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The list of players below are Major Leaguers who begin with the letter 'P' since 1903. Click on a player to see his TBC player card. Active players are in bold.

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Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Charlie Pabor               --   1871-1875                                           
Ed Pabst                    --   1890-1890                                           
John Pacella         P      NY   1977-1986  John Lewis Pacella                       
Alex Pacheco         P      VZ   1996-1996  Alexander Melchor Pacheco Lara           
Jordan Pacheco       1B     NM   2011-2014  Jordan Patrick Pacheco                   
Pat Pacillo          P      NJ   1987-1988  Patrick Michael Pacillo                  
Jim Paciorek         1B-3B  MI   1987-1987  James Joseph Paciorek                    
John Paciorek        OF     MI   1963-1963  John Francis Paciorek                    
Tom Paciorek         OF-1B  MI   1970-1987  Thomas Marian Paciorek                   
Frankie Pack         H      TN   1949-1949  Frank Pack                               
Gene Packard         P      CO   1912-1919  Eugene Milo Packard                      
Joe Pactwa           P      IN   1975-1975  Joseph Martin Pactwa                     
Dick Padden          2B     OH   1903-1905  Richard Joseph Padden                    
Tom Padden           C      NH   1932-1943  Thomas Francis Padden                    
Del Paddock          3B     SD   1912-1912  Delmar Harold Paddock                    
Don Padgett          C      NC   1937-1948  Don Wilson Padgett                       
Ernie Padgett        3B-2B  PA   1923-1927  Ernest Kitchen Padgett                   
Jorge Padilla        LF-RF  PR   2009-2009  Jorge Rafael Padilla                     
Juan Padilla         P      PR   2004-2005  Juan Miguel Padilla                      
Vicente Padilla      P      NI   1999-2012  Vicente Delacruz Padilla                 
Dennis Paepke        C-OF   CA   1969-1974  Dennis Ray Paepke                        
Andy Pafko           OF     WI   1943-1959  Andrew Pafko                             
Angel Pagan          CF     PR   2006-2014  Angel Pagan Figueroa                     
Dave Pagan           P      SK   1973-1977  David Percy Pagan                        
Jose Pagan           SS-3B  PR   1959-1973  Jose Antonio (Rodriguez) Pagan           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Page             P      PA   1944-1954  Joseph Francis Page                      
Mike Page            OF     SC   1968-1968  Michael Randy Page                       
Mitchell Page        OF     CA   1977-1984  Mitchell Otis Page                       
Phil Page            P      MA   1928-1934  Philippe Rausac Page                     
Sam Page             P      SC   1939-1939  Samuel Walter Page                       
Vance Page           P      NC   1938-1941  Vance Linwood Page                       
Karl Pagel           1B     WI   1978-1983  Karl Douglas Pagel                       
Jim Pagliaroni       C      MI   1955-1969  James Vincent Pagliaroni                 
Mike Pagliarulo      3B     MA   1984-1995  Michael Timothy Pagliarulo               
Matt Pagnozzi        C      AZ   2009-2014  Matthew Thomas Pagnozzi                  
Tom Pagnozzi         C      AZ   1987-1998  Thomas Alan Pagnozzi                     
Pat Paige            P      MI   1911-1911  George Lynn Paige                        
Satchel Paige        P      AL   1948-1965  Leroy Robert Paige                       
Phil Paine           P      RI   1951-1958  Phillips Steere Paine                    
Lance Painter        P      EN   1993-2003  Lance Telford Painter                    
Rey Palacios         C-3B   NY   1988-1990  Robert Rey Palacios                      
Vicente Palacios     P      MX   1987-2000  Vicente Palacios Diaz                    
Mike Palagyi         P      OH   1939-1939  Michael Raymond Palagyi                  
Erv Palica           P      CA   1947-1956  Ervin Martin Palica                      
Donn Pall            P      IL   1988-1998  Donn Steven Pall                         
Mike Palm            P      MA   1948-1948  Richard Paul Palm                        
Orlando Palmeiro     LF-RF  NJ   1995-2007  Orlando Palmeiro                         
Rafael Palmeiro      1B     CU   1986-2005  Rafael Corrales Palmeiro                 
 Palmer                     --   1885-1885                                           
David Palmer         P      NY   1978-1989  David William Palmer                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dean Palmer          3B     FL   1989-2003  Dean William Palmer                      
Eddie Palmer         3B     TX   1917-1917  Edwin Henry Palmer                       
Jim Palmer           P      NY   1965-1984  James Alvin Palmer                       
Lowell Palmer        P      CA   1969-1974  Lowell Raymond Palmer                    
Matt Palmer          P      TN   2008-2012  Jonathan Matt Palmer                     
Emilio Palmero       P      CU   1915-1928  Emilio Antonio Palmero                   
Joe Palmisano        C      GA   1931-1931  Joseph Palmisano                         
Ed Palmquist         P      CA   1960-1961  Edwin Lee Palmquist                      
Stan Palys           OF     PA   1953-1956  Stanley Francis Palys                    
Jose Paniagua        P      DR   1996-2003  Jose Luis Sanchez Paniagua               
Joe Panik            2B     NY   2014-2014  Joseph Matthew Panik                     
Jim Pankovits        2B-OF  VA   1984-1988  James Franklin Pankovits                 
Jim Panther          P      IA   1971-1973  James Edward Panther                     
John Papa            P      CT   1961-1962  John Paul Papa                           
Al Papai             P      IL   1948-1955  Alfred Thomas Papai                      
Ken Pape             SS-3B  TX   1976-1976  Kenneth Wayne Pape                       
Larry Pape           P      OH   1909-1912  Laurence Albert Pape                     
Jonathan Papelbon    P      LA   2005-2014  Jonathan Robert Papelbon                 
Stan Papi            3B-2B  CA   1974-1981  Stanley Gerard Papi                      
Frank Papish         P      CO   1945-1950  Frank Richard Papish                     
John Pappalau               --   1897-1897                                           
Erik Pappas          C      IL   1991-1994  Erik Daniel Pappas                       
Milt Pappas          P      MI   1957-1973  Milton Stephen Pappas Jr.                
Craig Paquette       3B-LF  CA   1993-2003  Craig Howard Paquette                    
Al Pardo             C      SP   1985-1989  Alberto Judas Pardo                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jimmy Paredes        RF     DR   2011-2014  Jimmy Santiago Paredes (Terrero)         
Johnny Paredes       2B     VZ   1988-1991  Johnny Alfonso (Isambert) Paredes        
Freddy Parent        SS     ME   1903-1911  Frederick Alfred Parent                  
Mark Parent          C      OR   1986-1998  Mark Alan Parent                         
Kelly Paris          3B-2B  CA   1982-1988  Kelly Jay Paris                          
Mike Parisi          P      NY   2008-2008  Michael Richard Parisi                   
Tony Parisse         C      PA   1943-1944  Louise Peter Parisse                     
Chan Ho Park         P      KR   1994-2010  Chan Ho Park                             
Jim Park             P      KY   1915-1917  James Park                               
Ace Parker           SS-2B  VA   1937-1938  Clarence McKay Parker                    
Billy Parker         2B-3B  AL   1971-1973  William David Parker                     
Blake Parker         P      AR   2012-2014  Richard Blake Parker                     
Christian Parker     P      NM   2001-2001  Christian Michael Parker                 
Clay Parker          P      LA   1987-1992  James Clayton Parker                     
Dave Parker          OF     MS   1973-1991  David Gene Parker                        
Dixie Parker         C      AL   1923-1923  Douglas Woolley Parker                   
Doc Parker                  --   1893-1901                                           
Harry Parker         P      IL   1970-1976  Harry William Parker                     
Jarrod Parker        P      IN   2011-2013  Jarrod B. Parker                         
Jay Parker                  --   1899-1899                                           
Kyle Parker          OF     OH   2014-2014  Kyle James Parker                        
Pat Parker           OF     MA   1915-1915  Clarence Perkins Parker                  
Rick Parker          LF-RF  MO   1990-1996  Richard Allen Parker                     
Roy Parker           P      MO   1919-1919  Roy William Parker                       
Salty Parker         SS-1B  IL   1936-1936  Francis James Parker                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Wes Parker           1B     IL   1964-1972  Maurice Wesley Parker                    
Frank Parkinson      2B-SS  PA   1921-1924  Frank Joseph Parkinson                   
Art Parks            OF     AR   1937-1939  Artie William Parks                      
Bill Parks                  --   1875-1876                                           
Derek Parks          C      CA   1992-1994  Derek Gavin Parks                        
Slicker Parks        P      MI   1921-1921  Vernon Henry Parks                       
Chris Parmelee       RF-1B  CA   2011-2014  Christopher Matthew Parmelee             
Roy Parmelee         P      MI   1929-1939  Le Roy Earl Parmelee                     
Bobby Parnell        P      NC   2008-2014  Robert Allen Parnell                     
Mel Parnell          P      LA   1947-1956  Melvin Lloyd Parnell                     
Rube Parnham         P      PA   1916-1917  James Arthur Parnham                     
Chad Paronto         P      NH   2001-2009  Chad Michael Paronto                     
Jim Parque           OF     CA   1998-2003  James Vo Parque                          
James Parr           P      NM   2008-2009  James R. Parr                            
