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  • Major Leaguers with at least 1 game played since 1871 are included. New Major Leaguers will be added during the season as they make their MLB debuts.
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  • HA
    Yamid HaadMLBYamid Salcedo Haad1997-2010
    Bert HaasMLBBerthold John Haas1937-1951
    Bruno HaasMLBBruno Phillip Haas1915-1915
    Dave HaasMLBRobert David Haas1985-1997
    Eddie HaasMLBGeorge Edwin Haas1957-1960
    Moose HaasMLBBryan Edmund Haas1974-1987
    Mule HaasMLBGeorge William Haas1925-1938
    Bob HabenichtMLBRobert Julius Habenicht1951-1953
    Emil HabererMLBEmil Karl Haberer1901-1909
    John HabyanMLBJohn Gabriel Habyan1982-1996
    Irv HachMLBIrvin William Hach1897-1897
    Stan HackMLBStanley Camfield Hack1932-1947
    Eric HackerMLBEric Lynn Hacker2002-2012
    Rich HackerMLBRichard Warren Hacker1971-1979
    Warren HackerMLBWarren Louis Hacker1948-1961
    Jim HackettMLBJames Joseph Hackett1902-1903
    Mert HackettMLBMortimer Martin Hackett1883-1887
    Walter HackettMLBWalter Henry Hackett1884-1885
    Luther HackmanMLBLuther Gean Hackman1994-2007
    Harvey HaddixMLBHarvey Haddix Jr.1952-1965
    George HaddockMLBGeorge Silas Haddock1888-1894
    Bump HadleyMLBIrving Darius Hadley1926-1941
    Kent HadleyMLBKent William Hadley1958-1960
    Bill HaeffnerMLBWilliam Bernhard Haeffner1915-1928
    Mickey HaefnerMLBMilton Arnold Haefner1943-1950
    Charlie HaegerMLBCharles Wallis Haeger2001-2013
    Bud HafeyMLBDaniel Albert Hafey1935-1939
    Chick HafeyMLBCharles James Hafey1924-1937
    Tom HafeyMLBThomas Francis Hafey1939-1944
    Leo HaffordMLBLeo Edgar Hafford1906-1906
    Frank HafnerMLBFrancis R. Hafner1888-1888
    Travis HafnerMLBTravis Lee Hafner1997-2013
    Nick HagadoneMLBNicholas Michael Hagadone2005-2015
    Art HaganMLBArthur Charles Hagan1883-1884
    Casey HagemanMLBKurt Moritz Hageman1911-1914
    Kevin HagenMLBKevin Eugene Hagen1980-1989
    Bradin HagensMLBBradin C. Hagens2008-2015
    Rip HagermanMLBZerah Zequiel Hagerman1909-1916
    Bill HagueMLBWilliam L. Hague1875-1879
    Joe HagueMLBJoe Clarence Hague1966-1973
    Matt HagueMLBMatthew Donald Hague2005-2015
    Dick HahnMLBRichard Frederick Hahn1940-1940
    Don HahnMLBDonald Antone Hahn1966-1977
    Ed HahnMLBWilliam Edgar Hahn1905-1910
    Fred HahnMLBFrederick Aloys Hahn1952-1952
    Jesse HahnMLBJesse Allen Hahn2008-2015
    Noodles HahnMLBFrank George Hahn1899-1906
    Hal HaidMLBHarold Augustine Haid1919-1933
    Ed HaighMLBEdward E. Haigh1892-1892
    Hinkey HainesMLBHenry Luther Haines1923-1923
    Jesse HainesMLBJesse Joseph Haines1918-1937
    Jerry HairstonMLBJerry Wayne Hairston Sr.1970-1989
    Jerry HairstonMLBJerry Wayne Hairston Jr.1996-2013
    Johnny HairstonMLBJohn Louis Hairston1969-1969
    Sammy HairstonMLBSamuel Harding Hairston1951-1951
    Scott HairstonMLBScott Alexander Hairston2000-2014
    Jim HaislipMLBJames Clifton Haislip1913-1913
    Chet HajdukMLBChester Hajduk1941-1941
    Dave HajekMLBDavid Vincent Hajek1987-1999
    John HalamaMLBJohn Thadeuz Halama1994-2012
    George HalasMLBGeorge Stanley Halas1919-1919
    Ed HalbriterMLBEdward L. Halbriter1882-1882
    John HaldemanMLBJohn Avery Haldeman1877-1877
    Bob HaleMLBRobert Houston Hale1955-1961
    Chip HaleMLBWalter William Hale III1984-1998
    Dad HaleMLBRay Luther Hale1902-1902
    David HaleMLBDavid E. Hale2007-2015
    George HaleMLBGeorge Wagner Hale1914-1918
    John HaleMLBJohn Steven Hale1974-1981
    Odell HaleMLBArvel Odell Hale1931-1941
    Sammy HaleMLBSamuel Douglas Hale1920-1930
    J. HaleyMLBJ. Haley1880-1880
    Ray HaleyMLBRichard Timothy Haley1915-1917
    Ed HalickiMLBEdward Louis Halicki1972-1980
    Al HallMLBArchibald W. Hall1879-1880
    Albert HallMLBAlbert Hall1977-1989
    Bert HallMLBHerbert Ernest Hall1911-1911
    Bill HallMLBWilliam Bernard Hall1913-1913
    Bill HallMLBWilliam Lemuel Hall1954-1958
    Bill HallMLBWilliam Hall, Iii1998-2014
    Bob HallMLBRobert Lewis Hall1949-1953
    Bob HallMLBRobert Prill Hall1904-1905
    Charley HallMLBCharles Louis Hall1906-1918
    Charlie HallMLBCharles Walter Hall1887-1887
    Darren HallMLBMichael Darren Hall1986-1998
    Dick HallMLBRichard Wallace Hall1952-1971
    Drew HallMLBAndrew Clark Hall1982-1994
    George HallMLBGeorge William Hall1871-1877
    Herb HallMLBHerbert Silas Hall1918-1918
    Irv HallMLBIrvin Gladstone Hall1943-1946
    Jim HallMLBEdwin James Hall1872-1875
    Jimmie HallMLBJimmie Randolph Hall1963-1970
    Joe HallMLBJoseph Geroy Hall1987-1999
    John HallMLBJohn Sylvester Hall1948-1948
    Josh HallMLBJoshua Alan Hall1998-2010
    Marc HallMLBMarcus Hall1910-1914
    Mel HallMLBMelvin Hall Jr.1978-2002
    Russ HallMLBRobert Russell Hall1898-1901
    Toby HallMLBToby Jason Hall1997-2011
    Tom HallMLBTom Edward Hall1966-1977
    John HallaMLBJohn Arthur Halla1905-1905
    Roy HalladayMLBHarry Leroy Halladay III1995-2013
    Bill HallahanMLBWilliam Anthony Hallahan1925-1938
    Tom HallerMLBThomas Frank Haller1958-1972
    Jack HallettMLBJack Price Hallett1940-1948
    Newt HallidayMLBNewton Schurz Halliday1916-1916
    Jocko HalliganMLBWilliam E. Halligan1890-1892
    Ed HallinanMLBEdward S. Hallinan1911-1912
    Jimmy HallinanMLBJames H. Hallinan1871-1878
    Bill HallmanMLBWilliam Wilson Hallman1888-1903
    Bill HallmanMLBWilliam Harry Hallman1901-1907
    Charlie HallstromMLBCharles Emil Hallstrom1885-1885
    Gregory HalmanMLBGregory Anthony Halman2005-2011
    Jim HalpinMLBJames Nathaniel Halpin1882-1885
    Brad HalseyMLBBradford Alexander Halsey2000-2011
    Al HaltMLBAlva William Halt1918-1918
    Shane HalterMLBShane David Halter1991-2005
    Sean HaltonMLBSean Michael Halton2007-2015
    Ralph HamMLBRalph A. Ham1871-1871
    Doc HamannMLBElmer Joseph Hamann1922-1922
    Roger HambrightMLBRoger Dee Hambright1971-1971
    Charlie HamburgMLBCharles H. Hamburg1890-1890
    Mark HamburgerMLBMark John Hamburger2006-2015
    Jim HambyMLBJames Sanford Hamby1926-1927
    Bob HamelinMLBRobert James Hamelin Iii1988-1999
    Cole HamelsMLBColbert Richard Hamels2003-2015
    John HamillMLBJohn Alexander Charles Hamill1884-1884
    Billy HamiltonMLBBilly R. Hamilton2009-2015
    Billy HamiltonMLBWilliam Robert Hamilton1888-1901
    Darryl HamiltonMLBDarryl Quinn Hamilton1986-2001
    Dave HamiltonMLBDavid Edward Hamilton1966-1981
    Earl HamiltonMLBEarl Andrew Hamilton1911-1924
    Jack HamiltonMLBJack Edwin Hamilton1962-1969
    Jeff HamiltonMLBJeffrey Robert Hamilton1983-1992
    Joey HamiltonMLBJohns Joseph Hamilton1990-2004
    Josh HamiltonMLBJoshua Holt Hamilton1999-2015
    Mark HamiltonMLBMark Alan Hamilton2004-2014
    Steve HamiltonMLBSteven Absher Hamilton1961-1972
    Tom HamiltonMLBThomas Ball Hamilton1952-1953
    Ken HamlinMLBKenneth Lee Hamlin1957-1966
    Luke HamlinMLBLuke Daniel Hamlin1933-1944
    Pete HammMLBPeter Whitfield Hamm1970-1971
    Atlee HammakerMLBCharlton Atlee Hammaker1979-1995
    Jason HammelMLBJason Aaron Hammel2001-2015
    Rob HammockMLBRobert Wade Hammock1998-2011
    Chris HammondMLBChristopher Andrew Hammond1985-2006
    Jack HammondMLBWalter Charles Hammond1915-1922
    Steve HammondMLBSteven Benjamin Hammond1978-1986
    Jeff HammondsMLBJeffrey Bryan Hammonds1990-2005
    Garvin HamnerMLBWesley Garvin Hamner1945-1945
    Granny HamnerMLBGranville Wilbur Hamner1944-1962
    Ralph HamnerMLBRalph Conant Hamner1946-1949
    Justin HampsonMLBJustin Michael Hampson1999-2013
    Ike HamptonMLBIsaac Bernard Hampton1974-1980
    Mike HamptonMLBMichael William Hampton1990-2010
    Erik HamrenMLBErik Kendall Hamren2006-2014
    Bert HamricMLBOdbert Herman Hamric1955-1958
    Ray HamrickMLBRaymond Bernard Hamrick1943-1944
    Tim HamulackMLBTimothy William Alexander Hamulack1995-2012
    Fred HancockMLBFred James Hancock1949-1949
    Garry HancockMLBRonald Garry Hancock1975-1984
    Josh HancockMLBJoshua Morgan Hancock1997-2007
    Lee HancockMLBLeland David Hancock1988-1997
    Ryan HancockMLBRyan Lee Hancock1993-1999
    Brad HandMLBBrad Hand2008-2015
    Donovan HandMLBDonovan Hand2005-2015
