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  • Major Leaguers with at least 1 game played since 1871 are included. New Major Leaguers will be added during the season as they make their MLB debuts.
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    John D'AcquistoMLBJohn Francis D'Acquisto1970-1983
    Jeff D'AmicoMLBJeffrey Charles D'Amico1995-2004
    Jeff D'AmicoMLBJeffrey Michael D'Amico1993-2002
    Jamie D'AntonaMLBJamie Joseph D'Antona2001-2010
    Chase D'ArnaudMLBChase Jonathan d'Arnaud2006-2017
    Travis D'ArnaudMLBTravis E. D'Arnaud2007-2017
    Omar DaalMLBOmar Jose Cordero Daal1992-2003
    Paul DadeMLBLonnie Paul Dade1970-1982
    John DagenhardMLBJohn Douglas Dagenhard1943-1943
    Pete DagliaMLBPeter George Daglia1932-1932
    Angelo DagresMLBAngelo George Dagres1955-1955
    David DahlMLBDavid Martin Dahl2012-2017
    Jay DahlMLBJay Steven Dahl1963-1963
    Bill DahlenMLBWilliam Frederick Dahlen1891-1911
    Babe DahlgrenMLBEllsworth Tenney Dahlgren1935-1946
    Jerry DahlkeMLBJerome Alexander Dahlke1956-1956
    Casey DaigleMLBSean Casey Daigle2000-2011
    Bill DaileyMLBWilliam Garland Dailey1961-1964
    John DaileyMLBJohn J. Dailey1875-1875
    Sam DaileyMLBSamuel Laurence Dailey1929-1929
    Vince DaileyMLBVincent Perry Dailey1890-1890
    Con DailyMLBCornelius F. Daily1884-1896
    Ed DailyMLBEdward M. Daily1885-1891
    Hugh DailyMLBHugh Ignatius Daily (Harry Criss)1882-1887
    George DaiseyMLBGeorge R. Daisey1884-1884
    Bruce DalcantonMLBJohn Bruce Dalcanton1966-1978
    Carl DaleMLBJames Carl Dale1992-2000
    Gene DaleMLBEmmett Eugene Dale1911-1916
    Pete DalenaMLBPeter Martin Dalena1981-1990
    Mark DalesandroMLBMark Anthony Dalesandro1987-2002
    Bill DaleyMLBWilliam Daley1889-1891
    Bud DaleyMLBLeavitt Leo Daley1955-1964
    John DaleyMLBJohn Francis Daley1912-1912
    Jud DaleyMLBJudson Lawrence Daley1911-1912
    Matt DaleyMLBMatthew Thomas Daley2001-2014
    Pete DaleyMLBPeter Harvey Daley1955-1961
    Tom DaleyMLBThomas Francis Daley1908-1915
    Dom DallessandroMLBNicholas Dominic Dallessandro1937-1947
    Brian DallimoreMLBBrian Scott Dallimore1993-2005
    Abner DalrympleMLBAbner Frank Dalrymple1878-1891
    Bill DalrympleMLBWilliam Dunn Dalrymple1915-1915
    Clay DalrympleMLBClayton Errol Dalrymple1960-1971
    Jack DaltonMLBTalbot Percy Dalton1910-1916
    Mike DaltonMLBMichael Edward Dalton1983-1993
    Bert DalyMLBAlbert Joseph Daly1903-1903
    George DalyMLBGeorge Josephs Daly1909-1909
    Joe DalyMLBJoseph John Daly1890-1892
    Sun DalyMLBJames J. Daly1892-1892
    Tom DalyMLBThomas Peter Daly1887-1903
    Tom DalyMLBThomas Daniel Daly1913-1921
    Bill DamMLBElbridge Rust Dam1909-1909
    Jack DamaskaMLBJack Lloyd Damaska1963-1963
    Bill DammannMLBWilliam Henry Dammann1897-1899
    Johnny DamonMLBJohnny David Damon1992-2012
    Harry DamrauMLBHarry Robert Damrau1915-1915
    Pat DanekerMLBPatrick Rees Daneker1995-2006
    Art DaneyMLBArthur Lee Daney1928-1928
    Dave DanforthMLBDavid Charles Danforth1911-1925
    Chuck DanielMLBCharles Edward Daniel1957-1957
    Jake DanielMLBHandley Jacob Daniel1937-1937
    Bennie DanielsMLBBennie Daniels Jr.1957-1965
    Bert DanielsMLBBernard Elmer Daniels1910-1914
    Charlie DanielsMLBCharles L. Daniels1884-1884
    Jack DanielsMLBHarold Jack Daniels1952-1952
    Kal DanielsMLBKalvoski Daniels 1982-1992
    Law DanielsMLBLawrence Long Daniels1887-1888
    Pete DanielsMLBPeter J. Daniels1890-1898
    Tony DanielsMLBFrederick Clinton Daniels1945-1945
    Tyler DanishMLBTyler Michael Danish2013-2017
    John DanksMLBJohn William Danks2003-2016
    Jordan DanksMLBJordan C. Danks2006-2015
    Buck DannerMLBHenry Frederick Danner1915-1915
    Harry DanningMLB-1933-1942
    Ike DanningMLBIke Danning1928-1928
    Fats DantonioMLBJohn James Dantonio1944-1945
    Babe DanzigMLBHarold P. Danzig1909-1909
    Cliff DapperMLBClifford Roland Dapper1942-1942
    George DarbyMLBGeorge William Darby1893-1893
    Pat DarcyMLBPatrick Leonard Darcy1974-1980
    Vic DarensbourgMLBVictor Anthony Darensbourg1992-2009
    Rolla DaringerMLBRolla Harrison Daringer1914-1915
    Alvin DarkMLBAlvin Ralph Dark1946-1960
    Dell DarlingMLBConrad Darling1883-1891
    Ron DarlingMLBRonald Maurice Darling1979-1995
    Bob DarnellMLBRobert Jack Darnell1954-1956
    James DarnellMLBJames T. Darnell2006-2013
    Logan DarnellMLBLogan Reece Darnell2008-2017
    Mike DarrMLBMichael Curtis Darr1994-2001
    Mike DarrMLBMichael Edward Darr1977-1979
    Jack DarraghMLBJames S. Darragh1891-1891
    George DarrowMLBGeorge Oliver Darrow1934-1934
    Yu DarvishMLBYu Darvish2005-2017
    Bobby DarwinMLBArthur Bobby Lee Darwin1962-1977
    Danny DarwinMLBDaniel Wayne Darwin1975-1998
    Jeff DarwinMLBJeffrey Scott Darwin1988-1999
    Doug DascenzoMLBDouglas Craig Dascenzo1984-1998
    Wally DashiellMLBJohn Wallace Dashiell1924-1924
    Lee DashnerMLBLee Claire Dashner1913-1913
    Frank DassoMLBFrank Joseph Nicholas Dasso1945-1946
    Jeff DatzMLBJeffrey William Datz1982-1990
    Dan DaubMLBDaniel William Daub1892-1897
    Brian DaubachMLBBrian Michael Daubach1990-2006
    Harry DaubertMLBHarry Daubert1915-1915
    Jake DaubertMLBJacob Ellsworth Daubert1910-1924
    Rich DauerMLBRichard Fremont Dauer1973-1985
    Doc DaughertyMLBHarold Ray Daugherty1951-1951
    Jack DaughertyMLBJohn Michael Daugherty1981-1995
    Bob DaughtersMLBRobert Francis Daughters1937-1937
    Darren DaultonMLBDarren Arthur Daulton1980-1997
    Hooks DaussMLBGeorge August Dauss1912-1926
    Vic DavalilloMLBVictor Jose (Romero) Davilillo1958-1980
    Yo-Yo DavalilloMLBPompeyo Antonio (Romero) Davalillo1953-1953
