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1979 American League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1979 American League Awards
    AL Comeback Player of the YearWillie Horton
    American League Cy Young AwardMike Flanagan
    American League Gold GloveJim Palmer Pitcher, Jim Sundberg Catcher, Cecil Cooper First Base, Frank White Second Base, Buddy Bell Third Base, Rick Burleson Shortstop, Dwight Evans Outfielder, Sixto Lezcano Outfielder, Fred Lynn Outfielder
    American League Most Valuable PlayerDon Baylor
    AL Player of the MonthCecil Cooper April, Don Baylor May, Dan Meyer June, Don Baylor July, Fred Lynn August, Alfredo Griffin September
    American League Player of the WeekRick Waits April 2-April 8, Nolan Ryan April 16-April 22, Gorman Thomas April 23-April 29, Mike Moore April 30-May 6, Reggie Jackson May 7-May 13, Tommy John May 14-May 20, George Brett May 21-May 27, Lance Parrish May 28-June 3, Jim Rice June 4-June 10, Buddy Bell June 11-June 17, Fred Lynn June 18-June 24, Roy Smalley June 25-July 1, Don Baylor July 2-July 8, Nolan Ryan July 9-July 15, Richie Zisk July 16-July 22, Otto Velez July 23-July 29, Len Barker July 30-August 5, Dan Ford August 6-August 12, Hal McRae August 6-August 12, Fred Lynn August 13-August 19, Willie Wilson August 20-August 26, Claudell Washington September 3-September 9, Carl Yastrzemski September 10-September 16, Ben Oglivie September 17-September 23
    AL Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the YearJim Kern
    American League Rookie of the YearJohn Castino , Alfredo Griffin
    AL Pitcher of the MonthTommy John April, Jim Kern May, Mark Clark June, Sid Monge July, Rick Langford August, Rich Gossage September
    1979 Batting Leaders
    1Buddy Bell162
    2Don Baylor162
    3Rick Bosetti162
    4Roy Smalley162
    5Ruppert Jones162
    6Willie Horton162
    7Eddie Murray159
    8Ken Singleton159
    9Ron Jackson159
    10Jim Rice158
    At Bats
    1Buddy Bell670
    2Carney Lansford654
    3Willie Horton646
    4George Brett645
    5Don Baylor628
    6Rick Burleson627
    7Alfredo Griffin624
    8Ruppert Jones622
    9Roy Smalley621
    10Jim Rice619
    1Don Baylor120
    2George Brett119
    3Jim Rice117
    4Fred Lynn116
    5Carney Lansford114
    6Willie Wilson113
    7Ron LeFlore110
    8Ruppert Jones109
    9Darrell Porter101
    10Amos Otis100
    1George Brett212
    2Jim Rice201
    3Buddy Bell200
    4Carney Lansford188
    5Paul Molitor188
    6Don Baylor186
    7Willie Wilson185
    8Cecil Cooper182
    9Ron LeFlore180
    10Willie Horton180
    1Cecil Cooper44
    2Chet Lemon44
    3Buddy Bell42
    4Fred Lynn42
    5George Brett42
    6Ron Jackson40
    7Jim Rice39
    8Bruce Bochte38
    9Rick Bosetti35
    10Claudell Washington33
    1George Brett20
    2Paul Molitor16
    3Willie Randolph13
    4Willie Wilson13
    5Alfredo Griffin10
    6Darrell Porter10
    7Ron LeFlore10
    8Kiko Garcia9
    9Ruppert Jones9
    10Alan Bannister8
    Home Runs
    1Gorman Thomas45
    2Fred Lynn39
    3Jim Rice39
    4Don Baylor36
    5Ken Singleton35
    6Bobby Grich30
