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The list of players below are Major Leaguers who begin with the letter 'C' since 1903. Click on a player to see his TBC player card. Active players are in bold.

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Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Putsy Caballero      2B-3B  LA   1944-1952  Ralph Joseph Caballero                   
Enos Cabell          3B-1B  KS   1972-1986  Enos Milton Cabell                       
Cesar Cabral         P      DR   2013-2014  Cesar Augusto Cabral                     
Al Cabrera           SS     CU   1913-1913  Alfredo A. Cabrera                       
Alberto Cabrera      P      DR   2012-2013  Alberto Antonio Cabrera                  
Alex Cabrera         1B-RF  VZ   2000-2000  Alex Cabrera                             
Asdrubal Cabrera     SS     VZ   2007-2014  Asdrubal Cabrera                         
Daniel Cabrera       P      DR   2004-2009  Daniel Alberto Cabrera                   
Edwar Cabrera        P      DR   2012-2012  Edwar Cabrera                            
Everth Cabrera       SS     NI   2009-2014  Everth Cabrera                           
Fernando Cabrera     P      PR   2004-2010  Fernando Jose Cabrera                    
Francisco Cabrera    1B-C   DR   1989-1993  Francisco Paulino Cabrera                
Jolbert Cabrera      2B-CF  CB   1998-2008  Jolbert Alexis Cabrera                   
Jose Cabrera         P      DR   1997-2002  Jose Alberto Cabrera                     
Melky Cabrera        LF     DR   2005-2014  Melky Astacio  Cabrera                   
Miguel Cabrera       3B     VZ   2003-2014  Jose Miguel Torres Cabrera               
Orlando Cabrera      2B     CB   1997-2011  Orlando Luis Cabrera                     
Craig Cacek          1B     CA   1977-1977  Craig Thomas Cacek                       
Edgar Caceres        2B-SS  VZ   1995-1995  Edgar F. Caceres                         
Greg Cadaret         P      MI   1987-1998  Gregory James Cadaret                    
Leon Cadore          P      IL   1915-1924  Leon Joseph Cadore                       
Charlie Cady                --   1883-1884                                           
Hick Cady            C      IL   1912-1919  Forrest Leroy Cady                       
Tom Cafego           OF     WV   1937-1937  Thomas Cafego                            
Joe Caffie           OF     AL   1956-1957  Joseph Clifford Caffie                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ben Caffyn           OF     IL   1906-1906  Benjamin Thomas Caffyn                   
Wayne Cage           1B     LA   1978-1979  Wayne Levell Cage                        
John Cahill                 --   1884-1887                                           
Tom Cahill                  --   1891-1891                                           
Trevor Cahill        P      CA   2009-2014  Trevor John Cahill                       
Bob Cain             P      KS   1949-1954  Robert Max Cain                          
Les Cain             P      CA   1968-1972  Leslie Cain                              
Lorenzo Cain         CF     GA   2010-2014  Lorenzo Brent Cain                       
Matt Cain            P      AL   2005-2014  Matthew Thomas Cain                      
Sugar Cain           P      GA   1932-1938  Merritt Patrick Cain                     
Cam Cairncross       P      AU   2000-2000  Cameron Cairncross                       
Miguel Cairo         1B-3B  VZ   1996-2012  Miguel Jesus Cairo                       
George Caithamer     C      IL   1934-1934  George Theodore Caithamer                
Ivan Calderon        LF-RF  PR   1984-1993  Ivan Calderon Perez                      
Sam Calderone        C      NJ   1950-1954  Samuel Francis Calderone                 
Bruce Caldwell       OF-1B  RI   1928-1932  Bruce Caldwell                           
Charlie Caldwell     P      VA   1925-1925  Charles William Caldwell                 
Earl Caldwell        P      TX   1928-1948  Earl Welton Caldwell                     
Mike Caldwell        P      NC   1971-1984  Ralph Michael Caldwell                   
Ralph Caldwell       P      PA   1904-1905  Ralph Grant Caldwell                     
Ray Caldwell         P      PA   1910-1921  Raymond Benjamin Caldwell                
Kiko Calero          P      PR   2003-2009  Enrique Nomar Calero                     
Bill Calhoun         1B     GA   1913-1913  William Davitte Calhoun                  
Jack Calhoun                --   1902-1902                                           
Jeff Calhoun         P      GA   1984-1988  Jeffrey Wilton Calhoun                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Kole Calhoun         RF-OF  AZ   2012-2014  Kole Alan Calhoun                        
Carmen Cali          P      OH   2004-2007  Carmen Salvatore Cali                    
Fred Caligiuri       P      PA   1941-1942  Frederick John Caligiuri                 
Will Calihan                --   1890-1891                                           
Marty Callaghan      OF     MA   1922-1930  Martin Francis Callaghan                 
Pat Callaghan               --   1884-1884                                           
Ben Callahan         P      NC   1983-1983  Benjamin Franklin Callahan               
Dave Callahan        OF     IL   1910-1911  David Joseph Callahan                    
Ed Callahan                 --   1884-1884                                           
Jim Callahan                --   1902-1902                                           
Joe Callahan         P      MA   1939-1940  Joseph Thomas Callahan                   
John Callahan               --   1898-1898                                           
Leo Callahan         OF     MA   1913-1919  Leo David Callahan                       
Nixey Callahan       OF-3B  MA   1903-1913  James Joseph Callahan                    
Ray Callahan         P      WI   1915-1915  Raymond James Callahan                   
Wesley Callahan      SS     IN   1913-1913  Wesley Leroy Callahan                    
Alberto Callaspo     3B     VZ   2006-2014  Alberto Jose Calaspo                     
Frank Callaway       SS-2B  TN   1921-1922  Frank Burnett Calllaway                  
Mickey Callaway      P      TN   1999-2004  Michael Christopher Callaway             
Johnny Callison      OF     OK   1958-1973  John Wesley Callison                     
Ron Calloway         RF-LF  CA   2003-2004  Ronald Isaiah Calloway                   
Dick Calmus          P      CA   1963-1967  Richard Lee Calmus                       
Mark Calvert         P      OK   1983-1984  Mark Calvert                             
Paul Calvert         P      QC   1942-1951  Paul Leo Emile Calvert                   
Jack Calvo           OF     CU   1913-1920  Jacinto Gonzalez Calvo                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Napolean Calzado     3B     DR   2005-2005  Napoleon Calzado                         
Ernie Camacho        P      CA   1980-1990  Ernest Carlos Camacho                    
Fred Cambria         P      NY   1970-1970  Frederick Dennis Cambria                 
Hank Camelli         C      MA   1943-1947  Henry Richard Camelli                    
Jack Cameron         OF     NS   1906-1906  John Stanley Cameron                     
Kevin Cameron        P      IL   2007-2009  Kevin John Cameron                       
Mike Cameron         CF-RF  GA   1995-2011  Michael Terrance Cameron                 
Dolph Camilli        1B     CA   1933-1945  Adolph Louis Camilli                     
Doug Camilli         C      PA   1960-1969  Douglas Joseph Camilli                   
Lou Camilli          SS-2B  TX   1969-1972  Louis Steven Camilli                     
Arquimedes Caminero  P      DR   2013-2014  Arquimedes Caminero                      
Ken Caminiti         3B     CA   1987-2001  Kenneth Gene Caminiti                    
Eric Cammack         P      TX   2000-2000  Eric Wade Cammack                        
Harry Camnitz        P      KY   1909-1911  Henry Richardson Camnitz                 
Howie Camnitz        P      KY   1904-1913  Samuel Howard Camnitz                    
Howie Camp           OF     AL   1917-1917  Howard Lee Camp                          
Kid Camp                    --   1892-1894                                           
Lew Camp                    --   1892-1894                                           
Rick Camp            P      GA   1976-1985  Rick Lamar Camp                          
Shawn Camp           P      VA   2004-2014  Shawn Anthony Camp                       
Tony Campana         OF     OH   2011-2014  Tony Campana                             
Roy Campanella       C      PA   1948-1957  Roy Campanella                           
Bert Campaneris      SS     CU   1964-1983  Dagoberto Blanco Campaneris              
Al Campanis          2B     GC   1943-1943  Alexander Sebastian Campanis             
Jim Campanis         C      NY   1966-1973  James Alexander Campanis                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Count Campau                --   1888-1894                                           
Archie Campbell      P      NJ   1928-1930  Archibald Stewart Campbell               
Bill Campbell        P      MI   1973-1987  William Richard Campbell                 
Billy Campbell       P      PA   1905-1909  William James Campbell                   
Brett Campbell       P      GA   2006-2006  Richard Brett Campbell                   
Bruce Campbell       OF     IL   1930-1942  Bruce Douglas Campbell                   
Dave Campbell        P      IN   1977-1978  David Alan Campbell                      
Dave Campbell        2B-3B  MI   1967-1974  David Wilson Campbell                    
Eric Campbell        OF     CT   2014-2014  Eric Singleton Campbell                  
Gilly Campbell       C      KS   1933-1938  William Gilthorpe Campbell               
Hugh Campbell               --   1873-1873                                           
Hutch Campbell       SS     PA   1907-1907  Marc Thaddeus Campbell                   
Jim Campbell         P      CA   1990-1990  James Marcus Campbell                    
Jim Campbell         C      CA   1962-1963  James Robert Campbell                    
Jim Campbell         H      SC   1970-1970  James Robert Campbell                    
Joe Campbell         OF     KY   1967-1967  Joseph Earl Campbell                     
John Campbell        P      DC   1933-1933  John Millard Campbell                    
Kevin Campbell       P      AR   1991-1995  Kevin Wade Campbell                      
Mike Campbell        P      WA   1987-1996  Michael Thomas Campbell                  
Mike Campbell               --   1873-1873                                           
Paul Campbell        1B     NC   1942-1950  Paul McLaughlin Campbell                 
Ron Campbell         2B-SS  TN   1964-1966  Ronald Thomas Campbell                   
Sam Campbell                --   1890-1890                                           
Soup Campbell        OF     VA   1940-1941  Clarence Campbell                        
Vin Campbell         OF     MO   1908-1912  Arthur Vincent Campbell                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Cardell Camper       P      OK   1977-1977  Cardell Camper                           
Sal Campfield               --   1896-1896                                           
Jorge Campillo       P      MX   2005-2009  Jorge Hidalgo Campillo                   
Sal Campisi          P      NY   1969-1971  Salvatore John Campisi                   
Frank Campos         OF     CU   1951-1953  Francisco Jose Lopez Campos              
Leonel Campos        P      VZ   2014-2014  Leonel Enrique Campos                    
Sil Campusano        CF-LF  DR   1988-1991  Silvestre Diaz Campusano                 
George Canale        1B     TN   1989-1991  George Anthony Canale                    
Willie Canate        LF-RF  VZ   1993-1993  Emisael William Canate Librada           
Hugh Canavan         P      MA   1918-1918  Hugh Edward Canavan                      
Jim Canavan                 --   1891-1897                                           
Robinson Cancel      C      PR   1999-2011  Robinson Castro Cancel                   
Casey Candaele       2B-SS  CA   1986-1997  Casey Todd Candaele                      
John Candelaria      P      NY   1975-1993  John Robert Candelaria                   
Milo Candini         P      CA   1943-1951  Mario Cain Candini                       
Tom Candiotti        P      CA   1983-1999  Thomas Caesar Candiotti                  
John Caneira         P      CT   1977-1978  John Cascaes Caneira                     
John Cangelosi       OF     NY   1985-1999  John Anthony Cangelosi                   
Barbaro Canizares    1B     CU   2009-2009  Barbaro Rafael Canizares                 
Jay Canizaro         2B     TX   1996-2002  Jason Kyle Canizaro                      
Rip Cannell          OF     ME   1904-1905  Virgin Wirt Cannell                      
Andy Cannizaro       SS     LA   2006-2008  Andrew Lee Cannizaro                     
Chris Cannizzaro     C      CA   1960-1974  Christopher John Cannizzaro              
J.J. Cannon          OF     NC   1977-1980  Joseph Jerome Cannon                     
Jose Cano            P      DR   1989-1989  Joselito Cano Soriano                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Robinson Cano        2B     DR   2005-2014  Robinson Jose Cano                       
Jose Canseco         RF-LF  CU   1985-2001  Jose Canseco Jr.                         
