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  • Major Leaguers with at least 1 game played since 1871 are included. New Major Leaguers will be added during the season as they make their MLB debuts.
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  • JA
    Ray JablonskiMLBRaymond Leo Jablonski1953-1960
    Fred JacklitschMLBFrederick Lawrence Jacklitsch1900-1910
    Al JacksonMLBAlvin Neill Jackson1959-1969
    Austin JacksonMLBAustin Jarrell Jackson2005-2017
    Bo JacksonMLBVincent Edward Jackson1983-1994
    Brett JacksonMLB Brett Elliott Jackson2007-2015
    Charlie JacksonMLBCharles Bernard Jackson1905-1905
    Charlie JacksonMLBCharles Herbert Jackson1915-1917
    Chuck JacksonMLBCharles Leo Jackson1984-1996
    Conor JacksonMLBConor Sims Jackson2001-2013
    Damian JacksonMLBDamian Jacques Jackson1992-2009
    Danny JacksonMLBDanny Lynn Jackson1981-1997
    Darrell JacksonMLBDarrell Preston Jackson1977-1982
    Darrin JacksonMLBDarrin Jay Jackson1981-1999
    Edwin JacksonMLBEdwin Jackson, Jr.2001-2017
    George JacksonMLBGeorge Christopher Jackson1911-1913
    Grant JacksonMLBGrant Dwight Jackson1962-1982
    Henry JacksonMLBHenry Everett Jackson1887-1887
    Jay JacksonMLBRandy Jackson Jr.2006-2016
    Jim JacksonMLBJames Benner Jackson1901-1906
    Joe JacksonMLBJoseph Jefferson Jackson1908-1920
    John JacksonMLBJohn Lewis Jackson1933-1933
    Ken JacksonMLBKenneth Bernard Jackson1982-1989
    Larry JacksonMLBLawrence Curtis Jackson1955-1968
    Lou JacksonMLBLouis Clarence Jackson1958-1964
    Luke JacksonMLBLuke Ray Jackson2011-2017
    Mike JacksonMLBMichael Ray Jackson1984-2004
    Mike JacksonMLBMichael Warren Jackson1964-1973
    Randy JacksonMLBRansom Joseph Jackson1950-1959
    Reggie JacksonMLBReginald Martinez Jackson1966-1987
    Ron JacksonMLBRonald Harris Jackson1954-1960
    Ron JacksonMLBRonnie Damien Jackson1971-1988
    Roy Lee JacksonMLBRoy Lee Jackson1975-1987
    Ryan JacksonMLBRyan Christopher Jackson2007-2017
    Ryan JacksonMLBRyan Dewitte Jackson1991-2004
    Sam JacksonMLBSamuel Jackson1871-1872
    Sonny JacksonMLBRoland Thomas Jackson1963-1974
    Steven JacksonMLBSteven Nash Jackson2001-2011
    Travis JacksonMLBTravis Calvin Jackson1922-1936
    Zach JacksonMLBZachary Thomas Jackson2002-2015
    Art JacobsMLBArthur Edward Jacobs1939-1939
    Bucky JacobsMLBNewton Smith Jacobs1937-1940
    Elmer JacobsMLBWilliam Elmer Jacobs1914-1927
    Jake JacobsMLBLamar Gary Jacobs1960-1961
    Mike JacobsMLBMorris Elmore Jacobs1902-1902
    Mike JacobsMLBMichael James Jacobs1999-2016
    Otto JacobsMLBOtto Albert Jacobs1918-1918
    Ray JacobsMLBRaymond Frederick Jacobs1928-1928
    Spook JacobsMLBRobert Forrest Vandergrift Jacobs1954-1956
    Tony JacobsMLBAnthony Robert Jacobs1948-1955
    Bucky JacobsenMLBLarry William Jacobsen1997-2007
    Baby Doll JacobsonMLBWilliam Chester Jacobson1915-1927
    Beany JacobsonMLBAlbert L. Jacobson1904-1907
    Merwin JacobsonMLBMerwin John William Jacobson1915-1927
