Update:  2014 MLB Statistics -  Batting, Pitching and Fielding statistics updated for end of season. Also updated Team Information.


The list of players below are Major Leaguers who begin with the letter 'C' since 1903. Click on a player to see his TBC player card. Active players are in bold.

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Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Putsy Caballero      2B-3B  LA   1944-1952  Ralph Joseph Caballero                   
Enos Cabell          3B-1B  KS   1972-1986  Enos Milton Cabell                       
Cesar Cabral         P      DR   2013-2014  Cesar Augusto Cabral                     
Al Cabrera           SS     CU   1913-1913  Alfredo A. Cabrera                       
Alberto Cabrera      P      DR   2012-2013  Alberto Antonio Cabrera                  
Alex Cabrera         1B-RF  VZ   2000-2000  Alex Cabrera                             
Asdrubal Cabrera     SS     VZ   2007-2014  Asdrubal Cabrera                         
Daniel Cabrera       P      DR   2004-2009  Daniel Alberto Cabrera                   
Edwar Cabrera        P      DR   2012-2012  Edwar Cabrera                            
Everth Cabrera       SS     NI   2009-2014  Everth Cabrera                           
Fernando Cabrera     P      PR   2004-2010  Fernando Jose Cabrera                    
Francisco Cabrera    1B-C   DR   1989-1993  Francisco Paulino Cabrera                
Jolbert Cabrera      2B-CF  CB   1998-2008  Jolbert Alexis Cabrera                   
Jose Cabrera         P      DR   1997-2002  Jose Alberto Cabrera                     
Melky Cabrera        LF     DR   2005-2014  Melky Astacio  Cabrera                   
Miguel Cabrera       3B     VZ   2003-2014  Jose Miguel Torres Cabrera               
Orlando Cabrera      2B     CB   1997-2011  Orlando Luis Cabrera                     
Craig Cacek          1B     CA   1977-1977  Craig Thomas Cacek                       
Edgar Caceres        2B-SS  VZ   1995-1995  Edgar F. Caceres                         
Greg Cadaret         P      MI   1987-1998  Gregory James Cadaret                    
Leon Cadore          P      IL   1915-1924  Leon Joseph Cadore                       
Charlie Cady                --   1883-1884                                           
Hick Cady            C      IL   1912-1919  Forrest Leroy Cady                       
Tom Cafego           OF     WV   1937-1937  Thomas Cafego                            
Joe Caffie           OF     AL   1956-1957  Joseph Clifford Caffie                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ben Caffyn           OF     IL   1906-1906  Benjamin Thomas Caffyn                   
Wayne Cage           1B     LA   1978-1979  Wayne Levell Cage                        
John Cahill                 --   1884-1887                                           
Tom Cahill                  --   1891-1891                                           
Trevor Cahill        P      CA   2009-2014  Trevor John Cahill                       
Bob Cain             P      KS   1949-1954  Robert Max Cain                          
Les Cain             P      CA   1968-1972  Leslie Cain                              
Lorenzo Cain         CF     GA   2010-2014  Lorenzo Brent Cain                       
Matt Cain            P      AL   2005-2014  Matthew Thomas Cain                      
Sugar Cain           P      GA   1932-1938  Merritt Patrick Cain                     
Cam Cairncross       P      AU   2000-2000  Cameron Cairncross                       
Miguel Cairo         1B-3B  VZ   1996-2012  Miguel Jesus Cairo                       
George Caithamer     C      IL   1934-1934  George Theodore Caithamer                
Ivan Calderon        LF-RF  PR   1984-1993  Ivan Calderon Perez                      
Sam Calderone        C      NJ   1950-1954  Samuel Francis Calderone                 
Bruce Caldwell       OF-1B  RI   1928-1932  Bruce Caldwell                           
Charlie Caldwell     P      VA   1925-1925  Charles William Caldwell                 
Earl Caldwell        P      TX   1928-1948  Earl Welton Caldwell                     
Mike Caldwell        P      NC   1971-1984  Ralph Michael Caldwell                   
Ralph Caldwell       P      PA   1904-1905  Ralph Grant Caldwell                     
Ray Caldwell         P      PA   1910-1921  Raymond Benjamin Caldwell                
Kiko Calero          P      PR   2003-2009  Enrique Nomar Calero                     
Bill Calhoun         1B     GA   1913-1913  William Davitte Calhoun                  
Jack Calhoun                --   1902-1902                                           
Jeff Calhoun         P      GA   1984-1988  Jeffrey Wilton Calhoun                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Kole Calhoun         RF-OF  AZ   2012-2014  Kole Alan Calhoun                        
Carmen Cali          P      OH   2004-2007  Carmen Salvatore Cali                    
Fred Caligiuri       P      PA   1941-1942  Frederick John Caligiuri                 
Will Calihan                --   1890-1891                                           
Marty Callaghan      OF     MA   1922-1930  Martin Francis Callaghan                 
Pat Callaghan               --   1884-1884                                           
Ben Callahan         P      NC   1983-1983  Benjamin Franklin Callahan               
Dave Callahan        OF     IL   1910-1911  David Joseph Callahan                    
Ed Callahan                 --   1884-1884                                           
Jim Callahan                --   1902-1902                                           
Joe Callahan         P      MA   1939-1940  Joseph Thomas Callahan                   
John Callahan               --   1898-1898                                           
Leo Callahan         OF     MA   1913-1919  Leo David Callahan                       
Nixey Callahan       OF-3B  MA   1903-1913  James Joseph Callahan                    
Ray Callahan         P      WI   1915-1915  Raymond James Callahan                   
Wesley Callahan      SS     IN   1913-1913  Wesley Leroy Callahan                    
Alberto Callaspo     3B     VZ   2006-2014  Alberto Jose Calaspo                     
Frank Callaway       SS-2B  TN   1921-1922  Frank Burnett Calllaway                  
Mickey Callaway      P      TN   1999-2004  Michael Christopher Callaway             
Johnny Callison      OF     OK   1958-1973  John Wesley Callison                     
Ron Calloway         RF-LF  CA   2003-2004  Ronald Isaiah Calloway                   
Dick Calmus          P      CA   1963-1967  Richard Lee Calmus                       
Mark Calvert         P      OK   1983-1984  Mark Calvert                             
Paul Calvert         P      QC   1942-1951  Paul Leo Emile Calvert                   
Jack Calvo           OF     CU   1913-1920  Jacinto Gonzalez Calvo                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Napolean Calzado     3B     DR   2005-2005  Napoleon Calzado                         
Ernie Camacho        P      CA   1980-1990  Ernest Carlos Camacho                    
Fred Cambria         P      NY   1970-1970  Frederick Dennis Cambria                 
Hank Camelli         C      MA   1943-1947  Henry Richard Camelli                    
Jack Cameron         OF     NS   1906-1906  John Stanley Cameron                     
Kevin Cameron        P      IL   2007-2009  Kevin John Cameron                       
Mike Cameron         CF-RF  GA   1995-2011  Michael Terrance Cameron                 
Dolph Camilli        1B     CA   1933-1945  Adolph Louis Camilli                     
Doug Camilli         C      PA   1960-1969  Douglas Joseph Camilli                   
Lou Camilli          SS-2B  TX   1969-1972  Louis Steven Camilli                     
Arquimedes Caminero  P      DR   2013-2014  Arquimedes Caminero                      
Ken Caminiti         3B     CA   1987-2001  Kenneth Gene Caminiti                    
Eric Cammack         P      TX   2000-2000  Eric Wade Cammack                        
Harry Camnitz        P      KY   1909-1911  Henry Richardson Camnitz                 
Howie Camnitz        P      KY   1904-1913  Samuel Howard Camnitz                    
Howie Camp           OF     AL   1917-1917  Howard Lee Camp                          
Kid Camp                    --   1892-1894                                           
Lew Camp                    --   1892-1894                                           
Rick Camp            P      GA   1976-1985  Rick Lamar Camp                          
Shawn Camp           P      VA   2004-2014  Shawn Anthony Camp                       
Tony Campana         OF     OH   2011-2014  Tony Campana                             
Roy Campanella       C      PA   1948-1957  Roy Campanella                           
Bert Campaneris      SS     CU   1964-1983  Dagoberto Blanco Campaneris              
Al Campanis          2B     GC   1943-1943  Alexander Sebastian Campanis             
Jim Campanis         C      NY   1966-1973  James Alexander Campanis                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Count Campau                --   1888-1894                                           
Archie Campbell      P      NJ   1928-1930  Archibald Stewart Campbell               
Bill Campbell        P      MI   1973-1987  William Richard Campbell                 
Billy Campbell       P      PA   1905-1909  William James Campbell                   
Brett Campbell       P      GA   2006-2006  Richard Brett Campbell                   
Bruce Campbell       OF     IL   1930-1942  Bruce Douglas Campbell                   
Dave Campbell        P      IN   1977-1978  David Alan Campbell                      
Dave Campbell        2B-3B  MI   1967-1974  David Wilson Campbell                    
Eric Campbell        OF     CT   2014-2014  Eric Singleton Campbell                  
Gilly Campbell       C      KS   1933-1938  William Gilthorpe Campbell               
Hugh Campbell               --   1873-1873                                           
Hutch Campbell       SS     PA   1907-1907  Marc Thaddeus Campbell                   
Jim Campbell         P      CA   1990-1990  James Marcus Campbell                    
Jim Campbell         C      CA   1962-1963  James Robert Campbell                    
Jim Campbell         H      SC   1970-1970  James Robert Campbell                    
Joe Campbell         OF     KY   1967-1967  Joseph Earl Campbell                     
John Campbell        P      DC   1933-1933  John Millard Campbell                    
Kevin Campbell       P      AR   1991-1995  Kevin Wade Campbell                      
Mike Campbell        P      WA   1987-1996  Michael Thomas Campbell                  
Mike Campbell               --   1873-1873                                           
Paul Campbell        1B     NC   1942-1950  Paul McLaughlin Campbell                 
Ron Campbell         2B-SS  TN   1964-1966  Ronald Thomas Campbell                   
Sam Campbell                --   1890-1890                                           
Soup Campbell        OF     VA   1940-1941  Clarence Campbell                        
Vin Campbell         OF     MO   1908-1912  Arthur Vincent Campbell                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Cardell Camper       P      OK   1977-1977  Cardell Camper                           
Sal Campfield               --   1896-1896                                           
Jorge Campillo       P      MX   2005-2009  Jorge Hidalgo Campillo                   
Sal Campisi          P      NY   1969-1971  Salvatore John Campisi                   
Frank Campos         OF     CU   1951-1953  Francisco Jose Lopez Campos              
Leonel Campos        P      VZ   2014-2014  Leonel Enrique Campos                    
Sil Campusano        CF-LF  DR   1988-1991  Silvestre Diaz Campusano                 
George Canale        1B     TN   1989-1991  George Anthony Canale                    
Willie Canate        LF-RF  VZ   1993-1993  Emisael William Canate Librada           
Hugh Canavan         P      MA   1918-1918  Hugh Edward Canavan                      
Jim Canavan                 --   1891-1897                                           
Robinson Cancel      C      PR   1999-2011  Robinson Castro Cancel                   
Casey Candaele       2B-SS  CA   1986-1997  Casey Todd Candaele                      
John Candelaria      P      NY   1975-1993  John Robert Candelaria                   
Milo Candini         P      CA   1943-1951  Mario Cain Candini                       
Tom Candiotti        P      CA   1983-1999  Thomas Caesar Candiotti                  
John Caneira         P      CT   1977-1978  John Cascaes Caneira                     
John Cangelosi       OF     NY   1985-1999  John Anthony Cangelosi                   
Barbaro Canizares    1B     CU   2009-2009  Barbaro Rafael Canizares                 
Jay Canizaro         2B     TX   1996-2002  Jason Kyle Canizaro                      
Rip Cannell          OF     ME   1904-1905  Virgin Wirt Cannell                      
Andy Cannizaro       SS     LA   2006-2008  Andrew Lee Cannizaro                     
Chris Cannizzaro     C      CA   1960-1974  Christopher John Cannizzaro              
J.J. Cannon          OF     NC   1977-1980  Joseph Jerome Cannon                     
Jose Cano            P      DR   1989-1989  Joselito Cano Soriano                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Robinson Cano        2B     DR   2005-2014  Robinson Jose Cano                       
Jose Canseco         RF-LF  CU   1985-2001  Jose Canseco Jr.                         
