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The list of players below are Major Leaguers who begin with the letter 'H' since 1903. Click on a player to see his TBC player card. Active players are in bold.

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Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Yamid Haad           C      CB   1999-2005  Yamid Salcedo Haad                       
Bert Haas            1B-3B  IL   1937-1951  Berthold John Haas                       
Bruno Haas           P      MA   1915-1915  Bruno Phillip Haas                       
Dave Haas            P      MO   1991-1993  Robert David Haas                        
Eddie Haas           OF     KY   1957-1960  George Edwin Haas                        
Moose Haas           P      MD   1976-1987  Bryan Edmund Haas                        
Mule Haas            OF     NJ   1925-1938  George William Haas                      
Bob Habenicht        P      MO   1951-1953  Robert Julius Habenicht                  
Emil Haberer         C      OH   1903-1909  Emil Karl Haberer                        
John Habyan          P      NY   1985-1996  John Gabriel Habyan                      
Stan Hack            3B     CA   1932-1947  Stanley Camfield Hack                    
Eric Hacker          P      TX   2009-2012  Eric Lynn Hacker                         
Rich Hacker          SS     IL   1971-1971  Richard Warren Hacker                    
Warren Hacker        P      IL   1948-1961  Warren Louis Hacker                      
Jim Hackett          P      IL   1903-1903  James Joseph Hackett                     
Luther Hackman       P      MS   1999-2003  Luther Gean Hackman                      
Harvey Haddix        P      OH   1952-1965  Harvey Haddix Jr.                        
Bump Hadley          P      MA   1926-1941  Irving Darius Hadley                     
Kent Hadley          1B     ID   1958-1960  Kent William Hadley                      
Bill Haeffner        C      PA   1915-1928  William Bernhard Haeffner                
Mickey Haefner       P      IL   1943-1950  Milton Arnold Haefner                    
Charlie Haeger       P      MI   2006-2010  Charles Wallis Haeger                    
Bud Hafey            OF     CA   1935-1939  Daniel Albert Hafey                      
Chick Hafey          OF     CA   1924-1937  Charles James Hafey                      
Tom Hafey            3B     CA   1939-1944  Thomas Francis Hafey                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Leo Hafford          P      MA   1906-1906  Leo Edgar Hafford                        
Travis Hafner        DH     ND   2002-2013  Travis Lee Hafner                        
Nick Hagadone        P      ID   2011-2014  Nicholas Michael Hagadone                
Casey Hageman        P      PA   1911-1914  Kurt Moritz Hageman                      
Kevin Hagen          P      WA   1983-1984  Kevin Eugene Hagen                       
Bradin Hagens        P      CA   2014-2014  Bradin C. Hagens                         
Rip Hagerman         P      KS   1909-1916  Zerah Zequiel Hagerman                   
Joe Hague            1B-OF  WV   1968-1973  Joe Clarence Hague                       
Matt Hague           1B     WA   2012-2014  Matthew Donald Hague                     
Dick Hahn            C      OH   1940-1940  Richard Frederick Hahn                   
Don Hahn             OF     CA   1969-1975  Donald Antone Hahn                       
Ed Hahn              OF     OH   1905-1910  William Edgar Hahn                       
Fred Hahn            P      NY   1952-1952  Frederick Aloys Hahn                     
Jesse Hahn           P      CT   2014-2014  Jesse Allen Hahn                         
Noodles Hahn         P      TN   1903-1906  Frank George Hahn                        
Hal Haid             P      OH   1919-1933  Harold Augustine Haid                    
Hinkey Haines        OF     PA   1923-1923  Henry Luther Haines                      
Jesse Haines         P      OH   1918-1937  Jesse Joseph Haines                      
Jerry Hairston       OF     AL   1973-1989  Jerry Wayne Hairston Sr.                 
Jerry Hairston       3B-LF  IL   1998-2013  Jerry Wayne Hairston Jr.                 
Johnny Hairston      OF-C   AL   1969-1969  John Louis Hairston                      
Sammy Hairston       C      MS   1951-1951  Samuel Harding Hairston                  
Scott Hairston       RF-LF  TX   2004-2014  Scott Alexander Hairston                 
Jim Haislip          P      TX   1913-1913  James Clifton Haislip                    
Chet Hajduk          H      IL   1941-1941  Chester Hajduk                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dave Hajek           3B-2B  CA   1995-1996  David Vincent Hajek                      
John Halama          P      NY   1998-2006  John Thadeuz Halama                      
George Halas         OF     IL   1919-1919  George Stanley Halas                     
Bob Hale             1B     FL   1955-1961  Robert Houston Hale                      
Chip Hale            2B-3B  CA   1989-1997  Walter William Hale III                  
David Hale           P      GA   2013-2014  David E. Hale                            
George Hale          C      KS   1914-1918  George Wagner Hale                       
John Hale            OF     CA   1974-1979  John Steven Hale                         
Odell Hale           2B-3B  LA   1931-1941  Arvel Odell Hale                         
Sammy Hale           3B     TX   1920-1930  Samuel Douglas Hale                      
Ray Haley            C      IA   1915-1917  Richard Timothy Haley                    
Ed Halicki           P      NJ   1974-1980  Edward Louis Halicki                     
Albert Hall          CF-OF  AL   1981-1989  Albert Hall                              
Bert Hall            P      OR   1911-1911  Herbert Ernest Hall                      
Bill Hall            P      WV   1913-1913  William Bernard Hall                     
Bill Hall            C      GA   1954-1958  William Lemuel Hall                      
Bill Hall            2B-3B  MS   2002-2012  William Hall, Iii                        
Bob Hall             P      PA   1949-1953  Robert Lewis Hall                        
Bob Hall             OF-3B  MD   1904-1905  Robert Prill Hall                        
Charley Hall         P      CA   1906-1918  Charles Louis Hall                       
Darren Hall          P      OH   1994-1998  Michael Darren Hall                      
Dick Hall            P      MO   1952-1971  Richard Wallace Hall                     
Drew Hall            P      KY   1986-1990  Andrew Clark Hall                        
Herb Hall            P      IL   1918-1918  Herbert Silas Hall                       
Irv Hall             2B-SS  MD   1943-1946  Irvin Gladstone Hall                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jimmie Hall          OF     NC   1963-1970  Jimmie Randolph Hall                     
Joe Hall             LF-RF  KY   1994-1997  Joseph Geroy Hall                        
John Hall            P      OK   1948-1948  John Sylvester Hall                      
Josh Hall            P      VA   2003-2003  Joshua Alan Hall                         
Marc Hall            P      MO   1910-1914  Marcus Hall                              
Mel Hall             LF-OF  NY   1981-1996  Melvin Hall Jr.                          
Toby Hall            C      WA   2000-2008  Toby Jason Hall                          
Tom Hall             P      NC   1968-1977  Tom Edward Hall                          
John Halla           P      MO   1905-1905  John Arthur Halla                        
Roy Halladay         P      CO   1998-2013  Harry Leroy Halladay III                 
Bill Hallahan        P      NY   1925-1938  William Anthony Hallahan                 
Tom Haller           C      IL   1961-1972  Thomas Frank Haller                      
Jack Hallett         P      OH   1940-1948  Jack Price Hallett                       
Newt Halliday        1B     IL   1916-1916  Newton Schurz Halliday                   
Ed Hallinan          SS-2B  CA   1911-1912  Edward S. Hallinan                       
Bill Hallman         IF     PA   1903-1903  William Wilson Hallman                   
Bill Hallman         OF     PA   1903-1907  William Harry Hallman                    
Gregory Halman       CF     NT   2010-2011  Gregory Anthony Halman                   
Brad Halsey          P      TX   2004-2006  Bradford Alexander Halsey                
Al Halt              3B-SS  OH   1918-1918  Alva William Halt                        
Shane Halter         SS-3B  MD   1997-2004  Shane David Halter                       
Sean Halton          OF     CA   2013-2013  Sean Michael Halton                      
Doc Hamann           P      MN   1922-1922  Elmer Joseph Hamann                      
Roger Hambright      P      WA   1971-1971  Roger Dee Hambright                      
Mark Hamburger       P      MN   2011-2011  Mark John Hamburger                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Hamby            C      NC   1926-1927  James Sanford Hamby                      
Bob Hamelin          1B     NJ   1993-1998  Robert James Hamelin Iii                 
Cole Hamels          P      CA   2006-2014  Colbert Richard Hamels                   
Billy Hamilton       CF-OF  MS   2013-2014  Billy R. Hamilton                        
Darryl Hamilton      CF-RF  LA   1988-2001  Darryl Quinn Hamilton                    
Dave Hamilton        P      WA   1972-1980  David Edward Hamilton                    
Earl Hamilton        P      IL   1911-1924  Earl Andrew Hamilton                     
Jack Hamilton        P      IA   1962-1969  Jack Edwin Hamilton                      
Jeff Hamilton        3B     MI   1986-1991  Jeffrey Robert Hamilton                  
Joey Hamilton        P      GA   1994-2003  Johns Joseph Hamilton                    
Josh Hamilton        RF     NC   2007-2014  Joshua Holt Hamilton                     
Mark Hamilton        1B-OF  MD   2010-2011  Mark Alan Hamilton                       
Steve Hamilton       P      KY   1961-1972  Steven Absher Hamilton                   
Tom Hamilton         1B     KS   1952-1953  Thomas Ball Hamilton                     
Ken Hamlin           SS-2B  MI   1957-1966  Kenneth Lee Hamlin                       
Luke Hamlin          P      MI   1933-1944  Luke Daniel Hamlin                       
Pete Hamm            P      NY   1970-1971  Peter Whitfield Hamm                     
Atlee Hammaker       P      CA   1981-1995  Charlton Atlee Hammaker                  
Jason Hammel         P      SC   2006-2014  Jason Aaron Hammel                       
Rob Hammock          C-3B   GA   2003-2011  Robert Wade Hammock                      
Chris Hammond        P      GA   1990-2006  Christopher Andrew Hammond               
Jack Hammond         2B     NY   1915-1922  Walter Charles Hammond                   
Steve Hammond        OF     GA   1982-1982  Steven Benjamin Hammond                  
Jeff Hammonds        RF-CF  NJ   1993-2005  Jeffrey Bryan Hammonds                   
Garvin Hamner        2B-SS  VA   1945-1945  Wesley Garvin Hamner                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Granny Hamner        IF     VA   1944-1962  Granville Wilbur Hamner                  
Ralph Hamner         P      LA   1946-1949  Ralph Conant Hamner                      
Justin Hampson       P      IL   2006-2012  Justin Michael Hampson                   
Ike Hampton          C      SC   1974-1979  Isaac Bernard Hampton                    
Mike Hampton         P      FL   1993-2010  Michael William Hampton                  
Erik Hamren          P      CA   2011-2011  Erik Kendall Hamren                      
Bert Hamric          H      WV   1955-1958  Odbert Herman Hamric                     
Ray Hamrick          SS-2B  TN   1943-1944  Raymond Bernard Hamrick                  
Tim Hamulack         P      NY   2005-2006  Timothy William Alexander Hamulack       
Fred Hancock         SS     PA   1949-1949  Fred James Hancock                       
Garry Hancock        OF-1B  FL   1978-1984  Ronald Garry Hancock                     
Josh Hancock         P      MS   2002-2007  Joshua Morgan Hancock                    
Lee Hancock          P      CA   1995-1996  Leland David Hancock                     
Ryan Hancock         P      CA   1996-1996  Ryan Lee Hancock                         
Brad Hand            P      MN   2011-2014  Brad Hand                                
Donovan Hand         P      AL   2013-2013  Donovan Hand                             
Rich Hand            P      WA   1970-1973  Richard Allen Hand                       
Mike Handiboe        OF     DC   1911-1911  Aloysius James Handiboe                  
Gene Handley         2B     MO   1946-1947  Eugene Louis Handley                     
Lee Handley          3B-2B  IA   1936-1947  Lee Elmer Handley                        
Vern Handrahan       P      PE   1964-1966  James Vernon Handrahan                   
Bill Hands           P      NJ   1965-1975  William Alfred Hands Jr.                 
