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Major League Baseball Players

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  • Major Leaguers with at least 1 game played since 1871 are included. New Major Leaguers will be added during the season as they make their MLB debuts.
  • Search Tip: To quickly find a Major Leaguer, type his name (or part of his name) into the TBC search box and add mlb to filter for MLB players only. (e.g. m trout mlb)
  • Recently active Major Leaguers are displayed in bold.
  • A  -  Richie Ashburn, Bronson Arroyo, Tony Armas, Wilson Alvarez, Don Aase, Joaquin Andujar
    B  -  Bill Buckner, Willie Blair, Ewell Blackwell, Stan Belinda, Jesse Barfield, Mark Buehrle
    C  -  Willie Crawford, Monte Cross, Bob Cerv, Bert Campaneris, Endy Chavez, Joey Cora
    D  -  Gene Desautels, Bill Dinneen, Andre Dawson, Dave Danforth, Butch Davis, Carlos Delgado
    E  -  Mark Ellis, Don Elston, Del Ennis, Jim Essian, Mike Easler, Gil English
    F  -  Lew Fonseca, Gene Freese, Woodie Fryman, Chick Fraser, Nelson Figueroa, Bibb Falk
    G  -  Ralph Garr, Ken Griffey, Gene Garber, Sid Gordon, Freddy Garcia, Tom Griffin
    H  -  Dixie Howell, Dave Hansen, Al Hrabosky, Ron Hodges, Billy Hitchcock, Catfish Hunter
    I  -  Frank Isbell, Omar Infante, Pete Incaviglia, Arthur Irwin, Cesar Izturis, Mike Ivie
    J  -  Joe Judge, Fergie Jenkins, Fred Johnson, Ken Johnson, Sonny Jackson, Walter Johnson
    K  -  Malachi Kittridge, Joe Kelley, Dave Koslo, Terry Kennedy, Jack Knott, Tim Keefe
    L  -  Gary Lavelle, Stan Lopata, Fred Lynn, Al Leiter, Denny Lyons, Dennis Leonard
    M  -  Mike Mowrey, Sam McDowell, Deacon McGuire, John Marzano, Clyde McCullough, Edgar Martinez
    N  -  Wil Nieves, Rocky Nelson, Fred Norman, Xavier Nady, Bob Nieman, Billy Nash
    O  -  Eddie Onslow, Claude Osteen, Joe Oliver, Will Ohman, Blue Moon Odom, Jim Owens
    P  -  Eddie Plank, Lou Polli, Troy Percival, Tom Paciorek, Bob Porterfield, Eddie Phillips
    Q  -  Chad Qualls, Joe Quest, Joe Quinn, Humberto Quintero, Jack Quinn, Jamie Quirk
    R  -  Gary Roenicke, Armando Reynoso, Morrie Rath, Steve Reed, Ricardo Rincon, Johnny Roseboro
    S  -  Matt Sinatro, Stuffy Stewart, Bob Stanley, Johnny Schmitz, Scott Service, Ray Scarborough
    T  -  Birdie Tebbetts, Earl Torgeson, Derrel Thomas, Cesar Tovar, Andres Torres, Dick Tidrow
    U  -  George Uhle, Del Unser, Melvin Upton, Bob Usher, Juan Uribe, Chase Utley
    V  -  Bob Veale, Mo Vaughn, Fernando Valenzuela, Todd Van Poppel, Jose Vizcaino, Jorge Velandia
    W  -  Todd Williams, Jim Wilson, Dave Weathers, Glenn Wilson, Mike Witt, Doc White
    Y  -  Pep Young, Carl Yastrzemski, Eric Young, Babe Young, Dmitri Young, Chris Young
    Z  -  Don Zimmer, Carlos Zambrano, Barry Zito, Heinie Zimmerman, Chief Zimmer, Tom Zachary

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