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Proper NameFelix Juan Maldonado
Born DateMay 24,1938PlacePonce,Puerto Rico
Death DateJune 12,2010 [72.019]Awards0
TBC Player ID154800
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1971Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos33Scout1628577.52518.03Eddie Kasko
1972Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos34Scout1558570.5480.52Eddie Kasko
1973Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos35Scout1628973.5498.02Eddie Kasko,Eddie Popowski
1974Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos36Scout1628478.5197.03Darrell Johnson
1975Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos37Scout1609565.594--1Darrell JohnsonLost World Series (Reds)
1976Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos38Scout1628379.51215.53Don Zimmer,Darrell Johnson
1977Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos39Scout1619764.6022.53Don Zimmer
1978Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos40Scout1639964.6071.02Don Zimmer
1979Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos41Scout1609169.56911.53Don Zimmer
1980Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos42Scout1608377.51919.05Don Zimmer,Johnny Pesky
1981Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos43Scout1085949.5462.55Ralph Houk
1982Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos44Scout1628973.5496.03Ralph Houk
1983Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos45Scout1627884.48120.06Ralph Houk
1984Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos46Scout1628676.53118.03Ralph Houk
1985Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos47Scout1628181.50018.55John McNamara
1986Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos48Scout1619566.590--1John McNamaraLost World Series (Mets)
1987Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos49Scout1627884.48120.05John McNamara
1988Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos50Scout1628973.549--1Joe Morgan,John McNamaraLost ALCS (Athletics)
1990Gulf Coast Red Sox GCLRkMinorbos52Manager633429.5404.03 
1991Gulf Coast Red Sox GCLRkMinorbos53Manager603327.550--1 Lost in Semi-Finals
1992Winter Haven Red SoxFSLA+Minorbos54Manager692247.31920.54 
1993Gulf Coast Red Sox GCLRkMinorbos55Manager603228.5338.02 
1994Gulf Coast Red Sox GCLRkMinorbos56Manager604020.6677.52 
1995Gulf Coast Red Sox GCLRkMinorbos57Manager572136.36816.03 
2003Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos65Player Development Consultant1629567.5866.02Grady LittleLost ALCS (Yankees)
2004Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos66Player Development Consultant1629864.6053.02Terry FranconaWon World Series (Cardinals)
2005Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos67Player Development Consultant1629567.586--1Terry FranconaLost ALDS (Red Sox)
2006Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos68Player Development Consultant1628676.53111.03Terry Francona
2007Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos69Player Development Consultant1629666.593--1Terry FranconaWon World Series (Colorado)
2008Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos70Player Development Consultant1629567.5862.02Terry FranconaLost in ALCS (Tampa Bay)
2009Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos71Player Development Consultant1629567.5868.02Terry FranconaLost in ALDS (LA Angels)
2010Boston Red SoxALMLBMLBbos72Player Development Consultant1628973.5497.02Terry Francona
* The team record above is related to the full season for that team. It is possible that the job was only held for part of the season.
* MLB in Bold
* Highlighted rows indicate league champions