Ozzie Canseco        RF-LF  CU   1990-1993  Osvaldo Canseco Capas                    
Guy Cantrell         P      OK   1925-1930  Guy Dewey Cantrell                       
Jorge Cantu          2B-3B  MX   2004-2011  Jorge Luis Guzman Cantu                  
Ben Cantwell         P      TN   1927-1937  Benjamin Caldwell Cantwell               
Mike Cantwell        P      DC   1916-1920  Michael Joseph Cantwell                  
Tom Cantwell         P      DC   1909-1910  Thomas Aloysius Cantwell                 
Bart Cantz                  --   1888-1890                                           
Russ Canzler         1B     PA   2011-2012  Russell Michael Canzier                  
Mike Capel           P      TX   1988-1991  Michael Lee Capel                        
Jose Capellan        P      DR   2004-2008  Jose Francisco Capellan                  
Doug Capilla         P      HI   1976-1981  Douglas Edmund Capilla                   
Carter Capps         P      NC   2012-2014  Carter Lewis Capps                       
Matt Capps           P      GA   2005-2012  Matthew Dicus Capps                      
George Cappuzzello   P      OH   1981-1982  George Angelo Cappuzzello                
Buzz Capra           P      IL   1971-1977  Lee William Capra                        
Nick Capra           OF     CO   1982-1991  Nick Lee Capra                           
Pat Capri            2B     NY   1944-1944  Patrick Nicholas Capri                   
Ralph Capron         OF     MN   1913-1913  Ralph Earl Capron                        
Chris Capuano        P      MA   2003-2014  Christopher Frank Capuano                
Ramon Caraballo      2B     DR   1995-1995  Ramon Caraballo Sanchez                  
Pat Caraway          P      TX   1930-1932  Cecil Bradford Patrick Caraway           
John Carbine                --   1875-1876                                           
Bernie Carbo         OF     MI   1969-1980  Bernardo Carbo                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
John Carden          P      TX   1946-1946  John Bruton Carden                       
Jose Cardenal        OF     CU   1963-1980  Jose Rosario Domec Cardenal              
Adrian Cardenas      2B     FL   2012-2012  Adrian Cardenas                          
Leo Cardenas         SS     CU   1960-1975  Leonardo Lazaro Cardenas Alfonso         
Conrad Cardinal      P      NY   1963-1963  Conrad Seth Cardinal                     
Javier Cardona       C      PR   2000-2002  Javier Peterson Cardona                  
Ben Cardoni          P      PA   1943-1945  Armand Joseph Cardoni                    
Don Cardwell         P      NC   1957-1970  Donald Eugene Cardwell                   
Rod Carew            1B-2B  PN   1967-1985  Rodney Cline Carew                       
Andy Carey           3B     CA   1952-1962  Andrew Arthur Hexem                      
Max Carey            OF     IN   1910-1929  Max George Carey                         
Paul Carey           1B     MA   1993-1993  Paul Stephen Carey                       
Roger Carey                 --   1887-1887                                           
Scoops Carey         1B     PA   1903-1903  George C. Carey                          
Tom Carey                   --   1871-1879                                           
Tom Carey            2B-SS  NJ   1935-1946  Thomas Francis Aloysius Carey            
Ed Carfrey                  --   1890-1890                                           
Bobby Cargo                 --   1892-1892                                           
Esmailin Caridad     P      DR   2009-2010  Esmailin Manuel Caridad                  
Andrew Carignan      P      CT   2011-2012  Gary Andrew Carignan Jr.                 
Fred Carisch         C      WI   1903-1914  Frederick Behlmer Carisch                
Fred Carl                   --   1889-1889                                           
Lew Carl                    --   1874-1874                                           
Jim Carleton                --   1871-1872                                           
Tex Carleton         P      TX   1932-1940  James Otto Carleton                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Carlin           OF-3B  AL   1941-1941  James Arthur Carlin                      
Luke Carlin          C      MD   2008-2012  Luke Christopher Carlin                  
Walter Carlisle      OF     EN   1908-1908  Walter G. Carlisle                       
Cisco Carlos         P      CA   1967-1970  Francisco Manuel Carlos                  
Don Carlsen          P      IL   1948-1952  Donald Herbert Carlsen                   
Dan Carlson          P      OR   1996-1999  Daniel Scott Carlson                     
Hal Carlson          P      IL   1917-1930  Harold Gust Carlson                      
Jesse Carlson        P      CT   2008-2010  Jesse Craig Carlson                      
Leon Carlson         P      NY   1920-1920  Leon Alton Carlson                       
Swede Carlstrom      SS     NJ   1911-1911  Albin Oscar Carlstrom                    
Steve Carlton        P      FL   1965-1988  Steven Norman Carlton                    
Buddy Carlyle        P      NE   1999-2014  Earl L. Carlyle                          
Cleo Carlyle         OF     GA   1927-1927  Hiram Cleo Carlyle                       
Roy Carlyle          OF     GA   1925-1926  Roy Edward Carlyle                       
Don Carman           P      OK   1983-1992  Donald Wayne Carman                      
George Carman               --   1890-1890                                           
Duke Carmel          OF-1B  NY   1959-1965  Leon James Carmel                        
Chet Carmichael      P      IN   1909-1909  Chester Keller Carmichael                
Rafael Carmona       P      PR   1995-1999  Rafael Carmona                           
Eddie Carnett        P      MO   1941-1945  Edwin Elliott Carnett                    
Bill Carney          OF     MN   1904-1904  William John Carney                      
John Carney                 --   1889-1891                                           
Pat Carney           P      MA   1903-1904  Patrick Joseph Carney                    
Mike Carp            LF-1B  CA   2009-2014  Christopher Michael Carp                 
Bob Carpenter        P      IL   1940-1947  Robert Louis Carpenter                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bubba Carpenter      LF     TX   2000-2000  Charles Sydney Carpenter                 
Chris Carpenter      P      OH   2011-2012  Christopher John Carpenter               
Chris Carpenter      P      NH   1997-2012  Christopher John Carpenter               
Cris Carpenter       P      FL   1988-1996  Cris Howell Carpenter                    
David Carpenter      P      TX   2012-2014  David Lee Carpenter                      
David Carpenter      P      WV   2011-2014  Darrell David Carpenter                  
Drew Carpenter       P      CA   2008-2012  Andrew James Carpenter                   
Hick Carpenter              --   1879-1892                                           
Lew Carpenter        P      GA   1943-1943  Lewis Emmett Carpenter                   
Matt Carpenter       2B     TX   2011-2014  Matthew Martin Lee Carpenter             
Paul Carpenter       P      OH   1916-1916  Paul Calvin Carpenter                    
Frank Carpin         P      NY   1965-1966  Frank Dominic Carpin                     
Charlie Carr         1B     PA   1903-1906  Charles Carbitt Carr                     
Chuck Carr           CF-OF  CA   1990-1997  Charles Lee Glenn Carr Jr.               
Lew Carr                    --   1901-1901                                           
Giovanni Carrara     P      VZ   1995-2006  Giovanni Jimenez Carrara                 
Carlos Carrasco      P      VZ   2009-2014  Carlos Luis Carrasco                     
D.J. Carrasco        P      AZ   2003-2012  Daniel Carrasco                          
Hector Carrasco      P      DR   1994-2007  Hector Pacheco Pipo Carrasco             
Alex Carrasquel      P      VZ   1939-1949  Alejandro Eloy Carrasquel Aparicio       
Chico Carrasquel     SS     VZ   1950-1959  Alfonso Carrasquel Colon                 
Amalio Carreno       P      VZ   1991-1991  Amalio Rafael Carreno Adrian             
Joel Carreno         P      DR   2011-2012  Joel Fernando Carreno                    
Cam Carreon          C      CA   1959-1966  Camilo Carreon                           
Mark Carreon         1B-LF  IL   1987-1996  Mark Steven Carreon                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ezequiel Carrera     OF     VZ   2011-2014  Ezequiel Manuel Carrera                  
Bill Carrick                --   1898-1902                                           
Bill Carrigan        C      ME   1906-1916  William Francis Carrigan                 
Cesar Carrillo       P      IL   2009-2009  Cesar Carrillo                           
Matias Carrillo      OF     MX   1993-1994  Matias Carrillo Garcia                   
Don Carrithers       P      CA   1970-1977  Donald George Carrithers                 
Brett Carroll        OF     TN   2007-2012  Brett Michael Carroll                    
Chick Carroll               --   1884-1884                                           
Clay Carroll         P      AL   1964-1978  Clay Palmer Carroll                      
Cliff Carroll               --   1882-1893                                           
Dick Carroll         P      OH   1909-1909  Richard Thomas Carroll                   
Dixie Carroll        OF     KY   1919-1919  Dorsey Lee Carroll                       
Doc Carroll          C      MA   1916-1916  Ralph Arthur Carroll                     
Ed Carroll           P      MD   1929-1929  Edgar Fleischer Carroll                  
Fred Carroll                --   1884-1891                                           
Jamey Carroll        3B     IN   2002-2013  Jamey Blake Carroll                      
Ownie Carroll        P      NJ   1925-1934  Owen Thomas Carroll                      
Pat Carroll                 --   1884-1884                                           
Scott Carroll        P      MO   2014-2014  Scott A. Carroll                         
Scrappy Carroll             --   1884-1887                                           
Tom Carroll          SS-3B  NY   1955-1959  Thomas Edward Carroll                    
Tom Carroll          P      NY   1974-1975  Thomas Michael Carroll                   
Kid Carsey                  --   1891-1901                                           
Al Carson            P      IL   1910-1910  Albert James Carson                      
Kit Carson           OF     CA   1934-1935  Walter Lloyd Carson                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Matt Carson          OF     CA   2009-2013  Matthew Reese Carson                     
Robert Carson        P      MS   2012-2013  Robert Carson Iii                        
Frank Carswell       OF     TX   1953-1953  Frank Willis Carswell                    
Andy Carter          P      PA   1994-1995  Andrew Godfrey Carter                    
Arnold Carter        P      WV   1944-1945  Arnold Lee Carter                        
Blackie Carter       OF     SC   1925-1926  Otis Leonard Carter                      
Chris Carter         1B-LF  CA   2010-2014  Vernon Christopher Carter                
Chris Carter         LF-RF  CA   2008-2010  William Christopher Carter               
Gary Carter          C      CA   1974-1992  Gary Edmund Carter                       
Howie Carter         2B-SS  NY   1926-1926  John Howard Carter                       
Jeff Carter          P      FL   1991-1991  Jeffrey Allen Carter                     
Joe Carter           LF-RF  OK   1983-1998  Joseph Chris Carter                      
Lance Carter         P      FL   1999-2006  Lance David Carter                       
Larry Carter         P      WV   1992-1992  Larry Gene Carter                        
Nick Carter          P      VA   1908-1908  Conrad Powell Carter                     
Paul Carter          P      GA   1914-1920  Paul Warren Carter                       
Sol Carter           P      MS   1931-1931  Solomon Mobley Carter                    
Steve Carter         RF-CF  VA   1989-1990  Steven Jerome Carter                     
Ed Cartwright               --   1890-1897                                           
Rico Carty           OF     DR   1963-1979  Ricardo Adolfo Jacobo Carty              
Mike Caruso          SS     NY   1998-2002  Michael John Caruso                      
Bob Caruthers               --   1884-1893                                           
Marcos Carvajal      P      VZ   2005-2007  Marcos Jose Carvajal                     
Chuck Cary           P      CA   1985-1993  Charles Douglas Cary                     
Scott Cary           P      IN   1947-1947  Scott Russell Cary                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jerry Casale         P      NY   1958-1962  Jerry Joseph Casale                      
Curt Casali          C      CT   2014-2014  Curtis Michael Casali                    
Paul Casanova        C      CU   1965-1974  Paulino Casanova Ortiz                   
Raul Casanova        C      PR   1996-2008  Raul Casanova                            
Joe Cascarella       P      PA   1934-1938  Joseph Thomas Cascarella                 
Charlie Case         P      OH   1904-1906  Charles Emmett Case                      
George Case          OF     NJ   1937-1947  George Washington Case                   
Bill Casey                  --   1887-1887                                           
Bob Casey                   --   1882-1882                                           
Dan Casey            P      NY   1884-1890  Daniel Maurice Casey                     
Dennis Casey         OF     NY   1884-1885  Dennis Patrick Casey                     
Doc Casey            3B     MA   1903-1907  James Patrick Casey                      
Hugh Casey           P      GA   1935-1949  Hugh Thomas Casey                        
Joe Casey            C      MA   1909-1918  Joseph Felix Casey                       
Sean Casey           1B     NJ   1997-2008  Sean Thomas Casey                        
Dave Cash            2B     NY   1969-1980  David Cash Jr.                           
Kevin Cash           C      FL   2002-2010  Kevin Forrest Cash                       
Norm Cash            1B     TX   1958-1974  Norman Dalton Cash                       
Ron Cash             1B-3B  GA   1973-1974  Ronald Forrest Cash                      
Carl Cashion         P      NC   1911-1914  Jay Carl Cashion                         
Andrew Cashner       P      TX   2010-2014  Andrew Burton Cashner                    
Larry Casian         P      CA   1990-1998  Lawrence Paul Casian                     
Alexi Casilla        2B     DR   2006-2014  Alexi Casilla Lora                       
Santiago Casilla     P      DR   2004-2014  Santiago Casilla                         
Carlos Casimiro      2B     DR   2000-2000  Carlos Rafael Casimiro                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Craig Caskey         P      CA   1973-1973  Craig Douglas Caskey                     
Ed Caskin                   --   1879-1886                                           
Harry Cassady        OF     IL   1904-1905  Harry Delbert Cassady                    
Jack Cassel          P      CA   2007-2008  Joseph Buren Cassel                      
Bobby Cassevah       P      FL   2010-2012  Robert Alan Cassevah                     
Ed Cassian                  --   1891-1891                                           
Joe Cassidy          SS     PA   1904-1905  Joseph Phillip Cassidy                   
John Cassidy         OF     NY   1875-1885  John P. Cassidy                          
Pete Cassidy         IF     DE   1896-1899  Peter Francis Cassidy                    
Scott Cassidy        P      NY   2002-2006  Scott Robert Cassidy                     
Jack Cassini         H      MI   1949-1949  Jack Dempsey Cassini                     
Pedro Castellano     3B-1B  VZ   1993-1996  Pedro Orlando Castellano Arrieta         
Alex Castellanos     OF     FL   2012-2013  Alejandro L. Castellanos                 
Nick Castellanos     LF-OF  FL   2013-2014  Nicholas A. Castellanos                  
George Caster        P      CA   1934-1946  George Jasper Caster                     
Jim Castiglia        C      NJ   1942-1942  James Vincent Castiglia                  
Pete Castiglione     3B-SS  CT   1947-1954  Peter Paul Castiglione                   
Vinny Castilla       3B     MX   1991-2006  Vinicio Soria Castilla                   
Alberto Castillo     C      DR   1995-2007  Alberto Terrero Castillo                 
Alberto Castillo     P      CU   2008-2011  Alberto Castillo (Bettencourt)           
Bobby Castillo       P      CA   1977-1985  Robert Ernie Castillo Jr.                
