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The list of players below are Major Leaguers who begin with the letter 'S' since 1903. Click on a player to see his TBC player card. Active players are in bold.

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Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Kirk Saarloos        P      CA   2002-2008  Kirk Craig Saarloos                      
C.C. Sabathia        P      CA   2001-2014  Carsten Charles Sabathia                 
Erik Sabel           P      IN   1999-2002  Erik Douglas Sabel                       
Bret Saberhagen      P      IL   1984-2001  Bret William Saberhagen                  
Alex Sabo            C      NJ   1936-1936  Alexander Sabo                           
Chris Sabo           3B     MI   1988-1996  Christopher Andrew Sabo                  
Mark Saccomanno      3B     TX   2008-2008  Mark Edison Saccomanno                   
Frank Sacka          C      MI   1951-1953  Frank Sacka                              
Brian Sackinsky      P      PA   1996-1996  Brian Walter Sackinsky                   
Ray Sadecki          P      KS   1960-1977  Raymond Michael Sadecki                  
Mike Sadek           C      MN   1973-1981  Michael George Sadek                     
Billy Sadler         P      FL   2006-2009  William Henry Sadler Iv                  
Carl Sadler          P      FL   2002-2003  William Carl Sadler                      
Casey Sadler         P      OK   2014-2014  Casey Scott Sadler                       
Donnie Sadler        2B-SS  TX   1998-2007  Donnie Lamont Sadler                     
Ray Sadler           OF     TX   2005-2005  Raymond Lee Sadler                       
Bob Sadowski         P      PA   1963-1966  Robert Sadowski                          
Bob Sadowski         3B-OF  MO   1960-1963  Robert Frank Sadowski                    
Ed Sadowski          C      PA   1960-1966  Edward Roman Sadowski                    
Jim Sadowski         P      PA   1974-1974  James Michael Sadowski                   
Ryan Sadowski        P      FL   2009-2009  Ryan Keith Sadowski                      
Ted Sadowski         P      PA   1960-1962  Theodore Sadowski                        
Chris Saenz          P      AZ   2004-2004  Christopher Andrew Saenz                 
Olmedo Saenz         1B-3B  PN   1994-2007  Olmedo Sanchez Saenz                     
Tom Saffell          OF     TN   1949-1955  Thomas Judson Saffell                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Harry Sage                  --   1890-1890                                           
A.J. Sager           P      OH   1994-1998  Anthony Joseph Sager                     
Pony Sager                  --   1871-1871                                           
Marc Sagmoen         RF     WA   1997-1997  Marc Richard Sagmoen                     
Vic Saier            1B     MI   1911-1919  Victor Sylvester Saier                   
Johnny Sain          P      AR   1942-1955  John Franklin Sain                       
Mike Saipe           P      CA   1998-1998  Michael Eric Saipe                       
Takashi Saito        P      JP   2006-2012  Takashi Saitoh                           
Lenn Sakata          2B-SS  HI   1977-1987  Lenn Haruki Sakata                       
Fernando Salas       P      MX   2010-2014  Noel Fernando Salas                      
Juan Salas           P      DR   2006-2008  Juan Salas                               
Marino Salas         P      DR   2008-2008  Marino Salas                             
Mark Salas           C      CA   1984-1991  Mark Bruce Salas                         
Angel Salazar        SS     VZ   1983-1988  Argenis Antonio Salazar                  
Danny Salazar        P      DR   2013-2014  Daniel Dariel Salazar                    
Jeff Salazar         RF-LF  OK   2006-2009  Jeffrey Dewan Salazar                    
Luis Salazar         3B     VZ   1980-1992  Luis Ernesto Salazar                     
Oscar Salazar        1B     VZ   2002-2010  Oscar Enrique Salazar                    
Chris Sale           P      FL   2010-2014  Christopher Allen Sale                   
Freddy Sale          P      SC   1924-1924  Frederick Link Sale                      
Ed Sales                    --   1890-1890                                           
Bill Salisbury              --   1902-1902                                           
Harry Salisbury             --   1879-1882                                           
Bill Salkeld         C      ID   1945-1950  William Franklin Salkeld                 
Roger Salkeld        P      CA   1993-1996  Roger William Salkeld                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Slim Sallee          P      OH   1908-1921  Harry Franklin Sallee                    
Brad Salmon          P      FL   2007-2007  Bradley Keith Salmon                     
Chico Salmon         2B-SS  PN   1964-1972  Ruthford Eduardo Salmon                  
Roger Salmon         P      NJ   1912-1912  Roger Elliott Salmon                     
Tim Salmon           RF     CA   1992-2006  Timothy James Salmon                     
Angel Salome         C      DR   2008-2008  Angel Isaac Salome                       
Jarrod Saltalamacchia C      FL   2007-2014  Jarrod Scott Saltamacchia                
Jack Saltzgaver      3B-2B  IA   1932-1945  Otto Hamlin Saltzgaver                   
Gus Salve            P      MA   1908-1908  Augustus William Salve                   
Jack Salveson        P      CA   1933-1945  John Theodore Salveson                   
Manny Salvo          P      CA   1939-1943  Manuel Salvo                             
Jeff Samardzija      P      IN   2008-2014  Jeffrey Alan Samardzija                  
Joe Sambito          P      NY   1976-1987  Joseph Charles Sambito                   
Ed Samcoff           2B     CA   1951-1951  Edward William Samcoff                   
Ron Samford          SS-2B  TX   1954-1959  Ronald Edward Samford                    
Clint Sammons        C      GA   2007-2009  Clint Joseph Sammons                     
Bill Sampen          P      IL   1990-1994  William Albert Sampen                    
Billy Sample         OF     VA   1978-1986  William Amos Sample                      
Benj Sampson         P      IA   1998-1999  Benjamin Damon Sampson                   
Chris Sampson        P      TX   2006-2010  Christopher Keith Sampson                
Amado Samuel         SS-2B  DR   1962-1964  Amado Ruperto Samuel                     
Juan Samuel          2B     DR   1983-1998  Juan Milton Samuel                       
Ike Samuels                 --   1895-1895                                           
Joe Samuels          P      PA   1930-1930  Joseph Jonas Samuels                     
Roger Samuels        P      CA   1988-1989  Roger Howard Samuels                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Alejandro Sanabia    P      CA   2010-2013  Alejandro Sanabia                        
Gus Sanberg          C      NY   1923-1924  Gustave E. Sanberg                       
Brian Sanches        P      TX   2006-2012  Brian Lee Sanches                        
Aaron Sanchez        P      CA   2014-2014  Aaron Jacob Sanchez                      
Alejandro Sanchez    OF     DR   1982-1987  Alejandro Sanchez Pimentel               
Alex Sanchez         1B     CU   2001-2005  Alexis Sanchez                           
Alex Sanchez         P      CA   1989-1989  Alex Anthony Sanchez                     
Angel Sanchez        3B-SS  PR   2006-2013  Angel Luis Sanchez                       
Anibal Sanchez       P      VZ   2006-2014  Anibal Alejandro Sanchez                 
Carlos Sanchez       2B-SS  VZ   2014-2014  Yolmer Carlos Sanchez                    
Celerino Sanchez     3B     MX   1972-1973  Celerino Sanchez Perez                   
Duaner Sanchez       P      DR   2002-2009  Duaner Sanchez                           
Eduardo Sanchez      P      VZ   2011-2013  Eduardo Nazareth Sanchez                 
Felix Sanchez        RF-LF  DR   2003-2003  Felix Antonio Sanchez                    
Freddy Sanchez       2B     CA   2002-2011  Frederick Phillip Sanchez                
Gaby Sanchez         1B     FL   2008-2014  Gabriel Sanchez                          
Hector Sanchez       C      VZ   2011-2014  Hector E. Sanchez                        
Humberto Sanchez     P      DR   2008-2008  Humberto A. Sanchez                      
Israel Sanchez       P      CU   1988-1990  Israel Sanchez Matos                     
Jesus Sanchez        P      DR   1998-2004  Jesus Paulino Sanchez                    
Jonathan Sanchez     P      PR   2006-2013  Jonathan O. Sanchez                      
Luis Sanchez         P      VZ   1981-1985  Luis Mercedes Escoba Sanchez             
Orlando Sanchez      C      PR   1981-1984  Orlando Sanchez Marquez                  
Raul Sanchez         P      CU   1952-1960  Raul Guadalupe Sanchez Rodriguez         
Rey Sanchez          SS-2B  PR   1991-2005  Rey Francisco Sanchez                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Romulo Sanchez       P      VZ   2007-2010  Romulo Ignacio Sanchez (Oviedo)          
Tony Sanchez         C      FL   2013-2014  Jorge Anthony Sanchez                    
Heinie Sand          SS     CA   1923-1928  John Henry Sand                          
Jared Sandberg       3B     WA   2001-2003  Jared Lawrence Sandberg                  
Ryne Sandberg        2B     WA   1981-1997  Ryne Dee Sandberg                        
Anthony Sanders      LF-RF  AZ   1999-2001  Anthony Marcus Sanders                   
Ben Sanders          P      VZ   1888-1892  Alexander Bennett Sanders                
Dave Sanders         P      OK   2003-2005  David A. Sanders                         
Dee Sanders          P      TX   1945-1945  Dee Wilma Sanders                        
Deion Sanders        CF-LF  FL   1989-2001  Deion Luwynn Sanders                     
Ken Sanders          P      MO   1964-1976  Kenneth George Sanders                   
Ray Sanders          1B     MO   1942-1949  Raymond Floyd Sanders                    
Reggie Sanders       RF-LF  SC   1991-2007  Reginald Laverne Sanders                 
Reggie Sanders       1B     AL   1974-1974  Reginald Jerome Sanders                  
Roy Sanders          P      KS   1917-1918  Roy Garvin Sanders                       
Roy Sanders          P      --   1918-1920  Roy Lee Sanders                          
Scott Sanders        P      MO   1993-1999  Scott Gerald Sanders                     
War Sanders          P      TN   1903-1904  Warren Williams Sanders                  
Scott Sanderson      P      MI   1978-1996  Scott Douglas Sanderson                  
Mike Sandlock        C-SS   CT   1942-1953  Michael Joseph Sandlock                  
Danny Sandoval       IF     VZ   2005-2006  Danny E. Sandoval                        
Freddy Sandoval      LF-2B  MX   2008-2009  Freddy Carol Sandoval Herrera            
Pablo Sandoval       3B     VZ   2008-2014  Pablo E. Sandoval                        
Charlie Sands        C      VA   1967-1975  Charles Duane Sands                      
Jerry Sands          OF     NC   2011-2014  Gerald Robert Sands                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tommy Sandt          SS-2B  NY   1976-1976  Thomas James Sandt                       
Chance Sanford       3B-2B  TX   1998-1999  Chance Steven Howard                     
Fred Sanford         P      UT   1943-1951  John Frederick Sanford                   
Jack Sanford         P      MA   1956-1967  John Stanley Sanford                     
Jack Sanford         1B     VA   1940-1946  John Doward Sanford                      
Mo Sanford           P      GA   1991-1995  Meredith Leroy Sanford Jr.               
Manny Sanguillen     C      PN   1967-1980  Manuel De Jesus Sanguillen Magan         
Ed Sanicki           OF     NJ   1949-1951  Edward Robert Sanicki                    
Amaury Sanit         P      CU   2011-2011  Amaury Sanit                             
Ben Sankey           SS     AL   1929-1931  Benjamin Turner Sankey                   
Andres Santana       SS     DR   1990-1990  Andres Confesor Santana Belonis          
Carlos Santana       C-DH   DR   2010-2014  Carlos Santana                           
Danny Santana        SS     DR   2014-2014  Daniel Ernesto Santana                   
Domingo Santana      OF     DR   2014-2014  Domingo Alberto Santana                  
Ervin Santana        P      DR   2005-2014  Ervin Ramon Santana                      
Johan Santana        P      VZ   2000-2012  Johan Alexander Santana                  
Julio Santana        P      DR   1997-2006  Julio Franklin Santana                   
Marino Santana       P      DR   1998-1999  Marino Santana                           
Rafael Santana       SS     DR   1983-1990  Rafael Francisco Santana De La Cruz      
F.P. Santangelo      LF-CF  MI   1995-2001  Frank Paul Santangelo                    
Benito Santiago      C      PR   1986-2005  Benito Rivera Santiago                   
Hector Santiago      P      NJ   2011-2014  Hector Felipe Santiago                   
Jose Santiago        P      PR   1954-1956  Jose Guillermo Santiago Guzman           
Jose Santiago        P      PR   1963-1970  Jose Rafael Santiago Alfonso             
Jose Santiago        P      PR   1997-2005  Jose Rafael Santiago                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ramon Santiago       2B-SS  DR   2002-2014  Ramon D. Santiago                        
Ron Santo            3B     WA   1960-1974  Ronald Edward Santo                      
Rafael Santo Domingo H      PR   1979-1979  Rafael Santo Domingo Molina              
Al Santorini         P      NJ   1968-1973  Alan Joel Santorini                      
Angel Santos         2B     PR   2001-2003  Angel Ramon Santos                       
Chad Santos          1B     HI   2006-2006  Chad Roque Santos                        
Francisco Santos     RF-1B  DR   2003-2003  Francisco Santos (Carmona)               
Omir Santos          C      PR   2008-2013  Omir Santos (Rios)                       
Sergio Santos        P      CA   2010-2014  Sergio Jose Santos                       
Victor Santos        P      DR   2001-2007  Victor Irving Santos                     
Nelson Santovenia    C      CU   1987-1993  Nelson Gil Santovenia                    
Edward Santry               --   1884-1884                                           
David Sappelt        OF     NC   2011-2013  David J. Sappelt                         
Luis Sardinas        SS     VZ   2014-2014  Luis Sardinas                            
Bronson Sardinha     RF     HI   2007-2007  Bronson Kiheimahanaomauiakeo Sardinha    
Dane Sardinha        C      HI   2003-2011  Dane K. A. A. Sardinha                   
Dennis Sarfate       P      NY   2006-2009  Dennis Scott Sarfate                     
Joe Sargent          2B-3B  NY   1921-1921  Joseph Alexander Sargent                 
Manny Sarmiento      P      VZ   1976-1983  Manuel Eduardo Sarmiento Aponte          
Bill Sarni           C      CA   1951-1956  William Florine Sarni                    
Kazuhiro Sasaki      P      JP   2000-2003  Kazuhiro Sasaki                          
Mackey Sasser        C      GA   1987-1995  Mack Daniel Sasser                       
Rob Sasser           IF     PA   1998-1998  Robert Doffell Sasser                    
Josh Satin           1B     CA   2011-2014  Joshua Satin                             
Tom Satriano         C-3B   PA   1961-1970  Thomas Victor Nicholas Satriano          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Luis Saturria        OF     DR   2000-2001  Luis Arturo Saturria                     
Frank Saucier        OF     MO   1951-1951  Francis Field Saucier                    
Kevin Saucier        P      FL   1978-1982  Kevin Andrew Saucier                     
Ed Sauer             OF     PA   1943-1949  Edward Sauer                             
Hank Sauer           OF     PA   1941-1959  Henry John Sauer                         
Scott Sauerbeck      P      OH   1999-2006  Scott William Sauerbeck                  
Dennis Saunders      P      CA   1970-1970  Dennis James Saunders                    
Doug Saunders        2B     CA   1993-1993  Douglas Long Saunders                    
Joe Saunders         P      VA   2005-2014  Joseph Francis Saunders III              
Michael Saunders     CF     BC   2009-2014  Michael Edward Brett Saunders            
Rusty Saunders       OF     NJ   1927-1927  Russell Collier Saunders                 
Tony Saunders        P      MD   1997-1999  Anthony Scott Saunders                   
Al Sauters           3B     PA   1890-1890  Albert Charles Sauters                   
Rich Sauveur         P      VA   1986-2000  Richard Daniel Sauveur                   
Bob Savage           P      NH   1942-1949  John Robert Savage                       
Don Savage           3B     NJ   1944-1945  Donald Anthony Savage                    
Jack Savage          P      KY   1987-1990  John Joseph Savage                       
Jimmie Savage        2B     CT   1912-1912  James Harold Savage                      
Ted Savage           OF     IL   1962-1971  Theodore Edmund Savage Jr.               
Bob Saverine         2B-OF  CT   1959-1967  Robert Paul Saverine                     
Joe Savery           P      TX   2011-2014  Joseph Cain Savery                       
Don Savidge          P      PA   1929-1929  Donald Snyder Savidge                    
Ralph Savidge        P      PA   1908-1909  Ralph Austin Savidge                     
Moe Savransky        P      OH   1954-1954  Morris Savransky                         
Carl Sawatski        C      PA   1948-1963  Carl Ernest Sawatski                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Carl Sawyer          2B-SS  WA   1915-1916  Carl Everett Sawyer                      
Rick Sawyer          P      CA   1974-1977  Richard Clyde Sawyer                     
Will Sawyer          P      OH   1883-1883  Willard Newton Sawyer                    
Dave Sax             C-OF   CA   1982-1987  David John Sax                           
Ollie Sax            3B     CT   1928-1928  Erik Oliver Sax                          
Steve Sax            2B     CA   1981-1994  Stephen Louis Sax                        
Jimmy Say            IF     MD   1882-1887  James I. Say                             
Lou Say              SS     MD   1873-1884  Louis I. Say                             
Bill Sayles          P      OR   1939-1943  William Nisbeth Sayles                   
Phil Saylor          P      OH   1891-1891  Philip Andrew Saylor                     
Jay Sborz            P      DC   2010-2010  John James Sborz                         
Rob Scahill          P      IL   2012-2014  Robert Scahill                           
Jerry Scala          OF     NJ   1948-1950  Gerald Michael Scala                     
Bobby Scales         2B     MI   2009-2010  Bobby Leon Scales                        
Johnny Scalzi        H      CT   1931-1931  John Anthony Scalzi                      
Skeeter Scalzi       SS     OH   1939-1939  Frank John Scalzi                        
Bob Scanlan          P      CA   1991-2001  Robert Guy Scanlan Jr.                   