Harry Hanebrink      2B-OF  MO   1953-1959  Harry Aloysius Hanebrink                 
Chris Haney          P      MD   1991-2002  Christopher Deane Haney                  
Fred Haney           3B     NM   1922-1929  Fred Girard Haney                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Larry Haney          C      VA   1966-1978  Wallace Larry Haney                      
Todd Haney           2B     TX   1992-1998  Todd Michael Haney                       
Ryan Hanigan         C      DC   2007-2014  Ryan M. Hanigan                          
Don Hankins          P      IN   1927-1927  Donald Wayne Hankins                     
Jay Hankins          OF     MO   1961-1963  Jay Nelson Hankins                       
Jim Hanley           P      RI   1913-1913  James Patrick Hanley                     
Bill Hanlon          1B     CA   1903-1903  William Joseph Hanlon                    
Preston Hanna        P      FL   1975-1982  Preston Lee Hanna                        
Truck Hannah         C      ND   1918-1920  James Harrison Hannah                    
Jack Hannahan        3B     MN   2006-2014  John Joseph Hannahan                     
Gerry Hannahs        P      NY   1976-1979  Gerald Ellis Hannahs                     
Jim Hannan           P      NJ   1962-1971  James John Hannan                        
Jack Hannifin        3B-SS  MA   1906-1908  John Joseph Hannifin                     
Loy Hanning          P      MO   1939-1942  Loy Vernon Hanning                       
Joel Hanrahan        P      IA   2007-2014  Joel Ryan Hanrahan                       
Devern Hansack       P      NI   2006-2008  Devern Brandon Hansack                   
Greg Hansell         P      CA   1995-1999  Gregory Michael Hansell                  
Andy Hansen          P      FL   1944-1953  Andrew Viggo Hansen                      
Bob Hansen           1B     MA   1974-1976  Robert Joseph Hansen                     
Craig Hansen         P      NY   2005-2009  Craig Robert Hansen                      
Dave Hansen          3B-1B  CA   1990-2005  David Andrew Hansen                      
Doug Hansen          H      CA   1951-1951  Douglas William Hansen                   
Jed Hansen           2B     WA   1997-1999  Jed Ramon Hansen                         
Ron Hansen           SS     NE   1958-1972  Ronald Lavern Hansen                     
Roy Hansen           P      WI   1918-1918  Roy Inglof Hansen                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Snipe Hansen         P      IL   1930-1935  Roy Emil Frederick Hansen                
Don Hanski           P      IN   1943-1944  Donald Thomas Hanski                     
Erik Hanson          P      NJ   1988-1998  Erik Brian Hanson                        
Harry Hanson         C      IL   1913-1913  Harry Francis Hanson                     
Ollie Hanson         P      MA   1921-1921  Earl Sylvester Hanson                    
Tommy Hanson         P      OK   2009-2013  Thomas J. Hanson                         
Ed Hanyzewski        P      IN   1942-1946  Edward Michael Hanyzewski                
J.A. Happ            P      IL   2007-2014  James Anthony Happ                       
John Happenny        2B-SS  MA   1923-1923  John Clifford Happenny                   
Aaron Harang         P      CA   2002-2014  Aaron Michael Harang                     
Rich Harden          P      BC   2003-2011  James Richard Harden                     
Mel Harder           P      NE   1928-1947  Melvin Leroy Harder                      
Pat Hardgrove        H      KS   1918-1918  William Henry Hardgrove                  
Bud Hardin           SS-2B  NC   1952-1952  William Edgar Hardin                     
Jim Hardin           P      TN   1967-1972  James Warren Hardin                      
Charlie Harding      P      TN   1913-1913  Charles Harold Harding                   
Jason Hardtke        2B-3B  WI   1996-1998  Jason Robert Hardtke                     
Alex Hardy           P      ON   1903-1903  David Alexander hardy                    
Blaine Hardy         P      WA   2014-2014  Blaine Patrick Hardy                     
Carroll Hardy        OF     SD   1958-1967  Carroll William Hardy                    
Harry Hardy          P      OH   1905-1906  Harry Hardy                              
J.J. Hardy           SS     AZ   2005-2014  James Jerry Hardy                        
Jack Hardy           C-OF   OH   1903-1910  John Doolittle Hardy                     
Jack Hardy           P      FL   1989-1989  John Graydon Hardy                       
Larry Hardy          P      TX   1974-1976  Howard Lawrence Hardy                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Red Hardy            P      ND   1951-1951  Francis Joseph Hardy                     
Shawn Hare           LF-RF  MO   1991-1995  Shawn Robert Hare                        
Dan Haren            P      CA   2003-2014  Daniel John Haren                        
Steve Hargan         P      IN   1965-1977  Steven Lowell Hargan                     
Al Hargesheimer      P      IL   1980-1986  Alan Robert Hargesheimer                 
Bubbles Hargrave     C      IN   1913-1930  Eugene Franklin Hargrave                 
Pinky Hargrave       C      IN   1923-1933  William McKinley Hargrave                
Charlie Hargreaves   C      NJ   1923-1930  Charles Russell Hargreaves               
Mike Hargrove        1B     TX   1974-1985  Dudley Michael Hargrove                  
Tim Harikkala        P      FL   1995-2007  Timothy Allan Harikkala                  
Mike Harkey          P      CA   1988-1997  Michael Anthony Harkey                   
Spec Harkness        P      CA   1910-1911  Frederick Harvey Harkness                
Tim Harkness         1B     QC   1961-1964  Thomas William Harkness                  
Dick Harley          P      OH   1905-1905  Henry Risk Harley                        
Dick Harley          P      PA   1903-1903  Richard Joseph Harley                    
Larry Harlow         OF     CO   1975-1981  Larry Duane Harlow                       
Bill Harman          P      VA   1941-1941  William Bell Harman                      
Brad Harman          2B     AU   2008-2008  Bradley Christopher Harman               
Bob Harmon           P      MO   1909-1918  Robert Green Harmon                      
Chuck Harmon         3B-OF  IN   1954-1957  Charles Byron Harmon                     
Terry Harmon         2B-SS  OH   1969-1977  Terry Walter Harmon                      
Pete Harnisch        P      NY   1988-2001  Peter Thomas Harnisch                    
Bill Harper          P      MO   1911-1911  William Homer Harper                     
Brandon Harper       C      TX   2006-2006  Brandon Scott Harper                     
Brian Harper         C      CA   1979-1995  Brian David Harper                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bryce Harper         LF     NV   2012-2014  Bryce Aron Max Harper                    
George Harper        OF     KY   1916-1929  George Washington Harper                 
Harry Harper         P      NJ   1913-1923  Harry Clayton Harper                     
Jack Harper          P      WV   1915-1915  John Wesley Harper                       
Jack Harper          P      PA   1903-1906  Charles William Harper                   
Terry Harper         OF     GA   1980-1987  Terry Joe Harper                         
Tommy Harper         OF-3B  LA   1962-1976  Tommy Harper                             
Travis Harper        P      VA   2000-2006  Travis Boyd Harper                       
Toby Harrah          3B-SS  WV   1969-1986  Colbert Dale Harrah                      
Billy Harrell        SS-3B  PA   1955-1961  William Harrell                          
John Harrell         C      CA   1969-1969  John Robert Harrell                      
Lucas Harrell        P      MO   2010-2014  Lucas William Bradley Harrell            
Ray Harrell          P      TX   1935-1945  Raymond James Harrell                    
Slim Harrell         P      TX   1912-1912  Oscar Martin Harrell                     
Bill Harrelson       P      OK   1968-1968  William Charles Harrelson                
Bud Harrelson        SS     CA   1965-1980  Derrel McKinley Harrelson                
Ken Harrelson        1B-OF  SC   1963-1971  Kenneth Smith Harrelson                  
Denny Harriger       P      PA   1998-1998  Dennis Scott Harriger                    
Andy Harrington      H      CA   1925-1925  Andrew Matthew Harrington                
Andy Harrington      P      MA   1913-1913  Andrew Francis Harrington                
Bill Harrington      P      NC   1953-1956  William Womble Harrington                
Bill Harris          P      NB   1957-1959  William Thomas Harris                    
Bill Harris          P      TX   1923-1938  William Milton Harris                    
Billy Harris         2B-3B  NC   1968-1969  James William Harris                     
Bob Harris           P      WY   1938-1942  Robert Arthur Harris                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Brendan Harris       SS     NY   2004-2013  Brendan Michael Harris                   
Bubba Harris         P      AL   1948-1951  Charles Harris                           
Bucky Harris         2B     NY   1919-1931  Stanley Raymond Harris                   
Buddy Harris         P      PA   1970-1971  Walter Francis Harris                    
Candy Harris         H      AL   1967-1967  Alonzo Harris                            
Dave Harris          OF     NC   1925-1934  David Stanley Harris                     
Donald Harris        CF-RF  TX   1991-1993  Donald Harris                            
Gail Harris          1B     VA   1955-1960  Boyd Gail Harris                         
Gene Harris          P      FL   1989-1995  Tyrone Eugene Harris                     
Greg Harris          P      CA   1981-1995  Greg Allen Harris                        
Greg Harris          P      NC   1988-1995  Gregory Wade Harris                      
Herb Harris          P      IL   1936-1936  Herbert Benjamin Harris                  
Jeff Harris          P      CA   2005-2006  Jeffrey Austin Harris                    
Joe Harris           P      MA   1905-1907  Joseph White Harris                      
Joe Harris           1B-OF  PA   1914-1928  Joseph Harris                            
John Harris          1B-OF  OR   1979-1981  John Thomas Harris                       
Lenny Harris         3B-2B  FL   1988-2005  Leonard Anthony Harris                   
Lum Harris           P      AL   1941-1947  Chalmer Luman Harris                     
Mickey Harris        P      NY   1940-1952  Maurice Charles Harris                   
Ned Harris           OF     IA   1941-1946  Robert Ned Harris                        
Pep Harris           P      SC   1996-1998  Hernando Petrocelli Harris               
Reggie Harris        P      VA   1990-1999  Reginald Allen Harris                    
Spencer Harris       OF     MN   1925-1930  Anthony Spencer Harris                   
Vic Harris           2B-OF  CA   1972-1980  Victor Lanier Harris                     
Will Harris          P      LA   2012-2014  William Taylor Harris                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Willie Harris        2B-LF  GA   2001-2012  Willie Charles Harris                    
Bob Harrison         P      MO   1955-1956  Robert Lee Harrison                      
Chuck Harrison       1B     TX   1965-1971  Charles William Harrison                 
Josh Harrison        2B-SS  OH   2011-2014  Joshua Isaiah Harrison                   
Matt Harrison        P      NC   2008-2014  Matthew Reid Harrison                    
Roric Harrison       P      CA   1972-1978  Roric Edward Harrison                    
Tom Harrison         P      BC   1965-1965  Thomas James Harrison                    
Slim Harriss         P      TX   1920-1928  William Jennings Bryan Harriss           
Earl Harrist         P      LA   1945-1953  Earl Harrist                             
Sam Harshany         C      IL   1937-1940  Samuel Harshany                          
Jack Harshman        P      CA   1948-1960  John Elvin Harshman                      
Oscar Harstad        P      WA   1915-1915  Oscar Theander Harstad                   
Bill Hart            3B-SS  PA   1943-1945  William Woodrow Hart                     
Bo Hart              2B     OR   2003-2004  Bodhi J. Hart                            
Corey Hart           1B-RF  KY   2004-2014  Jon Corey Hart                           
Hub Hart             C      MA   1905-1907  James Henry Hart                         
Jason Hart           LF-1B  CA   2002-2002  Jason Wyatt Hart                         
Jim Ray Hart         3B-OF  NC   1963-1974  James Ray Hart                           
Kevin Hart           P      OH   2007-2009  Kevin Richard Hart                       
Mike Hart            OF     MI   1980-1980  James Michael Hart                       