    7Ben Oglivie29
    8Reggie Jackson29
    9Willie Horton29
    10Butch Hobson28
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Don Baylor139
    2Jim Rice130
    3Gorman Thomas123
    4Fred Lynn122
    5Darrell Porter112
    6Ken Singleton111
    7George Brett107
    8Cecil Cooper106
    9Willie Horton106
    10Steve Kemp105
    Stolen Bases
    1Willie Wilson83
    2Ron LeFlore78
    3Julio Cruz49
    4Al Bumbry37
    5Bump Wills35
    6Bobby Bonds34
    7Paul Molitor33
    8Rickey Henderson33
    9Ruppert Jones33
    10Willie Randolph33
    Caught Stealing
    1Bobby Bonds23
    2Alfredo Griffin16
    3Mitchell Page16
    4Alan Trammell14
    5Ron LeFlore14
    6Paul Molitor13
    7Al Bumbry12
    8Don Baylor12
    9Freddie Patek12
    10Rick Bosetti12
    1Darrell Porter121
    2Ken Singleton109
    3Gorman Thomas98
    4Willie Randolph95
    5Andre Thornton90
    6Toby Harrah89
    7Ruppert Jones85
    8Dwayne Murphy84
    9Fred Lynn82
    10Roy Smalley80
    1Gorman Thomas175
    2Bobby Bonds135
    3Ken Singleton118
    4Carney Lansford115
    5Willie Horton112
    6Reggie Jackson107
    7Lance Parrish105
    8Gary Alexander100
    9Lee May100
    10Jim Rice97
    Hit by Pitch
    1Chet Lemon13
    2Gary Roenicke12
    3Don Baylor11
    4Ron Jackson9
    5Bobby Bonds8
    6Darrell Porter8
    7Toby Harrah8
    8Willie Wilson7
    9Bob Bailor6
    10Carlton Fisk6
    Intentional Walks
    1Ken Singleton16
    2George Brett14
    3Ben Oglivie12
    4Jim Spencer11
    5Bobby Grich10
    6Cecil Cooper10
    7Dan Meyer10
    8Eddie Murray9
    9Wayne Gross9
    10Al Oliver8
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Rob Wilfong25
    2John Castino22
    3Nelson Norman18
    4Alfredo Griffin16
    5Roy Smalley15
    6Bump Wills14
    7Lou Whitaker14
    8Bob Randall13
    9Bombo Rivera13
    10Bucky Dent13
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Dan Ford13
    2Darrell Porter13
    3Don Baylor12
    4Bruce Bochte10
    5Buddy Bell10
    6Rob Wilfong10
    7Jim Essian9
    8Roy Smalley9
    9Bucky Dent8
    10Carl Yastrzemski8
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Bruce Bochte27
    2Butch Hobson23
    3Lamar Johnson23
    4Willie Randolph23
    5Rico Carty21
    6Willie Horton20
    7Ruppert Jones19
    8Lee May18
    9Brian Downing17
    10Dan Ford17
    Total Bases
    1Jim Rice369
    2George Brett363
    3Fred Lynn338
    4Don Baylor333
    5Ken Singleton304
    6Buddy Bell302
    7Cecil Cooper300
    8Gorman Thomas300
    9Willie Horton296
    10Eddie Murray288
    Plate Appearances
    1Roy Smalley729
    2Don Baylor722
    3Buddy Bell720
    4Ruppert Jones716
    5Carney Lansford712
    6George Brett701
    7Willie Horton696
    8Alfredo Griffin689
    9Jim Rice688
    10Ken Singleton688
    Batting Average
    1Fred Lynn.333
    2George Brett.329
    3Brian Downing.326
    4Jim Rice.325
    5Al Oliver.323
    6Paul Molitor.322
    7Sixto Lezcano.321
    8Chet Lemon.318
    9Rod Carew.318
    10Steve Kemp.318
    On-Base Percentage
    1Fred Lynn.423
    2Darrell Porter.421
    3Rod Carew.419
    4Brian Downing.418
    5Sixto Lezcano.414