    Jeff DaVanonMLBJeffrey Graham Davanon1994-2008
    Jerry DavanonMLBFrank Gerald Davanon1969-1977
    Claude DavenportMLBClaude Edwin Davenport1920-1920
    Dave DavenportMLBDavid W. Davenport1914-1919
    Jim DavenportMLBJames Houston Davenport1958-1970
    Joe DavenportMLBJoseph Jonathan Davenport1994-2005
    Lum DavenportMLBJoubert Lum Davenport1921-1924
    Mike DaveyMLBMichael Gerard Davey1972-1980
    Tom DaveyMLBThomas Joseph Davey1994-2009
    Ray DaviaultMLBRaymond Joseph Robert Daviault1962-1962
    Andre DavidMLBAndre Anter David1979-1989
    Bill DavidsonMLBWilliam Simpson Davidson1909-1911
    Bob DavidsonMLBRobert Banks Davidson1984-1991
    Claude DavidsonMLBClaude Boucher Davidson1918-1919
    Cleatus DavidsonMLBCleatus Lavon Davidson1994-2008
    Daniel DavidsonMLBDaniel Gerome Davidson2000-2010
    David DavidsonMLBDavid Lawrence Davidson2003-2011
    Homer DavidsonMLBHomer Hurd Davidson1908-1908
    Mark DavidsonMLBJohn Mark Davidson1982-1993
    Matt DavidsonMLBMatthew Glen Davidson2009-2017
    Ted DavidsonMLBThomas Eugene Davidson1965-1968
    Jerry DavieMLBGerald Lee Davie1959-1959
    Chick DaviesMLBLloyd Garrison Davies1914-1926
    George DaviesMLBGeorge Washington Davies1891-1893
    Kyle DaviesMLBHiram Kyle Davies2001-2016
    Zach DaviesMLBZach Ryan Davies2012-2017
    Alvin DavisMLBAlvin Glenn Davis1982-1992
    Ben DavisMLBMark Christopher Davis1995-2010
    Bill DavisMLBArthur Willard Davis1965-1969
    Blake DavisMLBBlake Jonathan Davis2003-2015
    Bob DavisMLBRobert Edward Davis1958-1960
    Bob DavisMLBRobert John Eugene Davis1970-1981
    Brad DavisMLBBradley Edward Davis2002-2013
    Brandy DavisMLBRobert Brandon Davis1952-1953
    Brock DavisMLBBryshear Barnett Davis1963-1972
    Bud DavisMLBJohn Wilbur Davis1915-1915
    Butch DavisMLBWallace McArthur Davis1978-1994
    Chili DavisMLBCharles Theodore Davis1978-1999
    Chris DavisMLBChristopher L. Davis2006-2017
    Crash DavisMLBLawrence Columbus Davis1940-1942
    Curt DavisMLBCurtis Benton Davis1934-1946
    Daisy DavisMLBJohn Henry Albert Davis1884-1885
    Dick DavisMLBRichard Earl Davis1972-1983
    Doug DavisMLBDouglas Raymond Davis1982-1995
    Doug DavisMLBDouglas N. Davis1996-2012
    Eric DavisMLBEric Keith Davis1980-2001
    Erik DavisMLBErik R. Davis2005-2017
    George DavisMLBGeorge Allen Davis1912-1915
    George DavisMLBGeorge Stacey Davis1890-1909
    Gerry DavisMLBGerald Edward Davis1980-1987
    Glenn DavisMLBGlenn Earle Davis1980-1996
    Harry DavisMLBHarry Albert Davis1932-1937
    Harry DavisMLBHarry H Davis1895-1917
    Ike DavisMLBIsaac Marion Davis1919-1925
    Ike DavisMLBIsaac Bejamin Davis2006-2017
    Ira DavisMLBJ. Ira Davis1899-1899
    J.D. DavisMLBJonathan Gregory Davis Jr.2012-2017
    J.J. DavisMLBJerry C. Davis1997-2005
    Jacke DavisMLBJacke Sylvestra Davis1962-1962
    Jason DavisMLBJason Thomas Davis1997-2014
    Jim DavisMLBJames Bennett Davis1954-1957
    Jody DavisMLBJody Richard Davis1976-1990
    Joel DavisMLBJoel Clark Davis1983-1989
    John DavisMLBJohn Humphrey Davis1941-1941
    John DavisMLBJohn Kirk Davis1981-1995
    Jumbo DavisMLBJames J. Davis1884-1891
    Kane DavisMLBKane Thomas Davis1993-2010
    Khris DavisMLBKhris Adrian Davis2007-2017
    Kiddo DavisMLBGeorge Willis Davis1932-1938
    Lance DavisMLBJohnny Lance Davis1995-2008
    Lefty DavisMLBAlphonzo De Ford Davis1901-1907
    Mark DavisMLBMark William Davis1979-1997
    Mark DavisMLBMark Anthony Davis1983-1993
    Mike DavisMLBMichael Dwayne Davis1977-1989
    Odie DavisMLBOdie Ernest Davis1977-1982
    Otis DavisMLBOtis Allen Davis1946-1946
    Peaches DavisMLBRoy Thomas Davis1936-1939
    Rajai DavisMLBRajai Lavae Davis2001-2017
    Ron DavisMLBRonald Gene Davis1975-1990
    Ron DavisMLBRonald Everette Davis1962-1969
    Rookie DavisMLBWilliam Theron Davis2012-2017
    Russ DavisMLBRussell Stewart Davis1988-2001
    Spud DavisMLBVirgil Lawrence Davis1928-1945
    Steve DavisMLBSteven Kennon Davis1980-1989
    Steve DavisMLBSteven Michael Davis1973-1981
    Storm DavisMLBGeorge Earl Davis1979-1995
    Taylor DavisMLBTaylor M. Davis2009-2017
    Tim DavisMLBTimothy Howard Davis1989-2001
    Tod DavisMLBThomas Oscar Davis1949-1951
    Tommy DavisMLBThomas James Davis Jr.1992-2002
    Tommy DavisMLBHerman Thomas Davis1957-1976
    Trench DavisMLBTrench Neal Davis1980-1987
    Wade DavisMLBWade Allen Davis2004-2017
    Wiley DavisMLBWiley Anderson Davis1896-1896
    Willie DavisMLBWilliam Henry Davis1959-1979
    Woody DavisMLBWoodrow Wilson Davis1938-1938
    Dixie DavisheathMLBFrank Talmadge Davis1912-1926
    Mike DavisonMLBMichael Lynn Davison1969-1970
    Scott DavisonMLBScotty Ray Davison1988-2001
    Gookie DawkinsMLBTravis Sentell Dawkins1997-2011
    Bill DawleyMLBWilliam Chester Dawley1976-1989
    Joey DawleyMLBJoseph Thomas Dawley1991-2005
    Andre DawsonMLBAndre Nolan Dawson1974-1996
    Joe DawsonMLBRalph Fenton Dawson1924-1929
    Rex DawsonMLBRexford Paul Dawson1913-1913
    Bill DayMLBWilliam J. Day1889-1890
    Boots DayMLBCharles Frederick Day1966-1980
    Dewon DayMLBAmos Dewon Day2000-2010
    Pea Ridge DayMLBClyde Henry Day1924-1931
    Zach DayMLBStephen Zachary Day1996-2008
    Brian DayettMLBBrian Kelly Dayett1978-1987
    Ken DayleyMLBKenneth Grant Dayley1980-1993
    Grant DaytonMLBGrant A. Dayton2008-2017
    Alejandro De AzaMLBAlejandro Alberto De Aza (Ceda)2002-2017
    Justin De FratusMLBJustin Andrew De Fratus2007-2017
    Chase De JongMLBChase Louis De Jong2012-2017
    Jordan De JongMLBJordan Jay De Jong1998-2008
    Frankie De la cruzMLBEulogio Martinez De La Cruz2002-2017
    Joel De La CruzMLBJoel De La Cruz2006-2017