Mike Hart            CF-OF  WI   1984-1987  Michael Lawrence Hart                    
Chuck Hartenstein    P      TX   1966-1977  Charles Oscar Hartenstein                
Frank Harter         P      IL   1912-1913  Frank Pierce Harter                      
Bruce Hartford       SS     IL   1914-1914  Bruce Daniel Hartford                    
Dean Hartgraves      P      CA   1995-1998  Dean Charles Hartgraves                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Chris Hartje         C      CA   1939-1939  Christian Henry Hartje                   
Grover Hartley       C      IN   1911-1934  Grover Allen Hartley                     
Mike Hartley         P      CA   1989-1995  Michael Edward Hartley                   
Bob Hartman          P      WI   1959-1962  Robert Louis Hartman                     
Charlie Hartman      P      CA   1908-1908  Charles Otto Hartman                     
J.C. Hartman         SS     AL   1962-1963  J C Hartman                              
Gabby Hartnett       C      RI   1922-1941  Charles Leo Hartnett                     
Ray Hartranft        P      PA   1913-1913  Raymond Joseph Hartranft                 
Greg Harts           H      GA   1973-1973  Gregory Rudolph Harts                    
Topsy Hartsel        OF     OH   1903-1911  Tully Frederick Hartsel                  
Roy Hartsfield       2B     GA   1950-1952  Roy Thomas Hartsfield                    
Jeff Hartsock        P      OH   1992-1992  Jeffrey Roger Hartsock                   
Clint Hartung        P      TX   1947-1952  Clinton Clarence Hartung                 
Paul Hartzell        P      PA   1976-1984  Paul Franklin Hartzell                   
Roy Hartzell         OF-3B  CO   1906-1916  Roy Allen Hartzell                       
Luther Harvel        OF     IL   1928-1928  Luther Raymond Harvel                    
Bryan Harvey         P      TN   1987-1995  Bryan Stanley Harvey                     
Ken Harvey           1B     CA   2001-2005  Kenneth Eugene Harvey                    
Matt Harvey          P      CT   2012-2014  Matthew Edward Harvey                    
Chad Harville        P      TN   1999-2006  Chad Ashley Harville                     
Ziggy Hasbrook       1B     IA   1916-1917  Robert Lyndon Hasbrook                   
Shigetoshi Hasegawa  P      JP   1997-2005  Shigetoshi Hasegawa                      
Bill Haselman        C      NJ   1990-2003  William Joseph Haselman                  
Don Hasenmayer       3B-2B  PA   1945-1946  Donald Irvin Hasenmayer                  
Herb Hash            P      VA   1940-1941  Herbert Howard Hash                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mickey Haslin        SS-2B  PA   1933-1938  Michael Joseph Haslin                    
Alex Hassan          OF     MA   2014-2014  Alexander Edward Hassan                  
Buddy Hassett        1B     NY   1936-1942  John Aloysius Hassett                    
Ron Hassey           C      AZ   1978-1991  Ronald William Hassey                    
Andy Hassler         P      TX   1971-1985  Andrew Earl Hassler                      
Joe Hassler          SS     AR   1928-1930  Joseph Frederick Hassler                 
Gene Hasson          1B     PA   1937-1938  Charles Eugene Hasson                    
Bob Hasty            P      GA   1919-1924  Robert Keller Hasty                      
Billy Hatcher        LF-CF  AZ   1984-1995  William Augustus Hatcher                 
Chris Hatcher        P      NC   2010-2014  David Christopher Hatcher                
Chris Hatcher        LF     CA   1998-1998  Christopher Kenneth Hatcher              
Mickey Hatcher       OF-1B  OH   1979-1990  Michael Vaughn Hatcher Jr.               
Fred Hatfield        3B-2B  AL   1950-1958  Fred James Hatfield                      
Hilly Hathaway       P      FL   1992-1993  Hillary Houston Hathaway                 
Ray Hathaway         P      OH   1945-1945  Ray Wilson Hatahaway                     
Scott Hatteberg      C-1B   OR   1995-2008  Scott Allen Hatteberg                    
Joe Hatten           P      IA   1946-1952  Joseph Hilarian Hatten                   
Clyde Hatter         P      KY   1935-1937  Clyde Melno Hatter                       
John Hattig          3B     GU   2006-2006  John Duane Hattig                        
Grady Hatton         3B     TX   1946-1960  Grady Edgebert Hatton                    
Arthur Hauger        OF     OH   1912-1912  John Arthur Hauger                       
Chris Haughey        P      NY   1943-1943  Christopher Francis Haughey              
Gary Haught          P      WA   1997-1997  Gary Allen Haught                        
Phil Haugstad        P      WI   1947-1952  Phillip Donald Haugstad                  
Arnold Hauser        SS     IL   1910-1913  Arnold George Hauser                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Hauser           1B     WI   1922-1929  Joseph John Hauser                       
Tom Hausman          P      SD   1975-1982  Thomas Matthew Hausman                   
Clem Hausmann        P      TX   1944-1949  Clamens Raymond Hausmann                 
George Hausmann      2B     MO   1944-1949  George John Hausmann                     
Brad Havens          P      MI   1981-1989  Bradley David Havens                     
Ryan Hawblitzel      P      FL   1996-1996  Ryan Wade Hawblitzel                     
Roy Hawes            1B     IL   1951-1951  Roy Lee Hawes                            
Ed Hawk              P      MO   1911-1911  Edward Hawk                              
Andy Hawkins         P      TX   1982-1991  Melton Andrew Hawkins                    
LaTroy Hawkins       P      IN   1995-2014  LaTroy Hawkins                           
Wynn Hawkins         P      OH   1960-1962  Wynn Firth Hawkins                       
Chicken Hawks        1B     CA   1921-1925  Nelson Louis Hawks                       
Blake Hawksworth     P      BC   2009-2011  Blake Edward Hawksworth                  
Howie Haworth        C      OR   1915-1915  Homer Howard Haworth                     
Brad Hawpe           RF-1B  TX   2004-2013  Bradley Bonte Hawpe                      
Hal Haydel           P      LA   1970-1971  John Harold Haydel                       
Jack Hayden          OF     PA   1906-1908  John Francis Hayden                      
Lefty Hayden         P      CA   1958-1958  Eugene Franklin Hayden                   
Ben Hayes            P      NY   1982-1983  Ben Joseph Hayes                         
Bill Hayes           C      MD   1980-1980  William Ernest Hayes                     
Brett Hayes          C      CA   2009-2014  Brett Gregory Hayes                      
Charlie Hayes        3B     MS   1988-2001  Charles Dewayne Hayes                    
Frankie Hayes        C      NJ   1933-1947  Frank Witman Hayes                       
Jackie Hayes         2B     AL   1927-1940  Minter Carney Hayes                      
Jim Hayes            P      AL   1935-1935  James Millard Hayes                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Von Hayes            OF-1B  CA   1981-1992  Von Francis Hayes                        
Dirk Hayhurst        P      OH   2008-2009  Dirk Von Hayhurst                        
Heath Haynes         P      WV   1994-1994  Heath Burnett Haynes                     
Jimmy Haynes         P      GA   1995-2004  Jimmy Wayne Haynes                       
Joe Haynes           P      GA   1939-1952  Joseph Walton Haynes                     
Nathan Haynes        OF     CA   2007-2008  Nathan Raymond Quinn Haynes              
Ray Hayward          P      OK   1986-1988  Raymond Alton Hayward                    
Bill Haywood         P      PN   1968-1968  William Kiernan Haywood                  
Ray Hayworth         C      NC   1926-1945  Raymond Hall Hayworth                    
Red Hayworth         C      NC   1944-1945  Myron Claude Hayworth                    
Drungo Hazewood      OF     AL   1980-1980  Drungo La Rue Hazewood                   
Bob Hazle            OF     SC   1955-1958  Robert Sidney Hazle                      
Ed Head              P      LA   1940-1946  Edward Marvin Head                       
Jerad Head           OF     KS   2011-2011  Jerad Lee Head                           
Ralph Head           P      GA   1923-1923  Ralph Head                               
Chase Headley        3B     CO   2007-2014  Chase Jordan Headley                     
Fran Healy           C      MA   1969-1978  Francis Xavier Healy                     
Francis Healy        C      MA   1930-1934  Francis Xavier Paul Healy                
Thomas Healy         3B     PA   1915-1916  Thomas Fitzgerald Healy                  
Andrew Heaney        P      OK   2014-2014  Andrew M. Heaney                         
Jay Heard            P      GA   1954-1954  Jehosie Heard                            
Bunny Hearn          P      NC   1910-1920  Bunn Hearn                               
Bunny Hearn          P      NY   1926-1929  Elmer Lafayette Hearn                    
Ed Hearn             SS     CA   1910-1910  Edmund Hearn                             
Ed Hearn             C      FL   1986-1988  Edward John Hearn                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Hearn            P      GA   1947-1959  James Tolbert Hearn                      
Hughie Hearne        C      NY   1903-1903  Hugh Joseph Hearne                       
Jeff Hearron         C      CA   1985-1986  Jeffrey Vernon Hearron                   
Bill Heath           C      CA   1965-1969  William Chris Heath                      
Deunte Heath         P      GA   2012-2013  Deunte Raymon Heath                      
Jeff Heath           OF     ON   1936-1949  John Geoffrey Heath                      
Kelly Heath          2B     NY   1982-1982  Kelly Mark Heath                         
Mickey Heath         1B     OH   1931-1932  Minor Wilson Heath                       
Mike Heath           C      FL   1978-1991  Michael Thomas Heath                     
Spencer Heath        P      IL   1920-1920  Spencer Paul Heath                       
Tommy Heath          C      CO   1935-1938  Thomas George Heath                      
Jeff Heathcock       P      CA   1983-1988  Ronald Jeffrey Heathcock                 
Cliff Heathcote      OF     PA   1918-1932  Clifton Earl Heathcote                   
Mike Heathcott       P      IL   1998-1998  Michael Joseph Heathcott                 
Slade Heathcott      OF     LA   2014-2014  Zachary Slade Heathcott                  
Neal Heaton          P      NY   1982-1993  Neal Heaton                              
Dave Heaverlo        P      WA   1975-1981  David Wallace Heaverlo                   
Wally Hebert         P      LA   1931-1943  Wallace Andrew Hebert                    
Richie Hebner        3B-1B  MA   1968-1985  Richard Joseph Hebner                    
Bryan Hebson         P      GA   2003-2003  Bryan Mccall Hebson                      
Adeiny Hechavarria   SS     CU   2012-2014  Adeiny Hechavarria                       
Mike Hechinger       C      IL   1912-1913  Michael Vincent Hechinger                
Harry Hedgpeth       P      NC   1913-1913  Harry Malcolm Hedgpeth                   
Mike Hedlund         P      TX   1965-1972  Michael David Hedlund                    
Danny Heep           OF-1B  TX   1979-1991  Daniel William Heep                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bert Heffernan       C      NY   1992-1992  Bertram Alexander Heffernan              
Bob Heffner          P      PA   1963-1968  Robert Frederic Heffner                  
Don Heffner          2B     PA   1934-1944  Donald Henry Heffner                     
Bronson Heflin       P      TN   1996-1996  Bronson Wayne Heflin                     
Randy Heflin         P      VA   1945-1946  Randolph Rutherford Heflin               
Jeremy Hefner        P      OK   2012-2013  Jeremy Scott Hefner                      
Jim Hegan            C      MA   1941-1960  James Edward Hegan                       
Mike Hegan           1B-OF  OH   1964-1977  James Michael Hegan                      
Jake Hehl            P      NY   1918-1918  Herman Jacob Hehl                        
Jack Heidemann       SS     TX   1969-1977  Jack Seale Heidemann                     
Emmet Heidrick       OF     PA   1903-1908  R. Emmet Heidrick                        
Aaron Heilman        P      IN   2003-2011  Aaron Michael Heilman                    
Harry Heilmann       OF-1B  CA   1914-1932  Harry Edwin Heilmann                     
Val Heim             OF     WI   1942-1942  Val Raymond Heim                         
Fred Heimach         P      NJ   1920-1933  Frederick Amos Heimach                   
Gorman Heimueller    P      CA   1983-1984  Gorman John Heimueller                   
Bud Heine            2B     NY   1921-1921  William Henry Heine                      
Don Heinkel          P      WI   1988-1989  Donald Elliott Heinkel                   
Chris Heintz         C      NY   2005-2007  Christopher John Heintz                  
