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The list of players below are Major Leaguers who begin with the letter 'W' since 1903. Click on a player to see his TBC player card. Active players are in bold.

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Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Michael Wacha        P      IA   2013-2014  Michael Joseph Wacha                     
Paul Wachtel         P      MD   1917-1917  Paul Horine Wachtel                      
Charlie Wacker       P      IN   1909-1909  Charles James Wacker                     
Tsuyoshi Wada        P      JP   2014-2014  Tsuyoshi Wada                            
Jason Waddell        P      CA   2009-2009  Jason Robert Waddell                     
Rube Waddell         P      PA   1903-1910  George Edward Waddell                    
Tom Waddell          P      ST   1984-1987  Thomas David Waddell                     
Frank Waddey         OF     TN   1931-1931  Frank Orum Waddey                        
Ben Wade             P      NC   1948-1955  Benjamin Styron Wade                     
Cory Wade            P      IN   2008-2012  Cory Nathaniel Wade                      
Gale Wade            OF     MO   1955-1956  Galeard Lee Wade                         
Ham Wade             OF     PA   1907-1907  Abraham Lincoln Wade                     
Jake Wade            P      NC   1936-1946  Jacob Fields Wade                        
Rip Wade             OF     MN   1923-1923  Richard Frank Wade                       
Terrell Wade         P      SC   1995-1998  Hiawatha Terrell Wade                    
Doug Waechter        P      FL   2003-2009  Douglas Michael Waechter                 
Bill Wagner          C      IA   1914-1918  William Joseph Wagner                    
Billy Wagner         P      VA   1995-2010  William Edward Wagner                    
Bull Wagner          P      MI   1913-1914  William George Wagner                    
Charlie Wagner       P      PA   1938-1946  Charles Thomas Wagner                    
Gary Wagner          P      IL   1965-1970  Gary Edward Wagner                       
Hal Wagner           C      NJ   1938-1949  Harold Edward Wagner                     
Hector Wagner        P      DR   1990-1991  Hector Raul Guerrero Wagner              
Heinie Wagner        SS     NY   1906-1918  Charles F. Wagner                        
Honus Wagner         SS     PA   1903-1917  John Peter Wagner                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Wagner           2B-SS  NY   1915-1915  Joseph Bernard Wagner                    
Leon Wagner          OF     TN   1958-1969  Leon Lamar Wagner                        
Mark Wagner          SS     OH   1976-1984  Mark Duane Wagner                        
Matt Wagner          P      IA   1996-1996  Matthew William Wagner                   
Neil Wagner          P      MN   2011-2014  Neil Kannas  Wagner                      
Paul Wagner          P      WI   1992-1999  Paul Allen Wagner                        
Ryan Wagner          P      TX   2003-2007  Ryan Scott Wagner                        
Kermit Wahl          3B-SS  SD   1944-1951  Kermit Emerson Wahl                      
Dave Wainhouse       P      ON   1991-2000  David Paul Wainhouse                     
Adam Wainwright      P      GA   2005-2014  Adam Parrish Wainwright                  
Eddie Waitkus        1B     MA   1941-1955  Edward Stephen Waitkus                   
Rick Waits           P      GA   1973-1985  Michael Richard Waits                    
Don Wakamatsu        C      OR   1991-1991  Wilbur Donald Wakamatsu                  
Bill Wakefield       P      MO   1964-1964  William Sumner Wakefield                 
Dick Wakefield       OF     IL   1941-1952  Richard Cummings Wakefield               
Howard Wakefield     C      OH   1905-1907  Howard John Wakefield                    
Tim Wakefield        P      FL   1992-2011  Timothy Stephen Wakefield                
Chris Wakeland       RF     CA   2001-2001  Christopher Robert Wakeland              
Matt Walbeck         C      CA   1993-2003  Matthew Lovick Walbeck                   
Rube Walberg         P      MN   1923-1937  George Elvin Walberg                     
Ed Walczak           2B     RI   1945-1945  Edwin Joseph Walczak                     
Doc Waldbauer        P      VA   1917-1917  Albert Charles Waldbauer                 
Jordan Walden        P      TX   2010-2014  Jordan Craig Walden                      
Kyle Waldrop         P      TN   2011-2012  Steven Kyle Waldrop                      
Jim Walewander       2B-3B  IL   1987-1993  James Walewander                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bob Walk             P      CA   1980-1993  Robert Vernon Walk                       
Bill Walker          P      IL   1927-1936  William Henry Walker                     
Chico Walker         3B-LF  MS   1980-1993  Cleotha Walker                           
Christian Walker     1B     PA   2014-2014  Christian Dickson Walker                 
Curt Walker          OF     TX   1919-1930  William Curtis Walker                    
Dixie Walker         OF     GA   1931-1949  Fred Walker                              
Dixie Walker         P      PA   1909-1912  Ewart Gladstone Walker                   
Duane Walker         OF     TX   1982-1988  Duane Allen Walker                       
Ed Walker            P      EN   1903-1903  Edward Harrison Walker                   
Ernie Walker         OF     AL   1913-1915  Ernest Robert Walker                     
Frank Walker         OF     SC   1917-1925  Charles Franklin Walker                  
Gee Walker           OF     MS   1931-1945  Gerald Holmes Walker                     
Greg Walker          1B     GA   1982-1990  Gregory Lee Walker                       
Harry Walker         OF     MS   1940-1955  Harry William Walker                     
Hub Walker           OF     MS   1931-1945  Harvey Willos Walker                     
Jamie Walker         P      TN   1997-2009  James Ross Walker                        
Jerry Walker         P      OK   1957-1964  Jerry Allen Walker                       
Johnny Walker        1B     IL   1919-1921  John Miles Walker                        
Kevin Walker         P      TX   2000-2005  Kevin Michael Walker                     
Larry Walker         RF     BC   1989-2005  Larry Kenneth Robert Walker              
Luke Walker          P      TX   1965-1974  James Luke Walker                        
Marty Walker         P      PA   1928-1928  Martin Van Buren Walker                  
Mike Walker          P      TX   1992-1992  Michael Aaron Walker                     
Mike Walker          P      IL   1988-1996  Michael Charles Walker                   
Mysterious Walker    P      NE   1910-1913  Frederick Mitchell Walker                

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Neil Walker          2B     PA   2009-2014  Neil Martin Walker                       
Pete Walker          P      MA   1995-2006  Peter Brian Walker                       
Roy Walker           P      TN   1912-1922  James Roy Walker                         
Rube Walker          C      NC   1948-1958  Albert Bluford Walker                    
Speed Walker         1B     PA   1923-1923  Joseph Richard Walker                    
Taijuan Walker       P      CA   2013-2014  Taijuan Emmanuel Walker                  
Tilly Walker         OF     TN   1911-1923  Clarence William Walker                  
Todd Walker          2B     CA   1996-2007  Todd Arthur Walker                       
Tom Walker           P      PA   1904-1905  Thomas William Walker                    
Tom Walker           P      FL   1972-1977  Robert Thomas Walker                     
Tony Walker          OF     CA   1986-1986  Anthony Bruce Walker                     
Tyler Walker         P      CA   2002-2010  Tyler Lanier Walker                      
Jim Walkup           P      AR   1927-1927  James Huey Walkup                        
Jim Walkup           P      AR   1934-1939  James Elton Walkup                       
Donne Wall           P      MO   1995-2002  Donnell Lee Wall                         
Josh Wall            P      LA   2012-2014  Joshua Michael Wall                      
Murray Wall          P      TX   1950-1959  Murray Wesley Wall                       
Stan Wall            P      MO   1975-1977  Stanley Arthur Wall                      
Bobby Wallace        SS     PA   1903-1918  Rhoderick John Wallace                   
Brett Wallace        1B     CA   2010-2013  Brett Alexander Wallace                  
Dave Wallace         P      CT   1973-1978  David William Wallace                    
Derek Wallace        P      CA   1996-1999  Derek Robert Wallace                     
Doc Wallace          SS     MD   1919-1919  Frederick Renshaw Wallace                
Don Wallace          2B     OK   1967-1967  Donald Allen Wallace                     
Huck Wallace         P      IN   1912-1912  Harry Clinton Wallace                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jack Wallace         C      LA   1915-1915  Clarence Eugene Wallace                  
Jeff Wallace         P      WV   1997-2001  Jeffrey Allen Wallace                    
Jim Wallace          OF     MA   1905-1905  James L. Wallace                         
Lefty Wallace        P      IN   1942-1946  James Harold Wallace                     
Mike Wallace         P      NC   1973-1977  Michael Sherman Wallace                  
Tim Wallach          3B     CA   1980-1996  Timothy Charles Wallach                  
Jack Wallaesa        SS     PA   1940-1948  John Wallaesa                            
Norm Wallen          3B     WI   1945-1945  Norman Edward Wallen                     
Red Waller           P      DC   1909-1909  John Francis Waller                      
Tye Waller           3B-OF  CA   1980-1987  Elliott Tyrone Waller                    
Denny Walling        3B-OF  NJ   1975-1992  Dennis Martin Walling                    
Joe Wallis           OF     IL   1975-1979  Harold Joseph Wallis                     
Lee Walls            OF     CA   1952-1964  Raymond Lee Walls Jr.                    