Braulio Castillo     CF-RF  DR   1991-1992  Braulio Robinson Medrano Castillo        
Carlos Castillo      P      MA   1997-2001  Carlos Castillo                          
Carmen Castillo      OF     DR   1982-1991  Monte Carmelo Castillo                   
Frank Castillo       P      TX   1991-2005  Frank Anthony Castillo                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jose Castillo        2B     VZ   2004-2008  Jose Rondon Castillo                     
Juan Castillo        2B-SS  DR   1986-1989  Juan Castillo Bryas                      
Juan Castillo        P      VZ   1994-1994  Juan Francisco Castillo Azdura           
Lendy Castillo       P      DR   2012-2012  Lendy Enrique Castillo                   
Luis Castillo        2B     DR   1996-2010  Luis Antonio Donato Castillo             
Manny Castillo       3B     DR   1980-1983  Esteban Manuel Antonio Castillo Cabrera  
Marty Castillo       3B-C   CA   1981-1985  Martin Horace Castillo                   
Rusney Castillo      OF     CU   2014-2014  Rusney Castillo                          
Tony Castillo        C      CA   1978-1978  Anthony Castillo                         
Tony Castillo        P      VZ   1988-1998  Antonio Jose Castillo                    
Welington Castillo   C      DR   2010-2014  Welington Andres Castillo                
Wilkin Castillo      C      DR   2008-2009  Wilkin Castillo                          
John Castino         3B-2B  IL   1979-1984  John Anthony Castino                     
Vince Castino        C      IL   1943-1945  Vincent Charles Castino                  
Don Castle           H      IN   1973-1973  Donald Hardy Castle                      
John Castle          OF     PA   1910-1910  John Francis Castle                      
Foster Castleman     3B-SS  TN   1954-1958  Foster Ephraim Castleman                 
Slick Castleman      P      TN   1934-1939  Clydell Castleman                        
Roy Castleton        P      UT   1907-1910  Royal Eugene Castleton                   
Paul Castner         P      MN   1923-1923  Paul Henry Castner                       
Kory Casto           OF     OR   2007-2008  Kory Christopher Casto                   
Bernie Castro        2B     DR   2005-2006  Bernabel Castro                          
Bill Castro          P      DR   1974-1983  William Radhames Castro Checo            
Fabio Castro         P      DR   2006-2007  Fabio E. Castro                          
Jason Castro         C      CA   2010-2014  Jason Michael Castro                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Juan Castro          2B-3B  MX   1995-2011  Juan Gabriel Castro                      
Luis Castro                 --   1902-1902                                           
Ramon Castro         C      MX   1999-2011  Ramon Abraham Castro                     
Ramon Castro         3B-SS  VZ   2004-2004  Alfredo Ramon Castro                     
Simon Castro         P      DR   2013-2013  Simon Alfonseca Castro                   
Starlin Castro       SS     DR   2010-2014  Starlin Dejesus Castro                   
Frank Catalanotto    LF-2B  NY   1997-2010  Frank John Catalanotto                   
Troy Cate            P      CA   2007-2007  Troy Patrick Cates                       
Danny Cater          1B-OF  TX   1964-1975  Danny Anderson Cater                     
Eli Cates            P      IN   1908-1908  Eli Eldo Cates                           
Mike Cather          P      CA   1997-1999  Michael Peter Cather                     
Ted Cather           OF     PA   1912-1915  Theodore Physick Cather                  
Hardin Cathey        P      TN   1942-1942  Hardin Abner Cathey                      
Keefe Cato           P      NY   1983-1984  John Keefe Cato                          
Howdy Caton          SS     OH   1917-1920  James Howard Caton                       
John Cattanach       P      RI   1884-1884  John Leckie Cattanach                    
Tom Catterson        OF     RI   1908-1909  Thomas Henry Catterson                   
Bill Caudill         P      CA   1979-1987  William Holland Caudill                  
Jake Caulfield       SS     CA   1946-1946  John Joseph Caulfield                    
Red Causey           P      FL   1918-1922  Cecil Algernon Causey                    
Wayne Causey         SS-2B  LA   1955-1968  James Wayne Causey                       
John Cavanaugh       3B     PA   1919-1919  John J. Cavanaugh                        
Phil Cavarretta      1B-OF  IL   1934-1955  Philip Joseph Cavarretta                 
Andy Cavazos         P      TX   2007-2007  Andres Cavazos                           
Ike Caveney          SS     CA   1922-1925  James Christopher Caveney                

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Pug Cavet            P      TX   1911-1915  Tiller H. Cavet                          
Art Ceccarelli       P      CT   1955-1960  Arthur Edward Ceccarelli                 
Garin Cecchini       3B     LA   2014-2014  Garin Cecchini                           
Jose Cecena          P      MX   1988-1988  Jose Isabel Cecena Lugo                  
Brett Cecil          P      MD   2009-2014  Brett Aarion Cecil                       
Rex Cecil            P      OK   1944-1945  Rex Rolston Cecil                        
Jose Ceda            P      DR   2010-2011  Jose Marti Ceda                          
Andujar Cedeno       SS     DR   1990-1996  Andujar Cedeno Donastorg                 
Cesar Cedeno         OF     DR   1970-1986  Cesar Cedeno (Encarnacion)               
Domingo Cedeno       2B-SS  DR   1993-1999  Domingo Cedeno                           
Roger Cedeno         RF-LF  VZ   1995-2005  Roger Leandro Cedeno                     
Ronny Cedeno         SS     VZ   2005-2014  Ronny Alexander Cedeno (Salazar)         
Xavier Cedeno        P      PR   2011-2014  Xavier Cedeno                            
Juan Centeno         C      PR   2013-2014  Juan C. Centeno                          
Pete Center          P      KY   1942-1946  Marvin Earl Center                       
Orlando Cepeda       1B     PR   1958-1974  Orlando Manuel Cepeda Penne              
Matt Cepicky         LF     MO   2002-2006  Matthew William Cepicky                  
Jaime Cerda          P      CA   2002-2005  Jaime Magana Cerda                       
Ed Cermak                   --   1901-1901                                           
Rick Cerone          C      NJ   1975-1992  Richard Aldo Cerone                      
Juan Cerros          P      MX   2003-2003  R. Juan Cerros                           
John Cerutti         P      NY   1985-1991  John Joseph Cerutti                      
Bob Cerv             OF     NE   1951-1962  Robert Henry Cerv                        
Francisco Cervelli   C      VZ   2008-2014  Francisco Cervelli                       
Mike Cervenak        3B     MI   2008-2008  Michael Christopher Cervenak             

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Yoenis Cespedes      LF     CU   2012-2014  Yoenis Cespedes                          
Ron Cey              3B     WA   1971-1987  Ronald Charles Cey                       
Gustavo Chacin       P      VZ   2004-2010  Gustavo Adolfo Chacin                    
Jhoulys Chacin       P      VZ   2009-2014  Jhoulys Jose Chacin                      
Elio Chacon          SS-2B  VZ   1960-1962  Elio Chacon Rodriguez                    
Shawn Chacon         P      AK   2001-2008  Shawn Anthony Chacon                     
Chet Chadbourne      OF-2B  ME   1906-1918  -                                        
Ray Chadwick         P      NC   1986-1986  Ray Charles Chadwick                     
Andrew Chafin        P      OH   2014-2014  Andrew Gregory Chafin                    
Leon Chagnon         P      NH   1929-1935  Leon Wilbur Chagnon                      
Bob Chakales         P      NC   1951-1957  Robert Edward Chakales                   
Dave Chalk           3B-SS  TX   1973-1981  David Lee Chalk                          
George Chalmers      P      ST   1910-1916  George W. Chalmers                       
Bill Chamberlain     P      MA   1932-1932  William Vincent Chamberlain              
Craig Chamberlain    P      CA   1979-1980  Craig Phillip Chamberlain                
Elton Chamberlain           --   1886-1896                                           
Joba Chamberlain     P      NE   2007-2014  Justin Louis Chamberlain                 
Joe Chamberlain      SS-3B  CA   1934-1934  Joseph Jeremiah Chamberlain              
Wes Chamberlain      RF-LF  IL   1990-1995  Wesley Polk Chamberlain                  
Adron Chambers       OF     FL   2011-2013  Adron L. Chambers                        
Al Chambers          OF     PA   1983-1985  Albert Eugene Chambers                   
Bill Chambers        P      WV   1910-1910  William Christopher Chambers             
Cliff Chambers       P      OR   1948-1953  Clifford Day Chambers                    
Johnnie Chambers     P      TN   1937-1937  Johnnie Monroe Chambers                  
Rome Chambers               --   1900-1900                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Chamblee         3B     TX   2003-2003  James Nathaniel Chamblee                 
Chris Chambliss      1B     OH   1971-1988  Carroll Christopher Chambliss            
Bill Champion        P      NC   1969-1976  Buford Billy Champion                    
Mike Champion        2B     AL   1976-1978  Robert Michael Champion                  
Bob Chance           1B-OF  GA   1963-1969  Robert Chance                            
Dean Chance          P      OH   1961-1971  Wilmer Dean Chance                       
Frank Chance         1B     CA   1903-1913  Frank Leroy Chance                       
Ed Chandler          P      AL   1947-1947  Edward Oliver Chandler                   
Spud Chandler        P      GA   1937-1947  Spurgeon Ferdinand Chandler              
Darrel Chaney        SS-2B  IN   1969-1979  Darrel Lee Chaney                        
Esty Chaney          P      PA   1913-1913  Esty Clyon Chaney                        
Les Channell         OF     OH   1910-1914  Lester Clark Channell                    
Charlie Chant        OF     CA   1975-1976  Charles Joseph Chant                     
Darrin Chapin        P      OH   1991-1992  Darrin John Chapin                       
Ed Chaplin           C      SC   1920-1922  Bert Edgar Chaplin                       
Tiny Chaplin         P      CA   1928-1936  James Bailey Chaplin                     
Aroldis Chapman      P      CU   2010-2014  Albertin Aroldis Chapman                 
Ben Chapman          P-OF   TN   1930-1946  William Benjamin Chapman                 
Calvin Chapman       OF-2B  MS   1935-1936  Calvin Louis Chapman                     
Ed Chapman           P      MS   1933-1933  Edwin Volney Chapman                     
Fred Chapman         SS     SC   1939-1941  William Fred Chapman                     
Fred Chapman                --   1887-1887                                           
Glenn Chapman        OF-2B  IN   1934-1934  Glenn Justice Chapman                    
Harry Chapman        C      KS   1912-1916  Harry E. Chapman                         
Jack Chapman                --   1874-1876                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jaye Chapman         P      FL   2012-2012  Jaye L. Chapman                          
John Chapman         SS     PA   1924-1924  John Joseph Chapman                      
Kelvin Chapman       2B     CA   1979-1985  Kelvin Keith Chapman                     
Kevin Chapman        P      FL   2013-2014  Kevin Allen Chapman                      
Ray Chapman          SS     KY   1912-1920  Raymond Johnson Chapman                  
Sam Chapman          OF     CA   1938-1951  Samuel Blake Chapman                     
Travis Chapman       3B     FL   2003-2003  Travis Adrian Chapman                    
Harry Chappas        SS     MD   1978-1980  Harry Perry Chappas                      
Larry Chappell       OF     IL   1913-1917  La Verne Ashford Chappell                
Bill Chappelle       P      NY   1908-1909  William Hogan Chappelle                  
Joe Charboneau       OF     IL   1980-1982  Joseph Charboneau                        
Chappy Charles       2B-SS  NJ   1908-1910  Raymond Charles                          
Ed Charles           3B     FL   1962-1969  Edwin Douglas Charles                    
Frank Charles        C      CA   2000-2000  Franklin Scott Charles                   
Norm Charlton        P      LA   1988-2001  Norman Wood Charlton Iii                 
Mike Chartak         OF     NY   1940-1944  Michael George Chartak                   
Pete Charton         P      TN   1964-1964  Frank Lane Charton                       
Hal Chase            1B     CA   1905-1919  Harold Homer Chase                       
Ken Chase            P      NY   1936-1943  Kendall Fay Chase                        
Buster Chatham       3B-SS  TX   1930-1931  Charles L. Chatham                       
Jim Chatterton              --   1884-1884                                           
Tyler Chatwood       P      CA   2011-2014  Tyler Cole Chatwood                      
Ossie Chavarria      2B-OF  PN   1966-1967  Osvaldo Chavarria Quijano                
Angel Chavez         IF     PN   2005-2005  Angel Aristides Chavez                   
Anthony Chavez       P      CA   1997-1997  Anthony Francisco Chavez                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Endy Chavez          RF-CF  VZ   2001-2014  Endy DeJesus Chavez                      
Eric Chavez          3B     CA   1998-2014  Eric Cesar Chavez                        
Jesse Chavez         P      CA   2008-2014  Jesse David Chavez                       
Nestor Chavez        P      VZ   1967-1967  Nestor Isais Chavez Silva                
Raul Chavez          C      VZ   1996-2009  Raul Alexander Chavez                    
Dave Cheadle         P      NC   1973-1973  David Baird Cheadle                      
Charlie Chech        P      WI   1905-1909  Charles William Chech                    
