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The list of players below are Major Leaguers who begin with the letter 'B' since 1903. Click on a player to see his TBC player card. Active players are in bold.

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Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Charlie Babb         SS     OR   1903-1905  Charles Amos Babb                        
Bob Babcock          P      PA   1979-1981  Robert Ernest Babcock                    
Loren Babe           3B     IA   1952-1953  Loren Rolland Babe                       
Johnny Babich        P      CA   1934-1941  John Charles Babich                      
Charlie Babington    OF     RI   1915-1915  Charles Percy Babington                  
Shooty Babitt        2B     CA   1981-1981  Mack Neal Babitt                         
Brandon Backe        P      TX   2002-2009  Brandon Allen Backe                      
Les Backman          P      OH   1909-1910  Lester John Backman                      
Wally Backman        2B     OR   1980-1993  Walter Wayne Backman                     
Eddie Bacon          P      KY   1917-1917  Edgar Suter Bacon                        
Mike Bacsik          P      TX   1975-1980  Michael Joseph Bacsik                    
Mike Bacsik          P      TX   2001-2007  Michael James Bacsik                     
Fred Baczewski       P      MN   1953-1955  Frederick John Baczewski                 
Burke Badenhop       P      OH   2008-2014  Burke Heinrich Badenhop                  
Art Bader            OF     MO   1904-1904  Arthur Herman Bader                      
Lore Bader           P      IL   1912-1918  Lore Verne Bader                         
Red Badgro           OF     WA   1929-1930  Morris Hiram Badgro                      
Ed Baecht            P      OK   1926-1937  Edward Joseph Baecht                     
Cha-Seung Baek       P      KR   2004-2008  Cha-Seung Baek                           
Carlos Baerga        2B     PR   1990-2005  Carlos Obed Ortiz Baerga                 
Benito Baez          P      DR   2001-2001  Benito Baez (Ceri)                       
Danys Baez           P      CU   2001-2011  Danys Baez                               
Javier Baez          SS     PR   2014-2014  Ednel Javier Baez                        
Jose Baez            2B     DR   1977-1978  Jose Antonio Baez                        
Kevin Baez           SS     NY   1990-1993  Kevin Richard Baez                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Pedro Baez           P      DR   2014-2014  Pedro Alberys Baez                       
Jim Bagby            P      OH   1938-1947  James Charles Jacob Bagby Jr.            
Jim Bagby            P      GA   1912-1923  James Charles Jacob Bagby Sr.            
Bill Bagwell         OF     LA   1923-1925  William Mallory Bagwell                  
Jeff Bagwell         1B     MA   1991-2005  Jeffrey Robert Bagwell                   
Stan Bahnsen         P      IA   1966-1982  Stanley Raymond Bahnsen                  
Ed Bahr              P      SK   1946-1947  Edson Garfield Bahr                      
Frank Bahret                --   1884-1884                                           
Grover Baichley      P      IL   1914-1914  Grover Cleveland Baichley                
Scott Bailes         P      OH   1986-1998  Scott Alan Bailes                        
Andrew Bailey        P      NJ   2009-2013  Andrew Scott Bailey                      
Bill Bailey          OF-3B  OH   1911-1911  Harry Lewis Bailey                       
Bill Bailey          P      AR   1907-1922  William F. Bailey                        
Bob Bailey           3B-OF  CA   1962-1978  Robert Sherwood Bailey                   
Cory Bailey          P      IL   1993-2002  Phillip Cory Bailey                      
Ed Bailey            C      TN   1953-1966  Lonas Edgar Bailey Jr.                   
Fred Bailey          OF     WV   1916-1918  Frederick Middleton Bailey               
Gene Bailey          OF     TX   1917-1924  Arthur Eugene Bailey                     
Harvey Bailey               --   1899-1900                                           
Homer Bailey         P      TX   2007-2014  David DeWitt Bailey                      
Howard Bailey        P      MI   1981-1983  Howard L Bailey                          
Jeff Bailey          1B     WA   2007-2009  Jeffrey Todd Bailey                      
Jim Bailey           P      TN   1959-1959  James Hopkins Bailey                     
King Bailey                 --   1895-1895                                           
Mark Bailey          C      MO   1984-1992  John Mark Bailey                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Roger Bailey         P      FL   1995-1997  Charles Roger Bailey                     
Steve Bailey         P      NY   1967-1968  Steven John Bailey                       
Sweetbreads Bailey   P      IL   1919-1921  Abraham Lincoln Bailey                   
Bob Bailor           OF-SS  PA   1975-1985  Robert Michael Bailor                    
Loren Bain           P      MN   1945-1945  Herbert Loren Bain                       
Harold Baines        OF     MD   1980-2001  Harold Dougleas Baines                   
Doug Bair            P      OH   1976-1990  Charles Douglas Bair                     
Al Baird             2B-SS  TX   1917-1919  Albert Wells Baird                       
Bob Baird            P      TN   1962-1963  Robert Allen Baird                       
Doug Baird           3B     MO   1915-1920  Howard Douglas Baird                     
Jeff Baisley         3B-1B  FL   2008-2008  Jeffrey Scot Baisley                     
Jeff Bajenaru        P      CA   2004-2006  Jeffrey Michael Bajenaru                 
Jersey Bakely               --   1883-1891                                           
Dave Bakenhaster     P      OH   1964-1964  David Lee Bakenhaster                    
Al Baker             P      MS   1938-1938  Albert Jones Baker                       
Bill Baker           C      NC   1940-1949  William Presley Baker                    
Bock Baker                  --   1901-1901                                           
Charlie Baker               --   1884-1884                                           
Chuck Baker          SS-2B  WA   1978-1981  Charles Joseph Baker                     
Dave Baker           3B     IA   1982-1982  David Glenn Baker                        
Del Baker            C      OR   1914-1916  Delmer David Baker                       
Doug Baker           SS-2B  CA   1984-1990  Douglas Lee Baker                        
Dusty Baker          OF     CA   1968-1986  Johnnie B. Baker Jr.                     