Gerardo Parra        RF     VZ   2009-2014  Gerardo Enrique Parra                    
Jose Parra           P      DR   1995-2004  Jose Miguel Parra                        
Manny Parra          P      CA   2007-2014  Manuel Alex Parra                        
Jeff Parrett         P      IN   1986-1996  Jeffrey Dale Parrett                     
Sam Parrilla         OF     PR   1970-1970  Samuel Parrilla                          
Andy Parrino         SS     NY   2011-2014  Andrew B. Parrino                        
Steve Parris         P      IL   1995-2003  Steven Michael Parris                    
John Parrish         P      PA   2000-2010  John Henry Parrish                       
Lance Parrish        C      PA   1977-1995  Lance Michael Parrish                    
Larry Parrish        3B-OF  FL   1974-1988  Larry Alton Parrish                      
Jiggs Parrott               --   1892-1895                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mike Parrott         P      CA   1977-1981  Michael Everett Arch Parrott             
Tom Parrott                 --   1893-1896                                           
Jiggs Parson         P      SD   1910-1911  William Edwin Parson                     
Bill Parsons         P      CA   1971-1974  William Raymond Parsons                  
Casey Parsons        OF     WA   1981-1987  Casey Robert Parsons                     
Charlie Parsons      P      PA   1886-1890  Charles James Parsons                    
Dixie Parsons        C      AL   1939-1943  Edward Dixon Parsons                     
Tom Parsons          P      CT   1963-1965  Thomas Anthony Parsons                   
Curtis Partch        P      CA   2013-2014  Curtis Partch                            
Roy Partee           C      CA   1943-1948  Roy Robert Partee                        
Stan Partenheimer    P      MA   1944-1945  Stanwood Wendell Partenheimer            
Steve Partenheimer   3B     MA   1913-1913  Harold Philip Paretnheimer               
Jay Partridge        2B     GA   1927-1928  James Bugg Partridge                     
Ben Paschal          OF     AL   1915-1929  Benjamin Edwin Paschal                   
Bill Paschall        P      VA   1978-1981  William Herbert Paschall                 
Camilo Pascual       P      CU   1954-1971  Camilo Alberto Pascual Lus               
Carlos Pascual       P      CU   1950-1950  Carlos Alberto Pascual Lus               
Val Pascucci         RF     CA   2004-2011  Valentino Martin Pascucci                
Johnny Pasek         C      NY   1933-1934  John Paul Pasek                          
Larry Pashnick       P      MI   1982-1984  Larry John Pashnick                      
Dode Paskert         OF     OH   1907-1921  George Henry Paskert                     
Kevin Pasley         C      NY   1976-1978  Kevin Patrick Pasley                     
Dan Pasqua           RF-LF  NJ   1985-1994  Daniel Anthony Pasqua                    
Mike Pasquella       1B     CT   1919-1919  Michael John Pasquella                   
Claude Passeau       P      MS   1935-1947  Claude William Passeau                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Frank Pastore        P      CA   1979-1986  Frank Enrico Pastore                     
Jim Pastorius        P      PA   1906-1909  James W. Pastorius                       
Cliff Pastornicky    3B     WA   1983-1983  Clifford Scott Pastornicky               
Tyler Pastornicky    2B     FL   2012-2014  Tyler B. Pastornicky                     
Bob Pate             OF     CA   1980-1981  Robert Wayne Pate                        
Joe Pate             P      TX   1926-1927  Joseph William Pate                      
Freddie Patek        SS     TX   1968-1981  Frederick Joseph Patek                   
Joe Paterson         P      CA   2011-2014  Joseph Michael Patterson                 
Bob Patrick          OF     AR   1941-1942  Robert Lee Patrick                       
Bronswell Patrick    P      NC   1998-1999  Bronswell Dante Patrick                  
Harry Pattee         2B     MA   1908-1908  Harry Ernest Pattee                      
Casey Patten         P      NY   1903-1908  Case Lyman Patten                        
Bob Patterson        P      FL   1985-1998  Robert Chandler Patterson                
Clare Patterson      OF     KS   1909-1909  Lorenzo Claire Patterson                 
Corey Patterson      OF     GA   2000-2011  Donald Corey Patterson                   
Danny Patterson      P      CA   1996-2004  Daniel Shane Patterson                   
Daryl Patterson      P      CA   1968-1974  Daryl Alan Patterson                     
Dave Patterson       P      MO   1979-1979  David Glenn Patterson                    
Eric Patterson       OF     FL   2007-2011  Eric Scott Patterson                     
Gil Patterson        P      PA   1977-1977  Gilbert Thomas Patterson                 
Ham Patterson        1B-OF  IL   1909-1909  Hamilton Patterson                       
Hank Patterson       C      CA   1932-1932  Henry Joseph Colquit Patterson           
Jarrod Patterson     3B     AL   2001-2003  Jarrod Lane Patterson                    
Jeff Patterson       P      CA   1995-1995  Jeffrey Simmons Patterson                
John Patterson       2B     FL   1992-1995  John Allen Patterson                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
John Patterson       P      TX   2002-2007  John Hollis Patterson                    
Ken Patterson        P      CA   1988-1994  Kenneth Brian Patterson                  
Mike Patterson       OF     CA   1981-1982  Michael Lee Patterson                    
Pat Patterson        3B-SS  IL   1921-1921  William Jennings Bryan Patterson         
Red Patterson        P      TX   2014-2014  John William Patterson                   
Reggie Patterson     P      AL   1981-1985  Reginald Allen Patterson                 
Roy Patterson        P      WI   1903-1907  Roy Lewis Patterson                      
Scott Patterson      P      PA   2008-2008  Scott Robert Patterson                   
Tom Patterson        OF     NY   1871-1875  Thomas W.H. Patterson                    
Marty Pattin         P      IL   1968-1980  Martin William Pattin                    
George Pattison             --   1884-1884                                           
Jimmy Pattison       P      NY   1929-1929  James Wells Pattison                     
Bill Patton          C      PA   1935-1935  George William Patton                    
David Patton         P      WA   2009-2009  David C. Patton                          
Harry Patton         P      IL   1910-1910  Harry Claude Patton                      
Spencer Patton       P      IL   2014-2014  Spencer Burdette Patton                  
Tom Patton           C      PA   1957-1957  Thomas Allen Patton                      
Troy Patton          P      TX   2007-2014  Troy Jamieson Patton                     
Josh Paul            C      IL   1999-2007  Joshua William Paul                      
Lou Paul             C      --   1876-1876  Louis Paul                               
Mike Paul            P      MI   1968-1974  Michael George Paul                      
Xavier Paul          LF     LA   2009-2014  Xavier Brooks Paul                       
Carlos Paula         OF     CU   1954-1956  Carlos (Conill) Paula                    
Gene Paulette        1B-2B  IL   1911-1920  Eugene Edward Paulette                   
David Pauley         P      CO   2006-2012  David Wayne Pauley                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Felipe Paulino       P      DR   2007-2014  Felipe Albertin Paulino Del Guidice      
Ronny Paulino        C      DR   2005-2012  Ronny Leonel Paulino                     
Ben Paulsen          1B     WI   2014-2014  Benjamin Michael Paulsen                 
Gil Paulsen          P      IA   1925-1925  Guilford Paul Hans Paulsen               
Si Pauxtis           C      PA   1909-1909  Simon Francis Pauxtis                    
Carl Pavano          P      CT   1998-2012  Carl Anthony Pavano                      
Dave Pavlas          P      GE   1990-1996  David Lee Pavlas                         
Don Pavletich        C-1B   WI   1957-1971  Donald Stephen Pavletich                 
Roger Pavlik         P      TX   1992-1998  Roger Allen Pavlik                       
Ted Pawelek          C      IL   1946-1946  Theodore John Pawelek                    
Stan Pawloski        2B     PA   1955-1955  Stanley Walter Pawloski                  
John Pawlowski       P      NY   1987-1988  John Pawlowski                           
James Paxton         P      BC   2013-2014  James Alston Paxton                      
Mike Paxton          P      TN   1977-1980  Michael De Wayne Paxton                  
Fred Payne           C      NY   1906-1911  Frederick Thomas Payne                   
George Payne         P      KY   1920-1920  George Washington Payne                  
Harley Payne                --   1896-1899                                           
Mike Payne           P      RI   1984-1984  Michael Earl Payne                       
George Paynter              --   1894-1894                                           
Jay Payton           CF-LF  OH   1998-2010  Jason Lee Payton                         
Mike Pazik           P      MA   1975-1977  Michael Joseph Pazik                     
Brad Peacock         P      FL   2011-2014  Bradley Peacock                          
Johnny Peacock       C      NC   1937-1945  John Gaston Peacock                      
Elias Peak                  --   1884-1884                                           
Dickey Pearce               --   1871-1877                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ducky Pearce         C      OH   1908-1909  William C. Pearce                        
Frank Pearce         P      KY   1933-1935  Franklin Thomas Pearce                   
Frank Pearce                --   1876-1876                                           
Harry Pearce         2B-SS  PA   1917-1919  Harry James Pearce                       
Jim Pearce           P      NC   1949-1955  James Madison Pearce                     
Josh Pearce          P      WA   2002-2004  Joshua Ray Pearce                        