Doc Scanlan          P      NY   1903-1911  William Dennis Scanlan                   
Frank Scanlan        P      NY   1909-1909  Frank Aloysius Scanlan                   
Mort Scanlan                --   1890-1890                                           
Patrick Scanlan             --   1884-1884                                           
Pat Scanlon          3B-2B  MN   1974-1977  James Patrick Scanlon                    
Pat Scantlebury      P      PN   1956-1956  Patricio Athelstan Scantlebury           
Randy Scarbery       P      CA   1979-1980  Randy James Scarbery                     
Ray Scarborough      P      NC   1942-1953  Ray Wilson Scarborough                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mac Scarce           P      VA   1972-1978  Guerrant McCurdy Scarce                  
Russ Scarritt        OF     FL   1929-1932  Stephen Russell Mallory Scarritt         
Les Scarsella        1B     CA   1935-1940  Leslie George Scarsella                  
Steve Scarsone       2B-3B  CA   1992-1999  Steven Wayne Scarsone                    
Paul Schaal          3B     PA   1964-1974  Paul Schaal                              
Al Schacht           P      NY   1919-1921  Alexander Schacht                        
Sid Schacht          P      NJ   1950-1951  Sidney Schacht                           
Hal Schacker         P      NY   1945-1945  Harold Schacker                          
Germany Schaefer     2B-1B  IL   1905-1918  Herman A. Schaefer                       
Jeff Schaefer        SS-3B  NY   1989-1994  Jeffrey Scott Schaefer                   
Harry Schaeffer      P      PA   1952-1952  Harry Edward Schaeffer                   
Mark Schaeffer       P      CA   1972-1972  Mark Philip Schaeffer                    
Harry Schafer               --   1871-1878                                           
Jordan Schafer       CF-RF  IN   2009-2014  Jordan James Schafer                     
Logan Schafer        LF     CA   2011-2014  Logan Schafer                            
Jimmie Schaffer      C      PA   1961-1968  Jimmie Ronald Schaffer                   
Joe Schaffernoth     P      NJ   1959-1961  Joseph Arthur Schaffernoth               
Johnny Schaive       3B-2B  IL   1958-1963  John Edward Schaive                      
Ray Schalk           C      IL   1912-1929  Raymond William Schalk                   
Roy Schalk           2B     IL   1932-1945  Le Roy John Schalk                       
Gene Schall          1B     PA   1995-1996  Eugene David Schall                      
Biff Schaller        OF     IL   1911-1913  Walter Schaller                          
Art Schallock        P      CA   1951-1955  Arthur Lawrence Schallock                
Bobby Schang         C      NY   1914-1927  Robert Martin Schang                     
Wally Schang         C      NY   1913-1931  Walter Henry Schang                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Charley Schanz       P      WA   1944-1950  Charles Murrell Schanz                   
John Schappert              --   1882-1882                                           
Bill Schardt         P      OH   1911-1912  Wilburt Schardt                          
Art Scharein         3B     IL   1932-1934  Arthur Otto Scharein                     
George Scharein      SS     IL   1937-1940  George Albert Scharein                   
Nick Scharf                 --   1882-1883                                           
Jeff Schattinger     P      CA   1981-1981  Jeffrey Charles Schattinger              
Dan Schatzeder       P      IL   1977-1991  Daniel Ernest Schatzeder                 
Rube Schauer         P      RU   1913-1917  Alexander John Schauer                   
Al Scheer            OF     OH   1913-1913  Allan G. Scheer                          
Heinie Scheer        2B     NY   1922-1923  Henry William Scheer                     
Fritz Scheeren       OF     IN   1914-1915  Frederick Scheeren                       
Owen Scheetz         P      OH   1943-1943  Owen Franklin Scheetz                    
Aaron Scheffer       P      MI   1999-1999  Aaron Alvin Marcus Scheffer              
Bob Scheffing        C      MO   1941-1951  Robert Boden Scheffing                   
Ted Scheffler               --   1888-1890                                           
Lefty Schegg         P      OH   1912-1912  Gilbert Eugene Schegg                    
Carl Scheib          P      PA   1943-1954  Carl Alvin Scheib                        
Frank Scheibeck      2B     MI   1906-1906  Frank S. Scheibeck                       
Jack Scheible               --   1893-1894                                           
Rich Scheid          P      NY   1992-1995  Richard Paul Scheid                      
Richie Scheinblum    OF     NY   1965-1974  Richard Alan Scheinblum                  
Danny Schell         OF     MI   1954-1955  Clyde Daniel Schell                      
Jim Schelle          P      MD   1939-1939  Gerard Anthony Schelle                   
Al Schellhase               --   1890-1891                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Fred Schemanske      P      MI   1923-1923  Frederick George Schemanske              
Mike Schemer         1B     MD   1945-1946  Michael Schemer                          
Bill Schenck                --   1882-1885                                           
John Scheneberg      P      WV   1913-1920  John Bluford Scheneberg                  
Hank Schenz          2B-3B  OH   1946-1951  Henry Leonard Schenz                     
Joe Schepner         3B     PA   1919-1919  Joseph Maurice Schepner                  
Tanner Scheppers     P      CA   2012-2014  Tanner Ross Scheppers                    
Harry Scherer               --   1889-1889                                           
Fred Scherman        P      OH   1969-1976  Frederick John Scherman Jr.              
Bill Scherrer        P      NY   1982-1988  William Joseph Scherrer                  
Max Scherzer         P      MO   2008-2014  Maxwell M. Scherzer                      
Dutch Schesler       P      GE   1931-1931  Charles Schesler                         
Lou Schettler        P      PA   1910-1910  Louis Martin Schettler                   
Lou Schiappacasse           --   1902-1902                                           
Morrie Schick        OF     IL   1917-1917  Maurice Francis Schick                   
Nate Schierholtz     RF     NV   2007-2014  Nathan John Schierholtz                  
Chuck Schilling      2B     NY   1961-1965  Charles Thomas Schilling                 
Curt Schilling       P      AK   1988-2007  Curtis Montague Schilling                
Red Schillings       P      TX   1922-1922  Elbert Isaiah Schillings                 
Bill Schindler       C      MO   1920-1920  William Gibbons Schindler                
Calvin Schiraldi     P      TX   1984-1991  Calvin Drew Schiraldi                    
Dutch Schirick       H      NY   1914-1914  Harry Ernest Schirick                    
Larry Schlafly       2B     OH   1906-1907  Harry Linton Schlafly                    
Admiral Schlei       C      OH   1904-1911  George Henry Schlei                      
Daniel Schlereth     P      AK   2009-2012  Daniel Robert Schlereth                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Rudy Schlesinger     H      OH   1965-1965  William Cordes Schlesinger               
Travis Schlichting   P      CO   2009-2010  Travis Jay Schlicting                    
Dutch Schliebner     1B     GE   1923-1923  Frederick Paul Schliebner                
Brian Schlitter      P      IL   2010-2014  Brian Patrick Schlitter                  
Biff Schlitzer       P      NY   1908-1909  Victor Joseph Schlitzer                  
Gus Schlosser        P      FL   2014-2014  August C. Schlosser                      
Jay Schlueter        OF     AZ   1971-1971  Jay D. Schlueter                         
Norm Schlueter       C      IL   1938-1944  Norman John Schlueter                    
Brian Schmack        P      IL   2003-2003  Brian Robert Schmack                     
Ray Schmandt         1B-2B  MO   1915-1922  Raymond Henry Schmandt                   
George Schmees       OF     OH   1952-1952  George Edward Schmees                    
Al Schmelz           P      CA   1967-1967  Alan George Schmelz                      
Bob Schmidt          C      MO   1958-1965  Robert Benjamin Schmidt                  
Boss Schmidt         C      AR   1906-1911  Charles Schmidt                          
Butch Schmidt        1B     MD   1909-1915  Charles John Schmidt                     
Curt Schmidt         P      MT   1995-1995  Curtis Allen Schmidt                     
Dave Schmidt         P      MI   1981-1992  David Joseph Schmidt                     
Dave Schmidt         C      AZ   1981-1981  David Frederick Schmidt                  
Freddy Schmidt       P      CT   1944-1947  Frederick Albert Schmidt                 
Henry Schmidt        P      TX   1903-1903  Henry Martin Schmidt                     
Jason Schmidt        P      ID   1995-2009  Jason David Schmidt                      
Jeff Schmidt         P      MN   1996-1996  Jeffrey Thomas Schmidt                   
Konrad Schmidt       C      CA   2010-2012  Konrad Albert Schmidt                    
Mike Schmidt         3B     OH   1972-1989  Michael Jack Schmidt                     
Pete Schmidt         P      IA   1913-1913  Friedrich Christoph Herman Schmidt       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Walter Schmidt       C      AR   1916-1925  Walter Joseph Schmidt                    
Willard Schmidt      P      KS   1952-1959  Willard Raymond Schmidt                  
Crazy Schmit                --   1890-1901                                           
Johnny Schmitz       P      WI   1941-1956  John Albert Schmitz                      
Steve Schmoll        P      MD   2005-2005  Stephen John Schmoll                     
Hank Schmulbach      H      IL   1943-1943  Henry Airives Schmulback                 
Charlie Schmutz      P      CA   1914-1915  Charles Otto Schmutz                     
Dave Schneck         OF     PA   1972-1974  David Lee Schneck                        
Frank Schneiberg     P      WI   1910-1910  Frank Frederick Schneiberg               
Brian Schneider      C      FL   2000-2012  Brian Duncan Schneider                   
Dan Schneider        P      IN   1963-1969  Daniel Louis Schneider                   
Jeff Schneider       P      WA   1981-1981  Jeffrey Theodore Schneider               
Pete Schneider       P      CA   1914-1919  Peter Joseph Schneider                   
Karl Schnell         P      CA   1922-1923  Karl Otto Schnell                        
Gerry Schoen         P      LA   1968-1968  Gerald Thomas Schoen                     
Red Schoendienst     2B     IL   1945-1963  Albert Fred Schoendienst                 
Jumbo Schoeneck             --   1884-1889                                           
Scott Schoeneweis    P      NJ   1999-2010  Scott David Schoeneweis                  
Dick Schofield       SS-2B  IL   1953-1971  John Richard Schofield                   
Dick Schofield       SS     IL   1983-1996  Richard Craig Schofield                  
Otto Schomberg              --   1886-1888                                           
Mike Schooler        P      CA   1988-1993  Michael Ralph Schooler                   
Jerry Schoonmaker    OF     MO   1955-1957  Jerald Lee Schoonmaker                   
Jonathan Schoop      2B     CC   2013-2014  Jonathan Jesus Schoop                    
Ed Schorr            P      OH   1915-1915  Edward Walter Schorr                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Gene Schott          P      OH   1935-1939  Arthur Eugene Schott                     
Pete Schourek        P      TX   1991-2001  Peter Alan Schourek                      
Ossee Schreckengost  C      PA   1903-1908  Ossee Freeman Schreckengost              
Barney Schreiber     P      OH   1911-1911  David Henry Schreiber                    
Hank Schreiber       3B-SS  OH   1914-1926  Henry Walter Schreiber                   
Paul Schreiber       P      FL   1922-1945  Paul Frederick Schreiber                 
Ted Schreiber        3B-SS  NY   1963-1963  Theodore Henry Schreiber                 
Steve Schrenk        P      IL   1999-2000  Steven Wayne Schrenk                     
Pop Schriver                --   1886-1901                                           
Bob Schroder         2B-SS  NJ   1965-1968  Robert James Schroder                    
Chris Schroder       P      OK   2006-2008  Christopher Keith Schroder               
Bill Schroeder       C      MD   1983-1990  Alfred William Schroeder Iii             
Al Schroll           P      LA   1958-1961  Albert Bringhurst Schroll                
Ken Schrom           P      ID   1980-1987  Kenneth Marvin Schrom                    
Rick Schu            3B     PA   1984-1996  Richard Spencer Schu                     
Heinie Schuble       SS-3B  TX   1927-1935  Henry George Schuble                     
Ron Schueler         P      KS   1972-1979  Ronald Richard Schueler                  
Dave Schuler         P      MA   1979-1985  David Paul Schuler                       
Erik Schullstrom     P      CA   1994-1995  Erik Paul Schullstrom                    
Wes Schulmerich      OF     OR   1931-1934  Edward Wesley Schulmerich                
Art Schult           1B-OF  NY   1953-1960  Arthur William Schult                    
Frank Schulte        OF     NY   1904-1918  Frank M. Schulte                         
Fred Schulte         OF     IL   1927-1937  Fred William Schulte                     
Ham Schulte          2B     MO   1940-1940  Herman Joseph Schulte                    
Jack Schulte         SS     OH   1906-1906  John Herman Frank Schulte                

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Johnny Schulte       C      MO   1923-1932  John Clement Schulte                     
Len Schulte          3B-2B  MO   1944-1946  Leonard Bernard Schulte                  
Barney Schultz       P      NJ   1955-1965  George Warren Schultz                    
Bo Schultz           P      TX   2014-2014  Patrick Bowen Schultz                    
Bob Schultz          P      KY   1951-1955  Robert Duffy Schultz                     
Buddy Schultz        P      OH   1975-1979  Charles Budd Schultz                     
Howie Schultz        1B     MN   1943-1948  Howard Henry Schultz                     
Joe Schultz          OF-3B  PA   1912-1925  Joseph Charles Schultz Sr.               
Joe Schultz          C      IL   1939-1948  Joseph Charles Schultz Jr.               
