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1976 American League (MLB)

+ Awards and Leaderboards
This Page's Content: Standings Playoffs Batting Totals Pitching Totals
  • An organized section of a full season review with standings, team totals, awards, leaderboards, player registers and more.
  • Playoff teams are in bold.
  • Normally, qualification for pct statistics is 1 IP per team game or 3.1 plate appearances per team game. TBC uses 2.2 plate appearances and 0.75 innings per team game for Minor Leagues.
  • 1976 American League Awards
    AL Comeback Player of the YearDock Ellis
    American League Cy Young AwardJim Palmer
    American League Gold GloveJim Palmer Pitcher, Jim Sundberg Catcher, George Scott First Base, Bobby Grich Second Base, Aurelio Rodriguez Third Base, Mark Belanger Shortstop, Dwight Evans Outfielder, Rick Manning Outfielder, Joe Rudi Outfielder
    American League Most Valuable PlayerThurman Munson
    AL Player of the MonthWillie Horton April, Ron LeFlore May, Mark Fidrych June, Reggie Jackson July, Luis Tiant August, Nolan Ryan September, Frank Tanana September
    American League Player of the WeekJim Slaton April 12-April 18, Willie Horton April 19-April 25, Jeff Burroughs April 26-May 2, George Brett May 10-May 16, Bert Campaneris May 24-May 30, Ben Oglivie May 31-June 6, Hal McRae June 7-June 13, Sparky Lyle June 14-June 20, Bert Blyleven June 21-June 27, Jorge Orta July 12-July 18, Thurman Munson July 19-July 25, Duane Kuiper July 26-August 1, Phil Garner August 2-August 8, Rick Burleson August 16-August 22, Vida Blue August 23-August 29, Rod Carew August 30-September 5, Jim Palmer September 6-September 12, Graig Nettles September 27-October 3
    AL Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the YearBill Campbell
    American League Rookie of the YearMark Fidrych
    1976 Batting Leaders
    1John Mayberry161
    2Robin Yount161
    3Rusty Staub161
    4Buddy Bell159
    5George Brett159
    6Phil Garner159
    7Bucky Dent158
    8Graig Nettles158
    9Jeff Burroughs158
    10Jorge Orta158
    At Bats
    1George Brett645
    2Chris Chambliss641
    3Robin Yount638
    4Jorge Orta636
    5Roy White626
    6Thurman Munson616
    7George Scott606
    8Rod Carew605
    9Buddy Bell604
    10Jeff Burroughs604
    1Roy White104
    2Rod Carew97
    3Mickey Rivers95
    4George Brett94
    5Amos Otis93
    6Bobby Grich93
    7Ron LeFlore93
    8Billy North91
    9Graig Nettles88
    10Dan Ford87
    1George Brett215
    2Rod Carew200
    3Chris Chambliss188
    4Thurman Munson186
    5Mickey Rivers184
    6Roy White179
    7Rusty Staub176
    8Hal McRae175
    9Jorge Orta174
    10Ron LeFlore172
    1Amos Otis40
    2Dwight Evans34
    3George Brett34
    4Hal McRae34
    5Rico Carty34
    6Chris Chambliss32
    7Fred Lynn32
    8Joe Rudi32
    9Bobby Grich31
    10Mickey Rivers31
    1George Brett14
    2Phil Garner12
    3Rod Carew12
    4Tom Poquette10
    5Lyman Bostock9
    6Fred Lynn8
    7Jim Rice8
    8Jorge Orta8
    9Mickey Rivers8
