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  • Major Leaguers with at least 1 game played since 1871 are included. New Major Leaguers will be added during the season as they make their MLB debuts.
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  • LA
    Tony La RussaMLBAnthony La Russa Jr.1962-1977
    Tommy La StellaMLBThomas La Stella2008-2017
    Chet LaabsMLBChester Peter Laabs1937-1947
    Josh LabandeiraMLBJohn Joshua Labandeira2000-2008
    Clem LabineMLBClement Walter Labine1950-1962
    Jairo LabourtMLBJairo Snaider Labourt2011-2017
    Coco LaboyMLBJose Alberto Laboy1959-1973
    Bob LaceyMLBRobert Joseph Lacey Jr.1972-1999
    Candy LaChanceMLBGeorge Joseph LaChance1893-1905
    Marcel LachemannMLBMarcel Ernest Lachemann1969-1971
    Rene LachemannMLBRene George Lachemann1965-1968
    Al LachowiczMLBAllen Robert Lachowicz1981-1986
    John LackeyMLBJohn Derran Lackey1998-2017
    William LackeyMLBWilliam D. Lackey1890-1890
    Pete LaCockMLBRalph Pierre LaCock1970-1980
    Frank LaCorteMLBFrank Joseph Lacorte1973-1984
    Mike LaCossMLBMichael James Lacoss1974-1992
    Guy LacyMLBOsceola Guy Lacy1926-1926
    Kerry LacyMLBKerry Ardeen Lacy1991-2001
    Lee LacyMLBLeondaus Lacy1969-1987
    Hi LaddMLBArthur Clifford Ladd1898-1898
    Pete LaddMLBPeter Linwood Ladd1977-1987
    Doyle LadeMLBDoyle Marion Lade1946-1950
    Tyler LadendorfMLBTyler J. Ladendorf2007-2017
    Steve LadewMLBStephen F. Ladew1889-1889
    Joe LafataMLBJoseph Joseph Lafata1947-1949
    Flip LaffertyMLBFrank Bernard Lafferty1876-1877
    Aaron LaffeyMLBAaron Steven Laffey2003-2017
    Ed LafitteMLBEdward Francis Lafitte1909-1912
    Pete LaforestMLBPierre Luc Laforest1995-2013
    Ty LaForestMLBByron Joseph LaForest1945-1945
    Roger LaFrancoisMLBRoger Victor LaFrancois1975-1984
    Bobby LaFromboiseMLBRobert LaFromboise2007-2017
    Mike LagaMLBMichael Russell Laga1980-1990
    Juan LagaresMLBJuan Osvaldo Lagares2007-2017
    Ed LaggerMLBEdwin Joseph Lagger1934-1934
    Lerrin LaGrowMLBLerrin Harris LaGrow1969-1980
    Bryan LahairMLBBryan Allan Lahair2002-2016
    Joe LahoudMLBJoseph Michael Lahoud1966-1978
    Jeff LahtiMLBJeffrey Allen Lahti1978-1986
    Brandon LairdMLBBrandon J. Laird2006-2016
    Gerald LairdMLBGerald Lee Laird1999-2016
    Dick LajeskieMLBRichard Edward Lajeskie1946-1946
    Nap LajoieMLBNapoleon Lajoie1896-1916
    Eddie LakeMLBEdward Ervin Lake1939-1950
    Fred LakeMLBFrederick Lovett Lake1891-1910
    Joe LakeMLBJoseph Henry Lake1908-1913
    Junior LakeMLBJunior Osvaldo Lake2008-2017
    Steve LakeMLBSteven Michael Lake1975-1993
    Al LakemanMLBAlbert Wesley Lakeman1942-1954
    Tim LakerMLBTimothy John Laker1988-2006
    Blake LalliMLBBlake Thomas Lalli2002-2017
    Dan LallyMLBDaniel J. Lally1891-1897
    Jack LamabeMLBJohn Alexander Lamabe1962-1968
    Al LaMacchiaMLBAlfred Anthony LaMacchia1943-1946
    Frank LaMannaMLBFrank LaManna1940-1942
    Ray LamannoMLBRaymond Simond Lamanno1941-1948
    Frank LamanskeMLBFrank James Lamanske1935-1935
    Bill LamarMLBWilliam Harmong Lamar1917-1927
    Ryan LamarreMLBRyan M. Lamarre2008-2017
    Wayne LaMasterMLBNoble Wayne LaMaster1937-1938
    David LambMLBDavid Christian Lamb1993-2003
    Jake LambMLBJacob Ryan Lamb2010-2017
    John LambMLBJohn Michael Lamb2009-2017
    John LambMLBJohn Andrew Lamb1970-1973
    Lyman LambMLBLyman Raymond Lamb1920-1921
    Mike LambMLBMichael Robert Lamb1995-2011
    Ray LambMLBRaymond Richard Lamb1966-1973
    Chris LambertMLBChristopher Raymond Lambert2003-2009
    Clayton LambertMLBClayton Patrick Lambert1946-1947
    Gene LambertMLBEugene Marion Lambert1941-1942
    Otis LambethMLBOtis Samuel Lambeth1916-1918
    Andrew LamboMLBAndrew Francis Lambo2007-2017
    Pete LamerMLBPierre Lamer1902-1907
    Dinelson LametMLBDinelson Lamet (Hernandez)2014-2017
    Fred LamlineMLBFrederick Arthur Lamline1912-1915
    Gene LamontMLBGene William Lamont1965-1977
    Bobby LaMotteMLBRobert Eugene LaMotte1920-1926
    Dennis LampMLBDennis Patrick Lamp1971-1992
    Keith LampardMLBChristopher Keith Lampard1969-1970
    Henry LampeMLBHenry Joseph Lampe1894-1895
    Tom LampkinMLBThomas Michael Lampkin1984-2002
    Dick LanahanMLBRichard Anthony Lanahan1935-1941
    Les LancasterMLBLester Wayne Lancaster1983-2001
    Gary LanceMLBGary Dean Lance1977-1980
    Rick LancellottiMLBRichard Anthony Lancellotti1977-1991
    Doc LandMLBWilliam Gilbert Land1929-1929
    Grover LandMLBGrover Cleveland Land1908-1913
    Ken LandenbergerMLBKenneth Henry Landenberger1952-1952
    Rafael LandestoyMLBRafael Silvialdo Landestoy Santana1972-1985
    Bill LandisMLBWilliam Henry Landis1963-1969
    Doc LandisMLBSamuel H. Landis1882-1882
    Jim LandisMLBJames Henry Landis1957-1967
    Ken LandreauxMLBKenneth Francis Landreaux1975-1989
    Larry LandrethMLBLarry Robert Landreth1976-1979
    Hobie LandrithMLBHobert Neal Landrith1950-1963
    Bill LandrumMLBThomas William Landrum1980-1996
    Ced LandrumMLBCedric Bernard Landrum1984-1995
    Don LandrumMLBDonald Leroy Landrum1957-1966
    Jesse LandrumMLBJesse Glenn Landrum1938-1938
    Joe LandrumMLBJoseph Butler Landrum1950-1952
    Tito LandrumMLBTerry Lee Landrum1973-1990