    Larry JacobusMLBStuart Louis Jacobus1918-1918
    Brook JacobyMLBBrook Wallace Jacoby1979-1992
    Harry JacobyMLBHarry M. Jacoby1882-1885
    Jason JacomeMLBJason James Jacome1990-2009
    Pat JacquezMLBPatrick Thomas Jacquez1971-1971
    Tom JacquezMLBThomas Patrick Jacquez1997-2004
    Jake JaeckelMLBPaul Henry Jaeckel1964-1964
    Charlie JaegerMLBCharles Thomas Jaeger1904-1904
    Joe JaegerMLBJoseph Peter Jaeger1920-1920
    John JahaMLBJohn Emil Jaha1985-2001
    Art JahnMLBArthur Charles Jahn1925-1928
    Juan JaimeMLBJuan Jose Jaime2008-2017
    Chris JakubauskasMLBChristopher James Jakubauskas2000-2013
    Sig JakuckiMLBSigmund Jakucki1936-1945
    Lefty JamersonMLBCharles Dewey Jamerson1924-1924
    Art JamesMLBArthur James1975-1979
    Bernie JamesMLBRobert Byrne James1929-1933
    Bert JamesMLBBerton Hulon James1909-1909
    Bill JamesMLBWilliam Henry James1911-1919
    Bill JamesMLBWilliam Lawrence James1913-1919
    Bob JamesMLBRobert Harvey James1976-1987
    Charlie JamesMLBCharles Wesley James1960-1965
    Chris JamesMLBDonald Christopher James1982-1995
    Chuck JamesMLBCharles Hamilton James2001-2012
    Cleo JamesMLBCleo Joel James1968-1973
    Delvin JamesMLBDelvin Dewayne James1996-2005
    Dion JamesMLBDion James1980-1996
    Jeff JamesMLBJeffrey Lynn James1968-1969
    Johnny JamesMLBJohn Phillip James1958-1961
    Justin JamesMLBJustin Duane James2002-2011
    Lefty JamesMLBWilliam A. James1912-1914
    Mike JamesMLBMichael Elmo James1987-2002
    Rick JamesMLBRichard Lee James1967-1967
    Skip JamesMLBPhilip Robert James1970-1979
    Charlie JamiesonMLBCharles Devine Jamieson1915-1932
    Jerry JaneskiMLBGerad Joseph Janeski1965-1972
    Paul JanishMLBPaul Ryan Janish2002-2017
    Jordan JankowskiMLBJordan J. Jankowski2009-2017
    Travis JankowskiMLBTravis Paul Jankowski2010-2017
    Vic JanowiczMLBVictor Felix Janowicz1953-1954
    Kenley JansenMLBKenley Corrales Jansen2005-2017
    Larry JansenMLBLawrence Joseph Jansen1947-1956
    Ray JansenMLBRaymond William Jansen1910-1910
    Casey JanssenMLBRobert Casey Janssen2001-2017
    Heinie JantzenMLBWalter C. Jantzen1912-1912
    Hal JanvrinMLBHarold Chandler Janvrin1911-1922
    Marty JanzenMLBMartin Thomas Janzen1992-2005
    Jason JaramilloMLBJason Cory Jaramillo2002-2013
    Kevin JarvisMLBKevin Thomas Jarvis1988-2006
    Pat JarvisMLBRobert Patrick Jarvis1960-1973
    Ray JarvisMLBRaymond Arnold Jarvis1969-1970
    Roy JarvisMLBLeroy Gilbert Jarvis1944-1947
    John JasoMLBJohn Edward Jaso2003-2017
    Hi JasperMLBHenry W. Jasper1914-1919
    Larry JasterMLBLarry Edward Jaster1965-1972
    Paul JataMLBPaul Jata1967-1972
    Al JaveryMLBAlva William Javery1940-1946
    Al JavierMLBIgnacio Alfredo Javier1976-1980
    Julian JavierMLBManuel Julian Javier Liranzo1960-1972
    Stan JavierMLBStanley Julian Javier1981-2001
    Joey JayMLBJoseph Richard Jay1953-1966
    Jon JayMLBJonathan Henry Jay2004-2017
    Myles JayeMLBMyles Joseph Jaye2011-2017
    Domingo JeanMLBDomingo Jean1990-2003
    Tex JeanesMLBErnest Lee Jeanes1921-1927