Ernie Baker          P      MI   1905-1905  Earnest Gould Baker                      
Floyd Baker          3B-2B  VA   1943-1955  Floyd Wilson Baker                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Frank Baker          OF     FL   1969-1971  Frank Baker                              
Frank Baker          SS     MS   1970-1974  Frank Watts Baker                        
Frank Baker          3B     MD   1908-1922  John Franklin Baker                      
Gene Baker           2B-3B  IA   1953-1961  Eugene Walter Baker                      
George Baker                --   1883-1886                                           
Howard Baker         3B     CT   1912-1915  Howard Francis Baker                     
Jack Baker           1B     AL   1976-1977  Jack Edward Baker                        
Jeff Baker           LF-1B  GE   2005-2014  Jeffrey Glen Baker                       
Jesse Baker          P      WA   1911-1911  Jesse Ormond Baker                       
Jesse Baker          H      OH   1919-1919  Michael Myron Silverman                  
John Baker           C      CA   2008-2014  John David Baker                         
Kirtley Baker               --   1890-1899                                           
Neal Baker           P      TX   1927-1927  Neal Vernon Baker                        
Norm Baker           P      PA   1883-1890  Norman Leslie Baker                      
Phil Baker                  --   1883-1886                                           
Scott Baker          P      LA   2005-2014  Timothy Scott Baker                      
Scott Baker          P      CA   1995-1995  Scott Baker                              
Steve Baker          P      OR   1978-1983  Steven Byrne Baker                       
Tom Baker            P      TX   1935-1938  Thomas Calvin Baker                      
Tom Baker            P      WA   1963-1963  Thomas Henry Baker                       
Tracy Baker          1B     OR   1911-1911  Tracy Lee Baker                          
Paul Bako            C      LA   1998-2009  Gabor Paul Bako                          
Mike Balas           P      MA   1938-1938  Mitchell Francis Balas                   
John Balaz           OF     ON   1974-1975  John Lawrence Balaz                      
Steve Balboni        1B     MA   1981-1993  Stephen Charles Balboni                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bobby Balcena        OF     CA   1956-1956  Robert Rudolph Balcena                   
Rocco Baldelli       CF     RI   2003-2010  Rocco Daniel Baldelli                    
Jack Baldschun       P      OH   1961-1970  Jack Edward Baldschun                    
Billy Baldwin        OF     VA   1975-1976  Robert Harvey Baldwin                    
Dave Baldwin         P      AZ   1966-1973  David George Baldwin                     
Frank Baldwin        C      NJ   1953-1953  Frank De Witt Baldwin                    
Harry Baldwin        P      MD   1924-1925  Howard Edward Baldwin                    
Henry Baldwin        SS-3B  PA   1927-1927  Henry Clay Baldwin                       
James Baldwin        P      NC   1995-2005  James Baldwin Jr.                        