    Chappy LaneMLBGeorge M. Lane1882-1884
    Dick LaneMLBRichard Harrison Lane1949-1949
    Hunter LaneMLBJames Hunter Lane1924-1924
    Jason LaneMLBJason Dean Lane1996-2015
    Jerry LaneMLBGerald Hal Lane1953-1955
    Marvin LaneMLBMarvin Lane1969-1977
    Sam LanfordMLBLewis Grover Lanford1907-1907
    Walt LanfranconiMLBWalter Oswald Lanfranconi1941-1947
    Chip LangMLBRobert David Lang1975-1979
    Don LangMLBDonald Charles Lang1938-1948
    Marty LangMLBMartin John Lang1930-1930
    Bill LangeMLBWilliam Alexander Lange1893-1899
    Dick LangeMLBRichard Otto Lange1970-1977
    Frank LangeMLBFrank Herman Lange1910-1913
    Ryan LangerhansMLBRyan David Langerhans1998-2014
    Rick LangfordMLBJames Rick Langford1971-1988
    Sam LangfordMLBElton Langford1926-1928
    Bob LangsfordMLBRobert William Langsford1899-1899
    Mark LangstonMLBMark Edward Langston1979-1999
    Matt LangwellMLBMatthew August Langwell2005-2014
    Hal LanierMLBHarold Clifton Lanier1961-1979
    Max LanierMLBHubert Max Lanier1938-1953
    Rimp LanierMLBLorenzo Lanier1971-1971
    Frank LankfordMLBFrank Greenfield Lankford1990-2002
    Ray LankfordMLBRaymond Lewis Lankford1987-2004
    John LannanMLBJohn Edward Lannan2003-2016
    Johnny LanningMLBJohn Young Lanning1936-1947
    Red LanningMLBLester Alfred Lanning1916-1916
    Tom LanningMLBThomas Newton Lanning1938-1938
    Carney LansfordMLBCarney Ray Lansford1975-1992
    Jody LansfordMLBJoseph Dale Lansford1979-1987
    Gene LansingMLBEugene Hewitt Lansing1922-1922
    Mike LansingMLBMichael Thomas Lansing1990-2002
    Paul LaPalmeMLBPaul Edmore LaPalme1951-1957
    Pete LapanMLBPeter Nelson Lapan1922-1923
    Andy LapihuskaMLBAndrew Lapihuska1942-1943
    Dave LaPointMLBDavid Jeffrey Lapoint1977-1996
    Ralph LaPointeMLBRalph Robert LaPointe1947-1948
    Matt LaPortaMLBMatthew Vincent Laporta2004-2014
    Frank LaPorteMLBFrank Breyfogle LaPorte1905-1913
    Jack LappMLBJohn Walker Lapp1908-1916
    Juan LaraMLBJuan Manuel Tavares Lara2002-2009
    Yovanny LaraMLBYovanny Lara1995-2000
    Jeff LarishMLBJeffrey David Larish2002-2013
    Norm LarkerMLBNorman Howard John Larkin1958-1963
    Andy LarkinMLBAndrew Dane Larkin1992-2001
    Barry LarkinMLBBarry Louis Larkin1983-2004
    Ed LarkinMLBEdward Francis Larkin1909-1909
    Gene LarkinMLBEugene Thomas Larkin1984-1993
    Henry LarkinMLBHenry E. Larkin1884-1893
    Pat LarkinMLBPatrick Clibborn Larkin1979-1984
    Stephen LarkinMLBStephen Karan Larkin1992-2005
    Steve LarkinMLBStephen Patrick Larkin1934-1934
    Terry LarkinMLBFrank S. Larkin1876-1884
    Bob LarmoreMLBRobert McKaham Larmore1918-1918
    Greg LaRoccaMLBGregory Mark Larocca1992-2010
    Adam LaRocheMLBDavid Adam Laroche2000-2015
    Andy LaRocheMLBAndrew Christian Laroche2003-2016
    Dave LaRocheMLBDavid Eugene Laroche1968-1983
    Sam LaRoqueMLBSimeon Henry Jean LaRocque1888-1891
    John LaRoseMLBHenry John LaRose1977-1980
    Vic LaroseMLBVictor Raymond Larose1968-1968
    Harry LaRossMLBHarry Raymond LaRoss1914-1914
    Don LarsenMLBDon James Larsen1953-1967
    Swede LarsenMLBErling Adeli Larsen1936-1936
    Brandon LarsonMLBBrandon John Larson1997-2008
    Dan LarsonMLBDaniel James Larson1972-1984
    Jason LaRueMLBMichael Jason Larue1995-2010
    Al LaryMLBAlfred Allen Lary1954-1962
    Frank LaryMLBFrank Strong Lary1954-1965
    Lyn LaryMLBLynford Hobart Lary1929-1940
    Fred LasherMLBFrederick Walter Lasher1963-1971
    Bill LaskeyMLBWilliam Alan Laskey1976-1991
    Bill LasleyMLBWillard Almond Lasley1924-1924
    Tom LasordaMLBThomas Charles Lasorda1954-1956
    Don LassetterMLBDonald O'Neal Lassetter1957-1957
    Arlie LathamMLBWalter Arlington Latham1880-1909
    Bill LathamMLBWilliam Carol Latham1978-1988
    Chris LathamMLBChristopher Joseph Latham1991-2007
    Jumbo LathamMLBGeorge Warren Latham1875-1884
    Chick LathersMLBCharles Ten Eyck Lathers1910-1911
    Bill LathropMLBWilliam George Lathrop1913-1914
    Tacks LatimerMLBClifford Wesley Latimer1898-1902
    Barry LatmanMLBArnold Barry Latman1957-1967
    Mat LatosMLBMathew Adam Latos2007-2017
    Bill LattimoreMLBWilliam Hershel Lattimore1908-1908
    Charlie LauMLBCharles Richard Lau1956-1967
    Billy LauderMLBWilliam Lauder1898-1903
    Tim LaudnerMLBTimothy John Laudner1979-1990
    Chuck LauerMLBJohn Charles Lauer1884-1890
    Ben LaughlinMLBBenjamin Laughlin1873-1873
    Bill LauterbornMLBWilliam Bernard Lauterborn1904-1905
    George LauzeriqueMLBGeorge Albert Lauzerique1967-1970
    Cookie LavagettoMLBHarry Arthur Lavagetto1934-1947
    Mike LaValliereMLBMichael Eugene Lavalliere1979-1995
    Doc LavanMLBJohn Leonard Lavan1913-1924
    Ryan LavarnwayMLBRyan Cole Lavarnway2006-2017
    Gary LavelleMLBGary Robert Lavelle1967-1987
    Jimmy LavenderMLBJames Sanford Lavender1912-1917
    Johnny LavinMLBJohn Lavin1884-1884
    Derek LawMLBDerek Robert Law2010-2017
    Ron LawMLBRonald David Law1969-1969
    Rudy LawMLBRudy Karl Law1976-1987
    Vance LawMLBVance Aaron Law1975-1991
    Vern LawMLBVernon Sanders Law1950-1967
    Garland LawingMLBGarland Frederick Lawing1946-1946
    Tom LawlessMLBThomas James Lawless1978-1990
    Mike LawlorMLBMichael H. Lawlor1880-1884
