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The list of players below are Major Leaguers who begin with the letter 'G' since 1903. Click on a player to see his TBC player card. Active players are in bold.

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Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Kason Gabbard        P      OH   2006-2008  Kason R. Gabbard                         
Armando Gabino       P      DR   2009-2010  Armando Leisdeker Gabino                 
Frank Gabler         P      CA   1935-1938  Frank Harold Gabler                      
Gabe Gabler          1B     MO   1958-1958  William Louis Gabler                     
John Gabler          P      MO   1959-1961  John Richard Gabler                      
Ken Gables           P      MO   1945-1947  Kenneth Harlin Gables                    
Len Gabrielson       1B     CA   1939-1939  Leonard Hilbourne Gabrielson             
Len Gabrielson       OF     CA   1960-1970  Leonard Gary Gabrielson                  
John Gaddy           P      NC   1938-1938  John Wilson Gaddy                        
Eddie Gaedel         H      IL   1951-1951  Edward Carl Gaedel                       
Gary Gaetti          3B     IL   1981-2000  Gary Joseph Gaetti                       
Brent Gaff           P      IN   1982-1984  Brent Allen Gaff                         
Fabian Gaffke        OF     WI   1936-1942  Fabian Sebastian Gaffke                  
Phil Gagliano        2B-OF  TN   1963-1974  Phillip Joseph Gagliano                  
Eric Gagne           P      QC   1999-2008  Eric Serge Gagne                         
Greg Gagne           SS     MA   1983-1997  Gregory Carpenter Gagne                  
Chick Gagnon         SS-3B  MA   1922-1924  Harold Dennis Gagnon                     
Eddie Gaillard       P      NJ   1997-1999  Julian Edward Gaillard Iii               
Del Gainer           1B     WV   1909-1922  Delios Clinton Gainer                    
Jay Gainer           1B     FL   1993-1993  Johnathan Keith Gainer                   
Joe Gaines           OF     TX   1960-1966  Arnesta Joe Gaines                       
Nemo Gaines          P      VA   1921-1921  Willard Roland Gaines                    
Ty Gainey            OF     SC   1985-1987  Telmanch Gainey                          
Fred Gaiser          P      GE   1908-1908  Frederick Jacob Gaiser                   
Steve Gajkowski      P      WA   1998-1998  Stephen Robert Gajkowski                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dan Gakeler          P      NJ   1991-1991  Daniel Michael Gakeler                   
Augie Galan          OF     CA   1934-1949  August John Galan                        
Andres Galarraga     1B     VZ   1985-2004  Andres Jose Galarraga                    
Armando Galarraga    P      VZ   2007-2012  Armando Antonio Galarraga                
Bob Galasso          P      PA   1977-1981  Robert Joseph Galasso                    
Milt Galatzer        OF     IL   1933-1939  Milton Galatzer                          
Rich Gale            P      NH   1978-1984  Richard Blackwell Gale                   
Denny Galehouse      P      OH   1934-1949  Dennis Ward Galehouse                    
John Gall            1B     CA   2005-2007  John Christopher Gall                    
Al Gallagher         3B     CA   1970-1973  Alan Mitchell Edward George Patrick Henry Gallagher 
Bob Gallagher        OF     MA   1972-1975  Robert Collins Gallagher                 
Dave Gallagher       CF-RF  NJ   1987-1995  David Thomas Gallagher                   
Doug Gallagher       P      OH   1962-1962  Douglas Eugene Gallagher                 
Ed Gallagher         P      MA   1932-1932  Edward Michael Gallagher                 
Gil Gallagher        SS     DC   1922-1922  Lawrence Kirby Gallagher                 
Jackie Gallagher     OF     RI   1923-1923  John Laurence Gallagher                  
Joe Gallagher        OF     NY   1939-1940  Joseph Emmett Gallagher                  
Sean Gallagher       P      MA   2007-2010  Sean Patrick Gallagher                   
Yovani Gallardo      P      MX   2007-2014  Yovani Gallardo                          
Stan Galle           3B     WI   1942-1942  Stanley Joseph Galle                     
Mike Gallego         2B-SS  CA   1985-1997  Michael Anthon Gallego                   
Bert Gallia          P      TX   1912-1920  Melvin Allys Gallia                      
Phil Gallivan        P      WA   1931-1934  Philip Joseph Gallivan                   
Mike Gallo           P      CA   2003-2006  Michael Dwain Gallo                      
Chick Galloway       SS     SC   1919-1928  Clarence Edward Galloway                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Galloway         2B     TX   1912-1912  James Cato Galloway                      
Balvino Galvez       P      DR   1986-1986  Balvino Galvez Jerez                     
Jim Galvin           OF     MA   1930-1930  James Joseph Galvin                      
Freddy Galvis        SS     VZ   2012-2014  Freddy Jose Galvis                       
John Gamble          SS     NV   1972-1973  John Robert Gamble                       
Lee Gamble           OF     PA   1935-1940  Lee Jesse Gamble                         
Oscar Gamble         OF     AL   1969-1985  Oscar Charles Gamble                     
Mat Gamel            1B     FL   2008-2012  Mathew Floyd Gamel                       
Gus Gandarillas      P      FL   2001-2001  Gustavo Gandarillas                      
Chick Gandil         1B     MN   1910-1919  Arnold Gandil                            
Bob Gandy            OF     FL   1916-1916  Robert Brinkley Gandy                    
Bob Ganley           OF     MA   1905-1909  Robert Stephen Ganley                    
Ron Gant             LF-CF  TX   1987-2003  Ronald Edwin Gant                        
Joe Gantenbein       2B-3B  CA   1939-1940  Jospeh Stephen Gantenbein                
Jim Gantner          2B-3B  WI   1976-1992  James Elmer Gantner                      
Babe Ganzel          OF     MA   1927-1928  Foster Pirie Ganzel                      
John Ganzel          1B     MI   1903-1908  John Henry Ganzel                        
Eddy Garabito        2B     DR   2005-2005  Eddy Jorge Garabito                      
Joe Garagiola        C      MO   1946-1954  Jospeh Henry Garagiola                   
Keith Garagozzo      P      NJ   1994-1994  Keith John Garagozzo                     
Victor Garate        P      VZ   2009-2009  Victor J. Garate                         
Bob Garbark          C      TX   1934-1945  Robert Michael Garbark                   
Mike Garbark         C      TX   1944-1945  Nathaniel Michael Garbark                
Bob Garber           P      PA   1956-1956  Robert Mitchell Garber                   
Gene Garber          P      PA   1969-1988  Eugene Henry Garber                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Barbaro Garbey       1B-OF  CU   1984-1988  Barbaro Garbey                           
Frank Garces         P      DR   2014-2014  Frank Yeury Garces                       
Rich Garces          P      VZ   1990-2002  Richard Aron Garces Jr.                  
Amaury Garcia        2B     DR   1999-1999  Amaury Miguel Garcia                     
Anderson Garcia      P      DR   2007-2007  Anderson Garcia                          
Avisail Garcia       CF-RF  VZ   2012-2014  Avisail Antonio Garcia                   
Carlos Garcia        2B     VZ   1990-1999  Carlos Jesus Garcia                      
Chico Garcia         2B     MX   1954-1954  Vinicio Uzcanga Garcia                   
Christian Garcia     P      FL   2012-2012  Christian J. Garcia                      
Damaso Garcia        2B     DR   1978-1989  Damaso Domingo Garcia                    
Danny Garcia         2B     CA   2003-2004  Daniel Joseph Garcia                     
Danny Garcia         OF-1B  NY   1981-1981  Daniel Raphael Garcia                    
Freddy Garcia        P      VZ   1999-2013  Freddy Antonio Garcia                    
Freddy Garcia        3B-LF  DR   1995-1999  Freddy Adrian Garcia Felix               
Greg Garcia          SS     CA   2014-2014  Gregory Joseph Garcia                    
Guillermo Garcia     C      DR   1998-1999  Guillermo Antonio Morel Garcia           
Harvey Garcia        P      VZ   2007-2007  Harvey A. Garcia (Ibarras)               
Jaime Garcia         P      MX   2008-2014  Jaime Omar Garcia                        
Jesse Garcia         2B-SS  TX   1999-2005  Jesus Jesse Garcia                       
Jose Garcia          P      DR   2006-2006  Jose L. Garcia                           
Karim Garcia         RF-LF  MX   1995-2004  Gustavo Karim Garcia                     
Kiko Garcia          SS-2B  CA   1976-1985  Alfonso Rafael Garcia                    
Leo Garcia           CF-RF  DR   1987-1988  Leonardo Antonio Garica                  
Leury Garcia         SS-2B  DR   2013-2014  Leury Garcia                             
Luis Garcia          SS     DR   1999-1999  Luis Rafael Garcia                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Luis Garcia          RF-CF  MX   2002-2002  Luis Carlos Garcia                       
Luis Garcia          P      DR   2013-2014  Luis A. Garcia                           
Miguel Garcia        P      VZ   1987-1989  Miguel Angel Garcia Silfontes            
Mike Garcia          P      CA   1999-2000  Michael R. Garcia                        
Mike Garcia          P      CA   1948-1961  Edward Miguel Garcia                     
Onelki Garcia        P      CU   2013-2013  Onelki Garcia                            
Pedro Garcia         2B     PR   1973-1977  Pedro Modesto Garcia                     
Ralph Garcia         P      CA   1972-1974  Ralph Garcia                             
Ramon Garcia         P      CU   1948-1948  Ramon Garcia Garcia                      
Ramon Garcia         P      VZ   1991-1997  Ramon Antonio Garcia                     
Reynaldo Garcia      P      DR   2002-2003  Reynaldo Garcia                          
Rosman Garcia        P      VZ   2003-2004  Rosman Jose Garcia                       
Yimi Garcia          P      DR   2014-2014  Yimi Garcia                              
Nomar Garciaparra    SS     CA   1996-2009  Anthony Nomar Garciaparra                
Al Gardella          1B     NY   1945-1945  Alfred Stephan Gardella                  
Danny Gardella       OF     NY   1944-1950  Daniel Lewis Gardella                    
Ron Gardenhire       SS     GE   1981-1985  Ronald Clyde Gardenhire                  
Art Gardiner         P      MS   1923-1923  Arthur Junior Gardner                    
Mike Gardiner        P      ON   1990-1995  Michael James Gardiner                   
Art Gardner          OF     MS   1975-1978  Arthur Junior Gardner                    
Billy Gardner        2B     CT   1954-1963  William Frederick Gardner Sr.            