Les Walrond          P      OK   2003-2008  Lester Dale Walrond                      
Augie Walsh          P      DE   1927-1928  August Sothley Walsh                     
Connie Walsh         P      MO   1907-1907  Cornelius R. Walsh                       
Dave Walsh           P      MA   1990-1990  David Peter Walsh                        
Dee Walsh            OF-SS  MO   1913-1915  Leo Thomas Walsh                         
Ed Walsh             P      PA   1904-1917  Edward Augustine Walsh                   
Ed Walsh             P      CT   1928-1932  Edward Arthur Walsh                      
Jim Walsh            P      MA   1921-1921  James Thomas Walsh                       
Jimmy Walsh          OF     IR   1912-1917  James Charles Walsh                      
Jimmy Walsh          OF-2B  OH   1910-1913  Michael Timothy Walsh                    
Joe Walsh            C      PA   1910-1911  Joseph Francis Walsh                     
Joe Walsh            SS     MA   1938-1938  Joseph Patrick Walsh                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
John Walsh           3B     PA   1903-1903  John Gabriel Walsh                       
Junior Walsh         P      NJ   1946-1951  James Gerald Walsh                       
Tom Walsh            C      IA   1906-1906  Thomas Joseph Walsh                      
Bernie Walter        P      TN   1930-1930  James Bernard Walter                     
Gene Walter          P      IL   1985-1988  Gene Winston Walter                      
Bucky Walters        P-3B   PA   1931-1950  William Henry Walters                    
Charlie Walters      P      MN   1969-1969  Charles Leonard Walters                  
Dan Walters          C      ME   1992-1993  Daniel Gene Walters                      
Fred Walters         C      MS   1945-1945  Fred James Walters                       
Ken Walters          OF     CA   1960-1963  Kenneth Rogers Walters                   
Mike Walters         P      MO   1983-1984  Michael Charles Walters                  
P.J. Walters         P      AL   2009-2013  Phillip DeWayne Walters                  
Roxy Walters         C      CA   1915-1925  Alfred John Walters                      
Zach Walters         SS     WY   2013-2014  Zachary Butler Walters                   
Bruce Walton         P      CA   1991-1994  Bruce Kenneth Walton                     
Danny Walton         OF     CA   1968-1980  Daniel James Walton                      
Jerome Walton        CF-LF  GA   1989-1998  Jerome O'Terrell Walton                  
Reggie Walton        OF     MO   1980-1982  Reginald Sherard Walton                  
Bill Wambsganss      2B     OH   1914-1926  William Adolph Wambsganss                
Lloyd Waner          OF     OK   1927-1945  Lloyd James Waner                        
Paul Waner           OF     OK   1926-1945  Paul Glee Waner                          
Chien-Ming Wang      P      TW   2005-2013  Chien-Ming Wang                          
Wei-Chung Wang       P      TW   2014-2014  Wei-Chung Wang                           
Jack Wanner          SS     IL   1909-1909  Clarence Curtis Wanner                   
Pee-Wee Wanninger    SS     AL   1925-1927  Paul Louis Wanninger                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dick Wantz           P      CA   1965-1965  Richard Carter Wantz                     
Steve Wapnick        P      CA   1990-1991  Steven Lee Wapnick                       
Aaron Ward           2B-3B  AR   1917-1928  Aaron Lee Ward                           
Bryan Ward           P      PA   1998-2000  Bryan Matthew Ward                       
Chris Ward           OF-1B  CA   1972-1974  Chris Gilbert Ward                       
Chuck Ward           SS-3B  MO   1917-1922  Charles William Ward                     
Colby Ward           P      MI   1990-1990  Robert Colby Ward                        
Colin Ward           P      CA   1985-1985  Colin Norval Ward                        
Daryle Ward          1B     CA   1998-2008  Daryle Lamar Ward                        
Dick Ward            P      SD   1934-1935  Richard Ole Ward                         
Duane Ward           P      NM   1986-1995  Roy Duane Ward                           
Gary Ward            OF     CA   1979-1990  Gary Lamell Ward                         
Hap Ward             OF     NJ   1912-1912  Joseph Nichols Ward                      
Jay Ward             2B-3B  MO   1963-1970  John Francis Ward                        
Joe Ward             2B-1B  PA   1906-1910  Joseph A. Ward                           
Kevin Ward           LF     PA   1991-1992  Kevin Michael Ward                       
Pete Ward            3B-OF  QC   1962-1970  Peter Thomas Ward                        
Preston Ward         1B-OF  MO   1948-1959  Preston Meyer Ward                       
Turner Ward          RF-CF  FL   1990-2001  Turner Max Ward                          
Jon Warden           P      OH   1968-1968  Jonathan Edgar Warden                    
Curt Wardle          P      CA   1984-1985  Curtis Ray Wardle                        
Jeff Ware            P      VA   1995-1996  Jeffrey Allan Ware                       
Buzzy Wares          SS-2B  MI   1913-1914  Clyde Ellsworth Wares                    
Jack Warhop          P      WV   1908-1915  John Milton Warhop                       
Cy Warmoth           P      IL   1916-1923  Wallace Walter Warmoth                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Lon Warneke          P      AR   1930-1945  Lonnie Warneke                           
Ed Warner            P      MA   1912-1912  Edward Emory Warner                      
Hooks Warner         3B     TX   1916-1921  Hoke Hayden Warner                       
Jack Warner          3B-2B  IN   1925-1933  John Ralph Warner                        
Jack Warner          P      WV   1962-1965  Jack Dyer Warner                         
Jackie Warner        OF     CA   1966-1966  John Joseph Warner                       
John Warner          C      NY   1903-1908  John Joseph Warner                       
Hal Warnock          OF     NY   1935-1935  Harold Charles Warnock                   
Adam Warren          P      AL   2012-2014  Adam Parrishwarren                       
Bennie Warren        C      OK   1939-1947  Bennie Louis Warren                      
Mike Warren          P      CA   1983-1985  Michael Bruce Warren                     
Tommy Warren         P      OK   1944-1944  Thomas Gentry Warren                     
Rabbit Warstler      SS-2B  OH   1930-1940  Harold Burton Warstler                   
Dan Warthen          P      NE   1975-1978  Daniel Dean Warthen                      
Bill Warwick         C      PA   1921-1926  Firmin Newton Warwick                    
Carl Warwick         OF     TX   1961-1966  Carl Wayne Warwick                       
Jimmy Wasdell        OF-1B  OH   1937-1947  James Charles Wasdell                    
John Wasdin          P      VA   1995-2007  John Truman Wasdin                       
Link Wasem           C      OH   1937-1937  Lincoln William Wasem                    
George Washburn      P      ME   1941-1941  George Edward Washburn                   
Greg Washburn        P      IL   1969-1969  Gregory James Washburn                   
Jarrod Washburn      P      WI   1998-2009  Jarrod Michael Washburn                  
Libe Washburn        P-OF   NH   1903-1903  Libeus Washburn                          
Ray Washburn         P      WA   1961-1970  Ray Clark Washburn                       
Buck Washer          P      OH   1905-1905  William Washer                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Claudell Washington  OF     CA   1974-1990  Claudell Washington                      
George Washington    OF     TX   1935-1936  Sloan Vernon Washington                  
Herb Washington      H      MS   1974-1975  Herbert Lee Washington                   
LaRue Washington     OF     CA   1978-1979  La Rue Washington                        
Rico Washington      3B     GA   2008-2008  Enrico Aliceno Washington                
Ron Washington       SS-2B  LA   1977-1989  Ronald Washington                        
U.L. Washington      SS     OK   1977-1987  U L Washington                           
Mark Wasinger        3B-2B  CA   1986-1988  Mark Thomas Wasinger                     
Gary Waslewski       P      CT   1967-1972  Gary Lee Waslewski                       
Ehren Wassermann     P      AL   2007-2008  Ehren Josef Wasserman                    
B.J. Waszgis         C      NE   2000-2000  Robert Michael Waszgis                   
