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  • Major Leaguers with at least 1 game played since 1871 are included. New Major Leaguers will be added during the season as they make their MLB debuts.
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  • AA
    David AardsmaMLBDavid Allan Aardsma2001-2016
    Hank AaronMLBHenry Louis Aaron1952-1976
    Tommie AaronMLBTommie Lee Aaron1962-1971
    Don AaseMLBDonald William Aase1972-1990
    Andy AbadMLBFausto Andres Abad1993-2008
    Fernando AbadMLBFernando A. Abad2007-2017
    John AbadieMLBJohn W. Abadie1875-1875
    Ed AbbaticchioMLBEdward James Abbaticchio1897-1898
    Bert AbbeyMLBBert Wood Abbey1892-1896
    Charlie AbbeyMLBCharles S. Abbey1893-1897
    Dan AbbottMLBLeander Franklin Abbott1890-1890
    Fred AbbottMLBHarry Frederick Winbigier1903-1905
    Glenn AbbottMLBWilliam Glenn Abbott1971-1984
    Jeff AbbottMLBJeffrey William Abbott1991-2003
    Jim AbbottMLBJames Anthony Abbott1986-1999
    Kurt AbbottMLBKurt Thomas Abbott1989-2003
    Kyle AbbottMLBLawrence Kyle Abbott1987-1996
    Ody AbbottMLBOdy Cleon Abbott1910-1910
    Paul AbbottMLBPaul David Abbott1985-2005
    Al AberMLBAlbert Julius Aber1950-1957
    Frank AbercrombieMLBFrancis Patterson Abercrombie1871-1871
    Reggie AbercrombieMLBReginald Damascus Abercrombie2000-2016
    Bill AbernathieMLBWilliam Edward Abernathie1952-1952
    Brent AbernathyMLBMichael Brent Abernathy1997-2009
    Tal AbernathyMLBTalmadge Lafayette Abernathy1942-1944
    Ted AbernathyMLBTheodore Wade Abernathy1952-1972
    Woody AbernathyMLBVirgil Woodrow Abernathy1946-1947
    Cliff AbersonMLBClifford Alexander Aberson1947-1949
    Harry AblesMLBHarry Terrell Ables1905-1911
    Shawn AbnerMLBShawn Wesley Abner1984-1995
    Cal AbramsMLBCalvin Ross Abrams1949-1956
    George AbramsMLBGeorge Allen Abrams1923-1923
    Johnny AbregoMLBJohnny Ray Abrego1981-1987
    Bobby AbreuMLBBob Kelly Abreu1991-2014
    Joe AbreuMLBJoseph Lawrence Abreu1942-1942
    Jose AbreuMLBJose Dariel Abreu (Correa)2014-2017
    Juan AbreuMLBJuan de Dios Abreu2005-2014
    Tony AbreuMLBEtanislao Toni Abreu2003-2015
    Winston AbreuMLBWinston Leonardo Abreu1994-2016
    Bill AbsteinMLBWilliam Henry Abstein1906-1910
    Jeremy AccardoMLBJeremy Lee Accardo2001-2014
    Jose AcevedoMLBJose Omar Acevedo1997-2006
    Juan AcevedoMLBJuan Carlos Acevedo1992-2013
    Alfredo AcevesMLBAlfredo Aceves2002-2016
    A.J. AchterMLBAdam J. Achter2008-2017
    Jim AckerMLBJames Justin Acker1978-1993
    Tom AckerMLBThomas James Acker1956-1959
    Dustin AckleyMLBDustin Michael Ackley2007-2017
    Fritz AckleyMLBFlorian Frederick Ackley1963-1964
    Cy AcostaMLBCecilio Acosta (Miranda)1966-1975
    Ed AcostaMLBEduardo Elixbet Acosta1967-1972
    Jose AcostaMLBJose Acosta1920-1922
    Manny AcostaMLBManuel Alcides Acosta2000-2016
    Merito AcostaMLBBaldomero Pedro Acosta Fernandez1913-1918
    Mark AcreMLBMark Robert Acre1990-1997
    Jerry AdairMLBKenneth Jerry Adair1958-1970
    Jimmy AdairMLBJames Aubrey Adair1931-1931
    Cristhian AdamesMLBCristhian Pascual Adames2010-2017
    Ace AdamsMLBAce Townsend Adams1941-1946
    Austin AdamsMLBAustin D. Adams2009-2017
    Austin AdamsMLBAustin Lance Adams 2010-2017
    Babe AdamsMLBCharles Benjamin Adams1906-1926
    Bert AdamsMLBJohn Bertram Adams1910-1919
    Bob AdamsMLBRobert Burdette Adams1925-1925
    Bob AdamsMLBRobert Andrew Adams1931-1932
    Bob AdamsMLBRobert Melvin Adams1977-1978
    Bobby AdamsMLBRobert Henry Adams1946-1959
    Buster AdamsMLBElvin Clark Adams1939-1947