    George JeffcoatMLBGeorge Edward Jeffcoat1936-1943
    Hal JeffcoatMLBHarold Bentley Jeffcoat1948-1959
    Mike JeffcoatMLBJames Michael Jeffcoat1978-1994
    Gregg JefferiesMLBGregory Scott Jefferies1985-2000
    Jesse JeffersonMLBJesse Harrison Jefferson1968-1983
    Reggie JeffersonMLBReginald Jirod Jefferson1986-1999
    Stan JeffersonMLBStanley Jefferson1983-1991
    Jeremy JeffressMLBJeremy Ross Jeffress2006-2017
    Irv JeffriesMLBIrvine Franklin Jeffries1930-1934
    Chris JelicMLBChristopher John Jelic1984-1993
    Frank JelincichMLBFrank Anthony Jelincich1941-1941
    Greg JelksMLBGregory Dion Jelks1982-2001
    Steve JeltzMLBLarry Steven Jeltz1978-1991
    Chad JenkinsMLBStephen Chadwick Jenkins2007-2016
    Fergie JenkinsMLBFerguson Arthur Jenkins1962-1983
    Geoff JenkinsMLBGeoffrey Scott Jenkins1993-2008
    Jack JenkinsMLBWarren Washington Jenkins1962-1969
    Joe JenkinsMLBJoseph Daniel Jenkins1914-1919
    John JenkinsMLBJohn Robert Jenkins1922-1922
    Tom JenkinsMLBThomas Griffith Jenkins1925-1932
    Tyrell JenkinsMLBTyrell D. Jenkins2010-2017
    Bobby JenksMLBRobert Scott Jenks2000-2011
    Alamazoo JenningsMLBAlfred Gorden Jennings1878-1878
    Bill JenningsMLBWilliam Lee Jennings1951-1951
    Dan JenningsMLBDaniel Lee Jennings2006-2017
    Desmond JenningsMLBDesmond D. Jennings2006-2017
    Doug JenningsMLBJames Douglas Jennings1984-2005
    Hughie JenningsMLBHugh Ambrose Jennings1891-1912
    Jason JenningsMLBJason Ryan Jennings1997-2011
    Robin JenningsMLBRobin Christopher Jennings1992-2007
    Jackie JensenMLBJack Eugene Jensen1950-1961
    Kyle JensenMLBKyle G. Jensen2007-2016
    Marcus JensenMLBMarcus Christian Jensen1990-2006
    Ryan JensenMLBLarry Ryan Jensen1996-2006
    Willie JensenMLBWilliam Christian Jensen1912-1914
    Woody JensenMLBForrest Docenus Jensen1931-1939
    Kevin JepsenMLBKevin Martin Jepsen2002-2017
    Mike JerzembeckMLBMichael Joseph Jerzembeck1992-2002
    Garry JestadtMLBGarry Arthur Jestadt1965-1980
    Virgil JesterMLBVirgil Milton Jester1952-1953
    Derek JeterMLBDerek Sanderson Jeter1992-2014
    Johnny JeterMLBJohn Jeter1964-1974
    Shawn JeterMLBShawn Darrell Jeter1985-1997
    Sam JethroeMLBSamuel Jethroe1950-1954
    Nat JewettMLBNathan W. Jewett1872-1872
    A.J. JimenezMLBAntonio J. Jimenez2008-2017
    Cesar JimenezMLBCesar Enrique Jimenez2002-2015
    D'Angelo JimenezMLBD'Angelo Jimenez1995-2013
    Elvio JimenezMLBFelix Elvio Jimenez Rivera1964-1964
    German JimenezMLBGerman Jimenez Camarena1988-2001
    Houston JimenezMLBAlfonso Jimenez Gonzales1974-1988
    Jason JimenezMLBJason Jon Jimenez1997-2004
    Joe JimenezMLBJoseph Alexander Jimenez2013-2017
    Jose JimenezMLBJose Jimenez1995-2004
    Juan JimenezMLBJuan Antonio Jimenez Martes1974-1974
    Kelvin JimenezMLBKelvin Rogelio Jimenez2001-2012
    Luis JimenezMLBLuis Antonio Jimenez2001-2015
    Luis JimenezMLBLuis Domingo Jimenez Rodriguez2008-2015
    Manny JimenezMLBManuel Emilio Jimenez Rivera1962-1969
