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1978 American League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1978 American League Awards
    AL Comeback Player of the YearMike Caldwell
    American League Cy Young AwardRon Guidry
    American League Gold GloveJim Palmer Pitcher, Jim Sundberg Catcher, Chris Chambliss First Base, Frank White Second Base, Graig Nettles Third Base, Mark Belanger Shortstop, Rick Miller Outfielder, Fred Lynn Outfielder, Dwight Evans Outfielder
    American League Most Valuable PlayerJim Rice
    AL Player of the MonthFrank Tanana April, Jim Rice May, Ron Guidry June, Doug DeCinces July, Jim Rice August, Ron Guidry September
    American League Player of the WeekLarry Hisle April 3-April 9, Bob Stinson April 10-April 16, Butch Hobson April 17-April 23, Fergie Jenkins April 24-April 30, Jim Rice May 1-May 7, Fred Lynn May 8-May 14, Jim Sundberg May 15-May 21, Jim Palmer May 22-May 28, Andre Thornton May 29-June 4, Lary Sorensen June 5-June 11, Ron Guidry June 12-June 18, Jason Thompson June 19-June 25, Gary Alexander June 26-July 2, Larry Hisle July 3-July 9, Don Money July 10-July 16, Clint Hurdle July 17-July 23, Catfish Hunter July 31-August 6, Jim Rice August 7-August 13, Mike Caldwell August 14-August 20, Graig Nettles August 21-August 27, Jim Rice August 28-September 3, Ron Guidry September 4-September 10, Amos Otis September 11-September 17
    AL Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the YearRich Gossage
    American League Rookie of the YearLou Whitaker
    1978 Batting Leaders
    1Jim Rice163
    2Chris Chambliss162
    3Rusty Staub162
    4Eddie Murray161
    5Graig Nettles159
    6Steve Kemp159
    7Don Baylor158
    8Roy Smalley158
    9Bump Wills157
    10Carlton Fisk157
    At Bats
    1Jim Rice677
    2Ron LeFlore666
    3Rusty Staub642
    4Rick Burleson626
    5Chris Chambliss625
    6Hal McRae623
    7Bob Bailor621
    8Thurman Munson617
    9Eddie Murray610
    10Dan Ford592
    1Ron LeFlore126
    2Jim Rice121
    3Don Baylor103
    4Andre Thornton97
    5Larry Hisle96
    6Carlton Fisk94
    7Hal McRae90
    8Don Money88
    9Jerry Remy87
    10Willie Randolph87
    1Jim Rice213
    2Ron LeFlore198
    3Rod Carew188
    4Thurman Munson183
    5Rusty Staub175
    6Eddie Murray174
    7Chris Chambliss171
    8Al Oliver170
    9Hal McRae170
    10Jason Thompson169
    1George Brett45
    2Carlton Fisk39
    3Hal McRae39
    4Doug DeCinces37
    5Dan Ford36
    6Al Oliver35
    7Lou Piniella34
    8Fred Lynn33
    9Eddie Murray32
    10Rick Burleson32
    1Jim Rice15
    2Dan Ford10
    3Rod Carew10
    4Ralph Garr9
    5Robin Yount9
    6Al Cowens8
    7Buddy Bell8
    8Dave McKay8
    9George Brett8
    10Mickey Rivers8
    Home Runs
    1Jim Rice46
    2Don Baylor34
    3Larry Hisle34
    4Andre Thornton33
    5Gorman Thomas32
    6Doug DeCinces28
    7Eddie Murray27
    8Graig Nettles27
    9Reggie Jackson27
    10Jason Thompson26
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Jim Rice139
    2Rusty Staub121