    David AdamsMLBDavid Lee Adams2006-2016
    Dick AdamsMLBRichard Leroy Adams1947-1947
    Doug AdamsMLBDouglas Harold Adams1969-1969
    George AdamsMLBGeorge H. Adams1879-1879
    Glenn AdamsMLBGlenn Charles Adams1968-1982
    Herb AdamsMLBHerbert Loren Adams1948-1950
    Jim AdamsMLBJames J. Adams1890-1890
    Joe AdamsMLBJoseph Edward Adams1902-1902
    Karl AdamsMLBKarl Tutwiler Adams1914-1915
    Lane AdamsMLBLane Weston Adams2009-2017
    Matt AdamsMLBMatthew James Adams2007-2017
    Mike AdamsMLBJon Michael Adams2000-2014
    Mike AdamsMLBRobert Michael Adams1967-1978
    Red AdamsMLBCharles Dwight Adams1946-1946
    Rick AdamsMLBReuben Alexander Adams1905-1905
    Ricky AdamsMLBRicky Lee Adams1977-1987
    Russ AdamsMLBRuss Moore Adams2000-2011
    Ryan AdamsMLBRyan Scott Adams2006-2015
    Sparky AdamsMLBEarl John Adams1922-1934
    Spencer AdamsMLBSpencer Dewey Adams1923-1927
    Terry AdamsMLBTerry Wayne Adams1991-2006
    Willie AdamsMLBWilliam John Irvin Adams1912-1919
    Willie AdamsMLBWilliam Edward Adams1991-2000
    Joel AdamsonMLBJoel Lee Adamson1990-1999
    Mike AdamsonMLBJohn Michael Adamson1967-1969
    Joe AdcockMLBJoseph Wilbur Adcock1950-1966
    Nate AdcockMLBNathan Masler Adcock2006-2017
    Bob AddisMLBRobert Gordon Addis1950-1953
    James AdduciMLBJames Charles Adduci2004-2017
    Jim AdduciMLBJames David Adduci1979-1990
    Bob AddyMLBRobert Edward Addy1871-1877
    Nick AdenhartMLBNicholas James Adenhart2005-2009
    Morrie AderholtMLBMorris Woodrow Aderholt1939-1945
    Dewey AdkinsMLBJohn Dewey Adkins1942-1949
    Dick AdkinsMLBRichard Earl Adkins1942-1942
    Doc AdkinsMLBMerle Theron Adkins1902-1903
    Grady AdkinsMLBGrady Emmett Adkins1928-1929
    Jonathan AdkinsMLBJonathan Scott Adkins1996-2010
    Steve AdkinsMLBSteven Thomas Adkins1986-1994
    Tim AdlemanMLBTimothy Max Adleman2007-2017
    Dave AdleshMLBDavid George Adlesh1963-1968
    Ehire AdrianzaMLBEhire Enrique Adrianza2008-2017
    Troy AfenirMLBMichael Troy Afenir1983-1993
    Jeremy AffeldtMLBJeremy David Affeldt1997-2015
    Benny AgbayaniMLBBenny Peter Agbayani Jr.1993-2009
    Tommie AgeeMLBTommie Lee Agee1961-1973
    Harry AgganisMLBAristotle George Agganis1954-1955
    Joe AglerMLBJoseph Abram Agler1912-1912
    Sam AgnewMLBSamuel Lester Agnew1913-1919
    Juan AgostoMLBJuan Roberto Agosto Gonzalez1975-1996
    Luis AguayoMLBLuis Aguayo Muriel1976-1992
    Chris AguilaMLBChristopher Louis Aguila1997-2012
    Jesus AguilarMLBJesus Alexander Aguilar2010-2017
    Rick AguileraMLBRichard Warren Aguilera1981-2000
    Hank AguirreMLBHenry John Aguirre1955-1970
    Charlie AhearnMLBWilliam H. Ahearn1880-1880
    Pat AhearneMLBPatrick Howard Ahearne1991-2013
    Nick AhmedMLBNicholas Mark Ahmed2009-2017
    Willie AikensMLBWillie Mays Aikens1974-1986
    Danny AingeMLBDaniel Ray Ainge1978-1981
    Eddie AinsmithMLBEdward Wilbur Ainsmith1910-1924
    Kurt AinsworthMLBKurt Harold Ainsworth1997-2004
    Raleigh AitchisonMLBRaleigh Leonidas Aitchison1911-1915
    George AitonMLBGeorge Wilson Aiton1912-1912
    John AkeMLBJohn Leckie Ake1884-1884
    Jack AkerMLBJackie Delane Aker1960-1974
    Darrel AkerfeldsMLBDarrel Wayne Akerfelds1982-1995
    Bill AkersMLBWilliam G. Akers1929-1932
    Jerry AkersMLBAlbert Earl Akers1912-1912
    Gibson AlbaMLBGibson Alberto Alba Rosado1977-1991
    Jonathan AlbaladejoMLBJonathan Albaladejo2001-2017
    Joe AlbaneseMLBJoseph Peter Albanese1958-1958
    Jose AlberroMLBJose Edgardo Alberro1991-2006
    Andrew AlbersMLBAndrew William Albers2005-2017