Steve Pearce         DH-LF  FL   2007-2014  Steven Wayne Pearce                      
Frank Pears                 --   1889-1893                                           
Albie Pearson        OF     CA   1958-1966  Albert Gregory Pearson                   
Alex Pearson         P      PA   1903-1903  Alexander Franklin Pearson               
Ike Pearson          P      MS   1939-1948  Isaac Overton Pearson                    
Jason Pearson        P      IL   2002-2003  Jason John Pearson                       
Monte Pearson        P      CA   1932-1941  Montgomery Marcellus Pearson             
Terry Pearson        P      AL   2002-2002  Terry Bobby Gene Pearson                 
Marv Peasley         P      ME   1910-1910  Marvin Warren Peasley                    
Jake Peavy           P      AL   2002-2014  Jacob Edward Peavy                       
George Pechiney             --   1885-1887                                           
Charlie Pechous      3B     IL   1916-1917  Charles Edward Pechous                   
Hal Peck             OF     WI   1943-1949  Harold Arthur Peck                       
Roger Peckinpaugh    SS     OH   1910-1927  Roger Thorpe Peckinpaugh                 
Bill Pecota          3B-SS  CA   1986-1994  William Joseph Pecota                    
Les Peden            C      TX   1953-1953  Leslie Earl Peden                        
Joc Pederson         OF     CA   2014-2014  Joc R. Pederson                          
Stu Pederson         OF     CA   1985-1985  Stuart Russell Pederson                  
Jorge Pedre          C      CA   1991-1992  Jorge Enrique Pedre                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Al Pedrique          SS     VZ   1987-1989  Alfredo Jose Pedrique Garcia             
Chick Pedroes               --   1902-1902                                           
Dustin Pedroia       2B     CA   2006-2014  Dustin Luis Pedroia                      
Steve Peek           P      MA   1941-1941  Stephen George Peek                      
Homer Peel           OF     TX   1927-1934  Homer Hefner Peel                        
Jack Peerson         SS     GA   1935-1936  Jack Chiles Peerson                      
Red Peery            P      UT   1927-1929  George Allan Peery                       
Charlie Peete        OF     VA   1956-1956  Charles Peete                            
Carlos Peguero       OF     DR   2011-2014  Carlos Angel Peguero                     
Francisco Peguero    OF     DR   2012-2013  Francisco Peguero                        
Jailen Peguero       P      DR   2007-2008  Jailen Alphonso (Lorenzo) Peguero        
Julio Peguero        CF-RF  DR   1992-1992  Julio Cesar Peguero                      
Steve Pegues         LF-RF  MS   1994-1995  Steven Antone Pegues                     
Heinie Peitz         C      MO   1903-1913  William Troy Herriage                    
Joe Peitz                   --   1894-1894                                           
Alex Pelaez          3B-2B  CA   2002-2002  Alejandro Pelaez                         
Mike Pelfrey         P      KS   2006-2014  Michael Alan Pelfrey                     
Eddie Pellagrini     SS-2B  MA   1946-1954  Edward Charles Pellagrini                
Kit Pellow           RF-3B  MO   2002-2004  Kit Donovan Pellow                       
Louis Pelouze               --   1886-1886                                           
Dan Peltier          RF-1B  NY   1992-1996  Daniel Edward Peltier                    
Barney Pelty         P      MO   1903-1912  Barney Pelty                             
John Peltz                  --   1884-1890                                           
David Pember         P      OH   2002-2002  David Joseph Pember                      
Brock Pemberton      1B     OK   1974-1975  Brock Pemberton                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Rudy Pemberton       RF     DR   1995-1997  Rudy Hector Pemberton Perez              
Alejandro Pena       P      DR   1981-1996  Alejandro Pena Vasquez                   
Angel Pena           C      DR   1998-2001  Angel Maria Pena                         
Bert Pena            SS     PR   1981-1987  Adalberto Pena Rivera                    
Brayan Pena          C      CU   2005-2014  Brayan Eduardo Pena                      
Carlos Pena          1B-DH  DR   2001-2014  Carlos Felipe Pena                       
Elvis Pena           2B-SS  DR   2000-2001  Elvis Mendez Pena                        
Francisco Pena       C      DR   2014-2014  Francisco Antonio Pena                   
Geronimo Pena        3B-2B  DR   1990-1996  Geronimo Pena Martinez                   
Hipolito Pena        P      DR   1986-1988  Hipolito Pena Concepcion                 
Jesus Pena           P      DR   1999-2000  Jesus Pena                               
Jim Pena             P      CA   1992-1992  James Patrick Pena                       
Jose Pena            P      MX   1969-1972  Jose Pena Gutierrez                      
Juan Pena            P      DR   1999-1999  Juan Francisco Pena                      
Orlando Pena         P      CU   1958-1975  Orlando Gregorio Pena Quevara            
Ramiro Pena          3B     MX   2009-2014  Ramiro Guana Pena                        
Ramon Pena           P      DR   1989-1989  Ramon Arturo Pena Padilla                
Roberto Pena         SS     DR   1965-1971  Roberto Cesar Pena                       
Tony Pena            P      DR   2006-2011  Ramon Antonio Pena                       
Tony Pena            C      DR   1980-1997  Antonio Francisco Pena                   
Tony Pena            P      DR   2006-2009  Tony Francisco Pena Jr                   
Wily Mo Pena         DH-LF  DR   2002-2011  Wily Modesto Pena                        
Hunter Pence         RF     TX   2007-2014  Hunter Andrew Pence                      
Rusty Pence          P      IL   1921-1921  Russell William Pence                    
Jim Pendleton        OF     MO   1953-1962  James Edward Pendleton                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Lance Pendleton      P      TX   2011-2011  Lance Michael Pendleton                  
Terry Pendleton      3B     CA   1984-1998  Terry Lee Pendleton                      
Hayden Penn          P      CA   2005-2010  Hayden Andrew Penn                       
Shannon Penn         2B-LF  OH   1995-1996  Shannon Dion Penn                        
Ken Penner           P      IN   1916-1929  Kenneth William Penner                   
Brad Pennington      P      IN   1993-1998  Brad Lee Pennington                      
Cliff Pennington     SS-2B  TX   2008-2014  Clifton Randoulph Pennington             
Kewpie Pennington    P      NY   1917-1917  George Louis Pennington                  
Herb Pennock         P      PA   1912-1934  Herbert Jefferis Pennock                 
Brad Penny           P      OK   2000-2014  Bradley Wayne Penny                      
Will Pennyfeather    CF-RF  NJ   1992-1994  William Nathaniel Pennyfeather           
Paul Penson          P      KS   1954-1954  Paul Eugene Penson                       
Gene Pentz           P      PA   1975-1978  Eugene David Pentz                       
Jimmy Peoples               --   1884-1889                                           
Joe Pepitone         1B-OF  NY   1962-1973  Joseph Anthony Pepitone                  
Henry Peploski       3B     PO   1929-1929  Henry Stephen Peploski                   
Pepper Peploski      3B     NY   1913-1913  Joseph Aloysius Peploski                 
Bob Pepper           P      PA   1915-1915  Robert Ernest Pepper                     
Don Pepper           1B     NY   1966-1966  Donald Hoyte Pepper                      
Laurin Pepper        P      MS   1954-1957  Hugh McLaurin Pepper                     
Ray Pepper           OF     AL   1932-1936  Raymond Watson Pepper                    
Harrison Peppers            --   1894-1894                                           
David Peralta        OF     VZ   2014-2014  Senger David Peralta (Guerrero)          
Jhonny Peralta       SS     DR   2003-2014  Jhonny Antonio Peralta                   
Joel Peralta         P      DR   2005-2014  Joel Peralta                             

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Wily Peralta         P      DR   2012-2014  Wily Peralta                             
Luis Peraza          P      PR   1969-1969  Luis Peraza Rios                         
Oswaldo Peraza       P      VZ   1988-1988  Oswald Jose Peraza                       
Troy Percival        P      CA   1995-2009  Troy Eugene Percival                     
Jack Perconte        2B     IL   1980-1986  John Patrick Perconte                    
Luis Perdomo         P      DR   2009-2012  Luis M. Perdomo                          
Hub Perdue           P      TN   1911-1915  Herbert Rodney Perdue                    
Antonio Perez        SS-3B  DR   2003-2006  Antonio Miguel Perez                     
Audry Perez          C      DR   2013-2014  Audris Joel Perez                        
Beltran Perez        P      DR   2006-2006  Beltran Ojilbio Perez                    
Carlos Perez         P      DR   1995-2000  Carlos Gross Perez                       
Chris Perez          P      FL   2008-2014  Christopher Ralph Perez                  
Danny Perez          LF-CF  TX   1996-1996  Daniel Perez                             
Eddie Perez          C      VZ   1995-2005  Eduardo Rafael Perez                     
Eduardo Perez        1B-3B  OH   1993-2006  Eduardo Antanacio Perez                  
Eury Perez           OF     DR   2012-2014  Eury Eduardo Perez                       
Fernando Perez       CF-RF  NJ   2008-2009  Fernando Perez                           
George Perez         P      CA   1958-1958  George Thomas Perez                      
Hernan Perez         2B     VZ   2012-2014  Hernan Alejandro Perez                   
Juan Perez           OF     NY   2013-2014  Juan Carlos Perez                        
Juan Perez           P      DR   2006-2013  Juan Pablo Perez                         
Luis Perez           P      DR   2011-2013  Lusi Manuel Perez (Gonzalez)             
Martin Perez         P      VZ   2012-2014  Martin Perez (Jimenez)                   
Marty Perez          SS-2B  CA   1969-1978  Martin Roman Perez Jr.                   