Ozzie Canseco        RF-LF  CU   1990-1993  Osvaldo Canseco Capas                    
Guy Cantrell         P      OK   1925-1930  Guy Dewey Cantrell                       
Jorge Cantu          2B-3B  MX   2004-2011  Jorge Luis Guzman Cantu                  
Ben Cantwell         P      TN   1927-1937  Benjamin Caldwell Cantwell               
Mike Cantwell        P      DC   1916-1920  Michael Joseph Cantwell                  
Tom Cantwell         P      DC   1909-1910  Thomas Aloysius Cantwell                 
Bart Cantz                  --   1888-1890                                           
Russ Canzler         1B     PA   2011-2012  Russell Michael Canzier                  
Mike Capel           P      TX   1988-1991  Michael Lee Capel                        
Jose Capellan        P      DR   2004-2008  Jose Francisco Capellan                  
Doug Capilla         P      HI   1976-1981  Douglas Edmund Capilla                   
Carter Capps         P      NC   2012-2014  Carter Lewis Capps                       
Matt Capps           P      GA   2005-2012  Matthew Dicus Capps                      
George Cappuzzello   P      OH   1981-1982  George Angelo Cappuzzello                
Buzz Capra           P      IL   1971-1977  Lee William Capra                        
Nick Capra           OF     CO   1982-1991  Nick Lee Capra                           
Pat Capri            2B     NY   1944-1944  Patrick Nicholas Capri                   
Ralph Capron         OF     MN   1913-1913  Ralph Earl Capron                        
Chris Capuano        P      MA   2003-2014  Christopher Frank Capuano                
Ramon Caraballo      2B     DR   1995-1995  Ramon Caraballo Sanchez                  
Pat Caraway          P      TX   1930-1932  Cecil Bradford Patrick Caraway           
John Carbine                --   1875-1876                                           
Bernie Carbo         OF     MI   1969-1980  Bernardo Carbo                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
John Carden          P      TX   1946-1946  John Bruton Carden                       
Jose Cardenal        OF     CU   1963-1980  Jose Rosario Domec Cardenal              
Adrian Cardenas      2B     FL   2012-2012  Adrian Cardenas                          
Leo Cardenas         SS     CU   1960-1975  Leonardo Lazaro Cardenas Alfonso         
Conrad Cardinal      P      NY   1963-1963  Conrad Seth Cardinal                     
Javier Cardona       C      PR   2000-2002  Javier Peterson Cardona                  
Ben Cardoni          P      PA   1943-1945  Armand Joseph Cardoni                    
Don Cardwell         P      NC   1957-1970  Donald Eugene Cardwell                   
Rod Carew            1B-2B  PN   1967-1985  Rodney Cline Carew                       
Andy Carey           3B     CA   1952-1962  Andrew Arthur Hexem                      
Max Carey            OF     IN   1910-1929  Max George Carey                         
Paul Carey           1B     MA   1993-1993  Paul Stephen Carey                       
Roger Carey                 --   1887-1887                                           
Scoops Carey         1B     PA   1903-1903  George C. Carey                          
Tom Carey                   --   1871-1879                                           
Tom Carey            2B-SS  NJ   1935-1946  Thomas Francis Aloysius Carey            
Ed Carfrey                  --   1890-1890                                           
Bobby Cargo                 --   1892-1892                                           
Esmailin Caridad     P      DR   2009-2010  Esmailin Manuel Caridad                  
Andrew Carignan      P      CT   2011-2012  Gary Andrew Carignan Jr.                 
Fred Carisch         C      WI   1903-1914  Frederick Behlmer Carisch                
Fred Carl                   --   1889-1889                                           
Lew Carl                    --   1874-1874                                           
Jim Carleton                --   1871-1872                                           
Tex Carleton         P      TX   1932-1940  James Otto Carleton                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Carlin           OF-3B  AL   1941-1941  James Arthur Carlin                      
Luke Carlin          C      MD   2008-2012  Luke Christopher Carlin                  
Walter Carlisle      OF     EN   1908-1908  Walter G. Carlisle                       
Cisco Carlos         P      CA   1967-1970  Francisco Manuel Carlos                  
Don Carlsen          P      IL   1948-1952  Donald Herbert Carlsen                   
Dan Carlson          P      OR   1996-1999  Daniel Scott Carlson                     
Hal Carlson          P      IL   1917-1930  Harold Gust Carlson                      
Jesse Carlson        P      CT   2008-2010  Jesse Craig Carlson                      
Leon Carlson         P      NY   1920-1920  Leon Alton Carlson                       
Swede Carlstrom      SS     NJ   1911-1911  Albin Oscar Carlstrom                    
Steve Carlton        P      FL   1965-1988  Steven Norman Carlton                    
Buddy Carlyle        P      NE   1999-2014  Earl L. Carlyle                          
Cleo Carlyle         OF     GA   1927-1927  Hiram Cleo Carlyle                       
Roy Carlyle          OF     GA   1925-1926  Roy Edward Carlyle                       
Don Carman           P      OK   1983-1992  Donald Wayne Carman                      
George Carman               --   1890-1890                                           
Duke Carmel          OF-1B  NY   1959-1965  Leon James Carmel                        
Chet Carmichael      P      IN   1909-1909  Chester Keller Carmichael                
Rafael Carmona       P      PR   1995-1999  Rafael Carmona                           
Eddie Carnett        P      MO   1941-1945  Edwin Elliott Carnett                    
Bill Carney          OF     MN   1904-1904  William John Carney                      
John Carney                 --   1889-1891                                           
Pat Carney           P      MA   1903-1904  Patrick Joseph Carney                    
Mike Carp            LF-1B  CA   2009-2014  Christopher Michael Carp                 
Bob Carpenter        P      IL   1940-1947  Robert Louis Carpenter                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bubba Carpenter      LF     TX   2000-2000  Charles Sydney Carpenter                 
Chris Carpenter      P      OH   2011-2012  Christopher John Carpenter               
Chris Carpenter      P      NH   1997-2012  Christopher John Carpenter               
Cris Carpenter       P      FL   1988-1996  Cris Howell Carpenter                    
David Carpenter      P      TX   2012-2014  David Lee Carpenter                      
David Carpenter      P      WV   2011-2014  Darrell David Carpenter                  
Drew Carpenter       P      CA   2008-2012  Andrew James Carpenter                   
Hick Carpenter              --   1879-1892                                           
Lew Carpenter        P      GA   1943-1943  Lewis Emmett Carpenter                   
Matt Carpenter       2B     TX   2011-2014  Matthew Martin Lee Carpenter             
Paul Carpenter       P      OH   1916-1916  Paul Calvin Carpenter                    
Frank Carpin         P      NY   1965-1966  Frank Dominic Carpin                     
Charlie Carr         1B     PA   1903-1906  Charles Carbitt Carr                     
Chuck Carr           CF-OF  CA   1990-1997  Charles Lee Glenn Carr Jr.               
Lew Carr                    --   1901-1901                                           
Giovanni Carrara     P      VZ   1995-2006  Giovanni Jimenez Carrara                 
Carlos Carrasco      P      VZ   2009-2014  Carlos Luis Carrasco                     
D.J. Carrasco        P      AZ   2003-2012  Daniel Carrasco                          
Hector Carrasco      P      DR   1994-2007  Hector Pacheco Pipo Carrasco             
Alex Carrasquel      P      VZ   1939-1949  Alejandro Eloy Carrasquel Aparicio       
Chico Carrasquel     SS     VZ   1950-1959  Alfonso Carrasquel Colon                 
Amalio Carreno       P      VZ   1991-1991  Amalio Rafael Carreno Adrian             
Joel Carreno         P      DR   2011-2012  Joel Fernando Carreno                    
Cam Carreon          C      CA   1959-1966  Camilo Carreon                           
Mark Carreon         1B-LF  IL   1987-1996  Mark Steven Carreon                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ezequiel Carrera     OF     VZ   2011-2014  Ezequiel Manuel Carrera                  
Bill Carrick                --   1898-1902                                           
Bill Carrigan        C      ME   1906-1916  William Francis Carrigan                 
Cesar Carrillo       P      IL   2009-2009  Cesar Carrillo                           
Matias Carrillo      OF     MX   1993-1994  Matias Carrillo Garcia                   
Don Carrithers       P      CA   1970-1977  Donald George Carrithers                 
Brett Carroll        OF     TN   2007-2012  Brett Michael Carroll                    
Chick Carroll               --   1884-1884                                           
Clay Carroll         P      AL   1964-1978  Clay Palmer Carroll                      
Cliff Carroll               --   1882-1893                                           
Dick Carroll         P      OH   1909-1909  Richard Thomas Carroll                   
Dixie Carroll        OF     KY   1919-1919  Dorsey Lee Carroll                       
Doc Carroll          C      MA   1916-1916  Ralph Arthur Carroll                     
Ed Carroll           P      MD   1929-1929  Edgar Fleischer Carroll                  
Fred Carroll                --   1884-1891                                           
Jamey Carroll        3B     IN   2002-2013  Jamey Blake Carroll                      
Ownie Carroll        P      NJ   1925-1934  Owen Thomas Carroll                      
Pat Carroll                 --   1884-1884                                           
Scott Carroll        P      MO   2014-2014  Scott A. Carroll                         
Scrappy Carroll             --   1884-1887                                           
Tom Carroll          SS-3B  NY   1955-1959  Thomas Edward Carroll                    
Tom Carroll          P      NY   1974-1975  Thomas Michael Carroll                   
Kid Carsey                  --   1891-1901                                           
Al Carson            P      IL   1910-1910  Albert James Carson                      
Kit Carson           OF     CA   1934-1935  Walter Lloyd Carson                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Matt Carson          OF     CA   2009-2013  Matthew Reese Carson                     
Robert Carson        P      MS   2012-2013  Robert Carson Iii                        
Frank Carswell       OF     TX   1953-1953  Frank Willis Carswell                    
Andy Carter          P      PA   1994-1995  Andrew Godfrey Carter                    
Arnold Carter        P      WV   1944-1945  Arnold Lee Carter                        
Blackie Carter       OF     SC   1925-1926  Otis Leonard Carter                      
Chris Carter         1B-LF  CA   2010-2014  Vernon Christopher Carter                
Chris Carter         LF-RF  CA   2008-2010  William Christopher Carter               
Gary Carter          C      CA   1974-1992  Gary Edmund Carter                       
Howie Carter         2B-SS  NY   1926-1926  John Howard Carter                       
Jeff Carter          P      FL   1991-1991  Jeffrey Allen Carter                     
Joe Carter           LF-RF  OK   1983-1998  Joseph Chris Carter                      
Lance Carter         P      FL   1999-2006  Lance David Carter                       
Larry Carter         P      WV   1992-1992  Larry Gene Carter                        
Nick Carter          P      VA   1908-1908  Conrad Powell Carter                     
Paul Carter          P      GA   1914-1920  Paul Warren Carter                       
Sol Carter           P      MS   1931-1931  Solomon Mobley Carter                    
Steve Carter         RF-CF  VA   1989-1990  Steven Jerome Carter                     
Ed Cartwright               --   1890-1897                                           
Rico Carty           OF     DR   1963-1979  Ricardo Adolfo Jacobo Carty              
Mike Caruso          SS     NY   1998-2002  Michael John Caruso                      
Bob Caruthers               --   1884-1893                                           
Marcos Carvajal      P      VZ   2005-2007  Marcos Jose Carvajal                     
Chuck Cary           P      CA   1985-1993  Charles Douglas Cary                     
Scott Cary           P      IN   1947-1947  Scott Russell Cary                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jerry Casale         P      NY   1958-1962  Jerry Joseph Casale                      
Curt Casali          C      CT   2014-2014  Curtis Michael Casali                    
Paul Casanova        C      CU   1965-1974  Paulino Casanova Ortiz                   
Raul Casanova        C      PR   1996-2008  Raul Casanova                            
Joe Cascarella       P      PA   1934-1938  Joseph Thomas Cascarella                 
Charlie Case         P      OH   1904-1906  Charles Emmett Case                      
George Case          OF     NJ   1937-1947  George Washington Case                   
Bill Casey                  --   1887-1887                                           
Bob Casey                   --   1882-1882                                           
Dan Casey            P      NY   1884-1890  Daniel Maurice Casey                     
Dennis Casey         OF     NY   1884-1885  Dennis Patrick Casey                     
Doc Casey            3B     MA   1903-1907  James Patrick Casey                      
Hugh Casey           P      GA   1935-1949  Hugh Thomas Casey                        
Joe Casey            C      MA   1909-1918  Joseph Felix Casey                       
Sean Casey           1B     NJ   1997-2008  Sean Thomas Casey                        
Dave Cash            2B     NY   1969-1980  David Cash Jr.                           
Kevin Cash           C      FL   2002-2010  Kevin Forrest Cash                       
Norm Cash            1B     TX   1958-1974  Norman Dalton Cash                       
Ron Cash             1B-3B  GA   1973-1974  Ronald Forrest Cash                      
Carl Cashion         P      NC   1911-1914  Jay Carl Cashion                         
Andrew Cashner       P      TX   2010-2014  Andrew Burton Cashner                    
Larry Casian         P      CA   1990-1998  Lawrence Paul Casian                     
Alexi Casilla        2B     DR   2006-2014  Alexi Casilla Lora                       
Santiago Casilla     P      DR   2004-2014  Santiago Casilla                         
Carlos Casimiro      2B     DR   2000-2000  Carlos Rafael Casimiro                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Craig Caskey         P      CA   1973-1973  Craig Douglas Caskey                     
Ed Caskin                   --   1879-1886                                           
Harry Cassady        OF     IL   1904-1905  Harry Delbert Cassady                    
Jack Cassel          P      CA   2007-2008  Joseph Buren Cassel                      
Bobby Cassevah       P      FL   2010-2012  Robert Alan Cassevah                     
Ed Cassian                  --   1891-1891                                           
Joe Cassidy          SS     PA   1904-1905  Joseph Phillip Cassidy                   
John Cassidy         OF     NY   1875-1885  John P. Cassidy                          
Pete Cassidy         IF     DE   1896-1899  Peter Francis Cassidy                    
Scott Cassidy        P      NY   2002-2006  Scott Robert Cassidy                     
Jack Cassini         H      MI   1949-1949  Jack Dempsey Cassini                     
Pedro Castellano     3B-1B  VZ   1993-1996  Pedro Orlando Castellano Arrieta         
Alex Castellanos     OF     FL   2012-2013  Alejandro L. Castellanos                 
Nick Castellanos     LF-OF  FL   2013-2014  Nicholas A. Castellanos                  
George Caster        P      CA   1934-1946  George Jasper Caster                     
Jim Castiglia        C      NJ   1942-1942  James Vincent Castiglia                  
Pete Castiglione     3B-SS  CT   1947-1954  Peter Paul Castiglione                   
Vinny Castilla       3B     MX   1991-2006  Vinicio Soria Castilla                   
Alberto Castillo     C      DR   1995-2007  Alberto Terrero Castillo                 
Alberto Castillo     P      CU   2008-2011  Alberto Castillo (Bettencourt)           
Bobby Castillo       P      CA   1977-1985  Robert Ernie Castillo Jr.                
