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The list of players below are Major Leaguers who begin with the letter 'D' since 1903. Click on a player to see his TBC player card. Active players are in bold.

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Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
John D'Acquisto      P      CA   1973-1982  John Francis D'Acquisto                  
Jeff D'Amico         P      FL   1996-2004  Jeffrey Charles D'Amico                  
Jeff D'Amico         P      CA   2000-2000  Jeffrey Michael D'Amico                  
Jamie D'Antona       3B     CT   2008-2008  Jamie Joseph D'Antona                    
Chase D'arnaud       SS     CA   2011-2014  Chase Jonathan d'Arnaud                  
Travis D'Arnaud      C      CA   2013-2014  Travis E. D'Arnaud                       
Omar Daal            P      VZ   1993-2003  Omar Jose Cordero Daal                   
Paul Dade            OF-3B  WA   1975-1980  Lonnie Paul Dade                         
John Dagenhard       P      OH   1943-1943  John Douglas Dagenhard                   
Pete Daglia          P      CA   1932-1932  Peter George Daglia                      
Angelo Dagres        OF     MA   1955-1955  Angelo George Dagres                     
Jay Dahl             P      CA   1963-1963  Jay Steven Dahl                          
Bill Dahlen          SS     NY   1903-1911  William Frederick Dahlen                 
Babe Dahlgren        1B     CA   1935-1946  Ellsworth Tenney Dahlgren                
Jerry Dahlke         P      WI   1956-1956  Jerome Alexander Dahlke                  
Casey Daigle         P      LA   2004-2010  Sean Casey Daigle                        
Bill Dailey          P      VA   1961-1964  William Garland Dailey                   
Sam Dailey           P      IL   1929-1929  Samuel Laurence Dailey                   
Bruce Dalcanton      P      PA   1967-1977  John Bruce Dalcanton                     
Carl Dale            P      IN   1999-1999  James Carl Dale                          
Gene Dale            P      MO   1911-1916  Emmett Eugene Dale                       
Pete Dalena          DH     CA   1989-1989  Peter Martin Dalena                      
Mark Dalesandro      C-3B   IL   1994-1999  Mark Anthony Dalesandro                  
Bud Daley            P      CA   1955-1964  Leavitt Leo Daley                        
John Daley           SS     PA   1912-1912  John Francis Daley                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jud Daley            OF     CT   1911-1912  Judson Lawrence Daley                    
Matt Daley           P      NY   2009-2014  Matthew Thomas Daley                     
Pete Daley           C      CA   1955-1961  Peter Harvey Daley                       
Tom Daley            OF     PA   1908-1915  Thomas Francis Daley                     
Dom Dallessandro     OF     PA   1937-1947  Nicholas Dominic Dallessandro            
Brian Dallimore      2B-3B  NV   2004-2005  Brian Scott Dallimore                    
Bill Dalrymple       3B     MD   1915-1915  William Dunn Dalrymple                   
Clay Dalrymple       C      CA   1960-1971  Clayton Errol Dalrymple                  
Jack Dalton          OF     TN   1910-1916  Talbot Percy Dalton                      
Mike Dalton          P      CA   1991-1991  Michael Edward Dalton                    
Bert Daly            2B-3B  NJ   1903-1903  Albert Joseph Daly                       
George Daly          P      NY   1909-1909  George Josephs Daly                      
Tom Daly             2B     PA   1903-1903  Thomas Peter Daly                        
Tom Daly             C      NB   1913-1921  Thomas Daniel Daly                       
Bill Dam             OF     MA   1909-1909  Elbridge Rust Dam                        
Jack Damaska         2B-OF  PA   1963-1963  Jack Lloyd Damaska                       
Johnny Damon         LF     KS   1995-2012  Johnny David Damon                       
Harry Damrau         3B     NY   1915-1915  Harry Robert Damrau                      
Pat Daneker          P      PA   1999-1999  Patrick Rees Daneker                     
Art Daney            P      OK   1928-1928  Arthur Lee Daney                         
Dave Danforth        P      TX   1911-1925  David Charles Danforth                   
Chuck Daniel         P      AR   1957-1957  Charles Edward Daniel                    
Jake Daniel          1B     AL   1937-1937  Handley Jacob Daniel                     
Bennie Daniels       P      AL   1957-1965  Bennie Daniels Jr.                       
Bert Daniels         OF     IL   1910-1914  Bernard Elmer Daniels                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jack Daniels         OF     PA   1952-1952  Harold Jack Daniels                      
Kal Daniels          LF     GA   1986-1992  Kalvoski Daniels                         
Tony Daniels         2B     NC   1945-1945  Frederick Clinton Daniels                
John Danks           P      TX   2007-2014  John William Danks                       
Jordan Danks         CF-OF  TX   2012-2014  Jordan C. Danks                          
Buck Danner          SS     MA   1915-1915  Henry Frederick Danner                   
Harry Danning        C      CA   1933-1942  -                                        
Ike Danning          C      CA   1928-1928  Ike Danning                              
Fats Dantonio        C      LA   1944-1945  John James Dantonio                      
Babe Danzig          1B     NY   1909-1909  Harold P. Danzig                         
Cliff Dapper         C      CA   1942-1942  Clifford Roland Dapper                   
Pat Darcy            P      OH   1974-1976  Patrick Leonard Darcy                    
Vic Darensbourg      P      CA   1998-2005  Victor Anthony Darensbourg               
Rolla Daringer       SS     IN   1914-1915  Rolla Harrison Daringer                  
Alvin Dark           SS-3B  OK   1946-1960  Alvin Ralph Dark                         
Ron Darling          P      HI   1983-1995  Ronald Maurice Darling                   
Bob Darnell          P      OK   1954-1956  Robert Jack Darnell                      
James Darnell        OF     CA   2011-2012  James T. Darnell                         
Logan Darnell        P      TN   2014-2014  Logan Reece Darnell                      
Mike Darr            RF-CF  CA   1999-2001  Michael Curtis Darr                      
Mike Darr            P      CA   1977-1977  Michael Edward Darr                      
George Darrow        P      KS   1934-1934  George Oliver Darrow                     
Yu Darvish           P      JP   2012-2014  Yu Darvish                               
Bobby Darwin         OF     CA   1962-1977  Arthur Bobby Lee Darwin                  
Danny Darwin         P      TX   1978-1998  Daniel Wayne Darwin                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jeff Darwin          P      TX   1994-1997  Jeffrey Scott Darwin                     
Doug Dascenzo        CF-LF  OH   1988-1996  Douglas Craig Dascenzo                   
Wally Dashiell       SS     TX   1924-1924  John Wallace Dashiell                    
Lee Dashner          P      IL   1913-1913  Lee Claire Dashner                       
Frank Dasso          P      IL   1945-1946  Frank Joseph Nicholas Dasso              
Jeff Datz            C      NJ   1989-1989  Jeffrey William Datz                     
Brian Daubach        1B     IL   1998-2005  Brian Michael Daubach                    
Harry Daubert        H      OH   1915-1915  Harry Daubert                            
Jake Daubert         1B     PA   1910-1924  Jacob Ellsworth Daubert                  
Rich Dauer           2B-3B  CA   1976-1985  Richard Fremont Dauer                    
