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  • Major Leaguers with at least 1 game played since 1871 are included. New Major Leaguers will be added during the season as they make their MLB debuts.
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  • GA
    Kason GabbardMLBKason R. Gabbard2000-2010
    Armando GabinoMLBArmando Leisdeker Gabino2004-2013
    Frank GablerMLBFrank Harold Gabler1935-1938
    Gabe GablerMLBWilliam Louis Gabler1958-1958
    John GablerMLBJohn Richard Gabler1959-1961
    Ken GablesMLBKenneth Harlin Gables1945-1947
    Len GabrielsonMLBLeonard Hilbourne Gabrielson1939-1939
    Len GabrielsonMLBLeonard Gary Gabrielson1960-1970
    John GaddyMLBJohn Wilson Gaddy1938-1938
    Eddie GaedelMLBEdward Carl Gaedel1951-1951
    Gary GaettiMLBGary Joseph Gaetti1979-2000
    Brent GaffMLBBrent Allen Gaff1978-1985
    Fabian GaffkeMLBFabian Sebastian Gaffke1936-1942
    Phil GaglianoMLBPhillip Joseph Gagliano1960-1974
    Eric GagneMLBEric Serge Gagne1995-2009
    Greg GagneMLBGregory Carpenter Gagne1979-1997
    Chick GagnonMLBHarold Dennis Gagnon1922-1924
    Eddie GaillardMLBJulian Edward Gaillard Iii1990-2006
    Del GainerMLBDelios Clinton Gainer1909-1922
    Jay GainerMLBJohnathan Keith Gainer1989-2001
    Joe GainesMLBArnesta Joe Gaines1960-1966
    Nemo GainesMLBWillard Roland Gaines1921-1921
    Ty GaineyMLBTelmanch Gainey1979-2000
    Fred GaiserMLBFrederick Jacob Gaiser1908-1908
    Steve GajkowskiMLBStephen Robert Gajkowski1989-2000
    Dan GakelerMLBDaniel Michael Gakeler1984-1995
    Augie GalanMLBAugust John Galan1934-1949
    Andres GalarragaMLBAndres Jose Galarraga1979-2004
    Armando GalarragaMLBArmando Antonio Galarraga2001-2013
    Bob GalassoMLBRobert Joseph Galasso1970-1984
    Milt GalatzerMLBMilton Galatzer1933-1939
    Rich GaleMLBRichard Blackwell Gale1975-1991
    Denny GalehouseMLBDennis Ward Galehouse1934-1949
    John GallMLBJohn Christopher Gall1997-2009
    Al GallagherMLBAlan Mitchell Edward George Patrick Henry Gallagher1965-1980
    Bill GallagherMLBWilliam John Gallagher1883-1884
    Bob GallagherMLBRobert Collins Gallagher1967-1975
    Dave GallagherMLBDavid Thomas Gallagher1980-1995
    Doug GallagherMLBDouglas Eugene Gallagher1962-1962
    Ed GallagherMLBEdward Michael Gallagher1932-1932
    Gil GallagherMLBLawrence Kirby Gallagher1922-1922
    Jackie GallagherMLBJohn Laurence Gallagher1923-1923
    Joe GallagherMLBJoseph Emmett Gallagher1939-1940
    Sean GallagherMLBSean Patrick Gallagher2004-2014
    Shorty GallagherMLBCharles William Gallagher1901-1901
    William GallagherMLBWilliam Howard Gallagher1896-1896
    Yovani GallardoMLBYovani Gallardo2004-2015
    Stan GalleMLBStanley Joseph Galle1942-1942
    Mike GallegoMLBMichael Anthon Gallego1979-1997
    Bert GalliaMLBMelvin Allys Gallia1912-1920
    Jim GalliganMLBJohn T. Galligan1889-1889
    Pete GalliganMLBPeter F. Galligan1886-1886
    Phil GallivanMLBPhilip Joseph Gallivan1931-1934
    Mike GalloMLBMichael Dwain Gallo1996-2010
    Chick GallowayMLBClarence Edward Galloway1919-1928
    Jim GallowayMLBJames Cato Galloway1912-1912
    Balvino GalvezMLBBalvino Galvez Jerez1982-1993
    Jim GalvinMLBJames Joseph Galvin1930-1930
    John GalvinMLBJohn A. Galvin1872-1872
    Lou GalvinMLBLouis J. Galvin1884-1884
    Pud GalvinMLBJames Francis Galvin1875-1892
    Freddy GalvisMLBFreddy Jose Galvis2007-2015
    Bob GambleMLBRobert J. Gamble1888-1888
    John GambleMLBJohn Robert Gamble1966-1973
    Lee GambleMLBLee Jesse Gamble1935-1940
    Oscar GambleMLBOscar Charles Gamble1968-1985
    Eddie GamboaMLBEduardo Gamboa2005-2015
    Mat GamelMLBMathew Floyd Gamel2005-2012
    Daff GammonsMLBJohn Ashley Gammons1901-1901
    Gus GandarillasMLBGustavo Gandarillas1990-2003
    Chick GandilMLBArnold Gandil1910-1919
    Bob GandyMLBRobert Brinkley Gandy1916-1916
    Bob GanleyMLBRobert Stephen Ganley1905-1909
    Bill GannonMLBWilliam Patrick Gannon1901-1901
    Gussie GannonMLBJames Edward Gannon1895-1895
    Joe GannonMLBMichael Joseph Gannon1898-1898
    Ron GantMLBRonald Edwin Gant1983-2003
    Joe GantenbeinMLBJospeh Stephen Gantenbein1939-1940
    Jim GantnerMLBJames Elmer Gantner1974-1992
    Babe GanzelMLBFoster Pirie Ganzel1927-1928
    Charlie GanzelMLBCharles William Ganzel1884-1897
    John GanzelMLBJohn Henry Ganzel1898-1908
    Eddy GarabitoMLBEddy Jorge Garabito1997-2008
    Joe GaragiolaMLBJospeh Henry Garagiola1946-1954
    Keith GaragozzoMLBKeith John Garagozzo1989-1996
    Victor GarateMLBVictor J. Garate2005-2014
    Bob GarbarkMLBRobert Michael Garbark1934-1945
    Mike GarbarkMLBNathaniel Michael Garbark1944-1945
    Bob GarberMLBRobert Mitchell Garber1956-1956
    Gene GarberMLBEugene Henry Garber1965-1988
    Barbaro GarbeyMLBBarbaro Garbey1980-1990
    Frank GarcesMLBFrank Yeury Garces2011-2015
    Rich GarcesMLBRichard Aron Garces Jr.1988-2008
    Adonis GarciaMLBAdonis Garcia2012-2015
    Amaury GarciaMLBAmaury Miguel Garcia1994-2005
    Anderson GarciaMLBAnderson Garcia2001-2010
    Avisail GarciaMLBAvisail Antonio Garcia2009-2015
    Carlos GarciaMLBCarlos Jesus Garcia1987-2001
    Chico GarciaMLBVinicio Uzcanga Garcia1954-1954
    Christian GarciaMLBChristian J. Garcia2004-2014
    Damaso GarciaMLBDamaso Domingo Garcia1975-1989
    Danny GarciaMLBDaniel Joseph Garcia1999-2007
    Danny GarciaMLBDaniel Raphael Garcia1975-1982
    Freddy GarciaMLBFreddy Antonio Garcia1995-2015
    Freddy GarciaMLBFreddy Adrian Garcia Felix1993-2000
    Greg GarciaMLBGregory Joseph Garcia2008-2015
    Guillermo GarciaMLBGuillermo Antonio Morel Garcia1990-2006
    Harvey GarciaMLBHarvey A. Garcia (Ibarras)2003-2010
    Jaime GarciaMLBJaime Omar Garcia2006-2015
    Jason GarciaMLBJason Garcia2010-2015
    Jesse GarciaMLBJesus Jesse Garcia1993-2008
    Jose GarciaMLBJose L. Garcia2005-2009
    Karim GarciaMLBGustavo Karim Garcia1993-2014
    Kiko GarciaMLBAlfonso Rafael Garcia1971-1997
    Leo GarciaMLBLeonardo Antonio Garica1980-1999
    Leury GarciaMLBLeury Garcia2008-2015
    Luis GarciaMLBLuis Rafael Garcia 1993-2002