    Rich HandMLBRichard Allen Hand1969-1973
    Jim HandiboeMLBJames Edward Handiboe1886-1886
    Mike HandiboeMLBAloysius James Handiboe1911-1911
    Gene HandleyMLBEugene Louis Handley1946-1947
    Lee HandleyMLBLee Elmer Handley1936-1947
    Vern HandrahanMLBJames Vernon Handrahan1964-1966
    Bill HandsMLBWilliam Alfred Hands Jr.1959-1975
    Harry HanebrinkMLBHarry Aloysius Hanebrink1953-1959
    Chris HaneyMLBChristopher Deane Haney1988-2002
    Fred HaneyMLBFred Girard Haney1922-1929
    Larry HaneyMLBWallace Larry Haney1961-1978
    Todd HaneyMLBTodd Michael Haney1986-1999
    Ryan HaniganMLBRyan M. Hanigan2000-2015
    Don HankinsMLBDonald Wayne Hankins1927-1927
    Jay HankinsMLBJay Nelson Hankins1961-1963
    Frank HankinsonMLBFrank Edward Hankinson1878-1888
    Jim HanleyMLBJames Patrick Hanley1913-1913
    Bill HanlonMLBWilliam Joseph Hanlon1903-1903
    Ned HanlonMLBEdward Hugh Hanlon1880-1892
    John HannaMLBJohn Hanna1884-1884
    Preston HannaMLBPreston Lee Hanna1972-1983
    Truck HannahMLBJames Harrison Hannah1918-1920
    Jack HannahanMLBJohn Joseph Hannahan1999-2014
    Gerry HannahsMLBGerald Ellis Hannahs1974-1981
    Jim HannanMLBJames John Hannan1962-1971
    Jack HannifinMLBJohn Joseph Hannifin1906-1908
    Loy HanningMLBLoy Vernon Hanning1939-1942
    Pat HannivanMLBPatrick James Hannivan1897-1897
    Joel HanrahanMLBJoel Ryan Hanrahan2000-2013
    Devern HansackMLBDevern Brandon Hansack2002-2009
    Greg HansellMLBGregory Michael Hansell1989-2004
    Andy HansenMLBAndrew Viggo Hansen1944-1953
    Bob HansenMLBRobert Joseph Hansen1974-1976
    Craig HansenMLBCraig Robert Hansen2003-2012
    Dave HansenMLBDavid Andrew Hansen1986-2005
    Doug HansenMLBDouglas William Hansen1951-1951
    Jed HansenMLBJed Ramon Hansen1992-2006
    Ron HansenMLBRonald Lavern Hansen1958-1972
    Roy HansenMLBRoy Inglof Hansen1918-1918
    Snipe HansenMLBRoy Emil Frederick Hansen1930-1935
    F.C. HansfordMLBFrank Cicero Hansford1898-1898
    Don HanskiMLBDonald Thomas Hanski1943-1944
    Erik HansonMLBErik Brian Hanson1984-1999
    Harry HansonMLBHarry Francis Hanson1913-1913
    Ollie HansonMLBEarl Sylvester Hanson1921-1921
    Tommy HansonMLBThomas J. Hanson2005-2014
    Ed HanyzewskiMLBEdward Michael Hanyzewski1942-1946
    J.A. HappMLBJames Anthony Happ2002-2015
    John HappennyMLBJohn Clifford Happenny1923-1923
    Aaron HarangMLBAaron Michael Harang1997-2015
    Bill HarbidgeMLBWilliam Albert Harbridge1875-1884
    Rich HardenMLBJames Richard Harden2000-2011
    Mel HarderMLBMelvin Leroy Harder1928-1947
    Scott HardestyMLBScott Durbin Hardesty1899-1899
    Pat HardgroveMLBWilliam Henry Hardgrove1918-1918
    Lou HardieMLBLouis Winfred Hardie1884-1891
    Bud HardinMLBWilliam Edgar Hardin1952-1952
    Jim HardinMLBJames Warren Hardin1962-1972
    Charlie HardingMLBCharles Harold Harding1913-1913
    Jason HardtkeMLBJason Robert Hardtke1990-2001
    Alex HardyMLBDavid Alexander hardy1902-1903
    Blaine HardyMLBBlaine Patrick Hardy2006-2015
    Carroll HardyMLBCarroll William Hardy1958-1967
    Harry HardyMLBHarry Hardy1905-1906
    J.J. HardyMLBJames Jerry Hardy2001-2015
    Jack HardyMLBJohn Doolittle Hardy1903-1910
    Jack HardyMLBJohn Graydon Hardy1981-1990
    Larry HardyMLBHoward Lawrence Hardy1974-1979
    Red HardyMLBFrancis Joseph Hardy1951-1951
    Shawn HareMLBShawn Robert Hare1988-1997
    Dan HarenMLBDaniel John Haren1999-2015
    Steve HarganMLBSteven Lowell Hargan1962-1978
    Al HargesheimerMLBAlan Robert Hargesheimer1978-1988
    Bubbles HargraveMLBEugene Franklin Hargrave1913-1930
    Pinky HargraveMLBWilliam McKinley Hargrave1923-1933
    Charlie HargreavesMLBCharles Russell Hargreaves1923-1930
    Mike HargroveMLBDudley Michael Hargrove1972-1985
    Tim HarikkalaMLBTimothy Allan Harikkala1992-2010
    Mike HarkeyMLBMichael Anthony Harkey1985-1997
    John HarkinsMLBJohn Joseph Harkins1884-1888
    Spec HarknessMLBFrederick Harvey Harkness1910-1911
    Tim HarknessMLBThomas William Harkness1961-1964
    Dick HarleyMLBHenry Risk Harley1905-1905
    Dick HarleyMLBRichard Joseph Harley1897-1903
    Larry HarlowMLBLarry Duane Harlow1971-1984
    Bill HarmanMLBWilliam Bell Harman1941-1941
    Brad HarmanMLBBradley Christopher Harman2004-2009
    Bob HarmonMLBRobert Green Harmon1909-1918
    Chuck HarmonMLBCharles Byron Harmon1954-1957
    Terry HarmonMLBTerry Walter Harmon1966-1977
    Pete HarnischMLBPeter Thomas Harnisch1985-2003
    Bill HarperMLBWilliam Homer Harper1911-1911
    Brandon HarperMLBBrandon Scott Harper1997-2007
    Brian HarperMLBBrian David Harper1977-2000
    Bryce HarperMLBBryce Aron Max Harper 2010-2015
    George HarperMLBGeorge Washington Harper1916-1929
    George HarperMLBJohn George Harper1894-1896
    Harry HarperMLBHarry Clayton Harper1913-1923
    Jack HarperMLBJohn Wesley Harper1915-1915
    Jack HarperMLBCharles William Harper1899-1906
    Terry HarperMLBTerry Joe Harper1973-1987
    Tommy HarperMLBTommy Harper1960-1976
    Travis HarperMLBTravis Boyd Harper1995-2006
    Toby HarrahMLBColbert Dale Harrah1967-1986
    Billy HarrellMLBWilliam Harrell1955-1961
    John HarrellMLBJohn Robert Harrell1969-1969
    Lucas HarrellMLBLucas William Bradley Harrell2004-2014
    Ray HarrellMLBRaymond James Harrell1935-1945
    Slim HarrellMLBOscar Martin Harrell1912-1912
    Bill HarrelsonMLBWilliam Charles Harrelson1968-1968
    Bud HarrelsonMLBDerrel McKinley Harrelson1963-1980
    Ken HarrelsonMLBKenneth Smith Harrelson1963-1971
    Denny HarrigerMLBDennis Scott Harriger1987-2006
    Andy HarringtonMLBAndrew Matthew Harrington1925-1925
    Andy HarringtonMLBAndrew Francis Harrington1913-1913
    Bill HarringtonMLBWilliam Womble Harrington1953-1956
    Jerry HarringtonMLBJeremiah Peter Harrington1890-1893
    Joe HarringtonMLBJoseph C. Harrington1895-1896
    Bill HarrisMLBWilliam Thomas Harris1957-1959
    Bill HarrisMLBWilliam Milton Harris1923-1938
    Billy HarrisMLBJames William Harris1968-1978
    Bob HarrisMLBRobert Arthur Harris1938-1942
    Brendan HarrisMLBBrendan Michael Harris1999-2015
    Bubba HarrisMLBCharles Harris1948-1951
    Bucky HarrisMLBStanley Raymond Harris1919-1931
    Buddy HarrisMLBWalter Francis Harris1970-1971
    Candy HarrisMLBAlonzo Harris1967-1967
    Charlie HarrisMLBCharles Jenkins Harris1899-1899
    Dave HarrisMLBDavid Stanley Harris1925-1934
    Donald HarrisMLBDonald Harris1989-2000
    Frank HarrisMLBFrank Walter Harris1884-1884
    Gail HarrisMLBBoyd Gail Harris1955-1960
    Gene HarrisMLBTyrone Eugene Harris1984-1998
    Greg HarrisMLBGreg Allen Harris1975-1995
    Greg HarrisMLBGregory Wade Harris1985-1996
    Herb HarrisMLBHerbert Benjamin Harris1936-1936
    Jeff HarrisMLBJeffrey Austin Harris1993-2008
    Joe HarrisMLBJoseph White Harris1905-1907
    Joe HarrisMLBJoseph Harris1914-1928
    John HarrisMLBJohn Thomas Harris1977-1985
    Lenny HarrisMLBLeonard Anthony Harris1983-2005
    Lum HarrisMLBChalmer Luman Harris1941-1947
    Mickey HarrisMLBMaurice Charles Harris1940-1952
    Mitch HarrisMLBMitchell Andrew Harris2005-2015
    Ned HarrisMLBRobert Ned Harris1941-1946
    Pep HarrisMLBHernando Petrocelli Harris1991-2001
    Reggie HarrisMLBReginald Allen Harris1987-2006
    Spencer HarrisMLBAnthony Spencer Harris1925-1930
    Vic HarrisMLBVictor Lanier Harris1971-1984
    Will HarrisMLBWilliam Taylor Harris2003-2015
    Willie HarrisMLBWillie Charles Harris1999-2012
    Ben HarrisonMLBBen Harrison1901-1901
    Bob HarrisonMLBRobert Lee Harrison1955-1956
    Chuck HarrisonMLBCharles William Harrison1965-1971
    Josh HarrisonMLBJoshua Isaiah Harrison2006-2015
    Matt HarrisonMLBMatthew Reid Harrison2003-2015
    Rit HarrisonMLBWashington Ritter Harrison1875-1875
    Roric HarrisonMLBRoric Edward Harrison1965-1978
    Tom HarrisonMLBThomas James Harrison1965-1965
    Slim HarrissMLBWilliam Jennings Bryan Harriss1920-1928
    Earl HarristMLBEarl Harrist1945-1953
    Sam HarshanyMLBSamuel Harshany1937-1940
    Jack HarshmanMLBJohn Elvin Harshman1948-1960
    Oscar HarstadMLBOscar Theander Harstad1915-1915
    Bill HartMLBWilliam Franklin Hart1886-1901
