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The list of players below are Major Leaguers who begin with the letter 'M' since 1903. Click on a player to see his TBC player card. Active players are in bold.

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Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Duke Maas            P      MI   1955-1961  Duane Fredrick Maas                      
Kevin Maas           1B     CA   1990-1995  Kevin Christian Maas                     
Bob Mabe             P      VA   1958-1960  Robert Lee Mabe                          
Chris Mabeus         P      IL   2006-2006  Christopher Eugene Mabeus                
John Mabry           RF-1B  DE   1994-2007  John Steven Mabry                        
Mac MacArthur               --   1884-1884                                           
Frank MacCormack     P      NJ   1976-1977  Frank Louis MacCormack                   
Bill MacDonald       P      CA   1950-1953  William Paul Macdonald                   
Bob MacDonald        P      NJ   1990-1996  Robert Joseph MacDonald                  
Harvey MacDonald     OF     NY   1928-1928  Harvey Forsyth MacDonald                 
Mike MacDougal       P      NV   2001-2012  Robert Meiklejohn Macdougal              
Jimmy Mace                  --   1891-1891                                           
 Macey                      --   1890-1890                                           
Mike MacFarlane      C      CA   1987-1999  Michael Andrew Macfarlane                
Danny MacFayden      P      MA   1926-1943  Daniel Knowles MacFayden                 
Ed MacGamwell        1B     NY   1905-1905  Edward M. MacGamwell                     
Ken Macha            3B-1B  PA   1974-1981  Kenneth Edward Macha                     
Mike Macha           3B     TX   1979-1980  Michael William Macha                    
Alejandro Machado    2B     VZ   2005-2005  Alejandro Jose Machado                   
Anderson Machado     SS     VZ   2004-2005  Anderson Javier Machado                  
Julio Machado        P      VZ   1989-1991  Julio Segundo Machado Rondon             
Manny Machado        3B     FL   2012-2014  Manuel Arturo Machado                    
Robert Machado       C      VZ   1996-2004  Robert Alexis Machado                    
Chuck Machemehl      P      TX   1971-1971  Charles Walter Machemehl                 
Dave Machemer        2B     MI   1978-1979  David Ritchie Machemer                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jean Machi           P      VZ   2012-2014  Jean Manuel Machi                        
Drew Macias          CF     CA   2007-2009  Andres Apolonio Macias                   
Jose Macias          P      PN   1999-2005  Jose Prade Macias                        
Bill Mack            P      NY   1908-1908  William Francis Mack                     
Connie Mack                 --   1886-1896                                           
Denny Mack                  --   1871-1883                                           
Earle Mack           3B-1B  MA   1910-1914  Earle Thaddeus Mack                      
Frank Mack           P      OK   1922-1925  Frank George Mack                        
Joe Mack             1B     IL   1945-1945  Joseph John Mack                         
Quinn Mack           LF-CF  CA   1994-1994  Quinn David Mack                         
Ray Mack             2B     OH   1938-1947  Raymond James Mack                       
Reddy Mack                  --   1885-1890                                           
Shane Mack           LF-CF  CA   1987-1998  Shane Lee Mack                           
Tony Mack            P      KY   1985-1985  Tony Lynn Mack                           
Pete Mackanin        2B-SS  IL   1973-1981  Peter Mackanin Jr.                       
Eric MacKenzie       C      AB   1955-1955  Eric Hugh Mackenzie                      
Gordon MacKenzie     C      FL   1961-1961  Henry Gordon Mackenzie                   
Ken MacKenzie        P      ON   1960-1965  Kenneth Purvis Mackenzie                 
Felix Mackiewicz     OF     IL   1941-1947  Felix Thaddeus Mackiewicz                
John Mackinson       P      NJ   1953-1955  John Joseph Mackinson                    
Steve Macko          2B-3B  IA   1979-1980  Steven Joseph Macko                      
Rob Mackowiak        RF-3B  IL   2001-2008  Robert William Mackowiak                 
Evan MacLane         P      CA   2010-2010  Evan Alan MacLane                        
Billy MacLeod        P      MA   1962-1962  William Daniel Macleod                   
Lonnie Maclin        OF     MO   1993-1993  Lonnie Lee Maclin                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Max Macon            P      FL   1938-1947  Max Cullen Macon                         
Waddy MacPhee        3B     NY   1922-1922  Walter Scott Macphee                     
Harry MacPherson     P      MA   1944-1944  Harry William Macpherson                 
Scott MacRae         P      MI   2001-2001  Scott Patrick MacRae                     
Matt Macri           3B-2B  IA   2008-2008  Matthew Michael Macri                    
Jimmy Macullar              --   1879-1886                                           
Keith MacWhorter     P      MA   1980-1980  Keith Macwhorter                         
Bunny Madden         C      MA   1909-1911  Thomas Francis Madden                    
Gene Madden          H      WV   1916-1916  Eugene Madden                            
Kid Madden                  --   1887-1891                                           
Len Madden           P      OH   1912-1912  Leonard Joseph Madden                    
Mike Madden          P      CO   1983-1986  Michael Anthony Madden                   
Morris Madden        P      SC   1987-1989  Morris De Wayne Madden                   
Tommy Madden         OF     PA   1906-1910  Thomas Joseph Madden                     
Clarence Maddern     OF     AZ   1946-1951  Clarence James Maddern                   
Elliott Maddox       OF-3B  NJ   1970-1980  Elliott Maddox                           
Garry Maddox         OF     OH   1972-1986  Garry Lee Maddox                         
Jerry Maddox         3B     CA   1978-1978  Jerry Glenn Maddox                       
Nick Maddox          P      MD   1907-1910  Nicholas Maddox                          
Greg Maddux          P      TX   1986-2008  Gregory Alan Maddux                      
Mike Maddux          P      OH   1986-2000  Michael Ausley Maddux                    
Tony Madigan                --   1886-1886                                           
Art Madison          IF     MA   1895-1899  Arthur M. Madison                        
Dave Madison         P      MS   1950-1953  David Pledger Madison                    
Scotti Madison       3B-C   FL   1985-1989  Charles Scott Madison                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ed Madjeski          C      NY   1932-1937  Edward William Madjeski                  
Bill Madlock         3B     TN   1973-1987  Bill Madlock Jr.                         
Alex Madrid          P      AZ   1987-1989  Alexander Madrid                         
Sal Madrid           SS     TX   1947-1947  Salvador Madrid                          
Warner Madrigal      P      DR   2008-2009  Warner Antonio Madrigal                  
Bobby Madritsch      P      IL   2004-2005  Robert A. Madritsch                      
Ryan Madson          P      CA   2003-2011  Ryan Michael Madson                      
Calvin Maduro        P      AA   1996-2002  Calvin Gregory Maduro                    
Hector Maestri       P      CU   1960-1961  Hector Anibal Maestri Garcia             
Dave Magadan         3B-1B  FL   1986-2001  David Joseph Magadan                     
Ever Magallanes      SS     MX   1991-1991  Everardo Magallanes Espinoza             
Bill Magee                  --   1897-1902                                           
Lee Magee            OF-2B  OH   1911-1919  Leo Christopher Magee                    
Sherry Magee         OF     PA   1904-1919  Sherwood Robert Magee                    
Wendell Magee        CF-RF  MS   1996-2002  Wendell Errol Magee Jr.                  
Harl Maggert         OF-3B  CA   1938-1938  Harl Warren Maggert                      
Harl Maggert         OF     IN   1907-1912  Harl Vestin Maggert                      
Matt Magill          P      CA   2013-2013  Matthew Willis Magill                    
Sal Maglie           P      NY   1945-1958  Salvatore Anthony Maglie                 
Mike Magnante        P      CA   1991-2002  Michael Anthony Magnante                 
John Magner                 --   1879-1879                                           
Stubby Magner        SS-2B  MI   1911-1911  Edmund Burke Magner                      
Jim Magnuson         P      WI   1970-1973  James Robert Magnuson                    
Trystan Magnuson     P      BC   2011-2011  Trystan Stuart Gwyn Magnuson             
George Magoon        2B     ME   1903-1903  George Henry Magoon                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Magrane          P      IA   1987-1996  Joseph David Magrane                     
Tom Magrann          C      FL   1989-1989  Thomas Joseph Magrann                    
Pete Magrini         P      CA   1966-1966  Peter Alexander Magrini                  
Chris Magruder       LF-RF  WA   2001-2005  Christopher James Magruder               
Freddie Maguire      2B     MA   1922-1931  Frederick Edward Maguire                 
Jack Maguire         OF     MO   1950-1951  Jack Maguire                             
Art Mahaffey         P      OH   1960-1966  Arthur Mahaffey Jr.                      
Lou Mahaffey                --   1898-1898                                           
Roy Mahaffey         P      SC   1926-1936  Lee Roy Mahaffey                         
Art Mahan            1B     MA   1940-1940  Arthur Leo Mahan                         
Frank Mahar                 --   1902-1902                                           
Kevin Mahar          OF     MI   2007-2007  Kevin Eric Mahar                         
Billy Maharg         OF-3B  PA   1912-1916  William Joseph Maharg                    
Ron Mahay            P      IL   1995-2010  Ronald Matthew Mahay                     
Tom Maher                   --   1902-1902                                           
Greg Mahlberg        C      WI   1978-1979  Gregory John Mahlberg                    
Mickey Mahler        P      AL   1977-1986  Michael James Mahler                     
Rick Mahler          P      TX   1979-1991  Richard Keith Mahler                     
Paul Maholm          P      MS   2005-2014  Paul Gurner Maholm                       
Pat Mahomes          P      TX   1992-2003  Patrick Lavon Mahomes                    
Al Mahon             P      NE   1930-1930  Alfred Gwinn Mahon                       
Bob Mahoney          P      MN   1951-1952  Robert Paul Mahoney                      
Chris Mahoney        P      MA   1910-1910  Christopher John Mahoney                 
Dan Mahoney                 --   1892-1895                                           
Jim Mahoney          SS     NJ   1959-1965  James Thomas Mahoney                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Mahoney          1B     NY   2012-2013  Joseph Edward Mahoney                    
Mike Mahoney                --   1897-1898                                           
Mike Mahoney         C      IA   2000-2005  Michael John Mahoney                     
Bob Maier            3B     NJ   1945-1945  Robert Phillip Maier                     
Mitch Maier          OF     MI   2006-2012  Mitchell William Maier                   
Emil Mailho          OF     CA   1936-1936  Emil Pierre Mailho                       
Duster Mails         P      CA   1915-1926  John Walter Mails                        
Alex Main            P      MI   1914-1918  Miles Grant Main                         
Woody Main           P      CA   1948-1953  Forrest Harry Main                       
John Maine           P      VA   2004-2013  John Kevin Maine                         
Scott Maine          P      FL   2010-2012  Scott Maine                              
Jim Mains            P      ME   1943-1943  James Royal Mains                        
Willard Mains               --   1888-1896                                           
Ozwaldo Mairena      P      NI   2000-2002  Oswaldo Antonio Mairena                  
Fritz Maisel         3B-2B  MD   1913-1918  Frederick Charles Maisel                 
George Maisel        OF     MD   1913-1922  George John Maisel                       
Hank Majeski         3B     NY   1939-1955  Henry Majeski                            
Gary Majewski        P      TX   2004-2010  Gary Wayne Majewski                      
Val Majewski         LF     NJ   2004-2004  Walter Val Majewski                      
Frank Makosky        P      NJ   1937-1937  Frank Makosky                            
Tom Makowski         P      NY   1975-1975  Thomas Anthony Makowski                  
Mike Maksudian       1B-3B  IL   1992-1994  Michael Bryant Maksudian                 
Bill Malarkey        P      IL   1908-1908  William John Malarkey                    
John Malarkey        P      OH   1903-1903  John S. Malarkey                         
Mark Malaska         P      OH   2003-2004  Dennis Mark Malaska                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jose Malave          RF-LF  VZ   1996-1997  Jose Francisco Malave                    
Charlie Malay        2B-OF  NY   1905-1905  Charles Francis Malay                    
Joe Malay            1B     NY   1933-1935  Joseph Charles Malay                     
Candy Maldonado      RF-LF  PR   1981-1995  Candido Maldonado                        
Carlos Maldonado     P      PN   1990-1993  Carlos Cesar Maldonado Delgado           
Carlos Maldonado     C      VZ   2006-2012  Carlos Luis Maldonado                    
Martin Maldonado     C      PR   2011-2014  Martin Maldonado                         
Jim Maler            1B     NY   1981-1983  James Michael Maler                      
Tony Malinosky       3B-SS  IL   1937-1937  Anthony Francis Malinosky                
Cy Malis             P      PA   1934-1934  Cyrus Sol Malis                          
Bobby Malkmus        2B-SS  NJ   1957-1962  Robert Edward Malkmus                    
Jerry Mallett        OF     MO   1959-1959  Gerald Gordon Mallett                    
Brian Mallette       P      GA   2002-2002  Brian Drew Mallette                      
Mal Mallette         P      NY   1950-1950  Malcolm Francis Mallette                 
Rob Mallicoat        P      OR   1987-1992  Robbin Dale Mallicoat                    
Les Mallon           2B     TX   1931-1935  Leslie Clyde Mallon                      
Ben Mallonee         OF     MD   1921-1921  Howard Bennett Mallonee                  
Jule Mallonee        OF     NC   1925-1925  Julius Norris Mallonee                   
Jim Mallory          OF     VA   1940-1945  James Baugh Mallory                      
Sheldon Mallory      OF     IL   1977-1977  Sheldon Mallory                          
Alex Malloy          P      NC   1910-1910  Archibald Alexander Malloy               
Bob Malloy           P      PA   1943-1949  Robert Paul Malloy                       
Bob Malloy           P      VA   1987-1990  Robert William Malloy                    
Herm Malloy          P      OH   1907-1908  Herman Malloy                            
Marty Malloy         2B     FL   1998-2002  Marty Thomas Malloy                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Harry Malmberg       2B     AL   1955-1955  Harry William Malmberg                   
Chuck Malone         P      AR   1990-1990  Charles Ray Malone Jr.                   
Eddie Malone         C      IL   1949-1950  Edward Russell Malone                    
Fergy Malone                --   1871-1884                                           
Lew Malone           3B-2B  MD   1915-1919  Lewis Aloysius Malone                    
Martin Malone               --   1872-1872                                           
Pat Malone           P      PA   1928-1937  Perce Leigh Malone                       
Billy Maloney        OF     ME   1905-1908  William Alphonse Maloney                 
Charlie Maloney      P      MA   1908-1908  Charles Michael Maloney                  
Jim Maloney          P      CA   1960-1971  James William Maloney                    
John Maloney                --   1876-1877                                           
Matt Maloney         P      OH   2009-2012  Matthew M. Maloney                       
Pat Maloney          OF     CT   1912-1912  Patrick William Maloney                  
Sean Maloney         P      RI   1997-1998  Sean Patrick Maloney                     
Paul Maloy           P      OH   1913-1913  Paul Augustus Maloy                      
Gordon Maltzberger   P      TX   1943-1947  Gordon Ralph Maltzberger                 
Frank Malzone        3B     NY   1955-1966  Frank James Malzone                      
Al Mamaux            P      PA   1913-1924  Albert Leon Mamaux                       
Frank Mancuso        C      TX   1944-1947  Frank Octavius Mancuso                   
Gus Mancuso          C      TX   1928-1945  August Rodney Mancuso                    
Carl Manda           2B     KS   1914-1914  Carl Alan Manda                          
Hal Manders          P      IA   1941-1946  Harold Carl Manders                      
Seth Maness          P      NC   2013-2014  Michael Seth Maness                      
Vincent Maney        SS     PA   1912-1912  Stephen Vincent Maney                    
Jim Mangan           C      CA   1952-1956  James Daniel Mangan                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Matt Mangini         3B     NC   2010-2010  Matthew Steven Mangini                   
Angel Mangual        OF     PR   1969-1976  Angel Luis Mangual Guilbe                
Pepe Mangual         OF     PR   1972-1977  Jose Manuel Mangual Guilbe               
Leo Mangum           P      NC   1924-1935  Leo Allan Mangum                         
George Mangus        OF     NY   1912-1912  George Graham Mangus                     
Clyde Manion         C      MO   1920-1934  Clyde Jennings Manion                    
Phil Mankowski       3B     NY   1976-1982  Philip Anthony Mankowski                 
Charlie Manlove             --   1884-1884                                           
Fred Mann                   --   1882-1887                                           
Garth Mann           H      TX   1944-1944  Ben Garth Mann                           
Jim Mann             P      MA   2000-2003  James Joseph Mann                        
Johnny Mann          3B     IN   1928-1928  John Leo Mann                            
Kelly Mann           C      CA   1989-1990  Kelly John Mann                          
Les Mann             OF     NE   1913-1928  Leslie Mann                              
Charlie Manning      P      FL   2008-2008  Charles Nelson Manning                   
David Manning        P      NY   2003-2003  David Anthony Manning                    
Ernie Manning        P      AL   1914-1914  Ernest Devon Manning                     
Jack Manning                --   1873-1886                                           
Jim Manning                 --   1884-1889                                           
Jim Manning          P      MI   1962-1962  James Benjamin Manning                   
Rick Manning         OF     NY   1975-1987  Richard Eugene Manning                   
Rube Manning         P      PA   1907-1910  Walter S. Manning                        
Tim Manning                 --   1882-1885                                           
Don Manno            OF-3B  PA   1940-1941  Donald D. Manno                          
Julio Manon          P      DR   2003-2006  Julio Aberto Manon                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ramon Manon          P      DR   1990-1990  Ramon Manon Reyes                        
Fred Manrique        2B-SS  VZ   1981-1991  Fred Eloy Manrique                       
John Mansell                --   1882-1882                                           
Mike Mansell                --   1879-1884                                           
Tom Mansell                 --   1879-1884                                           
Jeff Manship         P      TX   2009-2014  Jeffrey Michael Manship                  
Lou Manske           P      WI   1906-1906  Louis Hugo Manske                        
Matt Mantei          P      FL   1995-2005  Matthew Bruce Mantei                     
Felix Mantilla       2B-SS  PR   1956-1966  Felix Mantilla Lamela                    
Mickey Mantle        OF     OK   1951-1968  Mickey Charles Mantle                    
Jeff Manto           3B-1B  PA   1990-2000  Jeffrey Paul Manto                       
Barry Manuel         P      LA   1991-1998  Barry Paul Manuel                        
Charlie Manuel       OF     WV   1969-1975  Charles Fuqua Manuel                     
Jerry Manuel         2B     GA   1975-1982  Jerry Manuel                             
Moxie Manuel         P      IL   1905-1908  Mark Garfield Manuel                     
Robert Manuel        P      TX   2009-2010  Robert Mehmert Manuel                    
Frank Manush         3B     AL   1908-1908  Frank Benjamin Manush                    
Heinie Manush        OF     AL   1923-1939  Henry Emmett Manush                      
Dick Manville        P      IA   1950-1952  Richard Wesley Manville                  
Kirt Manwaring       C      NY   1987-1999  Kirt Dean Manwaring                      
Josias Manzanillo    P      DR   1991-2004  Josias Manzanillo                        
Ravelo Manzanillo    P      DR   1988-1995  Ravelo Manzanillo Adams                  
Tommy Manzella       SS-3B  LA   2009-2010  Thomas Samuel Manzella Jr.               