    3Larry Hisle115
    4Andre Thornton105
    5Don Baylor99
    6Reggie Jackson97
    7Amos Otis96
    8Jason Thompson96
    9Eddie Murray95
    10Graig Nettles93
    Stolen Bases
    1Ron LeFlore68
    2Julio Cruz59
    3Bump Wills52
    4Miguel Dilone50
    5Willie Wilson46
    6Freddie Patek38
    7Willie Randolph36
    8Amos Otis32
    9Toby Harrah31
    10Jerry Remy30
    Caught Stealing
    1Miguel Dilone23
    2Mike Edwards21
    3Mitchell Page19
    4Ron LeFlore16
    5Bump Wills14
    6Jerry Remy13
    7Rick Miller13
    8Juan Beniquez12
    9Lyman Bostock12
    10Paul Molitor12
    1Mike Hargrove107
    2Ken Singleton98
    3Steve Kemp97
    4Andre Thornton93
    5Roy Smalley85
    6Toby Harrah83
    7Willie Randolph82
    8Rod Carew78
    9Carl Yastrzemski76
    10Rusty Staub76
    1Gorman Thomas133
    2Reggie Jackson133
    3Jim Rice126
    4Butch Hobson122
    5Dwight Evans119
    6Lee May110
    7Ron LeFlore104
    8Gary Alexander100
    9Eddie Murray97
    10Jason Thompson96
    Hit by Pitch
    1Don Baylor18
    2Reggie Jackson9
    3Ron Jackson9
    4Chet Lemon8
    5Leon Roberts8
    6Bobby Grich7
    7Carlton Fisk7
    8Dave Chalk7
    9Don Money7
    10Mike Hargrove7
    Intentional Walks
    1Rod Carew19
    2Darrell Porter14
    3Fred Lynn11
    4Ben Oglivie10
    5Don Baylor9
    6Carl Yastrzemski8
    7Lou Piniella8
    8Lyman Bostock8
    9Mike Hargrove8
    10Amos Otis7
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Bert Campaneris25
    2Roy Smalley23
    3Bobby Grich19
    4Luis Gomez19
    5Mario Guerrero17
    6Duane Kuiper16
    7Jim Essian15
    8Rob Wilfong15
    9Tom Veryzer15
    10Don Money14
    Sacrifice Flies
    1Don Baylor12
    2Al Cowens11
    3Hal McRae11
    4Rusty Staub11
    5Amos Otis10
    6Thurman Munson10
    7Al Oliver9
    8Graig Nettles9
    9Andre Thornton8
    10Butch Hobson8
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Lyman Bostock26
    2Buddy Bell24
    3Rusty Staub24
    4Graig Nettles20
    5Thurman Munson20
    6George Scott19
    7Jim Sundberg18
    8Lee May18
    9Rod Carew18
    10Andre Thornton17
    Total Bases
    1Jim Rice406
    2Eddie Murray293
    3Don Baylor279
    4Rusty Staub279
    5Jason Thompson278
    6Larry Hisle277
    7Carlton Fisk271
    8Graig Nettles270
    9Ron LeFlore270
    10Doug DeCinces269
    Plate Appearances
    1Jim Rice746
    2Ron LeFlore741
    3Rusty Staub734
    4Roy Smalley702
    5Hal McRae692
    6Eddie Murray690
    7Steve Kemp686
    8Rick Burleson685
    9Chris Chambliss677
    10Don Baylor677
    Batting Average
    1Rod Carew.333
    2Al Oliver.324
    3Jim Rice.315
    4Lou Piniella.314
    5Ben Oglivie.303
    6Leon Roberts.301
    7Amos Otis.298
    8Fred Lynn.298
    9Ron LeFlore.297
    10Thurman Munson.297
    On-Base Percentage
    1Rod Carew.411
    2Ken Singleton.409
    3Mike Hargrove.388
    4Willie Randolph.381
    5Amos Otis.380
    6Fred Lynn.380
    7Steve Kemp.379
    8Andre Thornton.377
    9Sixto Lezcano.377
    10Larry Hisle.374
    Slugging Percentage
    1Jim Rice.600