    10Ron LeFlore8
    Home Runs
    1Graig Nettles32
    2Reggie Jackson27
    3Sal Bando27
    4George Hendrick25
    5Jim Rice25
    6Lee May25
    7Gene Tenace22
    8Carl Yastrzemski21
    9Dan Ford20
    10Tom Grieve20
    Runs Batted In (RBIs)
    1Lee May109
    2Thurman Munson105
    3Carl Yastrzemski102
    4Chris Chambliss96
    5Larry Hisle96
    6Rusty Staub96
    7John Mayberry95
    8Joe Rudi94
    9Graig Nettles93
    10Reggie Jackson91
    Stolen Bases
    1Billy North75
    2Ron LeFlore58
    3Bert Campaneris54
    4Don Baylor52
    5Freddie Patek51
    6Rod Carew49
    7Mickey Rivers43
    8Al Bumbry42
    9Claudell Washington37
    10Willie Randolph37
    Caught Stealing
    1Billy North29
    2Rod Carew22
    3Claudell Washington20
    4Ron LeFlore20
    5Dave Collins19
    6Larry Hisle18
    7Duane Kuiper17
    8Mark Belanger17
    9Al Cowens16
    10Jerry Remy16
    1Mike Hargrove97
    2Toby Harrah91
    3Bobby Grich86
    4Roy White83
    5Rusty Staub83
    6John Mayberry82
    7Gene Tenace81
    8Carl Yastrzemski80
    9Butch Wynegar79
    10Ken Singleton79
    1Jim Rice123
    2Tom Grieve119
    3Dan Ford118
    4George Scott118
    5Sixto Lezcano112
    6Ron LeFlore111
    7Reggie Jackson108
    8Roy Howell106
    9Lee May104
    10Amos Otis100
    Hit by Pitch
    1Don Baylor20
    2Dan Ford10
    3Dave Chalk10
    4Thurman Munson9
    5Bob Randall8
    6Hal McRae8
    7Chet Lemon7
    8Ron Jackson7
    9Rusty Staub7
    10Carlton Fisk6
    Intentional Walks
    1Jim Spencer19
    2Billy Williams15
    3Rod Carew14
    4Mike Hargrove13
    5Bruce Bochte11
    6Rusty Staub11
    7Joe Rudi10
    8Jack Brohamer9
    9Rico Carty9
    10Lee May8
    Sacrifice Hits
    1Bert Campaneris18
    2Frank White18
    3Bob Randall17
    4Bucky Dent17
    5Duane Kuiper14
    6Freddie Patek13
    7Jerry Remy13
    8Paul Blair13
    9Dave Chalk12
    10Frank Duffy12
    Sacrifice Flies
    1John Mayberry12
    2Bert Campaneris11
    3Don Baylor11
    4Rusty Staub11
    5Fred Lynn10
    6Joe Rudi10
    7Thurman Munson10
    8Jim Rice9
    9Larry Hisle9
    10Rico Carty9
    Ground into Double Plays
    1Rusty Staub23
    2Jeff Burroughs22
    3Aurelio Rodriguez19
    4George Scott19
    5Jim Rice18
    6Rico Carty18
    7Tom Grieve18
    8Gene Clines17
    9Reggie Jackson17
    10Thurman Munson17
    Total Bases
    1George Brett298
    2Chris Chambliss283
    3Jim Rice280
    4Rod Carew280
    5Graig Nettles277
    6Thurman Munson266
    7Amos Otis263
    8Jorge Orta261
    9Roy White256
    10Mickey Rivers255
    Plate Appearances
    1Roy White728
    2George Brett705
    3John Mayberry690
    4Robin Yount690
    5Rusty Staub690
    6Jorge Orta688
    7Toby Harrah688
    8Rod Carew687
    9Don Baylor685
    10Jeff Burroughs681
    Batting Average
    1George Brett.333
    2Hal McRae.332
    3Rod Carew.331
    4Lyman Bostock.323
    5Ron LeFlore.316
    6Fred Lynn.314
    7Mickey Rivers.312
    8Rico Carty.310
    9Thurman Munson.302
    10Ralph Garr.300
    On-Base Percentage
    1Hal McRae.407