Doc Daugherty        H      PA   1951-1951  Harold Ray Daugherty                     
Jack Daugherty       LF-1B  FL   1987-1993  John Michael Daugherty                   
Bob Daughters        H      OH   1937-1937  Robert Francis Daughters                 
Darren Daulton       C      KS   1983-1997  Darren Arthur Daulton                    
Hooks Dauss          P      IN   1912-1926  George August Dauss                      
Vic Davalillo        OF     VZ   1963-1980  Victor Jose (Romero) Davilillo           
Yo-Yo Davalillo      SS     VZ   1953-1953  Pompeyo Antonio (Romero) Davalillo       
Jeff DaVanon         RF-CF  CA   1999-2007  Jeffrey Graham Davanon                   
Jerry Davanon        2B-SS  CA   1969-1977  Frank Gerald Davanon                     
Claude Davenport     P      TX   1920-1920  Claude Edwin Davenport                   
Dave Davenport       P      LA   1914-1919  David W. Davenport                       
Jim Davenport        3B     AL   1958-1970  James Houston Davenport                  
Joe Davenport        P      IL   1999-2001  Joseph Jonathan Davenport                
Lum Davenport        P      AZ   1921-1924  Joubert Lum Davenport                    
Mike Davey           P      WA   1977-1978  Michael Gerard Davey                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tom Davey            P      MI   1999-2002  Thomas Joseph Davey                      
Ray Daviault         P      QC   1962-1962  Raymond Joseph Robert Daviault           
Andre David          OF     CA   1984-1986  Andre Anter David                        
Bill Davidson        OF     IN   1909-1911  William Simpson Davidson                 
Bob Davidson         P      GE   1989-1989  Robert Banks Davidson                    
Claude Davidson      2B-OF  MA   1918-1919  Claude Boucher Davidson                  
Cleatus Davidson     2B-SS  FL   1999-1999  Cleatus Lavon Davidson                   
Daniel Davidson      P      FL   2009-2009  Daniel Gerome Davidson                   
David Davidson       P      ON   2007-2009  David Lawrence Davidson                  
Homer Davidson       C      OH   1908-1908  Homer Hurd Davidson                      
Mark Davidson        RF-LF  TN   1986-1991  John Mark Davidson                       
Matt Davidson        3B     CA   2013-2013  Matthew Glen Davidson                    
Ted Davidson         P      NV   1965-1968  Thomas Eugene Davidson                   
Jerry Davie          P      MI   1959-1959  Gerald Lee Davie                         
Chick Davies         P-OF   MA   1914-1926  Lloyd Garrison Davies                    
Kyle Davies          P      GA   2005-2011  Hiram Kyle Davies                        
Alvin Davis          1B     CA   1984-1992  Alvin Glenn Davis                        
Ben Davis            C      PA   1998-2004  Mark Christopher Davis                   
Bill Davis           1B     MN   1965-1969  Arthur Willard Davis                     
Blake Davis          SS     CA   2011-2011  Blake Jonathan Davis                     
Bob Davis            P      NY   1958-1960  Robert Edward Davis                      
Bob Davis            C      OK   1973-1981  Robert John Eugene Davis                 
Brad Davis           C      CA   2010-2010  Bradley Edward Davis                     
Brandy Davis         OF     DE   1952-1953  Robert Brandon Davis                     
Brock Davis          OF     CA   1963-1972  Bryshear Barnett Davis                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bud Davis            P      VA   1915-1915  John Wilbur Davis                        
Butch Davis          OF     NC   1983-1994  Wallace McArthur Davis                   
Chili Davis          OF     JM   1981-1999  Charles Theodore Davis                   
Chris Davis          1B     TX   2008-2014  Christopher L. Davis                     
Crash Davis          2B-SS  GA   1940-1942  Lawrence Columbus Davis                  
Curt Davis           P      MO   1934-1946  Curtis Benton Davis                      
Dick Davis           OF     CA   1977-1982  Richard Earl Davis                       
Doug Davis           C-3B   PA   1988-1992  Douglas Raymond Davis                    
Doug Davis           P      CA   1999-2011  Douglas N. Davis                         
Eric Davis           CF-LF  CA   1984-2001  Eric Keith Davis                         
Erik Davis           P      CA   2013-2014  Erik R. Davis                            
George Davis         P      NY   1912-1915  George Allen Davis                       
George Davis         SS     NY   1903-1909  George Stacey Davis                      
Gerry Davis          OF     NJ   1983-1985  Gerald Edward Davis                      
Glenn Davis          1B     FL   1984-1993  Glenn Earle Davis                        
Harry Davis          1B     LA   1932-1937  Harry Albert Davis                       
Harry Davis          1B     PA   1903-1917  Harry H Davis                            
Ike Davis            SS     CO   1919-1925  Isaac Marion Davis                       
Ike Davis            1B     MN   2010-2014  Isaac Bejamin Davis                      
J.J. Davis           RF     CA   2002-2005  Jerry C. Davis                           
Jacke Davis          OF     TX   1962-1962  Jacke Sylvestra Davis                    
Jason Davis          P      TN   2002-2008  Jason Thomas Davis                       
Jim Davis            P      CA   1954-1957  James Bennett Davis                      
Jody Davis           C      GA   1981-1990  Jody Richard Davis                       
Joel Davis           P      FL   1985-1988  Joel Clark Davis                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
John Davis           3B     PA   1941-1941  John Humphrey Davis                      
John Davis           P      IL   1987-1990  John Kirk Davis                          
Kane Davis           P      WV   2000-2007  Kane Thomas Davis                        
Khris Davis          LF-OF  CA   2013-2014  Khris Adrian Davis                       
Kiddo Davis          OF     CT   1932-1938  George Willis Davis                      
Lance Davis          P      FL   2001-2001  Johnny Lance Davis                       
Lefty Davis          OF     TN   1903-1907  Alphonzo De Ford Davis                   
Mark Davis           P      GA   1980-1997  Mark William Davis                       
Mark Davis           RF     CA   1991-1991  Mark Anthony Davis                       
Mike Davis           OF     CA   1980-1989  Michael Dwayne Davis                     
Odie Davis           SS     TX   1980-1980  Odie Ernest Davis                        
Otis Davis           H      AR   1946-1946  Otis Allen Davis                         
Peaches Davis        P      TX   1936-1939  Roy Thomas Davis                         
Rajai Davis          LF-RF  CT   2006-2014  Rajai Lavae Davis                        
Ron Davis            P      TX   1978-1988  Ronald Gene Davis                        
Ron Davis            OF     NC   1962-1969  Ronald Everette Davis                    
Russ Davis           3B     AL   1994-2001  Russell Stewart Davis                    
Spud Davis           C      AL   1928-1945  Virgil Lawrence Davis                    
Steve Davis          P      TX   1985-1989  Steven Kennon Davis                      
Steve Davis          2B-3B  CA   1979-1979  Steven Michael Davis                     
Storm Davis          P      TX   1982-1994  George Earl Davis                        
Tim Davis            P      FL   1994-1997  Timothy Howard Davis                     
Tod Davis            SS-3B  CA   1949-1951  Thomas Oscar Davis                       
Tommy Davis          C-1B   AL   1999-1999  Thomas James Davis Jr.                   