    Matt AlbersMLBMatthew James Albers2002-2017
    Hanser AlbertoMLBHanser J. Alberto2010-2017
    Butch AlbertsMLBFrancis Burt Alberts1971-1980
    Cy AlbertsMLBFrederick Joseph Alberts1910-1910
    Gus AlbertsMLBAugustus Peter Alberts1884-1891
    Ozzie AlbiesMLBOzhaino Jurdy Jiandro Albies2014-2017
    Ed AlbostaMLBEdward John Albosta1941-1946
    Ed AlbrechtMLBEdward Arthur Albrecht1949-1950
    Jack AlbrightMLBHarold John Albright1947-1947
    Al AlburquerqueMLBAlberto J. Albuquerque2006-2017
    Vic AlburyMLBVictor Albury1973-1979
    Santo AlcalaMLBSanto Alcala1976-1982
    Arismendy AlcantaraMLBArismendy Alcantara2010-2017
    Israel AlcantaraMLBIsrael Alcantara1992-2007
    Raul AlcantaraMLBRaul Alcantara2010-2017
    Sandy AlcantaraMLBSandy Alcantara2014-2017
    Victor AlcantaraMLBVictor Alfonso Alcantara2012-2017
    Luis AlcarazMLBAngel Luis Alcaraz Acosta1967-1970
    Scotty AlcockMLBJohn Forbes Alcock1914-1914
    Dale AldersonMLBDale Leonard Alderson1943-1944
    Scott AldredMLBScott Phillip Aldred1987-2004
    Mike AldreteMLBMichael Peter Aldrete1980-1997
    Jay AldrichMLBJay Robert Aldrich1980-1990
    Cory AldridgeMLBCory Jerome Aldridge1997-2015
    Vic AldridgeMLBVictor Eddington Aldridge1917-1928
    Chuck AlenoMLBCharles Aleno1941-1944
    Bob AlexanderMLBRobert Somerville Alexander1955-1957
    Dale AlexanderMLBDavid Doyle Alexander1929-1933
    Doyle AlexanderMLBDoyle Lafayette Alexander1968-1989
    Gary AlexanderMLBGary Wayne Alexander1972-1981
    Gerald AlexanderMLBGerald Paul Alexander1986-1993
    Hugh AlexanderMLBHugh Alexander1937-1937
    Manny AlexanderMLBManuel DeJesus Juan Alexander1989-2007
    Matt AlexanderMLBMatthew Alexander1968-1981
    Nin AlexanderMLBWilliam Henry Alexander1884-1884
    Pete AlexanderMLBGrover Cleveland Alexander1911-1930
    Scott AlexanderMLBScott A. Alexander2008-2017
    Walt AlexanderMLBWalter Ernest Alexander1912-1917
    Jason AlfaroMLBJason Alfaro1997-2007
    Jorge AlfaroMLBJorge Alfaro2010-2017
    Antonio AlfonsecaMLBAntonio Alfonseca1991-2011
    Edgardo AlfonzoMLBEdgardo Antonio Alfonzo1991-2010
    Eliezer AlfonzoMLBEliezer Jesus Alfonzo1997-2016
    Anthony AlfordMLBAnthony Joseph Alford2012-2017
    Luis AliceaMLBLuis Rene Alicea De Jesus1984-2002
    Andy AllansonMLBAndrew Neal Allanson1981-1996
    Brian AllardMLBBrian Marshall Allard1976-1984
    Bernie AllenMLBBernard Keith Allen1961-1973
    Bob AllenMLBRobert Gilman Allen1890-1900
    Bob AllenMLBRobert Allen1919-1919
    Bob AllenMLBRobert Earl Allen1937-1937
    Bob AllenMLBRobert Gray Allen1961-1967
    Brandon AllenMLBBrandon Durell Allen2004-2016
    Chad AllenMLBJohn Chad Allen1994-2007
    Cody AllenMLBCody Edward Allen2008-2017
    Dick AllenMLBRichard Anthony Allen1960-1977
    Dusty AllenMLBDustin R. Allen1992-2001
    Ethan AllenMLBEthan Nathan Allen1926-1938
    Frank AllenMLBFrank Leon Allen1912-1917
    Greg AllenMLBGregory L. Allen2012-2017
    Ham AllenMLBFrank Erwin Allen1872-1872
    Hank AllenMLBHarold Andrew Allen1966-1973
    Hezekiah AllenMLBHezekiah Allen1884-1884
    Horace AllenMLBHorace Tanner Allen1919-1919
    Jack AllenMLBCyrus Alban Allen1879-1879
    Jamie AllenMLBJames Bradley Allen1977-1985
    Johnny AllenMLBJohn Thomas Allen1932-1944
    Kim AllenMLBKim Bryant Allen1975-1981
    Lloyd AllenMLBLloyd Cecil Allen1968-1979
    Luke AllenMLBLucas Gale Allen1997-2008
    Myron AllenMLBMyron Smith Allen1883-1888
    Neil AllenMLBNeil Patrick Allen1976-1990
    Nick AllenMLBArtemus Ward Allen1916-1920
    Pete AllenMLBJesse Hall Allen1893-1893
