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  • Major Leaguers with at least 1 game played since 1871 are included. New Major Leaguers will be added during the season as they make their MLB debuts.
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  • FA
    Jay FaatzMLBJayson S. Faatz1884-1890
    Red FaberMLBUrban Clarence Faber1914-1933
    Jorge FabregasMLBJorge Fabregas1990-2003
    Bunny FabriqueMLBAlbert La Verne Fabrique1916-1917
    Roy FaceMLBElroy Leon Face1953-1969
    Lenny FaedoMLBLeonardo Lago Faedo1978-1986
    Tony FaethMLBAnthony Joseph Faeth1919-1920
    Bill FaganMLBWilliam A. Fagan1887-1888
    Everett FaganMLBEverett Joseph Fagan1943-1946
    Fred FaginMLBJoseph Fagin1895-1895
    Bill FaheyMLBWilliam Roger Fahey1970-1983
    Brandon FaheyMLBBrandon Michael Fahey2002-2008
    Frank FaheyMLBFrancis Raymond Fahey1918-1918
    Howard FaheyMLBHoward Simpson Fahey1912-1912
    Jerry FahrMLBGerald Warren Fahr1951-1951
    Pete FahrerMLBClarence Willie Fahrer1914-1914
    Ferris FainMLBFerris Roy Fain1947-1955
    George FairMLBGeorge T. Fair1876-1876
    Jim FairbankMLBJames Lee Fairbank1903-1904
    Rags FairclothMLBJames Lamar Faircloth1919-1919
    Jim FaireyMLBJames Burke Fairey1965-1977
    Ron FairlyMLBRonald Ray Fairly1958-1978
    Hector FajardoMLBHector Fajardo Nabaratte1989-1995
    Anton FalchMLBAnton C. Falch1884-1884
    Pete FalconeMLBPeter Frank Falcone1973-1989
    Bibb FalkMLBBibb August Falk1920-1931
    Chet FalkMLBChester Emanuel Falk1925-1927
    Cy FalkenbergMLBFrederick Peter Falkenberg1903-1917
    Brian FalkenborgMLBBrian Thomas Falkenborg1996-2014
    Ed FallensteinMLBEdward Joseph Fallenstein1931-1933
    Bob FallonMLBRobert Joseph Fallon1979-1986
    George FallonMLBGeorge Decatur Fallon1937-1945
    Pete FalseyMLBPeter James Falsey1914-1914
    Steve FalteisekMLBSteven James Falteisek1991-2003
    Irving FaluMLBIrving Falu2003-2017
    Jeurys FamiliaMLBJeurys Familia2008-2017
    Rikkert FaneyteMLBRikkert Faneyte1991-1996
    Cliff FanninMLBClifford Bryson Fannin1945-1952
    Jack FanningMLBJohn Jacob Fanning1889-1894
    Jim FanningMLBWilliam James Fanning1954-1957
    Harry FanokMLBHarry Michael Fanok1963-1964
    Frank FanovichMLBFrank Joseph Fanovich1949-1953
    Stan FanslerMLBStanley Robert Fansler1983-1994
    Harry FanwellMLBHarry Clayton Fanwell1910-1910
    Carmen FanzoneMLBCarmen Ronald Fanzone1964-1974
    Jacob FariaMLBJacob Daniel Faria2011-2017
    Paul FariesMLBPaul Tyrrell Faries1984-1998
    Monty FarissMLBMonty Ted Fariss1986-1995
    Bob FarleyMLBRobert Jacob Farley1961-1962
    Tom FarleyMLBLawrence Farley1884-1884
    Alex FarmerMLBAlexander Johnson Farmer1908-1908
    Bill FarmerMLBWilliam Charles Farmer1888-1888
    Buck FarmerMLBGeorge Runie Farmer2010-2017
    Ed FarmerMLBEdward Joseph Farmer1967-1986
    Howard FarmerMLBHoward Earl Farmer1987-1995
    Jack FarmerMLBFloyd Haskell Farmer1916-1918
    Kyle FarmerMLBJames Kyle Farmer2010-2017
    Mike FarmerMLBMichael Anthony Farmer1988-1999
    Jeff FarnsworthMLBJeffrey Ellis Farnsworth1995-2013
    Kyle FarnsworthMLBKyle Lynn Farnsworth1994-2016
    Danny FarquharMLBDaniel Andres Farquhar2006-2017
    Jim FarrMLBJames Alfred Farr1978-1984
    Steve FarrMLBSteven Michael Farr1977-1994
    Sid FarrarMLBSidney Douglas Farrar1883-1890
    Bill FarrellMLBWilliam Farrell1882-1883
    Doc FarrellMLBEdward Stephen Farrell1925-1935
    Duke FarrellMLBCharles Andrew Farrell1888-1905
    Jack FarrellMLBJohn A. Farrell1879-1889
    Jack FarrellMLBJack Farrell1874-1874
    Joe FarrellMLBJoseph F. Farrell1882-1886
    John FarrellMLBJohn Sebastian Farrell1901-1905
    John FarrellMLBJohn Edward Farrell1981-1996
    Kerby FarrellMLBMajor Kerby Farrell1943-1945
    Luke FarrellMLBLuke Thomas Farrell2010-2017
    Turk FarrellMLBRichard Joseph Farrell1956-1969
    Eric FarrisMLBEric Michael-Jay Farris2005-2016
    John FarrowMLBJohn Jacob Farrow1873-1884
    Sal FasanoMLBSalvatore Frank Fasano1992-2009
    Frederick FassMLBFrederick Peter Fass1887-1887
    Jeff FasseroMLBJeffrey Joseph Fassero1982-2006
    Darcy FastMLBDarcy Rae Fast1968-1968