    Tommy De la cruzMLBTomas de la Cruz Rivero1944-1944
    Mike De la HozMLBMiguel Angel de la Hoz Piloto1960-1969
    Roland De La MazaMLBRoland Robert De La Maza1993-1999
    Dane De la RosaMLBDane D. De la Rosa2002-2015
    Eury De La RosaMLBEury De La Rosa2009-2016
    Francisco De la rosaMLBFrancisco de la Rosa Jimenez1985-1996
    Jesus De la rosaMLBJesus De la rosa1975-1980
    Jorge De La RosaMLBJorge Alberto De La Rosa1999-2017
    Rubby De La RosaMLBRubby Carlos De La Rosa2009-2017
    Tomas De La RosaMLBTomas Agramonte de la Rosa1996-2009
    Jose De La TorreMLBJose De La Torre2005-2017
    Jorge De LeonMLBJorge De Leon2008-2016
    Jose De LeonMLBJose Eugenio De Leon2011-2017
    Abel De Los SantosMLBAbel de Los Santos (Mejia)2010-2017
    Fautino De Los SantosMLBFautino De Los Santos2007-2013
    Luis De Los SantosMLBLuis De Los Santos1995-2003
    Luis De los SantosMLBLuis Manuel De Los Santos Martinez1984-2002
    Ramon De los SantosMLBRamon de los Santos Genero1974-1984
    Valerio De Los SantosMLBValerio Lorenzo De Los Santos1995-2011
    Jose De PaulaMLBJose Alberto De Paula2008-2015
    Ren DeagleMLBLorenzo Burroughs Deagle1883-1884
    Roger DeagoMLBRoger I. Deago2003-2008
    Charlie DealMLBCharles Albert Deal1912-1921
    Cot DealMLBEllis Fergason Deal1947-1954
    Lindsay DealMLBFred Lindsay Deal1939-1939
    Snake DealMLBJohn Wesley Deal1906-1906
    Pat DealyMLBPatrick E. Dealy1884-1890
    Chubby DeanMLBAlfred Lovill Dean1936-1943
    Dizzy DeanMLBJay Hanna Dean1930-1947
    Dory DeanMLBCharles Wilson Dean1876-1876
    Harry DeanMLBJames Harry Dean1941-1941
    Pat DeanMLBPat Dean2008-2016
    Paul DeanMLBPaul Dee Dean1934-1943
    Tommy DeanMLBTommy Douglas Dean1967-1971
    Wayland DeanMLBWayland Ogden Dean1924-1927
    Harry DeaneMLBJohn Henry Deane1871-1874
    Buddy DearMLBPaul Stanford Dear1927-1927
    Charlie DeArmondMLBCharles Hommer DeArmond1903-1903
    John DeasleyMLBJohn Deasley1884-1884
    Pat DeasleyMLBThomas H. Deasley1881-1888
    Dennis DeBarrMLBDennis Lee DeBarr1977-1979
    Hank DeBerryMLBJohn Herman DeBerry1916-1930
    Joe DeBerryMLBJoseph Gaddy DeBerry1920-1921
    Adam DebusMLBAdam Joseph Debus1917-1917
    Dave DeBusschereMLBDavid Albert DeBusschere1962-1963
    Yurendell DeCasterMLBYurendell Eithel Decaster1998-2015
    Art DecaturMLBArthur Rue Decatur1922-1927
    Doug DeCincesMLBDouglas Vernon Decinces1970-1987
    Cody DeckerMLBCody Marshall Decker2006-2017
    Frank DeckerMLBFrank Decker1879-1882
    George DeckerMLBGeorge A. Decker1892-1899
    Harry DeckerMLBEarle Harry Decker1884-1890
    Jaff DeckerMLBJaff Kyle Decker2008-2017
    Joe DeckerMLBGeorge Henry Decker Jr.1965-1983
    Marty DeckerMLBDee Martin Decker1980-1985
    Steve DeckerMLBSteven Michael Decker1988-2000
    Artie DedeMLBArthur Richard Dede1916-1916
    Rod DedeauxMLBRaoul Martial Dedaux1935-1935
    Jeff DedmonMLBJeffrey Linden Dedmon1980-1989
    Jim DedrickMLBJames Michael Dedrick1990-2003
    Samuel DedunoMLBSamuel Deduno2004-2016
    Jim DeeMLBJames D. Dee1884-1884
    Shorty DeeMLBMaurice Leo Dee1915-1915
    Dummy DeeganMLBWilliam Joseph Deegan1901-1901
    Rob DeerMLBRobert George Deer1978-1996
    John DeeringMLBJohn Thomas Deering1903-1903
    Charlie DeesMLBCharles Henry Dees1963-1965
    Tony DeFateMLBClyde Herbert DeFate1917-1917
    Arturo DeFreitasMLBArturo Marcellino DeFreitas1977-1979
    Mike DegerickMLBMichael Arthur Degerick1961-1962
    Rube DeGroffMLBEdward Arthur DeGroff1905-1906
    Jacob DeGromMLBJacob Anthony deGrom2008-2017
    Kory DeHaanMLBKorwin Jay Dehaan1996-2003
    Rick DeHartMLBRichard Allen Dehart1992-2008
    Herman DehlmanMLBHerman J. Dehlman1872-1877
    Jim DeidelMLBJames Lawrence Deidel1974-1974
    Pep DeiningerMLBOtto Charles Deininger1902-1909
    Pat DeiselMLBEdward Deisel1902-1903
    Bill DeitrickMLBWilliam Alexander Dietrick1927-1928
    Mike DejanMLBMichael Dan DeJan1940-1940
    Mike DeJeanMLBMichael Dwain Dejean1992-2008
    David DeJesusMLBDavid Christopher DeJesus1998-2015
    Ivan DeJesusMLBIvan (Alvarez) Dejesus1970-1989
    Ivan DeJesusMLBIvan DeJesus Jr.2005-2017
    Jose DeJesusMLBJose Luis Dejesus1985-1999
    Mark DeJohnMLBMark Stephen DeJohn1971-1983
    Paul DeJongMLB Paul Sterling DeJong2013-2017
    Bill DeKoningMLBWilliam Callahan DeKoning1945-1945
    Bobby Del GrecoMLBRobert George Del Greco1952-1965
    Enerio Del RosarioMLBEnerio del Rosario2007-2013
    Garton Del SavioMLBGarton Orville Del Savio1943-1943
    Miguel Del ToroMLBMiguel Alfonso Del Toro1992-2000
    Steven DelabarMLBSteven Edward Delabar2003-2017
    Ed DelahantyMLBEdward James Delahanty1888-1903
    Frank DelahantyMLBFrank George Delahanty1905-1908
    Jim DelahantyMLBJames Christopher Delahanty1901-1912
    Joe DelahantyMLBJoseph Nicholas Delahanty1907-1909
    Tom DelahantyMLBThomas James Delahanty1894-1897
    Bill DeLanceyMLBWilliam Pinkney DeLancey1932-1940
    Art DelaneyMLBArthur Dewey Delaney1924-1929
    Bill DelaneyMLBWilliam L. Delaney1890-1890
    Rob DelaneyMLBRobert James Delaney2004-2013
    Manny DelcarmenMLBManuel Delcarmen2001-2016
    Jose DeLeonMLBJose Deleon Chestaro1979-1995
    Luis DeLeonMLBLuis Antonio Deleon Tricoche1978-1995
    Alex DelgadoMLBAlexander Delgado1988-2006
    Carlos DelgadoMLBCarlos Juan Delgado1989-2010
    Jesus DelgadoMLBJesus Andres Delgado2004-2013
    Puchy DelgadoMLBLuis Felipe (Robles) Delgado1977-1979
    Randall DelgadoMLBRandall Enrique Delgado2008-2017
    Wilson DelgadoMLBWilson Duran Delgado1994-2005
    Flame DelhiMLBLee William Delhi1912-1912
    Juan DelisMLBJuan Francisco Delis1955-1955
    Eddie DelkerMLBEdward Alberts Delker1929-1933
    Wheezer DellMLBWilliam George Dell1912-1917