Rolla Mapel          P      MO   1919-1919  Rolla Hamilton Mapel                     
Cliff Mapes          OF     NE   1948-1952  Clifford Franklin Mapes                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Howard Maple         C      MO   1932-1932  Howard Albert Maple                      
George Mappes               --   1885-1886                                           
Paul Marak           P      EN   1990-1990  Paul Patrick Marak                       
Georges Maranda      P      QC   1960-1962  Georges Henri Maranda                    
Rabbit Maranville    SS-2B  MA   1912-1935  Walter James Vincent Maranville          
Firpo Marberry       P      TX   1923-1936  Frederick Marberry                       
Walt Marbet          P      IA   1913-1913  Walter William Marbet                    
Phil Marchildon      P      ON   1940-1950  Philip Joseph Marchildon                 
Johnny Marcum        P      KY   1933-1939  John Alfred Marcum                       
Shaun Marcum         P      MO   2005-2013  Shaun Michael Marcum                     
Leo Marentette       P      MI   1965-1969  Leo John Marentette                      
Joe Margoneri        P      PA   1956-1957  Joseph Emanuel Margoneri                 
Juan Marichal        P      DR   1960-1975  Juan Antonio Marichal Sanchez            
Jhan Marinez         P      DR   2010-2012  Jhan Carlos (Fuente) Marinez             
Marty Marion         SS     SC   1940-1953  Martin Whiteford Marion                  
Red Marion           OF     SC   1935-1943  John Wyeth Marion                        
Michael Mariot       P      CA   2014-2014  Michael Ryan Mariot                      
Roger Maris          OF     MN   1957-1968  Roger Eugene Maris                       
Jake Marisnick       CF-OF  CA   2013-2014  Jacob Marisnick                          
Nick Markakis        RF     NY   2006-2014  Nicholas William Markakis                
Duke Markell         P      FR   1951-1951  Harry Duquesne Markell                   
Gene Markland        2B     MI   1950-1950  Cleneth Eugene Markland                  
Cliff Markle         P      PA   1915-1924  Clifford Monroe Markle                   
Justin Marks         P      KY   2014-2014  Justin Michael Marks                     
Dick Marlowe         P      NC   1951-1956  Richard Burton Marlowe                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Carlos Marmol        P      DR   2006-2014  Carlos Agustin Marmol                    
Harry Marnie         2B-SS  PA   1940-1942  Harry Sylvester Marnie                   
Nick Maronde         P      KY   2012-2014  John Nicholas Maronde                    
Lou Marone           P      CA   1969-1970  Louis Stephen Marone                     
Mike Maroth          P      FL   2002-2007  Michael Wayne Maroth                     
Rube Marquard        P      OH   1908-1925  Richard William Marquard                 
Ollie Marquardt      2B     OH   1931-1931  Albert Ludwig Marquardt                  
Gonzalo Marquez      1B     VZ   1972-1974  Gonzalo Enrique Marquez Moya             
Isidro Marquez       P      MX   1995-1995  Isidro Marquez Espinoza                  
Jeff Marquez         P      CA   2010-2011  Jeffrey J. Marquez                       
Luis Marquez         OF     PR   1951-1954  Luis Angel Marquez Sanchez               
Bob Marquis          OF     OK   1953-1953  Robert Rudolph Marquis                   
Jason Marquis        P      NY   2000-2013  Jason Scott Marquis                      
Jim Marquis          P      TX   1925-1925  James Milburn Marquis                    
Roger Marquis        OF     MA   1955-1955  Roger Julian Marquis                     
Lefty Marr                  --   1886-1891                                           
Chris Marrero        1B     FL   2011-2013  Christopher Marrero                      
Connie Marrero       P      CU   1950-1954  Conrado Eugenio Marrero Ramos            
Eli Marrero          LF-RF  CU   1997-2006  Elieser Marrero                          
Oreste Marrero       1B     PR   1993-1996  Oreste Vilato Marrero Vazquez            
William Marriott     3B     KS   1917-1927  William Earl Marriott                    
Buck Marrow          P      NC   1932-1938  Charles Kennon Marrow                    
Ed Mars                     --   1890-1890                                           
Armando Marsans      OF     CU   1911-1918  Armando Marsans                          
Fred Marsh           3B-SS  KS   1951-1956  Fred Francis Marsh                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tom Marsh            LF-RF  OH   1992-1995  Thomas Owen Marsh                        
Bill Marshall        2B     MA   1931-1934  William Henry Marshall                   
Brett Marshall       P      TX   2013-2013  Brett Edward Marshall                    
Cuddles Marshall     P      WA   1946-1950  Clarence Westly Marshall                 
Dave Marshall        OF     CA   1968-1973  David Lewis Marshall                     
Doc Marshall         SS-2B  MS   1929-1932  Edward Harbert Marshall                  
Doc Marshall         C-OF   PA   1904-1909  William Riddle Marshall                  
Evan Marshall        P      CA   2014-2014  Evan Patrick Marshall                    
Jay Marshall         P      MO   2007-2009  Jay William Marshall                     
Jim Marshall         1B     IL   1958-1962  Rufus James Marshall                     
Joe Marshall         SS-OF  MN   1903-1906  Joseph Hanley Marshall                   
Keith Marshall       OF     CA   1973-1973  Keith Alan Marshall                      
Max Marshall         OF     IA   1942-1944  Milo May Marshall                        
Mike Marshall        OF     IL   1981-1991  Michael Allen Marshall                   
Mike Marshall        P      MI   1967-1981  Michael Grant Marshall                   
Rube Marshall        P      OH   1912-1914  Roy De Verne Marshall                    
Sean Marshall        P      VA   2006-2014  Sean Christopher Marshall                
Willard Marshall     OF     VA   1942-1955  Willard Warren Marshall                  
Louis Marson         C      AZ   2008-2013  Louis Glenn Marson                       
Sam Marsonek         P      FL   2004-2004  Samuel R. Marsonek                       
Alfredo Marte        RF-OF  DR   2013-2014  Alfredo Marte                            
Andy Marte           3B     DR   2005-2014  Andy Manuel Marte                        
Damaso Marte         P      DR   1999-2010  Damaso Sabinon Marte                     
Luis Marte           P      DR   2011-2012  Luis Alfredo Marte                       
Starling Marte       LF     DR   2012-2014  Starling Javier Marte                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Victor Marte         P      DR   2009-2013  Victor Rodriguez                         
Doc Martel           C-1B   MA   1909-1910  Leon Alphonse Martel                     
Al Martin                   --   1872-1875                                           
Al Martin            LF     CA   1992-2003  Albert Lee Martin                        
Babe Martin          OF     WA   1944-1953  Boris Michael Martin                     
Barney Martin        P      SC   1953-1953  Barnes Robertson Martin                  
Billy Martin         SS     DC   1914-1914  William Lloyd Martin                     
Billy Martin         2B     CA   1950-1961  Alfred Manuel Martin                     
Chris Martin         P      AR   2014-2014  Christopher R. Martin                    
Doc Martin           P      MA   1908-1912  Harold Winthrop Martin                   
Ethan Martin         P      GA   2013-2014  Ethan Cash Martin                        
Frank Martin                --   1897-1899                                           
Fred Martin          P      OK   1946-1950  Fred Turner Martin                       
Gene Martin          OF     GA   1968-1968  Thomas Eugene Martin                     
Hersh Martin         OF     AL   1937-1945  Hershel Ray Martin                       
J.C. Martin          C      VA   1959-1972  Joseph Clifton Martin                    
J.D. Martin          P      CA   2009-2010  John Dale Martin                         
Jack Martin          SS-3B  NJ   1912-1914  John Christopher Martin                  
Jerry Martin         OF     SC   1974-1984  Jerry Lindsey Martin                     
Joe Martin           OF-2B  PA   1903-1903  Joseph Samuel Martin                     
Joe Martin           3B     MO   1936-1936  William Joseph Martin                    
John Martin          P      MI   1980-1983  John Robert Martin                       
Leonys Martin        CF     CU   2011-2014  Leonys Martin (Tapanes)                  
Mike Martin          C      OR   1986-1986  Joseph Michael Martin                    
Morrie Martin        P      MO   1949-1959  Morris Webster Martin                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Norberto Martin      2B-SS  DR   1993-1999  Norberto Edonal Martin                   
Pat Martin           P      NY   1919-1920  Patrick Francis Martin                   
Paul Martin          P      PA   1955-1955  Paul Charles Martin                      
Pepper Martin        OF-3B  OK   1928-1944  Johnny Leonard Roosevelt Martin          
Phonney Martin              --   1872-1873                                           
Ray Martin           P      MA   1943-1948  Raymond Joseph Martin                    
Renie Martin         P      DE   1979-1984  Donald Renie Martin                      
Russell Martin       C      ON   2006-2014  Russell Nathan Martin                    
Speed Martin         P      WA   1917-1922  Elwood Good Martin                       
Stu Martin           2B     NC   1936-1943  Stuart McGuire Martin                    
Tom Martin           P      SC   1997-2007  Thomas Edgar Martin                      
Joe Martina          P      LA   1924-1924  Joseph John Martina                      
Alfredo Martinez     P      CA   1980-1981  Alfredo Martinez                         
Anastacio Martinez   P      DR   2004-2004  Anastacio Euclides Martinez              
Buck Martinez        C      CA   1969-1986  John Albert Martinez                     
Carlos Martinez      P      DR   2006-2009  Carlos M. Martinez                       
Carlos Martinez      P      DR   2013-2014  Carlos E. Martinez                       
Carlos Martinez      1B-3B  VZ   1988-1995  Carlos Alberto Martinez                  
Carmelo Martinez     OF-1B  PR   1983-1991  Carmelo Martinez Salgado                 
Chito Martinez       RF     HO   1991-1993  Reyenaldo Ignacio Martinez               
Cristhian Martinez   P      DR   2009-2013  Christhian A. Martinez                   
Dave Martinez        OF     NY   1986-2001  David Martinez                           
David Martinez       P      VZ   2013-2014  David Jose Martinez                      
Dennis Martinez      P      NI   1976-1998  Jose Dennis Martinez                     
Domingo Martinez     1B     DR   1992-1993  Domingo Emilio Martinez La Fontaine      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Edgar Martinez       DH-3B  NY   1987-2004  Edgar Martinez                           
Felix Martinez       SS     DR   1997-2001  Felix Martinez (Mata)                    
Fernando Martinez    OF     DR   2009-2013  Jesus Fernando Martinez Alvarez          
Greg Martinez        OF     NV   1998-1998  Gregory Alfred Martinez                  
Hector Martinez      OF     CU   1962-1963  Rodolfo Hector Martinez Santos           
J.D. Martinez        LF-RF  FL   2011-2014  Julio Daniel Martinez                    
Javier Martinez      P      PR   1998-1998  Javier Antonio Martinez                  
Joe Martinez         P      NJ   2009-2013  Joseph Andrew Martinez                   
Jose Martinez        2B-SS  CU   1969-1970  Jose Martinez Azcuiz                     
Jose Martinez        P      DR   1994-1994  Jose Miguel Martinez Martinez            
Luis Martinez        P      DR   2003-2003  Luis Martinez                            
Luis Martinez        C      FL   2011-2012  Luis M. Martinez                         
Manny Martinez       CF     DR   1996-1999  Manuel Dejesus Martinez                  
Marty Martinez       SS-3B  CU   1962-1972  Orlando Martinez Oliva                   
Michael Martinez     SS     DR   2011-2014  Michael Gabriel Martinez                 
Nick Martinez        P      FL   2014-2014  Nicholas Martinez                        
Osvaldo Martinez     3B     PR   2010-2011  Osvaldo Martinez                         
Pablo Martinez       SS     DR   1996-1996  Pablo Made Martinez Valera               
Pedro Martinez       P      DR   1992-2009  Pedro Jaime Martinez                     
Pedro Martinez       P      DR   1993-1997  Pedro Martinez Aquino                    
Ramon Martinez       IF     DR   2003-2005  Ramon A. Martinez                        
Ramon Martinez       P      DR   1988-2001  Ramon Jaime Martinez                     
Ramon Martinez       SS-2B  PA   1998-2009  Ramon E. Martinez                        
Rogelio Martinez     P      CU   1950-1950  Rogelio Martinez Ulloa                   
Sandy Martinez       C      DR   1995-2004  Angel Sandy Martinez                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Silvio Martinez      P      DR   1977-1981  Silvio Ramon Martinez Cabrera            
Ted Martinez         SS-2B  DR   1970-1979  Teodoro Noel Martinez Encarnacion        
Tino Martinez        1B     FL   1990-2005  Constantino Martinez                     
Tippy Martinez       P      CO   1974-1988  Felix Anthony Martinez                   
Tony Martinez        SS     CU   1963-1966  Gabriel Antonio Martinez Diaz            
Victor Martinez      DH     VZ   2002-2014  Victor Jesus Martinez                    
Willie Martinez      P      VZ   2000-2000  William Jose Martinez                    
Wedo Martini         P      AL   1935-1935  Guido Joe Martini                        
Shairon Martis       P      CC   2008-2013  Shairon B. Martis                        
Joe Marty            OF     CA   1937-1941  Joseph Anton Marty                       
Bob Martyn           OF     ID   1957-1959  Robert Gordon Martyn                     
Gary Martz           OF     WA   1975-1975  Gary Arthur Martz                        
Randy Martz          P      PA   1980-1983  Randy Carl Martz                         
John Marzano         C      PA   1987-1998  John Robert Marzano                      
Onan Masaoka         P      HI   1999-2000  Onan Kainoa Satoshi Masaoka              
Clyde Mashore        OF     CA   1969-1973  Clyde Wayne Mashore                      
Damon Mashore        CF-LF  PR   1996-1998  Damon Wayne Mashore                      
Phil Masi            C      IL   1939-1952  Philip Samuel Masi                       
Harry Maskrey               --   1882-1882                                           
Leech Maskrey               --   1882-1886                                           
Charlie Mason               --   1875-1883                                           
Del Mason            P      NY   1904-1907  Adelbert William Mason                   
Don Mason            2B     MA   1966-1973  Donald Stetson Mason                     
Ernie Mason                 --   1894-1894                                           
Hank Mason           P      MO   1958-1960  Henry Mason                              

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Mason            SS     AL   1971-1979  James Percy Mason                        
Mike Mason           P      MN   1982-1988  Michael Paul Mason                       
Roger Mason          P      MI   1984-1994  Roger Leroy Mason                        
Gordon Massa         C      OH   1957-1958  Gordon Richard Massa                     
Nick Masset          P      FL   2006-2014  Nicholas A. Masset                       
Bill Massey                 --   1894-1894                                           
Mike Massey          2B     TX   1917-1917  William Herbert Massey                   
Roy Massey           OF     TN   1918-1918  Roy Hardee Massey                        
Dan Masteller        1B-RF  OH   1995-1995  Dan Patrick Masteller                    
Walt Masters         P      PA   1931-1939  Walter Thomas Masters                    
Justin Masterson     P      OH   2008-2014  Justin Daniel Masterson                  
Paul Masterson       P      IL   1940-1942  Paul Nicholas Masterson                  
Walt Masterson       P      PA   1939-1956  Walter Edward Masterson                  
Tom Mastny           P      IO   2006-2008  Thomas Raymond Mastny Jr.                
Darin Mastroianni    LF-OF  NY   2011-2014  Darin Paul Mastroianni                   
Frank Mata           P      VZ   2010-2010  Frank Jesus Mata                         
Victor Mata          OF     DR   1984-1985  Victor Jose Mata Abreu                   
Len Matarazzo        P      PA   1952-1952  Leonard Matarazzo                        
Tom Matchick         SS-3B  PA   1967-1972  John Thomas Matchick                     
Henry Mateo          2B     DR   2001-2006  Henry Valera Mateo                       
Juan Mateo           P      DR   2006-2006  Juan Manuel Mateo                        
Julio Mateo          P      DR   2002-2007  Julio Cesar Mateo                        
Marcos Mateo         P      DR   2010-2011  Marcos Aurelio Mateo (Lora)              
Ruben Mateo          RF-CF  DR   1999-2004  Ruben Amaurys Mateo                      
Mike Matheny         C      OH   1994-2006  Michael Scott Matheny                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Mather           1B-OF  ID   2008-2012  Joseph Paul Mather                       
Joe Mathes           3B-2B  WI   1912-1912  Joseph John Mathes                       
Bobby Mathews               --   1871-1887                                           
Eddie Mathews        3B     TX   1952-1968  Edwin Lee Mathews Jr.                    