    Bill LawrenceMLBWilliam Henry Lawrence1932-1932
    Bob LawrenceMLBRobert Andrew Lawrence1924-1924
    Brian LawrenceMLBBrian Michael Lawrence1997-2011
    Brooks LawrenceMLBBrooks Ulysses Lawrence1954-1960
    Casey LawrenceMLBCasey Lee Lawrence2010-2017
    Joe LawrenceMLBJoseph Dudley Lawrence1996-2003
    Sean LawrenceMLBSean Christopher Lawrence1991-2001
    Brett LawrieMLBBrett Russell Lawrie2009-2016
    Otis LawryMLBOtis Carroll Lawry1916-1917
    Al LawsonMLBAlfred William Lawson1890-1890
    Bob LawsonMLBRobert Baker Lawson1901-1902
    Roxie LawsonMLBAlfred Voyle Lawson1930-1940
    Steve LawsonMLBSteven George Lawson1969-1972
    Marcus LawtonMLBMarcus Dwayne Lawton1983-1992
    Matt LawtonMLBMatthew Lawton Jr.1992-2006
    Bill LaxtonMLBWilliam Harry Laxton1966-1978
    Brett LaxtonMLBBrett William Laxton1993-2005
    Tim LayanaMLBTimothy Joseph Layana1983-1997
    Gene LaydenMLBEugene Francis Layden1915-1915
    Pete LaydonMLBPeter John Laydon1948-1948
    Herman LayneMLBHerman Layne1927-1927
    Hillis LayneMLBIvoria Hills Layne1941-1945
    Tom LayneMLBThomas Kevin Layne2007-2017
    Les LaytonMLBLester Lee Layton1948-1948
    Danny LazarMLBJohn Dan Lazar1968-1969
    Raudel LazoMLBRaudel Lazo2012-2017
    Johnny LazorMLBJohn Paul Lazor1943-1946
    Jack LazorkoMLBJack Thomas Lazorko1978-1993
    Tony LazzeriMLBAnthony Michael Lazzeri1926-1939
    Charlie LeaMLBCharles William Lea1978-1988
    Brent LeachMLBBrent Allen Leach2002-2015
    Freddy LeachMLBFrederick Leach1923-1932
    Jalal LeachMLBJalal Donnell Leach1989-2004
    Rick LeachMLBRichard Max Leach Jr.1978-1990
    Terry LeachMLBTerry Hester Leach1973-1993
    Tommy LeachMLBThomas William Leach1898-1918
    Brandon LeagueMLBBrandon Paul League2001-2015
    Dan LeahyMLBDaniel C. Leahy1896-1896
    Tom LeahyMLBThomas Joseph Leahy1897-1905
    Mike LeakeMLBMichael Raymond Leake2007-2017
    Luis LealMLBLuis Enrique Leal1979-1987
    Fred LearMLBFrederick Francis Lear1915-1920
    King LearMLBCharles Bernard Lear1914-1915
    Bill LeardMLBWilliam Wallace Leard1917-1917
    Frank LearyMLBFrank Patrick Leary1907-1907
    Jack LearyMLBJohn J. Leary1880-1884
    John LearyMLBJohn Louis Leary1914-1915
    Tim LearyMLBTimothy James Leary1977-1994
    Hal LeathersMLBHarold Langford Leathers1920-1920
    Jack LeathersichMLBJohn Victor Leathersich2009-2017
    Emil LeberMLBEmil Bohmiel Leber1905-1905
    Wade LeBlancMLBWade Matthew Leblanc2004-2017
    Bevo LeBourveauMLBDe Witt Wiley LeBourveau1919-1929
    Jose LeclercMLBJose Ramon Leclerc2011-2017
    Matt LeCroyMLBMatthew Hanks Lecroy1995-2008
    Sam LeCureMLBSamuel R. LeCure2003-2016
    Razor LedbetterMLBRalph Overton Ledbetter1915-1915
    Ricky LedeeMLBRicardo Alberto Ledee1990-2007
    Aaron LedesmaMLBAaron David Ledesma1990-2002
    Wil LedezmaMLBWilfredo Jose Ledezma1999-2017
    Mike LedwithMLBMichael Ledwith1874-1874
    Bill LeeMLBWilliam Crutcher Lee1934-1947
    Bill LeeMLBWilliam Francis Lee Jr.1968-2012
    Billy LeeMLBWilliam Joseph Lee1915-1916
    Bob LeeMLBRobert Dean Lee1964-1968
    C.C. LeeMLBChen-Chang Lee2009-2017
    Carlos LeeMLBCarlos Noriel Lee1994-2012
    Cliff LeeMLBClifton Phifer Lee1998-2014
    Cliff LeeMLBClifford Walker Lee1919-1926
    Corey LeeMLBCorey W. Lee1994-2009
    Dae-ho LeeMLBDae-ho Lee2012-2016
    David LeeMLBDavid Emmer Lee1994-2006
    Derek LeeMLBDerek Gerald Lee1987-2000
    Derrek LeeMLBDerrek Leon Lee1993-2011
    Don LeeMLBDonald Edward Lee1957-1966
    Dud LeeMLBErnest Dudley Lee1920-1926
    Hal LeeMLBHarold Burnham Lee1930-1936
    Leonidas LeeMLBLeonidas Pyrrhus Lee1877-1877
    Leron LeeMLBLeron Lee1967-1976
    Manuel LeeMLBManuel Lora Lee1982-1995
    Mark LeeMLBMark Linden Lee1975-1982
    Mark LeeMLBMark Owen Lee1983-1997
    Mike LeeMLBMichael Randall Lee1960-1963
    Roy LeeMLBRoy Edwin Lee1945-1945
    Sang-Hoon LeeMLBSang-Hoon Lee1998-2001
    Terry LeeMLBTerry James Lee1982-1997
    Thornton LeeMLBThornton Starr Lee1933-1948
    Tom LeeMLBThomas Frank Lee1884-1884
    Travis LeeMLBTravis Reynolds Lee1994-2006
    Watty LeeMLBWyatt Arnold Lee1901-1904
    Zach LeeMLBZachary Stephen Lee2011-2017
    Gene LeekMLBEugene Harold Leek1959-1962
    Dave LeeperMLBDavid Dale Leeper1979-1988
    George LeesMLBGeorge Edward Lees1921-1921
    Charles LeesmanMLBCharles James Leesman2006-2016
    Sam LeeverMLBSamuel Leever1898-1910
    Bill LefebvreMLBWillfrid Henry LeFebvre1938-1944
    Jim LefebvreMLBJames Kenneth Lefebvre1962-1976
    Joe LefebvreMLBJoseph Henry Lefebvre1976-1986
    Al LefevreMLBAlfred Modesto Lefevre1920-1920
    Craig LeffertsMLBCraig Lindsay Lefferts1979-1994
    Wade LeflerMLBWade Hampton Lefler1924-1924
    Ron LeFloreMLBRonald LeFlore1973-1982
    Phil LeftwichMLBPhilip Dale Leftwich1988-1996
    Lou LegettMLBLouis Alfred Legett1929-1935
    Greg LeggMLBGregory Lynn Legg1982-1994
    James LehanMLBJames Lehan1884-1884
    Mike LehaneMLBMichael M. Lehane1890-1891
    Regis LehenyMLBRegis Francis Leheny1932-1932
    Jim LehewMLBJames Anthony Lehew1961-1962
    Ken LehmanMLBKenneth Karl Lehman1952-1961
    Paul LehnerMLBPaul Eugene Lehner1946-1952