    Bill HartMLBWilliam Woodrow Hart1943-1945
    Billy HartMLBRobert Lee Hart1890-1890
    Bo HartMLBBodhi J. Hart1998-2008
    Burt HartMLBJames John Hart1901-1901
    Corey HartMLBJon Corey Hart2000-2015
    Hub HartMLBJames Henry Hart1905-1907
    Jason HartMLBJason Wyatt Hart1996-2006
    Jim Ray HartMLBJames Ray Hart1960-1974
    Kevin HartMLBKevin Richard Hart2002-2012
    Mike HartMLBJames Michael Hart1972-1983
    Mike HartMLBMichael Lawrence Hart1979-1987
    Tom HartMLBThomas Henry Hart1891-1891
    Chuck HartensteinMLBCharles Oscar Hartenstein1966-1977
    Frank HarterMLBFrank Pierce Harter1912-1913
    Bruce HartfordMLBBruce Daniel Hartford1914-1914
    Dean HartgravesMLBDean Charles Hartgraves1987-1998
    Ed HartingMLBEdward Harting1886-1886
    Chris HartjeMLBChristian Henry Hartje1939-1939
    Chick HartleyMLBWalter Scott Hartley1902-1902
    Grover HartleyMLBGrover Allen Hartley1911-1934
    Mike HartleyMLBMichael Edward Hartley1981-2005
    Bob HartmanMLBRobert Louis Hartman1959-1962
    Charlie HartmanMLBCharles Otto Hartman1908-1908
    Fred HartmanMLBFrederick Orrin Hartman1894-1902
    J.C. HartmanMLBJ C Hartman1962-1963
    Gabby HartnettMLBCharles Leo Hartnett1922-1941
    Pat HartnettMLBPatrick J. Hartnett1890-1890
    Ray HartranftMLBRaymond Joseph Hartranft1913-1913
    Greg HartsMLBGregory Rudolph Harts1973-1973
    Topsy HartselMLBTully Frederick Hartsel1898-1911
    Roy HartsfieldMLBRoy Thomas Hartsfield1950-1952
    Jeff HartsockMLBJeffrey Roger Hartsock1986-1994
    Clint HartungMLBClinton Clarence Hartung1947-1952
    Paul HartzellMLBPaul Franklin Hartzell1973-1984
    Roy HartzellMLBRoy Allen Hartzell1906-1916
    Luther HarvelMLBLuther Raymond Harvel1928-1928
    Bryan HarveyMLBBryan Stanley Harvey1982-1997
    Ken HarveyMLBKenneth Eugene Harvey 1997-2009
    Matt HarveyMLBMatthew Edward Harvey2008-2015
    Zaza HarveyMLBErvin King Harvey1900-1902
    Chad HarvilleMLBChad Ashley Harville1996-2007
    Ziggy HasbrookMLBRobert Lyndon Hasbrook1916-1917
    Shigetoshi HasegawaMLBShigetoshi Hasegawa1991-2005
    Bill HaselmanMLBWilliam Joseph Haselman1986-2003
    Don HasenmayerMLBDonald Irvin Hasenmayer1945-1946
    Herb HashMLBHerbert Howard Hash1940-1941
    Mickey HaslinMLBMichael Joseph Haslin1933-1938
    Pete HasneyMLBPeter James Hasney1890-1890
    Bill HassamaerMLBWilliam Louis Hassamaer1894-1896
    Alex HassanMLBAlexander Edward Hassan2007-2015
    Buddy HassettMLBJohn Aloysius Hassett1936-1942
    Ron HasseyMLBRonald William Hassey1976-1991
    Andy HasslerMLBAndrew Earl Hassler1970-1985
    Joe HasslerMLBJoseph Frederick Hassler1928-1930
    Gene HassonMLBCharles Eugene Hasson1937-1938
    Charlie HastingsMLBCharles Morton Hastings1893-1898
    Scott HastingsMLBWinfield Scott Hastings1871-1877
    Bob HastyMLBRobert Keller Hasty1919-1924
    Billy HatcherMLBWilliam Augustus Hatcher1981-1995
    Chris HatcherMLBDavid Christopher Hatcher2004-2015
    Chris HatcherMLBChristopher Kenneth Hatcher1990-2002
    Mickey HatcherMLBMichael Vaughn Hatcher Jr.1977-1991
    Fred HatfieldMLBFred James Hatfield1950-1958
    Gil HatfieldMLBGilbert Hatfield1885-1895
    John HatfieldMLBJohn Van Buskirk Hatfield1871-1876
    Hilly HathawayMLBHillary Houston Hathaway1988-1995
    Ray HathawayMLBRay Wilson Hatahaway1945-1945
    Scott HattebergMLBScott Allen Hatteberg1990-2008
    Joe HattenMLBJoseph Hilarian Hatten1946-1952
    Clyde HatterMLBClyde Melno Hatter1935-1937
    John HattigMLBJohn Duane Hattig1999-2008
    Grady HattonMLBGrady Edgebert Hatton1946-1960
    Arthur HaugerMLBJohn Arthur Hauger1912-1912
    Chris HaugheyMLBChristopher Francis Haughey1943-1943
    Gary HaughtMLBGary Allen Haught1992-1999
    Phil HaugstadMLBPhillip Donald Haugstad1947-1952
    Arnold HauserMLBArnold George Hauser1910-1913
    Joe HauserMLBJoseph John Hauser1922-1929
    Tom HausmanMLBThomas Matthew Hausman1971-1983
    Clem HausmannMLBClamens Raymond Hausmann1944-1949
    George HausmannMLBGeorge John Hausmann1944-1949
    Charlie HautzMLBCharles A. Hautz1875-1884
    Brad HavensMLBBradley David Havens1978-1989
    Ryan HawblitzelMLBRyan Wade Hawblitzel1990-1999
    Bill HawesMLBWilliam Hildreth Hawes1879-1884
    Roy HawesMLBRoy Lee Hawes1951-1951
    Ed HawkMLBEdward Hawk1911-1911
    Bill HawkeMLBWilliam Victor Hawke1892-1894
    Thorny HawkesMLBThorndike Proctor Hawkes1879-1884
    Andy HawkinsMLBMelton Andrew Hawkins1978-1992
    LaTroy HawkinsMLBLaTroy Hawkins1991-2015
    Wynn HawkinsMLBWynn Firth Hawkins1960-1962
    Chicken HawksMLBNelson Louis Hawks1921-1925
    Blake HawksworthMLBBlake Edward Hawksworth2002-2012
    Marvin HawleyMLBMarvin Hiram Hawley1894-1894
    Pink HawleyMLBEmerson Pink Hawley1892-1901
    Howie HaworthMLBHomer Howard Haworth1915-1915
    Brad HawpeMLBBradley Bonte Hawpe1999-2013
    Hal HaydelMLBJohn Harold Haydel1970-1971
    Jack HaydenMLBJohn Francis Hayden1901-1908
    Lefty HaydenMLBEugene Franklin Hayden1958-1958
    Ben HayesMLBBen Joseph Hayes1978-1985
    Bill HayesMLBWilliam Ernest Hayes1978-1987
    Brett HayesMLBBrett Gregory Hayes2003-2015
    Charlie HayesMLBCharles Dewayne Hayes1983-2001
    Frankie HayesMLBFrank Witman Hayes1933-1947
    Jackie HayesMLBMinter Carney Hayes1927-1940
    Jackie HayesMLBJohn J. Hayes1882-1890
    Jim HayesMLBJames Millard Hayes1935-1935
    John HayesMLBJohn Edward Hayes1876-1876
    Von HayesMLBVon Francis Hayes1980-1992
    Dirk HayhurstMLBDirk Von Hayhurst2000-2011
    Fred HaynerMLBFred Ames Hayner1890-1890
    Heath HaynesMLBHeath Burnett Haynes1988-2000
    Jimmy HaynesMLBJimmy Wayne Haynes1991-2005
    Joe HaynesMLBJoseph Walton Haynes1939-1952
    Nathan HaynesMLBNathan Raymond Quinn Haynes1997-2008
    Ray HaywardMLBRaymond Alton Hayward1980-1991
    Bill HaywoodMLBWilliam Kiernan Haywood1968-1968
    Ray HayworthMLBRaymond Hall Hayworth1926-1945
    Red HayworthMLBMyron Claude Hayworth1944-1945
    Drungo HazewoodMLBDrungo La Rue Hazewood1977-1983
    Bob HazleMLBRobert Sidney Hazle1955-1958
    Doc HazletonMLBWillard Carpenter Hazleton1902-1902
    Ed HeadMLBEdward Marvin Head1940-1946
    Jerad HeadMLBJerad Lee Head2002-2013
    Ralph HeadMLBRalph Head1923-1923
    Chase HeadleyMLBChase Jordan Headley2003-2015
    Tom HealeyMLBThomas F. Healey1878-1878
    Fran HealyMLBFrancis Xavier Healy1965-1978
    Francis HealyMLBFrancis Xavier Paul Healy1930-1934
    John HealyMLBJohn J. Healy1885-1892
    Thomas HealyMLBThomas Fitzgerald Healy1915-1916
    Andrew HeaneyMLBAndrew M. Heaney2010-2015
    Charlie HeardMLBCharles Heard1890-1890
    Jay HeardMLBJehosie Heard1954-1954
    Bunny HearnMLBBunn Hearn1910-1920
    Bunny HearnMLBElmer Lafayette Hearn1926-1929
    Ed HearnMLBEdmund Hearn1910-1910
    Ed HearnMLBEdward John Hearn1978-1990
    Jim HearnMLBJames Tolbert Hearn1947-1959
    Hughie HearneMLBHugh Joseph Hearne1901-1903
    Jeff HearronMLBJeffrey Vernon Hearron1982-1990
    Bill HeathMLBWilliam Chris Heath1965-1969
    Deunte HeathMLBDeunte Raymon Heath2004-2014
    Jeff HeathMLBJohn Geoffrey Heath1936-1949
    Kelly HeathMLBKelly Mark Heath1977-1990
    Mickey HeathMLBMinor Wilson Heath1931-1932
    Mike HeathMLBMichael Thomas Heath1973-1992
    Spencer HeathMLBSpencer Paul Heath1920-1920
    Tommy HeathMLBThomas George Heath1935-1938
    Jeff HeathcockMLBRonald Jeffrey Heathcock1978-1990
    Cliff HeathcoteMLBClifton Earl Heathcote1918-1932
    Mike HeathcottMLBMichael Joseph Heathcott1990-2000
    Slade HeathcottMLBZachary Slade Heathcott2009-2015
    Neal HeatonMLBNeal Heaton1979-1993
    Dave HeaverloMLBDavid Wallace Heaverlo1973-1983
    Wally HebertMLBWallace Andrew Hebert1931-1943
    Richie HebnerMLBRichard Joseph Hebner1966-1985
    Bryan HebsonMLBBryan Mccall Hebson1995-2004
    Adeiny HechavarriaMLBAdeiny Hechavarria2010-2015
    Mike HechingerMLBMichael Vincent Hechinger1912-1913
    Guy HeckerMLBGuy Jackson Hecker1882-1890
    Austin HedgesMLBAustin C. Hedges2011-2015
    Harry HedgpethMLBHarry Malcolm Hedgpeth1913-1913
    Mike HedlundMLBMichael David Hedlund1964-1972
    Danny HeepMLBDaniel William Heep1978-1991
    Bert HeffernanMLBBertram Alexander Heffernan1985-2000