    Luis GarciaMLBLuis Carlos Garcia1995-2011
    Luis GarciaMLBLuis A. Garcia2007-2015
    Miguel GarciaMLBMiguel Angel Garcia Silfontes1985-1995
    Mike GarciaMLBMichael R. Garcia1989-2007
    Mike GarciaMLBEdward Miguel Garcia1948-1961
    Onelki GarciaMLBOnelki Garcia2012-2015
    Pedro GarciaMLBPedro Modesto Garcia1973-1978
    Ralph GarciaMLBRalph Garcia1970-1974
    Ramon GarciaMLBRamon Garcia Garcia1948-1948
    Ramon GarciaMLBRamon Antonio Garcia1987-2011
    Reynaldo GarciaMLBReynaldo Garcia1999-2005
    Rosman GarciaMLBRosman Jose Garcia1998-2011
    Yimi GarciaMLBYimi Garcia2010-2015
    Nomar GarciaparraMLBAnthony Nomar Garciaparra1992-2009
    Al GardellaMLBAlfred Stephan Gardella1945-1945
    Danny GardellaMLBDaniel Lewis Gardella1944-1950
    Ron GardenhireMLBRonald Clyde Gardenhire1979-1987
    Art GardinerMLBArthur Junior Gardner1923-1923
    Mike GardinerMLBMichael James Gardiner1986-1998
    Alex GardnerMLBAlexander Gardner1884-1884
    Art GardnerMLBArthur Junior Gardner1975-1986
    Bill GardnerMLBWilliam A. Gardner1887-1887
    Billy GardnerMLBWilliam Frederick Gardner Sr.1954-1963
    Brett GardnerMLBBrett Michael Gardner2002-2015
    Chris GardnerMLBChristopher John Gardner1988-1995
    Earle GardnerMLBEarle McClurkin Gardner1908-1912
    Gid GardnerMLBFranklin Washington Gardner1879-1888
    Glenn GardnerMLBMiles Glenn Gardner1945-1945
    Harry GardnerMLBHarry Ray Gardner1911-1912
    Jeff GardnerMLBJeffrey Scott Gardner1985-1995
    Jim GardnerMLBJames Andrew Gardner1895-1902
    Larry GardnerMLBWilliam Lawrence Gardner1908-1924
    Lee GardnerMLBTerrence Lee Gardner1995-2008
    Mark GardnerMLBMark Allan Gardner1982-2001
    Ray GardnerMLBRaymond Vincent Gardner1929-1930
    Rob GardnerMLBRichard Frank Gardner1963-1973
    Wes GardnerMLBWesley Brian Gardner1982-1991
    Bill GarfieldMLBWilliam Milton Garfield1889-1890
    Art GaribaldiMLBArthur Edward Garibaldi1936-1936
    Bob GaribaldiMLBRobert Roy Garibaldi1962-1969
    Daniel GaribayMLBDaniel Garibay1994-2005
    Ryan GarkoMLBRyan Francis Garko2000-2012
    Jon GarlandMLBJon Steven Garland1997-2013
    Lou GarlandMLBLouis Lyman Garland1931-1931
    Wayne GarlandMLBMarcus Wayne Garland1969-1982
    Mike GarmanMLBMichael Douglas Garman1967-1979
    Debs GarmsMLBDebs C. Garms1932-1945
    Cole GarnerMLBRobert Cole Garner2005-2015
    Phil GarnerMLBPhillip Mason Garner1971-1988
    Willie GaroniMLBWilliam Garoni1899-1899
    Ralph GarrMLBRalph Allen Garr1967-1980
    Scott GarreltsMLBScott William Garrelts1979-1995
    Adrian GarrettMLBHenry Adrian Garrett1966-1976
    Clarence GarrettMLBClarence Raymond Garrett1915-1915
    Greg GarrettMLBGregory Garrett1970-1971
    Wayne GarrettMLBRonald Wayne Garrett1965-1978
    Gil GarridoMLBGil Gonzalo Garrido1960-1972
    Cecil GarriottMLBVirgil Cecil Garriott1946-1946
    Cliff GarrisonMLBClifford William Garrison1928-1928
    Ford GarrisonMLBRobert Ford Garrison1943-1946
    Steve GarrisonMLBStevenson Nathaniel Garrison2005-2014
    Webster GarrisonMLBWebster Leotis Garrison1984-1999
    Hank GarrityMLBFrancis Joseph Garrity1931-1931
    Jim GarryMLBJames Thomas Garry1893-1893
    Ned GarverMLBNed Franklin Garver1948-1961
    Steve GarveyMLBSteven Patrick Garvey1968-1987
    Jerry GarvinMLBTheodore Jared Garvin1974-1982
    Ned GarvinMLBVirgil Lee Garvin1896-1904
    Matt GarzaMLBMatthew Scott Garza2003-2015
    Harry GasparMLBHarry Lambert Gaspar1909-1912
    Rod GasparMLBRodney Earl Gaspar1969-1974
    Charlie GassawayMLBCharles Cason Gassaway1944-1946
    Dave GassnerMLBDavid K. Gassner1998-2009
    John GastMLBJohn Walter Gast2008-2015
    Tom GastallMLBThomas Everett Gastall1955-1956
    Ed GastfieldMLBEdward Gastfield1884-1885
    Alex GastonMLBAlexander Nathaniel Gaston1920-1929
    Cito GastonMLBClarence Edwin Gaston1964-1978
    Milt GastonMLBNathaniel Milton Gaston1924-1934
    Welcome GastonMLBWelcome Thornburg Gaston1898-1899
    Hank GastrightMLBHenry Carl Gastright1889-1896
    Brent GatesMLBBrent Robert Gates1989-1999
    Joe GatesMLBJoseph Daniel Gates1977-1982
    Mike GatesMLBMichael Grant Gates1979-1984
    Aubrey GatewoodMLBAubrey Lee Gatewood1963-1970
    Joey GathrightMLBJoey Renard Gathright2002-2013
    Frank GatinsMLBFrank Anthony Gatins1898-1901
    Evan GattisMLBJames Evan Gattis2006-2015
    John GaubMLBJohn David Gaub2004-2012
    Jim GaudetMLBJames Jennings Gaudet1974-1982
    Chad GaudinMLBChad Edward Gaudin2002-2013
    Mike GauleMLBMichael John Gaule1889-1889
    Kevin GausmanMLBKevin John Gausman 2011-2015
    Doc GautreauMLBWalter Paul Gautreau1925-1928
    Sid GautreauxMLBSidney Allen Gautreaux1936-1937
    Chippy GawMLBGeorge Joseph Gaw1920-1920
    Mike GazellaMLBMichael Gazella1923-1928
    Dale GearMLBDale Dudley Gear1896-1901
    Gary GearhartMLBLloyd William Gearhart1947-1947
    Dinty GearinMLBDennis John Gearin1923-1924
    Cory GearrinMLBCory Nathanial Gearrin2007-2015
    Bob GearyMLBRobert Norton Geary1918-1921
    Geoff GearyMLBGeoffrey Michael Geary1997-2011
    Huck GearyMLBEugene Francis Joseph Geary1942-1943
    Bob GebhardMLBRobert Henry Gebhard1965-1974
    Pete GebrianMLBPeter Gebrian1947-1947
    Jim GeddesMLBJames Lee Geddes1971-1973
    Elmer GedeonMLBElmer John Gedeon1939-1939
    Joe GedeonMLBElmer Joseph Gedeon1913-1920
    Rich GedmanMLBRichard Leo Gedman Jr.1978-1993
    Count GedneyMLBAlfred W. Gedney1872-1875
    Dillon GeeMLBDillon Kyle Gee2005-2015
    Johnny GeeMLBJohn Alexander Gee1939-1946
    Billy GeerMLBWilliam Henry Harrison Geer1874-1885
    Josh GeerMLBJoshua Brent Geer2005-2014
    Charlie GeggusMLBCharles Frederick Geggus1884-1884
    Lou GehrigMLBHenry Louis Gehrig1923-1939
    Hank GehringMLBHenry Gehring1907-1908
    Charlie GehringerMLBCharles Leonard Gehringer1924-1942
    Paul GehrmanMLBPaul Arthur Gehrman1937-1937
    Phil GeierMLBPhillip Louis Geier1896-1904
    Gary GeigerMLBGary Merle Geiger1958-1970
    Dave GeiselMLBJohn David Geisel1974-1986
    Vern GeishertMLBVernon William Geishert1969-1969
