Cy Young AwardFernando Valenzuela
    National League Gold GloveSteve Carlton Pitcher, Gary Carter Catcher, Keith Hernandez First Base, Manny Trillo Second Base, Mike Schmidt Third Base, Ozzie Smith Shortstop, Dusty Baker Outfielder, Andre Dawson Outfielder, Garry Maddox Outfielder
    National League Most Valuable PlayerMike Schmidt
    NL Player of the MonthDave Concepcion April, Art Howe May, Mike Schmidt August, Gary Matthews September
    National League Player of the WeekFernando Valenzuela April 6-April 12, Dave Collins April 13-April 19, Bill Buckner April 27-May 3, Charlie Lea May 4-May 10, Ron Cey May 11-May 17, Jim Bibby May 18-May 24, Dave Kingman May 25-May 31, Rick Camp June 1-June 7, Pete Rose August 10-August 16, Neil Allen August 17-August 23, Rick Camp August 17-August 23, Gary Carter August 24-August 30, Fernando Valenzuela August 31-September 6, Bill Buckner September 7-September 13, Hubie Brooks September 14-September 20, Nolan Ryan September 21-September 27
    NL Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the YearBruce Sutter
    National League Rookie of the YearFernando Valenzuela
    NL Silver Slugger AwardGary Carter C, Pete Rose 1B, Manny Trillo 2B, Mike Schmidt 3B, Dave Concepcion SS, George Foster OF, Andre Dawson OF, Dusty Baker OF, Fernando Valenzuela P
    NL Pitcher of the MonthFernando Valenzuela April, Charlie Lea May, Eddie Whitson August, Rick Camp August, Tom Seaver September
    1981 Batting Leaders
    1Ozzie Smith110
    2Steve Garvey110
    3Luis Salazar109
    4George Foster108
    5Chris Chambliss107
    6Jose Cruz107
    7Pete Rose107
    8Bill Buckner106
    9Dave Concepcion106
    10Ivan DeJesus106
    At Bats
    1Ozzie Smith450
    2Omar Moreno434
    3Pete Rose431
    4Steve Garvey431
    5Bill Buckner421
    6Dave Concepcion421
    7George Foster414
    8Tom Herr411
    9Jose Cruz409
    10Chris Chambliss404
    1Mike Schmidt78
    2Pete Rose73
    3Andre Dawson71
    4George Hendrick67
    5Keith Hernandez65
    6Ken Griffey65
    7George Foster64
    8Dave Collins63
    9Steve Garvey63
    10Gary Matthews62
    1Pete Rose140
    2Bill Buckner131
    3Dave Concepcion129
    4Dusty Baker128
    5Ken Griffey123
    6George Foster122
    7Steve Garvey122
    8Luis Salazar121
    9Omar Moreno120
    10Andre Dawson119
    1Bill Buckner35
    2Ruppert Jones34
    3Dave Concepcion28
    4Keith Hernandez27
    5Chris Chambliss25
    6Terry Kennedy24
    7Bill Madlock23
    8George Foster23
    9Ray Knight23
    10Steve Garvey23
    1Craig Reynolds12
    2Gene Richards12
    3Tom Herr9
    4Garry Templeton8
    5Larry Herndon8
    6Mookie Wilson8
    7Omar Moreno8
    8Ron Oester7
    9Tim Raines7
    10Dave Collins6
    Home Runs
    1Mike Schmidt31
    2Andre Dawson24
    3Dave Kingman22
    4George Foster22
    5George Hendrick18
    6Jack Clark17
    7Gary Carter16
    8Bob Horner15
    9Jason Thompson15
    10Dale Murphy13
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Mike Schmidt91
    2George Foster90
    3Bill Buckner75