    Jack FaszholzMLBJohn Edward Faszholz1953-1953
    Bill FaulMLBWilliam Alvan Faul1962-1970
    Andrew FaulknerMLBAndrew Michael Faulkner2011-2017
    Jim FaulknerMLBJames Leroy Faulkner1927-1930
    Buck FausettMLBRobert Shaw Fausett1944-1944
    Charlie FaustMLBCharles Victor Faust1911-1911
    Joe FautschMLBJoseph Roamon Fautsch1916-1916
    Clay FauverMLBClayton King Fauver1899-1899
    Ernie FazioMLBErnest Joseph Fazio1962-1966
    Vern FearMLBLuvern Carl Fear1952-1952
    Taylor FeatherstonMLBTaylor J. Featherston2009-2017
    Carlos FeblesMLBCarlos Manuel Febles1995-2004
    Erick FeddeMLBErick James Fedde2012-2017
    Al FederoffMLBAlfred Federoff1951-1952
    Tim FederowiczMLBTimothy Joseph Federowicz2006-2017
    Jack FeeMLBJohn Fee1889-1889
    Dutch FehringMLBWilliam Paul Fehring1934-1934
    Ryan FeierabendMLBRyan Robert Feierabend2003-2014
    Eddie FeinbergMLBEdward Isadore Feinberg1938-1939
    Mike FelderMLBMichael Otis Felder1981-1998
    Marv FeldermanMLBMarvin Wilfred Felderman1942-1942
    Harry FeldmanMLBHarry Feldman1941-1946
    Scott FeldmanMLBScott Wynne Feldman2002-2017
    Jesus FelicianoMLBJesus Feliciano1998-2013
    Pedro FelicianoMLBPedro Juan Molina Feliciano1995-2014
    Gus FelixMLBAugust Guenther Felix1923-1927
    Harry FelixMLBHarry Felix1901-1902
    Junior FelixMLBJunior Francisco Felix Sanchez1986-2001
    Michael FelizMLBMichael Feliz2010-2017
    Neftali FelizMLBNeftali Feliz Antonio2006-2017
    Pedro FelizMLBPedro Julio Feliz1998-2012
    Bob FellerMLBRobert William Andrew Feller1936-1956
    Happy FelschMLBOscar Emil Felsch1915-1920
    John FelskeMLBJohn Frederick Felske1962-1973
    Terry FeltonMLBTerry Lane Felton1976-1984
    Frank FennellyMLBFrancis John Fennelly1884-1890
    Hod FennerMLBHorace Alfred Fenner1921-1921
    Bobby FenwickMLBRobert Richard Fenwick1967-1973
    Stan FerensMLBStanley Ferens1942-1946
    Alex FergusonMLBJames Alexander Ferguson1918-1929
    Bob FergusonMLBRobert Lester Ferguson1944-1944
    Bob FergusonMLBRobert Vavasour Ferguson1871-1884
    Charlie FergusonMLBCharles J. Ferguson1884-1887
    Charlie FergusonMLBCharles Augustus Ferguson1901-1901
    George FergusonMLBGeorge Cecil Ferguson1906-1911
    Joe FergusonMLBJoseph Vance Ferguson1968-1983
    Felix FerminMLBFelix Jose Fermin Minaya1983-1996
    Ramon FerminMLBRamon Antonio Fermin Ventura1991-2001
    Ed FernandesMLBEdward Paul Fernandes1940-1946
    Alex FernandezMLBAlexander Fernandez1989-2000
    Chico FernandezMLBLorenzo Marto Fernandez Mosquera1968-1968
    Chico FernandezMLBHumberto Fernandez Perez1956-1963
    Frank FernandezMLBFrank Fernandez1967-1972
    Jared FernandezMLBJared Wade Fernandez1994-2007
    Jose FernandezMLBJose D. Fernandez2011-2016
    Jose FernandezMLBJose Mayobanex Fernandez1994-2013
    Nanny FernandezMLBFroilan Fernandez1942-1950
    Osvaldo FernandezMLBOsvaldo Fernandez1996-2005
    Sid FernandezMLBCharles Sidney Fernandez1981-2001
    Tony FernandezMLBOctavio Antonio Castro Fernandez1980-2001
    Al FerraraMLBAlfred John Ferrara Jr.1963-1971
    Don FerrareseMLBDonald Hugh Ferrarese1955-1962
    Anthony FerrariMLBAnthony Michael Ferrari1999-2007
    Mike FerraroMLBMichael Dennis Ferraro1962-1972
    Bill FerrazziMLBWilliam Joseph Ferrazzi1935-1935
    Tony FerreiraMLBAnthony Ross Ferreira1981-1990
    Jeff FerrellMLBJeffrey A. Ferrell2010-2017
    Rick FerrellMLBRichard Benjamin Ferrell1929-1947
    Wes FerrellMLBWesley Cheek Ferrell1927-1941
    Sergio FerrerMLBSergio Ferrer Marrero1974-1981
    Tom FerrickMLBThomas Jerome Ferrick1941-1952
    Bob FerrisMLBRobert Eugene Ferris1974-1981
    Hobe FerrisMLBAlbert Sayles Ferris1901-1909
    Dave FerrissMLBDavid Meadow Ferriss1945-1950
    Cy FerryMLBAlfred Joseph Ferry1904-1905
    Jack FerryMLBJohn Francis Ferry1910-1913
    Alex FersonMLBAlexander Ferson1889-1892
    Lou FetteMLBLouis Henry William Fette1937-1945
    Mike FettersMLBMichael Lee Fetters1984-2004
    Willy FetzerMLBWilliam McKinnon Fetzer1906-1906
    Chick FewsterMLBWilson Lloyd Fewster1917-1927
    Neil FialaMLBNeil Stephen Fiala1977-1982
    Chuck FickMLBCharles Joseph Fick2005-2015