Brett Gardner        CF     SC   2008-2014  Brett Michael Gardner                    
Chris Gardner        P      CA   1991-1991  Christopher John Gardner                 
Earle Gardner        2B     IL   1908-1912  Earle McClurkin Gardner                  
Glenn Gardner        P      NC   1945-1945  Miles Glenn Gardner                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Harry Gardner        P      MI   1911-1912  Harry Ray Gardner                        
Jeff Gardner         2B     CA   1991-1994  Jeffrey Scott Gardner                    
Larry Gardner        3B     VT   1908-1924  William Lawrence Gardner                 
Lee Gardner          P      MI   2002-2008  Terrence Lee Gardner                     
Mark Gardner         P      CA   1989-2001  Mark Allan Gardner                       
Ray Gardner          SS     MD   1929-1930  Raymond Vincent Gardner                  
Rob Gardner          P      NY   1965-1973  Richard Frank Gardner                    
Wes Gardner          P      AR   1984-1991  Wesley Brian Gardner                     
Art Garibaldi        3B-2B  CA   1936-1936  Arthur Edward Garibaldi                  
Bob Garibaldi        P      CA   1962-1969  Robert Roy Garibaldi                     
Daniel Garibay       P      MX   2000-2000  Daniel Garibay                           
Ryan Garko           1B     PA   2005-2010  Ryan Francis Garko                       
Jon Garland          P      CA   2000-2013  Jon Steven Garland                       
Lou Garland          P      MO   1931-1931  Louis Lyman Garland                      
Wayne Garland        P      TN   1973-1981  Marcus Wayne Garland                     
Mike Garman          P      ID   1969-1978  Michael Douglas Garman                   
Debs Garms           OF-3B  TX   1932-1945  Debs C. Garms                            
Cole Garner          OF     CA   2011-2011  Robert Cole Garner                       
Phil Garner          2B-3B  TN   1973-1988  Phillip Mason Garner                     
Ralph Garr           OF     LA   1968-1980  Ralph Allen Garr                         
Scott Garrelts       P      IL   1982-1991  Scott William Garrelts                   
Adrian Garrett       C-OF   FL   1966-1976  Henry Adrian Garrett                     
Clarence Garrett     P      WV   1915-1915  Clarence Raymond Garrett                 
Greg Garrett         P      CA   1970-1971  Gregory Garrett                          
Wayne Garrett        3B-2B  FL   1969-1978  Ronald Wayne Garrett                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Gil Garrido          SS-2B  PN   1964-1972  Gil Gonzalo Garrido                      
Cecil Garriott       H      IL   1946-1946  Virgil Cecil Garriott                    
Cliff Garrison       P      OK   1928-1928  Clifford William Garrison                
Ford Garrison        OF     SC   1943-1946  Robert Ford Garrison                     
Steve Garrison       P      NJ   2011-2011  Stevenson Nathaniel Garrison             
Webster Garrison     2B-1B  LA   1996-1996  Webster Leotis Garrison                  
Hank Garrity         C      MA   1931-1931  Francis Joseph Garrity                   
Ned Garver           P      OH   1948-1961  Ned Franklin Garver                      
Steve Garvey         1B     FL   1969-1987  Steven Patrick Garvey                    
Jerry Garvin         P      CA   1977-1982  Theodore Jared Garvin                    
Ned Garvin           P      TX   1903-1904  Virgil Lee Garvin                        
Matt Garza           P      CA   2006-2014  Matthew Scott Garza                      
Harry Gaspar         P      IA   1909-1912  Harry Lambert Gaspar                     
Rod Gaspar           OF     CA   1969-1974  Rodney Earl Gaspar                       
Charlie Gassaway     P      TN   1944-1946  Charles Cason Gassaway                   
Dave Gassner         P      WI   2005-2005  David K. Gassner                         
John Gast            P      FL   2013-2013  John Walter Gast                         
Tom Gastall          C      MA   1955-1956  Thomas Everett Gastall                   
Alex Gaston          C      NY   1920-1929  Alexander Nathaniel Gaston               
Cito Gaston          OF     TX   1967-1978  Clarence Edwin Gaston                    
Milt Gaston          P      NJ   1924-1934  Nathaniel Milton Gaston                  
Brent Gates          2B-3B  MI   1993-1999  Brent Robert Gates                       
Joe Gates            2B     IN   1978-1979  Joseph Daniel Gates                      
Mike Gates           2B     CA   1981-1982  Michael Grant Gates                      
Aubrey Gatewood      P      AR   1963-1970  Aubrey Lee Gatewood                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joey Gathright       CF     MS   2004-2011  Joey Renard Gathright                    
Evan Gattis          LF-C   TX   2013-2014  James Evan Gattis                        
John Gaub            P      MN   2011-2011  John David Gaub                          
Jim Gaudet           C      LA   1978-1979  James Jennings Gaudet                    
Chad Gaudin          P      LA   2003-2013  Chad Edward Gaudin                       
Kevin Gausman        P      CO   2013-2014  Kevin John Gausman                       
Doc Gautreau         2B     MA   1925-1928  Walter Paul Gautreau                     
Sid Gautreaux        C      LA   1936-1937  Sidney Allen Gautreaux                   
Chippy Gaw           P      MA   1920-1920  George Joseph Gaw                        
Mike Gazella         3B-SS  PA   1923-1928  Michael Gazella                          
Gary Gearhart        OF     OH   1947-1947  Lloyd William Gearhart                   
Dinty Gearin         P      RI   1923-1924  Dennis John Gearin                       
Cory Gearrin         P      TN   2011-2013  Cory Nathanial Gearrin                   
Bob Geary            P      OH   1918-1921  Robert Norton Geary                      
Geoff Geary          P      NY   2003-2009  Geoffrey Michael Geary                   
Huck Geary           SS     NY   1942-1943  Eugene Francis Joseph Geary              
Bob Gebhard          P      MN   1971-1974  Robert Henry Gebhard                     
Pete Gebrian         P      NJ   1947-1947  Peter Gebrian                            
Jim Geddes           P      OH   1972-1973  James Lee Geddes                         
Elmer Gedeon         OF     OH   1939-1939  Elmer John Gedeon                        
Joe Gedeon           2B     CA   1913-1920  Elmer Joseph Gedeon                      
Rich Gedman          C      MA   1980-1992  Richard Leo Gedman Jr.                   