Ken Heintzelman      P      MO   1937-1952  Kenneth Alphonse Heintzelman             
Tom Heintzelman      2B-3B  MO   1973-1978  Thomas Kenneth Heintzelman               
Bob Heise            SS-2B  TX   1967-1977  Robert Lowell Heise                      
Clarence Heise       P      KS   1934-1934  Clarence Edward Heise                    
Jim Heise            P      PA   1957-1957  James Edward Heise                       
Roy Heiser           P      MD   1961-1961  Le Roy Barton Heiser                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Rick Heiserman       P      IA   1999-1999  Richard Michael Heiserman                
Chris Heisey         LF     PA   2010-2014  Christopher Heisey                       
Al Heist             OF     NY   1960-1962  Alfred Michael Heist                     
Harry Heitmann       P      NY   1918-1918  Henry Anton Heitmann                     
Heinie Heitmuller    OF     CA   1909-1910  William Frederick Heitmuller             
Mel Held             P      OH   1956-1956  Melvin Nicholas Held                     
Woodie Held          SS-OF  CA   1954-1969  Woodson George Held                      
Hank Helf            C      TX   1938-1946  Henry Hartz Helf                         
Eric Helfand         C      PA   1993-1995  Eric James Helfand                       
Jeremy Hellickson    P      IA   2010-2014  Jeremy Robert Hellickson                 
Rick Helling         P      ND   1994-2006  Ricky Allen Helling                      
Johnny Hellweg       P      MI   2013-2013  John David Hellwe                        
Tommy Helms          2B     NC   1964-1977  Tommy Vann Helms                         
Wes Helms            3B     NC   1998-2011  Wesley Ray Helms                         
Todd Helton          1B     TN   1997-2013  Todd Lynn Helton                         
Heinie Heltzel       3B-SS  PA   1943-1944  William Wade Heltzel                     
Russ Heman           P      CA   1961-1961  Russell Frederick Heman                  
Heath Hembree        P      SC   2013-2014  Richard Heath Hembree                    
Ed Hemingway         2B-3B  MI   1914-1918  Edson Marshall Hemingway                 
Scott Hemond         C-2B   MA   1989-1995  Scott Mathew Hemond                      
Bret Hemphill        C      CA   1999-1999  Bret Ryan Hemphill                       
Charlie Hemphill     OF     MI   1903-1911  Charles Judson Hemphill                  
Frank Hemphill       OF     MI   1906-1909  Frank Vernon Hemphill                    
Rollie Hemsley       C      OH   1928-1947  Ralston Burdett Hemsley                  
Solly Hemus          2B     AZ   1949-1959  Solomon Joseph Hemus                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bernie Henderson     P      TX   1921-1921  Bernard Henderson                        
Bill Henderson       P      FL   1930-1930  William Maxwell Henderson                
Dave Henderson       CF-OF  CA   1981-1994  David Lee Henderson                      
James Henderson      OF     CA   2013-2013  James Henderson                          
Jim Henderson        P      AB   2012-2014  James D. Henderson                       
Joe Henderson        P      MS   1974-1977  Joseph Lee Henderson                     
Ken Henderson        OF     IA   1965-1980  Kenneth Joseph Henderson                 
Rickey Henderson     LF-OF  IL   1979-2003  Rickey Henley Henderson                  
Rod Henderson        P      KY   1994-1998  Rodney Wood Henderson                    
Steve Henderson      OF     TX   1977-1988  Steven Curtis Henderson                  
Bob Hendley          P      GA   1961-1967  Charles Robert Hendley                   
George Hendrick      OF     CA   1971-1988  George Andrew Hendrick Jr.               
Harvey Hendrick      1B-OF  TN   1923-1934  Harvey Hendrick                          
Ed Hendricks         P      MI   1910-1910  Edward Hendricks                         
Ellie Hendricks      C      VG   1968-1979  Elrod Jerome Hendricks                   
Jack Hendricks       OF     IL   1903-1903  John Charles Hendricks                   
Kyle Hendricks       P      CA   2014-2014  Kyle C. Hendricks                        
Ben Hendrickson      P      MN   2004-2006  Benjamin John Hendrickson                
Don Hendrickson      P      IN   1945-1946  Donald William Hendrickson               
Mark Hendrickson     P      WA   2002-2011  Mark Allan Hendrickson                   
Liam Hendriks        P      AU   2011-2014  Liam Johnson Hendriks                    
Claude Hendrix       P      KS   1911-1920  Claude Raymond Hendrix                   
Tim Hendryx          OF     IL   1911-1921  Timothy Green Hendryx                    
Dave Hengel          RF-LF  CA   1986-1989  David Lee Hengel                         
Lafayette Henion     P      CA   1919-1919  Lafayette Marion Henion                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tom Henke            P      MO   1982-1995  Thomas Anthony Henke                     
Bob Henley           C      AL   1998-1998  Robert Clifton Henley                    
Gail Henley          OF     KS   1954-1954  Gail Curtice Henley                      
Weldon Henley        P      GA   1903-1907  Weldon Henley                            
Butch Henline        C      IN   1921-1931  Walter John Henline                      
Sean Henn            P      TX   2005-2013  Sean Michael Henn                        
Mike Henneman        P      MO   1987-1996  Michael Alan Henneman                    
Brad Hennessey       P      OH   2004-2008  Brad Martin Hennessey                    
George Hennessey     P      PA   1937-1945  George Hennessey                         
Les Hennessey        2B     MA   1913-1913  Lester Baker Hennessey                   
Phil Hennigan        P      TX   1969-1973  Phillip Winston Hennigan                 
Rick Henninger       P      NE   1973-1973  Richard Lee Henninger                    
Randy Hennis         P      CA   1990-1990  Randall Phillip Hennis                   
Bobby Henrich        SS-OF  KS   1957-1959  Robert Edward Henrich                    
Fritz Henrich        OF     OH   1924-1924  Frank Wilde Henrich                      
Tommy Henrich        OF     OH   1937-1950  Thomas David Henrich                     
Olaf Henriksen       OF     DK   1911-1917  Olaf Henriksen                           
Oscar Henriquez      P      VZ   1997-2002  Oscar Eduardo Henriquez                  
Bill Henry           P      CA   1966-1966  William Francis Henry                    
Bill Henry           P      TX   1952-1969  William Rodman Henry                     
Butch Henry          P      TX   1992-1999  Floyd Buford Henry Iii                   
Doug Henry           P      CA   1991-2001  Richard Douglas Henry                    
Dutch Henry          P      OH   1921-1930  Frank John Henry                         
Dwayne Henry         P      MD   1984-1995  Dwayne Allen Henry                       
Earl Henry           P      OH   1944-1945  Earl Clifford Henry                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Henry            P      PA   1936-1939  James Francis Henry                      
John Henry           C      MA   1910-1918  John Park Henry                          
Ron Henry            C      PA   1961-1964  Ronald Baxter Henry                      
Snake Henry          1B     NC   1922-1923  Frederick Marshall Henry                 
Roy Henshaw          P      IL   1933-1944  Roy Knikelbine Henshaw                   
Phil Hensiek         P      MO   1935-1935  Philip Frank Hensiek                     
Chuck Hensley        P      CA   1986-1986  Charles Floyd Hensley                    
Clay Hensley         P      TX   2005-2012  Clayton Allen Hensley                    
Matt Hensley         P      CA   2004-2004  Matthew Davis Hensley                    
Drew Henson          3B     CA   2002-2003  Drew Daniel Henson                       
Pat Hentgen          P      MI   1991-2004  Patrick George Hentgen                   
Bill Hepler          P      VA   1966-1966  William Lewis Hepler                     
Ron Herbel           P      CO   1963-1971  Ronald Samuel Herbel                     
Ernie Herbert        P      MO   1913-1913  Ernie Albert Herbert                     
Fred Herbert         P      IL   1915-1915  Frederick Herbert                        
Ray Herbert          P      MI   1950-1966  Raymond Ernest Herbert                   
Felix Heredia        P      DR   1996-2005  Felix Heredia                            
Gil Heredia          P      AZ   1991-2001  Gilbert Heredia                          
Ubaldo Heredia       P      VZ   1987-1987  Ubaldo Jose Heredia Martinez             
Wilson Heredia       P      DR   1995-1997  Wilson Heredia                           
Matt Herges          P      IL   1999-2009  Matthew Tyler Herges                     
Babe Herman          OF     NY   1926-1945  Floyd Caves Herman                       
Billy Herman         2B     IN   1931-1947  William Jennings Bryan Herman            
Al Hermann           2B-3B  NJ   1923-1924  Albert Bartel Hermann                    
Chad Hermansen       CF-RF  UT   1999-2004  Chad Bruce Hermansen                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Gene Hermanski       OF     MA   1943-1953  Eugene Victor Hermanski                  
Dustin Hermanson     P      OH   1995-2006  Dustin Michael Hermanson                 
Jeremy Hermida       OF     GA   2005-2012  Jeremy Ryan Hermida                      
Remy Hermoso         2B-SS  VZ   1967-1974  Angel Remigio Hermoso                    
Jesus Hernaiz        P      PR   1974-1974  Jesus Rafael Hernaiz Rodriguez           
Adrian Hernandez     P      CU   2001-2004  Adrian R. Hernandez                      
Alex Hernandez       1B-RF  PR   2000-2001  Alexander Vargas Hernandez               
Anderson Hernandez   2B     DR   2005-2010  Anderson Mejia Hernandez                 
Carlos Hernandez     C      VZ   1990-2000  Carlos Alberto Hernandez                 
Carlos Hernandez     P      VZ   2001-2004  Carlos Enrique Hernandez                 
Carlos Hernandez     2B-SS  VZ   1999-2000  Carlos Eduardo Hernandez                 
Cesar Hernandez      LF-CF  DR   1992-1993  Cesar Dario Hernandez Perez              
Cesar Hernandez      2B     VZ   2013-2014  Cesar Augusto Hernandez                  
Chico Hernandez      C      CU   1942-1943  Salvador Jose Hernandez Ramos            
David Hernandez      P      CA   2009-2014  David Jose Hernandez                     
Diory Hernandez      3B-2B  DR   2009-2011  Diory Hernandez                          
Enrique Hernandez    2B     PR   2014-2014  Enrique J. Hernandez                     
Enzo Hernandez       SS     VZ   1971-1978  Enzo Octavio Hernandez                   
Evelio Hernandez     P      CU   1956-1957  Gregorio Evelio Hernandez Lopez          
Felix Hernandez      P      VZ   2005-2014  Felix Abraham Hernandez                  
Fernando Hernandez   P      DR   1997-1997  Fernando Hernandez                       
Fernando Hernandez   P      FL   2008-2008  Fernando Hernandez                       
Gorkys Hernandez     OF     VZ   2012-2012  Gorkys Gustavo Hernandez                 
Jackie Hernandez     SS     CU   1965-1973  Jacinto Hernandez Zulueta                
Jeremy Hernandez     P      CA   1991-1995  Jeremy Stuart Hernandez                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jose Hernandez       SS-3B  PR   1991-2006  Jose Antonio Hernandez                   
Keith Hernandez      1B     CA   1974-1990  Keith Hernandez                          
Leo Hernandez        3B     VZ   1982-1986  Leonardo Jesus Hernandez                 
Livan Hernandez      P      CU   1996-2012  Eisler Livan Hernandez                   
Luis Hernandez       2B     VZ   2007-2012  Luis A. Hernandez                        
Manny Hernandez      P      DR   1986-1989  Manuel Antonio Hernandez Montas          
Michel Hernandez     C      CU   2003-2009  Michel Hernandez                         
Orlando Hernandez    P      CU   1998-2007  Orlando P. Hernandez                     
Pedro Hernandez      P      VZ   2012-2014  Pedro Michel Hernandez                   
Pedro Hernandez      3B-OF  DR   1979-1982  Pedro Julio Hernandez                    
Ramon Hernandez      C      VZ   1999-2013  Ramon Jose Marin Hernandez               
Ramon Hernandez      P      PR   1967-1977  Ramon Hernandez Gonzalez                 
Roberto Hernandez    P      PR   1991-2007  Roberto Manuel Hernandez                 
Roberto Hernandez    P      DR   2006-2014  Roberto Hernandez (Heredia) (AKA Fausto Carmona) 
Rudy Hernandez       P      DR   1960-1961  Rudolph Albert Hernandez Fuentes         
Rudy Hernandez       SS     MX   1972-1972  Rodolfo Hernandez Acosta                 
Runelvys Hernandez   P      DR   2002-2008  Runelvys Antonio Hernandez               