Melido Perez         P      DR   1987-1995  Melido Turpen Gross Perez                

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Miguel Perez         C      VZ   2005-2005  Miguel Antonio Perez                     
Mike Perez           P      PR   1990-1997  Michael Irvin Perez Ortega               
Neifi Perez          SS     DR   1996-2007  Neifi Neftali Diaz Perez                 
Odalis Perez         P      DR   1998-2008  Odalis Amadol Perez                      
Oliver Perez         P      MX   2002-2014  Oliver Perez                             
Pascual Perez        P      DR   1980-1991  Pascual Gross Perez                      
Rafael Perez         P      DR   2006-2012  Rafael Jerome Perez                      
Robert Perez         LF-RF  VZ   1994-2001  Robert Alexander Jimenez Perez           
Roberto Perez        C      PR   2014-2014  Roberto Perez                            
Salvador Perez       C      VZ   2011-2014  Salvador Johan Perez Diaz                
Santiago Perez       SS-CF  DR   2000-2001  Santiago Alberto Perez                   
Timo Perez           LF     DR   2000-2007  Timoniel Perez                           
Tomas Perez          2B-SS  VZ   1995-2008  Tomas Orlando Perez                      
Tony Perez           1B-3B  CU   1964-1986  Atanasio Perez Rigal                     
Yorkis Perez         P      DR   1991-2002  Yorkis Miguel Perez                      
Tony Perezchica      SS-2B  MX   1988-1992  Antonio Llamas Perezchica Gonzales       
Matt Perisho         P      IA   1997-2005  Matthew Alan Perisho                     
Broderick Perkins    1B     CA   1978-1984  Broderick Phillip Perkins                
Cecil Perkins        P      MD   1967-1967  Cecil Boyce Perkins                      
Charlie Perkins      P      AL   1930-1934  Charles Sullivan Perkins                 
Cy Perkins           C      MA   1915-1934  Ralph Foster Perkins                     
Dan Perkins          P      FL   1999-1999  Daniel Lee Perkins                       
Glen Perkins         P      MN   2006-2014  Glen Weston Perkins                      
John Perkovich       P      IL   1950-1950  John Joseph Perkovich                    
Harry Perkowski      P      VA   1947-1955  Harry Walter Perkowski                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jon Perlman          P      TX   1985-1988  Jonathan Samuel Perlman                  
Sam Perlozzo         2B     MD   1977-1979  Samuel Benedict Perlozzo                 
Len Perme            P      OH   1942-1946  Leonard John Perme                       
Hub Pernoll          P      OR   1910-1912  Henry Hubbard Pernoll                    
Ron Perranoski       P      NJ   1961-1973  Ronald Peter Perranoski                  
Bill Perrin          P      LA   1934-1934  William Joseph Perrin                    
John Perrin          OF     MI   1921-1921  John Stephenson Perrin                   
Nig Perrine          2B-SS  WI   1907-1907  John Grover Perrine                      
George Perring       3B-SS  WI   1908-1910  George Wilson Perring                    
Pol Perritt          P      LA   1912-1921  William Dayton Perritt                   
Bob Perry            OF     NC   1963-1964  Melvin Gray Perry                        
Boyd Perry           SS-2B  NC   1941-1941  Boyd Glenn Perry                         
Chan Perry           RF-1B  FL   2000-2002  Chan Everett Perry                       
Clay Perry           3B     WI   1908-1908  Clayton Shields Perry                    
Gaylord Perry        P      NC   1962-1983  Gaylord Jackson Perry                    
Gerald Perry         1B     GA   1983-1995  Gerald June Perry                        
Hank Perry           OF     MI   1912-1912  William Henry Perry                      
Herbert Perry        3B-1B  FL   1994-2004  Herbert Edward Perry Jr.                 
Jason Perry          1B-OF  GA   2008-2008  Jason Kyle Perry                         
Jim Perry            P      NC   1959-1975  James Evan Perry Jr.                     
Pat Perry            P      IL   1985-1990  William Patrick Perry                    
Ryan Perry           P      CA   2009-2012  Ryan Keith Perry                         
Scott Perry          P      TX   1915-1921  Herbert Scott Perry                      
Parson Perryman      P      GA   1915-1915  Emmett Key Perryman                      
Robert Person        P      MO   1995-2003  Robert Alan Person                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bill Pertica         P      CA   1918-1923  William Andrew Pertica                   
Stan Perzanowski     P      IN   1971-1978  Stanley Perzanowski                      
Johnny Pesky         SS-3B  OR   1942-1954  John Michael Pesky                       
Vinnie Pestano       P      CA   2010-2014  Vincent William Pestano                  
Roberto Petagine     1B     VZ   1994-2006  Roberto Antonio Petagine                 
Jeff Peterek         P      IN   1989-1989  Jeffrey Allen Peterek                    
Bill Peterman        C      PA   1942-1942  William David Peterman                   
Chris Peters         P      PA   1996-2001  Christopher Michael Peters               
Gary Peters          P      PA   1959-1972  Gary Charles Peters                      
John Peters                 --   1874-1884                                           
John Peters          C      KS   1915-1922  John William Peters                      
Ray Peters           P      NY   1970-1970  Raymond James Peters                     
Rick Peters          OF     CA   1979-1986  Richard Devin Peters                     
Rube Peters          P      IL   1912-1912  Oscar Casper Peters                      
Rusty Peters         2B-SS  VA   1936-1947  Russell Dixon Peters                     
Steve Peters         P      OK   1987-1988  Steven Bradley Peters                    
Bryan Petersen       OF     CA   2010-2012  Bryan E. Petersen                        
Chris Petersen       2B     MA   1999-1999  Christopher Ronald Peterson              
Adam Peterson        P      CA   1987-1991  Adam Charles Peterson                    
Adam Peterson        P      GA   2004-2004  Adam L. Peterson                         
Bob Peterson         C      PA   1906-1907  Robert A. Peterson                       
Brock Peterson       1B     WA   2013-2013  Brock Alan Peterson                      
Buddy Peterson       SS     OR   1955-1957  Carl Francis Peterson                    
Cap Peterson         OF     WA   1962-1969  Charles Andrew Peterson                  
Fritz Peterson       P      IL   1966-1976  Fritz Fred Peterson                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Hardy Peterson       C      NJ   1955-1959  Harding William Peterson                 
Jace Peterson        SS     LA   2014-2014  Jace Ryan Peterson                       
Jim Peterson         P      PA   1931-1937  James Niels Peterson                     
Kent Peterson        P      UT   1944-1953  Kent Franklin Peterson                   
Kyle Peterson        P      NE   1999-2001  Kyle J. Peterson                         
Shane Peterson       OF     CA   2013-2013  Shane Aaron Peterson                     
Sid Peterson         P      ND   1943-1943  Sidney Herbert Peterson                  
Gregorio Petit       SS-3B  VZ   2008-2014  Gregorio Jesus Petit                     
Yusmeiro Petit       P      VZ   2006-2014  Yusmeiro Alberto Petit                   
Mark Petkovsek       P      TX   1991-2001  Mark Joseph Petkovsek                    
Ted Petoskey         OF     MI   1934-1935  Frederick Lee Petoskey                   
Geno Petralli        C      CA   1982-1993  Eugene James Petralli                    
Ben Petrick          C-LF   OR   1999-2003  Benjamin Wayne Petrick                   
Billy Petrick        P      IL   2007-2007  William John Petrick                     
Jake Petricka        P      MN   2013-2014  Jacob Steven Petricka                    
Rico Petrocelli      SS-3B  NY   1963-1976  Americo Peter Petrocelli                 
Dan Petry            P      CA   1979-1991  Daniel Joseph Petry                      
Pat Pettee                  --   1891-1891                                           
Jay Pettibone        P      MI   1983-1983  Harry Jonathan Pettibone                 
Jonathan Pettibone   P      CA   2013-2014  Jonathan H. Pettibone                    
Joe Pettini          SS-3B  WV   1980-1983  Joseph Paul Pettini                      
Gary Pettis          CF-OF  CA   1982-1992  Gary George Pettis                       
Bob Pettit                  --   1887-1891                                           