Dillon Gee           P      TX   2010-2014  Dillon Kyle Gee                          
Johnny Gee           P      NY   1939-1946  John Alexander Gee                       
Josh Geer            P      TX   2008-2009  Joshua Brent Geer                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Lou Gehrig           1B     NY   1923-1939  Henry Louis Gehrig                       
Hank Gehring         P      MN   1907-1908  Henry Gehring                            
Charlie Gehringer    2B     MI   1924-1942  Charles Leonard Gehringer                
Paul Gehrman         P      OR   1937-1937  Paul Arthur Gehrman                      
Phil Geier           OF     DC   1904-1904  Phillip Louis Geier                      
Gary Geiger          OF     IL   1958-1970  Gary Merle Geiger                        
Dave Geisel          P      PA   1978-1985  John David Geisel                        
Vern Geishert        P      WI   1969-1969  Vernon William Geishert                  
Charlie Gelbert      SS-3B  PA   1929-1940  Charles Magnus Gelbert                   
John Gelnar          P      OK   1964-1971  John Richard Gelnar                      
Steve Geltz          P      NY   2012-2014  Steven Andrew Geltz                      
Joe Genewich         P      NY   1922-1930  Joseph Edward Genewich                   
Scooter Gennett      2B     FL   2013-2014  Ryan J. Gennett                          
George Genovese      H      NY   1950-1950  George Michael Genovese                  
Jim Gentile          1B     CA   1957-1966  James Edward Gentile                     
Sam Gentile          H      MA   1943-1943  Samuel Christopher Gentile               
Craig Gentry         CF     AR   2009-2014  Craig Alan Gentry                        
Gary Gentry          P      AZ   1969-1975  Gary Edward Gentry                       
Harvey Gentry        H      NC   1954-1954  Harvey William Gentry                    
Rufe Gentry          P      NC   1943-1948  James Ruffus Gentry                      
Alex George          SS     MO   1955-1955  Alex Thomas M. George                    
Chris George         P      PA   1991-1991  Christopher Sean George                  
Chris George         P      TX   2001-2004  Christopher Coleman George               
Greek George         C      GA   1936-1945  Charles Peter George                     
Lefty George         P      PA   1911-1918  Thomas Edward George                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Oscar Georgy         P      LA   1938-1938  Oscar John Georgy                        
Ben Geraghty         SS-2B  NJ   1936-1944  Benjamin Raymond Geraghty                
Dave Gerard          P      NY   1962-1962  David Frederick Gerard                   
Craig Gerber         SS     IL   1985-1985  Craig Stuart Gerber                      
Wally Gerber         SS     OH   1914-1929  Walter Gerber                            
George Gerberman     P      TX   1962-1962  George Alois Gerberman                   
Bob Geren            C      CA   1988-1993  Robert Peter Geren                       
Rusty Gerhardt       P      MD   1974-1974  Allen Russell Gerhardt                   
Ken Gerhart          CF-LF  SC   1986-1988  Harold Kenneth Gerhart                   
Al Gerheauser        P      MO   1943-1948  Albert Gerheauser                        
George Gerken        OF     IL   1927-1928  George Herbert Gerken                    
Steve Gerkin         P      WV   1945-1945  Stephen Paul Gerkin                      
Johnny Gerlach       SS     WI   1938-1939  John Glenn Gerlach                       
Esteban German       3B-2B  DR   2002-2011  Esteban German Guridi                    
Franklyn German      P      DR   2002-2008  Franklyn Miguel German Made              
Justin Germano       P      CA   2004-2014  Justin William Germano                   
Gonzalez Germen      P      DR   2013-2014  Gonzalez Germen                          
Ed Gerner            P      PA   1919-1919  Edwin Frederick Gerner                   
Dick Gernert         1B     PA   1952-1962  Richard Edward Gernert                   
Cesar Geronimo       OF     DR   1969-1983  Cesar Francisco Geronimo                 
Lou Gertenrich       OF     IL   1903-1903  Louis Wilhelm Gertenrich                 
Jody Gerut           RF-LF  IL   2003-2010  Joseph Diego Gerut                       
Sam Gervacio         P      DR   2009-2010  Samuel Gervacio                          
Lefty Gervais        P      WI   1913-1913  Lucien Edward Gervais                    
Doc Gessler          OF     PA   1903-1911  Harry Homer Gessler                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Al Gettel            P      VA   1945-1955  Allen Jones Gettel                       
Byron Gettis         LF-RF  IL   2004-2004  Byron Earl Gettis                        
Chris Getz           2B     MI   2008-2014  Christopher Getz                         
Gus Getz             3B     PA   1909-1918  Gustave Getz                             
Rube Geyer           P      PA   1910-1913  Jacob Bowman Geyer                       
Chappie Geygan       SS     OH   1924-1926  James Edward Geygan                      
Patsy Gharrity       C-1B   IA   1916-1930  Edward Patrick Gharrity                  
Tony Ghelfi          P      WI   1983-1983  Anthony Paul Ghelfi                      
Bob Giallombardo     P      NY   1958-1958  Robert Paul Giallombardo                 
Jason Giambi         DH     CA   1995-2014  Jason Gilbert Giambi                     
Jeremy Giambi        RF-LF  CA   1998-2003  Jeremy Dean Giambi                       
Ray Giannelli        3B     NY   1991-1995  Raymond John Giannelli                   
Joe Giannini         SS     CA   1911-1911  Joseph Francis Giannini                  
Joe Giard            P      MA   1925-1927  Joseph Oscar Giard                       
Tony Giarratano      SS     NY   2005-2005  Anthony James Giarratano                 
Johnny Giavotella    2B     LA   2011-2014  Johnny A. Giavotella                     
Joe Gibbon           P      MS   1960-1972  Joseph Charles Gibbon                    
Jay Gibbons          RF-LF  MI   2001-2011  Jay Jonathan Gibbons                     
John Gibbons         C      MT   1984-1986  John Michael Gibbons                     
Jake Gibbs           C      MS   1962-1971  Jerry Dean Gibbs                         
Steve Gibralter      CF-LF  TX   1995-1996  Stephan Benson Gibralter                 
Bob Gibson           P      PA   1983-1987  Robert Louis Gibson                      
Bob Gibson           P      NE   1959-1975  Robert Gibson                            
Charlie Gibson       C      PA   1905-1905  Charles Ellsworth Gibson                 
Charlie Gibson       C      GA   1924-1924  Charles Griffin Gibson                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Derrick Gibson       RF-LF  FL   1998-1999  Derrick Lamont Gibson                    
Frank Gibson         C      NE   1913-1927  Frank Gilbert Gibson                     
George Gibson        C      ON   1905-1918  George C. Moon Gibson                    
Kirk Gibson          OF     MI   1979-1995  Kirk Harold Gibson                       
Kyle Gibson          P      IN   2013-2014  Kyle Benjamin Gibson                     
Norwood Gibson       P      IL   1903-1906  Norwood Ringold Gibson                   
Paul Gibson          P      NY   1988-1996  Paul Marshall Gibson                     
Russ Gibson          C      MA   1967-1972  John Russell Gibson                      
Sam Gibson           P      NC   1926-1932  Samuel Braxton Gibson                    
George Gick          P      IN   1937-1938  George Edward Gick                       
Brett Gideon         P      TX   1987-1990  Byron Brett Gideon                       
Jim Gideon           P      TX   1975-1975  James Leslie Gideon                      
Joe Giebel           C      DC   1913-1913  Goseph Henry Giebel                      
Floyd Giebell        P      WV   1939-1941  Floyd George Giebell                     
Paul Giel            P      MN   1954-1961  Paul Robert Giel                         
Dan Giese            P      CA   2007-2009  Daniel Joshua Giese                      
Bob Giggie           P      MA   1959-1962  Robert Thomas Giggie                     
Norm Gigon           2B-OF  NJ   1967-1967  Norman Phillip Gigon                     
Benji Gil            SS     MX   1993-2003  Romar Benjamin Gil                       
Geronimo Gil         C      MX   2001-2007  Geronimo Gil                             
Gus Gil              2B-3B  VZ   1967-1971  Tomas Gustavo Gil                        
Jerry Gil            P      DR   2004-2004  Jerry Bienbenido Gil                     
Andy Gilbert         OF     PA   1942-1946  Andrew Gilbert                           
Billy Gilbert        2B     PA   1903-1909  William Oliver Gilbert                   
Buddy Gilbert        OF     TN   1959-1959  Drew Edward Gilbert                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Charlie Gilbert      OF     LA   1940-1947  Charles Mader Gilbert                    
Jack Gilbert         OF     NY   1904-1904  John Robert Gilbert                      
Joe Gilbert          P      TX   1972-1973  Joe Dennis Gilbert                       
Larry Gilbert        OF     LA   1914-1915  Lawrence William Gilbert                 
Mark Gilbert         OF     GA   1985-1985  Mark David Gilbert                       
Shawn Gilbert        LF-2B  NJ   1997-2000  Albert Shawn Gilbert Jr.                 