    Miguel JimenezMLBMiguel Anthony Jiminez1991-1999
    Ubaldo JimenezMLBUbaldo Jimenez (Garcia)2002-2017
    Charlton JimersonMLBCharlton Maxwell Jimerson1998-2010
    Waldis JoaquinMLBWaldis Joaquin (De La Cruz)2005-2017
    Brett JodieMLBBrett Paul Jodie1996-2005
    Kenji JohjimaMLBKenji Johjima1995-2012
    Tommy JohnMLBThomas Edward John Jr.1961-1989
    Augie JohnsMLBAugustus Francis Johns1926-1927
    Doug JohnsMLBDouglas Alan Johns1988-1999
    Keith JohnsMLBRobert Keith Johns Jr.1990-2000
    Ollie JohnsMLBOliver Tracy Johns1905-1905
    Pete JohnsMLBWilliam R. Johns1915-1918
    Tommy JohnsMLBThomas Pearce Johns1873-1873
    Abbie JohnsonMLBEbenezer Tremayne Johnson1896-1897
    Abe JohnsonMLBAbraham Johnson1893-1893
    Adam JohnsonMLBAdam Bryant Johnson1998-2009
    Alan JohnsonMLBThomas Alan Johnson2002-2013
    Alex JohnsonMLBAlexander Johnson1962-1976
    Art JohnsonMLBArthur Henry Johnson1940-1942
    Art JohnsonMLBArthur Gilbert Johnson1927-1927
    Bart JohnsonMLBClair Barth Johnson1968-1979
    Ben JohnsonMLBBenjamin Franklin Johnson1959-1960
    Ben JohnsonMLBBenjamin Joseph Johnson1999-2010
    Bill JohnsonMLBWilliam Lawrence Johnson1916-1917
    Bill JohnsonMLBWilliam Charles Johnson1980-1986
    Bill JohnsonMLBWilliam F. Johnson1884-1892
    Billy JohnsonMLBWilliam Russell Johnson1943-1953
    Bob JohnsonMLBRobert Lee Johnson1933-1945
    Bob JohnsonMLBRobert Wallace Johnson1960-1970
    Bob JohnsonMLBRobert Dale Johnson1964-1977
    Bob JohnsonMLBBobby Earl Johnson1977-1985
    Brian JohnsonMLBBrian David Johnson1987-2001
    Brian JohnsonMLBChristopher Brian Johnson2010-2017
    Caleb JohnsonMLBCaleb Clark Johnson1871-1871
    Charles JohnsonMLBCharles Edward Johnson Jr.1990-2005
    Charlie JohnsonMLBCharles Cleveland Johnson1908-1908
    Chet JohnsonMLBChester Lillis Johnson1946-1946
    Chief JohnsonMLBGeorge Howard Johnson1913-1914
    Chris JohnsonMLBChristopher Dalton Johnson2004-2017
    Cliff JohnsonMLBClifford Johnson Jr.1967-1986
    Connie JohnsonMLBClifford Johnson Jr.1953-1958
    Dan JohnsonMLBDaniel Ryan Johnson2000-2017
    Dane JohnsonMLBDane Edward Johnson1984-1999
    Darrell JohnsonMLBDarrell Dean Johnson1952-1962
    Dave JohnsonMLBDavid Charles Johnson1974-1978
    Dave JohnsonMLBDavid Wayne Johnson1982-1993
    Davey JohnsonMLBDavid Allen Johnson1962-1978
    Deron JohnsonMLBDeron Roger Johnson1956-1976
    Don JohnsonMLBDonald Spore Johnson1943-1948
    Don JohnsonMLBDonald Roy Johnson1947-1958
    Earl JohnsonMLBEarl Douglas Johnson1940-1951
    Ed JohnsonMLBEdwin Cyril Johnson1920-1920
    Elliot JohnsonMLBElliot Tyler Johnson2002-2015
    Elmer JohnsonMLBElmer Ellsworth Johnson1914-1914
    Erik JohnsonMLBErik C. Johnson2009-2017
    Erik JohnsonMLBErik Anthony Johnson1987-1996
    Ernie JohnsonMLBErnest Rudolph Johnson1912-1925
    Ernie JohnsonMLBErnest Thorwald Johnson1950-1959
    Footer JohnsonMLBRichard Allan Johnson1958-1958
    Frank JohnsonMLBFrank Herbert Johnson1966-1971
    Fred JohnsonMLBFrederick Edward Johnson1922-1939