Chris Pettit         OF     CA   2009-2011  Christopher Michael Petti                
Leon Pettit          P      PA   1935-1937  Leon Arthur Pettit                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Paul Pettit          P      CA   1951-1953  George William Paul Pettit               
Andy Pettitte        P      LA   1995-2013  Andrew Eugene Pettitte                   
Charlie Petty               --   1889-1894                                           
Jesse Petty          P      OK   1921-1930  Jesse Lee Petty                          
Adam Pettyjohn       P      AZ   2001-2008  Adam Christopher Pettyjohn               
Marty Pevey          C      GA   1989-1989  Marty Ashley Pevey                       
Larry Pezold         3B     LA   1914-1914  Lorenz Johannes Pezold                   
Pretzel Pezzullo     P      CT   1935-1936  John Pezzullo                            
Bill Pfann                  --   1894-1894                                           
Big Jeff Pfeffer     P      IL   1905-1911  Francis Xavier Pfeffer                   
Fred Pfeffer                --   1882-1897                                           
Jeff Pfeffer         P      IL   1911-1924  Edward Joseph Pfeffer                    
Monte Pfeffer        SS     NY   1913-1913  Monte Peffer                             
Bobby Pfeil          3B     NJ   1969-1971  Robert Raymond Pfeil                     
Jack Pfiester        P      OH   1903-1911  John Albert Pfiester                     
Dan Pfister          P      NJ   1961-1964  Daniel Albin Pfister                     
George Pfister       C      NJ   1941-1941  George Edward Pfister                    
Lee Pfund            P      IL   1945-1945  Le Roy Herbert Pfund                     
Monte Pfyl           1B     MO   1907-1907  Meinhard Charles Pfyl                    
Tommy Pham           OF     NV   2014-2014  Thomas James Pham                        
Bill Phebus          P      KS   1936-1938  Raymond William Phebus                   
Josh Phegley         C      IN   2013-2014  Joshua Aaron Phegley                     
Art Phelan           3B-2B  IL   1910-1915  Arthur Thomas Phelan                     
Dan Phelan           1B     CT   1890-1890  Daniel Phelan                            
Dick Phelan          2B     PA   1884-1885  James Dickson Phelan                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Babe Phelps          C      MD   1931-1942  Ernest Gordon Phelps                     
Cord Phelps          2B     CA   2011-2014  Robert Cord Phelps                       
David Phelps         P      MO   2012-2014  David Edward Phelps                      
Ed Phelps            C      NY   1903-1913  Edward Jaykill Phelps                    
Josh Phelps          1B-C   AK   2000-2008  Joshua Lee Phelps                        
Ken Phelps           1B     WA   1980-1990  Kenneth Allen Phelps                     
Nealy Phelps                --   1871-1876                                           
Ray Phelps           P      TN   1930-1936  Raymond Clifford Phelps                  
Tommy Phelps         P      KR   2003-2005  Thomas Allen Phelps                      
Travis Phelps        P      MO   2001-2004  Travis Howard Phelps                     
Dave Philley         OF     TX   1941-1962  David Earl Philley                       
Deacon Phillippe     P      VA   1903-1911  Charles Louis Phillippe                  
Adolfo Phillips      OF     PN   1964-1972  Adolfo Emilio Phillips Lopez             
Andy Phillips        3B     AL   2004-2008  George Andrew Phillips                   
Bill Phillips        1B     NB   1879-1888  William B. Phillips                      
Bill Phillips        P      PA   1903-1903  William Corcoran Phillips                
Brandon Phillips     2B     NC   2002-2014  Brandon Emil Phillips                    
Bubba Phillips       3B-OF  MS   1955-1964  John Melvin Phillips                     
Buz Phillips         P      NC   1930-1930  Albert Abernathy Phillips                
Damon Phillips       3B-SS  TX   1942-1946  Damon Roswell Phillips                   
Dick Phillips        1B     WI   1962-1966  Richard Eugene Phillips                  
Ed Phillips          P      OK   1970-1970  Norman Edwin Phillips                    
Eddie Phillips       H      MO   1953-1953  Howard Edward Phillips                   
Eddie Phillips       C      MA   1924-1935  Edward David Phillips                    
Heath Phillips       P      IN   2007-2007  Heath Michael Phillips                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
J.R. Phillips        1B     CA   1993-1999  Charles Gene Phillips                    
Jack Phillips        1B     NY   1947-1957  Jack Dorn Phillips                       
Jack Phillips        P      MO   1945-1945  John Stephen Phillips                    
Jason Phillips       P      PA   1999-2003  Jason Charles Phillips                   
Jason Phillips       C-1B   CA   2001-2007  Jason Lloyd Phillips                     
Kyle Phillips        C      CA   2009-2011  Kyle Ray Phillips                        
Marr Phillips        SS     PA   1884-1890  Marr B. Phillips                         
Mike Phillips        SS-2B  TX   1973-1983  Michael Dwaine Phillips                  
Paul Phillips        C      AL   2004-2010  Paul Anthony Phillips                    
Red Phillips         P      OK   1934-1936  Clarence Lemuel Phillips                 
Taylor Phillips      P      GA   1956-1963  William Taylor Phillips                  
Tom Phillips         P      PA   1915-1922  Thomas Gerald Phillips                   
Tony Phillips        2B-LF  GA   1982-1999  Keith Anthony Phillips                   
Zach Phillips        P      CA   2011-2013  Zachary David Phillips                   
Denis Phipps         OF     DR   2012-2012  Denis Phipps                             
Tom Phoebus          P      MD   1966-1972  Thomas Harold Phoebus                    
Steve Phoenix        P      AZ   1994-1995  Steven Robert Phoenix                    
Bill Phyle           P      MN   1906-1906  William Joseph Phyle                     
Adam Piatt           LF-RF  IL   2000-2003  Adam David Piatt                         
Doug Piatt           P      PA   1991-1991  Douglas William Piatt                    
Wiley Piatt          P      OH   1903-1903  Wiley Harold Piatt                       
Mike Piazza          C      PA   1992-2007  Michael Joseph Piazza                    
Rob Picciolo         SS-2B  CA   1977-1985  Robert Michael Picciolo                  
Nick Picciuto        3B     NJ   1945-1945  Nicholas Thomas Picciuto                 
Hipolito Pichardo    P      DR   1992-2002  Hipolito Antonio Pichardo                

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ron Piche            P      QC   1960-1966  Ronald Jacques Piche                     
Val Picinich         C      NY   1916-1933  Valentine John Picinich                  
Charlie Pick         2B-3B  VA   1914-1920  Charles Thomas Pick                      
Eddie Pick           3B     MA   1923-1927  Edgar Everett Pick                       
Calvin Pickering     1B     VG   1998-2005  Calvin Elroy Pickering                   
Ollie Pickering      OF     IL   1903-1908  Oliver Daniel Pickering                  
Urbane Pickering     3B     KS   1931-1932  Urbane Henry Pickering                   
Charlie Pickett      P      OH   1910-1910  Charles Albert Pickett                   
Dave Pickett                --   1898-1898                                           
John Pickett                --   1889-1892                                           
Ricky Pickett        P      TX   1998-1998  Cecil Lee Pickett                        
Kevin Pickford       P      CA   2002-2002  Kevin Patrick Pickford                   
Clarence Pickrel     P      VA   1933-1934  Clarence Douglas Pickrel                 
Ty Pickup            OF     PA   1918-1918  Clarence William Pickup                  
Jeff Pico            P      CA   1988-1990  Jeffrey Mark Pico                        
Mario Picone         P      NY   1947-1954  Mario Peter Picone                       
Felix Pie            OF     DR   2007-2013  Felix Pie                                
Al Piechota          P      IL   1940-1941  Aloysius Edward Piechota                 
Jorge Piedra         CF-LF  CA   2004-2006  Jorge Moises Piedra                      
Cy Pieh              P      IL   1913-1915  Edwin John Pieh                          
Billy Pierce         P      MI   1945-1964  Walter William Pierce                    
Ed Pierce            P      CA   1992-1992  Edward John Pierce                       