Jeff Baldwin         LF-RF  DE   1990-1990  Jeffrey Allen Baldwin                    
Kid Baldwin                 --   1884-1890                                           
Lady Baldwin                --   1884-1890                                           
Mark Baldwin                --   1887-1893                                           
O.F. Baldwin         P      MI   1908-1908  Orson F. Baldwin                         
Reggie Baldwin       C      MI   1978-1979  Reginald Conrad Baldwin                  
Rick Baldwin         P      CA   1975-1977  Rickey Alan Baldwin                      
John Bale            P      MD   1999-2009  John Robert Bale                         
Mike Balenti         SS     OK   1911-1913  Michael Richard Balenti                  
Wladimir Balentien   OF     CC   2007-2009  Wladimir Ramon Balentien                 
Lee Bales            2B-3B  CA   1966-1967  Wesley Owen Bales                        
Collin Balester      P      CA   2008-2012  Collin Thomas Balester                   
Grant Balfour        P      AU   2001-2014  Grant Robert Balfour                     
Art Ball                    --   1894-1898                                           
Jeff Ball            1B     CA   1998-1998  Jeffrey D. Ball                          
Jim Ball             C      --   1907-1908  James Chandler Ball                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Neal Ball            SS-2B  MI   1907-1913  Cornelius Ball                           
Jeff Ballard         P      MT   1987-1994  Jeffrey Scott Ballard                    
Pelham Ballenger     3B     SC   1928-1928  Pelham Ashby Ballenger                   
Jay Baller           P      OR   1982-1992  Jay Scot Baller                          
Mark Ballinger       P      CA   1971-1971  Mark Alan Ballinger                      
Win Ballou           P      KY   1925-1929  Noble Winfield Ballou                    
Tony Balsamo         P      NY   1962-1962  Anthony Fred Balsamo                     
George Bamberger     P      NY   1951-1959  George Irvin Bamberger                   
Hal Bamberger        OF     PA   1948-1948  Harold Earl Bamberger                    
Stud Bancker                --   1875-1875                                           
Dave Bancroft        SS     IA   1915-1930  David James Bancroft                     
Chris Bando          C      OH   1981-1989  Christopher Michael Bando                
Sal Bando            3B     OH   1966-1981  Salvatore Leonard Bando                  
Eddie Bane           P      IL   1973-1976  Edward Norman Bane                       
Dick Baney           P      CA   1969-1974  Richard Lee Baney                        
Jeff Banister        C      OK   1991-1991  Jeffery Todd Banister                    
Dan Bankhead         P      AL   1947-1951  Daniel Robert Bankhead                   
Scott Bankhead       P      NC   1986-1995  Michael Scott Bankhead                   
Bill Banks                  --   1895-1896                                           
Brian Banks          1B-LF  AZ   1996-2003  Brian Glen Banks                         
Ernie Banks          1B-SS  TX   1953-1971  Ernest Banks                             
George Banks         3B-OF  SC   1962-1966  George Edward Banks                      
Josh Banks           P      MD   2007-2010  Joshua Charles Banks                     
Willie Banks         P      NJ   1991-2002  Willie Anthony Banks                     
Everett Bankston     OF     GA   1915-1915  Wilborn Everett Bankston                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Wes Bankston         OF     TX   2008-2008  Wesley Wade Bankston                     
Jim Banning                 --   1888-1889                                           
Alan Bannister       OF-2B  CA   1974-1985  Alan Bannister                           
Brian Bannister      P      AZ   2006-2010  Brian Patrick Bannister                  
Floyd Bannister      P      SD   1977-1992  Floyd Franklin Bannister                 
Jimmy Bannon                --   1893-1896                                           
Tom Bannon                  --   1895-1896                                           
Jack Banta           P      KS   1947-1950  John Kay Banta                           
Brandon Bantz        C      TX   2013-2013  Brandon Bantz                            
Travis Baptist       P      OR   1998-1998  Travis Steven Baptist                    
Rod Barajas          C      CA   1999-2012  Rodrigo Richard Barajas                  
Walter Barbare       3B-SS  SC   1914-1922  Walter Lawrence Barbare                  
Red Barbary          H      SC   1943-1943  Donald Odell Barbary                     
Jap Barbeau          3B     NY   1905-1910  William Joseph Barbeau                   
Dave Barbee          OF     NC   1926-1932  David Monroe Barbee                      
Brian Barber         P      OH   1995-1999  Brian Scott Barber                       
Charlie Barber              --   1884-1884                                           
Steve Barber         P      MD   1960-1974  Stephen David Barber                     
Steve Barber         P      MI   1970-1971  Steven Lee Barber                        
Turner Barber        OF-1B  TN   1915-1923  Tyrus Turner Barber                      
Frank Barberich      P      NY   1907-1910  Frank Frederick Barberich                
Bret Barberie        2B-3B  CA   1991-1996  Bret Edward Barberie                     
Jim Barbieri         OF     NY   1966-1966  James Patrick Barbieri                   
Lorenzo Barcelo      P      DR   2000-2002  Lorenzo A. Barcelo                       
Curt Barclay         P      IL   1957-1959  Curtis Cordell Barclay                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
George Barclay       OF     PA   1903-1905  George Oliver Barclay                    
Daniel Bard          P      NC   2009-2013  Daniel Paul Bard                         
Josh Bard            C      NY   2002-2011  Joshua David Bard                        
Brian Barden         3B     CA   2007-2010  Brian David Barden                       
Ray Bare             P      FL   1972-1977  Raymond Douglas Bare                     
Jesse Barfield       RF-OF  IL   1981-1992  Jesse Lee Barfield                       
John Barfield        P      AR   1989-1991  John David Barfield                      
Josh Barfield        LF-RF  VZ   2006-2009  Joshua LaRoy Barfield                    
Clyde Barfoot        P      VA   1922-1926  Clyde Raymond Barfoot                    
Greg Bargar          P      CA   1983-1986  Greg Robert Bargar                       
Cy Barger            P      KY   1906-1912  Eros Bolivar Barger                      
Brian Bark           P      MD   1995-1995  Brian Stuart Bark                        
Al Barker                   --   1871-1871                                           