Braulio Castillo     CF-RF  DR   1991-1992  Braulio Robinson Medrano Castillo        
Carlos Castillo      P      MA   1997-2001  Carlos Castillo                          
Carmen Castillo      OF     DR   1982-1991  Monte Carmelo Castillo                   
Frank Castillo       P      TX   1991-2005  Frank Anthony Castillo                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jose Castillo        2B     VZ   2004-2008  Jose Rondon Castillo                     
Juan Castillo        2B-SS  DR   1986-1989  Juan Castillo Bryas                      
Juan Castillo        P      VZ   1994-1994  Juan Francisco Castillo Azdura           
Lendy Castillo       P      DR   2012-2012  Lendy Enrique Castillo                   
Luis Castillo        2B     DR   1996-2010  Luis Antonio Donato Castillo             
Manny Castillo       3B     DR   1980-1983  Esteban Manuel Antonio Castillo Cabrera  
Marty Castillo       3B-C   CA   1981-1985  Martin Horace Castillo                   
Rusney Castillo      OF     CU   2014-2014  Rusney Castillo                          
Tony Castillo        C      CA   1978-1978  Anthony Castillo                         
Tony Castillo        P      VZ   1988-1998  Antonio Jose Castillo                    
Welington Castillo   C      DR   2010-2014  Welington Andres Castillo                
Wilkin Castillo      C      DR   2008-2009  Wilkin Castillo                          
John Castino         3B-2B  IL   1979-1984  John Anthony Castino                     
Vince Castino        C      IL   1943-1945  Vincent Charles Castino                  
Don Castle           H      IN   1973-1973  Donald Hardy Castle                      
John Castle          OF     PA   1910-1910  John Francis Castle                      
Foster Castleman     3B-SS  TN   1954-1958  Foster Ephraim Castleman                 
Slick Castleman      P      TN   1934-1939  Clydell Castleman                        
Roy Castleton        P      UT   1907-1910  Royal Eugene Castleton                   
Paul Castner         P      MN   1923-1923  Paul Henry Castner                       
Kory Casto           OF     OR   2007-2008  Kory Christopher Casto                   
Bernie Castro        2B     DR   2005-2006  Bernabel Castro                          
Bill Castro          P      DR   1974-1983  William Radhames Castro Checo            
Fabio Castro         P      DR   2006-2007  Fabio E. Castro                          
Jason Castro         C      CA   2010-2014  Jason Michael Castro                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Juan Castro          2B-3B  MX   1995-2011  Juan Gabriel Castro                      
Luis Castro                 --   1902-1902                                           
Ramon Castro         C      MX   1999-2011  Ramon Abraham Castro                     
Ramon Castro         3B-SS  VZ   2004-2004  Alfredo Ramon Castro                     
Simon Castro         P      DR   2013-2013  Simon Alfonseca Castro                   
Starlin Castro       SS     DR   2010-2014  Starlin Dejesus Castro                   
Frank Catalanotto    LF-2B  NY   1997-2010  Frank John Catalanotto                   
Troy Cate            P      CA   2007-2007  Troy Patrick Cates                       
Danny Cater          1B-OF  TX   1964-1975  Danny Anderson Cater                     
Eli Cates            P      IN   1908-1908  Eli Eldo Cates                           
Mike Cather          P      CA   1997-1999  Michael Peter Cather                     
Ted Cather           OF     PA   1912-1915  Theodore Physick Cather                  
Hardin Cathey        P      TN   1942-1942  Hardin Abner Cathey                      
Keefe Cato           P      NY   1983-1984  John Keefe Cato                          
Howdy Caton          SS     OH   1917-1920  James Howard Caton                       
John Cattanach       P      RI   1884-1884  John Leckie Cattanach                    
Tom Catterson        OF     RI   1908-1909  Thomas Henry Catterson                   
Bill Caudill         P      CA   1979-1987  William Holland Caudill                  
Jake Caulfield       SS     CA   1946-1946  John Joseph Caulfield                    
Red Causey           P      FL   1918-1922  Cecil Algernon Causey                    
Wayne Causey         SS-2B  LA   1955-1968  James Wayne Causey                       
John Cavanaugh       3B     PA   1919-1919  John J. Cavanaugh                        
Phil Cavarretta      1B-OF  IL   1934-1955  Philip Joseph Cavarretta                 
Andy Cavazos         P      TX   2007-2007  Andres Cavazos                           
Ike Caveney          SS     CA   1922-1925  James Christopher Caveney                

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Pug Cavet            P      TX   1911-1915  Tiller H. Cavet                          
Art Ceccarelli       P      CT   1955-1960  Arthur Edward Ceccarelli                 
Garin Cecchini       3B     LA   2014-2014  Garin Cecchini                           
Jose Cecena          P      MX   1988-1988  Jose Isabel Cecena Lugo                  
Brett Cecil          P      MD   2009-2014  Brett Aarion Cecil                       
Rex Cecil            P      OK   1944-1945  Rex Rolston Cecil                        
Jose Ceda            P      DR   2010-2011  Jose Marti Ceda                          
Andujar Cedeno       SS     DR   1990-1996  Andujar Cedeno Donastorg                 
Cesar Cedeno         OF     DR   1970-1986  Cesar Cedeno (Encarnacion)               
Domingo Cedeno       2B-SS  DR   1993-1999  Domingo Cedeno                           
Roger Cedeno         RF-LF  VZ   1995-2005  Roger Leandro Cedeno                     
Ronny Cedeno         SS     VZ   2005-2014  Ronny Alexander Cedeno (Salazar)         
Xavier Cedeno        P      PR   2011-2014  Xavier Cedeno                            
Juan Centeno         C      PR   2013-2014  Juan C. Centeno                          
Pete Center          P      KY   1942-1946  Marvin Earl Center                       
Orlando Cepeda       1B     PR   1958-1974  Orlando Manuel Cepeda Penne              
Matt Cepicky         LF     MO   2002-2006  Matthew William Cepicky                  
Jaime Cerda          P      CA   2002-2005  Jaime Magana Cerda                       
Ed Cermak                   --   1901-1901                                           
Rick Cerone          C      NJ   1975-1992  Richard Aldo Cerone                      
Juan Cerros          P      MX   2003-2003  R. Juan Cerros                           
John Cerutti         P      NY   1985-1991  John Joseph Cerutti                      
Bob Cerv             OF     NE   1951-1962  Robert Henry Cerv                        
Francisco Cervelli   C      VZ   2008-2014  Francisco Cervelli                       
Mike Cervenak        3B     MI   2008-2008  Michael Christopher Cervenak             

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Yoenis Cespedes      LF     CU   2012-2014  Yoenis Cespedes                          
Ron Cey              3B     WA   1971-1987  Ronald Charles Cey                       
Gustavo Chacin       P      VZ   2004-2010  Gustavo Adolfo Chacin                    
Jhoulys Chacin       P      VZ   2009-2014  Jhoulys Jose Chacin                      
Elio Chacon          SS-2B  VZ   1960-1962  Elio Chacon Rodriguez                    
Shawn Chacon         P      AK   2001-2008  Shawn Anthony Chacon                     
Chet Chadbourne      OF-2B  ME   1906-1918  -                                        
Ray Chadwick         P      NC   1986-1986  Ray Charles Chadwick                     
Andrew Chafin        P      OH   2014-2014  Andrew Gregory Chafin                    
Leon Chagnon         P      NH   1929-1935  Leon Wilbur Chagnon                      
Bob Chakales         P      NC   1951-1957  Robert Edward Chakales                   
Dave Chalk           3B-SS  TX   1973-1981  David Lee Chalk                          
George Chalmers      P      ST   1910-1916  George W. Chalmers                       
Bill Chamberlain     P      MA   1932-1932  William Vincent Chamberlain              
Craig Chamberlain    P      CA   1979-1980  Craig Phillip Chamberlain                
Elton Chamberlain           --   1886-1896                                           
Joba Chamberlain     P      NE   2007-2014  Justin Louis Chamberlain                 
Joe Chamberlain      SS-3B  CA   1934-1934  Joseph Jeremiah Chamberlain              
Wes Chamberlain      RF-LF  IL   1990-1995  Wesley Polk Chamberlain                  
Adron Chambers       OF     FL   2011-2013  Adron L. Chambers                        
Al Chambers          OF     PA   1983-1985  Albert Eugene Chambers                   
Bill Chambers        P      WV   1910-1910  William Christopher Chambers             
Cliff Chambers       P      OR   1948-1953  Clifford Day Chambers                    
Johnnie Chambers     P      TN   1937-1937  Johnnie Monroe Chambers                  
Rome Chambers               --   1900-1900                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Chamblee         3B     TX   2003-2003  James Nathaniel Chamblee                 
Chris Chambliss      1B     OH   1971-1988  Carroll Christopher Chambliss            
Bill Champion        P      NC   1969-1976  Buford Billy Champion                    
Mike Champion        2B     AL   1976-1978  Robert Michael Champion                  
Bob Chance           1B-OF  GA   1963-1969  Robert Chance                            
Dean Chance          P      OH   1961-1971  Wilmer Dean Chance                       
Frank Chance         1B     CA   1903-1913  Frank Leroy Chance                       
Ed Chandler          P      AL   1947-1947  Edward Oliver Chandler                   
Spud Chandler        P      GA   1937-1947  Spurgeon Ferdinand Chandler              
Darrel Chaney        SS-2B  IN   1969-1979  Darrel Lee Chaney                        
Esty Chaney          P      PA   1913-1913  Esty Clyon Chaney                        
Les Channell         OF     OH   1910-1914  Lester Clark Channell                    
Charlie Chant        OF     CA   1975-1976  Charles Joseph Chant                     
Darrin Chapin        P      OH   1991-1992  Darrin John Chapin                       
Ed Chaplin           C      SC   1920-1922  Bert Edgar Chaplin                       
Tiny Chaplin         P      CA   1928-1936  James Bailey Chaplin                     
Aroldis Chapman      P      CU   2010-2014  Albertin Aroldis Chapman                 
Ben Chapman          P-OF   TN   1930-1946  William Benjamin Chapman                 
Calvin Chapman       OF-2B  MS   1935-1936  Calvin Louis Chapman                     
Ed Chapman           P      MS   1933-1933  Edwin Volney Chapman                     
Fred Chapman         SS     SC   1939-1941  William Fred Chapman                     
Fred Chapman                --   1887-1887                                           
Glenn Chapman        OF-2B  IN   1934-1934  Glenn Justice Chapman                    
Harry Chapman        C      KS   1912-1916  Harry E. Chapman                         
Jack Chapman                --   1874-1876                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jaye Chapman         P      FL   2012-2012  Jaye L. Chapman                          
John Chapman         SS     PA   1924-1924  John Joseph Chapman                      
Kelvin Chapman       2B     CA   1979-1985  Kelvin Keith Chapman                     
Kevin Chapman        P      FL   2013-2014  Kevin Allen Chapman                      
Ray Chapman          SS     KY   1912-1920  Raymond Johnson Chapman                  
Sam Chapman          OF     CA   1938-1951  Samuel Blake Chapman                     
Travis Chapman       3B     FL   2003-2003  Travis Adrian Chapman                    
Harry Chappas        SS     MD   1978-1980  Harry Perry Chappas                      
Larry Chappell       OF     IL   1913-1917  La Verne Ashford Chappell                
Bill Chappelle       P      NY   1908-1909  William Hogan Chappelle                  
Joe Charboneau       OF     IL   1980-1982  Joseph Charboneau                        
Chappy Charles       2B-SS  NJ   1908-1910  Raymond Charles                          
Ed Charles           3B     FL   1962-1969  Edwin Douglas Charles                    
Frank Charles        C      CA   2000-2000  Franklin Scott Charles                   
Norm Charlton        P      LA   1988-2001  Norman Wood Charlton Iii                 
Mike Chartak         OF     NY   1940-1944  Michael George Chartak                   
Pete Charton         P      TN   1964-1964  Frank Lane Charton                       
Hal Chase            1B     CA   1905-1919  Harold Homer Chase                       
Ken Chase            P      NY   1936-1943  Kendall Fay Chase                        
Buster Chatham       3B-SS  TX   1930-1931  Charles L. Chatham                       
Jim Chatterton              --   1884-1884                                           
Tyler Chatwood       P      CA   2011-2014  Tyler Cole Chatwood                      
Ossie Chavarria      2B-OF  PN   1966-1967  Osvaldo Chavarria Quijano                
Angel Chavez         IF     PN   2005-2005  Angel Aristides Chavez                   
Anthony Chavez       P      CA   1997-1997  Anthony Francisco Chavez                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Endy Chavez          RF-CF  VZ   2001-2014  Endy DeJesus Chavez                      
Eric Chavez          3B     CA   1998-2014  Eric Cesar Chavez                        
Jesse Chavez         P      CA   2008-2014  Jesse David Chavez                       
Nestor Chavez        P      VZ   1967-1967  Nestor Isais Chavez Silva                
Raul Chavez          C      VZ   1996-2009  Raul Alexander Chavez                    
Dave Cheadle         P      NC   1973-1973  David Baird Cheadle                      
Charlie Chech        P      WI   1905-1909  Charles William Chech                    