    Bill GeissMLBWilliam J. Geiss1882-1884
    Emil GeissMLBEmil August Geiss1887-1887
    Charlie GelbertMLBCharles Magnus Gelbert1929-1940
    John GelnarMLBJohn Richard Gelnar1964-1971
    Steve GeltzMLBSteven Andrew Geltz2006-2015
    Joe GenewichMLBJoseph Edward Genewich1922-1930
    Frank GeninsMLBC. Frank Genins1892-1901
    Scooter GennettMLBRyan J. Gennett2010-2015
    George GenoveseMLBGeorge Michael Genovese1950-1950
    Jim GentileMLBJames Edward Gentile1957-1966
    Sam GentileMLBSamuel Christopher Gentile1943-1943
    Craig GentryMLBCraig Alan Gentry2003-2015
    Gary GentryMLBGary Edward Gentry1967-1975
    Harvey GentryMLBHarvey William Gentry1954-1954
    Rufe GentryMLBJames Ruffus Gentry1943-1948
    Alex GeorgeMLBAlex Thomas M. George1955-1955
    Bill GeorgeMLBWilliam M. George1887-1889
    Chris GeorgeMLBChristopher Sean George1988-1994
    Chris GeorgeMLBChristopher Coleman George1998-2012
    Greek GeorgeMLBCharles Peter George1936-1945
    Lefty GeorgeMLBThomas Edward George1911-1918
    Oscar GeorgyMLBOscar John Georgy1938-1938
    Ben GeraghtyMLBBenjamin Raymond Geraghty1936-1944
    Dave GerardMLBDavid Frederick Gerard1962-1962
    Craig GerberMLBCraig Stuart Gerber1979-1988
    Wally GerberMLBWalter Gerber1914-1929
    George GerbermanMLBGeorge Alois Gerberman1962-1962
    Bob GerenMLBRobert Peter Geren1979-1993
    Joe GerhardtMLBJohn Joseph Gerhardt1873-1891
    Rusty GerhardtMLBAllen Russell Gerhardt1974-1983
    Ken GerhartMLBHarold Kenneth Gerhart1981-1990
    Al GerheauserMLBAlbert Gerheauser1943-1948
    George GerkenMLBGeorge Herbert Gerken1927-1928
    Steve GerkinMLBStephen Paul Gerkin1945-1945
    Johnny GerlachMLBJohn Glenn Gerlach1938-1939
    Esteban GermanMLBEsteban German Guridi1998-2014
    Franklyn GermanMLBFranklyn Miguel German Made1998-2011
    Les GermanMLBLester Stanley German1890-1897
    Justin GermanoMLBJustin William Germano2000-2015
    Gonzalez GermenMLBGonzalez Germen2009-2015
    Ed GernerMLBEdwin Frederick Gerner1919-1919
    Dick GernertMLBRichard Edward Gernert1952-1962
    Cesar GeronimoMLBCesar Francisco Geronimo1967-1983
    Lou GertenrichMLBLouis Wilhelm Gertenrich1901-1903
    Jody GerutMLBJoseph Diego Gerut1996-2010
    Sam GervacioMLBSamuel Gervacio2005-2013
    Lefty GervaisMLBLucien Edward Gervais1913-1913
    Doc GesslerMLBHarry Homer Gessler1903-1911
    Charlie GessnerMLBCharles R. Gessner1886-1886
    Al GettelMLBAllen Jones Gettel1945-1955
    Charlie GettigMLBCharles Henry Gettig1896-1899
    Tom GettingerMLBLewis Thomas Leyton Gettinger1889-1895
    Byron GettisMLBByron Earl Gettis 1998-2005
    Jake GettmanMLBJacob John Gettman1897-1899
    Chris GetzMLBChristopher Getz2003-2014
    Gus GetzMLBGustave Getz1909-1918
    Charlie GetzienMLBCharles H. Getzien1884-1892
    Rube GeyerMLBJacob Bowman Geyer1910-1913
    Chappie GeyganMLBJames Edward Geygan1924-1926
    Patsy GharrityMLBEdward Patrick Gharrity1916-1930
    Tony GhelfiMLBAnthony Paul Ghelfi1980-1988
    Bob GiallombardoMLBRobert Paul Giallombardo1958-1958
    Jason GiambiMLBJason Gilbert Giambi1990-2014
    Jeremy GiambiMLBJeremy Dean Giambi1994-2005
    Ray GiannelliMLBRaymond John Giannelli1988-1997
    Joe GianniniMLBJoseph Francis Giannini1911-1911
    Joe GiardMLBJoseph Oscar Giard1925-1927
    Tony GiarratanoMLBAnthony James Giarratano2001-2006
    Johnny GiavotellaMLBJohnny A. Giavotella2006-2015
    Joe GibbonMLBJoseph Charles Gibbon1960-1972
    Jay GibbonsMLBJay Jonathan Gibbons1996-2012
    John GibbonsMLBJohn Michael Gibbons1984-1990
    Jake GibbsMLBJerry Dean Gibbs1962-1971
    Steve GibralterMLBStephan Benson Gibralter1990-2001
    Bob GibsonMLBRobert Louis Gibson1979-1988
    Bob GibsonMLBRobert Gibson1959-1975
    Charlie GibsonMLBCharles Ellsworth Gibson1905-1905
    Charlie GibsonMLBCharles Griffin Gibson1924-1924
    Derrick GibsonMLBDerrick Lamont Gibson1993-2006
    Frank GibsonMLBFrank Gilbert Gibson1913-1927
    George GibsonMLBGeorge C. Moon Gibson1905-1918
    Kirk GibsonMLBKirk Harold Gibson1978-1995
    Kyle GibsonMLBKyle Benjamin Gibson2007-2015
    Norwood GibsonMLBNorwood Ringold Gibson1903-1906
    Paul GibsonMLBPaul Marshall Gibson1978-1996
    Robert GibsonMLBRobert Murray Gibson1890-1890
    Russ GibsonMLBJohn Russell Gibson1967-1972
    Sam GibsonMLBSamuel Braxton Gibson1926-1932
    Whitey GibsonMLBLeighton P. Gibson1888-1888
    George GickMLBGeorge Edward Gick1937-1938
    Brett GideonMLBByron Brett Gideon1985-1992
    Jim GideonMLBJames Leslie Gideon1975-1982
    Joe GiebelMLBGoseph Henry Giebel1913-1913
    Floyd GiebellMLBFloyd George Giebell1939-1941
    Paul GielMLBPaul Robert Giel1954-1961
    Dan GieseMLBDaniel Joshua Giese1998-2010
    Bob GiggieMLBRobert Thomas Giggie1959-1962
    Norm GigonMLBNorman Phillip Gigon1967-1967
    Benji GilMLBRomar Benjamin Gil1991-2012
    Geronimo GilMLBGeronimo Gil1996-2014
    Gus GilMLBTomas Gustavo Gil1967-1971
    Jerry GilMLBJerry Bienbenido Gil2000-2014
    Andy GilbertMLBAndrew Gilbert1942-1946
    Bill GilbertMLBAlfred Gideon Gilbert1892-1892
    Billy GilbertMLBWilliam Oliver Gilbert1901-1909
    Buddy GilbertMLBDrew Edward Gilbert1959-1959
    Charlie GilbertMLBCharles Mader Gilbert1940-1947
    Harry GilbertMLBHarry H. Gilbert1890-1890
    Jack GilbertMLBJohn Robert Gilbert1898-1904
    Joe GilbertMLBJoe Dennis Gilbert1971-1973
    John GilbertMLBJohn G. Gilbert1890-1890
    Larry GilbertMLBLawrence William Gilbert1914-1915
    Mark GilbertMLBMark David Gilbert1978-1985
    Pete GilbertMLBPeter Gilbert1890-1894
    Shawn GilbertMLBAlbert Shawn Gilbert Jr.1987-2003
    Tookie GilbertMLBHarold Joseph Gilbert1950-1953
    Wally GilbertMLBWalter John Gilbert1928-1932
    Rod GilbreathMLBRodney Joe Gilbreath1970-1980
    Bill GilbrethMLBWilliam Freeman Gilbreth1969-1974
    Don GileMLBDonald Loren Gile1959-1962
    Brian GilesMLBBrian Jeffrey Giles1978-1998
    Brian GilesMLBBrian Stephen Giles1989-2009
    Kenneth GilesMLBKenneth Robert Giles2010-2015
    Marcus GilesMLBMarcus William Giles1997-2007