Tookie Gilbert       1B     LA   1950-1953  Harold Joseph Gilbert                    
Wally Gilbert        3B     MI   1928-1932  Walter John Gilbert                      
Rod Gilbreath        2B-3B  MS   1972-1978  Rodney Joe Gilbreath                     
Bill Gilbreth        P      TX   1971-1974  William Freeman Gilbreth                 
Don Gile             1B-C   CA   1959-1962  Donald Loren Gile                        
Brian Giles          2B-SS  KS   1981-1990  Brian Jeffrey Giles                      
Brian Giles          LF-CF  CA   1995-2009  Brian Stephen Giles                      
Kenneth Giles        P      NM   2014-2014  Kenneth Robert Giles                     
Marcus Giles         2B     CA   2001-2007  Marcus William Giles                     
Jason Gilfillan      P      SC   2003-2003  Jason Edward Gilfillan                   
George Gilham        C      PA   1920-1921  George Louis Gilham                      
Frank Gilhooley      OF     OH   1912-1919  Frank Patrick Gilhooley                  
Bernard Gilkey       LF     MO   1990-2001  Otis Bernard Gilkey                      
Ed Gill              P      MA   1919-1919  Edward James Gill                        
George Gill          P      MS   1937-1939  George Lloyd Gill                        
Haddie Gill          P      MA   1923-1923  Harold Edward Gill                       
Johnny Gill          OF     TN   1927-1936  John Wesley Gill                         
Warren Gill          1B     IN   1908-1908  Warren Darst Gill                        
Conor Gillaspie      3B     NE   2008-2014  Conor Michael Gillaspie                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Carden Gillenwater   OF     TN   1940-1948  Carden Edison Gillenwater                
Claral Gillenwater   P      IN   1923-1923  Claral Lewis Gillenwater                 
Tom Gilles           P      IL   1990-1990  Thomas Bradford Gilles                   
Bob Gillespie        P      OH   1944-1950  Robert William Gillespie                 
Cole Gillespie       LF-OF  OR   2010-2014  Cole Braden Gillespie                    
John Gillespie       P      CA   1922-1922  John Patrick Gillespie                   
Paul Gillespie       C      GA   1942-1945  Paul Allen Gillespie                     
Jim Gilliam          2B-3B  TN   1953-1966  James William Gilliam                    
Paul Gilliford       P      PA   1967-1967  Paul Gant Gilliford                      
Jack Gilligan        P      IL   1909-1910  John Patrick Gilligan                    
Grant Gillis         2B-SS  AL   1927-1929  Grant Gillis                             
Len Gilmore          P      IN   1944-1944  Leonard Preston Gilmore                  
Hal Gilson           P      CA   1968-1968  Harold Gilson                            
Chris Gimenez        C-OF   CA   2009-2014  Christopher P. Gimenez                   
Hector Gimenez       C      VZ   2006-2013  Hector Eliner Gimenez                    
Caleb Gindl          OF     FL   2013-2014  Caleb C. Gindl                           
Tinsley Ginn         OF     GA   1914-1914  Tinsley Rucker Ginn                      
Joe Ginsberg         C      NY   1948-1962  Myron Nathan Ginsberg                    
Keith Ginter         3B-2B  CT   2000-2005  Keith Michael Ginter                     
Matt Ginter          P      KY   2000-2008  Matthew Shane Ginter                     
Al Gionfriddo        OF     PA   1944-1947  Albert Francis Gionfriddo                
Tommy Giordano       2B     NJ   1953-1953  Thomas Arthur Giordano                   
Ed Giovanola         3B-2B  CA   1995-1999  Edward Thomas Giovanola                  
Charles Gipson       LF-RF  CA   1998-2005  Charles Wells Gipson Jr.                 
Charlie Girard       P      NY   1910-1910  Charles August Girard                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Girardi          C      IL   1989-2003  Joseph Elliott Girardi                   
Chris Gissell        P      WA   2004-2004  Christopher Odell Gissell                
Tony Giuliani        C      MN   1936-1943  Angelo John Giuliani                     
Dave Giusti          P      NY   1962-1977  David John Giusti Jr.                    
Brian Givens         P      CA   1995-1996  Brian Givens                             
Jim Gladd            C      OK   1946-1946  James Walter Gladd                       
Dan Gladden          LF-OF  CA   1983-1993  Clinton Daniel Gladden Iii               
Fred Gladding        P      MI   1961-1973  Fred Earl Gladding                       
Fred Glade           P      IA   1904-1908  Frederick Monroe Glade                   
Roland Gladu         3B     QC   1944-1944  Roland Edouard Gladu                     
John Glaiser         P      TX   1920-1920  John Burke Glaiser                       
Doug Glanville       CF     NJ   1996-2004  Douglas Metunwa Glanville                
Tom Glass            P      NC   1925-1925  Thomas Joseph Glass                      
Keith Glauber        P      NY   1998-2000  Keith H. Glauber                         
Troy Glaus           3B     CA   1998-2010  Troy Edward Glaus                        
Luke Glavenich       P      CA   1913-1913  Luke Frank Glavenich                     
Tommy Glaviano       3B-2B  CA   1949-1953  Thomas Giatano Glaviano                  
Michael Glavine      1B     MA   2003-2003  Michael Patrick Glavine                  
Tom Glavine          P      MA   1987-2008  Thomas Michael Glavine                   
Ralph Glaze          P      CO   1906-1908  Daniel Ralph Glaze                       
Whitey Glazner       P      AL   1920-1924  Charles Franklin Glazner                 
Billy Gleason        2B     IL   1916-1921  William Patrick Gleason                  
Harry Gleason        3B     NJ   1903-1905  Harry Gilbert Gleason                    
Joe Gleason          P      NY   1920-1922  Joseph Paul Gleason                      
Kid Gleason          2B     NJ   1903-1912  William J. Gleason                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Roy Gleason          H      IL   1963-1963  Roy William Gleason                      
Jerry Don Gleaton    P      TX   1979-1992  Jerry Don Gleaton                        
Jim Gleeson          OF     MO   1936-1942  James Joseph Gleeson                     
Frank Gleich         OF     OH   1919-1920  Frank Elmer Gleich                       
Martin Glendon       P      WI   1903-1903  Martin J. Glendon                        
Bob Glenn            P      PA   1920-1920  Burdette Glenn                           
Brad Glenn           OF     OK   2014-2014  Bradley Edward Glenn                     
Harry Glenn          C      IN   1915-1915  Harry Melville Glenn                     
Joe Glenn            C      PA   1932-1940  Joseph Charles Glenn                     
John Glenn           OF     GA   1960-1960  John Glenn                               
Sal Gliatto          P      IL   1930-1930  Salvador Michael Gliatto                 
George Glinatsis     P      OH   1994-1994  George Glinatsis                         
Ross Gload           1B     NY   2000-2011  Ross Peter Gload                         
Norm Glockson        C      IL   1914-1914  Norman Stanley Glockson                  
Al Glossop           2B     IL   1939-1946  Alban Glossop                            
Gary Glover          P      OH   1999-2008  John Gary Glover                         
Bill Glynn           1B     NJ   1949-1954  William Vincent Glynn                    
Ed Glynn             P      NY   1975-1985  Edward Paul Glynn                        
Ryan Glynn           P      VA   1999-2005  Ryan David Glynn                         
Jimmy Gobble         P      TN   2003-2009  Billy James Gobble                       
John Gochnauer       SS     PA   1903-1903  John Peter Gochnauer                     
Danny Godby          OF     WV   1974-1974  Danny Ray Godby                          
Joe Goddard          C      WV   1972-1972  Joseph Harold Goddard                    
Graham Godfrey       P      FL   2011-2012  Graham Hunter Godfrey                    
John Godwin          3B-OF  OH   1905-1906  John Henry Godwin                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tyrell Godwin        OF     NC   2005-2005  Carlton Tyrell Godwin                    
Jake Goebbert        OF     IL   2014-2014  Jacob Dwayne Goebbert                    
Ed Goebel            OF     NY   1922-1922  Edwin Goebel                             
Erik Goeddel         P      CA   2014-2014  Erik Van Norman Goeddel                  
John Goetz           P      MI   1960-1960  John Hardy Goetz                         
Jerry Goff           C      CA   1990-1996  Jerry Leroy Goff                         
Chuck Goggin         2B-OF  FL   1972-1974  Charles Francis Goggin                   
Bill Gogolewski      P      WI   1970-1975  William Joseph Gogolewski                
Greg Gohr            P      CA   1993-1996  Gregory James Gohr                       
Ryan Goins           SS     TX   2013-2014  Ryan M. Goins                            
Jim Golden           P      MO   1960-1963  James Edward Golden                      
Roy Golden           P      OH   1910-1911  Roy Kramer Golden                        
Jonah Goldman        SS     NY   1928-1931  Jonah John Goldman                       
Gordon Goldsberry    1B     CA   1949-1952  Gordon Frederick Goldsberry              
Paul Goldschmidt     1B     DE   2011-2014  Paul Edward Goldschmidt                  
Hal Goldsmith        P      NY   1926-1929  Harold Eugene Goldsmith                  
Izzy Goldstein       P      RU   1932-1932  Isidore Goldstein                        
Lonnie Goldstein     1B     TX   1943-1946  Leslie Elmer Goldstein                   
Purnal Goldy         OF     NJ   1962-1963  Purnal William Goldy                     
Stan Goletz          H      OH   1941-1941  Stanley Goletz                           
Mike Goliat          2B     PA   1949-1952  Mike Mitchell Goliat                     
Greg Golson          OF     TX   2008-2011  Gregory Joseph Golson                    
Dave Goltz           P      MN   1972-1983  David Allan Goltz                        
Walt Golvin          1B     NE   1922-1922  Walter George Golvin                     