Greg Mathews         P      CA   1986-1992  Gregory Inman Mathews                    
Nelson Mathews       OF     IL   1960-1965  Nelson Elmer Mathews                     
T.J. Mathews         P      IL   1995-2002  Timothy Jay Mathews                      
Terry Mathews        P      LA   1991-1999  Terry Alan Mathews                       
Christy Mathewson    P      PA   1903-1916  Christopher Mathewson                    
Henry Mathewson      P      PA   1906-1907  Henry Mathewson                          
Carl Mathias         P      PA   1960-1961  Carl Lynwood Mathias                     
Scott Mathieson      P      BC   2006-2011  Scott William Matthieson                 
Doug Mathis          P      AZ   2008-2010  Douglas Alan Mathis                      
Jeff Mathis          C      FL   2005-2014  Jeffery Stephen Mathis                   
Ron Mathis           P      MO   1985-1987  Ronald Vance Mathis                      
Jimmy Mathison              --   1902-1902                                           
John Matias          OF-1B  HI   1970-1970  John Roy Matias                          
Jon Matlack          P      PA   1971-1983  Jonathan Trumpbour Matlack               
Francisco Matos      2B     DR   1994-1994  Francisco Aguirre Matos Mancebo          
Jeramy Matos         OF     FL   2010-2010  Jeramy Matos                             
Julius Matos         2B-3B  NY   2002-2003  Julius Matos                             
Luis Matos           CF     PR   2000-2006  Luis David Matos                         
Osiris Matos         P      DR   2008-2009  Osiris G. Matos (Jimenez)                
Pascual Matos        C      DR   1999-1999  Pascual Cuevas Matos                     
Dave Matranga        2B     CA   2003-2005  David Michael Matranga                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Hideki Matsui        LF-DH  JP   2003-2012  Hideki Matsui                            
Kazuo Matsui         SS     JP   2004-2010  Kazuo Matsui                             
Daisuke Matsuzaka    P      JP   2007-2014  Daisuke Matsuzaka                        
Al Mattern           P      NY   1908-1912  Alonzo Albert Mattern                    
Troy Mattes          P      IL   2001-2001  Troy Walter Mattes                       
C.V. Matteson               --   1884-1884                                           
Eddie Matteson       P      PA   1914-1918  Henry Edson Matteson                     
Ryan Mattheus        P      CA   2011-2014  Ryan Brent Mattheus                      
Charles Matthews            --   1891-1891                                           
Gary Matthews        OF     CA   1972-1987  Gary Nathaniel Matthews                  
Gary Matthews        CF-RF  CA   1999-2010  Gary Nathaniel Matthews Jr.              
Joe Matthews         P      MD   1922-1922  John Joseph Matthews                     
Mike Matthews        P      VA   2000-2005  Michael Scott Matthews                   
Wid Matthews         OF     IL   1923-1925  Wid Curry Matthews                       
William Matthews     P      PA   1909-1909  William Calvin Matthews                  
Dale Matthewson      P      PA   1943-1944  Dale Wesley Matthewson                   
Steve Matthias              --   1884-1884                                           
Bobby Mattick        SS     IA   1938-1942  Robert James Mattick                     
Wally Mattick        OF     MO   1912-1918  Walter Joseph Mattick                    
Mike Mattimore              --   1887-1890                                           
Don Mattingly        1B     IN   1982-1995  Donald Arthur Mattingly                  
Earl Mattingly       P      MD   1931-1931  Laurence Earl Mattingly                  
Kevin Mattison       OF     NC   2012-2012  Kevin Robert Mattison                    
Cloy Mattox          C      VA   1929-1929  Cloy Mitchell Mattox                     
Jim Mattox           C      VA   1922-1923  James Powell Mattox                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Rick Matula          P      TX   1979-1981  Richard Carlton Matula                   
Brian Matusz         P      CO   2009-2014  Brian Robert Matusz                      
Len Matuszek         1B-OF  OH   1981-1987  Leonard James Matuszek                   
Harry Matuzak        P      MI   1934-1936  Harry George Matuzak                     
Tyler Matzek         P      CA   2014-2014  Tyler Alexander Matzek                   
Gene Mauch           2B-SS  KS   1944-1957  Gene William Mauch                       
Hal Mauck                   --   1893-1893                                           
Joe Mauer            C      MN   2004-2014  Joseph Patrick Mauer                     
Al Maul                     --   1884-1901                                           
Mark Mauldin         3B     GA   1934-1934  Marshall Reese Mauldin                   
Ernie Maun           P      KS   1924-1926  Ernest Gerald Maun                       
Dick Mauney          P      NC   1945-1947  Richard Mauney                           
Harry Maupin                --   1898-1899                                           
Brandon Maurer       P      CA   2013-2014  Brandon Eugene Maurer                    
Dave Maurer          P      MN   2000-2004  David Charles Maurer                     
Rob Maurer           1B     IN   1991-1992  Robert John Maurer                       
Ralph Mauriello      P      NY   1958-1958  Ralph Mauriello                          
Carmen Mauro         OF     MN   1948-1953  Carmen Louis Mauro                       
Tim Mauser           P      TX   1991-1995  Timothy Edward Mauser                    
Brian Maxcy          P      MS   1995-1996  David Brian Maxcy                        
Larry Maxie          P      CA   1969-1969  Larry Hans Maxie                         
Dal Maxvill          SS-2B  IL   1962-1975  Charles Dallan Maxvill                   
Bert Maxwell         P      AR   1906-1911  James Albert Maxwell                     
Charlie Maxwell      OF     MI   1950-1964  Charles Richard Maxwell                  
Jason Maxwell        2B-3B  TN   1998-2001  Jason Ramond Maxwell                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Justin Maxwell       RF-CF  MD   2007-2014  Justin Adam Maxwell                      
Buckshot May         P      CA   1924-1924  William Herbert May                      
Carlos May           OF-1B  AL   1968-1977  Carlos May                               
Darrell May          P      CA   1995-2005  Darrell Kevin May                        
Dave May             OF     DE   1967-1978  David La France May                      
Derrick May          LF     NY   1990-1999  Derrick Brant May                        
Jakie May            P      NC   1917-1932  Frank Spruiell May                       
Jerry May            C      VA   1964-1973  Jerry Lee May                            
Lee May              1B     AL   1965-1982  Lee Andrew May                           
Lucas May            C      NV   2010-2010  Lucas James May                          
Milt May             C      IN   1970-1984  Milton Scott May                         
Pinky May            3B     IN   1939-1943  Merrill Glend May                        
Rudy May             P      KS   1965-1983  Rudolph May Jr.                          
Scott May            P      WI   1988-1991  Scott Francis May                        
Trevor May           P      WA   2014-2014  Trevor J. May                            
Yunesky Maya         P      CU   2010-2013  Yunesky Maya (Mendiluza)                 
John Mayberry        1B     MI   1968-1982  John Claiborne Mayberry                  
John Mayberry        RF-CF  MO   2009-2014  John C. Mayberry Jr.                     
Cameron Maybin       CF     NC   2007-2014  Cameron Keith Maybin                     
Lee Maye             OF     AL   1959-1971  Arthur Lee Maye                          
Ed Mayer                    --   1890-1891                                           
Ed Mayer             P      CA   1957-1958  Edwin David Mayer                        
Erskine Mayer        P      GA   1912-1919  Erskine John Mayer                       
Sam Mayer            OF     GA   1915-1915  Samuel Frankel Mayer                     
Wally Mayer          C      OH   1911-1919  Walter A. Mayer                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Paddy Mayes          OF     OK   1911-1911  Adair Bushyhead Mayes                    
Buster Maynard       OF-3B  NC   1940-1946  James Walter Maynard                     
Chick Maynard        SS     MA   1922-1922  Le Roy Evans Maynard                     
Brent Mayne          C      CA   1990-2004  Brent Danem Mayne                        
Eddie Mayo           2B-3B  MA   1936-1948  Edward Joseph Mayo                       
Jackie Mayo          OF     IL   1948-1953  John Lewis Mayo                          
Al Mays                     --   1885-1890                                           
Carl Mays            P      KY   1915-1929  Carl William Mays                        
Joe Mays             P      MI   1999-2006  Joseph Emerson Mays                      
Willie Mays          OF     AL   1951-1973  Willie Howard Mays Jr.                   
Matt Maysey          P      ON   1992-1993  Matthew Samuel Maysey                    
Edwin Maysonet       SS     PR   2008-2012  Edwin Maysonet                           
Luis Maza            IF     VZ   2008-2008  Luis Alberto Maza                        
Bill Mazeroski       2B     WV   1956-1972  William Stanley Mazeroski                
Vincent Mazzaro      P      NJ   2009-2014  Vincent Michael Mazzaro                  
Mel Mazzera          OF     CA   1935-1940  Melvin Leonard Mazzera                   
Lee Mazzilli         OF-1B  NY   1976-1989  Lee Louis Mazzilli                       
Jack McAdams         P      AR   1911-1911  George D. McAdams                        
Bill McAfee          P      GA   1930-1934  William Fort McAfee                      
Jack McAleese        P      PA   1909-1909  John James McAleese                      
Bill McAllester      C      TN   1913-1913  William Lusk McAllester                  
Sport McAllister     SS-C   MS   1903-1903  Lewis William McAllister                 
Zach McAllister      P      IL   2011-2014  Zachary Taylor Mcallister                
Ernie McAnally       P      TX   1971-1974  Ernest Lee McAnally                      
Jim McAnany          OF     CA   1958-1962  James McAnany                            

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jamie McAndrew       P      PA   1995-1997  James Brian Mcandrew                     
Jim McAndrew         P      IA   1968-1974  James Clement McAndrew                   
Paul McAnulty        1B     CA   2005-2010  Paul Michael Mcanulty                    
Dixie McArthur       P      AL   1914-1914  Oland Alexander McArthur                 
Bub McAtee                  --   1871-1872                                           
Ike McAuley          SS     KS   1914-1925  James Earl McAuley                       
Dick McAuliffe       2B-SS  CT   1960-1975  Richard John McAuliffe                   
Gene McAuliffe       C      MA   1904-1904  Eugene Leo McAuliffe                     
George McAvoy        H      OH   1914-1914  George Robert McAvoy                     
Tom McAvoy           P      NY   1959-1959  Thomas John McAvoy                       
Wickey McAvoy        C      NY   1913-1919  James Eugene McAvoy                      
Al McBean            P      VG   1961-1970  Alvin O'Neal McBean                      
Pryor McBee          P      OK   1926-1926  Pryor Edward McBee                       
Marcus McBeth        OF     SC   2007-2007  Marcus Andre Mcbeth                      
Algie McBride               --   1896-1901                                           
Bake McBride         OF     MO   1973-1983  Arnold Ray Mcbride                       
Dick McBride                --   1871-1876                                           
George McBride       SS     WI   1905-1920  George Florian McBride                   
John McBride                --   1890-1890                                           
Ken McBride          P      AL   1959-1965  Kenneth Faye McBride                     
Macay McBride        P      GA   2005-2007  Joseph Macay McBride                     
Matt McBride         C      PA   2012-2014  Matthew Hagerty McBride                  
Pete McBride                --   1898-1899                                           
Tom McBride          OF     TX   1943-1948  Thomas Raymond McBride                   
Bill McCabe          OF-SS  IL   1918-1920  William Francis McCabe                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dick McCabe          P      NY   1918-1922  Richard James McCabe                     
Joe McCabe           C      IN   1964-1965  Joseph Robert McCabe                     
Ralph McCabe         P      ON   1946-1946  Ralph Herbert McCabe                     
Swat McCabe          OF     PA   1909-1910  James Arthur McCabe                      
Tim McCabe           P      MO   1915-1918  Timothy J. McCabe                        
 McCaffery                  --   1885-1885                                           
Harry McCaffery             --   1882-1883                                           
Sparrow McCaffrey           --   1889-1889                                           
Bill McCahan         P      PA   1946-1949  William Glenn McCahan                    
Brian McCall         OF     CA   1962-1963  Brian Allen McCall                       
Dutch McCall         P      TN   1948-1948  Robert Leonard McCall                    
Larry McCall         P      NC   1977-1979  Larry Stephen Mccall                     
Windy McCall         P      CA   1948-1957  John William McCall                      
Randy McCament       P      NM   1989-1990  Larry Randall Mccament                   
Brian McCann         C      GA   2005-2014  Brian Michael Mccann                     
Emmett McCann        SS-3B  PA   1920-1926  Robert Emmett McCann                     
Gene McCann                 --   1901-1902                                           
James McCann         C      CA   2014-2014  James Thomas McCann                      
Roger McCardell      C      MD   1959-1959  Roger Morton McCardell                   
Bill McCarren        3B     PA   1923-1923  William Joseph McCarren                  
Alex McCarthy        2B-SS  IL   1910-1917  Alexander George McCarthy                
Arch McCarthy        P      MI   1902-1902  Archibald Joseph McCarthy                
Bill McCarthy        P      MA   1906-1906  William Thomas McCarthy                  
Bill McCarthy        C-P    MA   1905-1907  William John McCarthy                    
Brandon McCarthy     P      CA   2005-2014  Brandon Patrick McCarthy                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Greg McCarthy        P      CT   1996-1998  Gregory O'Neil McCarthy                  
Jack McCarthy        OF     MA   1903-1907  John Arthur McCarthy                     
Jerry McCarthy       1B     NY   1948-1948  Jerome Francis McCarthy                  
Joe McCarthy         C      NY   1905-1906  Joseph N. McCarthy                       
Johnny McCarthy      1B     IL   1934-1948  John Joseph McCarthy                     
Tom McCarthy         P      IN   1908-1909  Thomas Patrick McCarthy                  
Tom McCarthy         P      GE   1985-1989  Thomas Michael McCarthy                  
Frank McCarton              --   1872-1872                                           
David McCarty        1B-LF  TX   1993-2005  David Andrew Mccarty                     
John McCarty                --   1889-1889                                           
Lew McCarty          C      PA   1913-1921  George Lewis McCarty                     
Tim McCarver         C      TN   1959-1980  James Timothy Mccarver                   
Kirk McCaskill       P      ON   1985-1996  Kirk Edward Mccaskill                    
Steve McCatty        P      MI   1977-1985  Steven Earl Mccatty                      
Al McCauley                 --   1884-1891                                           
Bill McCauley               --   1895-1895                                           
Jim McCauley                --   1884-1886                                           
Pat McCauley         C      MA   1903-1903  Patrick M. McCauley                      
Harry McChesney      OF     PA   1904-1904  Harry Vincent McChesney                  
Joe McClain          P      TN   1961-1962  Joseph Fred McClain                      
Scott McClain        1B-3B  CA   1998-2008  Scott Michael Mcclain                    
Pete McClanahan      H      TX   1931-1931  Robert Hugh McClanahan                   
Bill McClellan              --   1878-1888                                           
Hervey McClellan     SS-3B  KY   1919-1924  Harvey McDowell McClellan                
Kyle McClellan       P      MO   2008-2013  Kyle William Mcclellan                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Paul McClellan       P      CA   1990-1991  Paul William McClellan                   
Zach McClellan       P      OH   2007-2007  Zachary Daniel Mcclellan                 
Lloyd McClendon      C-OF   IN   1987-1994  Lloyd Glenn McClendon                    
Michael McClendon    P      TX   2010-2012  Michael Melton Mcclendon                 
Jeff McCleskey       3B     GA   1913-1913  Jefferson Lamar Mccleskey                
 McCloskey                  --   1875-1875                                           
Bill McCloskey              --   1884-1884                                           
Jim McCloskey        P      PA   1936-1936  James Ellwood McCloskey                  
John McCloskey       P      PA   1906-1907  James John McCloskey                     
Seth McClung         P      WV   2003-2009  Michael Seth Mcclung                     
Bob McClure          P      CA   1975-1993  Robert Craig McClure                     
Hal McClure                 --   1882-1882                                           
Larry McClure        OF     WV   1910-1910  Lawrence Ledwith Mcclure                 
Harry McCluskey      P      OH   1915-1915  Harry Robert McCluskey                   
Alex McColl          P      OH   1933-1934  Alexander Boyd McColl                    
Amby McConnell       2B     VT   1908-1911  Ambrose Moses McConnell                  
George McConnell     P      TN   1909-1916  George Neely McConnell                   
Sam McConnell        P      OH   2004-2004  John Sam McConnell                       
Sam McConnell        3B     PA   1915-1915  Samuel Faulkner McConnell                
Billy McCool         P      IN   1964-1970  William John McCool                      
Don McCormack        C      WA   1980-1981  Donald Ross McCormack                    
Mike McCormack       3B     NJ   1904-1904  Michael J. McCormick                     
Barry McCormick      2B     KY   1903-1904  William J. McCormick                     
Frank McCormick      1B     NY   1934-1948  Frank Andrew McCormick                   
Harry McCormick             --   1879-1883                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jerry McCormick             --   1883-1884                                           
Jim McCormick        2B     MA   1892-1892  James Ambrose McCormick                  
Jim McCormick        P      ST   1878-1887  James McCormick                          
Mike McCormick       OF     CA   1940-1951  Myron Winthrop McCormick                 
Mike McCormick       P      CA   1956-1971  Michael Francis McCormick                
Moose McCormick      OF     PA   1904-1913  Harry Elwood McCormick                   
Bill McCorry         P      NY   1909-1909  William Charles McCorry                  
Barney McCosky       OF     PA   1939-1953  William Barney McCosky                   
Willie McCovey       1B     AL   1959-1980  Willie Lee McCovey                       
Art McCoy            2B     PA   1889-1889  Arthur Gray McCoy                        
Benny McCoy          2B     MI   1938-1941  Benjamin Jenison McCoy                   
Mike McCoy           2B-SS  CA   2009-2012  Michael H. Mccoy                         
Patrick McCoy        P      AZ   2014-2014  Patrick James Mccoy                      
Les McCrabb          P      PA   1939-1950  Lester William McCrabb                   
Quinton McCracken    CF-LF  NC   1995-2006  Quinton Antoine Mccracken                
Tommy McCraw         1B-OF  AR   1963-1975  Tommy Lee Mccraw                         
Rodney McCray        RF-CF  MI   1990-1992  Rodney Duncan McCray                     
Frank McCrea         C      NJ   1925-1925  Francis William McCrea                   
Walt McCredie        OF     IA   1903-1903  Walter Henry McCredie                    
Ed McCreery          P      CO   1914-1914  Esley Porterfield McCreery               
Tom McCreery         OF     PA   1903-1903  Thomas Livingston McCreery               
Bob McCrory          P      MS   2008-2009  Robert Glenn McCrory                     
Frank McCue          3B     IL   1922-1922  Frank Aloysius McCue                     
Lance McCullers      P      FL   1985-1992  Lance Graye Mccullers                    
Charlie McCullough          --   1890-1890                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Clyde McCullough     C      TN   1940-1956  Clyde Edward McCullough                  
Paul McCullough      P      PA   1929-1929  Paul Willard McCullough                  
Phil McCullough      P      GA   1942-1942  Pinson Lamar McCullough                  
Harry McCurdy        C      WI   1922-1934  Harry Henry McCurdy                      
Jeff McCurry         P      JP   1995-1999  Jeffrey Dee Mccurry                      
Andrew McCutchen     CF     FL   2009-2014  Andrew Stefan McCutchen                  
Daniel McCutchen     P      TX   2009-2014  Daniel Thomas Mccutchen                  
Lindy McDaniel       P      OK   1955-1975  Lyndall Dale McDaniel                    
Terry McDaniel       LF-CF  MO   1991-1991  Terrence Keith McDaniel                  
Von McDaniel         P      OK   1957-1958  Max Von McDaniel                         
Ray McDavid          CF-LF  CA   1994-1995  Ray Darnell Mcdavid                      
Joe McDermott               --   1871-1872                                           
Mickey McDermott     P      NY   1948-1961  Maurice Joseph McDermott                 
Mike McDermott              --   1895-1897                                           
Mike McDermott              --   1889-1889                                           
Red McDermott        OF     PA   1912-1912  Frank A. McDermott                       
Sandy McDermott             --   1885-1885                                           
Terry McDermott      1B     NY   1972-1972  Terrance Michael McDermott               
Danny McDevitt       P      NY   1957-1962  Daniel Eugene McDevitt                   
Allen McDill         P      MS   1997-2001  Allen Gabriel Mcdill                     
Ben McDonald         P      LA   1989-1997  Larry Benard Mcdonald                    
Darnell McDonald     OF     CO   2004-2013  Darnell Tyrone McDonald                  
Dave McDonald        1B     IN   1969-1971  David Bruce McDonald                     
Donzell McDonald     LF-CF  CA   2001-2002  Donzell Mcdonald                         
Ed McDonald          3B     NY   1911-1912  Edward C. McDonald                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Hank McDonald        P      CA   1931-1933  Henry Monroe McDonald                    
Jack McDonald               --   1872-1872                                           
James McDonald       P      CA   2008-2013  James Zeil McDonald                      
Jason McDonald       CF-LF  CA   1997-2000  Jason Adam Mcdonald                      
Jim McDonald                --   1884-1885                                           
Jim McDonald         OF     PA   1902-1902  Malcolm McDonald                         
Jim McDonald         P      OR   1950-1958  Jimmie Le Roy McDonald                   
Joe McDonald         3B     --   1910-1910  Malcom Joseph McDonald                   
John McDonald        SS-3B  CT   1999-2014  John Joseph McDonald                     
John McDonald        P      PA   1907-1907  John Joseph McDonald                     
Keith McDonald       C      JP   2000-2001  William Keith McDonald                   
Tex McDonald         SS-3B  TX   1912-1913  Charles E. McDonald                      
Jim McDonnell        C      MI   1943-1945  James William McDonnell                  
Ed McDonough         C      IL   1909-1910  Edward Sebastian McDonough               
 McDoolan                   --   1873-1873                                           
Dewey McDougal       P      IL   1895-1896  James H. McDougal                        
Sandy McDougal       P      NY   1905-1905  John Auchanbolt McDougal                 
Gil McDougald        2B-3B  CA   1951-1960  Gilbert James McDougald                  
Marshall McDougall   SS     FL   2005-2005  Marshall James McDougall                 
Jack McDowell        P      CA   1987-1999  Jack Burns Mcdowell                      
Oddibe McDowell      CF-OF  FL   1985-1994  Oddible Mcdowell Jr.                     