    Clarence LehrMLBClarence Emmanuel Lehr1911-1911
    Justin LehrMLBCharles Larry Justin Lehr1996-2011
    Norm LehrMLBNorman Carl Michael Lehr1926-1926
    Hank LeiberMLBHenry Edward Leiber1933-1942
    Nemo LeiboldMLBHarry Loran Leibold1913-1925
    Charlie LeibrandtMLBCharles Louis Leibrandt Jr.1977-1993
    Jon LeicesterMLBJonathan David Leicester1998-2016
    Elmer LeiferMLBElmer Edwin Leifer1921-1921
    Lefty LeifieldMLBAlbert Peter Leifield1905-1920
    John LeightonMLBJohn Atkinson Leighton1890-1890
    Bill LeinhauserMLBWilliam Charles Leinhauserqlk21912-1912
    Ed LeipMLBEdgar Ellsworth Leip1939-1941
    Dave LeiperMLBDavid Paul Leiper1981-1996
    Jack LeiperMLBJohn Henry Thomas Leiper1891-1891
    John LeisterMLBJohn William Leister1984-1990
    Al LeiterMLBAlois Terry Leiter1984-2005
    Mark LeiterMLBMark Edward Leiter Jr.2010-2017
    Mark LeiterMLBMark Edward Leiter1983-2002
    Bill LeithMLBWilliam Leith1899-1899
    Doc LeitnerMLBGeorge Aloysius Leitner1887-1887
    Dummy LeitnerMLBGeorge Michael Leitner1901-1902
    Scott LeiusMLBScott Thomas Leius1986-1999
    Frank LejaMLBFrank John Leja1954-1962
    Larry LeJeuneMLBSheldon Aldenbert LeJeune1911-1915
    Don LeJohnMLBDonald Everett LeJohn1965-1978
    Bill LeliveltMLBWilliam John Lelivelt1909-1910
    Jack LeliveltMLBJohn Frank Lelivelt1909-1914
    D.J. LeMahieuMLBDavid John Lemahieu2008-2017
    Dave LemanczykMLBDavid Lawrence Lemanczyk1972-1980
    Denny LemasterMLBDenver Clayton Lemaster1962-1972
    Johnnie LeMasterMLBJohnnie Lee Lemaster1973-1987
    Dick LeMayMLBRichard Paul LeMay1961-1963
    Steve LemboMLBStephen Neal Lembo1950-1952
    Mark LemkeMLBMark Alan Lemke1983-2000
    Bob LemonMLBRobert Granville Lemon1941-1958
    Chet LemonMLBChester Earl Lemon1972-1990
    Jim LemonMLBJames Robert Lemon1950-1963
    Dave LemondsMLBDavid Lee Lemonds1968-1972
    Mark LemongelloMLBMark Lemongello1976-1980
    Don LenhardtMLBDonald Eugene Lenhardt1950-1954
    Bill LennonMLBWilliam H. Lennon1871-1873
    Bob LennonMLBRobert Albert Lennon1954-1957
    Ed LennonMLBEdward Francis Lennon1928-1928
    Pat LennonMLBPatrick Orlando Lennon1986-2005
    Ed LennoxMLBJames Edgar Lennox1906-1912
    Jim LentineMLBJames Matthew Lentine1975-1981
    David LenzMLBDavid Lenz1872-1872
    Arcenio LeonMLBArcenio Leon2007-2017
    Arnold LeonMLBAlex Arnold Leon2008-2016
    Danilo LeonMLBDanilo Enrique Leon Lineco1986-2000
    Eddie LeonMLBEduardo Antonio Leon1966-1974
    Izzy LeonMLBIsidoro Leon Becerra1945-1945
    Jose LeonMLBJose Geraldo Leon1994-2009
    Max LeonMLBMaximino Leon Molino1973-1978
    Sandy LeonMLBSandy David Leon2007-2017
    Andy LeonardMLBAndrew Jackson Leonard1871-1880
    Dennis LeonardMLBDennis Patrick Leonard1972-1986
    Dutch LeonardMLBHubert Benjamin Leonard1913-1925
    Dutch LeonardMLBEmil John Leonard1933-1953
    Elmer LeonardMLBElmer Ellsworth Leonard1911-1911
    Jeff LeonardMLBJeffrey N. Leonard1973-1991
    Joe LeonardMLBJoseph Howard Leonard1914-1919
    Mark LeonardMLBMark David Leonard1986-1996
    Dominic LeoneMLBDominic Joseph Leone2010-2017
    Justin LeoneMLBJustin Paul Leone1999-2009
    Dave LeonhardMLBDavid Paul Leonhard1963-1972
    Rudy LeopoldMLBRudolph Matas Leopold1928-1928
    John LeovichMLBJohn Joseph Leovich1941-1941
    Ted LepcioMLBThaddeus Stanley Lepcio1952-1961
    Pete LePineMLBLouis Joseph LePine1902-1902
    Don LeppertMLBDon Eugene Leppert1955-1955
    Don LeppertMLBDonald George Leppert1961-1964
    Randy LerchMLBRandy Louis Lerch1973-1986
    Dutch LerchenMLBBertram Roe Lerchen1910-1910
    George LerchenMLBGeorge Edward Lerchen1952-1953
    Anthony LerewMLBAnthony Allen Lerew2001-2015
    Walt LerianMLBWalter Irvin Lerian1928-1929
    Chris LerouxMLBChristopher A. Leroux2003-2016
    John LeroyMLBJohn Michael Leroy1993-2001
    Louis LeroyMLBLouis Paul Leroy1905-1910
    Barry LerschMLBBarry Lee Lersch1965-1974
    Steve LerudMLBSteven James Lerud2004-2016
    Brian LesherMLBBrian Herbert Lesher1991-2003
    Don LeshnockMLBDonald Lee Leshnock1969-1972
    Curtis LeskanicMLBCurtis John Leskanic1986-2004
    Brad LesleyMLBBradley Jay Lesley1978-1985
    Roy LeslieMLBRoy Reid Leslie1917-1922
    Sam LeslieMLBSamuel Andrew Leslie1929-1938
    Jon LesterMLBJonathan Tyler Lester2002-2017
    Charlie LetchasMLBCharlie Letchas1939-1946
    Tom LetcherMLBFrederick Thomas Letcher1891-1891
    Jesse LevanMLBJesse Roy Levan1947-1955
    Walt LeverenzMLBWalter Fred Leverenz1913-1915
    Dixie LeverettMLBGorham Vance Leverett1922-1929
    Hod LeveretteMLBHorace Wilbur Leverette1920-1920
    Jim LeveyMLBJames Julius Levey1930-1933
    Al LevineMLBAlan Brian Levine1990-2008
    Charlie LevisMLBCharles H. Levis1884-1885
    Jesse LevisMLBJesse Levis1988-2004
    Allen LevraultMLBAllen Harry Levrault1996-2005
    Dutch LevsenMLBEmil Henry Levsen1923-1928
    Ed LevyMLBEdward Clarence Levy1940-1944
    Dennis LewallynMLBDennis Dale Lewallyn1972-1987
    Dan LewandowskiMLBDaniel William Lewandowski1951-1951
    Artie LewickiMLBArthur Michael Lewicki2011-2017
    Allan LewisMLBAllan Sydney Lewis1961-1973
    Bert LewisMLBWilliam Burton Lewis1924-1924
    Bill LewisMLBWilliam Henry Lewis1933-1936