Glen Barker          CF     NY   1999-2001  Glen F. Barker                           
Kevin Barker         1B     VA   1999-2009  Kevin Stewart Barker                     
Len Barker           P      KY   1976-1987  Leonard Harold Barker                    
Ray Barker           1B     WV   1960-1967  Raymond Herrell Barker                   
Richie Barker        P      MA   1999-1999  Richard Frank Barker                     
Sean Barker          OF     CA   2007-2007  Sean Reed Barker                         
Andy Barkett         LF-1B  FL   2001-2001  Andrew Jon Barkett                       
Brian Barkley        P      TX   1998-1998  Brian Edward Barkley                     
Jeff Barkley         P      NC   1984-1985  Jeffrey Carver Barkley                   
Red Barkley          2B-SS  TX   1937-1943  John Duncan Barkley                      
Sam Barkley                 --   1884-1889                                           
Mike Barlow          P      NY   1975-1981  Michael Roswell Barlow                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tom Barlow                  --   1872-1875                                           
Bruce Barmes         OF     IN   1953-1953  Bruce Raymond Barmes                     
Clint Barmes         SS     IN   2003-2014  Clint Harold Barmes                      
Babe Barna           OF     WV   1937-1943  Herbert Paul Barna                       
Charlie Barnabe      P      CO   1927-1928  Charles Edward Barnabe                   
Bill Barnes                 --   1884-1884                                           
Bob Barnes           P      IL   1924-1924  Robert Avery Barnes                      
Brandon Barnes       CF     CA   2012-2014  Brandon Barnes                           
Brian Barnes         P      NC   1990-1994  Brian Keith Barnes                       
Eppie Barnes         1B     NY   1923-1924  Everett Duane Barnes                     
Frank Barnes         P      TX   1929-1930  Frank Samuel Barnes                      
Frank Barnes         P      MS   1957-1960  Frank Barnes                             
Honey Barnes         C      NY   1926-1926  John Francis Barnes                      
Jesse Barnes         P      OK   1915-1927  Jesse Lawrence Barnes                    
John Barnes          RF-LF  CA   2000-2001  John Delbert Barnes                      
Junie Barnes         P      NC   1934-1934  Junie Shoaf Barnes                       
Larry Barnes         1B     CA   2001-2003  Larry Richard Barnes Jr.                 
Lute Barnes          2B-SS  IA   1972-1973  Luther Owens Barnes                      
Matt Barnes          P      CT   2014-2014  Matthew D. Barnes                        
Red Barnes           OF     AL   1927-1930  Emile Deering Barnes                     
Rich Barnes          P      FL   1982-1983  Richard Monroe Barnes                    
Ross Barnes                 --   1871-1881                                           
Sam Barnes           2B     AL   1921-1921  Samuel Thomas Barnes                     
Scott Barnes         P      MA   2012-2013  Scott Michael Barnes                     
Skeeter Barnes       3B-1B  OH   1983-1994  William Henry Barnes                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Virgil Barnes        P      KS   1919-1928  Virgil Jennings Barnes                   
Jack Barnett         OF     CA   1907-1907  John P. Burnett                          
Darwin Barney        2B     OR   2010-2014  Darwin Jk Barney                         
Ed Barney            OF     WI   1915-1916  Edmund J. Barney                         
Rex Barney           P      NE   1943-1950  Rex Edward Barney                        
Clyde Barnhart       OF-3B  PA   1920-1928  Clyde Lee Barnhart                       
Edgar Barnhart       P      MO   1924-1924  Edgar Vernon Barnhart                    
Les Barnhart         P      KS   1928-1930  Leslie Earl Barnhart                     
Tucker Barnhart      C      IN   2014-2014  Tucker J. Barnhart                       
Vic Barnhart         SS     MD   1944-1946  Victor Dee Barnhart                      
George Barnicle      P      MA   1939-1941  George Bernard Barnicle                  
Billy Barnie                --   1874-1886                                           
Ed Barnowski         P      PA   1965-1966  Edward Anthony Barnowski                 
Chris Barnwell       IF     FL   2006-2006  Christopher Edward Barnwell              
Salome Barojas       P      MX   1982-1988  Salome (Romero) Barojas                  
Daniel Barone        P      CA   2007-2007  Daniel Edward Barone                     
Dick Barone          SS     CA   1960-1960  Richard Anthony Barone                   
Bob Barr             P      MA   1935-1935  Robert Alexander Barr                    
Bob Barr                    --   1883-1891                                           
Jim Barr             P      CA   1971-1983  James Leland Barr                        
Scotty Barr          OF-2B  TN   1908-1909  Hyder Edward Barr                        
Steve Barr           P      MO   1974-1976  Steven Charles Barr                      
Cuno Barragan        C      CA   1961-1963  Facundo Anthony Barragan                 
German Barranca      2B     MX   1979-1982  German Barranca Costales                 
 Barrett                    --   1872-1872                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Aaron Barrett        P      IN   2014-2014  Aaron James Barrett                      
Bill Barrett         OF-SS  MA   1921-1930  William Joseph Barrett                   
Bill Barrett                --   1871-1873                                           
Bob Barrett          3B-2B  GA   1923-1929  Robert Schley Barrett                    
Dick Barrett         P      PA   1933-1945  Tracy Souther Barrett                    
Frank Barrett        P      FL   1939-1950  Francis Joseph Barrett                   
Jimmy Barrett        OF     MA   1903-1908  James Erigena Barrett                    
Johnny Barrett       OF     MA   1942-1946  John Joseph Barrett                      
Marty Barrett        2B     CA   1982-1991  Martin Glenn Barrett                     
Marty Barrett               --   1884-1884                                           
Michael Barrett      C-3B   GA   1998-2009  Michael Patrick Barrett                  
Red Barrett          P      CA   1937-1949  Charles Henry Barrett                    
Tim Barrett          P      IN   1988-1988  Timothy Wayne Barrett                    
Tom Barrett          2B     CA   1988-1992  Thomas Loren Barrett                     
Francisco Barrios    P      MX   1974-1981  Francisco Javier (Jimenez) Barrios       
Jose Barrios         1B     NY   1982-1982  Jose Manuel Barrios                      