Brandon Gomes        P      MA   2011-2014  Brandon Paul Gomes                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jonny Gomes          LF     CA   2003-2014  Jonny Johnson Gomes                      
Wayne Gomes          P      VA   1997-2002  Wayne Maurice Gomes                      
Yan Gomes            C      BR   2012-2014  Yan Gomes                                
Alexis Gomez         RF-LF  DR   2002-2006  Alexis DeJesus Gomez                     
Carlos Gomez         CF     DR   2007-2014  Carlos Argelis Pena Gomez                
Chile Gomez          2B-SS  MX   1935-1942  Jose Luis (Rodriguez) Gomez              
Chris Gomez          SS     CA   1993-2008  Christopher Cory Gomez                   
Hector Gomez         SS     DR   2011-2014  Hector Alexis Gomez                      
Jeanmar Gomez        P      VZ   2010-2014  Jeanmar Alejandro Gomez                  
Lefty Gomez          P      CA   1930-1943  Vernon Louis Gomez                       
Leo Gomez            3B     PR   1990-1996  Leonardo Gomez                           
Luis Gomez           SS     MX   1974-1981  Luis (Sanchez) Gomez                     
Mauro Gomez          1B     DR   2012-2012  Mauro Gomez                              
Pat Gomez            P      CA   1993-1995  Patrick Alexander Gomez                  
Preston Gomez        SS-2B  CU   1944-1944  Pedro Gomez                              
Randy Gomez          C      CA   1984-1984  Randall Scott Gomez                      
Ruben Gomez          P      PR   1953-1967  Ruben Gomez Colon                        
Jesse Gonder         C      AR   1960-1967  Jesse Lamar Gonder                       
Dan Gonzales         OF     CA   1979-1980  Daniel David Gonzales                    
Joe Gonzales         P      CA   1937-1937  Joe Madrid Gonzales                      
Larry Gonzales       C      CA   1993-1993  Lawrence Christopher Gonzales            
Marco Gonzales       P      CO   2014-2014  Marco Elias Gonzales                     
Rene Gonzales        3B-2B  TX   1984-1997  Rene Adrian Gonzales                     
Vince Gonzales       P      CU   1955-1955  Wenceslao Gonzales O'Reilly              
Adrian Gonzalez      1B     CA   2004-2014  Adrian Gonzalez                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Alberto Gonzalez     SS     VZ   2007-2013  Alberto Ramon Gonzalez                   
Alex Gonzalez        1B     VZ   1998-2014  Alexander Gonzalez                       
Alex Gonzalez        SS     FL   1994-2006  Alexander Scott Gonzalez                 
Andy Gonzalez        3B-2B  PR   2007-2009  Angel Manuel Gonzalez                    
Carlos Gonzalez      LF     VZ   2008-2014  Carlos Eduardo Gonzalez                  
Denny Gonzalez       3B-SS  DR   1984-1989  Denio Mariano Gonzalez                   
Dicky Gonzalez       P      PR   2001-2004  Dicky Angel Gonzalez                     
Edgar Gonzalez       2B     CA   2008-2009  Edgar Victor Gonzalez                    
Edgar Gonzalez       P      MX   2003-2013  Edgar Gerardo Gonzalez (Elizondo)        
Enrique Gonzalez     P      VZ   2006-2011  Enrique Cesar Gonzalez                   
Eusebio Gonzalez     SS-3B  CU   1918-1918  Eusebio Gonzalez                         
Fernando Gonzalez    2B-3B  PR   1972-1979  Jose Fernando Gonzalez                   
Gabe Gonzalez        P      CA   1998-1998  Gabriel Gonzalez                         
German Gonzalez      P      VZ   1988-1989  German Jose Gonzalez                     
Gio Gonzalez         P      FL   2008-2014  Giovany Aramis Gonzalez                  
Jeremi Gonzalez      P      VZ   1997-2006  Geremis Segundo Acosta                   
Jose Gonzalez        RF-CF  DR   1985-1992  Jose Rafael Gonzalez                     
Juan Gonzalez        RF-LF  PR   1989-2005  Juan Alberto Vazquez Gonzalez            
Julio Gonzalez       P      CU   1949-1949  Julio Enrique Gonzalez Herrera           
Julio Gonzalez       2B-SS  PR   1977-1983  Julio Cesar Gonzalez                     
Lariel Gonzalez      P      DR   1998-1998  Lariel Alfonso Gonzalez                  
Luis Gonzalez        2B-LF  VZ   2004-2006  Luis Gonzalez                            
Luis Gonzalez        LF     FL   1990-2008  Luis Emilio Gonzalez                     
Marwin Gonzalez      SS     VZ   2012-2014  Marwin Javier Gonzalez                   
Miguel Gonzalez      C      VZ   2013-2013  Miguel Antonio Gonzalez                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Miguel Gonzalez      P      MX   2012-2014  Miguel Angel Gonzalez (Martin)           
Miguel Gonzalez      P      CU   2014-2014  Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez                  
Mike Gonzalez        P      TX   2003-2013  Michael Vela Gonzalez                    
Mike Gonzalez        C      CU   1912-1932  Miguel Angel Gonzalez                    
Orlando Gonzalez     1B-OF  CU   1976-1980  Orlando Eugene Gonzalez                  
Pedro Gonzalez       2B     DR   1963-1967  Pedro Gonzalez                           
Raul Gonzalez        LF-RF  PR   2000-2004  Victor Raul Gonzalez                     
Tony Gonzalez        OF     CU   1960-1971  Andres Antonio Gonzalez                  
Wiki Gonzalez        C      VZ   1999-2006  Wiklenman Vincente Gonzalez              
Charlie Gooch        3B-1B  TN   1929-1929  Charles Furman Gooch                     
Johnny Gooch         C      TN   1921-1933  John Beverley Gooch                      
Lee Gooch            OF     NC   1915-1917  Lee Currin Gooch                         
Andrew Good          P      CA   2003-2005  Andrew Richard Good                      
Gene Good            OF     MA   1906-1906  Eugene J. Good                           
Ralph Good           P      ME   1910-1910  Ralph Nelson Good                        
Wilbur Good          OF     PA   1905-1918  Wilbur David Good                        
John Goodell         P      OK   1928-1928  John Henry William Goodell               
Dwight Gooden        P      FL   1984-2000  Dwight Eugene Gooden                     
Billy Goodman        2B-1B  NC   1947-1962  William Dale Goodman                     
Ival Goodman         OF     MO   1935-1944  Ival Richard Goodman                     
Ed Goodson           1B-3B  VA   1970-1977  James Edward Goodson                     
Art Goodwin          P      PA   1905-1905  Arthur Ingram Goodwin                    
Clyde Goodwin        P      OH   1906-1906  Clyde Samuel Goodwin                     
Curtis Goodwin       CF-LF  CA   1995-1999  Curtis Lamar Goodwin                     
Danny Goodwin        1B     MO   1975-1982  Danny Kay Goodwin                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Goodwin          P      MO   1948-1948  James Patrick Goodwin                    
Marv Goodwin         P      VA   1916-1925  Marvin Mardo Goodwin                     
Tom Goodwin          CF-LF  CA   1991-2004  Thomas Jones Goodwin                     
Ray Goolsby          OF     AL   1946-1946  Raymond Daniel Goolsby                   
Greg Goossen         1B-C   CA   1965-1970  Gregory Bryant Goossen                   
Glen Gorbous         OF     AB   1955-1957  Glen Edward Gorbous                      
Ray Gordinier        P      NY   1921-1922  Raymond Cornelius Gordinier              
Alex Gordon          LF     NE   2007-2014  Alex Jonathan Gordon                     
Brian Gordon         P      TX   2008-2011  Brian Ernest Gordon                      
Dee Gordon           SS     FL   2011-2014  Devaris Strange-Gordon                   
Don Gordon           P      NY   1986-1988  Donald Thomas Gordon                     
Joe Gordon           2B     CA   1938-1950  Joseph Lowell Gordon                     
Keith Gordon         LF     MD   1993-1993  Keith Bradley Gordon                     
Mike Gordon          C      MA   1977-1978  Michael William Gordon                   
Sid Gordon           OF-3B  NY   1941-1955  Sidney Gordon                            
Tom Gordon           P      FL   1988-2009  Thomas Gordon                            
Terrance Gore        OF     GA   2014-2014  Terrance J. Gore                         
Reid Gorecki         OF     NY   2009-2009  Reid Evan Gorecki                        
Rick Gorecki         P      IL   1997-1998  Richard John Gorecki                     
Charlie Gorin        P      TX   1954-1955  Charles Perry Gorin                      
Bob Gorinski         OF     PA   1977-1977  Robert John Gorinski                     
Herb Gorman          H      CA   1952-1952  Herbert Allen Gorman                     
Howie Gorman         OF     PA   1937-1938  Howard Paul Gorman                       
Tom Gorman           P      NY   1939-1939  Thomas David Gorman                      
Tom Gorman           P      NY   1952-1959  Thomas Aloysius Gorman                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tom Gorman           P      OR   1981-1987  Thomas Patrick Gorman                    
Nick Gorneault       OF     MA   2007-2007  Nicholas Anthony Gorneault               
Hank Gornicki        P      NY   1941-1946  Henry Frank Gornicki                     
Johnny Gorsica       P      NJ   1940-1947  John Joseph Perry Gorsica                
Johnny Goryl         2B-3B  RI   1957-1964  John Albert Goryl                        
Tom Gorzelanny       P      IL   2005-2014  Thomas Stephen Gorzelanny                
Anthony Gose         CF-OF  CA   2012-2014  Anthony Robert Gose                      
Tuffy Gosewisch      C      AZ   2013-2014  James Benjamin Gosewich                  
Jim Gosger           OF     MI   1963-1974  James Charles Gosger                     
Goose Goslin         OF     NJ   1921-1938  Leon Allen Goslin                        
Mike Gosling         P      WI   2004-2009  Michael Frederick Gosling                
Howie Goss           OF     OK   1962-1963  Howard Wayne Goss                        
Rich Gossage         P      CO   1972-1994  Richard Michael Gossage                  
Phil Gosselin        2B     PA   2013-2014  Philip David Gosselin                    
Dick Gossett         C      OH   1913-1914  John Star Gossett                        
Julio Gotay          2B     PR   1960-1969  Julio Enrique Gotay                      
Ruben Gotay          3B     PR   2004-2008  Ruben A. Gotay Jr.                       