Roger McDowell       P      OH   1985-1996  Roger Alan Mcdowell                      
Sam McDowell         P      PA   1961-1975  Samuel Edward Thomas McDowell            
Chuck McElroy        P      TX   1989-2001  Charles Dewayne Mcelroy                  
Jim McElroy          P      CA   1884-1884  James D. McElroy                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Pryor McElveen       3B     GA   1909-1911  Pryor Mynatt McElveen                    
Lee McElwee          3B-OF  CA   1916-1916  Leland Stanford McElwee                  
Frank McElyea        OF     IL   1942-1942  Frank McElyea                            
Will McEnaney        P      OH   1974-1979  William Henry Mcenaney                   
Lou McEvoy           P      KS   1930-1931  Louis Anthony McEvoy                     
Joe McEwing          LF-2B  PA   1998-2006  Joseph Earl McEwing                      
Barney McFadden             --   1901-1902                                           
Guy McFadden                --   1895-1895                                           
Leon McFadden        SS-OF  AR   1968-1969  Leon McFadden                            
Alex McFarlan               --   1892-1892                                           
Dan McFarlan                --   1895-1899                                           
Chappie McFarland    P      IL   1903-1906  Charles A. McFarland                     
Chris McFarland             --   1884-1884                                           
Ed McFarland         C      OH   1903-1908  Edward William McFarland                 
Herm McFarland       OF     IA   1903-1903  Hermas Walter McFarland                  
Howie McFarland      OF     OK   1945-1945  Howard Alexander McFarland               
Monte McFarland             --   1895-1896                                           
T.J. McFarland       P      IL   2013-2014  Timothy J. Mcfarland                     
Orlando McFarlane    C      CU   1962-1968  Orlando Dejesus McFarlane Quesada        
Jack McFetridge      P      PA   1903-1903  John Reed McFetridge                     
Andy McGaffigan      P      FL   1981-1991  Andrew Joseph Mcgaffigan                 
Patsy McGaffigan     2B-SS  IL   1917-1918  Mark Andrew McGaffigan                   
Eddie McGah          C      CA   1946-1947  Edward Joseph McGah                      
Ambrose McGann              --   1895-1895                                           
Dan McGann           1B     KY   1903-1908  Dennis Lawrence McGann                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Chippy McGarr               --   1884-1896                                           
Jim McGarr           2B     PA   1912-1912  James Vincent McGarr                     
Dan McGarvey         OF     PA   1912-1912  Daniel Francis McGarvey                  
Jack McGeachey              --   1886-1891                                           
Mike McGeary                --   1871-1882                                           
Bill McGee           P      IL   1935-1942  William Henry McGee                      
Dan McGee            SS     NY   1934-1934  Daniel Aloysius McGee                    
Frank McGee          1B     OH   1925-1925  Francis De Sales McGee                   
Jake McGee           P      CA   2010-2014  Jacob Daniel McGee                       
Pat McGee                   --   1874-1875                                           
Willie McGee         RF-CF  CA   1982-1999  Willie Dean Mcgee                        
Conny McGeehan       P      PA   1903-1903  Cornelius Bernard McGeehan               
Dan McGeehan         2B     PA   1911-1911  Daniel De Sales McGeehan                 
Casey McGehee        1B     CA   2008-2014  Casey Michael Mcgehee                    
Kevin McGehee        P      LA   1993-1993  George Kevin Mcgehee                     
Pat McGehee          P      MS   1912-1912  Patrick Henry McGehee                    
Bill McGhee          1B-OF  AL   1944-1945  William Mac McGhee                       
Ed McGhee            OF     AR   1950-1955  Warren Edward McGhee                     
Randy McGilberry     P      AL   1977-1978  Randall Kent McGilberry                  
Bill McGill          P      KS   1907-1907  William John McGill                      
Willie McGill               --   1890-1896                                           
John McGillen        P      PA   1944-1944  John Joseph McGillen                     
Bill McGilvray       H      OR   1908-1908  William Alexander McGilvray              
Jim McGinley         P      MA   1904-1905  James William McGinley                   
Tim McGinley                --   1875-1876                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dan McGinn           P      NE   1968-1972  Daniel Michael McGinn                    
Frank McGinn                --   1890-1890                                           
Gus McGinnis                --   1893-1893                                           
Jumbo McGinnis              --   1882-1887                                           
Russ McGinnis        C-3B   KS   1992-1995  Russell Brent McGinnis                   
Joe McGinnity        P      IL   1903-1908  Joseph Jerome McGinnity                  
Kevin McGlinchy      P      MA   1999-2000  Kevin Michael Mcglinchy                  
John McGlone                --   1886-1888                                           
Lynn McGlothen       P      LA   1972-1982  Lynn Everett Mcglothen                   
Pat McGlothin        P      TN   1949-1950  Ezra Mac McGlothin                       
Jim McGlothlin       P      CA   1965-1973  James Milton McGlothlin                  
Stoney McGlynn       P      PA   1906-1908  Ulysses Simpson Grant McGlynn            
Art McGovern         C      NB   1905-1905  Arthur John McGovern                     
Beauty McGowan       OF     CT   1922-1937  Frank Bernard McGowan                    
Dustin McGowan       P      GA   2005-2014  Dustin Michael Mcgowan                   
Mickey McGowan       P      AL   1948-1948  Tullis Earl McGowan                      
Howard McGraner      P      OH   1912-1912  Howard McGraner                          
Bob McGraw           P      CO   1917-1929  Robert Emmett McGraw                     
John McGraw          2B-SS  NY   1903-1906  John Joseph McGraw                       
Tom McGraw           P      OR   1997-1997  Thomas Virgil McGraw                     
Tug McGraw           P      CA   1965-1984  Frank Edwin Mcgraw Jr.                   
Scott McGregor       P      CA   1976-1988  Scott Houston Mcgregor                   
Slim McGrew          P      TX   1922-1924  Walter Howard McGrew                     
Fred McGriff         1B     FL   1986-2004  Frederick Stanley Mcgriff                
Terry McGriff        C      FL   1987-1994  Terence Roy Mcgriff                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mark McGrillis              --   1892-1892                                           
Joe McGuckin                --   1890-1890                                           
Chris McGuiness      1B     SC   2013-2013  Christopher Ryan McGuiness               
John McGuinness             --   1876-1884                                           
 McGuire             P      --   1894-1894  McGuire                                  
Bill McGuire         C      NE   1988-1989  William Patrick Mcguire                  
Deacon McGuire       C      OH   1903-1912  James Thomas McGuire                     
Jim McGuire                 --   1901-1901                                           
Mickey McGuire       SS-2B  OH   1962-1967  M C Adolphus McGuire                     
Ryan McGuire         1B-LF  CA   1997-2002  Ryan Byron Mcguire                       
Tom McGuire          P      IL   1919-1919  Thomas Patrick McGuire                   
Bill McGunnigle             --   1879-1882                                           
Mark McGwire         1B     CA   1986-2001  Mark David Mcgwire                       
Bob McHale                  --   1898-1898                                           
Jim McHale           OF     PA   1908-1908  James Bernard McHale                     
John McHale          1B     MI   1943-1948  John Joseph McHale                       
Marty McHale         P      MA   1910-1916  Martin Joseph McHale                     
Austin McHenry       OF     OH   1918-1922  Austin Bush McHenry                      
Vance McHenry        SS     CA   1981-1982  Vance Loren McHenry                      
Collin McHugh        P      IL   2012-2014  Collin Alexander Mchugh                  
Vance McIlree        P      IA   1921-1921  Vance Elmer McIlree                      
Irish McIlveen       OF     IR   1906-1909  Henry Cooke McIlveen                     
Stover McIlwain      P      GA   1957-1958  Stover William McIlwain                  
Stuffy McInnis       1B     MA   1909-1926  John Phalen McInnis                      
Harry McIntire       P      OH   1905-1913  John Reid McIntire                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe McIntosh         P      MT   1974-1975  Joseph Anthony McIntosh                  
Tim McIntosh         C-LF   MN   1990-1996  Timothy Allen Mcintosh                   
Frank McIntyre              --   1883-1883                                           
Matty McIntyre       OF     CT   1904-1912  Matthew W. McIntyre                      
Otto McIvor          OF     TX   1911-1911  Edward Otto McIvor                       
Doc McJames                 --   1895-1901                                           
Archie McKain        P      KS   1937-1943  Archie Richard McKain                    
Hal McKain           P      IA   1927-1932  Harold Le Roy McKain                     
Cody McKay           C-3B   BC   2002-2004  Cody Dean Mckay                          
Dave McKay           2B-3B  BC   1975-1982  David Lawrence McKay                     
Reeve McKay          P      TX   1915-1915  Reeve Stewart McKay                      
Ed McKean                   --   1887-1899                                           
Bill McKechnie       3B-2B  PA   1907-1920  William Boyd McKechnie                   
Frank McKee                 --   1884-1884                                           
Jim McKee            P      OH   1972-1973  James Marion McKee                       
Red McKee            C      OH   1913-1916  Raymond Ellis McKee                      
Rogers McKee         P      NC   1943-1944  Rogers Hornsby McKee                     
Walt McKeel          C      NC   1997-2002  Walt Thomas McKeel                       
Jim McKeever                --   1884-1884                                           
Tim McKeithan        P      NC   1932-1934  Emmett James McKeithan                   
John McKelvey               --   1875-1875                                           
Russ McKelvy                --   1878-1882                                           
Ed McKenna                  --   1874-1884                                           
Kit McKenna                 --   1898-1899                                           
Limb McKenry         P      TN   1915-1916  Frank Gordon McKenry                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Michael McKenry      C      TN   2010-2014  Michael Charles Mckenry                  
Joel McKeon          P      KY   1986-1987  Joel Jacob McKeon                        
Larry McKeon                --   1884-1886                                           
Dave McKeough        C-SS   NY   1890-1891  David John McKeough                      
Bob McKinney         IF     PA   1901-1901  Robert Francis McKinney                  
Rich McKinney        3B-2B  OH   1970-1977  Charles Richard McKinney                 
Alex McKinnon        1B     MA   1884-1887  Alexander J. McKinnon                    
Jeff McKnight        1B-2B  AR   1989-1994  Jefferson Alan Mcknight                  
Jim McKnight         3B-OF  AR   1960-1962  James Arthur McKnight                    
Tony McKnight        P      AR   2000-2001  Tony Mark Mcknight                       
Denny McLain         P      IL   1963-1972  Dennis Dale McLain                       
Ed McLane            OF     MA   1907-1907  Edward Cameron McLane                    
Art McLarney         SS     WA   1932-1932  Arthur James McLarney                    
Polly McLarry        2B-1B  TX   1912-1915  Howard Zell McLarry                      
Barney McLaughlin           --   1884-1890                                           
Bo McLaughlin        P      CA   1976-1982  Michael Duane Mclaughlin                 
Byron McLaughlin     P      CA   1977-1983  Byron Scott Mclaughlin                   
Frank McLaughlin     IF     --   1882-1884  Francis Edward McLaughlin                
Jim McLaughlin       3B     MO   1932-1932  James Robert McLaughlin                  
Jim McLaughlin              --   1884-1884                                           
Joey McLaughlin      P      OK   1977-1984  Joey Richard McLaughlin                  
Jud McLaughlin       P      MA   1931-1933  Justin Theodore McLaughlin               
Kid McLaughlin       OF     NY   1914-1914  James Anson McLaughlin                   
Pat McLaughlin       P      TX   1937-1945  Patrick Elmer McLaughlin                 
Tom McLaughlin              --   1883-1891                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Warren McLaughlin    P      NJ   1903-1903  Warren A. McLaughlin                     
William McLaughlin          --   1884-1884                                           
Ralph McLaurin       OF     FL   1908-1908  Ralph Edgar McLaurin                     
Al McLean            P      IL   1935-1935  Albert Eldon McLean                      
Larry McLean         C      NB   1903-1915  John Bannerman McLean                    
Marty McLeary        P      OH   2004-2007  Marty L. McLeary                         
Wayne McLeland       P      IA   1951-1952  Wayne Gaffney McLeland                   
Mark McLemore        2B-LF  CA   1986-2004  Mark Tremell Mclemore                    
Mark McLemore        P      CA   2007-2007  Mark Steven Mclemore                     
Jim McLeod           3B     LA   1930-1933  Soule James McLeod                       
Ralph McLeod         OF     MA   1938-1938  Ralph Alton McLeod                       
Cal McLish           P      OK   1944-1964  Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish 
Nate McLouth         LF     MI   2005-2014  Nathan Richard McLouth                   
Sam McMackin                --   1902-1902                                           
Jack McMahan         P      AR   1956-1956  Jack Wally McMahan                       
Doc McMahon          P      MA   1908-1908  Henry John McMahon                       
Don McMahon          P      NY   1957-1974  Donald John McMahon                      
Jack McMahon                --   1892-1893                                           
Sadie McMahon               --   1889-1897                                           
John McMakin                --   1902-1902                                           
Frank McManus        C      MA   1903-1904  Francis E. McManus                       
Jim McManus          1B     MA   1960-1960  James Michael McManus                    
Joe McManus          P      IL   1913-1913  Joab Logan McManus                       
Marty McManus        2B-3B  IL   1920-1934  Martin Joseph McManus                    
Pat McManus                 --   1879-1879                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jimmy McMath         OF     AL   1968-1968  Jimmy Lee McMath                         
Greg McMichael       P      TN   1993-2000  Gregory Winston Mcmichael                
George McMillan             --   1890-1890                                           
Norm McMillan        3B-2B  SC   1922-1929  Norman Alexis McMillan                   
Roy McMillan         SS     TX   1951-1966  Roy David McMillan                       
Tom McMillan         SS     VA   1977-1977  Thomas Erwin McMillan                    
Tommy McMillan       SS     PA   1908-1912  Thomas Law McMillan                      
Billy McMillon       LF-RF  NM   1996-2004  William Edward McMillon                  
George McMullen             --   1887-1887                                           
Hugh McMullen        C      KS   1925-1929  Hugh Raphael McMullen                    
Ken McMullen         3B     CA   1962-1977  Kenneth Lee McMullen                     
Fred McMullin        3B     KS   1914-1920  Frederick William McMullin               
John McMullin               --   1871-1875                                           
Craig McMurtry       P      TX   1983-1995  Joe Craig Mcmurtry                       
Carl McNabb          H      AL   1945-1945  Carl Mac McNabb                          
Edgar McNabb                --   1893-1893                                           
Eric McNair          SS-2B  MS   1929-1942  Donald Eric McNair                       
Dave McNally         P      MT   1962-1975  David Arthur McNally                     
Mike McNally         2B-3B  PA   1915-1925  Michael Joseph McNally                   
Bob McNamara         3B-SS  CO   1939-1939  Robert Maxey McNamara                    
Dinny McNamara       OF     MA   1927-1928  John Raymond McNamara                    
George McNamara      OF     IL   1922-1922  George Francis McNamara                  
Jim McNamara         C      NH   1992-1993  James Patrick McNamara                   
Tim McNamara         P      MA   1922-1926  Timothy Augustine McNamara               
Tom McNamara         H      MA   1922-1922  Thomas Henry McNamara                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Gordon McNaughton    P      IL   1932-1932  Gordon Joseph McNaughton                 
Harry McNeal                --   1901-1901                                           
Rusty McNealy        OF     CA   1983-1983  Robert Lee McNealy                       
Earl McNeely         OF     CA   1924-1931  George Earl McNeely                      
Jeff McNeely         CF     NC   1993-1993  Jeffrey Lavern McNeely                   
Norm McNeil          C      IL   1919-1919  Norman Francis McNeil                    
Jerry McNertney      C      IA   1964-1973  Gerald Edward McNertney                  
Brian McNichol       P      VA   1999-1999  Brian David Mcnichol                     
Ed McNichol          P      OH   1904-1904  Edwin Briggs McNichol                    
Bill McNulty         OF-3B  CA   1969-1972  William Francis McNulty                  
Pat McNulty          OF     OH   1922-1927  Patrick Howard McNulty                   
Frank McPartlin             --   1899-1899                                           
Bid McPhee                  --   1882-1899                                           
Dallas McPherson     3B     NC   2004-2011  Dallas Lyle McPherson                    
John McPherson       P      PA   1904-1904  John Jacob McPherson                     
Kyle McPherson       P      AL   2012-2012  Kyle Landon McPherson                    
Herb McQuaid         P      CA   1923-1926  Herbert George McQuaid                   
Mart McQuaid                --   1891-1898                                           
Jerry McQuaig        OF     GA   1934-1934  Gerald Joseph McQuaig                    
Mike McQueen         P      OK   1969-1974  Michael Robert McQueen                   
Mox McQuery                 --   1884-1891                                           
George McQuillan     P      NY   1907-1918  George Watt McQuillan                    
Hugh McQuillan       P      NY   1918-1927  Hugh A. McQuillan                        
Glenn McQuillen      OF     VA   1938-1947  Glenn Richard McQuillen                  