    Jason DellaeroMLBJason Christopher Dellaero1996-2010
    David DellucciMLBDavid Michael Dellucci1992-2009
    Bert DelmasMLBAlbert Charles Delmas1933-1933
    Nicky DelmonicoMLBNicholas John Delmonico2012-2017
    Ike DelockMLBIvan Martin Delock1952-1963
    Jim DelsingMLBJames Henry Delsing1948-1960
    Rich DeLuciaMLBRichard Anthony Delucia1984-2001
    Joe DeMaestriMLBJoseph Paul DeMaestri1951-1961
    Fred DemaraisMLBFrederick Demarais1890-1890
    Al DemareeMLBAlbert Wentworth Demaree1912-1919
    Frank DemareeMLBJoseph Frank Demaree1932-1944
    Chris DemariaMLBChris Neil Demaria2001-2006
    Billy DeMarsMLBWilliam Lester DeMars1948-1951
    Sam DemelMLBSamuel Vincent Demel2005-2014
    John DeMeritMLBJohn Stephen DeMerit1957-1962
    Larry DemeryMLBLawrence Calvin Demery1974-1980
    Don DemeterMLBDonald Lee Demeter1956-1967
    Steve DemeterMLBStephen Demeter1959-1960
    Harry DeMillerMLBHarry DeMiller1892-1892
    Ray DemmittMLBCharles Raymond Demmitt1909-1919
    Don DemolaMLBDonald John Demola1974-1978
    Gene DeMontrevilleMLBEugene Napoleon DeMontreville1894-1904
    Lee DeMontrevilleMLBLeon DeMontreville1903-1903
    Ben DemottMLBBenyew Harrison Demott1910-1911
    Con DempseyMLBCornelius Francis Dempsey1951-1951
    Mark DempseyMLBMark Steven Dempsey1977-1984
    Rick DempseyMLBJohn Rikard Dempsey1967-1992
    Ryan DempsterMLBRyan Scott Dempster1995-2013
    Matt Den DekkerMLBMatthew G. Den Dekker2007-2017
    Bill DenehyMLBWilliam Francis Denehy1967-1971
    Travis DenkerMLBTravis Norton Denker2003-2017
    Brian DenmanMLBBrian John Denman1976-1986
    Tod DenneheyMLBThomas Francis Dennehey1923-1923
    Kyle DenneyMLBKyle Dean Denney1996-2007
    Ryan DennickMLBRyan David Dennick2008-2016
    Otto DenningMLBOtto George Denning1942-1943
    Don DennisMLBDonald Ray Dennis1965-1966
    Jerry DennyMLBJeremiah Dennis Denny1881-1894
    John DennyMLBJohn Allen Denny1970-1986
    Chris DenorfiaMLBChristopher Anthony Denofria1999-2017
    Drew DensonMLBAndrew Denson1984-1996
    Bucky DentMLBRussell Earl (Dent) O'Dey1970-1984
    Eddie DentMLBElliott Estill Dent1909-1912
    Sam DenteMLBSamuel Joseph Dente1947-1955
    Roger DenzerMLBRoger Denzer1897-1901
    Mike DePangherMLBMichael Anthony DePangher1884-1884
    Joe DepastinoMLBJoseph Bernard Depastino1992-2005
    Jorge DePaulaMLBJorge A. DePaula1998-2009
    Julio DePaulaMLBJulio Cesar Depaula2002-2016
    Sean DePaulaMLBSean Michael Depaula1994-2003
    Tony DePhillipsMLBAnthony Andrew DePhillips1943-1943
    Gene DerbyMLBEugene A. Derby1885-1885
    George DerbyMLBGeorge Henry Derby1881-1883
    Matt DermodyMLBMatthew Phillip Dermody2010-2017
    Bob DernierMLBRobert Eugene Dernier1978-1989
    Mark DeRosaMLBMark Thomas Derosa1994-2013
    Claud DerrickMLBClaud Lester Derrick1910-1914
    Mike DerrickMLBJames Michael Derrick1970-1970
    Paul DerringerMLBSamuel Paul Derringer1931-1945
    Jim DerringtonMLBCharles James Derrington1956-1957
    Russ DerryMLBAlva Russell Derry1944-1949
    Joe DeSaMLBJoseph Desa1977-1986
    Matt DeSalvoMLBMatthew Thomas Desalvo2003-2015
    Gene DesautelsMLBEugene Abraham Desautels1930-1946
    Daniel DescalsoMLBDaniel William Descalso2005-2017
    Anthony DeSclafaniMLBAnthony James DeSclafani2009-2017
    Jim DeshaiesMLBJames Joseph Deshaies1979-1995
    Delino DeshieldsMLBDelino Diaab DeShields2010-2017
    Delino DeShieldsMLBDelino Lamont Deshields1987-2002
    Jimmie DeShongMLBJames Brooklyn DeShong1932-1939
    John DeSilvaMLBJohn Reed Desilva1987-2004
    Shorty DesjardienMLBPaul Raymond Desjardien1916-1916
    Ian DesmondMLBIan M. Desmond2004-2017
    Odrisamer DespaigneMLBOdrisamer Despaigne2014-2017
    Rube DessauMLBFrank Rolland Dessau1907-1910
    Elmer DessensMLBElmer Dessens Jusaino1995-2011
    Orestes DestradeMLBOrestes (Cucuas) Destrade1981-1994
    Bob DetherageMLBRobert Wayne Detherage1973-1981
    George DeToreMLBGeorge Francis Detore1930-1931
    John DettmerMLBJohn Franklin Dettmer1989-1997
    Tom DettoreMLBThomas Anthony Dettore Jr.1973-1977
    Ducky DetweilerMLBRobert Sterling Detweiler1942-1946
    Ross DetwilerMLBRoss Emery Detwiler 2005-2017
    Mel DeutschMLBMelvin Elliott Deutsch1946-1946
    Cesar DevarezMLBCesar Salvatore Devarez Santana1989-2003
    Charlie DevensMLBCharles Devens1932-1934
    Chris DevenskiMLBChristopher Michael Devenski2009-2017
    Mike DevereauxMLBMichael Devereaux1985-1998
    Rafael DeversMLBRafael Calcano Devers2014-2017
    Frank DevinMLBFrank Robert Devin1883-1886
    Adrian DevineMLBPaul Adrian Devine1970-1981
    Joey DevineMLBJoseph Neal Devine2003-2011
    Mickey DevineMLBWilliam Patrick Devine1918-1925
    Hal DevineyMLBWilliam Patrick Devine1920-1920
    Bernie DeViveirosMLBBernard John DeViveiros1924-1927
    Art DevlinMLBArthur McArthur Devlin1904-1913
    Jim DevlinMLBJames H. Devlin1886-1889
    Jim DevlinMLBJames Alexander Devlin1873-1877
    Jim DevlinMLBJames Raymond Devlin1944-1944
    Rex DeVogtMLBRex Eugene DeVogt1913-1913
    Doug DevoreMLBDoug Rinehart Devore1997-2006
    Josh DevoreMLBJoshua D. Devore1908-1914
    Al DeVormerMLBAlbert E. DeVormer1918-1927
    Walt DeVoyMLBWalter Joseph DeVoy1909-1909
    Cole DevriesMLBCole William Devries2004-2013
    Charlie DewaldMLBCharles H. Dewald1890-1890
    Mark DeweyMLBMark Alan Dewey1987-2007
    Jeff DeWillisMLBJeffrey Allen DeWillis1983-1987
    Blake DeWittMLBBlake R. DeWitt2004-2013
    Matt DeWittMLBMatthew Brian DeWitt1995-2005
    Charlie DexterMLBCharles Dana Dexter1896-1903
    Scott DiamondMLBScott Michael Diamond2005-2016
    Thomas DiamondMLBThomas Nicklaus Diamond2002-2011
    Aledmys DiazMLBAledmys Diaz (Serrano)2014-2017