    Jason GilfillanMLBJason Edward Gilfillan1997-2004
    George GilhamMLBGeorge Louis Gilham1920-1921
    Frank GilhooleyMLBFrank Patrick Gilhooley1912-1919
    Bernard GilkeyMLBOtis Bernard Gilkey1985-2001
    Bob GilksMLBRobert James Gilks1887-1893
    Ed GillMLBEdward James Gill1919-1919
    George GillMLBGeorge Lloyd Gill1937-1939
    Haddie GillMLBHarold Edward Gill1923-1923
    Jim GillMLBJames Clifford Gill1889-1889
    Johnny GillMLBJohn Wesley Gill1927-1936
    Warren GillMLBWarren Darst Gill1908-1908
    Conor GillaspieMLBConor Michael Gillaspie2006-2015
    Sam GillenMLBSamuel Gillen1893-1897
    Tom GillenMLBThomas J. Gillen1884-1886
    Carden GillenwaterMLBCarden Edison Gillenwater1940-1948
    Claral GillenwaterMLBClaral Lewis Gillenwater1923-1923
    Tom GillesMLBThomas Bradford Gilles1983-1995
    Bob GillespieMLBRobert William Gillespie1944-1950
    Cole GillespieMLBCole Braden Gillespie2004-2015
    John GillespieMLBJohn William Linden Gillespie1890-1890
    John GillespieMLBJohn Patrick Gillespie1922-1922
    Paul GillespieMLBPaul Allen Gillespie1942-1945
    Pete GillespieMLBPeter Patrick Gillespie1880-1887
    Jim GilliamMLBJames William Gilliam1953-1966
    Paul GillifordMLBPaul Gant Gilliford1967-1967
    Barney GilliganMLBAndrew Bernard Gilligan1875-1888
    Jack GilliganMLBJohn Patrick Gilligan1909-1910
    Grant GillisMLBGrant Gillis1927-1929
    George GillpatrickMLBGeorge Fred Gillpatrick1898-1898
    Jim GilmanMLBJames Joseph Gilman1893-1893
    Pit GilmanMLBPitkin Clark Gilman1884-1884
    Sean GilmartinMLBSean Patrick Gilmartin2009-2015
    Frank GilmoreMLBFrank T. Gilmore1886-1888
    Jim GilmoreMLBJames Gilmore1875-1875
    Len GilmoreMLBLeonard Preston Gilmore1944-1944
    Henry GilroyMLBHenry Engard Gilroy1874-1875
    John GilroyMLBJohn M. Gilroy1895-1896
    Hal GilsonMLBHarold Gilson1968-1968
    Chris GimenezMLBChristopher P. Gimenez2002-2015
    Hector GimenezMLBHector Eliner Gimenez2002-2014
    Caleb GindlMLBCaleb C. Gindl2007-2015
    Billy GingMLBWilliam Joseph Ging1899-1899
    Tinsley GinnMLBTinsley Rucker Ginn1914-1914
    Joe GinsbergMLBMyron Nathan Ginsberg1948-1962
    Keith GinterMLBKeith Michael Ginter1997-2010
    Matt GinterMLBMatthew Shane Ginter1997-2009
    Al GionfriddoMLBAlbert Francis Gionfriddo1944-1947
    Tommy GiordanoMLBThomas Arthur Giordano1953-1953
    Ed GiovanolaMLBEdward Thomas Giovanola1988-1999
    Charles GipsonMLBCharles Wells Gipson Jr.1992-2005
    Charlie GirardMLBCharles August Girard1910-1910
    Joe GirardiMLBJoseph Elliott Girardi1984-2003
    Chris GissellMLBChristopher Odell Gissell1996-2009
    Tony GiulianiMLBAngelo John Giuliani1936-1943
    Dave GiustiMLBDavid John Giusti Jr.1961-1977
    Brian GivensMLBBrian Givens1984-1998
    Jim GladdMLBJames Walter Gladd1946-1946
    Dan GladdenMLBClinton Daniel Gladden Iii1979-1993
    Fred GladdingMLBFred Earl Gladding1956-1973
    Fred GladeMLBFrederick Monroe Glade1902-1908
    Buck GladmanMLBJames Henry Gladmon1883-1886
    Roland GladuMLBRoland Edouard Gladu1944-1944
    John GlaiserMLBJohn Burke Glaiser1920-1920
    Doug GlanvilleMLBDouglas Metunwa Glanville1989-2004
    Tom GlassMLBThomas Joseph Glass1925-1925
    Jack GlasscockMLBJohn Wesley Glasscock1879-1895
    Keith GlauberMLBKeith H. Glauber1994-2001
    Troy GlausMLBTroy Edward Glaus1995-2010
    Luke GlavenichMLBLuke Frank Glavenich1913-1913
    Tommy GlavianoMLBThomas Giatano Glaviano1949-1953
    Michael GlavineMLBMichael Patrick Glavine1992-2004
    Tom GlavineMLBThomas Michael Glavine1984-2009
    Ralph GlazeMLBDaniel Ralph Glaze1906-1908
    Whitey GlaznerMLBCharles Franklin Glazner1920-1924
    Bill GleasonMLBWilliam G. Gleason1882-1889
    Bill GleasonMLBWilliam Gleason1890-1890
    Billy GleasonMLBWilliam Patrick Gleason1916-1921
    Harry GleasonMLBHarry Gilbert Gleason1901-1905
    Jack GleasonMLBJohn Day Gleason1877-1886
    Joe GleasonMLBJoseph Paul Gleason1920-1922
    Kid GleasonMLBWilliam J. Gleason1888-1912
    Roy GleasonMLBRoy William Gleason1963-1963
    Jerry Don GleatonMLBJerry Don Gleaton1979-1993
    Jim GleesonMLBJames Joseph Gleeson1936-1942
    Frank GleichMLBFrank Elmer Gleich1919-1920
    Bob GlenalvinMLBRobert Joseph Glenalvin1890-1893
    Martin GlendonMLBMartin J. Glendon1902-1903
    Bob GlennMLBBurdette Glenn1920-1920
    Brad GlennMLBBradley Edward Glenn2006-2015
    Ed GlennMLBEdward D. Glenn1898-1902
    Ed GlennMLBEdward C. Glenn1884-1888
    Harry GlennMLBHarry Melville Glenn1915-1915
    Joe GlennMLBJoseph Charles Glenn1932-1940
    John GlennMLBJohn W. Glenn1871-1877
    John GlennMLBJohn Glenn1960-1960
    Sal GliattoMLBSalvador Michael Gliatto1930-1930
    George GlinatsisMLBGeorge Glinatsis1988-1998
    Ross GloadMLBRoss Peter Gload1995-2011
    Norm GlocksonMLBNorman Stanley Glockson1914-1914
    Al GlossopMLBAlban Glossop1939-1946
    Gary GloverMLBJohn Gary Glover1994-2012
    Bill GlynnMLBWilliam Vincent Glynn1949-1954
    Ed GlynnMLBEdward Paul Glynn1972-1990
    Ryan GlynnMLBRyan David Glynn1995-2010
    Jot GoarMLBJoshua Mercer Goar1896-1898
    Jimmy GobbleMLBBilly James Gobble1999-2010
    John GochnauerMLBJohn Peter Gochnauer1901-1903
    John GodarMLBJohn Michael Godar1892-1892
    Danny GodbyMLBDanny Ray Godby1974-1977
    Joe GoddardMLBJoseph Harold Goddard1971-1972
    Graham GodfreyMLBGraham Hunter Godfrey2006-2014
    John GodwinMLBJohn Henry Godwin1905-1906
    Tyrell GodwinMLBCarlton Tyrell Godwin1998-2007
    Jake GoebbertMLBJacob Dwayne Goebbert2007-2015
    Ed GoebelMLBEdwin Goebel1922-1922
    Billy GoeckelMLBWilliam John Goeckel1899-1899
    Erik GoeddelMLBErik Van Norman Goeddel2009-2015
    George GoetzMLBGeorge Burt Goetz1889-1889
    John GoetzMLBJohn Hardy Goetz1960-1960
    Jerry GoffMLBJerry Leroy Goff1984-1997
    David GoforthMLBDavid Paul Goforth 2009-2015
    Chuck GogginMLBCharles Francis Goggin1964-1974
    Bill GogolewskiMLBWilliam Joseph Gogolewski1965-1975
    Greg GohrMLBGregory James Gohr1987-1997
    Ryan GoinsMLBRyan M. Goins2007-2015
