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TBC Player Tracker


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The TBC Player Tracker provide you with a customized daily feed of selected batters and pitchers . Each report will provide you a line of how each player fared the night before and his cumulative stats for the season. Here's how it works:

1.  Register for an account. The email used to register is the destination for your emailed report each day.
2.  Start selecting batters and pitchers to add to your list. You can change your list at any time and changes will appear immediately in your online report and in the next day's email.
3.  Send payment to The Baseball Cube using the PayPal button. The cost is listed above and valid for 1 year.
4.  Sit back and let the reports come to your inbox each morning or go get them in My Reports section.

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Feeds include, for selected players:
  • Batting and/or Pitching stats for the prior day
  • Batting and/or Pitching stats for the full season (all levels)
  • Recent transactions involving these players
  • Will add more based on user suggestions