    Bob HeffnerMLBRobert Frederic Heffner1963-1968
    Don HeffnerMLBDonald Henry Heffner1934-1944
    Bronson HeflinMLBBronson Wayne Heflin1994-2000
    Randy HeflinMLBRandolph Rutherford Heflin1945-1946
    Jeremy HefnerMLBJeremy Scott Hefner2007-2014
    Jim HeganMLBJames Edward Hegan1941-1960
    Mike HeganMLBJames Michael Hegan1962-1977
    Jake HehlMLBHerman Jacob Hehl1918-1918
    Jack HeidemannMLBJack Seale Heidemann1967-1979
    Emmet HeidrickMLBR. Emmet Heidrick1898-1908
    Frank HeiferMLBFranklin Heifer1875-1875
    Chink HeilemanMLBJohn George Heileman1901-1901
    Aaron HeilmanMLBAaron Michael Heilman1998-2012
    Harry HeilmannMLBHarry Edwin Heilmann1914-1932
    Val HeimMLBVal Raymond Heim1942-1942
    Fred HeimachMLBFrederick Amos Heimach1920-1933
    Gorman HeimuellerMLBGorman John Heimueller1975-1986
    Bud HeineMLBWilliam Henry Heine1921-1921
    Don HeinkelMLBDonald Elliott Heinkel1979-1993
    Chris HeintzMLBChristopher John Heintz1994-2008
    Ken HeintzelmanMLBKenneth Alphonse Heintzelman1937-1952
    Tom HeintzelmanMLBThomas Kenneth Heintzelman1973-1979
    Jack HeinzmanMLBJohn Peter Heinzman1886-1886
    Bob HeiseMLBRobert Lowell Heise1966-1977
    Clarence HeiseMLBClarence Edward Heise1934-1934
    Jim HeiseMLBJames Edward Heise1957-1957
    Roy HeiserMLBLe Roy Barton Heiser1961-1961
    Rick HeisermanMLBRichard Michael Heiserman1992-2002
    Chris HeiseyMLBChristopher Heisey2004-2015
    Crese HeismannMLBChristian Ernst Heismann1901-1902
    Al HeistMLBAlfred Michael Heist1960-1962
    Harry HeitmannMLBHenry Anton Heitmann1918-1918
    Heinie HeitmullerMLBWilliam Frederick Heitmuller1909-1910
    Mel HeldMLBMelvin Nicholas Held1956-1956
    Woodie HeldMLBWoodson George Held1954-1969
    Hank HelfMLBHenry Hartz Helf1938-1946
    Eric HelfandMLBEric James Helfand1990-1998
    Jeremy HellicksonMLBJeremy Robert Hellickson2005-2015
    Rick HellingMLBRicky Allen Helling1990-2006
    Tony HellmanMLBAnthony Joseph Hellman1886-1886
    Johnny HellwegMLBJohn David Hellwe2008-2015
    Horace HelmboldMLBHorace Willing Helmbold1890-1890
    Tommy HelmsMLBTommy Vann Helms1959-1977
    Wes HelmsMLBWesley Ray Helms1994-2011
    Todd HeltonMLBTodd Lynn Helton1993-2013
    Heinie HeltzelMLBWilliam Wade Heltzel1943-1944
    Russ HemanMLBRussell Frederick Heman1961-1961
    Heath HembreeMLBRichard Heath Hembree2008-2015
    Ed HemingwayMLBEdson Marshall Hemingway1914-1918
    George HemmingMLBGeorge Earl Hemming1890-1897
    Scott HemondMLBScott Mathew Hemond1986-1999
    Ducky HempMLBWilliam H. Hemp1887-1890
    Bret HemphillMLBBret Ryan Hemphill1992-2000
    Charlie HemphillMLBCharles Judson Hemphill1899-1911
    Frank HemphillMLBFrank Vernon Hemphill1906-1909
    Rollie HemsleyMLBRalston Burdett Hemsley1928-1947
    Solly HemusMLBSolomon Joseph Hemus1949-1959
    Bernie HendersonMLBBernard Henderson1921-1921
    Bill HendersonMLBWilliam Maxwell Henderson1930-1930
    Dave HendersonMLBDavid Lee Henderson1977-1994
    Hardie HendersonMLBJames Harding Henderson1883-1888
    James HendersonMLBJames Henderson2013-2013
    Jim HendersonMLBJames D. Henderson2003-2015
    Joe HendersonMLBJoseph Lee Henderson1974-1977
    Ken HendersonMLBKenneth Joseph Henderson1964-1980
    Rickey HendersonMLBRickey Henley Henderson1976-2005
    Rod HendersonMLBRodney Wood Henderson1991-2001
    Steve HendersonMLBSteven Curtis Henderson1974-1989
    Bob HendleyMLBCharles Robert Hendley1961-1967
    George HendrickMLBGeorge Andrew Hendrick Jr.1968-1988
    Harvey HendrickMLBHarvey Hendrick1923-1934
    Ed HendricksMLBEdward Hendricks1910-1910
    Ellie HendricksMLBElrod Jerome Hendricks1959-1979
    Jack HendricksMLBJohn Charles Hendricks1902-1903
    Kyle HendricksMLBKyle C. Hendricks 2009-2015
    Ben HendricksonMLBBenjamin John Hendrickson2000-2009
    Don HendricksonMLBDonald William Hendrickson1945-1946
    Mark HendricksonMLBMark Allan Hendrickson1995-2014
    Liam HendriksMLBLiam Johnson Hendriks2007-2015
    Claude HendrixMLBClaude Raymond Hendrix1911-1920
    Tim HendryxMLBTimothy Green Hendryx1911-1921
    Dave HengelMLBDavid Lee Hengel1982-1992
    Moxie HengleMLBEmery J. Hengel1884-1885
    Lafayette HenionMLBLafayette Marion Henion1919-1919
    Tom HenkeMLBThomas Anthony Henke1980-1995
    Bob HenleyMLBRobert Clifton Henley1993-2002
    Gail HenleyMLBGail Curtice Henley1954-1954
    Weldon HenleyMLBWeldon Henley1903-1907
    Butch HenlineMLBWalter John Henline1921-1931
    Sean HennMLBSean Michael Henn2000-2013
    Mike HennemanMLBMichael Alan Henneman1984-1996
    Brad HennesseyMLBBrad Martin Hennessey2001-2011
    George HennesseyMLBGeorge Hennessey1937-1945
    Les HennesseyMLBLester Baker Hennessey1913-1913
    Phil HenniganMLBPhillip Winston Hennigan1966-1973
    Rick HenningerMLBRichard Lee Henninger1973-1973
    Randy HennisMLBRandall Phillip Hennis1987-1994
    Bobby HenrichMLBRobert Edward Henrich1957-1959
    Fritz HenrichMLBFrank Wilde Henrich1924-1924
    Tommy HenrichMLBThomas David Henrich1937-1950
    Olaf HenriksenMLBOlaf Henriksen1911-1917
    Oscar HenriquezMLBOscar Eduardo Henriquez1993-2006
    Bill HenryMLBWilliam Francis Henry1966-1966
    Bill HenryMLBWilliam Rodman Henry1952-1969
    Butch HenryMLBFloyd Buford Henry Iii1987-2006
    Doug HenryMLBRichard Douglas Henry1983-2001
    Dutch HenryMLBFrank John Henry1921-1930
    Dwayne HenryMLBDwayne Allen Henry1980-2001
    Earl HenryMLBEarl Clifford Henry1944-1945
    George HenryMLBGeorge Washington Henry1893-1893
    Jim HenryMLBJames Francis Henry1936-1939
    John HenryMLBJohn Park Henry1910-1918
    John HenryMLBJohn Michael Henry1884-1890
    Ron HenryMLBRonald Baxter Henry1961-1964
    Snake HenryMLBFrederick Marshall Henry1922-1923
    Roy HenshawMLBRoy Knikelbine Henshaw1933-1944
    Phil HensiekMLBPhilip Frank Hensiek1935-1935
    Chuck HensleyMLBCharles Floyd Hensley1978-1990
    Clay HensleyMLBClayton Allen Hensley2002-2014
    Matt HensleyMLBMatthew Davis Hensley2000-2009
    Drew HensonMLBDrew Daniel Henson1998-2003
    Pat HentgenMLBPatrick George Hentgen1986-2004
    Bill HeplerMLBWilliam Lewis Hepler1966-1966
    Ron HerbelMLBRonald Samuel Herbel1963-1971
    Ernie HerbertMLBErnie Albert Herbert1913-1913
    Fred HerbertMLBFrederick Herbert1915-1915
    Ray HerbertMLBRaymond Ernest Herbert1950-1966
    Felix HerediaMLBFelix Heredia1993-2008
    Gil HerediaMLBGilbert Heredia1987-2001
    Ubaldo HerediaMLBUbaldo Jose Heredia Martinez1973-1987
    Wilson HerediaMLBWilson Heredia1991-2000
    Matt HergesMLBMatthew Tyler Herges1990-2010
    Art HermanMLBArthur Herman1896-1897
    Babe HermanMLBFloyd Caves Herman1926-1945
    Billy HermanMLBWilliam Jennings Bryan Herman1931-1947
    Al HermannMLBAlbert Bartel Hermann1923-1924
    Chad HermansenMLBChad Bruce Hermansen1995-2007
    Gene HermanskiMLBEugene Victor Hermanski1943-1953
    Dustin HermansonMLBDustin Michael Hermanson1992-2006
    Jeremy HermidaMLBJeremy Ryan Hermida2002-2014
    Remy HermosoMLBAngel Remigio Hermoso1967-1974
    Jesus HernaizMLBJesus Rafael Hernaiz Rodriguez1974-1983
    Adrian HernandezMLBAdrian R. Hernandez2000-2007
    Alex HernandezMLBAlexander Vargas Hernandez1995-2006
    Anderson HernandezMLBAnderson Mejia Hernandez2001-2014
    Carlos HernandezMLBCarlos Alberto Hernandez1985-2002
    Carlos HernandezMLBCarlos Enrique Hernandez1999-2013
    Carlos HernandezMLBCarlos Eduardo Hernandez1994-2006
    Cesar HernandezMLBCesar Dario Hernandez Perez1986-1994
    Cesar HernandezMLBCesar Augusto Hernandez2009-2015
    Chico HernandezMLBSalvador Jose Hernandez Ramos1942-1943
    David HernandezMLBDavid Jose Hernandez2004-2015
    Diory HernandezMLBDiory Hernandez2003-2013
    Enrique HernandezMLBEnrique J. Hernandez2009-2015
    Enzo HernandezMLBEnzo Octavio Hernandez1967-1978
    Evelio HernandezMLBGregorio Evelio Hernandez Lopez1956-1957
    Felix HernandezMLBFelix Abraham Hernandez2003-2015
    Fernando HernandezMLBFernando Hernandez1990-2000
    Fernando HernandezMLBFernando Hernandez2003-2014
    Gorkys HernandezMLBGorkys Gustavo Hernandez2006-2015
    Jackie HernandezMLBJacinto Hernandez Zulueta1961-1973