    4Gary Carter68
    5Dave Concepcion67
    6Gary Matthews67
    7Andre Dawson64
    8Steve Garvey64
    9George Hendrick61
    10Dave Kingman59
    Stolen Bases
    1Tim Raines71
    2Omar Moreno39
    3Rodney Scott30
    4Andre Dawson26
    5Billy North26
    6Dave Collins26
    7Leon Durham25
    8Lee Lacy24
    9Mookie Wilson24
    10Eddie Miller23
    Caught Stealing
    1Omar Moreno14
    2Garry Templeton12
    3Mookie Wilson12
    4Ozzie Smith12
    5Leon Durham11
    6Tim Raines11
    7Dave Collins10
    8Lonnie Smith10
    9Ivan DeJesus9
    10Juan Bonilla9
    1Mike Schmidt73
    2Joe Morgan66
    3Keith Hernandez61
    4Gary Matthews59
    5Jason Thompson59
    6Dave Kingman55
    7Darrell Evans54
    8Gene Richards53
    9George Foster51
    10Rodney Scott50
    1Dave Kingman105
    2Omar Moreno76
    3George Foster75
    4Larry Parrish73
    5Dale Murphy72
    6Luis Salazar72
    7Mike Schmidt71
    8Ruppert Jones66
    9Hubie Brooks65
    10Dave Concepcion61
    Hit by Pitch
    1Andre Dawson7
    2Dave Collins6
    3Lonnie Smith5
    4Ozzie Smith5
    5Claudell Washington4
    6Gene Tenace4
    7George Hendrick4
    8Mike Schmidt4
    9Ray Knight4
    10Terry Puhl4
    Intentional Walks
    1Mike Schmidt18
    2Andre Dawson14
    3Warren Cromartie12
    4Chris Chambliss10
    5Chris Speier10
    6Milt May10
    7Bill Buckner9
    8Dale Murphy8
    9Darrell Evans8
    10Doug Flynn8
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Craig Reynolds18
    2Tim Foli14
    3Rodney Scott13
    4Joe Niekro11
    5Ivan DeJesus10
    6Ozzie Smith10
    7Eddie Whitson9
    8Juan Bonilla9
    9Rafael Ramirez9
    10Claudell Washington8
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Garry Maddox8
    2Dave Concepcion7
    3Jose Cruz7
    4Ron Oester7
    5Ruppert Jones7
    6Gary Carter6
    7Gary Matthews6
    8Hubie Brooks6
    9Jack Clark6
    10Ken Reitz6
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Ray Knight18
    2Bill Buckner17
    3Bill Russell13
    4Dave Concepcion13
    5Doug Flynn12
    6George Foster12
    7Jack Clark12
    8Joe Lefebvre12
    9Larry Herndon12
    10Pedro Guerrero12
    Total Bases
    1Mike Schmidt228
    2Andre Dawson218
    3George Foster215
    4Bill Buckner202
    5George Hendrick191
    6Dusty Baker178
    7Jack Clark177
    8Steve Garvey177
    9Jose Cruz174
    10Keith Hernandez174
    Plate Appearances
    1Ozzie Smith507
    2Pete Rose484
    3George Foster472
    4Dave Concepcion468
    5Omar Moreno468
    6Tom Herr462
    7Steve Garvey461
    8Ivan DeJesus460
    9Chris Chambliss454
    10Bill Buckner453
    Batting Average
    1Pete Rose.325
    2Dusty Baker.320
    3Mike Schmidt.316
    4Bill Buckner.311
    5Ken Griffey.311
    6Milt May.310
    7Hubie Brooks.307
    8Dave Concepcion.306
    9Keith Hernandez.306
    10Tim Raines.304
    On-Base Percentage
    1Mike Schmidt.435
    2Keith Hernandez.401
    3Gary Matthews.398
    4Pete Rose.391
    5Tim Raines.391
    6Steve Henderson.382
    7Milt May.376
    8Gene Richards.373