    Alex DiazMLBAlexis Diaz1987-2003
    Argenis DiazMLBArgenis Jose Diaz2006-2017
    Bo DiazMLBBaudilio Jose Diaz Seijas1971-1989
    Carlos DiazMLBCarlos Antonio Diaz1979-1986
    Carlos DiazMLBCarlos Francisco Diaz1985-1994
    Dayan DiazMLBDayan Enrique Diaz2010-2017
    Eddy DiazMLBEddy Javier Diaz1991-2006
    Edgar DiazMLBEdgar Diaz Serrano1982-1995
    Edwin DiazMLBEdwin Orlando Diaz2012-2017
    Edwin DiazMLBEdwin Diaz Rosario1993-2007
    Einar DiazMLBEinar Antonio Diaz1992-2007
    Elias DiazMLBElias David Diaz2010-2017
    Felix DiazMLBFelix Antonio Diaz2000-2013
    Jairo DiazMLBJairo Jose Diaz2010-2017
    Jonathan DiazMLBJonathan Diaz2004-2017
    Joselo DiazMLBJoselo Soriano Diaz1997-2011
    Juan DiazMLBJuan Carlos Diaz1997-2010
    Juan DiazMLBJuan Habisail Diaz2007-2016
    Jumbo DiazMLBJose Rafael Diaz2002-2017
    Mario DiazMLBMario Rafael Diaz Torres1979-1999
    Matt DiazMLBMatthew E. Diaz1998-2013
    Miguel DiazMLBMiguel Diaz2012-2017
    Mike DiazMLBMichael Anthony Diaz1978-2009
    Robinzon DiazMLBRobinzon Henriquez Diaz2002-2016
    Victor DiazMLBVictor Israel Diaz2001-2015
    Yandy DiazMLBYandy Diaz (Fernandez)2014-2017
    Rob DibbleMLBRobert Keith Dibble1983-1995
    Pedro DibutMLBPedro Dibut Villafana1924-1925
    Paul DickenMLBPaul Franklin Dicken1964-1966
    Leo DickermanMLBLeo Louis Dickerman1923-1925
    Alex DickersonMLBAlexander Ross Dickerson2009-2016
    Buttercup DickersonMLBLewis Pessano Dickerson1878-1885
    Chris DickersonMLBChristopher Charles Dickerson2000-2017
    Corey DickersonMLBMcKenzie Corey Dickerson2010-2017
    George DickersonMLBGeorge Clark Dickerson1917-1917
    Bill DickeyMLBWilliam Malcolm Dickey1928-1946
    George DickeyMLBGeorge Willard Dickey1935-1947
    R.A. DickeyMLBRobert Alan Dickey1994-2017
    Emerson DickmanMLBGeorge Emerson Dickman1936-1941
    Johnny DickshotMLBJohn Oscar Dickshot1936-1945
    Brandon DicksonMLBBrandon Dickson2006-2017
    Jason DicksonMLBJason Royce Dickson1994-2004
    Jim DicksonMLBJames Edward Dickson1963-1966
    Lance DicksonMLBLance Michael Dickson1988-1995
    Murry DicksonMLBMurry Monroe Dickson1939-1959
    O'Koyea DicksonMLBO'Koyea Dickson2009-2017
    Walt DicksonMLBWalter R. Dickson1910-1913
    Bob DidierMLBRobert Daniel Didier1967-1974
    Ernie DiehlMLBErnest Guy Diehl1903-1909
    George DiehlMLBGeorge Krause Diehl1942-1943
    Jake DiekmanMLBJacob Tanner Diekman2007-2017
    Chuck DieringMLBCharles Edward Allen Diering1947-1956
    Larry DierkerMLBLawrence Edward Dierker1964-1977
    Bill DietrichMLBWilliam John Dietrich1933-1948
    Derek DietrichMLBDerek Richard Dietrich2008-2017
    Dick DietzMLBRichard Allen Dietz1960-1973
    Dutch DietzMLBLloyd Arthur Dietz1940-1943
    Roy DietzelMLBLeroy Louis Dietzel1954-1954
    Jay DifaniMLBClarence Joseph Difani1948-1949
    Mark DiFeliceMLBMark Andrew Difelice1994-2011
    Mike DiFeliceMLBMichael William DiFelice1988-2008
    Wilmer DifoMLBWilmer Francisco Difo2010-2017
    Ben DigginsMLBBenjamin Howard Diggins1999-2006
    Reese DiggsMLBReese Wilson Diggs1934-1934
    Steve DignanMLBStephen E. Dignan1880-1880
    Jack DilauroMLBJack Edward Dilauro1969-1970
    Don DillardMLBDavid Donald Dillard1959-1965
    Gordon DillardMLBGordon Lee Dillard1985-1991
    Pat DillardMLBRobert Lee Dillard1900-1900
    Steve DillardMLBStephen Bradley Dillard1972-1982
    Tim DillardMLBTimothy Weong Dillard2002-2017
    Pickles DillhoeferMLBWilliam Martin Dillhoefer1917-1921
    Bob DillingerMLBRobert Bernard Dillinger1946-1951
    Harley DillingerMLBHarley Hugh Dillinger1914-1914
    Bill DillmanMLBWilliam Howard Dillman1965-1970
    Joe DillonMLBJoseph William Dillon1996-2010
    John DillonMLBJohn Dillon1875-1875
    Packy DillonMLBPatrick Henry Dillon1875-1875
    Pop DillonMLBFrank Edward Dillon1899-1904
    Steve DillonMLBStephen Edward Dillon1963-1964
    Miguel DiloneMLBMiguel Angel Dilone Reyes1972-1985
    Dom DiMaggioMLBDominic Paul DiMaggio1940-1953
    Joe DiMaggioMLBJoseph Paul DiMaggio Jr.1936-1951
    Vince DiMaggioMLBVincent Paul DiMaggio1937-1946
    Frank DimicheleMLBFrank Lawrence Dimichele1985-1991
    Mike DimmelMLBMichael Wayne Dimmel1977-1980
    Lenny DiNardoMLBLeonard Edward Dinardo1999-2013
    Kerry DineenMLBKerry Michael Dineen1973-1979
    Vance DingesMLBVance George Dinges1945-1946
    Craig DingmanMLBCraig Allen Dingman1993-2005
    Brian DinkelmanMLBBrian Adam Dinkelman2004-2013
    Bill DinneenMLBWilliam Henry Dinneen1898-1909
    Ron DiorioMLBRonald Michael Diorio1973-1977
    Bob DiPietroMLBRobert Louis Paul DiPietro1951-1951
    Frank DiPinoMLBFrank Michael Dipino1977-1995
    Jerry DipotoMLBGerard Peter Dipoto Iii1988-2000
    Andy DirksMLBAndrew Lee Dirks2005-2014
    Gary DiSarcinaMLBGary Thomas Disarcina1986-2002
    George DischMLBGeorge Charles Disch1905-1905
    Glenn DishmanMLBGlenelg Edward Dishman1992-2002
    Alec DistasoMLBAlec John Distaso1969-1969
    Benny DistefanoMLBBenito James Distefano1982-1993
    Dutch DistelMLBGeorge Adam Distel1918-1918
    Art DitmarMLBArthur John Ditmar1954-1962
    Jack DittmerMLBJohn Douglas Dittmer1952-1957
    Moxie DivisMLBEdward George Divis1916-1916
    Ken DixonMLBKenneth John Dixon1980-2005
    Leo DixonMLBLeo Moses Dixon1925-1929
    Sonny DixonMLBJohn Craig Dixon1953-1956
    Steve DixonMLBSteven Ross Dixon1989-1996
    Tom DixonMLBThomas Earl Dixon1977-1983
    Brent DlugachMLBBrent P. Dlugach2002-2012
    Bill DoakMLBWilliam Leopold Doak1912-1929
    Walt DoaneMLBWalter Rudolph Doane1909-1910
    John DobbMLBJohn Kenneth Dobb1924-1924
    Dan DobbekMLBDaniel John Dobbek1959-1961
    Greg DobbsMLBGregory Stuart Dobbs2001-2014