Steve Waterbury      P      IL   1976-1976  Steven Craig Waterbury                   
Chris Waters         P      FL   2008-2009  Christopher Myron Waters                 
Fred Waters          P      MS   1955-1956  Fred Warren Waters                       
Dusty Wathan         C      FL   2002-2002  Dustin James Wathan                      
John Wathan          C-1B   IA   1976-1985  John David Wathan                        
Bob Watkins          P      CA   1969-1969  Robert Cecil Watkins                     
Dave Watkins         C      KY   1969-1969  David Roger Watkins                      
George Watkins       OF     TX   1930-1936  George Archibald Watkins                 
Logan Watkins        2B     KS   2013-2014  Vincent Logan Watkins                    
Pat Watkins          CF-RF  NC   1997-1999  William Patrick Watkins                  
Scott Watkins        P      OK   1995-1995  Scott Allen Watkins                      
Steve Watkins        P      TX   2004-2004  Stephen Douglas Watkins                  
Tommy Watkins        OF     FL   2007-2007  Thomas Gray Watkins Jr                   
Neal Watlington      C      NC   1953-1953  Julius Neal Watlington                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Allen Watson         P      NY   1993-2000  Allen Kenneth Watson                     
Bob Watson           1B-OF  CA   1966-1984  Robert Jose Watson                       
Brandon Watson       OF     CA   2005-2007  Brandon Eric Watson                      
Doc Watson           P      OH   1913-1913  Charles John Watson                      
Johnny Watson        SS-OF  VA   1930-1930  John Thomas Watson                       
Mark Watson          P      GA   2000-2003  Mark Bradford Watson                     
Matt Watson          LF     PA   2003-2010  Matthew Kyle Watson                      
Milt Watson          P      GA   1916-1919  Milton Wilson Watson                     
Mule Watson          P      LA   1918-1924  John Reeves Watson                       
Tony Watson          P      IA   2011-2014  Anthony M. Watson                        
Allie Watt           2B     PA   1920-1920  Albert Bailey Watt                       
Eddie Watt           P      IA   1966-1975  Edward Dean Watt                         
Frank Watt           P      DC   1931-1931  Frank Marion Watt                        
Johnny Watwood       OF-1B  AL   1929-1939  John Clifford Watwood                    
Jim Waugh            P      OH   1952-1953  James Elden Waugh                        
Bob Way              2B     PA   1927-1927  Robert Clinton Way                       
Frank Wayenberg      P      KS   1924-1924  Frank Wayenberg                          
Gary Wayne           P      MI   1989-1994  Gary Anthony Wayne                       
Justin Wayne         P      HI   2002-2004  Justin Morgan Wayne                      
Ken Weafer           P      MA   1936-1936  Kenneth Albert Weafer                    
Roy Weatherly        OF     TX   1936-1950  Cyril Roy Weatherly                      
Dave Weathers        P      TN   1991-2009  John David Weathers                      
Art Weaver           C      KS   1903-1908  Arthur Coggshall Weaver                  
Buck Weaver          SS-3B  PA   1912-1920  George Daniel Weaver                     
Eric Weaver          P      IL   1998-2000  James Eric Weaver                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Floyd Weaver         P      TX   1962-1971  David Floyd Weaver                       
Harry Weaver         P      PA   1915-1919  Harry Abraham Weaver                     
Jeff Weaver          P      CA   1999-2010  Jeffrey Charles Weaver                   
Jered Weaver         P      CA   2006-2014  Jered David Weaver                       
Jim Weaver           P      PA   1967-1968  James Brian Weaver                       
Jim Weaver           RF-OF  NY   1985-1989  James Francis Weaver                     
Jim Weaver           P      TN   1928-1939  James Dement Weaver                      
Monte Weaver         P      NC   1931-1939  Montgomery Morton Weaver                 
Orlie Weaver         P      KY   1910-1911  Orville Forest Weaver                    
Roger Weaver         P      NY   1980-1980  Roger Edward Weaver                      
Bill Webb            P      GA   1943-1943  William Frederick Webb                   
Bill Webb            2B-SS  IL   1917-1917  William Joseph Webb                      
Brandon Webb         P      KY   2003-2009  Brandon Tyler Webb                       
Daniel Webb          P      KY   2013-2014  Robert McDaniel Webb                     
Daniel Webb          P      IL   2013-2013  Daniel Webb                              
Earl Webb            OF     TN   1925-1933  William Earl Webb                        
Hank Webb            P      NY   1972-1977  Henry Gaylon Matthew Webb                
John Webb            P      FL   2004-2005  John Floyd Webb                          
Lefty Webb           P      OH   1910-1910  Cleon Earl Webb                          
Red Webb             P      DC   1948-1949  Samuel Henry Webb                        
Ryan Webb            P      FL   2009-2014  Ryan Christopher Webb                    
Skeeter Webb         SS-2B  MS   1938-1948  James Laverne Webb                       
Les Webber           P      CA   1942-1948  Lester Elmer Webber                      
Ben Weber            P      TX   2000-2005  Benjamin Edward Weber                    
Neil Weber           P      CA   1998-1998  Neil Aaron Weber                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Thad Weber           P      NE   2012-2013  Thad G. Weber                            
Allen Webster        P      NC   2013-2014  Carl Allen Webster                       
Lenny Webster        C      LA   1989-2000  Leonard Irell Webster                    
Mitch Webster        RF-LF  KS   1983-1995  Mitchell Dean Webster                    
Ray Webster          2B     CA   1959-1960  Raymond George Webster                   
Ray Webster          1B     PN   1967-1971  Ramon Alberto Webster                    
Eric Wedge           C      IN   1991-1994  Eric Michael Wedge                       
Bert Weeden          H      NH   1911-1911  Charles Albert Weeden                    
Johnny Weekly        OF     LA   1962-1964  Johnny Weekly                            
Jemile Weeks         2B-CF  FL   2011-2014  Jemile Nykiwa Weeks                      
Rickie Weeks         2B     FL   2003-2014  Rickie Darnell Weeks Jr.                 
Mike Wegener         P      CO   1969-1970  Michael Denis Wegener                    
Bill Wegman          P      OH   1985-1995  William Edward Wegman                    
Biggs Wehde          P      IA   1930-1931  Wilbur Wehde                             
Herm Wehmeier        P      OH   1945-1958  Herman Ralph Wehmeier                    
John Wehner          3B-LF  PA   1991-2001  John Paul Wehner                         
Dave Wehrmeister     P      IL   1976-1985  David Thomas Wehrmeister                 
Ralph Weigel         C      OH   1946-1949  Ralph Richard Weigel                     
Dick Weik            P      IA   1948-1954  Richard Henry Weik                       
Bob Weiland          P      IL   1928-1940  Robert George Weiland                    
Ed Weiland           P      IL   1940-1942  Edwin Nicholas Weiland                   
Kyle Weiland         P      NM   2011-2012  Kyle Edward Weiland                      
Carl Weilman         P      OH   1912-1920  Carl Woolworth Weilman                   
Jake Weimer          P      IA   1903-1909  Jacob Weimer                             
Lefty Weinert        P      PA   1919-1931  Phillip Walter Weinert                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Elmer Weingartner    SS     OH   1945-1945  Elmer William Weingartner                
Robbie Weinhardt     P      TX   2010-2011  Robert D. Weinhardt                      
Phil Weintraub       1B-OF  IL   1933-1945  Philip Weintraub                         
Bill Weir            P      ME   1936-1939  William Franklin Weir                    
Al Weis              2B-SS  NY   1962-1971  Albert John Weis                         
Butch Weis           OF     MO   1922-1925  Arthur John Weis                         
Bud Weiser           OF     PA   1915-1916  Harry Budson Weiser                      
Gary Weiss           SS     TX   1980-1981  Gary Lee Weiss                           
Walt Weiss           SS     NY   1987-2000  Walter William Weiss Jr.                 
