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General Manager
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Proper NameJames A. Campbell
Born DateFebruary 5,1924Place
Death DateOctober 31,1995 [71.269]Awards0
TBC Player ID153745
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1963Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet39General Manager1627983.48825.55Chuck Dressen,Bob Scheffing
1964Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet40General Manager1628577.52514.04Chuck Dressen
1965Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet41General Manager1628973.54913.04Chuck Dressen,Bob Swift
1966Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet42General Manager1628874.54310.03Chuck Dressen,Bob Swift,Frank Skaff
1967Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet43General Manager1629171.5621.02Mayo Smith
1968Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet44General Manager16210359.636--1Mayo SmithWon World Series (Cardinals)
1969Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet45General Manager1629072.55619.02Mayo Smith
1970Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet46General Manager1627983.48829.04Mayo Smith
1971Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet47General Manager1629171.56212.02Billy Martin
1972Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet48General Manager1568670.551--1Billy MartinLost ALCS (Athletics)
1973Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet49General Manager1628577.52512.03Billy Martin,Joe Schultz
1974Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet50General Manager1627290.44419.06Ralph Houk
1975Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet51General Manager15957102.35837.56Ralph Houk
1976Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet52General Manager1617487.46024.05Ralph Houk
1977Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet53General Manager1627488.45726.04Ralph Houk
1978Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet54General Manager1628676.53113.55Ralph Houk
1979Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet55General Manager1618576.52818.05Sparky Anderson,Les Moss,Dick Tracewski
1980Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet56General Manager1628478.51919.04Sparky Anderson
1981Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet57General Manager1096049.5502.04Sparky Anderson
1982Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet58General Manager1628379.51212.04Sparky Anderson
1983Detroit TigersALMLBMLBdet59General Manager1629270.5686.02Sparky Anderson
* The team record above is related to the full season for that team. It is possible that the job was only held for part of the season.
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* Highlighted rows indicate league champions