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  • Major Leaguers with at least 1 game played since 1871 are included. New Major Leaguers will be added during the season as they make their MLB debuts.
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    Charlie BabbMLBCharles Amos Babb1903-1905
    Bob BabcockMLBRobert Ernest Babcock1968-1984
    Loren BabeMLBLoren Rolland Babe1952-1953
    Johnny BabichMLBJohn Charles Babich1934-1941
    Charlie BabingtonMLBCharles Percy Babington1915-1915
    Shooty BabittMLBMack Neal Babitt1977-1984
    Brandon BackeMLBBrandon Allen Backe1997-2009
    Les BackmanMLBLester John Backman1909-1910
    Wally BackmanMLBWalter Wayne Backman1977-1993
    Eddie BaconMLBEdgar Suter Bacon1917-1917
    Mike BacsikMLBMichael Joseph Bacsik1973-1980
    Mike BacsikMLBMichael James Bacsik1996-2011
    Fred BaczewskiMLBFrederick John Baczewski1953-1955
    Burke BadenhopMLBBurke Heinrich Badenhop2002-2016
    Art BaderMLBArthur Herman Bader1904-1904
    Lore BaderMLBLore Verne Bader1912-1918
    Red BadgroMLBMorris Hiram Badgro1929-1930
    Ed BaechtMLBEdward Joseph Baecht1926-1937
    Cha-Seung BaekMLBCha-Seung Baek1999-2010
    Carlos BaergaMLBCarlos Obed Ortiz Baerga1986-2005
    Benito BaezMLBBenito Baez (Ceri)1995-2008
    Danys BaezMLBDanys Baez2000-2011
    Javier BaezMLBEdnel Javier Baez2011-2016
    Jose BaezMLBJose Antonio Baez1977-1978
    Kevin BaezMLBKevin Richard Baez1988-2005
    Pedro BaezMLBPedro Alberys Baez2007-2016
    Jim BagbyMLBJames Charles Jacob Bagby Jr.1938-1947
    Jim BagbyMLBJames Charles Jacob Bagby Sr.1912-1923
    Ed BagleyMLBEdward H. Bagley1884-1885
    Gene BagleyMLBEugene T. Bagley1886-1886
    Bill BagwellMLBWilliam Mallory Bagwell1923-1925
    Jeff BagwellMLBJeffrey Robert Bagwell1988-2005
    Stan BahnsenMLBStanley Raymond Bahnsen1965-1983
    Ed BahrMLBEdson Garfield Bahr1946-1947
    Frank BahretMLBFranklin F. Bahret1884-1884
    Grover BaichleyMLBGrover Cleveland Baichley1914-1914
    Scott BailesMLBScott Alan Bailes1982-1998
    Andrew BaileyMLBAndrew Scott Bailey2003-2016
    Bill BaileyMLBHarry Lewis Bailey1911-1911
    Bill BaileyMLBWilliam F. Bailey1907-1922
    Bob BaileyMLBRobert Sherwood Bailey1961-1978
    Cory BaileyMLBPhillip Cory Bailey1991-2007
    Ed BaileyMLBLonas Edgar Bailey Jr.1953-1966
    Fred BaileyMLBFrederick Middleton Bailey1916-1918
    Gene BaileyMLBArthur Eugene Bailey1917-1924
    Harvey BaileyMLBHarvey Francis Bailey1899-1900
    Homer BaileyMLBDavid DeWitt Bailey2004-2016
    Howard BaileyMLBHoward L Bailey1979-1984
    Jeff BaileyMLBJeffrey Todd Bailey1997-2011
    Jim BaileyMLBJames Hopkins Bailey1959-1959
    King BaileyMLBLinwood Clifton Bailey1895-1895
    Mark BaileyMLBJohn Mark Bailey1982-1995
    Roger BaileyMLBCharles Roger Bailey1990-1999
    Steve BaileyMLBSteven John Bailey1967-1968
    Sweetbreads BaileyMLBAbraham Lincoln Bailey1919-1921
    Bob BailorMLBRobert Michael Bailor1970-1985
    Loren BainMLBHerbert Loren Bain1945-1945
    Harold BainesMLBHarold Dougleas Baines1977-2001
    Doug BairMLBCharles Douglas Bair1971-1992
    Al BairdMLBAlbert Wells Baird1917-1919
    Bob BairdMLBRobert Allen Baird1962-1963
    Doug BairdMLBHoward Douglas Baird1915-1920
    Jeff BaisleyMLBJeffrey Scot Baisley2002-2013
    Jeff BajenaruMLBJeffrey Michael Bajenaru1997-2006
    Jersey BakelyMLBEdward Enoch Bakley1883-1891
    Dave BakenhasterMLBDavid Lee Bakenhaster1964-1964
    Al BakerMLBAlbert Jones Baker1938-1938
    Bill BakerMLBWilliam Presley Baker1940-1949
    Bock BakerMLBCharles Baker1901-1901
    Charlie BakerMLBCharles Arthur Baker1884-1884
    Chuck BakerMLBCharles Joseph Baker1975-1981
    Dave BakerMLBDavid Glenn Baker1977-1984
    Del BakerMLBDelmer David Baker1914-1916
    Doug BakerMLBDouglas Lee Baker1982-1991
    Dusty BakerMLBJohnnie B. Baker Jr.1967-1986
    Ernie BakerMLBEarnest Gould Baker1905-1905
    Floyd BakerMLBFloyd Wilson Baker1943-1955
    Frank BakerMLBFrank Baker1969-1971
    Frank BakerMLBFrank Watts Baker1967-1974
    Frank BakerMLBJohn Franklin Baker1908-1922
    Gene BakerMLBEugene Walter Baker1953-1961
    George BakerMLBGeorge F. Baker1883-1886
    Howard BakerMLBHoward Francis Baker1912-1915
    Jack BakerMLBJack Edward Baker1971-1978
    Jeff BakerMLBJeffrey Glen Baker2000-2015
    Jesse BakerMLBJesse Ormond Baker1911-1911
    Jesse BakerMLBMichael Myron Silverman1919-1919
    John BakerMLBJohn David Baker2000-2015
    Kirtley BakerMLBKirtley Baker1890-1899
    Neal BakerMLBNeal Vernon Baker1927-1927
    Norm BakerMLBNorman Leslie Baker1883-1890
    Phil BakerMLBPhilip Baker1883-1886
    Scott BakerMLBTimothy Scott Baker2001-2015
    Scott BakerMLBScott Baker1990-2002
    Steve BakerMLBSteven Byrne Baker1974-1986
    Tom BakerMLBThomas Calvin Baker1935-1938
    Tom BakerMLBThomas Henry Baker1963-1963
    Tracy BakerMLBTracy Lee Baker1911-1911
    Paul BakoMLBGabor Paul Bako1992-2009
    Mike BalasMLBMitchell Francis Balas1938-1938
    John BalazMLBJohn Lawrence Balaz1974-1977
    Steve BalboniMLBStephen Charles Balboni1976-1993
    Bobby BalcenaMLBRobert Rudolph Balcena1956-1956
    Rocco BaldelliMLBRocco Daniel Baldelli2000-2010
    Jack BaldschunMLBJack Edward Baldschun1961-1970
    Billy BaldwinMLBRobert Harvey Baldwin1975-1978
    Dave BaldwinMLBDavid George Baldwin1966-1973
    Frank BaldwinMLBFrank De Witt Baldwin1953-1953
    Harry BaldwinMLBHoward Edward Baldwin1924-1925
    Henry BaldwinMLBHenry Clay Baldwin1927-1927
    James BaldwinMLBJames Baldwin Jr.1990-2006
    Jeff BaldwinMLBJeffrey Allen Baldwin1985-1992
    Kid BaldwinMLBClarence Geoghan Baldwin1884-1890
    Lady BaldwinMLBCharles B. Baldwin1884-1890
    Mark BaldwinMLBMarcus Elmore Baldwin1887-1893
    O.F. BaldwinMLBOrson F. Baldwin1908-1908
    Reggie BaldwinMLBReginald Conrad Baldwin1973-1980
    Rick BaldwinMLBRickey Alan Baldwin1975-1978
    John BaleMLBJohn Robert Bale1996-2011
    Mike BalentiMLBMichael Richard Balenti1911-1913
    Wladimir BalentienMLBWladimir Ramon Balentien2003-2015
    Lee BalesMLBWesley Owen Bales1966-1967
    Collin BalesterMLBCollin Thomas Balester2004-2015
    Grant BalfourMLBGrant Robert Balfour1997-2015
    Art BallMLBArthur Ball1894-1898
    Jeff BallMLBJeffrey D. Ball1990-2003
    Jim BallMLBJames Chandler Ball1907-1908
    Neal BallMLBCornelius Ball1907-1913
    Jeff BallardMLBJeffrey Scott Ballard1982-1994
    Pelham BallengerMLBPelham Ashby Ballenger1928-1928
    Jay BallerMLBJay Scot Baller1979-1992
    Mark BallingerMLBMark Alan Ballinger1971-1979
    Win BallouMLBNoble Winfield Ballou1925-1929
    Tony BalsamoMLBAnthony Fred Balsamo1962-1962
    George BambergerMLBGeorge Irvin Bamberger1951-1959
    Hal BambergerMLBHarold Earl Bamberger1948-1948
    Stud BanckerMLBJohn V. Bancker1875-1875
    Dave BancroftMLBDavid James Bancroft1915-1930
    Chris BandoMLBChristopher Michael Bando1977-1989
    Sal BandoMLBSalvatore Leonard Bando1965-1981
    Jett BandyMLBJett Adam Bandilla2009-2016
    Eddie BaneMLBEdward Norman Bane1973-1980
    Dick BaneyMLBRichard Lee Baney1969-1974
    Jeff BanisterMLBJeffery Todd Banister1986-1993
    Dan BankheadMLBDaniel Robert Bankhead1947-1951
    Scott BankheadMLBMichael Scott Bankhead1982-1995
    Brian BanksMLBBrian Glen Banks1993-2004
    Ernie BanksMLBErnest Banks1953-1971
    George BanksMLBGeorge Edward Banks1962-1966
    Josh BanksMLBJoshua Charles Banks2001-2011
    Willie BanksMLBWillie Anthony Banks1987-2010
    Everett BankstonMLBWilborn Everett Bankston1915-1915
    Wes BankstonMLBWesley Wade Bankston2002-2014
    Jim BanningMLBJames M. Banning1888-1889
    Alan BannisterMLBAlan Bannister1973-1985
    Brian BannisterMLBBrian Patrick Bannister2000-2010
    Floyd BannisterMLBFloyd Franklin Bannister1975-1992
    Jimmy BannonMLBJames Henry Bannon1893-1896
    Tom BannonMLBThomas Edward Bannon1895-1896
    Jack BantaMLBJohn Kay Banta1947-1950
    Brandon BantzMLBBrandon Bantz2006-2015
    Manny BanuelosMLBManuel Banuelos2008-2016
    Travis BaptistMLBTravis Steven Baptist1991-2003
    Rod BarajasMLBRodrigo Richard Barajas1996-2012
    Walter BarbareMLBWalter Lawrence Barbare1914-1922
    Red BarbaryMLBDonald Odell Barbary1943-1943
    John BarbatoMLBJohn Edward Barbato2011-2016
    Jap BarbeauMLBWilliam Joseph Barbeau1905-1910
    Dave BarbeeMLBDavid Monroe Barbee1926-1932
    Brian BarberMLBBrian Scott Barber1991-2000
    Charlie BarberMLBCharles D. Barber1884-1884
    Steve BarberMLBStephen David Barber1957-1974
    Steve BarberMLBSteven Lee Barber1970-1971
    Turner BarberMLBTyrus Turner Barber1915-1923
    Frank BarberichMLBFrank Frederick Barberich1907-1910
    Bret BarberieMLBBret Edward Barberie1988-1998
    Jim BarbieriMLBJames Patrick Barbieri1966-1966
    Lorenzo BarceloMLBLorenzo A. Barcelo1995-2015
    Curt BarclayMLBCurtis Cordell Barclay1957-1959
    George BarclayMLBGeorge Oliver Barclay1902-1905
    Daniel BardMLBDaniel Paul Bard2004-2016
    Josh BardMLBJoshua David Bard1997-2012
    Brian BardenMLBBrian David Barden2000-2014
    Ray BareMLBRaymond Douglas Bare1969-1978
    Jesse BarfieldMLBJesse Lee Barfield1977-1992
    John BarfieldMLBJohn David Barfield1986-1998
    Josh BarfieldMLBJoshua LaRoy Barfield2001-2013
    Clyde BarfootMLBClyde Raymond Barfoot1922-1926
    Greg BargarMLBGreg Robert Bargar1978-1988
    Cy BargerMLBEros Bolivar Barger1906-1912
    Brian BarkMLBBrian Stuart Bark1990-1996
    Al BarkerMLBAlfred L. Barker1871-1871
    Glen BarkerMLBGlen F. Barker1991-2003
    Kevin BarkerMLBKevin Stewart Barker1994-2011
    Len BarkerMLBLeonard Harold Barker1973-1987
    Ray BarkerMLBRaymond Herrell Barker1960-1967
    Richie BarkerMLBRichard Frank Barker1994-2000
    Sean BarkerMLBSean Reed Barker2001-2008
    Andy BarkettMLBAndrew Jon Barkett1993-2005
    Brian BarkleyMLBBrian Edward Barkley1994-2000
    Jeff BarkleyMLBJeffrey Carver Barkley1982-1986
    Red BarkleyMLBJohn Duncan Barkley1937-1943
    Sam BarkleyMLBSamuel W. Barkley1884-1889
    Mike BarlowMLBMichael Roswell Barlow1971-1982
    Tom BarlowMLBThomas H. Barlow1872-1875
    Bruce BarmesMLBBruce Raymond Barmes1953-1953
    Clint BarmesMLBClint Harold Barmes2000-2016
    Babe BarnaMLBHerbert Paul Barna1937-1943
    Charlie BarnabeMLBCharles Edward Barnabe1927-1928
    Austin BarnesMLBAustin Scott Barnes2009-2016
    Bill BarnesMLBWilliam Horace Barnes1884-1884
    Bob BarnesMLBRobert Avery Barnes1924-1924
    Brandon BarnesMLBBrandon Barnes2005-2016
    Brian BarnesMLBBrian Keith Barnes1986-2000
    Dan BarnesMLBDaniel J. Barnes 2008-2016
    Eppie BarnesMLBEverett Duane Barnes1923-1924
    Frank BarnesMLBFrank Samuel Barnes1929-1930
    Frank BarnesMLBFrank Barnes1957-1960
    Honey BarnesMLBJohn Francis Barnes1926-1926
    Jacob BarnesMLBJacob Andrew Barnes2009-2016
    Jesse BarnesMLBJesse Lawrence Barnes1915-1927
    John BarnesMLBJohn Delbert Barnes1996-2007
    Junie BarnesMLBJunie Shoaf Barnes1934-1934