    2Larry Hisle.533
    3Doug DeCinces.526
    4Amos Otis.525
    5Andre Thornton.516
    6Gorman Thomas.515
    7Leon Roberts.515
    8Ben Oglivie.497
    9Fred Lynn.492
    10Al Oliver.490
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Jim Rice970
    2Larry Hisle907
    3Amos Otis905
    4Andre Thornton893
    5Leon Roberts879
    6Doug DeCinces872
    7Fred Lynn872
    8Ken Singleton871
    9Ben Oglivie867
    10Gorman Thomas866
    1Mike Hargrove2.277
    2Rusty Staub2.171
    3Bob Bailor1.810
    4Carl Yastrzemski1.727
    5Lyman Bostock1.639
    6Willie Randolph1.608
    7Fred Lynn1.500
    8Sal Bando1.385
    9Andre Thornton1.292
    10Bruce Bochte1.277
    1978 Pitching Leaders
    1Ron Guidry25
    2Mike Caldwell22
    3Dennis Leonard21
    4Jim Palmer21
    5Dennis Eckersley20
    6Ed Figueroa20
    7Mike Flanagan19
    8Paul Splittorff19
    9Fergie Jenkins18
    10Frank Tanana18
    1Rick Wise19
    2Dennis Leonard17
    3Jesse Jefferson16
    4Ken Kravec16
    5Francisco Barrios15
    6Glenn Abbott15
    7Matt Keough15
    8Mike Flanagan15
    9Rick Waits15
    10Dave Lemanczyk14
    1Bob Lacey74
    2Dave Heaverlo69
    3Elias Sosa68
    4Rich Gossage63
    5Dave LaRoche59
    6Jim Willoughby59
    7Sparky Lyle59
    8Al Hrabosky58
    9Jim Kern58
    10Don Stanhouse56
    Games Started
    1Dennis Leonard40
    2Mike Flanagan40
    3Dennis Martinez38
    4Jim Palmer38
    5Paul Splittorff38
    6Roger Erickson37
    7Lary Sorensen36
    8Mike Torrez36
    9Dennis Eckersley35
    10Ed Figueroa35
    Complete Games
    1Mike Caldwell23
    2Dennis Leonard20
    3Jim Palmer19
    4Jon Matlack18
    5Lary Sorensen17
    6Mike Flanagan17
    7Dennis Eckersley16
    8Fergie Jenkins16
    9Milt Wilcox16
    10Ron Guidry16
    1Ron Guidry9
    2Jim Palmer6
    3Mike Caldwell6
    4Luis Tiant5
    5Dennis Leonard4
    6Fergie Jenkins4
    7Frank Tanana4
    8Jack Billingham4
    9Scott McGregor4
    10Bill Travers3
    Games Finished
    1Rich Gossage55
    2Mike Marshall51
    3Al Hrabosky47
    4Don Stanhouse47
    5Jim Willoughby47
    6Dave LaRoche46
    7John Hiller46
    8Elias Sosa44
    9Jim Kern43
    10Enrique Romo42
    1Rich Gossage27
    2Dave LaRoche25
    3Don Stanhouse24
    4Mike Marshall21
    5Al Hrabosky20
    6Lerrin LaGrow16
    7John Hiller15
    8Elias Sosa14
    9Jim Kern13
    10Jim Willoughby13
    Innings Pitched
    1Jim Palmer296
    2Dennis Leonard294.2
    3Mike Caldwell293.1
    4Mike Flanagan281.1
    5Lary Sorensen280.2
    6Dennis Martinez276.1
    7Ron Guidry273.2
    8Jon Matlack270
    9Dennis Eckersley268.1
    10Roger Erickson265.2
    1Dennis Leonard283
    2Lary Sorensen277
    3Mike Torrez272
    4Mike Flanagan271
    5Roger Erickson268
    6Geoff Zahn260
    7Dennis Eckersley258
    8Mike Caldwell258
    9Dennis Martinez257
    10Jon Matlack252
    1Roger Erickson129
    2Mike Flanagan128
    3Dennis Leonard125
    4Mike Torrez122
    5Dennis Martinez121
    6Jim Slaton117
    7Rick Wise116
    8Paul Splittorff113
    9Lary Sorensen111