Jim Gott             P      CA   1982-1995  James William Gott                       
Ted Goulait          P      MI   1912-1912  Theodore Lee Goulait                     
Al Gould             P      IA   1916-1917  Albert Frank Gould                       
Nick Goulish         OF     PA   1944-1945  Nicholas Edward Goulish                  
Claude Gouzzie       2B     --   1903-1903  Claude Gouzzie                           
Hank Gowdy           C      OH   1910-1930  Henry Morgan Gowdy                       
Larry Gowell         P      ME   1972-1972  Lawrence Clyde Gowell                    
Mauro Gozzo          P      CT   1989-1994  Mauro Paul Gozzo                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Billy Grabarkewitz   3B-2B  TX   1969-1975  Billy Cordell Grabarkewitz               
Rod Graber           OF     OH   1958-1958  Rodney Blaine Graber                     
John Grabow          P      CA   2003-2011  John William Grabow                      
Al Grabowski         P      NY   1929-1930  Alfons Francis Grabowski                 
Jason Grabowski      LF     CT   2002-2005  Jason William Grabowski                  
Johnny Grabowski     C      MA   1924-1931  John Patrick Grabowski                   
Reggie Grabowski     P      NY   1932-1934  Reginald John Grabowski                  
Earl Grace           C      KY   1929-1937  Robert Earl Grace                        
Joe Grace            OF     IL   1938-1947  Joseph Laverne Grace                     
Mark Grace           1B     NC   1988-2003  Mark Eugene Grace                        
Mike Grace           P      IL   1995-1999  Michael James Grace                      
Mike Grace           3B     MI   1978-1978  Michael Lee Grace                        
Franklyn Gracesqui   P      DR   2004-2004  Franklyn Benjamin Gracesqui              
Mike Grady           C-1B   PA   1904-1906  Michael William Grady                    
Fred Graff           3B     OH   1913-1913  Frederick Gottleib Graff                 
Milt Graff           2B     PA   1957-1958  Milton Edward Graff                      
Tony Graffanino      2B-3B  NY   1996-2009  Anthony Joseph Graffanino                
Bert Graham          1B-2B  IL   1910-1910  Bert B.G. Graham                         
Bill Graham          P      KY   1966-1967  William Albert Graham                    
Charlie Graham       C      CA   1906-1906  Charles Henry Graham                     
Dan Graham           C      AZ   1979-1981  Daniel Jay Graham                        
Jack Graham          1B-OF  MN   1946-1949  John Bernard Graham                      
Lee Graham           OF     FL   1983-1983  Lee Willard Graham                       
Oscar Graham         P      NE   1907-1907  Oscar Marion Graham                      
Peaches Graham       P      IL   1903-1912  George Frederick Graham                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Roy Graham           C      CA   1922-1923  Roy Vincent Graham                       
Skinny Graham        P      AL   1924-1929  Kyle Graham                              
Skinny Graham        OF     MA   1934-1935  Arthur William Graham                    
Tiny Graham          1B     TN   1914-1914  Dawson Francis Graham                    
Tyler Graham         LF-CF  MT   2012-2012  Tyler Graham                             
Wayne Graham         3B-OF  TX   1963-1964  Wayne Leon Graham                        
Bill Grahame         P      MI   1908-1910  William James Grahame                    
Joe Grahe            P      FL   1990-1999  Joseph Milton Grahe                      
Alex Graman          P      IN   2004-2005  Alex Joseph Graman                       
Tommy Gramly         P      TX   1968-1968  Bert Thomas Gramly                       
Alex Grammas         SS-3B  AL   1954-1963  Alexander Peter Grammas                  
Hank Grampp          P      NY   1927-1929  Henry Erchardt Grampp                    
Yasmani Grandal      C      FL   2012-2014  Yasmani Grandal                          
Curtis Granderson    CF-LF  IL   2004-2014  Curtis Granderson Jr.                    
Jack Graney          OF     ON   1908-1922  John Gladstone Graney                    
Jeff Granger         P      CA   1993-1997  Jeffrey Adam Granger                     
Wayne Granger        P      MA   1968-1976  Wayne Allan Granger                      
Eddie Grant          3B     MA   1905-1915  Edward Leslie Grant                      
George Grant         P      AL   1923-1931  George Addison Grant                     
Jim Grant            P      IA   1923-1923  James Ronald Grant                       
Jimmy Grant          3B-2B  WI   1942-1944  James Charles Grant                      
Mark Grant           P      IL   1984-1993  Mark Andrew Grant                        
Mudcat Grant         P      FL   1958-1971  James Timothy Grant                      
Tom Grant            OF     MA   1983-1983  Thomas Raymond Grant                     
George Grantham      2B-1B  KS   1922-1934  George Farley Grantham                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Rick Grapenthin      P      IA   1983-1985  Richard Ray Grapenthin                   
Lou Grasmick         P      MD   1948-1948  Louis Junior Grasmick                    
Mickey Grasso        C      NJ   1946-1955  Newton Michael Grasso                    
Don Grate            P      OH   1945-1946  Donald Grate                             
Mark Grater          P      PA   1991-1993  Mark Anthony Grater                      
Beiker Graterol      P      VZ   1999-1999  Beiker Graterol                          
Kendall Graveman     P      AL   2014-2014  Kendall Chase Graveman                   
Danny Graves         P      VM   1996-2006  Daniel Peter Graves                      
Joe Graves           3B     MA   1926-1926  Joseph Ebenezer Graves                   
Sid Graves           OF     MA   1927-1927  Samuel Sidney Graves                     
Dave Gray            P      UT   1964-1964  David Alexander Gray                     
Dick Gray            3B     PA   1958-1960  Richard Benjamin Gray                    
Dolly Gray           P      MI   1909-1911  William Denton Gray                      
Gary Gray            1B     LA   1977-1982  Gary George Gray                         
Jeff Gray            P      VA   1988-1991  Jeffrey Edward Gray                      
Jeff Gray            P      TX   2008-2012  Jeffrey Michael Gray                     
Johnny Gray          P      FL   1954-1958  John Leonard Gray                        
Lorenzo Gray         3B     MS   1982-1983  Lorenzo Gray                             
Milt Gray            C      KY   1937-1937  Milton Marshall Gray                     
Pete Gray            OF     PA   1945-1945  Peter J. Gray                            
Sam Gray             P      TX   1924-1933  Samuel David Gray                        
Sonny Gray           P      TN   2013-2014  Sonny Douglas Gray                       
Stan Gray            1B     TX   1912-1912  Stanley Oscar Gray                       
Ted Gray             P      MI   1946-1955  Ted Glenn Gray                           
Eli Grba             P      IL   1959-1963  Eli Grba                                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bill Greason         P      GA   1954-1954  William Henry Greason                    
Craig Grebeck        2B-SS  PA   1990-2001  Craig Allen Grebeck                      
Andy Green           3B-2B  KY   2004-2009  Andrew Mulligan Green                    
Chris Green          P      CA   1984-1984  Christopher De Wayne Green               
Dallas Green         P      DE   1960-1967  George Dallas Green                      
Danny Green          OF     NJ   1903-1905  Edward Green                             
David Green          1B     NI   1981-1987  David Alejandro Green Casaya             
Dick Green           2B     IA   1963-1974  Richard Larry Green                      
Fred Green           P      NJ   1959-1964  Fred Allen Green                         
Gary Green           SS     PA   1986-1992  Gary Allan Green                         
Gene Green           C-OF   CA   1957-1963  Gene Leroy Green                         
Grant Green          2B     CA   2013-2014  Grant Green                              
Harvey Green         P      WI   1935-1935  Harvey George Green                      
Jason Green          P      ON   2000-2000  David Jason Green                        
Joe Green            H      PA   1924-1924  Joseph Henry Green                       
Lenny Green          OF     MI   1957-1968  Leonard Charles Green                    
Nick Green           SS-2B  FL   2004-2013  Nicholas Anthony Green                   
Pumpsie Green        2B-SS  CA   1959-1963  Elijah Jerry Green                       
Scarborough Green    CF-RF  MO   1997-2000  Bertrum Scarborough Green                
Sean Green           P      KY   2006-2011  Sean William Green                       
Shawn Green          RF     IL   1993-2007  Shawn David Green                        
Steve Green          P      QC   2001-2001  Steve Green                              
Taylor Green         3B     BC   2011-2012  Taylor William Andrew Green              
Tyler Green          P      OH   1993-1998  Tyler Scott Green                        
Adam Greenberg       OF     CT   2005-2012  Adam Daniel Greenberg                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Hank Greenberg       1B-OF  NY   1930-1947  Henry Benjamin Greenberg                 
Al Greene            OF     MI   1979-1979  Altar Alfonse Greene                     
Charlie Greene       C      FL   1996-2000  Charles Patrick Greene                   
June Greene          P      NC   1928-1929  Julius Foust Greene                      
Khalil Greene        SS     PA   2003-2009  Khalil Thabit Greene                     
Nelson Greene        P      PA   1924-1925  Nelson George Greene                     
Paddy Greene         3B-SS  RI   1903-1903  Patrick Joseph Greene                    
Rick Greene          P      KY   1999-1999  Richard Douglas Greene Jr.               