    Larry BarnesMLBLarry Richard Barnes Jr.1995-2007
    Lute BarnesMLBLuther Owens Barnes1969-1973
    Matt BarnesMLBMatthew D. Barnes2009-2016
    Red BarnesMLBEmile Deering Barnes1927-1930
    Rich BarnesMLBRichard Monroe Barnes1977-1985
    Ross BarnesMLBCharles Roscoe Barnes1871-1881
    Sam BarnesMLBSamuel Thomas Barnes1921-1921
    Scott BarnesMLBScott Michael Barnes2006-2016
    Skeeter BarnesMLBWilliam Henry Barnes1978-1994
    Virgil BarnesMLBVirgil Jennings Barnes1919-1928
    Jack BarnettMLBJohn P. Burnett1907-1907
    Tony BarnetteMLBAnthony Lee Barnette2003-2016
    Darwin BarneyMLBDarwin Jk Barney2005-2016
    Ed BarneyMLBEdmund J. Barney1915-1916
    Rex BarneyMLBRex Edward Barney1943-1950
    Clyde BarnhartMLBClyde Lee Barnhart1920-1928
    Edgar BarnhartMLBEdgar Vernon Barnhart1924-1924
    Les BarnhartMLBLeslie Earl Barnhart1928-1930
    Tucker BarnhartMLBTucker J. Barnhart2009-2016
    Vic BarnhartMLBVictor Dee Barnhart1944-1946
    George BarnicleMLBGeorge Bernard Barnicle1939-1941
    Billy BarnieMLBWilliam Harrison Barnie1874-1886
    Ed BarnowskiMLBEdward Anthony Barnowski1965-1966
    Chris BarnwellMLBChristopher Edward Barnwell2001-2009
    Salome BarojasMLBSalome (Romero) Barojas1976-1988
    Steven BaronMLBSteven P. Baron2009-2016
    Daniel BaroneMLBDaniel Edward Barone2004-2014
    Dick BaroneMLBRichard Anthony Barone1960-1960
    Bob BarrMLBRobert Alexander Barr1935-1935
    Bob BarrMLBRobert McClelland Barr1883-1891
    Jim BarrMLBJames Leland Barr1971-1984
    Scotty BarrMLBHyder Edward Barr1908-1909
    Steve BarrMLBSteven Charles Barr1974-1978
    Kyle BarracloughMLBKyle Barraclough2009-2016
    Cuno BarraganMLBFacundo Anthony Barragan1961-1963
    German BarrancaMLBGerman Barranca Costales1975-1985
    Aaron BarrettMLBAaron James Barrett2007-2016
    Bill BarrettMLBWilliam Joseph Barrett1921-1930
    Bill BarrettMLBWilliam Barrett1871-1873
    Bob BarrettMLBRobert Schley Barrett1923-1929
    Dick BarrettMLBTracy Souther Barrett1933-1945
    Frank BarrettMLBFrancis Joseph Barrett1939-1950
    Jake BarrettMLBJake Dalton Barrett2010-2016
    Jimmy BarrettMLBJames Erigena Barrett1899-1908
    John BarrettMLBJohn Barrett1872-1872
    Johnny BarrettMLBJohn Joseph Barrett1942-1946
    Marty BarrettMLBMartin Glenn Barrett1979-1991
    Marty BarrettMLBMartin F. Barrett1884-1884
    Michael BarrettMLBMichael Patrick Barrett1995-2010
    Red BarrettMLBCharles Henry Barrett1937-1949
    Tim BarrettMLBTimothy Wayne Barrett1982-1989
    Tom BarrettMLBThomas Loren Barrett1981-1993
    Francisco BarriosMLBFrancisco Javier (Jimenez) Barrios1971-1981
    Jose BarriosMLBJose Manuel Barrios1975-1983
    Manuel BarriosMLBManuel Antonio Barrios1994-2003
    Yhonathan BarriosMLBYhonathan Barrios (Blanco)2011-2016
    Frank BarronMLBFrank John Barron1914-1914
    Red BarronMLBDavid Irenus Barron1929-1929
    Tony BarronMLBAnthony Dirk Barron1987-2002
    Cuke BarrowsMLBRoland Barrows1909-1912
    Frank BarrowsMLBFranklin Lee Barrows1871-1871
    Ed BarryMLBEdward Barry1905-1907
    Hardin BarryMLBHardin Barry1912-1912
    Jack BarryMLBJohn Joseph Barry1908-1919
    Jeff BarryMLBJeffrey Finis Barry1988-2002
    Kevin BarryMLBKevin Thomas Barry1998-2007
    Rich BarryMLBRichard Donovan Barry1969-1969
    Shad BarryMLBJohn C. Barry1899-1908
    Tom BarryMLBThomas Arthur Barry1904-1904
    Kimera BarteeMLBKimera Anotchi Bartee1992-2004
    Dick BartellMLBRichard William Bartell1927-1946
    Bob BarthelsonMLBRobert Edward Barthelson1944-1944
    Jimmy BarthmaierMLBJames R. Barthmaier2003-2012
    John BartholdMLBJohn Francis Barthold1904-1904
    Les BartholomewMLBLester Justin Bartholomew1928-1932
    Tony BartiromeMLBAnthony Joseph Bartirome1952-1952
    Jason BartlettMLBJason Alan Bartlett2000-2014
    Bill BartleyMLBWilliam Jackson Bartley1903-1907
    Boyd BartleyMLBBoyd Owen Bartley1943-1943
    Irv BartlingMLBHenry Irving Bartling1938-1938
    Bob BartonMLBRobert Wilbur Barton1959-1974
    Brian BartonMLBBrian Deon Barton2001-2014
    Daric BartonMLBDaric William Barton2003-2015
    Harry BartonMLBHarry Lamb Barton1905-1905
    Shawn BartonMLBShawn Edward Barton1982-1996
    Vince BartonMLBVincent David Barton1931-1932
    Dave BartoschMLBDavid Robert Bartosch1945-1945
    Cliff BartoshMLBClifford Paul Bartosh1998-2005
    Charlie BartsonMLBCharles Franklin Bartson1890-1890
    Philip BarzillaMLBPhillip Joseph Barzilla2000-2010
    Chris BasakMLBChristopher Joseph Basak1998-2008
    Monty BasgallMLBRomanus Basgall1948-1951
    Al BashangMLBAlbert C. Bashang1912-1918
    Walt BashoreMLBWalter Franklin Bashore1936-1936
    Eddie BasinskiMLBEdwin Frank Basinski1944-1947
    Jim BasketteMLBJames Blaine Baskette1911-1913
    Anthony BassMLBAnthony Edward Bass2006-2015
    Brian BassMLBBrian Michael Bass2000-2013
    Dick BassMLBRichard William Bass1939-1939
    Doc BassMLBWilliam Capers Bass1918-1918
    John BassMLBJohn Elias Bass1871-1877
    Kevin BassMLBKevin Charles Bass1977-1997
    Norm BassMLBNorman Delaney Bass1961-1963
    Randy BassMLBRandy William Bass1972-1982
    Charley BassettMLBCharles Edwin Bassett1884-1892
    Chris BassittMLBChris M. Bassitt2008-2016
    Johnny BasslerMLBJohn Landis Bassler1913-1927
    Antonio BastardoMLBAntonio Francisco Bastardo2006-2016
    Charlie BastianMLBCharles A. Bastian1884-1891
    Emil BatchMLB-1904-1907
    Joe BatchelderMLBJoseph Edmund Batchelder1923-1925
    Rich BatchelorMLBRichard Anthony Batchelor1990-2000
    John BatemanMLBJohn Alvin Bateman1962-1972
    Aaron BatesMLBAaron Bates2003-2014
    Billy BatesMLBWilliam Derrick Bates1984-1992
    Bud BatesMLBHubert Edgar Bates1939-1939
    Charlie BatesMLBCharles William Bates1927-1927
    Del BatesMLBDelbert Oakley Bates1970-1970
    Dick BatesMLBCharles Richard Bates1969-1969
    Frank BatesMLBCreed Napoleon Bates1898-1899
    Jason BatesMLBJason Charles Bates1992-2000
    John BatesMLBJohn William Bates1889-1889
    Johnny BatesMLBJohn William Bates1906-1914
    Ray BatesMLBRaymond Bates1913-1917
    Bill BatheMLBWilliam David Bathe1981-1990
    Miguel BatistaMLBMiguel Jerez Descartes Batista1990-2013
    Rafael BatistaMLBRafael Batista Sanchez1973-1975
    Tony BatistaMLBLeocadio Francisco Batista1992-2008
    Kevin BatisteMLBKevin Wade Batiste1985-1990
    Kim BatisteMLBKimothy Emil Batiste1987-2003
    Bill BatschMLBBill Batsch1916-1916
    Larry BattamMLBLawrence Battam1895-1895
    George BattenMLBGeorge Burnett Batten1912-1912
    Earl BatteyMLBEarl Jesse Battey Jr.1955-1967
    Joe BattinMLBJoseph V. Battin1871-1890
    Allen BattleMLBAllen Zelmo Battle1989-1999
    Howard BattleMLBHoward Dion Battle1990-2003
    Jim BattleMLBJames Milton Battle1927-1927
    Chris BattonMLBChristopher Sean Batton1976-1979
    Matt BattsMLBMatthew Daniel Batts1947-1956
    Al BauerMLBAlbert Bauer1884-1886
    Hank BauerMLBHenry Albert Bauer1948-1961
    Lou BauerMLBLouis Walter Bauer1918-1918
    Rick BauerMLBRichard Edward Bauer1997-2012
    Trevor BauerMLBTrevor Andrew Bauer2009-2016
    Russ BauersMLBRussell Lee Bauers1936-1950
    Justin BaughmanMLBJustin Reis Baughman1995-2002
    Buddy BaumannMLBGeorge Charles Baumann2007-2016
    Frank BaumannMLBFrank Matt Baumann1955-1965
    Paddy BaumannMLBCharles John Baumann1911-1917
    Jim BaumerMLBJames Sloan Baumer1949-1961
    George BaumgardnerMLBGeorge Washington Baumgardner1912-1916
    Ross BaumgartenMLBRoss Baumgarten1977-1983
    Harry BaumgartnerMLBHarry E. Baumgarten1920-1920
    John BaumgartnerMLBJohn Edward Baumgartner1953-1953
    Stan BaumgartnerMLBStanwood Fulton Baumgartner1914-1926
    Frank BaumholtzMLBFrank Conrad Baumholtz1947-1957
    George BausewineMLBGeorge W. Bausewine1889-1889
    Ed BautaMLBEduardo (Galvez) Bauta1960-1964
    Danny BautistaMLBDaniel Bautista1990-2007
    Denny BautistaMLBDenny M. Bautista (German)2000-2015
    Jose BautistaMLBJose Antonio Bautista2000-2016
    Jose BautistaMLBJose Joaquin (Arias) Bautista1981-2000
    Jim BaxesMLBDimitrios Speros Baxes1959-1959
    Mike BaxesMLBMichael Baxes1956-1958
    Mike BaxterMLBMichael Joseph Baxter2003-2016
    Moose BaxterMLBJohn Morris Baxter1907-1907
    Harry BayMLBHarry Elbert Bay1901-1907
    Jason BayMLBJason Raymond Bay1999-2013
    Burley BayerMLBChristopher Andy Bayer1899-1899
    Dick BaylessMLBHarry Owen Bayless1908-1908
    Jonah BaylissMLBJonah James Bayliss2000-2012
    Don BaylorMLBDonald Edwin Baylor 1967-1988
    Bill BayneMLBWilliam Lee Bayne1919-1930
    Yorman BazardoMLBYorman Michael Bazardo2002-2014
    Jack BeachMLBStonewall Jackson Beach1884-1884
    Brandon BeachyMLBBrandon Alan Beachy2006-2016
    Dave BeadleMLBDavid A. Beadle1884-1884
    Bob BeallMLBRobert Brooks Beall1970-1981
    Johnny BeallMLBJohn Woolf Beall1913-1918
    Walter BeallMLBWalter Esau Beall1924-1929
    Tommy BealsMLBThomas Lamb Beals1871-1880
    Alex BeamMLBAlexander Roger Beam1889-1889
    Ernie BeamMLBErnest Joseph Beam1895-1895
    T.J. BeamMLBTheodore Lester Beam2000-2011
    Charlie BeamonMLBCharles Alfonzo Sr. Beamon1956-1958
    Charlie BeamonMLBCharles Alfonzo Beamon Jr.1974-1982
    Trey BeamonMLBClifford Beamon1992-2006
    Belve BeanMLBBelveric Benton Bean1930-1935
    Bill BeanMLBWilliam Daro Bean1984-1995
    Colter BeanMLBRandall Colter Bean1997-2008
    Joe BeanMLBJoseph William Bean1902-1902
    Billy BeaneMLBWilliam Lamar Beane1980-1989
    Dave BeardMLBCharles David Beard1977-1989
    Mike BeardMLBMichael Richard Beard1974-1977
    Ollie BeardMLBOliver Perry Beard1889-1891
    Ralph BeardMLBRalph William Beard1954-1954
    Ted BeardMLBTheodore Cramer Beard1948-1958
    Gene BeardenMLBHenry Eugene Bearden1947-1953
    Gary BeareMLBGary Ray Beare1976-1980
    Larry BearnarthMLBLawrence Donald Bearnarth1963-1971
    Kevin BearseMLBKevin Gerard Bearse1984-1991
    Chris BeasleyMLBChristopher Charles Beasley1984-1992
    Lew BeasleyMLBLewis Paige Beasley1977-1977
    Ed BeatinMLBEbenezer Ambrose Beatin1887-1891
    Pedro BeatoMLBPedro Beato2006-2016
    Jim BeattieMLBJames Louis Beattie1973-1986
    Blaine BeattyMLBGordon Blaine Beatty1983-1997
    Desmond BeattyMLBAloysius Desmond Beattly1914-1914
    Jim BeauchampMLBJames Edward Beauchamp1958-1973
    Ginger BeaumontMLBClarence Howeth Beaumont1899-1910
    Blake BeavanMLBBlake William Beaven2008-2015
    Ed BeavensMLBEdward P. Beavens1871-1872
    Johnny BeazleyMLBJohn Andrew Beazley1941-1949
    Buck BecannonMLBJames Melvin Becannon1884-1887
    Steve BechlerMLBSteven Scott Bechler1998-2002
    George BechtelMLBGeorge W. Bechtel1871-1876
    Boom-Boom BeckMLBWalter William Beck1924-1945
    Chad BeckMLBChad Lee Beck2004-2015
    Christopher BeckMLBChristopher Beck2010-2016
    Clyde BeckMLBClyde Eugene Beck1926-1931
    Erve BeckMLBErvin F. Beck1899-1902
    Frank BeckMLBFrank J. Hengstebeck1884-1884
    Fred BeckMLBFrederick Thomas Beck1909-1911