Manuel Barrios       P      PN   1997-1998  Manuel Antonio Barrios                   
Frank Barron         P      WV   1914-1914  Frank John Barron                        
Red Barron           OF     GA   1929-1929  David Irenus Barron                      
Tony Barron          RF     OR   1996-1997  Anthony Dirk Barron                      
Cuke Barrows         OF     ME   1909-1912  Roland Barrows                           
Frank Barrows        OF     OH   1871-1871  Franklin Lee Barrows                     
Ed Barry             P      WI   1905-1907  Edward Barry                             
Hardin Barry         P      CA   1912-1912  Hardin Barry                             
Jack Barry           SS-2B  CT   1908-1919  John Joseph Barry                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jeff Barry           CF-RF  OR   1995-1999  Jeffrey Finis Barry                      
Kevin Barry          P      NJ   2006-2007  Kevin Thomas Barry                       
Rich Barry           OF     CA   1969-1969  Richard Donovan Barry                    
Shad Barry           1B-OF  NY   1903-1908  John C. Barry                            
Tom Barry            P      MO   1904-1904  Thomas Arthur Barry                      
Kimera Bartee        CF     NE   1996-2001  Kimera Anotchi Bartee                    
Dick Bartell         SS     IL   1927-1946  Richard William Bartell                  
Bob Barthelson       P      CT   1944-1944  Robert Edward Barthelson                 
Jimmy Barthmaier     P      GA   2008-2008  James R. Barthmaier                      
John Barthold        P      PA   1904-1904  John Francis Barthold                    
Les Bartholomew      P      WI   1928-1932  Lester Justin Bartholomew                
Tony Bartirome       1B     PA   1952-1952  Anthony Joseph Bartirome                 
Jason Bartlett       SS     CA   2004-2014  Jason Alan Bartlett                      
Bill Bartley         P      OH   1903-1907  William Jackson Bartley                  
Boyd Bartley         SS     IL   1943-1943  Boyd Owen Bartley                        
Irv Bartling         SS     MI   1938-1938  Henry Irving Bartling                    
Bob Barton           C      OH   1965-1974  Robert Wilbur Barton                     
Brian Barton         RF     CA   2008-2008  Brian Deon Barton                        
Daric Barton         1B     VT   2007-2014  Daric William Barton                     
Harry Barton         C      PA   1905-1905  Harry Lamb Barton                        
Shawn Barton         P      CA   1992-1996  Shawn Edward Barton                      
Vince Barton         OF     AB   1931-1932  Vincent David Barton                     
Dave Bartosch        OF     MO   1945-1945  David Robert Bartosch                    
Cliff Bartosh        P      TX   2004-2005  Clifford Paul Bartosh                    
Charlie Bartson      P      IL   1890-1890  Charles Franklin Bartson                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Philip Barzilla      P      TX   2006-2006  Phillip Joseph Barzilla                  
Chris Basak          SS     NE   2007-2007  Christopher Joseph Basak                 
Monty Basgall        2B     KS   1948-1951  Romanus Basgall                          
Al Bashang           OF     OH   1912-1918  Albert C. Bashang                        
Walt Bashore         OF     PA   1936-1936  Walter Franklin Bashore                  
Eddie Basinski       SS-2B  NY   1944-1947  Edwin Frank Basinski                     
Jim Baskette         P      TN   1911-1913  James Blaine Baskette                    
Anthony Bass         P      MI   2011-2014  Anthony Edward Bass                      
Brian Bass           P      AL   2008-2010  Brian Michael Bass                       
Dick Bass            P      TN   1939-1939  Richard William Bass                     
Doc Bass             H      GA   1918-1918  William Capers Bass                      
John Bass            P      MD   1871-1877  John Elias Bass                          
Kevin Bass           RF-OF  CA   1982-1995  Kevin Charles Bass                       
Norm Bass            P      MS   1961-1963  Norman Delaney Bass                      
Randy Bass           1B     OK   1977-1982  Randy William Bass                       
Charley Bassett             --   1884-1892                                           
Chris Bassitt        P      OH   2014-2014  Chris M. Bassitt                         
Johnny Bassler       C      PA   1913-1927  John Landis Bassler                      
Antonio Bastardo     P      DR   2009-2014  Antonio Francisco Bastardo               
Charlie Bastian             --   1884-1891                                           
Emil Batch           3B-OF  NY   1904-1907  -                                        
Joe Batchelder       P      MA   1923-1925  Joseph Edmund Batchelder                 
Rich Batchelor       P      SC   1993-1997  Richard Anthony Batchelor                
John Bateman         C      TX   1963-1972  John Alvin Bateman                       
Aaron Bates          1B     NY   2009-2009  Aaron Bates                              

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Billy Bates          2B     TX   1989-1990  William Derrick Bates                    
Bud Bates            OF     CA   1939-1939  Hubert Edgar Bates                       
Charlie Bates        OF     PA   1927-1927  Charles William Bates                    
Del Bates            C      WA   1970-1970  Delbert Oakley Bates                     
Dick Bates           P      OH   1969-1969  Charles Richard Bates                    
Frank Bates                 --   1898-1899                                           
Jason Bates          2B-SS  CA   1995-1998  Jason Charles Bates                      
John Bates                  --   1889-1889                                           
Johnny Bates         OF     OH   1906-1914  John William Bates                       
Ray Bates            3B     NJ   1913-1917  Raymond Bates                            
Bill Bathe           C      CA   1986-1990  William David Bathe                      
Miguel Batista       P      DR   1992-2012  Miguel Jerez Descartes Batista           
Rafael Batista       1B     DR   1973-1975  Rafael Batista Sanchez                   
Tony Batista         3B-SS  DR   1996-2007  Leocadio Francisco Batista               
Kevin Batiste        RF-LF  TX   1989-1989  Kevin Wade Batiste                       
Kim Batiste          3B-SS  LA   1991-1996  Kimothy Emil Batiste                     
Bill Batsch          H      OH   1916-1916  Bill Batsch                              
Larry Battam                --   1895-1895                                           
George Batten        2B     NJ   1912-1912  George Burnett Batten                    
Earl Battey          C      CA   1955-1967  Earl Jesse Battey Jr.                    