Robinson Checo       P      DR   1997-1999  Robinson Perez Checo                     
Harry Cheek          C      MO   1910-1910  Harry G. Cheek                           
Virgil Cheeves       P      OK   1920-1927  Virgil Earl Cheeves                      
Italo Chelini        P      CA   1935-1937  Italo Vincent Chelini                    
Bruce Chen           P      PN   1998-2014  Bruce Kastulo Chen                       
Chin-Feng Chen       LF     TW   2002-2005  Chin-Feng Chen                           
Wei-Yin Chen         P      TW   2012-2014  Wei-Yin Chen                             
Larry Cheney         P      KS   1911-1919  Laurance Russell Cheney                  
Tom Cheney           P      GA   1957-1966  Thomas Edgar Cheney                      
Rocky Cherry         P      TX   2007-2008  Rocky Ty Cherry                          
Paul Chervinko       C      PA   1937-1938  Paul Chervinko                           
Jack Chesbro         P      MA   1903-1909  John Dwight Chesbro                      
Bob Chesnes          P      CA   1948-1950  Robert Vincent Chesnes                   
Mitch Chetkovich     P      OH   1945-1945  Mitchell Chetkovich                      
Tony Chevez          P      NI   1977-1977  Silvio Antonio Chevez                    
Scott Chiamparino    P      CA   1990-1992  Scott Michael Chiamparino                
Scott Chiasson       P      CT   2001-2002  Scott Christopher Chiasson               
Travis Chick         P      TX   2006-2006  Travis Cole Chick                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Matt Chico           P      CA   2007-2010  Matthew Bryan Chico                      
Floyd Chiffer        P      NY   1982-1984  Floyd John Chiffer                       
Harry Child          P      MD   1930-1930  Harry Stephen Patrick Child              
Bill Childers               --   1895-1895                                           
Jason Childers       P      GA   2006-2006  Jason Lee Childers                       
Matt Childers        P      GA   2002-2005  Matthew Wilkie Childers                  
Rocky Childress      P      CA   1985-1988  Rodney Osborne Childress                 
Cupid Childs                --   1888-1901                                           
Pete Childs                 --   1901-1902                                           
Sam Childs                  --   1883-1883                                           
Pearce Chiles               --   1899-1900                                           
Rich Chiles          OF     CA   1971-1978  Richard Francis Chiles                   
Dino Chiozza         SS     TN   1935-1935  Dino Joseph Chiozza                      
Lou Chiozza          2B-3B  LA   1934-1939  Louis Peo Chiozza                        
Bob Chipman          P      NY   1941-1952  Robert Howard Chipman                    
Walt Chipple         OF     NY   1945-1945  Walter John Chipple                      
Robinson Chirinos    C      VZ   2011-2014  Robinson David Chirinos (Gonzalez)       
Lonnie Chisenhall    3B     NC   2011-2014  Lonnie David Chisenhall                  
Tom Chism            1B-SS  PA   1979-1979  Thomas Raymond Chism                     
Harry Chiti          C      IL   1950-1962  Harry Chiti                              
Steve Chitren        P      JP   1990-1991  Stephen Vincent Chitren                  
Nelson Chittum       P      VA   1958-1960  Nelson Boyd Chittum                      
Bob Chlupsa          P      NY   1970-1971  Robert Joseph Chlupsa                    
Jin Ho Cho           P      KR   1998-1999  Jin Ho Cho                               
Don Choate           P      MO   1960-1960  Donald Leon Choate                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Randy Choate         P      TX   2000-2014  Randol Doyal Choate                      
Hee Seop Choi        1B     KR   2002-2005  Hee Seop Choi                            
Michael Choice       OF     TX   2013-2014  Michael Blair Choice                     
Shin-Soo Choo        CF     KR   2005-2014  Shin-Soo Choo                            
Bobby Chouinard      P      PH   1996-2001  Robert William Chouinard                 
Felix Chouinard      OF     IL   1910-1911  Felix George Chouinard                   
Chief Chouneau       P      MN   1910-1910  William Chouneau                         
Harry Chozen         C      MN   1937-1937  Harry Chozen                             
Mike Chris           P      CA   1979-1983  Michael Chris                            
Neil Chrisley        OF     SC   1957-1961  Barbra O'Neil Chrisley                   
Lloyd Christenbury   OF-2B  --   1919-1922  Lloyd Reid Christenbury                  
Bruce Christensen    SS     WI   1971-1971  Bruce Ray Christensen                    
Cuckoo Christensen   OF     CA   1926-1927  Walter Niels Christensen                 
John Christensen     RF-OF  CA   1984-1988  John Lawrence Christensen                
McKay Christensen    CF     CA   1999-2002  Mckay Andrew Christensen                 
Gary Christenson     P      NY   1979-1980  Gary Richard Christenson                 
Larry Christenson    P      WA   1973-1983  Larry Richard Christenson                
Ryan Christenson     CF-LF  CA   1998-2003  Ryan Alan Christenson                    
Bob Christian        OF     IL   1968-1970  Robert Charles Christian                 
Justin Christian     OF     NE   2008-2012  Justin Barnett Christian                 
Nick Christiani      P      NJ   2013-2014  Nicholas John Christiani                 
Clay Christiansen    P      KS   1984-1984  Clay C. Christiansen                     
Jason Christiansen   P      NE   1995-2005  Jason Samuel Christiansen                
Mark Christman       3B-SS  MO   1938-1949  Marquette Joseph Christman               
Tim Christman        P      NY   2001-2001  Timothy Arthur Christman                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Steve Christmas      C      FL   1983-1986  Stephen Randall Christmas                
Joe Christopher      OF     VG   1959-1966  Joseph O'Neal Christopher                
Loyd Christopher     OF     CA   1945-1947  Lloyd Eugene Christopher                 
Mike Christopher     P      VA   1991-1996  Michael Wayne Christopher                
Russ Christopher     P      CA   1942-1948  Russell Ormand Christopher               
Vinnie Chulk         P      FL   2003-2012  Charles Vincent Chulk                    
Bubba Church         P      AL   1950-1955  Emory Nicholas Church                    
Hi Church                   --   1890-1890                                           
Len Church           P      IL   1966-1966  Leonard Church                           
Ryan Church          LF-RF  CA   2004-2010  Ryan Matthew Church                      
Chuck Churn          P      VA   1957-1959  Clarence Nottingham Churn                
John Churry          C      PA   1924-1927  -                                        
Larry Ciaffone       OF     NY   1951-1951  Lawrence Thomas Ciaffone                 
Archi Cianfrocco     1B-3B  NY   1992-1998  Angelo Dominic Cianfrocco                
Mark Ciardi          P      NJ   1987-1987  Mark Thomas Ciardi                       
Darryl Cias          C      NY   1983-1983  Darryl Richard Cias                      
Joe Cicero           OF     NJ   1929-1945  Joseph Francis Cicero                    
Al Cicotte           P      MI   1957-1962  Alva Warren Cicotte                      
Eddie Cicotte        P      MI   1905-1920  Edward Victor Cicotte                    
Ted Cieslak          3B     WI   1944-1944  Thaddeus Walter Cieslak                  
Al Cihocki           SS-3B  PA   1945-1945  Albert Joseph Cihocki                    
Ed Cihocki           SS     DE   1932-1933  Edward Joseph Cihocki                    
Pete Cimino          P      PA   1965-1968  Peter William Cimino                     
Gino Cimoli          OF     CA   1956-1965  Gino Nicholas Cimoli                     
Frank Cimorelli      P      NY   1994-1994  Frank Thomas Cimorelli                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tony Cingrani        P      IL   2012-2014  Anthony Michael Cingrani III             
Alex Cintron         SS     PR   2001-2009  Alexander Cintron                        
Lou Ciola            P      VA   1943-1943  Louis Alexander Ciola                    
Frank Cipriani       OF     NY   1961-1961  Frank Dominick Cipriani                  
Pedro Ciriaco        SS     DR   2010-2014  Pedro Ciriaco                            
Jeff Cirillo         3B     CA   1994-2007  Jeffrey Howard Cirillo                   
George Cisar         OF     IL   1937-1937  George Joseph Cisar                      
Galen Cisco          P      OH   1961-1969  Galen Bernard Cisco                      
Steven Cishek        P      MA   2010-2014  Steven R. Cishek                         
Jose Cisnero         P      DR   2013-2014  Jose L. Cisnero                          
Bill Cissell         2B-SS  MO   1928-1938  Chalmer William Cissell                  
Ralph Citarella      P      NJ   1983-1987  Ralph Alexander Citarella                
Moose Clabaugh       OF     MO   1926-1926  John William Clabaugh                    
Bobby Clack                 --   1874-1876                                           
Anthony Claggett     P      CA   2009-2009  Anthony Paul Claggett                    
Preston Claiborne    P      TX   2013-2014  Preston Michael Claiborne                
Danny Claire         SS     MI   1920-1920  David Matthew Claire                     
Al Clancy            3B     NM   1911-1911  Albert Harrison Clancy                   
Bill Clancy          1B     NY   1905-1905  William Edward Clancy                    
Bud Clancy           1B     IL   1924-1934  John William Clancy                      
Jim Clancy           P      IL   1977-1991  James Clancy                             
Uke Clanton          1B     MO   1922-1922  Eucal Clanton                            
Chris Clapinski      2B-3B  NY   1999-2000  Christopher Alan Clapinski               
Aaron Clapp                 --   1879-1879                                           
John Clapp                  --   1872-1883                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Stubby Clapp         2B     ON   2001-2001  Richard Keith Clapp                      
Denny Clare                 --   1872-1872                                           
Doug Clarey          2B     CA   1976-1976  Douglas William Clarey                   
Allie Clark          OF     NJ   1947-1953  Alfred Aloysius Clark                    
Bob Clark            P      PA   1920-1921  Robert William Clark                     
Bob Clark                   --   1886-1893                                           
Bobby Clark          OF     CA   1979-1985  Robert Cale Clark                        
Brady Clark          RF-LF  OR   2000-2008  Brady William Clark                      
Bryan Clark          P      CA   1981-1990  Bryan Donald Clark                       
Cap Clark            C      NC   1938-1938  John Carrol Clark                        
Cody Clark           C      AR   2013-2013  Douglas Cody Clark                       
Dad Clark                   --   1902-1902                                           
Danny Clark          3B-2B  MS   1922-1927  Daniel Curren Clark                      
Dave Clark           RF-LF  MS   1986-1998  David Earl Clark                         
Doug Clark           OF     MA   2005-2006  Douglas Dwyer Clark                      
Earl Clark           OF     DC   1927-1934  Bailey Earl Clark                        
Ed Clark             P      OH   1886-1891  Edmund C. Clark                          
George Clark         P      IA   1913-1913  George Myron Clark                       
Ginger Clark         P      OH   1902-1902  Harvey Daniel Clark                      
Glen Clark           H      TX   1967-1967  Glen Ester Clark                         
Howie Clark          LF-3B  CA   2002-2008  Howard Roddy Clark                       
Jack Clark           OF-1B  PA   1975-1992  Jack Anthony Clark                       
Jerald Clark         LF-1B  TX   1988-1995  Jerald Dwayne Clark                      
Jermaine Clark       LF-2B  CA   2001-2005  Jermaine Marcel Clark                    
Jim Clark            SS-3B  PA   1948-1948  James Clark                              

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Clark            OF     NY   1911-1912  James Francis Clark                      
Jim Clark            OF-1B  KS   1971-1971  James Edward Clark                       
Mark Clark           P      IL   1991-2000  Mark Willard Clark                       
Matt Clark           1B     CA   2014-2014  Matthew Terry Clark                      
Mel Clark            OF     WV   1951-1957  Melvin Earl Clark                        
Mike Clark           P      NJ   1952-1953  Michael John Clark                       
Otey Clark           P      WI   1945-1945  William Otis Clark                       
Pep Clark            3B     OH   1903-1903  Harry Clark                              
Phil Clark           P      GA   1958-1959  Philip James Clark                       
Phil Clark           LF-1B  TX   1992-1996  Phillip Benjamin Clark                   
Rickey Clark         P      MI   1967-1972  Rickey Charles Clark                     
Ron Clark            3B-SS  TX   1966-1975  Ronald Bruce Clark                       
Roy Clark                   --   1902-1902                                           
Spider Clark                --   1889-1890                                           
Terry Clark          P      CA   1988-1997  Terry Lee Clark                          
Tony Clark           1B     KS   1995-2009  Anthony Christopher Clark                
Watty Clark          P      LA   1924-1937  William Watson Clark                     
Will Clark           1B     LA   1986-2000  William Nuschler Clark Jr.               