    2Mike Hargrove.397
    3Rod Carew.395
    4Rusty Staub.386
    5Rico Carty.379
    6George Brett.377
    7Ron LeFlore.376
    8Bobby Grich.373
    9Gene Tenace.373
    10Fred Lynn.367
    Slugging Percentage
    1Reggie Jackson.502
    2Jim Rice.482
    3Graig Nettles.475
    4Fred Lynn.467
    5Rod Carew.463
    6George Brett.462
    7Hal McRae.461
    8Gene Tenace.458
    9Dan Ford.457
    10George Hendrick.448
    OPS (OBP + SLG)
    1Hal McRae868
    2Rod Carew858
    3Reggie Jackson853
    4George Brett839
    5Fred Lynn834
    6Gene Tenace831
    7Rico Carty821
    8Rusty Staub819
    9Graig Nettles802
    10Jim Rice797
    1Rusty Staub1.694
    2Rick Burleson1.622
    3Roy White1.596
    4Toby Harrah1.542
    5Mike Hargrove1.516
    6Rico Carty1.489
    7Hal McRae1.488
    8George Brett1.361
    9Rod Carew1.288
    10Butch Wynegar1.254
    1976 Pitching Leaders
    1Jim Palmer22
    2Luis Tiant21
    3Wayne Garland20
    4Ed Figueroa19
    5Frank Tanana19
    6Mark Fidrych19
    7Vida Blue18
    8Bill Campbell17
    9Catfish Hunter17
    10Dennis Leonard17
    1Nolan Ryan18
    2Dave Roberts17
    3Rich Gossage17
    4Bart Johnson16
    5Bill Travers16
    6Gary Ross16
    7Catfish Hunter15
    8Jim Colborn15
    9Jim Slaton15
    10Dave Goltz14
    1Bill Campbell78
    2Rollie Fingers70
    3Paul Lindblad65
    4Sparky Lyle64
    5Dave LaRoche61
    6Mark Littell60
    7Tom Burgmeier57
    8John Hiller56
    9Steve Mingori55
    10Jim Willoughby54
    Games Started
    1Jim Palmer40
    2Mike Torrez39
    3Nolan Ryan39
    4Jim Slaton38
    5Luis Tiant38
    6Vida Blue37
    7Catfish Hunter36
    8Dave Roberts36
    9Dave Goltz35
    10Pat Dobson35
    Complete Games
    1Mark Fidrych24
    2Frank Tanana23
    3Jim Palmer23
    4Catfish Hunter21
    5Gaylord Perry21
    6Nolan Ryan21
    7Vida Blue20
    8Luis Tiant19
    9Dave Roberts18
    10Dennis Leonard16
    1Nolan Ryan7
    2Jim Palmer6
    3Vida Blue6
    4Dave Goltz4
    5Dave Roberts4
    6Ed Figueroa4
    7Mark Fidrych4
    8Mike Torrez4
    9Rick Wise4
    10Wayne Garland4
    Games Finished
    1Bill Campbell68
    2Rollie Fingers62
    3Sparky Lyle58
    4John Hiller46
    5Dave LaRoche43
    6Jim Willoughby40
    7Mark Littell37
    8Dave Hamilton34
    9Jim Kern31
    10Steve Foucault31
    1Sparky Lyle23
    2Dave LaRoche21
    3Bill Campbell20
    4Rollie Fingers20
    5Mark Littell16
    6Jim Kern15
    7John Hiller13
    8Dave Hamilton10
    9Dick Tidrow10
    10Jim Willoughby10
    Innings Pitched
    1Jim Palmer315
    2Catfish Hunter298.2
    3Vida Blue298.1
    4Jim Slaton292.2
    5Frank Tanana288.1
    6Nolan Ryan284.1
    7Luis Tiant279
    8Mike Torrez266.1
    9Dennis Leonard259
    10Ed Figueroa256.2
    1Jim Slaton287
    2Luis Tiant274
    3Catfish Hunter268
    4Vida Blue268
    5Jim Palmer255
    6Dave Roberts254
    7Dennis Leonard247
    8Dave Goltz239
    9Ed Figueroa237
    10Gaylord Perry232
    1Catfish Hunter126
    2Jim Slaton126
    3Dave Roberts122
    4Nolan Ryan117
    5Bart Johnson115