    Jeremy HernandezMLBJeremy Stuart Hernandez1985-1996
    Jose HernandezMLBJose Antonio Hernandez1987-2009
    Keith HernandezMLBKeith Hernandez1972-1990
    Leo HernandezMLBLeonardo Jesus Hernandez1978-1987
    Livan HernandezMLBEisler Livan Hernandez1996-2012
    Luis HernandezMLBLuis A. Hernandez2002-2013
    Manny HernandezMLBManuel Antonio Hernandez Montas1979-1991
    Michel HernandezMLBMichel Hernandez1998-2012
    Orlando HernandezMLBOrlando P. Hernandez1998-2010
    Oscar HernandezMLBOscar Hernandez2012-2015
    Pedro HernandezMLBPedro Michel Hernandez2009-2014
    Pedro HernandezMLBPedro Julio Hernandez1977-1985
    Ramon HernandezMLBRamon Jose Marin Hernandez1995-2013
    Ramon HernandezMLBRamon Hernandez Gonzalez1959-1977
    Roberto HernandezMLBRoberto Manuel Hernandez1986-2007
    Roberto HernandezMLBRoberto Hernandez (Heredia) (AKA Fausto Carmona)2002-2015
    Rudy HernandezMLBRudolph Albert Hernandez Fuentes1960-1961
    Rudy HernandezMLBRodolfo Hernandez Acosta1970-1972
    Runelvys HernandezMLBRunelvys Antonio Hernandez2001-2010
    Toby HernandezMLBRafael Tobias Hernandez Alvarado1979-1985
    Willie HernandezMLBGuillermo Hernandez Villanueva1977-1995
    Xavier HernandezMLBFrancis Xavier Hernandez1986-1998
    Yoel HernandezMLBYoel Alejandro Hernandez2000-2014
    David HerndonMLBKenneth David Herndon2005-2014
    Junior HerndonMLBHarry Francis Herndon1997-2006
    Larry HerndonMLBLarry Darnell Herndon1971-1988
    Tom HernonMLBThomas H. Hernon1897-1897
    Joseph HerrMLBJoseph Herr1887-1890
    Tom HerrMLBThomas Mitchell Herr1975-1991
    Walt HerrellMLBWalter William Herrell1911-1911
    Alex HerreraMLBAlexander Jose Herrera2000-2011
    Bobby HerreraMLBProcopio Rodriguez Herrera1951-1951
    Danny Ray HerreraMLBDaniel Ray Herrera2004-2014
    Dilson HerreraMLBDilson Jose Herrera2012-2015
    Elian HerreraMLBElian Herrera (Ramirez)2006-2015
    Jonathan HerreraMLBJonathan Alejandro Herrera2003-2015
    Jose HerreraMLBJose Concepcion Herrera Ontiveros1967-1970
    Jose HerreraMLBJose Ramon Herrera Catalino1991-2011
    Kelvin HerreraMLBKelvin De jesus Herrera2008-2015
    Mike HerreraMLBRamon Herrera1925-1926
    Odubel HerreraMLBOdubel Herrera2010-2015
    Pancho HerreraMLBJuan Francisco Herrera Willavicencio1958-1961
    Yoslan HerreraMLBYoslan Herrera2007-2014
    Troy HerriageMLBWilliam Troy Herriage1956-1956
    Tom HerrinMLBThomas Edward Herrin1954-1954
    Art HerringMLBArthur L. Herring1929-1947
    Herb HerringMLBHerbert Lee Herring1912-1912
    Lefty HerringMLBSilas Clarke Herring1899-1904
    Chris HerrmannMLBChristopher Ryan Herrmann2008-2015
    Ed HerrmannMLBEdward Martin Herrmann1964-1978
    Frank HerrmannMLBFrank Joseph Herrmann2003-2015
    Leroy HerrmannMLBLeroy George Herrmann1932-1935
    Marty HerrmannMLBMartin John Herrmann1918-1918
    John HerrnsteinMLBJohn Ellett Herrnstein1962-1966
    Rick HerrscherMLBRichard Franklin Herrscher1962-1962
    Earl HershMLBEarl Walter Hersh1956-1956
    Mike HershbergerMLBNorman Michael Hershberger1961-1971
    Willard HershbergerMLBWillard McKee Hershberger1938-1940
    Frank HersheyMLBFrank Hershey1905-1905
    Orel HershiserMLBOrel Leonard Quinton Hershiser IV1979-2000
    Neal HertweckMLBNeal Charles Hertweck1952-1952
    Steve HertzMLBStephen Allan Hertz1964-1964
    Buck HerzogMLBCharles Lincoln Herzog1908-1920
    Whitey HerzogMLBDorrel Norman Elvert Herzog1956-1963
    Joe HeskethMLBJoseph Thomas Hesketh1980-1994
    Otto HessMLBOtto C. Hess1902-1915
    Tom HessMLBThomas Joseph Hess1892-1892
    George HesselbacherMLBGeorge Edward Hesselbacher1916-1916
    Mike HessmanMLBMichael Steven Hessman1996-2015
    John HesterMLBJohn G. Hester2003-2015
    Larry HesterferMLBLawrence Hesterfer1901-1901
    Chris HestonMLBChristopher Lee Heston2007-2015
    Johnny HetkiMLBJohn Edward Hetki1945-1954
    Gus HetlingMLBAugust Julius Hetling1906-1906
    Eric HetzelMLBEric Paul Hetzel1983-1991
    George HeubelMLBGeorge A. Heubel1871-1876
    Ed HeusserMLBEdward Burlton Heusser1935-1948
    Joe HevingMLBJoseph William Heving1930-1945
    Johnnie HevingMLBJohn Aloysius Heving1920-1932
    Jake HewittMLBCharles Jacob Hewitt1895-1895
    Greg HeydemanMLBGregory George Heydeman1973-1973
    Mike HeydonMLBMichael Edward Heydon1898-1907
    Jason HeywardMLBJason Alias Heyward2007-2015
    Jack HiattMLBJack E. Hiatt1961-1972
    Phil HiattMLBPhilip Farrell Hiatt1990-2004
    Greg HibbardMLBJames Gregory Hibbard1983-1994
    John HibbardMLBJohn Denison Hibbard1884-1884
    Jim HibbsMLBJames Kerr Hibbs1967-1967
    Bryan HickersonMLBBryan David Hickerson1983-1995
    Eddie HickeyMLBEdward A. Hickey1901-1901
    Jack HickeyMLBJohn William Hickey1904-1904
    Jim HickeyMLBJames Robert Hickey1942-1944
    Kevin HickeyMLBKevin John Hickey1978-1991
    Mike HickeyMLBMichael Francis Hickey1899-1899
    Charlie HickmanMLBCharles Taylor Hickman1897-1908
    Ernie HickmanMLBErnest P. Hickman1884-1884
    Jesse HickmanMLBJesse Owens Hickman1965-1966
    Jim HickmanMLBDavid James Hickman1916-1919
    Jim HickmanMLBJames Lucius Hickman1956-1974
    Aaron HicksMLBAaron M. Hicks2008-2015
    Brandon HicksMLBBrandon Ryan Hicks2006-2015
    Buddy HicksMLBClarence Walter Hicks1956-1956
    Jim HicksMLBJames Edward Hicks1965-1970
    Joe HicksMLBWilliam Joseph Hicks1959-1963
    Nat HicksMLBNathan Woodhull Hicks1872-1877
    Richard HidalgoMLBRichard Jose Hidalgo1992-2009
    Kirby HigbeMLBWalter Kirby Higbe1937-1950
    Mahlon HigbeeMLBMahlon Jesse Higbee1922-1922
    Bill HigdonMLBWilliam Travis Higdon1949-1949
    Irv HigginbothamMLBIrving Clinton Higginbotham1906-1909
    Bill HigginsMLBWilliam Edward Higgins1888-1890
    Bob HigginsMLBRobert Stone Higgins1909-1912
    Dennis HigginsMLBDennis Dean Higgins1958-1972
    Eddie HigginsMLBThomas Edward Higgins1909-1910
    Kevin HigginsMLBKevin Wayne Higgins1989-1994
    Mark HigginsMLBMark Douglas Higgins1984-1990
    Pinky HigginsMLBMichael Franklin Higgins1930-1946
    Bobby HigginsonMLBRobert Leigh Higginson1993-2005
    Andy HighMLBAndrew Aird High1922-1934
    Charlie HighMLBCharles Edwin High1919-1920
    Ed HighMLBEdward Thomas High1901-1901
    Hugh HighMLBHugh Jenken High1913-1918
    Dick HighamMLBRichard Higham1871-1880
    Teddy HigueraMLBTeodoro Higuera1984-1994
    John HilandMLBJohn William Hiland1885-1885
    Whitey HilcherMLBWalter Frank Hilcher1931-1936
    George HildebrandMLBGeorge Albert Hildebrand1902-1902
    Oral HildebrandMLBOral Clyde Hildebrand1931-1940
    Palmer HildebrandMLBPalmer Marion Hildebrand1913-1913
    Tom HilgendorfMLBThomas Eugene Hilgendorf1960-1975
    Erik HiljusMLBErik Kristian Hiljus1991-2003
    Aaron HillMLBAaron Walter Hill2001-2015
    Belden HillMLBBelden L. Hill1890-1890
    Bill HillMLBWilliam Cicero Hill1896-1899
    Bobby HillMLBWilliam Robert Hill1997-2011
    Carmen HillMLBCarmen Proctor Hill1915-1930
    Dave HillMLBDavid Burnham Hill1957-1957
    Donnie HillMLBDonald Earl Hill1981-1992
    Garry HillMLBGarry Alton Hill1969-1969
    Glenallen HillMLBGlenallen Hill1983-2001
    Herbert HillMLBHerbert Lee Hill1915-1915
    Herman HillMLBHerman Alexander Hill1969-1970
    Hugh HillMLBHugh Ellis Hill1903-1904
    Hunter HillMLBHunter Benjamin Hill1903-1905
    Jeremy HillMLBJeremy Dee Hill1996-2012
    Jesse HillMLBJesse Terrill Hill1935-1937
    Ken HillMLBKenneth Wade Hill1985-2001
    Koyie HillMLBKoyie Dolan Hill1998-2014
    Marc HillMLBMarc Kevin Hill1970-1986
    Milt HillMLBMilton Giles Hill1988-1996
    Oliver HillMLBOliver Clinton Hill1939-1939
    Red HillMLBClifford Joseph Hill1917-1917
    Rich HillMLBRichard Joseph Hill2000-2015
    Shawn HillMLBShawn Richard Hill2000-2014
    Steven HillMLBSteven Douglas Hill2006-2012
    Taylor HillMLBDavid Taylor Hill2008-2015
    Homer HillebrandMLBHomer Hiller Henry Hillebrand1905-1908
    R.E. HillebrandMLBR.E. Hillebrand1902-1902
    Shawn HillegasMLBShawn Patrick Hillegas1984-1995
    Shea HillenbrandMLBShea Matthew Hillebrand1996-2012
    Chuck HillerMLBCharles Joseph Hiller1961-1968
    Frank HillerMLBFrank Walter Hiller1946-1953