George McQuinn       1B     VA   1936-1948  George Hartley McQuinn                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Brian McRae          CF     FL   1990-1999  Brian Wesley Mcrae                       
Hal McRae            OF     FL   1968-1987  Harold Abraham Mcrae                     
Norm McRae           P      NJ   1969-1970  Norman McRae                             
 McRemer                    --   1884-1884                                           
Kevin McReynolds     LF-OF  AR   1983-1994  Walter Kevin Mcreynolds                  
Pete McShannic              --   1888-1888                                           
Trick McSorley              --   1875-1886                                           
Paul McSweeney              --   1891-1891                                           
Jim McTamany                --   1885-1891                                           
Bill McTigue         P      TN   1911-1916  William Patrick McTigue                  
Cal McVey                   --   1871-1879                                           
George McVey                --   1885-1885                                           
Doug McWeeny         P      IL   1921-1930  Douglas Lawrence McWeeny                 
Bill McWilliams      H      IA   1931-1931  William Henry McWilliams                 
Larry McWilliams     P      KS   1978-1990  Larry Dean McWilliams                    
Bob Meacham          SS     CA   1983-1988  Robert Andrew Meacham                    
Rusty Meacham        P      FL   1991-2001  Russell Loren Meacham                    
Charlie Mead         OF     AB   1943-1945  Charles Richard Mead                     
Johnny Meador        P      NC   1920-1920  John Davis Meador                        
Brian Meadows        P      AL   1998-2006  Matthew Brian Meadows                    
Lee Meadows          P      NC   1915-1929  Henry Lee Meadows                        
Louie Meadows        LF-RF  NC   1986-1990  Michael Ray Meadows                      
Rufus Meadows        P      VA   1926-1926  Rufus Rivers Meadows                     
Dave Meads           P      NJ   1987-1988  David Donald Meads                       
George Meakim               --   1890-1895                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Charlie Meara        OF     NY   1914-1914  Charles Edward Meara                     
Pat Meares           SS     KS   1993-2001  Patrick James Meares                     
Chris Mears          P      ON   2003-2003  Christopher Peter Mears                  
Gil Meche            P      LA   1999-2010  Gilbert Allen Meche                      
Jim Mecir            P      NY   1995-2005  James Jason Mecir                        
Brandon Medders      P      AL   2005-2010  Brandon Edward Medders                   
Tommy Medica         1B     CA   2013-2014  Thomas Anthony Medica                    
Doc Medich           P      PA   1972-1982  George Francis Medich                    
Luis Medina          1B     CA   1988-1991  Luis Main Medina                         
Rafael Medina        P      PN   1998-1999  Rafael Eduardo Medina                    
Yoervis Medina       P      VZ   2013-2014  Yoervis Jose Medina                      
Kris Medlen          P      CA   2009-2013  Kristopher Allen Medlen                  
Irv Medlinger        P      IL   1949-1951  Irving John Medlinger                    
Scott Medvin         P      OH   1988-1990  Scott Howard Medvin                      
Joe Medwick          OF     NJ   1932-1948  Joseph Michael Medwick                   
Tommy Mee            SS     IL   1910-1910  Thomas William Mee                       
Pete Meegan                 --   1884-1885                                           
Bill Meehan          P      PA   1915-1915  William Thomas Meehan                    
Dad Meek                    --   1889-1890                                           
Evan Meek            P      WA   2008-2014  Evan David Meek                          
Roy Meeker           P      MO   1923-1926  Charles Roy Meeker                       
Jouett Meekin               --   1891-1900                                           
Sammy Meeks          SS-2B  SC   1948-1951  Samuel Mack Meeks                        
Phil Meeler          P      VA   1972-1972  Charles Phillip Meeler                   
Russ Meers           P      IL   1941-1947  Russell Harlan Meers                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dave Meier           OF     MT   1984-1988  David Keith Meier                        
Dutch Meier          OF-SS  MO   1906-1906  Arthur Ernst Meier                       
Heinie Meine         P      MO   1922-1934  Henry William Meine                      
Walt Meinert         OF     NY   1913-1913  Walter Henry Meinert                     
Bob Meinke           SS     IL   1910-1910  Robert Bernard Meinke                    
Frank Meinke         P      IL   1884-1885  Frank Louis Meinke                       
George Meister       3B     MD   1884-1884  George F. Meister                        
John Meister         2B-OF  PA   1886-1887  John F. Meister                          
Karl Meister         OF     OH   1913-1913  Karl Daniel Meister                      
Moxie Meixell        OF     MN   1912-1912  Merton Merrill Meixell                   
Jenrry Mejia         P      DR   2010-2014  Jenry Manuel Mejia                       
Miguel Mejia         P      DR   1996-1996  Miguel Mejia                             
Roberto Mejia        2B     DR   1993-1997  Roberto Antonio Mejia Diaz               
Roman Mejias         OF     CU   1955-1964  Roman Mejias Gomez                       
Sam Mejias           OF     DR   1976-1981  Samuel Elias Mejias                      
Mark Melancon        P      CO   2009-2014  Mark David Melancon                      
Dutch Mele           OF     NY   1937-1937  Albert Ernest Mele                       
Sam Mele             OF     NY   1947-1956  Sabath Anthony Mele                      
Francisco Melendez   1B     PR   1984-1989  Francisco Javier Melendez Villegas       
Jose Melendez        P      PR   1990-1994  Jose Luis Melendez                       
Luis Melendez        OF     PR   1970-1977  Luis Antonio Melendez Santana            
Adam Melhuse         C      CA   2000-2008  Adam Michael Melhuse                     
Kevin Melillo        LF     FL   2007-2007  Kevin Michael Melillo                    
Ski Melillo          2B     IL   1926-1937  Oscar Donald Melillo                     
Joe Mellana          3B     CA   1927-1927  Joseph Peter Mellana                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bill Mellor          1B     NJ   1902-1902  William Harpin Mellor                    
Juan Melo            2B     DR   2000-2000  Juan Esteban Melo                        
Jon Meloan           P      TX   2007-2009  Jonathan Michael Meloan                  
Paul Meloan          OF     MO   1910-1911  Paul B. Meloan                           
Steve Melter         P      IA   1909-1909  Stephen Blazius Melter                   
Bill Melton          3B     MS   1968-1977  William Edwin Melton                     
Cliff Melton         P      NC   1937-1944  Clifford George Melton                   
Dave Melton          OF     TX   1956-1958  David Olin Melton                        
Rube Melton          P      NC   1941-1947  Reuben Franklin Melton                   
Mitch Meluskey       C      WA   1998-2003  Mitchell Wade Meluskey                   
Bob Melvin           C      CA   1985-1994  Robert Paul Melvin                       
Kevin Mench          LF-RF  DE   2002-2010  Kevin Ford Mench                         
Adalberto Mendez     P      DR   2010-2010  Adalberto Mendez                         
Carlos Mendez        1B     VZ   2003-2003  Carlos Alberto Mendez (Castillo)         
Donaldo Mendez       SS     VZ   2001-2003  Donaldo Alfonso Mendez                   
Roman Mendez         P      DR   2014-2014  Roman Junior Mendez                      
Carlos Mendoza       LF-CF  VZ   1997-2000  Carlos Enrique Mendoza                   
Luis Mendoza         P      MX   2007-2013  Luis Alonso Mendoza                      
Mario Mendoza        SS     MX   1974-1982  Mario Mendoza Aizpuru                    
Mike Mendoza         P      CA   1979-1979  Michael Joseph Mendoza                   
Minnie Mendoza       3B-2B  CU   1970-1970  Cristobal Rigoberto Mendoza Carreras     
Ramiro Mendoza       P      PN   1996-2005  Ramiro Mendoza                           
Frank Menechino      2B     NY   1999-2005  Frank Menechino                          
Jock Menefee         P      WV   1903-1903  John Menefee                             
Tony Menendez        P      CU   1992-1994  Antonio Gustavo Menendez Remon           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Paul Menhart         P      MO   1995-1997  Paul Gerard Menhart                      
Denis Menke          SS-3B  IA   1962-1974  Denis John Menke                         
Mike Menosky         OF     PA   1916-1923  Michael William Menosky                  
Ed Mensor            OF     OR   1912-1914  Edward Mensor                            
Ted Menze            OF     MO   1918-1918  Theodore Charles Menze                   
Mike Meola           P      NY   1933-1936  Emile Michael Meola                      
Rudy Meoli           SS-3B  NY   1971-1979  Rudolph Bartholomew Meoli                
Hector Mercado       P      PR   2000-2003  Hector Luis Mercado                      
Orlando Mercado      C      PR   1982-1990  Orlando Mercado Rodriguez                
Orlando Merced       RF-1B  PR   1990-2003  Orlando Luis Merced                      
Henry Mercedes       C      DR   1992-1997  Henry Felipe Mercedes Perez              
Jose Mercedes        P      DR   1994-2003  Jose Miguel Mercedes                     
Luis Mercedes        RF-LF  DR   1991-1993  Luis Roberto Mercedes Santana            
Melvin Mercedes      P      DR   2014-2014  Melvin Mercedes                          
Jack Mercer          P      OH   1910-1910  Harry Vernon Mercer                      
John Mercer          1B     LA   1912-1912  John Locke Mercer                        
Jordy Mercer         SS     OK   2012-2014  Jordy Joseph Mercer                      
Mark Mercer          P      NC   1981-1981  Mark Kenneth Mercer                      
Win Mercer           P-3B   WV   1894-1902  George Barclay Mercer                    
Andy Merchant        C      AL   1975-1976  James Anderson Merchant                  
Kent Mercker         P      IN   1989-2008  Kent Franklin Mercker                    
Cla Meredith         P      VA   2005-2010  Olise Claiborne Meredith                 
Spike Merena         P      NJ   1934-1934  John Joseph Merena                       
Art Merewether       H      RI   1922-1922  Arthur Francis Merewether                
Ron Meridith         P      CA   1984-1987  Ronald Knox Meridith                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Fred Merkle          1B     WI   1907-1926  Frederick Charles Merkle                 
Lou Merloni          2B-3B  MA   1998-2006  Louis William Merloni                    
Ed Merrill           2B     KY   1882-1884  Edward Mason Merrill                     
Brett Merriman       P      IL   1993-1994  Brett Alan Merriman                      
Lloyd Merriman       OF     CA   1949-1955  Lloyd Archer Merriman                    
Bill Merritt         C      MA   1891-1899  William Henry Merritt                    
George Merritt       OF     NJ   1903-1903  George Washington Merritt                
Herm Merritt         SS     KS   1921-1921  Herman G. Merritt                        
Jim Merritt          P      CA   1965-1975  James Joseph Merritt                     
Lloyd Merritt        P      MO   1957-1957  Lloyd Wesley Merritt                     
Jack Merson          2B-3B  MD   1951-1953  John Warren Merson                       
Sam Mertes           OF     CA   1903-1906  Samuel Blair Mertes                      
Jim Mertz            P      OH   1943-1943  James Verlin Mertz                       
Lennie Merullo       SS     MA   1941-1947  Leonard Richard Merullo                  
Matt Merullo         C      MA   1989-1995  Matthew Bates Merullo                    
Jose Mesa            P      DR   1987-2007  Jose Ramon Mesa                          
Melky Mesa           OF     DR   2012-2013  Melquisedec Mesa                         
Steve Mesner         3B     CA   1938-1945  Stephan Mathias Mesner                   
Devin Mesoraco       C      PA   2011-2014  Devin Douglas Mesoraco                   
Bobby Messenger      OF     ME   1909-1914  Charles Walter Messenger                 
Bud Messenger        P      MI   1924-1924  Andrew Warren Messenger                  
Randy Messenger      P      NV   2005-2009  Randall Jerome Messenger                 
Andy Messersmith     P      NJ   1968-1979  John Alexander Messersmith               
Tom Messitt          C      PA   1899-1899  Thomas John Messit                       
Tom Metcalf          P      WI   1963-1963  Thomas John Metcalf                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Travis Metcalf       3B     KS   2007-2008  Travis A. Metcalf                        
Al Metcalfe          3B     NY   1875-1875  Alfred Tristram Metcalfe                 
Mike Metcalfe        LF-2B  VA   1998-2000  Michael Henry Metcalfe Jr.               
Scat Metha           2B-3B  CA   1940-1940  Frank Joseph Metha                       
Bud Metheny          OF     MO   1943-1946  Arthur Beauregard Metheny                
Dewey Metivier       P      MA   1922-1924  George Dewey Metivier                    
Catfish Metkovich    OF-1B  CA   1943-1954  George Michael Metkovich                 
Charlie Metro        OF     PA   1943-1945  Charles Metro                            
Lenny Metz           SS-2B  CO   1923-1925  Leonard Raymond Metz                     
Butch Metzger        P      IN   1974-1978  Clarence Edward Metzger                  
Roger Metzger        SS     TX   1970-1980  Roger Henry Metzger                      
William Metzig       2B     IA   1944-1944  William Andrew Metzig                    
Alex Metzler         OF     CA   1925-1930  Alexander Metzler                        
Hensley Meulens      LF     NT   1989-1998  Hensley Filemon Meulens                  
Bob Meusel           OF     CA   1920-1930  Robert William Meusel                    
Irish Meusel         OF     CA   1914-1927  Emil Frederick Meusel                    
Benny Meyer          OF     MO   1913-1925  Bernhard Meyer                           
Billy Meyer          C      TN   1913-1917  William Adam Meyer                       
Bob Meyer            P      OH   1964-1970  Robert Bernard Meyer                     
Brian Meyer          P      NJ   1988-1990  Brian Scott Meyer                        
Dan Meyer            1B-OF  OH   1974-1985  Daniel Thomas Meyer                      
Dan Meyer            P      NJ   2004-2010  Daniel Livingston Meyer                  
Drew Meyer           SS     SC   2006-2006  Drew Edward Meyer                        
Dutch Meyer          2B     TX   1940-1946  Lambert Dalton Meyer                     
George Meyer         2B     IL   1938-1938  George Francis Meyer                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jack Meyer           P      PA   1955-1961  John Robert Meyer                        
Joey Meyer           1B     HI   1988-1989  Tanner Joe Meyer Jr.                     
Leo Meyer            SS     --   1909-1909  Leo Meyer                                
Russ Meyer           P      IL   1946-1959  Russell Charles Meyer                    
Scott Meyer          C      IL   1978-1978  Scott William Meyer                      
Levi Meyerle                --   1871-1884                                           
Chad Meyers          2B-CF  NE   1999-2003  Chad William Meyers                      
Chief Meyers         C      CA   1909-1917  John Tortes Meyers                       
Henry Meyers                --   1890-1890                                           
Lou Meyers           C-OF   OH   1884-1884  Lewis Henry Meyers                       
Bart Miadich         P      OR   2001-2003  John Miadich                             
Dan Miceli           P      NJ   1993-2006  Daniel Miceli                            
Mickey Micelotta     SS     NY   1954-1955  Robert Peter Micelotta                   
Gene Michael         SS     OH   1966-1975  Eugene Richard Michael                   
Cass Michaels        2B-SS  MI   1943-1954  Casimir Eugene Michaels                  
Jason Michaels       LF     FL   2001-2011  Jason Drew Michaels                      
John Michaels        P      CT   1932-1932  John Joseph Michaels                     
Ralph Michaels       3B-SS  PA   1924-1926  Ralph Joseph Michaels                    
John Michaelson      P      FI   1921-1921  John August Michaelson                   
Chris Michalak       P      IL   1998-2006  Christian Matthew Michalak               
Ed Mickelson         1B     IL   1950-1957  Edward Allen Mickelson                   
Glenn Mickens        P      CA   1953-1953  Glenn Roger Mickens                      
Kam Mickolio         P      MT   2008-2011  Kameron Kraig Mickolio                   
Jason Middlebrook    P      MI   2001-2003  Jason Douglas Middlebrook                
Will Middlebrooks    3B     TX   2012-2014  William Scott Middlebrooks               

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Middleton        P      IN   1917-1921  James Blaine Middleton                   
John Middleton       P      TX   1922-1922  John Wayne Middleton                     
Dick Midkiff         P      TX   1938-1938  Richard James Midkiff                    
Ezra Midkiff         3B     WV   1909-1913  Ezra Millington Midkiff                  
Gary Mielke          P      MN   1987-1990  Gary Roger Mielke                        
Doug Mientkiewicz    1B     OH   1998-2009  Douglas Andrew Mientkiewicz              
Ed Mierkowicz        OF     MI   1945-1950  Edward Frank Mierkowicz                  
Matt Mieske          RF-LF  MI   1993-2000  Matthew Todd Mieske                      
Larry Miggins        OF     NY   1948-1952  Lawrence Edward Miggins                  
John Mihalic         2B     OH   1935-1937  John Michael Mihalic                     
Jose Mijares         P      VZ   2008-2013  Jose Manuel Mijares                      
Pete Mikkelsen       P      NY   1964-1972  Peter James Mikkelsen                    
Hank Miklos          P      IL   1944-1944  John Joseph Miklos                       
Miles Mikolas        P      FL   2012-2014  Miles Tice Mikolas                       
Eddie Miksis         2B-OF  NJ   1944-1958  Edward Thomas Miksis                     
Bob Milacki          P      NJ   1988-1996  Robert Milacki                           
Clyde Milan          OF     TN   1907-1922  Jesse Clyde Milan                        
Horace Milan         OF     TN   1915-1917  Horace Robert Milan                      
Larry Milbourne      2B-SS  NJ   1974-1984  Lawrence William Milbourne               
Mike Milchin         P      TN   1996-1996  Michael Wayne Milchin                    
Aaron Miles          2B     PA   2003-2011  Aaron Wade Miles                         
Carl Miles           P      MO   1940-1940  Carl Thomas Miles                        
Dee Miles            OF     AL   1935-1943  Wilson Daniel Miles                      
Don Miles            OF     IN   1958-1958  Donald Ray Miles                         
Jim Miles            P      MS   1968-1969  James Charlie Miles                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mike Miley           SS     MS   1975-1976  Michael Wilfred Miley                    
Wade Miley           P      LA   2011-2014  Allen Wade Miley                         
Sam Militello        P      FL   1992-1993  Sam Salvatore Militello Jr.              