    John DobbsMLBJohn Gordon Dobbs1901-1905
    Ray DobensMLBRaymond Joseph Dobens1929-1929
    Jess DobernicMLBAndrew Joseph Dobernic1939-1949
    Chuck DobsonMLBCharles Thomas Dobson1965-1975
    Joe DobsonMLBJoseph Gordon Dobson1939-1954
    Pat DobsonMLBPatrick Edward Dobson Jr.1960-2006
    Larry DobyMLBLawrence Eugene Doby1947-1959
    George DockinsMLBGeorge Woodrow Dockins1945-1947
    Ona DoddMLBOna Melvin Dodd1912-1912
    Robert DoddMLBRobert Wayne Dodd1994-2003
    Tom DoddMLBThomas Marion Dodd1977-1990
    John DodgeMLBJohn Lewis Dodge1912-1913
    Sam DodgeMLBSamuel Edward Dodge1921-1922
    Pat DodsonMLBPatrick Neal Dodson1979-1990
    Fred DoeMLBAlfred George Doe1890-1890
    Bobby DoerrMLBRobert Pershing Doerr1937-1951
    Ed DohenyMLBEdwin Richard Doheny1895-1903
    John DohertyMLBJohn Harold Doherty1978-1996
    John DohertyMLBJohn Michael Doherty1974-1977
    Scott DohmannMLBChristopher Scott Dohmann1999-2011
    Cozy DolanMLBAlbert J. Dolan1909-1915
    Cozy DolanMLBPatrick Henry Dolan1895-1906
    Joe DolanMLBJoseph Dolan1896-1901
    John DolanMLBJohn Dolan1890-1895
    Tom DolanMLBThomas J. Dolan1879-1888
    Lester DoleMLBLester Carrington Dole1875-1875
    Rafael DolisMLBRafael Jose Dolis2006-2017
    Frank DoljackMLBFrank Joseph Doljack1930-1943
    Art DollMLBJames Arthur Doll1935-1938
    Freddy DolsiMLBFreddy Dolsi2003-2011
    Chris DominguezMLBChristopher O. Dominguez2006-2017
    Jose DominguezMLBJose Alfredo Dominguez2010-2016
    Juan DominguezMLBJuan Ramon Dominguez2003-2007
    Matt DominguezMLBMatthew Dominguez2007-2017
    Andy DominiqueMLBAndrew John Dominique1994-2005
    Deacon DonahueMLBJohn Stephen Michael Donahue1943-1944
    Jiggs DonahueMLBJohn Augustus Donahue1900-1909
    Jim DonahueMLBJames Augustus Donahue1886-1891
    John DonahueMLBJohn Frederick Donahue1923-1923
    Pat DonahueMLBPatrick William Donahue1908-1910
    Red DonahueMLBFrancis Rostell Donahue1893-1906
    She DonahueMLBCharles Michael Donahue1904-1904
    Tim DonahueMLBTimothy Cornelius Donahue1891-1902
    Atley DonaldMLBRichard Atley Donahue1938-1945
    Jason DonaldMLBJason Thomas Donald2004-2014
    Ed DonaldsMLBEdward Alexander Donalds1912-1912
    John DonaldsonMLBJohn David Donaldson1966-1974
    Josh DonaldsonMLBJoshua Adam Donaldson2005-2017
    Len DonderoMLBLeonard Peter Dondero1929-1929
    Mike DonlinMLBMichael Joseph Donlin1899-1914
    Blix DonnellyMLBSylvester Urban Donnelly1944-1951
    Brendan DonnellyMLBBrendan Kevin Donnelly1992-2010
    Ed DonnellyMLBEdward Vincent Donnelly1959-1959
    Ed DonnellyMLBEdward Donnelly1911-1912
    Frank DonnellyMLBFranklin Marion Donnelly1893-1893
    Jim DonnellyMLBJames B. Donnelly1884-1898
    Pete DonnellyMLBPeter J. Donnelly1871-1871
    Pete DonnellyMLBPeter J. Donnelly1873-1874
    Chris DonnelsMLBChris Barton Donnels1985-2004
    Jim DonohueMLBJames Thomas Donohue1961-1962
    Joe DonohueMLBAlexander F. Donohue1891-1891
    Pete DonohueMLBPeter Joseph Donahue1921-1932
    Tom DonohueMLBThomas James Donohue1972-1980
    Lino DonosoMLBLino Galeta Donoso1955-1956
    Bill DonovanMLBWillard Earl Donovan1942-1943
    Bill DonovanMLBWilliam Edward Donovan1898-1918
    Dick DonovanMLBRichard Edward Donovan1950-1965
    Fred DonovanMLBFrederick Maurice Donovan1895-1895
    Jerry DonovanMLBJeremiah Francis Donovan1906-1906
    Mike DonovanMLBMichael Berchman Donovan1904-1908
    Patsy DonovanMLBPatrick Joseph Donovan1890-1907
    Tom DonovanMLBThomas Joseph Donovan1901-1901
    Red DooinMLBCharles Sebastian Dooin1902-1916
    Mickey DoolinMLBMichael Joseph Doolin1905-1918
    Sean DoolittleMLBSean Robert Doolittle2005-2017
    Harry DoomsMLBHenry E. Dooms1892-1892
    John DopsonMLBJohn Robert Dopson1982-1999
    Bill DoranMLBWilliam James Doran1922-1922
    Bill DoranMLBWilliam Donald Doran1977-1993
    John DoranMLBJohn F. Doran1891-1891
    Tom DoranMLBThomas J. Doran1904-1906
    Jerry DorganMLBJeremiah F. Dorgan1880-1885
    Mike DorganMLBMichael Cornelius Dorgan1877-1890
    Harry DorishMLBHarry Dorish1947-1956
    Charlie DormanMLBCharles William Dorman1923-1923
    Red DormanMLBCharles Dwight Dorman1928-1928
    Danny DornMLBDaniel C. Dorn2003-2015
    Gus DornerMLBAugustus Dorner1902-1909
    Bert DorrMLBCharles Albert Dorr1882-1882
    Brian DorsettMLBBrian Richard Dorsett1981-1996
    Cal DorsettMLBCalvin Leavelle Dorsett1940-1947
    Jerry DorseyMLBJeremiah Dorsey1911-1911
    Jerry DorseyMLBMichael Jeremiah Dorsey1884-1884
    Jim DorseyMLBJames Edward Dorsey1975-1994
    Melvin DortaMLBMelvin A. Dorta2001-2011
    Herm DoscherMLBJohn Henry Doscher Sr.1872-1882
    Jack DoscherMLBJohn Henry Jr. Doscher1903-1908
    Dave DosterMLBDavid Eric Doster1991-2005
    Octavio DotelMLBOctavio Eduardo Dotel1995-2013
    Richard DotsonMLBRichard Elliott Dotson1977-1990
    Gary DotterMLBGary Richard Dotter1961-1964
    Dutch DottererMLBHenry John Dotterer1957-1961
    Babe DotyMLBElmer L. Doty1890-1890
    Felix DoubrontMLBFelix Antonio Doubront2006-2017
    Charlie DoughertyMLBCharles William Dougherty1884-1884
    Jim DoughertyMLBJames E. Dougherty1987-2002
    Patsy DoughertyMLBPatrick Henry Dougherty1902-1911
    Tom DoughertyMLBThomas James Dougherty1904-1904
    John DouglasMLBJohn Franklin Douglas1945-1945
    Phil DouglasMLBPhillip Brooks Douglas1912-1922
    Whammy DouglasMLBCharles William Douglas1957-1957
    Astyanax DouglassMLBAstyanax Saunders Douglass1921-1925
    Klondike DouglassMLBWilliam Bingham Douglass1896-1904
    Sean DouglassMLBSean Reed Douglass1997-2008
    Ryan DoumitMLBRyan Matthew Doumit1999-2014
    Taylor DouthitMLBTaylor Lee Douthit1923-1933