Robinson Checo       P      DR   1997-1999  Robinson Perez Checo                     
Harry Cheek          C      MO   1910-1910  Harry G. Cheek                           
Virgil Cheeves       P      OK   1920-1927  Virgil Earl Cheeves                      
Italo Chelini        P      CA   1935-1937  Italo Vincent Chelini                    
Bruce Chen           P      PN   1998-2014  Bruce Kastulo Chen                       
Chin-Feng Chen       LF     TW   2002-2005  Chin-Feng Chen                           
Wei-Yin Chen         P      TW   2012-2014  Wei-Yin Chen                             
Larry Cheney         P      KS   1911-1919  Laurance Russell Cheney                  
Tom Cheney           P      GA   1957-1966  Thomas Edgar Cheney                      
Rocky Cherry         P      TX   2007-2008  Rocky Ty Cherry                          
Paul Chervinko       C      PA   1937-1938  Paul Chervinko                           
Jack Chesbro         P      MA   1903-1909  John Dwight Chesbro                      
Bob Chesnes          P      CA   1948-1950  Robert Vincent Chesnes                   
Mitch Chetkovich     P      OH   1945-1945  Mitchell Chetkovich                      
Tony Chevez          P      NI   1977-1977  Silvio Antonio Chevez                    
Scott Chiamparino    P      CA   1990-1992  Scott Michael Chiamparino                
Scott Chiasson       P      CT   2001-2002  Scott Christopher Chiasson               
Travis Chick         P      TX   2006-2006  Travis Cole Chick                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Matt Chico           P      CA   2007-2010  Matthew Bryan Chico                      
Floyd Chiffer        P      NY   1982-1984  Floyd John Chiffer                       
Harry Child          P      MD   1930-1930  Harry Stephen Patrick Child              
Bill Childers               --   1895-1895                                           
Jason Childers       P      GA   2006-2006  Jason Lee Childers                       
Matt Childers        P      GA   2002-2005  Matthew Wilkie Childers                  
Rocky Childress      P      CA   1985-1988  Rodney Osborne Childress                 
Cupid Childs                --   1888-1901                                           
Pete Childs                 --   1901-1902                                           
Sam Childs                  --   1883-1883                                           
Pearce Chiles               --   1899-1900                                           
Rich Chiles          OF     CA   1971-1978  Richard Francis Chiles                   
Dino Chiozza         SS     TN   1935-1935  Dino Joseph Chiozza                      
Lou Chiozza          2B-3B  LA   1934-1939  Louis Peo Chiozza                        
Bob Chipman          P      NY   1941-1952  Robert Howard Chipman                    
Walt Chipple         OF     NY   1945-1945  Walter John Chipple                      
Robinson Chirinos    C      VZ   2011-2014  Robinson David Chirinos (Gonzalez)       
Lonnie Chisenhall    3B     NC   2011-2014  Lonnie David Chisenhall                  
Tom Chism            1B-SS  PA   1979-1979  Thomas Raymond Chism                     
Harry Chiti          C      IL   1950-1962  Harry Chiti                              
Steve Chitren        P      JP   1990-1991  Stephen Vincent Chitren                  
Nelson Chittum       P      VA   1958-1960  Nelson Boyd Chittum                      
Bob Chlupsa          P      NY   1970-1971  Robert Joseph Chlupsa                    
Jin Ho Cho           P      KR   1998-1999  Jin Ho Cho                               
Don Choate           P      MO   1960-1960  Donald Leon Choate                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Randy Choate         P      TX   2000-2014  Randol Doyal Choate                      
Hee Seop Choi        1B     KR   2002-2005  Hee Seop Choi                            
Michael Choice       OF     TX   2013-2014  Michael Blair Choice                     
Shin-Soo Choo        CF     KR   2005-2014  Shin-Soo Choo                            
Bobby Chouinard      P      PH   1996-2001  Robert William Chouinard                 
Felix Chouinard      OF     IL   1910-1911  Felix George Chouinard                   
Chief Chouneau       P      MN   1910-1910  William Chouneau                         
Harry Chozen         C      MN   1937-1937  Harry Chozen                             
Mike Chris           P      CA   1979-1983  Michael Chris                            
Neil Chrisley        OF     SC   1957-1961  Barbra O'Neil Chrisley                   
Lloyd Christenbury   OF-2B  --   1919-1922  Lloyd Reid Christenbury                  
Bruce Christensen    SS     WI   1971-1971  Bruce Ray Christensen                    
Cuckoo Christensen   OF     CA   1926-1927  Walter Niels Christensen                 
John Christensen     RF-OF  CA   1984-1988  John Lawrence Christensen                
McKay Christensen    CF     CA   1999-2002  Mckay Andrew Christensen                 
Gary Christenson     P      NY   1979-1980  Gary Richard Christenson                 
Larry Christenson    P      WA   1973-1983  Larry Richard Christenson                
Ryan Christenson     CF-LF  CA   1998-2003  Ryan Alan Christenson                    
Bob Christian        OF     IL   1968-1970  Robert Charles Christian                 
Justin Christian     OF     NE   2008-2012  Justin Barnett Christian                 
Nick Christiani      P      NJ   2013-2014  Nicholas John Christiani                 
Clay Christiansen    P      KS   1984-1984  Clay C. Christiansen                     
Jason Christiansen   P      NE   1995-2005  Jason Samuel Christiansen                
Mark Christman       3B-SS  MO   1938-1949  Marquette Joseph Christman               
Tim Christman        P      NY   2001-2001  Timothy Arthur Christman                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Steve Christmas      C      FL   1983-1986  Stephen Randall Christmas                
Joe Christopher      OF     VG   1959-1966  Joseph O'Neal Christopher                
Loyd Christopher     OF     CA   1945-1947  Lloyd Eugene Christopher                 
Mike Christopher     P      VA   1991-1996  Michael Wayne Christopher                
Russ Christopher     P      CA   1942-1948  Russell Ormand Christopher               
Vinnie Chulk         P      FL   2003-2012  Charles Vincent Chulk                    
Bubba Church         P      AL   1950-1955  Emory Nicholas Church                    
Hi Church                   --   1890-1890                                           
Len Church           P      IL   1966-1966  Leonard Church                           
Ryan Church          LF-RF  CA   2004-2010  Ryan Matthew Church                      
Chuck Churn          P      VA   1957-1959  Clarence Nottingham Churn                
John Churry          C      PA   1924-1927  -                                        
Larry Ciaffone       OF     NY   1951-1951  Lawrence Thomas Ciaffone                 
Archi Cianfrocco     1B-3B  NY   1992-1998  Angelo Dominic Cianfrocco                
Mark Ciardi          P      NJ   1987-1987  Mark Thomas Ciardi                       
Darryl Cias          C      NY   1983-1983  Darryl Richard Cias                      
Joe Cicero           OF     NJ   1929-1945  Joseph Francis Cicero                    
Al Cicotte           P      MI   1957-1962  Alva Warren Cicotte                      
Eddie Cicotte        P      MI   1905-1920  Edward Victor Cicotte                    
Ted Cieslak          3B     WI   1944-1944  Thaddeus Walter Cieslak                  
Al Cihocki           SS-3B  PA   1945-1945  Albert Joseph Cihocki                    
Ed Cihocki           SS     DE   1932-1933  Edward Joseph Cihocki                    
Pete Cimino          P      PA   1965-1968  Peter William Cimino                     
Gino Cimoli          OF     CA   1956-1965  Gino Nicholas Cimoli                     
Frank Cimorelli      P      NY   1994-1994  Frank Thomas Cimorelli                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tony Cingrani        P      IL   2012-2014  Anthony Michael Cingrani III             
Alex Cintron         SS     PR   2001-2009  Alexander Cintron                        
Lou Ciola            P      VA   1943-1943  Louis Alexander Ciola                    
Frank Cipriani       OF     NY   1961-1961  Frank Dominick Cipriani                  
Pedro Ciriaco        SS     DR   2010-2014  Pedro Ciriaco                            
Jeff Cirillo         3B     CA   1994-2007  Jeffrey Howard Cirillo                   
George Cisar         OF     IL   1937-1937  George Joseph Cisar                      
Galen Cisco          P      OH   1961-1969  Galen Bernard Cisco                      
Steven Cishek        P      MA   2010-2014  Steven R. Cishek                         
Jose Cisnero         P      DR   2013-2014  Jose L. Cisnero                          
Bill Cissell         2B-SS  MO   1928-1938  Chalmer William Cissell                  
Ralph Citarella      P      NJ   1983-1987  Ralph Alexander Citarella                
Moose Clabaugh       OF     MO   1926-1926  John William Clabaugh                    
Bobby Clack                 --   1874-1876                                           
Anthony Claggett     P      CA   2009-2009  Anthony Paul Claggett                    
Preston Claiborne    P      TX   2013-2014  Preston Michael Claiborne                
Danny Claire         SS     MI   1920-1920  David Matthew Claire                     
Al Clancy            3B     NM   1911-1911  Albert Harrison Clancy                   
Bill Clancy          1B     NY   1905-1905  William Edward Clancy                    
Bud Clancy           1B     IL   1924-1934  John William Clancy                      
Jim Clancy           P      IL   1977-1991  James Clancy                             
Uke Clanton          1B     MO   1922-1922  Eucal Clanton                            
Chris Clapinski      2B-3B  NY   1999-2000  Christopher Alan Clapinski               
Aaron Clapp                 --   1879-1879                                           
John Clapp                  --   1872-1883                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Stubby Clapp         2B     ON   2001-2001  Richard Keith Clapp                      
Denny Clare                 --   1872-1872                                           
Doug Clarey          2B     CA   1976-1976  Douglas William Clarey                   
Allie Clark          OF     NJ   1947-1953  Alfred Aloysius Clark                    
Bob Clark            P      PA   1920-1921  Robert William Clark                     
Bob Clark                   --   1886-1893                                           
Bobby Clark          OF     CA   1979-1985  Robert Cale Clark                        
Brady Clark          RF-LF  OR   2000-2008  Brady William Clark                      
Bryan Clark          P      CA   1981-1990  Bryan Donald Clark                       
Cap Clark            C      NC   1938-1938  John Carrol Clark                        
Cody Clark           C      AR   2013-2013  Douglas Cody Clark                       
Dad Clark                   --   1902-1902                                           
Danny Clark          3B-2B  MS   1922-1927  Daniel Curren Clark                      
Dave Clark           RF-LF  MS   1986-1998  David Earl Clark                         
Doug Clark           OF     MA   2005-2006  Douglas Dwyer Clark                      
Earl Clark           OF     DC   1927-1934  Bailey Earl Clark                        
Ed Clark             P      OH   1886-1891  Edmund C. Clark                          
George Clark         P      IA   1913-1913  George Myron Clark                       
Ginger Clark         P      OH   1902-1902  Harvey Daniel Clark                      
Glen Clark           H      TX   1967-1967  Glen Ester Clark                         
Howie Clark          LF-3B  CA   2002-2008  Howard Roddy Clark                       
Jack Clark           OF-1B  PA   1975-1992  Jack Anthony Clark                       
Jerald Clark         LF-1B  TX   1988-1995  Jerald Dwayne Clark                      
Jermaine Clark       LF-2B  CA   2001-2005  Jermaine Marcel Clark                    
Jim Clark            SS-3B  PA   1948-1948  James Clark                              

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Clark            OF     NY   1911-1912  James Francis Clark                      
Jim Clark            OF-1B  KS   1971-1971  James Edward Clark                       
Mark Clark           P      IL   1991-2000  Mark Willard Clark                       
Matt Clark           1B     CA   2014-2014  Matthew Terry Clark                      
Mel Clark            OF     WV   1951-1957  Melvin Earl Clark                        
Mike Clark           P      NJ   1952-1953  Michael John Clark                       
Otey Clark           P      WI   1945-1945  William Otis Clark                       
Pep Clark            3B     OH   1903-1903  Harry Clark                              
Phil Clark           P      GA   1958-1959  Philip James Clark                       
Phil Clark           LF-1B  TX   1992-1996  Phillip Benjamin Clark                   
Rickey Clark         P      MI   1967-1972  Rickey Charles Clark                     
Ron Clark            3B-SS  TX   1966-1975  Ronald Bruce Clark                       
Roy Clark                   --   1902-1902                                           
Spider Clark                --   1889-1890                                           
Terry Clark          P      CA   1988-1997  Terry Lee Clark                          
Tony Clark           1B     KS   1995-2009  Anthony Christopher Clark                
Watty Clark          P      LA   1924-1937  William Watson Clark                     
Will Clark           1B     LA   1986-2000  William Nuschler Clark Jr.               