    Jim GoldenMLBJames Edward Golden1960-1963
    Mike GoldenMLBMichael Henry Golden1875-1878
    Roy GoldenMLBRoy Kramer Golden1910-1911
    Jonah GoldmanMLBJonah John Goldman1928-1931
    Gordon GoldsberryMLBGordon Frederick Goldsberry1949-1952
    Walt GoldsbyMLBWalton Hugh Goldsby1884-1888
    Paul GoldschmidtMLBPaul Edward Goldschmidt2007-2015
    Fred GoldsmithMLBFredrick Ernest Goldsmith1875-1884
    Hal GoldsmithMLBHarold Eugene Goldsmith1926-1929
    Wally GoldsmithMLBWarren M. Goldsmith1871-1875
    Izzy GoldsteinMLBIsidore Goldstein1932-1932
    Lonnie GoldsteinMLBLeslie Elmer Goldstein1943-1946
    Purnal GoldyMLBPurnal William Goldy1962-1963
    Stan GoletzMLBStanley Goletz1941-1941
    Mike GoliatMLBMike Mitchell Goliat1949-1952
    Greg GolsonMLBGregory Joseph Golson2004-2014
    Dave GoltzMLBDavid Allan Goltz1967-1983
    Walt GolvinMLBWalter George Golvin1922-1922
    Brandon GomesMLBBrandon Paul Gomes2003-2015
    Jonny GomesMLBJonny Johnson Gomes2001-2015
    Wayne GomesMLBWayne Maurice Gomes1991-2005
    Yan GomesMLBYan Gomes2007-2015
    Alexis GomezMLBAlexis DeJesus Gomez1999-2014
    Carlos GomezMLBCarlos Argelis Pena Gomez2004-2015
    Chile GomezMLBJose Luis (Rodriguez) Gomez1935-1942
    Chris GomezMLBChristopher Cory Gomez1990-2008
    Hector GomezMLBHector Alexis Gomez2006-2015
    Jeanmar GomezMLBJeanmar Alejandro Gomez2006-2015
    Lefty GomezMLBVernon Louis Gomez1930-1943
    Leo GomezMLBLeonardo Gomez1986-2002
    Luis GomezMLBLuis (Sanchez) Gomez1973-1981
    Mauro GomezMLBMauro Gomez2004-2014
    Pat GomezMLBPatrick Alexander Gomez1986-1995
    Preston GomezMLBPedro Gomez1944-1944
    Randy GomezMLBRandall Scott Gomez1980-1987
    Ruben GomezMLBRuben Gomez Colon1953-1967
    Jesse GonderMLBJesse Lamar Gonder1960-1967
    Dan GonzalesMLBDaniel David Gonzales1972-1983
    Joe GonzalesMLBJoe Madrid Gonzales1937-1937
    Larry GonzalesMLBLawrence Christopher Gonzales1986-1994
    Marco GonzalesMLBMarco Elias Gonzales2011-2015
    Rene GonzalesMLBRene Adrian Gonzales1982-1999
    Vince GonzalesMLBWenceslao Gonzales O'Reilly1955-1955
    Adrian GonzalezMLBAdrian Gonzalez2000-2015
    Alberto GonzalezMLBAlberto Ramon Gonzalez2004-2014
    Alex GonzalezMLBAlexander Gonzalez1995-2014
    Alex GonzalezMLBAlexander Scott Gonzalez1991-2007
    Alex GonzalezMLBAlexander Gonzalez2011-2015
    Andy GonzalezMLBAngel Manuel Gonzalez2001-2013
    Carlos GonzalezMLBCarlos Eduardo Gonzalez2003-2015
    Denny GonzalezMLBDenio Mariano Gonzalez1981-1992
    Dicky GonzalezMLBDicky Angel Gonzalez1996-2013
    Edgar GonzalezMLBEdgar Victor Gonzalez1998-2014
    Edgar GonzalezMLBEdgar Gerardo Gonzalez (Elizondo)2002-2014
    Enrique GonzalezMLBEnrique Cesar Gonzalez2000-2013
    Eusebio GonzalezMLBEusebio Gonzalez1918-1918
    Fernando GonzalezMLBJose Fernando Gonzalez1969-1984
    Gabe GonzalezMLBGabriel Gonzalez1992-2001
    German GonzalezMLBGerman Jose Gonzalez1987-1989
    Gio GonzalezMLBGiovany Aramis Gonzalez2004-2015
    Jeremi GonzalezMLBGeremis Segundo Acosta1992-2007
    Jose GonzalezMLBJose Rafael Gonzalez1981-1992
    Juan GonzalezMLBJuan Alberto Vazquez Gonzalez1986-2005
    Julio GonzalezMLBJulio Enrique Gonzalez Herrera1949-1949
    Julio GonzalezMLBJulio Cesar Gonzalez1972-1983
    Lariel GonzalezMLBLariel Alfonso Gonzalez1994-2001
    Luis GonzalezMLBLuis Gonzalez1998-2008
    Luis GonzalezMLBLuis Emilio Gonzalez1988-2008
    Marwin GonzalezMLBMarwin Javier Gonzalez2006-2015
    Miguel GonzalezMLBMiguel Antonio Gonzalez2009-2015
    Miguel GonzalezMLBMiguel Angel Gonzalez (Martin)2005-2015
    Miguel GonzalezMLBMiguel Alfredo Gonzalez2014-2015
    Mike GonzalezMLBMichael Vela Gonzalez1997-2014
    Mike GonzalezMLBMiguel Angel Gonzalez1912-1932
    Orlando GonzalezMLBOrlando Eugene Gonzalez1974-1989
    Pedro GonzalezMLBPedro Gonzalez1963-1967
    Raul GonzalezMLBVictor Raul Gonzalez1991-2010
    Severino GonzalezMLBSeverino Yunier Gonzalez2013-2015
    Tony GonzalezMLBAndres Antonio Gonzalez1960-1977
    Wiki GonzalezMLBWiklenman Vincente Gonzalez1994-2007
    Charlie GoochMLBCharles Furman Gooch1929-1929
    Johnny GoochMLBJohn Beverley Gooch1921-1933
    Lee GoochMLBLee Currin Gooch1915-1917
    Andrew GoodMLBAndrew Richard Good1998-2007
    Gene GoodMLBEugene J. Good1906-1906
    Ralph GoodMLBRalph Nelson Good1910-1910
    Wilbur GoodMLBWilbur David Good1905-1918
    Herb GoodallMLBHerbert Frank Goodall1890-1890
    John GoodellMLBJohn Henry William Goodell1928-1928
    Dwight GoodenMLBDwight Eugene Gooden1982-2000
    Bill GoodenoughMLBWilliam B. Goodenough1893-1893
    Mike GoodfellowMLBMichael J. Goodfellow1887-1888
    Billy GoodmanMLBWilliam Dale Goodman1947-1962
    Ival GoodmanMLBIval Richard Goodman1935-1944
    Jake GoodmanMLBJacob Goodman1878-1882
    Ed GoodsonMLBJames Edward Goodson1968-1978
    Art GoodwinMLBArthur Ingram Goodwin1905-1905
    Clyde GoodwinMLBClyde Samuel Goodwin1906-1906
    Curtis GoodwinMLBCurtis Lamar Goodwin1991-2007
    Danny GoodwinMLBDanny Kay Goodwin1974-1985
    Jim GoodwinMLBJames Patrick Goodwin1948-1948
    Marv GoodwinMLBMarvin Mardo Goodwin1916-1925
    Tom GoodwinMLBThomas Jones Goodwin1987-2005
    Ray GoolsbyMLBRaymond Daniel Goolsby1946-1946
    Greg GoossenMLBGregory Bryant Goossen1965-1970
    Glen GorbousMLBGlen Edward Gorbous1955-1957
    Ray GordinierMLBRaymond Cornelius Gordinier1921-1922
    Alex GordonMLBAlex Jonathan Gordon2003-2015
    Brian GordonMLBBrian Ernest Gordon1997-2014
    Dee GordonMLBDevaris Strange-Gordon2008-2015
    Don GordonMLBDonald Thomas Gordon1982-1991
    Joe GordonMLBJoseph Lowell Gordon1938-1950
    Keith GordonMLBKeith Bradley Gordon1989-2002
    Mike GordonMLBMichael William Gordon1977-1979
    Sid GordonMLBSidney Gordon1941-1955
    Tom GordonMLBThomas Gordon1986-2009
    George GoreMLBGeorge F. Gore1879-1892
    Terrance GoreMLBTerrance J. Gore2011-2015
    Reid GoreckiMLBReid Evan Gorecki2000-2013
    Rick GoreckiMLBRichard John Gorecki1991-1998
    Charlie GorinMLBCharles Perry Gorin1954-1955