    Rod AllenMLBRoderick Bernet Allen1977-1988
    Ron AllenMLBRonald Frederick Allen1972-1972
    Sled AllenMLBFletcher Manson Allen1910-1910
    Gary AllensonMLBGary Martin Allenson1976-1985
    Jermaine AllensworthMLBJermaine Lamont Allensworth1991-2008
    Gene AlleyMLBLeonard Eugene Alley1959-1973
    Gair AllieMLBGair Roosevelt Allie1954-1954
    Bob AlliettaMLBRobert George Allietta1975-1980
    Andy AllisonMLBAndrew Kent Allison1872-1872
    Art AllisonMLBArthur Algernon Allison1871-1876
    Bill AllisonMLBWilliam Allison1872-1872
    Bob AllisonMLBWilliam Robert Allison1958-1970
    Dana AllisonMLBDana Eric Allison1986-1994
    Doug AllisonMLBDouglas L. Allison1871-1883
    Mack AllisonMLBMack Pendleton Allison1911-1913
    Milo AllisonMLBMilo Henry Allison1913-1917
    Beau AllredMLBDale LeBeau Allred1986-1994
    Mel AlmadaMLBBaldomero Melo Almada Quiros1933-1939
    Armando AlmanzaMLBArmando N. Almanza1992-2005
    Carlos AlmanzarMLBCarlos Manuel Almanzar1994-2009
    Rafael AlmeidaMLBRafael D. Almeida1911-1913
    Bill AlmonMLBWilliam Francis Almon1973-1988
    Abraham AlmonteMLBAbraham Almonte2007-2017
    Edwin AlmonteMLBEdwin Almonte1998-2009
    Erick AlmonteMLBErick R. Almonte1997-2013
    Hector AlmonteMLBHector Radhames Almonte1997-2008
    Miguel AlmonteMLBMiguel Emilio Almonte2011-2017
    Zoilo AlmonteMLBZoilo Almonte2007-2016
    Albert AlmoraMLBReinaldo Albert Almora2012-2017
    Luis AlomaMLBLuis Aloma Barba1950-1953
    Roberto AlomarMLBRoberto Velazquez Alomar1985-2004
    Sandy AlomarMLBSantos Velazquez Alomar1984-2007
    Sandy AlomarMLBSantos Alomar Sr. Conde1961-1978
    Yonder AlonsoMLBYonder Alonso2006-2017
    Felipe AlouMLBFelipe Rojas Alou1956-1974
    Jesus AlouMLBJesus Maria Rojas Alou1959-1979
    Matty AlouMLBMateo Rojas Alou1957-1974
    Moises AlouMLBMoises Rojas Alou1986-2008
    Whitey AlpermanMLBCharles Augustus Alperman1906-1909
    Dell AlstonMLBWendell Alston1973-1980
    Garvin AlstonMLBGarvin James Alston1992-2003
    Tom AlstonMLBThomas Edison Alston1954-1957
    Walter AlstonMLBWalter Emmons Alston1936-1936
    Porfi AltamiranoMLBPorfirio Altamirano Ramirez1979-1984
    Dan AltavillaMLBDan Altavilla2013-2017
    Ernie AltenMLBErnest Matthias Alten1920-1920
    Jesse AltenburgMLBJesse Howard Altenburg1916-1917
    Aaron AltherrMLBAaron Samuel Altherr2009-2017
    Dave AltizerMLBDavid Tilden Altizer1906-1911
    George AltmanMLBGeorge Lee Altman1959-1967
    Joe AltobelliMLBJoseph Salvatore Altobelli1955-1961
    Nick AltrockMLBNicholas Altrock1898-1933
    Jose AltuveMLBJose Carlos Altuve2008-2017
    George AlusikMLBGeorge Joseph Alusik1958-2012
    Jose AlvaradoMLBJose Antonio Alvarado2014-2017
    Luis AlvaradoMLBLuis Cesar Alvarado Martinez1967-1977
    Abe AlvarezMLBAbraham Alvarez2001-2008
    Clemente AlvarezMLBClemente Alvarez1987-2000
    Dariel AlvarezMLBDariel Alvarez2013-2017
    Dario AlvarezMLBDario Rafael Alvarez2013-2017
    Gabe AlvarezMLBGabriel De Jesus Alvarez1993-2003
    Henderson AlvarezMLBHenderson Javier Alvarez2008-2017
    Jose AlvarezMLBJose Ricardo Alvarez2003-2017
    Jose AlvarezMLBJose Lino Alvarez1975-1995
    Juan AlvarezMLBJuan M. Alvarez1995-2004
    Orlando AlvarezMLBJesus Manuel Orlando Alvarez Monge1973-1978
    Ossie AlvarezMLBOswaldo Alvarez1958-1959
    Pedro AlvarezMLBPedro Manuel Alvarez2006-2017
    R.J. AlvarezMLBRoy Emilio Alvarez2010-2017
    Rogelio AlvarezMLBRogelio Alvarez Hernandez1960-1962
    Tavo AlvarezMLBCesar Octavio Alvarez1990-2001
    Tony AlvarezMLBAntonio Enrique Alvarez1998-2006