    Hob HillerMLBHarvey Max Hiller1920-1921
    John HillerMLBJohn Frederick Hiller1963-1980
    Ed HilleyMLBEdward Garfield Hilley1903-1903
    Mack HillisMLBMalcolm David Hillis1924-1928
    Dave HillmanMLBDarius Dutton Hillman1955-1962
    Eric HillmanMLBJohn Eric Hillman1985-2000
    Pat HillyMLBWilliam Edward Hilly1914-1914
    Charlie HilseyMLBCharles T. Hilsey1883-1884
    Dave HiltonMLBJohn David Hilton1971-1981
    Howard HiltonMLBHoward James Hilton1985-1992
    Jack HimesMLBJohn Herb Himes1905-1906
    A.J. HinchMLBAndrew Jay Hinch1993-2005
    Brett HinchcliffeMLBBrett Hinchcliffe1992-2001
    Bill HinchmanMLBWilliam White Hinchman1905-1920
    Harry HinchmanMLBHarry Sibley Hinchman1907-1907
    Mike HinckleyMLBMichael David Hinckley2001-2011
    Sam HindsMLBSamuel Russell Hinds1977-1979
    Hunkey HinesMLBHenry Fred Hines1895-1895
    Mike HinesMLBMichael P. Hines1883-1888
    Paul HinesMLBPaul Aloysius Hines1872-1891
    Gordie HinkleMLBDaniel Gordon Hinkle1934-1934
    Dalier HinojosaMLBDalier Hinojosa2014-2015
    Dutch HinrichsMLBWilliam Louis Hinrichs1910-1910
    Paul HinrichsMLBPaul Edwin Hinrichs1951-1951
    Alex HinshawMLBAlexander Omar Hinshaw2005-2014
    George HinshawMLBGeorge Addison Hinshaw1980-1990
    Eric HinskeMLBEric Scott Hinske1996-2013
    Jerry HinsleyMLBJerry Dean Hinsley1964-1967
    Paul HinsonMLBJames Paul Hinson1928-1928
    Chuck HintonMLBCharles Edward Hinton Jr.1961-1971
    John HintonMLBJohn Robert Hinton1901-1901
    Rich HintonMLBRichard Michael Hinton1969-1979
    Tommy HinzoMLBThomas Lee Hinzo1986-1995
    Herb HippaufMLBHerbert August Hippauf1966-1966
    Jason HirshMLBJason Michael Hirsh2001-2013
    Gene HiserMLBGene Taylor Hiser1970-1975
    Larry HisleMLBLarry Eugene Hisle1966-1982
    Harley HisnerMLBHarley Parnell Hisner1951-1951
    Billy HitchcockMLBWilliam Clyde Hitchcock1942-1953
    Jim HitchcockMLBJames Franklin Hitchcock1938-1938
    Sterling HitchcockMLBSterling Alex Hitchcock1989-2004
    Bruce HittMLBBruce Smith Hitt1917-1917
    Roy HittMLBRoy Wesley Hitt1907-1907
    Lloyd HittleMLBLloyd Eldon Hittle1949-1950
    Myril HoagMLBMyril Oliver Hoag1931-1945
    Don HoakMLBDonald Albert Hoak1954-1964
    Ed HobaughMLBEdward Russell Hobaugh1961-1963
    Glen HobbieMLBGlen Frederick Hobbie1957-1964
    Bill HobbsMLBWilliam Lee Hobbs1913-1916
    John HobbsMLBJohn Douglas Hobbs1980-1983
    Dick HoblitzelMLBRichard Carleton Hoblitzel1908-1918
    Butch HobsonMLBClell Lavern Hobson1973-1985
    Harry HochMLBHarry Keller Hoch1908-1915
    Luke HochevarMLBLuke Anthony Hochevar2003-2015
    Ed HockMLBEdward Francis Hock1924-1924
    Chuck HockenberyMLBCharles Marion Hockenbery1975-1978
    Oris HockettMLBOris Leon Hockett1938-1945
    George HocketteMLBGeorge Edward Hockette1934-1935
    Denny HockingMLBDennis Lee Hocking1990-2005
    Johnny HodappMLBUrban John Hodapp1925-1933
    Mel HoderleinMLBMelvin Anthony Hoderlein1951-1954
    Charlie HodesMLBCharlie Hodes1871-1874
    Bert HodgeMLBEdward Burton Hodge1942-1942
    Ed HodgeMLBEd Oliver Hodge1979-1986
    Gomer HodgeMLBHarold Morris Hodge1971-1971
    Shovel HodgeMLBClarence Clemet Hodge1920-1922
    Gil HodgesMLBGilbert Ray Hodges1943-1963
    Kevin HodgesMLBKevin Jon Hodges1991-2006
    Ron HodgesMLBRonald Wray Hodges1972-1984
    Trey HodgesMLBTrey Alan Hodges1997-2009
    Ralph HodginMLBElmer Ralph Hodgin1939-1948
    Paul HodgsonMLBPaul Joseph Denis Hodgson1977-1983
    Eli HodkeyMLBAloysius Joseph Hodkey1946-1946
    Charlie HodnettMLBCharles Hodnett1883-1884
    George HodsonMLBGeorge S. Hodson1894-1895
    Billy HoeftMLBWilliam Frederick Hoeft1952-1966
    Art HoelskoetterMLBArthur Hoelskoetter1905-1908
    Joe HoernerMLBJoseph Walter Hoerner1957-1977
    Lefty HoerstMLBFrank Joseph Hoerst1940-1947
    L.J. HoesMLBJerome O'Brian Hoes2008-2015
    Jack HoeyMLBJohn Bernard Hoey1906-1908
    Jim HoeyMLBJames Urban Hoey V2001-2013
    Chet HoffMLBChester Cornelius Hoff1911-1915
    Bill HofferMLBWilliam Leopold Hoffer1895-1901
    Stew HofferthMLBStewart Edward Hofferth1944-1946
    Bill HoffmanMLBWilliam Joseph Hoffman1939-1939
    Danny HoffmanMLBDaniel John Hoffman1903-1911
    Dutch HoffmanMLBClarence Casper Hoffman1929-1929
    Frank HoffmanMLBFrank J. Hoffman1888-1888
    Glenn HoffmanMLBGlenn Edward Hoffman1977-1990
    Guy HoffmanMLBGuy Alan Hoffman1975-1988
    Izzy HoffmanMLBHarry C. Hoffman1904-1907
    John HoffmanMLBJohn Edward Hoffman1964-1965
    Larry HoffmanMLBLawrence Charles Hoffman1901-1901
    Ray HoffmanMLBRaymond Lamont Hoffman1942-1942
    Tex HoffmanMLBEdward Adolph Hoffman1915-1915
    Trevor HoffmanMLBTrevor William Hoffman1988-2010
    William HoffmanMLBWilliam A. Hoffman1879-1879
    Jamie HoffmannMLBJamie Richard Hoffmann2004-2013
    Jesse HoffmeisterMLBJesse H. Hoffmeister1897-1897
    John HoffordMLBJohn William Hofford1885-1886
    Jarrett HoffpauirMLBJarrett Lee Hoffpauir2002-2012
    Micah HoffpauirMLBJames Micah Hoffpauir2001-2013
    Bobby HofmanMLBRobert George Hoffman1949-1957
    Solly HofmanMLBArthur Frederick Hofman1903-1916
    Fred HofmannMLBFred Hofmann1919-1928
    Eddie HoganMLBRobert Edward Hogan1882-1882
    Harry HoganMLBHarry Sweet Hogan1901-1901
    Kenny HoganMLBKenneth Sylvester Hogan1921-1924
    Marty HoganMLBMartin F. Hogan1894-1895
    Mortimer HoganMLBMortimer Edward Hogan1884-1888
    Shanty HoganMLBJames Francis Hogan1925-1937
    Willie HoganMLBWilliam Henry Hogan1911-1912
    Bert HoggMLBWilbert George Hogg1934-1934
    Bill HoggMLBWilliam Johnston Hogg1905-1908
    Brad HoggMLBCarter Bradley Hogg1911-1919
    George HogrieverMLBGeorge C. Hogriever1895-1901
    Chief HogsettMLBElon Chester Hogsett1929-1944
    Bobby HogueMLBRobert Clinton Hogue1948-1952
    Cal HogueMLBCalvin Grey Hogue1952-1954
    Bill HohmanMLBWilliam Henry Hohman1927-1927
    Eddie HohnhorstMLBEdward Hicks Hohnhorst1910-1912
    Chris HoilesMLBChristopher Allen Hoiles1984-1998
    Bryan HoladayMLBJohn Bryan Holaday2007-2015
    Aaron HolbertMLBAaron Keith Holbert1990-2006
    Bill HolbertMLBWilliam Henry Holbert1876-1888
    Ray HolbertMLBRay Arthur Holbert Iii1988-2000
    Wally HolborowMLBWalter Albert Holborow1944-1948
    Sammy HolbrookMLBJames Marbury Holbrook1935-1935
    Ken HolcombeMLBKenneth Edward Holcombe1945-1953
    Bill HoldenMLBWilliam Paul Holden1913-1914
    Joe HoldenMLBJoseph Francis Holden1934-1936
    David HoldridgeMLBDavid Allen Holdridge1988-1999
    Fred HoldsworthMLBFrederick William Holdsworth1970-1981
    Jim HoldsworthMLBJames Holdsworth1872-1884
    John HoldzkomMLBJohn Stephen Holdzkom2006-2015
    Walter HolkeMLBWalter Henry Holke1914-1925
    Bill HollahanMLBWilliam James Hollahan1920-1920
    Al HollandMLBAlfred Willis Holland1974-1987
    Bill HollandMLBWilliam David Holland1939-1939
    Derek HollandMLBDerek Lane Holland2007-2015
    Dutch HollandMLBRobert Clyde Holland1932-1934
    Greg HollandMLBGregory Scott Holland2005-2015
    Mul HollandMLBHoward Arthur Holland1926-1929
    Will HollandMLBWillard A. Holland1889-1889
    Mario HollandsMLBMario Eduardo Lemus Hollands2008-2015
    Todd HollandsworthMLBTodd Matthew Hollandsworth1991-2006
    Gary HolleMLBGary Charles Holle1975-1981
    Ed HolleyMLBEdward Edgar Holley1928-1934
    Bug HollidayMLBJames Wear Holliday1889-1898
    Matt HollidayMLBMatthew Thomas Holliday1998-2015
    Michael HollimonMLBMichael T. Hollimon2002-2012
    Carl HollingMLBCarl Holling1921-1922
    Holly HollingsheadMLBJohn Samuel Hollingshead1872-1875
    Al HollingsworthMLBAlbert Wayne Hollingsworth1935-1946
    Bonnie HollingsworthMLBJohn Burnette Hollingsworth1922-1928
    Damon HollinsMLBDamon Jamall Hollins1992-2008
    Dave HollinsMLBDavid Michael Hollins1985-2003
    Jessie HollinsMLBJessie Edward Hollins1989-1997
    John HollisonMLBJohn Henry Hollison1892-1892
    Stan HollmigMLBStanley Ernest Hollmig1949-1951
    Charlie HollocherMLBCharles Jacob Hollocher1918-1924
    Bobo HollomanMLBAlva Lee Holloman1953-1953
    Jim HollowayMLBJames Madison Holloway1929-1929
    Ken HollowayMLBKenneth Eugene Holloway1922-1930
    Ed HollyMLBEdward William Holly1906-1907