    Bob GorinskiMLBRobert John Gorinski1977-1979
    Herb GormanMLBHerbert Allen Gorman1952-1952
    Howie GormanMLBHoward Paul Gorman1937-1938
    Jack GormanMLBJohn F. Gorman1883-1884
    Thomas GormanMLBThomas Gorman1884-1884
    Tom GormanMLBThomas David Gorman1939-1939
    Tom GormanMLBThomas Aloysius Gorman1952-1959
    Tom GormanMLBThomas Patrick Gorman1980-1988
    Joe GormleyMLBJoseph Gormley1891-1891
    Nick GorneaultMLBNicholas Anthony Gorneault1998-2010
    Hank GornickiMLBHenry Frank Gornicki1941-1946
    Johnny GorsicaMLBJohn Joseph Perry Gorsica1940-1947
    Johnny GorylMLBJohn Albert Goryl1957-1964
    Tom GorzelannyMLBThomas Stephen Gorzelanny2002-2015
    Anthony GoseMLBAnthony Robert Gose2008-2015
    Tuffy GosewischMLBJames Benjamin Gosewich2002-2015
    Jim GosgerMLBJames Charles Gosger1963-1974
    Goose GoslinMLBLeon Allen Goslin1921-1938
    Mike GoslingMLBMichael Frederick Gosling1999-2010
    Howie GossMLBHoward Wayne Goss1962-1963
    Rich GossageMLBRichard Michael Gossage1970-1994
    Phil GosselinMLBPhilip David Gosselin2008-2015
    Dick GossettMLBJohn Star Gossett1913-1914
    Julio GotayMLBJulio Enrique Gotay1960-1969
    Ruben GotayMLBRuben A. Gotay Jr.2001-2014
    Jim GottMLBJames William Gott1977-1995
    Ted GoulaitMLBTheodore Lee Goulait1912-1912
    Al GouldMLBAlbert Frank Gould1916-1917
    Charlie GouldMLBCharles Harvey Gould1871-1877
    Nick GoulishMLBNicholas Edward Goulish1944-1945
    Claude GouzzieMLBClaude Gouzzie1903-1903
    Hank GowdyMLBHenry Morgan Gowdy1910-1930
    Larry GowellMLBLawrence Clyde Gowell1967-1972
    Mauro GozzoMLBMauro Paul Gozzo1984-1995
    Billy GrabarkewitzMLBBilly Cordell Grabarkewitz1966-1975
    Rod GraberMLBRodney Blaine Graber1958-1958
    John GrabowMLBJohn William Grabow1997-2011
    Al GrabowskiMLBAlfons Francis Grabowski1929-1930
    Jason GrabowskiMLBJason William Grabowski1995-2006
    Johnny GrabowskiMLBJohn Patrick Grabowski1924-1931
    Reggie GrabowskiMLBReginald John Grabowski1932-1934
    Earl GraceMLBRobert Earl Grace1929-1937
    Joe GraceMLBJoseph Laverne Grace1938-1947
    Mark GraceMLBMark Eugene Grace1985-2003
    Matt GraceMLBMatthew Aaron Grace2008-2015
    Mike GraceMLBMichael James Grace1990-2001
    Mike GraceMLBMichael Lee Grace1977-1983
    Franklyn GracesquiMLBFranklyn Benjamin Gracesqui1998-2012
    John GradyMLBJohn J. Grady1884-1884
    Mike GradyMLBMichael William Grady1894-2005
    Fred GraffMLBFrederick Gottleib Graff1913-1913
    John GraffMLBJohn J. Graff1893-1893
    Louis GraffMLBLouis George Graff1890-1890
    Milt GraffMLBMilton Edward Graff1957-1958
    Tony GraffaninoMLBAnthony Joseph Graffanino1990-2009
    Barney GrahamMLBJames Graham1889-1889
    Bernie GrahamMLBBernard W. Graham1884-1884
    Bert GrahamMLBBert B.G. Graham1910-1910
    Bill GrahamMLBWilliam Albert Graham1966-1967
    Charlie GrahamMLBCharles Henry Graham1906-1906
    Dan GrahamMLBDaniel Jay Graham1975-1982
    J.R. GrahamMLBJohnathan Ryan Graham2009-2015
    Jack GrahamMLBJohn Bernard Graham1946-1949
    Lee GrahamMLBLee Willard Graham1977-1986
    Oscar GrahamMLBOscar Marion Graham1907-1907
    Peaches GrahamMLBGeorge Frederick Graham1902-1912
    Roy GrahamMLBRoy Vincent Graham1922-1923
    Skinny GrahamMLBKyle Graham1924-1929
    Skinny GrahamMLBArthur William Graham1934-1935
    Tiny GrahamMLBDawson Francis Graham1914-1914
    Tyler GrahamMLBTyler Graham2003-2014
    Wayne GrahamMLBWayne Leon Graham1963-1964
    Bill GrahameMLBWilliam James Grahame1908-1910
    Joe GraheMLBJoseph Milton Grahe1988-2000
    Alex GramanMLBAlex Joseph Graman1998-2011
    Tommy GramlyMLBBert Thomas Gramly1968-1968
    Alex GrammasMLBAlexander Peter Grammas1954-1963
    Hank GramppMLBHenry Erchardt Grampp1927-1929
    Yasmani GrandalMLBYasmani Grandal2008-2015
    Curtis GrandersonMLBCurtis Granderson Jr.2000-2015
    Jack GraneyMLBJohn Gladstone Graney1908-1922
    Jeff GrangerMLBJeffrey Adam Granger1991-2000
    Wayne GrangerMLBWayne Allan Granger1965-1979
    Eddie GrantMLBEdward Leslie Grant1905-1915
    George GrantMLBGeorge Addison Grant1923-1931
    Jim GrantMLBJames Ronald Grant1923-1923
    Jimmy GrantMLBJames Charles Grant1942-1944
    Mark GrantMLBMark Andrew Grant1981-1995
    Mudcat GrantMLBJames Timothy Grant1958-1971
    Tom GrantMLBThomas Raymond Grant1979-1985
    George GranthamMLBGeorge Farley Grantham1922-1934
    Rick GrapenthinMLBRichard Ray Grapenthin1980-1989
    Lou GrasmickMLBLouis Junior Grasmick1948-1948
    Mickey GrassoMLBNewton Michael Grasso1946-1955
    Don GrateMLBDonald Grate1945-1946
    Mark GraterMLBMark Anthony Grater1986-1993
    Beiker GraterolMLBBeiker Graterol1996-2000
    Lew GraulichMLBLewis Graulich1891-1891
    Kendall GravemanMLBKendall Chase Graveman 2010-2015
    Danny GravesMLBDaniel Peter Graves1992-2008
    Frank GravesMLBFrank Norris Graves1886-1886
    Joe GravesMLBJoseph Ebenezer Graves1926-1926
    Sid GravesMLBSamuel Sidney Graves1927-1927
    Bill GrayMLBWilliam Tolan Gray1890-1898
    Charlie GrayMLBCharles A. Gray1890-1890
    Chummy GrayMLBGeorge Edward Gray1899-1899
    Dave GrayMLBDavid Alexander Gray1964-1964
    Dick GrayMLBRichard Benjamin Gray1958-1960
    Dolly GrayMLBWilliam Denton Gray1909-1911
    Gary GrayMLBGary George Gray1974-1984
    Jeff GrayMLBJeffrey Edward Gray1981-1991
    Jeff GrayMLBJeffrey Michael Gray2001-2013
    Jim GrayMLBJames W. Gray1884-1893
    Johnny GrayMLBJohn Leonard Gray1954-1958
    Lorenzo GrayMLBLorenzo Gray1977-1986
    Milt GrayMLBMilton Marshall Gray1937-1937
    Pete GrayMLBPeter J. Gray1945-1945
    Sam GrayMLBSamuel David Gray1924-1933
    Sonny GrayMLBSonny Douglas Gray2009-2015
    Stan GrayMLBStanley Oscar Gray1912-1912
    Ted GrayMLBTed Glenn Gray1946-1955
    Eli GrbaMLBEli Grba1959-1963
    Bill GreasonMLBWilliam Henry Greason1954-1954
    John GreasonMLBJohn A. Greason1873-1873
    Craig GrebeckMLBCraig Allen Grebeck1986-2001
    Andy GreenMLBAndrew Mulligan Green1999-2010
    Chris GreenMLBChristopher De Wayne Green1979-1987
    Dallas GreenMLBGeorge Dallas Green1960-1967