George Pierce        P      IL   1912-1917  George Thomas Pearce                     
Gracie Pierce               --   1882-1884                                           
Jack Pierce          1B     MS   1973-1975  Lavern Jack Pierce                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jeff Pierce          P      NY   1995-1995  Jeffrey Charles Pierce                   
Maury Pierce                --   1884-1884                                           
Ray Pierce           P      KS   1924-1926  Raymond Lester Pierce                    
Tony Pierce          P      GA   1967-1968  Tony Michael Pierce                      
Andy Piercy                 --   1881-1881                                           
Bill Piercy          P      CA   1917-1926  William Benton Piercy                    
Marino Pieretti      P      IT   1945-1950  Marino Paul Pieretti                     
Al Pierotti          P      MA   1920-1921  Albert Felix Pierotti                    
Juan Pierre          LF     AL   2000-2013  Juan D'Vaughn Pierre                     
Bill Pierro          P      NY   1950-1950  William Leonard Pierro                   
Jim Piersall         OF     CT   1950-1967  James Anthony Piersall                   
Chris Piersoll       P      CA   2001-2001  Christopher Earl Piersoll                
Dave Pierson                --   1876-1876                                           
Dick Pierson                --   1885-1885                                           
William Pierson      P      NJ   1918-1924  William Morris Pierson                   
A.J. Pierzynski      C      NY   1998-2014  Anthony John Pierzynski                  
Tony Piet            2B-3B  PA   1931-1938  Anthony Francis Piet                     
Sandy Piez           OF     NY   1914-1914  Charles William Piez                     
Joe Pignatano        C      NY   1957-1962  Joseph Benjamin Pignatano                
Carmen Pignatiello   P      IN   2007-2008  Carmen Peter Pignatiello                 
Jay Pike                    --   1877-1877                                           
Jess Pike            OF     OK   1946-1946  Jess Willard Pike                        
Lip Pike                    --   1871-1887                                           
George Piktuzis      P      IL   1956-1956  George Richard Piktuzis                  
Al Pilarcik          OF     IN   1956-1961  Alfred James Pilarcik                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Brett Pill           1B     CA   2011-2013  Brett Michael Pill                       
Kevin Pillar         OF     CA   2013-2014  Kevin Pillar                             
Duane Pillette       P      MI   1949-1956  Duane Xavier Pillette                    
Herman Pillette      P      OR   1917-1924  Herman Polycarp Pillette                 
Squiz Pillion        P      CT   1915-1915  Cecil Randolph Pillion                   
Andy Pilney          H      KS   1936-1936  Antone James Pilney                      
Stolmy Pimentel      P      DR   2013-2014  Stolmy R. Pimentel                       
Horacio Pina         P      MX   1968-1978  Horacio Pina Garcia                      
Manuel Pina          C      VZ   2011-2012  Manuel Elias Pina (Reyes)                
Luis Pineda          P      DR   2001-2002  Luis A. Pineda                           
Michael Pineda       P      DR   2011-2014  Michael Pineda                           
Joel Pineiro         P      PR   2000-2011  Joel Alberto Pineiro                     
Babe Pinelli         3B     CA   1918-1927  Ralph Arthur Pinelli                     
Lou Piniella         OF     FL   1964-1984  Louis Victor Piniella                    
Ed Pinkham                  --   1871-1871                                           
George Pinkney              --   1884-1893                                           
Ed Pinnance          P      ON   1903-1903  Edward D. Pinnance                       
Yohan Pino           P      VZ   2014-2014  Yohan Jose Pino (Alana)                  
Vada Pinson          OF     TN   1958-1975  Vada Edward Pinson Jr.                   
Josmil Pinto         C      VZ   2013-2014  Josmil Oswaldo Pinto                     
Lerton Pinto         P      OH   1922-1924  William Lerton Pinto                     
Renyel Pinto         P      VZ   2006-2010  Renyel Eligio Pinto                      
Ed Pipgras           P      IA   1932-1932  Edward John Pipgras                      
George Pipgras       P      IA   1923-1935  George William Pipgras                   
Wally Pipp           1B     IL   1913-1928  Walter Clement Pipp                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Cotton Pippen        P      TX   1936-1940  Henry Harold Pippen                      
Jose Pirela          2B     VZ   2014-2014  Jose Manuel Pirela                       
Jim Pirie                   --   1883-1883                                           
Greg Pirkl           1B     CA   1993-1996  Gregory Daniel Pirkl                     
Gerry Pirtle         P      OK   1978-1978  Gerald Eugene Pirtle                     
Marc Pisciotta       P      NJ   1997-1999  Marc George Pisciotta                    
Jim Pisoni           OF     MO   1953-1960  James Pete Pisoni                        
Alex Pitko           OF     NJ   1938-1939  Alexander Pitko                          
Jake Pitler          2B     NY   1917-1918  Jacob Albert Pitler                      
Skip Pitlock         P      IL   1970-1975  Lee Patrick Thomas Pitlock               
Chris Pittaro        3B-2B  NJ   1985-1987  Christopher Francis Pittaro              
Pinky Pittinger      SS-3B  MI   1921-1929  Clarke Alonzo Pittinger                  
Togie Pittinger      P      PA   1903-1907  Charles Reno Pittinger                   
Joe Pittman          2B-SS  TX   1981-1984  Joseph Wayne Pittman                     
Gaylen Pitts         3B-2B  KS   1974-1975  Gaylen Richard Pitts                     
Jim Pittsley         P      PA   1995-1999  James Michael Pittsley                   
Stan Pitula          P      NJ   1957-1957  Stanley Pitula                           
Herman Pitz          C      NY   1890-1890  Herman Pitz                              
Juan Pizarro         P      PR   1957-1974  Juan Ramon Pizarro Cordova               
Gordie Pladson       P      BC   1979-1982  Gordon Cecil Pladson                     
Emil Planeta         P      CT   1931-1931  Emil Joseph Planeta                      
Ed Plank             P      IL   1978-1979  Edward Arthur Plank                      
Eddie Plank          P      PA   1903-1917  Edward Stewart Plank                     
Erik Plantenberg     P      WA   1993-1997  Erik John Plantenberg                    
Phil Plantier        LF-RF  NH   1990-1997  Phillip Alan Plantier                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Don Plarski          OF     IL   1955-1955  Donald Joseph Plarski                    
Elmo Plaskett        C      VG   1962-1963  Elmo Alexander Plaskett                  
Whitey Platt         OF     FL   1942-1949  Mizell George Platt                      
Al Platte            OF     MI   1913-1913  Alfred Frederick Joseph Platte           
Bill Pleis           P      MO   1961-1966  William Pleis III                        
Dan Plesac           P      IN   1986-2003  Daniel Thomas Plesac                     
Rance Pless          1B-3B  TN   1956-1956  Rance Pless                              
Herb Plews           2B-3B  MT   1956-1959  Herbert Eugene Plews                     
Norman Plitt         P      PA   1918-1927  Norman William Plitt                     
Walter Plock                --   1891-1891                                           
Tim Plodinec         P      PA   1972-1972  Timothy Alfred Plodinec                  
Trevor Plouffe       3B     CA   2010-2014  Trevor Patrick Plouffe                   
Bill Plummer         C      CA   1968-1978  William Francis Plummer                  
Eric Plunk           P      CA   1986-1999  Eric Vaughn Plunk                        
Jeff Plympton        P      MA   1991-1991  Jeffrey Hunter Plympton                  
Ray Poat             P      IL   1942-1949  Raymond Willis Poat                      
Biff Pocoroba        C      CA   1975-1984  Biff Benedict Pocoroba                   
Bud Podbielan        P      WA   1949-1959  Clarence Anthony Podbielan               
Johnny Podgajny      P      PA   1940-1946  John Sigmund Podgajny                    
Johnny Podres        P      NY   1953-1969  John Joseph Podres                       
Scott Podsednik      LF-CF  TX   2001-2012  Scott Eric Podsednik                     
Mike Poepping        OF     MN   1975-1975  Michael Harold Poepping                  