    Buddy LewisMLBJohn Kelly Lewis1935-1949
    Colby LewisMLBColby Preston Lewis1999-2016
    Darren LewisMLBDarren Joel Lewis1988-2002
    Duffy LewisMLBGeorge Edward Lewis1910-1921
    Fred LewisMLBFrederick Deshaun Lewis2002-2016
    Fred LewisMLBFrederick Miller Lewis1881-1886
    Jack LewisMLBJohn David Lewis1911-1911
    Jensen LewisMLBJensen Daniel Lewis2003-2013
    Jim LewisMLBJames Martin Lewis1974-1985
    Jim LewisMLBJames Steven Lewis1984-1992
    Johnny LewisMLBJohnny Joe Lewis1964-1967
    Mark LewisMLBMark David Lewis1988-2007
    Phil LewisMLBPhilip Lewis1905-1908
    Richie LewisMLBRichie Todd Lewis1985-2003
    Rommie LewisMLBRommie Lee Lewis2001-2015
    Scott LewisMLBScott Edwin Lewis2002-2010
    Scott LewisMLBScott Allen Lewis1985-1996
    Ted LewisMLBEdward Morgan Lewis1896-1901
    Terry LeyMLBTerrence Richard Ley1971-1971
    Jim LeyritzMLBJames Joseph Leyritz1985-2003
    Carlos LezcanoMLBCarlos Manuel Lezcano Rubio1976-1984
    Sixto LezcanoMLBSixto Joaquin Lezcano Curras1971-1985
    Steve LibbyMLBStephen Augustus Libby1879-1879
    Adam LiberatoreMLBAdam Joseph Liberatore2006-2017
    Al LibkeMLBAlbert Walter Libke1945-1946
    Frankie LibranMLBFrancisco Libran Rosas1969-1969
    Dave LiddellMLBDavid Alexander Liddell1984-1992
    Alex LiddiMLBAlex Liddi2006-2017
    Don LiddleMLBDonald Eugene Liddle1953-1956
    Brad LidgeMLBBradley Thomas Lidge1996-2012
    Cory LidleMLBCory Fulton Lidle1991-2006
    Dutch LieberMLBCharles Edwin Lieber1935-1936
    Jon LieberMLBJonathan Ray Lieber1991-2008
    Mike LieberthalMLBMichael Scott Lieberthal1990-2007
    Glenn LiebhardtMLBGlenn Ignatius Liebhardt1930-1938
    Glenn LiebhardtMLBGlenn John Liebhardt1906-1909
    Jeff LieferMLBJeffrey Dale Liefer1993-2008
    Fred LieseMLBFrederick Richard Liese1910-1910
    Pat LightMLBPatrick James Light2010-2017
    Kerry LigtenbergMLBKerry Dale Ligtenberg1993-2009
    Bill LillardMLBWilliam Beverly Lillard1939-1940
    Gene LillardMLBRobert Eugene Lillard1936-1940
    Brent LillibridgeMLBBrent Stuart Lillibridge2003-2014
    Jim LillieMLBJames J. Lillie1883-1886
    Derek LilliquistMLBDerek Jansen Lilliquist1985-1996
    Bob LillisMLBRobert Perry Lillis1958-1967
    Ted LillyMLBTheodore Roosevelt Lilly1996-2013
    Chang-Yong LimMLBChang-Yong Lim2008-2013
    Jose LimaMLBJose Desiderio Lima1990-2009
    Lou LimmerMLBLouis Limmer1951-1954
    Che-Hsuan LinMLBChe-Hsuan Lin2007-2014
    Tzu-Wei LinMLBTzu-Wei Lin2012-2017
    Rufino LinaresMLBRufino Linares1974-1987
    Tim LincecumMLBTimothy Leroy Lincecum2004-2016
    Brad LincolnMLBBradley Eric Lincoln2004-2015
    Ezra LincolnMLBEzra Perry Lincoln1890-1890
    Mike LincolnMLBMichael George Lincoln1994-2010
    Adam LindMLBAdam Alan Lind2003-2017
    Carl LindMLBHenry Carl Lind1927-1930
    Jack LindMLBJackson Hugh Lind1974-1984
    Jose LindMLBJose Lind1983-2002
    Vive LindamanMLBVivan Alexander Lindaman1906-1909
    Em LindbeckMLBEmerit Desmond Lindbeck1960-1960
    Paul LindbladMLBPaul Aaron Lindblad1963-1978
    Josh LindblomMLBJoshua William Lindblom2006-2017
    Lyman LindeMLBLyman Gilbert Linde1947-1948
    Johnny LindellMLBJohn Harlan Lindell1941-1954
    Jim LindemanMLBJames William Lindeman1983-1995
    Bob LindemannMLBJohn Frederick Mann Lindemann1901-1901
    Ernie LindemannMLBErnest Lindemann1907-1907
    Todd LindenMLBTodd Anthony Linden1999-2013
    Walt LindenMLBWalter Charles Linden1950-1950
    Jacob LindgrenMLBJacob Stephen Lindgren2012-2016
    Francisco LindorMLBFrancisco M. Lindor2011-2017
    Carl LindquistMLBCarl Emil Lindquist1943-1944
    Bill LindsayMLBWilliam Gibbons Lindsay1911-1911
    Chris LindsayMLBChristian Haller Lindsay1905-1906
    Shane LindsayMLBShane Michael Lindsay2004-2012
    Bill LindseyMLBWilliam Donald Lindsey1981-1988
    Doug LindseyMLBMichael Douglas Lindsey1987-1994
    Jim LindseyMLBJames Kendrick Lindsey1922-1937
    John LindseyMLBJohn William Lindsey1995-2015
    Rodney LindseyMLBRodney Lee Lindsey1994-2006
    Axel LindstromMLBAxel Olaf Lindstrom1916-1916
    Chuck LindstromMLBCharles William Lindstrom1958-1958
    Freddie LindstromMLBFrederick Charles Lindstrom1924-1936
    Matt LindstromMLBMatthew James Lindstrom2002-2015
    Scott LinebrinkMLBScott Cameron Linebrink1997-2011
    Dick LinesMLBRichard George Lines1966-1967
    Carl LinhartMLBCarl James Linhart1952-1952
    Cole LiniakMLBCole Edward Liniak1995-2004
    Fred LinkMLBEdward Theodore Link1910-1910
    Jon LinkMLBJon Edward Link2002-2016
    Ed LinkeMLBEdward Karl Linke1933-1938
    Royce LintMLBRoyce James Lint1954-1954
    Bob LintonMLBClaud Clarence Linton1929-1929
    Doug LintonMLBDouglas Warren Linton1984-2004
    Larry LintzMLBLarry Lintz1970-1979
    Phil LinzMLBPhilip Francis Linz1962-1968
    Frank LinzyMLBFrank Alfred Linzy1960-1974
    Angelo LipetriMLBMichael Angelo Lipetri1956-1958
    Johnny LiponMLBJohn Joseph Lipon1942-1954
    Tom LippMLBThomas Charles Lipp1897-1897
    Nig LipscombMLBGerard Lipscomb1937-1937
    Bob LipskiMLBRobert Peter Lipski1963-1963
    Felipe LiraMLBAntonio Felipe Lira1990-2008
    Francisco LirianoMLBFrancisco Liriano2001-2017
    Nelson LirianoMLBNelson Arturo Liriano1983-1998