    Gary JohnsonMLBGerald Clyde Johnson1999-2004
    Hank JohnsonMLBHenry Ward Johnson1925-1939
    Howard JohnsonMLBHoward Michael Johnson1979-2011
    Jason JohnsonMLBJason Michael Johnson1992-2013
    Jeff JohnsonMLBWilliam Jeffrey Johnson1988-1994
    Jerry JohnsonMLBJerry Michael Johnson1963-1977
    Jim JohnsonMLBJames Brian Johnson1970-1970
    Jim JohnsonMLBJames Robert Johnson2001-2017
    Jing JohnsonMLBRussell Conwell Johnson1916-1928
    Joe JohnsonMLBJoseph Richard Johnson1981-1990
    John JohnsonMLBJohn Louis Johnson1894-1894
    John Henry JohnsonMLBJohn Henry Johnson1974-1987
    Johnny JohnsonMLBJohn Clifford Johnson1944-1945
    Jonathan JohnsonMLBJonathan Kent Johnson1993-2007
    Josh JohnsonMLBJoshua Michael Johnson2002-2015
    Keith JohnsonMLBKeith Johnson1990-2003
    Kelly JohnsonMLBKelly Andrew Johnson2000-2016
    Ken JohnsonMLBKenneth Wandersee Johnson1947-1952
    Ken JohnsonMLBKenneth Travis Johnson1958-1970
    Kris JohnsonMLBKristofer Michael Johnson2004-2016
    Lamar JohnsonMLBLamar Johnson Sr.1968-1982
    Lance JohnsonMLBKenneth Lance Johnson1984-2002
    Larry JohnsonMLBLarry Doby Johnson1968-1981
    Lloyd JohnsonMLBLloyd William Johnson1934-1934
    Lou JohnsonMLBLouis Brown Johnson1960-1969
    Mark JohnsonMLBMark Patrick Johnson1987-2002
    Mark JohnsonMLBMark J. Johnson1995-2005
    Mark JohnsonMLBMark Landon Johnson1994-2010
    Micah JohnsonMLBMicah Drew Johnson2010-2017
    Mike JohnsonMLBMichael Norton Johnson1974-1974
    Mike JohnsonMLBMichael Keith Johnson1993-2010
    Nick JohnsonMLBNicholas Robert Johnson1996-2012
    Otis JohnsonMLBOtis L. Johnson1911-1911
    Paul JohnsonMLBPaul Oscar Johnson1920-1921
    Pierce JohnsonMLBPierce William Johnson2010-2017
    Randy JohnsonMLBRandall David Johnson1983-2009
    Randy JohnsonMLBRandall Glenn Johnson1977-1986
    Randy JohnsonMLBRandall Stuart Johnson1979-1985
    Rankin JohnsonMLBAdam Rankin Sr. Johnson1914-1918
    Rankin JohnsonMLBAdam Rankin Jr. Johnson1941-1941
    Reed JohnsonMLBReed Cameron Johnson1997-2015
    Rob JohnsonMLBRobert James Johnson2004-2013
    Ron JohnsonMLBRonald David Johnson1978-1985
    Rondin JohnsonMLBRondin Allen Johnson1978-1988
    Rontrez JohnsonMLBRontrez Demon Johnson1995-2008
    Roy JohnsonMLBRoy Cleveland Johnson1929-1938
    Roy JohnsonMLBRoy J. Johnson1918-1918
    Roy JohnsonMLBRoy Edward Johnson1980-1988
    Russ JohnsonMLBWilliam Russell Johnson1992-2007
    Si JohnsonMLBSilas Kenneth Johnson1928-1947
    Spud JohnsonMLBJames Ralph Johnson1889-1891
    Stan JohnsonMLBStanley Lucius Johnson1960-1961
    Steve JohnsonMLBSteven David Johnson2005-2017
    Syl JohnsonMLBSylvester W. Johnson1922-1940
    Tim JohnsonMLBTimothy Evald Johnson1973-1979
    Tom JohnsonMLBThomas Raymond Johnson1974-1980
    Tony JohnsonMLBAnthony Clair Johnson1977-1984
    Tyler JohnsonMLBTyler James Johnson2000-2012
    Vic JohnsonMLBVictor Oscar Johnson1944-1946
    Wallace JohnsonMLBWallace Darnell Johnson1977-1990
    Walt JohnsonMLBEllis Walter Johnson1912-1917