    George BeckMLBErnest George B. Beck1914-1914
    Rich BeckMLBRichard Henry Beck1965-1965
    Rod BeckMLBRodney Roy Beck1986-2004
    Zinn BeckMLBZinn Bertram Beck1913-1918
    Heinie BeckendorfMLBHenry Ward Beckendorf1909-1910
    Beals BeckerMLBDavid Beals Becker1908-1915
    Bob BeckerMLBRobert Charles Becker1897-1898
    Charlie BeckerMLBCharles S. Becker1911-1912
    Heinz BeckerMLBHeinz Reinhard Becker1943-1947
    Joe BeckerMLBJoseph Edward Becker1936-1937
    Marty BeckerMLBMartin Henry Becker1915-1915
    Rich BeckerMLBRichard Goodhard Becker1990-2002
    Glenn BeckertMLBGlenn Alfred Beckert1962-1975
    Josh BeckettMLBJoshua Patrick Beckett2000-2014
    Robbie BeckettMLBRobert Joseph Beckett1990-2000
    Gordon BeckhamMLBJames Gordon Beckham2006-2016
    Tim BeckhamMLBTimothy Lamar Beckham2008-2016
    Jake BeckleyMLBJacob Peter Beckley1888-1907
    Jim BeckmanMLBJames Joseph Beckman1927-1928
    Bill BeckmannMLBWilliam Aloysius Beckmann1939-1942
    Joe BeckwithMLBThomas Joseph Beckwith1974-1986
    Julio BecquerMLBJulio (Villegas) Becquer1955-1963
    Erik BedardMLBErik Joseph Bedard1999-2015
    Howie BedellMLBHoward William Bedell1962-1968
    Gene BedfordMLBWilliam Eugene Bedford1925-1925
    Phil BedgoodMLBPhillip Burlette Bedgood1922-1923
    Hugh BedientMLBHugh Carpenter Bedient1912-1914
    Andy BednarMLBAndrew Jackson Bednar1930-1931
    Cam BedrosianMLBCameron Rock Bedrosian2010-2016
    Steve BedrosianMLBStephen Wayne Bedrosian1978-1995
    Fred BeebeMLBFrederick Leonard Beebe1906-1916
    Matt BeechMLBLucas Matthew Beech1991-2007
    Ed BeecherMLBEdward Harry Beecher1887-1891
    Roy BeecherMLBLeroy Beecher1907-1908
    Dallas BeelerMLBDallas James Beeler2009-2016
    Jodie BeelerMLBJoseph Sam Beeler1944-1944
    Andy BeeneMLBRamon Andrew Beene1979-1985
    Fred BeeneMLBFreddy Ray Beene1964-1979
    Clarence BeersMLBClarence Scott Beers1948-1948
    Joe BeggsMLBJoseph Stanley Beggs1938-1948
    Jim BegleyMLBJames Lawrence Begley1924-1924
    Petie BehanMLBCharles Frederick Behan1921-1923
    Steve BehelMLBStephen Arnold Douglas Behel1884-1886
    Rick BehennaMLBRichard Kipp Behenna1978-1985
    Mel BehneyMLBMelvin Brian Behney1970-1970
    Hank BehrmanMLBHenry Bernard Behrman1946-1949
    Joe BeimelMLBJoseph Ronald Beimel1996-2016
    Kevin BeirneMLBKevin Patrick Beirne1994-2008
    Ollie BejmaMLBAlojzy Frank Bejma1934-1939
    Mark BelangerMLBMark Henry Belanger1962-1982
    Wayne BelardiMLBCarroll Wayne Belardi1950-1956
    Kevin BelcherMLBKevin Donnell Belcher1987-1993
    Tim BelcherMLBTimothy Wayne Belcher1984-2000
    Ira BeldenMLBIra Allison Belden1897-1897
    Mike BelfioreMLBMichael Belfiore2007-2015
    Stan BelindaMLBStanley Peter Belinda1986-2000
    Bo BelinskyMLBRobert Belinsky1962-1970
    Ronald BelisarioMLBRonald J. Belisario2001-2015
    Matt BelisleMLBMatthew Thomas Belisle1999-2016
    Todd BelitzMLBTodd Stephen Belitz1995-2003
    Jeff BeliveauMLBJeffrey Ryan Beliveau2006-2016
    Tim BelkMLBTimothy William Belk1991-2000
    Beau BellMLBRoy Chester Bell1935-1941
    Bill BellMLBWilliam Samuel Bell1952-1955
    Buddy BellMLBDavid Gus Bell1969-1989
    Charlie BellMLBCharles C. Bell1889-1891
    David BellMLBDavid Michael Bell1990-2006
    Derek BellMLBDerek Nathaniel Bell1987-2001
    Eric BellMLBEric Alvin Bell1982-1996
    Fern BellMLBFern Lee Bell1939-1940
    Frank BellMLBFrank Gustav Bell1885-1885
    Gary BellMLBWilbur Gary Bell1958-1969
    George BellMLBGeorge Glenn Bell1907-1911
    George BellMLBJorge (Mathey) Bell1978-1993
    Gus BellMLBDavid Russell Bell1950-1964
    Heath BellMLBHeath Justin Bell1997-2014
    Hi BellMLBHerman S. Bell1924-1934
    Jay BellMLBJay Stuart Bell1984-2003
    Jerry BellMLBJerry Houston Bell1969-1974
    Josh BellMLBJoshua E. Bell2012-2016
    Josh BellMLBJoshua L. Bell2005-2015
    Juan BellMLBJuan (Mathey) Bell1985-2000
    Kevin BellMLBKevin Robert Bell1974-1982
    Les BellMLBLester Rowland Bell1923-1931
    Mike BellMLBMichael John Bell1993-2005
    Mike BellMLBMichael Allen Bell1987-1994
    Ralph BellMLBRalph Albert Bell1912-1912
    Rob BellMLBRobert Allen Bell1995-2008
    Rudy BellMLBJohn Bell1907-1907
    Terry BellMLBTerrence William Bell1983-1989
    Trevor BellMLBTrevor D. Bell2005-2014
    Zeke BellaMLBJohn Bella1957-1959
    Steve BellanMLBStephen B. Bellan1871-1873
    Andrew BellattiMLBAndrew James Bellatti2009-2016
    Albert BelleMLBAlbert Jojuan Belle1985-2000
    Mark BellhornMLBMark Christian Bellhorn1993-2009
    Rafael BelliardMLBRafael Leonidas Matias Belliard1980-1999
    Ronnie BelliardMLBRonald Belliard1994-2011
    Clay BellingerMLBClayton Daniel Bellinger1989-2004
    Jack BellmanMLBJohn Hutchins Bellman1889-1889
    Rob BelloirMLBRobert Edward Belloir1975-1978
    Edwin BellorinMLBEdwin Daniel Bellorin2001-2011
    Vince BelnomeMLBVincent Belnome2007-2015
    Duane BelowMLBDuane Arthur Below2005-2016
    Brandon BeltMLBBrandon Kyle Belt2007-2016
    Carlos BeltranMLBCarlos Ivan Beltran1995-2016
    Francis BeltranMLBFrancis LeBron Beltran 1997-2011
    Rigo BeltranMLBRigoberto Beltran1990-2006
    Adrian BeltreMLBAdrian Perez Beltre1996-2016
    Engel BeltreMLBEngel Manuel Beltre2007-2015
    Esteban BeltreMLBEsteban (Valera) Beltre1984-2000
    Omar BeltreMLBOmar de la Beltre2000-2011
    Harry BemisMLBHarry Parker Bemis1902-1910
    Marvin BenardMLBMarvin Larry Benard1992-2004
    Freddie BenavidesMLBAlfredo Benavides1986-1996
    Johnny BenchMLBJohnny Lee Bench1965-1983
    Chief BenderMLBCharles Albert Bender1903-1925
    Art BenedictMLBArthur Melville Benedict1883-1883
    Bruce BenedictMLBBruce Edwin Benedict1975-1989
    Alan BenesMLBAlan Paul Benes1991-2006
    Andy BenesMLBAndrew Charles Benes1986-2002
    Joe BenesMLBJoseph Anthony Benes1931-1931
    Ray BengeMLBRaymond Adelphia Benge1925-1938
    Benny BengoughMLBBernard Oliver bengough1923-1932
    Andrew BenintendiMLBAndrew Benintendi2014-2016
    Juan BeniquezMLBJuan Jose Beniquez1969-1988
    Armando BenitezMLBArmando German Benitez1991-2012
    Yamil BenitezMLBYamil Antonio Benitez1990-2002
    Mike BenjaminMLBMichael Paul Benjamin1987-2002
    Stan BenjaminMLBAlfred Stanley Benjamin1939-1945
    Henry BennMLBHenry Omer Benn1914-1914
    Ike BennersMLBIsaac B. Benners1884-1884
    Charlie BennettMLBCharles Wesley Bennett1878-1893
    Dave BennettMLBDavid Hans Bennett1964-1964
    Dennis BennettMLBDennis John Bennett1962-1968
    Erik BennettMLBErik Hans Bennett1988-2001
    Frank BennettMLBFrancis Allen Bennett1927-1928
    Fred BennettMLBJames Fred Bennett1928-1931
    Gary BennettMLBGary David Bennett Jr.1990-2008
    Herschel BennettMLBHerschel Emmett Bennett1923-1927
    Jeff BennettMLBDavid Jeffrey Bennett1985-2014
    Joel BennettMLBJoel Todd Bennett1989-2007
    Pug BennettMLBJustin Titus Bennett1906-1907
    Shayne BennettMLBShayne Anthony Bennett1993-2000
    Joaquin BenoitMLBJoaquin Antonio Benoit1997-2016
    Allen BensonMLBAllen Wilbert Benson1934-1934
    Joe BensonMLBWilliam Joseph Benson2006-2015
    Kris BensonMLBKristin James Benson1994-2010
    Vern BensonMLBVernon Adair Benson1943-1953
    Cy BentleyMLBClytus George Bentley1872-1872
    Jack BentleyMLBJohn Needles Bentley1913-1927
    Al BentonMLBJohn Alton Benton1934-1952
    Butch BentonMLBAlfred Lee Benton1977-1991
    Larry BentonMLBLawrence James Benton1923-1935
    Rabbit BentonMLBStanley W. Benton1922-1922
    Rube BentonMLBJohn Clebon Benton1910-1925
    Sid BentonMLBSidney Wright Benton1922-1922
    Chad BentzMLBChad Robert Bentz2001-2009
    Joe BenzMLBJoseph Louis Benz1911-1919
    Todd BenzingerMLBTodd Eric Benzinger1981-1995
    Johnny BerardinoMLBJohn Berardino1939-1952
    Lou BerberetMLBLouis Joseph Berberet1954-1960
    Jeff BerblingerMLBJeffrey James Berblinger1990-2002
    Jason BereMLBJason Phillip Bere1990-2005
    Juan BerenguerMLBJuan Bautista Berenguer1975-1997
    Bruce BerenyiMLBBruce Michael Berenyi1974-1986
    James BeresfordMLBJames Richard Beresford2007-2016
    David BergMLBDavid Scott Berg1992-2006
    Justin BergMLBJustin Christopher Berg2003-2015
    Moe BergMLBMorris Berg1923-1939
    Augie BergamoMLBAugust Samuel Bergamo1944-1945
    Bill BergenMLBWilliam Aloysius Bergen1901-1911
    Marty BergenMLBMartin Bergen1896-1899
    Boze BergerMLBLouis William Berger1932-1939
    Brandon BergerMLBBrandon Charles Berger1994-2005
    Clarence BergerMLBClarence Edward Berger1914-1914
    Heinie BergerMLBCharles Berger1907-1910
    Joe BergerMLBJoseph August Berger1913-1914
    Johnny BergerMLBJohn Henne Berger1922-1927
    Tun BergerMLBJohn Henry Berger1890-1892
    Wally BergerMLBWalter Antone Berger1930-1940
    Peter BergeronMLBPeter Francis Bergeron1996-2007
    Brad BergesenMLBBradley Steven Bergesen2004-2015
    John BerghMLBJohn Baptist Bergh1876-1880
    Marty BerghammerMLBMartin Andrew Berghammer1911-1914
    Al BergmanMLBAlfred Henry Bergman1916-1916
    Christian BergmanMLBChristian S. Bergman2007-2016
    Dave BergmanMLBDavid Bruce Bergman1972-1992
    Dusty BergmanMLBDustin Michael Bergman1997-2008
    Sean BergmanMLBSean Frederick Bergman1990-2004
    Jay BergmannMLBJason Chris Bergmann2000-2013
    William BergollaMLBWilliam Jose Bergolla2000-2011
    Frank BerkelbachMLBFrank Pierce Berkelbach1884-1884
    Jason BerkenMLBJason Thomas Berken2003-2016
    Nate BerkenstockMLBNathan Berkenstock1871-1871
    Lance BerkmanMLBWilliam Lance Berkman1995-2013
    Jack BerlyMLBJohn Chambers Berly1924-1933
    Roger BernadinaMLBRogearvin Argelo Bernadina2002-2016
    Victor BernalMLBVictor Hugo Bernal1973-1979
    Curt BernardMLBCurtis Henry Bernard1900-1901
    Dwight BernardMLBDwight Vern Bernard1974-1985
    Joe BernardMLBJoseph Carl Bernard1909-1909
    Tony BernazardMLBAntonio (Garcia) Bernazard1974-1991
    Adam BerneroMLBAdam Gino Bernero1999-2008
    Bill BernhardMLBWilliam Henry Bernhard1899-1907
    Juan BernhardtMLBJuan Ramon (Coradin) Bernhardt1976-1979
    Walter BernhardtMLBWalter Jacob Bernhardt1918-1918
    Carlos BernierMLBCarlos (Rodriguez) Bernier1953-1953
    Doug BernierMLBDouglas Paul Bernier2002-2016
    Johnny BeroMLBJohn George Bero1948-1951
    Dale BerraMLBDale Anthony Berra1975-1988
    Yogi BerraMLBLawrence Peter Berra1946-1965
    Dennis BerranMLBDennis Martin Berran1912-1912
    Ray BerresMLBRaymond Frederick Berres1934-1945
    Jose BerriosMLBJose Orlando Berrios2012-2016
    Angel BerroaMLBAngel Maria Berroa1999-2015
    Geronimo BerroaMLBGeronimo Emiliano Berroa1984-2003
    Charlie BerryMLBCharles Francis Berry1925-1938
    Charlie BerryMLBCharles Joseph Berry1884-1884
    Claude BerryMLBClaude Elzy Berry1904-1907
    Joe BerryMLBJonas Arthur Berry1942-1946
    Joe BerryMLBJoseph Howard Berry Jr.1921-1921
    Joe BerryMLBJoseph Howard, Sr. Berry1902-1902
    Ken BerryMLBAllen Kent Berry1961-1975
    Neil BerryMLBCornelius John Berry1948-1954