    John FickMLBJohn Ralph Fick1944-1944
    Robert FickMLBRobert Charles John Fick1995-2009
    Mark FidrychMLBMark Steven Fidrych1974-1983
    Clarence FieberMLBClarence Thomas Fieber1932-1932
    Jim FieldMLBJames C. Field1883-1898
    Nate FieldMLBNathan Patrick Field1998-2009
    Sam FieldMLBSamuel Jay Field1875-1876
    Tommy FieldMLBThomas Samuel Field2006-2017
    Cecil FielderMLBCecil Grant Fielder1982-1998
    Prince FielderMLBPrince Semien Fielder2002-2016
    Bruce FieldsMLBBruce Alan Fields1978-1991
    Daniel FieldsMLBDaniel L. Fields2010-2016
    George FieldsMLBGeorge W. Fields1872-1872
    Jocko FieldsMLBJohn Joseph Fields1887-1892
    Josh FieldsMLBJoshua Dean Fields2002-2015
    Joshua FieldsMLBJoshua David Fields2005-2017
    Casey FienMLBCasey Michael Fien2003-2017
    Lou FieneMLBLouis Henry Fiene1906-1909
    Mike FiersMLBMichael Bruce Fiers2009-2017
    Danny FifeMLBDanny Wayne Fife1971-1974
    Stephen FifeMLBStephen J. Fife2007-2017
    Jack FifieldMLBJohn Proctor Fifield1897-1899
    Alfredo FigaroMLBAlfredo Figaro2006-2016
    Mike FiggaMLBMichael Anthony Figga1990-2004
    Frank FiggemeierMLBFrank Y. Figgemeier1894-1894
    Chone FigginsMLBDesmond DeChone Figgins1997-2014
    Bien FigueroaMLBBienvenido Figueroa1985-1996
    Cole FigueroaMLBStephen Cole Figueroa2007-2016
    Ed FigueroaMLBEduardo Figueroa Padilla1966-1982
    Jesus FigueroaMLBJesus Maria Figueroa Figueroa1975-1983
    Luis FigueroaMLBLuis R. Figueroa1997-2012
    Nelson FigueroaMLBNelson Walter Figueroa Jr.1993-2013
    Pedro FigueroaMLBPedro Jose Figueroa (Vizcaino)2006-2014
    Jeremy FikacMLBJeremy Joseph Fikac1997-2005
    Bob FileMLBRobert Michael File1995-2004
    Sam FileMLBLawrence Samuel File1940-1940
    Tom FilerMLBThomas Carson Filer1978-1993
    Eddie FilesMLBCharles Edward Files1908-1908
    Steve FilipowiczMLBStephen Charles Filipowicz1944-1948
    Marc FilleyMLBMarcus Lucius Filley1934-1934
    Dana FillingimMLBDana Fillingim1915-1925
    Pete FilsonMLBWilliam Peter Filson1977-1990
    Jack FimpleMLBJohn Joseph Fimple1980-1987
    Joel FinchMLBJoel D. Finch1977-1981
    Bill FincherMLBWilliam Allen Fincher1916-1916
    Tommy FineMLBThomas Morgan Fine1947-1950
    Rollie FingersMLBRoland Glen Fingers1965-1985
    Jim FiniganMLBJames Leroy Finigan1954-1959
    Herman FinkMLBHerman Adam Fink1935-1937
    Pembroke FinlaysonMLBPembroke Finlayson1908-1909
    Bill FinleyMLBWilliam James Finley1886-1886
    Bob FinleyMLBRobert Edward Finley1943-1944
    Chuck FinleyMLBCharles Edward Finley1984-2002
    Steve FinleyMLBSteve Allen Finley1984-2007
    Neal FinnMLBCornelius Francis Finn1930-1933
    Brandon FinneganMLBBrandon Kyle Finnegan2012-2017
    Happy FinneranMLBJoseph Ignatius Finneran1912-1918
    Hal FinneyMLBHarold Wilson Finney1931-1936
    Lou FinneyMLBLouis Klopsche Finney1931-1947
    Gar FinnvoldMLBAnders Gar Finnvold1987-1996
    Mike FioreMLBMichael Gary Joseph Fiore1968-1978
    Tony FioreMLBAnthony James Fiore1991-2006
    Jeff FiorentinoMLBJeffrey Philip Fiorentino2002-2013
    Steve FireovidMLBStephen John Fireovid1976-1993
    Dan FirovaMLBDaniel Michael Firova1979-1991
    Ted FirthMLBJohn E. Firth1884-1884
    Bill FischerMLBWilliam Charles Fischer1956-1964
    Carl FischerMLBCharles William Fischer1930-1937
    Hank FischerMLBHenry William Fischer1962-1967
    Jeff FischerMLBJeffrey Thomas Fischer1982-1990
    John FischerMLBJohn Fischer1884-1885
    Rube FischerMLBReuben Walter Fischer1941-1946
    Todd FischerMLBTodd Richard Fischer1982-1987
    William FischerMLBWilliam Charles Fischer1913-1917
    Mike FischlinMLBMichael Thomas Fischlin1975-1988
    Sam FishburnMLBSamuel E. Fishburn1919-1919
    John FishelMLBJohn Alan Fishel1982-1990
    Leo FishelMLBLeo Fishel1899-1899
    Bob FisherMLBRobert Taylor Fisher1912-1919
    Brian FisherMLBBrian Kevin Fisher1980-1993
    Carlos FisherMLBCharles E. Fisher2005-2017
    Charles FisherMLBCharles G. Fisher1884-1884
    Charles FisherMLBCharles Fisher1889-1889
    Chauncey FisherMLBChauncey Burr Fisher1893-1901
    Cherokee FisherMLBWilliam Charles Fisher1871-1878