John Schultz                --   1891-1891                                           
Mike Schultz         P      NY   1947-1947  William Michael Schultz                  
Mike Schultz         P      CA   2007-2007  Michael Alan Schultz                     
Webb Schultz         P      WI   1924-1924  Webb Carl Schultz                        
John Schultze               --   1891-1891                                           
Al Schulz            P      OH   1912-1916  Albert Christopher Schulz                
Jeff Schulz          RF-LF  IN   1989-1991  Jeffrey Alan Schulz                      
Walt Schulz          P      MO   1920-1920  Walter Frederick Schulz                  
Don Schulze          P      IL   1983-1989  Donald Arthur Schulze                    
Hal Schumacher       P      NY   1931-1946  Harold Henry Schumacher                  
Skip Schumaker       2B-LF  CA   2005-2014  Jared Michael Schumaker                  
Hack Schumann        P      NY   1906-1906  Carl J. Schumann                         
Ferdie Schupp        P      KY   1913-1922  Ferdinand Maurice Schupp                 
Wayne Schurr         P      IN   1964-1964  Wayne Allen Schurr                       
Bill Schuster        SS     NY   1937-1945  William Charles Schuster                 
Carl Schutz          P      LA   1996-1996  Carl James Schutz                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mike Schwabe         P      IA   1989-1990  Michael Scott Schwabe                    
Don Schwall          P      PA   1961-1967  Donald Bernard Schwall                   
Blackie Schwamb      P      CA   1948-1948  Ralph Richard Schwamb                    
Bill Schwartz               --   1883-1884                                           
Bill Schwartz        1B     OH   1904-1904  William Charles Schwartz                 
Randy Schwartz       1B     CA   1965-1966  Douglad Randall Schwartz                 
Jeff Schwarz         P      FL   1993-1994  Jeffrey William Schwarz                  
Al Schweitzer        OF     OH   1908-1911  Albert Caspar Schweitzer                 
Rudy Schwenck        P      KY   1909-1909  Rudolph Christian Schwenck               
Hal Schwenk          P      PA   1913-1913  Harold Edward Schwenk                    
Pi Schwert           C      NY   1914-1915  Pius Louis Schwert                       
Michael Schwimer     P      VA   2011-2012  Michael Fredarick Schwimer               
Art Schwind          3B     IN   1912-1912  Arthur Edwin Schwind                     
Chris Schwinden      P      CA   2011-2012  Christopher Schwinden                    
Jerry Schypinski     SS     MI   1955-1955  Gerald Albert Schypinski                 
Mike Scioscia        C      PA   1980-1992  Michael Lorri Scioscia                   
Lou Scoffic          OF     IL   1936-1936  Louis Scoffic                            
Jim Scoggins         P      TX   1913-1913  Lynn J. Scoggins                         
Daryl Sconiers       1B     CA   1981-1985  Daryl Anthony Sconiers                   
Herb Score           P      NY   1955-1962  Herbert Jude Score                       
 Scott                      --   1884-1884                                           
Darryl Scott         P      CA   1993-1993  Darryl Nelson Scott                      
Dick Scott                  --   1901-1901                                           
Dick Scott           P      NH   1963-1964  Richard Lewis Scott                      
Dick Scott           SS     ME   1989-1989  Richard Edward Scott                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Donnie Scott         C      FL   1983-1991  Donald Malcolm Scott                     
Ed Scott                    --   1900-1901                                           
Everett Scott        SS     IN   1914-1926  Lewis Everett Scott                      
Gary Scott           3B     NY   1991-1992  Gary Thomas Scott                        
George Scott         1B     MS   1966-1979  George Charles Scott                     
George Scott         P      MO   1920-1920  George William Scott                     
Jack Scott           P      NC   1916-1929  John William Scott                       
Jim Scott            P      PA   1909-1917  James Walter Scott                       
John Scott           OF     MS   1974-1977  John Henry Scott                         
Lefty Scott          P      NM   1945-1945  Marshall Scott                           
LeGrant Scott        OF     OH   1939-1939  Le Grant Edward Scott                    
Luke Scott           DH     FL   2005-2013  Luke Brandon Scott                       
Mickey Scott         P      GE   1972-1977  Ralph Robert Scott                       
Mike Scott           P      CA   1979-1991  Michael Warren Scott                     
Milt Scott                  --   1882-1886                                           
Pete Scott           OF     CA   1926-1928  Floyd John Scott                         
Rodney Scott         2B-SS  IN   1975-1982  Rodney Darrell Scott                     
Tim Scott            P      CA   1991-1997  Timothy Dale Scott                       
Tony Scott           OF     OH   1973-1984  Anthony Scott                            
Jim Scranton         SS     CA   1984-1985  James Dean Scranton                      
Evan Scribner        P      CT   2011-2014  Evan Lee Scribner                        
Chuck Scrivener      SS-2B  VA   1975-1977  Wayne Allison Scrivener                  
Tony Scruggs         LF     CA   1991-1991  Anthony Ramond Scruggs                   
Xavier Scruggs       1B     CA   2014-2014  Xavier Ladel Scruggs                     
Scott Scudder        P      TX   1989-1993  William Scott Scudder                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Rod Scurry           P      CA   1980-1988  Rodney Grant Scurry                      
Marco Scutaro        2B     VZ   2002-2014  Marcos Scutaro                           
Scott Seabol         3B     PA   2001-2005  Scott Anthony Seabol                     
Kyle Seager          3B     NC   2011-2014  Kyle Duerr Seager                        
Johnnie Seale        P      CO   1964-1965  Johnny Ray Seale                         
Kim Seaman           P      MS   1979-1980  Kim Michael Seaman                       
Rudy Seanez          P      CA   1989-2008  Rudy Caballero Seanez                    
Ray Searage          P      NY   1981-1990  Raymond Mark Searage                     
Steve Searcy         P      TN   1988-1992  William Steven Searcy                    
Ken Sears            C      IL   1943-1946  Kenneth Eugene Sears                     
Todd Sears           1B     IA   2002-2003  Todd Andrew Sears                        
Tom Seaton           P      NE   1912-1917  Thomas Gordon Seaton                     
Tom Seats            P      NC   1940-1945  Thomas Edward Seats                      
Tom Seaver           P      CA   1967-1986  George Thomas Seaver                     
Bobby Seay           P      FL   2001-2009  Robert Michael Seay                      
Bob Sebra            P      NJ   1985-1990  Robert Bush Sebra                        
Jimmy Sebring        OF     PA   1903-1909  James Dennison Sebring                   
Doc Sechrist         P      KY   1899-1899  Theodore O'Hara Sechrist                 
Frank Secory         OF     IA   1940-1946  Frank Edward Secory                      
Don Secrist          P      WA   1969-1970  Donald Laverne Secrist                   
Chris Seddon         P      CA   2007-2012  Christopher John Seddon                  
Duke Sedgwick        P      OH   1921-1923  Harry Kenneth Sedgwick                   
Shawn Sedlacek       P      IA   2002-2002  Shawn Patrick Sedlacek                   
Charlie See          OF     NY   1919-1921  Charles Henry See                        
Larry See            1B     CA   1986-1988  Ralph Laurence See                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bob Seeds            OF     TX   1930-1940  Robert Ira Seeds                         
Chris Seelbach       P      TX   2000-2001  Christopher Don Seelbach                 
Chuck Seelbach       P      OH   1971-1974  Charles Frederick Seelbach               
Pat Seerey           OF     OK   1943-1949  James Patrick Seerey                     
Emmett Seery         OF     IL   1884-1892  John Emmett Seery                        
Kevin Sefcik         LF-CF  IL   1995-2001  Kevin John Sefcik                        
Herman Segelke       P      CA   1982-1982  Herman Neils Segelke                     
Zack Segovia         P      TX   2007-2009  Zachary Ernest Segovia                   
Kal Segrist          2B-3B  TX   1952-1955  Kal Hill Segrist                         
David Segui          1B     KS   1990-2004  David Vincent Segui                      
Diego Segui          P      CU   1962-1977  Diego Pablo Segui Gonzalez               
Fernando Seguignol   1B-LF  PN   1998-2003  Fernando Alfredo Seguignol               
Jean Segura          SS     DR   2012-2014  Jean Carlos Enrique Segura               
Jose Segura          P      DR   1988-1991  Jose Altagracia Segura Mota              
Phil Seibel          P      KY   2004-2004  Phillip Matthew Seibel                   
Kurt Seibert         2B     MD   1979-1979  Kurt Elliott Seibert                     
Socks Seibold        P      PA   1915-1933  Harry Seibold                            
Ricky Seilheimer     C      TX   1980-1980  Ricky Allen Seilheimer                   
Kevin Seitzer        3B-1B  IL   1986-1997  Kevin Lee Seitzer                        
Kip Selbach          OF     OH   1903-1906  Albert Karl Selbach                      
Bill Selby           3B-2B  AL   1996-2003  William Frank Selby                      
Aaron Sele           P      MN   1993-2007  Aaron Helmer Sele                        
Todd Self            OF     LA   2005-2005  Todd Douglas Self                        
George Selkirk       OF     ON   1934-1942  George Alexander Selkirk                 
Epp Sell             P      PA   1922-1923  Lester Elwood Sell                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jeff Sellers         P      CA   1985-1988  Jeffrey Doyle Sellers                    
Justin Sellers       SS     CA   2011-2014  Justin Ryan Sellers                      
Rube Sellers         OF     PA   1910-1910  Oliver Sellers                           
Dave Sells           P      CA   1972-1975  David Wayne Sells                        
Dick Selma           P      CA   1965-1974  Richard Jay Selma                        
Frank Selman         3B     MD   1871-1875  Charles Francis Sellman                  
Carey Selph          3B-2B  AR   1929-1932  Carey Isom Selph                         
Mike Sember          3B     IN   1977-1978  Michael David Sember                     
Carroll Sembera      P      TX   1965-1970  Carroll William Sembera                  
Marcus Semien        SS-2B  CA   2013-2014  Marcus Andrew Semien                     
Frank Seminara       P      NY   1992-1994  Frank Peter Seminara                     
Andy Seminick        C      WV   1943-1957  Andrew Wasil Seminick                    
Ray Semproch         P      OH   1958-1961  Roman Anthony Semproch                   
Sonny Senerchia      3B     NJ   1952-1952  Emanuel Robert Senerchia                 
Count Sensenderfer   OF     PA   1871-1874  John Phillips Jenkins Sensenderfer       
Paul Sentell         3B-2B  LA   1906-1907  Leopold Theodore Sentell                 
Steve Senteney       P      IN   1982-1982  Stephen Leonard Senteney                 
Jae-Wong Seo         P      KR   2002-2007  Jae Weong Seo                            
Manny Seoane         P      FL   1977-1978  Manuel Modesto Seoane                    
Ted Sepkowski        3B-2B  MD   1942-1947  Theodore Walter Sepkowski                
Leyson Septimo       P      DR   2012-2012  Leyson Septimo                           
Billy Serad                 --   1884-1888                                           
Dan Serafini         P      CA   1996-2007  Daniel Joseph Serafini                   
Bill Serena          3B-2B  CA   1949-1954  William Robert Serena                    
Paul Serna           SS-2B  CA   1981-1982  Paul David Serna                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Alex Serrano         P      VZ   2008-2008  Alex Eleazar Serrano Hernandez           
Jim Serrano          P      CO   2004-2004  James Serrano                            
Wascar Serrano       P      DR   2001-2001  Wascar Radames Serrano                   
Gary Serum           P      ND   1977-1979  Gary Wayne Serum                         
Scott Servais        C      WI   1991-2001  Scott Daniel Servais                     
Scott Service        P      OH   1988-2004  David Scott Service                      
Walter Sessi         OF     PA   1941-1946  Walter Anthony Sessi                     
Merle Settlemire     P      OH   1928-1928  Edgar Merle Settlemire                   
John Sevcik          C      IL   1965-1965  John Joseph Sevcik                       
Hank Severeid        C      IA   1911-1926  Henry Levai Severeid                     
Atahualpa Severino   P      DR   2011-2011  Atahualpa O. Severino                    
Al Severinsen        P      NY   1969-1972  Albert Henry Severinsen                  
Rich Severson        SS-2B  CA   1970-1971  Richard Allen Severson                   
Ed Seward                   --   1885-1891                                           
Frank Seward         P      NJ   1943-1944  Frank Martin Seward                      
George Seward        OF     NY   1875-1882  George Thomas Seward                     
Joe Sewell           SS-3B  AL   1920-1933  Joseph Wheeler Sewell                    
Luke Sewell          C      AL   1921-1942  James Luther Sewell                      
Rip Sewell           P      AL   1932-1949  Truett Banks Sewell                      
Tommy Sewell         H      AL   1927-1927  Thomas Wesley Sewell                     
Elmer Sexauer        P      MO   1948-1948  Elmer George Sexauer                     
Richie Sexson        1B     OR   1997-2008  Richmond Lockwood Sexson                 
Chris Sexton         2B-SS  OH   1999-2000  Christopher Phillip Sexton               
Frank Sexton                --   1895-1895                                           
Jimmy Sexton         SS     AL   1977-1983  Jimmy Dale Sexton                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tom Sexton                  --   1884-1884                                           
Socks Seybold        OF     OH   1903-1908  Ralph Orlando Seybold                    
Gordon Seyfried      P      CA   1963-1964  Gordon Clay Seyfried                     
Cy Seymour           OF     NY   1903-1913  James Bentley Seymour                    
Jake Seymour                --   1882-1882                                           
Adam Shabala         OF     IL   2005-2005  Adam Joseph Shabala                      
Brian Shackelford    1B     OK   2005-2006  Brian Wesley Shackelford                 
Taylor Shafer               --   1884-1890                                           
Tillie Shafer        3B-2B  CA   1909-1913  Arthur Joseph Shafer                     
 Shaffer                    --   1875-1875                                           
John Shaffer         P      PA   1886-1887  John W. Shaffer                          
Orator Shaffer              --   1874-1890                                           
Gus Shallix                 --   1884-1885                                           
Art Shamsky          OF-1B  MO   1965-1972  Arthur Louis Shamsky                     
Greg Shanahan        P      CA   1973-1974  Paul Gregory Shanahan                    
Jim Shandley                --   1876-1876                                           
Wally Shaner         OF     VA   1923-1929  Walter Dedaker Shaner                    
Harvey Shank         P      ON   1970-1970  Harvey Tillman Shank                     
Howie Shanks         OF-3B  IL   1912-1925  Howard Samuel Shanks                     
Doc Shanley          SS     TX   1912-1912  Harry Root Shanley                       
Warren Shannabrook   3B     OH   1906-1906  Warren H. Shannabrook                    
Bill Shanner         P      IN   1920-1920  Wilfred William Shanner                  
Dan Shannon                 --   1889-1891                                           
Frank Shannon               --   1892-1896                                           
Joe Shannon          OF-2B  NJ   1915-1915  Joseph Aloysius Shannon                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mike Shannon         OF-3B  MO   1962-1970  Thomas Michael Shannon                   
Owen Shannon         C      NE   1903-1907  Owen Dennis Ignatius Shannon             
Red Shannon          2B-SS  NJ   1915-1926  Maurice Joseph Shannon                   
Spike Shannon        OF     PA   1904-1908  William Porter Shannon                   
Wally Shannon        2B-SS  OH   1959-1960  Walter Charles Shannon                   
Billy Shantz         C      PA   1954-1955  William Ebert Shantz                     
Bobby Shantz         P      PA   1949-1964  Robert Clayton Shantz                    
Ralph Sharman        OF     OH   1917-1917  Ralph Edward Sharman                     
Dick Sharon          OF     CA   1973-1975  Richard Louis Sharon                     
Bill Sharp           OF     OH   1973-1976  William Howard Sharp                     
Bud Sharpe           1B-OF  PA   1905-1910  Bayard Heston Sharpe                     
Mike Sharperson      3B-2B  SC   1987-1995  Michael Tyrone Sharperson                
Josh Sharpless       P      PA   2006-2007  Joshua David Sharpless                   
George Sharrott             --   1893-1894                                           
Jack Sharrott               --   1890-1893                                           
Shag Shaughnessy     OF     IL   1905-1908  Francis Joseph Shaughnessy               
Joe Shaute           P      PA   1922-1934  Joseph Benjamin Shaute                   
Jon Shave            SS-3B  GA   1993-1999  Jonathan Taylor Shave                    
Jeff Shaver          P      PA   1988-1988  Jeffrey Thomas Shaver                    
Al Shaw              OF     IL   1907-1909  Albert Simpson Shaw                      
Ben Shaw             1B-C   KY   1917-1918  Benjamin Nathaniel Shaw                  
Bob Shaw             P      NY   1957-1967  Robert John Shaw                         
Bryan Shaw           P      CA   2011-2014  Bryan A. Shaw                            
Don Shaw             P      PA   1967-1972  Donald Wellington Shaw                   
Dupee Shaw                  --   1883-1888                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Hunky Shaw           H      WA   1908-1908  Royal N. Shaw                            
Jeff Shaw            P      OH   1990-2001  Jeffrey Lee Shaw                         
Jim Shaw             P      PA   1913-1921  James Aloysius Shaw                      
Sam Shaw                    --   1888-1893                                           
Bob Shawkey          P      PA   1913-1927  James Robert Shawkey                     
Danny Shay           2B-SS  OH   1904-1907  Daniel C. Shay                           
Marty Shay           2B     MA   1916-1924  Arthur Joseph Shay                       
Gerry Shea           C      NE   1905-1905  Gerald J. Shea                           
John Shea            P      MA   1928-1928  John Michael Joseph Shea                 
Merv Shea            C      CA   1927-1944  Mervyn David John Shea                   
Mike Shea            P      LA   1887-1887  Michael Joseph Shea                      
Nap Shea             C      MA   1902-1902  John Edward Shea                         
Red Shea             P      MA   1918-1922  Patrick Henry Shea                       
Spec Shea            P      CT   1947-1955  Francis Joseph Shea                      
Steve Shea           P      MA   1968-1969  Steven Francis Shea                      
Danny Sheaffer       C      FL   1987-1997  Danny Todd Sheaffer                      
Al Shealy            P      SC   1928-1930  Albert Berley Shealy                     
Ryan Shealy          1B     FL   2005-2010  Ryan Nelson Shealy                       
Dave Shean           2B     MA   1906-1919  David William Shean                      
Ray Shearer          OF     PA   1957-1957  Ray Solomon Shearer                      
Tom Shearn           P      OH   2007-2007  Thomas Aaron Shearn                      
John Shearon         OF     --   1891-1896  John M. Shearon                          
George Shears        P      MO   1912-1912  George Penfield Shears                   
Jimmy Sheckard       OF     PA   1903-1913  Samuel James Tilden Sheckard             