    6Ken Singleton.405
    7Steve Kemp.398
    8Lou Whitaker.395
    9Chet Lemon.391
    10Toby Harrah.389
    Slugging Percentage
    1Fred Lynn.637
    2Jim Rice.596
    3Sixto Lezcano.573
    4George Brett.563
    5Reggie Jackson.544
    6Steve Kemp.543
    7Gorman Thomas.539
    8Bobby Grich.537
    9Ken Singleton.533
    10Don Baylor.530
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Fred Lynn1060
    2Sixto Lezcano987
    3Jim Rice977
    4Steve Kemp941
    5George Brett939
    6Ken Singleton938
    7Reggie Jackson926
    8Darrell Porter905
    9Bobby Grich902
    10Don Baylor901
    1Willie Randolph2.436
    2Butch Wynegar2.056
    3Darrell Porter1.862
    4Rod Carew1.587
    5Toby Harrah1.483
    6George Brett1.417
    7Don Baylor1.392
    8Duane Kuiper1.370
    9Sal Bando1.357
    10Brian Downing1.351
    1979 Pitching Leaders
    1Mike Flanagan23
    2Tommy John21
    3Jerry Koosman20
    4Ron Guidry18
    5Dennis Eckersley17
    6Jack Morris17
    7Steve Comer17
    8Bob Stanley16
    9Dave Frost16
    10Fergie Jenkins16
    1Phil Huffman18
    2Matt Keough17
    3Paul Splittorff17
    4Dennis Martinez16
    5Rick Langford16
    6Tom Underwood16
    7Floyd Bannister15
    8Mike Marshall15
    9Fergie Jenkins14
    10Lary Sorensen14
    1Mike Marshall90
    2Sid Monge76
    3Jim Kern71
    4Sparky Lyle67
    5Dave Heaverlo62
    6Aurelio Lopez61
    7Victor Cruz61
    8Al Hrabosky58
    9Dave LaRoche53
    10Dick Drago53
    Games Started
    1Dennis Martinez39
    2Mike Flanagan38
    3Fergie Jenkins37
    4Jerry Koosman36
    5Mike Torrez36
    6Steve Comer36
    7Tommy John36
    8Dave Goltz35
    9Ken Kravec35
    10Paul Splittorff35
    Complete Games
    1Dennis Martinez18
    2Dennis Eckersley17
    3Nolan Ryan17
    4Tommy John17
    5Lary Sorensen16
    6Mike Caldwell16
    7Mike Flanagan16
    8Ron Guidry15
    9Rick Langford14
    10Mike Parrott13
    1Dennis Leonard5
    2Mike Flanagan5
    3Nolan Ryan5
    4Bob Stanley4
    5Mike Caldwell4
    6Dave Lemanczyk3
    7Dennis Martinez3
    8Fergie Jenkins3
    9Jim Slaton3
    10Ken Kravec3
    Games Finished
    1Mike Marshall84
    2Jim Kern57
    3Sid Monge53
    4Sparky Lyle53
    5Aurelio Lopez49
    6Victor Cruz48
    7Don Stanhouse46
    8Dave Heaverlo42
    9Tom Buskey40
    10Al Hrabosky37
    1Mike Marshall32
    2Jim Kern29
    3Aurelio Lopez21
    4Don Stanhouse21
    5Sid Monge19
    6Rich Gossage18
    7Byron McLaughlin14
    8Ed Farmer14
    9Mark Clear14
    10Dick Drago13
    Innings Pitched
    1Dennis Martinez292.1
    2Tommy John276.1
    3Mike Flanagan265.2
    4Jerry Koosman263.2
    5Fergie Jenkins259
    6Mike Torrez252.1
    7Dave Goltz250.2
    8Ken Kravec250
    9Dennis Eckersley246.2
    10Steve Comer242.1
    1Dave Goltz282
    2Dennis Martinez279
    3Jerry Koosman268
    4Tommy John268
    5Mike Torrez254
    6Fergie Jenkins252
    7Mike Caldwell252
    8Bob Stanley250
    9Lary Sorensen250
    10Paul Splittorff248
    1Mike Torrez144
    2Larry Gura137
    3Paul Splittorff137
    4Rich Gale131
    5Phil Huffman130
    6Dennis Martinez129
    7Fergie Jenkins127
