SELECT *,b.teamname visTeamName,c.teamname homeTeamName,b.teamid visteamId,c.teamid hometeamID,e.wins visWins,e.losses visLoss,f.wins homeWins,f.losses homeLoss,g.w1 winWins,g.l1 winLoss,h.w1 loseWins,h.l1 loseLoss FROM Games A, Teams B, Teams C, Standings E, Standings F, b2 G, b2 H WHERE a.winPitcherId = g.playerid and a.gameid=g.gameid and a.losepitcherID = h.playerid and a.gameid=h.gameid and a.visTeam = b.retro and a.homeTeam = c.retro and a.gameid='SDN201108150' and a.visTeam = e.teamid and a.hometeam =f.teamid and a.gamedate = e.gamedate and a.gamedate = f.gamedate