Toby Hernandez       C      VZ   1984-1984  Rafael Tobias Hernandez Alvarado         
Willie Hernandez     P      PR   1977-1989  Guillermo Hernandez Villanueva           
Xavier Hernandez     P      TX   1989-1998  Francis Xavier Hernandez                 
Yoel Hernandez       P      VZ   2007-2007  Yoel Alejandro Hernandez                 
David Herndon        P      FL   2010-2012  Kenneth David Herndon                    
Junior Herndon       P      KS   2001-2001  Harry Francis Herndon                    
Larry Herndon        OF     MS   1974-1988  Larry Darnell Herndon                    
Tom Herr             2B     PA   1979-1991  Thomas Mitchell Herr                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Walt Herrell         P      MD   1911-1911  Walter William Herrell                   
Alex Herrera         P      VZ   2002-2003  Alexander Jose Herrera                   
Bobby Herrera        P      MX   1951-1951  Procopio Rodriguez Herrera               
Danny Ray Herrera    P      TX   2008-2011  Daniel Ray Herrera                       
Dilson Herrera       2B     CB   2014-2014  Dilson Jose Herrera                      
Elian Herrera        2B     DR   2012-2014  Elian Herrera (Ramirez)                  
Jonathan Herrera     SS-2B  VZ   2008-2014  Jonathan Alejandro Herrera               
Jose Herrera         OF     VZ   1967-1970  Jose Concepcion Herrera Ontiveros        
Jose Herrera         RF-CF  DR   1995-1996  Jose Ramon Herrera Catalino              
Kelvin Herrera       P      DR   2011-2014  Kelvin De jesus Herrera                  
Mike Herrera         2B-3B  CU   1925-1926  Ramon Herrera                            
Pancho Herrera       1B     CU   1958-1961  Juan Francisco Herrera Willavicencio     
Yoslan Herrera       P      CU   2008-2014  Yoslan Herrera                           
Troy Herriage        P      OK   1956-1956  William Troy Herriage                    
Tom Herrin           P      LA   1954-1954  Thomas Edward Herrin                     
Art Herring          P      OK   1929-1947  Arthur L. Herring                        
Herb Herring         P      AR   1912-1912  Herbert Lee Herring                      
Lefty Herring        1B-OF  PA   1904-1904  Silas Clarke Herring                     
Chris Herrmann       C      TX   2012-2014  Christopher Ryan Herrmann                
Ed Herrmann          C      CA   1967-1978  Edward Martin Herrmann                   
Frank Herrmann       P      NJ   2010-2012  Frank Joseph Herrmann                    
Leroy Herrmann       P      IL   1932-1935  Leroy George Herrmann                    
Marty Herrmann       P      IN   1918-1918  Martin John Herrmann                     
John Herrnstein      OF-1B  VA   1962-1966  John Ellett Herrnstein                   
Rick Herrscher       1B-3B  MO   1962-1962  Richard Franklin Herrscher               

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Earl Hersh           OF     MD   1956-1956  Earl Walter Hersh                        
Mike Hershberger     OF     OH   1961-1971  Norman Michael Hershberger               
Willard Hershberger  C      CA   1938-1940  Willard McKee Hershberger                
Frank Hershey        P      NY   1905-1905  Frank Hershey                            
Orel Hershiser       P      NY   1983-2000  Orel Leonard Quinton Hershiser IV        
Neal Hertweck        1B     MO   1952-1952  Neal Charles Hertweck                    
Steve Hertz          3B     OH   1964-1964  Stephen Allan Hertz                      
Buck Herzog          2B-3B  MD   1908-1920  Charles Lincoln Herzog                   
Whitey Herzog        OF     IL   1956-1963  Dorrel Norman Elvert Herzog              
Joe Hesketh          P      NY   1984-1994  Joseph Thomas Hesketh                    
Otto Hess            P      SZ   1904-1915  Otto C. Hess                             
George Hesselbacher  P      PA   1916-1916  George Edward Hesselbacher               
Mike Hessman         1B     CA   2003-2010  Michael Steven Hessman                   
John Hester          C      GA   2009-2013  John G. Hester                           
Chris Heston         P      FL   2014-2014  Christopher Lee Heston                   
Johnny Hetki         P      KS   1945-1954  John Edward Hetki                        
Gus Hetling          3B     MO   1906-1906  August Julius Hetling                    
Eric Hetzel          P      LA   1989-1990  Eric Paul Hetzel                         
Ed Heusser           P      UT   1935-1948  Edward Burlton Heusser                   
Joe Heving           P      KY   1930-1945  Joseph William Heving                    
Johnnie Heving       C      KY   1920-1932  John Aloysius Heving                     
Greg Heydeman        P      CA   1973-1973  Gregory George Heydeman                  
Mike Heydon          C      --   1904-1907  Michael Edward Heydon                    
Jason Heyward        RF     GA   2010-2014  Jason Alias Heyward                      
Jack Hiatt           C-1B   CA   1964-1972  Jack E. Hiatt                            

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Phil Hiatt           3B-RF  FL   1993-2001  Philip Farrell Hiatt                     
Greg Hibbard         P      LA   1989-1994  James Gregory Hibbard                    
Jim Hibbs            H      OR   1967-1967  James Kerr Hibbs                         
Bryan Hickerson      P      MN   1991-1995  Bryan David Hickerson                    
Jack Hickey          P      MN   1904-1904  John William Hickey                      
Jim Hickey           P      MA   1942-1944  James Robert Hickey                      
Kevin Hickey         P      IL   1981-1991  Kevin John Hickey                        
Charlie Hickman      1B-OF  PA   1903-1908  Charles Taylor Hickman                   
Jesse Hickman        P      LA   1965-1966  Jesse Owens Hickman                      
Jim Hickman          OF     TN   1916-1919  David James Hickman                      
Jim Hickman          OF-1B  TN   1962-1974  James Lucius Hickman                     
Aaron Hicks          CF     CA   2013-2014  Aaron M. Hicks                           
Brandon Hicks        SS-3B  TX   2010-2014  Brandon Ryan Hicks                       
Buddy Hicks          SS-2B  CA   1956-1956  Clarence Walter Hicks                    
Jim Hicks            OF-1B  IN   1965-1970  James Edward Hicks                       
Joe Hicks            OF     VA   1959-1963  William Joseph Hicks                     
Richard Hidalgo      RF-CF  VZ   1997-2005  Richard Jose Hidalgo                     
Kirby Higbe          P      SC   1937-1950  Walter Kirby Higbe                       
Mahlon Higbee        OF     KY   1922-1922  Mahlon Jesse Higbee                      
Bill Higdon          OF     AL   1949-1949  William Travis Higdon                    
Irv Higginbotham     P      NE   1906-1909  Irving Clinton Higginbotham              
Bob Higgins          C      TN   1909-1912  Robert Stone Higgins                     
Dennis Higgins       P      MO   1966-1972  Dennis Dean Higgins                      
Eddie Higgins        P      IL   1909-1910  Thomas Edward Higgins                    
Kevin Higgins        C      CA   1993-1993  Kevin Wayne Higgins                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mark Higgins         1B     FL   1989-1989  Mark Douglas Higgins                     
Pinky Higgins        3B     TX   1930-1946  Michael Franklin Higgins                 
Bobby Higginson      LF-RF  FL   1995-2005  Robert Leigh Higginson                   
Andy High            3B-2B  IL   1922-1934  Andrew Aird High                         
Charlie High         OF     IL   1919-1920  Charles Edwin High                       
Hugh High            OF     PA   1913-1918  Hugh Jenken High                         
Teddy Higuera        P      MX   1985-1994  Teodoro Higuera                          
Whitey Hilcher       P      IL   1931-1936  Walter Frank Hilcher                     
Oral Hildebrand      P      IN   1931-1940  Oral Clyde Hildebrand                    
Palmer Hildebrand    C      OH   1913-1913  Palmer Marion Hildebrand                 
Tom Hilgendorf       P      IA   1969-1975  Thomas Eugene Hilgendorf                 
Erik Hiljus          P      CA   1999-2002  Erik Kristian Hiljus                     
Aaron Hill           2B     CA   2005-2014  Aaron Walter Hill                        
Bobby Hill           2B-3B  CA   2002-2005  William Robert Hill                      
Carmen Hill          P      MN   1915-1930  Carmen Proctor Hill                      
Dave Hill            P      LA   1957-1957  David Burnham Hill                       
Donnie Hill          2B-SS  CA   1983-1992  Donald Earl Hill                         
Garry Hill           P      NC   1969-1969  Garry Alton Hill                         
Glenallen Hill       RF-LF  CA   1989-2001  Glenallen Hill                           
Herbert Hill         P      TX   1915-1915  Herbert Lee Hill                         
Herman Hill          OF     AL   1969-1970  Herman Alexander Hill                    
Hugh Hill            OF     GA   1903-1904  Hugh Ellis Hill                          
Hunter Hill          3B     TX   1903-1905  Hunter Benjamin Hill                     
Jeremy Hill          P      TX   2002-2003  Jeremy Dee Hill                          
Jesse Hill           OF     MO   1935-1937  Jesse Terrill Hill                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ken Hill             P      MA   1988-2001  Kenneth Wade Hill                        
Koyie Hill           C      OK   2003-2014  Koyie Dolan Hill                         
Marc Hill            C      MO   1973-1986  Marc Kevin Hill                          
Milt Hill            P      GA   1991-1994  Milton Giles Hill                        
Oliver Hill          H      GA   1939-1939  Oliver Clinton Hill                      
Red Hill             P      TX   1917-1917  Clifford Joseph Hill                     
Rich Hill            P      MA   2005-2014  Richard Joseph Hill                      
Shawn Hill           P      ON   2004-2012  Shawn Richard Hill                       
Steven Hill          1B-3B  TX   2010-2012  Steven Douglas Hill                      
Taylor Hill          P      TN   2014-2014  David Taylor Hill                        
Homer Hillebrand     P      IL   1905-1908  Homer Hiller Henry Hillebrand            
Shawn Hillegas       P      CA   1987-1993  Shawn Patrick Hillegas                   
Shea Hillenbrand     3B-1B  AZ   2001-2007  Shea Matthew Hillebrand                  
Chuck Hiller         2B     IL   1961-1968  Charles Joseph Hiller                    
Frank Hiller         P      NJ   1946-1953  Frank Walter Hiller                      
Hob Hiller           3B-SS  PA   1920-1921  Harvey Max Hiller                        
John Hiller          P      ON   1965-1980  John Frederick Hiller                    
Ed Hilley            3B     OH   1903-1903  Edward Garfield Hilley                   
Mack Hillis          2B     MA   1924-1928  Malcolm David Hillis                     
Dave Hillman         P      VA   1955-1962  Darius Dutton Hillman                    
Eric Hillman         P      IN   1992-1994  John Eric Hillman                        
Pat Hilly            OF     OH   1914-1914  William Edward Hilly                     
Dave Hilton          3B-2B  TX   1972-1975  John David Hilton                        
Howard Hilton        P      CA   1990-1990  Howard James Hilton                      
Jack Himes           OF     OH   1905-1906  John Herb Himes                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
A.J. Hinch           C      IA   1998-2004  Andrew Jay Hinch                         
Brett Hinchcliffe    P      MI   1999-2001  Brett Hinchcliffe                        
Bill Hinchman        OF     PA   1905-1920  William White Hinchman                   
Harry Hinchman       2B     PA   1907-1907  Harry Sibley Hinchman                    
Mike Hinckley        P      OK   2008-2009  Michael David Hinckley                   
Sam Hinds            P      MD   1977-1977  Samuel Russell Hinds                     
Gordie Hinkle        C      OH   1934-1934  Daniel Gordon Hinkle                     
Dutch Hinrichs       P      CA   1910-1910  William Louis Hinrichs                   
Paul Hinrichs        P      IA   1951-1951  Paul Edwin Hinrichs                      
Alex Hinshaw         P      CA   2008-2012  Alexander Omar Hinshaw                   
George Hinshaw       OF-3B  CA   1982-1983  George Addison Hinshaw                   
Eric Hinske          1B     WI   2002-2013  Eric Scott Hinske                        
Jerry Hinsley        P      OK   1964-1967  Jerry Dean Hinsley                       
Paul Hinson          H      TN   1928-1928  James Paul Hinson                        
Chuck Hinton         OF     NC   1961-1971  Charles Edward Hinton Jr.                