Tommy Davis          OF     NY   1959-1976  Herman Thomas Davis                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Trench Davis         OF     MD   1985-1987  Trench Neal Davis                        
Wade Davis           P      FL   2009-2014  Wade Allen Davis                         
Willie Davis         OF     AR   1960-1979  William Henry Davis                      
Woody Davis          P      GA   1938-1938  Woodrow Wilson Davis                     
Dixie Davisheath     P      NC   1912-1926  Frank Talmadge Davis                     
Mike Davison         P      IL   1969-1970  Michael Lynn Davison                     
Scott Davison        P      CA   1995-1996  Scotty Ray Davison                       
Gookie Dawkins       3B     SC   1999-2003  Travis Sentell Dawkins                   
Bill Dawley          P      CT   1983-1989  William Chester Dawley                   
Joey Dawley          P      CA   2002-2004  Joseph Thomas Dawley                     
Andre Dawson         OF     FL   1976-1996  Andre Nolan Dawson                       
Joe Dawson           P      WA   1924-1929  Ralph Fenton Dawson                      
Rex Dawson           P      WA   1913-1913  Rexford Paul Dawson                      
Boots Day            OF     NY   1969-1974  Charles Frederick Day                    
Dewon Day            P      MS   2007-2007  Amos Dewon Day                           
Pea Ridge Day        P      AR   1924-1931  Clyde Henry Day                          
Zach Day             P      OH   2002-2006  Stephen Zachary Day                      
Brian Dayett         OF     CT   1983-1987  Brian Kelly Dayett                       
Ken Dayley           P      ID   1982-1993  Kenneth Grant Dayley                     
Alejandro De Aza     CF-LF  DR   2007-2014  Alejandro Alberto De Aza (Ceda)          
Justin De Fratus     P      CA   2011-2014  Justin Andrew De Fratus                  
Jordan De Jong       P      IA   2007-2007  Jordan Jay De Jong                       
Frankie De la cruz   P      DR   2007-2011  Eulogio Martinez De La Cruz              
Tommy De la cruz     P      CU   1944-1944  Tomas de la Cruz Rivero                  
Mike De la Hoz       P      CU   1960-1969  Miguel Angel de la Hoz Piloto            

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Roland De La Maza    P      CA   1997-1997  Roland Robert De La Maza                 
Dane De la Rosa      P      CA   2011-2014  Dane D. De la Rosa                       
Eury De La Rosa      P      DR   2013-2014  Eury De La Rosa                          
Francisco De la rosa P      DR   1991-1991  Francisco de la Rosa Jimenez             
Jesus De la rosa     H      DR   1975-1975  Jesus De la rosa                         
Jorge De La Rosa     P      MX   2004-2014  Jorge Alberto De La Rosa                 
Rubby De La Rosa     P      DR   2011-2014  Rubby Carlos De La Rosa                  
Tomas De La Rosa     SS     DR   2000-2006  Tomas Agramonte de la Rosa               
Jose De La Torre     P      PR   2013-2013  Jose De La Torre                         
Jorge De Leon        P      DR   2013-2014  Jorge De Leon                            
Fautino De Los Santos P      DR   2011-2012  Fautino De Los Santos                    
Luis De Los Santos   P      DR   2002-2002  Luis De Los Santos                       
Luis De los Santos   1B     DR   1988-1991  Luis Manuel De Los Santos Martinez       
Ramon De los Santos  P      DR   1974-1974  Ramon de los Santos Genero               
Valerio De Los Santos P      DR   1998-2008  Valerio Lorenzo De Los Santos            
Roger Deago          P      PN   2003-2003  Roger I. Deago                           
Charlie Deal         3B     PA   1912-1921  Charles Albert Deal                      
Cot Deal             P      OK   1947-1954  Ellis Fergason Deal                      
Lindsay Deal         OF     NC   1939-1939  Fred Lindsay Deal                        
Snake Deal           1B     PA   1906-1906  John Wesley Deal                         
Chubby Dean          P      NC   1936-1943  Alfred Lovill Dean                       
Dizzy Dean           P      AR   1930-1947  Jay Hanna Dean                           
Harry Dean           P      GA   1941-1941  James Harry Dean                         
Paul Dean            P      AR   1934-1943  Paul Dee Dean                            
Tommy Dean           SS     MS   1967-1971  Tommy Douglas Dean                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Wayland Dean         P      WV   1924-1927  Wayland Ogden Dean                       
Buddy Dear           2B     VA   1927-1927  Paul Stanford Dear                       
Charlie DeArmond     3B     OH   1903-1903  Charles Hommer DeArmond                  
Dennis DeBarr        P      WY   1977-1977  Dennis Lee DeBarr                        
Hank DeBerry         C      TN   1916-1930  John Herman DeBerry                      
Joe DeBerry          P      NC   1920-1921  Joseph Gaddy DeBerry                     
Adam Debus           SS-3B  IL   1917-1917  Adam Joseph Debus                        
Dave DeBusschere     P      MI   1962-1963  David Albert DeBusschere                 
Yurendell DeCaster   IF     NT   2006-2006  Yurendell Eithel Decaster                
Art Decatur          P      OH   1922-1927  Arthur Rue Decatur                       
Doug DeCinces        3B     CA   1973-1987  Douglas Vernon Decinces                  
Jaff Decker          OF     AZ   2013-2014  Jaff Kyle Decker                         
Joe Decker           P      IA   1969-1979  George Henry Decker Jr.                  
Marty Decker         P      CA   1983-1983  Dee Martin Decker                        
Steve Decker         C      IL   1990-1999  Steven Michael Decker                    
Artie Dede           C      NY   1916-1916  Arthur Richard Dede                      
Rod Dedeaux          SS     LA   1935-1935  Raoul Martial Dedaux                     
Jeff Dedmon          P      CA   1983-1988  Jeffrey Linden Dedmon                    
Jim Dedrick          P      CA   1995-1995  James Michael Dedrick                    
Samuel Deduno        P      DR   2010-2014  Samuel Deduno                            
Shorty Dee           SS     NS   1915-1915  Maurice Leo Dee                          
Rob Deer             RF-OF  CA   1984-1996  Robert George Deer                       
John Deering         P      MA   1903-1903  John Thomas Deering                      
Charlie Dees         1B     AL   1963-1965  Charles Henry Dees                       
Tony DeFate          2B     MO   1917-1917  Clyde Herbert DeFate                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Arturo DeFreitas     1B     DR   1978-1979  Arturo Marcellino DeFreitas              
Mike Degerick        P      NY   1961-1962  Michael Arthur Degerick                  
Rube DeGroff         OF     NY   1905-1906  Edward Arthur DeGroff                    
Jacob DeGrom         P      FL   2014-2014  Jacob Anthony deGrom                     
Kory DeHaan          RF-LF  IA   2000-2002  Korwin Jay Dehaan                        
Rick DeHart          P      KS   1997-2003  Richard Allen Dehart                     
Jim Deidel           C      CO   1974-1974  James Lawrence Deidel                    
Pep Deininger        OF     GE   1909-1909  Otto Charles Deininger                   
Pat Deisel           C      OH   1903-1903  Edward Deisel                            
Bill Deitrick        OF-SS  VA   1927-1928  William Alexander Dietrick               
Mike Dejan           OF     OH   1940-1940  Michael Dan DeJan                        
Mike DeJean          P      LA   1997-2006  Michael Dwain Dejean                     
David DeJesus        CF     NY   2003-2014  David Christopher DeJesus                
Ivan DeJesus         SS     PR   1974-1988  Ivan (Alvarez) Dejesus                   
Ivan DeJesus         2B     PR   2011-2012  Ivan DeJesus Jr.                         