    Jeff HollyMLBJeffrey Owen Holly1977-1979
    Billy HolmMLBWilliam Frederick Holm1943-1945
    Steve HolmMLBStephen Robert Holm2000-2012
    Wattie HolmMLBRoscoe Albert Holm1924-1932
    Brad HolmanMLBBradley Thomas Holman1990-1996
    Brian HolmanMLBBrian Scott Holman1983-1991
    Gary HolmanMLBGary Richard Holman1968-1969
    Scott HolmanMLBRandy Scott Holman1977-1985
    Shawn HolmanMLBShawn Leroy Holman1982-1996
    David HolmbergMLBDavid A. Holmberg2009-2015
    Chick HolmesMLBElwood Marter Holmes1918-1918
    Darren HolmesMLBDarren Lee Holmes1984-2003
    Ducky HolmesMLBJames William Holmes1895-1905
    Ducky HolmesMLBHoward Elbert Holmes1906-1906
    Fred HolmesMLBFrederick C. Holmes1903-1904
    Jim HolmesMLBJames Scott Holmes1906-1908
    Tommy HolmesMLBThomas Francis Holmes1942-1952
    Herm HolshouserMLBHerman Alexander Holshouser1930-1930
    Brock HoltMLBBrock Wyatt Holt2009-2015
    Chris HoltMLBChristopher Michael Holt1991-2003
    Jim HoltMLBJames William Holt1966-1976
    Red HoltMLBJames Emmett Madison Holt1925-1925
    Roger HoltMLBRoger Boyd Holt1975-1982
    Tyler HoltMLBTyler A. Holt2008-2015
    Vern HoltgraveMLBLavern George Holtgrave1965-1965
    Brian HoltonMLBBrian John Holton1978-1992
    Mike HoltzMLBMichael James Holtz1991-2006
    Ken HoltzmanMLBKenneth Dale Holtzman1965-1979
    Mark HolzemerMLBMark Harold Holzemer1987-2002
    Marty HonanMLBMartin Weldon Honan1890-1891
    Rick HoneycuttMLBFrederick Wayne Honeycutt1976-1997
    Abie HoodMLBAlbie Larrison Hood1925-1925
    Don HoodMLBDonald Harris Hood1969-1983
    Wally HoodMLBWallace James Sr. Hood1920-1922
    Wally HoodMLBWallace James Hood Jr.1949-1949
    Chris HookMLBChristopher Wayne Hook1988-1999
    Jay HookMLBJames Wesley Hook1957-1964
    Buck HookerMLBWilliam Edward Hooker1902-1903
    Alex HooksMLBAlexander Marcus Hooks1935-1935
    Bob HooperMLBRobert Nelson Hooper1950-1955
    Harry HooperMLBHarry Bartholomew Hooper1909-1925
    Kevin HooperMLBKevin J. Hooper1996-2008
    Mike HooperMLBMichael H. Hooper1873-1873
    Leon HootenMLBMichael Leon Hooten1974-1974
    Burt HootonMLBBurt Carlton Hooton1971-1985
    Buster HooverMLBWilliam James Hoover1884-1892
    Charlie HooverMLBCharles E. Hoover1888-1889
    Dick HooverMLBRichard Lloyd Hoover1952-1952
    J.J. HooverMLBJames Allan Hoover2008-2015
    Joe HooverMLBRobert Joseph Hoover1943-1945
    John HooverMLBJohn Nicklaus Hoover1981-1990
    Paul HooverMLBPaul Chester Hoover1995-2010
    John HopeMLBJohn Alan Hope1989-1999
    Sam HopeMLBSamuel Hope1907-1907
    Buck HopkinsMLBJohn Winton Hopkins1907-1907
    Don HopkinsMLBDonald Hopkins1975-1977
    Gail HopkinsMLBGail Eason Hopkins1965-1974
    Marty HopkinsMLBMeredith Hilliard Hopkins1934-1935
    Mike HopkinsMLBMichael Joseph Hopkins1902-1902
    Paul HopkinsMLBPaul Henry Hopkins1927-1929
    Johnny HoppMLBJohn Leonard Hopp1939-1952
    Bill HopperMLBWilliam Booth Hopper1913-1915
    Jim HopperMLBJames McDaniel Hopper1946-1946
    Lefty HopperMLBClarence Franklin Hopper1898-1898
    Norris HopperMLBNorris Stephen Hopper 1998-2012
    John HoranMLBPatrick J. Horan1884-1884
    Shags HoranMLBJoseph Patrick Horan1924-1924
    Joe HorganMLBJoseph Paul Horgan1996-2006
    Joe HorlenMLBJoel Edward Horlen1959-1972
    Sam HornMLBSamuel Lee Horn1982-2001
    Trader HorneMLBBerlyn Dale Horne1929-1929
    Bob HornerMLBJames Robert Horner1977-1988
    Jack HornerMLBWilliam Frank Horner1894-1894
    Rogers HornsbyMLBRogers Hornsby1915-1937
    Joe HornungMLBMichael Joseph Hornung1879-1890
    Hanson HorseyMLBHanson Horsey1912-1912
    Vince HorsmanMLBVincent Stanley Joseph Horsman1985-1998
    Jeremy HorstMLBJeremy M. Horst2004-2015
    Oscar HorstmannMLBOscar Theodore Horstmann1917-1919
    Elmer HortonMLBElmer E. Horton1896-1898
    Ricky HortonMLBRicky Neal Horton1978-1991
    Tony HortonMLBAnthony Darrin Horton1964-1970
    Willie HortonMLBWillie Watterson Horton1962-1982
    Brian HorwitzMLBBrian Jeffery Horwitz2001-2010
    Dwayne HoseyMLBDwayne Samuel Hosey1987-2002
    Steve HoseyMLBSteven Bernard Hosey1988-1998
    Dave HoskinsMLBDavid Taylor Hoskins1953-1954
    Tim HosleyMLBTimtohy Kenneth Hosley1967-1982
    Eric HosmerMLBEric John Hosmer2008-2015
    Gene HostMLBEugene Earl Host1956-1957
    Chuck HostetlerMLBCharles Cloyd Hostetler1944-1945
    Dave HostetlerMLBDavid Alan Hostetler1977-1988
    Pete HotalingMLBPeter James Hotaling1879-1888
    Ken HottmanMLBKenneth Roger Hottman1971-1971
    Tommy HottovyMLBThomas L. Hottovy2001-2013
    Byron HouckMLBByron Simon Houck1912-1918
    Sadie HouckMLBSargent Perry Houck1879-1887
    Charlie HoughMLBCharles Oliver Hough1966-1994
    Ralph HoukMLBRalph George Houk1947-1954
    D.J. HoultonMLBDennis Sean Houlton1999-2013
    Craig HouseMLBCraig Michael House1997-2005
    Frank HouseMLBHenry Franklin House1950-1961
    Fred HouseMLBWillard Edwin House1913-1913
    J.R. HouseMLBJames Rodger House1999-2011
    Pat HouseMLBPatrick Lory House1967-1968
    T.J. HouseMLBGlenn A. House2009-2015
    Tom HouseMLBThomas Ross House1967-1983
    Charlie HouseholderMLBCharles W. Householder1882-1884
    Charlie HouseholderMLBCharles W. Householder1884-1884
    Ed HouseholderMLBEdward H. Householder1903-1903
    Paul HouseholderMLBPaul Wesley Householder1976-1987
    Frank HousemanMLBWilliam H. Houseman1886-1886
    John HousemanMLBJohn Franklin Houseman1894-1897
    Ben HouserMLBBenjamin Franklin Houser1910-1912
    James HouserMLBJames Robert Houser2003-2014
    Wayne HousieMLBWayne Tyrone Housie1986-1995
    Tyler HoustonMLBTyler Sam Houston1989-2003
    Art HouttemanMLBArthur Joseph Houtteman1945-1957
    Lefty HoutzMLBFred Fritz Houtz1899-1899
    Steve HovleyMLBStephen Eugene Hovley1967-1973
    Ed HovlikMLBEdward Charles Hovlik1918-1919
    Joe HovlikMLBJoseph Hovlik1909-1911
    Ben HowardMLBBenjamin Richard Howard1997-2008
    Bruce HowardMLBBruce Ernest Howard1963-1968
    Chris HowardMLBChristopher Hugh Howard1986-1996
    Chris HowardMLBChristian Howard1986-1997
    Dave HowardMLBDavid Austin Howard1912-1912
    David HowardMLBDavid Wayne Howard1987-2001
    Del HowardMLBGeorge Elmer Howard1905-1909
    Doug HowardMLBDouglas Lynn Howard1970-1976
    Earl HowardMLBEarl Nycum Howard1918-1918
    Elston HowardMLBElston Gene Howard1955-1968
    Frank HowardMLBFrank Oliver Howard1958-1973
    Fred HowardMLBFred Irving Howard1976-1983
    Ivan HowardMLBIvon Chester Howard1914-1917
    Larry HowardMLBLawrence Rayford Howard1963-1973
    Lee HowardMLBLee Vincent Howard1946-1947
    Matt HowardMLBMatthew Christopher Howard1987-1999
    Mike HowardMLBMichael Fredric Howard1976-1984
    Paul HowardMLBPaul Joseph Howard1909-1909
    Ryan HowardMLBRyan James Howard2001-2015
    Steve HowardMLBSteven Bernard Howard1983-1992
    Thomas HowardMLBThomas Sylvester Howard1984-2001
    Wilbur HowardMLBWilbur Leon Howard1973-1979
    Jim HowarthMLBJames Eugene Howarth1968-1974
    Art HoweMLBArthur Henry Howe Jr.1971-1985
    Cal HoweMLBCalvin Earl Howe1952-1952
    Les HoweMLBLester Curtis Howe1923-1924
    Shorty HoweMLBJohn Howe1890-1893
    Steve HoweMLBSteven Roy Howe1977-1997
    Dixie HowellMLBMillard Howell1940-1958
    Dixie HowellMLBHomer Elliott Howell1947-1956
    Harry HowellMLBHenry Harry Howell1898-1910
    J.P. HowellMLBJames Phillip Howell2002-2015
    Jack HowellMLBJack Robert Howell1983-1999
    Jay HowellMLBJay Canfield Howell1976-1994
    Ken HowellMLBKenneth Howell1982-1994
    Pat HowellMLBPatrick O'Neal Howell1987-2003
    Red HowellMLBMurray Donald Howell1941-1941
    Roland HowellMLBRoland Boatner Howell1912-1912
    Roy HowellMLBRoy Lee Howell1972-1985
    Bill HowertonMLBWilliam Ray Howerton1949-1952
    Dann HowittMLBDann Paul John Howitt1986-1997
    Dan HowleyMLBDaniel Phillip Howley1913-1913
    Bob HowryMLBBobby Dean Howry1992-2010
    Dick HowserMLBRichard Dalton Howser1961-1968
    Dummy HoyMLBWilliam Ellsworth Hoy1888-1902
    Peter HoyMLBPeter Alexander Hoy1986-1995
    Tex HoyleMLBRoland Edison Hoyle1952-1952
    LaMarr HoytMLBDewey La Marr Hoyt1973-1986
    Waite HoytMLBWaite Charles Hoyt1918-1938