Joe Battin                  --   1871-1890                                           
Allen Battle         CF-LF  NC   1995-1996  Allen Zelmo Battle                       
Howard Battle        3B     MS   1995-1999  Howard Dion Battle                       
Jim Battle           3B-SS  TX   1927-1927  James Milton Battle                      
Chris Batton         P      CA   1976-1976  Christopher Sean Batton                  

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Matt Batts           C      TX   1947-1956  Matthew Daniel Batts                     
Al Bauer                    --   1884-1886                                           
Hank Bauer           OF     IL   1948-1961  Henry Albert Bauer                       
Lou Bauer            P      NJ   1918-1918  Louis Walter Bauer                       
Rick Bauer           P      CA   2001-2008  Richard Edward Bauer                     
Trevor Bauer         P      CA   2012-2014  Trevor Andrew Bauer                      
Russ Bauers          P      WI   1936-1950  Russell Lee Bauers                       
Justin Baughman      2B     CA   1998-2000  Justin Reis Baughman                     
Frank Baumann        P      MO   1955-1965  Frank Matt Baumann                       
Paddy Baumann        2B-3B  IN   1911-1917  Charles John Baumann                     
Jim Baumer           2B-SS  OK   1949-1961  James Sloan Baumer                       
George Baumgardner   P      WV   1912-1916  George Washington Baumgardner            
Ross Baumgarten      P      IL   1978-1982  Ross Baumgarten                          
Harry Baumgartner    P      TN   1920-1920  Harry E. Baumgarten                      
John Baumgartner     3B     AL   1953-1953  John Edward Baumgartner                  
Stan Baumgartner     P      TX   1914-1926  Stanwood Fulton Baumgartner              
Frank Baumholtz      OF     OH   1947-1957  Frank Conrad Baumholtz                   
George Bausewine            --   1889-1889                                           
Ed Bauta             P      CU   1960-1964  Eduardo (Galvez) Bauta                   
Danny Bautista       RF-LF  DR   1993-2004  Daniel Bautista                          
Denny Bautista       P      DR   2004-2010  Denny M. Bautista (German)               
Jose Bautista        RF     DR   2004-2014  Jose Antonio Bautista                    
Jose Bautista        P      DR   1988-1997  Jose Joaquin (Arias) Bautista            
Jim Baxes            2B-3B  CA   1959-1959  Dimitrios Speros Baxes                   
Mike Baxes           SS-2B  CA   1956-1958  Michael Baxes                            

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mike Baxter          RF-OF  NY   2010-2014  Michael Joseph Baxter                    
Moose Baxter         1B     WI   1907-1907  John Morris Baxter                       
Harry Bay            OF     IL   1903-1907  Harry Elbert Bay                         
Jason Bay            LF-RF  BC   2003-2013  Jason Raymond Bay                        
Dick Bayless         OF     MO   1908-1908  Harry Owen Bayless                       
Jonah Bayliss        P      MA   2005-2007  Jonah James Bayliss                      
Don Baylor           OF     TX   1970-1988  Donald Edwin Baylor                      
Bill Bayne           P      PA   1919-1930  William Lee Bayne                        
Yorman Bazardo       P      VZ   2005-2009  Yorman Michael Bazardo                   
Jack Beach                  --   1884-1884                                           
Brandon Beachy       P      IN   2010-2013  Brandon Alan Beachy                      
Bob Beall            1B     OR   1975-1980  Robert Brooks Beall                      
Johnny Beall         OF     MD   1913-1918  John Woolf Beall                         
Walter Beall         P      DC   1924-1929  Walter Esau Beall                        
Tommy Beals                 --   1871-1880                                           
Alex Beam                   --   1889-1889                                           
Ernie Beam                  --   1895-1895                                           
T.J. Beam            P      AZ   2006-2008  Theodore Lester Beam                     
Charlie Beamon       P      CA   1956-1958  Charles Alfonzo Sr. Beamon               
Charlie Beamon       1B     CA   1978-1981  Charles Alfonzo Beamon Jr.               