    Clarence FisherMLBClarence Henry Fisher1919-1920
    Derek FisherMLBDerek Joseph Fisher2012-2017
    Don FisherMLBDonald Raymond Fisher1945-1945
    Ed FisherMLBEdward Fredrick Fisher1902-1902
    Eddie FisherMLBEddie Gene Fisher1958-1973
    Fritz FisherMLBFrederick Brown Fisher1964-1964
    George FisherMLBGeorge Cresse Fisher1884-1884
    Gus FisherMLBAugust Harris Fisher1911-1912
    Harry FisherMLBHarry Devereux Fisher1951-1952
    Jack FisherMLBJohn Howard Fisher1959-1969
    Maurice FisherMLBMaurice Wayne Fisher1955-1955
    Newt FisherMLBNewton Fisher1898-1898
    Ray FisherMLBRay Lyle Fisher1910-1920
    Red FisherMLBJohn Gus Fisher1910-1910
    Showboat FisherMLBGeorge Aloys Fisher1923-1932
    Tom FisherMLBThomas Chalmers Fisher1904-1904
    Tom FisherMLBThomas Gene Fisher1967-1967
    Wilbur FisherMLBWilbur McCullough Fisher1916-1916
    Carlton FiskMLBCarlton Ernest Fisk1968-1993
    Wes FislerMLBWeston Dickson Fisler1871-1876
    Doug FisterMLBDouglas Wildes Fister2003-2017
    Paul FitteryMLBPaul Clarence Fittery1914-1917
    Ed Fitz GeraldMLBEdward Raymond Fitz Gerald1948-1959
    Charlie FitzbergerMLBCharles Caspar Fitzberger1928-1928
    Brian FitzgeraldMLBBrian Michael Fitzgerald1993-2002
    Dennis FitzgeraldMLBDennis S. Fitzgerald1890-1890
    Howie FitzgeraldMLBHoward Chumney Fitzgerald1922-1926
    John FitzgeraldMLBJohn Francis Fitzgerald1958-1958
    John FitzgeraldMLBJohn J. Fitzgerald1890-1890
    John FitzgeraldMLBJohn H. Fitzgerald1891-1891
    Matty FitzgeraldMLBMatthew William Fitzgerald1906-1907
    Mike FitzgeraldMLBJustin Howard Fitzgerald1911-1918
    Mike FitzgeraldMLBMichael Patrick Fitzgerald1984-1990
    Mike FitzgeraldMLBMichael Roy Fitzgerald1978-1993
    Ray FitzgeraldMLBRaymond Francis Fitzgerald1931-1931
    Warren FitzgeraldMLBWarren Bartholomew Fitzgerald1891-1892
    Paul FitzkeMLBPaul Frederick Herman Fitzke1924-1924
    Shaun FitzmauriceMLBShaun Earle Fitzmaurice1966-1966
    Al FitzmorrisMLBAlan James Fitzmorris1965-1979
    Ed FitzpatrickMLBEdward Henry Fitzpatrick1915-1917
    Freddie FitzsimmonsMLBFrederick Landis Fitzsimmons1925-1943
    Tom FitzsimmonsMLBThomas William Fitzsimmons1919-1919
    Max FlackMLBMax John Flack1916-1925
    Wally FlagerMLBWalter Leonard Flager1945-1945
    Ira FlagsteadMLBIra James Flagstead1917-1930
    Jack FlahertyMLBJack Flaherty2014-2017
    John FlahertyMLBJohn Timothy Flaherty1986-2005
    Martin FlahertyMLBMartin John Flaherty1881-1881
    Pat FlahertyMLBPatrick Henry Flaherty1894-1894
    Patsy FlahertyMLBPatrick Joseph Flaherty1899-1911
    Ryan FlahertyMLBRyan Edward Flaherty2006-2017
    Al FlairMLBAlbert Dell Flair1941-1941
    Charlie FlanaganMLBCharles James Flanagan1913-1913
    Ed FlanaganMLBEdward F. Flanagan1887-1889
    Mike FlanaganMLBMichael Kendall Flanagan1972-1992
    Steamer FlanaganMLBJames Paul Flanagan1905-1905
    Yohan FlandeMLBYohan Carlos Flande2008-2016
    Ray FlaniganMLBRaymond Arthur Flanigan1946-1946
    Tom FlaniganMLBThomas Anthony Flanigan1954-1958
    John FlanneryMLBJohn Michael Flannery1977-1982
    Tim FlanneryMLBTimothy Earl Flannery1978-1989
    Roy FlaskamperMLBRaymond Harold Flaskamper1927-1927
    Jack FlaterMLBJohn William Flater1908-1908
    John FlavinMLBJohn Thomas Flavin1964-1964
    Frank FleetMLBFrank H. Fleet1871-1875
    Angel FleitasMLBAngel Felix Husta Fleitas1948-1948
    Bill FlemingMLBLeslie Fletchard Fleming1940-1946
    Dave FlemingMLBDavid Anthony Fleming1988-1998
    Les FlemingMLBLeslie Harvey Fleming1939-1949
    Tom FlemingMLBThomas Vincent Fleming1899-1904
    Huck FlenerMLBGregory Alan Flener1990-2000
    Art FletcherMLBArthur Fletcher1909-1922
    Darrin FletcherMLBDarrin Glen Fletcher1985-2002
    Elbie FletcherMLBElburt Preston Fletcher1934-1949
    Frank FletcherMLBOliver Frank Fletcher1914-1914
    George FletcherMLBGeorge Horace Elliot Fletcher1872-1872
    Paul FletcherMLBEdward Paul Fletcher1988-1998
    Sam FletcherMLBSamuel S. Fletcher1909-1912
    Scott FletcherMLBScott Brian Fletcher1979-1995
    Tom FletcherMLBThomas Wayne Fletcher1962-1962
    Van FletcherMLBAlfred Vanoide Fletcher1955-1955