    8Rich Wortham126
    9Dave Goltz124
    10Rick Waits123
    Earned Runs
    1Mike Torrez126
    2Dennis Martinez119
    3Fergie Jenkins117
    4Dave Goltz116
    5Larry Gura116
    6Rich Gale114
    7Rick Waits114
    8Paul Splittorff113
    9Phil Huffman111
    10Rich Wortham111
    Home Runs
    1Fergie Jenkins40
    2Bill Travers33
    3Dennis Leonard33
    4Steve Stone31
    5Lary Sorensen30
    6Dennis Eckersley29
    7Larry Gura29
    8Dennis Martinez28
    9Moose Haas26
    10Rick Waits26
    1Mike Torrez121
    2Nolan Ryan114
    3Ken Kravec111
    4Rich Wortham100
    5Rich Gale99
    6Tom Underwood95
    7Mike Norris94
    8Rick Waits91
    9Mike Parrott86
    10Steve Comer84
    1Nolan Ryan223
    2Ron Guidry201
    3Mike Flanagan190
    4Fergie Jenkins164
    5Jerry Koosman157
    6Dennis Eckersley150
    7Jim Kern136
    8Dave Goltz132
    9Dennis Martinez132
    10Ken Kravec132
    Wild Pitches
    1Rick Langford16
    2Rich Wortham14
    3Matt Keough13
    4Dave Lemanczyk11
    5Tom Underwood11
    6Tommy John11
    7Brian Kingman10
    8Byron McLaughlin10
    9Darrell Jackson10
    10Len Barker10
    1Roger Erickson4
    2Phil Huffman3
    3Rich Wortham3
    4Dennis Martinez2
    5Mike Torrez2
    6Sid Monge2
    7Steve Baker2
    8Victor Cruz2
    9Balor Moore1
    10Craig Minetto1
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Ron Guidry2.78
    2Tommy John2.97
    3Dennis Eckersley2.99
    4Mike Flanagan3.08
    5Jack Morris3.27
    6Mike Caldwell3.29
    7Scott McGregor3.34
    8Jerry Koosman3.38
    9Ross Baumgarten3.53
    10Geoff Zahn3.57
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Scott McGregor1.07
    2Ron Guidry1.16
    3Mike Flanagan1.18
    4Dennis Eckersley1.19
    5Dennis Leonard1.19
    6Jack Morris1.20
    7Tommy John1.21
    8Dennis Martinez1.22
    9Lary Sorensen1.24
    10Luis Tiant1.24
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Nolan Ryan6.82
    2Ken Kravec7.49
    3Ron Guidry7.74
    4Jack Morris8.14
    5Ross Baumgarten8.25
    6Mike Flanagan8.29
    7Steve Stone8.37
    8Tom Underwood8.44
    9Scott McGregor8.49
    10Dave Frost8.51
    HR per 9 IP
    1Tommy John0.29
    2Bob Stanley0.58
    3Nolan Ryan0.61
    4Jim Slaton0.63
    5Dave Frost0.64
    6Jerry Koosman0.65
    7Mike Parrott0.67
    8Geoff Zahn0.69
    9Mike Caldwell0.69
    10Mike Torrez0.71
    BB per 9 IP
    1Scott McGregor1.18
    2Mike Caldwell1.49
    3Lary Sorensen1.61
    4Bob Stanley1.82
    5Tommy John2.12
    6Dennis Leonard2.14
    7Dennis Eckersley2.15
    8Bill Travers2.17
    9Geoff Zahn2.18
    10Jim Slaton2.28
    SO per 9 IP
    1Nolan Ryan9.00
    2Ron Guidry7.67
    3Mike Flanagan6.43
    4Fergie Jenkins5.70
    5Floyd Bannister5.69
    6Dennis Eckersley5.47
    7Jerry Koosman5.35
    8Rich Wortham5.25
    9Steve Renko5.21
    10Jack Morris5.14
    1Scott McGregor3.522
    2Ron Guidry2.831
    3Mike Flanagan2.714
    4Dennis Eckersley2.542
    5Mike Caldwell2.282
    6Dennis Leonard2.250
    7Fergie Jenkins2.025
    8Luis Tiant1.962
    9Nolan Ryan1.956
    10Jack Morris1.915

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