    Victor AlvarezMLBVictor Aurelio Alvarez1997-2014
    Wilson AlvarezMLBWilson Eduardo Alvarez1987-2005
    Max AlvisMLBRoy Maxwell Alvis1962-1970
    Billy AlvordMLBWilliam Crawford Alvord1885-1893
    Brant AlyeaMLBGarrabrant Ryerson Alyea1962-1972
    Joey AmalfitanoMLBJohn Joseph Amalfitano1954-1967
    Rich AmaralMLBRichard Louis Amaral1982-2000
    Alexi AmaristaMLBAlexi Jose Amarista Azocar2008-2017
    Ruben AmaroMLBRuben Amaro Mora Sr1958-1969
    Ruben AmaroMLBRuben Amaro Jr.1984-1998
    Wayne AmblerMLBWayne Harper Ambler1937-1939
    Chip AmbresMLBRaymond Payne Ambres1999-2009
    Hector AmbrizMLBHector Ambriz2003-2016
    Ed AmelungMLBEdward Allen Amelung1980-1988
    Red AmesMLBLeon Kessling Ames1903-1919
    Steven AmesMLBSteven C. Ames2009-2015
    Alfredo AmezagaMLBAlfredo Amezaga1999-2016
    Doc AmoleMLBMorris F. Amole1897-1898
    Vicente AmorMLBVincente Amor Alvarez1955-1957
    Sandy AmorosMLBEdmundo Amoros1952-1960
    Walter AnckerMLBWalter Ancker1915-1915
    Larry AndersenMLBLarry Eugene Andersen1971-1995
    Alf AndersonMLBAlfred Walton Anderson1941-1946
    Allan AndersonMLBAllan Lee Anderson1983-1993
    Andy AndersonMLBAndy Holm Anderson1948-1949
    Bill AndersonMLBWilliam Edward Anderson1925-1925
    Bob AndersonMLBRobert Carl Anderson1957-1963
    Brady AndersonMLBBrady Kevin Anderson1983-2003
    Brett AndersonMLBBrett Franklin Anderson2007-2017
    Brian AndersonMLBBrian James Anderson1993-2007
    Brian AndersonMLBBrian Nikola Anderson2001-2012
    Brian AndersonMLBBrian Anderson2012-2017
    Bryan AndersonMLBBryan Douglas Anderson2005-2016
    Bud AndersonMLBKarl Adam Anderson1977-1985
    Chase AndersonMLBRobert Chase Anderson2007-2017
    Cody AndersonMLBCody A. Anderson2010-2016
    Craig AndersonMLBNorman Craig Anderson1961-1964
    Dave AndersonMLBDavid Carter Anderson1980-1992
    Dave AndersonMLBDavid S. Anderson1889-1890
    Drew AndersonMLBDrew Thomas Anderson2001-2010
    Drew AndersonMLBAndrew J. Anderson2012-2017
    Dwain AndersonMLBDwain Cleaven Anderson1965-1974
    Ferrell AndersonMLBFerrell Jack Anderson1946-1953
    Fred AndersonMLBJohn Frederick Anderson1909-1918
    Garret AndersonMLBGarret Joseph Anderson1990-2010
    George AndersonMLBGeorge Jendrus Anderson1918-1918
    Goat AndersonMLBEdward John Anderson1907-1907
    Hal AndersonMLBHarold Anderson1932-1932
    Harry AndersonMLBHarry Walter Anderson1957-1961
    Jason AndersonMLBJason Roger Anderson1998-2011
    Jim AndersonMLBJames Lea Anderson1975-1986
    Jimmy AndersonMLBJames Drew Anderson Jr.1994-2006
    John AndersonMLBJohn Joseph Anderson1894-1908
    John AndersonMLBJohn Charles Anderson1958-1962
    Josh AndersonMLBJoshua Aaron Anderson2001-2010
    Kent AndersonMLBKent Mckay Anderson1982-1993
    Larry AndersonMLBLawrence Dennis Anderson1974-1980
    Lars AndersonMLBLars Eric Anderson2007-2016
    Marlon AndersonMLBMarlon Ordell Anderson1993-2009
    Matt AndersonMLBMatthew Jason Anderson1995-2008
    Mike AndersonMLBMichael Allen Anderson1969-1981
    Mike AndersonMLBMichael James Anderson1988-1997
    Red AndersonMLBArnold Revola Anderson1937-1941
    Rick AndersonMLBRichard Lee Anderson1972-1988
    Rick AndersonMLBRichard Arien Anderson1976-1988
    Scott AndersonMLBScott Richard Anderson1977-1995
    Sparky AndersonMLBGeorge Lee Anderson1959-1959
    Tim AndersonMLBTim D. Anderson2012-2017
    Tyler AndersonMLBTyler John Anderson2009-2017
    Varney AndersonMLBWarner Samuel Anderson1889-1896
    Walter AndersonMLBWalter Carl Anderson1917-1919
    Wingo AndersonMLBWingo Charlie Anderson1910-1910