    Chris FlexenMLBChris J. Flexen2012-2017
    Elmer FlickMLBElmer Harrison Flick1898-1910
    Lew FlickMLBLewis Miller Flick1943-1944
    Don FlinnMLBDon Raphael Flinn1917-1917
    John FlinnMLBJohn Richard Flinn1973-1985
    Silver FlintMLBFrank Sylvester Flint1875-1889
    Hilly FlitcraftMLBHildreth Milton Flitcraft1942-1942
    Mort FlohrMLBMoritz Herman Flohr1934-1934
    Curt FloodMLBCurtis Charles Flood1956-1971
    Tim FloodMLBTimothy A. Flood1899-1903
    Kevin FloraMLBKevin Scot Flora1987-1997
    Don FlorenceMLBDonald Emery Florence1988-1996
    Paul FlorenceMLBPaul Robert Florence1926-1926
    Gil FloresMLBGilberto Flores Garcia1977-1984
    Jesse FloresMLBJesse Flores Sandoval1942-1950
    Jesus FloresMLBJesus Miguel Flores2004-2015
    Jose FloresMLBJose Carlos Flores1994-2006
    Kendry FloresMLBKendry Mateo Flores2010-2016
    Ramon FloresMLBRamon Flores2009-2017
    Randy FloresMLBRandy Alan Flores1994-2011
    Ron FloresMLBRonald Joel Flores1998-2009
    Wilmer FloresMLBWilmer Alejandro Flores2008-2017
    Bryce FlorieMLBBryce Bettencourt Florie1988-2007
    Pedro FlorimonMLBPedro Alexander Florimon Jr.2006-2017
    Dylan FloroMLBDylan Lee Floro2010-2017
    Ben FlowersMLBBennett Flowers1951-1956
    Dickie FlowersMLBCharles Richard Flowers1871-1872
    Jake FlowersMLBD'Arcy Raymond Flowers1923-1934
    Tyler FlowersMLBCole Tyler Flowers2006-2017
    Wes FlowersMLBCharles Wesley Flowers1940-1944
    Bobby FloydMLBRobert Nathan Floyd1964-1981
    Bubba FloydMLBLeslie Roe Floyd1944-1944
    Cliff FloydMLBCornelius Clifford Floyd1991-2009
    Gavin FloydMLBGavin Christopher Floyd2002-2016
    John FluhrerMLBJohn Lister Fluhrer1915-1915
    Brian FlynnMLBBrian A. Flynn2009-2017
    Carney FlynnMLBCornelius Francis Xavier Flynn1894-1896
    Clipper FlynnMLBWilliam Flynn1871-1872
    Doug FlynnMLBRobert Douglas Flynn Jr.1972-1985
    Ed FlynnMLBEdward J. Flynn1887-1887
    George FlynnMLBGeorge Albert Flynn1896-1896
    Jocko FlynnMLBJohn A. Flynn1886-1887
    Joe FlynnMLBJoseph Nicholas Flynn1884-1884
    John FlynnMLBJohn Anthony Flynn1910-1912
    Mike FlynnMLBMichael J. Flynn1891-1891
    Stu FlytheMLBStuart McGuire Flythe1936-1936
    Gene FodgeMLBGene Arlan Fodge1958-1958
    Jim FogartyMLBJames G. Fogarty1884-1890
    Joe FogartyMLBJohn J. Fogarty1885-1885
    Josh FoggMLBJoshua Smith Fogg1996-2010
    Lee FohlMLBLeo Alexander Fohl1902-1903
    Hank FoilesMLBHenry Lee Foiles Jr.1953-1964
    Curry FoleyMLBCharles Joseph Foley1879-1883
    John FoleyMLBJohn J. Foley1885-1885
    Marv FoleyMLBMarvis Edwin Foley1972-1986
    Ray FoleyMLBRaymond Kirwin Foley1928-1928
    Tom FoleyMLBThomas Michael Foley1977-1995
    Tom FoleyMLBThomas James Foley1871-1871
    Will FoleyMLBWilliam Brown Foley1875-1884
    Tim FoliMLBTimothy John Foli1968-1985
    Rich FolkersMLBRichard Nevin Folkers1967-1977
    Mike FoltynewiczMLBMichael G. Foltynewicz2010-2017
    Dee FondyMLBDee Virgil Fondy1951-1958
    Lew FonsecaMLBLewis Albert Fonseca1921-1933
    Wilmer FontMLBWilmer Font2007-2017
    Nolan FontanaMLBNolan David Fontana2010-2017
    Joe FontenotMLBJoseph D. Fontenot1995-1999
    Mike FontenotMLBMichael Eugene Fontenot2000-2014
    Ray FontenotMLBSilton Ray Fontenot1979-1987
    Chad FonvilleMLBChad Everette Fonville1992-2004
    Jim FoorMLBJames Emerson Foor1967-1973
    Barry FooteMLBBarry Clifton Foote1970-1982
    Jesse FoppertMLBJesse William Foppert1999-2009
    Jim ForanMLBJames H. Foran1871-1871
    P.J. ForbesMLBPatrick Joseph Forbes1990-2002
    Davy ForceMLBDavid W. Force1871-1886
    Ben FordMLBBenjamin Cooper Ford1994-2004
    Curt FordMLBCurtis Glenn Ford1981-1997
    Dan FordMLBDarnell Glenn Ford1971-1985
    Darren FordMLBDarren Scott Ford2005-2016
    Dave FordMLBDavid Alan Ford1975-1985
    Ed FordMLBEdgar Lee Ford1884-1884
    Gene FordMLBEugene Matthew Ford1936-1938
    Gene FordMLBEugene Wyman Ford1905-1905
    Hod FordMLBHorace Hills Ford1919-1933
    Lew FordMLBJon Lewis Ford1999-2016
    Matt FordMLBMatthew Lee Ford1999-2008
    Russ FordMLBRussell William Ford1909-1913
    Ted FordMLBTheodore Henry Ford1966-1973
    Tom FordMLBThomas Walter Ford1890-1890