Jose DeJesus         P      NY   1988-1994  Jose Luis Dejesus                        
Mark DeJohn          SS     CT   1982-1982  Mark Stephen DeJohn                      
Bill DeKoning        C      NY   1945-1945  William Callahan DeKoning                
Bobby Del Greco      OF     PA   1952-1965  Robert George Del Greco                  
Enerio Del Rosario   P      DR   2010-2012  Enerio del Rosario                       
Garton Del Savio     SS     NY   1943-1943  Garton Orville Del Savio                 
Miguel Del Toro      P      MX   1999-2000  Miguel Alfonso Del Toro                  
Steven Delabar       P      KY   2011-2014  Steven Edward Delabar                    
Ed Delahanty         OF     OH   1903-1903  Edward James Delahanty                   
Frank Delahanty      OF     OH   1905-1908  Frank George Delahanty                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Delahanty        2B-3B  OH   1904-1912  James Christopher Delahanty              
Joe Delahanty        OF     OH   1907-1909  Joseph Nicholas Delahanty                
Bill DeLancey        C      NC   1932-1940  William Pinkney DeLancey                 
Art Delaney          P      IL   1924-1929  Arthur Dewey Delaney                     
Rob Delaney          P      NJ   2010-2011  Robert James Delaney                     
Manny Delcarmen      P      MA   2005-2010  Manuel Delcarmen                         
Jose DeLeon          P      DR   1983-1995  Jose Deleon Chestaro                     
Luis DeLeon          P      PR   1981-1989  Luis Antonio Deleon Tricoche             
Alex Delgado         C-LF   VZ   1996-1996  Alexander Delgado                        
Carlos Delgado       1B     PR   1993-2009  Carlos Juan Delgado                      
Jesus Delgado        P      VZ   2008-2008  Jesus Andres Delgado                     
Puchy Delgado        OF     DR   1977-1977  Luis Felipe (Robles) Delgado             
Randall Delgado      P      PN   2011-2014  Randall Enrique Delgado                  
Wilson Delgado       SS-2B  DR   1996-2004  Wilson Duran Delgado                     
Flame Delhi          P      AZ   1912-1912  Lee William Delhi                        
Juan Delis           3B-OF  CU   1955-1955  Juan Francisco Delis                     
Eddie Delker         2B     PA   1929-1933  Edward Alberts Delker                    
Wheezer Dell         P      NV   1912-1917  William George Dell                      
Jason Dellaero       SS     NY   1999-1999  Jason Christopher Dellaero               
David Dellucci       LF-RF  LA   1997-2009  David Michael Dellucci                   
Bert Delmas          2B     CA   1933-1933  Albert Charles Delmas                    
Ike Delock           P      MI   1952-1963  Ivan Martin Delock                       
Jim Delsing          OF     WI   1948-1960  James Henry Delsing                      
Rich DeLucia         P      PA   1990-1999  Richard Anthony Delucia                  
Joe DeMaestri        SS     CA   1951-1961  Joseph Paul DeMaestri                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Al Demaree           P      IL   1912-1919  Albert Wentworth Demaree                 
Frank Demaree        OF     CA   1932-1944  Joseph Frank Demaree                     
Chris Demaria        P      CA   2005-2006  Chris Neil Demaria                       
Billy DeMars         SS     NY   1948-1951  William Lester DeMars                    
Sam Demel            P      TX   2010-2012  Samuel Vincent Demel                     
John DeMerit         OF     WI   1957-1962  John Stephen DeMerit                     
Larry Demery         P      CA   1974-1977  Lawrence Calvin Demery                   
Don Demeter          OF     OK   1956-1967  Donald Lee Demeter                       
Steve Demeter        3B     PA   1959-1960  Stephen Demeter                          
Ray Demmitt          OF     IL   1909-1919  Charles Raymond Demmitt                  
Don Demola           P      NY   1974-1975  Donald John Demola                       
Gene DeMontreville   2B     MN   1903-1904  Eugene Napoleon DeMontreville            
Lee DeMontreville    SS     MN   1903-1903  Leon DeMontreville                       
Ben Demott           P      NJ   1910-1911  Benyew Harrison Demott                   
Con Dempsey          P      CA   1951-1951  Cornelius Francis Dempsey                
Mark Dempsey         P      OH   1982-1982  Mark Steven Dempsey                      
Rick Dempsey         C      TN   1969-1992  John Rikard Dempsey                      
Ryan Dempster        P      BC   1998-2013  Ryan Scott Dempster                      
Matt Den Dekker      CF-OF  FL   2013-2014  Matthew G. Den Dekker                    
Bill Denehy          P      CT   1967-1971  William Francis Denehy                   
Travis Denker        1B-2B  CA   2008-2008  Travis Norton Denker                     
Brian Denman         P      MN   1982-1982  Brian John Denman                        
Tod Dennehey         OF     PA   1923-1923  Thomas Francis Dennehey                  
Kyle Denney          P      OK   2004-2004  Kyle Dean Denney                         
Ryan Dennick         P      OH   2014-2014  Ryan David Dennick...                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Otto Denning         C-1B   KS   1942-1943  Otto George Denning                      
Don Dennis           P      KS   1965-1966  Donald Ray Dennis                        
John Denny           P      AZ   1974-1986  John Allen Denny                         
Chris Denorfia       RF-LF  CT   2005-2014  Christopher Anthony Denofria             
Drew Denson          1B     OH   1989-1993  Andrew Denson                            
Bucky Dent           SS     GA   1973-1984  Russell Earl (Dent) O'Dey                
Eddie Dent           P      MD   1909-1912  Elliott Estill Dent                      
Sam Dente            SS     NJ   1947-1955  Samuel Joseph Dente                      
Joe Depastino        C      PA   2003-2003  Joseph Bernard Depastino                 
Jorge DePaula        P      DR   2003-2005  Jorge A. DePaula                         
Julio DePaula        P      DR   2007-2007  Julio Cesar Depaula                      
Sean DePaula         P      MA   1999-2002  Sean Michael Depaula                     
Tony DePhillips      C      NY   1943-1943  Anthony Andrew DePhillips                
Bob Dernier          OF     MO   1980-1989  Robert Eugene Dernier                    
Mark DeRosa          2B-3B  NJ   1998-2013  Mark Thomas Derosa                       
Claud Derrick        SS-2B  GA   1910-1914  Claud Lester Derrick                     
Mike Derrick         OF-1B  SC   1970-1970  James Michael Derrick                    
Paul Derringer       P      KY   1931-1945  Samuel Paul Derringer                    
Jim Derrington       P      CA   1956-1957  Charles James Derrington                 
Russ Derry           OF     MO   1944-1949  Alva Russell Derry                       
Joe DeSa             1B     HI   1980-1985  Joseph Desa                              
Matt DeSalvo         P      PA   2007-2008  Matthew Thomas Desalvo                   
Gene Desautels       C      MA   1930-1946  Eugene Abraham Desautels                 
Daniel Descalso      SS-2B  CA   2010-2014  Daniel William Descalso                  
Anthony DeSclafani   P      NJ   2014-2014  Anthony J. DeSclafani                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Deshaies         P      NY   1984-1995  James Joseph Deshaies                    
Delino DeShields     2B     DE   1990-2002  Delino Lamont Deshields                  
Jimmie DeShong       P      PA   1932-1939  James Brooklyn DeShong                   
John DeSilva         P      CA   1993-1995  John Reed Desilva                        
Shorty Desjardien    P      KS   1916-1916  Paul Raymond Desjardien                  
Ian Desmond          SS     FL   2009-2014  Ian M. Desmond                           
Odrisamer Despaigne  P      CU   2014-2014  Odrisamer Despaigne                      
Rube Dessau          P      PA   1907-1910  Frank Rolland Dessau                     
Elmer Dessens        P      MX   1996-2010  Elmer Dessens Jusaino                    
Orestes Destrade     1B     CU   1987-1994  Orestes (Cucuas) Destrade                
Bob Detherage        OF     MO   1980-1980  Robert Wayne Detherage                   
George DeTore        3B-SS  NY   1930-1931  George Francis Detore                    
John Dettmer         P      IL   1994-1995  John Franklin Dettmer                    
Tom Dettore          P      PA   1973-1976  Thomas Anthony Dettore Jr.               