Biff Sheehan         OF     CT   1895-1896  Timothy James Sheehan                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dan Sheehan          OF     DC   1884-1884  Daniel Sheehan                           
Jack Sheehan         SS-3B  IL   1920-1921  John Thomas Sheehan                      
Jim Sheehan          C      CT   1936-1936  James Thomas Sheehan                     
Tom Sheehan          P      IL   1915-1926  Thomas Clancy Sheehan                    
Tommy Sheehan        3B     CA   1906-1908  Thomas H. Sheehan                        
Bud Sheely           C      WA   1951-1953  Hollis Kimball Sheely                    
Earl Sheely          1B     IL   1921-1931  Earl Homer Sheely                        
Chuck Sheerin        2B-3B  NY   1936-1936  Charles Joseph Sheerin                   
Andy Sheets          SS-2B  LA   1996-2002  Andrew Mark Sheets                       
Ben Sheets           P      LA   2001-2012  Ben M. Sheets                            
Larry Sheets         LF-RF  VA   1984-1993  Larry Kent Sheets                        
Gary Sheffield       RF-OF  FL   1988-2009  Gary Antonian Sheffield                  
John Shelby          OF     KY   1981-1991  John T. Shelby                           
Bob Sheldon          2B     CA   1974-1977  Bob Mitchell Sheldon                     
Rollie Sheldon       P      CT   1961-1966  Roland Frank Sheldon                     
Scott Sheldon        3B-SS  IN   1997-2001  Scott Patrick Sheldon                    
Steven Shell         P      TX   2008-2009  Steven Daniel Shell                      
Frank Shellenback    P      MO   1918-1919  Frank Victor Shellenback                 
Jim Shellenback      P      CA   1966-1977  James Philip Shellenback                 
Hugh Shelley         OF     TX   1935-1935  Hubert Leneirre Shelley                  
Ben Shelton          LF-1B  IL   1993-1993  Benjamin Davis Shelton                   
Chris Shelton        1B-C   UT   2004-2009  Christopher Bob Shelton                  
Skeeter Shelton      OF     WV   1915-1915  Andrew Kemper Shelton                    
Steve Shemo          2B     PA   1944-1945  Stephen Michael Shemo                    
Bert Shepard         P      IN   1945-1945  Bert Robert Shepard                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jack Shepard         C      CA   1953-1956  Jack Leroy Shepard                       
Ray Shepardson       C      NY   1924-1924  Raymond Francis Shepardson               
Keith Shepherd       P      IN   1992-1996  Keith Wayne Shepherd                     
Ron Shepherd         OF     TX   1984-1986  Ronald Wayne Shepherd                    
John Sheppard               --   1873-1873                                           
Bill Sherdel         P      PA   1918-1932  William Henry Sherdel                    
Roy Sherid           P      PA   1929-1931  Royden Richard Sherid                    
 Sheridan                   --   1875-1875                                           
Neill Sheridan       H      CA   1948-1948  Neill Rawlins Sheridan                   
Pat Sheridan         OF     MI   1981-1991  Patrick Arthur Sheridan                  
Red Sheridan         SS-2B  NY   1918-1920  Eugene Anthony Sheridan                  
Ed Sherling          H      AL   1924-1924  Edward Creech Sherling                   
Monk Sherlock        1B     NY   1930-1930  John Clinton Sherlock                    
Vince Sherlock       2B     NY   1935-1935  Vincent Thomas Sherlock                  
Darrell Sherman      LF-CF  CA   1993-1993  Darrell Edward Sherman                   
Joe Sherman          P      MA   1915-1915  Joel Powers Sherman                      
Dennis Sherrill      SS-3B  FL   1978-1980  Dennis Lee Sherrill                      
George Sherrill      P      TN   2004-2012  George Frederich Sherrill                
Tim Sherrill         P      AR   1990-1991  Timothy Shawn Sherrill                   
Fred Sherry          P      PA   1911-1911  Fred Peter Sherry                        
Larry Sherry         P      CA   1958-1968  Lawrence Sherry                          
Norm Sherry          C      NY   1959-1963  Norman Burt Sherry                       
Barry Shetrone       OF     MD   1959-1963  Barry Stevan Shetrone                    
John Shetzline              --   1882-1882                                           
Jimmy Shevlin        1B     OH   1930-1934  James Cornelius Shevlin                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ben Shields          P      NC   1924-1931  Benjamin Cowan Shields                   
Charlie Shields      P      TN   1907-1907  Charles Jessamine Shields                
James Shields        P      CA   2006-2014  James Anthony Shields                    
Pete Shields         1B     MS   1915-1915  Francis Leroy Shields                    
Scot Shields         P      FL   2001-2010  Robert Scot Shields                      
Steve Shields        P      AL   1985-1989  Stephen Mack Shields                     
Tommy Shields        3B-2B  VA   1993-1993  Thomas Charles Shields                   
Vince Shields        P      NB   1924-1924  Vincent William Shields                  
Jason Shiell         P      GA   2002-2006  Jason Alexander Shiell                   
Garland Shifflett    P      VA   1957-1964  Garland Jessie Shifflett                 
Steve Shifflett      P      MO   1992-1992  Stephen Earl Shifflett                   
Jim Shilling         2B     OK   1939-1939  James Robert Shilling                    
Zak Shinall          P      MO   1993-1993  Zakary Sebastien Shinall                 
Ginger Shinault      C      AR   1921-1922  Enoch Erskine Shinault                   
Billy Shindle               --   1886-1898                                           
Razor Shines         1B     NC   1983-1987  Anthony Raymond Shines                   
Tsuyoshi Shinjo      CF-LF  JP   2001-2003  Tsuyoshi Shinjo                          
Ralph Shinners       OF     WI   1922-1925  Ralph Peter Shinners                     
Tim Shinnick         2B     NH   1890-1891  Timothy James Shinnick                   
Dave Shipanoff       P      AB   1985-1985  David Noel Shipanoff                     
Bill Shipke          3B     MO   1906-1909  William Martin Shipke                    
Craig Shipley        3B-SS  AU   1986-1998  Craig Barry Shipley                      
Joe Shipley          P      TN   1958-1963  Joseph Clark Shipley                     
Art Shires           1B     TX   1928-1932  Charles Arthur Shires                    
Duke Shirey          P      PA   1920-1920  Clair Lee Shirey                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bart Shirley         SS-2B  TX   1964-1968  Barton Arvin Shirley                     
Bob Shirley          P      OK   1977-1987  Robert Charles Shirley                   
Mule Shirley         1B     NC   1924-1925  Ernest Raeford Shirley                   
Steve Shirley        P      CA   1982-1982  Steven Brian Shirley                     
Tex Shirley          P      TX   1941-1946  Alvis Newman Shirley                     
Ivey Shiver          OF     GA   1931-1934  Ivey Merwin Shiver                       
George Shoch         OF-SS  PA   1886-1897  George Quintus Shoch                     
Urban Shocker        P      OH   1916-1928  Urban James Shocker                      
Costen Shockley      1B     DE   1964-1965  John Costen Shockley                     
Charlie Shoemaker    2B     CA   1961-1964  Charles Landis Shoemaker                 
Matt Shoemaker       P      MI   2013-2014  Mathtew David Shoemaker                  
Milt Shoffner        P      TX   1929-1940  Milburn James Shoffner                   
Strick Shofner       3B     TX   1947-1947  Frank Strickland Shofner                 
Eddie Shokes         1B     SC   1941-1946  Edward Christopher Shokes                
Ron Shoop            C      PA   1959-1959  Ronald Lee Shoop                         
Tom Shopay           OF     CT   1967-1977  Thomas Michael Shopay                    
Kelly Shoppach       C      TX   2005-2013  Kelly Brian Shoppach                     
Ernie Shore          P      NC   1912-1920  Ernest Grady Shore                       
Ray Shore            P      OH   1946-1949  Raymond Everett Shore                    
Bill Shores          P      TX   1928-1936  William David Shores                     
Bill Short           P      NY   1960-1969  William Ross Short                       
Chris Short          P      DE   1959-1973  Christopher Joseph Short                 
Dave Short           OF     AR   1940-1941  Davis Orvis Short                        
Rick Short           3B     IL   2005-2005  Richard Ryan Short                       
Chick Shorten        OF     PA   1915-1924  Charles Henry Shorten                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Burt Shotton         OF     OH   1909-1923  Burton Edwin Shotton                     
Clyde Shoun          P      TN   1935-1949  Clyde Mitchell Shoun                     
John Shoupe                 --   1879-1884                                           
Brian Shouse         P      IL   1993-2009  Brian Douglas Shouse                     
John Shovlin         2B-SS  PA   1911-1920  John Joseph Shovlin                      
Eric Show            P      CA   1981-1991  Eric Vaughn Show                         
Chasen Shreve        P      NV   2014-2014  Chasen Dean Shreve                       
Lev Shreve                  --   1887-1889                                           
Harry Shriver        P      WV   1922-1923  Harry Graydon Shriver                    
George Shuba         OF     OH   1948-1955  George Thomas Shuba                      
J.B. Shuck           LF     OH   2011-2014  Jack Burdett Shuck III                   
Paul Shuey           P      OH   1994-2007  Paul Kenneth Shuey                       
Frank Shugart        SS-OF  PA   1890-1901  Frank Harry Shugarts                     
Toots Shultz         P      PA   1911-1912  Wallace Luther Shultz                    
Anthony Shumaker     P      AZ   1999-1999  Anthony Warren Shumaker                  
Harry Shuman         P      PA   1942-1944  Harry Shuman                             
Terry Shumpert       2B-3B  KY   1990-2003  Terrance Darnell Shumpert                
Vince Shupe          1B     OH   1945-1945  Vincent William Shupe                    
Ed Sicking           2B-SS  OH   1916-1927  Edward Joseph Sicking                    
Joe Siddall          C      ON   1993-1998  Joseph Todd Siddall                      
Norm Siebern         1B-OF  MO   1956-1968  Norman Leroy Siebern                     
Dick Siebert         1B     MA   1932-1945  Richard Walther Siebert                  
Paul Siebert         P      MN   1974-1978  Paul Edward Siebert                      
Sonny Siebert        P      MO   1964-1975  Wilfred Charles Siebert                  
Dwight Siebler       P      NE   1963-1967  Dwight Leroy Siebler                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Fred Siefke                 --   1890-1890                                           
John Siegel                 --   1884-1884                                           
Johnny Siegle        OF     OH   1905-1906  John Herbert Siegle                      
Kevin Siegrist       P      NY   2013-2014  Kevin Ryan Siegrist                      
Oscar Siemer         C      MO   1925-1926  Oscar Sylvester Siemer                   
Candy Sierra         P      PR   1988-1988  Ulises Sierra Pizarro                    
Moises Sierra        RF-OF  DR   2012-2014  Moises Sierra                            
Ruben Sierra         RF     PR   1986-2006  Ruben Angel Garcia Sierra                
Ed Siever            P      KS   1903-1908  Edward Tilden Siever                     
Roy Sievers          1B-OF  MO   1949-1965  Roy Edward Sievers                       
Frank Siffell               --   1884-1885                                           
Frank Sigafoos       3B-SS  PA   1926-1931  Francis Leonard Sigafoos                 
Paddy Siglin         2B     IA   1914-1916  Wesley Peter Siglin                      
Tripp Sigman         OF     NC   1929-1930  Wesley Triplett Sigman                   
Walter Signer        P      NY   1943-1945  Walter Donald Aloysius Signer            
Seth Sigsby                 --   1893-1893                                           
Brian Sikorski       P      MI   2000-2006  Brian Patrick Sikorski                   
Eddie Silber         OF     PA   1937-1939  Edward James Silber                      
Ed Silch                    --   1888-1888                                           
Carlos Silva         P      VZ   2002-2010  Carlos Silva                             
Danny Silva          3B     MA   1919-1919  Daniel James Silva                       
Jose Silva           P      MX   1996-2002  Jose Leonel Silva                        
Walter Silva         P      MX   2009-2009  Walter Silva                             
Al Silvera           OF     CA   1955-1955  Aaron Albert Silvera                     
Charlie Silvera      C      CA   1948-1957  Charles Anthony Ryan Silvera             

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Luis Silverio        OF     DR   1978-1978  Luis Pascual Silverio Delmonte           
Tom Silverio         OF     DR   1970-1972  Tomas Roberto Silverio Veloz             
Dave Silvestri       3B-SS  MO   1992-1999  David Joseph Silvestri                   
Ken Silvestri        C      IL   1939-1951  Kenneth Joseph Silvestri                 
Al Sima              P      NJ   1950-1954  Albert Sima                              
Bill Simas           P      CA   1995-2000  William Anthony Simas Jr.                
Al Simmons           OF     WI   1924-1944  Aloysius Harry Szymanski                 
Andrelton Simmons    SS     NA   2012-2014  Andrelton A. Simmons                     
Brian Simmons        LF-CF  PA   1998-2001  Brian Lee Simmons                        
Curt Simmons         P      PA   1947-1967  Curtis Thomas Simmons                    
Hack Simmons         2B-1B  NY   1910-1912  George Washington Simmons                
Joe Simmons                 --   1871-1875                                           
John Simmons         OF     AL   1949-1949  John Earl Simmons                        
Nelson Simmons       OF     DC   1984-1987  Nelson Bernard Simmons                   
Pat Simmons          P      NY   1928-1929  Patrick Clement Simmons                  
Shae Simmons         P      MO   2014-2014  Shae A. Simmons                          
Ted Simmons          C-1B   MI   1968-1988  Ted Lyle Simmons                         
Mike Simms           RF-1B  CA   1990-1999  Michael Howard Simms                     
Alfredo Simon        P      DR   2008-2014  Alfredo Simon (Cabrera)                  
Hank Simon                  --   1887-1890                                           
Mike Simon           C      IN   1909-1913  Michael Edward Simon                     
Randall Simon        1B     CC   1997-2006  Randall Carlito Simon                    
Syl Simon            3B-SS  IN   1923-1924  Sylvester Adam Simon                     
Doug Simons          P      CA   1991-1992  Douglas Eugene Simons                    
Mel Simons           OF     IL   1931-1932  Melbern Ellis Simons                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jason Simontacchi    P      CA   2002-2007  Jason William Simontacchi                
Allan Simpson        P      IL   2004-2006  Larry Allan Simpson                      
Dick Simpson         OF     DC   1962-1969  Richard Charles Simpson                  
Duke Simpson         P      OH   1953-1953  Thomas Leo Simpson                       
Harry Simpson        OF-1B  GA   1951-1959  Harry Leon Simpson                       
Joe Simpson          OF     OK   1975-1983  Joe Allen Simpson                        
Marty Simpson               --   1873-1873                                           
Steve Simpson        P      MO   1972-1972  Steven Edward Simpson                    
Wayne Simpson        P      CA   1970-1977  Wayne Kirby Simpson                      
Duke Sims            C      UT   1964-1974  Duane B. Sims                            
Greg Sims            OF     CA   1966-1966  Gregory Emmett Sims                      
Pete Sims            P      OH   1915-1915  Clarence Sims                            
Matt Sinatro         C      CT   1981-1992  Matthew Stephen Sinatro                  
Steve Sinclair       P      BC   1998-1999  Steven Scott Sinclair                    
Bert Sincock         P      BC   1908-1908  Herbert Sylvester Sincock                
Hosea Siner          3B     IN   1909-1909  Hosea John Siner                         
Bill Singer          P      CA   1964-1977  William Robert Singer                    
Chris Singleton      CF     CA   1999-2005  Christopher Verdell Singleton            
Duane Singleton      CF-LF  NY   1995-1996  Duane Earl Singleton                     
Elmer Singleton      P      UT   1945-1959  Bert Elmer Singleton                     
John Singleton       P      OH   1922-1922  John Edward Singleton                    
Jonathan Singleton   1B     CA   2014-2014  Jonathan L. Singleton                    
Ken Singleton        OF     NY   1970-1984  Kenneth Wayne Singleton                  
Fred Sington         OF     AL   1934-1939  Frederic William Sington                 
Brett Sinkbeil       P      OK   2010-2010  Brett Allen Sinkbeil                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dick Sipek           OF     IL   1945-1945  Richard Francis Sipek                    
John Sipin           2B     CA   1969-1969  John White Sipin                         
Tony Sipp            P      MS   2009-2014  Tony Marcel Sipp                         
Mike Sirotka         P      IL   1995-2000  Michael Robert Sirotka                   
Andy Sisco           P      CO   2005-2007  Andrew Frank Sisco                       
Steve Sisco          LF-2B  CA   2000-2000  Steve Sisco                              
Doug Sisk            P      WA   1982-1991  Douglas Randall Sisk                     
Tommie Sisk          P      OK   1962-1970  Tommie Wayne Sisk                        
Dave Sisler          P      MO   1956-1962  David Michael Sisler                     
Dick Sisler          OF-1B  MO   1946-1953  Richard Allan Sisler                     
George Sisler        1B     OH   1915-1930  George Harold Sisler                     
Sibby Sisti          2B-3B  NY   1939-1954  Sebastian Daniel Sisti                   
Carl Sitton          P      SC   1909-1909  Carl Vetter Sitton                       
Pete Sivess          P      NJ   1936-1938  Peter Sivess                             
Jim Siwy             P      RI   1982-1984  James Gerard Siwy                        
Ed Sixsmith                 --   1884-1884                                           
Grady Sizemore       CF     WA   2004-2014  Grady Sizemore                           
Scott Sizemore       2B     VA   2010-2014  Scott Daniel Sizemore                    
Ted Sizemore         2B     AL   1969-1980  Ted Crawford Sizemore                    
Frank Skaff          1B-3B  WI   1935-1943  Francis Michael Skaff                    
Dave Skaggs          C      CA   1977-1980  David Lindsey Skaggs                     
Tyler Skaggs         P      CA   2012-2014  Tyler W. Skaggs                          
Joe Skalski          P      IL   1989-1989  Joseph Douglas Skalski                   
Dave Skaugstad       P      IA   1957-1957  David Wendell Skaugstad                  
Dave Skeels          P      WA   1910-1910  David Skeels                             

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bud Sketchley        OF     MB   1942-1942  Harry Clement Sketchley                  
Roe Skidmore         H      IL   1970-1970  Robert Roe Skidmore                      
Bill Skiff           C      NY   1921-1926  William Franklin Skiff                   
Alexander Skinner           --   1884-1884                                           
Bob Skinner          OF     CA   1954-1966  Robert Ralph Skinner                     
Camp Skinner         OF     GA   1922-1923  Elisha Harrison Skinner                  
Joel Skinner         C      CA   1983-1991  Joel Patrick Skinner                     
Kyle Skipworth       C      CA   2013-2013  Kyle Trent Skipworth                     
Lou Skizas           OF-3B  IL   1956-1959  Louis Peter Skizas                       
Craig Skok           P      NY   1973-1979  Craig Richard Skok                       
John Skopec          P      IL   1903-1903  John S. Skopec                           
Bill Skowron         1B     IL   1954-1967  William Joseph Skowron Jr.               