    Danny GreenMLBEdward Green1898-1905
    David GreenMLBDavid Alejandro Green Casaya1979-1991
    Dick GreenMLBRichard Larry Green1960-1974
    Ed GreenMLBEdward M. Green1890-1890
    Fred GreenMLBFred Allen Green1959-1964
    Gary GreenMLBGary Allan Green1982-1995
    Gene GreenMLBGene Leroy Green1957-1963
    Grant GreenMLBGrant Green2007-2015
    Harvey GreenMLBHarvey George Green1935-1935
    Jason GreenMLBDavid Jason Green1993-2000
    Jim GreenMLBJames F. Green1884-1884
    Joe GreenMLBJoseph Henry Green1924-1924
    Lenny GreenMLBLeonard Charles Green1957-1968
    Nick GreenMLBNicholas Anthony Green1999-2013
    Pumpsie GreenMLBElijah Jerry Green1959-1963
    Scarborough GreenMLBBertrum Scarborough Green1993-2001
    Sean GreenMLBSean William Green1998-2012
    Shawn GreenMLBShawn David Green1992-2007
    Steve GreenMLBSteve Green1997-2011
    Taylor GreenMLBTaylor William Andrew Green2005-2015
    Tyler GreenMLBTyler Scott Green1991-2000
    Adam GreenbergMLBAdam Daniel Greenberg2000-2013
    Hank GreenbergMLBHenry Benjamin Greenberg1930-1947
    Al GreeneMLBAltar Alfonse Greene1977-1980
    Charlie GreeneMLBCharles Patrick Greene1991-2003
    June GreeneMLBJulius Foust Greene1928-1929
    Khalil GreeneMLBKhalil Thabit Greene1999-2009
    Nelson GreeneMLBNelson George Greene1924-1925
    Paddy GreeneMLBPatrick Joseph Greene1902-1903
    Rick GreeneMLBRichard Douglas Greene Jr.1990-2002
    Shane GreeneMLBShane Greene2008-2015
    Todd GreeneMLBTodd Anthony Greene1990-2006
    Tommy GreeneMLBIra Thomas Greene1985-1997
    Tyler GreeneMLBJames Tyler Greene2003-2014
    Willie GreeneMLBWillie Louis Greene1989-2000
    Kent GreenfieldMLBKent Greenfield1924-1929
    Jim GreengrassMLBJames Raymond Greengrass1952-1956
    John GreeningMLBJohn A. Greening1888-1888
    Mike GreenwellMLBMichael Lewis Greenwell1982-1996
    Bill GreenwoodMLBWilliam Fitter Greenwood1882-1890
    Bob GreenwoodMLBRobert Chandler Greenwood1954-1955
    Nick GreenwoodMLBNicholas Greenwood2007-2015
    Brian GreerMLBBrian Keith Greer1977-1983
    Ed GreerMLBEdward C. Greer1885-1887
    Kenny GreerMLBKenneth William Greer1986-1997
    Rusty GreerMLBThurman Clyde Greer Iii1990-2002
    Luke GregersonMLBLucas John Gregorson2003-2015
    Dave GreggMLBDavid Charles Gregg1913-1913
    Hal GreggMLBHarold Dana Gregg1943-1952
    Kevin GreggMLBKevin Marschall Gregg1996-2015
    Tommy GreggMLBWilliam Thomas Gregg1982-1997
    Vean GreggMLBSylveanus Augustus Gregg1911-1925
    Tom GregorioMLBThomas Andrew Gregorio1996-2006
    Didi GregoriusMLBMariekson Gregorius2008-2015
    Frank GregoryMLBFrank Ernst Gregory1912-1912
    Howie GregoryMLBHoward Watterson Gregory1911-1911
    Lee GregoryMLBGrover Leroy Gregory1964-1964
    Paul GregoryMLBPaul Edwin Gregory1932-1933
    Bill GreifMLBWilliam Briley Greif1968-1978
    Zack GreinkeMLBDonald Zackary Greinke2002-2015
    Seth GreisingerMLBSeth Adam Greisinger1994-2013
    Ed GremmingerMLBLorenzo Edward Gremminger1895-1904
    Buddy GrempMLBLewis Edward Gremp1940-1942
    Bill GrevellMLBWilliam J. Grevell1919-1919
    Reddy GreyMLBRomer Carl Grey1903-1903
    Bobby GrichMLBRobert Anthony Grich1967-1986
    Randal GrichukMLBRandal Alexander Grichuk2009-2015
    Tim GriesenbeckMLBCarlos Phillipe Timothy Griesenbeck1920-1920
    Ben GrieveMLBBenjamin Grieve1994-2005
    Tom GrieveMLBThomas Alan Grieve1967-1979
    Lee GriffethMLBLeon Clifford Griffeth1946-1946
    Ken GriffeyMLBGeorge Kenneth Griffey Sr.1969-1991
    Ken GriffeyMLBGeorge Kenneth Griffey Jr.1987-2010
    A.J. GriffinMLBArthur Joseph Griffin2007-2015
    Alfredo GriffinMLBAlfredo Claudino Griffin1974-1993
    Doug GriffinMLBDouglas Lee Griffin1965-1977
    Hank GriffinMLBJames Linton Griffin1911-1912
    Ivy GriffinMLBIvy Moore Griffin1919-1921
    John-Ford GriffinMLBJohn-Ford David Griffin1999-2010
    Marty GriffinMLBMartin John Griffin1928-1928
    Mike GriffinMLBMichael Leroy Griffin1977-1989
    Mike GriffinMLBMichael Joseph Griffin1887-1898
    Pat GriffinMLBPatrick Richard Griffin1914-1914
    Pug GriffinMLBFrancis Arthur Griffin1917-1920
    Sandy GriffinMLBTobias Charles Griffin1884-1893
    Thomas GriffinMLBThomas William Griffin1884-1884
    Tom GriffinMLBThomas James Griffin1966-1982
    Bert GriffithMLBBartholomew Joseph Griffith1922-1924
    Clark GriffithMLBClark Calvin Griffith1891-1914
    Derrell GriffithMLBRobert Derrell Griffith1963-1966
    Frank GriffithMLBFrank Wesley Griffith1892-1894
    Tommy GriffithMLBThomas Herman Griffith1913-1925
    Jeremy GriffithsMLBJeremy Richard Griffiths1997-2005
    Art GriggsMLBArthur Carle Griggs1909-1918
    Hal GriggsMLBHarold Lloyd Griggs1956-1959
    Denver GrigsbyMLBDenver Clarence Grigsby1923-1925
    Guido GrilliMLBGuido John Grilli1966-1966
    Jason GrilliMLBJason Michael Grilli1995-2015
    Steve GrilliMLBStephen Joseph Grilli1975-1981
    Bob GrimMLBRobert Anton Grim1954-1962
    John GrimMLBJohn Helm Grim1888-1899
    Burleigh GrimesMLBBurleigh Arland Grimes1916-1934
    Ed GrimesMLBEdward Adelbert Grimes1931-1932
    John GrimesMLBJohn Thomas Grimes1897-1897
    Oscar GrimesMLBOscar Ray Jr. Grimes1938-1946
    Ray GrimesMLBOscar Ray Sr. Grimes1920-1926
    Roy GrimesMLBAustin Roy Grimes1920-1920
    Charlie GrimmMLBCharles John Grimm1916-1936
    Justin GrimmMLBJustin Grimm2008-2015
    Myron GrimshawMLBMyron Frederick Grimshaw1905-1907
    Jason GrimsleyMLBJason Alan Grimsley1985-2006
    Ross GrimsleyMLBRoss Albert Grimsley II1951-1951
    Ross GrimsleyMLBRoss Albert Grimsley I1971-1986
    Dan GrinerMLBDonald Dexter Griner1912-1918
    Lee GrissomMLBLee Theo Grissom1934-1941
    Marquis GrissomMLBMarquis Deon Grissom1988-2005
    Marv GrissomMLBMarvin Edward Grissom1946-1959
    Dick GroatMLBRichard Morrow Groat1952-1967
    Connie GrobMLBConrad George Grob1956-1956
    Johnny GrodzickiMLBJohn Grodzicki1941-1947
    Heinie GrohMLBHenry Knight Groh1912-1927
    Lew GrohMLBLewis Carl Groh1919-1919
    Steve GromekMLBStephen Joseph Gromek1941-1957