    Dennis DoveMLBDennis Anthony Dove2001-2007
    Clarence DowMLBClarence G. Dow1884-1884
    John DowdMLBJohn Leo Dowd1912-1912
    Skip DowdMLBJames Joseph Dowd1910-1910
    Snooks DowdMLBRaymond Bernard Dowd1919-1926
    Tommy DowdMLBThomas Jefferson Dowd1891-1901
    Ken DowellMLBKenneth Allen Dowell1980-1990
    Joe DowieMLBJoseph E. Dowie1889-1889
    Dave DowlingMLBDavid Barclay Dowling1964-1966
    Pete DowlingMLBHenry James Peter Dowling1897-1901
    Red DowneyMLBAlexander Cummings Downey1909-1909
    Tom DowneyMLBThomas Edward Downey1909-1912
    Al DowningMLBAlphonso Erwin Downing1961-1977
    Brian DowningMLBBrian Jay Downing1970-1992
    Darin DownsMLBDarin Burton Downs2003-2016
    Dave DownsMLBDavid Ralph Downs1970-1972
    Kelly DownsMLBKelly Robert Downs1980-1994
    Matt DownsMLBMatthew Russell Downs2003-2013
    Red DownsMLBJerome Willis Downs1907-1912
    Scott DownsMLBScott Jeremy Downs1995-2014
    Tom DowseMLBThomas Joseph Dowse1890-1892
    Brian DoyleMLBBrian Reed Doyle1972-1982
    Carl DoyleMLBWilliam Carl Doyle1935-1940
    Conny DoyleMLBCornelius J. Doyle1883-1884
    Danny DoyleMLBHoward James Doyle1943-1943
    Denny DoyleMLBRobert Dennis Doyle1966-1977
    Jack DoyleMLBJohn Joseph Doyle1889-1905
    Jeff DoyleMLBJeffrey Donald Doyle1977-1983
    Jess DoyleMLBJesse Herbert Doyle1925-1931
    Jim DoyleMLBJames Francis Doyle1910-1911
    Joe DoyleMLBJacob Dixon Doyle1872-1872
    John DoyleMLBJohn Aloysius Doyle1882-1882
    Larry DoyleMLBLawrence Joseph Doyle1907-1920
    Paul DoyleMLBPaul Sinnott Doyle1959-1972
    Slow Joe DoyleMLBJudd Bruce Doyle1906-1910
    Cory DoyneMLBMichael Cory Doyne2000-2009
    Brian DozierMLBJames Brian Dozier2006-2017
    Buzz DozierMLBWilliam Joseph Dozier1947-1949
    D.J. DozierMLBWilliam Henry Dozier1990-1993
    Hunter DozierMLBHunter William Dozier2011-2017
    Tom DozierMLBThomas Dean Dozier1979-1990
    Doug DrabekMLBDouglas Dean Drabek1981-1998
    Kyle DrabekMLBKyle Jordan Drabek2006-2016
    Moe DrabowskyMLBMyron Walter Drabowsky1956-1972
    Dick DragoMLBRichard Anthony Drago1965-1981
    Brian DrahmanMLBBrian Stacy Drahman1986-2001
    Delos DrakeMLBDelos Daniel Drake1911-1911
    Larry DrakeMLBLarry Francis Drake1945-1948
    Logan DrakeMLBLogan Gaffney Drake1922-1924
    Lyman DrakeMLBLyman Daniel Drake1884-1884
    Oliver DrakeMLBOliver Gardner Drake2007-2017
    Sammy DrakeMLBSamuel Harrison Drake1960-1962
    Solly DrakeMLBSolomon Louis Drake1956-1959
    Tom DrakeMLBThomas Kendall Drake1939-1941
    Kelly DransfeldtMLBKelly Daniel Dransfeldt1994-2004
    Mike DraperMLBMichael Anthony Draper1988-1994
    Jake DraubyMLBJacob F. Drauby1892-1892
    Dave DraveckyMLBDavid Francis Dravecky1975-1989
    Tom DreesMLBThomas Kent Drees1984-1993
    Bill DreesenMLBWilliam Richard Dreesen1931-1931
    Darren DreifortMLBDarren John Dreifort1991-2004
    Clem DreisewerdMLBClemens Johann Dreisewerd1944-1948
    Bill DrescherMLBWilliam Clayton Drescher1944-1946
    Ryan DreseMLBRyan Thomas Drese1995-2011
    Chuck DressenMLBCharles Walter Dressen1925-1933
    Lee DressenMLBLee August Dressen1914-1918
    Kirk DressendorferMLBKirk Richard Dressendorfer1988-1997
    Bob DresserMLBRobert Nicholson Dresser1902-1902
    Rob DresslerMLBRobert Anthony Dressler1972-1980
    Cameron DrewMLBCameron Steward Drew1985-1991
    Dave DrewMLBDave Drew1884-1884
    J.D. DrewMLBDavid Jonathan Drew1995-2011
    Stephen DrewMLBStephen Oris Drew2005-2017
    Tim DrewMLBTimothy Andrew Drew1997-2008
    Frank DrewsMLBFrank John Drews1944-1945
    Karl DrewsMLBKarl August Drews1946-1954
    Steve DreyerMLBSteven William Dreyer1990-1997
    Dan DriessenMLBDaniel Driessen1970-1987
    Lew DrillMLBLewis L. Drill1902-1905
    Dennis DriscollMLBDennis F. Driscoll1885-1885
    Denny DriscollMLBJohn F. Driscoll1880-1884
    Jim DriscollMLBJames Bernard Driscoll1970-1972
    Michael DriscollMLBMichael Columbus Driscoll1916-1916
    Paddy DriscollMLBJohn Leo Driscoll1917-1917
    Travis DriskillMLBTravis Corey Driskill1991-2007
    Mike DrisselMLBMichael F. Drissel1885-1885
    Tom DrohanMLBThomas F. Drohan1913-1913
    Walt DropoMLBWalter Dropo1949-1961
    Dick DrottMLBRichard Fred Drott1957-1963
    Louis DruckeMLBLouis Frank Drucke1909-1912
    Carl DruhotMLBCarl A. Druhot1906-1907
    Tim DrummondMLBTimothy Darnell Drummond1983-1992
    Keith DrumrightMLBKeith Alan Drumright1973-1982
    Brandon DruryMLBBrandon S. Drury2010-2017
    Don DrysdaleMLBDonald Scott Drysdale1956-1969
    Monk DubielMLBWalter John Dubiel1944-1952
    Brian DuboisMLBBrian Andrew Dubois1985-1996
    Jason DuboisMLBJason Bradford Dubois1999-2010
    Eric DuBoseMLBEric Ladell Dubose1995-2010
    Jean DubucMLBJean Joseph Octave Arthur Dubuc1908-1919
    Rob DuceyMLBRobert Thomas Ducey1984-2002
    Justin DuchschererMLBJustin Craig Duchscherer1996-2010
    Brandon DuckworthMLBBrandon J. Duckworth1995-2013
    Jim DuckworthMLBJames Raymond Duckworth1963-1966
    Lucas DudaMLBLucas Christopher Duda2005-2017
    Clise DudleyMLBElzie Clise Dudley1929-1933
    John DudraMLBJohn Joseph Dudra1941-1941
    Brian DuensingMLBBrian Matthew Duensing2002-2017
    Hal DuesMLBHal Joseph Dues1974-1982
    Larry DuffMLBCecil Elba Duff1922-1922
    Matt DuffMLBMatthew Clark Duff1996-2009
    Pat DuffMLBPatrick Henry Duff1906-1906
    Jim DuffaloMLBJames Francis Duffalo1961-1965
    Charlie DuffeeMLBCharles Edward Duffee1889-1893
    Tyler DuffeyMLBTyler Blinn Duffey2010-2017
    John DuffieMLBJohn Brown Duffie1967-1967
    Bernie DuffyMLBBernard Allen Duffy1913-1913
    Chris DuffyMLBChristopher Ellis Duffy2001-2010
    Danny DuffyMLBDaniel Richard Duffy2007-2017
    Ed DuffyMLBEdward Charles Duffy1871-1871