Willie Clark                --   1895-1899                                           
Win Clark                   --   1897-1897                                           
Zach Clark           P      DE   2013-2013  Zachary Higgins Clark                    
Artie Clarke                --   1890-1891                                           
Boileryard Clarke    1B-C   NY   1903-1905  William Jones Clarke                     
Dad Clarke                  --   1888-1898                                           
Darren Clarke        P      CA   2007-2007  Darren Lawrence Clarke                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Fred Clarke          OF     IA   1903-1915  Fred Clifford Clarke                     
Grey Clarke          3B     AL   1944-1944  Grey Clarke                              
Harry Clarke                --   1889-1889                                           
Henry Clarke                --   1897-1898                                           
Horace Clarke        2B     VG   1965-1974  Horace Meredith Clarke                   
Josh Clarke          OF     KS   1905-1911  Joshua Baldwin Clarke                    
Lefty Clarke         P      MD   1921-1921  Alan Thomas Clarke                       
Nig Clarke           C      ON   1905-1920  Jay Justin Clarke                        
Rufe Clarke          P      SC   1923-1924  Rufus Rivers Clarke                      
Stan Clarke          P      OH   1983-1990  Stanley Martin Clarke                    
Stu Clarke           SS-3B  CA   1929-1930  William Stuart Clarke                    
Sumpter Clarke       OF     GA   1920-1924  Sumpter Mills Clarke                     
Tommy Clarke         C      NY   1909-1917  Thomas Aloysius Clarke                   
Webbo Clarke         P      PN   1955-1955  Vibert Ernesto Clarke                    
Bill Clarkson        P      VA   1927-1929  William Henry Clarkson                   
Buzz Clarkson        SS-3B  SC   1952-1952  James Buster Clarkson                    
Dad Clarkson                --   1891-1896                                           
John Clarkson               --   1882-1894                                           
Walter Clarkson      P      MA   1904-1908  Walter Hamilton Clarkson                 
Ellis Clary          3B-2B  GA   1942-1945  Ellis Clary                              
Marty Clary          P      MI   1987-1990  Martin Keith Clary                       
Gowell Claset        P      --   1933-1933  Gowell Claset                            
Alex Claudio         P      PR   2014-2014  Alexander Claudio                        
Fritz Clausen               --   1892-1896                                           
Al Clauss            P      CT   1913-1913  Albert Stanley Clauss                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Brandon Claussen     P      SD   2003-2006  Brandon Allen Falker Claussen            
Bill Clay                   --   1902-1902                                           
Dain Clay            OF     OH   1943-1946  Dain Elmer Clay                          
Danny Clay           P      CA   1988-1988  Danny Bruce Clay                         
Ken Clay             P      VA   1977-1981  Kenneth Earl Clay                        
Royce Clayton        SS     CA   1991-2007  Royce Spencer Clayton                    
Mark Clear           P      CA   1979-1990  Mark Alan Clear                          
Joe Cleary           P      IR   1945-1945  Joseph Christopher Cleary                
Bob Clemens          OF     MO   1914-1914  Robert Baxter Clemens                    
Chet Clemens         OF     CA   1939-1944  Chester Spurgeon Clemens                 
Clem Clemens         C      IL   1916-1916  Clement Lambert Clemens                  
Doug Clemens         OF     PA   1961-1968  Douglas Horace Clemens                   
Paul Clemens         P      NC   2013-2014  Paul Clemens                             
Roger Clemens        P      OH   1984-2007  William Roger Clemens                    
Bill Clemensen       P      NJ   1939-1946  William Melville Clemensen               
Jeff Clement         1B     IA   2007-2012  Jeffrey Burton Clement                   
Matt Clement         P      PA   1998-2006  Matthew Paul Clement                     
Wally Clement        OF     ME   1908-1909  Wallace Oakes Clement                    
Edgard Clemente      CF-RF  PR   1998-2000  Edgard A. Clemente                       
Roberto Clemente     OF     PR   1955-1972  Roberto (Walker) Clemente                
Ed Clements                 --   1890-1890                                           
Jack Clements               --   1884-1900                                           
Pat Clements         P      CA   1985-1992  Patrick Brian Clements                   
Chris Clemons        P      TX   1997-1997  Christopher Hale Clemons                 
Lance Clemons        P      PA   1971-1974  Lance Levis Clemons                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Verne Clemons        C      IA   1916-1924  Verne James Clemons                      
Donn Clendenon       1B     MO   1961-1972  Donn Alvin Clendenon                     
Maikel Cleto         P      DR   2011-2014  Maikel Cleto                             
Elmer Cleveland             --   1884-1891                                           
Reggie Cleveland     P      SK   1969-1981  Reginald Leslie Cleveland                
Steve Clevenger      C      MD   2011-2014  Steven Scott Clevenger                   
Tex Clevenger        P      CA   1954-1962  Truman Eugene Clevenger                  
Brent Clevlen        OF     TX   2006-2010  Brett Aaron Clevlen                      
Stan Cliburn         C      MS   1980-1988  Stanley Gene Cliburn                     
Harlond Clift        3B     OK   1934-1945  Harlond Benton Clift                     
Flea Clifton         3B-SS  OH   1934-1937  Herman Earl Clifton                      
Monk Cline                  --   1882-1891                                           
Ty Cline             OF     SC   1960-1971  Tyrone Alexander Cline                   
Gene Clines          OF     CA   1970-1979  Eugene Anthony Clines                    
Billy Clingman       2B-SS  OH   1903-1903  William Frederick Clingman               
Jim Clinton                 --   1872-1886                                           
Lou Clinton          OF     OK   1960-1967  Luciean Louis Clinton                    
Tyler Clippard       P      KY   2007-2014  Tyler Lee Clippard                       
Tony Cloninger       P      NC   1961-1972  Tony Lee Cloninger                       
Brad Clontz          P      VA   1995-2000  John Bradley Clontz                      
J.D. Closser         1B-C   IN   2004-2006  Jeffrey Darrin Closser                   
Al Closter           P      NE   1966-1973  Alan Edward Closter                      
Ken Cloude           P      MD   1997-1999  Kenneth Brian Cloude                     
Ed Clough            OF     PA   1924-1926  Edward George Clough                     
Bill Clowers         P      NC   1926-1926  Tony Lee Cloninger                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tyler Cloyd          P      NE   2012-2013  Tyler James Cloyd                        
Bryan Clutterbuck    P      MI   1986-1989  Bryan Richard Clutterbuck                
Danny Clyburn        LF-RF  SC   1997-1999  Danny Clyburn Jr.                        
David Clyde          P      KS   1973-1979  David Eugene Clyde                       
Tom Clyde            P      VA   1943-1943  Thomas Knox Clyde                        
Bill Clymer                 --   1891-1891                                           
Otis Clymer          OF     PA   1905-1913  Otis Edgar Clymer                        
Pete Coachman        3B-2B  AL   1990-1990  Bobby Dean Coachman                      
Andy Coakley         P      RI   1903-1911  Andrew James Coakley                     
Gil Coan             OF     NC   1946-1956  Gilbert Fitzgerald Coan                  
Jim Coates           P      VA   1956-1967  James Alton Coates                       
Buck Coats           RF     GA   2006-2008  Buck Coats                               
Alex Cobb            P      MA   2011-2014  Alexander Cobb                           
George Cobb                 --   1892-1892                                           
Herb Cobb            P      NC   1929-1929  Herbert Edward Cobb                      
Joe Cobb             H      PA   1918-1918  Jospeh Stanley Cobb                      
Ty Cobb              OF     GA   1905-1928  Tyrus Raymond Cobb                       
Dave Coble           C      NC   1939-1939  David Lamar Coble                        
Jaime Cocanower      P      PR   1983-1986  James Stanley Cocanower                  
George Cochran       3B     CA   1918-1918  George Leslie Cochran                    
Goat Cochran         P      GA   1915-1915  Alvah Jackson Cochran                    
Dave Cochrane        3B-C   CA   1986-1992  David Carter Cochrane                    
Mickey Cochrane      C      MA   1925-1937  Gordon Stanley Cochrane                  
Jim Cockman          3B     ON   1905-1905  James Cockman                            
Alan Cockrell        RF     KS   1996-1996  Atlee Alan Cockrell                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Pasqual Coco         P      DR   2000-2002  Pasqual Reynoso Coco                     
Gene Cocreham        P      TX   1913-1915  Eugene Cocreham                          
Chris Codiroli       P      CA   1982-1990  Christopher Allen Codiroli               
Robert Coello        P      NJ   2010-2013  Robert Coello                            
Jack Coffey          SS-2B  NY   1909-1918  John Francis Coffey                      
Todd Coffey          P      NC   2005-2012  Justin Todd Coffey                       
Ivanon Coffie        3B-SS  NT   2000-2000  Ivanon Angelino Coffie                   
Dick Coffman         P      AL   1927-1945  Samuel Richard Coffman                   
Kevin Coffman        P      TX   1987-1990  Kevin Reese Coffman                      
Slick Coffman        P      AL   1937-1940  George David Coffman                     
Dick Cogan                  --   1897-1900                                           
Tony Cogan           P      IL   2001-2001  Anthony Michael Cogan                    
Dave Coggin          P      CA   2000-2002  David Raymond Coggin                     
Frank Coggins        2B     GA   1967-1972  Franklin Coggins                         
Rich Coggins         OF     IN   1972-1976  Richard Allen Coggins                    
Chris Coghlan        LF-CF  MD   2009-2014  Christopher B. Coghlan                   
Ed Cogswell                 --   1879-1882                                           
Alta Cohen           OF     NY   1931-1933  Alta Albert Cohen                        
Andy Cohen           2B     MD   1926-1929  Andrew Howard Cohen                      
Hy Cohen             P      NY   1955-1955  Hyman Cohen                              
Syd Cohen            P      MD   1934-1937  Sydney Harry Cohen                       
Phil Coke            P      CA   2008-2014  Phillip Douglas Coke                     
Jimmie Coker         C      TX   1958-1967  Jimmie Goodwin Coker                     
Chris Colabello      1B     MA   2013-2014  Christopher Adrian Colabello             
Mike Colangelo       LF-CF  NJ   1999-2002  Michael Gus Colangelo                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Rocky Colavito       OF     NY   1955-1968  Rocco Domenico Colavito                  
Mike Colbern         C      CA   1978-1979  Michael Malloy Colbern                   
Craig Colbert        C-3B   IA   1992-1993  Craig Charles Colbert                    
Nate Colbert         1B     MO   1966-1976  Nathan Colbert                           
Vince Colbert        P      DC   1970-1972  Vincent Norman Colbert                   
Jim Colborn          P      NC   1969-1978  James William Colborn                    
Greg Colbrunn        1B     CA   1992-2004  Gregory Joseph Colbrunn                  
Tom Colcolough              --   1893-1899                                           
Alex Cole            CF     NC   1990-1996  Alexander Cole Jr.                       
Bert Cole            P      CA   1921-1927  Albert George Cole                       
Dave Cole            P      MD   1950-1955  David Bruce Cole                         
Dick Cole            SS-3B  CA   1951-1957  Richard Roy Cole                         
Ed Cole              P      PA   1938-1939  Edward William Cole                      
Gerrit Cole          P      CA   2013-2014  Gerrit Alan Cole                         
King Cole            P      IA   1909-1915  Leonard Leslie Cole                      
Stu Cole             2B     NC   1991-1991  Stewart Bryan Cole                       
Victor Cole          P      RU   1992-1992  Victor Alexander Cole                    
Willis Cole          OF     WI   1909-1910  Willis Russell Cole                      
Bob Coleman          C      IN   1913-1916  Robert Hunter Coleman                    
Casey Coleman        P      FL   2010-2014  Joseph Casey Coleman                     
Choo Choo Coleman    C      FL   1961-1966  Clarence Coleman                         
Curt Coleman         3B     OR   1912-1912  Curtis Hancock Coleman                   
Dave Coleman         OF     OH   1977-1977  David Lee Coleman                        
Ed Coleman           OF     OR   1932-1936  Parke Edward Coleman                     
Gordy Coleman        1B     MD   1959-1967  Gordon Calvin Coleman                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jerry Coleman        2B-SS  CA   1949-1957  Gerald Francis Coleman                   
Joe Coleman          P      MA   1942-1955  Joseph Patrick Coleman                   
Joe Coleman          P      MA   1965-1979  Joseph Howard Coleman                    
John Coleman                --   1883-1890                                           
John Coleman                --   1895-1895                                           
John Coleman         P      PA   1890-1890  John W. Coleman                          
Louis Coleman        P      MS   2011-2014  Harold Louis Coleman Iii                 
Michael Coleman      CF     TN   1997-2001  Michael Donnell Coleman                  
Percy Coleman               --   1897-1898                                           
Ray Coleman          OF     CA   1947-1952  Raymond Leroy Coleman                    
Rip Coleman          P      NY   1955-1960  Walter Gary Coleman                      
Vince Coleman        LF-CF  FL   1985-1997  Vincent Maurice Coleman                  
Chuck Coles          OF     PA   1958-1958  Charles Edward Coles                     
Darnell Coles        3B-RF  CA   1983-1997  Darnell Coles                            
Chris Coletta        OF     NY   1972-1972  Christopher Michael Coletta              
Ed Colgan                   --   1884-1884                                           
Alvin Colina         C      VZ   2006-2006  Alvin Enrique Colina (Mendoza)           
Allan Collamore      P      MA   1911-1915  Allan Edward Collamore                   
Hap Collard          P      AZ   1927-1930  Earl Clinton Collard                     
Willie Collazo       P      PR   2007-2007  William Collazo                          
Lou Collier          SS-LF  IL   1997-2004  Louis Keith Collier                      
Orlin Collier        P      MO   1931-1931  Orlin Edward Collier                     
Harry Colliflower           --   1899-1899                                           
 Collins                    --   1892-1892                                           
Bill Collins         OF     IN   1910-1913  William Shirley Collins                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bill Collins                --   1887-1891                                           
Bob Collins          C      PA   1940-1944  Robert Joseph Collins                    
Chub Collins                --   1884-1885                                           
Dan Collins                 --   1874-1876                                           
Dave Collins         OF     SD   1975-1990  David S. Collins                         
Don Collins          P      GA   1977-1980  Donald Edward Collins                    
Eddie Collins        OF     PA   1939-1942  Edward Trowbridge Collins Jr.            
Eddie Collins        2B     NY   1906-1930  Edward Trowbridge Collins Sr.            