Johnny Welaj         OF     PA   1939-1943  John Ludwig Welaj                        
Bob Welch            P      MI   1978-1994  Robert Lynn Welch                        
Frank Welch          OF     AL   1919-1927  Frank Tiguer Welch                       
Herb Welch           SS     TN   1925-1925  Herbert M. Welch                         
Johnny Welch         P      DC   1926-1936  John Vernon Welch                        
Mike Welch           P      MA   1998-1998  Michael Paul Welch                       
Milt Welch           C      IL   1945-1945  Milton Edward Welch                      
Don Welchel          P      TX   1982-1983  Donald Ray Welchel                       
Harry Welchonce      OF     PA   1911-1911  Harry Monroe Welchonce                   
Mike Welday          OF     IA   1907-1909  Lyndon Earl Welday                       
Duke Welker          P      WA   2013-2013  Matthew Scott Welker                     
Todd Wellemeyer      P      KY   2003-2010  Todd Allen Wellemeyr                     
Bob Wellman          OF-1B  OH   1948-1950  Robert Joseph Wellman                    
Brad Wellman         2B-SS  CA   1982-1989  Brad Eugene Wellman                      
Bob Wells            P      WA   1994-2002  Robert Lee Wells                         
Casper Wells         LF-RF  MI   2010-2013  Casper Charles Wells                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
David Wells          P      CA   1987-2007  David Lee Wells                          
Ed Wells             P      OH   1923-1934  Edwin Lee Wells                          
Greg Wells           1B     AL   1981-1982  Gregory De Wayne Wells                   
Jared Wells          P      TX   2008-2008  Jared Linn Wells                         
John Wells           P      KS   1944-1944  John Frederick Wells                     
Kip Wells            P      TX   1999-2012  Robert Kip Wells                         
Leo Wells            3B-SS  KS   1942-1946  Leo Donald Wells                         
Randy Wells          P      IL   2008-2012  Randy David Wells                        
Terry Wells          P      IL   1990-1990  Terry Wells                              
Vernon Wells         LF     LA   1999-2013  Vernon Wells III                         
Chris Welsh          P      DE   1981-1986  Christopher Charles Welsh                
Jimmy Welshwhite     OF     CO   1925-1930  James Daniel Welsh                       
Dick Welteroth       P      PA   1948-1950  Richard John Welteroth                   
Tony Welzer          P      WI   1926-1927  Anton Frank Welzer                       
Lew Wendell          C      NY   1915-1926  Lewis Charles Wendell                    
Turk Wendell         P      MA   1993-2004  Steven John Wendell                      
Don Wengert          P      IA   1995-2001  Donald Paul Wengert                      
Butch Wensloff       P      CA   1943-1948  Charles William Wensloff                 
Stan Wentzel         OF     PA   1945-1945  Stanley Aaron Wentzel                    
Fred Wenz            P      NJ   1968-1970  Frederick Charles Wenz                   
Julie Wera           3B     MN   1927-1929  Julian Valentine Wera                    
Billy Werber         3B     MD   1930-1942  William Murray Werber                    
Johnny Werhas        3B     MI   1964-1967  John Charles Werhas                      
Bill Werle           P      CA   1949-1954  William George Werle                     
George Werley        P      MO   1956-1956  George William Werley                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Andrew Werner        P      IL   2012-2012  Andrew Steven Werner                     
Donald Werner        P      WI   1975-1982  Donald Paul Werner                       
Don Wert             3B     PA   1963-1971  Donald Ralph Wert                        
Dennis Werth         1B-OF  IL   1979-1982  Dennis Dean Werth                        
Jayson Werth         RF     IL   2002-2014  Jayson Richard Werth                     
Johnny Werts         P      SC   1926-1929  Henry Levi Werts                         
Bill Wertz           P      OH   1993-1994  William Charles Wertz                    
Vic Wertz            OF-1B  PA   1947-1963  Victor Woodrow Wertz                     
Jim Wessinger        2B     NY   1979-1979  James Michael Wessinger                  
Barry Wesson         CF-LF  MS   2002-2003  Barry Jarvis Wesson                      
David West           P      TN   1988-1998  David Lee West                           
Dick West            C      KY   1938-1943  Richard Thomas West                      
Hi West              P      IL   1905-1911  James Hiram West                         
Lefty West           P      NC   1944-1945  Weldon Edison West                       
Matt West            P      TX   2014-2014  Matthew Robert O'Neill West              
Max West             OF-1B  MO   1938-1948  Max Edward West                          
Max West             OF     TX   1928-1929  Walter Maxwell West                      
Sam West             OF     TX   1927-1942  Samuel Filmore West                      
Sean West            P      LA   2009-2010  Sean E. West                             
Jake Westbrook       P      GA   2000-2013  Jacob Cauthen Westbrook                  
Oscar Westerberg     SS     CA   1907-1907  Oscar William Westerberg                 
Jim Westlake         H      CA   1955-1955  James Patrick Westlake                   
Wally Westlake       OF     CA   1947-1956  Waldon Thomas Westlake                   
Al Weston            H      MA   1929-1929  Alfred John Weston                       
Mickey Weston        P      MI   1989-1993  Michael Lee Weston                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Wes Westrum          C      MN   1947-1957  Wesley Noreen Westrum                    
Jeff Wetherby        LF-RF  CA   1989-1989  Jeffrey Barrett Wetherby                 
John Wetteland       P      CA   1989-2000  John Karl Wetteland                      
Buzz Wetzel          P      OK   1927-1927  Charles Edward Wetzel                    
Dutch Wetzel         OF     IN   1920-1921  Franklin Burton Wetzel                   
Stefan Wever         P      GE   1982-1982  Stefan Matthew Wever                     
Bill Whaley          OF     IN   1923-1923  William Carl Whaley                      
Bert Whaling         C      CA   1913-1915  Albert James Whaling                     
Lee Wheat            P      IL   1954-1955  Leroy William Wheat                      
Mack Wheat           C      MO   1915-1921  McKinley Davis Wheat                     
Zack Wheat           OF     MO   1909-1927  Zachary Davis Wheat                      
Charlie Wheatley     P      KS   1912-1912  Charles Wheatley                         
Woody Wheaton        OF-P   PA   1943-1944  Elwood Pierce Wheaton                    
Dan Wheeler          P      RI   1999-2012  Daniel Michael Wheeler                   
Dick Wheeler         OF     NH   1918-1918  Richard Wheeler                          
Don Wheeler          C      MN   1949-1949  Donald Wesley Wheeler                    
Ed Wheeler           3B-SS  CA   1945-1945  Edward Raymond Wheeler                   
George Wheeler       H      IN   1910-1910  George Harrison Wheeler                  
Rip Wheeler          P      KY   1921-1924  Floyd Clark Wheeler                      
Ryan Wheeler         3B     CA   2012-2014  Ryan Gerard Wheeler                      
Zack Wheeler         P      GA   2013-2014  Zachary Harrison Wheeler                 
Zelous Wheeler       3B-2B  AL   2014-2014  Zelous Lamar Wheeler                     
Gary Wheelock        P      CA   1976-1980  Gary Richard Wheelock                    
Jimmy Whelan         H      MO   1913-1913  James Francis Whelan                     
Kevin Whelan         P      TX   2011-2014  Kevin J. Whelan                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tom Whelan           1B     MA   1920-1920  Thomas Joseph Whelan                     
Jack Whillock        P      AR   1971-1971  Jack Franklin Whillock                   
Matt Whisenant       P      CA   1997-2000  Matthew Michael Whisenant                
Pete Whisenant       OF     NC   1952-1961  Thomas Peter Whisenant                   
Larry Whisenton      OF     MO   1977-1982  Larry Whisenton                          
Wes Whisler          P      IN   2009-2009  Wesley G. Whisler                        
Lou Whitaker         2B     NY   1977-1995  Louis Rodman Whitaker                    
Steve Whitaker       OF     WA   1966-1970  Stephen Edward Whitaker                  
Bill Whitby          P      VA   1964-1964  William Edward Whitby                    
Bob Whitcher         P      NH   1945-1945  Robert Arthur Whitcher                   
Abe White            P      GA   1937-1937  Adel White                               
Alex White           P      NC   2011-2012  Alex Bruce White                         
Barney White         SS-3B  TX   1945-1945  William Barney White                     
Bill White           P      KY   2007-2008  William Cowart White                     
Bill White           1B     FL   1956-1969  William De Kova White                    
Charlie White        C      NC   1954-1955  Charles White                            
Derrick White        1B-LF  CA   1993-1998  Derrick Ramon White                      
Devon White          CF     JM   1985-2001  Devon Markes White                       
Doc White            P      DC   1903-1913  Guy Harris White                         
Don White            OF-3B  WA   1948-1949  Donald William White                     
Ed White             OF     AL   1955-1955  Edward Perry White                       
Elder White          SS     NC   1962-1962  Elder Lafayette White                    
Ernie White          P      SC   1940-1948  Ernest Daniel White                      
Frank White          2B     MS   1973-1990  Frank White Jr.                          