    Robert AndinoMLBRobert Lazaro Andino2002-2017
    Steve AndradeMLBStephen Michael Andrade2001-2009
    John AndreMLBJohn Edward Andre1955-1955
    Ernie AndresMLBErnest Henry Andres1946-1946
    Kim AndrewMLBKim Darrell Andrew1975-1977
    Clayton AndrewsMLBClayton John Andrews1996-2007
    Ed AndrewsMLBGeorge Edward Andrews1884-1891
    Elbert AndrewsMLBElbert De Vore Andrews1925-1925
    Fred AndrewsMLBFred Andrews1976-1978
    Hub AndrewsMLBHerbert Carl Andrews1947-1948
    Ivy AndrewsMLBIvy Paul Andrews1931-1938
    Jim AndrewsMLBJames Pratt Andrews1890-1890
    John AndrewsMLBJohn Richard Andrews1973-1977
    Mike AndrewsMLBMichael Jay Andrews1962-1973
    Nate AndrewsMLBNathan Hardy Andrews1937-1946
    Rob AndrewsMLBRobert Patrick Andrews1975-1979
    Shane AndrewsMLBDarrell Shane Andrews1990-2004
    Stan AndrewsMLBStanley Joseph Andrews1939-1945
    Wally AndrewsMLBWilliam Walter Andrews1884-1888
    Matt AndrieseMLBMatthew Lee Andriese2009-2017
    Bill AndrusMLBWilliam Morgan Andrus1931-1937
    Elvis AndrusMLBElvis Augusto Andrus2005-2017
    Fred AndrusMLBFrederick Hotham Andrus1876-1884
    Wiman AndrusMLBWilliam Wiman Andrus1885-1885
    Joaquin AndujarMLBJoaquin Andujar1970-1988
    Luis AndujarMLBLuis Sanchez Andujar1991-2004
    Miguel AndujarMLBMiguel Enrique Andujar2012-2017
    Norm AngeliniMLBNorman Stanley Angelini1969-1981
    Matt AngleMLBMatthew Ryan Angle2005-2015
    Tom AngleyMLBThomas Samuel Angley1929-1929
    Pat AnkenmanMLBFrederick Norman Ankenman1936-1944
    Rick AnkielMLBRichard Alexander Ankiel1998-2013
    Dean AnnaMLBDean William Anna2006-2017
    Bill AnnisMLBWilliam Perley Annis1884-1884
    Cap AnsonMLBAdrian Constantine Anson1871-1897
    Eric AnthonyMLBEric Todd Anthony1986-2001
    Joe AntolickMLBJoseph Antolick1944-1944
    Dustin AntolinMLBDustin K. Antolin2008-2017
    John AntonelliMLBJohn Lawrence Antonelli1944-1945
    Johnny AntonelliMLBJohn August Antonelli1948-1961
    Matt AntonelliMLBMatthew Antonio Antonelli2004-2013
    Bill AntonelloMLBWilliam James Antonello1953-1953
    Norichika AokiMLBNorichika Aoki2004-2017
    Luis AparicioMLBLuis Ernesto Aparicio Montiel1954-1973
    Bob ApodacaMLBRobert John Apodaca1973-1981
    Luis AponteMLBLuis Eduardo (Yuripe) Aponte1973-1984
    Kevin AppierMLBRobert Kevin Appier1987-2006
    Fred ApplegateMLBFrederick Romaine Applegate1904-1904
    Ed AppletonMLBEdward Samuel Appleton1915-1916
    Pete AppletonMLBPeter William Appleton1927-1945
    Luke ApplingMLBLucius Benjamin Appling1930-1950
    Greg AquinoMLBGregory Emilio Aquino2002-2013
    Jayson AquinoMLBJayson Aquino2010-2017
    Luis AquinoMLBLuis Antonio (Colon) Aquino1982-1998
    Angel AragonMLBAngel Aragon Valdes1914-2003
    Victor AranoMLBVictor Teodoro Arano (Armas)2013-2017
    Elvis AraujoMLBElvis Araujo2011-2016
    Maurice ArchdeaconMLBMaurice John Archdeacon1923-1925
    Chris ArcherMLBChristopher Alan Archer2006-2017
    Fred ArcherMLBFrederick Marvin Archer1936-1937
    Jim ArcherMLBJames William Archer1961-1962
    Jimmy ArcherMLBJames Peter Archer1904-1918
    George ArchieMLBGeorge Albert Archie1938-1946
    Jose ArciaMLBJose Raimundo Arcia Orta1968-1970
    Orlando ArciaMLBOrlando J. Arcia2011-2017
    Oswaldo ArciaMLBOswaldo Celestino Arcia2009-2017
    Dan ArdellMLBDaniel Miers Ardell1961-1961
    Rugger ArdizoiaMLBRinaldo Joseph Ardizoia1947-1947
    Joe ArdnerMLBJoseph A. Ardner1884-1890
    Danny ArdoinMLBDaniel Wayne Ardoin1995-2009
    Frank ArellanesMLBFrank Julian Arellanes1908-1910