Trey Beamon          LF-RF  TX   1996-1998  Clifford Beamon                          
Belve Bean           P      TX   1930-1935  Belveric Benton Bean                     
Bill Bean            LF-RF  CA   1987-1995  William Daro Bean                        
Colter Bean          P      AL   2005-2007  Randall Colter Bean                      
Joe Bean                    --   1902-1902                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Billy Beane          OF     FL   1984-1989  William Lamar Beane                      
Dave Beard           P      GA   1980-1989  Charles David Beard                      
Mike Beard           P      AR   1974-1977  Michael Richard Beard                    
Ollie Beard                 --   1889-1891                                           
Ralph Beard          P      OH   1954-1954  Ralph William Beard                      
Ted Beard            OF     MD   1948-1958  Theodore Cramer Beard                    
Gene Bearden         P      AR   1947-1953  Henry Eugene Bearden                     
Gary Beare           P      CA   1976-1977  Gary Ray Beare                           
Larry Bearnarth      P      NY   1963-1971  Lawrence Donald Bearnarth                
Kevin Bearse         P      NJ   1990-1990  Kevin Gerard Bearse                      
Chris Beasley        P      TN   1991-1991  Christopher Charles Beasley              
Lew Beasley          OF     VA   1977-1977  Lewis Paige Beasley                      
Ed Beatin                   --   1887-1891                                           
Dave Beatle                 --   1884-1884                                           
Pedro Beato          P      DR   2011-2014  Pedro Beato                              
Jim Beattie          P      VA   1978-1986  James Louis Beattie                      
Blaine Beatty        P      TX   1989-1991  Gordon Blaine Beatty                     
Desmond Beatty       SS-3B  MD   1914-1914  Aloysius Desmond Beattly                 
Jim Beauchamp        OF-1B  OK   1963-1973  James Edward Beauchamp                   
Ginger Beaumont      OF     WI   1903-1910  Clarence Howeth Beaumont                 
Blake Beavan         P      TX   2011-2014  Blake William Beaven                     
Ed Beavens                  --   1871-1872                                           
Johnny Beazley       P      TN   1941-1949  John Andrew Beazley                      
Buck Becannon               --   1884-1887                                           
Steve Bechler        P      OR   2002-2002  Steven Scott Bechler                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
George Bechtel       OF     PA   1871-1876  George W. Bechtel                        
Boom-Boom Beck       P      IL   1924-1945  Walter William Beck                      
Chad Beck            P      TX   2011-2012  Chad Lee Beck                            
Clyde Beck           3B-2B  CA   1926-1931  Clyde Eugene Beck                        
Erve Beck                   --   1899-1902                                           
Frank Beck                  --   1884-1884                                           
Fred Beck            OF-1B  IL   1909-1911  Frederick Thomas Beck                    
George Beck          P      IN   1914-1914  Ernest George B. Beck                    
Rich Beck            P      WA   1965-1965  Richard Henry Beck                       
Rod Beck             P      CA   1991-2004  Rodney Roy Beck                          
Zinn Beck            1B     OH   1913-1918  Zinn Bertram Beck                        
Heinie Beckendorf    C      NY   1909-1910  Henry Ward Beckendorf                    
Beals Becker         OF     KS   1908-1915  David Beals Becker                       
Bob Becker                  --   1897-1898                                           
Charlie Becker       P      DC   1911-1912  Charles S. Becker                        
Heinz Becker         1B     GE   1943-1947  Heinz Reinhard Becker                    
Joe Becker           C      MO   1936-1937  Joseph Edward Becker                     
Marty Becker         OF     OH   1915-1915  Martin Henry Becker                      
Rich Becker          CF-RF  IL   1993-2000  Richard Goodhard Becker                  
Glenn Beckert        2B     PA   1965-1975  Glenn Alfred Beckert                     
Josh Beckett         P      TX   2001-2014  Joshua Patrick Beckett                   
Robbie Beckett       P      TX   1996-1997  Robert Joseph Beckett                    
Gordon Beckham       2B     GA   2009-2014  James Gordon Beckham                     
Tim Beckham          SS     GA   2013-2013  Timothy Lamar Beckham                    
Jake Beckley         1B     MO   1903-1907  Jacob Peter Beckley                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Beckman          P      OH   1927-1928  James Joseph Beckman                     
Bill Beckmann        P      MO   1939-1942  William Aloysius Beckmann                
Joe Beckwith         P      AL   1979-1986  Thomas Joseph Beckwith                   
Julio Becquer        1B     CU   1955-1963  Julio (Villegas) Becquer                 
Erik Bedard          P      ON   2002-2014  Erik Joseph Bedard                       
Howie Bedell         OF     PA   1962-1968  Howard William Bedell                    
Gene Bedford         2B     TX   1925-1925  William Eugene Bedford                   
Phil Bedgood         P      GA   1922-1923  Phillip Burlette Bedgood                 
Hugh Bedient         P      NY   1912-1914  Hugh Carpenter Bedient                   