    Quintin BerryMLBQuintin Lonell Berry 2004-2016
    Sean BerryMLBSean Robert Berry1986-2001
    Tom BerryMLBThomas Haney Berry1871-1871
    Damon BerryhillMLBDamon Scott Berryhill1984-1998
    Frank BertainaMLBFrank Louis Bertaina1964-1970
    Harry BerteMLBHarry Thomas Berte1903-1903
    Dick BertellMLBRichard George Bertell1960-1967
    Harry BerthrongMLBHenry Washburn Berthrong1871-1871
    Reno BertoiaMLBReno Peter Bertoia1953-1962
    Mike BertottiMLBMichael David Bertotti1989-2002
    Lefty BertrandMLBRoman Mathias Bertrand1936-1936
    Andres BerumenMLBAndres Berumen1989-2000
    Fred BesanaMLBFrederick Cyril Besana1956-1956
    Bob BescherMLBRobert Henry Bescher1908-1918
    Herman BesseMLBHerman A. Besse1940-1946
    Don BessentMLBFred Donald Bessent1955-1958
    Karl BestMLBKark Jori Best1978-1988
    William BestickMLBWilliam Bestick1872-1872
    Jim BeswickMLBJames William Beswick1977-1983
    Dellin BetancesMLBDellin Betances2006-2016
    Rafael BetancourtMLBRafael Jose Betancourt1994-2015
    Yuniesky BetancourtMLBYuniesky Betancourt (Perez)2005-2015
    Frank BetcherMLBFranklin Lyle Betcher1910-1910
    Wilson BetemitMLBWilson Betemit1997-2014
    Christian BethancourtMLBChristian G. Bethancourt2009-2016
    Bill BetheaMLBWilliam Lamar Bethea1964-1964
    Jim BethkeMLBJames Chrales Bethke1965-1965
    Larry BettencourtMLBLawrence Joseph Bettencourt1928-1932
    Jeff BettendorfMLBJeffrey Allen Bettendorf1979-1987
    Chad BettisMLBChad Robert Bettis2008-2016
    Harry BettsMLBHarold Matthew Betts1903-1913
    Huck BettsMLBWalter Martin Betts1920-1935
    Mookie BettsMLBMarkus Lynn Betts2011-2016
    Bruno BetzelMLBChristian Frederick Albert John Henry David Betzel1914-1918
    Kurt BevacquaMLBKurt Anthony Bevacqua1967-1985
    Hal BevanMLBJoseph Harold Bevan1952-1961
    Bill BevensMLBFloyd Clifford Bevens1944-1947
    Jason BeverlinMLBJason Robert Beverlin1992-2007
    Brian BevilMLBBrian Scott Bevil1990-1998
    Lou BevilMLBLouis Eugene Bevil1942-1942
    Ben BevilleMLBClarence Benjamin Beville1901-1901
    Monte BevilleMLBHenry Monte Beville1903-1904
    Joe BiaginiMLBJoseph Biagini2009-2016
    Buddy BiancalanaMLBRoland Americo Biancalana1978-1988
    Jeff BianchiMLBJeffrey Thomas Bianchi2005-2016
    Tommy BiancoMLBThomas Anthony Bianco1975-1979
    Hank BiasattiMLBHenry Arcado Biasatti1949-1949
    Jim BibbyMLBJames Blair Bibby1965-1984
    Dante BichetteMLBAlphonse Dante Bichette1984-2004
    Vern BickfordMLBVernon Edgell Bickford1948-1954
    Dan BickhamMLBDaniel Denison Bickham1886-1886
    Charlie BicknellMLBCharles Stephen Bicknell1948-1949
    Jesse BiddleMLBJesse Thomas Biddle2010-2016
    Rocky BiddleMLBLee Francis Biddle1995-2004
    Ed BiecherMLBEdward Biecher1897-1898
    Oscar BielaskiMLBOscar Bielaski1872-1876
    Mike BieleckiMLBMichael Joseph Bielecki1979-1997
    Harry BiemillerMLBHarry Lee Biemiller1920-1925
    Lou BierbauerMLBLouis W. Bierbauer1886-1898
    Nick BierbrodtMLBNicholas Raymond Bierbroldt1996-2011
    Randor BierdMLBRandor Bierd2004-2010
    Charlie BiermanMLBCharles S. Bierman1871-1871
    Steve BieserMLBSteven Ray Bieser1989-2001
    Carson BigbeeMLBCarson Lee Bigbee1916-1926
    Lyle BigbeeMLBLyle Randolph Bigbee1920-1921
    Larry BigbieMLBLarry R. Bigbie1997-2010
    Elliot BigelowMLBElliot Allardice Bigelow1929-1929
    Craig BiggioMLBCraig Alan Biggio1985-2007
    Charlie BiggsMLBCharles Orval Biggs1932-1932
    George BignellMLBGeorge William Bignell1884-1884
    Larry BiittnerMLBLawrence David Biitner1968-1983
    Dann BilardelloMLBDann James Bilardello1978-1994
    Jim BilbreyMLBJames Melvin Bilbrey1949-1949
    Emil BildilliMLBEmil Bildilli1937-1941
    Steve BilkoMLBStephen Thomas Bilko1949-1962
    Harry BilliardMLBHarry Pree Billiard1908-1908
    Jack BillinghamMLBJohn Eugene Billingham1961-1980
    Bruce BillingsMLBBruce Billings2004-2015
    Dick BillingsMLBRichard Ardin Billings1965-1975
    Josh BillingsMLBHaskell Clark Billings1927-1929
    Josh BillingsMLBJohn Augustus Billings1913-1923
    Brent BillingsleyMLBBrent Aaron Billingsley1995-2005
    Chad BillingsleyMLBChad Ryan Billingsley2003-2015
    George BinksMLBGeorge Alvin Binks1944-1948
    Steve BirasMLBStephen Alexander Biras1944-1944
    Jud BirchallMLBAdoniram Judson Birchall1882-1884
    Doug BirdMLBJames Douglas Bird1969-1983
    Frank BirdMLBFrank Zephrin Bird1892-1892
    George BirdMLBGeorge Raymond Bird1871-1871
    Greg BirdMLBGregory Paul Bird2011-2016
    Red BirdMLBJames Edward Bird1921-1921
    Dave BirdsallMLBDavid Solomon Birdsall1871-1873
    Mike BirkbeckMLBMichael Lawrence Birkbeck1980-1995
    Kurt BirkinsMLBKurt Daniel Birkins1999-2010
    Ralph BirkoferMLBRalph Joseph Birkofer1933-1937
    Joe BirminghamMLBJoseph Leo Birmingham1906-1914
    Babe BirrerMLBWerner Joseph Birrer1955-1958
    Tim BirtsasMLBTimothy Dean Birtsas1982-1990
    Frank BiscanMLBFrank Stephen Biscan1942-1948
    John BischoffMLBJohn George Bischoff1925-1926
    Joe BiseniusMLBJoseph Richard Bisenius 2002-2014
    Bill BishopMLBWilliam Henry Bishop1921-1921
    Bill BishopMLBWilliam Robinson Bishop1886-1889
    Charlie BishopMLBCharles Tuller Bishop1952-1955
    Frank BishopMLBFrank H. Bishop1884-1884
    Jim BishopMLBJames Morton Bishop1923-1924
    Lloyd BishopMLBLloyd Clifton Bishop1914-1914
    Max BishopMLBMax Frederick Bishop1924-1935
    Mike BishopMLBMichael Bishop1976-1983
    Rivington BislandMLBRivington Martin Bisland1912-1914
    Del BissonetteMLBAdelphia Louis Bissonette1928-1933
    Hi BithornMLBHiram Gabriel Bithorn1942-1947
    Joe BitkerMLBJoseph Anthony Bitker1984-1991
    Jeff BittigerMLBJeffrey Scott Bittiger1980-2002
    Red BittmanMLBHenry Peter Bittmann1889-1889
    Jim BivinMLBJames Nathaniel Bivin1935-1935
    Brian BixlerMLBBrian Joseph Bixler2002-2014
    George BjorkmanMLBGeorge Anton Bjorkman1977-1985
    Ty BlachMLBTyson Michael Blach2010-2016
    Bill BlackMLBJohn William Black1924-1924
    Bob BlackMLBRobert Benjamin Black1884-1884
    Bud BlackMLBWilliam Carroll Black1952-1956
    Bud BlackMLBHarry Ralston Black1978-1995
    Dave BlackMLBDavid Black1923-1923
    Don BlackMLBDonald Paul Black1943-1948
    Joe BlackMLBJoseph Black1952-1957
    John BlackMLBJohn Falcnor Black1911-1911
    Ray BlackMLBRay Black2009-2016
    Vic BlackMLBVictor Laurence Black2007-2015
    Ethan BlackabyMLBEthan Allen Blackaby1961-1969
    Charlie BlackburnMLBFoster Edwin Blackburn1921-1921
    Clayton BlackburnMLBClayton Blackburn2011-2016
    Earl BlackburnMLBEarl Stuart Blackburn1912-1917
    George BlackburnMLBGeorge W. Blackburn1897-1897
    Jim BlackburnMLBJames Ray Blackburn1948-1951
    Nick BlackburnMLBRobert Nicholas Blackburn2001-2013
    Ron BlackburnMLBRonald Hamilton Blackburn1958-1959
    Lena BlackburneMLBRussell Aubrey Blackburne1910-1929
    George BlackerbyMLBGeorge Franklin Blackerby1928-1928
    Travis BlackleyMLBTravis Jarrod Blackley2001-2015
    Charlie BlackmonMLBCharles Cobb Blackmon2007-2016
    Ewell BlackwellMLBEwell Blackwell1942-1955
    Fred BlackwellMLBFrederick William Blackwell1917-1919
    Tim BlackwellMLBTimothy P. Blackwell1970-1983
    Ray BladesMLBFrancis Raymond Blades1922-1932
    Rick BladtMLBRichard Alan Bladt1969-1977
    George BlaeholderMLBGeorge Franklin Blaeholder1925-1936
    Rae BlaemireMLBRae Bertrum Blaemire1941-1941
    Aaron BlairMLBAaron Daniel Blair2011-2016
    Bill BlairMLBWilliam Ellsworth Blair1888-1888
    Buddy BlairMLBLouis Nathan Blair1942-2005
    Carson BlairMLBCarson Blair2008-2016
    Dennis BlairMLBDennis Herman Blair1972-1980
    Footsie BlairMLBClarence Vick Blair1929-1931
    Paul BlairMLBPaul L. Blair1962-1980
    Walter BlairMLBWalter Allen Blair1907-1911
    Willie BlairMLBWilliam Allen Blair1985-2001
    Dick BlaisdellMLBHoward Carleton Blaisdell1884-1884
    Casey BlakeMLBWilliam Casey Blake1993-2011
    Ed BlakeMLBEdward James Blake1951-1957
    Harry BlakeMLBHarry Cooper Blake1894-1899
    Sheriff BlakeMLBJohn Frederick Blake1920-1937
    Linc BlakelyMLBLincoln Howard Blakely1934-1934
    Bob BlakistonMLBRobert J. Blakiston1882-1884
    Hank BlalockMLBHank Joe Blalock1999-2010
    Johnny BlanchardMLBJohn Edwin Blanchard1955-1965
    Al BlancheMLBProsper Albert Blanche1935-1936
    Andres BlancoMLBAndrew Eloy Blanco2002-2016
    Damaso BlancoMLBDamaso (Caripe) Blanco1972-1974
    Gil BlancoMLBGilbert Henry Blanco1965-1966
    Gregor BlancoMLBGregor Miguel Blanco (Pedraza)2002-2016
    Henry BlancoMLBHenry Ramon Blanco1990-2013
    Ossie BlancoMLBOswaldo Carlos (Diaz) Blanco1970-1978
    Tony BlancoMLBTony Hemiphere Blanco2000-2015
    Nate BlandMLBNathan G. Bland1993-2007
    Fred BlandingMLBFrederick James Blanding1910-1914
    Coonie BlankMLBFrank Ignatz Blank1909-1909
    Fred BlankMLBFrederick August Blank1894-1894
    Matt BlankMLBClarence Matt Blank1996-2006
    Cliff BlankenshipMLBClifford Douglas Blankenship1905-1909
    Homer BlankenshipMLBHomer Blankenship1922-1928
    Kevin BlankenshipMLBKevin Dewayne Blankenship1982-1992
    Lance BlankenshipMLBLance Robert Blankenship1983-1998
    Ted BlankenshipMLBTheodore Blankenship1922-1930
    Kyle BlanksMLBKyle Nathaniel Blanks2005-2016
    Larvell BlanksMLBLarvell Blanks1969-1980
    Cy BlantonMLBDarrell Elijah Blanton1934-1942
    Joe BlantonMLBJoseph Matthew Blanton2000-2016
    Jabari BlashMLBJabari Jerell Blash2009-2016
    Don BlasingameMLBDon Lee Blasingame1955-1966
    Wade BlasingameMLBWade Allen Blasingame1961-1972
    Steve BlassMLBStephen Robert Blass1960-1974
    Steve BlatericMLBStephen Lawrence Blateric1966-1980
    Johnny BlatnikMLBJohn Louis Blatnik1948-1950
    Buddy BlattnerMLBRobert Garnett Blattner1942-1949
    Jeff BlauserMLBJeffrey Michael Blauser1984-1999
    Harvey BlauveltMLBHarvey King Blauvelt1890-1890
    Bob BlaylockMLBRobert Edward Blaylock1956-1959
    Gary BlaylockMLBGary Nelson Blaylock1959-1959
    Marv BlaylockMLBMarvin Edward Blaylock1950-1957
    Mike BlazekMLBMichael R. Blazek2007-2016
    Ron BlazierMLBRonald Patrick Blazier1990-1999
    Curt BlefaryMLBCurtis Le Roy Blefary1962-1972
    Richard BleierMLBRichard S. Bleier2006-2016
    Ray BlemkerMLBRay Blemker1960-1960
    Ike BlessittMLBIsiah Blessitt1968-1977
    Clarence BlethenMLBClarence Waldo Blethen1923-1929
    Jerry BlevinsMLBJerry Richard Blevins2002-2016
    Bob BlewettMLBRobert Lawrence Blewett1902-1902
    Ned BlighMLBEdwin Forrest Bligh1886-1890
    Elmer BlissMLBElmer Ward Bliss1903-1904
    Frank BlissMLBFrank Eugene Bliss1878-1878
    Jack BlissMLBJohn Joseph Albert Bliss1908-1912
    Bruno BlockMLBJames John Block1907-1912
    Cy BlockMLBSeymour Block1942-1946
    Terry BlockerMLBTerry Fennell Blocker1979-1989
    Wes BloggMLBWesley Collins Blogg1883-1883
    Ron BlombergMLBRonald Mark Blomberg1967-1978
    Ben BlomdahlMLBBenjamin Earl Blomdahl1990-1998
    Joe BlongMLBJoseph Myles Blong1875-1877