    9George Foster.373
    10Ron Cey.372
    Slugging Percentage
    1Mike Schmidt.644
    2Andre Dawson.553
    3George Foster.519
    4George Hendrick.485
    5Bill Buckner.480
    6Ron Cey.474
    7Pedro Guerrero.464
    8Keith Hernandez.463
    9Bob Horner.460
    10Jack Clark.460
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Mike Schmidt1079
    2Andre Dawson918
    3George Foster892
    4Keith Hernandez864
    5Gary Matthews849
    6Ron Cey846
    7George Hendrick841
    8Bill Buckner829
    9Pedro Guerrero829
    10Tim Raines829
    1Mike Scioscia2.000
    2Joe Morgan1.784
    3Art Howe1.783
    4Pete Rose1.769
    5Tim Foli1.700
    6Darrell Evans1.636
    7Bill Buckner1.625
    8Bruce Benedict1.571
    9Larry Bowa1.529
    10Tim Raines1.452
    1981 Pitching Leaders
    1Tom Seaver14
    2Fernando Valenzuela13
    3Steve Carlton13
    4Dick Ruthven12
    5Mario Soto12
    6Steve Rogers12
    7Burt Hooton11
    8Don Sutton11
    9Doyle Alexander11
    10Nolan Ryan11
    1Pat Zachry14
    2Steve Mura14
    3Tommy Boggs13
    4Dick Tidrow10
    5Mike Scott10
    6Bill Gullickson9
    7Don Sutton9
    8Eddie Whitson9
    9Frank Pastore9
    10Gaylord Perry9
    1Gary Lucas57
    2Greg Minton55
    3Dick Tidrow51
    4Tom Hume51
    5Joe Sambito49
    6Bruce Sutter48
    7Rick Camp48
    8Sparky Lyle48
    9Al Holland47
    10Fred Breining45
    Games Started
    1Fernando Valenzuela25
    2Mario Soto25
    3Mike Krukow25
    4Doyle Alexander24
    5Joe Niekro24
    6Juan Eichelberger24
    7Pat Zachry24
    8Steve Carlton24
    9Tommy Boggs24
    10Bob Welch23
    Complete Games
    1Fernando Valenzuela11
    2Mario Soto10
    3Steve Carlton10
    4Jerry Reuss8
    5Steve Rogers7
    6Bob Knepper6
    7Don Sutton6
    8Tom Seaver6
    9Bruce Berenyi5
    10Burt Hooton5
    1Fernando Valenzuela8
    2Bob Knepper5
    3Burt Hooton4
    4Bruce Berenyi3
    5Don Sutton3
    6Mario Soto3
    7Nolan Ryan3
    8Phil Niekro3
    9Steve Rogers3
    10Bill Gullickson2
    Games Finished
    1Greg Minton44
    2Gary Lucas40
    3Tom Hume40
    4Bruce Sutter36
    5Neil Allen35
    6Rick Camp33
    7Joe Sambito32
    8Tug McGraw31
    9Dick Tidrow30
    10Kent Tekulve27
    1Bruce Sutter25
    2Greg Minton21
    3Neil Allen18
    4Rick Camp17
    5Gary Lucas13
    6Tom Hume13
    7Joe Sambito10
    8Tug McGraw10
    9Dick Tidrow9
    10Enrique Romo9
    Innings Pitched
    1Fernando Valenzuela192.1
    2Steve Carlton190
    3Mario Soto175
    4Tom Seaver166.1
    5Joe Niekro166
    6Steve Rogers160.2
    7Don Sutton158.2
    8Bill Gullickson157.1
    9Bob Knepper156.2
    10Jerry Reuss152.2
    1Gaylord Perry182
    2Dick Ruthven162
    3Doyle Alexander156
    4Steve Mura156
    5Steve Carlton152
    6Pat Zachry151
    7Joe Niekro150
    8Lary Sorensen149
    9Steve Rogers149
    10Rick Rhoden147
    1Dick Ruthven94
    2Pat Zachry78
    3Frank Pastore73
    4Steve Mura72
    5Tommy Boggs72
    6Gaylord Perry70
    7Mario Soto69
    8Mike Krukow68
    9Rick Rhoden66
    10Mike Scott65
    Earned Runs