Ducky Detweiler      3B     PA   1942-1946  Robert Sterling Detweiler                
Ross Detwiler        P      MO   2007-2014  Ross Emery Detwiler                      
Mel Deutsch          P      TX   1946-1946  Melvin Elliott Deutsch                   
Cesar Devarez        C      DR   1995-1996  Cesar Salvatore Devarez Santana          
Charlie Devens       P      MA   1932-1934  Charles Devens                           
Mike Devereaux       CF-RF  WY   1987-1998  Michael Devereaux                        
Adrian Devine        P      TX   1973-1980  Paul Adrian Devine                       
Joey Devine          P      KS   2005-2011  Joseph Neal Devine                       
Mickey Devine        C      NY   1918-1925  William Patrick Devine                   
Hal Deviney          P      NY   1920-1920  William Patrick Devine                   
Bernie DeViveiros    SS     CA   1924-1927  Bernard John DeViveiros                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Art Devlin           3B     DC   1904-1913  Arthur McArthur Devlin                   
Jim Devlin           C      PA   1944-1944  James Raymond Devlin                     
Rex DeVogt           C      MI   1913-1913  Rex Eugene DeVogt                        
Doug Devore          LF-RF  OH   2004-2004  Doug Rinehart Devore                     
Josh Devore          OF     OH   1908-1914  Joshua D. Devore                         
Al DeVormer          C      MI   1918-1927  Albert E. DeVormer                       
Walt DeVoy           OF     MO   1909-1909  Walter Joseph DeVoy                      
Cole Devries         P      MN   2012-2013  Cole William Devries                     
Mark Dewey           P      MI   1990-1996  Mark Alan Dewey                          
Jeff DeWillis        C      TX   1987-1987  Jeffrey Allen DeWillis                   
Blake DeWitt         2B     MO   2008-2013  Blake R. DeWitt                          
Matt DeWitt          P      CA   2000-2002  Matthew Brian DeWitt                     
Charlie Dexter       OF     IN   1903-1903  Charles Dana Dexter                      
Scott Diamond        P      ON   2011-2013  Scott Michael Diamond                    
Thomas Diamond       P      LA   2010-2010  Thomas Nicklaus Diamond                  
Alex Diaz            CF-RF  NY   1992-1999  Alexis Diaz                              
Argenis Diaz         SS     VZ   2010-2010  Argenis Jose Diaz                        
Bo Diaz              C      VZ   1977-1989  Baudilio Jose Diaz Seijas                
Carlos Diaz          P      HI   1982-1986  Carlos Antonio Diaz                      
Carlos Diaz          C      NJ   1990-1990  Carlos Francisco Diaz                    
Eddy Diaz            2B     VZ   1997-1997  Eddy Javier Diaz                         
Edgar Diaz           SS-2B  PR   1986-1990  Edgar Diaz Serrano                       
Edwin Diaz           2B-SS  PR   1998-1999  Edwin Diaz Rosario                       
Einar Diaz           C      PN   1996-2006  Einar Antonio Diaz                       
Felix Diaz           P      DR   2004-2004  Felix Antonio Diaz                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jairo Diaz           P      VZ   2014-2014  Jairo Jose Diaz                          
Jonathan Diaz        2B-3B  FL   2013-2014  Jonathan Diaz                            
Jose Diaz            P      DR   2014-2014  Jose Rafael Diaz                         
Joselo Diaz          P      DR   2006-2008  Joselo Soriano Diaz                      
Juan Diaz            1B     CU   2002-2002  Juan Carlos Diaz                         
Juan Diaz            SS     DR   2012-2012  Juan Habisail Diaz                       
Mario Diaz           SS-2B  PR   1987-1995  Mario Rafael Diaz Torres                 
Matt Diaz            LF-OF  OR   2003-2013  Matthew E. Diaz                          
Mike Diaz            1B-OF  CA   1983-1988  Michael Anthony Diaz                     
Robinzon Diaz        C      DR   2008-2009  Robinzon Henriquez Diaz                  
Victor Diaz          RF     DR   2004-2007  Victor Israel Diaz                       
Rob Dibble           P      CT   1988-1995  Robert Keith Dibble                      
Pedro Dibut          P      CU   1924-1925  Pedro Dibut Villafana                    
Paul Dicken          H      FL   1964-1966  Paul Franklin Dicken                     
Leo Dickerman        P      MO   1923-1925  Leo Louis Dickerman                      
Chris Dickerson      OF-DH  CA   2008-2014  Christopher Charles Dickerson            
Corey Dickerson      LF-OF  MS   2013-2014  McKenzie Corey Dickerson                 
George Dickerson     P      TX   1917-1917  George Clark Dickerson                   
Bill Dickey          C      LA   1928-1946  William Malcolm Dickey                   
George Dickey        C      AR   1935-1947  George Willard Dickey                    
R.A. Dickey          P      TN   2001-2014  Robert Alan Dickey                       
Emerson Dickman      P      NY   1936-1941  George Emerson Dickman                   
Johnny Dickshot      OF     IL   1936-1945  John Oscar Dickshot                      
Brandon Dickson      P      AL   2011-2012  Brandon Dickson                          
Jason Dickson        P      ON   1996-2000  Jason Royce Dickson                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Dickson          P      OR   1963-1966  James Edward Dickson                     
Lance Dickson        P      CA   1990-1990  Lance Michael Dickson                    
Murry Dickson        P      MO   1939-1959  Murry Monroe Dickson                     
Walt Dickson         P      TX   1910-1913  Walter R. Dickson                        
Bob Didier           C      MS   1969-1974  Robert Daniel Didier                     
Ernie Diehl          OF-SS  OH   1903-1909  Ernest Guy Diehl                         
George Diehl         P      PA   1942-1943  George Krause Diehl                      
Jake Diekman         P      NE   2012-2014  Jacob Tanner Diekman                     
Chuck Diering        OF     MO   1947-1956  Charles Edward Allen Diering             
Larry Dierker        P      CA   1964-1977  Lawrence Edward Dierker                  
Bill Dietrich        P      PA   1933-1948  William John Dietrich                    
Derek Dietrich       2B     OH   2013-2014  Derek Richard Dietrich                   
Dick Dietz           C      IN   1966-1973  Richard Allen Dietz                      
Dutch Dietz          P      OH   1940-1943  Lloyd Arthur Dietz                       
Roy Dietzel          2B-3B  MD   1954-1954  Leroy Louis Dietzel                      
Jay Difani           2B     MO   1948-1949  Clarence Joseph Difani                   
Mark DiFelice        P      PA   2008-2011  Mark Andrew Difelice                     
Mike DiFelice        C      PA   1996-2008  Michael William DiFelice                 
Ben Diggins          P      KS   2002-2002  Benjamin Howard Diggins                  
Reese Diggs          P      VA   1934-1934  Reese Wilson Diggs                       
Jack Dilauro         P      OH   1969-1970  Jack Edward Dilauro                      
Don Dillard          OF     SC   1959-1965  David Donald Dillard                     
Gordon Dillard       P      CA   1988-1989  Gordon Lee Dillard                       
Steve Dillard        2B-3B  TN   1975-1982  Stephen Bradley Dillard                  
Tim Dillard          P      FL   2008-2012  Timothy Weong Dillard                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Pickles Dillhoefer   C      OH   1917-1921  William Martin Dillhoefer                
Bob Dillinger        3B     CA   1946-1951  Robert Bernard Dillinger                 
Harley Dillinger     P      OH   1914-1914  Harley Hugh Dillinger                    
Bill Dillman         P      NJ   1967-1970  William Howard Dillman                   
Joe Dillon           3B     CA   2005-2009  Joseph William Dillon                    
Pop Dillon           1B     IL   1904-1904  Frank Edward Dillon                      
Steve Dillon         P      NY   1963-1964  Stephen Edward Dillon                    
Miguel Dilone        OF     DR   1974-1985  Miguel Angel Dilone Reyes                
Dom DiMaggio         OF     CA   1940-1953  Dominic Paul DiMaggio                    
Joe DiMaggio         OF     CA   1936-1951  Joseph Paul DiMaggio Jr.                 
Vince DiMaggio       OF     CA   1937-1946  Vincent Paul DiMaggio                    
Frank Dimichele      P      PA   1988-1988  Frank Lawrence Dimichele                 
Mike Dimmel          OF     MN   1977-1979  Michael Wayne Dimmel                     
Lenny DiNardo        P      FL   2004-2009  Leonard Edward Dinardo                   
Kerry Dineen         OF     NJ   1975-1978  Kerry Michael Dineen                     
Vance Dinges         1B-OF  NJ   1945-1946  Vance George Dinges                      
Craig Dingman        P      KS   2000-2005  Craig Allen Dingman                      
Brian Dinkelman      OF     IL   2011-2011  Brian Adam Dinkelman                     
Bill Dinneen         P      NY   1903-1909  William Henry Dinneen                    
Ron Diorio           P      CT   1973-1974  Ronald Michael Diorio                    
Bob DiPietro         OF     CA   1951-1951  Robert Louis Paul DiPietro               
Frank DiPino         P      NY   1981-1993  Frank Michael Dipino                     
Jerry Dipoto         P      NJ   1993-2000  Gerard Peter Dipoto Iii                  
Andy Dirks           LF     KS   2011-2014  Andrew Lee Dirks                         
Gary DiSarcina       SS     MA   1990-2000  Gary Thomas Disarcina                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
George Disch         P      MO   1905-1905  George Charles Disch                     
Glenn Dishman        P      MD   1995-1997  Glenelg Edward Dishman                   
Alec Distaso         P      CA   1969-1969  Alec John Distaso                        
Benny Distefano      1B-OF  NY   1984-1992  Benito James Distefano                   
Dutch Distel         2B     IN   1918-1918  George Adam Distel                       
Art Ditmar           P      MA   1954-1962  Arthur John Ditmar                       
Jack Dittmer         2B     IA   1952-1957  John Douglas Dittmer                     
Moxie Divis          OF     OH   1916-1916  Edward George Divis                      
Ken Dixon            P      VA   1984-1987  Kenneth John Dixon                       
Leo Dixon            C      IL   1925-1929  Leo Moses Dixon                          
Sonny Dixon          P      NC   1953-1956  John Craig Dixon                         
Steve Dixon          P      OH   1993-1994  Steven Ross Dixon                        
Tom Dixon            P      FL   1977-1983  Thomas Earl Dixon                        
Brent Dlugach        2B     TN   2009-2009  Brent P. Dlugach                         
Bill Doak            P      PA   1912-1929  William Leopold Doak                     
Walt Doane           P      ID   1909-1910  Walter Rudolph Doane                     
John Dobb            P      MI   1924-1924  John Kenneth Dobb                        
Dan Dobbek           OF     MI   1959-1961  Daniel John Dobbek                       
Greg Dobbs           1B     CA   2004-2014  Gregory Stuart Dobbs                     
John Dobbs           OF     TN   1903-1905  John Gordon Dobbs                        
Ray Dobens           P      NH   1929-1929  Raymond Joseph Dobens                    
Jess Dobernic        P      IL   1939-1949  Andrew Joseph Dobernic                   
Chuck Dobson         P      MO   1966-1975  Charles Thomas Dobson                    
Joe Dobson           P      OK   1939-1954  Joseph Gordon Dobson                     
Pat Dobson           P      NY   1967-1977  Patrick Edward Dobson Jr.                