    Jimmy BloodworthMLBJames Henry Bloodworth1937-1951
    Bud BloomfieldMLBClyde Stalcup Bloomfield1964-1964
    Willie BloomquistMLBWilliam Paul Bloomquist1997-2015
    Greg BlosserMLBGregory Brent Blosser1989-2008
    Jack BlottMLBJohn Leonard Blott1924-1924
    Mike BlowersMLBMichael Roy Blowers1986-1999
    Bert BlueMLBBird Wayne Blue1908-1908
    Lu BlueMLBLuzerne Atwell Blue1921-1933
    Vida BlueMLBVida Rochelle Blue Jr.1968-1986
    Ossie BluegeMLBOswald Louis Bluege1922-1939
    Otto BluegeMLBOtto Adam Bluege1932-1933
    Jim BluejacketMLBJames Bluejacket1916-1916
    Red BluhmMLBHarvey Fred Bluhm1918-1918
    Geoff BlumMLBGeoffrey Edward Blum1993-2012
    Jaime BlumaMLBJames Andrew Bluma1991-2000
    Clint BlumeMLBClinton Willis Blume1922-1923
    Bert BlylevenMLBRik Aalbert Blyleven1969-1992
    Mike BlyzkaMLBMichael John Blyzka1953-1954
    Chet BoakMLBChester Robert Bloak1960-1961
    Charlie BoardmanMLBCharles Louis Boardman1913-1915
    Frederick BoardmanMLBFrederick Stanley Boardman1874-1874
    Randy BobbMLBMark Randall Bobb1968-1969
    Hiram BocachicaMLBHiram Colon Bocachica1994-2011
    John BoccabellaMLBJohn Dominic Boccabella1963-1974
    Milt BocekMLBMilton Frank Bocek1933-1934
    Bruce BochteMLBBruce Anton Bochte1972-1986
    Doug BochtlerMLBDouglas Eugene Bochtler1989-2003
    Brett BochyMLBBrett Bochy2008-2015
    Bruce BochyMLBBruce Douglas Bochy1975-1988
    Eddie BockmanMLBJoseph Edward Bockman1946-1949
    Randy BockusMLBRandy Walter Bockus1981-1991
    Brian BocockMLBBrian William Bocock2004-2014
    Mike BoddickerMLBMichael James Boddicker1977-1993
    Ping BodieMLBFrank Stephen Bodie1911-1921
    Tony BoeckelMLBNorman Doxie Boeckel1917-1923
    George BoehlerMLBGeorge Henry Boehler1912-1926
    Joe BoehlingMLBJohn Joseph Boehling1912-1920
    Len BoehmerMLBLeonard Joseph Stephen Boehmer1967-1971
    Brian BoehringerMLBBrian Edward Boehringer1988-2007
    Larry BoernerMLBLawrence Hyer Boerner1932-1932
    Brennan BoeschMLBBrennan Philip Boesch2004-2016
    Joe BoeverMLBJoseph Martin Boever1980-1997
    Xander BogaertsMLBXander Bogaerts2010-2016
    Tim BogarMLBTimothy Paul Bogar1987-2002
    John BogartMLBJohn Renzie Bogart1920-1920
    Terry BogenerMLBTerry Wayne Bogener1975-1986
    Brandon BoggsMLBBrandon Kyle Boggs 2002-2015
    Mitchell BoggsMLBMitchell Thomas Boggs2003-2015
    Ray BoggsMLBRaymond Joseph Boggs1928-1928
    Tommy BoggsMLBThomas Winton Boggs1974-1985
    Wade BoggsMLBWade Anthony Boggs1976-1999
    Warren BogleMLBWarren Frederick Bogle1967-1968
    Brian BogusevicMLBBrian Thomas Bogusevic2003-2015
    Brian BohanonMLBBrian Edward Bohanon Jr.1987-2002
    Pat BohenMLBLeo Ignatius Bohen1913-1914
    Charlie BohnMLBCharles Bohn1882-1882
    T.J. BohnMLBThomas Joseph Bohn2001-2011
    Sam BohneMLBSamual Arthur Bohne1916-1926
    John BohnetMLBJohn Kelly Bohnet1979-1984
    Bruce BoisclairMLBBruce Armand Boisclair1974-1979
    Dan BoitanoMLBDanny Jon Boitano1973-1983
    Dick BokelmannMLBRichard Werner Bokelmann1951-1953
    Bob BokenMLBRobert Anthony Boken1933-1934
    Joe BokinaMLBJoseph Bokina1936-1936
    Bernie BolandMLBBernard Anthony Boland1915-1921
    Ed BolandMLBEdward John Boland1934-1944
    Charlie BoldMLBCharles Dickens Bold1914-1914
    Bill BoldenMLBWilliam Horace Bolden1919-1919
    Stew BolenMLBStewart O'Neal Bolen1926-1932
    Carl BolesMLBCarl Theodore Boles1962-1962
    Joe BoleyMLBJohn Peter Boley1927-1932
    Jim BolgerMLBJames Cyril Bolger1950-1959
    Frank BolickMLBFrank Charles Bolick1977-2002
    Bobby BolinMLBBobby Donald Bolin1957-1973
    Frank BollingMLBFrank Elmore Bolling1954-1966
    Jack BollingMLBJohn Edward Bolling1939-1944
    Milt BollingMLBMilton Joseph Bolling1952-1958
    Greg BolloMLBGregory Gene Bollo1965-1966
    Don BollwegMLBDonald Raymond Bollweg1950-1955
    Mike BolsingerMLBMichael P. Bolsinger2008-2016
    Cecil BoltonMLBCecil Glenford Bolton1928-1928
    Cliff BoltonMLBWilliam Clifton Bolton1931-1941
    Rodney BoltonMLBRodney Earl Bolton1989-2001
    Tom BoltonMLBThomas Edward Bolton1980-1998
    Mark BombackMLBMark Vincent Bomback1971-1984
    Tommy BondMLBThomas Henry Bond1874-1884
    Walt BondMLBWalter Franklin Bond1960-1967
    Jeremy BondermanMLBJeremy Allen Bonderman2002-2013
    Barry BondsMLBBarry Lamar Bonds1983-2007
    Bobby BondsMLBBobby Lee Bonds1965-1982
    George BoneMLBGeorge Drummon Bone1901-1901
    Ricky BonesMLBRicardo Bones1986-2003
    Julio BonettiMLBJulio Giacomo Bonetti1937-1940
    Hank BoneyMLBHenry Tate Boney1927-1927
    Jung BongMLBJung-Keun Bong1998-2006
    Nino BongiovanniMLBAnthony Thomas Bongiovanni1938-1939
    Bill BonhamMLBWilliam Gordon Bonham1970-1982
    Tiny BonhamMLBErnest Edward Bonham1940-1949
    Emilio BonifacioMLBEmilio Jose Bonifacio2003-2016
    Joe BonikowskiMLBJoseph Peter Bonikowski1962-1962
    Bobby BonillaMLBRoberto Martin Antonio Bonilla1981-2001
    Juan BonillaMLBJuan Guillermo Bonilla1974-1987
    Lisalverto BonillaMLBLisalverto Bonilla2010-2016
    Luther BoninMLBErnest Luther Bonin1913-1913
    Eddie BonineMLBEddie Keith Bonine2000-2013
    Barry BonnellMLBRobert Barry Bonnell1975-1986
    Bobby BonnerMLBRobert Averill Bonner1975-1984
    Frank BonnerMLBFrank J. Bonner1894-1903
    Bill BonnessMLBWilliam John Bonness1944-1944
    Gus BonoMLBAdlai Wendell Bono1920-1920
    Boof BonserMLBJohn Paul Bonser2000-2014
    Zeke BonuraMLBHenry John Bonura1934-1940
    Everett BooeMLBEverett Little Booe1913-1913
    Buddy BookerMLBRichard Lee Booker1966-1968
    Chris BookerMLBChristopher Scott Booker1995-2008
    Greg BookerMLBGregory Scott Booker1981-1990
    Rod BookerMLBRoderick Stewart Booker1979-1992
    Al BoolMLBAlbert J. Bool1928-1931
    Red BoolesMLBSeabron Jesse Booles1909-1909
    Aaron BooneMLBAaron John Boone1992-2009
    Bob BooneMLBRobert Raymond Boone1967-1990
    Bret BooneMLBBret Robert Boone1988-2008
    Dan BooneMLBJames Albert Boone1919-1923
    Danny BooneMLBDaniel Hugh Boone1977-1991
    George BooneMLBGeorge Morris Boone1891-1891
    Ike BooneMLBIsaac Morgan Boone1922-1932
    Lute BooneMLBLute Joseph Boone1913-1918
    Ray BooneMLBRaymond Otis Boone1948-1960
    Chris BootcheckMLBChristopher Brandon Bootcheck1998-2014
    Amos BoothMLBAmos Smith Booth1876-1882
    Eddie BoothMLBEdward H. Booth1872-1876
    Josh BootyMLBJoshua Gibson Booty1994-1998
    John BoozerMLBJohn Morgan Boozer1962-1969
    Julio BorbonMLBJulio Alberto Borbon2005-2016
    Pedro BorbonMLBPedro Felix Borbon1987-2006
    Pedro BorbonMLBPedro (Rodriguez) Borbon1966-1980
    Joe BorchardMLBJoseph Edward Borchard1998-2011
    George BorchersMLBGeorge Bernard Borchers1888-1895
    Frenchy BordagarayMLBStanley George Bordagray1934-1945
    Joe BordenMLBJoseph Emley Borden1875-1876
    Pat BordersMLBPatrick Lance Borders1982-2006
    Rich BordiMLBRichard Albert Bordi1980-1990
    Mike BordickMLBMichael Todd Bordick1985-2003
    Bill BordleyMLBWilliam Clarke Bordley1977-1982
    Glenn BorgmannMLBGlenn Dennis Borgmann1970-1981
    Paul BorisMLBPaul Stanley Boris1978-1984
    Frank BorkMLBFrank Bernard Bork1964-1964
    Bob BorkowskiMLBRobert Villarian Borkowski1950-1955
    Dave BorkowskiMLBDavid Richard Borkowski1995-2009
    Toby BorlandMLBToby Shawn Borland1988-2005
    Tom BorlandMLBThomas Bruce Borland1960-1961
    Red BoromMLBEdward Jones Borom1944-1945
    Steve BorosMLBStephen Boros1957-1964
    Joe BorowskiMLBJoseph Thomas Borowski1990-2008
    Hank BorowyMLBHenry Ludwig Borowy1942-1951
    Babe BortonMLBWilliam Baker Borton1912-1916
    J.C. BoscanMLBJean Carlos Boscan1997-2015
    Wilfredo BoscanMLBWilfredo Jose (Fernandez) Boscan 2008-2016
    Don BoschMLBDonald John Bosch1966-1969
    Rick BosettiMLBRichard Alan Bosetti1973-1982
    Buddy BoshersMLBJeffrey Alan Boshers Jr.2007-2016
    Chris BosioMLBChristopher Louis Bosio1982-1997
    Shawn BoskieMLBShawn Kealoha Boskie1986-2001
    Thad BosleyMLBThaddis Bosley Jr.1974-1990
    Dick BosmanMLBRichard Allen Bosman1963-1976
    Harley BossMLBElmer Harley Boss1928-1933
    Mel BosserMLBMelvin Edward Bosser1945-1945
    Henry BostickMLBHenry Landers Bostick1915-1915
    Lyman BostockMLBLyman Wesley Bostock1972-1978
    Daryl BostonMLBDaryl Lamont Boston1981-1996
    Andy BoswellMLBAndrew Cottrell Boswell1895-1895
    Dave BoswellMLBDavid Wilson Boswell1964-1971
    Ken BoswellMLBKenneth George Boswell1965-1977
    Derek BotelhoMLBDerek Wayne Botelho1976-1988
    Ricky BottalicoMLBRichard Paul Bottalico1991-2005
    John BottariniMLBJohn Charles Bottarini1937-1937
    Kent BottenfieldMLBKent Dennis Bottenfield1986-2001
    Ralph BottingMLBRalph Wayne Botting1974-1982
    Jim BottomleyMLBJames Leroy Bottomley1922-1937
    Jason BottsMLBJason Carl Botts2000-2014
    Bob BotzMLBRobert Allen Botz1962-1962
    Ed BoucheeMLBEdward Francis Bouchee1956-1962
    Denis BoucherMLBDenis Boucher1988-1997
    Lou BoudreauMLBLouis Boudreau1938-1952
    Carl BouldinMLBCarl Edward Bouldin1961-1964
    Jake BoultesMLBJacob John Boultes1907-1909
    Justin BourMLBJustin James Bour2007-2016
    Jason BourgeoisMLBJason Jerrod Bourgeois2000-2016
    Steve BourgeoisMLBSteven James Bourgeois1993-2007
    Chris BourjosMLBChristopher Bourjos1975-1983
    Peter BourjosMLBPeter Christopher Bourjos2006-2016
    Michael BournMLBMichael R. Bourn2001-2016
    Rafael BournigalMLBRafael Antonio Bournigal1987-2000
    Pat BourqueMLBPatrick Daniel Bourque1969-1974
    Jim BoutonMLBJames Alan Bouton1962-1978
    Mike BoveeMLBMichael Craig Bovee1991-1999
    Larry BowaMLBLawrence Robert Bowa1966-1985
    Benny BowcockMLBBenjamin James Bowock1903-1903
    Mike BowdenMLBMichael Matthew Bowden2005-2015
    Tim BowdenMLBDavid Timon Bowden1914-1914
    Chick BowenMLBEmmons Joseph Bowen1919-1919
    Cy BowenMLBSutherland McCoy Bowen1896-1896
    Rob BowenMLBRobert McClure Bowen1999-2008
    Ryan BowenMLBRyan Eugene Bowen1987-1999
    Sam BowenMLBSamuel Thomas Bowen1973-1982
    Sam BowensMLBSamuel Edward Bowens1963-1969
    Frank BowermanMLBFrank Eugene Bowerman1895-1909
    Billy BowersMLBGrover Bill Bowers1949-1949
    Brent BowersMLBBrent Raymond Bowers1989-2002
    Cedrick BowersMLBCedrick Jerome Bowers1996-2013
    Shane BowersMLBShane Patrick Bowers1993-2004
    Stew BowersMLBStewart Cole Bowers1935-1937
    Frank BowesMLBFrank M. Bowes1890-1890
    Jim BowieMLBJames R. Bowie1986-1997
    Micah BowieMLBMicah Andrew Bowie1994-2008
    John BowkerMLBJohn Brite Bowker2002-2015
    Grant BowlerMLBGrant Tierney Bowler1931-1932
    Brian BowlesMLBBrian Christopher Bowles1995-2007
    Charlie BowlesMLBCharles James Bowles1943-1945
    Emmett BowlesMLBEmmett Jerome Bowles1922-1922
    Weldon BowlinMLBLois Weldon Bowlin1967-1967
    Steve BowlingMLBStephen Shaddon Bowling1976-1979
    Abe BowmanMLBAlvah Edson Bowman1914-1915
    Bill BowmanMLBWilliam G. Bowman1891-1891