    Walter JohnsonMLBWalter Perry Johnson1907-1927
    Youngy JohnsonMLBJohn Gottfred Johnson1897-1899
    Dick JohnstonMLBRichard Frederick Johnston1884-1891
    Doc JohnstonMLBWheeler Roger Johnston1909-1922
    Fred JohnstonMLBWilfred Ivy Johnston1924-1924
    Greg JohnstonMLBGregory Bernard Johnston1976-1981
    Jimmy JohnstonMLBJames Harle Johnston1911-1926
    Joel JohnstonMLBJoel Raymond Johnston1986-1996
    Johnny JohnstonMLBJohn Thomas Johnston1913-1913
    Mike JohnstonMLBMichael Charles Johnston1998-2012
    Rex JohnstonMLBRex David Johnston1964-1964
    Jay JohnstoneMLBJohn William Johnstone Jr.1963-1985
    John JohnstoneMLBJohn William Johnstone1987-2000
    Roy JoinerMLBRoy Merrill Joiner1934-1940
    Stan JokMLBStanley Edward Jok1954-1955
    Eric JokischMLBEric Spenser Jokisch2008-2017
    Smead JolleyMLBSmead Powell Jolley1930-1933
    Dave JollyMLBDavid Jolly1953-1957
    Adam JonesMLBAdam La Marque Jones2003-2017
    Al JonesMLBAlfornia Jones1981-1990
    Alex JonesMLBAlexander H. Jones1889-1903
    Andruw JonesMLBAndruw Rudolf Jones1994-2014
    Art JonesMLBArthur Lennox Jones1932-1932
    Barry JonesMLBBarry Louis Jones1982-2000
    Bill JonesMLBWilliam Jones1882-1884
    Bill JonesMLBWilliam Dennis Jones1911-1912
    Binky JonesMLBJohn Joseph Jones1924-1924
    Bob JonesMLBRobert Walter Jones1917-1925
    Bob JonesMLBRobert Oliver Jones1967-1987
    Bobby JonesMLBRobert Joseph Jones1989-2006
    Bobby JonesMLBRobert Mitchell Jones1991-2013
    Brandon JonesMLBBrandon Lamon Jones2003-2014
    Broadway JonesMLBJesse Frank Jones1923-1923
    Bumpus JonesMLBCharles Leander Jones1892-1893
    Calvin JonesMLBCalvin Douglas Jones1984-2002
    Charley JonesMLBBenjamin Wesley Rippay1875-1888
    Charlie JonesMLBCharles F. Jones1884-1884
    Charlie JonesMLBCharles Claude Jones1901-1908
    Chipper JonesMLBLarry Wayne Jones1990-2012
    Chris JonesMLBChristopher Dale Jones1979-1991
    Chris JonesMLBChristopher Carlos Jones 1984-2004
    Clarence JonesMLBClarence Woodrow Jones1967-1968
    Cleon JonesMLBCleon Joseph Jones1963-1976
    Cobe JonesMLBCoburn Dyas Jones1928-1929
    Cowboy JonesMLBAlbert Edward Jones1898-1901
    Dale JonesMLBDale Eldon Jones1941-1941
    Dalton JonesMLBJames Dalton Jones1961-1972
    Darryl JonesMLBDarryl Lee Jones1977-1979
    Davy JonesMLBDavid Jefferson Jones1901-1918
    Dax JonesMLBDax Xenos Jones1991-2000
    Deacon JonesMLBCarroll Elmer Jones1916-1918
    Deacon JonesMLBGrover William Jones1962-1966
    Dick JonesMLBDecatur Poindexter Jones1926-1927
    Doug JonesMLBDouglas Reid Jones1978-2000
    Earl JonesMLBEarl Leslie Jones1945-1945
    Elijah JonesMLBElijah Albert Jones1907-1909
    Fielder JonesMLBFielder Allison Jones1896-1908
    Frank JonesMLBFrank M. Jones1884-1884
    Garrett JonesMLBGarrett Thomas Jones1999-2016
    Gary JonesMLBGareth Howell Jones1970-1971
    Gordon JonesMLBGordon Bassett Jones1954-1965
    Greg JonesMLBGreg Alan Jones1996-2008
    Hal JonesMLBHarold Marion Jones1961-1962