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Larry Doby           OF     SC   1947-1959  Lawrence Eugene Doby                     
George Dockins       P      KS   1945-1947  George Woodrow Dockins                   
Ona Dodd             3B-2B  TX   1912-1912  Ona Melvin Dodd                          
Robert Dodd          P      KS   1998-1998  Robert Wayne Dodd                        
Tom Dodd             3B     OR   1986-1986  Thomas Marion Dodd                       
John Dodge           3B     TN   1912-1913  John Lewis Dodge                         
Sam Dodge            P      PA   1921-1922  Samuel Edward Dodge                      
Pat Dodson           1B     CA   1986-1988  Patrick Neal Dodson                      
Bobby Doerr          2B     CA   1937-1951  Robert Pershing Doerr                    
Ed Doheny            P      VT   1903-1903  Edwin Richard Doheny                     
John Doherty         P      NY   1992-1996  John Harold Doherty                      
John Doherty         1B     MA   1974-1975  John Michael Doherty                     
Scott Dohmann        P      LA   2004-2008  Christopher Scott Dohmann                
Cozy Dolan           3B     IL   1909-1915  Albert J. Dolan                          
Cozy Dolan           OF     MA   1903-1906  Patrick Henry Dolan                      
Rafael Dolis         P      DR   2011-2013  Rafael Jose Dolis                        
Frank Doljack        OF     OH   1930-1943  Frank Joseph Doljack                     
Art Doll             P      IL   1935-1938  James Arthur Doll                        
Freddy Dolsi         P      DR   2008-2009  Freddy Dolsi                             
Chris Dominguez      3B     CA   2014-2014  Christopher O. Dominguez                 
Jose Dominguez       P      DR   2013-2014  Jose Alfredo Dominguez                   
Juan Dominguez       P      DR   2003-2005  Juan Ramon Dominguez                     
Matt Dominguez       3B     CA   2011-2014  Matthew Dominguez                        
Andy Dominique       1B     CA   2004-2005  Andrew John Dominique                    
Deacon Donahue       P      IL   1943-1944  John Stephen Michael Donahue             

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jiggs Donahue        1B     OH   1904-1909  John Augustus Donahue                    
John Donahue         OF     MA   1923-1923  John Frederick Donahue                   
Pat Donahue          C      OH   1908-1910  Patrick William Donahue                  
Red Donahue          P      CT   1903-1906  Francis Rostell Donahue                  
She Donahue          SS-3B  NY   1904-1904  Charles Michael Donahue                  
Atley Donald         P      MS   1938-1945  Richard Atley Donahue                    
Jason Donald         2B     CA   2010-2012  Jason Thomas Donald                      
Ed Donalds           P      OH   1912-1912  Edward Alexander Donalds                 
John Donaldson       2B     NC   1966-1974  John David Donaldson                     
Josh Donaldson       3B     FL   2010-2014  Joshua Adam Donaldson                    
Len Dondero          3B-2B  CA   1929-1929  Leonard Peter Dondero                    
Mike Donlin          OF     IL   1903-1914  Michael Joseph Donlin                    
Blix Donnelly        P      MN   1944-1951  Sylvester Urban Donnelly                 
Brendan Donnelly     P      DC   2002-2010  Brendan Kevin Donnelly                   
Ed Donnelly          P      MI   1959-1959  Edward Vincent Donnelly                  
Ed Donnelly          P      NY   1911-1912  Edward Donnelly                          
Chris Donnels        3B-1B  CA   1991-2002  Chris Barton Donnels                     
Jim Donohue          P      MO   1961-1962  James Thomas Donohue                     
Pete Donohue         P      TX   1921-1932  Peter Joseph Donahue                     
Tom Donohue          C      NY   1979-1980  Thomas James Donohue                     
Lino Donoso          P      CU   1955-1956  Lino Galeta Donoso                       
Bill Donovan         P      IL   1942-1943  Willard Earl Donovan                     
Bill Donovan         P      MA   1903-1918  William Edward Donovan                   
Dick Donovan         P      MA   1950-1965  Richard Edward Donovan                   
Jerry Donovan        C      PA   1906-1906  Jeremiah Francis Donovan                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mike Donovan         3B     NY   1904-1908  Michael Berchman Donovan                 
Patsy Donovan        OF     IR   1903-1907  Patrick Joseph Donovan                   
Red Dooin            C      OH   1903-1916  Charles Sebastian Dooin                  
Mickey Doolin        SS     PA   1905-1918  Michael Joseph Doolin                    
Sean Doolittle       P      SD   2012-2014  Sean Robert Doolittle                    
John Dopson          P      MD   1985-1994  John Robert Dopson                       
Bill Doran           3B     CA   1922-1922  William James Doran                      
Bill Doran           2B     OH   1982-1993  William Donald Doran                     
Tom Doran            C      NY   1904-1906  Thomas J. Doran                          
Harry Dorish         P      PA   1947-1956  Harry Dorish                             
Charlie Dorman       C      CA   1923-1923  Charles William Dorman                   
Red Dorman           OF     IL   1928-1928  Charles Dwight Dorman                    
Gus Dorner           P      PA   1903-1909  Augustus Dorner                          
Brian Dorsett        C      IN   1987-1996  Brian Richard Dorsett                    
Cal Dorsett          P      TX   1940-1947  Calvin Leavelle Dorsett                  
Jerry Dorsey         OF     CA   1911-1911  Jeremiah Dorsey                          
Jim Dorsey           P      IL   1980-1985  James Edward Dorsey                      
Melvin Dorta         IF     VZ   2006-2006  Melvin A. Dorta                          
Jack Doscher         P      NY   1903-1908  John Henry Jr. Doscher                   
Dave Doster          2B     IN   1996-1999  David Eric Doster                        
Octavio Dotel        P      DR   1999-2013  Octavio Eduardo Dotel                    
Richard Dotson       P      OH   1979-1990  Richard Elliott Dotson                   
Gary Dotter          P      MO   1961-1964  Gary Richard Dotter                      
Dutch Dotterer       C      NY   1957-1961  Henry John Dotterer                      
Felix Doubront       P      VZ   2010-2014  Felix Antonio Doubront                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Dougherty        P      NY   1995-1999  James E. Dougherty                       
Patsy Dougherty      OF     NY   1903-1911  Patrick Henry Dougherty                  
Tom Dougherty        P      IL   1904-1904  Thomas James Dougherty                   
John Douglas         1B     WV   1945-1945  John Franklin Douglas                    
Phil Douglas         P      GA   1912-1922  Phillip Brooks Douglas                   
Whammy Douglas       P      NC   1957-1957  Charles William Douglas                  
Astyanax Douglass    C      TX   1921-1925  Astyanax Saunders Douglass               
Klondike Douglass    1B     PA   1903-1904  William Bingham Douglass                 
Sean Douglass        P      CA   2001-2005  Sean Reed Douglass                       
Ryan Doumit          DH-C   WA   2005-2014  Ryan Matthew Doumit                      
Taylor Douthit       OF     AR   1923-1933  Taylor Lee Douthit                       
Dennis Dove          P      GA   2007-2007  Dennis Anthony Dove                      
John Dowd            SS     MA   1912-1912  John Leo Dowd                            
Skip Dowd            P      MA   1910-1910  James Joseph Dowd                        
Snooks Dowd          2B-SS  MA   1919-1926  Raymond Bernard Dowd                     
Ken Dowell           SS     CA   1987-1987  Kenneth Allen Dowell                     
Dave Dowling         P      LA   1964-1966  David Barclay Dowling                    
Red Downey           OF     IN   1909-1909  Alexander Cummings Downey                
Tom Downey           SS-3B  ME   1909-1912  Thomas Edward Downey                     
Al Downing           P      NJ   1961-1977  Alphonso Erwin Downing                   