    Pedro LirianoMLBPedro Antonio Liriano2001-2014
    Rymer LirianoMLBRymer Omar Liriano2009-2017
    Joe LisMLBJoseph Anthony Lis Sr.1964-1979
    Hod LisenbeeMLBHorace Milton Lisenbee1927-1945
    Rick LisiMLBRiccardo Patrick Emilio Lisi1974-1985
    Ad LiskaMLBAdolph James Liska1929-1933
    Pat ListachMLBPatrick Alan Listach1988-1998
    Pete ListerMLBMorris Elmer Lister1907-1907
    Jesse LitschMLBJesse Allen Litsch2004-2011
    Mark LittellMLBMark Alan Littell1971-1982
    Bryan LittleMLBRichard Bryan Little1979-1988
    Harry LittleMLBHarry Alexander Little1877-1877
    Jack LittleMLBWilliam Arthur Little1912-1912
    Jeff LittleMLBDonald Jeffrey Little1973-1984
    Mark LittleMLBMark Travis Little1993-2006
    Scott LittleMLBDennis Scott Little1984-1991
    Dick LittlefieldMLBRichard Bernard Littlefield1950-1958
    John LittlefieldMLBJohn Andrew Littlefield1976-1982
    Carlisle LittlejohnMLBCharles Carlisle Littlejohn1927-1928
    Dennis LittlejohnMLBDennis Gerald Littlejohn1973-1982
    Larry LittletonMLBLarry Marvin Littleton1975-1983
    Wes LittletonMLBWes Avi Littleton2001-2012
    Greg LittonMLBJon Gregory Litton1984-1995
    Jack LittrellMLBJack Napier Littrell1952-1957
    Danny LitwhilerMLBDaniel Webster Litwhiler1940-1951
    Ben LivelyMLBEdward Bennett Lively2011-2017
    Buddy LivelyMLBEverett Adrian Lively1947-1949
    Jack LivelyMLBHenry Everett Lively1911-1911
    Wes LivengoodMLBWesley Amos Livengood1939-1939
    Bobby LivingstonMLBRobert James Livingston2002-2013
    Mickey LivingstonMLBThompson Orville Livingston1938-1951
    Paddy LivingstonMLBPatrick Joseph Livingston1901-1917
    Jake LivingstoneMLBJacob Mayer Livingstone1901-1901
    Scott LivingstoneMLBScott Louis Livingstone1985-2001
    Radhames LizMLBRadhames Corey Liz2005-2016
    Abel LizotteMLBAbel Lizotte1896-1896
    Winston LlenasMLBWinston Enriquillo Llenas Davila1961-1983
    Clem LlewellynMLBClement Manly Llewellyn1922-1922
    Graeme LloydMLBGraeme John Lloyd1988-2003
    Kyle LloydMLBKyle Christopher Lloyd2010-2017
    Chia-Jen LoMLBChia-Jen lo2009-2014
    Esteban LoaizaMLBEsteban Antonio Veyna Loaiza1991-2013
    Mike LoanMLBWilliam Joseph Loan1912-1912
    Bob LoaneMLBRobert Kenneth Loane1939-1940
    Jose LobatonMLBJose Manuel Lobaton2003-2017
    Hans LobertMLBJohn Bernard Lobert1903-1917
    Kyle LobsteinMLBKyle Eric Lobstein2009-2017
    Tim LocastroMLBTimothy Donald Locastro2013-2017
    Harry LochheadMLBRobert Henry Lochhead1899-1901
    Don LockMLBDon Wilson Lock1962-1969
    Bobby LockeMLBLawrence Donald Locke1959-1968
    Chuck LockeMLBCharles Edward Locke1955-1955
    Jeff LockeMLBJeffrey A. Locke2006-2017
    Marshall LockeMLBMarshall Pinkney Wilder Locke1884-1884
    Ron LockeMLBRonald Thomas Locke1964-1964
    Bob LockerMLBRobert Awtry Locker1960-1975
    Keith LockhartMLBKeith Virgil Lockhart1985-2003
    Gene LocklearMLBGene Locklear1973-1977
    Stu LocklinMLBStuart Carlton Locklin1955-1956
    Whitey LockmanMLBCarroll Walter Lockman1945-1960
    Milo LockwoodMLBMilo Hathaway Lockwood1884-1884
    Skip LockwoodMLBClaude Edward Lockwood1965-1981
    Dario LodigianiMLBDario Antonio Lodigiani1938-1946
    Paul LoDucaMLBPaul Anthony Loduca1993-2010
    Kameron LoeMLBKameron David Loe2000-2017
    George LoeppMLBGeorge Herbert Loepp1928-1930
    Billy LoesMLBWilliam Loes1950-1961
    Adam LoewenMLBAdam Alexander Loewen2003-2017
    Carlton LoewerMLBCarlton Edward Loewer1992-2003
    James LoftonMLBJames O'Neal Lofton1993-2007
    Kenny LoftonMLBKenneth Lofton1988-2007
    Dick LoftusMLBRichard Joseph Loftus1924-1925
    Frank LoftusMLBFrancis Patrick Loftus1926-1926
    Tom LoftusMLBThomas Joseph Loftus1877-1883
    Bob LoganMLBRobert Dean Logan1935-1945
    Boone LoganMLBBoone Logan2003-2017
    Johnny LoganMLBJohn Logan Jr.1951-1963
    Nook LoganMLBExavier Prente Logan2000-2010
    Pete LohmanMLBGeorge F. Lohman1891-1891
    Howard LohrMLBHoward Sylvester Lohr1914-1916
    Jack LohrkeMLBJack Wayne Lohrke1947-1953
    Bill LohrmanMLBWilliam Le Roy Lohrman1934-1944
    Kyle LohseMLBKyle Matthew Lohse1997-2016
    Alberto LoisMLBAlberto Lois Pie1977-1979
    Rich LoiselleMLBRichard Frank Loiselle1991-2001
    Mickey LolichMLBMichael Stephen Lolich1959-1979
    Ron LolichMLBRonald John Lolich1965-1973
    Sherm LollarMLBJohn Sherman Lollar1946-1963
    Tim LollarMLBWilliam Timothy Lollar1978-1987
    Ryan LollisMLBRyan M. Lollis2006-2017
    Doug LomanMLBDouglas Edward Loman1978-1985
    Steve LomasneyMLBSteven James Lomasney1995-2006
    George LombardMLBGeorge Paul Lombard1994-2009
    Ernie LombardiMLBErnesto Natali Lombardi1931-1947
    Phil LombardiMLBPhillip Arden Lombardi1981-1989
    Vic LombardiMLBVictor Alvin Lombardi1945-1950
    Lou LombardoMLBLouis Lombardo1948-1948
    Steve LombardozziMLBStephen Paul Lombardozzi1980-1990
    Steve LombardozziMLBStephen Lombardozzi2008-2017
    Kevin LomonMLBKevin Dale Lomon1991-2001
    Jim LonborgMLBJames Reynold Lonborg1964-1979
    Walter LonerganMLBWalter E. Lonergan1911-1911
    James LoneyMLBJames Anthony Loney2002-2017
    Bill LongMLBWilliam Douglas Long1979-1991
    Bob LongMLBRobert Earl Long1976-1987