    6Dave Goltz113
    7Dennis Leonard113
    8Jim Hughes113
    9Luis Tiant107
    10Rich Gossage104
    Earned Runs
    1Catfish Hunter117
    2Dave Roberts112
    3Jim Slaton112
    4Bart Johnson111
    5Nolan Ryan106
    6Dennis Leonard101
    7Jim Hughes98
    8Rich Gossage98
    9Luis Tiant95
    10Dave Goltz93
    Home Runs
    1Catfish Hunter28
    2Luis Tiant25
    3Frank Tanana24
    4Bill Travers21
    5Bart Johnson20
    6Fergie Jenkins20
    7Jim Colborn20
    8Jim Palmer20
    9Vern Ruhle19
    10Rick Wise18
    1Nolan Ryan183
    2Bill Travers95
    3Ed Figueroa94
    4Jim Slaton94
    5Dave Goltz91
    6Rich Gossage90
    7Mike Torrez87
    8Jim Palmer84
    9Dennis Eckersley78
    10Dock Ellis76
    1Nolan Ryan327
    2Frank Tanana261
    3Dennis Eckersley200
    4Catfish Hunter173
    5Vida Blue166
    6Jim Palmer159
    7Dennis Leonard150
    8Gaylord Perry143
    9Fergie Jenkins142
    10Jim Slaton138
    Wild Pitches
    1Dave Goltz15
    2Jim Slaton11
    3Jim Hughes9
    4Don Hood8
    5Mike Torrez8
    6Pete Broberg8
    7Steve Hargan8
    8Bill Campbell7
    9Bill Travers7
    10Danny Frisella7
    1Jim Umbarger3
    2Bert Blyleven2
    3Bill Laxton2
    4Don Hood2
    5Jerry Augustine2
    6Jim Colborn2
    7Jim Hughes2
    8Jim Kern2
    9Nolan Ryan2
    10Pete Redfern2
    Earned Run Average (ERA)
    1Mark Fidrych2.34
    2Vida Blue2.36
    3Frank Tanana2.44
    4Mike Torrez2.50
    5Jim Palmer2.51
    6Wayne Garland2.68
    7Paul Hartzell2.77
    8Bill Travers2.81
    9Bill Campbell3.00
    10Gary Ross3.00
    WHIP (Walks-Hits per IP)
    1Frank Tanana0.99
    2Jim Palmer1.08
    3Mark Fidrych1.08
    4Vida Blue1.11
    5Catfish Hunter1.12
    6Doug Bird1.12
    7Gaylord Perry1.14
    8Dennis Eckersley1.17
    9Fergie Jenkins1.17
    10Rick Wise1.19
    Hits per 9 IP
    1Nolan Ryan6.12
    2Frank Tanana6.63
    3Dennis Eckersley7.01
    4Jim Palmer7.29
    5Bill Campbell7.77
    6Mark Fidrych7.81
    7Mike Torrez7.82
    8Bill Travers7.91
    9Catfish Hunter8.07
    10Vida Blue8.09
    HR per 9 IP
    1Reggie Cleveland0.16
    2Al Fitzmorris0.25
    3Vida Blue0.27
    4Jim Bibby0.33
    5Paul Hartzell0.33
    6Wayne Garland0.39
    7Nolan Ryan0.41
    8Jim Slaton0.43
    9Mark Fidrych0.43
    10Ed Figueroa0.46
    BB per 9 IP
    1Doug Bird1.41
    2Fergie Jenkins1.85
    3Gaylord Perry1.87
    4Vida Blue1.90
    5Mark Fidrych1.91
    6Rick Wise1.93
    7Nelson Briles2.01
    8Catfish Hunter2.05
    9Luis Tiant2.06
    10Jim Colborn2.15
    SO per 9 IP
    1Dennis Eckersley9.05
    2Frank Tanana8.16
    3Bill Campbell6.16
    4Fergie Jenkins6.11
    5Rich Gossage5.42
    6Catfish Hunter5.21
    7Dennis Leonard5.21
    8Jackie Brown5.20
    9Gaylord Perry5.15
    10Vida Blue5.01
    1Frank Tanana3.575
    2Doug Bird3.452
    3Fergie Jenkins3.302
    4Gaylord Perry2.750
    5Vida Blue2.635
    6Dennis Eckersley2.564
    7Catfish Hunter2.544
    8Dennis Leonard2.143
    9Nelson Briles2.085
    10Luis Tiant2.047

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