    1Dick Ruthven84
    2Gaylord Perry66
    3Steve Mura66
    4Tommy Boggs65
    5Mario Soto64
    6Pat Zachry64
    7Steve Rogers61
    8Frank Pastore59
    9Mike Krukow59
    10Mike Scott59
    Home Runs
    1Mario Soto13
    2Pat Zachry13
    3Bob Welch11
    4Doyle Alexander11
    5Fernando Valenzuela11
    6Frank Pastore11
    7John Curtis11
    8Mike Krukow11
    9Mike Scott11
    10Nino Espinosa11
    1Bruce Berenyi77
    2Juan Eichelberger74
    3Nolan Ryan68
    4Tom Seaver66
    5Steve Carlton62
    6Fernando Valenzuela61
    7Mario Soto61
    8Tom Griffin57
    9Pat Zachry56
    10Phil Niekro56
    1Fernando Valenzuela180
    2Steve Carlton179
    3Mario Soto151
    4Nolan Ryan140
    5Bill Gullickson115
    6Bruce Berenyi106
    7Don Sutton104
    8Mike Krukow101
    9Bob Welch88
    10Steve Rogers87
    Wild Pitches
    1Nolan Ryan16
    2Steve Carlton9
    3Mike Krukow8
    4Bruce Berenyi7
    5Joe Niekro7
    6Lee Smith7
    7Tim Lollar7
    8Vida Blue7
    9Allen Ripley6
    10Dick Ruthven6
    1Danny Boone5
    2Juan Eichelberger5
    3Lary Sorensen5
    4Steve Carlton4
    5Tim Lollar4
    6Dickie Noles3
    7Ernie Camacho3
    8Fred Breining3
    9Mario Soto3
    10Bruce Berenyi2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Nolan Ryan1.69
    2Bob Knepper2.18
    3Burt Hooton2.28
    4Jerry Reuss2.29
    5Steve Carlton2.42
    6Vida Blue2.45
    7Fernando Valenzuela2.48
    8Tom Seaver2.55
    9Don Sutton2.60
    10Bill Gullickson2.81
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Don Sutton1.01
    2Fernando Valenzuela1.05
    3Bob Knepper1.06
    4Jerry Reuss1.08
    5Bob Forsch1.09
    6Burt Hooton1.11
    7Bill Gullickson1.12
    8Nolan Ryan1.12
    9Scott Sanderson1.12
    10Tom Seaver1.12
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Nolan Ryan5.98
    2Tom Seaver6.51
    3Fernando Valenzuela6.56
    4Bruce Berenyi6.93
    5Vida Blue6.98
    6Steve Carlton7.20
    7Mario Soto7.30
    8Bob Knepper7.34
    9Don Sutton7.47
    10Bob Forsch7.69
    HR per 9 IP
    1Nolan Ryan0.12
    2Bill Gullickson0.17
    3Burt Hooton0.19
    4Lary Sorensen0.19
    5Bruce Berenyi0.21
    6Bob Knepper0.29
    7Juan Eichelberger0.32
    8Don Sutton0.34
    9Jerry Reuss0.35
    10Phil Niekro0.39
    BB per 9 IP
    1Gaylord Perry1.43
    2Jerry Reuss1.59
    3Don Sutton1.64
    4Lary Sorensen1.67
    5Eddie Solomon1.91
    6Bill Gullickson1.95
    7Scott Sanderson2.04
    8Burt Hooton2.09
    9Bob Forsch2.10
    10Bob Knepper2.18
    SO per 9 IP
    1Steve Carlton8.48
    2Nolan Ryan8.46
    3Fernando Valenzuela8.44
    4Mario Soto7.77
    5Bruce Berenyi7.57
    6Bill Gullickson6.59
    7Mike Krukow6.31
    8Don Sutton5.89
    9Larry Christenson5.89
    10Tom Griffin5.79
    1Don Sutton3.586
    2Bill Gullickson3.382
    3Fernando Valenzuela2.951
    4Steve Carlton2.887
    5Gaylord Perry2.500
    6Scott Sanderson2.484
    7Mario Soto2.475
    8Larry Christenson2.333
    9Frank Pastore2.314
    10Burt Hooton2.242

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