    Bob BowmanMLBRobert Leroy Bowman1955-1959
    Bob BowmanMLBRobert James Bowman1939-1942
    Elmer BowmanMLBElmari Wilhelm Bowman1920-1920
    Ernie BowmanMLBErnest Ferrell Bowman1961-1963
    Joe BowmanMLBJoseph Emil Bowman1932-1945
    Matt BowmanMLBMatthew Chou Bowman2010-2016
    Roger BowmanMLBRoger Clinton Bowman1949-1955
    Sumner BowmanMLBSumner Sallade Bowman1890-1891
    Red BowserMLBJames Harvey Bowser1910-1910
    Ted BowsfieldMLBEdward Oliver Bowsfield1958-1964
    Travis Bowyer MLBTravis Charlton Bowyer1999-2012
    Brad BoxbergerMLBBradley George Boxberger2007-2016
    Bill BoydMLBWilliam J. Boyd1872-1875
    Bob BoydMLBRobert Richard Boyd1951-1961
    Frank BoydMLBFrank Jay Boyd1893-1893
    Gary BoydMLBGary Lee Boyd1969-1969
    Jake BoydMLBJacob Henry Boyd1894-1896
    Jason BoydMLBJason Pernell Boyd1993-2005
    Matt BoydMLBMatthew Boyd2010-2016
    Oil Can BoydMLBDennis Ray Boyd1980-2005
    Ray BoydMLBRaymond C. Boyd1910-1911
    Blaine BoyerMLBBlaine Thomas Boyer2000-2016
    Clete BoyerMLBClete Leroy Boyer1955-1971
    Cloyd BoyerMLBCloyd Victor Boyer1949-1955
    Ken BoyerMLBKenneth Lloyd Boyer1955-1969
    Dorian BoylandMLBDorian Scott Boyland1976-1982
    Buzz BoyleMLBRalph Francis Boyle1929-1935
    Eddie BoyleMLBEdward J. Boyle1896-1896
    Henry BoyleMLBHenry J. Boyle1884-1889
    Jack BoyleMLBJohn Anthony Boyle1886-1898
    Jack BoyleMLBJohn Bellew Boyle1912-1912
    Harry BoylesMLBHarry Boyles1938-1939
    Marshall BozeMLBMarshall Wayne Boze1990-2000
    Gene BrabenderMLBEugene Matthew Brabender1966-1970
    Brad BrachMLBBrad Brach2005-2016
    Silvino BrachoMLBSilvino Bracho2012-2016
    Gibby BrackMLBGilbert Herman Brack1937-1939
    Jack BrackenMLBJohn James Bracken1901-1901
    John BrackenridgeMLBJohn Givler Brackenridge1904-1904
    Andrew BrackmanMLBAndrew Warren Brackman2005-2013
    Zach BraddockMLBWilliam Zachary Braddock2006-2015
    Dallas BradenMLBDallas Lee Braden2002-2011
    Don BradeyMLBDonald Eugene Bradey1964-1964
    Bill BradfordMLBWilliam D. Bradford1956-1956
    Buddy BradfordMLBCharles William Bradford1962-1976
    Chad BradfordMLBChadwick Lee Bradford1994-2009
    Larry BradfordMLBLarry Bradford1973-1985
    Vic BradfordMLBHenry Victor Bradford1943-1943
    Al BradleyMLBAlbert Joseph Bradley1884-1884
    Archie BradleyMLBArchie N. Bradley2011-2016
    Bert BradleyMLBSteven Bert Bradley1979-1997
    Bill BradleyMLBWilliam Joseph Bradley1899-1910
    Foghorn BradleyMLBGeorge H. Bradley1876-1876
    Fred BradleyMLBFred Langdon Bradley1948-1949
    George BradleyMLBGeorge Washington Bradley1875-1888
    George BradleyMLBGeorge Washington Bradley1946-1946
    Herb BradleyMLBHerbert Theodore Bradley1927-1929
    Hugh BradleyMLBHugh Frederick Bradley1910-1912
    Jack BradleyMLBJohn Thomas Bradley1916-1916
    Jackie BradleyMLBJackie Bradley Jr.2009-2016
    Jed BradleyMLBJedidiah Custer Bradley2009-2016
    Mark BradleyMLBMark Allen Bradley1975-1984
    Milton BradleyMLBMilton Obelle Bradley1996-2011
    Phil BradleyMLBPhillip Poole Bradley1981-1992
    Ryan BradleyMLBRyan James Bradley1995-2002
    Scott BradleyMLBScott William Bradley1979-1994
    Tom BradleyMLBThomas William Bradley1967-1983
    Dallas BradshawMLBDallas Carl Bradshaw1917-1917
    George BradshawMLBGeorge Thomas Bradshaw1952-1952
    Joe BradshawMLBJoe Siah Bradshaw1929-1929
    Terry BradshawMLBTerry Leon Bradshaw1989-1999
    Bill BradyMLBWilliam Aloysius Brady1912-1912
    Bob BradyMLBRobert Jay Brady1946-1947
    Brian BradyMLBBrian Phelan Brady1984-1990
    Cliff BradyMLBClifford Francis Brady1920-1920
    Doug BradyMLBStephen Douglas Brady1990-1999
    Jim BradyMLBJames Joseph Brady1956-1956
    King BradyMLBJames Ward Brady1905-1912
    Neal BradyMLBCornelius Joseph Brady1915-1925
    Spike BradyMLBSpike Brady1875-1875
    Steve BradyMLBStephen A. Brady1874-1886
    Bobby BraganMLBRobert Randall Bragan1940-1948
    Darren BraggMLBDarren William Bragg1989-2005
    Dick BragginsMLBRichard Realf Braggins1901-1901
    Glenn BraggsMLBGlenn Erick Braggs1983-1992
    Dave BrainMLBDavid Leonard Brain1901-1908
    Asa BrainardMLBAsa Brainard1871-1874
    Fred BrainerdMLBFrederick F. Brainerd1914-1916
    Erv BrameMLBErvin Beckham Brame1928-1932
    Art BramhallMLBArthur Washington Bramhall1935-1935
    Ralph BrancaMLBRalph Theodore Joseph Branca1944-1956
    Al BrancatoMLBAlbert Brancato1939-1945
    Harvey BranchMLBHarvey Alfred Branch1962-1962
    Norm BranchMLBNorman Downs Branch1941-1942
    Roy BranchMLBRoy Branch1977-1980
    Ron BrandMLBRonald George Brand1963-1971
    Mark BrandenburgMLBMark Clay Brandenburg1991-1997
    Chick BrandomMLBChester Milton Brandom1908-1909
    Bucky BrandonMLBDarrell G Brandon1959-1973
    Bill BrandtMLBWilliam George Brandt1941-1943
    Ed BrandtMLBEdward Arthur Brandt1928-1938
    Jackie BrandtMLBJohn George Brandt Jr.1956-1967
    Otis BrannanMLBOtis Owen Brannan1928-1929
    Mike BrannockMLBMichael J. Brannock1871-1875
    Dud BranomMLBEdgar Dudley Branom1927-1927
    Kitty BransfieldMLBWilliam Edward Bransfield1898-1911
    Jeff BransonMLBJeffrey Glenn Branson1986-2002
    Marshall BrantMLBMarshall Lee Brant1975-1983
    Cliff BrantleyMLBClifford Brantley1986-1993
    Jeff BrantleyMLBJeffrey Hoke Brantley1982-2001
    Michael BrantleyMLBMichael Charles Brantley Jr.2005-2016
    Mickey BrantleyMLBMichael Charles Brantley1983-1993
    Rob BrantlyMLBRobert Jacob Brantly2009-2016
    Russell BranyanMLBRussell Oles Branyan1994-2014
    Kitty BrashearMLBNorman Cobb Brashear1899-1899
    Roy BrashearMLBRoy Parks Brashear1902-1903
    Ryan BrasierMLBRyan David Brasier2007-2016
    Joe BratcherMLBJoseph Warlick Bratcher1924-1924
    Fred BratschiMLBFrederick Oscar Bratschi1921-1927
    Steven BraultMLBSteven Joseph Brault2013-2016
    John BraunMLBJohn Paul Braun1964-1964
    Ryan BraunMLBRyan Zachary Braun2000-2011
    Ryan BraunMLBRyan Joseph Braun2003-2016
    Steve BraunMLBStephen Russell Braun1966-1986
    Angel BravoMLBAngel Alfonso (Urdaneta) Bravo1969-1971
    Garland BraxtonMLBEdgar Garland Braxton1921-1933
    Bill BrayMLBWilliam Alan Bray2002-2013
    Buster BrayMLBClarence Wilbur Bray1941-1941
    Craig BrazellMLBCraig Walter Brazell1998-2014
    Dewon BrazeltonMLBDewon Cortez Brazelton1999-2010
    Frank BrazillMLBFrank Leo Brazill1921-1922
    Al BrazleMLBAlpha Eugene Brazle1943-1954
    Yhency BrazobanMLBYhency Jose Brazoban1999-2014
    Leslie BreaMLBLeslie Guillermo Brea1996-2003
    Sid BreamMLBSidney Eugene Bream1981-1994
    Jim BreazealeMLBJames Leo Breazeale1968-1979
    Harry BrecheenMLBHarry David Brecheen1940-1953
    Bill BreckinridgeMLBWilliam Robertson Breckinridge1929-1929
    Brent BredeMLBBrent David Brede1990-2000
    Danny BreedenMLBDanny Richard Breeden1969-1971
    Hal BreedenMLBHarold Noel Breeden1963-1975
    Marv BreedingMLBMarvin Eugene Breeding1960-1963
    Alex BregmanMLBAlex Bregman2013-2016
    Fred BreiningMLBFred Lawrence Breining1974-1986
    Alonzo BreitensteinMLBAlonzo Breitenstein1883-1883
    Ted BreitensteinMLBTheodore P. Breitenstein1891-1901
    Herb BremerMLBHerbert Frederick Bremer1937-1939
    Bob BrenlyMLBRobert Earl Brenly1974-1989
    Ad BrennanMLBAddison Foster Brennan1910-1918
    Don BrennanMLBJames Donald Brennan1933-1937
    Jack BrennanMLB3/24/19141884-1890
    Tom BrennanMLBThomas Martin Brennan1972-1986
    William BrennanMLBWilliam Raymond Brennan1985-1994
    Jim BrennemanMLBJames Leroy Brenneman1965-1965
    Bert BrennerMLBDelbert Henry Brenner1912-1912
    Lynn BrentonMLBLynn David Brenton1913-1921
    Bryce BrentzMLBBryce Everett Brentz2008-2016
    Bill BrenzelMLBWilliam Richard Brenzel1932-1935
    Craig BreslowMLBCraig Andrew Breslow1999-2016
    Roger BresnahanMLBRoger Phillip Bresnahan1897-1915
    Rube BresslerMLBRaymond Bloom Bressler1914-1932
    Eddie BressoudMLBEdward Francis Bressoud1956-1967
    Jim BretonMLBJohn Frederick Breton1913-1915
    George BrettMLBGeorge Howard Brett1971-1993
    Herb BrettMLBHerbert James Brett1924-1925
    Ken BrettMLBKenneth Alven Brett1966-1981
    Ryan BrettMLBRyan Duane Brett2010-2016
    Marv BreuerMLBMarvin Howard Breuer1939-1943
    Billy BrewerMLBWilliam Robert Brewer1990-2000
    Charles BrewerMLBCharles Robert Brewer2007-2016
    Jack BrewerMLBJohn Herndon Brewer1944-1946
    Jim BrewerMLBJames Thomas Brewer1956-1976
    Mike BrewerMLBMichael Quinn Brewer1979-1986
    Rod BrewerMLBRodney Lee Brewer1985-2001
    Tom BrewerMLBThomas Austin Brewer1954-1961
    Tony BrewerMLBAnthony Bruce Brewer1979-1984
    Jamie BrewingtonMLBJamie Chancellor Brewington1992-2004
    Charlie BrewsterMLBCharles Lawrence Brewster1943-1946
    Alan BriceMLBAlan Healey Brice1961-1961
    Austin BriceMLBAustin Robert Brice2010-2016
    Fred BrickellMLBGeorge Frederick Brickell1926-1933
    Fritz BrickellMLBFritz Darrell Brickell1959-1961
    George BrickleyMLBGeorge Vincent Brickley1913-1913
    Ralph BricknerMLBRalph Harold Brickner1952-1952
    Jim BrideweserMLBJames Ehrenfeld Brideweser1951-1957
    Marshall BridgesMLBMarshall Bridges1959-1965
    Rocky BridgesMLBEverett Lamar Bridges1951-1961
    Tommy BridgesMLBThomas Jefferson Davis Bridges1930-1946
    Al BridwellMLBAlbert Henry Bridwell1905-1913
    Parker BridwellMLBParker A. Bridwell2010-2016
    Bunny BriefMLBAnthony Vincent Brief1912-1917
    Buttons BriggsMLBHerbert Theodore Briggs1896-1905
    Charlie BriggsMLBCharles R. Briggs1884-1884
    Dan BriggsMLBDan Lee Briggs1970-1985
    Grant BriggsMLBGrant Briggs1890-1895
    John BriggsMLBJonathan Tift Briggs1956-1960
    Johnny BriggsMLBJohn Edward Briggs1963-1975
    Jake BrighamMLBJacob Daniel Brigham2006-2015
    Harry BrightMLBHarry James Bright1958-1965
    Reid BrignacMLBReid Michael Brignac2004-2016
    Nelson BrilesMLBNelson Kelley Briles1964-1978
    Greg BrileyMLBGregory Briley1986-1997
    Frank BrillMLBFrancis Hasbrouck Brill1884-1884
    Jim BrillheartMLBJames Benson Brillheart1922-1931
    Brad BrinkMLBBradford Albert Brink1984-1995
    Bill BrinkerMLBWilliam Hutchinson Brinker1912-1912
    Chuck BrinkmanMLBCharles Ernest Brinkman1966-1974
    Ed BrinkmanMLBEdwin Albert Brinkman1961-1975
    Leon BrinkopfMLBLeon Clarence Brinkopf1952-1952
    Fatty BriodyMLBCharles F. Briody1880-1888
    John BriscoeMLBJohn Eric Briscoe1986-2002
    Lou BrissieMLBLeland Victor Brissie1947-1953
    George BristowMLBGeorge Gates Bristow1899-1899
    Bernardo BritoMLBBernardo Brito1981-1998
    Eude BritoMLBEude Ezequiel Brito1999-2010
    Jorge BritoMLBJorge Manuel Brito Uceta1986-1999
    Juan BritoMLBJuan Ramon Brito1997-2007
    Socrates BritoMLBSocrates Orel Brito2010-2016
    Tilson BritoMLBTilson Manuel Brito Jiminez1992-2006
    Jim BrittMLBJames Edward Britt1872-1873
    Gus BrittainMLBAugust Schuster Brittain1937-1937
    Jack BrittinMLBJohn Albert Brittin1950-1951
    Chris BrittonMLBChristopher Daniel Britton2001-2011