    Henry JonesMLBHenry Jones1890-1890
    Henry JonesMLBHenry Monroe Jones1884-1884
    Howie JonesMLBHoward Jones1921-1921
    Hunter JonesMLBDavid Hunter Jones2003-2014
    Jack JonesMLBDaniel Albion Jones1883-1883
    JaCoby JonesMLBJaCoby Mylon Jones 2011-2017
    Jacque JonesMLBJacque Dewayne Jones1994-2010
    Jake JonesMLBJames Murrell Jones1941-1948
    James JonesMLBJames Steven Jones2007-2017
    Jason JonesMLBJason D. Jones1996-2004
    Jeff JonesMLBJeffrey Allen Jones1977-1987
    Jeff JonesMLBJeffrey Raymond Jones1979-1985
    Jim JonesMLBJames Tilford Jones1897-1902
    Jimmy JonesMLBJames Condia Jones1982-1993
    John JonesMLBJohn William Jones1923-1932
    Johnny JonesMLBJohn Paul Jones1919-1920
    Ken JonesMLBKenneth Frederick Jones1924-1930
    Lynn JonesMLBLynn Morris Jones1971-1986
    Mack JonesMLBMack Jones1961-1971
    Marcus JonesMLBMarcus Jones1994-2002
    Mike JonesMLBMichael Jones1890-1890
    Mike JonesMLBMichael Carl Jones1977-1990
    Mitch JonesMLBMitchell C. Jones1999-2010
    Nate JonesMLBNathan Andrew Jones2005-2017
    Nippy JonesMLBVernal Leroy Jones1946-1957
    Odell JonesMLBOdell Jones1972-1992
    Oscar JonesMLBOscar Lafayette Jones1903-1905
    Percy JonesMLBPercy Lee Jones1920-1930
    Randy JonesMLBRandall Leo Jones1971-1982
    Red JonesMLBMaurice Morris Jones1940-1940
    Ri JonesMLBUriah Louis Jones1883-1884
    Rick JonesMLBThomas Frederick Jones1976-1980
    Ricky JonesMLBRicky Miron Jones1980-1988
    Ron JonesMLBRonald Glen Jones1985-1999
    Ross JonesMLBRoss A. Jones1979-1989
    Ruppert JonesMLBRuppert Sanderson Jones1973-1989
    Ryder JonesMLBRyder McKinley Jones2013-2017
    Sam JonesMLBSamuel Pond Jones1914-1935
    Sam JonesMLBSamuel Jones1951-1964
    Sheldon JonesMLBSheldon Leslie Jones1946-1953
    Sherman JonesMLBSherman Jarvis Jones1960-1962
    Stacy JonesMLBJoseph Stacy Jones1986-1997
    Steve JonesMLBSteven Howell Jones1967-1969
    Terry JonesMLBTerry Lee Jones1993-2002
    Tex JonesMLBWilliam Roderick Jones1911-1911
    Tim JonesMLBWilliam Timothy Jones1985-1995
    Tim JonesMLBTimmothy Byron Jones1977-1978
    Todd JonesMLBTodd Barton Jones1987-2008
    Tom JonesMLBThomas Jones1902-1910
    Tracy JonesMLBTracy Donald Jones1980-1992
    Willie JonesMLBWillie Edward Jones1947-1961
    Bubber JonnardMLBClarence James Jonnard1920-1935
    Claude JonnardMLBClaude Alfred Jonnard1921-1929
    Eddie JoostMLBEdwin David Joost1936-1955
    Brian JordanMLBBrian O'Neal Jordan1986-2006
    Buck JordanMLBBaxter Byerly Jordan1927-1938
    Charlie JordanMLBCharles T. Jordan1896-1896
    Dutch JordanMLBAdolf Otto Jordan1903-1904
    Harry JordanMLBHarry James Jordan1894-1895
    Jimmy JordanMLBJames William Jordan1933-1936
    Kevin JordanMLBKevin Wayne Jordan1990-2005
    Mike JordanMLBMichael Henry Jordan1890-1890
    Milt JordanMLBMilton Mignot Jordan1953-1953
    Niles JordanMLBNiles Chapman Jordan1951-1952
    Ricardo JordanMLBRicardo Jordan1989-2002
    Ricky JordanMLBPaul Scott Jordan1983-1997