    10Steve Stone110
    Earned Runs
    1Mike Flanagan126
    2Roger Erickson117
    3Mike Torrez110
    4Dennis Leonard109
    5Dennis Martinez108
    6Jim Slaton107
    7Jesse Jefferson103
    8Steve Stone103
    9Rick Wise102
    10Lary Sorensen100
    Home Runs
    1Dennis Eckersley30
    2Jesse Jefferson28
    3Dennis Leonard27
    4Jim Slaton27
    5Frank Tanana26
    6Luis Tiant26
    7Chris Knapp25
    8Tom Underwood23
    9Wilbur Wood23
    10Ed Figueroa22
    1Nolan Ryan148
    2Rich Gale100
    3Mike Torrez99
    4Jim Palmer97
    5Ken Kravec95
    6Dennis Martinez93
    7Jim Clancy91
    8Mike Flanagan87
    9Tom Underwood87
    10Jesse Jefferson86
    1Nolan Ryan260
    2Ron Guidry248
    3Dennis Leonard183
    4Mike Flanagan167
    5Dennis Eckersley162
    6Fergie Jenkins157
    7Jon Matlack157
    8Ken Kravec154
    9Dennis Martinez142
    10Tom Underwood139
    Wild Pitches
    1Nolan Ryan13
    2Dennis Leonard12
    3Matt Keough12
    4David Clyde11
    5Don Hood10
    6Jim Clancy10
    7Jim Slaton10
    8Rick Waits10
    9Doug Bird9
    10Wilbur Wood9
    1Frank Tanana8
    2Darrell Jackson4
    3Elias Sosa3
    4Gary Serum3
    5Matt Keough3
    6Mike Paxton3
    7Roger Erickson3
    8Scott McGregor3
    9Balor Moore2
    10Doug Bird2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Ron Guidry1.74
    2Jon Matlack2.27
    3Mike Caldwell2.37
    4Jim Palmer2.46
    5Dave Goltz2.50
    6Larry Gura2.72
    7Dennis Eckersley2.99
    8Ed Figueroa2.99
    9Fergie Jenkins3.04
    10Geoff Zahn3.04
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Ron Guidry0.95
    2Mike Caldwell1.06
    3Fergie Jenkins1.08
    4Larry Gura1.09
    5Jon Matlack1.12
    6Scott McGregor1.13
    7Luis Tiant1.14
    8Jim Palmer1.16
    9Lary Sorensen1.16
    10Paul Splittorff1.16
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Ron Guidry6.14
    2Nolan Ryan7.01
    3Larry Gura7.42
    4Jim Palmer7.48
    5Luis Tiant7.85
    6Mike Caldwell7.92
    7John Henry Johnson7.94
    8Rich Gale8.02
    9Rick Waits8.06
    10Matt Keough8.13
    HR per 9 IP
    1Matt Keough0.41
    2Mike Caldwell0.43
    3Ron Guidry0.43
    4Lary Sorensen0.45
    5Jim Clancy0.46
    6Nolan Ryan0.46
    7Jon Matlack0.47
    8Rich Gale0.47
    9Dave Goltz0.49
    10Doc Medich0.53
    BB per 9 IP
    1Fergie Jenkins1.48
    2Lary Sorensen1.60
    3Mike Caldwell1.66
    4Jon Matlack1.70
    5Dave Rozema1.77
    6Scott McGregor1.82
    7Paul Splittorff2.06
    8Gary Serum2.15
    9Frank Tanana2.26
    10Ron Guidry2.36
    SO per 9 IP
    1Nolan Ryan9.96
    2Ron Guidry8.15
    3Ken Kravec6.83
    4Tom Underwood6.32
    5Chris Knapp6.03
    6Fergie Jenkins5.67
    7Dennis Leonard5.58
    8Milt Wilcox5.53
    9Dennis Eckersley5.44
    10Mike Flanagan5.35
    1Fergie Jenkins3.829
    2Ron Guidry3.444
    3Jon Matlack3.078
    4Mike Caldwell2.426
    5Dennis Leonard2.346
    6Frank Tanana2.283
    7Dennis Eckersley2.282
    8Luis Tiant2.000
    9Scott McGregor2.000
    10Milt Wilcox1.941

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