Johnny Miljus        P      PA   1917-1929  John Kenneth Miljus                      
Felix Millan         2B     PR   1966-1977  Felix Bernardo Millan Martinez           
Kevin Millar         1B-RF  CA   1998-2009  Kevin Charles Millar                     
Frank Millard               --   1890-1890                                           
Lastings Milledge    LF-RF  FL   2006-2011  Lastings Darnell Milledge                
Andrew Miller        P      FL   2006-2014  Andrew Mark Miller                       
Bert Miller                 --   1897-1897                                           
Bill Miller          P      PA   1952-1955  William Paul Miller                      
Bill Miller          P      MO   1937-1937  William Francis Miller                   
Bill Miller                 --   1902-1902                                           
Bing Miller          OF     IA   1921-1936  Edmund John Miller                       
Bob Miller           P      MI   1949-1958  Robert John Miller                       
Bob Miller           P      MO   1957-1974  Robert Lane Miller                       
Bob Miller           P      IL   1953-1962  Robert Gerald Miller                     
Bob Miller                  --   1890-1891                                           
Brad Miller          SS     FL   2013-2014  Bradley Austin Miller                    
Bruce Miller         3B-2B  IN   1973-1976  Charles Bruce Miller                     
Charlie Miller       SS     MO   1912-1912  Charles Elmer Miller                     
Chuck Miller         OF     OH   1913-1914  Charles Marion Miller                    
Corky Miller         C      CA   2001-2013  Corky Abraham Philip Miller              
Cyclone Miller              --   1884-1886                                           
Damian Miller        C      WI   1997-2007  Damian Donald Miller                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Darrell Miller       C-OF   DC   1984-1988  Darrell Keith Miller                     
Doc Miller           OF     ON   1910-1914  Roy Oscar Miller                         
Doggie Miller               --   1884-1896                                           
Dots Miller          2B-1B  NJ   1909-1921  John Barney Miller                       
Dusty Miller                --   1902-1902                                           
Dusty Miller                --   1889-1899                                           
Dyar Miller          P      IN   1975-1981  Dyar K Miller                            
Ed Miller            1B-OF  PA   1912-1918  Edwin J. Miller                          
Ed Miller                   --   1884-1884                                           
Eddie Miller         SS     PA   1936-1950  Edward Robert Miller                     
Eddie Miller         OF     CA   1977-1984  Edward Lee Miller                        
Elmer Miller         P      MI   1929-1929  Elmer Joseph Miller                      
Elmer Miller         OF     OH   1912-1922  Elmer Miller                             
Frank Miller         P      MI   1913-1923  Frank Lee Miller                         
Fred Miller          P      IN   1910-1910  Frederick Holman Miller                  
George Miller               --   1877-1884                                           
Hack Miller          OF     NY   1916-1925  Laurence H. Miller                       
Hack Miller          C      TX   1944-1945  James Eldridge Miller                    
Jai Miller           RF     AL   2008-2011  Randall Jai Miller                       
Jake Miller          OF     MD   1922-1922  Jacob George Miller                      
Jake Miller          P      OH   1924-1933  Walter Miller                            
Jason Miller         P      FL   2007-2007  Jason Douglas Miller                     
Jim Miller           P      FL   2008-2014  James Matthew Miller                     
Jim Miller                  --   1901-1901                                           
Joe Miller                  --   1872-1875                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Miller                  --   1884-1885                                           
John Miller          P      MD   1962-1967  John Ernest Miller                       
John Miller          OF-1B  CA   1966-1969  John Allen Miller                        
Justin Miller        P      CA   2002-2010  Justin Mark Miller                       
Justin Miller        P      CA   2014-2014  Justin Ryan Miller                       
Keith Miller         CF-3B  TX   1988-1989  Neal Keith Miller                        
Keith Miller         2B-CF  MI   1987-1995  Keith Alan Miller                        
Kohly Miller                --   1892-1897                                           
Kurt Miller          P      AZ   1994-1999  Kurt Everett Miller                      
Larry Miller         P      KS   1964-1966  Larry Don Miller                         
Lemmie Miller        OF     TX   1984-1984  Lemmie Earl Miller                       
Matt Miller          P      TX   2001-2002  Matthew Lincoln Miller                   
Matt Miller          P      MS   2003-2007  Matt Jacob Miller                        
Norm Miller          OF     CA   1965-1974  Norman Calvin Miller                     
Orlando Miller       SS     PN   1994-1997  Orlando Miller                           
Otto Miller          3B-2B  IL   1927-1932  Otis Louis Miller                        
Otto Miller          C      NE   1910-1922  Lowell Otto Miller                       
Ox Miller            P      TX   1943-1947  John Anthony Miller                      
Paul Miller          P      WI   1991-1993  Paul Robert Miller                       
Ralph Miller         P      IA   1921-1921  Ralph Henry Miller                       
Ralph Miller         3B-SS  IN   1920-1924  Ralph Joseph Miller                      
Ralph Miller                --   1898-1899                                           
Randy Miller         P      CA   1977-1978  Randall Scott Miller                     
Ray Miller           1B     PA   1917-1917  Raymond Peter Miller                     
Red Miller           P      PA   1923-1923  Leo Alphonso Miller                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Rick Miller          OF     MI   1971-1985  Richard Alan Miller                      
Rod Miller           OF     OR   1957-1957  Rodney Carter Miller                     
Roger Miller         P      PA   1974-1974  Roger Wesley Miller                      
Ronnie Miller        P      IA   1941-1941  Ronald Arthur Miller                     
Roscoe Miller        P      IN   1903-1904  Roscoe Clyde Miller                      
Rudy Miller          3B     MI   1929-1929  Rudel Charles Miller                     
Russ Miller          P      OH   1927-1928  Russell Lewis Miller                     
Shelby Miller        P      TX   2012-2014  Shelby Charles Miller                    
Stu Miller           P      MA   1952-1968  Stuart Leonard Miller                    
Tom Miller           H      VA   1918-1919  Thomas Royall Miller                     
Tom Miller           C      PA   1874-1875  Thomas P. Miller                         
Travis Miller        P      OH   1996-2002  Travis Eugene Miller                     
Trever Miller        P      KY   1996-2011  Trever Douglas Miller                    
Wade Miller          P      PA   1999-2007  Wade T. Miller                           
Walt Miller          P      IN   1911-1911  Walter W. Miller                         
Ward Miller          OF     IL   1909-1917  Ward Taylor Miller                       
Warren Miller        OF     PA   1909-1911  Warren Lemuel Miller                     
Whitey Miller        P      MO   1944-1944  Kenneth Albert Miller                    
Joe Millette         SS     CA   1992-1993  Joseph Anthony Millette                  
Ralph Milliard       2B     CC   1996-1998  Ralph Gregory Milliard                   
Wally Millies        C      IL   1934-1941  Walter Louis Millies                     
Billy Milligan       P      NY   1904-1904  William Joseph Milligan                  
Jocko Milligan              --   1884-1893                                           
John Milligan        P      NY   1928-1934  John Alexander Milligan                  
Randy Milligan       1B     CA   1987-1994  Randy Andre Milligan                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bob Milliken         P      WV   1953-1954  Robert Fogle Milliken                    
Alan Mills           P      FL   1990-2001  Alan Bernand Mills                       
Art Mills            P      NY   1927-1928  Arthur Grant Mills                       
Bill Mills           C      MA   1944-1944  William Henry Mills                      
Brad Mills           P      AZ   2009-2014  Bradley Aaron Mills Jr.                  
Brad Mills           3B     CA   1980-1983  James Bradley Mills                      
Buster Mills         OF     TX   1934-1946  Colonel Buster Mills                     
Charlie Mills               --   1871-1872                                           
Dick Mills           P      MA   1970-1970  Richard Alan Mills                       
Everett Mills               --   1871-1876                                           
Frank Mills          C      OH   1914-1914  Frank Le Moyne Mills                     
Jack Mills           3B     MA   1911-1911  Abbott Paige Mills                       
Lefty Mills          P      MA   1934-1940  Howard Robinson Mills                    
Willie Mills                --   1901-1901                                           
Kevin Millwood       P      NC   1997-2012  Kevin Austin Millwood                    
Al Milnar            P      OH   1936-1946  Albert Joseph Milnar                     
Pete Milne           OF     AL   1948-1950  William James Milne                      
Brian Milner         C      TX   1978-1978  Brian Tate Milner                        
Eddie Milner         OF     OH   1980-1988  Edward James Milner                      
John Milner          1B-OF  GA   1971-1982  John David Milner                        
Tommy Milone         P      CA   2011-2014  Tomaso Anthony Milone                    
Mike Milosevich      SS     IL   1944-1945  Michael Milosevich                       
George Milstead      P      TX   1924-1926  George Earl Milstead                     
Eric Milton          P      PA   1998-2009  Eric Robert Milton                       
Larry Milton         P      KY   1903-1903  Samuel Lawrence Milton                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mike Mimbs           P      GA   1995-1997  Michael Randall Mimbs                    
Cotton Minahan       P      OH   1907-1907  Edmund Joseph Minahan                    
Rudy Minarcin        P      PA   1955-1957  Rudy Anthony Minarcin                    
Don Mincher          1B     AL   1960-1972  Donald Ray Mincher                       
Ed Mincher                  --   1871-1872                                           
Nate Minchey         P      TX   1993-1997  Nathan Derek Minchey                     
Ray Miner            P      NY   1921-1921  Raymond Theadore Miner                   
Zach Miner           P      MO   2006-2013  Zachary Charles Miner                    
Craig Minetto        P      CA   1978-1981  Craig Stephen Minetto                    
Steve Mingori        P      MO   1970-1979  Stephen Bernard Mingori                  
Dan Minnehan                --   1895-1895                                           
Paul Minner          P      PA   1946-1956  Paul Edison Minner                       
Don Minnick          P      VA   1957-1957  Donald Athey Minnick                     
Blas Minor           P      CA   1992-1997  Blas Minor Jr.                           
Damon Minor          1B     OH   2000-2004  Damon Reed Minor                         
Mike Minor           P      TN   2010-2014  Michael David Minor                      
Ryan Minor           3B     OH   1998-2001  Ryan Dale Minor                          
Minnie Minoso        OF     CU   1949-1980  Saturnino Orestes Armas Minoso Arrieta   
Jim Minshall         P      KY   1974-1975  James Edward Minshall                    
Greg Minton          P      TX   1975-1990  Gregory Brian Minton                     
Steve Mintz          P      NC   1995-1999  Stephen Wayne Mintz                      
Gino Minutelli       P      DE   1990-1993  Gino Michael Minutelli                   
Paul Mirabella       P      NJ   1978-1990  Paul Thomas Mirabella                    
Doug Mirabelli       C      AZ   1996-2007  Douglas Anthony Mirabelli                
Angel Miranda        P      PR   1993-1997  Angel Luis Miranda Andujar               

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Juan Miranda         1B     CU   2008-2011  Juan Miguel Miranda                      
Willy Miranda        SS     CU   1951-1959  Guillermo Miranda Perez                  
Pat Misch            P      IL   2006-2011  Patrick Theodore Joseph Misch            
Mike Misuraca        P      CA   1997-1997  Michael William Misuraca                 
Bobby Mitchell       OF     UT   1980-1983  Robert Van Mitchell                      
Bobby Mitchell       OF     PA   1970-1975  Robert Vance Mitchell                    
Bobby Mitchell              --   1877-1882                                           
Bryan Mitchell       P      NC   2014-2014  Bryan Bedford Mitchell                   
Charlie Mitchell     P      TN   1984-1985  Charles Ross Mitchell                    
Clarence Mitchell    P      NE   1911-1932  Clarence Elmer Mitchell                  
Craig Mitchell       P      CA   1975-1977  Craig Seton Mitchell                     
D.J. Mitchell        P      NC   2012-2012  William Douglas Mitchell Jr.             
Dale Mitchell        OF     OK   1946-1956  Loren Dale Mitchell                      
Fred Mitchell        P      MA   1903-1913  Frederick Francis Mitchell               
John Mitchell        P      TN   1986-1990  John Kyle Mitchell                       
Johnny Mitchell      SS     MI   1921-1925  John Franklin Mitchell                   
Keith Mitchell       LF-RF  CA   1991-1998  Keith Alexander Mitchell                 
Kevin Mitchell       LF-3B  CA   1984-1998  Kevin Darrell Mitchell                   
Larry Mitchell       P      MI   1996-1996  Larry Paul II Mitchell                   
Mike Mitchell        OF     OH   1907-1914  Michael Francis Mitchell                 
Monroe Mitchell      P      MS   1923-1923  Monroe Barr Mitchell                     
Paul Mitchell        P      WA   1975-1980  Paul Michael Mitchell                    
Roy Mitchell         P      TX   1910-1919  Albert Roy Mitchell                      
Russ Mitchell        1B     GA   2010-2011  Russell Lance Mitchell                   
Willie Mitchell      P      MS   1909-1919  William Mitchell                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Sergio Mitre         P      CA   2003-2011  Sergio Armando Mitre                     
Ralph Mitterling     OF     PA   1916-1916  Ralph Mitterling                         
George Mitterwald    C      CA   1966-1977  George Eugene Mitterwald                 
Johnny Mize          1B     GA   1936-1953  John Robert Mize                         
Vinegar Bend Mizell  P      AL   1952-1962  Wilmer David Mizeli                      
John Mizerock        C      PA   1983-1989  John Joseph Mizerock                     
Bill Mizeur          H      IL   1923-1924  William Francis Mizeur                   
Dave Mlicki          P      OH   1992-2002  David John Mlicki                        
Kevin Mmahat         P      TN   1989-1989  Kevin Paul Mmahat                        
Dave Moates          OF     IL   1975-1976  David Allan Moates                       
Garrett Mock         P      TX   2008-2010  Garrett Lee Mock                         
Mike Modak           P      OH   1945-1945  Michael Modak                            
Brian Moehler        P      NC   1996-2010  Brian Merritt Moehler                    
Chad Moeller         C      CA   2000-2010  Chad Edward Moeller                      
Danny Moeller        OF     IA   1907-1916  Daniel Edward Moeller                    
Dennis Moeller       P      CA   1992-1993  Dennis Michael Moeller                   
Joe Moeller          P      IL   1962-1971  Joseph Douglas Moeller                   
Ron Moeller          P      OH   1956-1963  Ronald Ralph Moeller                     
Joe Moffett                 --   1884-1884                                           
Sam Moffett                 --   1884-1888                                           
Randy Moffitt        P      CA   1972-1983  Randall James Moffitt                    
Herb Moford          P      KY   1955-1962  Herbert Moford                           
George Mogridge      P      NY   1911-1927  George Anthony Mogridge                  
John Mohardt         OF     PA   1922-1922  John Henry Mohardt                       
George Mohart        P      NY   1920-1921  George Benjamin Mohart                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Kid Mohler                  --   1894-1894                                           
Mike Mohler          P      OH   1993-2001  Michael Ross Mohler                      
Dale Mohorcic        P      OH   1986-1990  Dale Robert Mohorcic                     
Dustan Mohr          RF-LF  MS   2001-2007  Dustan Kyle Mohr                         
Bill Moisan          P      MA   1953-1953  William Joseph Moisan                    
Johnny Mokan         OF     NY   1921-1927  John Leo Mokan                           
Fenton Mole          1B     CA   1949-1949  Fenton Le Roy Mole                       
Carlton Molesworth          --   1895-1895                                           
Bengie Molina        C      PR   1998-2010  Benjamin Jose Molina                     
Gabe Molina          P      CO   1999-2003  Cruz Gabriel Molina                      
Gustavo Molina       C      VZ   2007-2011  Gustavo Eduardo Molina                   
Izzy Molina          C      NY   1996-2002  Islay Molina                             
Jose Molina          C      PR   1999-2014  Jose Benjamin Molina                     
Yadier Molina        C      PR   2004-2014  Yadier Benjamin Molina                   
Bob Molinaro         OF     NJ   1975-1983  Robert Joseph Molinaro                   
Paul Molitor         3B-2B  MN   1978-1998  Paul Leo Molitor                         
Fred Mollenkamp      1B     OH   1914-1914  Frederick Henry Mollenkamp               
Fritz Mollwitz       1B     GE   1913-1919  Frederick August Mollwitz                
Richie Moloney       P      MA   1970-1970  Richard Henry Moloney                    
Vince Molyneaux      P      NY   1917-1918  Vincent Leo Molyneaux                    
Blas Monaco          2B     TX   1937-1946  Blas Monaco                              
Rinty Monahan        P      NY   1953-1953  Edward Francis Monahan                   
Shane Monahan        LF     NY   1998-1999  Shane Hartland Monahan                   
Carlos Monasterios   P      VZ   2010-2010  Carlos Monasterios                       
Bill Monbouquette    P      MA   1958-1968  William Charles Monbouquette             

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Freddie Moncewicz    SS     MA   1928-1928  Frederick Alfred Moncewicz               
Alex Monchak         SS     NJ   1940-1940  Alex Monchak                             
Rick Monday          OF     MS   1966-1984  Robert James Monday                      
Raul Mondesi         RF-CF  DR   1993-2005  Raul Ramon Mondesi                       
Johnny Monell        C-1B   NY   2013-2013  Johnny Monell                            
Don Money            3B     DC   1968-1983  Donald Wayne Money                       
Sid Monge            P      MX   1975-1984  Isidro Pedroza Monge                     
Craig Monroe         LF-RF  TX   2001-2009  Craig Keyston Monroe                     
Ed Monroe            P      KY   1917-1918  Edward Oliver Monroe                     
Frank Monroe                --   1884-1884                                           
John Monroe          2B-3B  TX   1921-1921  John Allen Monroe                        
Larry Monroe         P      MI   1976-1976  Lawrence James Monroe                    
Zach Monroe          P      IL   1958-1959  Zachary Charles Monroe                   
Ed Montague          SS     CA   1928-1932  Edward Francis Montague                  
John Montague        P      VA   1973-1980  John Evans Montague                      
Rafael Montalvo      P      PR   1986-1986  Rafael Edgardo Montalvo Torres           
Lou Montanez         OF     PR   2008-2011  Luis Anibal Montanez                     
Willie Montanez      1B-OF  PR   1966-1982  Guillermo (Naranjo) Montanez             
Aurelio Monteagudo   P      CU   1963-1973  Aurelio Faustino Monteagudo Cintra       
Rene Monteagudo      P-OF   CU   1938-1945  Rene (Miranda) Monteagudo                
John Montefusco      P      NJ   1974-1986  John Joseph Montefusco Jr.               