    Dale LongMLBRichard Dale Long1951-1963
    Dan LongMLBDaniel W. Long1890-1890
    Herman LongMLBHerman C. Long1889-1904
    Jeoff LongMLBJeoffrey Keith Long1963-1964
    Jim LongMLBJames M. Long1891-1893
    Jimmie LongMLBJames Albert Long1922-1922
    Joey LongMLBJoey J. Long1990-2000
    Lep LongMLBLester Long1911-1911
    Red LongMLBNelson Long1902-1902
    Ryan LongMLBRyan Marcus Long1991-2000
    Terrence LongMLBTerrence Deon Long1994-2006
    Tom LongMLBThomas L. Long1888-1888
    Tom LongMLBThomas Augustus Long1911-1917
    Tom LongMLBThomas Francis Long1924-1924
    Tony LongmireMLBAnthony Eugene Longmire1986-1999
    Evan LongoriaMLBEvan Michael Longoria2004-2017
    Joe LonnettMLBJoseph Paul Lonnett1956-1959
    Bruce LookMLBBruce Michael Look1968-1968
    Dean LookMLBDean Zachary Look1961-1961
    Brian LooneyMLBBrian James Looney1991-2005
    Aaron LooperMLBAaron Joseph Looper1996-2007
    Braden LooperMLBBraden Lavern Looper1994-2009
    Pete LoosMLBIvan Loos1901-1901
    Ed LopatMLBEdmund Walter Lopat1944-1955
    Stan LopataMLBStanley Edward Lopata1948-1960
    Art LopatkaMLBArthur Joseph Lopatka1945-1946
    Dave LopesMLBDavid Earl Lopes1968-1987
    Al LopezMLBAlfonso Ramon Lopez1928-1947
    Albie LopezMLBAlbert Anthony Lopez1991-2011
    Aquilino LopezMLBAquilino Roa Lopez1999-2008
    Art LopezMLBArturo Lopez Rodriguez1965-1965
    Arturo LopezMLBJavier Arturo Lopez2000-2017
    Aurelio LopezMLBAurelio Alejandro Lopez Rios1967-1987
    Carlos LopezMLBCarlos Antonio Lopez Morales1976-1979
    Felipe LopezMLBFelipe Lopez1998-2011
    Hector LopezMLBHector Headley Lopez Swainson1955-1966
    Javier LopezMLBJavier Alfonso Lopez1996-2016
    Javy LopezMLBJavier Torres Lopez1988-2006
    Jorge LopezMLBJorge Y. Lopez2011-2017
    Jose LopezMLBJose Celestino Lopez2001-2016
    Luis LopezMLBLuis Lopez1991-2014
    Luis LopezMLBLuis Antonio Lopez1984-2004
    Luis LopezMLBLuis Manuel Lopez1988-2005
    Marcelino LopezMLBMarcelino Pons Lopez1963-1972
    Mendy LopezMLBMendy Aude Lopez1994-2013
    Mickey LopezMLBRaymond Michael Lopez1993-2005
    Pedro LopezMLBPedro Michael Lopez2001-2016
    Raffy LopezMLBRafael Manuel Lopez2008-2017
    Ramon LopezMLBJose Ramon Lopez Hevia1966-1966
    Reynaldo LopezMLBReynaldo Starling Lopez2012-2017
    Rodrigo LopezMLBRodrigo Munoz Lopez1995-2013
    Wilton LopezMLBWilton Lopez2004-2015
    Bris LordMLBBristol Robotham Lord1905-1913
    Carlton LordMLBWilliam Carlton Lord1923-1923
    Harry LordMLBHarry Donald Lord1907-1914
    Lefty LorenzenMLBAdolph Andreas Lorenzen1913-1913
    Michael LorenzenMLBMichael Clifton Lorenzen2011-2017
    Mark LorettaMLBMark David Loretta1990-2009
    Andrew LorraineMLBAndrew Jason Lorraine 1991-2009
    Joe LotzMLBJoseph Peter Lotz1916-1916
    Scott LoucksMLBScott Gregory Loucks1977-1985
    Art LoudellMLBArthur Loudell1910-1910
    Baldy LoudenMLBWilliam P. Louden1907-1916
    Charlie LoudenslagerMLBCharles Edward Loudenslager1904-1904
    David LoughMLBDavid Dennis Lough2005-2017
    Larry LoughlinMLBLarry John Loughlin1967-1967
    Thomas LoughranMLBLoughran1884-1884
    Don LounMLBDonald Nelson Loun1964-1964
    Aaron LoupMLBAaron Christopher Loup2007-2017
    Shane LouxMLBShane A. Loux1997-2015
    Slim LoveMLBEdward Haughton Love1913-1920
    Tom LovelaceMLBThomas Rivers Lovelace1922-1922
    Vance LovelaceMLBVance Odell Lovelace1981-1998
    Lynn LovenguthMLBLynn Richard Lovenguth1955-1957
    John LovettMLBJohn Lovett1903-1903
    Len LovettMLBLeonard Walker Lovett1873-1875
    Mem LovettMLBMerritt Marwood Lovett1933-1933
    Tom LovettMLBThomas Joseph Lovett1885-1894
    Jay LoviglioMLBJohn Paul Loviglio1977-1983
    Joe LovittoMLBJoseph Lovitto Jr.1969-1975
    Pete LovrichMLBPeter Lovrich1963-1963
    Torey LovulloMLBSalvatore Anthony Lovullo1985-1999
    Fletcher LowMLBFletcher Low1915-1915
    Grover LowdermilkMLBGrover Cleveland Lowdermilk1909-1920
    Lou LowdermilkMLBLouis Bailey Lowdermilk1911-1999
    Bobby LoweMLBRobert Lincoln Lowe1890-1907
    Charlie LoweMLBCharles Lowe1872-1872
    Derek LoweMLBDerek Christopher Lowe1991-2013
    Dick LoweMLBRichard Alvern Lowe1884-1884
    George LoweMLBGeorge Wesley Lowe1920-1920
    Mark LoweMLBMark Christopher Lowe2002-2017
    Sean LoweMLBJonathan Sean Lowe1991-2003
    Mike LowellMLBMichael Averett Lowell1993-2010
    John LowensteinMLBJohn Lee Lowenstein1968-1985
    Devon LoweryMLBDevon Eugene Lowery2001-2010
    Terrell LoweryMLBQuenton Terrell Lowery1991-2001
    Turk LownMLBOmar Joseph Lown1951-1962
    Peanuts LowreyMLBHarry Lee Lowrey1942-1955
    Jed LowrieMLBJed Carlson Lowrie2003-2017
    Dwight LowryMLBDwight Lowry1980-1990
    John LowryMLBJohn D. Lowry1875-1875
    Noah LowryMLBNoah Ryan Lowry1999-2007
    Sam LowryMLBSamuel Joseph Lowry1942-1943
    Mike LoyndMLBMichael Wallace Loynd1983-1994
    Willie LozadoMLBWilliam Lozado1979-1988
    Steve LubratichMLBSteven George Lubratich1977-1986
    Hal LubyMLBHugh Max Luby1936-1944
    Pat LubyMLBJohn Perkins Luby1890-1895
    Johnny LucadelloMLBJohn Lucadello1938-1947
    Ed LucasMLBEdward Lee Lucas III2001-2016
    Fred LucasMLBFrederick Warrington Lucas1935-1935
    Gary LucasMLBGary Paul Lucas1976-1988