Matt Skrmetta        P      FL   2000-2000  Matthew Leland Skrmetta                  
Bob Skube            OF     CA   1982-1983  Robert Jacob Skube                       
Gordon Slade         SS-2B  UT   1930-1935  Gordon Leigh Slade                       
Art Sladen                  --   1884-1884                                           
Jimmy Slagle         OF     PA   1903-1908  James Franklin Slagle                    
John Slagle                 --   1891-1891                                           
Roger Slagle         P      KS   1979-1979  Roger Lee Slagle                         
Walt Slagle          P      OH   1910-1910  Walter Jennings Slagle                   
Anthony Slama        P      CA   2010-2011  Anthony Thomas Slama                     
Cy Slapnicka         P      IA   1911-1918  Cyril Charles Slapnicka                  
John Slappey         P      GA   1920-1920  John Henry Slappey                       
Doug Slaten          P      CA   2006-2012  Douglas Slaten                           
Jim Slaton           P      CA   1971-1986  James Michael Slaton                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jack Slattery        C-1B   MA   1903-1909  John Terrence Slattery                   
Mike Slattery               --   1884-1891                                           
Phil Slattery        P      IA   1915-1915  Philip Ryan Slattery                     
Don Slaught          C      CA   1982-1997  Donald Martin Slaught                    
Barney Slaughter     P      DE   1910-1910  Byron Atkins Slaughter                   
Enos Slaughter       OF     NC   1938-1959  Enos Bradsher Slaughter                  
Sterling Slaughter   P      IL   1964-1964  Sterling Feore Slaughter                 
Bill Slayback        P      CA   1972-1974  William Grover Slayback                  
Scottie Slayback     2B     KY   1926-1926  Elbert Slayback                          
Steve Slayton        P      VT   1928-1928  Foster Herbert Slayton                   
Lou Sleater          P      MO   1950-1958  Louis Mortimer Sleater                   
Terrmel Sledge       LF-RF  NC   2004-2007  Terrmel Sledge                           
Bruce Sloan          OF     OK   1944-1944  Bruce Adams Sloan                        
Tod Sloan            OF     TN   1913-1919  Yale Yeastman Sloan                      
Lefty Sloat          P      IL   1948-1949  Dwain Clifford Sloat                     
Brian Slocum         P      NY   2006-2008  Brian John Slocum                        
Ron Slocum           3B-C   CA   1969-1971  Ronald Reece Slocum                      
Heathcliff Slocumb   P      NY   1991-2000  Heathcliff Slocumb                       
Kevin Slowey         P      TX   2007-2014  Kevin Michael Slowey                     
Joe Slusarski        P      IN   1991-2001  Joseph Andrew Slusarski                  
Craig Smajstria      2B     TX   1988-1988  Craig Lee Smajstrla                      
Aaron Small          P      CA   1994-2006  Aaron James Small                        
Charlie Small        OF     ME   1930-1930  Charles Albert Small                     
Hank Small           1B     GA   1978-1978  George Henry Small                       
Jim Small            OF     OR   1955-1958  James Arthur Patrick Small               

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mark Small           P      OR   1996-1996  Mark Allen Small                         
Roy Smalley          SS     CA   1975-1987  Roy Frederick Smalley Iii                
Roy Smalley          SS     MO   1948-1958  Roy Frederick Smalley Jr.                
Will Smalley                --   1890-1891                                           
Walt Smallwood       P      MD   1917-1919  Walter Clayton Smallwood                 
J.D. Smart           P      TX   1999-2001  Jon David Smart                          
Joe Smaza            OF     MI   1946-1946  Joseph Paul Smaza                        
Bill Smiley                 --   1874-1882                                           
John Smiley          P      PA   1986-1997  John Patrick Smiley                      
 Smith                      --   1884-1884                                           
 Smith                      --   1886-1886                                           
Al Smith             P      PA   1926-1926  Alfred Kendricks Smith                   
Al Smith             P      IL   1934-1945  Alfred John Smith                        
Al Smith             OF-3B  MO   1953-1964  Alphonse Eugene Smith                    
Aleck Smith          C-OF   NY   1903-1906  Alexander Benjamin Smith                 
Art Smith            P      MA   1932-1932  Arthur Laird Smith                       
Bernie Smith         OF     LA   1970-1971  Calvin Bernard Smith                     
Bill Smith           P      LA   1886-1886  Frederick William Smith                  
Bill Smith                  --   1884-1884                                           
Bill Smith                  --   1873-1873                                           
Bill Smith           P      DC   1958-1962  William Garland Smith                    
Billy Smith          2B-SS  LA   1975-1981  Billy Edward Smith                       
Billy Smith          P      TX   1981-1981  Billy Lavern Smith                       
Bob Smith            P-SS   TN   1923-1937  Robert Eldridge Smith                    
Bob Smith            P      VT   1913-1913  Robert Ashley Smith                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bob Smith            P      MO   1958-1959  Robert Walkup Smith                      
Bob Smith            P      NH   1955-1959  Robert Gilchrist Smith                   
Bobby Smith          3B-OF  CA   1998-2002  Robert Eugene Smith                      
Bobby Gene Smith     OF     OR   1957-1965  Bobby Gene Smith                         
Brian Smith          P      NC   2000-2000  Randall Brian Smith                      
Brick Smith          1B     NC   1987-1988  Brick Dudley Smith                       
Bryn Smith           P      GA   1981-1993  Bryn Nelson Smith                        
Bud Smith            P      CA   2001-2002  Robert Allan Smith                       
Bull Smith           OF     WV   1904-1906  Lewis Oscar Smith                        
Burch Smith          P      TX   2013-2013  Burch Taylor Smith                       
Carr Smith           OF     NC   1923-1924  Emanuel Carr Smith                       
Carson Smith         P      TX   2014-2014  Carson Donald Smith                      
Chad Smith           P      CA   2014-2014  Chad Dennis Smith                        
Charley Smith        3B     SC   1960-1969  Charles William Smith                    
Charlie Smith        3B     NY   1871-1871  Charles J. Smith                         
Charlie Smith        P      OH   1906-1914  Charles Edwin Smith                      
Chick Smith          P      KY   1913-1913  John William Smith                       
Chris Smith          P      CA   2008-2010  Christopher Michael Smith                
Chris Smith          1B-OF  CA   1981-1983  Christopher William Smith                
Chuck Smith          P      TN   2000-2001  Charles Edward Smith                     
Clay Smith           P      KS   1938-1940  Clay Jamieson Smith                      
Dan Smith            P      MN   1992-1994  Daniel Scott Smith                       
Dan Smith            P      NJ   1999-2003  Daniel Charles Smith Iii                 
Daryl Smith          P      MD   1990-1990  Daryl Clinton Smith                      
Dave Smith           P      CA   1980-1992  David Stanley Smith Jr.                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dave Smith           P      SC   1938-1939  David Merwin Smith                       
Dave Smith           P      TX   1984-1985  David Wayne Smith                        
Dick Smith           OF     NC   1969-1969  Richard Kelly Smith                      
Dick Smith           OF-1B  OR   1963-1965  Richard Arthur Smith                     
Dick Smith           3B-SS  PA   1951-1955  Richard Harrison Smith                   
Doug Smith           P      MA   1912-1912  Douglass Weldon Smith                    
Dwight Smith         LF-RF  FL   1989-1996  John Dwight Smith                        
Earl Smith           C      AR   1919-1930  Earl Sutton Smith                        
Earl Smith           OF     WA   1955-1955  Earl Calvin Smith                        
Earl Smith           OF-3B  OH   1916-1922  Earl Leonard Smith                       
Ed Smith                    --   1884-1884                                           
Ed Smith             P      IN   1906-1906  Rhesa Edward Smith                       
Eddie Smith          P      NJ   1936-1947  Edgar Smith                              
Edgar (AE) Smith            --   1883-1883                                           
Edgar (EE) Smith            --   1883-1890                                           
Elmer Smith                 --   1886-1901                                           
Elmer Smith          OF     OH   1914-1925  Elmer John Smith                         
Ernie Smith          SS     NJ   1930-1930  Ernest Henry Smith                       
Frank Smith                 --   1884-1884                                           
Frank Smith          P      PA   1904-1912  Frank Elmer Smith                        
Frank Smith          P      NY   1950-1956  Frank Thomas Smith                       
Fred Smith                  --   1890-1890                                           
Fred Smith           3B-2B  OH   1913-1917  Fred Vincent Smith                       
Fred Smith           P      WI   1907-1907  Frederick Smith                          
George Smith         P      KY   1926-1930  George Shelby Smith                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
George Smith         2B     FL   1963-1966  George Cornelius Smith                   
George Smith         P      CT   1916-1923  George Allen Smith                       
Germany Smith               --   1884-1898                                           
Greg Smith           P      LA   2008-2010  Gregory Thomas Smith                     
Greg Smith           2B-SS  MD   1989-1991  Gregory Allen Smith                      
Hal Smith            C      AR   1956-1965  Harold Raymond Smith                     
Hal Smith            P      IA   1932-1935  Harold Laverne Smith                     
Hal Smith            C      IL   1955-1964  Harold Wayne Smith                       
Happy Smith          OF     OR   1910-1910  Henry Joseph Smith                       
Harry Smith                 --   1877-1889                                           
Harry Smith          C      MD   1914-1918  James Harry Smith                        
Harry Smith          C      EN   1903-1910  Harry Thomas Smith                       
Harry Smith          P      NE   1912-1912  Harrison Morton Smith                    
Harvey Smith                --   1896-1896                                           
Heinie Smith         2B     PA   1903-1903  George Henry Smith                       
Jack Smith           P      KY   1962-1964  Jack Hatfield Smith                      
Jack Smith           OF     IL   1915-1929  Jack Smith                               
Jake Smith           P      PA   1911-1911  Jacob Smith                              
Jason Smith          2B-SS  MS   2001-2009  Jason William Smith                      
Jim Smith            SS     CA   1982-1982  James Lorne Smith                        
Jimmy Smith          2B-SS  PA   1916-1922  James Lawrence Smith                     
Joe Smith            C      NY   1913-1913  Salvatore Smith                          
Joe Smith            P      OH   2007-2014  Joseph Michael Smith                     
John Smith           1B     DC   1931-1931  John Marshall Smith                      
John Smith                  --   1882-1882                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
John Smith                  --   1873-1875                                           
Jordan Smith         P      UT   2010-2011  Jordan Smith                             
Jud Smith                   --   1893-1901                                           
Keith Smith          SS     CA   1984-1985  Patrick Keith Smith                      
Keith Smith          OF     FL   1977-1980  Keith Lavarne Smith                      
Ken Smith            1B     OH   1981-1983  Kenneth Earl Smith                       
Klondike Smith       OF     EN   1912-1912  Armstrong Frederick Smith                
L. Smith                    --   1882-1882                                           
Lee Smith            P      LA   1980-1997  Lee Arthur Smith                         
Leo Smith                   --   1890-1890                                           
Lonnie Smith         LF-OF  IL   1978-1994  Lonnie Smith                             
Mark Smith           P      VA   1983-1983  Mark Christopher Smith                   
Mark Smith           LF-RF  CA   1994-2003  Mark Edward Smith                        
Matt Smith           P      NV   2006-2007  Matthew Joel Smith                       
Mayo Smith           OF     MO   1945-1945  Edward Mayo Smith                        
Mike Smith           OF     VA   1926-1926  Elwood Hope Smith                        
Mike Smith           P      TX   1989-1990  Michael Anthony Smith                    
Mike Smith           P      MS   1984-1989  Michael Anthony Smith                    
Mike Smith           P      MA   2002-2006  Michael Anthony Smith                    
Milt Smith           3B     GA   1955-1955  Milton Smith                             
Nate Smith           C      IL   1962-1962  Nathaniel Beverly Smith                  
Ollie Smith                 --   1894-1894                                           
Ozzie Smith          SS     AL   1978-1996  Osborne Earl Smith                       
Paddy Smith          C      NY   1920-1920  Lawrence Patrick Smith                   
Paul Smith           OF     IL   1916-1916  Paul Stoner Smith                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Paul Smith           1B-OF  PA   1953-1958  Paul Leslie Smith                        
Pete Smith           P      MA   1962-1963  Peter Luke Smith                         
Pete Smith           P      MA   1987-1998  Peter John Smith                         
Phenomenal Smith            --   1884-1891                                           
Pop Smith                   --   1880-1891                                           
Pop-Boy Smith        P      TN   1913-1917  Charles Ossie Smith                      
Ray Smith            C      CA   1981-1983  Raymond Edward Smith                     
Red Smith            C      IN   1917-1918  Willard Jehu Smith                       
Red Smith            3B     SC   1911-1919  James Carlisle Smith                     
Red Smith            SS     IL   1925-1925  Marvin Harold Smith                      
Reggie Smith         OF     LA   1966-1982  Carl Reginald Smith                      
Rex Smith                   --   1886-1886                                           
Roy Smith            P      NY   1984-1991  Le Roy Purdy Smith                       
Roy Smith            P      FL   2001-2002  Walter Roy Smith                         
Rufus Smith          P      NC   1927-1927  Rufus Frazier Smith                      
Seth Smith           DH-LF  CA   2007-2014  Seth Michael Smith                       
Sherry Smith         P      GA   1911-1927  Sherrod Malone Smith                     
Skyrocket Smith             --   1888-1888                                           
Stub Smith                  --   1898-1898                                           
Syd Smith            C      SC   1908-1915  Sydney E. Smith                          
Tom Smith                   --   1875-1875                                           
Tom Smith                   --   1894-1898                                           
Tommy Smith          OF     NC   1973-1977  Tommy Alexander Smith                    
Tony Smith           SS     IL   1907-1911  Anthony Smith                            
Travis Smith         P      OR   1998-2006  Travis William Smith                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Vinnie Smith         C      VA   1941-1946  Vincent Ambrose Smith                    
Wally Smith          2B-SS  PA   1911-1914  Wallace H. Smith                         
Wib Smith            C      MI   1909-1909  Wilbur Floyd Smith                       
Will Smith           P      GA   2012-2014  William Smith                            
Willie Smith         OF-1B  AL   1963-1971  Willie P. Smith                          
Willie Smith         P      GA   1994-1994  Willie Everett Smith                     
Zane Smith           P      WI   1984-1996  Zane William Smith                       
Roger Smithberg      P      IL   1993-1994  Roger Craig Smithberg                    
Steve Smitherman     LF     OK   2003-2003  Stephen Lydell Smitherman                
Mike Smithson        P      TN   1982-1989  Billy Mike Smithson                      
Justin Smoak         1B     SC   2010-2014  Justin Kyle Smoak                        
Jake Smolinski       OF     IL   2014-2014  Jacob M. Smolinski                       
Lefty Smoll          P      PA   1940-1940  Clyde Hetrick Smoll                      
John Smoltz          P      MI   1988-2009  John Andrew Smoltz                       
Homer Smoot          OF     MD   1903-1906  Homer Vernon Smoot                       
Henry Smoyer         SS-3B  PA   1912-1912  Henry Neitz Smoyer                       
Frank Smykal         SS     IL   1916-1916  Frank John Smykal                        
Drew Smyly           P      AR   2012-2014  Todd Andrew Smyly                        
Clancy Smyres        H      CA   1944-1944  Clarence Melvin Smyres                   
Red Smyth            OF-3B  MS   1915-1918  James Daniel Smyth                       
Steve Smyth          P      CA   2002-2002  Steven Delton Smyth                      
Harry Smythe         P      GA   1929-1934  William Henry Smythe                     
Ryan Snare           P      FL   2004-2004  Ryan Delbert Snare                       
Esix Snead           CF-LF  FL   2002-2004  Esix Snead                               
John Sneed                  --   1884-1891                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Charlie Snell        C      MD   1912-1912  Charles Anthony Snell                    
Ian Snell            P      DE   2004-2010  Ian Dante Oquendo                        
Nate Snell           P      SC   1984-1987  Nathaniel Snell                          
Wally Snell          C      MA   1913-1913  Walter Henry Snell                       
Chris Snelling       LF-RF  FL   2002-2008  Christopher Doyle Snelling               
Duke Snider          OF     CA   1947-1964  Edwin Donald Snider                      
Travis Snider        RF     WA   2008-2014  Travis James Snider                      
Van Snider           LF-RF  AL   1988-1989  Van Vorhees Snider                       
Roxy Snipes          H      SC   1923-1923  Wyatt Eure Snipes                        
Chappie Snodgrass           --   1901-1901                                           
Fred Snodgrass       OF     CA   1908-1916  Frederick Carlisle Snodgrass             
Scott Snodgress      P      CA   2014-2014  Scott Andrew Snodgress                   
Frank Snook          P      NJ   1973-1973  Frank Walter Snook                       
Chris Snopek         3B-SS  KY   1995-1998  Christopher Charles Snopek               
Colonel Snover       P      PA   1919-1919  Colonel Lester Snover                    
Charlie Snow                --   1874-1874                                           
J.T. Snow            1B     CA   1992-2006  Jack Thomas Snow Jr.                     