Brian Downing        OF-C   CA   1973-1992  Brian Jay Downing                        
Darin Downs          P      MI   2012-2014  Darin Burton Downs                       
Dave Downs           P      UT   1972-1972  David Ralph Downs                        
Kelly Downs          P      UT   1986-1993  Kelly Robert Downs                       
Matt Downs           2B-3B  AL   2009-2012  Matthew Russell Downs                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Red Downs            2B     IA   1907-1912  Jerome Willis Downs                      
Scott Downs          P      KY   2000-2014  Scott Jeremy Downs                       
Brian Doyle          2B-SS  KY   1978-1981  Brian Reed Doyle                         
Carl Doyle           P      TN   1935-1940  William Carl Doyle                       
Danny Doyle          C      OK   1943-1943  Howard James Doyle                       
Denny Doyle          2B     KY   1970-1977  Robert Dennis Doyle                      
Jack Doyle           1B     IR   1903-1905  John Joseph Doyle                        
Jeff Doyle           2B     MT   1983-1983  Jeffrey Donald Doyle                     
Jess Doyle           P      TN   1925-1931  Jesse Herbert Doyle                      
Jim Doyle            3B     MI   1910-1911  James Francis Doyle                      
Larry Doyle          2B     IL   1907-1920  Lawrence Joseph Doyle                    
Paul Doyle           P      PA   1969-1972  Paul Sinnott Doyle                       
Slow Joe Doyle       P      KS   1906-1910  Judd Bruce Doyle                         
Cory Doyne           P      FL   2007-2007  Michael Cory Doyne                       
Brian Dozier         2B     MS   2012-2014  James Brian Dozier                       
Buzz Dozier          P      TX   1947-1949  William Joseph Dozier                    
D.J. Dozier          LF     VA   1992-1992  William Henry Dozier                     
Tom Dozier           P      CA   1986-1986  Thomas Dean Dozier                       
Doug Drabek          P      TX   1986-1998  Douglas Dean Drabek                      
Kyle Drabek          P      TX   2010-2014  Kyle Jordan Drabek                       
Moe Drabowsky        P      PO   1956-1972  Myron Walter Drabowsky                   
Dick Drago           P      OH   1969-1981  Richard Anthony Drago                    
Brian Drahman        P      FL   1991-1994  Brian Stacy Drahman                      
Delos Drake          OF     OH   1911-1911  Delos Daniel Drake                       
Larry Drake          OF     TX   1945-1948  Larry Francis Drake                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Logan Drake          P      SC   1922-1924  Logan Gaffney Drake                      
Sammy Drake          3B-2B  AR   1960-1962  Samuel Harrison Drake                    
Solly Drake          OF     AR   1956-1959  Solomon Louis Drake                      
Tom Drake            P      AL   1939-1941  Thomas Kendall Drake                     
Kelly Dransfeldt     SS     IL   1999-2004  Kelly Daniel Dransfeldt                  
Mike Draper          P      MD   1993-1993  Michael Anthony Draper                   
Dave Dravecky        P      OH   1982-1989  David Francis Dravecky                   
Tom Drees            P      IA   1991-1991  Thomas Kent Drees                        
Bill Dreesen         3B     NY   1931-1931  William Richard Dreesen                  
Darren Dreifort      P      KS   1994-2004  Darren John Dreifort                     
Clem Dreisewerd      P      MO   1944-1948  Clemens Johann Dreisewerd                
Bill Drescher        C      NY   1944-1946  William Clayton Drescher                 
Ryan Drese           P      CA   2001-2006  Ryan Thomas Drese                        
Chuck Dressen        3B     IL   1925-1933  Charles Walter Dressen                   
Lee Dressen          1B     KS   1914-1918  Lee August Dressen                       
Kirk Dressendorfer   P      TX   1991-1991  Kirk Richard Dressendorfer               
Rob Dressler         P      OR   1975-1980  Robert Anthony Dressler                  
Cameron Drew         LF-RF  MA   1988-1988  Cameron Steward Drew                     
J.D. Drew            RF     GA   1998-2011  David Jonathan Drew                      
Stephen Drew         SS     GA   2006-2014  Stephen Oris Drew                        
Tim Drew             P      GA   2000-2004  Timothy Andrew Drew                      
Frank Drews          2B     NY   1944-1945  Frank John Drews                         
Karl Drews           P      NY   1946-1954  Karl August Drews                        
Steve Dreyer         P      IA   1993-1994  Steven William Dreyer                    
Dan Driessen         1B     SC   1973-1987  Daniel Driessen                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Lew Drill            C      MN   1903-1905  Lewis L. Drill                           
Jim Driscoll         2B-SS  MA   1970-1972  James Bernard Driscoll                   
Michael Driscoll     P      MA   1916-1916  Michael Columbus Driscoll                
Paddy Driscoll       2B-3B  IL   1917-1917  John Leo Driscoll                        
Travis Driskill      P      NE   2002-2007  Travis Corey Driskill                    
Tom Drohan           P      MA   1913-1913  Thomas F. Drohan                         
Walt Dropo           1B     CT   1949-1961  Walter Dropo                             
Dick Drott           P      OH   1957-1963  Richard Fred Drott                       
Louis Drucke         P      TX   1909-1912  Louis Frank Drucke                       
Carl Druhot          P      --   1906-1907  Carl A. Druhot                           
Tim Drummond         P      MD   1987-1990  Timothy Darnell Drummond                 
Keith Drumright      2B     MO   1978-1981  Keith Alan Drumright                     
Don Drysdale         P      CA   1956-1969  Donald Scott Drysdale                    
Monk Dubiel          P      CT   1944-1952  Walter John Dubiel                       
Brian Dubois         P      IL   1989-1990  Brian Andrew Dubois                      
Jason Dubois         OF     VA   2004-2005  Jason Bradford Dubois                    
Eric DuBose          P      FL   2002-2006  Eric Ladell Dubose                       
Jean Dubuc           P      VT   1908-1919  Jean Joseph Octave Arthur Dubuc          
Rob Ducey            LF-RF  ON   1987-2001  Robert Thomas Ducey                      
Justin Duchscherer   P      SD   2001-2010  Justin Craig Duchscherer                 
Brandon Duckworth    P      UT   2001-2008  Brandon J. Duckworth                     
Jim Duckworth        P      CA   1963-1966  James Raymond Duckworth                  
Lucas Duda           LF-1B  CA   2010-2014  Lucas Christopher Duda                   
Clise Dudley         P      NC   1929-1933  Elzie Clise Dudley                       
John Dudra           3B-2B  IL   1941-1941  John Joseph Dudra                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Brian Duensing       P      KS   2009-2014  Brian Matthew Duensing                   
Hal Dues             P      TX   1977-1980  Hal Joseph Dues                          
Larry Duff           P      MT   1922-1922  Cecil Elba Duff                          
Matt Duff            P      MS   2002-2002  Matthew Clark Duff                       
Pat Duff             H      RI   1906-1906  Patrick Henry Duff                       
Jim Duffalo          P      PA   1961-1965  James Francis Duffalo                    
John Duffie          P      SC   1967-1967  John Brown Duffie                        
Bernie Duffy         P      OK   1913-1913  Bernard Allen Duffy                      
Chris Duffy          OF     VT   2005-2009  Christopher Ellis Duffy                  
Danny Duffy          P      CA   2011-2014  Daniel Richard Duffy                     
Frank Duffy          SS     CA   1970-1979  Frank Thomas Duffy                       
Hugh Duffy           OF     RI   1904-1906  Hugh Duffy                               
Matt Duffy           SS     CA   2014-2014  Matthew Michael Duffy                    
Dan Dugan            P      NJ   1928-1929  Daniel Phillip Dugan                     
Joe Dugan            3B-SS  PA   1917-1931  Joseph Anthony Dugan                     