Hub Collins                 --   1886-1892                                           
Jimmy Collins        3B     NY   1903-1908  James Joseph Collins                     
Joe Collins          1B     PA   1948-1957  Joseph Edward Collins                    
Kevin Collins        3B-2B  MA   1965-1971  Kevin Michael Collins                    
Orth Collins         OF     IN   1904-1909  Orth Stein Collins                       
Pat Collins          C      MO   1919-1929  Tharon Leslie Collins                    
Phil Collins         P      IL   1923-1935  Philip Eugene Collins                    
Ray Collins          P      VT   1909-1915  Raymond Williston Collins                
Rip Collins          P      TX   1920-1931  Harry Warren Collins                     
Ripper Collins       1B     PA   1931-1941  James Anthony Collins                    
Shano Collins        OF-1B  MA   1910-1925  John Francis Collins                     
Tim Collins          P      MA   2011-2014  Timothy M. Collins                       
Tyler Collins        OF     TX   2014-2014  Tyler James Collins                      
Wilson Collins       OF     TN   1913-1914  Cyril Wilson Collins                     
Zip Collins          OF     NY   1914-1921  John Edgar Collins                       
Josh Collmenter      P      MI   2011-2014  Joshua Michael Collmenter                
Jackie Collum        P      IA   1951-1962  Jack Dean Collum                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bill Collver                --   1885-1885                                           
Frank Colman         OF-1B  ON   1942-1947  Frank Lloyd Colman                       
Alex Colome          P      DR   2013-2014  Alexander Manuel Colome                  
Jesus Colome         P      DR   2001-2010  Jesus Colome De La Cruz                  
Bartolo Colon        P      DR   1997-2014  Bartolo Colon                            
Christian Colon      2B-SS  PR   2014-2014  Christian Anthony Colon                  
Cris Colon           SS     VZ   1992-1992  Cristobal Colon                          
Roman Colon          P      DR   2004-2012  Roman Benedicto Colon                    
Dick Colpaert        P      MI   1970-1970  Richard Charles Colpaert                 
Loyd Colson          P      TX   1970-1970  Loyd Albert Colson                       
Larry Colton         P      CA   1968-1968  Lawrence Robert Colton                   
Bob Coluccio         OF     WA   1973-1978  Robert Pasquali Coluccio                 
Tyler Colvin         OF     GA   2009-2014  Tyler Eugene Colvin                      
Steve Colyer         P      MO   2003-2007  Stephen Edward Colyer                    
Geoff Combe          P      MA   1980-1981  Geoffrey Wade Combe                      
Earle Combs          OF     KY   1924-1935  Earle Bryan Combs                        
Merl Combs           SS-3B  CA   1947-1952  Merrill Russell Combs                    
Pat Combs            P      RI   1989-1992  Patrick Dennis Combs                     
Jorge Comellas       P      CU   1945-1945  Jorge Comellas Pous                      
Steve Comer          P      MN   1978-1984  Steven Michael Comer                     
Wayne Comer          OF     PA   1967-1972  Harry Wayne Comer                        
Charlie Comiskey            --   1882-1894                                           
Jim Command          3B     MI   1954-1955  James Dalton Command                     
Adam Comorosky       OF     PA   1926-1935  Adam Anthony Comorosky                   
Clint Compton        P      AL   1972-1972  Robert Clinton Compton                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jack Compton         P      OH   1911-1911  Harry Leroy Compton                      
Mike Compton         C      TX   1970-1970  Michael Lynn Compton                     
Pete Compton         OF     TX   1911-1918  Anna Sebastian Compton                   
Keith Comstock       P      CA   1984-1991  Keith Martin Comstock                    
Ralph Comstock       P      OH   1913-1918  Ralph Remick Comstock                    
Clint Conatser       OF     CA   1948-1949  Clinton Astor Conatser                   
Dave Concepcion      SS     VZ   1970-1988  David Ismael Concepcion Benitez          
Onix Concepcion      SS-2B  PR   1980-1987  Onix Cardona Concepcion Cardona          
Ramon Conde          3B     PR   1962-1962  Ramon Luis Conde                         
Clay Condrey         P      TX   2002-2009  Clayton Lee Condrey                      
Bob Cone             P      TX   1915-1915  Robert Earl Cone                         
David Cone           P      MO   1986-2003  David Brian Cone                         
Fred Cone                   --   1871-1871                                           
Bunk Congalton       OF     ON   1905-1907  William Millar Congalton                 
Dick Conger          P      CA   1940-1943  Richard Conger                           
Hank Conger          C      WA   2010-2014  Hyun Choi Conger                         
Billy Conigliaro     OF     MA   1969-1973  William Michael Conigliaro               
Tony Conigliaro      OF     MA   1964-1975  Anthony Richard Conigliaro               
Jeff Conine          1B-LF  WA   1990-2007  Jeffrey Guy Conine                       
Allen Conkwright     P      MO   1920-1920  Allen Howard Conkwright                  
Jocko Conlan         OF     IL   1934-1935  John Bertrand Conlan                     
Bob Conley           P      KY   1958-1958  Robert Burns Conley                      
Ed Conley                   --   1884-1884                                           
Gene Conley          P      OK   1952-1963  Donald Eugene Conley                     
Snipe Conley         P      PA   1918-1918  James Patrick Conley                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jocko Conlon         2B     MA   1923-1923  Arthur Joseph Conlon                     
Bert Conn                   --   1898-1901                                           
Fritzie Connally     3B     TX   1983-1985  Fritzie Lee Connally                     
Sarge Connally       P      TX   1921-1934  George Walter Connally                   
Bruce Connatser      1B     TN   1931-1932  Broadus Milburn Connatser                
Frank Connaughton    SS     MA   1906-1906  Frank Henry Connaughton                  
Gene Connell         C      PA   1931-1931  Eugene Joseph Connell                    
Joe Connell          H      PA   1926-1926  Joseph Bernard Connell                   
Pat Connell                 --   1886-1890                                           
Terry Connell               --   1874-1874                                           
Bill Connelly        P      VA   1945-1953  William Wirt Connelly                    
Steve Connelly       P      CA   1998-1998  Steven Lee Connelly                      
Tom Connelly         OF     IL   1920-1921  Thomas Martin Connelly                   
Bud Connolly         SS     CA   1925-1925  Mervin Thomas Connolly                   
Ed Connolly          C      NY   1929-1932  Edward Joseph Connolly Sr.               
Ed Connolly          P      NY   1964-1967  Edward Joseph Jr. Connolly               
Joe Connolly         OF     RI   1913-1916  Joseph Aloysius Connolly                 
Joe Connolly         OF     CA   1921-1924  Joseph George Connolly                   
Red Connolly                --   1886-1886                                           
Tom Connolly         3B-OF  MA   1915-1915  Thomas Francis Connolly                  
Ed Connor                   --   1871-1871                                           
Jim Connor                  --   1892-1899                                           
Joe Connor           C-1B   CT   1905-1905  Joseph Francis Connor                    
John Connor                 --   1884-1885                                           
Roger Connor                --   1880-1897                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bill Connors         P      NY   1966-1968  William Joseph Connors                   
Chuck Connors        1B     NY   1949-1951  Kevin Joseph Aloysius Connors            
Jerry Connors               --   1892-1892                                           
Joe Connors                 --   1884-1884                                           
Merv Connors         1B-3B  CA   1937-1938  Mervyn James Connors                     
Ted Conovar                 --   1889-1889                                           
Brooks Conrad        3B-2B  CA   2008-2014  Brooks Litchfield Conrad                 
Ben Conroy                  --   1890-1890                                           
Bill Conroy          C      IL   1935-1944  William Gordon Conroy                    
Bill Conroy          3B-1B  IL   1923-1923  William Frederick Conroy                 
Tim Conroy           P      PA   1978-1987  Timothy James Conroy                     
Wid Conroy           3B-OF  NJ   1903-1911  William Edward Conroy                    
Billy Consolo        SS-2B  OH   1953-1962  William Angelo Consolo                   
Jim Constable        P      TN   1956-1963  Jimmy Lee Constable                      
Jose Constanza       LF-OF  DR   2011-2014  Jose G. Constanza                        
Sandy Consuegra      P      CU   1950-1957  Sandalio Simeon Consuegra Castello       
Jason Conti          RF-CF  PA   2000-2004  Stanley Jason Conti                      
Carlos Contreras     P      DR   2014-2014  Carlos Manuel Contreras                  
Jose Contreras       P      CU   2003-2013  Jose Ariel Contreras                     
Nardi Contreras      P      FL   1980-1980  Arnaldo Juan Contreras                   
Jim Converse         P      CA   1993-1997  James Daniel Converse                    
Bill Conway                 --   1884-1886                                           
Charlie Conway       OF     OH   1911-1911  Charles Connell Conway                   
Dick Conway                 --   1886-1888                                           
Jack Conway          2B-SS  TX   1941-1948  Jack Clements Conway                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jerry Conway         P      MA   1920-1920  Jerome Patrick Conway                    
Jim Conway                  --   1884-1889                                           
Owen Conway          3B     NY   1915-1915  Owen Sylvester Conway                    
Pete Conway                 --   1885-1889                                           
Rip Conway           2B     MN   1918-1918  Richard Daniel Conway                    
Ed Conwell           3B     IL   1911-1911  Edward James Conwell                     
Herb Conyers         1B     MO   1950-1950  Herbert Leroy Conyers                    
Joe Conzelman        P      CT   1913-1915  Joseph Harrison Conzelman                
Dale Coogan          1B     CA   1950-1950  Dale Roger Coogan                        
Dan Coogan                  --   1895-1895                                           
Aaron Cook           P      KY   2002-2012  Aaron Lane Cook                          
Andy Cook            P      TN   1993-1993  Andrew Bernard Cook                      
Cliff Cook           3B-OF  TX   1959-1963  Raymond Clifford Cook                    
Dennis Cook          P      TX   1988-2002  Dennis Bryan Cook                        
Doc Cook             OF     TX   1913-1916  Luther Almus Cook                        
Earl Cook            P      ON   1941-1941  Earl Davis Cook                          
Glen Cook            P      NY   1985-1985  Glen Patrick Cook                        
Jim Cook             OF-2B  IL   1903-1903  James Fitchie Cook                       
Mike Cook            P      SC   1986-1993  Michael Horace Cook                      
Paul Cook                   --   1884-1891                                           
Rollin Cook          P      OH   1915-1915  Rollin Edward Cook                       
Ron Cook             P      TX   1970-1971  Ronald Wayne Cook                        
Ryan Cook            P      CA   2011-2014  Ryan William Cook                        
Dusty Cooke          OF     NC   1930-1938  Allen Lindsey Cooke                      
Fred Cooke                  --   1897-1897                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Steve Cooke          P      HI   1992-1998  Steven Montague Cooke                    
Brent Cookson        LF-RF  CA   1995-1999  Brent Adam Cookson                       
Mike Coolbaugh       3B     NY   2001-2002  Michael Robert Coolbaugh                 
Scott Coolbaugh      3B     NY   1989-1994  Scott Robert Coolbaugh                   
Duff Cooley          OF     TX   1903-1905  Duff Gordan Cooley                       
Bobby Coombs         P      ME   1933-1943  Raymond Franklin Coombs                  
Cecil Coombs         OF     IL   1914-1914  Cecil Lysander Coombs                    
Danny Coombs         P      ME   1963-1971  Daniel Bernard Coombs                    
Jack Coombs          P      IA   1906-1920  John Wesley Coombs                       
Ron Coomer           1B-3B  IL   1995-2003  Ronald Bryan Coomer                      
William Coon                --   1875-1876                                           
Bill Cooney          P-OF   MA   1909-1910  William A. Cooney                        
Bob Cooney           P      NY   1931-1932  Robert Daniel Cooney                     
Jimmy Cooney         SS     RI   1917-1928  James Edward Cooney                      
Jimmy Cooney                --   1890-1892                                           
Johnny Cooney        OF-P   RI   1921-1944  John Walter Cooney                       
Phil Cooney          3B     NY   1905-1905  Phillip Clarence Cooney                  
Brian Cooper         P      CA   1999-2005  Brian John Cooper                        
Cal Cooper           P      SC   1948-1948  Calvin Asa Cooper                        
Cecil Cooper         1B     TX   1971-1987  Cecil Celester Cooper                    
Claude Cooper        OF     TX   1913-1917  Claude William Cooper                    
David Cooper         1B     CA   2011-2012  David Cooper                             
Don Cooper           P      NY   1981-1985  Donald James Cooper                      
Gary Cooper          OF     GA   1980-1980  Gary Nathaniel Cooper                    
Gary Cooper          3B     CA   1991-1991  Gary Clifton Cooper                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Guy Cooper           P      GA   1914-1915  Guy Evans Cooper                         
Mort Cooper          P      MO   1938-1949  Morton Cecil Cooper                      
Pat Cooper           P-1B   NC   1946-1947  Orge Patterson Cooper                    
Scott Cooper         3B-1B  MO   1990-1997  Scott Kendrick Cooper                    
Walker Cooper        C      MO   1940-1957  William Walker Cooper                    
Wilbur Cooper        P      WV   1912-1926  Arley Wilbur Cooper                      
Mays Copeland        P      AR   1935-1935  -                                        
Rocky Coppinger      P      TX   1996-2001  John Thomas Coppinger                    
Henry Coppola        P      MA   1935-1936  Henry Peter Coppola                      
Trace Coquillette    3B-2B  CA   1999-2000  Trace Robert Coquillette                 
Alex Cora            3B-SS  PR   1998-2011  Jose Alexander Cora                      
Joey Cora            2B     PR   1987-1998  Jose Manuel Cora                         
Doug Corbett         P      FL   1980-1987  Douglas Mitchell Corbett                 
Gene Corbett         1B     MN   1936-1938  Eugene Louis Corbett                     
Joe Corbett          P      CA   1904-1904  Joseph A. Corbett                        
Sherman Corbett      P      TX   1988-1990  Sherman Stanley Corbett                  
Archie Corbin        P      TX   1991-1999  Archie Ray Corbin                        
Patrick Corbin       P      NY   2012-2013  Patrick A. Corbin                        
Ray Corbin           P      FL   1971-1975  Alton Ray Corbin                         
Claude Corbitt       SS-2B  NC   1945-1949  Claude Elliott Corbitt                   
Daniel Corcino       P      DR   2014-2014  Daniel Corcino                           
Art Corcoran         3B     MA   1915-1915  Arthur Andrew Corcoran                   
Jack Corcoran               --   1884-1884                                           
John Corcoran               --   1895-1895                                           
Larry Corcoran              --   1880-1887                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mickey Corcoran      2B     NY   1910-1910  Michael Joseph Corcoran                  
Mike Corcoran               --   1884-1884                                           
Roy Corcoran         P      LA   2003-2009  Roy Elliott Corcoran                     
Tim Corcoran         P      LA   2005-2007  Timothy Hugh Corcoran                    
Tim Corcoran         1B-OF  CA   1977-1986  Timothy Michael Corcoran                 
Tommy Corcoran       SS     CT   1903-1907  Thomas William Corcoran                  
Chad Cordero         P      CA   2003-2010  Chad Patrick Cordero                     
Francisco Cordero    P      DR   1999-2012  Francisco Javier Cordero                 
Wil Cordero          LF-SS  PR   1992-2005  Wilfredo Nieva Cordero                   
Erik Cordier         P      WI   2014-2014  Erik Michael Cordier                     
Francisco Cordova    P      MX   1996-2000  Francisco Cordova                        
Marty Cordova        LF     NV   1995-2003  Martin Keevin Cordova                    
Bryan Corey          P      CA   1998-2008  Bryan Scott Corey                        
Ed Corey             P      IL   1918-1918  Edward Norman Corey                      
Fred Corey                  --   1878-1885                                           
Mark Corey           P      PA   2001-2004  Mark Franklin Corey                      
Mark Corey           OF     NM   1979-1981  Mark Mundell Corey                       
Chuck Corgan         SS-2B  OK   1925-1927  Charles Howard Corgan                    
Roy Corhan           SS     IN   1911-1916  Roy George Corhan                        
Pop Corkhill                --   1883-1892                                           
Mike Corkins         P      CA   1969-1974  Michael Patrick Corkins                  
Lance Cormier        P      LA   2004-2011  Lance Robert Cormier                     
Rheal Cormier        P      NB   1991-2007  Rheal Paul Cormier                       
Mardie Cornejo       P      KS   1978-1978  Nieves Mardie Cornejo                    
Nate Cornejo         P      KS   2001-2004  Nathan John Cornejo                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Reid Cornelius       P      AL   1995-2000  Jonathan Reid Cornelius                  
Jeff Cornell         P      MO   1984-1984  Jeffery Ray Cornell                      
Brad Cornett         P      TX   1994-1995  Brad Byron Cornett                       
Terry Cornutt        P      OR   1977-1978  Terry Stanton Cornutt                    
Manuel Corpas        P      PN   2006-2013  Manuel Corpas                            
Carlos Corporan      C      PR   2009-2014  Carlos F. Corporan                       
Pat Corrales         C      CA   1964-1973  Patrick Corrales                         
Ed Correa            P      PR   1985-1987  Edwin Josue Correa Andino                
Kevin Correia        P      CA   2003-2014  Kevin John Correia                       
Rod Correia          SS-2B  RI   1993-1995  Ronald Douglas Correia                   
Vic Correll          C      DC   1972-1980  Victor Crosby Correll                    
Phil Corridan               --   1884-1884                                           
John Corriden        H      IN   1946-1946  John Michael Corriden Jr.                