Joe Poetz            P      MO   1926-1926  Joseph Frank Poetz                       
Jimmy Pofahl         SS     MN   1940-1942  James Willard Pofahl                     
John Poff            OF-1B  OH   1979-1980  John William Poff                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Boots Poffenberger   P      MD   1937-1939  Cletus Elwood Poffenberger               
Tom Poholsky         P      MI   1950-1957  Thomas George Poholsky                   
Jennings Poindexter  P      OK   1936-1939  Chester Jennings Poindexter              
Aaron Pointer        OF     AR   1963-1967  Aaron Elton Pointer                      
Gregory Polanco      OF     DR   2014-2014  Gregory Polanco                          
Jorge Polanco        2B-SS  DR   2014-2014  Jorge Luis Polanco                       
Placido Polanco      3B     DR   1998-2013  Placido Enrique Polanco                  
Hugh Poland          C      KY   1943-1948  Hugh Reid Poland                         
Lou Polchow                 --   1902-1902                                           
Kevin Polcovich      SS     NY   1997-1998  Kevin Michael Polcovich                  
Dick Pole            P      MI   1973-1978  Richard Henry Pole                       
Mark Polhemus               --   1887-1887                                           
Gus Polidor          SS-3B  VZ   1985-1993  Gustavo Adolfo Polidor                   
Cliff Politte        P      MO   1998-2006  Cliff Anthony Politte                    
Ken Polivka          P      IL   1947-1947  Kenneth Lyle Polivka                     
Howie Pollet         P      LA   1941-1956  Howard Joseph Pollet                     
Dale Polley          P      KY   1996-1996  Ezra Dale Polley                         
Lou Polli            P      VT   1932-1944  Louis Americo Polli                      
A.J. Pollock         CF     CT   2012-2014  Allen Lorenz Pollock                     
Nick Polly           3B     IL   1937-1945  Nicholas Polly                           
John Poloni          P      MI   1977-1977  John Paul Poloni                         
Luis Polonia         LF     DR   1987-2000  Luis Andrew Polonia Almonte              
Drew Pomeranz        P      TN   2011-2014  Thomas Andrew Pomeranz                   
Stuart Pomeranz      P      TX   2012-2012  Stuart Michael Pomeranz                  
John Pomorski        P      NY   1934-1934  John Leon Pomorski                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dalton Pompey        OF     ON   2014-2014  Dalton K. Pompey                         
Carlos Ponce         1B-OF  PR   1985-1985  Carlos Antonio Ponce Diaz                
Arlie Pond                  --   1895-1898                                           
Ralph Pond           OF     WI   1910-1910  Ralph Benjamin Pond                      
Simon Pond           LF-RF  BC   2004-2004  Simon Emiliano Pond                      
Elmer Ponder         P      OK   1917-1921  Charles Elmer Ponder                     
Sidney Ponson        P      AA   1998-2009  Sidney Alton Ponson                      
Harlin Pool          OF     CA   1934-1935  Harold G Pool                            
Ed Poole             P      OH   1903-1904  Edward I. Poole                          
Jim Poole            1B     NC   1925-1927  James Robert Poole                       
Jim Poole            P      NY   1990-2000  James Richard Poole                      
Ray Poole            H      NC   1941-1947  Raymond Herman Poole                     
Tom Poorman                 --   1880-1888                                           
Dave Pope            OF     AL   1952-1956  David Pope                               
Paul Popovich        2B-SS  WV   1964-1975  Paul Edward Popovich                     
Bill Popp                   --   1902-1902                                           
George Popplein             --   1873-1873                                           
Tom Poquette         OF     WI   1973-1982  Thomas Arthur Poquette                   
Rick Porcello        P      NJ   2009-2014  Frederick Porcello                       
Aaron Poreda         P      CA   2009-2014  Aaron Anderman Poreda                    
Bo Porter            LF-RF  NJ   1999-2001  Marquis Donnell Porter                   
Bob Porter           OF     AZ   1981-1982  Robert Lee Porter                        
Chuck Porter         P      MD   1981-1985  Charles William Porter                   
Colin Porter         RF-CF  AZ   2003-2004  Colin Frederick Porter                   
Dan Porter           OF     IL   1951-1951  Daniel Edward Porter                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Darrell Porter       C      MO   1971-1987  Darrell Ray Porter                       
Dick Porter          OF     MD   1929-1934  Richard Twilley Porter                   
Henry Porter                --   1884-1889                                           
Irv Porter           OF     MA   1914-1914  Irving Marble Porter                     
J.W. Porter          C-OF   OK   1952-1959  J.W. Porter                              
Matthew Porter              --   1884-1884                                           
Ned Porter           P      FL   1926-1927  Ned Swindell Porter                      
Odie Porter                 --   1902-1902                                           
Bob Porterfield      P      VA   1948-1959  Erwin Coolidge Porterfield               
Al Porto             P      PA   1948-1948  Alfred Porto                             
Arnie Portocarrero   P      NY   1954-1960  Arnold Mario Portocarrero                
Mark Portugal        P      CA   1985-1999  Mark Steven Portugal                     
Mike Porzio          P      CT   1999-2003  Lawrence Michael Porzio                  
Jorge Posada         DH     PR   1996-2011  Jorge Rafael Posada Jr.                  
Leo Posada           OF     CU   1960-1962  Leopoldo Jesus Posada Hernandez          
Scott Pose           LF-RF  IA   1993-2000  Scott Vernon Pose                        
Bill Posedel         P      CA   1938-1946  William John Posedel                     
Bob Poser            P      WI   1932-1935  John Falk Poser                          
Buster Posey         C      GA   2009-2014  Gerald Demp Posey III                    
Lou Possehl          P      IL   1946-1952  Louis Thomas Possehl                     
Lew Post                    --   1902-1902                                           
Sam Post             1B     VA   1922-1922  Samuel Gilbert Post                      
Wally Post           OF     OH   1949-1964  Walter Charles Post                      
Lou Pote             P      IL   1999-2004  Louis William Pote                       
Nellie Pott          P      OH   1922-1922  Nelson Adolph Pott                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dykes Potter         P      KY   1938-1938  Maryland Dykes Potter                    
Mike Potter          OF     CA   1976-1977  Michael Gary Potter                      
Nels Potter          P      IL   1936-1949  Nelson Thomas Potter                     
Squire Potter        P      KY   1923-1923  Robert Potter                            
Dan Potts                   --   1892-1892                                           
Mike Potts           P      AL   1996-1996  Michael Larry Potts                      
Ken Poulsen          3B-SS  CA   1967-1967  Ken Sterling Poulsen                     
Bill Pounds          P      NJ   1903-1903  Jeared Wells Pounds                      
Abner Powell                --   1884-1886                                           
Alonzo Powell        LF-RF  CA   1987-1991  Alonzo Sidney Powell                     
Bill Powell          P      VA   1909-1913  William Burris Powell                    
Boog Powell          1B-OF  FL   1961-1977  John Wesley Powell                       
Brian Powell         P      GA   1998-2004  William Brian Powell                     
Dante Powell         CF-RF  CA   1997-2001  LeJon Dante Powell                       
Dennis Powell        P      GA   1985-1993  Dennis Clay Powell                       
Grover Powell        P      PA   1963-1963  Grover David Powell                      
Hosken Powell        OF     AL   1978-1983  Hosken Powell                            
Jack Powell          P      MO   1913-1913  Reginald Bertrand Powell                 
Jack Powell          P      IL   1903-1912  John Joseph Powell                       
Jake Powell          OF     MD   1930-1945  Alvin Jacob Powell                       
Jay Powell           P      MS   1995-2005  James Willard Powell Jr.                 