    Al HraboskyMLBAlan Thomas Hrabosky1969-1983
    Kent HrbekMLBKent Alan Hrbek1979-1994
    Walt HriniakMLBWalter John Hriniak1968-1969
    Chin-lung HuMLBChin-Lung Hu2003-2012
    Al HubbardMLBAllen Hubbard1883-1883
    Glenn HubbardMLBGlenn Dee Hubbard1975-1989
    Mike HubbardMLBMichael Wayne Hubbard1991-2003
    Trenidad HubbardMLBTrenidad Aviel Hubbard1986-2005
    Bill HubbellMLBWilbert William Hubbell1919-1925
    Carl HubbellMLBCarl Owen Hubbell1928-1943
    Ken HubbsMLBKenneth Douglas Hubbs1961-1963
    Clarence HuberMLBClarence Bill Huber1920-1926
    Jon HuberMLBJonathon Lloyd Huber2000-2011
    Justin HuberMLBJustin Patrick Huber2001-2011
    Otto HuberMLBOtto Huber1939-1939
    Ken HuckabyMLBKenneth Paul Huckaby1991-2008
    Earl HuckleberryMLBEarl Eugene Huckleberry1935-1935
    John HudekMLBJohn Raymond Hudek1988-1999
    Dave HudgensMLBDavid Mark Hudgens1977-1984
    Jimmy HudgensMLBJames Price Hudgens1923-1926
    Rex HudlerMLBRex Allen Hudler1978-1998
    Willis HudlinMLBGeorge Willis Hudlin1926-1944
    Charles HudsonMLBCharles Lynn Hudson1981-1989
    Charlie HudsonMLBCharles Hudson1967-1975
    Daniel HudsonMLBDaniel Hudson2006-2015
    Hal HudsonMLBHal Campbell Hudson1952-1953
    Jesse HudsonMLBJesse James Hudson1969-1969
    Joe HudsonMLBJoseph Paul Hudson1991-2000
    Johnny HudsonMLBJohn Wilson Hudson1936-1945
    Kyle HudsonMLBKyle Jordan Hudson2006-2014
    Luke HudsonMLBLuke Stephen Hudson1997-2007
    Nat HudsonMLBNathaniel P. Hudson1886-1889
    Orlando HudsonMLBOrlando Thill Hudson1998-2012
    Rex HudsonMLBRex Haughton Hudson1974-1977
    Sid HudsonMLBSidney Charles Hudson1940-1954
    Tim HudsonMLBTimothy Adam Hudson1995-2015
    Frank HuelsmanMLBFrank Elmer Huelsman1897-1905
    Al HuenkeMLBAlbert Alfred Huenke1914-1914
    Aubrey HuffMLBAubrey Lewis Huff1997-2012
    David HuffMLBDavid G. Huff2004-2015
    Mike HuffMLBMichael Kale Huff1983-1996
    Ben HuffmanMLBBennie F Huffman1937-1937
    Chad HuffmanMLBChad Daniel Huffman2004-2014
    Phil HuffmanMLBPhillip Lee Huffman1977-1987
    Ed HugMLBEdward Ambrose Hug1903-1903
    Miller HugginsMLBMiller James Huggins1904-1916
    Bill HughesMLBWilliam Nesbert Hughes1921-1921
    Bill HughesMLBWilliam W. Hughes1884-1885
    Bobby HughesMLBRobert E. Hughes1990-2001
    Dick HughesMLBRichard Henry Hughes1966-1968
    Dusty HughesMLBDustin Robert Hughes2001-2013
    Ed HughesMLBEdward J. Hughes1902-1906
    Jared HughesMLBWilliam Jared Hughes2004-2015
    Jay HughesMLBJames Jay Hughes1898-1902
    Jim HughesMLBJames Robert Hughes1952-1957
    Jim HughesMLBJames Michael Hughes1974-1979
    Joe HughesMLBJoseph Thompson Hughes1902-1902
    Keith HughesMLBKeith Wills Hughes1982-1995
    Luke HughesMLBLuke Trevor Hughes2003-2012
    Mickey HughesMLBMichael F. Hughes1888-1890
    Philip HughesMLBPhilip J. Hughes2004-2015
    Rhyne HughesMLBJohn Rhyne Hughes2003-2013
    Roy HughesMLBRoy John Hughes1935-1946
    Terry HughesMLBTerry Wayne Hughes1967-1974
    Tom HughesMLBThomas Edward Hughes1959-1959
    Tom HughesMLBThomas Franklin Hughes1930-1930
    Tom HughesMLBThomas L. Hughes1906-1918
    Tom HughesMLBThomas James Hughes1900-1913
    Tommy HughesMLBThomas Owen Hughes1941-1948
    Travis HughesMLBTravis Wade Hughes1997-2011
    Jim HugheyMLBJames Ulysses Hughey1891-1900
    Tex HughsonMLBCecil Carlton Hughson1941-1949
    Emil HuhnMLBEmil Hugo Huhn1916-1917
    Justin HuismanMLBJustin Ray Huisman1998-2007
    Rick HuismanMLBRichard Allen Huisman1988-2001
    Mark HuismannMLBMark Lawrence Huismann1980-1992
    Billy HulenMLBWilliam Franklin Hulen1896-1899
    Tim HulettMLBTimothy Craig Hulett1979-1995
    Tug HulettMLBTimothy Craig Hulett Jr.2002-2012
    Harry HulihanMLBHarry Joseph Hulihan1922-1922
    Eric HullMLBEric Eugene Hull2002-2009
    David HulseMLBDavid Lindsey Hulse1990-1999
    Rudy HulswittMLBRudolph Edward Hulswitt1899-1910
    Hank HulveyMLBJames Hensel Hulvey1923-1923
    Philip HumberMLBPhilip Gregory Humber2002-2014
    Tom HumeMLBThomas Hubert Hume1972-1987
    John HummelMLBJohn Edwin Hummel1905-1918
    Tim HummelMLBTimothy Robert Hummel1998-2006
    Al HumphreyMLBAlbert Humphrey1911-1911
    Bill HumphreyMLBByron William Humphrey1938-1938
    Terry HumphreyMLBTerryal Gene Humphrey1969-1979
    Bob HumphreysMLBRobert William Humphreys1962-1970
    Mike HumphreysMLBMichael Butler Humphreys1988-1996
    Bert HumphriesMLBAlbert Humphries1910-1915
    John HumphriesMLBJohn Henry Humphries1883-1884
    Johnny HumphriesMLBJohn William Humphries1938-1946
    Nick HundleyMLBNicholas John Hundley2003-2015
    Randy HundleyMLBCecil Randolph Hundley Jr.1960-1977
    Todd HundleyMLBTodd Randolph Hundley1987-2003
    Bernie HunglingMLBBernard Herman Hungling1922-1930
    Bill HunnefieldMLBWilliam Fenton Hunnefield1926-1931
    Ben HuntMLBBenjamin Franklin Hunt1910-1913
    Dick HuntMLBRichard M. Hunt1872-1872
    Joel HuntMLBOliver Joel Hunt1931-1932
    Ken HuntMLBKenneth Lawrence Hunt1959-1964
    Ken HuntMLBKenneth Raymond Hunt1961-1961
    Randy HuntMLBJames Randall Hunt1981-1988
    Ron HuntMLBRonald Kenneth Hunt1959-1974
    Bill HunterMLBWilliam F. Hunter1884-1884
    Bill HunterMLBWilliam Ellsworth Hunter1912-1912
    Billy HunterMLBGordon William Hunter1953-1958
    Brian HunterMLBBrian Ronald Hunter1987-2002
    Brian HunterMLBBrian Lee Hunter1989-2004
    Buddy HunterMLBHarold James Hunter1969-1979
    Catfish HunterMLBJames Augustus Hunter1965-1979
    Cedric HunterMLBCedric Scott Hunter2006-2015
    George HunterMLBGeorge Henry Hunter1909-1909
    Herb HunterMLBHerbert Harrison Hunter1916-1921
    Jim HunterMLBJames Mac Gregor Hunter1985-1995
    Lem HunterMLBRobert Lemuel Hunter1883-1883
    Newt HunterMLBFrederick Creighton Hunter1911-1911
    Rich HunterMLBRichard Thomas Hunter1993-1999
    Thomas HunterMLBThomas Hunter2013-2013
    Tommy HunterMLBRaymond Thomas Hunter2006-2015
    Torii HunterMLBTorii Kedar Hunter1993-2015
    Willard HunterMLBWillard Mitchell Hunter1962-1964
    Steve HuntzMLBStephen Michael Huntz1967-1977
    Walt HuntzingerMLBWalter Henry Huntzinger1923-1926
    Dave HuppertMLBDavid Blain Huppert1977-1986
    Tom HurdMLBThomas Carr Hurd1954-1956
    Clint HurdleMLBClinton Merrick Hurdle1975-1987
    Dick HurleyMLBWilliam H. Hurley1872-1872
    Eric HurleyMLBEric William Hurley2004-2012
    Jerry HurleyMLBJeremiah Joseph Hurley1889-1891
    Jerry HurleyMLBJeremiah Hurley1901-1907
    Bill HurstMLBWilliam Hansel Hurst1989-1998
    Bruce HurstMLBBruce Vee Hurst1976-1994
    Don HurstMLBFrank O'Donnell Hurst1928-1934
    James HurstMLBJames Lavon Hurst1989-1995
    Jimmy HurstMLBJimmy O'Neal Hurst1991-2008
    Jonathan HurstMLBJonathan Hurst1987-1998
    Edwin HurtadoMLBEdwin Amilgar Hurtado1993-2005
    Butch HuskeyMLBRobert Leon Huskey1989-2001
    Jeff HusonMLBJeffrey Kent Huson1986-2000
    Carl HustaMLBCarl Lawrence Husta1925-1925
    Bill HustedMLBWilliam J. Husted1890-1890
    Bert HustingMLBBerthold Juneau Husting1900-1902
    Harry HustonMLBHarry Emanuel Kress Huston1906-1906
    Warren HustonMLBWarren Llewellyn Huston1937-1944
    Joe HutchesonMLBJoseph Johnson Hutcheson1933-1933
    Johnny HutchingsMLBJohn Richard Joseph Hutchings1940-1946
    Chad HutchinsonMLBChad Martin Hutchinson1996-2001
    Ed HutchinsonMLBEdwin Forrest Hutchinson1890-1890
    Fred HutchinsonMLBFrederick Charles Hutchinson1939-1953
    Ira HutchinsonMLBIra Kendall Hutchinson1933-1945
    Bill HutchisonMLBWilliam Forrest Hutchinson1884-1897
    Drew HutchisonMLBAndrew S. Hutchison2010-2015
    Herb HutsonMLBGeorge Herbert Hutson1974-1974
    Roy HutsonMLBRoy Lee Hutson1925-1925
    Jim HuttoMLBJames Neamon Hutto1970-1975
    Mark HuttonMLBMark Steven Hutton1989-2000
    Tom HuttonMLBThomas George Hutton1965-1981
    Ham HyattMLBRobert Hamilton Hyatt1909-1918
    Dick HydeMLBRichard Elde Hyde1955-1961
    Tim HyersMLBTimothy James Hyers1990-1999
    Jim HyndmanMLBJames Harvey Hyndman1886-1886
    Colt HynesMLBJoshua Hynes2004-2015
    Pat HynesMLBPatrick J. Hynes1903-1904
    Adam HyzduMLBAdam Davis Hyzdu1990-2007

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