Willie Clark                --   1895-1899                                           
Win Clark                   --   1897-1897                                           
Zach Clark           P      DE   2013-2013  Zachary Higgins Clark                    
Artie Clarke                --   1890-1891                                           
Boileryard Clarke    1B-C   NY   1903-1905  William Jones Clarke                     
Dad Clarke                  --   1888-1898                                           
Darren Clarke        P      CA   2007-2007  Darren Lawrence Clarke                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Fred Clarke          OF     IA   1903-1915  Fred Clifford Clarke                     
Grey Clarke          3B     AL   1944-1944  Grey Clarke                              
Harry Clarke                --   1889-1889                                           
Henry Clarke                --   1897-1898                                           
Horace Clarke        2B     VG   1965-1974  Horace Meredith Clarke                   
Josh Clarke          OF     KS   1905-1911  Joshua Baldwin Clarke                    
Lefty Clarke         P      MD   1921-1921  Alan Thomas Clarke                       
Nig Clarke           C      ON   1905-1920  Jay Justin Clarke                        
Rufe Clarke          P      SC   1923-1924  Rufus Rivers Clarke                      
Stan Clarke          P      OH   1983-1990  Stanley Martin Clarke                    
Stu Clarke           SS-3B  CA   1929-1930  William Stuart Clarke                    
Sumpter Clarke       OF     GA   1920-1924  Sumpter Mills Clarke                     
Tommy Clarke         C      NY   1909-1917  Thomas Aloysius Clarke                   
Webbo Clarke         P      PN   1955-1955  Vibert Ernesto Clarke                    
Bill Clarkson        P      VA   1927-1929  William Henry Clarkson                   
Buzz Clarkson        SS-3B  SC   1952-1952  James Buster Clarkson                    
Dad Clarkson                --   1891-1896                                           
John Clarkson               --   1882-1894                                           
Walter Clarkson      P      MA   1904-1908  Walter Hamilton Clarkson                 
Ellis Clary          3B-2B  GA   1942-1945  Ellis Clary                              
Marty Clary          P      MI   1987-1990  Martin Keith Clary                       
Gowell Claset        P      --   1933-1933  Gowell Claset                            
Alex Claudio         P      PR   2014-2014  Alexander Claudio                        
Fritz Clausen               --   1892-1896                                           
Al Clauss            P      CT   1913-1913  Albert Stanley Clauss                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Brandon Claussen     P      SD   2003-2006  Brandon Allen Falker Claussen            
Bill Clay                   --   1902-1902                                           
Dain Clay            OF     OH   1943-1946  Dain Elmer Clay                          
Danny Clay           P      CA   1988-1988  Danny Bruce Clay                         
Ken Clay             P      VA   1977-1981  Kenneth Earl Clay                        
Royce Clayton        SS     CA   1991-2007  Royce Spencer Clayton                    
Mark Clear           P      CA   1979-1990  Mark Alan Clear                          
Joe Cleary           P      IR   1945-1945  Joseph Christopher Cleary                
Bob Clemens          OF     MO   1914-1914  Robert Baxter Clemens                    
Chet Clemens         OF     CA   1939-1944  Chester Spurgeon Clemens                 
Clem Clemens         C      IL   1916-1916  Clement Lambert Clemens                  
Doug Clemens         OF     PA   1961-1968  Douglas Horace Clemens                   
Paul Clemens         P      NC   2013-2014  Paul Clemens                             
Roger Clemens        P      OH   1984-2007  William Roger Clemens                    
Bill Clemensen       P      NJ   1939-1946  William Melville Clemensen               
Jeff Clement         1B     IA   2007-2012  Jeffrey Burton Clement                   
Matt Clement         P      PA   1998-2006  Matthew Paul Clement                     
Wally Clement        OF     ME   1908-1909  Wallace Oakes Clement                    
Edgard Clemente      CF-RF  PR   1998-2000  Edgard A. Clemente                       
Roberto Clemente     OF     PR   1955-1972  Roberto (Walker) Clemente                
Ed Clements                 --   1890-1890                                           
Jack Clements               --   1884-1900                                           
Pat Clements         P      CA   1985-1992  Patrick Brian Clements                   
Chris Clemons        P      TX   1997-1997  Christopher Hale Clemons                 
Lance Clemons        P      PA   1971-1974  Lance Levis Clemons                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Verne Clemons        C      IA   1916-1924  Verne James Clemons                      
Donn Clendenon       1B     MO   1961-1972  Donn Alvin Clendenon                     
Maikel Cleto         P      DR   2011-2014  Maikel Cleto                             
Elmer Cleveland             --   1884-1891                                           
Reggie Cleveland     P      SK   1969-1981  Reginald Leslie Cleveland                
Steve Clevenger      C      MD   2011-2014  Steven Scott Clevenger                   
Tex Clevenger        P      CA   1954-1962  Truman Eugene Clevenger                  
Brent Clevlen        OF     TX   2006-2010  Brett Aaron Clevlen                      
Stan Cliburn         C      MS   1980-1988  Stanley Gene Cliburn                     
Harlond Clift        3B     OK   1934-1945  Harlond Benton Clift                     
Flea Clifton         3B-SS  OH   1934-1937  Herman Earl Clifton                      
Monk Cline                  --   1882-1891                                           
Ty Cline             OF     SC   1960-1971  Tyrone Alexander Cline                   
Gene Clines          OF     CA   1970-1979  Eugene Anthony Clines                    
Billy Clingman       2B-SS  OH   1903-1903  William Frederick Clingman               
Jim Clinton                 --   1872-1886                                           
Lou Clinton          OF     OK   1960-1967  Luciean Louis Clinton                    
Tyler Clippard       P      KY   2007-2014  Tyler Lee Clippard                       
Tony Cloninger       P      NC   1961-1972  Tony Lee Cloninger                       
Brad Clontz          P      VA   1995-2000  John Bradley Clontz                      
J.D. Closser         1B-C   IN   2004-2006  Jeffrey Darrin Closser                   
Al Closter           P      NE   1966-1973  Alan Edward Closter                      
Ken Cloude           P      MD   1997-1999  Kenneth Brian Cloude                     
Ed Clough            OF     PA   1924-1926  Edward George Clough                     
Bill Clowers         P      NC   1926-1926  Tony Lee Cloninger                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tyler Cloyd          P      NE   2012-2013  Tyler James Cloyd                        
Bryan Clutterbuck    P      MI   1986-1989  Bryan Richard Clutterbuck                
Danny Clyburn        LF-RF  SC   1997-1999  Danny Clyburn Jr.                        
David Clyde          P      KS   1973-1979  David Eugene Clyde                       
Tom Clyde            P      VA   1943-1943  Thomas Knox Clyde                        
Bill Clymer                 --   1891-1891                                           
Otis Clymer          OF     PA   1905-1913  Otis Edgar Clymer                        
Pete Coachman        3B-2B  AL   1990-1990  Bobby Dean Coachman                      
Andy Coakley         P      RI   1903-1911  Andrew James Coakley                     
Gil Coan             OF     NC   1946-1956  Gilbert Fitzgerald Coan                  
Jim Coates           P      VA   1956-1967  James Alton Coates                       
Buck Coats           RF     GA   2006-2008  Buck Coats                               
Alex Cobb            P      MA   2011-2014  Alexander Cobb                           
George Cobb                 --   1892-1892                                           
Herb Cobb            P      NC   1929-1929  Herbert Edward Cobb                      
Joe Cobb             H      PA   1918-1918  Jospeh Stanley Cobb                      
Ty Cobb              OF     GA   1905-1928  Tyrus Raymond Cobb                       
Dave Coble           C      NC   1939-1939  David Lamar Coble                        
Jaime Cocanower      P      PR   1983-1986  James Stanley Cocanower                  
George Cochran       3B     CA   1918-1918  George Leslie Cochran                    
Goat Cochran         P      GA   1915-1915  Alvah Jackson Cochran                    
Dave Cochrane        3B-C   CA   1986-1992  David Carter Cochrane                    
Mickey Cochrane      C      MA   1925-1937  Gordon Stanley Cochrane                  
Jim Cockman          3B     ON   1905-1905  James Cockman                            
Alan Cockrell        RF     KS   1996-1996  Atlee Alan Cockrell                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Pasqual Coco         P      DR   2000-2002  Pasqual Reynoso Coco                     
Gene Cocreham        P      TX   1913-1915  Eugene Cocreham                          
Chris Codiroli       P      CA   1982-1990  Christopher Allen Codiroli               
Robert Coello        P      NJ   2010-2013  Robert Coello                            
Jack Coffey          SS-2B  NY   1909-1918  John Francis Coffey                      
Todd Coffey          P      NC   2005-2012  Justin Todd Coffey                       
Ivanon Coffie        3B-SS  NT   2000-2000  Ivanon Angelino Coffie                   
Dick Coffman         P      AL   1927-1945  Samuel Richard Coffman                   
Kevin Coffman        P      TX   1987-1990  Kevin Reese Coffman                      
Slick Coffman        P      AL   1937-1940  George David Coffman                     
Dick Cogan                  --   1897-1900                                           
Tony Cogan           P      IL   2001-2001  Anthony Michael Cogan                    
Dave Coggin          P      CA   2000-2002  David Raymond Coggin                     
Frank Coggins        2B     GA   1967-1972  Franklin Coggins                         
Rich Coggins         OF     IN   1972-1976  Richard Allen Coggins                    
Chris Coghlan        LF-CF  MD   2009-2014  Christopher B. Coghlan                   
Ed Cogswell                 --   1879-1882                                           
Alta Cohen           OF     NY   1931-1933  Alta Albert Cohen                        
Andy Cohen           2B     MD   1926-1929  Andrew Howard Cohen                      
Hy Cohen             P      NY   1955-1955  Hyman Cohen                              
Syd Cohen            P      MD   1934-1937  Sydney Harry Cohen                       
Phil Coke            P      CA   2008-2014  Phillip Douglas Coke                     
Jimmie Coker         C      TX   1958-1967  Jimmie Goodwin Coker                     
Chris Colabello      1B     MA   2013-2014  Christopher Adrian Colabello             
Mike Colangelo       LF-CF  NJ   1999-2002  Michael Gus Colangelo                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Rocky Colavito       OF     NY   1955-1968  Rocco Domenico Colavito                  
Mike Colbern         C      CA   1978-1979  Michael Malloy Colbern                   
Craig Colbert        C-3B   IA   1992-1993  Craig Charles Colbert                    
Nate Colbert         1B     MO   1966-1976  Nathan Colbert                           
Vince Colbert        P      DC   1970-1972  Vincent Norman Colbert                   
Jim Colborn          P      NC   1969-1978  James William Colborn                    
Greg Colbrunn        1B     CA   1992-2004  Gregory Joseph Colbrunn                  
Tom Colcolough              --   1893-1899                                           
Alex Cole            CF     NC   1990-1996  Alexander Cole Jr.                       
Bert Cole            P      CA   1921-1927  Albert George Cole                       
Dave Cole            P      MD   1950-1955  David Bruce Cole                         
Dick Cole            SS-3B  CA   1951-1957  Richard Roy Cole                         
Ed Cole              P      PA   1938-1939  Edward William Cole                      
Gerrit Cole          P      CA   2013-2014  Gerrit Alan Cole                         
King Cole            P      IA   1909-1915  Leonard Leslie Cole                      
Stu Cole             2B     NC   1991-1991  Stewart Bryan Cole                       
Victor Cole          P      RU   1992-1992  Victor Alexander Cole                    
Willis Cole          OF     WI   1909-1910  Willis Russell Cole                      
Bob Coleman          C      IN   1913-1916  Robert Hunter Coleman                    
Casey Coleman        P      FL   2010-2014  Joseph Casey Coleman                     
Choo Choo Coleman    C      FL   1961-1966  Clarence Coleman                         
Curt Coleman         3B     OR   1912-1912  Curtis Hancock Coleman                   
Dave Coleman         OF     OH   1977-1977  David Lee Coleman                        
Ed Coleman           OF     OR   1932-1936  Parke Edward Coleman                     
Gordy Coleman        1B     MD   1959-1967  Gordon Calvin Coleman                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jerry Coleman        2B-SS  CA   1949-1957  Gerald Francis Coleman                   
Joe Coleman          P      MA   1942-1955  Joseph Patrick Coleman                   
Joe Coleman          P      MA   1965-1979  Joseph Howard Coleman                    
John Coleman                --   1883-1890                                           
John Coleman                --   1895-1895                                           
John Coleman         P      PA   1890-1890  John W. Coleman                          
Louis Coleman        P      MS   2011-2014  Harold Louis Coleman Iii                 
Michael Coleman      CF     TN   1997-2001  Michael Donnell Coleman                  
Percy Coleman               --   1897-1898                                           
Ray Coleman          OF     CA   1947-1952  Raymond Leroy Coleman                    
Rip Coleman          P      NY   1955-1960  Walter Gary Coleman                      
Vince Coleman        LF-CF  FL   1985-1997  Vincent Maurice Coleman                  
Chuck Coles          OF     PA   1958-1958  Charles Edward Coles                     
Darnell Coles        3B-RF  CA   1983-1997  Darnell Coles                            
Chris Coletta        OF     NY   1972-1972  Christopher Michael Coletta              
Ed Colgan                   --   1884-1884                                           
Alvin Colina         C      VZ   2006-2006  Alvin Enrique Colina (Mendoza)           
Allan Collamore      P      MA   1911-1915  Allan Edward Collamore                   
Hap Collard          P      AZ   1927-1930  Earl Clinton Collard                     
Willie Collazo       P      PR   2007-2007  William Collazo                          
Lou Collier          SS-LF  IL   1997-2004  Louis Keith Collier                      
Orlin Collier        P      MO   1931-1931  Orlin Edward Collier                     
Harry Colliflower           --   1899-1899                                           
 Collins                    --   1892-1892                                           
Bill Collins         OF     IN   1910-1913  William Shirley Collins                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bill Collins                --   1887-1891                                           
Bob Collins          C      PA   1940-1944  Robert Joseph Collins                    
Chub Collins                --   1884-1885                                           
Dan Collins                 --   1874-1876                                           
Dave Collins         OF     SD   1975-1990  David S. Collins                         
Don Collins          P      GA   1977-1980  Donald Edward Collins                    
Eddie Collins        OF     PA   1939-1942  Edward Trowbridge Collins Jr.            
Eddie Collins        2B     NY   1906-1930  Edward Trowbridge Collins Sr.            