Jeremy Powell        P      CA   1998-2000  Jeremy Robert Powell                     
Jim Powell                  --   1884-1885                                           
Landon Powell        C      NV   2009-2011  Landon Reed Powell                       
Leroy Powell         H      MI   1957-1957  Robert Leroy Powell                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Martin Powell               --   1881-1884                                           
Paul Powell          OF-C   TX   1971-1975  Paul Ray Powell                          
Ray Powell           OF     AR   1917-1924  Raymond Reath Powell                     
Ross Powell          P      MI   1993-1995  Ross John Powell                         
Ted Power            P      OK   1981-1993  Ted Henry Power                          
Tom Power                   --   1890-1890                                           
Vic Power            1B     PR   1954-1965  Victor Pellot Power                      
Doc Powers           C      MA   1903-1909  Michael Riley Powers                     
Ike Powers           P      MD   1927-1928  John Lloyd Powers                        
Jim Powers                  --   1890-1890                                           
John Powers          OF     AL   1955-1960  John Calvin Powers                       
Les Powers           1B     WA   1938-1939  Leslie Edwin Powers                      
Mike Powers          OF     KY   1932-1933  Ellis Foree Powers                       
Phil Powers                 --   1878-1885                                           
Carl Powis           OF     PA   1957-1957  Carl Edgar Powis                         
Arquimedez Pozo      3B-2B  DR   1995-1997  Arquimedez Pozo Ortiz                    
Martin Prado         3B     VZ   2006-2014  Martin M. Prado                          
Willie Prall         P      NJ   1975-1975  Wilfred Anthony Prall                    
Johnny Pramesa       C      OH   1949-1952  John Steven Pramesa                      
Al Pratt                    --   1871-1872                                           
Andy Pratt           P      AZ   2002-2004  Andrew Elias Pratt                       
Del Pratt            2B     SC   1912-1924  Derrill Burnham Pratt                    
Frank Pratt          H      AL   1921-1921  Francis Bruce Pratt                      
Larry Pratt          C      IL   1914-1914  Lester John Pratt                        
Todd Pratt           C      NE   1992-2006  Todd Alan Pratt                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tom Pratt                   --   1871-1871                                           
John Pregenzer       P      WI   1963-1964  John Arthur Pregenzer                    
Mel Preibisch        OF     TX   1940-1941  Melvin Adolphus Preibisch                
Jim Prendergast      P      NY   1948-1948  James Bartholomew Prendergast            
Mike Prendergast     P      IL   1916-1919  Michael Thomas Prendergast               
George Prentiss             --   1901-1902                                           
Bobby Prescott       OF     PN   1961-1961  George Bertrand Prescott                 
Joe Presko           P      MO   1951-1958  Joseph Edward Presko                     
Alex Presley         CF-OF  LA   2010-2014  Alexander Crawford Presley               
Jim Presley          3B     FL   1984-1991  James Arthur Presley                     
Ryan Pressly         P      TX   2013-2014  Thomas Ryan Pressly                      
Tot Pressnell        P      OH   1938-1942  Forest Charles Pressnell                 
Walt Preston         OF-3B  VA   1895-1895  Walter B. Preston                        
Bill Price           P      PA   1890-1890  William Price                            
Bryan Price          P      TX   2014-2014  Bryan Cole Price                         
David Price          P      TN   2008-2014  David Taylor Price                       
Jackie Price         SS     MS   1946-1946  John Thomas Reid Price                   
Jim Price            C      PA   1967-1971  Jimmie William Price                     
Joe Price            OF     TN   1928-1928  Joseph Preston Price                     
Joe Price            P      CA   1980-1990  Joseph Walter Price                      
Bob Prichard         1B     TX   1939-1939  Robert Alexander Prichard                
Bob Priddy           P      PA   1962-1971  Robert Simpson Priddy                    
Jerry Priddy         2B     CA   1941-1953  Gerald Edward Priddy                     
Curtis Pride         LF-RF  DC   1993-2006  Curtis John Pride                        
Jason Pridie         OF     AZ   2008-2014  Jason Orville Pridie                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Eddie Priest         P      AL   1998-1998  Eddie Lee Priest                         
Johnny Priest        2B-3B  MO   1911-1912  John Gooding Priest                      
Alex Prieto          2B-3B  VZ   2003-2004  Alejandro Antonio Fernandez Prieto       
Ariel Prieto         P      CU   1995-2001  Ariel Prieto                             
Chris Prieto         OF     CA   2005-2005  Christian Michael Prieto                 
Ray Prim             P      AL   1933-1946  Raymond Lee Prim                         
Don Prince           P      NC   1962-1962  Donald Mark Prince                       
Josh Prince          OF     LA   2013-2013  Joshua Cole Prince                       
Tom Prince           C      IL   1987-2003  Thomas Albert Prince                     
Walter Prince               --   1883-1884                                           
Bret Prinz           P      IL   2001-2007  Bret Randolph Prinz                      
Mark Prior           P      CA   2002-2006  Mark William Prior                       
Buddy Pritchard      SS-OF  CA   1957-1957  Harold William Pritchard                 
Chris Pritchett      1B     CA   1996-2000  Christopher David Pritchett              
Jim Proctor          P      MD   1959-1959  James Arthur Proctor                     
Red Proctor          P      VA   1923-1923  Noah Richard Proctor                     
Scott Proctor        P      FL   2004-2011  Scott Christopher Proctor                
George Proeser       OF     OH   1888-1890  George Proeser                           
Jurickson Profar     SS-2B  CC   2012-2013  Jurickson Barthelomeus Profar            
Luke Prokopec        P      AU   2000-2002  Kenneth Luke Prokopec                    
Mike Proly           P      NY   1976-1983  Michael James Proly                      
Jake Propst          H      AL   1923-1923  William Jacob Propst                     
Doc Prothro          3B     TN   1920-1926  James Thompson Prothro                   
Bill Prough          P      IN   1912-1912  Herschel Clinton Prough                  
Augie Prudhomme      P      LA   1929-1929  John Olgus Prudhomme                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Earl Pruess          OF     IL   1920-1920  Earl Henry Pruess                        
Hub Pruett           P      MO   1922-1932  Hubert Shelby Pruett                     
Jim Pruett           C      TN   1944-1945  James Calvin Pruett                      
Tex Pruiett          P      IN   1907-1908  Charles Le Roy Pruiett                   
Ron Pruitt           OF-C   MI   1975-1983  Ronald Ralph Pruitt                      
Greg Pryor           3B-SS  OH   1976-1986  Gregory Russell Pryor                    
Stephen Pryor        P      TN   2012-2014  Stephen Michael Pryor                    
George Puccinelli    OF     CA   1930-1936  George Lawrence Puccinelli               
Kirby Puckett        CF-OF  IL   1984-1995  Kirby Puckett                            
Troy Puckett         P      IN   1911-1911  Troy Levi Puckett                        
Miguel Puente        P      MX   1970-1970  Migel Antonio Puente Aguilar             
Brandon Puffer       P      CA   2002-2005  Brandon Duane Puffer                     
Tim Pugh             P      CA   1992-1997  Timothy Dean Pugh                        
John Puhl                   --   1898-1899                                           
Terry Puhl           OF     SK   1977-1991  Terry Stephen Puhl                       
Rich Puig            2B-3B  FL   1974-1974  Richard Gerald Puig                      
Yasiel Puig          RF     CU   2013-2014  Yasiel Puig (Valdes)                     
Albert Pujols        DH-1B  DR   2001-2014  Jose Albert Pujols                       
Luis Pujols          C      DR   1977-1985  Luis Bienvenido Pujols Toribio           
Charlie Puleo        P      NJ   1981-1989  Charles Michael Puleo                    
Alfonso Pulido       P      MX   1983-1986  Alfonso Pulido Manzo                     
Carlos Pulido        P      VZ   1994-2004  Juan Carlos Pulido Valera                
Harvey Pulliam       LF-RF  CA   1991-1997  Harvey Jerome Pulliam                    
Bill Pulsipher       P      GA   1995-2005  William Thomas Pulsipher                 
Spencer Pumpelly     P      NY   1925-1925  Spencer Armstrong Pumpelly               

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Nick Punto           SS-3B  CA   2001-2014  Nicholas Paul Punto                      
Blondie Purcell             --   1879-1890                                           
David Purcey         P      IL   2008-2013  David Kent Purcey                        
John Purdin          P      OH   1964-1969  John Nolan Purdin                        
Pid Purdy            OF     NE   1926-1929  Everett Virgil Purdy                     
Bob Purkey           P      PA   1954-1966  Robert Thomas Purkey                     
Jesse Purnell        3B     PA   1904-1904  Jesse Rhoades Purnell                    
Oscar Purner                --   1895-1895                                           
Billy Purtell        3B     OH   1908-1914  William Patrick Purtell                  
Luke Putkonen        P      IL   2012-2014  Luke Webber Putkonen                     
Ed Putman            C-1B   CA   1976-1979  Eddy William Putman                      
Danny Putnam         OF     CA   2007-2007  Daniel Christopher Putnam                
Pat Putnam           1B     VT   1977-1984  Patrick Edward Putnam                    
Zach Putnam          P      MI   2011-2014  Steven Zachary Putnam                    
Ambrose Puttmann     P      OH   1903-1906  Ambrose Nicholas Puttmann                
J.J. Putz            P      MI   2003-2014  Joseph Jason Putz                        
Jim Pyburn           OF-3B  AL   1955-1957  James Edward Pyburn                      
Eddie Pye            SS-2B  TN   1994-1995  Robert Edward Pye                        
John Pyecha          P      PA   1954-1954  John Nicholas Pyecha                     
Ewald Pyle           P      MO   1939-1945  Herbert Ewald Pyle                       
Harlan Pyle          P      NE   1928-1928  Harlan Albert Pyle                       
Shadow Pyle                 --   1884-1887                                           
Frankie Pytlak       C      NY   1932-1946  Frank Anthony Pytlak                     
Tim Pyznarski        1B     IL   1986-1986  Timothy Matthew Pyznarski                

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