Fuzz White           OF     MO   1940-1947  Albert Eugene White                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Gabe White           P      FL   1994-2005  Gabriel Allen White                      
Hal White            P      NY   1941-1954  Harold George White                      
Jack White           2B-SS  NY   1927-1928  John Peter White                         
Jack White           OF     IN   1904-1904  John Wallace White                       
Jerry White          OF     MA   1974-1986  Jerome Cardell White                     
Jo-Jo White          OF     GA   1932-1944  Joyner Clifford White                    
Kirby White          P      OH   1909-1911  Oliver Kirby White                       
Larry White          P      CA   1983-1984  Larry David White                        
Matt White           P      MA   2003-2005  Matthew Joseph White                     
Mike White           OF     MI   1963-1965  Joyner Michael White                     
Myron White          OF     CA   1978-1978  Myron Alan White                         
Rick White           P      OH   1994-2007  Richard Allen White                      
Rondell White        LF-CF  GA   1993-2007  Rondell Bernard White                    
Roy White            OF     CA   1965-1979  Roy Hilton White                         
Sam White            C      EN   1919-1919  Samuel Lambeth White                     
Sammy White          C      WA   1951-1962  Samuel Charles White                     
Sean White           P      WA   2007-2010  Sean Thomas White                        
Steve White          P      MA   1912-1912  Stephen Vincent White                    
Ed Whited            3B     PA   1989-1989  Edward Morris Whited                     
Burgess Whitehead    2B     NC   1933-1946  Burgess Urquhart Whitehead               
John Whitehead       P      TX   1935-1942  John Henderson Whitehead                 
Earl Whitehill       P      IA   1923-1939  Earl Oliver Whitehill                    
Charlie Whitehouse   P      IL   1919-1919  Charles Evis Whitehouse                  
Gil Whitehouse       C      MA   1912-1912  Gilbert Arthur Whitehouse                
Len Whitehouse       P      VT   1981-1985  Leonard Joseph Whitehouse                

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Wally Whitehurst     P      LA   1989-1996  Walter Richard Whitehurst                
George Whiteman      OF     IL   1907-1918  George Whiteman                          
Mark Whiten          RF-LF  FL   1990-2000  Mark Anthony Whiten                      
Josh Whitesell       1B     NC   2008-2009  Joshua S. Whitesell                      
Eli Whiteside        C      MS   2005-2014  Dustin Eli Whiteside                     
Matt Whiteside       P      MO   1992-2005  Matthew Christopher Whiteside            
Sean Whiteside       P      FL   1995-1995  David Sean Whiteside                     
Fred Whitfield       1B     AL   1962-1970  Fred Dwight Whitfield                    
Terry Whitfield      OF     CA   1974-1986  Terry Bertland Whitfield                 
Jesse Whiting        P      PA   1906-1907  Jesse W. Whiting                         
Chase Whitley        P      AL   2014-2014  Chase Coleman Whitley                    
Dick Whitman         OF     OR   1946-1951  Dick Corwin Whitman                      
Frank Whitman        SS     IN   1946-1948  Walter Franklin Whitman                  
Dan Whitmer          C      CA   1980-1981  Daniel Charles Whitmer                   
Darrell Whitmore     OF     VA   1993-1995  Darrell Lamont Whitmore                  
Pinky Whitney        3B     TX   1928-1939  Arthur Carter Whitney                    
Eddie Whitson        P      TN   1977-1991  Eddie Lee Whitson                        
Ernie Whitt          C      MI   1976-1991  Leo Ernest Whitt                         
Walt Whittaker       P      MA   1916-1916  Walter Elton Whittaker                   
Possum Whitted       OF-3B  NC   1912-1922  George Bostic Whitted                    
Kevin Wickander      P      IA   1989-1996  Kevin Dean Wickander                     
Bob Wicker           P      IN   1903-1906  Robert Kitridge Wicker                   
Floyd Wicker         OF     NC   1968-1971  Floyd Euliss Wicker                      
Kemp Wicker          P      NC   1936-1941  Kemp Caswell Wicker                      
Dave Wickersham      P      PA   1960-1969  David Clifford Wickersham                

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Al Wickland          OF     IL   1913-1919  Albert Wickland                          
Bob Wickman          P      WI   1992-2007  Robert Joe Wickman                       
Chris Widger         C      DE   1995-2006  Christopher Jon Widger                   
Al Widmar            P      OH   1947-1952  Albert Joseph Widmar                     
Ted Wieand           P      PA   1958-1960  Franklin Delano Roosevelt Wieand         
Charlie Wiedemeyer   P      IL   1934-1934  Charles John Wiedemeyer                  
Tom Wiedenbauer      OF     WI   1979-1979  Thomas John Wiedenbauer                  
Tom Wieghaus         C      IL   1981-1984  Thomas Robert Wieghaus                   
Joe Wieland          P      NV   2012-2014  Joseph Wieland                           
Jack Wieneke         P      PA   1921-1921  John Wieneke                             
Bob Wiesler          P      MO   1951-1958  Robert George Wiesler                    
Whitey Wietelmann    SS-2B  OH   1939-1947  William Frederick Wietelmann             
Matt Wieters         C      SC   2009-2014  Matthew Richard Wieters                  
Alan Wiggins         2B-OF  CA   1981-1987  Alan Anthony Wiggins                     
Scott Wiggins        P      KY   2002-2002  Scott Joseph Wiggins                     
Ty Wigginton         1B-LF  CA   2002-2013  Ty Allen Wigginton                       
Jimmy Wiggs          P      NO   1903-1906  James Alvin Wiggs                        
Bill Wight           P      CA   1946-1958  William Robert Wight                     
Fred Wigington       P      NE   1923-1923  Fred Thomas Wigington                    
Sandy Wihtol         P      CA   1979-1982  Alexander Ames Wihtol                    
Del Wilber           C      MI   1946-1954  Delbert Quentin Wilber                   
Claude Wilborn       OF     --   1940-1940  Claude Wilborn                           
Ted Wilborn          OF     TX   1979-1980  Thaddeasu Iglehart Wilborn               
Milt Wilcox          P      HI   1970-1986  Milton Edward Wilcox                     
Randy Wiles          P      VA   1977-1977  Randall E Wiles                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mark Wiley           P      CA   1975-1978  Mark Eugene Wiley                        
Rob Wilfong          2B     CA   1977-1987  Robert Donald Wilfong                    
Hoyt Wilhelm         P      NC   1952-1972  James Hoyt Wilhelm                       
Jim Wilhelm          OF     CA   1978-1979  James Webster Wilhelm                    
Kaiser Wilhelm       P      OH   1903-1921  Irvin Key Wilhelm                        
Spider Wilhelm       SS     MD   1953-1953  Charles Ernest Wilhelm                   
Tom Wilhelmsen       P      AZ   2011-2014  Thomas M. Wilhelmsen                     
Joe Wilhoit          OF     KS   1916-1919  Joseph William Wilhoit                   
Denney Wilie         OF     TX   1911-1915  Dennis Ernest Wilie                      
Adam Wilk            P      CA   2011-2012  Adam Robert Wilk                         
Harry Wilke          3B     OH   1927-1927  Henry Joseph Wilke                       
Brad Wilkerson       LF-1B  KY   2001-2008  Stephen Bradley Wilkerson                
Curtis Wilkerson     SS-2B  VA   1983-1993  Curtis Vernon Wilkerson                  
Lefty Wilkie         P      SK   1941-1946  Aldon Jay Wilkie                         
Andy Wilkins         1B     OK   2014-2014  Andrew R. Wilkins                        
Bobby Wilkins        SS     NC   1944-1945  Robert Linwood Wilkins                   
Dean Wilkins         P      IL   1989-1991  Dean Allan Wilkins                       
Eric Wilkins         P      MO   1979-1979  Eric Lamoine Wilkins                     
Marc Wilkins         P      OH   1996-2001  Marc Allen Wilkins                       
Rick Wilkins         C      FL   1991-2001  Richard David Wilkins                    
Bill Wilkinson       P      WY   1985-1988  William Carl Wilkinson                   
Ed Wilkinson         OF-2B  OR   1911-1911  Edward Henry Wilkinson                   
Roy Wilkinson        P      NY   1918-1922  Roy Hamilton Wilkinson                   
Ted Wilks            P      NY   1944-1953  Theodore Wilks                           
Bob Will             OF     IL   1957-1963  Robert Lee Will                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jerry Willard        C      CA   1984-1994  Gerald Duane Willard                     
Ed Willett           P      VA   1906-1913  Robert Edgar Willett                     
Carl Willey          P      ME   1958-1965  Carlton Francis Willey                   
Nick Willhite        P      OK   1963-1967  Jon Nicholas Willhite                    
Ace Williams         P      NJ   1940-1946  Robert Fulton Williams                   
Al Williams          P      AL   1937-1938  Almon Edward Williams                    
Albert Williams      P      NI   1980-1984  Albert Hamilton Williams                 
Bernie Williams      OF     CA   1970-1974  Bernard Williams                         
Bernie Williams      CF     PR   1991-2006  Bernabe Figueroa Williams                
Billy Williams       OF     SC   1969-1969  William Williams                         
Billy Williams       OF     AL   1959-1976  Billy Leo Williams                       
Bob Williams         C      OH   1911-1913  Robert Elias Williams                    
Brian Williams       P      SC   1991-2000  Brian O'Neal Williams                    
Charlie Williams     P      NY   1971-1978  Charles Prosek Williams                  
Cy Williams          OF     IN   1912-1930  Fred Williams                            
Dallas Williams      OF     NY   1981-1983  Dallas Mckinley Williams                 
Dana Williams        LF     WV   1989-1989  Dana Lamont Williams                     
Dave Williams        P      AK   2001-2007  David Aaron Williams                     
Davey Williams       2B     TX   1949-1955  David Carlous Williams                   
Denny Williams       OF     OR   1921-1928  Evon Daniel Williams                     
Dewey Williams       C      NC   1944-1948  Dewey Edgar Williams                     
Dib Williams         2B-SS  AR   1930-1935  Edwin Dibrell Williams                   
Dick Williams        OF-3B  MO   1951-1964  Richard Hirschfeld Williams              
Don Williams         P      CA   1963-1963  Donald Reid Williams                     
Don Williams         P      VA   1958-1962  Donald Fred Williams                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Earl Williams        C-1B   NJ   1970-1977  Earl Craig Williams Jr.                  