Red Corriden         SS-3B  IN   1910-1915  John Michael Corriden Sr.                
Frank Corridon       P      RI   1904-1910  Frank J. Corridon                        
Jim Corsi            P      MA   1988-1999  James Bernard Corsi                      
Barry Cort           P      ON   1977-1977  Barry Lee Cort                           
Jess Cortazzo        H      PA   1923-1923  John Francis Cortazzo                    
Dan Cortes           P      CA   2010-2011  Daniel Adam Cortes                       
David Cortes         P      MX   1999-2006  David Cardenas Cortes                    
Fernando Cortez      IF     CA   2005-2007  Fernando Cortez Jr.                      
Al Corwin            P      NY   1951-1955  Elmer Nathan Corwin                      
Jarred Cosart        P      TX   2013-2014  Jarred Lynn Cosart                       
Joe Coscarart        3B-SS  CA   1935-1936  Joseph Marvin Coscarart                  
Pete Coscarart       2B-SS  CA   1938-1946  Peter Joseph Coscarart                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ray Cosey            H      CA   1980-1980  Donald Ray Cosey                         
Mike Cosgrove        P      AZ   1972-1976  Michael John Cosgrove                    
Jim Cosman           P      NY   1966-1970  James Henry Cosman                       
Shane Costa          OF     CA   2005-2007  Shane Jeremey Costa                      
Mike Costanzo        1B-3B  PA   2012-2012  Michael A. Costanzo                      
Chris Coste          C      ND   2006-2009  Christopher Robert Coste                 
Dan Costello         OF     PA   1913-1916  Daniel Francis Costello                  
John Costello        P      NY   1988-1991  John Reilly Costello                     
Tim Costo            RF-1B  IL   1992-1993  Timothy Roger Costo                      
Humberto Cota        C      MX   2001-2007  Humberto Figueroa Cota                   
Henry Cote                  --   1894-1895                                           
Pete Cote            H      MA   1926-1926  Warren Peter Cote                        
Dan Cotter                  --   1890-1890                                           
Dick Cotter          C      NH   1911-1912  Richard Raphael Cotter                   
Ed Cotter            3B-SS  CT   1926-1926  Edward Christpher Cotter                 
Hooks Cotter         1B     MO   1922-1924  Harvey Louis Cotter                      
Tom Cotter                  --   1891-1891                                           
Chuck Cottier        2B     CO   1959-1969  Charles Keith Cottier                    
Henry Cotto          CF-LF  NY   1984-1993  Henry Suarez Cotto                       
Ensign Cottrell      P      NY   1911-1915  Ensign Stover Cottrell                   
Neal Cotts           P      IL   2003-2014  Neal James Cotts                         
Johnny Couch         P      MT   1917-1925  Daniel Couch                             
Mike Couchee         P      CA   1983-1983  Michael Eugene Couchee                   
Bill Coughlin        3B     PA   1903-1908  William Paul Coughlin                    
Dennis Coughlin             --   1872-1872                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ed Coughlin                 --   1884-1884                                           
Roscoe Coughlin             --   1890-1891                                           
Marlan Coughtry      2B-3B  CA   1960-1962  James Marlan Coughtry                    
Daniel Coulombe      P      AZ   2014-2014  Daniel Paul Coulombe                     
Bob Coulson          OF     PA   1908-1911  Robert Jackson Coulson                   
Chip Coulter         2B     OH   1969-1969  Thomas Lee Coulter                       
Fritz Coumbe         P      PA   1914-1921  Frederick Nicholas Coumbe                
Craig Counsell       2B-SS  IN   1995-2011  Craig John Counsell                      
Clint Courtney       C      LA   1951-1961  Clinton Dawson Courtney                  
Ernie Courtney       3B-1B  IA   1903-1908  Edward Ernest Courtney                   
Harry Courtney       P      NC   1919-1922  Henry Seymour Courtney                   
John Courtright      P      OH   1995-1995  John Charles Courtright                  
Dee Cousineau        C      MA   1923-1924  Edward Thomas Cousineau                  
Scott Cousins        OF     NV   2010-2013  Scott Michael Jeffrey Cousins            
Jon Coutlangus       OF     FL   2007-2007  Jonathan Thomas Coutlangus               
Harry Coveleski      P      PA   1907-1918  Harry Frank Coveleski                    
Stan Coveleski       P      PA   1912-1928  Stanley Anthony Coveleski                
Jack Coveney         C      MA   1903-1903  John Patrick Coveney                     
Chet Covington       P      IL   1944-1944  Chester Rogers Covington                 
Sam Covington        1B     TN   1913-1918  Clarence Otto Covington                  
Tex Covington        P      TN   1911-1912  William Wilkes Covington                 
Wes Covington        OF     NC   1956-1966  John Wesley Covington                    
Billy Cowan          OF     MS   1963-1972  Billy Rolland Cowan                      
Al Cowens            OF     CA   1974-1986  Alfred Edward Cowens Jr.                 
Collin Cowgill       LF-CF  KY   2011-2014  Collin Brannen Cowgill                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Cowley           P      KY   1982-1987  Joseph Alan Cowley                       
Bill Cox             P      IL   1936-1940  William Donald Cox                       
Billy Cox            3B-SS  PA   1941-1955  William Richard Cox                      
Bobby Cox            3B     OK   1968-1969  Robert Joe Cox                           
Casey Cox            P      CA   1966-1973  Joseph Casey Cox                         
Danny Cox            P      EN   1983-1995  Danny Bradford Cox                       
Darron Cox           C      OK   1999-1999  James Darron Cox                         
Dick Cox             OF     CA   1925-1926  Elmer Joseph Cox                         
Ernie Cox            P      AL   1922-1922  Ernest Thompson Cox                      
Frank Cox            SS     MA   1884-1884  Francis Bernard Cox                      
George Cox           P      TX   1928-1928  George Melvin Cox                        
Glenn Cox            P      CA   1955-1958  Glenn Melvin Cox                         
Jeff Cox             2B     CA   1980-1980  Jeffrey Lindon Cox                       
Jim Cox              2B     IL   1973-1976  James Charles Cox                        
Larry Cox            C      OH   1974-1982  Larry Eugene Cox                         
Les Cox              P      TX   1926-1926  Leslie Warren Cox                        
Red Cox              P      NC   1920-1920  Plateau Rex Cox                          
Steve Cox            1B     CA   1999-2002  Charles Steven Cox                       
Ted Cox              3B-OF  OK   1977-1981  William Ted Cox                          
Terry Cox            P      TX   1970-1970  Terry Lee Cox                            
Bill Coyle           P      --   1893-1893  William Claude Coyle                     
Toots Coyne          3B     MO   1914-1914  Martin Albert Coyne                      
Charlie Cozart       P      NC   1945-1945  Charles Rhubin Cozart                    
Zack Cozart          SS     TN   2011-2014  Zachary Warren Cozart                    
Roy Crabb            P      IA   1912-1912  James Roy Crabb                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Callix Crabbe        2B     VG   2008-2008  Callix Sadeaq Crabbe                     
George Crable        P      NE   1910-1910  George E. Crable                         
Estel Crabtree       OF     OH   1929-1944  Estel Crayton Crabtree                   
Tim Crabtree         P      MI   1995-2001  Timothy Lyle Crabtree                    
Walt Craddock        P      WV   1955-1958  Walter Anderson Craddock                 
Rickey Cradle        CF-RF  VA   1998-1998  Rickey Nelson Cradle                     
Harry Craft          OF     MS   1937-1942  Harry Francis Craft                      
Molly Craft          P      VA   1916-1919  Maurice Montague Craft                   
Howard Craghead      P      CA   1931-1933  Howard Oliver Craghead                   
Allen Craig          1B     CA   2010-2014  Allen Thomas Craig                       
George Craig         P      PA   1907-1907  George McCarthy Craig                    
Pete Craig           P      ON   1964-1966  Peter Joel Craig                         
Rod Craig            OF     CA   1979-1986  Rodney Paul Craig                        
Roger Craig          P      NC   1955-1966  Roger Lee Craig                          
Jesse Crain          P      ON   2004-2013  Jesse Alan Crain                         
Jerry Cram           P      CA   1969-1976  Gerald Allen Cram                        
Bill Cramer          LF     IN   1912-1912  William Wendell Cramer                   
Bobby Cramer         P      CA   2010-2011  Robert Thomas Cramer                     
Dick Cramer                 --   1883-1883                                           
Doc Cramer           OF     NJ   1929-1948  Roger Maxwell Cramer                     
Del Crandall         C      CA   1949-1966  Delmar Wesley Crandall                   
Doc Crandall         P      IN   1908-1918  James Otis Crandall                      
Ed Crane                    --   1884-1893                                           
Fred Crane                  --   1873-1875                                           
Sam Crane                   --   1880-1890                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Sam Crane            SS     PA   1914-1922  Samuel Byren Crane                       
Gavvy Cravath        OF     CA   1908-1920  Clifford Carlton Cravath                 
Bill Craver                 --   1871-1877                                           
Brandon Crawford     SS     CA   2011-2014  Brandon Michael Crawford                 
Carl Crawford        LF     TX   2002-2014  Carl Demonte Crawford                    
Carlos Crawford      P      NC   1996-1996  Carlos Lamonte Crawford                  
Evan Crawford        P      FL   2012-2012  Evan Shane Crawford                      
Forrest Crawford     SS-3B  TX   1906-1907  Forrest A. Crawford                      
George Crawford             --   1890-1890                                           
Glenn Crawford       OF-SS  MI   1945-1946  Glenn Martin Crawford                    
Jake Crawford        OF     MO   1952-1952  Rufus Crawford                           
Jim Crawford         P      IL   1973-1978  James Frederick Crawford                 
Joe Crawford         P      FL   1997-1997  Joseph Randal Crawford                   
Larry Crawford       P      PA   1937-1937  Charles Lowrie Crawford                  
Pat Crawford         2B-1B  SC   1929-1934  Clifford Rankin Crawford                 
Paxton Crawford      P      AR   2000-2001  Paxton Keith Crawford                    
Sam Crawford         OF     NE   1903-1917  Samuel Earl Crawford                     
Steve Crawford       P      OK   1980-1991  Steven Ray Crawford                      
Willie Crawford      OF     CA   1964-1977  Willie Murphy Crawford                   
George Creamer              --   1878-1884                                           
Joe Crede            3B     MO   2000-2009  Joseph Crede                             
Birdie Cree          OF     PA   1908-1915  William Franklin Cree                    
Connie Creeden       H      MA   1943-1943  Cornelius Stephen Creeden                
Pat Creeden          2B     MA   1931-1931  Patrick Francis Creeden                  
Mark Creegan                --   1884-1884                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Doug Creek           P      VA   1995-2005  Paul Douglas Creek                       
Jack Creel           P      TX   1945-1945  Jack Dalton Creel                        
Keith Creel          P      TX   1982-1987  Steven Keith Creel                       
Gus Creely                  --   1890-1890                                           
Pete Cregan          OF     NY   1903-1903  Peter James Cregan                       
Bernie Creger        SS     VA   1947-1947  Bernard Odell Creger                     
Bob Cremins          P      NY   1927-1927  Robert Anthony Cremins                   
Creepy Crespi        2B-3B  MO   1938-1942  Frank Angelo Joseph Crespi               
Cesar Crespo         2B-SS  PR   2001-2004  Cesar Antonio Crespo                     
Felipe Crespo        LF-RF  PR   1996-2001  Felipe Javier Clauso Crespo              
Walker Cress         P      VA   1948-1949  Walker James Cress                       
Jack Cressend        P      LA   2000-2004  John Baptiste Cressend Iii               
Tim Crews            P      FL   1987-1992  Stanley Timothy Crews                    
Jerry Crider         P      SD   1969-1970  Jerry Stephen Crider                     
Lou Criger           C      IN   1903-1912  Louis Criger                             
Chuck Crim           P      CA   1987-1994  Charles Robert Crim                      
Jack Crimian         P      PA   1951-1957  John Melvin Crimian                      
Dave Cripe           3B     CA   1978-1978  David Gordon Cripe                       
Dave Criscione       C      NY   1977-1977  David Gerald Criscione                   
Tony Criscola        OF     WA   1942-1944  Anthony Paul Criscola                    
Pat Crisham                 --   1899-1899                                           
Coco Crisp           CF     CA   2002-2014  Covelli Loyce Crisp                      
Joe Crisp            C      MO   1910-1911  Joseph Shelby Crisp                      
Dode Criss           P-1B   MS   1908-1911  Dode Criss                               
Ches Crist           C      OH   1906-1906  Chester Arthur Crist                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bill Cristall               --   1901-1901                                           
Leo Cristante        P      MI   1951-1955  Dante Leo Cristante                      
Morrie Critchley            --   1882-1882                                           
Hughie Critz         2B     MS   1924-1935  Hugh Melville Critz                      
Claude Crocker       P      NC   1944-1945  Claude Arthur Crocker                    
Davey Crockett              --   1901-1901                                           
Kyle Crockett        P      VA   2014-2014  Kyle Richard Crockett                    
Art Croft                   --   1875-1878                                           
Harry Croft                 --   1899-1901                                           
Fred Crolius                --   1901-1902                                           
Warren Cromartie     OF-1B  FL   1974-1991  Warren Livingston Cromartie              
D.T. Cromer          1B     SC   2000-2001  David Thomas Cromer                      
Tripp Cromer         2B-SS  FL   1993-2003  Roy Bunyan Cromer III                    
Herb Crompton        C      IL   1937-1945  Herbert Bryan Crompton                   
Ned Crompton         OF     EN   1909-1910  Edward Crompton                          
C.J. Cron            1B     AZ   2014-2014  Christopher John Cron                    
Chris Cron           1B     NM   1991-1992  Christopher John Cron                    
Ray Crone            P      TN   1954-1958  Raymond Hayes Crone                      
Bill Cronin          C      MA   1928-1931  William Patrick Cronin                   
Dan Cronin                  --   1884-1884                                           
Jack Cronin          P      NY   1903-1904  John J. Cronin                           
Jim Cronin           2B-SS  CA   1929-1929  James John Cronin                        
Joe Cronin           SS     CA   1926-1945  Joseph Edward Cronin                     
Tom Crooke           1B     DC   1909-1910  Thomas Aloysius Crooke                   
Jack Crooks                 --   1889-1898                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bobby Crosby         SS     CA   2003-2010  Robert Edward Crosby                     
Bubba Crosby         RF-LF  TX   2003-2006  Richard Stephen Crosby                   
Casey Crosby         P      IL   2012-2012  Casey W. Crosby                          
Ed Crosby            SS-3B  CA   1970-1976  Edward Carlton Crosby                    
George Crosby               --   1884-1884                                           
Ken Crosby           P      BC   1975-1976  Kenneth Stewart Crosby                   
Frankie Crosetti     SS     CA   1932-1948  Frank Peter Joseph Crosetti              
Amos Cross                  --   1885-1887                                           
Clarence Cross              --   1884-1887                                           
Frank Cross                 --   1901-1901                                           
Jeff Cross           SS     OK   1942-1948  Joffre Jeames Cross                      
Lave Cross           3B     WI   1903-1907  Lafayette Napoleon Cross                 
Lem Cross                   --   1893-1894                                           
Monte Cross          SS     PA   1903-1907  Montford Montgomery Cross                
Frank Crossin        C      PA   1912-1914  Frank Patrick Crossin                    
Doug Crothers               --   1884-1885                                           
Michael Crotta       P      FL   2011-2011  Michael John Crotta                      
Joe Crotty                  --   1882-1886                                           
Bill Crouch          P      DE   1910-1910  William Henry Crouch                     
Bill Crouch          P      DE   1939-1945  Wilmer Elmer Crouch                      
Jack Crouch          C      NC   1930-1933  Jack Albert Crouch                       
Zach Crouch          P      CA   1988-1988  Zachary Quinn Crouch                     
Frank Croucher       SS     TX   1939-1942  Frank Donald Croucher                    
Buck Crouse          C      IN   1923-1930  Clyde Elsworth Crouse                    
Rich Croushore       P      NJ   1998-2000  Richard Steven Croushore                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Aaron Crow           P      KS   2011-2014  Aaron James Crow                         
Dean Crow            P      TX   1998-1998  Paul Dean Crow Jr.                       