Manny Montejo        P      CU   1961-1961  Manuel Montejo Bofill                    
Rich Monteleone      P      FL   1987-1996  Richard Monteleone                       
Felipe Montemayor    OF     MX   1953-1955  Felipe Angel Montemayor                  
Agustin Montero      P      DR   2006-2006  Agustin Montero (Alcantara)              

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jesus Montero        C      VZ   2011-2014  Jesus Montero                            
Miguel Montero       C      VZ   2006-2014  Miguel Angel Montero                     
Rafael Montero       P      DR   2014-2014  Rafael Montero (Quezada)                 
Al Montgomery        C      NM   1941-1941  Alvin Atlas Montgomery                   
Bob Montgomery       C      TN   1970-1979  Robert Edward Montgomery                 
Jeff Montgomery      P      OH   1987-1999  Jeffrey Thomas Montgomery                
Monty Montgomery     P      NC   1971-1972  Monty Bryson Montgomery                  
Ray Montgomery       RF-LF  NY   1996-1998  Raymond James Montgomery                 
Steve Montgomery     P      CA   1996-2000  Steven L. Montgomery                     
Charlie Montoyo      2B     PR   1993-1993  Jose Carlos Montoyo Diaz                 
Al Montreuil         2B     LA   1972-1972  Allan Arthur Montreuil                   
Luke Montz           C-DH   LA   2008-2013  Luke Montz                               
Ramon Monzant        P      VZ   1954-1960  Ramon Segundo Monzant Espina             
Dan Monzon           2B-3B  NY   1972-1973  Daniel Francisco Monzon                  
Joe Moock            3B     LA   1967-1967  Joseph Geoffrey Moock                    
Eric Moody           P      SC   1997-1997  Eric Lane Moody                          
George Moolic               --   1886-1886                                           
Leo Moon             P      NC   1932-1932  Leo Moon                                 
Wally Moon           OF     AR   1954-1965  Wallce Wade Moon                         
Jim Mooney           P      TN   1931-1934  Jim Irving Mooney                        
Bill Mooneyham       P      CA   1986-1986  William Craig Mooneyham                  
Adam Moore           C      TX   2009-2014  Adam Ross Moore                          
Al Moore             OF     NY   1925-1926  Albert James Moore                       
Anse Moore           OF     LA   1946-1946  Anselm Winn                              
Archie Moore         OF-1B  PA   1964-1965  Archie Francis Moore                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Balor Moore          P      TX   1970-1980  Balor Lilbon Moore                       
Barry Moore          P      NC   1965-1970  Robert Barry Moore                       
Bill Moore           C      MO   1926-1927  William Henry Moore                      
Bill Moore           1B-OF  CA   1986-1986  William Ross Moore                       
Bobby Moore          P      LA   1985-1985  Robert Devell Moore                      
Bobby Moore          LF-CF  OH   1991-1991  Robert Vincent Moore                     
Brad Moore           P      CO   1988-1990  Bradley Alan Moore                       
Carlos Moore         P      TN   1930-1930  Carlos Whitman Moore                     
Charley Moore        SS-3B  --   1912-1912  Charley Wesley Moore                     
Charlie Moore        C-OF   AL   1973-1987  Charles William Moore                    
Cy Moore             P      GA   1929-1934  William Austin Moore                     
Dee Moore            C-3B   TX   1936-1946  D.C. Moore                               
Donnie Moore         P      TX   1975-1988  Donnie Ray Moore                         
Earl Moore           P      OH   1903-1913  Earl Alonzo Moore                        
Eddie Moore          2B-OF  KY   1923-1934  Graham Edward Moore                      
Euel Moore           P      OK   1934-1936  Euel Walton Moore                        
Ferdie Moore         1B     NJ   1914-1914  Ferdinand Depage Moore                   
Gary Moore           OF     OK   1970-1970  Gary Douglas Moore                       
Gene Moore           P      TX   1909-1912  Eugene Moore Jr.                         
Gene Moore           OF     TX   1931-1945  Eugene Moore Jr.                         
George Moore         P      --   1905-1905  Frank J. Moore                           
Harry Moore                 --   1884-1884                                           
Jackie Moore         C      FL   1965-1965  Jackie Spencer Moore                     
Jeremy Moore         OF     LA   2011-2011  Jeremy Jerome Moore                      
Jerrie Moore                --   1884-1885                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Moore            P      AR   1928-1932  James Stanford Moore                     
Jimmy Moore          OF     TN   1930-1931  James William Moore                      
Jo-Jo Moore          OF     TX   1930-1941  Joseph Gregg Moore                       
Johnny Moore         OF     CT   1928-1945  John Francis Moore                       
Junior Moore         3B-OF  TX   1976-1980  Alvin Earl Moore                         
Kelvin Moore         1B     AL   1981-1983  Kelvin Orlando Moore                     
Kerwin Moore         CF     MI   1996-1996  Kerwin Lamar Moore                       
Marcus Moore         P      CA   1993-1996  Marcus Braymont Moore                    
Matt Moore           P      FL   2011-2014  Matthew Cody Moore                       
Mike Moore           P      OK   1982-1995  Michael Wayne Moore                      
Molly Moore                 --   1875-1875                                           
Randy Moore          OF-1B  TX   1927-1937  Randolph Edward Moore                    
Ray Moore            P      MD   1952-1963  Raymond Leroy Moore                      
Roy Moore            P      TX   1920-1923  Roy Daniel Moore                         
Scott Moore          3B     CA   2006-2012  Scott Alan Moore                         
Scrappy Moore        3B     MO   1917-1917  William Allen Moore                      
Terry Moore          OF     AL   1935-1948  Terry Bluford Moore                      
Tommy Moore          P      CA   1972-1977  Tommy Joe Moore                          
Trey Moore           P      TX   1998-2001  Warren Neal Moore III                    
Tyler Moore          LF-1B  MS   2012-2014  Tyler Michael Moore                      
Whitey Moore         P      OH   1936-1942  Lloyd Albert Moore                       
Wilcy Moore          P      TX   1927-1933  William Wilcy Moore                      
Bob Moorhead         P      PA   1962-1965  Charles Robert Moorhead                  
Bob Moose            P      PA   1967-1976  Robert Ralph Moose Jr.                   
Jake Mooty           P      TX   1936-1944  Jake T. Mooty                            

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Andres Mora          OF     MX   1976-1980  Andrew (Ibarra) Mora                     
Melvin Mora          3B     VZ   1999-2011  Melvin Mora                              
David Moraga         P      CA   2000-2000  David Moraga                             
Franklin Morales     P      VZ   2007-2014  Franklin M. Morales                      
Jerry Morales        OF     PR   1969-1983  Julio Ruben (Torres) Morales             
Jose Morales         1B-C   PR   1973-1984  Jose Manuel Morales                      
Jose Morales         C      PR   2007-2011  Jose Guillermo Morales                   
Kendrys Morales      DH     CU   2006-2014  Kendrys Morales (Rodriguez)              
Rich Morales         SS-2B  CA   1967-1974  Richard Angelo Morales                   
Willie Morales       C      AZ   2000-2000  William Anthony Morales                  
Al Moran             SS     MI   1963-1964  Richard Alan Moran                       
Bill Moran           P      VA   1974-1974  Carl William II Moran                    
Bill Moran                  --   1892-1895                                           
Billy Moran          2B     AL   1958-1965  William Nelson Moran                     
Charles Moran        SS-3B  DC   1903-1905  Charles Vincent Moran                    
Charlie Moran        C      TN   1903-1908  Charles Barthell Moran                   
Harry Moran          P      WV   1912-1912  Harry Edwin Moran                        
Herbie Moran         OF     PA   1908-1915  John Herbert Moran                       
Hiker Moran          P      NY   1938-1939  Albert Thomas Moran                      
Pat Moran            C      MA   1903-1914  Patrick Joseph Moran                     
Roy Moran            OF     IN   1912-1912  Roy Ellis Moran                          
Sam Moran                   --   1895-1895                                           
Mickey Morandini     2B     PA   1990-2000  Michael Robert Morandini                 
Jose Morban          SS-2B  DR   2003-2003  Jose Morban                              
Mike Mordecai        3B-2B  AL   1994-2005  Michael Howard Mordecai                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Forrest More         P      IN   1909-1909  Forrest T. More                          
Ray Morehart         2B-SS  TX   1924-1927  Raymond Anderson Morehart                
Dave Morehead        P      CA   1963-1970  David Michael Morehead                   
Seth Morehead        P      TX   1957-1961  Seth Marvin Morehead                     
Danny Morejon        OF     CU   1958-1958  Daniel (Torres) Morejon                  
Brent Morel          3B     CA   2010-2014  Brenton Andre Morel                      
Ramon Morel          P      DR   1995-1997  Ramon Rafael Morel                       
Keith Moreland       OF-3B  TX   1978-1989  Bobby Keith Moreland                     
Mitch Moreland       1B     MS   2010-2014  Mitchell Austin Moreland                 
Harry Morelock              --   1891-1892                                           
Lew Moren            P      PA   1903-1910  Lewis Howard Moren                       
Angel Moreno         P      MX   1981-1982  Angel Moreno Veneroso                    
Edwin Moreno         P      VZ   2009-2009  Edwin A. Moreno                          
Jose Moreno          OF-2B  DR   1980-1982  Jose De Los Santos Moreno                
Juan Moreno          P      VZ   2001-2002  Juan Carlos Moreno                       
Julio Moreno         P      CU   1950-1953  Julio Moreno Gonzalez                    
Omar Moreno          OF     PN   1975-1986  Omar Renan Moreno Quintero               
Orber Moreno         P      VZ   1999-2004  Orber Aquiles Moreno                     
Roger Moret          P      PR   1970-1978  Rogelio Moret Torres                     
Dave Morey           P      MA   1913-1913  David Beale Morey                        
Bill Morgan          OF     MD   1883-1884  Henry W. Morgan                          
Bill Morgan          OF-SS  NY   1882-1884  William Morgan                           
Bobby Morgan         2B-SS  OK   1950-1958  Robert Morris Morgan                     
Chet Morgan          OF     MS   1935-1938  Chester Collins Morgan                   
Cy Morgan            P      OH   1903-1913  Harry Richard Morgan                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Cy Morgan            P      MA   1921-1922  Cyril Arlon Morgan                       
Ed Morgan            1B-OF  IL   1928-1934  Edward Carre Morgan                      
Eddie Morgan         OF-1B  OH   1936-1937  Edwin Willie Morgan                      
Joe Morgan           3B     MA   1959-1964  Joseph Michael Morgan                    
Joe Morgan           2B     TX   1963-1984  Joe Leonard Morgan                       
Kevin Morgan         3B     LA   1997-1997  Kevin Lee Morgan                         
Mike Morgan          P      CA   1978-2002  Michael Thomas Morgan                    
Nyjer Morgan         CF-RF  CA   2007-2014  Nyjer Jamid Morgan                       
Pidgey Morgan        OF     --   1875-1878  Daniel Morgan                            
Ray Morgan           2B     MD   1911-1918  Raymond Caryll Morgan                    
Red Morgan           3B     IA   1906-1906  James Edward Morgan                      
Tom Morgan           P      CA   1951-1963  Tom Stephen Morgan                       
Vern Morgan          3B     VA   1954-1955  Vernon Thomas Morgan                     
Moe Morhardt         1B     CT   1961-1962  Meredith Goodwin Morhardt                
Gene Moriarity              --   1884-1892                                           
Bill Moriarty        SS     IL   1909-1909  William Joseph Moriarty                  
Ed Moriarty          2B     MA   1935-1936  Edward Jerome Moriarty                   
George Moriarty      3B-1B  IL   1903-1916  George Joseph Moriarty                   
Mike Moriarty        SS-2B  NJ   2002-2002  Michael Thomas Moriarty                  
Juan Morillo         P      DR   2006-2009  Juan Bautista Morillo                    
Mike Morin           P      MN   2014-2014  Michael William Morin                    
John Morlan          P      OH   1973-1974  John Glen Morlan                         
Bill Morley          2B     MI   1913-1913  William M. Morley                        
Alvin Morman         P      NC   1996-1999  Alvin Morman                             
Russ Morman          1B-LF  MO   1986-1997  Russell Lee Morman                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Justin Morneau       1B     BC   2003-2014  Justin Ernest George Morneau             
Dan Morogiello       P      NY   1983-1983  Daniel Joseph Morogiello                 
Jim Moroney          P      MA   1906-1912  James Francis Moroney                    
Jeff Moronko         3B-SS  TX   1984-1987  Jeffrey Robert Moronko                   
Bill Morrell         P      MA   1926-1931  Willard Blackmer Morrell                 
John Morrill                --   1876-1890                                           
Bryan Morris         P      TN   2012-2014  Avery Bryan Morris                       
Bugs Morris          P      KS   1918-1921  Joseph Harley Morris                     
Danny Morris         P      KY   1968-1969  Danny Walker Morris                      
Doyt Morris          OF     NC   1937-1937  Doyt Theodore Morris                     
Ed Morris            P      AL   1922-1931  Walter Edward Morris                     
Ed Morris                   --   1884-1890                                           
Hal Morris           1B     AL   1988-2000  William Harold Morris                    
Jack Morris          P      MN   1977-1994  John Scott Morris                        
James Morris                --   1884-1884                                           
Jim Morris           P      TX   1999-2000  James Samuel Morris Jr.                  
John Morris          P      DE   1966-1974  John Wallace Morris                      
John Morris          RF-CF  NY   1986-1992  John Daniel Morris                       
Matt Morris          P      NY   1997-2008  Matthew Christian Morris                 
Peter Morris                --   1884-1884                                           
Walter Morris        SS     TX   1908-1908  John Walter Morris                       
Warren Morris        2B     LA   1999-2003  Warren Randall Morris                    
Bill Morrisette      P      MD   1915-1920  William Lee Morrisette                   
Guy Morrison         P      WV   1927-1928  Walter Guy Morrison                      
Hank Morrison               --   1887-1887                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Morrison         3B-2B  FL   1977-1988  James Forrest Morrison Jr.               
Johnny Morrison      P      KY   1920-1930  John Dewey Morrison                      
Jon Morrison                --   1884-1887                                           
Logan Morrison       1B     MO   2010-2014  Logan Morrison                           
Mike Morrison               --   1887-1890                                           
Phil Morrison        P      IN   1921-1921  Philip Melvin Morrison                   
Tom Morrison                --   1895-1896                                           
Frank Morrissey             --   1901-1902                                           
Jack Morrissey       2B-OF  MI   1903-1903  John Albert Morrissey                    
Jo-Jo Morrissey      2B-SS  RI   1932-1936  Joseph Anselm Morrissey                  
John Morrissey              --   1881-1881                                           
Tom Morrissey               --   1882-1884                                           
Brandon Morrow       P      CA   2007-2014  Brandon John Morrow                      
Bud Morse            2B     CA   1929-1929  Newell Obediah Morse                     
Hap Morse            SS-OF  MN   1911-1911  Peter Raymond Morse                      
Mike Morse           RF     FL   2005-2014  Michael John Morse                       
Clayton Mortensen    P      ID   2009-2013  Clayton Grant Mortensen                  
Bubba Morton         OF     DC   1961-1969  Wycliffe Nathaniel Morton                
Carl Morton          P      MO   1969-1976  Carl Wendle Morton                       
Charlie Morton       P      NJ   2008-2014  Charles Alfred Morton                    
Charlie Morton              --   1882-1885                                           
Colt Morton          C      FL   2007-2008  Kristopher Colt Morton                   
Guy Morton           P      AL   1914-1924  Guy Morton Sr.                           