Rich Hinton          P      AZ   1971-1979  Richard Michael Hinton                   
Tommy Hinzo          2B     CA   1987-1989  Thomas Lee Hinzo                         
Herb Hippauf         P      NY   1966-1966  Herbert August Hippauf                   
Jason Hirsh          P      CA   2006-2008  Jason Michael Hirsh                      
Gene Hiser           OF     MD   1971-1975  Gene Taylor Hiser                        
Larry Hisle          OF     OH   1968-1982  Larry Eugene Hisle                       
Harley Hisner        P      IN   1951-1951  Harley Parnell Hisner                    
Billy Hitchcock      3B-2B  AL   1942-1953  William Clyde Hitchcock                  
Jim Hitchcock        SS     AL   1938-1938  James Franklin Hitchcock                 
Sterling Hitchcock   P      NC   1992-2004  Sterling Alex Hitchcock                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bruce Hitt           P      TX   1917-1917  Bruce Smith Hitt                         
Roy Hitt             P      NE   1907-1907  Roy Wesley Hitt                          
Lloyd Hittle         P      CA   1949-1950  Lloyd Eldon Hittle                       
Myril Hoag           OF     CA   1931-1945  Myril Oliver Hoag                        
Don Hoak             3B     PA   1954-1964  Donald Albert Hoak                       
Ed Hobaugh           P      PA   1961-1963  Edward Russell Hobaugh                   
Glen Hobbie          P      IL   1957-1964  Glen Frederick Hobbie                    
Bill Hobbs           SS     KY   1913-1916  William Lee Hobbs                        
John Hobbs           P      PA   1981-1981  John Douglas Hobbs                       
Dick Hoblitzel       1B     WV   1908-1918  Richard Carleton Hoblitzel               
Butch Hobson         3B     AL   1975-1982  Clell Lavern Hobson                      
Harry Hoch           P      DE   1908-1915  Harry Keller Hoch                        
Luke Hochevar        P      CO   2007-2014  Luke Anthony Hochevar                    
Ed Hock              OF     OH   1924-1924  Edward Francis Hock                      
Chuck Hockenbery     P      WI   1975-1975  Charles Marion Hockenbery                
Oris Hockett         OF     IN   1938-1945  Oris Leon Hockett                        
George Hockette      P      MS   1934-1935  George Edward Hockette                   
Denny Hocking        SS-2B  CA   1993-2005  Dennis Lee Hocking                       
Johnny Hodapp        2B-3B  OH   1925-1933  Urban John Hodapp                        
Mel Hoderlein        2B     OH   1951-1954  Melvin Anthony Hoderlein                 
Bert Hodge           3B     TN   1942-1942  Edward Burton Hodge                      
Ed Hodge             P      CA   1984-1984  Ed Oliver Hodge                          
Gomer Hodge          3B-1B  NC   1971-1971  Harold Morris Hodge                      
Shovel Hodge         P      AL   1920-1922  Clarence Clemet Hodge                    
Gil Hodges           1B     IN   1943-1963  Gilbert Ray Hodges                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Kevin Hodges         P      TX   2000-2000  Kevin Jon Hodges                         
Ron Hodges           C      VA   1973-1984  Ronald Wray Hodges                       
Trey Hodges          P      TX   2002-2003  Trey Alan Hodges                         
Ralph Hodgin         OF-3B  NC   1939-1948  Elmer Ralph Hodgin                       
Paul Hodgson         OF     QC   1980-1980  Paul Joseph Denis Hodgson                
Eli Hodkey           P      OH   1946-1946  Aloysius Joseph Hodkey                   
Billy Hoeft          P      WI   1952-1966  William Frederick Hoeft                  
Art Hoelskoetter     2B     MO   1905-1908  Arthur Hoelskoetter                      
Joe Hoerner          P      IA   1963-1977  Joseph Walter Hoerner                    
Lefty Hoerst         P      PA   1940-1947  Frank Joseph Hoerst                      
L.J. Hoes            RF-OF  MD   2012-2014  Jerome O'Brian Hoes                      
Jack Hoey            OF     MA   1906-1908  John Bernard Hoey                        
Jim Hoey             P      NJ   2006-2011  James Urban Hoey V                       
Chet Hoff            P      NY   1911-1915  Chester Cornelius Hoff                   
Stew Hofferth        C      IN   1944-1946  Stewart Edward Hofferth                  
Bill Hoffman         P      PA   1939-1939  William Joseph Hoffman                   
Danny Hoffman        OF     CT   1903-1911  Daniel John Hoffman                      
Dutch Hoffman        OF     IL   1929-1929  Clarence Casper Hoffman                  
Glenn Hoffman        SS-3B  CA   1980-1989  Glenn Edward Hoffman                     
Guy Hoffman          P      IL   1979-1988  Guy Alan Hoffman                         
Izzy Hoffman         OF     NJ   1904-1907  Harry C. Hoffman                         
John Hoffman         C      SD   1964-1965  John Edward Hoffman                      
Ray Hoffman          3B     MI   1942-1942  Raymond Lamont Hoffman                   
Tex Hoffman          3B     TX   1915-1915  Edward Adolph Hoffman                    
Trevor Hoffman       P      CA   1993-2010  Trevor William Hoffman                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jamie Hoffmann       OF     MN   2009-2011  Jamie Richard Hoffmann                   
Jarrett Hoffpauir    2B-3B  MS   2009-2010  Jarrett Lee Hoffpauir                    
Micah Hoffpauir      1B     TX   2008-2010  James Micah Hoffpauir                    
Bobby Hofman         2B-1B  MO   1949-1957  Robert George Hoffman                    
Solly Hofman         OF-1B  MO   1903-1916  Arthur Frederick Hofman                  
Fred Hofmann         C      MO   1919-1928  Fred Hofmann                             
Kenny Hogan          OF     OH   1921-1924  Kenneth Sylvester Hogan                  
Shanty Hogan         C      MA   1925-1937  James Francis Hogan                      
Willie Hogan         OF     CA   1911-1912  William Henry Hogan                      
Bert Hogg            3B     MI   1934-1934  Wilbert George Hogg                      
Bill Hogg            P      MI   1905-1908  William Johnston Hogg                    
Brad Hogg            P      GA   1911-1919  Carter Bradley Hogg                      
Chief Hogsett        P      KS   1929-1944  Elon Chester Hogsett                     
Bobby Hogue          P      FL   1948-1952  Robert Clinton Hogue                     
Cal Hogue            P      OH   1952-1954  Calvin Grey Hogue                        
Bill Hohman          OF     MD   1927-1927  William Henry Hohman                     
Eddie Hohnhorst      1B     KY   1910-1912  Edward Hicks Hohnhorst                   
Chris Hoiles         C      OH   1989-1998  Christopher Allen Hoiles                 
Bryan Holaday        C      TX   2012-2014  John Bryan Holaday                       
Aaron Holbert        2B     CA   1996-2005  Aaron Keith Holbert                      
Ray Holbert          SS-2B  CA   1994-2000  Ray Arthur Holbert Iii                   
Wally Holborow       P      NY   1944-1948  Walter Albert Holborow                   
Sammy Holbrook       C      MS   1935-1935  James Marbury Holbrook                   
Ken Holcombe         P      NC   1945-1953  Kenneth Edward Holcombe                  
Bill Holden          OF     AL   1913-1914  William Paul Holden                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Holden           C      PA   1934-1936  Joseph Francis Holden                    
David Holdridge      P      MI   1998-1998  David Allen Holdridge                    
Fred Holdsworth      P      MI   1972-1980  Frederick William Holdsworth             
John Holdzkom        P      CA   2014-2014  John Stephen Holdzkom                    
Walter Holke         1B     MO   1914-1925  Walter Henry Holke                       
Bill Hollahan        3B     NY   1920-1920  William James Hollahan                   
Al Holland           P      VA   1977-1987  Alfred Willis Holland                    
Bill Holland         P      NC   1939-1939  William David Holland                    
Derek Holland        P      OH   2009-2014  Derek Lane Holland                       
Dutch Holland        OF     NC   1932-1934  Robert Clyde Holland                     
Greg Holland         P      NC   2010-2014  Gregory Scott Holland                    
Mul Holland          P      VA   1926-1929  Howard Arthur Holland                    
Mario Hollands       P      CA   2014-2014  Mario Eduardo Lemus Hollands             
Todd Hollandsworth   LF-CF  OH   1995-2006  Todd Matthew Hollandsworth               
Gary Holle           1B     NY   1979-1979  Gary Charles Holle                       
Ed Holley            P      KY   1928-1934  Edward Edgar Holley                      
Matt Holliday        LF     OK   2004-2014  Matthew Thomas Holliday                  
Michael Hollimon     3B-LF  TX   2008-2008  Michael T. Hollimon                      
Carl Holling         P      CA   1921-1922  Carl Holling                             
Al Hollingsworth     P      MO   1935-1946  Albert Wayne Hollingsworth               
Bonnie Hollingsworth P      TN   1922-1928  John Burnette Hollingsworth              
Damon Hollins        LF-RF  CA   1998-2006  Damon Jamall Hollins                     
Dave Hollins         3B     NY   1990-2002  David Michael Hollins                    
Jessie Hollins       P      TX   1992-1992  Jessie Edward Hollins                    
Stan Hollmig         OF     TX   1949-1951  Stanley Ernest Hollmig                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Charlie Hollocher    SS     MO   1918-1924  Charles Jacob Hollocher                  
Bobo Holloman        P      GA   1953-1953  Alva Lee Holloman                        
Jim Holloway         P      LA   1929-1929  James Madison Holloway                   
Ken Holloway         P      GA   1922-1930  Kenneth Eugene Holloway                  
Ed Holly             SS     IL   1906-1907  Edward William Holly                     
Jeff Holly           P      CA   1977-1979  Jeffrey Owen Holly                       
Billy Holm           C      IL   1943-1945  William Frederick Holm                   
Steve Holm           C      CA   2008-2011  Stephen Robert Holm                      
Wattie Holm          OF     IA   1924-1932  Roscoe Albert Holm                       
Brad Holman          P      MO   1993-1993  Bradley Thomas Holman                    
Brian Holman         P      CO   1988-1991  Brian Scott Holman                       
Gary Holman          1B-OF  CA   1968-1969  Gary Richard Holman                      
Scott Holman         P      CA   1980-1983  Randy Scott Holman                       
Shawn Holman         P      PA   1989-1989  Shawn Leroy Holman                       
David Holmberg       P      FL   2013-2014  David A. Holmberg                        
Chick Holmes         P      NJ   1918-1918  Elwood Marter Holmes                     
Darren Holmes        P      NC   1990-2003  Darren Lee Holmes                        
Ducky Holmes         OF     IA   1903-1905  James William Holmes                     
Ducky Holmes         C      OH   1906-1906  Howard Elbert Holmes                     
Fred Holmes          C-1B   IL   1903-1904  Frederick C. Holmes                      
Jim Holmes           P      KY   1906-1908  James Scott Holmes                       
Tommy Holmes         OF     NY   1942-1952  Thomas Francis Holmes                    
Herm Holshouser      P      NC   1930-1930  Herman Alexander Holshouser              
Brock Holt           2B-SS  TX   2012-2014  Brock Wyatt Holt                         
Chris Holt           P      TX   1996-2001  Christopher Michael Holt                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Holt             OF-1B  NC   1968-1976  James William Holt                       
Red Holt             1B     TN   1925-1925  James Emmett Madison Holt                
Roger Holt           2B     FL   1980-1980  Roger Boyd Holt                          
Tyler Holt           OF     FL   2014-2014  Tyler A. Holt                            
Vern Holtgrave       P      IL   1965-1965  Lavern George Holtgrave                  
Brian Holton         P      PA   1985-1990  Brian John Holton                        
Mike Holtz           P      VA   1996-2006  Michael James Holtz                      
Ken Holtzman         P      MO   1965-1979  Kenneth Dale Holtzman                    
Mark Holzemer        P      CO   1993-2000  Mark Harold Holzemer                     
Rick Honeycutt       P      TN   1977-1997  Frederick Wayne Honeycutt                
Abie Hood            2B     NC   1925-1925  Albie Larrison Hood                      
Don Hood             P      SC   1973-1983  Donald Harris Hood                       
Wally Hood           OF     CA   1920-1922  Wallace James Sr. Hood                   
Wally Hood           P      CA   1949-1949  Wallace James Hood Jr.                   