Hub Collins                 --   1886-1892                                           
Jimmy Collins        3B     NY   1903-1908  James Joseph Collins                     
Joe Collins          1B     PA   1948-1957  Joseph Edward Collins                    
Kevin Collins        3B-2B  MA   1965-1971  Kevin Michael Collins                    
Orth Collins         OF     IN   1904-1909  Orth Stein Collins                       
Pat Collins          C      MO   1919-1929  Tharon Leslie Collins                    
Phil Collins         P      IL   1923-1935  Philip Eugene Collins                    
Ray Collins          P      VT   1909-1915  Raymond Williston Collins                
Rip Collins          P      TX   1920-1931  Harry Warren Collins                     
Ripper Collins       1B     PA   1931-1941  James Anthony Collins                    
Shano Collins        OF-1B  MA   1910-1925  John Francis Collins                     
Tim Collins          P      MA   2011-2014  Timothy M. Collins                       
Tyler Collins        OF     TX   2014-2014  Tyler James Collins                      
Wilson Collins       OF     TN   1913-1914  Cyril Wilson Collins                     
Zip Collins          OF     NY   1914-1921  John Edgar Collins                       
Josh Collmenter      P      MI   2011-2014  Joshua Michael Collmenter                
Jackie Collum        P      IA   1951-1962  Jack Dean Collum                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bill Collver                --   1885-1885                                           
Frank Colman         OF-1B  ON   1942-1947  Frank Lloyd Colman                       
Alex Colome          P      DR   2013-2014  Alexander Manuel Colome                  
Jesus Colome         P      DR   2001-2010  Jesus Colome De La Cruz                  
Bartolo Colon        P      DR   1997-2014  Bartolo Colon                            
Christian Colon      2B-SS  PR   2014-2014  Christian Anthony Colon                  
Cris Colon           SS     VZ   1992-1992  Cristobal Colon                          
Roman Colon          P      DR   2004-2012  Roman Benedicto Colon                    
Dick Colpaert        P      MI   1970-1970  Richard Charles Colpaert                 
Loyd Colson          P      TX   1970-1970  Loyd Albert Colson                       
Larry Colton         P      CA   1968-1968  Lawrence Robert Colton                   
Bob Coluccio         OF     WA   1973-1978  Robert Pasquali Coluccio                 
Tyler Colvin         OF     GA   2009-2014  Tyler Eugene Colvin                      
Steve Colyer         P      MO   2003-2007  Stephen Edward Colyer                    
Geoff Combe          P      MA   1980-1981  Geoffrey Wade Combe                      
Earle Combs          OF     KY   1924-1935  Earle Bryan Combs                        
Merl Combs           SS-3B  CA   1947-1952  Merrill Russell Combs                    
Pat Combs            P      RI   1989-1992  Patrick Dennis Combs                     
Jorge Comellas       P      CU   1945-1945  Jorge Comellas Pous                      
Steve Comer          P      MN   1978-1984  Steven Michael Comer                     
Wayne Comer          OF     PA   1967-1972  Harry Wayne Comer                        
Charlie Comiskey            --   1882-1894                                           
Jim Command          3B     MI   1954-1955  James Dalton Command                     
Adam Comorosky       OF     PA   1926-1935  Adam Anthony Comorosky                   
Clint Compton        P      AL   1972-1972  Robert Clinton Compton                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jack Compton         P      OH   1911-1911  Harry Leroy Compton                      
Mike Compton         C      TX   1970-1970  Michael Lynn Compton                     
Pete Compton         OF     TX   1911-1918  Anna Sebastian Compton                   
Keith Comstock       P      CA   1984-1991  Keith Martin Comstock                    
Ralph Comstock       P      OH   1913-1918  Ralph Remick Comstock                    
Clint Conatser       OF     CA   1948-1949  Clinton Astor Conatser                   
Dave Concepcion      SS     VZ   1970-1988  David Ismael Concepcion Benitez          
Onix Concepcion      SS-2B  PR   1980-1987  Onix Cardona Concepcion Cardona          
Ramon Conde          3B     PR   1962-1962  Ramon Luis Conde                         
Clay Condrey         P      TX   2002-2009  Clayton Lee Condrey                      
Bob Cone             P      TX   1915-1915  Robert Earl Cone                         
David Cone           P      MO   1986-2003  David Brian Cone                         
Fred Cone                   --   1871-1871                                           
Bunk Congalton       OF     ON   1905-1907  William Millar Congalton                 
Dick Conger          P      CA   1940-1943  Richard Conger                           
Hank Conger          C      WA   2010-2014  Hyun Choi Conger                         
Billy Conigliaro     OF     MA   1969-1973  William Michael Conigliaro               
Tony Conigliaro      OF     MA   1964-1975  Anthony Richard Conigliaro               
Jeff Conine          1B-LF  WA   1990-2007  Jeffrey Guy Conine                       
Allen Conkwright     P      MO   1920-1920  Allen Howard Conkwright                  
Jocko Conlan         OF     IL   1934-1935  John Bertrand Conlan                     
Bob Conley           P      KY   1958-1958  Robert Burns Conley                      
Ed Conley                   --   1884-1884                                           
Gene Conley          P      OK   1952-1963  Donald Eugene Conley                     
Snipe Conley         P      PA   1918-1918  James Patrick Conley                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jocko Conlon         2B     MA   1923-1923  Arthur Joseph Conlon                     
Bert Conn                   --   1898-1901                                           
Fritzie Connally     3B     TX   1983-1985  Fritzie Lee Connally                     
Sarge Connally       P      TX   1921-1934  George Walter Connally                   
Bruce Connatser      1B     TN   1931-1932  Broadus Milburn Connatser                
Frank Connaughton    SS     MA   1906-1906  Frank Henry Connaughton                  
Gene Connell         C      PA   1931-1931  Eugene Joseph Connell                    
Joe Connell          H      PA   1926-1926  Joseph Bernard Connell                   
Pat Connell                 --   1886-1890                                           
Terry Connell               --   1874-1874                                           
Bill Connelly        P      VA   1945-1953  William Wirt Connelly                    
Steve Connelly       P      CA   1998-1998  Steven Lee Connelly                      
Tom Connelly         OF     IL   1920-1921  Thomas Martin Connelly                   
Bud Connolly         SS     CA   1925-1925  Mervin Thomas Connolly                   
Ed Connolly          C      NY   1929-1932  Edward Joseph Connolly Sr.               
Ed Connolly          P      NY   1964-1967  Edward Joseph Jr. Connolly               
Joe Connolly         OF     RI   1913-1916  Joseph Aloysius Connolly                 
Joe Connolly         OF     CA   1921-1924  Joseph George Connolly                   
Red Connolly                --   1886-1886                                           
Tom Connolly         3B-OF  MA   1915-1915  Thomas Francis Connolly                  
Ed Connor                   --   1871-1871                                           
Jim Connor                  --   1892-1899                                           
Joe Connor           C-1B   CT   1905-1905  Joseph Francis Connor                    
John Connor                 --   1884-1885                                           
Roger Connor                --   1880-1897                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bill Connors         P      NY   1966-1968  William Joseph Connors                   
Chuck Connors        1B     NY   1949-1951  Kevin Joseph Aloysius Connors            
Jerry Connors               --   1892-1892                                           
Joe Connors                 --   1884-1884                                           
Merv Connors         1B-3B  CA   1937-1938  Mervyn James Connors                     
Ted Conovar                 --   1889-1889                                           
Brooks Conrad        3B-2B  CA   2008-2014  Brooks Litchfield Conrad                 
Ben Conroy                  --   1890-1890                                           
Bill Conroy          C      IL   1935-1944  William Gordon Conroy                    
Bill Conroy          3B-1B  IL   1923-1923  William Frederick Conroy                 
Tim Conroy           P      PA   1978-1987  Timothy James Conroy                     
Wid Conroy           3B-OF  NJ   1903-1911  William Edward Conroy                    
Billy Consolo        SS-2B  OH   1953-1962  William Angelo Consolo                   
Jim Constable        P      TN   1956-1963  Jimmy Lee Constable                      
Jose Constanza       LF-OF  DR   2011-2014  Jose G. Constanza                        
Sandy Consuegra      P      CU   1950-1957  Sandalio Simeon Consuegra Castello       
Jason Conti          RF-CF  PA   2000-2004  Stanley Jason Conti                      
Carlos Contreras     P      DR   2014-2014  Carlos Manuel Contreras                  
Jose Contreras       P      CU   2003-2013  Jose Ariel Contreras                     
Nardi Contreras      P      FL   1980-1980  Arnaldo Juan Contreras                   
Jim Converse         P      CA   1993-1997  James Daniel Converse                    
Bill Conway                 --   1884-1886                                           
Charlie Conway       OF     OH   1911-1911  Charles Connell Conway                   
Dick Conway                 --   1886-1888                                           
Jack Conway          2B-SS  TX   1941-1948  Jack Clements Conway                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jerry Conway         P      MA   1920-1920  Jerome Patrick Conway                    
Jim Conway                  --   1884-1889                                           
Owen Conway          3B     NY   1915-1915  Owen Sylvester Conway                    
Pete Conway                 --   1885-1889                                           
Rip Conway           2B     MN   1918-1918  Richard Daniel Conway                    
Ed Conwell           3B     IL   1911-1911  Edward James Conwell                     
Herb Conyers         1B     MO   1950-1950  Herbert Leroy Conyers                    
Joe Conzelman        P      CT   1913-1915  Joseph Harrison Conzelman                
Dale Coogan          1B     CA   1950-1950  Dale Roger Coogan                        
Dan Coogan                  --   1895-1895                                           
Aaron Cook           P      KY   2002-2012  Aaron Lane Cook                          
Andy Cook            P      TN   1993-1993  Andrew Bernard Cook                      
Cliff Cook           3B-OF  TX   1959-1963  Raymond Clifford Cook                    
Dennis Cook          P      TX   1988-2002  Dennis Bryan Cook                        
Doc Cook             OF     TX   1913-1916  Luther Almus Cook                        
Earl Cook            P      ON   1941-1941  Earl Davis Cook                          
Glen Cook            P      NY   1985-1985  Glen Patrick Cook                        
Jim Cook             OF-2B  IL   1903-1903  James Fitchie Cook                       
Mike Cook            P      SC   1986-1993  Michael Horace Cook                      
Paul Cook                   --   1884-1891                                           
Rollin Cook          P      OH   1915-1915  Rollin Edward Cook                       
Ron Cook             P      TX   1970-1971  Ronald Wayne Cook                        
Ryan Cook            P      CA   2011-2014  Ryan William Cook                        
Dusty Cooke          OF     NC   1930-1938  Allen Lindsey Cooke                      
Fred Cooke                  --   1897-1897                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Steve Cooke          P      HI   1992-1998  Steven Montague Cooke                    
Brent Cookson        LF-RF  CA   1995-1999  Brent Adam Cookson                       
Mike Coolbaugh       3B     NY   2001-2002  Michael Robert Coolbaugh                 
Scott Coolbaugh      3B     NY   1989-1994  Scott Robert Coolbaugh                   
Duff Cooley          OF     TX   1903-1905  Duff Gordan Cooley                       
Bobby Coombs         P      ME   1933-1943  Raymond Franklin Coombs                  
Cecil Coombs         OF     IL   1914-1914  Cecil Lysander Coombs                    
Danny Coombs         P      ME   1963-1971  Daniel Bernard Coombs                    
Jack Coombs          P      IA   1906-1920  John Wesley Coombs                       
Ron Coomer           1B-3B  IL   1995-2003  Ronald Bryan Coomer                      
William Coon                --   1875-1876                                           
Bill Cooney          P-OF   MA   1909-1910  William A. Cooney                        
Bob Cooney           P      NY   1931-1932  Robert Daniel Cooney                     
Jimmy Cooney         SS     RI   1917-1928  James Edward Cooney                      
Jimmy Cooney                --   1890-1892                                           
Johnny Cooney        OF-P   RI   1921-1944  John Walter Cooney                       
Phil Cooney          3B     NY   1905-1905  Phillip Clarence Cooney                  
Brian Cooper         P      CA   1999-2005  Brian John Cooper                        
Cal Cooper           P      SC   1948-1948  Calvin Asa Cooper                        
Cecil Cooper         1B     TX   1971-1987  Cecil Celester Cooper                    
Claude Cooper        OF     TX   1913-1917  Claude William Cooper                    
David Cooper         1B     CA   2011-2012  David Cooper                             
Don Cooper           P      NY   1981-1985  Donald James Cooper                      
Gary Cooper          OF     GA   1980-1980  Gary Nathaniel Cooper                    
Gary Cooper          3B     CA   1991-1991  Gary Clifton Cooper                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Guy Cooper           P      GA   1914-1915  Guy Evans Cooper                         
Mort Cooper          P      MO   1938-1949  Morton Cecil Cooper                      
Pat Cooper           P-1B   NC   1946-1947  Orge Patterson Cooper                    
Scott Cooper         3B-1B  MO   1990-1997  Scott Kendrick Cooper                    
Walker Cooper        C      MO   1940-1957  William Walker Cooper                    
Wilbur Cooper        P      WV   1912-1926  Arley Wilbur Cooper                      
Mays Copeland        P      AR   1935-1935  -                                        
Rocky Coppinger      P      TX   1996-2001  John Thomas Coppinger                    
Henry Coppola        P      MA   1935-1936  Henry Peter Coppola                      
Trace Coquillette    3B-2B  CA   1999-2000  Trace Robert Coquillette                 
Alex Cora            3B-SS  PR   1998-2011  Jose Alexander Cora                      
Joey Cora            2B     PR   1987-1998  Jose Manuel Cora                         
Doug Corbett         P      FL   1980-1987  Douglas Mitchell Corbett                 
Gene Corbett         1B     MN   1936-1938  Eugene Louis Corbett                     
Joe Corbett          P      CA   1904-1904  Joseph A. Corbett                        
Sherman Corbett      P      TX   1988-1990  Sherman Stanley Corbett                  
Archie Corbin        P      TX   1991-1999  Archie Ray Corbin                        
Patrick Corbin       P      NY   2012-2013  Patrick A. Corbin                        
Ray Corbin           P      FL   1971-1975  Alton Ray Corbin                         
Claude Corbitt       SS-2B  NC   1945-1949  Claude Elliott Corbitt                   
Daniel Corcino       P      DR   2014-2014  Daniel Corcino                           
Art Corcoran         3B     MA   1915-1915  Arthur Andrew Corcoran                   
Jack Corcoran               --   1884-1884                                           
John Corcoran               --   1895-1895                                           
Larry Corcoran              --   1880-1887                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mickey Corcoran      2B     NY   1910-1910  Michael Joseph Corcoran                  
Mike Corcoran               --   1884-1884                                           
Roy Corcoran         P      LA   2003-2009  Roy Elliott Corcoran                     
Tim Corcoran         P      LA   2005-2007  Timothy Hugh Corcoran                    
Tim Corcoran         1B-OF  CA   1977-1986  Timothy Michael Corcoran                 
Tommy Corcoran       SS     CT   1903-1907  Thomas William Corcoran                  
Chad Cordero         P      CA   2003-2010  Chad Patrick Cordero                     
Francisco Cordero    P      DR   1999-2012  Francisco Javier Cordero                 
Wil Cordero          LF-SS  PR   1992-2005  Wilfredo Nieva Cordero                   
Erik Cordier         P      WI   2014-2014  Erik Michael Cordier                     
Francisco Cordova    P      MX   1996-2000  Francisco Cordova                        
Marty Cordova        LF     NV   1995-2003  Martin Keevin Cordova                    
Bryan Corey          P      CA   1998-2008  Bryan Scott Corey                        
Ed Corey             P      IL   1918-1918  Edward Norman Corey                      
Fred Corey                  --   1878-1885                                           
Mark Corey           P      PA   2001-2004  Mark Franklin Corey                      
Mark Corey           OF     NM   1979-1981  Mark Mundell Corey                       
Chuck Corgan         SS-2B  OK   1925-1927  Charles Howard Corgan                    
Roy Corhan           SS     IN   1911-1916  Roy George Corhan                        
Pop Corkhill                --   1883-1892                                           
Mike Corkins         P      CA   1969-1974  Michael Patrick Corkins                  
Lance Cormier        P      LA   2004-2011  Lance Robert Cormier                     
Rheal Cormier        P      NB   1991-2007  Rheal Paul Cormier                       
Mardie Cornejo       P      KS   1978-1978  Nieves Mardie Cornejo                    
Nate Cornejo         P      KS   2001-2004  Nathan John Cornejo                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Reid Cornelius       P      AL   1995-2000  Jonathan Reid Cornelius                  
Jeff Cornell         P      MO   1984-1984  Jeffery Ray Cornell                      
Brad Cornett         P      TX   1994-1995  Brad Byron Cornett                       
Terry Cornutt        P      OR   1977-1978  Terry Stanton Cornutt                    
Manuel Corpas        P      PN   2006-2013  Manuel Corpas                            
Carlos Corporan      C      PR   2009-2014  Carlos F. Corporan                       
Pat Corrales         C      CA   1964-1973  Patrick Corrales                         
Ed Correa            P      PR   1985-1987  Edwin Josue Correa Andino                
Kevin Correia        P      CA   2003-2014  Kevin John Correia                       
Rod Correia          SS-2B  RI   1993-1995  Ronald Douglas Correia                   
Vic Correll          C      DC   1972-1980  Victor Crosby Correll                    
Phil Corridan               --   1884-1884                                           
John Corriden        H      IN   1946-1946  John Michael Corriden Jr.                