    Rip JordanMLBRaymond Willis Jordan1912-1919
    Scott JordanMLBScott Allan Jordan1982-1989
    Slats JordanMLBClarence Veasey Jordan1901-1902
    Taylor JordanMLBTaylor J. Jordan2009-2016
    Tim JordanMLBTimothy Joseph Jordan1901-1910
    Tom JordanMLBThomas Jefferson Jordan1944-1948
    Felix JorgeMLBFelix De Jesus Jorge2011-2017
    Art JorgensMLBArndt Ludwig Jorgens1929-1939
    Orville JorgensMLBOrville Edward Jorgens1935-1937
    Mike JorgensenMLBMichael Jorgensen1966-1985
    Pinky JorgensenMLBCarl Jorgensen1937-1937
    Ryan JorgensenMLBRyan Wayne Jorgensen2000-2008
    Spider JorgensenMLBJohn Donald Jorgensen1947-1951
    Terry JorgensenMLBTerry Allen Jorgensen1985-1996
    Felix JoseMLBDomingo Felix Andujar Jose1984-2009
    Caleb JosephMLBCaleb Martin Joseph2006-2017
    Corban JosephMLBCorban R. Joseph2008-2017
    Donnie JosephMLBDonald Atley Joseph2007-2016
    Kevin JosephMLBKevin John Joseph1997-2003
    Rick JosephMLBRicardo Emelindo Joseph Harrigan1964-1970
    Tommy JosephMLBThomas Richard Joseph 2010-2017
    Duane JosephsonMLBDuane Charles Josephson1964-1972
    Von JoshuaMLBVon Everett Joshua1967-1980
    Addie JossMLBAdrian Joss1902-1910
    Ted JourdanMLBTheodore Charles Jourdan1916-1920
    Jimmy JournellMLBJames Richard Journell1997-2006
    Pop JoyMLBAloysius C. Joy1884-1884
    Bill JoyceMLBWilliam Michael Joyce1890-1898
    Bob JoyceMLBRobert Emmett Joyce1939-1946
    Dick JoyceMLBRichard Edward Joyce1965-1965
    George JoyceMLBGeorge W. Joyce1886-1886
    Matt JoyceMLBMatthew Ryan Joyce2003-2017
    Mike JoyceMLBMichael Lewis Joyce1962-1963
    Wally JoynerMLBWallace Keith Joyner1983-2001
    Mike JuddMLBMichael Galen Judd1995-2003
    Oscar JuddMLBThomas William Oscar Judd1941-1948
    Ralph JuddMLBRalph Wesley Judd1927-1930
    Frank JudeMLBFrank Jude1906-1906
    Jeff JudenMLBJeffrey Daniel Juden1989-2004
    Aaron JudgeMLBAaron James Judge2011-2017
    Joe JudgeMLBJoseph Ignatius Judge1915-1934
    Wally JudnichMLBWalter Franklin Judnich1940-1949
    Howie JudsonMLBHoward Kolls Judson1948-1954
    Josh JudyMLBJoshua S. Judy2005-2017
    Lyle JudyMLBLyle Leroy Judy1935-1935
    Red JuelichMLBJohn Samuel Juelich1939-1939
    Jorge JulioMLBJorge Dandys Julio1997-2012
    George JumonvilleMLBGeorge Benedict Jumonville1940-1941
    Eric JungeMLBEric DeBari Junge1996-2012
    Ken JungelsMLBKenneth Peter Jungels1937-1942
    Taylor JungmannMLBTaylor Heath Jungmann2009-2017
    Jake JunisMLBJakob Benjamin Lee Junis2012-2017
    Ed JurakMLBEdward James Jurak1975-1994
    Mike JurewiczMLBMichael Allen Jurewicz1965-1965
    Billy JurgesMLBWilliam Frederick Jurges1931-1947
    Al JurisichMLBAlvin Joseph Jurisich1944-1947
    Jair JurrjensMLBJair Francoise Jurrjens2003-2017
    Joe JustMLBJoseph Erwin Just1944-1945
    David JusticeMLBDavid Christopher Justice1985-2002
    Walt JustisMLBWalter Newton Justis1905-1905
    Skip JutzeMLBAlfred Henry Jutze1968-1977
    Herb JuulMLBHerbert Victor Juul1911-1911

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