Bernie Snyder        2B-SS  PA   1935-1935  Bernard Austin Snyder                    
Bill Snyder          P      OH   1919-1920  William Nicholas Snyder                  
Brad Snyder          OF     OH   2010-2014  Bradley Michael Snyder                   
Brandon Snyder       1B-3B  NV   2010-2013  Brandon R. Snyder                        
Brian Snyder         P      NJ   1985-1989  Brian Robert Snyder                      
Charles Snyder              --   1890-1890                                           
Christopher Snyder   C      TX   2004-2013  Christopher Ryan Snyder                  
Cooney Snyder               --   1898-1898                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Cory Snyder          RF     CA   1986-1994  James Cory Snyder                        
Earl Snyder          1B-3B  CT   2002-2004  Earl Clifford Snyder                     
Frank Snyder         C      TX   1912-1927  Frank Elton Snyder                       
Gene Snyder          P      PA   1959-1959  Gene Walter Snyder                       
George Snyder               --   1882-1882                                           
Jack Snyder          C      PA   1917-1917  John William Snyder                      
Jerry Snyder         SS-2B  OK   1952-1958  Gerald George Snyder                     
Jim Snyder           2B     MI   1961-1964  James Robert Snyder                      
Jim Snyder                  --   1872-1872                                           
John Snyder          P      MI   1998-2000  John Michael Snyder                      
Josh Snyder                 --   1872-1872                                           
Kyle Snyder          P      TX   2003-2008  Kyle Ehren Snyder                        
Pop Snyder                  --   1873-1891                                           
Redleg Snyder               --   1876-1884                                           
Russ Snyder          OF     NE   1959-1970  Russell Henry Snyder                     
Scott Sobkowiak      P      IL   2001-2001  Scott David Sobkowiak                    
Chief Sockalexis            --   1897-1899                                           
Miguel Socolovich    P      VZ   2012-2012  Miguel A. Socolvich                      
Bill Sodd            H      TX   1937-1937  William Sodd                             
Eric Soderholm       3B     NY   1971-1980  Eric Thane Soderholm                     
Steve Soderstrom     P      CA   1996-1996  Stephen Andrew Soderstrom                
Clint Sodowsky       P      OK   1995-1999  Clint Rea Sodowsky                       
Ray Soff             P      MI   1986-1987  Raymond John Soff                        
Rick Sofield         OF     WY   1979-1981  Richard Michael Sofield                  
Eric Sogard          2B     AZ   2010-2014  Eric Sidney Sogard                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Luis Sojo            2B-SS  VZ   1990-2003  Luis B. Sojo                             
Tony Solaita         1B     SM   1968-1979  Tolia Solaita                            
Donovan Solano       2B     CB   2012-2014  Donovan Solano (Preciado)                
Jhonatan Solano      C      CB   2012-2013  Jhonatan Solano                          
Julio Solano         P      DR   1983-1989  Julio Cesar Solano                       
Yangervis Solarte    2B     VZ   2014-2014  Yangervis Alfredo Solarte                
Alay Soler           P      CU   2006-2006  Alain Soler                              
Jorge Soler          RF-OF  CU   2014-2014  Jorge Carlos Soler                       
Ali Solis            C      MX   2012-2014  Roman Ali Solis                          
Marcelino Solis      P      MX   1958-1958  Marcelino Solis                          
Eddie Solomon        P      GA   1973-1982  Eddie Solomon Jr.                        
Mose Solomon         OF     NY   1923-1923  Mose Hirsch Solomon                      
Moose Solters        OF     PA   1934-1943  Julius Joseph Solters                    
Jock Somerlott       1B     IN   1910-1911  John Wesley Somerlott                    
Ed Somerville               --   1875-1876                                           
Joe Sommer                  --   1880-1890                                           
Bill Sommers         3B-2B  NY   1950-1950  William Dunn Sommers                     
Pete Sommers                --   1887-1890                                           
Rudy Sommers         P      OH   1912-1927  Rudolph Sommers                          
Andy Sommerville            --   1894-1894                                           
Don Songer           P      KS   1924-1927  Donald C. Songer                         
Andy Sonnanstine     P      OH   2007-2011  Andrew Sonnanstine                       
Lary Sorensen        P      MI   1977-1988  Lary Alan Sorensen                       
Zach Sorensen        2B-SS  UT   2003-2005  Zach H. Sorensen                         
Joakim Soria         P      MX   2007-2014  Joakim Agustin Soria                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Alfonso Soriano      LF     DR   1999-2014  Alfonso Guilleard Soriano                
Rafael Soriano       P      DR   2002-2014  Rafael Soriano                           
Bill Sorrell         3B-OF  KY   1965-1970  William Sorrell                          
Vic Sorrell          P      NC   1928-1937  Victor Garland Sorrell                   
Chick Sorrells       SS     OK   1922-1922  Raymond Edwin Sorrells                   
Paul Sorrento        1B     MA   1989-1999  Paul Anthony Sorrento                    
Elias Sosa           P      DR   1972-1983  Elias Sosa Martinez                      
Henry Sosa           P      DR   2011-2011  Henry Sosa                               
Jorge Sosa           P      DR   2002-2010  Jorge Bolivar Sosa                       
Jose Sosa            P      DR   1975-1976  Jose Ynocencio Sosa                      
Juan Sosa            CF-SS  DR   1999-2001  Juan Luis Encarnacion Sosa               
Sammy Sosa           RF     DR   1989-2007  Samuel Sosa                              
Denny Sothern        OF     DC   1926-1931  Dennis Elwood Sothern                    
Allen Sothoron       P      OH   1914-1926  Allen Sutton Sothoron                    
Geovany Soto         C      PR   2005-2014  Geovany Soto                             
Mario Soto           P      DR   1977-1988  Mario Melvin Soto                        
Neftali Soto         3B-1B  PR   2013-2014  Neftali O. Soto                          
Steve Souchock       OF-1B  PA   1946-1955  Stephen Souchock                         
Clyde Southwick      C      IA   1911-1911  Clyde Aubra Southwick                    
Bill Southworth      3B     WI   1964-1964  William Frederick Southworth             
Billy Southworth     OF     NE   1915-1929  William Harrison Southworth              
Mark Souza           P      CA   1980-1980  Kenneth Mark Souza                       
Steven Souza         OF     WA   2014-2014  Steven Jeffrey Souza Jr.                 
Bill Sowders                --   1888-1890                                           
John Sowders                --   1887-1890                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Len Sowders                 --   1886-1886                                           
Jeremy Sowers        P      WV   2006-2009  Jeremy Bryan Sowers                      
Bob Spade            P      OH   1907-1910  Robert Spade                             
Warren Spahn         P      NY   1942-1965  Warren Edward Spahn                      
Al Spalding                 --   1871-1878                                           
Dick Spalding        OF     PA   1927-1928  Charles Harry Spalding                   
Denard Span          CF     FL   2008-2014  Keiunta Denard Span                      
Cory Spangenberg     2B     PA   2014-2014  Cory Joseph Spangenberg                  
Al Spangler          OF     PA   1959-1971  Albert Donald Spangler                   
Bill Spanswick       P      MA   1964-1964  William Henry Spanswick                  
Jeff Sparks          P      TX   1999-2000  James Jeffrey Sparks                     
Steve Sparks         P      AL   2000-2000  Stephen L. Sparks                        
Steve Sparks         P      OK   1995-2004  Steven William Sparks                    
Tully Sparks         P      GA   1903-1910  Thomas Frank Sparks                      
Joe Sparma           P      OH   1964-1970  Joseph Blase Sparma                      
Bob Speake           OF-1B  MO   1955-1959  Robert Charles Speake                    
Tris Speaker         OF     TX   1907-1928  Tristram E Speaker                       
Nate Spears          2B-3B  FL   2011-2012  Nathaniel Joseph Spears                  
Cliff Speck          P      OR   1986-1986  Robert Clifford Speck                    
By Speece            P      IN   1924-1930  Byron Franklin Speece                    
Horace Speed         OF     CA   1975-1979  Horace Arthur Speed                      
Floyd Speer          P      AR   1943-1944  Floyd Vernie Speer                       
Kid Speer            P      MO   1909-1909  George Nathan Speer                      
Tim Spehr            C      MO   1991-1999  Timothy Joseph Spehr                     
Chris Speier         SS     CA   1971-1989  Chris Edward Speier                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Justin Speier        P      CA   1998-2009  Justin James Speier                      
Ryan Speier          P      KY   2005-2009  Ryan Andrew Speier                       
Levale Speigner      P      GA   2007-2008  Jimmy Levale Speigner                    
Bob Spence           1B     CA   1969-1971  John Robert Spence                       
Josh Spence          P      AU   2011-2012  Joshua Patrick William Spence            
Stan Spence          OF     KY   1940-1949  Stanley Orville Spence                   
 Spencer                    --   1872-1872                                           
Ben Spencer          OF     MD   1913-1913  Lloyd Benjamin Spencer                   
Chet Spencer         OF     OH   1906-1906  Chester Arthur Spencer                   
Daryl Spencer        SS-2B  KS   1952-1963  Daryl Dean Spencer                       
George Spencer       P      OH   1950-1960  George Elwell Spencer                    
Glenn Spencer        P      NY   1928-1933  Glenn Edward Spencer                     
Hack Spencer         P      MN   1912-1912  Fred Calvin Spencer                      
Jim Spencer          1B     PA   1968-1982  James Lloyd Spencer                      
Roy Spencer          C      NC   1925-1938  Roy Hampton Spencer                      
Sean Spencer         P      WA   1999-2000  Sean James Spencer                       
Shane Spencer        LF-RF  FL   1998-2004  Michael Shane Spencer                    
Stan Spencer         P      BC   1998-2000  Stanley Roger Spencer                    
Tom Spencer          OF     OH   1978-1978  Hubert Thomas Spencer                    
Tubby Spencer        C      PA   1905-1918  Edward Russell Spencer                   
Vern Spencer         OF     MI   1920-1920  Vernon Murray Spencer                    
Paul Speraw          3B     PA   1920-1920  Paul Bachman Speraw                      
Ed Sperber           OF     OH   1924-1925  Edwin George Sperber                     
Rob Sperring         2B-SS  CA   1974-1977  Robert Walter Sperring                   
Stan Sperry          2B     WI   1936-1938  Stanley Kenneth Sperry                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bob Spicer           P      VA   1955-1956  Robert Oberton Spicer                    
Bill Spiers          SS-3B  SC   1989-2001  William James Spiers Iii                 
Harry Spies                 --   1895-1895                                           
Ed Spiezio           3B     IL   1964-1972  Edward Wayne Spiezio                     
Scott Spiezio        1B-2B  IL   1996-2007  Scott Edward Spiezio                     
Charlie Spikes       OF     LA   1972-1980  Leslie Charles Spikes                    
Ryan Spilborghs      LF     CA   2005-2011  Ryan Leonard Spilborghs                  
Dan Spillner         P      WY   1974-1985  Daniel Ray Spillner                      
Harry Spilman        1B     GA   1978-1989  William Harry Spilman                    
Hal Spindel          C      OK   1939-1946  Harold Stewart Spindel                   
Scipio Spinks        P      IL   1969-1973  Scipio Ronald Spinks                     
Junior Spivey        2B     OK   2001-2005  Ernest Lee Spivey Jr.                    
Paul Splittorff      P      IN   1970-1984  Paul William Splittorff Jr.              
Andy Spognardi       2B-SS  MA   1932-1932  Andrea Ettore Spognardi                  
Al Spohrer           C      PA   1928-1935  Alfred Ray Spohrer                       
Paul Spoljaric       P      BC   1994-2000  Paul Nikola Spoljaric                    
Carl Spongberg       P      ID   1908-1908  Carl Gustav Spongberg                    
Karl Spooner         P      NY   1954-1955  Karl Benjamin Spooner                    
Tim Spooneybarger    P      CA   2001-2003  Timothy Floyd Spooneybarger              
Jim Spotts           C      PA   1930-1930  James Russell Spotts                     
Jerry Spradlin       P      CA   1993-2000  Jerry Carl Spradlin                      
Homer Spragins       P      MS   1947-1947  Homer Franklin Spragins                  
Charlie Sprague             --   1887-1890                                           
Ed Sprague           P      MA   1968-1976  Edward Nelson Sprague Sr.                
Ed Sprague           3B     CA   1991-2001  Edward Nelson Sprague Jr.                

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Harry Spratt         SS     VA   1911-1912  Henry Lee Spratt                         
George Spriggs       OF     MD   1965-1970  George Herman Spriggs                    
Jack Spring          P      WA   1955-1965  Jack Russell Spring                      
Brad Springer        P      MI   1925-1926  Bradford Louis Springer                  
Dennis Springer      P      CA   1995-2002  Dennis Leroy Springer                    
Ed Springer                 --   1889-1889                                           
George Springer      OF     CT   2014-2014  George Chelston Springer III             
Russ Springer        P      LA   1992-2010  Russell Paul Springer                    
Steve Springer       3B-2B  CA   1990-1992  Steven Michael Springer                  
Joe Sprinz           C      MO   1930-1933  Joseph Conrad Sprinz                     
Charlie Sproull      P      GA   1945-1945  Charles William Sproull                  
Bob Sprout           P      PA   1961-1961  Robert Samuel Sprout                     
Bobby Sprowl         P      OH   1978-1981  Robert John Sprowl                       
Zeke Spruill         P      GA   2013-2014  Ezekiel Stephen Spruill                  
Freddy Spurgeon      2B-3B  IN   1924-1927  Fred Spurgeon                            
Jay Spurgeon         P      CA   2000-2000  Jay Aaron Spurgeon                       
Chris Spurling       P      OH   2003-2007  Christopher Michael Spurling             
Ed Spurney                  --   1891-1891                                           
Mike Squires         1B     MI   1975-1985  Michael Lynn Squires                     
Ebba St. Claire      C      NY   1951-1954  Edward Joseph St.Claire                  
Randy St. Claire     P      NY   1984-1994  Randy Anthony St. Claire                 
Maxim St. Pierre     C      QC   2010-2010  Maxim St. Pierre                         
Jim St.Vrain                --   1902-1902                                           
George Stablein      P      CA   1980-1980  George Charles Stablein                  
Eddie Stack          P      IL   1910-1914  William Edward Stack                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Marv Staehle         2B     IL   1964-1971  Marvin Gustave Staehle                   
Bill Stafford        P      NY   1960-1967  William Charles Stafford                 
Bob Stafford                --   1890-1890                                           
General Stafford            --   1890-1899                                           
Heinie Stafford      H      VT   1916-1916  Henry Alexander Stafford                 
John Stafford               --   1893-1893                                           
Steve Staggs         2B     AK   1977-1978  Stephen Robert Staggs                    
Chick Stahl          OF     IN   1903-1906  Charles Sylvester Stahl                  
Jake Stahl           1B     IL   1903-1913  Garland Stahl                            
Larry Stahl          OF     IL   1964-1973  Larry Floyd Stahl                        
Scott Stahoviak      1B     IL   1993-1998  Scott Edmund Stahoviak                   
Roy Staiger          3B     OK   1975-1979  Roy Joseph Staiger                       
Tuck Stainback       OF     CA   1934-1946  George Tucker Stainback                  
Matt Stairs          DH-1B  NB   1992-2011  Matthew Wade Stairs                      
Gale Staley          2B     WI   1925-1925  George Gaylord Staley                    
Gerry Staley         P      WA   1947-1961  Gerald Lee Staley                        
Harry Staley                --   1888-1895                                           
Tracy Stallard       P      VA   1960-1966  Evan Tracy Stallard                      
Virgil Stallcup      SS     NC   1947-1953  Thomas Virgil Stallcup                   
George Staller       OF     PA   1943-1943  George Wal                               
George Stallings            --   1890-1898                                           
Craig Stammen        P      OH   2009-2014  Craig N. Stammen                         
Oscar Stanage        C      CA   1906-1925  Oscar Harland Stanage                    
Charley Stanceu      P      OH   1941-1946  Charles Stanceu                          
Jerry Standaert      2B-3B  IL   1925-1929  Jerome John Standaert                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jason Standridge     P      AL   2001-2007  Jason Wayne Stanridge                    
Pete Standridge      P      WA   1911-1915  Alfred Peter Standridge                  
Al Stanek            P      MA   1963-1963  Albert Willfred Stanek                   
Kevin Stanfield      P      SD   1979-1979  Kevin Bruce Stanfield                    