    Nolan ArenadoMLBNolan James Arenado2009-2017
    J.P. ArencibiaMLBJonathan Paul Arencibia2005-2016
    Hank ArftMLBHenry Irven Arft1948-1952
    Alberto AriasMLBAlberto A. Arias2003-2009
    Alex AriasMLBAlejandro Arias1987-2005
    George AriasMLBGeorge Alberto Arias1993-2006
    Joaquin AriasMLBJoaquin Arias2002-2015
    Rudy AriasMLBRodolfo Arias Martinez1959-1959
    Buzz ArlettMLBRussell Loris Arlett1931-1931
    Don ArlichMLBDonald Louis Arlich1965-1966
    Steve ArlinMLBStephen Ralph Arlin1966-1974
    Marcos ArmasMLBMarcos Rafael Armas Ruiz1988-1994
    Tony ArmasMLBAntonio Jose Armas1995-2009
    Tony ArmasMLBAntonio Rafael Armas1971-1989
    Ed ArmbristerMLBEdison Rosanda Armbrister1973-1978
    Orville ArmbrustMLBOrville Martin Armbrust1934-1934
    Charlie ArmbrusterMLBCharles A. Armbruster1905-1907
    Harry ArmbrusterMLBHenry Armbruster1906-1906
    Bob ArmstrongMLBRobert Armstrong1871-1871
    George ArmstrongMLBNoble George Armstrong1946-1946
    Howard ArmstrongMLBHoward Elmer Armstrong1911-1911
    Jack ArmstrongMLBJack William Armstrong1984-2002
    Mike ArmstrongMLBMichael Dennis Armstrong1974-1987
    Shawn ArmstrongMLBShawn Michael Armstrong2009-2017
    Harry ArndtMLBHarry J. Arndt1902-1907
    Larry ArndtMLBLarry Wayne Arndt1983-1990
    Billy ArnoldMLBWillis S. Arnold1872-1872
    Chris ArnoldMLBChristopher Paul Arnold1965-1977
    Jamie ArnoldMLBJames Lee Arnold1992-2002
    Scott ArnoldMLBScott Gentry Arnold1983-1990
    Tony ArnoldMLBTony Dale Arnold1981-1989
    Morrie ArnovichMLBMorris Arnovich1936-1946
    Brad ArnsbergMLBBradley James Arnsberg1983-1993
    Orie ArntzenMLBOrie Edgar Arntzen1943-1943
    Jonathan AroMLBJonathan Aro2011-2017
    Rene ArochaMLBRene Arocha Magaly1992-1998
    Jose ArredondoMLBJose Juan Arredondo2004-2016
    Jake ArrietaMLBJacob Joseph Arrieta2005-2017
    Gerry ArrigoMLBGerald William Arrigo1961-1970
    Rolando ArrojoMLBLuis Rolando Arrojo1997-2003
    Bronson ArroyoMLBBronson Anthony Arroyo1995-2017
    Christian ArroyoMLBChristian Arroyo2013-2017
    Fernando ArroyoMLBFernando Arroyo1970-1986
    Luis ArroyoMLBLuis Enrique Arroyo1955-1963
    Rudy ArroyoMLBRudolph Arroyo1970-1971
    Erisbel ArruebarrenaMLBBarbaro Erisbel Arruebarrena2014-2017
    Harry ArundelMLBHarry Arundel1875-1884
    Tug ArundelMLBJohn Thomas Arundel1882-1888
    Randy AsadoorMLBRandall Carl Asadoor1983-1988
    Jim AsbellMLBJames Marion Asbell1938-1938
    Casper AsbjornsonMLBRobert Anthony Asbjornson1928-1932
    Jose AscanioMLBJose Eleazar Ascanio2003-2015
    Cody AscheMLBCody James Asche2009-2017
    Jairo AsencioMLBJairo Ascencio (AKA Luis Manuel Valdez)2004-2015
    Miguel AsencioMLBMiguel Depaula Asencio2001-2008
    Ken AshMLBKenneth Lowther Ash1925-1930
    Richie AshburnMLBDon Richard Ashburn1948-1962
    Alan AshbyMLBAlan Dean Ashby1969-1989
    Andy AshbyMLBAndrew Jason Ashby1986-2005
    Alec AsherMLBAlec Edward Asher2011-2017
    Tucker AshfordMLBThomas Steven Ashford1974-1985
    Billy AshleyMLBBilly Manual Ashley1988-2001
    Nevin AshleyMLBNevin Robert Ashley2004-2017
    Tom AsmussenMLBThomas William Asmussen1907-1907
    Bob AspromonteMLBRobert Thomas Aspromonte1956-1971
    Ken AspromonteMLBKenneth Joseph Aspromonte1957-1963
    Brian AsselstineMLBBrian Hanly Asselstine1973-1983
    Paul AssenmacherMLBPaul Andre Assenmacher1983-1999
    Ezequiel AstacioMLBEzequiel F. Astacio2001-2011
    Pedro AstacioMLBPedro Julio Astacio1989-2006
    Barrett AstinMLBBarrett Astin2011-2017
    Joe AstrothMLBJoseph Henry Astroth1945-1956