Shane Greene         P      FL   2014-2014  Shane Greene                             
Todd Greene          C      GA   1996-2006  Todd Anthony Greene                      
Tommy Greene         P      NC   1989-1997  Ira Thomas Greene                        
Tyler Greene         2B-OF  FL   2009-2013  James Tyler Greene                       
Willie Greene        3B     GA   1992-2000  Willie Louis Greene                      
Kent Greenfield      P      KY   1924-1929  Kent Greenfield                          
Jim Greengrass       OF     NY   1952-1956  James Raymond Greengrass                 
Mike Greenwell       LF     KY   1985-1996  Michael Lewis Greenwell                  
Bob Greenwood        P      MX   1954-1955  Robert Chandler Greenwood                
Nick Greenwood       P      CT   2014-2014  Nicholas Greenwood                       
Brian Greer          OF     CA   1977-1979  Brian Keith Greer                        
Kenny Greer          P      MA   1993-1995  Kenneth William Greer                    
Rusty Greer          LF     AL   1994-2002  Thurman Clyde Greer Iii                  
Luke Gregerson       P      IL   2009-2014  Lucas John Gregorson                     
Dave Gregg           P      WA   1913-1913  David Charles Gregg                      
Hal Gregg            P      CA   1943-1952  Harold Dana Gregg                        
Kevin Gregg          P      OR   2003-2014  Kevin Marschall Gregg                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tommy Gregg          1B-RF  NC   1987-1997  William Thomas Gregg                     
Vean Gregg           P      WA   1911-1925  Sylveanus Augustus Gregg                 
Tom Gregorio         C      NY   2003-2003  Thomas Andrew Gregorio                   
Didi Gregorius       SS     NT   2012-2014  Mariekson Gregorius                      
Frank Gregory        P      WI   1912-1912  Frank Ernst Gregory                      
Howie Gregory        P      MO   1911-1911  Howard Watterson Gregory                 
Lee Gregory          P      CA   1964-1964  Grover Leroy Gregory                     
Paul Gregory         P      MS   1932-1933  Paul Edwin Gregory                       
Bill Greif           P      TX   1971-1976  William Briley Greif                     
Zack Greinke         P      FL   2004-2014  Donald Zackary Greinke                   
Seth Greisinger      P      KS   1998-2005  Seth Adam Greisinger                     
Ed Gremminger        3B     OH   1903-1904  Lorenzo Edward Gremminger                
Buddy Gremp          1B     CO   1940-1942  Lewis Edward Gremp                       
Bill Grevell         P      NJ   1919-1919  William J. Grevell                       
Reddy Grey           OF     OH   1903-1903  Romer Carl Grey                          
Bobby Grich          2B     MI   1970-1986  Robert Anthony Grich                     
Randal Grichuk       OF     TX   2014-2014  Randal Alexander Grichuk                 
Tim Griesenbeck      C      TX   1920-1920  Carlos Phillipe Timothy Griesenbeck      
Ben Grieve           RF-LF  TX   1997-2005  Benjamin Grieve                          
Tom Grieve           OF     MA   1970-1979  Thomas Alan Grieve                       
Lee Griffeth         P      NY   1946-1946  Leon Clifford Griffeth                   
Ken Griffey          OF     PA   1973-1991  George Kenneth Griffey Sr.               
Ken Griffey          CF     PA   1989-2010  George Kenneth Griffey Jr.               
A.J. Griffin         P      CA   2012-2013  Arthur Joseph Griffin                    
Alfredo Griffin      SS     DR   1976-1993  Alfredo Claudino Griffin                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Doug Griffin         2B     CA   1970-1977  Douglas Lee Griffin                      
Hank Griffin         P      TX   1911-1912  James Linton Griffin                     
Ivy Griffin          1B     AL   1919-1921  Ivy Moore Griffin                        
John-Ford Griffin    OF     FL   2005-2007  John-Ford David Griffin                  
Marty Griffin        P      CA   1928-1928  Martin John Griffin                      
Mike Griffin         P      CA   1979-1989  Michael Leroy Griffin                    
Pat Griffin          P      OH   1914-1914  Patrick Richard Griffin                  
Pug Griffin          1B-OF  NE   1917-1920  Francis Arthur Griffin                   
Tom Griffin          P      CA   1969-1982  Thomas James Griffin                     
Bert Griffith        OF     MO   1922-1924  Bartholomew Joseph Griffith              
Clark Griffith       P      MO   1903-1914  Clark Calvin Griffith                    
Derrell Griffith     OF-3B  OK   1963-1966  Robert Derrell Griffith                  
Tommy Griffith       OF     OH   1913-1925  Thomas Herman Griffith                   
Jeremy Griffiths     P      OH   2003-2004  Jeremy Richard Griffiths                 
Art Griggs           1B-OF  KS   1909-1918  Arthur Carle Griggs                      
Hal Griggs           P      GA   1956-1959  Harold Lloyd Griggs                      
Denver Grigsby       OF     KY   1923-1925  Denver Clarence Grigsby                  
Guido Grilli         P      TN   1966-1966  Guido John Grilli                        
Jason Grilli         P      MI   2000-2014  Jason Michael Grilli                     
Steve Grilli         P      NY   1975-1979  Stephen Joseph Grilli                    
Bob Grim             P      NY   1954-1962  Robert Anton Grim                        
Burleigh Grimes      P      WI   1916-1934  Burleigh Arland Grimes                   
Ed Grimes            3B     IL   1931-1932  Edward Adelbert Grimes                   
Oscar Grimes         3B-2B  OH   1938-1946  Oscar Ray Jr. Grimes                     
Ray Grimes           1B     OH   1920-1926  Oscar Ray Sr. Grimes                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Roy Grimes           2B     OH   1920-1920  Austin Roy Grimes                        
Charlie Grimm        1B     MO   1916-1936  Charles John Grimm                       
Justin Grimm         P      VA   2012-2014  Justin Grimm                             
Myron Grimshaw       1B     NY   1905-1907  Myron Frederick Grimshaw                 
Jason Grimsley       P      IL   1989-2006  Jason Alan Grimsley                      
Ross Grimsley        P      KS   1951-1951  Ross Albert Grimsley II                  
Ross Grimsley        P      KS   1971-1982  Ross Albert Grimsley I                   
Dan Griner           P      TN   1912-1918  Donald Dexter Griner                     
Lee Grissom          P      TX   1934-1941  Lee Theo Grissom                         
Marquis Grissom      CF     GA   1989-2005  Marquis Deon Grissom                     
Marv Grissom         P      CA   1946-1959  Marvin Edward Grissom                    
Dick Groat           SS     PA   1952-1967  Richard Morrow Groat                     
Connie Grob          P      WI   1956-1956  Conrad George Grob                       
Johnny Grodzicki     P      PA   1941-1947  John Grodzicki                           
Heinie Groh          3B-2B  NY   1912-1927  Henry Knight Groh                        
Lew Groh             3B     NY   1919-1919  Lewis Carl Groh                          
Steve Gromek         P      MI   1941-1957  Stephen Joseph Gromek                    
Lee Gronkiewicz      P      CA   2007-2007  Lee Matthew Gronkiewicz                  
Bob Groom            P      IL   1909-1918  Robert Groom                             
Buddy Groom          P      TX   1992-2005  Wedsel Gary Groom Jr.                    