    Wenty FordMLBPercival Edmund Wentworth Ford1973-1973
    Whitey FordMLBEdward Charles Ford1950-1967
    Tom FordhamMLBThomas James Fordham1993-2003
    Brook FordyceMLBBrook Alexander Fordyce1989-2004
    Brownie ForemanMLBJohn Davis Foreman1895-1896
    Frank ForemanMLBFrancis Isaiah Foreman1884-1902
    Happy ForemanMLBAugust G. Foreman1924-1926
    Bill FormanMLBWilliam Orange Forman1909-1910
    Eric FornataroMLBEric Anthony Fornataro2007-2016
    Mike FornielesMLBJose Miguel Fornieles Torres1952-1963
    Bob ForschMLBRobert Herbert Forsch1970-1989
    Ken ForschMLBKenneth Roth Forsch1968-1986
    Scott ForsterMLBScott Forster1992-2005
    Terry ForsterMLBTerry Jay Forster1970-1987
    Tom ForsterMLBThomas W. Forster1882-1886
    Logan ForsytheMLBJohn Logan Forsythe2006-2017
    Tim FortugnoMLBTimothy Shawn Fortugno1986-1997
    Bartolome FortunatoMLBBartolome Fortunato2000-2011
    Gary FortuneMLBGarrett Reese Fortune1916-1920
    Jerry FosnowMLBGerald Eugene Fosnow1964-1965
    George FossMLBGeorge Dueward Foss1921-1921
    Larry FossMLBLarry Curtis Foss1961-1962
    Tony FossasMLBEmilio Antonio Fossas Morejon1977-1999
    Ray FosseMLBRaymond Earl Fosse1965-1979
    Casey FossumMLBCasey Paul Fossum1997-2015
    Alan FosterMLBAlan Benton Foster1965-1976
    Ed FosterMLBEdward Lee Foster1908-1908
    Eddie FosterMLBEdward Cunningham Foster1910-1923
    Elmer FosterMLBElmer Ellsworth Foster1886-1891
    George FosterMLBGeorge Arthur Foster1968-1986
    John FosterMLBJohn Norman Foster1999-2008
    Kevin FosterMLBKevin Christopher Foster1988-2004
    Kris FosterMLBJohn Kristian Foster1992-2003
    Larry FosterMLBLarry Lynn Foster1963-1963
    Leo FosterMLBLeonard Norris Foster1969-1978
    Pop FosterMLBClarence Francis Foster1898-1901
    Reddy FosterMLBOscar E. Foster1896-1896
    Robert FosterMLBRobert G. Foster1884-1884
    Roy FosterMLBRoy Foster1963-1972
    Rube FosterMLBGeorge Foster1913-1917
    Steve FosterMLBStephen Eugene Foster Jr1988-1994
    Bob FothergillMLBRobert Roy Fothergill1922-1933
    Steve FoucaultMLBSteven Raymond Foucault1973-1979
    Keith FoulkeMLBKeith Charles Foulke1994-2009
    Henry FournierMLBJulius Henry Fournier1894-1894
    Jack FournierMLBJohn Frank Fournier1912-1927
    Bill FouserMLBWilliam C. Fouser1876-1876
    Dave FoutzMLBDavid Luther Foutz1884-1896
    Frank FoutzMLBFrank Hayes Foutz1901-1901
    Art FowlerMLBJohn Arthur Fowler1954-1964
    Boob FowlerMLBJoseph Chester Fowler1923-1926
    Dexter FowlerMLBWilliam Dexter Fowler2005-2017
    Dick FowlerMLBRichard John Fowler1941-1952
    Dustin FowlerMLBDustin Ryan Fowler2013-2017
    Jesse FowlerMLBJesse Peter Fowler1924-1924
    Alan FowlkesMLBAlan Kim Fowlkes1979-1989
    Andy FoxMLBAndrew Junipero Fox1989-2005
    Bill FoxMLBWilliam Henry Fox1897-1901
    Chad FoxMLBChad Douglas Fox1992-2009
    Charlie FoxMLBCharles Francis Fox1942-1942
    Eric FoxMLBEric Hollis Fox1983-1997
    Howie FoxMLBHoward Francis Fox1944-1954
    Jack FoxMLBJohn Paul Fox1908-1908
    Jacob FoxMLBJacob Fox1902-1902
    Jake FoxMLBJacob Quirin Fox2001-2016
    John FoxMLBJohn Joseph Fox1881-1886
    Matt FoxMLBMatthew Jacob Fox2002-2013
    Nellie FoxMLBJacob Nelson Fox1947-1965
    Paddy FoxMLBGeorge B. Fox1891-1899
    Pete FoxMLBErvin Fox1933-1945
    Terry FoxMLBTerrence Edward Fox1960-1966
    Bill FoxenMLBWilliam Aloysius Foxen1908-1911
    Jimmie FoxxMLBJames Emory Foxx1925-1945
    Joe FoyMLBJoseph Anthony Foy1966-1971
    Paul FoytackMLBPaul Eugene Foytack1953-1964
    Ken FrailingMLBKenneth Douglas Frailing1972-1978
    Ossie FranceMLBOsman Beverly France1890-1890
    Earl FrancisMLBEarl Coleman Francis1960-1965
    Jeff FrancisMLBJeffrey William Francis2002-2015
    Ray FrancisMLBRay James Francis1922-1925
    Ben FranciscoMLBLouis Ben Francisco2001-2015
    Frank FranciscoMLBFranklin Francisco1999-2014
    Juan FranciscoMLBJuan Ramon Francisco2006-2015
    John FrancoMLBJohn Anthony Franco1979-2005
    Julio FrancoMLBJulio Cesar Franco1978-2014
    Maikel FrancoMLBMaikel Antonio Franco2010-2017
    Matt FrancoMLBMatthew Neil Franco1987-2006