    Drake BrittonMLBJohn Drake Britton2008-2016
    Gil BrittonMLBStephen Gilbert Britton1913-1913
    Jim BrittonMLBJames Allan Britton1967-1971
    Zach BrittonMLBZachary Grant Britton2006-2016
    Tony BrizzolaraMLBAnthony John Brizzolara1977-1986
    Johnny BroacaMLBJohn Joseph Broaca1934-1939
    Lance BroadwayMLBLance Daniel Broadway2003-2010
    Mike BroadwayMLBMichael A. Broadway2005-2016
    Pete BrobergMLBPeter Sven Broberg1969-1978
    Doug BrocailMLBDouglas Keith Brocail1986-2009
    Chris BrockMLBTerrence Christopher Brock1989-2007
    Greg BrockMLBGregory Allen Brock1977-1991
    John BrockMLBJohn Roy Brock1917-1918
    Lou BrockMLBLouis Clark Brock1961-1979
    Tarrik BrockMLBTarrick Jumaan Brock1991-2003
    Lew BrockettMLBLewis Albert Brockett1907-1911
    Brian BroderickMLBBrian Michael Broderick2006-2015
    Matt BroderickMLBMatthew Thomas Broderick1903-1903
    Steve BrodieMLBWalter Scott Brodie1890-1902
    Dick BrodowskiMLBRichard Stanley Brodowski1952-1959
    Ernie BroglioMLBErnest Gilbert Broglio1959-1966
    Rico BrognaMLBRico Joseph Brogna1988-2001
    Jack BrohamerMLBJohn Anthony Brohamer Jr.1968-1980
    Troy BrohawnMLBMichael Troy Brohawn1992-2004
    Ken BrondellMLBKenneth Leroy Brondell1944-1944
    Jeff BronkeyMLBJacob Jeffery Bronkey1984-1995
    Herman BronkieMLBHerman Charles Bronkie1910-1922
    Jim BronstadMLBJames Warren Bronstad1959-1964
    Ike BrookensMLBEdward Dwain Brookens1975-1977
    Tom BrookensMLBThomas Dale Brookens1975-1990
    Aaron BrooksMLBAaron Lee Brooks2009-2016
    Bobby BrooksMLBRobert Brooks1969-1973
    Frank BrooksMLBFrank J. Brooks1999-2008
    Hubie BrooksMLBHubert Brooks1977-1994
    Jerry BrooksMLBJerome Edward Brooks1986-2000
    Mandy BrooksMLBJonathan Joseph Brooks1925-1926
    Scott BrosiusMLBScott David Brosius1987-2001
    Sig BroskieMLBSigmund Theodore Broskie1940-1940
    Jim BrosnanMLBJames Patrick Brosnan1954-1963
    Terry BrossMLBTerrance Paul Bross1985-1999
    Frank BrosseauMLBFranklin Lee Brosseau1969-1971
    Rex BrothersMLBRex Coleman Brothers2007-2015
    Tony BrottemMLBAnton Christian Brottem1916-1921
    Cal BroughtonMLBCecil Calvert Broughton1883-1888
    Mark BrouhardMLBMark Steven Brouhard1976-1987
    Ben BroussardMLBBenjamin Isaac Broussard1996-2013
    Art BrouthersMLBArthur H. Brouthers1906-1906
    Dan BrouthersMLBDennis Joseph Brouthers1879-1904
    Joe BroviaMLBJoseph John Brovia1955-1955
    Scott BrowMLBScott John Brow1988-1999
    Bob BrowerMLBRobert Richard Brower1980-1992
    Frank BrowerMLBFrank Willard Brower1920-1924
    Jim BrowerMLBJames Robert Brower1992-2009
    Louis BrowerMLBLouis Lester Brower1931-1931
    Adrian BrownMLBAdrian Desmond Brown1992-2006
    Alton BrownMLBAlton Leo Brown1951-1951
    Andrew BrownMLBAndrew Aaron Brown1999-2010
    Andrew BrownMLBAndrew M. Brown2005-2014
    Bill BrownMLBWilliam Verna Brown1912-1912
    Boardwalk BrownMLBCarroll William Brown1911-1915
    Bob BrownMLBRobert Murray Brown1930-1936
    Bobby BrownMLBRobert William Brown1946-1954
    Bobby BrownMLBRogers Lee Brown1972-1985
    Brant BrownMLBBrant Michael Brown1991-2003
    Brooks BrownMLBBrooks Steven Brown2004-2015
    Buster BrownMLBCharles Edward Brown1905-1913
    Charlie BrownMLBCharles Edward Brown1897-1897
    Chris BrownMLBJohn Christopher Brown1979-1995
    Clint BrownMLBClinton Harold Brown1928-1942
    Corey BrownMLBCorey Allen Brown2005-2016
    Curly BrownMLBCharles Roy Brown1911-1915
    Curt BrownMLBCurtis Steven Brown1979-1988
    Curtis BrownMLBCurtis Brown1973-1973
    Darrell BrownMLBDarrell Wayne Brown1977-1996
    Dee BrownMLBDermal Bram Brown1996-2011
    Delos BrownMLBDelos Hight Brown1914-1914
    Dick BrownMLBRichard Ernest Brown1957-1965
    Domonic BrownMLBDomonic Larun Brown2006-2016
    Drummond BrownMLBDrummond Nicol Brown1913-1913
    Dusty BrownMLBDustin William Brown2001-2014
    Ed BrownMLBEdward P. Brown1882-1884
    Eddie BrownMLBEdward William Brown1920-1928
    Elmer BrownMLBElmer Young Brown1911-1915
    Emil BrownMLBEmil Quincy Brown1994-2009
    Fred BrownMLBFred Herbert Brown1901-1902
    Gary BrownMLBGary Allen Brown2008-2015
    Gates BrownMLBWilliam James Brown1960-1975
    Hal BrownMLBHector Harold Brown1951-1964
    Ike BrownMLBIsaac Brown1962-1974
    Jackie BrownMLBJackie Gene Brown1970-1978
    Jake BrownMLBJerald Ray Brown1975-1975
    Jamie BrownMLBJames Monroe Brown1996-2005
    Jarvis BrownMLBJarvis Ardel Brown1986-1998
    Jeremy BrownMLBJeremy Scott Brown1999-2007
    Jim BrownMLBJames W.H. Brown1884-1886
    Jim BrownMLBJames Donaldson Brown1915-1916
    Jimmy BrownMLBJames Roberson Brown1937-1946
    Joe BrownMLBJoseph E. Brown1884-1885
    Joe BrownMLBJoseph Henry Brown1927-1927
    John BrownMLBJohn J. Brown1897-1897
    Jophery BrownMLBJophery Clifford Brown1968-1968
    Jordan BrownMLBJordan Cassidy Brown2003-2014
    Jumbo BrownMLBWalter George Brown1925-1941
    Keith BrownMLBKeith Edward Brown1986-1995
    Kevin BrownMLBJames Kevin Brown1984-2005
    Kevin BrownMLBKevin Dewayne Brown1986-1995
    Kevin BrownMLBKevin Lee Brown1992-2003
    Larry BrownMLBLarry Leslie Brown1958-1974
    Leon BrownMLBLeon Brown1976-1980
    Lew BrownMLBLewis J. Brown1876-1884
    Lindsay BrownMLBJohn Lindsay Brown1937-1937
    Lloyd BrownMLBLloyd Andrew Brown1925-1940
    Mace BrownMLBMace Stanley Brown1935-1946
    Mark BrownMLBMark Anthony Brown1979-1986
    Marty BrownMLBMarty Leo Brown1984-1995
    Matt BrownMLBMatthew Benjamin Brown2001-2012
    Mike BrownMLBMichael Charles Brown1980-1989
    Mike BrownMLBMichael Gary Brown1978-1988
    Mordecai BrownMLBMordecai Peter Centennial Brown1903-1916
    Myrl BrownMLBMyrl Lincoln Brown1922-1922
    Norm BrownMLBNorman Brown1943-1946
    Oliver BrownMLBOliver Edward Brown1872-1875
    Ollie BrownMLBOllie Lee Brown1962-1977
    Oscar BrownMLBOscar Lee Brown1966-1973
    Paul BrownMLBPaul Dwayne Brown1961-1968
    Randy BrownMLBEdwin Randolph Brown1969-1970
    Ray BrownMLBPaul Percival Brown1909-1909
    Robert BrownMLBRobert Brown1874-1874
    Roosevelt BrownMLBRoosevelt Lawayne Brown1993-2005
    Sam BrownMLBSamuel Wakefield Brown1906-1907
    Scott BrownMLBScott Edward Brown1975-1983
    Steve BrownMLBSteven Elbert Brown1978-1985
    Stub BrownMLBRichard P. Brown1893-1897
    Tom BrownMLBThomas Tarlton Brown1882-1898
    Tom BrownMLBThomas Tarlton Brown1977-1981
    Tom BrownMLBThomas William Brown1963-1963
    Tommy BrownMLBThomas Michael Brown1944-1953
    Trevor BrownMLBTrevor Michael Brown2010-2016
    Walter BrownMLBWalter Irving Brown1947-1947
    Willard BrownMLBWilliam M. Brown1887-1894
    Willard BrownMLBWillard Jessie Brown1947-1947
    Byron BrowneMLBByron Ellis Browne1965-1972
    Earl BrowneMLBEarl James Browne1935-1938
    George BrowneMLBGeorge Edward Browne1901-1912
    Jerry BrowneMLBJerome Austin Browne1983-1995
    Pidge BrowneMLBPrentice Almont Browne1962-1962
    Barret BrowningMLBGary Barret Browning2005-2013
    Cal BrowningMLBCalvin Duane Browning1960-1960
    Frank BrowningMLBFrank Browning1910-1910
    Pete BrowningMLBLouis Rogers Browning1882-1894
    Tom BrowningMLBThomas Leo Browning1982-1996
    Mark BrownsonMLBMark Phillip Brownson1994-2004
    Jonathan BroxtonMLBJonathan Roy Broxton2002-2016
    Keon BroxtonMLBKeon D. Broxton2009-2016
    Bill BrubakerMLBWilber Lee Brubaker1932-1943
    Bruce BrubakerMLBBruce Ellsworth Brubaker1967-1970
    Bob BruceMLBRobert James Bruce1959-1967
    Jay BruceMLBJay Anderson Bruce2005-2016
    Lou BruceMLBLouis R. Bruce1904-1904
    Fred BruckbauerMLBFrederick John Bruckbauer1961-1961
    Earle BruckerMLBEarle Francis Brucker Jr.1948-1948
    Earle BruckerMLBEarle Francis Brucker Sr.1937-1943
    Andy BruckmillerMLBAndrew Bruckmiller1905-1905
    J.T. BruettMLBJoseph Timothy Bruett1988-1996
    Frank BruggyMLBFrank Leo Bruggy1921-1925
    Mike BruhertMLBMichael Edwin Bruhert1977-1982
    Cliff BrumbaughMLBClifford Michael Brumbaugh1993-2010
    Jacob BrumfieldMLBJacob Donnell Brumfield1983-2001
    Duff BrumleyMLBDuff Lechaun Brumley1990-1996
    Mike BrumleyMLBAnthony Michael Brumley1982-1996
    Mike BrumleyMLBTony Mike Brumley1964-1966
    Glenn BrummerMLBGlenn Edward Brummer1974-1986
    Greg BrummettMLBGregory Scott Brummett1987-1996
    Tyson BrummettMLBTyson Colby Brummett2004-2014
    Tom BrunanskyMLBThomas Andrew Brunansky1978-1994
    Jack BrunerMLBJack Raymond Bruner1949-1950
    Roy BrunerMLBWalter Roy Bruner1939-1941
    George BrunetMLBGeorge Stuart Brunet1956-1971
    Justin BrunetteMLBJustin Thomas Brunette1994-2002
    Brian BruneyMLBBrian Anthony Bruney2000-2012
    Tom BrunoMLBThomas Michael Bruno1976-1979
    Arlo BrunsbergMLBArlo Adolph Brunsberg1966-1966
    Will BrunsonMLBWilliam Donald Brunson1992-2001
    Eric BruntlettMLBEric Kevin Bruntlett1997-2010
    Bob BrushMLBRobert Brush1907-1907
    Jim BruskeMLBJames Scott Bruske1986-2001
    Warren BrusstarMLBWarren Scott Brusstar1974-1987
    Bill BrutonMLBWilliam Haron Bruton1953-1964
    Ed BruyetteMLBEdaward T. Bruyette1901-1901
    Billy BryanMLBWilliam Ronald Bryan1961-1968
    Clay BryantMLBClaiborne Henry Bryant1935-1940
    Derek BryantMLBDerek Roszell Bryant1971-1981
    Don BryantMLBDonald Ray Bryant1966-1970
    George BryantMLBGeorge F. Bryant1885-1885
    Kris BryantMLBKristopher Lee Bryant2011-2016
    Ralph BryantMLBRalph Wendell Bryant1981-1996
    Ron BryantMLBRonald Raymond Bryant1965-1975
    T.R. BrydenMLBThomas Ray Bryden1980-1988
    Steve BryeMLBStephen Robert Brye1967-1979
    Tod BrynanMLBCharles Ruley Brynan1888-1891
    Jaime BubelaMLBJaime Lee Bubela1999-2005
    Hal BubserMLBHarold Fred Bubser1922-1922
    Johnny BuchaMLBJohn George Bucha1948-1953
    Bob BuchananMLBRobert Gordon Buchanan1979-1992
    Brian BuchananMLBBrian James Buchanan1992-2009
    David BuchananMLBDavid Andrew Buchanan 2008-2016
    Jake BuchananMLBJake T. Buchanan 2008-2016
    Jim BuchananMLBJames Forrest Buchanan1905-1905
    Jerry BuchekMLBGerald Peter Buchek1961-1968
    Jim BucherMLBJames Quinter Bucher1934-1945
    Clay BuchholzMLBClay Daniel Buchholz2004-2016
    Taylor BuchholzMLBTaylor Buchholz2000-2011
    Ryan BuchterMLBRyan J. Buchter2006-2016
    John BuckMLBJonathan Richard Buck1998-2014
    Travis BuckMLBTravis George Buck2003-2014
    Gary BuckelsMLBGary Scott Buckels1987-1995
    Garland BuckeyeMLBGarland Maiers Buckeye1918-1928
    Fred BuckinghamMLBFrederick Bristol Buckingham1895-1895
    Jess BucklesMLBJesse Robert Buckles1916-1916
    Dick BuckleyMLBRichard D. Buckley1888-1895
    John BuckleyMLBJohn Edward Buckley1890-1890
    Kevin BuckleyMLBKevin John Buckley1979-1987
    Bill BucknerMLBWilliam Joseph Buckner1968-1990
    Billy BucknerMLBWilliam Jennings Buckner2002-2016
    Mark BudaskaMLBMark David Budaska1973-1981
    Jay BuddMLBJay Cook Budd1890-1890
    Ryan BuddeMLBRyan Dean Budde1999-2012