Red Corriden         SS-3B  IN   1910-1915  John Michael Corriden Sr.                
Frank Corridon       P      RI   1904-1910  Frank J. Corridon                        
Jim Corsi            P      MA   1988-1999  James Bernard Corsi                      
Barry Cort           P      ON   1977-1977  Barry Lee Cort                           
Jess Cortazzo        H      PA   1923-1923  John Francis Cortazzo                    
Dan Cortes           P      CA   2010-2011  Daniel Adam Cortes                       
David Cortes         P      MX   1999-2006  David Cardenas Cortes                    
Fernando Cortez      IF     CA   2005-2007  Fernando Cortez Jr.                      
Al Corwin            P      NY   1951-1955  Elmer Nathan Corwin                      
Jarred Cosart        P      TX   2013-2014  Jarred Lynn Cosart                       
Joe Coscarart        3B-SS  CA   1935-1936  Joseph Marvin Coscarart                  
Pete Coscarart       2B-SS  CA   1938-1946  Peter Joseph Coscarart                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ray Cosey            H      CA   1980-1980  Donald Ray Cosey                         
Mike Cosgrove        P      AZ   1972-1976  Michael John Cosgrove                    
Jim Cosman           P      NY   1966-1970  James Henry Cosman                       
Shane Costa          OF     CA   2005-2007  Shane Jeremey Costa                      
Mike Costanzo        1B-3B  PA   2012-2012  Michael A. Costanzo                      
Chris Coste          C      ND   2006-2009  Christopher Robert Coste                 
Dan Costello         OF     PA   1913-1916  Daniel Francis Costello                  
John Costello        P      NY   1988-1991  John Reilly Costello                     
Tim Costo            RF-1B  IL   1992-1993  Timothy Roger Costo                      
Humberto Cota        C      MX   2001-2007  Humberto Figueroa Cota                   
Henry Cote                  --   1894-1895                                           
Pete Cote            H      MA   1926-1926  Warren Peter Cote                        
Dan Cotter                  --   1890-1890                                           
Dick Cotter          C      NH   1911-1912  Richard Raphael Cotter                   
Ed Cotter            3B-SS  CT   1926-1926  Edward Christpher Cotter                 
Hooks Cotter         1B     MO   1922-1924  Harvey Louis Cotter                      
Tom Cotter                  --   1891-1891                                           
Chuck Cottier        2B     CO   1959-1969  Charles Keith Cottier                    
Henry Cotto          CF-LF  NY   1984-1993  Henry Suarez Cotto                       
Ensign Cottrell      P      NY   1911-1915  Ensign Stover Cottrell                   
Neal Cotts           P      IL   2003-2014  Neal James Cotts                         
Johnny Couch         P      MT   1917-1925  Daniel Couch                             
Mike Couchee         P      CA   1983-1983  Michael Eugene Couchee                   
Bill Coughlin        3B     PA   1903-1908  William Paul Coughlin                    
Dennis Coughlin             --   1872-1872                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ed Coughlin                 --   1884-1884                                           
Roscoe Coughlin             --   1890-1891                                           
Marlan Coughtry      2B-3B  CA   1960-1962  James Marlan Coughtry                    
Daniel Coulombe      P      AZ   2014-2014  Daniel Paul Coulombe                     
Bob Coulson          OF     PA   1908-1911  Robert Jackson Coulson                   
Chip Coulter         2B     OH   1969-1969  Thomas Lee Coulter                       
Fritz Coumbe         P      PA   1914-1921  Frederick Nicholas Coumbe                
Craig Counsell       2B-SS  IN   1995-2011  Craig John Counsell                      
Clint Courtney       C      LA   1951-1961  Clinton Dawson Courtney                  
Ernie Courtney       3B-1B  IA   1903-1908  Edward Ernest Courtney                   
Harry Courtney       P      NC   1919-1922  Henry Seymour Courtney                   
John Courtright      P      OH   1995-1995  John Charles Courtright                  
Dee Cousineau        C      MA   1923-1924  Edward Thomas Cousineau                  
Scott Cousins        OF     NV   2010-2013  Scott Michael Jeffrey Cousins            
Jon Coutlangus       OF     FL   2007-2007  Jonathan Thomas Coutlangus               
Harry Coveleski      P      PA   1907-1918  Harry Frank Coveleski                    
Stan Coveleski       P      PA   1912-1928  Stanley Anthony Coveleski                
Jack Coveney         C      MA   1903-1903  John Patrick Coveney                     
Chet Covington       P      IL   1944-1944  Chester Rogers Covington                 
Sam Covington        1B     TN   1913-1918  Clarence Otto Covington                  
Tex Covington        P      TN   1911-1912  William Wilkes Covington                 
Wes Covington        OF     NC   1956-1966  John Wesley Covington                    
Billy Cowan          OF     MS   1963-1972  Billy Rolland Cowan                      
Al Cowens            OF     CA   1974-1986  Alfred Edward Cowens Jr.                 
Collin Cowgill       LF-CF  KY   2011-2014  Collin Brannen Cowgill                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Cowley           P      KY   1982-1987  Joseph Alan Cowley                       
Bill Cox             P      IL   1936-1940  William Donald Cox                       
Billy Cox            3B-SS  PA   1941-1955  William Richard Cox                      
Bobby Cox            3B     OK   1968-1969  Robert Joe Cox                           
Casey Cox            P      CA   1966-1973  Joseph Casey Cox                         
Danny Cox            P      EN   1983-1995  Danny Bradford Cox                       
Darron Cox           C      OK   1999-1999  James Darron Cox                         
Dick Cox             OF     CA   1925-1926  Elmer Joseph Cox                         
Ernie Cox            P      AL   1922-1922  Ernest Thompson Cox                      
Frank Cox            SS     MA   1884-1884  Francis Bernard Cox                      
George Cox           P      TX   1928-1928  George Melvin Cox                        
Glenn Cox            P      CA   1955-1958  Glenn Melvin Cox                         
Jeff Cox             2B     CA   1980-1980  Jeffrey Lindon Cox                       
Jim Cox              2B     IL   1973-1976  James Charles Cox                        
Larry Cox            C      OH   1974-1982  Larry Eugene Cox                         
Les Cox              P      TX   1926-1926  Leslie Warren Cox                        
Red Cox              P      NC   1920-1920  Plateau Rex Cox                          
Steve Cox            1B     CA   1999-2002  Charles Steven Cox                       
Ted Cox              3B-OF  OK   1977-1981  William Ted Cox                          
Terry Cox            P      TX   1970-1970  Terry Lee Cox                            
Bill Coyle           P      --   1893-1893  William Claude Coyle                     
Toots Coyne          3B     MO   1914-1914  Martin Albert Coyne                      
Charlie Cozart       P      NC   1945-1945  Charles Rhubin Cozart                    
Zack Cozart          SS     TN   2011-2014  Zachary Warren Cozart                    
Roy Crabb            P      IA   1912-1912  James Roy Crabb                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Callix Crabbe        2B     VG   2008-2008  Callix Sadeaq Crabbe                     
George Crable        P      NE   1910-1910  George E. Crable                         
Estel Crabtree       OF     OH   1929-1944  Estel Crayton Crabtree                   
Tim Crabtree         P      MI   1995-2001  Timothy Lyle Crabtree                    
Walt Craddock        P      WV   1955-1958  Walter Anderson Craddock                 
Rickey Cradle        CF-RF  VA   1998-1998  Rickey Nelson Cradle                     
Harry Craft          OF     MS   1937-1942  Harry Francis Craft                      
Molly Craft          P      VA   1916-1919  Maurice Montague Craft                   
Howard Craghead      P      CA   1931-1933  Howard Oliver Craghead                   
Allen Craig          1B     CA   2010-2014  Allen Thomas Craig                       
George Craig         P      PA   1907-1907  George McCarthy Craig                    
Pete Craig           P      ON   1964-1966  Peter Joel Craig                         
Rod Craig            OF     CA   1979-1986  Rodney Paul Craig                        
Roger Craig          P      NC   1955-1966  Roger Lee Craig                          
Jesse Crain          P      ON   2004-2013  Jesse Alan Crain                         
Jerry Cram           P      CA   1969-1976  Gerald Allen Cram                        
Bill Cramer          LF     IN   1912-1912  William Wendell Cramer                   
Bobby Cramer         P      CA   2010-2011  Robert Thomas Cramer                     
Dick Cramer                 --   1883-1883                                           
Doc Cramer           OF     NJ   1929-1948  Roger Maxwell Cramer                     
Del Crandall         C      CA   1949-1966  Delmar Wesley Crandall                   
Doc Crandall         P      IN   1908-1918  James Otis Crandall                      
Ed Crane                    --   1884-1893                                           
Fred Crane                  --   1873-1875                                           
Sam Crane                   --   1880-1890                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Sam Crane            SS     PA   1914-1922  Samuel Byren Crane                       
Gavvy Cravath        OF     CA   1908-1920  Clifford Carlton Cravath                 
Bill Craver                 --   1871-1877                                           
Brandon Crawford     SS     CA   2011-2014  Brandon Michael Crawford                 
Carl Crawford        LF     TX   2002-2014  Carl Demonte Crawford                    
Carlos Crawford      P      NC   1996-1996  Carlos Lamonte Crawford                  
Evan Crawford        P      FL   2012-2012  Evan Shane Crawford                      
Forrest Crawford     SS-3B  TX   1906-1907  Forrest A. Crawford                      
George Crawford             --   1890-1890                                           
Glenn Crawford       OF-SS  MI   1945-1946  Glenn Martin Crawford                    
Jake Crawford        OF     MO   1952-1952  Rufus Crawford                           
Jim Crawford         P      IL   1973-1978  James Frederick Crawford                 
Joe Crawford         P      FL   1997-1997  Joseph Randal Crawford                   
Larry Crawford       P      PA   1937-1937  Charles Lowrie Crawford                  
Pat Crawford         2B-1B  SC   1929-1934  Clifford Rankin Crawford                 
Paxton Crawford      P      AR   2000-2001  Paxton Keith Crawford                    
Sam Crawford         OF     NE   1903-1917  Samuel Earl Crawford                     
Steve Crawford       P      OK   1980-1991  Steven Ray Crawford                      
Willie Crawford      OF     CA   1964-1977  Willie Murphy Crawford                   
George Creamer              --   1878-1884                                           
Joe Crede            3B     MO   2000-2009  Joseph Crede                             
Birdie Cree          OF     PA   1908-1915  William Franklin Cree                    
Connie Creeden       H      MA   1943-1943  Cornelius Stephen Creeden                
Pat Creeden          2B     MA   1931-1931  Patrick Francis Creeden                  
Mark Creegan                --   1884-1884                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Doug Creek           P      VA   1995-2005  Paul Douglas Creek                       
Jack Creel           P      TX   1945-1945  Jack Dalton Creel                        
Keith Creel          P      TX   1982-1987  Steven Keith Creel                       
Gus Creely                  --   1890-1890                                           
Pete Cregan          OF     NY   1903-1903  Peter James Cregan                       
Bernie Creger        SS     VA   1947-1947  Bernard Odell Creger                     
Bob Cremins          P      NY   1927-1927  Robert Anthony Cremins                   
Creepy Crespi        2B-3B  MO   1938-1942  Frank Angelo Joseph Crespi               
Cesar Crespo         2B-SS  PR   2001-2004  Cesar Antonio Crespo                     
Felipe Crespo        LF-RF  PR   1996-2001  Felipe Javier Clauso Crespo              
Walker Cress         P      VA   1948-1949  Walker James Cress                       
Jack Cressend        P      LA   2000-2004  John Baptiste Cressend Iii               
Tim Crews            P      FL   1987-1992  Stanley Timothy Crews                    
Jerry Crider         P      SD   1969-1970  Jerry Stephen Crider                     
Lou Criger           C      IN   1903-1912  Louis Criger                             
Chuck Crim           P      CA   1987-1994  Charles Robert Crim                      
Jack Crimian         P      PA   1951-1957  John Melvin Crimian                      
Dave Cripe           3B     CA   1978-1978  David Gordon Cripe                       
Dave Criscione       C      NY   1977-1977  David Gerald Criscione                   
Tony Criscola        OF     WA   1942-1944  Anthony Paul Criscola                    
Pat Crisham                 --   1899-1899                                           
Coco Crisp           CF     CA   2002-2014  Covelli Loyce Crisp                      
Joe Crisp            C      MO   1910-1911  Joseph Shelby Crisp                      
Dode Criss           P-1B   MS   1908-1911  Dode Criss                               
Ches Crist           C      OH   1906-1906  Chester Arthur Crist                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bill Cristall               --   1901-1901                                           
Leo Cristante        P      MI   1951-1955  Dante Leo Cristante                      
Morrie Critchley            --   1882-1882                                           
Hughie Critz         2B     MS   1924-1935  Hugh Melville Critz                      
Claude Crocker       P      NC   1944-1945  Claude Arthur Crocker                    
Davey Crockett              --   1901-1901                                           
Kyle Crockett        P      VA   2014-2014  Kyle Richard Crockett                    
Art Croft                   --   1875-1878                                           
Harry Croft                 --   1899-1901                                           
Fred Crolius                --   1901-1902                                           
Warren Cromartie     OF-1B  FL   1974-1991  Warren Livingston Cromartie              
D.T. Cromer          1B     SC   2000-2001  David Thomas Cromer                      
Tripp Cromer         2B-SS  FL   1993-2003  Roy Bunyan Cromer III                    
Herb Crompton        C      IL   1937-1945  Herbert Bryan Crompton                   
Ned Crompton         OF     EN   1909-1910  Edward Crompton                          
C.J. Cron            1B     AZ   2014-2014  Christopher John Cron                    
Chris Cron           1B     NM   1991-1992  Christopher John Cron                    
Ray Crone            P      TN   1954-1958  Raymond Hayes Crone                      
Bill Cronin          C      MA   1928-1931  William Patrick Cronin                   
Dan Cronin                  --   1884-1884                                           
Jack Cronin          P      NY   1903-1904  John J. Cronin                           
Jim Cronin           2B-SS  CA   1929-1929  James John Cronin                        
Joe Cronin           SS     CA   1926-1945  Joseph Edward Cronin                     
Tom Crooke           1B     DC   1909-1910  Thomas Aloysius Crooke                   
Jack Crooks                 --   1889-1898                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bobby Crosby         SS     CA   2003-2010  Robert Edward Crosby                     
Bubba Crosby         RF-LF  TX   2003-2006  Richard Stephen Crosby                   
Casey Crosby         P      IL   2012-2012  Casey W. Crosby                          
Ed Crosby            SS-3B  CA   1970-1976  Edward Carlton Crosby                    
George Crosby               --   1884-1884                                           
Ken Crosby           P      BC   1975-1976  Kenneth Stewart Crosby                   
Frankie Crosetti     SS     CA   1932-1948  Frank Peter Joseph Crosetti              
Amos Cross                  --   1885-1887                                           
Clarence Cross              --   1884-1887                                           
Frank Cross                 --   1901-1901                                           
Jeff Cross           SS     OK   1942-1948  Joffre Jeames Cross                      
Lave Cross           3B     WI   1903-1907  Lafayette Napoleon Cross                 
Lem Cross                   --   1893-1894                                           
Monte Cross          SS     PA   1903-1907  Montford Montgomery Cross                
Frank Crossin        C      PA   1912-1914  Frank Patrick Crossin                    
Doug Crothers               --   1884-1885                                           
Michael Crotta       P      FL   2011-2011  Michael John Crotta                      
Joe Crotty                  --   1882-1886                                           
Bill Crouch          P      DE   1910-1910  William Henry Crouch                     
Bill Crouch          P      DE   1939-1945  Wilmer Elmer Crouch                      
Jack Crouch          C      NC   1930-1933  Jack Albert Crouch                       
Zach Crouch          P      CA   1988-1988  Zachary Quinn Crouch                     
Frank Croucher       SS     TX   1939-1942  Frank Donald Croucher                    
Buck Crouse          C      IN   1923-1930  Clyde Elsworth Crouse                    
Rich Croushore       P      NJ   1998-2000  Richard Steven Croushore                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Aaron Crow           P      KS   2011-2014  Aaron James Crow                         
Dean Crow            P      TX   1998-1998  Paul Dean Crow Jr.                       