Howdy Groskloss      2B     PA   1930-1932  Howard Hoffman Groskloss                 
Don Gross            P      MI   1955-1960  Donald John Gross                        
Gabe Gross           LF     MD   2004-2010  Gabriel Jordan Gross                     
Greg Gross           OF     PA   1973-1989  Gregory Eugene Gross                     
Kevin Gross          P      CA   1983-1997  Kevin Frank Gross                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Kip Gross            P      NE   1990-2000  Kip Lee Gross                            
Turkey Gross         SS     TX   1925-1925  Ewell Gross                              
Wayne Gross          3B     CA   1976-1986  Wayne Dale Gross                         
Harley Grossman      P      IN   1952-1952  Harley Joseph Grossman                   
Robbie Grossman      LF-CF  TX   2013-2014  Robert Edward Grossman                   
Jerry Grote          C      TX   1963-1981  Gerald Wayne Grote                       
Jeff Grotewold       LF-C   CA   1992-1995  Jeffrey Scott Grotewold                  
Ernest Groth         P      PA   1947-1949  Ernest William Groth                     
Ernie Groth          P      WI   1904-1904  Ernest John Groth                        
Johnny Groth         OF     IL   1946-1960  John Thomas Groth                        
Matt Grott           P      IN   1995-1995  Matthew Allen Grott                      
Lefty Grove          P      MD   1925-1941  Robert Moses Grove                       
Orval Grove          P      KS   1940-1949  Orval Leroy Grove                        
Charlie Grover       P      OH   1913-1913  Charles Burt Grover                      
Roy Grover           2B     WA   1916-1919  Roy Arthur Grover                        
Harvey Grubb         P-3B   NC   1912-1912  Harvey Harrison Grubb                    
Johnny Grubb         OF     VA   1972-1987  John Maywood Grubb Jr.                   
Tom Grubbs           P      KY   1920-1920  Thomas Dillard Grubbs                    
Frank Grube          C      PA   1931-1941  Franklin Thomas Grube                    
Jarrett Grube        P      IN   2014-2014  Jarrett George Grube                     
Kelly Gruber         3B     TX   1984-1993  Kelly Wayne Gruber                       
Mark Grudzielanek    2B-SS  WI   1995-2010  Mark James Grudzielanek                  
Ken Grundt           P      IL   1996-1997  Kenneth Allan Grundt                     
Al Grunwald          P      CA   1955-1959  Alfred Henry Grunwald                    
Kevin Gryboski       P      PA   2002-2006  Kevin John Gryboski                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Sig Gryska           SS     IL   1938-1939  Sigmund Stanley Gryska                   
Mike Grzanich        P      IL   1998-1998  Michael Edward Grzanich                  
Joe Grzenda          P      PA   1961-1972  Joseph Charles Grzenda                   
Cecilio Guante       P      DR   1982-1990  Cecilio (Magallane) Guante               
Eddie Guardado       P      CA   1993-2009  Edward Adrian Guardado                   
Creighton Gubanich   C      NJ   1999-1999  Creighton Wade Gubanich                  
Mark Gubicza         P      PA   1984-1997  Mark Steven Gubicza                      
Marv Gudat           P      TX   1929-1932  Marvin John Gudat                        
Javy Guerra          P      TX   2011-2014  Luis Javier Guerra                       
Mike Guerra          C      CU   1937-1951  Fermin Guerra Romero                     
Alexander Guerrero   IF     CU   2014-2014  Alexander Guerrero (Perez )              
Juan Guerrero        SS-3B  DR   1992-1992  Juan Antonio Guerrero                    
Mario Guerrero       SS     DR   1973-1980  Mario Miguel Guerrero Abud               
Pedro Guerrero       OF-3B  DR   1978-1992  Pedro Guerrero                           
Vladimir Guerrero    LF     DR   1996-2011  Vladimir Alvino Guerrero                 
Wilton Guerrero      2B-LF  DR   1996-2004  Wilton Guerrero                          
Matt Guerrier        P      OH   2004-2014  Matthew Olson Guerrier                   
Lee Guetterman       P      TN   1984-1996  Arthur Lee Guetterman                    
Carlos Guevara       P      TX   2008-2008  Jose Carlos Guevara                      
Giomar Guevara       SS-2B  VZ   1997-1999  Giomar Antonio Guevara                   
Ron Guidry           P      LA   1975-1988  Ronald Ames Guidry                       
Aaron Guiel          RF-LF  BC   2002-2006  Aaron Colin Guiel                        
Carlos Guillen       2B     VZ   1998-2011  Carlos Alfonso Guillen                   
Jose Guillen         RF-LF  DR   1997-2010  Jose Manuel Guillen                      
Ozzie Guillen        SS     VZ   1985-2000  Oswaldo Jose Guillen Barrios             

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Preston Guilmet      P      CA   2013-2014  Preston Blake Guilmet                    
Bobby Guindon        OF-1B  MA   1964-1964  Robert Joseph Guindon                    
Skip Guinn           P      MO   1968-1971  Drannon Eugene Guinn                     
Ben Guintini         OF     CA   1946-1950  Benjamin John Guintini                   
Lefty Guise          P      AR   1940-1940  Witt Orison Guise                        
Lou Guisto           1B     CA   1916-1923  Louis Joseph Guisto                      
Mike Gulan           3B     OH   1997-2001  Michael Watts Gulan                      
Brad Gulden          C      MN   1978-1986  Bradley Lee Gulden                       
Don Gullett          P      KY   1970-1978  Donald Edward Gullett                    
Tom Gulley           OF     NC   1923-1926  Thomas Jefferson Gulley                  
Ted Gullic           OF-3B  MO   1930-1933  Tedd Jasper Gullic                       
Bill Gullickson      P      MN   1979-1994  William Lee Gullickson                   
Glenn Gulliver       3B     MI   1982-1983  Glenn James Gulliver                     
Harry Gumbert        P      PA   1935-1950  Harry Edward Gumbert                     
Dave Gumpert         P      MI   1982-1987  David Lawrence Gumpert                   
Randy Gumpert        P      PA   1936-1952  Randall Pennington Gumpert               
Eric Gunderson       P      OR   1990-2000  Eric Andrew Gunderson                    
Red Gunkel           P      IL   1916-1916  Woodward William Gunkel                  
Hy Gunning           1B     NJ   1911-1911  Hyland Gunning                           
Larry Gura           P      IL   1970-1985  Lawrence Cyril Gura                      
Ernie Gust           1B     MI   1911-1911  Ernest Herman Frank Gust                 
Frankie Gustine      2B-3B  IL   1939-1950  Frank William Gustine                    
Bucky Guth           SS     MD   1972-1972  Charles Henry Guth                       
Jeremy Guthrie       P      OR   2004-2014  Jeremy Shane Guthrie                     
Mark Guthrie         P      NY   1989-2003  Mark Andrew Guthrie                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Cesar Gutierrez      SS     VZ   1967-1971  Cesar Dario Gutierrez                    
Franklin Gutierrez   RF-OF  VZ   2005-2013  Franklin Rafael Gutierrez                
Jackie Gutierrez     SS     CB   1983-1988  Joaquin Fernando Gutierrez               
Juan Gutierrez       P      VZ   2007-2014  Juan Carlos Gutierrez                    
Ricky Gutierrez      SS     FL   1993-2004  Ricardo Gutierrez                        
Don Gutteridge       2B     KS   1936-1948  Donald Joseph Gutteridge                 
Brandon Guyer        OF     PA   2011-2014  Brandon Eric Guyer                       
Angel Guzman         P      VZ   2006-2009  Angel Moises Guzman                      
Cristian Guzman      SS     DR   1999-2010  Cristian Antonio Guzman                  
Domingo Guzman       P      DR   1999-2000  Domingo Serrano Guzman                   
Edwards Guzman       3B-C   PR   1999-2003  Edwards Guzman                           
Freddy Guzman        DH     DR   2004-2013  Freddy Antonio Guzman                    
Geraldo Guzman       P      DR   2000-2001  Geraldo Guzman                           
Jesus Guzman         1B-LF  VZ   2009-2014  Jesus Antonio Guzman                     
Joel Guzman          1B     DR   2006-2007  Irvin Joel Guzman                        
Johnny Guzman        P      DR   1991-1992  Ramon Dionny (Estrella) Guzman           
Jose Guzman          P      PR   1985-1994  Jose Alberto (Mirabel) Guzman            
Juan Guzman          P      DR   1991-2000  Juan Andres Correa Guzman                
Santiago Guzman      P      DR   1969-1972  Santiago Donovan Guzman                  
Doug Gwosdz          C      TX   1981-1984  Doug Wayne Gwosdz                        
Marc Gwyn            P      OK   2007-2007  Marcus Edwin Gwyn                        
Chris Gwynn          LF-RF  CA   1987-1996  Christopher Karlton Gwynn                
Tony Gwynn           OF     CA   2006-2014  Anthony Keith Gwynn Jr.                  
Tony Gwynn           RF     CA   1982-2001  Anthony Keith Gwynn                      
Jedd Gyorko          2B     WV   2013-2014  Jedd Lindon Gyorko                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dick Gyselman        3B     CA   1933-1934  Richard Renald Gyselman                  

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