    Mike BuddieMLBMichael Joseph Buddie1990-2003
    Don BuddinMLBDonald Thomas Buddin1956-1962
    Mike BudnickMLBMichael Joe Budnick1946-1947
    Mark BudzinskiMLBMark Joseph Budzinski 1992-2005
    Steve BuecheleMLBSteven Bernand Buechele1980-1995
    Mark BuehrleMLBMark Anthony Buehrle1999-2015
    Charlie BuelowMLBCharles John Buelow1901-1901
    Fritz BuelowMLBFrederick William Buelow1899-1907
    Francisley BuenoMLBFrancisley Trueba Bueno2006-2015
    Jay BuenteMLBJay Phillip Buente2003-2013
    Art BuesMLBArthur Frederick Bues1913-1914
    Charlie BuffintonMLBCharles G. Buffinton1882-1892
    Damon BufordMLBDamon Jackson Buford1988-2003
    Don BufordMLBDonald Alvin Buford1960-1987
    Bob BuhlMLBRobert Ray Buhl1953-1967
    Jay BuhnerMLBJay Campbell Buhner1984-2001
    Dewayne BuiceMLBDe Wayne Allison Buice1977-1989
    Cy BukerMLBCyril Owen Buker1945-1945
    Henry BukerMLBHenry Leslie Buker1884-1884
    Ryan BukvichMLBRyan Adrien Bukvich1998-2009
    Jason BulgerMLBJason Patrick Bulger2000-2012
    George BullardMLBGeorge Donald Bullard1954-1954
    Sim BullasMLBSimeon Edward Bullas1884-1884
    Scott BullettMLBScott Douglas Bullett1988-2006
    Bud BullingMLBTerry Charles Bulling1974-1983
    Jim BullingerMLBJames Eric Bullinger1984-2005
    Kirk BullingerMLBKirk Matthew Bullinger1992-2005
    Bryan BullingtonMLBBryan Paul Bullington2000-2015
    Eric BullockMLBEric Jerald Bullock1981-1995
    Red BullockMLBMalton Joseph Bullock1936-1936
    Al BumbryMLBAlonza Benjamin Bumbry1969-1985
    Madison BumgarnerMLBMadison Kyle Bumgarner2008-2016
    Nate BumpMLBNathan Louis Bump1995-2011
    Josh BunceMLBJoshua Bunce1877-1877
    Melvin BunchMLBMelvin Lynn Bunch Jr.1992-2002
    Dylan BundyMLBDylan Matthew Bundy2012-2016
    Wally BunkerMLBWallace Edward Bunker1963-1971
    Jim BunningMLBJames Paul David Bunning1955-1971
    Dan BurawaMLBDaniel James Burawa2010-2016
    Dave BurbaMLBDavid Allen Burba1985-2005
    Bill BurbachMLBWilliam David Burbach1969-1971
    Nelson BurbrinkMLBNelson Edward Burbrink1955-1955
    Al BurchMLBAlbert William Burch1906-1911
    Ernie BurchMLBErnest A. Burch1884-1887
    Larry BurchartMLBLarry Wayne Burchart1969-1969
    Fred BurchellMLBFrederick Duff Burchell1903-1909
    Bob BurdaMLBEdward Robert Burda1958-1972
    Freddie BurdetteMLBFreddie Thomason Burdette1962-1964
    Lew BurdetteMLBSelva Lewis Burdette1950-1967
    Bill BurdickMLBWilliam Byron Burdick1888-1889
    Jack BurdockMLBJohn Joseph Burdock1872-1891
    Joe BurgMLBJoseph Peter Burg1910-1910
    Smoky BurgessMLBForrest Harrill Burgess1949-1967
    Tom BurgessMLBThomas Roland Burgess1954-1962
    Tom BurgmeierMLBThomas Henry Burgmeier1962-1984
    Bill BurgoMLBWilliam Ross Burgo1943-1944
    Ambiorix BurgosMLBAmbiorix Burgos2003-2013
    Enrique BurgosMLBEnrique Burgos2009-2016
    Enrique BurgosMLBEnrique Burgos Calles1983-2000
    Hiram BurgosMLBHiram A. Burgos2006-2016
    Bill BurichMLBWilliam Max Burich1942-1946
    Mack BurkMLBMack Edwin Burk1956-1958
    Sandy BurkMLBCharles Sanford Burk1910-1913
    Chris BurkamMLBChauncey de Pew Burkam1915-1915
    Elmer BurkartMLBElmert Robert Burkart1936-1939
    Bill BurkeMLBWilliam Richard Burke1887-1887
    Billy BurkeMLBWilliam Ignatus Burke1910-1911
    Bobby BurkeMLBRobert James Burke1927-1937
    Chris BurkeMLBChristopher Allen Burke2000-2010
    Dan BurkeMLBDaniel L. Burke1890-1892
    Eddie BurkeMLBEdward D. Burke1890-1897
    Frank BurkeMLBFrank Aloysius Burke1906-1907
    Glenn BurkeMLBGlenn Lawrence Burke1976-1980
    Greg BurkeMLBGregory Francis Burke2001-2015
    James BurkeMLBJames Burke1882-1884
    Jamie BurkeMLBJames Eugene Burke1992-2010
    Jimmy BurkeMLBJames Timothy Burke1898-1905
    Joe BurkeMLBJoseph Aloysius Burke1890-1891
    John BurkeMLBJohn Patrick Burke1902-1902
    John BurkeMLBJohn Chandler Burke1984-1998
    Leo BurkeMLBLeo Patrick Burke1958-1965
    Les BurkeMLBLeslie Kingston Burke1923-1926
    Mike BurkeMLBMichael E. Burke1879-1879
    Pat BurkeMLBPatrick Edward Burke1924-1924
    Steve BurkeMLBSteven Michael Burke1977-1979
    Tim BurkeMLBTimothy Philip Burke1978-1992
    Jesse BurkettMLBJesse Cail Burkett1890-1905
    John BurkettMLBJohn David Burkett1983-2003
    Ken BurkhartMLBKenneth William Burkhart1945-1949
    Morgan BurkhartMLBMorgan Burkhart1993-2006
    Ellis BurksMLBEllis Rena Burks1983-2004
    Rick BurlesonMLBRichard Paul Burleson1970-1987
    A.J. BurnettMLBAllen James Burnett1995-2015
    Alex BurnettMLBAlex James Burnett2005-2015
    Hercules BurnettMLBHercules H. Burnett1888-1895
    Johnny BurnettMLBJohn Henderson Burnett1927-1935
    Sean BurnettMLBSean Richard Burnett2000-2016
    Wally BurnetteMLBWallace Harper Burnette1956-1958
    Jeromy BurnitzMLBJeromy Neal Burnitz1988-2006
    Andy BurnsMLBAndrew David Burns2009-2016
    Bill BurnsMLBWilliam Thomas Burns1908-1912
    Billy BurnsMLBWilliam John Burns2009-2016
    Britt BurnsMLBRobert Britt Burns1978-1990
    C.B. BurnsMLBCharles Brittingham Burns1902-1902
    Cory BurnsMLBCory Wade Burns2006-2015
    Dennis BurnsMLBDennis Burns1923-1924
    Dick BurnsMLBRichard Simon Burns1883-1885
    Ed BurnsMLBEdward James Burns1912-1918
    Farmer BurnsMLBJames Burns1901-1901
    George BurnsMLBGeorge Joseph Burns1911-1925
    George BurnsMLBGeorge Henry Burns1914-1929
    Jack BurnsMLBJohn Irving Burns1930-1936
    Jack BurnsMLBJohn Joseph Burns1903-1904
    Jim BurnsMLBJames Milton Burns1888-1891
    Joe BurnsMLBJoseph Francis Burns1910-1913
    Joe BurnsMLBJoseph James Burns1943-1945
    Joe BurnsMLBJoseph Francis Burns1924-1924
    Mike BurnsMLBMichael John Burns1998-2013
    Oyster BurnsMLBThomas P Burns1884-1895
    Pat BurnsMLBJohn E. Burns1884-1884
    Todd BurnsMLBTodd Edward Burns1982-1996
    Tom BurnsMLBThomas Everett Burns1880-1892
    Pete BurnsideMLBPeter Willits Burnside1955-1963
    Sheldon BurnsideMLBSheldon John Burnside1975-1980
    George BurpoMLBGeorge Harvie Burpo1946-1946
    Buster BurrellMLBFrank Andrew Burrell1891-1897
    Harry BurrellMLBHarry J. Burrell1891-1891
    Pat BurrellMLBPatrick Brian Burrell1996-2011
    Brian BurresMLBBrian James Burgess2000-2015
    Larry BurrightMLBLarry Allen Burright1962-1964
    Al BurrisMLBAlva Burton Burris1894-1894
    Paul BurrisMLBPaul Robert Burris1948-1953
    Ray BurrisMLBBertram Ray Burris1972-1987
    Emmanuel BurrissMLBEmmanuel Allen Burriss2004-2016
    Henry BurroughsMLBHenry S. Burroughs1871-1872
    Jeff BurroughsMLBJeffrey Alan Burroughs1969-1985
    Sean BurroughsMLBSean Patrick Burroughs1999-2015
    John BurrowsMLBJohn Burrows1943-1944
    Terry BurrowsMLBTerry Dale Burrows1990-2001
    Dick BurrusMLBMaurice Lennon Burrus1919-1928
    Frank BurtMLBFrank J. Burt1882-1882
    Ellis BurtonMLBEllis Narrington Burton1958-1965
    Jared BurtonMLBLevi Jared Burton2000-2015
    Jim BurtonMLBJim Scott Burton1975-1978
    Moe BurtschyMLBEdward Frank Burtschy1950-1956
    Dennis BurttMLBDennis Allen Burtt1976-1996
    Bill BurwellMLBWilliam Edwin Burwell1920-1928
    Dick BurwellMLBRichard Matthew Burwell1960-1961
    Jim BusbyMLBJames Franklin Busby1950-1962
    Mike BusbyMLBMichael James Busby1991-2001
    Paul BusbyMLBPaul Miller Busby1941-1943
    Steve BusbyMLBSteven Lee Busby1971-1980
    Ed BuschMLBEdgar John Busch1943-1945
    Mike BuschMLBMichael Anthony Busch1989-2001
    Brian BuscherMLBBrian Phillip Buscher2002-2010
    Don BuschhornMLBDonald Lee Buschhorn1965-1965
    Matt BuschmannMLBMatthew D. Buschmann2003-2016
    David BushMLBDavid Thomas Bush1999-2013
    Donie BushMLBOwen Joseph Bush1908-1923
    Guy BushMLBGuy Terrell Bush1923-1945
    Homer BushMLBHomer Giles Bush1991-2004
    Joe BushMLBLeslie Ambrose Bush1912-1928
    Matt BushMLBMatthew B. Bush2004-2016
    Randy BushMLBRobert Randall Bush1979-1993
    Jack BushelmanMLBJohn Francis Bushelman1909-1912
    Frank BusheyMLBFrancis Clyde Bushey1927-1930
    Chris BushingMLBChristopher Shaun Bushing1986-1995
    Doc BushongMLBAlbert John Bushong1875-1890
    Joe BuskeyMLBJoseph Henry Buskey1926-1926
    Mike BuskeyMLBMichael Thomas Buskey1977-1978
    Tom BuskeyMLBThomas William Buskey1967-1980
    Nick BussMLBNicholas Buss2006-2016
    Ray BusseMLBRaymond Edward Busse1967-1974
    Hank ButcherMLBHenry Joseph Butcher1911-1912
    John ButcherMLBJohn Daniel Butcher1977-1986
    Max ButcherMLBAlbert Maxwell Butcher1936-1945
    Mike ButcherMLBMichael Dana Butcher1986-1998
    Drew ButeraMLBAndrew Edward Butera2003-2016
    Sal ButeraMLBSalvatore Phillip Butera1972-1989
    Ed ButkaMLBEdward Luke Butka1943-1944
    Bill ButlandMLBWilburn Rue Butland1940-1947
    Adam ButlerMLBAdam Christopher Butler1992-2001
    Art ButlerMLBArthur Edward Butler1911-1916
    Bill ButlerMLBWilliam Franklin Butler1965-1978
    Bill ButlerMLBWilliam J. Butler1884-1884
    Billy ButlerMLBBilly Ray Butler2004-2016
    Brent ButlerMLBJustin Brent Butler1996-2007
    Brett ButlerMLBBrett Morgan Butler1979-1997
    Cecil ButlerMLBCecil Dean Butler1962-1964
    Charlie ButlerMLBCharles Thomas Butler1933-1933
    Daniel ButlerMLBDaniel John Butler 2007-2016
    Dick ButlerMLBRichard Henry Butler1897-1899
    Eddie ButlerMLBTimothy Edward Butler2010-2016
    Frank ButlerMLBFrank Dean Butler1895-1895
    Ike ButlerMLBIsaac Burr Butler1902-1902
    Joey ButlerMLBJoseph Frank Butler2007-2016
    John ButlerMLBJohn Albert Butler1901-1907
    Johnny ButlerMLBJohn Stephen Butler1926-1929
    Josh ButlerMLBJoshua James Butler2004-2013
    Keith ButlerMLBKeith Allen Butler2008-2015
    Kid ButlerMLBWillis Everett Butler1907-1907
    Kid ButlerMLBFrank Edward Butler1884-1884
    Rich ButlerMLBRichard Dwight Butler1991-2003
    Rob ButlerMLBRobert Frank John Butler1991-1999
    Tom ButtersMLBThomas Arden Butters1962-1965
    Frank ButteryMLBFrank Buttery1872-1872
    Byron BuxtonMLBByron Keiron Buxton2012-2016
    Ralph BuxtonMLBRalph Stanley Buxton1938-1949
    Joe BuzasMLBJoseph John Buzas1945-1945
    John BuzhardtMLBJohn William Buzhardt1958-1968
    Bud ByerlyMLBEldred William Byerly1943-1960
    Bill ByersMLBJames William Byers1904-1904
    Randy ByersMLBRandall Parker Byers1984-1989
    Freddie BynumMLBFreddie Lee Bynum2000-2012
    Mike BynumMLBMichael Alan Bynum1997-2005
    Harry ByrdMLBHarry Gladwin Byrd1950-1957
    Jeff ByrdMLBJeffrey Alan Byrd1977-1979
    Marlon ByrdMLBMarlon Jerrard Byrd1999-2016
    Paul ByrdMLBPaul Gregory Byrd1989-2009
    Sammy ByrdMLBSamuel Dewey Byrd1929-1936
    Tim ByrdakMLBTimothy Christopher Byrdak1994-2013
    Bobby ByrneMLBRobert Matthew Byrne1907-1917
    Jerry ByrneMLBGerald Wilfred Byrne1929-1929
    Tommy ByrneMLBThomas Joseph Byrne1943-1957
    Eric ByrnesMLBEric James Byrnes1995-2010
    Jim ByrnesMLBJames Joseph Byrnes1906-1906
    Milt ByrnesMLBMilton John Byrnes1943-1945
    Marty BystromMLBMartin Eugene Bystrom1977-1989

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