Jason Stanford       P      AZ   2003-2007  Jason John Stanford                      
Daniel Stange        P      CA   2010-2013  Daniel Adam Stange                       
Lee Stange           P      IL   1961-1970  Albert Lee Stange                        
Don Stanhouse        P      IL   1972-1982  Donald Joseph Stanhouse                  
Pete Stanicek        LF-2B  IL   1987-1988  Peter Louis Stanicek                     
Steve Stanicek       DH     IL   1987-1989  Stephen Blair Stanicek                   
Rob Stanifer         P      SC   1997-2000  Robert Wayne Stanifer                    
Joe Stanka           P      OK   1959-1959  Joe Donald Stanka                        
Tom Stankard         SS-3B  MA   1904-1904  Thomas Francis Stankard                  
Andy Stankiewicz     2B-SS  CA   1992-1998  Andrew Neal Stankiewicz                  
Eddie Stanky         2B     PA   1943-1953  Edward Raymond Stanky                    
Bob Stanley          P      ME   1977-1989  Robert William Stanley                   
Buck Stanley         P      DC   1911-1911  John Leonard Stanley                     
Fred Stanley         SS-2B  IA   1969-1982  Frederick Blair Stanley                  
Joe Stanley                 --   1884-1884                                           
Joe Stanley          P      DC   1903-1909  Joseph Bernard Stanley                   
Mickey Stanley       OF     MI   1964-1978  Mitchell Jack Stanley                    
Mike Stanley         C-1B   FL   1986-2000  Robert Michael Stanley                   
Craig Stansberry     3B-2B  SR   2007-2009  Craig Leo Stansberry                     
Jack Stansbury       3B     NJ   1918-1918  John James Stansbury                     
Buck Stanton         OF     NC   1931-1931  George Washington Stanton                

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Giancarlo Stanton    RF     CA   2010-2014  Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton           
Harry Stanton               --   1900-1900                                           
Leroy Stanton        OF     SC   1970-1978  Leroy Bobby Stanton                      
Mike Stanton         P      TX   1989-2007  William Michael Stanton                  
Mike Stanton         P      AL   1975-1985  Michael Thomas Stanton                   
Tom Stanton          C      MO   1904-1904  Thomas Patrick Stanton                   
Joe Staples                 --   1885-1885                                           
Dave Stapleton       1B-2B  AL   1980-1986  David Leslie Stapleton                   
Dave Stapleton       P      AZ   1987-1988  David Earl Stapleton                     
Willie Stargell      OF-1B  OK   1962-1982  Wilver Dornel Stargell                   
Denny Stark          P      OH   1999-2009  Dennis James Stark                       
Dolly Stark          SS     MS   1909-1912  Monroe Randolph Stark                    
Matt Stark           C      CA   1987-1990  Matthew Scott Stark                      
Con Starkel          P      IA   1906-1906  Conrad Starkel                           
George Starnagle            --   1902-1902                                           
Bill Starr           C      NY   1935-1935  William Starr                            
Charlie Starr        2B     OH   1905-1909  Charles Watkin Starr                     
Dick Starr           P      PA   1947-1951  Richard Eugene Starr                     
Ray Starr            P      OK   1932-1945  Raymond Francis Starr                    
Herman Starrette     P      NC   1963-1965  Herman Paul Starrette                    
Joe Start                   --   1871-1886                                           
Max Stassi           C      CA   2013-2014  Max Robert Stassi                        
Dave Staton          1B     WA   1993-1994  David Alan Staton                        
Joe Staton           1B     WA   1972-1973  Joseph Staton                            
Jigger Statz         OF     IL   1919-1928  Arnold John Statz                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Rusty Staub          OF-1B  LA   1963-1985  Daniel Joseph Staub                      
Ed Stauffer          P      PA   1923-1925  Charles Edward Stauffer                  
Tim Stauffer         P      ME   2005-2014  Timothy James Stauffer                   
Nick Stavinoha       1B-RF  TX   2008-2010  Nicholas Lee Stavinoha                   
Bill Stearns                --   1871-1875                                           
Ecky Stearns                --   1880-1889                                           
John Stearns         C      CO   1974-1984  John Hardin Stearns                      
Charlie Stecher             --   1890-1890                                           
Gene Stechschulte    P      OH   2000-2002  Gene Urban Stechschulte                  
John Stedronsky             --   1879-1879                                           
Bill Steele          P      PA   1910-1914  William Mitchell Steele                  
Bob Steele           P      ON   1916-1919  Robert Wesley Steele                     
Elmer Steele         P      NY   1907-1911  Elmer Rae Steele                         
Farmer Steelman             --   1899-1902                                           
Jim Steels           LF-RF  MS   1987-1989  James Earl Steels                        
Bill Steen           P      PA   1912-1915  William John Steen                       
Milt Steengrafe      P      CA   1924-1926  Milton Henry Steengrafe                  
Kennie Steenstra     P      MO   1998-1998  Kenneth Gregory Steenstra                
Gene Steere                 --   1894-1894                                           
Morrie Steevens      P      IL   1962-1965  Morris Dale Steevens                     
John Stefero         C      SC   1983-1987  John Robert Stefero                      
Dave Stegman         OF     CA   1978-1984  David William Stegman                    
Bill Stein           3B-2B  MI   1972-1985  William Allen Stein                      
Blake Stein          P      MS   1998-2002  William Blake Stein                      
Ed Stein                    --   1890-1898                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Irv Stein            P      LA   1932-1932  Irvin Michael Stein                      
Justin Stein         SS-3B  MO   1938-1938  Justin Marion Stein                      
Randy Stein          P      CA   1978-1982  William Randolph Stein                   
Terry Steinbach      C      MN   1986-1999  Terry Lee Steinbach                      
Hank Steinbacher     OF     CA   1937-1939  Henry John Steinbacher                   
Gene Steinbrenner    2B     PA   1912-1912  Eugene Gass Steinbrenner                 
Bill Steinecke       C      OH   1931-1931  William Robert Steinecke                 
Ray Steineder        P      NJ   1923-1924  Raymond J. Steineder                     
Ben Steiner          2B     VA   1945-1947  Benjamin Saunders Steiner                
Red Steiner          C      CA   1945-1945  James Harry Steiner                      
Harry Steinfeldt     3B     MO   1903-1911  Harry M. Steinfeldt                      
Rick Steirer         P      MD   1982-1984  Ricky Francis Steirer                    
Bill Stellbauer      OF     TX   1916-1916  William Jennings Stellbauer              
Bill Stellberger            --   1885-1885                                           
Rick Stelmaszek      C      IL   1971-1974  Richard Francis Stelmaszek               
Fred Stem            1B     NC   1908-1909  Frederick Boothe Stem                    
Jeff Stember         P      NJ   1980-1980  Jeffrey Alan Stember                     
Steve Stemle         P      KY   2005-2006  Stephen J. Stemle                        
Bill Stemmeyer              --   1885-1888                                           
Casey Stengel        OF     MO   1912-1925  Charles Dillon Stengel                   
Dave Stenhouse       P      RI   1962-1964  David Rotchford Stenhouse                
Mike Stenhouse       OF-1B  CO   1982-1986  Michael Steven Stenhouse                 
Rennie Stennett      2B     PN   1971-1981  Renaldo Antonio Stennett Porte           
Dernell Stenson      LF-RF  GA   2003-2003  Dernell Renauld Stenson                  
Jake Stenzel                --   1890-1899                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Buzz Stephen         P      CA   1968-1968  Louis Roberts Stephen                    
Ben Stephens                --   1892-1894                                           
Bryan Stephens       P      AR   1947-1948  Bryan Maris Stephens                     
Clarence Stephens           --   1886-1891                                           
Gene Stephens        OF     AR   1952-1964  Glen Eugene Stephens                     
Jim Stephens         C      OH   1907-1912  James Walter Stephens                    
John Stephens        P      AU   2002-2002  John M. Stephens                         
Ray Stephens         C      TX   1990-1992  Carl Ray Stephens Jr.                    
Vern Stephens        SS-3B  NM   1941-1955  Vernon Decatur Stephens                  
Bob Stephenson       P      OK   1955-1955  Robert Lloyd Stephenson                  
Dummy Stephenson            --   1892-1892                                           
Earl Stephenson      P      NC   1971-1978  Chester Earl Stephenson                  
Garrett Stephenson   P      MD   1996-2003  Garrett Charles Stephenson               
Jerry Stephenson     P      MI   1963-1970  Jerry Joseph Stephenson                  
Joe Stephenson       C      MI   1943-1947  Joseph Chester Stephenson                
John Stephenson      C      KY   1964-1973  John Herman Stephenson                   
Phil Stephenson      1B     OK   1989-1992  Phillip Raymond Stephenson               
Riggs Stephenson     OF-2B  AL   1921-1934  Jackson Riggs Stephenson                 
Walter Stephenson    C      NC   1935-1937  Walter McQueen Stephenson                
John Sterling               --   1890-1890                                           
Randy Sterling       P      FL   1974-1974  Randall Wayne Sterling                   
Adam Stern           OF     ON   2005-2010  Adam Jeremy Stern                        
Dutch Sterrett       OF-1B  PA   1912-1913  Charles Hurlbut Sterrett                 
Mitch Stetter        P      IN   2007-2011  Mitchel Blake Stetter                    
Bobby Stevens        SS     MD   1931-1931  Robert Jordan Stevens                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Chuck Stevens        1B     NM   1941-1948  Charles Augustus Stevens                 
Dave Stevens         P      CA   1994-2000  David James Stevens                      
Ed Stevens           1B     TX   1945-1950  Edward Lee Stevens                       
Jeff Stevens         P      CA   2009-2011  Jeffrey Allen Stevens                    
Jim Stevens          P      MD   1914-1914  James Arthur Stevens                     
Lee Stevens          1B     MO   1990-2002  Dewain Lee Stevens                       
R.C. Stevens         1B     GA   1958-1961  R C Stevens                              
Robert Stevens              --   1875-1875                                           
Todd Steverson       LF-RF  CA   1995-1996  Todd Anthony Steverson                   
Ace Stewart                 --   1895-1895                                           
Andy Stewart         C      ON   1997-1997  Andrew David Stewart                     
Bill Stewart         OF     MI   1955-1955  William Wayne Stewart                    
Bud Stewart          OF     CA   1941-1954  Edward Perry Stewart                     
Bunky Stewart        P      NC   1952-1956  Veston Goff Stewart                      
Chris Stewart        C      CA   2006-2014  Christopher David Stewart                
Dave Stewart         P      CA   1978-1995  David Keith Stewart                      
Frank Stewart        P      MN   1927-1927  Frank Stewart                            
Glen Stewart         SS-3B  TN   1940-1944  Glen Weldon Stewart                      
Ian Stewart          3B     CA   2007-2014  Ian Kenneth Stewart                      
Jimmy Stewart        OF-2B  AL   1963-1973  James Franklin Stewart                   
Joe Stewart          P      NC   1904-1904  Joseph Lawrence Stewart                  
Josh Stewart         P      KY   2003-2004  Joshua C. Stewart                        
Lefty Stewart        P      TN   1921-1935  Walter Cleveland Stewart                 
Mack Stewart         P      AL   1944-1945  William Macklin Stewart                  
Mark Stewart         C      TN   1913-1913  Mark Stewart                             

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Neb Stewart          OF     OH   1940-1940  Walter Nesbitt Stewart                   
Sammy Stewart        P      NC   1978-1987  Samuel Lee Stewart                       
Scott Stewart        P      MA   2001-2004  Scott Edward Stewart                     
Shannon Stewart      LF     OH   1995-2008  Shannon Harold Stewart                   
Stuffy Stewart       2B     FL   1916-1929  John Franklin Stewart                    
Tuffy Stewart        OF     IL   1913-1914  Charles Eugene Stewart                   
Zach Stewart         P      TX   2011-2012  Zachary Robert Stewart                   
Phil Stidham         P      OK   1994-1994  Phillip Wayne Stidham                    
Dave Stieb           P      CA   1979-1998  David Andrew Stieb                       
Fred Stiely          P      PA   1929-1931  Fred Warren Stiely                       
Dick Stigman         P      MN   1960-1966  Richard Lewis Stigman                    
Rollie Stiles        P      AR   1930-1933  Rolland Mays Stiles                      
Royle Stillman       OF     CA   1975-1977  Royle Eldon Stillman                     
Kurt Stillwell       SS-2B  CA   1986-1996  Kurt Andrew Stillwell                    
Ron Stillwell        SS-2B  CA   1961-1962  Ronald Roy Stillwell                     
Craig Stimac         C      IL   1980-1981  Craig Steven Stimac                      
Archie Stimmel              --   1900-1902                                           
Carl Stimson         P      IA   1923-1923  Carl Remus Stimson                       
Harry Stine                 --   1890-1890                                           
Lee Stine            P      OK   1934-1938  Lee Elbert Stine                         
Kelly Stinnett       C      OK   1994-2007  Kelly Lee Stinnett                       
Bob Stinson          C      NC   1969-1980  Gorrell Robert Stinson III               
Joshua Stinson       P      LA   2011-2014  Joshua Randall Stinson                   
Gat Stires                  --   1871-1871                                           
Snuffy Stirnweiss    2B     NY   1943-1951  George Henry Stirnweiss                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Matt Stites          P      MO   2014-2014  Matthew Steven Stites                    
Jack Stivetts               --   1889-1899                                           
Chuck Stobbs         P      WV   1947-1961  Charles Klein Stobbs                     
Milt Stock           3B-2B  IL   1913-1926  Milton Joseph Stock                      
Wes Stock            P      WA   1959-1967  Wesley Gay Stock                         
Kevin Stocker        SS     WA   1993-2000  Kevin Douglas Stocker                    
Mel Stocker          2B-OF  AZ   2007-2007  Myreon Romel Stocker                     
Phil Stockman        P      EN   2006-2008  Phillip Matthew Stockman                 
Otis Stocksdale             --   1893-1896                                           
Len Stockwell               --   1879-1890                                           
 Stoddard                   --   1875-1875                                           
Bob Stoddard         P      CA   1981-1987  Robert Lyle Stoddard                     
Tim Stoddard         P      IN   1975-1989  Timothy Paul Stoddard                    
Al Stokes            C      IL   1925-1926  Albert John Stokes                       
Art Stokes           P      MD   1925-1925  Arthur Milton Stokes                     
Brian Stokes         P      CA   2006-2010  Brian Alexander Stokes                   
Arnie Stone          P      NY   1923-1924  Edwin Arnold Stone                       
Dean Stone           P      IL   1953-1963  Darrah Dean Stone                        
Dick Stone           P      OK   1945-1945  Charles Richard Stone                    
Dwight Stone         P      --   1913-1913  Dwight Ely Stone                         
Gene Stone           1B     CA   1969-1969  Eugene Daniel Stone                      
George Stone         P      LA   1967-1975  George Heard Stone                       
George Stone         OF     IA   1903-1910  George Robert Stone                      
Jeff Stone           OF     MO   1983-1990  Jeffrey Glen Stone                       
John Stone           OF     TN   1928-1938  John Thomas Stone                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ricky Stone          P      OH   2001-2007  Ricky L. Stone                           
Rocky Stone          P      CA   1943-1943  John Vernon Stone                        
Ron Stone            OF     CA   1966-1972  Harry Ronald Stone                       
Steve Stone          P      OH   1971-1981  Steven Michael Stone                     
Tige Stone           P      GA   1923-1923  William Arthur Stone                     
John Stoneham        OF     IL   1933-1933  John Andrew Stoneham                     
Bill Stoneman        P      IL   1967-1974  William Hambly Stoneman                  
Lil Stoner           P      TX   1922-1931  Ulysses Simpson Grant Stoner             
Tobi Stoner          P      MD   2009-2010  Tobi Neal Stoner                         
Jim Stoops           P      NJ   1998-1998  James Wellington Stoops                  
Drew Storen          P      IN   2010-2014  Drew Patrick Storen                      
Mickey Storey        P      FL   2012-2013  Mickey Storey                            
Howie Storie         C      MA   1931-1932  Howard Edward Storie                     
Alan Storke          1B-3B  NY   1906-1909  Alan Marshall Storke                     
Lin Storti           3B-2B  CA   1930-1933  Lindo Ivan Storti                        
Mel Stottlemyre      P      MO   1964-1974  Melvin Leon Stottlemyre Sr.              
Mel Stottlemyre      P      WA   1990-1990  Melvin Leon Stottlemyre Jr.              