Earl Williams        C      TN   1928-1928  Earl Baxter Williams                     
Eddie Williams       1B-3B  LA   1986-1998  Edward Laquan Williams                   
Frank Williams       P      WA   1984-1989  Frank Lee Williams                       
George Williams      C      WI   1995-2000  George Erik Williams                     
George Williams      2B     MI   1961-1964  George Williams                          
Gerald Williams      CF-LF  LA   1992-2005  Gerald Floyd Williams                    
Glenn Williams       SS-2B  AU   2005-2005  Glenn David Williams                     
Gus Williams         OF     NE   1911-1915  August Joseph Williams                   
Harry Williams       1B     NE   1913-1914  Harry Peter Williams                     
Jackson Williams     C      OK   2014-2014  Jackson Thomas Williams                  
Jeff Williams        P      AU   1999-2002  Jeffrey F. Williams                      
Jerome Williams      P      HI   2003-2014  Jerome Lee Williams                      
Jim Williams         OF     LA   1969-1970  James Alfred Williams                    
Jimmy Williams       2B     MO   1903-1909  James Thomas Williams                    
Jimy Williams        SS     CA   1966-1967  James Francis Williams                   
Johnnie Williams     P      HI   1914-1914  John Brodie Williams                     
Keith Williams       RF-LF  PA   1996-1996  David Keith Williams                     
Ken Williams         OF     OR   1915-1929  Kenneth Roy Williams                     
Kenny Williams       OF     CA   1986-1991  Kenneth Royal Williams                   
Lefty Williams       P      MO   1913-1920  Claude Preston Williams                  
Leon Williams        P      GA   1926-1926  Leon Theo Williams                       
Mark Williams        OF     NY   1977-1977  Mark Westley Williams                    
Marsh Williams       P      NC   1916-1916  Marshall McDiarmid Williams              
Matt Williams        P      TX   1983-1985  Matthew Evan Williams                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Matt Williams        P      VA   2000-2000  Matthew Taylor Williams                  
Matt Williams        3B     CA   1987-2003  Matthew Derrick Williams                 
Mike Williams        P      VA   1992-2003  Michael Darren Williams                  
Mitch Williams       P      CA   1986-1997  Mitchell Steven Williams                 
Mutt Williams        P      AR   1913-1914  David Carter Williams                    
Otto Williams        SS-OF  NJ   1903-1906  Otto George Williams                     
Papa Williams        1B     MS   1945-1945  Fred Williams                            
Pop Williams         P      ME   1903-1903  Walter Merrill Williams                  
Randy Williams       P      TX   2004-2011  Randall Duane Williams                   
Reggie Williams      OF     TN   1985-1988  Reginald Dewayne Williams                
Reggie Williams      LF-RF  SC   1992-1999  Reginald Bernard Williams                
Rick Williams        P      CA   1978-1979  Richard Allen Williams                   
Rip Williams         C-1B   IL   1911-1918  Alva Mitchel Williams                    
Shad Williams        P      CA   1996-1997  Shad Williams                            
Stan Williams        P      NH   1958-1972  Stanley Wilson Williams                  
Steamboat Williams   P      MT   1914-1916  Rees Gephardt Williams                   
Ted Williams         OF     CA   1939-1960  Theodore Samuel Williams                 
Todd Williams        P      NY   1995-2007  Todd Michael Williams                    
Walt Williams        OF     TX   1964-1975  Walter Allen Williams                    
Woody Williams       2B     VA   1938-1945  Woodrow Wilson Williams                  
Woody Williams       P      TX   1993-2007  Gregory Scott Williams                   
Al Williamson        P      AR   1928-1928  Silas Albert Williamson                  
Antone Williamson    1B     CA   1997-1997  Anthony Joseph Williamson                
Howie Williamson     H      AR   1928-1928  Nathaniel Howard Williamson              
Mark Williamson      P      TX   1987-1994  Mark Alan Williamson                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Scott Williamson     P      LA   1999-2007  Scott Ryan Williamson                    
Hugh Willingham      SS-3B  TX   1930-1933  Thomas Hugh Willingham                   
Josh Willingham      LF     AL   2004-2014  Joshua David Willingham                  
Carl Willis          P      VA   1984-1995  Carl Blake Willis                        
Dale Willis          P      GA   1963-1963  Dale Jerome Willis                       
Dontrelle Willis     P      CA   2003-2011  Dontrelle Wayne Willis                   
Jim Willis           P      LA   1953-1954  James Gladden Willis                     
Joe Willis           P      OH   1911-1913  Joseph Denk Willis                       
Lefty Willis         P      WV   1925-1927  Charles William Willis                   
Les Willis           P      TX   1947-1947  Lester Evans Willis                      
Mike Willis          P      OK   1977-1981  Michael Henry Willis                     
Ron Willis           P      TN   1966-1970  Ronald Earl Willis                       
Vic Willis           P      MD   1903-1910  Victor Gazaway Willis                    
Reggie Willits       LF-RF  OK   2006-2011  Reggie Gene Willits                      
Claude Willoughby    P      KS   1925-1931  Claude William Willoughby                
Jim Willoughby       P      CA   1971-1978  James Arthur Willoughby                  
Bump Wills           2B     DC   1977-1982  Elliott Taylor Wills                     
Frank Wills          P      LA   1983-1991  Frank Lee Wills                          
Maury Wills          SS-3B  DC   1959-1972  Maurice Morning Wills                    
Ted Wills            P      CA   1959-1965  Theodore Carl Wills                      
Kid Willson          OF     NE   1918-1927  Frank Hoxie Willson                      
Paul Wilmet          P      WI   1989-1989  Paul Richard Wilmet                      
Whitey Wilshere      P      NY   1934-1936  Vernon Sprague Wilshere                  
Terry Wilshusen      P      CA   1973-1973  Terry Wayne Wilshusen                    
Alex Wilson          P      SR   2013-2014  William Alexander Wilson                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Archie Wilson        OF     CA   1951-1952  Archie Clifton Wilson                    
Art Wilson           C      IL   1909-1921  Arthur Earl Wilson                       
Artie Wilson         SS-2B  AL   1951-1951  Arthur Lee Wilson                        
Bill Wilson          P      OH   1969-1973  William Harlan Wilson                    
Bill Wilson          OF     NE   1950-1955  William Donald Wilson                    
Bob Wilson           C      TX   1958-1958  Robert Wilson                            
Bobby Wilson         C      FL   2008-2014  Robert Louis Wilson                      
Brian Wilson         P      NH   2006-2014  Brian Patrick Wilson                     
C.J. Wilson          P      CA   2005-2014  Christopher John Wilson                  
Charlie Wilson       3B     SC   1931-1935  Charles Woodrow Wilson                   
Chief Wilson         OF     TX   1908-1916  John Owen Wilson                         
Craig Wilson         3B     MD   1989-1993  Craig Wilson                             
Craig Wilson         3B-SS  IL   1998-2000  Craig Franklin Wilson                    
Craig Wilson         RF-1B  CA   2001-2007  Craig Alan Wilson                        
Dan Wilson           C      IL   1992-2005  Daniel Allen Wilson                      
Desi Wilson          1B     NY   1996-1996  Desi Bernard Wilson                      
Don Wilson           P      LA   1966-1974  Donald Edward Wilson                     
Duane Wilson         P      KS   1958-1958  Duane Lewis Wilson                       
Earl Wilson          P      LA   1959-1970  Robert Earl Wilson                       
Eddie Wilson         OF     CT   1936-1937  Edward Francis Wilson                    
Enrique Wilson       2B-SS  DR   1997-2005  Enrique Martes Wilson                    
Frank Wilson         OF     MA   1924-1928  Francis Edward Wilson                    
Gary Wilson          P      CA   1995-1995  Gary Morris Wilson                       
Gary Wilson          P      AR   1979-1979  Gary Steven Wilson                       
George Wilson        OF     NC   1952-1956  George Washington Wilson                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Glenn Wilson         OF     TX   1982-1993  Glenn Dwight Wilson                      
Grady Wilson         SS     GA   1948-1948  Grady Herbert Wilson                     
Hack Wilson          OF     PA   1923-1934  Lewis Robert Wilson                      
Highball Wilson      P      PA   1903-1904  Howard Paul Wilson                       
Icehouse Wilson      H      CA   1934-1934  George Peacock Wilson                    
Jack Wilson          P      OR   1934-1942  John Francis Wilson                      
Jack Wilson          SS     CA   2001-2012  Jack Eugene Wilson                       
Jim Wilson           1B     OR   1985-1989  James George Wilson                      
Jim Wilson           P      CA   1945-1958  James Alger Wilson                       
Jimmie Wilson        C      PA   1923-1940  James Wilson                             
John Wilson          P      MD   1913-1913  John Nicodemus Wilson                    
John Wilson          P      AL   1927-1928  John Samuel Wilson                       
Josh Wilson          2B     PA   2005-2014  Joshua Aaron Wilson                      
Justin Wilson        P      CA   2012-2014  Justin James Wilson                      
Kris Wilson          P      DC   2000-2006  Kristopher Kyle Wilson                   
Les Wilson           OF     MI   1911-1911  Lester Wilbur Wilson                     
Max Wilson           P      NC   1940-1946  Max Wilson                               
Mike Wilson          OF     OK   2011-2011  Michael LaDon Wilson                     
Mike Wilson          C      PA   1921-1921  Samuel Marshall Wilson                   