    Frank DuffyMLBFrank Thomas Duffy1967-1979
    Hugh DuffyMLBHugh Duffy1888-1906
    Matt DuffyMLBMatthew Michael Duffy2010-2017
    Matt DuffyMLBMatthew E. Duffy2008-2017
    Bill DuganMLBWilliam H. Dugan1884-1884
    Dan DuganMLBDaniel Phillip Dugan1928-1929
    Ed DuganMLBEdward John Dugan1884-1884
    Joe DuganMLBJoseph Anthony Dugan1917-1931
    Gus DugasMLBAugustin Joseph Dugas1930-1934
    Dan DugdaleMLBDaniel Edward Dugdale1886-1894
    Oscar DugeyMLBOscar Joseph Dugey1913-1920
    Jim DugganMLBJames Elmer Duggan1911-1911
    Bill DugglebyMLBWilliam James Duggleby1898-1907
    Martin DukeMLBMartin F. Duke1891-1891
    Zach DukeMLBZachary Thomas Dukes2002-2017
    Elijah DukesMLBElijah David Dukes2003-2010
    Jan DukesMLBNoble Jan Dukes1969-1972
    Tom DukesMLBThomas Earl Dukes1967-1972
    Bob DulibaMLBRobert John Duliba1959-1967
    Ryan DullMLBRyan Christopher Dull2009-2017
    Phillip DumatraitMLBPhillip Anthony Dumatrait2000-2011
    George DumontMLBGeorge Henry Dumont1915-1919
    Dan DumoulinMLBDaniel Lynn Dumoulin1977-1979
    Nick DumovichMLBNicholas Dumovich1923-1923
    Matt DunbarMLBMatthew Marshall Dunbar1987-2000
    Tom DunbarMLBThomas Jerome Dunbar1980-1991
    Chris DuncanMLBChristopher Edward Duncan1999-2010
    Courtney DuncanMLBCourtney Demond Duncan1994-2005
    Dave DuncanMLBDavid Edwin Duncan1963-1976
    Jeff DuncanMLBJeffrey Matthew Duncan1998-2008
    Jim DuncanMLBJames William Duncan1899-1899
    Mariano DuncanMLBMariano Duncan Nalasco1982-1999
    Pat DuncanMLBLouis Baird Duncan1915-1924
    Shelley DuncanMLBDavid Shelley Duncan1999-2014
    Taylor DuncanMLBTaylor Mcdowell Duncan1977-1980
    Vern DuncanMLBVernon Van Duke Duncan1913-1913
    Ed DundonMLBEdward Joseph Dundon1883-1884
    Gus DundonMLBAugustus Joseph Dundon1904-1906
    Jim DuneganMLBJames William Dunegan1970-1970
    Sam DunganMLBSamuel Morrison Dungan1892-1901
    Lee DunhamMLBLeland Huffield Dunham1926-1926
    Wiley DunhamMLBHarry Houston Dunham1902-1902
    Davey DunkleMLBEdward Perks Dunkle1897-1904
    Bill DunlapMLBWilliam James Dunlap1929-1930
    Fred DunlapMLBFrederick C. Dunlap1880-1891
    Grant DunlapMLBGrant Lester Dunlap1953-1953
    Jack DunleavyMLBJohn Francis Dunleavy1903-1905
    George DunlopMLBGeorge Henry Dunlop1913-1914
    Adam DunnMLBAdam Troy Dunn1998-2014
    Jack DunnMLBJohn Joseph Dunn1897-1904
    Jim DunnMLBJames William Dunn1952-1952
    Joe DunnMLBJoseph Edward Dunn1908-1909
    Michael DunnMLBMichael G. Dunn2004-2017
    Ron DunnMLBRonald Ray Dunn1974-1975
    Scott DunnMLBScott Allen Dunn1997-2007
    Steve DunnMLBStephen B. Dunn1884-1884
    Steve DunnMLBSteven Robert Dunn1988-1996
    Todd DunnMLBTodd Kent Dunn1993-2000
    Mike DunneMLBMichael Dennis Dunne1983-1994
    Andy DunningMLBAndrew Jackson Dunning1889-1891
    Jake DunningMLBJacob Austin Duncan2008-2017
    Steve DunningMLBSteven John Dunning1969-1978
    Shawon DunstonMLBShawon Donnell Dunston1982-2002
    Todd DunwoodyMLBTodd Franklin Dunwoody1993-2005
    Frank DupeeMLBFrank Oliver Dupee1901-1901
    Mike DupreeMLBMichael Dennis Dupree1973-1979
    Dan DuranMLBDaniel James Duran1973-1981
    German DuranMLBGerman Duran2004-2014
    Roberto DuranMLBRoberto Alejandro Duran1992-2001
    Luis DurangoMLBLuis A. Durango2006-2016
    Mike DurantMLBMichael Joseph Durant1990-1997
    Erubiel DurazoMLBErubiel Cardenas Durazo1999-2009
    Chad DurbinMLBChad Griffin Durbin1996-2013
    J.D. DurbinMLBJoseph Adam Durbin2000-2014
    Kid DurbinMLBBlaine Alphonsus Durbin1907-1909
    Ryne DurenMLBRinold George Duren Jr.1954-1965
    Bull DurhamMLBLouis Raphael Durham1904-1909
    Don DurhamMLBDonald Gary Durham1970-1973
    Ed DurhamMLBEdward Fant Durham1929-1933
    Joe DurhamMLBJoseph Vann Durham1954-1959
    John DurhamMLBJames Garfield Durham1902-1902
    Leon DurhamMLBLeon Durham1976-1995
    Ray DurhamMLBRay Durham1990-2008
    Bobby DurnbaughMLBRobert Eugene Durnbaugh1957-1957
    George DurningMLBGeorge Dewey Durning1925-1925
    Rich DurningMLBRichard Knott Durning1917-1918
    Jayson DurocherMLBJayson Paul Durocher1993-2006
    Leo DurocherMLBLeo Ernest Durocher1925-1945
    Red DurrettMLBElmer Cable Durrett1944-1945
    Trent DurringtonMLBTrent John Durrington1994-2007
    Cedric DurstMLBCedric Montgomery Durst1922-1930
    Jesse DuryeaMLBJames Newton Duryea1889-1893
    Erv DusakMLBErvin Frank Dusak1941-1952
    Carl DuserMLBCarl Robert Duser1956-1958
    Bob DustalMLBRobert Andrew Dustal1963-1963
    Adam DuvallMLBAdam Lynn Duvall2007-2017
    Mike DuvallMLBMichael Alan Duvall1995-2003
    Bill DuzenMLBWilliam George Duzen1890-1890
    Al DwightMLBAlbert Ward Dwight1884-1884
    Chris DwyerMLBChristpher Paul Dwyer2009-2015
    Double Joe DwyerMLBJoseph Michael Dwyer1937-1937
    Frank DwyerMLBJohn Francis Dwyer1888-1899
    Jim DwyerMLBJames Edward Dwyer1971-1990
    John DwyerMLBJohn E. Dwyer1882-1882
    Jerry DybzinskiMLBJerome Matthew Dybzinski1977-1986
    Jim DyckMLBJames Robert Dyck1951-1956
    Jermaine DyeMLBJermaine Trevell Dye1993-2009
    Ben DyerMLBBenjamin Franklin Dyer1914-1919
    Duffy DyerMLBDon Robert Dyer1966-1980
    Eddie DyerMLBEdwin Hawley Dyer1922-1927
    Mike DyerMLBMichael Lawrence Dyer1986-2000
    Jimmy DygertMLBJames Henry Dygert1905-1910
    Jimmy DykesMLBJames Joseph Dykes1918-1939
    Radhames DykhoffMLBRadhames Alviro Dykhoff1993-2001
    Allan DykstraMLBAllan Christopher Dykstra2006-2015
    Lenny DykstraMLBLeonard Kyle Dykstra1981-1996
    John DylerMLBJohn F. Dyler1882-1882
    Jarrod DysonMLBJarrod Martel Dyson2006-2017
    Sam DysonMLBSamuel I. Dyson2008-2017

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