Chris Hook           P      CA   1995-1996  Christopher Wayne Hook                   
Jay Hook             P      IL   1957-1964  James Wesley Hook                        
Buck Hooker          P      VA   1903-1903  William Edward Hooker                    
Alex Hooks           1B     TX   1935-1935  Alexander Marcus Hooks                   
Bob Hooper           P      ON   1950-1955  Robert Nelson Hooper                     
Harry Hooper         OF     CA   1909-1925  Harry Bartholomew Hooper                 
Kevin Hooper         2B     KS   2005-2006  Kevin J. Hooper                          
Leon Hooten          P      CA   1974-1974  Michael Leon Hooten                      
Burt Hooton          P      TX   1971-1985  Burt Carlton Hooton                      
Dick Hoover          P      OH   1952-1952  Richard Lloyd Hoover                     
J.J. Hoover          P      PA   2012-2014  James Allan Hoover                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Hoover           SS     CA   1943-1945  Robert Joseph Hoover                     
John Hoover          P      CA   1990-1990  John Nicklaus Hoover                     
Paul Hoover          C      OH   2001-2010  Paul Chester Hoover                      
John Hope            P      FL   1993-1996  John Alan Hope                           
Sam Hope             P      NY   1907-1907  Samuel Hope                              
Buck Hopkins         OF     VA   1907-1907  John Winton Hopkins                      
Don Hopkins          OF     MS   1975-1975  Donald Hopkins                           
Gail Hopkins         1B     OK   1968-1974  Gail Eason Hopkins                       
Marty Hopkins        3B     TX   1934-1935  Meredith Hilliard Hopkins                
Paul Hopkins         P      CT   1927-1929  Paul Henry Hopkins                       
Johnny Hopp          OF-1B  NE   1939-1952  John Leonard Hopp                        
Bill Hopper          P      TN   1913-1915  William Booth Hopper                     
Jim Hopper           P      NC   1946-1946  James McDaniel Hopper                    
Norris Hopper        OF     NC   2006-2008  Norris Stephen Hopper                    
Shags Horan          OF     MO   1924-1924  Joseph Patrick Horan                     
Joe Horgan           P      CA   2004-2005  Joseph Paul Horgan                       
Joe Horlen           P      TX   1961-1972  Joel Edward Horlen                       
Sam Horn             1B     KY   1987-1995  Samuel Lee Horn                          
Trader Horne         P      OH   1929-1929  Berlyn Dale Horne                        
Bob Horner           3B-1B  KS   1978-1988  James Robert Horner                      
Rogers Hornsby       2B     TX   1915-1937  Rogers Hornsby                           
Hanson Horsey        P      MD   1912-1912  Hanson Horsey                            
Vince Horsman        P      NS   1991-1995  Vincent Stanley Joseph Horsman           
Jeremy Horst         P      WY   2011-2013  Jeremy M. Horst                          
Oscar Horstmann      P      MO   1917-1919  Oscar Theodore Horstmann                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ricky Horton         P      NY   1984-1990  Ricky Neal Horton                        
Tony Horton          1B     CA   1964-1970  Anthony Darrin Horton                    
Willie Horton        OF     VA   1963-1980  Willie Watterson Horton                  
Brian Horwitz        OF     CA   2008-2008  Brian Jeffery Horwitz                    
Dwayne Hosey         CF-LF  PA   1995-1996  Dwayne Samuel Hosey                      
Steve Hosey          RF     CA   1992-1993  Steven Bernard Hosey                     
Dave Hoskins         P      MS   1953-1954  David Taylor Hoskins                     
Tim Hosley           C      SC   1970-1981  Timtohy Kenneth Hosley                   
Eric Hosmer          1B     FL   2011-2014  Eric John Hosmer                         
Gene Host            P      PA   1956-1957  Eugene Earl Host                         
Chuck Hostetler      OF     PA   1944-1945  Charles Cloyd Hostetler                  
Dave Hostetler       1B     CA   1981-1988  David Alan Hostetler                     
Ken Hottman          OF     CA   1971-1971  Kenneth Roger Hottman                    
Tommy Hottovy        P      MO   2011-2012  Thomas L. Hottovy                        
Byron Houck          P      MN   1912-1918  Byron Simon Houck                        
Charlie Hough        P      HI   1970-1994  Charles Oliver Hough                     
Ralph Houk           C      KS   1947-1954  Ralph George Houk                        
D.J. Houlton         P      CA   2005-2007  Dennis Sean Houlton                      
Craig House          P      JP   2000-2000  Craig Michael House                      
Frank House          C      AL   1950-1961  Henry Franklin House                     
Fred House           P      MO   1913-1913  Willard Edwin House                      
J.R. House           C      WV   2003-2008  James Rodger House                       
Pat House            P      ID   1967-1968  Patrick Lory House                       
T.J. House           P      MS   2014-2014  Glenn A. House                           
Tom House            P      WA   1971-1978  Thomas Ross House                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ed Householder       OF     PA   1903-1903  Edward H. Householder                    
Paul Householder     OF     OH   1980-1987  Paul Wesley Householder                  
Ben Houser           1B     PA   1910-1912  Benjamin Franklin Houser                 
James Houser         P      FL   2010-2010  James Robert Houser                      
Wayne Housie         CF-RF  VA   1991-1993  Wayne Tyrone Housie                      
Tyler Houston        3B-C   CA   1996-2003  Tyler Sam Houston                        
Art Houtteman        P      MI   1945-1957  Arthur Joseph Houtteman                  
Steve Hovley         OF     CA   1969-1973  Stephen Eugene Hovley                    
Ed Hovlik            P      OH   1918-1919  Edward Charles Hovlik                    
Joe Hovlik           P      --   1909-1911  Joseph Hovlik                            
Ben Howard           P      IL   2002-2004  Benjamin Richard Howard                  
Bruce Howard         P      MD   1963-1968  Bruce Ernest Howard                      
Chris Howard         C      CA   1991-1994  Christopher Hugh Howard                  
Chris Howard         P      MA   1993-1995  Christian Howard                         
Dave Howard          2B     DC   1912-1912  David Austin Howard                      
David Howard         SS-2B  FL   1991-1999  David Wayne Howard                       
Del Howard           OF-1B  IL   1905-1909  George Elmer Howard                      
Doug Howard          1B-OF  UT   1972-1976  Douglas Lynn Howard                      
Earl Howard          P      PA   1918-1918  Earl Nycum Howard                        
Elston Howard        C-OF   MO   1955-1968  Elston Gene Howard                       
Frank Howard         OF-1B  OH   1958-1973  Frank Oliver Howard                      
Fred Howard          P      ME   1979-1979  Fred Irving Howard                       
Ivan Howard          1B-2B  IL   1914-1917  Ivon Chester Howard                      
Larry Howard         C      OH   1970-1973  Lawrence Rayford Howard                  
Lee Howard           P      NY   1946-1947  Lee Vincent Howard                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Matt Howard          2B     MA   1996-1996  Matthew Christopher Howard               
Mike Howard          OF     WA   1981-1983  Michael Fredric Howard                   
Paul Howard          OF     MA   1909-1909  Paul Joseph Howard                       
Ryan Howard          1B     MO   2004-2014  Ryan James Howard                        
Steve Howard         RF-LF  CA   1990-1990  Steven Bernard Howard                    
Thomas Howard        LF-CF  OH   1990-2000  Thomas Sylvester Howard                  
Wilbur Howard        OF     NC   1973-1978  Wilbur Leon Howard                       
Jim Howarth          OF     MS   1971-1974  James Eugene Howarth                     
Art Howe             3B-2B  PA   1974-1985  Arthur Henry Howe Jr.                    