    Jeff FrancoeurMLBJeffrey Brondan Francoeur2002-2016
    Terry FranconaMLBTerry Jon Francona1979-1990
    Tito FranconaMLBJohn Patsy Francona1956-1970
    Kevin FrandsenMLBKevin Vincent Frandsen2001-2015
    Charlie FrankMLBCharles Frank1893-1894
    Fred FrankMLBJohn Frederick Frank1898-1898
    Mike FrankMLBStephen Michael Frank1994-2002
    Fred FrankhouseMLBFrederick Meloy Frankhouse1927-1939
    Jack FranklinMLBJames Wilford Franklin1944-1944
    Jay FranklinMLBJohn William Franklin1971-1977
    Micah FranklinMLBMicah Ishanti Franklin1990-2004
    Moe FranklinMLBMurray Asher Franklin1941-1942
    Nick FranklinMLBNicholas Edward Franklin2009-2017
    Ryan FranklinMLBRyan Ray Franklin1993-2011
    Wayne FranklinMLBGary Wayne Franklin Jr.1996-2010
    Seth FrankoffMLBJames Seth Frankoff 2007-2017
    Herman FranksMLBHerman Louis Franks1939-1949
    John FrascatoreMLBJohn Vincent Frascatore1989-2001
    Chick FraserMLBCharles Carrolton Fraser1896-1909
    Willie FraserMLBWilliam Patrick Fraser1985-1995
    Vic FrasierMLBVictor Patrick Frasier1931-1939
    Jason FrasorMLBJason Andrew Frasor1996-2015
    Adam FrazierMLBAdam Timothy Frazier2011-2017
    Clint FrazierMLBClint Jackson Frazier2013-2017
    George FrazierMLBGeorge Allen Frazier1975-1987
    Jeff FrazierMLBJeffrey Michael Frazier2002-2012
    Joe FrazierMLBJoseph Filmore Frazier1947-1956
    Lou FrazierMLBArthur Louis Frazier1986-1999
    Todd FrazierMLBTodd B. Frazier2005-2017
    Johnny FrederickMLBJohn Henry Frederick1929-1934
    Kevin FrederickMLBKevin Albert Francis Frederick1996-2008
    Scott FredricksonMLBScott Eric Fredrickson1990-1997
    Ed FreedMLBEdwin Charles Freed1942-1942
    Roger FreedMLBRoger Vernon Freed1966-1980
    Bill FreehanMLBWilliam Ashley Freehan1961-1976
    Ryan FreelMLBRyan Paul Freel1995-2010
    Kyle FreelandMLBKyle Richard Freeland2012-2017
    Buck FreemanMLBJohn Frank Freeman1891-1907
    Buck FreemanMLBAlexander Vernon Freeman1921-1922
    Choo FreemanMLBRaphael Deseption Freeman1998-2007
    Freddie FreemanMLBFrederick Charles Freeman2007-2017
    Harvey FreemanMLBHarvey Bayard Freeman1921-1921
    Hersh FreemanMLBHershell Baskin Freeman1952-1958
    Jerry FreemanMLBFrank Ellsworth Freeman1908-1909
    Jimmy FreemanMLBJimmy Lee Freeman1969-1973
    John FreemanMLBJohn Edward Freeman1927-1927
    Julie FreemanMLBJulius Benjamin Freeman1888-1888
    Justin FreemanMLBJustin Michael Freeman2006-2014
    LaVel FreemanMLBLa Vel Maurice Freeman1983-1990
    Mark FreemanMLBMark Price Freeman1959-1960
    Marvin FreemanMLBMarvin Freeman1982-1997
    Mike FreemanMLBMichael Barrett Freeman2007-2017
    Sam FreemanMLBSamuel Douglas Freeman2008-2017
    David FreeseMLBDavid Richard Freese2005-2017
    Gene FreeseMLBEugene Lewis Freese1955-1966
    George FreeseMLBGeorge Walter Freese1953-1961
    Jake FreezeMLBCarl Alexander Freeze1925-1925
    Jim FregosiMLBJames Louis Fregosi1961-1978
    Vern FreiburgerMLBVern Donald Freiburger1941-1941
    Howard FreigauMLBHoward Earl Freigau1922-1928
    Nate FreimanMLBNathan Samuel Freiman 2006-2016
    Alejandro FreireMLBAlejandro Freire1994-2006
    Dave FreislebenMLBDavid James Freisleben1974-1979
    David FreitasMLBDavid Freitas2008-2017
    Tony FreitasMLBAntonio Freitas1932-1936
    Bill FrenchMLBWilliam Henry French1873-1873
    Charlie FrenchMLBCharles Calvin French1909-1910
    Jim FrenchMLBRichard James French1965-1971
    Larry FrenchMLBLawrence Herbert French1929-1942
    Luke FrenchMLBLucas William French2004-2012
    Pat FrenchMLBFrank Alexander French1917-1917
    Ray FrenchMLBRaymond Edward French1920-1924
    Walter FrenchMLBWalter Edward French1923-1929
    Lawrence FreundMLBLawrence Joseph Freund1896-1896
    Benny FreyMLBBenjamin Rudolph Frey1929-1936
    Lonny FreyMLBLinus Reinhard Frey1933-1948
    Steve FreyMLBSteven Francis Frey1983-1999
    Carlos FriasMLBCarlos David Frias2008-2017
    Hanley FriasMLBHanley Acevedo Frias1992-2002
    Pepe FriasMLBJesus Maria Frias Andujar1967-1992
    Bernie FribergMLBBernard Albert Friberg1919-1933
    Marion FricanoMLBMarion John Fricano1952-1955
    Skipper FridayMLBGrier William Friday1923-1923