Mookie Wilson        OF     SC   1980-1991  William Hayward Wilson                   
Mutt Wilson          P      NC   1920-1920  William Clarence Wilson                  
Neil Wilson          C      TN   1960-1960  Samuel O'Neil Wilson                     
Nigel Wilson         LF-OF  ON   1993-1996  Nigel Edward Wilson                      
Paul Wilson          P      FL   1996-2005  Paul Anthony Wilson                      
Pete Wilson          P      MA   1908-1909  Peter Alex Wilson                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Preston Wilson       CF     SC   1998-2007  Preston James David Wilson               
Red Wilson           C      WI   1951-1960  Robert James Wilson                      
Roy Wilson           P      IA   1928-1928  Roy Edward Wilson                        
Squanto Wilson       C      ME   1911-1911  George Francis Wilson                    
Steve Wilson         P      BC   1988-1993  Stephen Douglas Wilson                   
Tack Wilson          LF-OF  LA   1983-1987  Michael Wilson                           
Tex Wilson           P      TX   1924-1924  Gomer Russell Wilson                     
Tom Wilson           C      KS   1914-1914  Thomas G. Wilson                         
Tom Wilson           C      CA   2001-2004  Thomas Leroy Wilson                      
Trevor Wilson        P      CA   1988-1998  Trevor Kirk Wilson                       
Vance Wilson         C      AZ   2000-2006  Vance Allen Wilson                       
Walter Wilson        P      GA   1945-1945  Walter Wood Wilson                       
Willie Wilson        OF     AL   1976-1994  Willie James Wilson                      
Willy Wilson         P      OH   1906-1906  William Wilson                           
Hal Wiltse           P      IL   1926-1931  Harold James Wiltse                      
Hooks Wiltse         P      NY   1904-1914  George Leroy Wiltse                      
Snake Wiltse         P      NY   1903-1903  Lewis De Witt Wiltse                     
Ed Winceniak         3B-SS  IL   1956-1957  Edward Joseph Winceniak                  
Fred Winchell        P      MA   1909-1909  Frederick Russell Winchell               
Scott Winchester     P      MI   1997-2001  Scott Joseph Winchester                  
Gordie Windhorn      OF     IL   1959-1962  Gordon Ray Windhorn                      
Bill Windle          1B     KS   1928-1929  Willis Brewer Windle                     
Jason Windsor        P      CA   2006-2006  Jason David Windsor                      
Bobby Wine           SS     NY   1960-1972  Robert Paul Sr. Wine                     
Robbie Wine          C      PA   1986-1987  Robert Paul Jr. Wine                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ed Wineapple         P      MA   1929-1929  Edward Wineapple                         
Ralph Winegarner     P      KS   1930-1949  Ralph Lee Winegarner                     
Dave Winfield        RF     MN   1973-1995  David Mark Winfield                      
Jim Winford          P      TN   1932-1938  James Head Winford                       
Ernie Wingard        P      AL   1924-1927  Ernest James Wingard                     
Ted Wingfield        P      VA   1923-1927  Frederick Davis Wingfield                
Al Wingo             OF     GA   1919-1928  Absalom Holbrook Wingo                   
Ed Wingo             C      QC   1920-1920  Edmond Armand Wingo                      
Ivey Wingo           C      GA   1911-1929  Ivey Brown Wingo                         
Lave Winham          P      NY   1903-1903  Lafayette Sharkey Winham                 
Joe Winkelsas        P      NY   1999-2006  Joseph Winkelsas                         
George Winn          P      GA   1919-1923  George Benjamin Winn                     
Jim Winn             P      CA   1983-1988  James Francis Winn                       
Randy Winn           CF-LF  CA   1998-2010  Dwight Randolph Winn                     
Herm Winningham      CF-OF  SC   1984-1992  Herman S. Winningham                     
Tom Winsett          OF     TN   1930-1938  John Thomas Winsett                      
Darrin Winston       P      NJ   1997-1998  Darrin Alexander Winston                 
Hank Winston         P      NC   1933-1936  Henry Rudolph Winston                    
George Winter        P      PA   1903-1908  George Lovington Winter                  
Clarence Winters     P      MI   1924-1924  Clarence John Winters                    
Jesse Winters        P      TX   1919-1923  Jesse Franklin Winters                   
Matt Winters         RF     NY   1989-1989  Matthew Littleton Winters                
Alan Wirth           P      AZ   1978-1980  Alan Lee Wirth                           
Kettle Wirts         C      CA   1921-1924  Elwood Vernon Wirts                      
Archie Wise          P      TX   1932-1932  Archibald Edwin Wise                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Casey Wise           2B-SS  IN   1957-1960  Kendall Cole Wise                        
Dewayne Wise         CF     SC   2000-2013  Larry DeWayne Wise                       
Hughie Wise          C      KY   1930-1930  Hugh Edward Wise                         
Matt Wise            P      CA   2000-2008  Matthew John Wise                        
Rick Wise            P      MI   1964-1982  Richard Charles Wise                     
Roy Wise             P      IL   1944-1944  Roy Ogden Wise                           
Jack Wisner          P      MI   1919-1926  John Henry Wisner                        
Dave Wissman         OF     MA   1964-1964  David Alvin Wissman                      
Whitey Wistert       P      IL   1934-1934  Francis Michael Wistert                  
Jay Witasick         P      MD   1996-2007  Gerald Alphonse Witasick Jr.             
Mickey Witek         2B-SS  PA   1940-1949  Nicholas Joseph Witek                    
Shannon Withem       P      MI   1998-1998  Shannon Bolt Withem                      
Roy Witherup         P      PA   1906-1909  Foster Leroy Witherup                    
Chris Withrow        P      TX   2013-2014  Christopher Withrow                      
Corky Withrow        OF     WV   1963-1963  Raymond Wallace Withrow                  
Frank Withrow        C      MO   1920-1922  Frank Blaine Withrow                     
Ron Witmeyer         1B     NY   1991-1991  Ronald Herman Witmeyer                   
Bobby Witt           P      VA   1986-2001  Robert Andrew Witt                       
George Witt          P      CA   1957-1962  George Adrian Witt                       
Kevin Witt           1B-LF  NC   1998-2006  Kevin Joseph Witt                        
Mike Witt            P      CA   1981-1993  Michael Atwater Witt                     
Whitey Witt          OF-SS  MA   1916-1926  Lawton Walter Witt                       
Jerry Witte          1B     MO   1946-1947  Jerome Charles Witte                     
Johnnie Wittig       P      MD   1938-1949  John Carl Wittig                         
John Wockenfuss      C-1B   WV   1974-1985  Johnny Bilton Wockenfuss                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Andy Woehr           3B     IN   1923-1924  Andrew Emil Woehr                        
Mark Wohlers         P      MA   1991-2002  Mark Edward Wohlers                      
Jim Wohlford         OF     CA   1972-1986  James Eugene Wohlford                    
Steve Wojciechowski  P      IL   1995-1997  Steven Joseph Wojciechowski              
John Wojcik          OF     NY   1962-1964  John Joseph Wojcik                       
Pete Wojey           P      PA   1954-1957  Peter Paul Wojey                         
Ed Wojna             P      CT   1985-1989  Edward David Wojna                       
Bob Wolcott          P      CA   1995-1999  Robert William Wolcott                   
Ernie Wolf           P      NJ   1912-1912  Ernest Adolph Wolf                       
Lefty Wolf           P      CT   1921-1921  Walter Francis Wolf                      
Randy Wolf           P      CA   1999-2014  Randall Christopher Wolf                 
Ray Wolf             1B     IL   1927-1927  Raymond Bernard Wolf                     
Ross Wolf            P      IL   2007-2013  Ross Garrett Wolf                        
Wally Wolf           P      CA   1969-1970  Walter Beck Wolf                         
Barney Wolfe         P      PA   1903-1906  Wilbert Otto Wolfe                       
Brian Wolfe          P      CA   2007-2009  Brian Thomas Wolfe                       
Chuck Wolfe          P      PA   1923-1923  Charles Hunt Wolfe                       
Ed Wolfe             P      CA   1952-1952  Edward Anthony Wolfe                     
Harry Wolfe          SS-OF  OH   1917-1917  Harold Wolfe                             
Larry Wolfe          3B-2B  FL   1977-1980  Laurence Marcy Wolfe                     
Polly Wolfe          OF     IL   1912-1914  Roy Chamberlain Wolfe                    
Roger Wolff          P      IL   1941-1947  Roger Francis Wolff                      
Mellie Wolfgang      P      NY   1914-1918  Meldon John Wolfgang                     
Harry Wolter         OF     CA   1907-1917  Harry Meigs Wolter                       
Harry Wolverton      3B     OH   1903-1912  Harry Sterling Wolverton                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dooley Womack        P      SC   1966-1970  Horace Guy Womack                        
Sid Womack           C      LA   1926-1926  Sidney Kirk Womack                       
Tony Womack          SS-2B  VA   1993-2006  Anthony Darrell Womack                   
Kolten Wong          2B     HI   2013-2014  Kolten Kaha Wong                         
Alex Wood            P      NC   2013-2014  Robert Alexander Wood                    
Blake Wood           P      GA   2010-2014  Blake Daniel Wood                        
Bob Wood             C      OH   1904-1905  Robert Lynn Wood                         
Brandon Wood         SS-3B  TX   2007-2011  Richard Brandon Wood                     
Doc Wood             SS     MS   1923-1923  Charles Spencer Wood                     
Harry Wood           OF     ME   1903-1903  Harold Austin Wood                       
Jake Wood            2B     NJ   1961-1967  Jacob Wood Jr.                           