Todd Stottlemyre     P      WA   1988-2002  Todd Vernon Stottlemyre                  
Tom Stouch                  --   1898-1898                                           
Allyn Stout          P      IL   1931-1943  Allyn McClelland Stout                   
DaRond Stovall       LF-CF  MO   1998-1998  Darond Tyrone Stovall                    
George Stovall       1B     MO   1904-1913  Theodore Harrison Easterly               
Jesse Stovall        P      MO   1903-1904  Jesse Cramer Stovall                     
Harry Stovey         OF     PA   1880-1893  Harry Duffield Stovey                    
Ray Stoviak          OF     PA   1938-1938  Raymond Thomas Stoviak                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Hal Stowe            P      NC   1960-1960  Harold Rudolph Stowe                     
Chris Stowers        RF-CF  GA   1999-1999  Christopher James Stowers                
Mike Strahler        P      IL   1970-1973  Michael Wayne Strahler                   
Dick Strahs          P      IL   1954-1954  Richard Bernard Strahs                   
Dan Straily          P      CA   2012-2014  Daniel Steven Straily                    
Joe Strain           2B     CO   1979-1981  Joseph Allan Strain                      
Les Straker          P      VZ   1987-1988  Lester Paul (Bonalde) Straker            
Bob Strampe          P      WI   1972-1972  Robert Edwin Strampe                     
Paul Strand          P      MO   1913-1924  Paul Edward Strand                       
Sammy Strang         2B-OF  TN   1903-1908  Samuel Nicklin Strang                    
Alan Strange         SS     PA   1934-1942  Alan Cochrane Strange                    
Doug Strange         3B-2B  SC   1989-1998  Joseph Douglas Strange                   
Pat Strange          P      MA   2002-2003  Patrick Martin Strange                   
Stephen Strasburg    P      CA   2010-2014  Stephen James Strasburg                  
Asa Stratton                --   1881-1881                                           
Ed Stratton                 --   1873-1873                                           
Monty Stratton       P      TX   1934-1938  Monty Franklin Pierce Stratton           
Scott Stratton              --   1888-1895                                           
Joe Straub                  --   1880-1883                                           
Joe Strauss                 --   1884-1886                                           
Darryl Strawberry    RF-OF  CA   1983-1999  Darryl Eugene Strawberry                 
Gabby Street         C      AL   1904-1931  Charles Evard Street                     
Huston Street        P      TX   2005-2014  Huston Lowell Street                     
Oscar Streit                --   1899-1902                                           
Ed Strelecki         P      NJ   1928-1931  Edward Harold Strelecki                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Phil Stremmel        P      OH   1909-1910  Phillip Stremmel                         
Walt Streuli         C      TN   1954-1956  Walter Herbert Streuli                   
John Strick                 --   1882-1882                                           
Cub Stricker                --   1882-1893                                           
Bill Strickland      P      GA   1937-1937  William Goss Strickland                  
George Strickland    SS-2B  LA   1950-1960  George Bevan Strickland                  
Hunter Strickland    P      GA   2014-2014  Hunter Drew Strickland                   
Jim Strickland       P      CA   1971-1975  James Michael Strickland                 
Scott Strickland     P      TX   1999-2010  Scott Michael Strickland                 
Elmer Stricklett     P      KS   1904-1907  Elmer Griffin Stricklett                 
George Strief               --   1879-1885                                           
John Strike                 --   1886-1886                                           
Jake Striker         P      OH   1959-1960  Wilbur Scott Striker                     
Nick Strincevich     P      IN   1940-1948  Nicholas Mihailovich Strincevich         
Lou Stringer         2B     MI   1941-1950  Louis Bernard Stringer                   
Joe Stripp           3B     NJ   1928-1938  Joseph Valentine Stripp                  
Mark Strittmatter    C      NY   1998-1998  Mark Arthur Strittmatter                 
Allie Strobel        2B     MA   1905-1906  Albert Irving Strobel                    
John Strohmayer      P      SD   1970-1974  John Emery Strohmayer                    
Brent Strom          P      CA   1972-1977  Brent Terry Strom                        
Marcus Stroman       P      NY   2014-2014  Marcus Earl Stroman                      
Floyd Stromme        P      ND   1939-1939  Floyd Marvin Stromme                     
Jim Stroner          3B     IL   1929-1929  James Melvin Stroner                     
Jamal Strong         CF     CA   2003-2005  Jamal Najar Strong                       
Joe Strong           P      CA   2000-2001  Joseph Benjamin Strong                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Pedro Strop          P      DR   2009-2014  Pedro Angel Strop                        
Ed Stroud            OF     AL   1966-1971  Edwin Marvin Stroud                      
Sailor Stroud        P      NJ   1910-1916  Ralph Vivian Stroud                      
Steve Stroughter     OF     CA   1982-1982  Stephen Lewis Stroughter                 
Amos Strunk          OF     PA   1908-1924  Amos Aaron Strunk                        
Steamboat Struss     P      IL   1934-1934  Clarence Herbert Struss                  
Al Struve                   --   1884-1884                                           
Dutch Stryker        P      NJ   1924-1926  Sterling Alpa Stryker                    
Bill Stuart                 --   1895-1899                                           
Dick Stuart          1B     CA   1958-1969  Richard Lee Stuart                       
Johnny Stuart        P      TN   1922-1925  John Davis Stuart                        
Luke Stuart          2B     NC   1921-1921  Luther Lane Stuart                       
Marlin Stuart        P      AR   1949-1954  Marlin Henry Stuart                      
Drew Stubbs          RF     TX   2009-2014  Andrew Robert Stubbs                     
Franklin Stubbs      1B-OF  NC   1984-1995  Franklin Lee Stubbs                      
Moose Stubing        H      NY   1967-1967  Lawrence George Stubing                  
Seem Studley                --   1872-1872                                           
George Stueland      P      IA   1921-1925  George Anton Stueland                    
Paul Stuffel         P      OH   1950-1953  Paul Harrington Stuffel                  
Everett Stull        P      KS   1997-2002  Everett James Stull                      
Eric Stults          P      IN   2006-2014  Eric William Stults                      
George Stultz               --   1894-1894                                           
Jim Stump            P      MI   1957-1959  James Gilbert Stump                      
Bill Stumpf          SS-2B  MD   1912-1913  William Frederick Stumpf                 
George Stumpf        OF     LA   1931-1936  George Frederick Stumpf                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
John Stuper          P      PA   1982-1985  John Anton Stuper                        
Tom Sturdivant       P      KS   1955-1964  Thomas Virgil Sturdivant                 
Guy Sturdy           1B     TX   1927-1928  Guy R. Sturdy                            
Bobby Sturgeon       SS-2B  IN   1940-1948  Robert Howard Sturgeon                   
Dean Sturgis         C      KS   1914-1914  Dean Donnell Sturgis                     
Johnny Sturm         1B     MO   1941-1941  John Peter Joseph Sturm                  
Tanyon Sturtze       P      MA   1995-2008  Tanyon James Sturtze                     
Mike Stutes          P      LA   2011-2013  Michael Christopher Stutes               
George Stutz         SS     PA   1926-1926  George Stutz                             
Lena Styles          C      AL   1919-1931  William Graves Styles                    
Chris Stynes         3B-2B  NY   1995-2004  Christopher Desmond Stynes               
Neil Stynes                 --   1890-1890                                           
Eugenio Suarez       SS     VZ   2014-2014  Eugenio Alejandro Suarez                 
Ken Suarez           C      FL   1966-1973  Kenneth Raymond Suarez                   
Luis Suarez          3B     CU   1944-1944  Luis Abelardo Suarez                     
Dick Such            P      NC   1970-1970  Richard Stanley Such                     
Charley Suche        P      TX   1938-1938  Charles Morris Suche                     
Jim Suchecki         P      IL   1950-1952  James Joseph Suchecki                    
Tony Suck                   --   1883-1884                                           
Jesus Sucre          C      VZ   2013-2014  Jesus Marcelo Sucre                      
Bill Sudakis         3B-C   IL   1968-1975  William Paul Sudakis                     
Pete Suder           2B-3B  PA   1941-1955  Peter Suder                              
Willie Sudhoff       P      MO   1903-1906  John William Sudhoff                     
William Suero        2B     DR   1992-1993  William Suero Urban                      
Joe Sugden           C-1B   PA   1903-1912  Joseph Sugden                            

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
George Suggs         P      NC   1908-1913  George Franklin Suggs                    
Gus Suhr             1B     CA   1930-1940  August Richard Suhr                      
Clyde Sukeforth      C      ME   1926-1945  Clyde Leroy Sukeforth                    
Ed Sukla             P      CA   1964-1966  Edward Anthony Sukla                     
Guy Sularz           SS-2B  MN   1980-1983  Guy Patrick Sularz                       
Ernie Sulik          OF     CA   1936-1936  Ernest Richard Sulik                     
 Sullivan                   --   1875-1875                                           
Andy Sullivan        SS     MA   1904-1904  Andrew R. Sullivan                       
Bill Sullivan               --   1890-1890                                           
Bill Sullivan               --   1878-1878                                           
Billy Sullivan       C-1B   IL   1931-1947  William Joseph Jr. Sullivan              
Billy Sullivan       C      WI   1903-1912  William Joseph Sr. Sullivan              
Charlie Sullivan     P      NC   1928-1931  Charles Edward Sullivan                  
Chub Sullivan               --   1877-1880                                           
Cory Sullivan        LF-CF  OK   2005-2010  Cory Sullivan                            
Dan Sullivan                --   1882-1886                                           
Denny Sullivan       OF     WI   1905-1909  Dennis William Sullivan                  
Denny Sullivan              --   1879-1880                                           
Fleury Sullivan             --   1884-1884                                           
Frank Sullivan       P      CA   1953-1963  Franklin Leal Sullivan                   
Harry Sullivan       P      IL   1909-1909  Harry Andrew Sullivan                    
Haywood Sullivan     C      GA   1955-1963  Haywood Cooper Sullivan                  
Jackie Sullivan      2B     TX   1944-1944  Carl Mancel Sullivan                     
Jim Sullivan         P      VA   1921-1923  James Richard Sullivan                   
Jim Sullivan                --   1891-1898                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Sullivan         P      IL   1935-1941  Joe Sullivan                             
Joe Sullivan                --   1893-1896                                           
John Sullivan        C      NJ   1963-1968  John Peter Sullivan                      
John Sullivan        P      IL   1919-1919  John Jeremiah Sullivan                   
John Sullivan        SS     IL   1942-1949  John Paul Sullivan                       
John Sullivan        OF     PA   1920-1921  John Lawrence Sullivan                   
John Sullivan        P      --   1905-1908  John Jeremiah Sullivan                   
Lefty Sullivan       P      TN   1939-1939  Paul Thomas Sullivan                     
Marc Sullivan        C      MA   1982-1987  Marc Cooper Sullivan                     
Marty Sullivan              --   1887-1891                                           
Mike Sullivan        P      MA   1889-1899  Michael Joseph Sullivan                  
Mike Sullivan        OF-3B  MA   1888-1888  Michael Joseph Sullivan                  
Pat Sullivan                --   1884-1884                                           
Russ Sullivan        OF     VA   1951-1953  Russell Guy Sullivan                     
Scott Sullivan       P      AL   1995-2004  William Scott Sullivan                   
Sleeper Sullivan            --   1881-1884                                           
Suter Sullivan              --   1898-1899                                           
Ted Sullivan                --   1884-1884                                           
Tom Sullivan         P      MA   1922-1922  Thomas Augustin Sullivan                 
Tom Sullivan         C      AK   1925-1925  Thomas Brandon Sullivan                  
Tom Sullivan                --   1884-1889                                           
Homer Summa          OF     MO   1920-1930  Homer Wayne Summa                        
Champ Summers        OF     WA   1974-1984  John Junior Summers                      
Ed Summers           P      IN   1908-1912  Oron Edgar Summers                       
Kid Summers                 --   1893-1893                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Carl Sumner          OF     MA   1928-1928  Carl Ringdahl Sumner                     
Art Sunday                  --   1890-1890                                           
Billy Sunday                --   1883-1890                                           
Jim Sundberg         C      IL   1974-1989  James Howard Sundberg                    
Gordie Sundin        P      MN   1956-1956  Gordon vincent Sundin                    
Steve Sundra         P      PA   1936-1946  Stephen Richard Sundra                   
Tom Sunkel           P      IL   1937-1944  Thomas Jacob Sunkel                      
Jeff Suppan          P      OK   1995-2012  Jeffrey Scot Suppan                      
B.J. Surhoff         LF-C   NY   1987-2005  William James Surhoff                    
Rick Surhoff         P      NY   1985-1985  Richard Clifford Surhoff                 
Eric Surkamp         P      OH   2011-2014  Eric M. Surkamp                          
Max Surkont          P      RI   1949-1957  Matthew Constantine Surkont              
Andrew Susac         C      CA   2014-2014  Andrew J. Susac                          
George Susce         C      PA   1929-1944  George Cyril Methodius Susce             
George Susce         P      PA   1955-1959  George Daniel Susce                      
Steve Susdorf        OF     CA   2013-2013  Stephen James Susdorf                    
Pete Susko           1B     OH   1934-1934  Peter Jonathan Susko                     
Butch Sutcliffe      C      MA   1938-1938  Charles Inigo Sutcliffe                  
Rick Sutcliffe       P      MO   1976-1994  Richard Lee Sutcliffe                    
Sy Sutcliffe                --   1884-1892                                           
Harry Suter          P      MO   1909-1909  Harry Richard Suter                      
Darrell Sutherland   P      CA   1964-1968  Darrell Wayne Sutherland                 
Dizzy Sutherland     P      DC   1949-1949  Howard Alvin Sutherland                  
Gary Sutherland      2B-SS  CA   1966-1978  Gary Lynn Sutherland                     
Leo Sutherland       OF     CU   1980-1981  Leonardo Sutherland Cantin               

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Suds Sutherland      P      OR   1921-1921  Harvey Scott Sutherland                  
Glenn Sutko          C      GA   1990-1991  Glenn Edward Sutko                       
Bruce Sutter         P      PA   1976-1988  Howard Bruce Sutter                      
Jack Sutthoff        P      OH   1903-1905  John Gerhard Sutthoff                    
Don Sutton           P      AL   1966-1988  Donald Howard Sutton                     
Drew Sutton          1B     TN   2009-2012  Stephen Drew Sutton                      
Ezra Sutton                 --   1871-1888                                           
John Sutton          P      TX   1977-1978  Johnny Ike Sutton                        
Larry Sutton         1B-RF  CA   1997-2004  Larry James Sutton                       
Ichiro Suzuki        RF     JP   2001-2014  Ichiro Suzuki                            
Kurt Suzuki          C      HI   2007-2014  Kurt Kiyoshi Suzuki                      
Mac Suzuki           P      JP   1996-2002  Makoto Suzuki                            
Dale Sveum           SS-3B  CA   1986-1999  Dale Curtis Sveum                        
Bill Swabach                --   1887-1887                                           
Harry Swacina        1B     MO   1907-1908  Harry Joseph Swacina                     
Bill Swaggerty       P      FL   1983-1986  William David Swaggerty                  
Cy Swaim                    --   1897-1898                                           
Andy Swan                   --   1884-1884                                           
Craig Swan           P      CA   1973-1984  Craig Steven Swan                        
Russ Swan            P      CA   1989-1994  Russell Howard Swan                      
Marty Swandell              --   1872-1873                                           
Pinky Swander        OF     OH   1903-1904  Edward O. Swander                        
Pedro Swann          LF-RF  DE   2000-2003  Pedro Maurice Swann                      
Bill Swanson         2B-3B  NY   1914-1914  William Andrew Swanson                   
Evar Swanson         OF     IL   1929-1934  Ernest Evar Swanson                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Karl Swanson         2B     IL   1928-1929  Karl Edward Swanson                      
Red Swanson          P      LA   1955-1957  Arthur Leonard Swanson                   
Stan Swanson         OF     CA   1971-1971  Stanley Lawrence Swanson                 
Ed Swartwood                --   1881-1892                                           
Bud Swartz           P      OK   1947-1947  Sherwin Merle Swartz                     
Monty Swartz         P      OH   1920-1920  Vernon Monroe Swartz                     
Dave Swartzbaugh     P      OH   1995-1997  David Theodore Swartzbaugh               
Park Swartzel               --   1889-1889                                           
Anthony Swarzak      P      FL   2009-2014  Anthony Ray Swarzak                      
Charlie Sweasy              --   1871-1878                                           
Bill Sweeney         1B     OH   1928-1931  William Joseph Sweeney                   
Bill Sweeney         2B-3B  KY   1907-1914  William John Sweeney                     
Bill Sweeney                --   1882-1884                                           
Brian Sweeney        P      NY   2003-2010  Brian Edward Sweeney                     
Buck Sweeney         OF     PA   1914-1914  Charles Francis Sweeney                  
Charlie Sweeney             --   1882-1887                                           
Dan Sweeney                 --   1895-1895                                           
Ed Sweeney           C      IL   1908-1919  Edward Francis Sweeney                   
Hank Sweeney         1B     TN   1944-1944  Harry Leon Sweeney                       
Jerry Sweeney               --   1884-1884                                           
Mark Sweeney         RF-1B  MA   1995-2008  Mark Patrick Sweeney                     
Mike Sweeney         1B-C   CA   1995-2010  Michael John Sweeney                     
Pete Sweeney                --   1888-1890                                           
Rooney Sweeney              --   1883-1885                                           
Ryan Sweeney         CF-OF  IA   2006-2014  Ryan Joseph Sweeney                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Rick Sweet           C      WA   1978-1983  Ricky Joe Sweet                          
Les Sweetland        P      MI   1927-1931  Lester Leo Sweetland                     
Ham Sweigert                --   1890-1890                                           
Augie Swentor        C      CT   1922-1922  August William Swentor                   
Steve Swetonic       P      PA   1929-1935  Stephen Albert Swetonic                  
Pop Swett                   --   1890-1890                                           
Bill Swift           P      NY   1932-1943  William Vincent Swift                    
Bill Swift           P      ME   1985-1998  William Charles Swift                    
Bob Swift            C      KS   1940-1953  Robert Virgil Swift                      
Oad Swigart          P      MO   1939-1940  Oadis Vaughn Swigart                     
Ad Swigler           P      PA   1917-1917  Adam William Swigler                     
Greg Swindell        P      TX   1986-2002  Forest Gregory Swindell                  
Josh Swindell        P      KS   1911-1911  Joshua Ernest Swindell                   
Charlie Swindells    C      IL   1904-1904  Charles Jay Swindells                    
R.J. Swindle         P      BC   2008-2009  Robert J. Swindle                        
Paul Swingle         P      CA   1993-1993  Paul Christopher Swingle                 
Nick Swisher         1B     OH   2004-2014  Nicholas Thompson Swisher                
Steve Swisher        C      WV   1974-1982  Steven Eugene Swisher                    
Jon Switzer          P      KY   2003-2009  Jon Michael Switzer                      
Ron Swoboda          OF     MD   1965-1973  Ronald Alan Swoboda                      
Len Swormstedt       P      OH   1906-1906  Leonard Jordan Swormstedt                
Bob Sykes            P      NJ   1977-1981  Robert Joseph Sykes                      
Lou Sylvester               --   1884-1887                                           
Matt Szczur          OF     NJ   2014-2014  Matthew Szczur                           
Joe Szekely          OF     OH   1953-1953  Joseph Szekely                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ken Szotkiewicz      SS     DE   1970-1970  Kenneth John Szotkiewicz                 
Jason Szuminski      P      CA   2004-2004  Jason Ernest Szuminski                   

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