    Lee GronkiewiczMLBLee Matthew Gronkiewicz1997-2009
    Bob GroomMLBRobert Groom1909-1918
    Buddy GroomMLBWedsel Gary Groom Jr.1987-2005
    Howdy GrosklossMLBHoward Hoffman Groskloss1930-1932
    Don GrossMLBDonald John Gross1955-1960
    Emil GrossMLBEmil Michael Gross1879-1884
    Gabe GrossMLBGabriel Jordan Gross1999-2010
    Greg GrossMLBGregory Eugene Gross1970-1989
    Kevin GrossMLBKevin Frank Gross1981-1997
    Kip GrossMLBKip Lee Gross1986-2001
    Turkey GrossMLBEwell Gross1925-1925
    Wayne GrossMLBWayne Dale Gross1973-1986
    George GrossartMLBGeorge Albert Grossart1901-1901
    Harley GrossmanMLBHarley Joseph Grossman1952-1952
    Robbie GrossmanMLBRobert Edward Grossman2008-2015
    Jerry GroteMLBGerald Wayne Grote1963-1985
    Jeff GrotewoldMLBJeffrey Scott Grotewold1985-1996
    Ernest GrothMLBErnest William Groth1947-1949
    Ernie GrothMLBErnest John Groth1904-1904
    Johnny GrothMLBJohn Thomas Groth1946-1960
    Matt GrottMLBMatthew Allen Grott1989-1997
    Lefty GroveMLBRobert Moses Grove1925-1941
    Orval GroveMLBOrval Leroy Grove1940-1949
    Charlie GroverMLBCharles Burt Grover1913-1913
    Roy GroverMLBRoy Arthur Grover1916-1919
    Harvey GrubbMLBHarvey Harrison Grubb1912-1912
    Johnny GrubbMLBJohn Maywood Grubb Jr.1970-1988
    Tom GrubbsMLBThomas Dillard Grubbs1920-1920
    Frank GrubeMLBFranklin Thomas Grube1931-1941
    Jarrett GrubeMLBJarrett George Grube2003-2014
    Henry GruberMLBHenry John Gruber1887-1891
    Kelly GruberMLBKelly Wayne Gruber1980-1997
    Mark GrudzielanekMLBMark James Grudzielanek1991-2010
    Ken GrundtMLBKenneth Allan Grundt1991-1998
    Al GrunwaldMLBAlfred Henry Grunwald1955-1959
    Kevin GryboskiMLBKevin John Gryboski1992-2008
    Sig GryskaMLBSigmund Stanley Gryska1938-1939
    Mike GrzanichMLBMichael Edward Grzanich1992-2001
    Joe GrzendaMLBJoseph Charles Grzenda1961-1972
    Mayckol GuaipeMLBMayckol Martin Guaipe2011-2015
    Cecilio GuanteMLBCecilio (Magallane) Guante1980-1990
    Eddie GuardadoMLBEdward Adrian Guardado1990-2009
    Creighton GubanichMLBCreighton Wade Gubanich1991-2003
    Mark GubiczaMLBMark Steven Gubicza1981-1997
    Marv GudatMLBMarvin John Gudat1929-1932
    Javy GuerraMLBLuis Javier Guerra2005-2015
    Mike GuerraMLBFermin Guerra Romero1937-1951
    Alex GuerreroMLBAlexander Guerrero (Perez )2014-2015
    Juan GuerreroMLBJuan Antonio Guerrero1987-1999
    Mario GuerreroMLBMario Miguel Guerrero Abud1968-1980
    Pedro GuerreroMLBPedro Guerrero1973-1995
    Vladimir GuerreroMLBVladimir Alvino Guerrero1994-2012
    Wilton GuerreroMLBWilton Guerrero1993-2005
    Matt GuerrierMLBMatthew Olson Guerrier1997-2014
    Whitey GueseMLBTheodore Guese1901-1901
    Lee GuettermanMLBArthur Lee Guetterman1981-1997
    Carlos GuevaraMLBJose Carlos Guevara2001-2009
    Giomar GuevaraMLBGiomar Antonio Guevara1993-2002
    Ron GuidryMLBRonald Ames Guidry1969-1989
    Aaron GuielMLBAaron Colin Guiel1993-2011
    Carlos GuillenMLBCarlos Alfonso Guillen1995-2011
    Jose GuillenMLBJose Manuel Guillen1994-2010
    Ozzie GuillenMLBOswaldo Jose Guillen Barrios1981-2000
    Preston GuilmetMLBPreston Blake Guilmet2006-2015
    Bobby GuindonMLBRobert Joseph Guindon1964-1964
    Ben GuineyMLBBenjamin Franklin Guiney1883-1884
    Skip GuinnMLBDrannon Eugene Guinn1968-1971
    Ben GuintiniMLBBenjamin John Guintini1946-1950
    Lefty GuiseMLBWitt Orison Guise1940-1940
    Lou GuistoMLBLouis Joseph Guisto1916-1923
    Mike GulanMLBMichael Watts Gulan1991-2004
    Brad GuldenMLBBradley Lee Gulden1975-1986
    Don GullettMLBDonald Edward Gullett1969-1978
    Tom GulleyMLBThomas Jefferson Gulley1923-1926
    Ted GullicMLBTedd Jasper Gullic1930-1933
    Bill GullicksonMLBWilliam Lee Gullickson1977-1994
    Glenn GulliverMLBGlenn James Gulliver1974-1986
    Ad GumbertMLBAddison Courtney Gumbert1888-1896
    Billy GumbertMLBWilliam Skeen Gumbert1890-1893
    Harry GumbertMLBHarry Edward Gumbert1935-1950
    Dave GumpertMLBDavid Lawrence Gumpert1981-1987
    Randy GumpertMLBRandall Pennington Gumpert1936-1952
    Eric GundersonMLBEric Andrew Gunderson1987-2001
    Red GunkelMLBWoodward William Gunkel1916-1916
    Fred GunkleMLBFrederick William Gunkle1879-1879
    Hy GunningMLBHyland Gunning1911-1911
    Tom GunningMLBThomas Francis Gunning1884-1889
    Joe GunsonMLBJoseph Brook Gunson1884-1893
    Larry GuraMLBLawrence Cyril Gura1969-1985
    Ernie GustMLBErnest Herman Frank Gust1911-1911
    Frankie GustineMLBFrank William Gustine1939-1950
    Bucky GuthMLBCharles Henry Guth1969-1972
    Charlie GuthMLBCharles J. Guth1880-1880
    Jeremy GuthrieMLBJeremy Shane Guthrie1998-2015
    Mark GuthrieMLBMark Andrew Guthrie1985-2003
    Cesar GutierrezMLBCesar Dario Gutierrez1967-1971
    Franklin GutierrezMLBFranklin Rafael Gutierrez2001-2015
    Jackie GutierrezMLBJoaquin Fernando Gutierrez1978-2008
    Juan GutierrezMLBJuan Carlos Gutierrez2003-2015
    Ricky GutierrezMLBRicardo Gutierrez1988-2006
    Don GutteridgeMLBDonald Joseph Gutteridge1936-1948
    Brandon GuyerMLBBrandon Eric Guyer2005-2015
    Angel GuzmanMLBAngel Moises Guzman2001-2012
    Cristian GuzmanMLBCristian Antonio Guzman1996-2010
    Domingo GuzmanMLBDomingo Serrano Guzman1994-2008
    Edwards GuzmanMLBEdwards Guzman1996-2008
    Freddy GuzmanMLBFreddy Antonio Guzman2003-2014
    Geraldo GuzmanMLBGeraldo Guzman1999-2001
    Jesus GuzmanMLBJesus Antonio Guzman2004-2014
    Joel GuzmanMLBIrvin Joel Guzman2002-2013
    Johnny GuzmanMLBRamon Dionny (Estrella) Guzman1988-1993
    Jose GuzmanMLBJose Alberto (Mirabel) Guzman1981-2002
    Juan GuzmanMLBJuan Andres Correa Guzman1985-2001
    Santiago GuzmanMLBSantiago Donovan Guzman1969-1972
    Doug GwosdzMLBDoug Wayne Gwosdz1978-1989
    Marc GwynMLBMarcus Edwin Gwyn1997-2009
    Chris GwynnMLBChristopher Karlton Gwynn1984-1996
    Tony GwynnMLBAnthony Keith Gwynn Jr.2001-2015
    Tony GwynnMLBAnthony Keith Gwynn1981-2001
    Jedd GyorkoMLBJedd Lindon Gyorko2008-2015
    Dick GyselmanMLBRichard Renald Gyselman1933-1934

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