Jason Wood           SS-1B  CA   1998-2008  Jason William Wood                       
Joe Wood             OF-P   MO   1908-1922  Joe Wood                                 
Joe Wood             2B-3B  TX   1943-1943  Joseph Perry Wood                        
Joe Wood             P      PA   1944-1944  Joseph Frank Wood                        
Ken Wood             OF     NC   1948-1953  Kenneth Lanier Wood                      
Kerry Wood           P      TX   1998-2012  Kerry Lee Wood                           
Mike Wood            P      FL   2003-2007  Michael Burton Wood                      
Roy Wood             OF-1B  AR   1913-1915  Roy Winton Wood                          
Spades Wood          P      SC   1930-1931  Charles Asher Wood                       
Ted Wood             RF-LF  OH   1991-1993  Edward Robert Wood                       
Tim Wood             P      WY   2009-2011  Timothy Dayle Wood                       
Travis Wood          P      AR   2010-2014  Travis Alan Wood                         
Wilbur Wood          P      MA   1961-1978  Wilbur Forrester Wood Jr.                
Brad Woodall         P      GA   1994-1999  David Bradley Woodall                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Larry Woodall        C      VA   1920-1929  Charles Lawrence Woodall                 
Darrell Woodard      2B     AR   1978-1978  Darrell Lee Woodard                      
Mike Woodard         2B     IL   1985-1988  Michael Cary Woodard                     
Steve Woodard        P      AL   1997-2003  Steven Larry Woodard                     
Gene Woodburn        P      OH   1911-1912  Eugene Stewart Woodburn                  
George Woodend       P      CT   1944-1944  George Anthony Woodend                   
Hal Woodeshick       P      PA   1956-1967  Harold Joseph Woodeshick                 
Gene Woodling        OF     OH   1943-1962  Eugene Richard Woodling                  
Sam Woodruff         3B-2B  OH   1904-1910  Orville Francis Woodruff                 
Alvis Woods          OF     CA   1977-1986  Alvis Woods                              
Gary Woods           OF     CA   1976-1985  Gary Lee Woods                           
Jake Woods           P      CA   2005-2008  Jacob Thomas Woods                       
Jim Woods            3B     IL   1957-1961  James Jerome Woods                       
John Woods           P      WV   1924-1924  John Fulton Woods                        
Pinky Woods          P      CT   1943-1945  George Rowland Woods                     
Ron Woods            OF     OH   1969-1974  Ronald Lawrence Woods                    
Dick Woodson         P      IA   1969-1974  Richard Lee Woodson                      
Kerry Woodson        P      FL   1992-1992  Walter Browne Woodson Iv                 
Tracy Woodson        3B-1B  VA   1987-1993  Tracy Michael Woodson                    
Chris Woodward       3B     CA   1999-2011  Christopher Michael Woodward             
Frank Woodward       P      CT   1918-1923  Frank Russell Woodward                   
Rob Woodward         P      NH   1985-1988  Robert John Woodward                     
Woody Woodward       SS-2B  FL   1963-1971  William Frederick Woodward               
Mark Woodyard        P      AL   2005-2005  Mark Anthony Woodyard                    
Floyd Wooldridge     P      MO   1955-1955  Floyd Lewis Wooldridge                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Junior Wooten        OF     SC   1947-1948  Earl Hazwell Wooten                      
Rob Wooten           P      NC   2013-2014  Robert Davis Wooten                      
Shawn Wooten         1B-C   CA   2000-2005  William Shawn Wooten                     
Fred Worden          P      MO   1914-1914  Frederick Bamford Worden                 
Brandon Workman      P      TX   2013-2014  Brandon Workman                          
Chuck Workman        OF-3B  MO   1938-1946  Charles Thomas Workman                   
Hank Workman         1B     CA   1950-1950  Henry Kilgariff Workman                  
Hoge Workman         P      WV   1924-1924  Harry Hall Workman                       
Ralph Works          P      IL   1909-1913  Ralph Talmadge Works                     
Vance Worley         P      CA   2010-2014  Vance Richard Worley                     
Mark Worrell         P      FL   2008-2011  Mark Robert Worrell                      
Tim Worrell          P      CA   1993-2006  Timothy Howard Worrell                   
Todd Worrell         P      CA   1985-1997  Todd Roland Worrell                      
Danny Worth          3B-2B  CA   2010-2014  Daniel Weston Worth                      
Rich Wortham         P      TX   1978-1983  Richard Cooper Wortham                   
Al Worthington       P      AL   1953-1969  Allan Fulton Worthington                 
Craig Worthington    3B     CA   1988-1996  Craig Richard Worthington                
Red Worthington      OF     CA   1931-1934  Robert Lee Worthington                   
Chuck Wortman        SS     MD   1916-1918  William Lewis Wortman                    
Ron Wotus            SS-2B  CT   1983-1984  Ronald Allan Wotus                       
Ab Wright            OF     OK   1935-1944  Albert Owen Wright                       
Al Wright            2B     CA   1933-1933  Albert Edgar Wright                      
Bob Wright           P      IN   1915-1915  Robert Cassius Wright                    
Chase Wright         P      TX   2007-2007  Sebern Chase Wright                      
Clyde Wright         P      TN   1966-1975  Clyde Wright                             

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Cy Wright            SS     MN   1916-1916  Ceylon Wright                            
Danny Wright         P      TX   2001-2004  Jonathan Daniel Wright                   
David Wright         3B     VA   2004-2014  David Allen Wright                       
Ed Wright            P      TN   1945-1952  Henderson Edward Wright                  
Gene Wright          P      OH   1903-1904  Clarence Eugene Wright                   
George Wright        OF     OK   1982-1986  George De Witt Wright                    
Glenn Wright         SS     MO   1924-1935  Forest Glenn Wright                      
Jamey Wright         P      OK   1996-2014  Jamey Alan Wright                        
Jaret Wright         P      CA   1997-2007  Jaret Samuel Wright                      
Jim Wright           P      EN   1927-1928  James Wright                             
Jim Wright           P      MI   1978-1979  James Clifton Wright                     
Jim Wright           P      MO   1981-1982  James Leon Wright                        
Ken Wright           P      FL   1970-1974  Kenneth Warren Wright                    
Lucky Wright         P      OH   1909-1909  William Simmons Wright                   
Mel Wright           P      AR   1954-1961  Melvin James Wright                      
Rasty Wright         P      WV   1917-1923  Wayne Bromley Wright                     
Ricky Wright         P      TX   1982-1986  James Richard Wright                     
Ron Wright           1B     UT   2002-2002  Ronald Wade Wright                       
Roy Wright           P      OH   1956-1956  Roy Earl Wright                          
Steve Wright         P      CA   2013-2014  Steven Richard Wright                    
Taffy Wright         OF     NC   1938-1949  Taft Shedron Wright                      
Tom Wright           OF     NC   1948-1956  Thomas Everette Wright                   
Wesley Wright        P      AL   2008-2014  Dequam Lawesley Wright                   
Russ Wrightstone     3B-1B  PA   1920-1928  Russell Guy Wrightstone                  
Rick Wrona           C      OK   1988-1994  Richard James Wrona                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mike Wuertz          P      MN   2004-2011  Michael James Wuertz                     
Yats Wuestling       SS     MO   1929-1930  George Wuestling                         
Kelly Wunsch         P      TX   2000-2005  Kelly Douglas Wunsch                     
Frank Wurm           P      NY   1944-1944  Frank James Wurm                         
Joe Wyatt            OF     IN   1924-1924  Loral John Wyatt                         
John Wyatt           P      IL   1961-1969  John Thomas Wyatt                        
Whit Wyatt           P      GA   1929-1945  John Whitlow Wyatt                       
Weldon Wyckoff       P      PA   1913-1918  John Weldon Wyckoff                      
Butch Wynegar        C      PA   1976-1988  Harold Delano Wynegar Jr.                
Early Wynn           P      AL   1939-1963  Early Wynn Jr.                           
Jimmy Wynn           OF     OH   1963-1977  James Sherman Wynn                       
Billy Wynne          P      NC   1967-1971  Billy Vernon Wynne                       
Marvell Wynne        OF     IL   1983-1990  Marvell Wynne                            
Johnny Wyrostek      OF     IL   1942-1954  John Barney Wyrostek                     
Hank Wyse            P      AR   1942-1951  Henry Washington Wyse                    
Biff Wysong          P      OH   1930-1932  Harlan Wysong                            

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