    Johnny LucasMLBJohn Charles Lucas1931-1932
    Josh LucasMLBJoshua T. Lucas2010-2017
    Ray LucasMLBRay Wesley Lucas1929-1934
    Red LucasMLBCharles Frederick Lucas1923-1938
    Frank LuceMLBFrank Edward Luce1923-1923
    Joe LuceyMLBJoseph Earl Lucey1920-1925
    Con LucidMLBCornelius Cecil Lucid1893-1897
    Lou LucierMLBLouis Joseph Lucier1943-1945
    Jonathan LucroyMLBJonathan Charles Lucroy2005-2017
    Donny LucyMLBDonald John Lucy2002-2011
    Fred LuderusMLBFrederick William Luderus1909-1920
    Willie LudolphMLBWilliam Francis Ludolph1924-1924
    Eric LudwickMLBEric David Ludwick1991-2002
    Ryan LudwickMLBRyan Andrew Ludwick1997-2014
    Bill LudwigMLBWilliam Lawrence Ludwig1908-1908
    Roy LuebbeMLBRoy John Luebbe1925-1925
    Steve LuebberMLBStephen Lee Luebber1967-1988
    Larry LuebbersMLBLarry Christopher Luebbers1989-2002
    Cory LuebkeMLBCory Robert Luebke2005-2017
    Dick LuebkeMLBRichard Raymond Luebke1962-1962
    Rick LueckenMLBRichard Fred Luecken1980-1991
    Josh LuekeMLBJoshua William Lueke2005-2016
    Lucas LuetgeMLBLucas Lester Luetge2008-2017
    Henry LuffMLBHenry T. Luff1875-1884
    Julio LugoMLBJulio Cesar Logo1995-2011
    Ruddy LugoMLBRuddy J. Lugo1999-2013
    Seth LugoMLBJacob Seth Lugo2009-2017
    Urbano LugoMLBRafael Urbano Lugo1982-1990
    Wild Bill LuhrsenMLBWilliam Ferdinand Luhrsen1913-1913
    Rob LukachykMLBRobert James Lukachyk1987-2001
    Mark LukasiewiczMLBMark Francis Lukasiewicz1994-2004
    Matt LukeMLBMatthew Clifford Luke1991-2002
    Al LukensMLBAlbert P. Lukens1894-1894
    Eddie LukonMLBEdward Paul Lukon1941-1947
    Mike LumMLBMichael Ken-Wai Lum1963-1981
    Ralph LumentiMLBRaphael Anthony Lumenti1957-1959
    Harry LumleyMLBHarry G. Lumley1904-1910
    Jerry LumpeMLBJerry Dean Lumpe1956-1967
    Hector LunaMLBHector R. Luna2000-2016
    Memo LunaMLBGuillermo Romero Luna1954-1954
    Fernando LunarMLBFernando Jose Lunar1994-2007
    Don LundMLBDonald Andrew Lund1945-1954
    Gordy LundMLBGordon Thomas Lund1967-1969
    Jack LundbomMLBJohn Frederick Lundbom1902-1902
    Carl LundgrenMLBCarl Leonard Lundgren1902-1909
    Del LundgrenMLBEbin Delmar Lundgren1924-1927
    David LundquistMLBDavid Bruce Lundquist1992-2004
    Tom LundstedtMLBThomas Robert Lundstedt1973-1975
    Trey LunsfordMLBJames Lewis Lunsford2000-2005
    Harry LunteMLBHarry August Lunte1919-1920
    Tony LupienMLBUlysses John Lupien1940-1948
    Al LuplowMLBAlvin David Luplow Jr.1961-1967
    Jordan LuplowMLBJordan Thomas Luplow2012-2017
    Dolf LuqueMLBAdolfo Domingo De Guzman Luque1914-1935
    Scott LusaderMLBScott Edward Lusader1984-1991
    Billy LushMLBWilliam Lucas Lush1895-1904
    Ernie LushMLBErnest Benjamin Lush1910-1910
    Johnny LushMLBJohn Charles Lush1904-1910
    Charlie LuskeyMLBCharles Melton Luskey1901-1901
    Luke LutenbergMLBCharles William Lutenberg1894-1894
    Lyle LuttrellMLBLyle Kenneth Luttrell1956-1957
    Donald LutzMLBDonald Thomas Lutz2008-2017
    Joe LutzMLBRollin Joseph Lutz1951-1951
    Red LutzMLBLouis William Lutz1922-1922
    Zach LutzMLBZachary Craig Lutz2005-2016
    Rube LutzkeMLBWalter John Lutzke1923-1927
    Keith LuuloaMLBKeith H.M. Luuloa1994-2004
    Greg LuzinskiMLBGregory Michael Luzinski1968-1984
    Mitch LydenMLBMitchell Scott Lyden1983-2000
    Scott LydyMLBDonald Scott Lydy1989-2007
    Jim LyleMLBJames Charles Lyle1925-1925
    Sparky LyleMLBAlbert Walter Lyle1964-1982
    Jordan LylesMLBJordan Horton Lyles2008-2017
    Adrian LynchMLBAdrian Ryan Lynch1920-1920
    Danny LynchMLBMatthew Daniel Lynch1948-1948
    Ed LynchMLBEdward Francis Lynch1974-1988
    Henry LynchMLBHenry W. Lynch1893-1893
    Jack LynchMLBJohn H. Lynch1881-1890
    Jerry LynchMLBGerald Thomas Lynch1954-1966
    Mike LynchMLBMichael Joseph Lynch1902-1902
    Mike LynchMLBMichael Joseph Lynch1904-1907
    Tom LynchMLBThomas James Lynch1884-1885
    Tom LynchMLBThomas S. Lynch1884-1884
    Walt LynchMLBWalter Edward Lynch1922-1922
    Byrd LynnMLBByrd Lynn1916-1920
    Fred LynnMLBFrederic Michael Lynn1971-1990
    Jerry LynnMLBJerome Edward Lynn1937-1937
    Lance LynnMLBMichael Lance Lynn2006-2017
    Red LynnMLBJaphet Monroe Lynn1939-1944
    Brandon LyonMLBBrandon James Lyon1999-2014
    Russ LyonMLBRussell Mayo Lyon1944-1944
    Al LyonsMLBAlbert Harold Lyons1944-1948
    Barry LyonsMLBBarry Stephen Lyons1982-1995
    Bill LyonsMLBWilliam Allen Lyons1978-1988
    Curt LyonsMLBCurt Russell Lyons1992-2000
    Denny LyonsMLBDennis Patrick Aloysius Lyons1885-1897
    Ed LyonsMLBEdward Hoyte Lyons1947-1947
    George LyonsMLBGeorge Tony Lyons1920-1924
    Harry LyonsMLBHarry Pratt Lyons1887-1893
    Hersh LyonsMLBHerschel Englebert Lyons1941-1941
    Pat LyonsMLBPatrick Jerry Lyons1890-1890
    Steve LyonsMLBStephen John Lyons1979-1993
    Ted LyonsMLBTheodore Amar Lyons1923-1946
    Toby LyonsMLBThomas Arthur Lyons1890-1890
    Tyler LyonsMLBTyler William Lyons2007-2017
    Rick LysanderMLBRichard Eugene Lysander1974-1990
    John LystonMLBJohn Michael Lyston1891-1894
    Dad LytleMLBEdward Benson Lytle1890-1890
    Jim LyttleMLBJames Lawrence Lyttle1966-1976

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