Kevin Morton         P      CT   1991-1991  Kevin Joseph Morton                      
Moose Morton         H      AL   1954-1954  Guy Morton Jr.                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Sparrow Morton              --   1884-1884                                           
Walt Moryn           OF     MN   1954-1961  Walter Joseph Moryn                      
Ross Moschitto       OF     CA   1965-1967  Rosaire Allen Moschitto                  
Guillermo Moscoso    P      VZ   2009-2013  Guillermo Alejandro Moscoso              
Robert Mosebach      P      FL   2009-2009  Robert Johnathan Mosebach                
Lloyd Moseby         OF     AR   1980-1991  Lloyd Anthony Moseby                     
Dustin Moseley       P      TX   2006-2012  Dustin Aaron Moseley                     
Earl Moseley         P      OH   1913-1916  Earl Victor Moseley                      
Arnie Moser          H      TX   1937-1937  Arnold Robert Moser                      
Walter Moser         P      NC   1906-1911  Walter Frederick Moser                   
Jerry Moses          C      MS   1965-1975  Gerald Braheen Moses                     
John Moses           OF     CA   1982-1992  John William Moses                       
Wally Moses          OF     GA   1935-1951  Wallace Moses                            
Paul Moskau          P      MO   1977-1983  Paul Richard Moskau                      
Doc Moskiman         1B-OF  CA   1910-1910  William Bankhead Moskiman                
Daniel Moskos        P      SC   2011-2011  Daniel Ross Moskos                       
Jim Mosolf           OF     WA   1929-1933  James Frederick Mosolf                   
Julio Mosquera       C      PN   1996-2005  Julio Alberto Mosquera                   
Brandon Moss         1B     GA   2007-2014  Brandon Douglas Moss                     
Charlie Moss         C      MS   1934-1936  Charles Crosby Moss                      
Damian Moss          P      AU   2001-2004  Damian Joseph Moss                       
Howie Moss           OF-3B  NC   1942-1946  Howard Glenn Moss                        
Les Moss             C      OK   1946-1958  John Lester Moss                         
Mal Moss             P      IN   1930-1930  Charles Malcolm Moss                     
Ray Moss             P      TN   1926-1931  Raymond Earl Moss                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Don Mossi            P      CA   1954-1965  Donald Louis Mossi                       
Earl Mossor          P      TN   1951-1951  Earl Dalton Mossor                       
Johnny Mostil        OF     IL   1918-1929  John Anthony Mostil                      
Andy Mota            2B     DR   1991-1991  Andres Alberto Mota                      
Danny Mota           P      DR   2000-2000  Daniel Avila Mota                        
Guillermo Mota       P      DR   1999-2012  Guillermo Reynoso Mota                   
Jose Mota            2B     DR   1991-1995  Jose Manuel (Matos) Mota                 
Manny Mota           OF     DR   1962-1982  Manuel Rafael (Geronimo) Mota            
Darryl Motley        OF     OK   1981-1987  Darryl De Wayne Motley                   
Bitsy Mott           SS-2B  FL   1945-1945  Elisha Matthew Mott                      
Jason Motte          P      MI   2008-2014  Jason Louis Motte                        
Chad Mottola         RF     GA   1996-2006  Charles Edward Mottola                   
Curt Motton          OF     LA   1967-1974  Curtell Howard Motton                    
Frank Motz                  --   1890-1894                                           
Glen Moulder         P      OK   1946-1948  Glen Hubert Moulder                      
Allie Moulton        2B     MA   1911-1911  Albert Theodore Moulton                  
Tony Mounce          P      CA   2003-2003  Anthony David Mounce                     
Frank Mountain              --   1880-1886                                           
Bill Mountjoy               --   1883-1885                                           
Mike Moustakas       3B     CA   2011-2014  Michael Christopher Moustakas            
James Mouton         LF-CF  CO   1994-2001  James Raleigh Mouton                     
Lyle Mouton          RF-LF  LA   1995-2001  Lyle Joseph Mouton                       
Ray Mowe             SS     IN   1913-1913  Raymond Benjamin Mowe                    
Mike Mowrey          3B     PA   1905-1917  Harry Harlan Mowrey                      
Joe Mowry            OF     MO   1933-1935  Joseph Aloysius Mowry                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Steven Moya          RF-OF  DR   2014-2014  Steven Moya                              
Ed Moyer             P      OH   1910-1910  Charles Edward Moyer                     
Jamie Moyer          P      PA   1986-2012  Jamie Moyer                              
Peter Moylan         P      AU   2006-2013  Peter Michael Moylan                     
Mike Moynahan               --   1880-1884                                           
Ron Mrozinski        P      PA   1954-1955  Ronald Frank Mrozinski                   
Phil Mudrock         P      CO   1963-1963  Philip Ray Mudrock                       
Bill Mueller         OF     MI   1942-1945  William Lawrence Mueller                 
Bill Mueller         3B     MO   1996-2006  William Richard Mueller                  
Don Mueller          OF     MO   1948-1959  Donald Frederick Mueller                 
Gordie Mueller       P      MD   1950-1950  Joseph Gordon Mueller                    
Heinie Mueller       OF     MO   1920-1935  Clarence Francis Mueller                 
Heinie Mueller       2B-3B  MO   1938-1941  Emmett Jerome Mueller                    
Les Mueller          P      IL   1941-1945  Leslie Clyde Mueller                     
Ray Mueller          C      KS   1935-1951  Ray Coleman Mueller                      
Walter Mueller       OF     MO   1922-1926  Walter John Mueller                      
Willie Mueller       P      WI   1978-1981  Willard Lawrence Mueller                 
Billy Muffett        P      IN   1957-1962  Billy Arnold Muffett                     
Joe Muich            P      MO   1924-1924  Ignatius Andrew Muich                    
Joe Muir             P      MD   1951-1952  Joseph Allen Muir                        
Edward Mujica        P      VZ   2006-2014  Edward Jose Mujica                       
Hugh Mulcahy         P      MA   1935-1947  Hugh Noyes Mulcahy                       
Mark Mulder          P      IL   2000-2008  Mark Alan Mulder                         
Mike Muldoon                --   1882-1886                                           
Terry Mulholland     P      PA   1986-2006  Terence John Mulholland                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tony Mullane                --   1881-1894                                           
Greg Mulleavy        SS     MI   1930-1933  Gregory Thomas Mulleavy                  
Billy Mullen         3B     MO   1920-1928  William John Mullen                      
Charlie Mullen       1B     WA   1910-1916  Charles George Mullen                    
John Mullen                 --   1876-1876                                           
Martin Mullen               --   1872-1872                                           
Moon Mullen          2B     WA   1944-1944  Ford Parker Mullen                       
Scott Mullen         P      TX   2000-2003  Kenneth Scott Mullen                     
Freddie Muller       2B     CA   1933-1934  Frederick William Muller                 
Dick Mulligan        P      PA   1941-1947  Richard Charles Mulligan                 
Eddie Mulligan       3B-SS  MO   1915-1928  Edward Joseph Mulligan                   
Joe Mulligan         P      MA   1934-1934  Joseph Ignatius Mulligan                 
John Mulligan               --   1884-1884                                           
Sean Mulligan        C      CA   1996-1996  Sean Patrick Mulligan                    
George Mullin        P      OH   1903-1913  George Joseph Mullin                     
Henry Mullin                --   1884-1884                                           
Jim Mullin           2B-1B  NY   1904-1905  James Henry Mullin                       
Pat Mullin           OF     PA   1940-1953  Patrick Joseph Mullin                    
Rance Mulliniks      3B-SS  CA   1977-1992  Steven Rance Mulliniks                   
Fran Mullins         3B-SS  CA   1980-1986  Francis Joseph Mullins                   
Greg Mullins         P      FL   1998-1998  Gregory E. Mullins                       
Dominic Mulrenan     P      MA   1921-1921  Dominic Joseph Mulrenan                  
Frank Mulroney       P      IA   1930-1930  Francis Joseph Mulroney                  
Joe Mulvey                  --   1883-1895                                           
Kevin Mulvey         P      NJ   2009-2010  Kevin John Mulvey                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jerry Mumphrey       OF     TX   1974-1988  Jerry Wayne Mumphrey                     
John Munce                  --   1884-1884                                           
Jake Munch           OF-1B  PA   1918-1918  Jacob Ferdinand Munch                    
Bob Muncrief         P      OK   1937-1951  Robert Cleveland Muncrief                
George Mundinger            --   1884-1884                                           
Bill Mundy           1B     OH   1913-1913  William Edward Mundy                     
Red Munger           P      TX   1943-1956  George David Munger                      
Van Mungo            P      SC   1931-1945  Van Lingle Mungo                         
Carlos Muniz         P      CA   2007-2008  Carlos Javier Muniz                      
Manny Muniz          P      PR   1971-1971  Manuel Muniz Rodriguez                   
Horatio Munn                --   1875-1875                                           
Scott Munninghoff    P      OH   1980-1980  Scott Andrew Munninghoff                 
Les Munns            P      CA   1934-1936  Leslie Ernest Munns                      
Arnaldo Munoz        P      DR   2004-2007  Arnaldo Rafel Munoz                      
Bobby Munoz          P      PR   1993-2001  Roberto Munoz                            
Jose Munoz           2B-SS  IL   1996-1996  Jose Luis Munoz                          
Mike Munoz           P      CA   1989-2000  Michael Anthony Munoz                    
Noe Munoz            C      MX   1995-1995  Noe Munoz                                
Oscar Munoz          P      FL   1995-1995  Juan Oscar Munoz                         
Pedro Munoz          RF-LF  PR   1990-1996  Pedro Javier (Gonzalez) Munoz            
Pete Munro           P      NY   1999-2004  Peter Daniel Munro                       
Eric Munson          3B     CA   2000-2009  Eric Walter Munson                       
Joe Munson           OF     PA   1925-1926  Joseph Martin Napoleon Munson            
Red Munson           C      OH   1905-1905  Clarence Hanford Munson                  
Thurman Munson       C      OH   1969-1979  Thruman Lee Munson                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Scott Munter         P      NE   2005-2007  Scott Michael Munter                     
John Munyan                 --   1887-1891                                           
Steve Mura           P      LA   1978-1985  Stephen Andrew Mura                      
Masanori Murakami    P      JP   1964-1965  Masanori Murakami                        
Bobby Murcer         OF     OK   1965-1983  Bobby Ray Murcer                         
Simmy Murch          1B     ME   1904-1908  Simeon Augustus Murch                    
Tim Murchison        P      NC   1917-1920  Thomas Malcolm Murchison                 
Wilbur Murdoch       OF     NY   1908-1908  Wilbur Edwin Murdoch                     
Red Murff            P      TX   1956-1957  John Robert Murff                        
Tim Murnane                 --   1872-1884                                           
 Murphy                     --   1884-1884                                           
Bill Murphy          P      CA   2007-2009  William R.W. Murphy                      
Billy Murphy         OF     LA   1966-1966  William Eugene Murphy                    
Bob Murphy                  --   1890-1890                                           
Buzz Murphy          OF     CO   1918-1919  Robert R. Murphy                         
Clarence Murphy             --   1886-1886                                           
Con Murphy                  --   1884-1890                                           
Connie Murphy               --   1893-1894                                           
Dale Murphy          OF     OR   1976-1993  Dale Bryan Murphy                        
Dan Murphy           P      CA   1989-1989  Daniel Lee Murphy                        
Daniel Murphy        2B     FL   2008-2014  Daniel Thomas Murphy                     
Danny Murphy         C      NY   1892-1892  Daniel Joseph Murphy                     
Danny Murphy         2B-OF  PA   1903-1913  Daniel Francis Murphy                    
Danny Murphy         P-OF   MA   1960-1970  Daniel Francis Murphy                    
Dave Murphy          SS-3B  MA   1905-1905  David Francis Murphy                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
David Murphy         LF     TX   2006-2014  David Matthew Murphy                     
Dick Murphy          H      OH   1954-1954  Richard Lee Murphy                       
Donnie Murphy        SS-3B  CA   2004-2014  Donald Rex Murphy                        
Dummy Murphy         SS     IL   1914-1914  Herbert Courtland Murphy                 
Dwayne Murphy        OF     CA   1978-1989  Dwayne Keith Murphy                      
Ed Murphy            1B     IL   1942-1942  Edward Joseph Murphy                     
Ed Murphy            P      NY   1903-1903  Edward J. Murphy                         
Eddie Murphy         OF     NY   1912-1926  John Edward Murphy                       
Frank Murphy         OF     NY   1901-1901  Francis Patrick Murphy                   
Howard Murphy        OF     AL   1909-1909  Howard Murphy                            
J.R. Murphy          C      FL   2013-2013  John Ryan Murphy                         
J.R. Murphy          C      CA   2014-2014  Jeffrey R. Murphy                        
Joe Murphy           P      MO   1886-1887  Joseph Akin Murphy                       
John Murphy          OF     PA   1884-1884  John Henry Murphy                        
John Murphy          SS     CT   1903-1903  John Patrick Murphy                      
Johnny Murphy        P      NY   1932-1947  John Joseph Murphy                       
Larry Murphy         OF     ON   1891-1891  Patrick Lawrence Murphy                  
Leo Murphy           C      IN   1915-1915  Leon Joseph Murphy                       
Mike Murphy          C      PA   1912-1916  Michael Jerome Murphy                    
Morgan Murphy        C      RI   1890-1901  Morgan Edward Murphy                     
Pat Murphy           C      MA   1887-1890  Patrick J. Murphy                        
Rob Murphy           P      FL   1985-1995  Robert Albert Murphy                     
Tom Murphy           P      OH   1968-1979  Thomas Andrew Murphy                     
Tommy Murphy         SS     NY   2006-2007  Thomas Christian Murphy                  
Tony Murphy          C      NY   1884-1884  Francis J. Murphy                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Walter Murphy        P      NY   1931-1931  Walter Joseph Murphy                     
Willie Murphy        OF     MA   1884-1884  William H. Murphy                        
Yale Murphy          SS     MA   1894-1897  William Henry Murphy                     
A.J. Murray          P      UT   2007-2008  Arlington John Murray                    
Amby Murray          P      MA   1936-1936  Ambrose Joseph Murray                    
Bill Murray          2B     ME   1917-1917  William Allenwood Murray                 
Bobby Murray         3B     VT   1923-1923  Robert Hayes Murray                      
Calvin Murray        CF     TX   1999-2004  Calvin Duane Murray                      
Dale Murray          P      TX   1974-1985  Dale Albert Murray                       
Dan Murray           P      CA   1999-2000  Daniel Saffle Murray                     
Ed Murray            SS     CT   1917-1917  Edward Francis Murray                    
Eddie Murray         1B     CA   1977-1997  Eddie Clarence Murray                    
George Murray        P      NC   1922-1933  George King Murray                       
Glenn Murray         RF     SC   1996-1996  Glenn Everett Murray                     
Heath Murray         P      OH   1997-2002  Heath Robertson Murray                   
Jim Murray           OF     TX   1911-1914  James Oscar Murray                       
Jim Murray           P      PA   1922-1922  James Francis Murray                     
Joe Murray           P      PA   1950-1950  Joseph Ambrose Murray                    
Larry Murray         OF     IL   1974-1979  Larry Murray                             
Matt Murray          P      MA   1995-1995  Matthew Michael Murray                   
Miah Murray          C      MA   1884-1891  Jeremiah J. Murray                       
Pat Murray           P      NY   1919-1919  Patrick Joseph Murray                    
Ray Murray           C      NC   1948-1954  Ramond Lee Murray                        
Red Murray           OF     PA   1906-1917  John Joseph Murray                       
Rich Murray          1B     CA   1980-1983  Richard Dale Murray                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tom Murray           SS     NJ   1894-1894  Tom Murray                               
Tony Murray          OF     IL   1923-1923  Anthony Joseph Murray                    
Ivan Murrell         OF     PN   1963-1974  Ivan Augustus Murrell (Peters)           
Danny Murtaugh       2B     PA   1941-1951  Daniel Edward Murtaugh                   
Matt Murton          OF     FL   2005-2009  Matthew Henry Murton                     
Tony Muser           1B     CA   1969-1978  Anthony Joseph Muser                     
Dennis Musgraves     P      IN   1965-1965  Dennis Eugene Musgraves                  
Stan Musial          OF-1B  PA   1941-1963  Stanley Frank Musial                     
Jeff Musselman       P      PA   1986-1990  Jeffrey Joseph Musselman                 
Ron Musselman        P      NC   1982-1985  Ralph Ronald Musselman                   
Danny Musser         3B     PA   1932-1932  William Daniel Musser                    
Neal Musser          P      IN   2007-2008  Neal Gordon Musser                       
Paul Musser          P      PA   1912-1919  Paul Musser                              
Barney Mussill       P      PA   1944-1944  Bernard James Mussill                    
Mike Mussina         P      PA   1991-2008  Michael Cole Mussina                     
Alex Mustaikis       P      MA   1940-1940  Alexander Dominick Mustaikis             
Jeff Mutis           P      PA   1991-1994  Jeffrey Thomas Mutis                     
George Myatt         2B-3B  CO   1938-1947  George Edward Myatt                      
Glenn Myatt          C      AR   1920-1936  Glenn Calvin Myatt                       
Buddy Myer           2B     MS   1925-1941  Charles Solomon Myer                     
Al Myers                    --   1884-1891                                           
Bert Myers           3B     MD   1896-1900  James Albert Myers                       
Billy Myers          SS     PA   1935-1941  William Harrison Myers                   
Brett Myers          P      FL   2002-2013  Brett Allan Myers                        
Elmer Myers          P      PA   1915-1922  Elmer Glenn Myers                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
George Myers                --   1884-1889                                           
Greg Myers           C      CA   1987-2005  Gregory Richard Myers                    
Hap Myers            1B     CA   1910-1913  Ralph Edward Myers                       
Henry Myers                 --   1881-1884                                           
Hy Myers             OF     OH   1909-1925  Henry Harrison Myers                     
Jimmy Myers          P      OK   1996-1996  James Xavier Myers                       
Joseph Myers         P      DE   1905-1905  Joseph William Myers                     
Lynn Myers           SS     PA   1938-1939  Lynnwood Lincoln Myers                   
Mike Myers           P      IL   1995-2007  Michael Stanley Myers                    
Randy Myers          P      WA   1985-1998  Randall Kirk Myers                       
Richie Myers         H      CA   1956-1956  Richard Myers                            
Rod Myers            CF-LF  TX   1996-1997  Roderick Demond Myers                    
Rodney Myers         P      IL   1996-2004  Rodney Luther Myers                      
Wil Myers            RF     NC   2013-2014  William Bradford Myers                   
Aaron Myette         P      BC   1999-2004  Aaron Kenneth Myette                     
Bob Myrick           P      MS   1976-1978  Robert Howard Myrick                     
Brian Myrow          3B     TX   2005-2008  Brian Shawn Myrow                        

Major Leaguers by Letter

Select a letter to see a list of historical Major Leaguers starting with that letter.

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Minor Leaguers

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College Players

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