Gus Dugas            OF-1B  QC   1930-1934  Augustin Joseph Dugas                    
Oscar Dugey          2B-OF  TX   1913-1920  Oscar Joseph Dugey                       
Jim Duggan           1B     IN   1911-1911  James Elmer Duggan                       
Bill Duggleby        P      NY   1903-1907  William James Duggleby                   
Zach Duke            P      TX   2005-2014  Zachary Thomas Dukes                     
Elijah Dukes         CF     FL   2007-2009  Elijah David Dukes                       
Jan Dukes            P      WY   1969-1972  Noble Jan Dukes                          
Tom Dukes            P      TN   1967-1972  Thomas Earl Dukes                        
Bob Duliba           P      PA   1959-1967  Robert John Duliba                       
Phillip Dumatrait    P      CA   2007-2011  Phillip Anthony Dumatrait                

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
George Dumont        P      MN   1915-1919  George Henry Dumont                      
Dan Dumoulin         P      IN   1977-1978  Daniel Lynn Dumoulin                     
Nick Dumovich        P      CA   1923-1923  Nicholas Dumovich                        
Matt Dunbar          P      FL   1995-1995  Matthew Marshall Dunbar                  
Tom Dunbar           OF     SC   1983-1985  Thomas Jerome Dunbar                     
Chris Duncan         IF     AZ   2005-2009  Christopher Edward Duncan                
Courtney Duncan      P      AL   2001-2002  Courtney Demond Duncan                   
Dave Duncan          C      TX   1964-1976  David Edwin Duncan                       
Jeff Duncan          CF     IL   2003-2004  Jeffrey Matthew Duncan                   
Mariano Duncan       2B-SS  DR   1985-1997  Mariano Duncan Nalasco                   
Pat Duncan           OF     OH   1915-1924  Louis Baird Duncan                       
Shelley Duncan       1B     AZ   2007-2013  David Shelley Duncan                     
Taylor Duncan        3B     TN   1977-1978  Taylor Mcdowell Duncan                   
Vern Duncan          OF     NC   1913-1913  Vernon Van Duke Duncan                   
Gus Dundon           2B     OH   1904-1906  Augustus Joseph Dundon                   
Jim Dunegan          P      IA   1970-1970  James William Dunegan                    
Lee Dunham           1B     IL   1926-1926  Leland Huffield Dunham                   
Davey Dunkle         P      PA   1903-1904  Edward Perks Dunkle                      
Bill Dunlap          OF     MA   1929-1930  William James Dunlap                     
Grant Dunlap         OF     CA   1953-1953  Grant Lester Dunlap                      
Jack Dunleavy        OF-P   NJ   1903-1905  John Francis Dunleavy                    
George Dunlop        SS-3B  CT   1913-1914  George Henry Dunlop                      
Adam Dunn            DH-1B  TX   2001-2014  Adam Troy Dunn                           
Jack Dunn            P      PA   1903-1904  John Joseph Dunn                         
Jim Dunn             P      GA   1952-1952  James William Dunn                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Dunn             C      MA   1908-1909  Joseph Edward Dunn                       
Michael Dunn         P      NV   2009-2014  Michael G. Dunn                          
Ron Dunn             2B-3B  OK   1974-1975  Ronald Ray Dunn                          
Scott Dunn           P      TX   2004-2006  Scott Allen Dunn                         
Steve Dunn           1B     IL   1994-1995  Steven Robert Dunn                       
Todd Dunn            LF-RF  OK   1996-1997  Todd Kent Dunn                           
Mike Dunne           P      IN   1987-1992  Michael Dennis Dunne                     
Jake Dunning         P      FL   2013-2014  Jacob Austin Duncan                      
Steve Dunning        P      CO   1970-1977  Steven John Dunning                      
Shawon Dunston       SS     NY   1985-2002  Shawon Donnell Dunston                   
Todd Dunwoody        CF-OF  IN   1997-2002  Todd Franklin Dunwoody                   
Mike Dupree          P      KS   1976-1976  Michael Dennis Dupree                    
Dan Duran            OF     CA   1981-1981  Daniel James Duran                       
German Duran         2B-1B  MX   2008-2008  German Duran                             
Roberto Duran        P      DR   1997-1998  Roberto Alejandro Duran                  
Luis Durango         OF     PN   2009-2011  Luis A. Durango                          
Mike Durant          C      OH   1996-1996  Michael Joseph Durant                    
Erubiel Durazo       1B     MX   1999-2005  Erubiel Cardenas Durazo                  
Chad Durbin          P      IL   1999-2013  Chad Griffin Durbin                      
J.D. Durbin          P      OR   2004-2007  Joseph Adam Durbin                       
Kid Durbin           OF-P   MO   1907-1909  Blaine Alphonsus Durbin                  
Ryne Duren           P      WI   1954-1965  Rinold George Duren Jr.                  
Bull Durham          P      PA   1904-1909  Louis Raphael Durham                     
Don Durham           P      KY   1972-1973  Donald Gary Durham                       
Ed Durham            P      SC   1929-1933  Edward Fant Durham                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Durham           OF     VA   1954-1959  Joseph Vann Durham                       
Leon Durham          1B-OF  OH   1980-1989  Leon Durham                              
Ray Durham           2B     NC   1995-2008  Ray Durham                               
Bobby Durnbaugh      SS     OH   1957-1957  Robert Eugene Durnbaugh                  
George Durning       OF     PA   1925-1925  George Dewey Durning                     
Rich Durning         P      KY   1917-1918  Richard Knott Durning                    
Jayson Durocher      P      CT   2002-2003  Jayson Paul Durocher                     
Leo Durocher         SS     MA   1925-1945  Leo Ernest Durocher                      
Red Durrett          OF     TX   1944-1945  Elmer Cable Durrett                      
Trent Durrington     2B-3B  AU   1999-2005  Trent John Durrington                    
Cedric Durst         OF     TX   1922-1930  Cedric Montgomery Durst                  
Erv Dusak            OF     IL   1941-1952  Ervin Frank Dusak                        
Carl Duser           P      PA   1956-1958  Carl Robert Duser                        
Bob Dustal           P      NJ   1963-1963  Robert Andrew Dustal                     
Adam Duvall          3B     KY   2014-2014  Adam Lynn Duvall                         
Mike Duvall          P      VA   1998-2001  Michael Alan Duvall                      
Chris Dwyer          P      MA   2013-2013  Christpher Paul Dwyer                    
Double Joe Dwyer     H      NJ   1937-1937  Joseph Michael Dwyer                     
Jim Dwyer            OF     IL   1973-1990  James Edward Dwyer                       
Jerry Dybzinski      SS     OH   1980-1985  Jerome Matthew Dybzinski                 
Jim Dyck             OF-3B  NE   1951-1956  James Robert Dyck                        
Jermaine Dye         RF     CA   1996-2009  Jermaine Trevell Dye                     
Ben Dyer             3B-SS  IL   1914-1919  Benjamin Franklin Dyer                   
Duffy Dyer           C      OH   1968-1980  Don Robert Dyer                          
Eddie Dyer           P      LA   1922-1927  Edwin Hawley Dyer                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mike Dyer            P      CA   1989-1996  Michael Lawrence Dyer                    
Jimmy Dygert         P      NY   1905-1910  James Henry Dygert                       
Jimmy Dykes          3B-2B  PA   1918-1939  James Joseph Dykes                       
Radhames Dykhoff     P      AA   1998-1998  Radhames Alviro Dykhoff                  
Lenny Dykstra        CF-OF  CA   1985-1996  Leonard Kyle Dykstra                     
Jarrod Dyson         CF     MS   2010-2014  Jarrod Martel Dyson                      
Sam Dyson            P      FL   2012-2014  Samuel I. Dyson                          

Major Leaguers by Letter

Select a letter to see a list of historical Major Leaguers starting with that letter.

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Minor Leaguers

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College Players

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