    Carlos AsuajeMLBCarlos A. Asuaje2011-2017
    Scott AtchisonMLBScott Barham Atchison1995-2015
    Justin AtchleyMLBJustin Scott Atchley1994-2002
    Charlie AthertonMLBCharles Morgan Herbert Atherton1899-1899
    Keith AthertonMLBKeith Rowe Atherton1978-1989
    Luis AtilanoMLBLuis A.Atilano2003-2012
    Garrett AtkinsMLBGarrett Bernard Atkins1998-2010
    James AtkinsMLBJames Curtis Atkins1950-1952
    Mitch AtkinsMLBMitchell Shane Atkins2004-2017
    Tommy AtkinsMLBFrancis Montgomery Atkins1909-1910
    Al AtkinsonMLBAlbert Wright Atkinson1884-1887
    Bill AtkinsonMLBWilliam Cecil Glenn Atkinson1976-1983
    Ed AtkinsonMLBEdward Atkinson1873-1873
    Harry AtkinsonMLBJohn Harry Atkinson1895-1895
    Lefty AtkinsonMLBHubert Burley Atkinson1927-1927
    Dick AttreauMLBRichard Gilbert Attreau1926-1927
    Toby AtwellMLBMaurice Dailey Atwell1952-1956
    Bill AtwoodMLBWilliam Franklin Atwood1936-2009
    Jake AtzMLBJohn Jacob Atz1902-1909
    Harry AubreyMLBHarry Herbert Aubrey1903-1903
    Michael AubreyMLBRobert Michael Aubrey2001-2011
    Derek AucoinMLBDerek Alfred Aucoin1989-1998
    Rich AudeMLBRichard Thomas Aude1989-1999
    Rick AuerbachMLBFrederick Steven Auerbach1969-1981
    Bryan AugensteinMLBBryan Christopher Augenstein2005-2014
    Don AugustMLBDonald Glenn August1982-1995
    Dave AugustineMLBDavid Ralph Augustine1973-1983
    Jerry AugustineMLBGerald Lee Augustine1974-1986
    Elden AukerMLBElden LeRoy Auker1933-1942
    Leslie AuldsMLBLeycester Doyle Aulds1947-1947
    Doug AultMLBDouglas Reagan Ault1973-1982
    Phillippe AumontMLBPhillipe Aumont2008-2016
    Rich AuriliaMLBRichard Santo Aurilia1991-2009
    Joe AusanioMLBJoseph John Ausanio1986-1997
    Brad AusmusMLBBradley David Ausmus1988-2010
    Dennis AustMLBDennis Kay Aust1965-1966
    Henry AustinMLBHenry C. Austin1873-1873
    Jeff AustinMLBJeffrey Wellington Austin1996-2005
    Jim AustinMLBJames Parker Austin1986-1996
    Jimmy AustinMLBJames Philip Austin1909-1929
    Rick AustinMLBRick Gerard Austin1970-1976
    Tyler AustinMLBChristopher Tyler Austin2010-2017
    Al AutryMLBAlbert Autry1976-1978
    Chick AutryMLBWilliam Askew Autry1907-1909
    Chick AutryMLBMartin Gordon Autry1924-1930
    Bruce AvenMLBDavid Bruce Aven1991-2003
    Earl AverillMLBEarl Douglas Averill1956-1963
    Earl AverillMLBHoward Earl Averill1929-1941
    Steve AveryMLBSteven Thomas Avery1988-2003
    Xavier AveryMLBXavier Tyrone Avery 2008-2017
    Alex AvilaMLBAlexander Thomas Avila2006-2017
    Bobby AvilaMLBRoberto Francisco Avila Gonzales1949-1959
    Luis AvilanMLBLuis Armando Avilan2008-2017
    Mike AvilesMLBMichael Anthony Aviles2000-2017
    Ramon AvilesMLBRamon Antonio Aviles Miranda1970-1983
    Jay AvreaMLBJames Epherium Avrea1950-1950
    Dylan AxelrodMLBDylan Davis Haines Axelrod2004-2016
    John AxfordMLBJohn Berton Axford2002-2017
    Benny AyalaMLBBenigno Ayala Felix1971-1985
    Bobby AyalaMLBRobert Joseph Ayala1988-2000
    Luis AyalaMLBLuis Ignacio Ayala2000-2016
    Erick AybarMLBErick Johan Aybar2002-2017
    Manny AybarMLBManuel Antonio Aybar1994-2010
    Willy AybarMLBWilly Jesus Aybar2000-2015
    Jake AydelottMLBJacob Stuart Aydelott1884-1886
    Bill AyersMLBWilliam Oscar Ayers1947-1947
    Doc AyersMLBYancy Wyatt Ayers1913-1921
    Dick AylwardMLBRichard John Aylward1953-1953
    Bob AyraultMLBRobert Cunningham Ayrault1985-1998
    Joe AyraultMLBJoseph Allen Ayrault1990-1997
    Joe AzcueMLBJose Joaquin Azcue Lopez1960-1972
    Oscar AzocarMLBOscar Gregorio Azocar1984-2001

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