Cal Howe             P      IL   1952-1952  Calvin Earl Howe                         
Les Howe             P      NY   1923-1924  Lester Curtis Howe                       
Steve Howe           P      MI   1980-1996  Steven Roy Howe                          
Dixie Howell         P      KY   1940-1958  Millard Howell                           
Dixie Howell         C      KY   1947-1956  Homer Elliott Howell                     
Harry Howell         P      --   1903-1910  Henry Harry Howell                       
J.P. Howell          P      CA   2005-2014  James Phillip Howell                     
Jack Howell          3B     AZ   1985-1999  Jack Robert Howell                       
Jay Howell           P      FL   1980-1994  Jay Canfield Howell                      
Ken Howell           P      MI   1984-1990  Kenneth Howell                           
Pat Howell           CF     AL   1992-1992  Patrick O'Neal Howell                    
Red Howell           H      GA   1941-1941  Murray Donald Howell                     
Roland Howell        P      LA   1912-1912  Roland Boatner Howell                    
Roy Howell           3B     CA   1974-1984  Roy Lee Howell                           
Bill Howerton        OF     CA   1949-1952  William Ray Howerton                     
Dann Howitt          RF-LF  MI   1989-1994  Dann Paul John Howitt                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dan Howley           C      MA   1913-1913  Daniel Phillip Howley                    
Bob Howry            P      AZ   1998-2010  Bobby Dean Howry                         
Dick Howser          SS     FL   1961-1968  Richard Dalton Howser                    
Peter Hoy            P      ON   1992-1992  Peter Alexander Hoy                      
Tex Hoyle            P      PA   1952-1952  Roland Edison Hoyle                      
LaMarr Hoyt          P      SC   1979-1986  Dewey La Marr Hoyt                       
Waite Hoyt           P      NY   1918-1938  Waite Charles Hoyt                       
Al Hrabosky          P      CA   1970-1982  Alan Thomas Hrabosky                     
Kent Hrbek           1B     MN   1981-1994  Kent Alan Hrbek                          
Walt Hriniak         C      MA   1968-1969  Walter John Hriniak                      
Chin-lung Hu         2B-SS  TW   2007-2011  Chin-Lung Hu                             
Glenn Hubbard        2B     GE   1978-1989  Glenn Dee Hubbard                        
Mike Hubbard         C      VA   1995-2001  Michael Wayne Hubbard                    
Trenidad Hubbard     LF-CF  IL   1994-2003  Trenidad Aviel Hubbard                   
Bill Hubbell         P      CA   1919-1925  Wilbert William Hubbell                  
Carl Hubbell         P      MO   1928-1943  Carl Owen Hubbell                        
Ken Hubbs            2B     CA   1961-1963  Kenneth Douglas Hubbs                    
Clarence Huber       3B     TX   1920-1926  Clarence Bill Huber                      
Jon Huber            P      CA   2006-2007  Jonathon Lloyd Huber                     
Justin Huber         C      AU   2005-2009  Justin Patrick Huber                     
Otto Huber           3B-2B  NJ   1939-1939  Otto Huber                               
Ken Huckaby          C      CA   2001-2006  Kenneth Paul Huckaby                     
Earl Huckleberry     P      OK   1935-1935  Earl Eugene Huckleberry                  
John Hudek           P      FL   1994-1999  John Raymond Hudek                       
Dave Hudgens         1B     CA   1983-1983  David Mark Hudgens                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jimmy Hudgens        1B     MO   1923-1926  James Price Hudgens                      
Rex Hudler           2B-LF  AZ   1984-1998  Rex Allen Hudler                         
Willis Hudlin        P      OK   1926-1944  George Willis Hudlin                     
Charles Hudson       P      TX   1983-1989  Charles Lynn Hudson                      
Charlie Hudson       P      OK   1972-1975  Charles Hudson                           
Daniel Hudson        P      VA   2009-2014  Daniel Hudson                            
Hal Hudson           P      MI   1952-1953  Hal Campbell Hudson                      
Jesse Hudson         P      LA   1969-1969  Jesse James Hudson                       
Joe Hudson           P      PA   1995-1998  Joseph Paul Hudson                       
Johnny Hudson        2B-SS  TX   1936-1945  John Wilson Hudson                       
Kyle Hudson          OF     IL   2011-2011  Kyle Jordan Hudson                       
Luke Hudson          P      CA   2002-2007  Luke Stephen Hudson                      
Orlando Hudson       2B-3B  SC   2002-2012  Orlando Thill Hudson                     
Rex Hudson           P      OK   1974-1974  Rex Haughton Hudson                      
Sid Hudson           P      TN   1940-1954  Sidney Charles Hudson                    
Tim Hudson           P      GA   1999-2014  Timothy Adam Hudson                      
Frank Huelsman       OF     MO   1904-1905  Frank Elmer Huelsman                     
Al Huenke            P      OH   1914-1914  Albert Alfred Huenke                     
Aubrey Huff          1B     OH   2000-2012  Aubrey Lewis Huff                        
David Huff           P      CA   2009-2014  David G. Huff                            
Mike Huff            LF-CF  HI   1989-1996  Michael Kale Huff                        
Ben Huffman          C      VA   1937-1937  Bennie F Huffman                         
Chad Huffman         OF     TX   2010-2010  Chad Daniel Huffman                      
Phil Huffman         P      TX   1979-1985  Phillip Lee Huffman                      
Ed Hug               C      OH   1903-1903  Edward Ambrose Hug                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Miller Huggins       2B     OH   1904-1916  Miller James Huggins                     
Bill Hughes          P      PA   1921-1921  William Nesbert Hughes                   
Bobby Hughes         C      CA   1998-1999  Robert E. Hughes                         
Dick Hughes          P      AR   1966-1968  Richard Henry Hughes                     
Dusty Hughes         P      MS   2009-2011  Dustin Robert Hughes                     
Ed Hughes            P      IL   1905-1906  Edward J. Hughes                         
Jared Hughes         P      CA   2011-2014  William Jared Hughes                     
Jim Hughes           P      IL   1952-1957  James Robert Hughes                      
Jim Hughes           P      CA   1974-1977  James Michael Hughes                     
Keith Hughes         RF-LF  PA   1987-1993  Keith Wills Hughes                       
Luke Hughes          2B     AU   2010-2012  Luke Trevor Hughes                       
Philip Hughes        P      CA   2007-2014  Philip J. Hughes                         
Rhyne Hughes         1B     MS   2010-2010  John Rhyne Hughes                        
Roy Hughes           2B-3B  OH   1935-1946  Roy John Hughes                          
Terry Hughes         3B     SC   1970-1974  Terry Wayne Hughes                       
Tom Hughes           P      --   1959-1959  Thomas Edward Hughes                     
Tom Hughes           OF     AR   1930-1930  Thomas Franklin Hughes                   
Tom Hughes           P      CO   1906-1918  Thomas L. Hughes                         
Tom Hughes           P      IL   1903-1913  Thomas James Hughes                      
Tommy Hughes         P      PA   1941-1948  Thomas Owen Hughes                       
Travis Hughes        P      KS   2004-2006  Travis Wade Hughes                       
Tex Hughson          P      TX   1941-1949  Cecil Carlton Hughson                    
Emil Huhn            C-1B   IN   1916-1917  Emil Hugo Huhn                           
Justin Huisman       P      IL   2004-2004  Justin Ray Huisman                       
Rick Huisman         P      IL   1995-1996  Richard Allen Huisman                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mark Huismann        P      CO   1983-1991  Mark Lawrence Huismann                   
Tim Hulett           3B-2B  IL   1983-1995  Timothy Craig Hulett                     
Tug Hulett           3B     IL   2008-2009  Timothy Craig Hulett Jr.                 
Harry Hulihan        P      VT   1922-1922  Harry Joseph Hulihan                     
Eric Hull            P      WA   2007-2007  Eric Eugene Hull                         
David Hulse          CF-LF  TX   1992-1996  David Lindsey Hulse                      
Rudy Hulswitt        SS     KY   1903-1910  Rudolph Edward Hulswitt                  
Hank Hulvey          P      VA   1923-1923  James Hensel Hulvey                      
Philip Humber        P      TX   2006-2013  Philip Gregory Humber                    
Tom Hume             P      OH   1977-1987  Thomas Hubert Hume                       
John Hummel          2B-OF  PA   1905-1918  John Edwin Hummel                        
Tim Hummel           3B-1B  NY   2003-2004  Timothy Robert Hummel                    
Al Humphrey          OF     OH   1911-1911  Albert Humphrey                          
Bill Humphrey        P      MO   1938-1938  Byron William Humphrey                   
Terry Humphrey       C      OK   1971-1979  Terryal Gene Humphrey                    
Bob Humphreys        P      VA   1962-1970  Robert William Humphreys                 
Mike Humphreys       LF-RF  TX   1991-1993  Michael Butler Humphreys                 
Bert Humphries       P      PA   1910-1915  Albert Humphries                         
Johnny Humphries     P      VA   1938-1946  John William Humphries                   
Nick Hundley         C      OR   2008-2014  Nicholas John Hundley                    
Randy Hundley        C      VA   1964-1977  Cecil Randolph Hundley Jr.               
Todd Hundley         C      VA   1990-2003  Todd Randolph Hundley                    
Bernie Hungling      C      OH   1922-1930  Bernard Herman Hungling                  
Bill Hunnefield      SS-2B  MA   1926-1931  William Fenton Hunnefield                
Ben Hunt             P      OK   1910-1913  Benjamin Franklin Hunt                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joel Hunt            OF     NM   1931-1932  Oliver Joel Hunt                         
Ken Hunt             OF     ND   1959-1964  Kenneth Lawrence Hunt                    
Ken Hunt             P      UT   1961-1961  Kenneth Raymond Hunt                     
Randy Hunt           C      AL   1985-1986  James Randall Hunt                       
Ron Hunt             2B     MO   1963-1974  Ronald Kenneth Hunt                      
Bill Hunter          OF     NY   1912-1912  William Ellsworth Hunter                 
Billy Hunter         SS     PA   1953-1958  Gordon William Hunter                    
Brian Hunter         1B     CA   1991-2000  Brian Ronald Hunter                      
Brian Hunter         CF-LF  OR   1994-2003  Brian Lee Hunter                         
Buddy Hunter         2B-3B  NE   1971-1975  Harold James Hunter                      
Catfish Hunter       P      NC   1965-1979  James Augustus Hunter                    
Cedric Hunter        OF     GA   2011-2011  Cedric Scott Hunter                      
George Hunter        OF-P   NY   1909-1909  George Henry Hunter                      
Herb Hunter          3B-OF  MA   1916-1921  Herbert Harrison Hunter                  
Jim Hunter           P      NJ   1991-1991  James Mac Gregor Hunter                  
Newt Hunter          1B     OH   1911-1911  Frederick Creighton Hunter               
Rich Hunter          P      CA   1996-1996  Richard Thomas Hunter                    
Thomas Hunter        OF-1B  MN   2013-2013  Thomas Hunter                            
Tommy Hunter         P      IN   2008-2014  Raymond Thomas Hunter                    
Torii Hunter         RF     AR   1998-2014  Torii Kedar Hunter                       
Willard Hunter       P      NJ   1962-1964  Willard Mitchell Hunter                  
Steve Huntz          3B-SS  OH   1967-1975  Stephen Michael Huntz                    
Walt Huntzinger      P      PA   1923-1926  Walter Henry Huntzinger                  
Dave Huppert         C      CA   1985-1985  David Blain Huppert                      
Tom Hurd             P      VA   1954-1956  Thomas Carr Hurd                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Clint Hurdle         OF     MI   1977-1987  Clinton Merrick Hurdle                   
Eric Hurley          P      FL   2008-2008  Eric William Hurley                      
Jerry Hurley         C      NY   1907-1907  Jeremiah Hurley                          
Bill Hurst           P      FL   1996-1996  William Hansel Hurst                     
Bruce Hurst          P      UT   1980-1994  Bruce Vee Hurst                          
Don Hurst            1B     KY   1928-1934  Frank O'Donnell Hurst                    
James Hurst          P      FL   1994-1994  James Lavon Hurst                        
Jimmy Hurst          RF     AL   1997-1997  Jimmy O'Neal Hurst                       
Jonathan Hurst       P      NY   1992-1994  Jonathan Hurst                           
Edwin Hurtado        P      VZ   1995-1997  Edwin Amilgar Hurtado                    
Butch Huskey         RF-1B  OK   1993-2000  Robert Leon Huskey                       
Jeff Huson           SS-2B  AZ   1988-2000  Jeffrey Kent Huson                       
Carl Husta           SS     NJ   1925-1925  Carl Lawrence Husta                      
Harry Huston         C      OH   1906-1906  Harry Emanuel Kress Huston               
Warren Huston        3B-2B  MA   1937-1944  Warren Llewellyn Huston                  
Joe Hutcheson        OF     TX   1933-1933  Joseph Johnson Hutcheson                 
Johnny Hutchings     P      IL   1940-1946  John Richard Joseph Hutchings            
Chad Hutchinson      P      CA   2001-2001  Chad Martin Hutchinson                   
Fred Hutchinson      P      WA   1939-1953  Frederick Charles Hutchinson             
Ira Hutchinson       P      IL   1933-1945  Ira Kendall Hutchinson                   
Drew Hutchison       P      FL   2012-2014  Andrew S. Hutchison                      
Herb Hutson          P      GA   1974-1974  George Herbert Hutson                    
Roy Hutson           OF     MO   1925-1925  Roy Lee Hutson                           
Jim Hutto            OF-1B  VA   1970-1975  James Neamon Hutto                       
Mark Hutton          P      AU   1993-1998  Mark Steven Hutton                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tom Hutton           1B-OF  CA   1966-1981  Thomas George Hutton                     
Ham Hyatt            1B-OF  NC   1909-1918  Robert Hamilton Hyatt                    
Dick Hyde            P      IL   1955-1961  Richard Elde Hyde                        
Tim Hyers            1B-OF  GA   1994-1999  Timothy James Hyers                      
Colt Hynes           P      TX   2013-2013  Joshua Hynes                             
Pat Hynes            OF     MO   1903-1904  Patrick J. Hynes                         
Adam Hyzdu           CF-RF  CA   2000-2006  Adam Davis Hyzdu                         

Major Leaguers by Letter

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College Players

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