    Jim FridleyMLBJames Riley Fridley1952-1958
    Cy FriedMLBArthur Edwin Fried1920-1920
    Max FriedMLBMax Dorian Fried2012-2017
    Christian FriedrichMLBChristian Louis Friedrich2006-2017
    Bob FriedrichsMLBRobert George Friedrichs1932-1932
    Bill FrielMLBWilliam Edward Friel1901-1903
    Pat FrielMLBPatrick Henry Friel1890-1891
    Bob FriendMLBRobert Bartmess Friend1951-1966
    Danny FriendMLBDaniel Sebastian Friend1895-1898
    Owen FriendMLBOwen Lacey Friend1949-1956
    Ernesto FrieriMLBErnesto Frieri (Gutierrez)2005-2017
    Buck FriersonMLBRobert Lawrence Frierson1941-1941
    Pete FriesMLBPeter Martin Fries1883-1884
    John FrillMLBJohn Edmond Frill1910-1912
    Charlie FrisbeeMLBCharles Augustus Frisbee1899-1900
    Frankie FrischMLBFrank Francis Frisch1919-1937
    Danny FrisellaMLBDaniel Vincent Frisella1966-1976
    Emil FriskMLBJohn Emil Frisk1899-1907
    Charlie FritzMLBCharles Cornelius Fritz1907-1907
    Harry FritzMLBHarry Koch Fritz1913-1913
    Larry FritzMLBLawrence Joseph Fritz1969-1975
    Bill FroatsMLBWilliam John Froats1955-1955
    Doug FrobelMLBDouglas Steven Frobel1978-1989
    Sam FrockMLBSamuel William Frock1907-1911
    Ben FroelichMLBWilliam Palmer Froelich1909-1909
    Todd FrohwirthMLBTodd Gerard Frohwirth1981-1996
    Art FrommeMLBArthur Henry Fromme1906-1915
    Dave FrostMLBCarl David Frost1971-1983
    Emiliano FrutoMLBEmiliano Fruto2001-2014
    Jace FryMLBJace Fry2012-2017
    Jerry FryMLBJerry Ray Fry1977-1981
    Johnson FryMLBJohnson Fry1923-1923
    Charlie FryeMLBCharles Andrew Frye1940-1940
    Jeff FryeMLBJeffrey Dustin Frye1988-2002
    Eric FryerMLBEric Joseph Fryer2005-2017
    Travis FrymanMLBDavid Travis Fryman1987-2002
    Woodie FrymanMLBWoodrow Thompson Fryman1965-1983
    Charlie FuchsMLBCharles Thomas Fuchs1942-1944
    Brian FuentesMLBBrian Christopher Fuentes1995-2012
    Miguel FuentesMLBMiguel Fuentes Pinet1969-1969
    Mike FuentesMLBMichael Jay Fuentes1979-1987
    Reymond FuentesMLBReymond L. Fuentes2009-2017
    Tito FuentesMLBRigoberto (Peat) Fuentes1962-1978
    Oscar FuhrMLBOscar Lawrence Fuhr1921-1925
    Ollie FuhrmanMLBAlfred George Fuhrman1922-1922
    Kyuji FujikawaMLBKyuji Fujikawa2000-2016
    Kosuke FukudomeMLBKosuke Fukudome1999-2016
    Kazuo FukumoriMLBKazuo Fukumori1995-2010
    Jeff FulchinoMLBJeffrey Joseph Fulchino2001-2013
    Sam FuldMLBSamuel Babson Fuld2001-2015
    John FulghamMLBJohn Thomas Fulgham1976-1983
    Dot FulghumMLBMichael Jay Fuentes1921-1921
    Ed FullerMLBEdward Aston White Fuller1886-1886
    Frank FullerMLBFrank Edward Fuller1915-1923
    Harry FullerMLBHenry W. Fuller1891-1891
    Jim FullerMLBJames Hardy Fuller1973-1978
    John FullerMLBJohn Edward Fuller1974-1974
    Nig FullerMLBCharles F. Fuller1902-1902
    Shorty FullerMLBWilliam Benjamin Fuller1888-1896
    Vern FullerMLBVernon Gordon Fuller1964-1970
    Curt FullertonMLBCurtis Hooper Fullerton1921-1933
    Chick FullisMLBCharles Phillip Fullis1928-1936
    Brad FullmerMLBBradley Ryan Fullmer1995-2004
    Carson FulmerMLBCarson Springer Fulmer2013-2017
    Chick FulmerMLBCharles John Fulmer1871-1884
    Chris FulmerMLBChristopher Fulmer1884-1889
    Michael FulmerMLBMichael Joseph Fulmer2011-2017
    Washington FulmerMLBWashington Fayette Fulmer1875-1875
    Bill FultonMLBWilliam David Fulton1983-1989
    Aaron FultzMLBRichard Aaron Fultz1992-2009
    Dave FultzMLBDavid Lewis Fultz1898-1905
    Mark FunderburkMLBMark Clifford Funderburk1976-1987
    Frank FunkMLBFranklin Ray Funk1960-1963
    Liz FunkMLBElias Calvin Funk1930-1933
    Tom FunkMLBThomas James Funk1983-1988
    Charlie FurbushMLBCharles R. Furbush2005-2016
    Rafael FurcalMLBRafael Antoni Furcal1997-2015
    Carl FurilloMLBCarl Anthony Furillo1946-1960
    J.J. FurmaniakMLBJason Joseph Furmaniak1998-2011
    Eddie FusselbackMLBEdward L. Fusselback1882-1888
    Chris FussellMLBChristopher Wren Fussell1994-2007
    Fred FussellMLBFrederick Morris Fussell1922-1929
    Les FusselmanMLBLester Leroy Fusselman1952-1953
    Mike FyhrieMLBMichael Edwin Fyhrie1988-2003

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