Don Crow             C      WA   1982-1982  Donald Le Roy Crow                       
Alvin Crowder        P      NC   1926-1936  Alvin Floyd Crowder                      
George Crowe         1B     IN   1952-1961  George Daniel Crowe                      
Trevor Crowe         LF-OF  OR   2009-2013  Trevor Thornton Crowe                    
Billy Crowell               --   1887-1888                                           
Cap Crowell          P      MA   1915-1916  Minot Joy Crowell                        
Jim Crowell          P      MN   1997-2005  James Everette Crowell                   
Bill Crowley                --   1875-1885                                           
Ed Crowley           3B     GA   1928-1928  Edgar Jewel Crowley                      
John Crowley                --   1884-1884                                           
Terry Crowley        OF-1B  NY   1969-1983  Terrence Michael Crowley                 
Woody Crowson        P      NC   1945-1945  Thomas Woodrow Crowson                   
Eric Crozier         1B     OH   2004-2004  Eric Le Roi Crozier                      
Francisco Cruceta    P      DR   2004-2008  Francisco Alberto Cruceta                
Mike Crudale         P      CA   2002-2003  Michael Christopher Crudale              
Walton Cruise        OF     AL   1914-1924  Walton Edwin Cruise                      
Cal Crum             P      IL   1917-1918  Calvin N. Crum                           
Gene Crumling        C      PA   1945-1945  Eugene Leon Crumling                     
Buddy Crump          OF     VA   1924-1924  Arthur Elliott Crump                     
Roy Crumpler         P      NC   1920-1925  Roy Maxton Crumpler                      
Dick Crutcher        P      KY   1914-1915  Richard Louis Crutcher                   
Press Cruthers       2B     DE   1913-1914  Charles Preston Cruthers                 
Deivi Cruz           SS     DR   1997-2005  Deivi Garcia Cruz                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Enrique Cruz         SS-2B  DR   2003-2007  Enrique Michael Cruz                     
Fausto Cruz          SS-2B  DR   1994-1996  Fausto Cruz Santiago                     
Hector Cruz          OF-3B  PR   1973-1982  Hector Louis Cruz Dilan                  
Henry Cruz           OF     VG   1975-1978  Henry (Acosta) Cruz                      
Ivan Cruz            1B     PR   1997-2002  Luis Ivan Cruz                           
Jacob Cruz           RF-LF  CA   1996-2005  Jacob Cruz                               
Jose Cruz            RF     PR   1997-2008  Jose Luis Cruz Jr.                       
Jose Cruz            OF     PR   1970-1988  Jose Cruz Dilan                          
Juan Cruz            P      DR   2001-2012  Juan Carlos Cruz (Munoz)                 
Julio Cruz           2B     NY   1977-1986  Julio Luis Cruz                          
Luis Cruz            3B     MX   2008-2013  Luis Alfonso Cruz (Bohorquez)            
Nelson Cruz          P      DR   1997-2003  Nelson Cruz                              
Nelson Cruz          RF     DR   2005-2014  Nelson Ramon Cruz                        
Rhiner Cruz          P      DR   2012-2013  Rhinel Allen Cruz (Montero)              
Todd Cruz            SS-3B  MI   1978-1984  Todd Ruben Cruz                          
Tommy Cruz           OF     PR   1973-1977  Cirilo (Dilan) Cruz                      
Tony Cruz            C      FL   2011-2014  Anthony Arnoldi Cruz                     
Victor Cruz          P      DR   1978-1983  Victor Manuel Cruz Gil                   
Mike Cubbage         3B     VA   1974-1981  Michael Lee Cubbage                      
Darwin Cubillan      P      VZ   2000-2004  Darwin Harrikson Cubillan                
Al Cuccinello        2B     NY   1935-1935  Alfred Edward Cuccinello                 
Tony Cuccinello      2B-3B  NY   1930-1945  Anthony Francis Cuccinello               
Cookie Cuccurullo    P      NJ   1943-1945  Arthur Joseph Cuccurullo                 
Michael Cuddyer      RF     VA   2001-2014  Michael Brent Cuddyer                    
Jim Cudworth                --   1884-1884                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bobby Cuellar        P      TX   1977-1977  Robert Cuellar                           
Charlie Cuellar      P      FL   1950-1950  Jesus Patracis Cuellar                   
Mike Cuellar         P      CU   1959-1977  Miguel Angel Cuellar Santana             
Bert Cueto           P      CU   1961-1961  Dagoberto Cueto Concepcion               
Johnny Cueto         P      DR   2008-2014  Johnny Brent Cueto                       
Manuel Cueto         OF     CU   1917-1919  Manuel Cueto                             
John Cuff                   --   1884-1884                                           
Charlie Culberson    LF     GA   2012-2014  Charles Edward Culberson                 
Leon Culberson       OF     GA   1943-1948  Delbert Leon Culberson                   
Jack Cullen          P      NJ   1962-1966  John Patrick Cullen                      
John Cullen                 --   1884-1884                                           
Tim Cullen           2B-SS  CA   1966-1972  Timothy Leo Cullen                       
Roy Cullenbine       OF-1B  TN   1938-1947  Roy Joseph Cullenbine                    
Dick Culler          SS     NC   1936-1949  Richard Broadus Culler                   
Nick Cullop          OF     MO   1926-1931  Henry Nicholas Cullop                    
Nick Cullop          P      VA   1913-1921  Norman Andrew Cullop                     
Bud Culloton         P      NY   1925-1926  Bernard Aloysius Culloton                
Wil Culmer           OF     BM   1983-1983  Wilfred Hillard Culmer                   
Benny Culp           C      PA   1943-1944  Benjamin Baldy Culp                      
Bill Culp            P      OH   1910-1910  William Edward Culp                      
Ray Culp             P      TX   1963-1973  Raymond Leonard Culp                     
George Culver        P      CA   1966-1974  George Raymond Culver                    
John Cumberland      P      ME   1968-1974  John Sheldon Cumberland                  
Candy Cummings              --   1872-1877                                           
Jack Cummings        C      PA   1926-1929  John William Cummings                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
John Cummings        P      CA   1993-1997  John Russell Cummings                    
Midre Cummings       RF-CF  VG   1993-2005  Midre Almeric Cummings                   
Steve Cummings       P      TX   1989-1990  Steven Brent Cummings                    
Brandon Cumpton      P      GA   2013-2014  Brandon Tyler Cumpton                    
Will Cunnane         P      NY   1997-2004  William Joseph Cunnane                   
Aaron Cunningham     OF     AK   2008-2012  Aaron L. Cunningham                      
Bert Cunningham             --   1887-1901                                           
Bill Cunningham      OF     CA   1921-1924  William Aloysius Cunningham              
Bill Cunningham      2B     NY   1910-1912  William John Cunningham                  
Bruce Cunningham     P      CA   1929-1932  Bruce Lee Cunningham                     
George Cunningham    P      MN   1916-1919  George Harold Cunningham                 
Joe Cunningham       1B     NJ   1954-1966  Joseph Robert Cunningham Jr.             
Mike Cunningham      P      SC   1906-1906  Mody Cunningham                          
Ray Cunningham       3B     TX   1931-1932  Raymond Lee Cunningham                   
Todd Cunningham      OF     AL   2013-2013  Thomas David Cunningham, III             
Nig Cuppy                   --   1892-1901                                           
Doc Curley                  --   1899-1899                                           
Sammy Curran                --   1902-1902                                           
Pete Curren                 --   1876-1876                                           
Lafayette Currence   P      SC   1975-1975  Delancey Lafayette Currence              
Bill Currie          P      GA   1955-1955  William Cleveland Currie                 
Clarence Currie      P      ON   1903-1903  Clarence Franklin Currie                 
Murphy Currie        P      NC   1916-1916  Archibald Murphy Currie                  
Perry Currin         SS     DC   1947-1947  Perry Gilmore Currin                     
George Curry         P      CT   1911-1911  George James Curry                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Curry            2B     NJ   1909-1918  James L. Curry                           
Steve Curry          P      FL   1988-1988  Stephen Thomas Curry                     
Tony Curry           OF     BM   1960-1966  George Anthony Curry                     
Wes Curry                   --   1884-1884                                           
Chad Curtis          CF-LF  IN   1992-2001  Chad David Curtis                        
Cliff Curtis         P      OH   1909-1913  Clifton Garfield Curtis                  
Colin Curtis         RF-2B  WA   2010-2010  Colin Benedict Curtis                    
Ervin Curtis                --   1891-1891                                           
Fred Curtis          1B     MI   1905-1905  Frederick Marion Cutris                  
Gene Curtis          OF     WV   1903-1903  Eugene Holmes Curtis                     
Harry Curtis         C      ME   1907-1907  Harry Albert Curtis                      
Jack Curtis          P      NC   1961-1963  Jack Patrick Curtis                      
Jermaine Curtis      3B     CA   2013-2013  Jermaine Antwann Curtis                  
John Curtis          P      MA   1970-1984  John Duffield Curtis                     
Vern Curtis          P      IL   1943-1946  Vernon Eugene Curtis                     
Guy Curtright        OF     MO   1943-1946  Guy Paxton Curtright                     
Ed Cushman                  --   1883-1890                                           
Harvey Cushman              --   1902-1902                                           
Jack Cusick          SS     NJ   1951-1952  John Peter Cusick                        
Tony Cusick                 --   1884-1887                                           
Jack Cust            RF     NJ   2001-2011  John Joseph Cust                         
Ned Cuthbert                --   1871-1884                                           
George Cutshaw       2B     IL   1912-1923  George William Cutshaw                   
Kiki Cuyler          OF     MI   1921-1938  Hazen Shirley Cuyler                     
Milt Cuyler          CF     GA   1990-1998  Milton Cuyler Jr.                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mike Cvengros        P      IL   1922-1929  Michael John Cvengros                    
Al Cypert            3B     AR   1914-1914  Alfred Boyd Cypert                       
Eric Cyr             P      QC   2002-2002  Eric Cyr                                 
Jim Czajkowski       P      OH   1994-1994  James Mark Czajkowski                    

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