Don Crow             C      WA   1982-1982  Donald Le Roy Crow                       
Alvin Crowder        P      NC   1926-1936  Alvin Floyd Crowder                      
George Crowe         1B     IN   1952-1961  George Daniel Crowe                      
Trevor Crowe         LF-OF  OR   2009-2013  Trevor Thornton Crowe                    
Billy Crowell               --   1887-1888                                           
Cap Crowell          P      MA   1915-1916  Minot Joy Crowell                        
Jim Crowell          P      MN   1997-2005  James Everette Crowell                   
Bill Crowley                --   1875-1885                                           
Ed Crowley           3B     GA   1928-1928  Edgar Jewel Crowley                      
John Crowley                --   1884-1884                                           
Terry Crowley        OF-1B  NY   1969-1983  Terrence Michael Crowley                 
Woody Crowson        P      NC   1945-1945  Thomas Woodrow Crowson                   
Eric Crozier         1B     OH   2004-2004  Eric Le Roi Crozier                      
Francisco Cruceta    P      DR   2004-2008  Francisco Alberto Cruceta                
Mike Crudale         P      CA   2002-2003  Michael Christopher Crudale              
Walton Cruise        OF     AL   1914-1924  Walton Edwin Cruise                      
Cal Crum             P      IL   1917-1918  Calvin N. Crum                           
Gene Crumling        C      PA   1945-1945  Eugene Leon Crumling                     
Buddy Crump          OF     VA   1924-1924  Arthur Elliott Crump                     
Roy Crumpler         P      NC   1920-1925  Roy Maxton Crumpler                      
Dick Crutcher        P      KY   1914-1915  Richard Louis Crutcher                   
Press Cruthers       2B     DE   1913-1914  Charles Preston Cruthers                 
Deivi Cruz           SS     DR   1997-2005  Deivi Garcia Cruz                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Enrique Cruz         SS-2B  DR   2003-2007  Enrique Michael Cruz                     
Fausto Cruz          SS-2B  DR   1994-1996  Fausto Cruz Santiago                     
Hector Cruz          OF-3B  PR   1973-1982  Hector Louis Cruz Dilan                  
Henry Cruz           OF     VG   1975-1978  Henry (Acosta) Cruz                      
Ivan Cruz            1B     PR   1997-2002  Luis Ivan Cruz                           
Jacob Cruz           RF-LF  CA   1996-2005  Jacob Cruz                               
Jose Cruz            RF     PR   1997-2008  Jose Luis Cruz Jr.                       
Jose Cruz            OF     PR   1970-1988  Jose Cruz Dilan                          
Juan Cruz            P      DR   2001-2012  Juan Carlos Cruz (Munoz)                 
Julio Cruz           2B     NY   1977-1986  Julio Luis Cruz                          
Luis Cruz            3B     MX   2008-2013  Luis Alfonso Cruz (Bohorquez)            
Nelson Cruz          P      DR   1997-2003  Nelson Cruz                              
Nelson Cruz          RF     DR   2005-2014  Nelson Ramon Cruz                        
Rhiner Cruz          P      DR   2012-2013  Rhinel Allen Cruz (Montero)              
Todd Cruz            SS-3B  MI   1978-1984  Todd Ruben Cruz                          
Tommy Cruz           OF     PR   1973-1977  Cirilo (Dilan) Cruz                      
Tony Cruz            C      FL   2011-2014  Anthony Arnoldi Cruz                     
Victor Cruz          P      DR   1978-1983  Victor Manuel Cruz Gil                   
Mike Cubbage         3B     VA   1974-1981  Michael Lee Cubbage                      
Darwin Cubillan      P      VZ   2000-2004  Darwin Harrikson Cubillan                
Al Cuccinello        2B     NY   1935-1935  Alfred Edward Cuccinello                 
Tony Cuccinello      2B-3B  NY   1930-1945  Anthony Francis Cuccinello               
Cookie Cuccurullo    P      NJ   1943-1945  Arthur Joseph Cuccurullo                 
Michael Cuddyer      RF     VA   2001-2014  Michael Brent Cuddyer                    
Jim Cudworth                --   1884-1884                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bobby Cuellar        P      TX   1977-1977  Robert Cuellar                           
Charlie Cuellar      P      FL   1950-1950  Jesus Patracis Cuellar                   
Mike Cuellar         P      CU   1959-1977  Miguel Angel Cuellar Santana             
Bert Cueto           P      CU   1961-1961  Dagoberto Cueto Concepcion               
Johnny Cueto         P      DR   2008-2014  Johnny Brent Cueto                       
Manuel Cueto         OF     CU   1917-1919  Manuel Cueto                             
John Cuff                   --   1884-1884                                           
Charlie Culberson    LF     GA   2012-2014  Charles Edward Culberson                 
Leon Culberson       OF     GA   1943-1948  Delbert Leon Culberson                   
Jack Cullen          P      NJ   1962-1966  John Patrick Cullen                      
John Cullen                 --   1884-1884                                           
Tim Cullen           2B-SS  CA   1966-1972  Timothy Leo Cullen                       
Roy Cullenbine       OF-1B  TN   1938-1947  Roy Joseph Cullenbine                    
Dick Culler          SS     NC   1936-1949  Richard Broadus Culler                   
Nick Cullop          OF     MO   1926-1931  Henry Nicholas Cullop                    
Nick Cullop          P      VA   1913-1921  Norman Andrew Cullop                     
Bud Culloton         P      NY   1925-1926  Bernard Aloysius Culloton                
Wil Culmer           OF     BM   1983-1983  Wilfred Hillard Culmer                   
Benny Culp           C      PA   1943-1944  Benjamin Baldy Culp                      
Bill Culp            P      OH   1910-1910  William Edward Culp                      
Ray Culp             P      TX   1963-1973  Raymond Leonard Culp                     
George Culver        P      CA   1966-1974  George Raymond Culver                    
John Cumberland      P      ME   1968-1974  John Sheldon Cumberland                  
Candy Cummings              --   1872-1877                                           
Jack Cummings        C      PA   1926-1929  John William Cummings                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
John Cummings        P      CA   1993-1997  John Russell Cummings                    
Midre Cummings       RF-CF  VG   1993-2005  Midre Almeric Cummings                   
Steve Cummings       P      TX   1989-1990  Steven Brent Cummings                    
Brandon Cumpton      P      GA   2013-2014  Brandon Tyler Cumpton                    
Will Cunnane         P      NY   1997-2004  William Joseph Cunnane                   
Aaron Cunningham     OF     AK   2008-2012  Aaron L. Cunningham                      
Bert Cunningham             --   1887-1901                                           
Bill Cunningham      OF     CA   1921-1924  William Aloysius Cunningham              
Bill Cunningham      2B     NY   1910-1912  William John Cunningham                  
Bruce Cunningham     P      CA   1929-1932  Bruce Lee Cunningham                     
George Cunningham    P      MN   1916-1919  George Harold Cunningham                 
Joe Cunningham       1B     NJ   1954-1966  Joseph Robert Cunningham Jr.             
Mike Cunningham      P      SC   1906-1906  Mody Cunningham                          
Ray Cunningham       3B     TX   1931-1932  Raymond Lee Cunningham                   
Todd Cunningham      OF     AL   2013-2013  Thomas David Cunningham, III             
Nig Cuppy                   --   1892-1901                                           
Doc Curley                  --   1899-1899                                           
Sammy Curran                --   1902-1902                                           
Pete Curren                 --   1876-1876                                           
Lafayette Currence   P      SC   1975-1975  Delancey Lafayette Currence              
Bill Currie          P      GA   1955-1955  William Cleveland Currie                 
Clarence Currie      P      ON   1903-1903  Clarence Franklin Currie                 
Murphy Currie        P      NC   1916-1916  Archibald Murphy Currie                  
Perry Currin         SS     DC   1947-1947  Perry Gilmore Currin                     
George Curry         P      CT   1911-1911  George James Curry                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Curry            2B     NJ   1909-1918  James L. Curry                           
Steve Curry          P      FL   1988-1988  Stephen Thomas Curry                     
Tony Curry           OF     BM   1960-1966  George Anthony Curry                     
Wes Curry                   --   1884-1884                                           
Chad Curtis          CF-LF  IN   1992-2001  Chad David Curtis                        
Cliff Curtis         P      OH   1909-1913  Clifton Garfield Curtis                  
Colin Curtis         RF-2B  WA   2010-2010  Colin Benedict Curtis                    
Ervin Curtis                --   1891-1891                                           
Fred Curtis          1B     MI   1905-1905  Frederick Marion Cutris                  
Gene Curtis          OF     WV   1903-1903  Eugene Holmes Curtis                     
Harry Curtis         C      ME   1907-1907  Harry Albert Curtis                      
Jack Curtis          P      NC   1961-1963  Jack Patrick Curtis                      
Jermaine Curtis      3B     CA   2013-2013  Jermaine Antwann Curtis                  
John Curtis          P      MA   1970-1984  John Duffield Curtis                     
Vern Curtis          P      IL   1943-1946  Vernon Eugene Curtis                     
Guy Curtright        OF     MO   1943-1946  Guy Paxton Curtright                     
Ed Cushman                  --   1883-1890                                           
Harvey Cushman              --   1902-1902                                           
Jack Cusick          SS     NJ   1951-1952  John Peter Cusick                        
Tony Cusick                 --   1884-1887                                           
Jack Cust            RF     NJ   2001-2011  John Joseph Cust                         
Ned Cuthbert                --   1871-1884                                           
George Cutshaw       2B     IL   1912-1923  George William Cutshaw                   
Kiki Cuyler          OF     MI   1921-1938  Hazen Shirley Cuyler                     
Milt Cuyler          CF     GA   1990-1998  Milton Cuyler Jr.                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mike Cvengros        P      IL   1922-1929  Michael John Cvengros                    
Al Cypert            3B     AR   1914-1914  Alfred Boyd Cypert                       
Eric Cyr             P      QC   2002-2002  Eric Cyr                                 
Jim Czajkowski       P      OH   1994-1994  James Mark Czajkowski                    

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