Andy Bednar          P      IL   1930-1931  Andrew Jackson Bednar                    
Cam Bedrosian        P      GA   2014-2014  Cameron Rock Bedrosian                   
Steve Bedrosian      P      MA   1981-1995  Stephen Wayne Bedrosian                  
Fred Beebe           P      NE   1906-1916  Frederick Leonard Beebe                  
Matt Beech           P      CA   1996-1998  Lucas Matthew Beech                      
Ed Beecher                  --   1887-1891                                           
Roy Beecher          P      OH   1907-1908  Leroy Beecher                            
Dallas Beeler        P      OK   2014-2014  Dallas James Beeler                      
Jodie Beeler         3B-2B  TX   1944-1944  Joseph Sam Beeler                        
Andy Beene           P      TX   1983-1984  Ramon Andrew Beene                       
Fred Beene           P      TX   1968-1975  Freddy Ray Beene                         
Clarence Beers       P      KS   1948-1948  Clarence Scott Beers                     
Joe Beggs            P      PA   1938-1948  Joseph Stanley Beggs                     
Ed Begley                   --   1884-1885                                           
Gene Begley                 --   1886-1886                                           
Jim Begley           2B     CA   1924-1924  James Lawrence Begley                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Petie Behan          P      PA   1921-1923  Charles Frederick Behan                  
Steve Behel                 --   1884-1886                                           
Rick Behenna         P      FL   1983-1985  Richard Kipp Behenna                     
Mel Behney           P      NJ   1970-1970  Melvin Brian Behney                      
Hank Behrman         P      NY   1946-1949  Henry Bernard Behrman                    
Joe Beimel           P      PA   2001-2014  Joseph Ronald Beimel                     
Kevin Beirne         P      TX   2000-2002  Kevin Patrick Beirne                     
Ollie Bejma          2B-SS  IN   1934-1939  Alojzy Frank Bejma                       
Mark Belanger        SS     MA   1965-1982  Mark Henry Belanger                      
Wayne Belardi        1B     CA   1950-1956  Carroll Wayne Belardi                    
Kevin Belcher        CF-RF  TX   1990-1990  Kevin Donnell Belcher                    
Tim Belcher          P      OH   1987-2000  Timothy Wayne Belcher                    
Ira Belden                  --   1897-1897                                           
Mike Belfiore        P      NY   2013-2013  Michael Belfiore                         
Stan Belinda         P      PA   1989-2000  Stanley Peter Belinda                    
Bo Belinsky          P      NY   1962-1970  Robert Belinsky                          
Ronald Belisario     P      VZ   2009-2014  Ronald J. Belisario                      
Matt Belisle         P      TX   2003-2014  Matthew Thomas Belisle                   
Todd Belitz          P      IA   2000-2001  Todd Stephen Belitz                      
Jeff Beliveau        P      RI   2012-2014  Jeffrey Ryan Beliveau                    
Tim Belk             1B     OH   1996-1996  Timothy William Belk                     
Beau Bell            OF     TX   1935-1941  Roy Chester Bell                         
Bill Bell            P      NC   1952-1955  William Samuel Bell                      
Buddy Bell           3B     PA   1972-1989  David Gus Bell                           
Charlie Bell                --   1889-1891                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
David Bell           3B-2B  OH   1995-2006  David Michael Bell                       
Derek Bell           RF-CF  FL   1991-2001  Derek Nathaniel Bell                     
Eric Bell            P      CA   1985-1993  Eric Alvin Bell                          
Fern Bell            OF     OK   1939-1940  Fern Lee Bell                            
Frank Bell                  --   1885-1885                                           
Gary Bell            P      TX   1958-1969  Wilbur Gary Bell                         
George Bell          P      NY   1907-1911  George Glenn Bell                        
George Bell          LF-OF  DR   1981-1993  Jorge (Mathey) Bell                      
Gus Bell             OF     KY   1950-1964  David Russell Bell                       
Heath Bell           P      CA   2004-2014  Heath Justin Bell                        
Hi Bell              P      KY   1924-1934  Herman S. Bell                           
Jay Bell             SS-2B  FL   1986-2003  Jay Stuart Bell                          
Jerry Bell           P      TN   1971-1974  Jerry Houston Bell                       
Josh Bell            3B     FL   2010-2012  Joshua L. Bell                           
Juan Bell            2B-SS  DR   1989-1995  Juan (Mathey) Bell                       
Kevin Bell           3B     CA   1976-1982  Kevin Robert Bell                        
Les Bell             3B     PA   1923-1931  Lester Rowland Bell                      
Mike Bell            3B     OH   2000-2000  Michael John Bell                        
Mike Bell            1B     NJ   1990-1991  Michael Allen Bell                       
Ralph Bell           P      MO   1912-1912  Ralph Albert Bell                        
Rob Bell             P      NY   2000-2007  Robert Allen Bell                        
Rudy Bell            OF     WI   1907-1907  John Bell                                
Terry Bell           C      OH   1986-1987  Terrence William Bell                    
Trevor Bell          P      CA   2009-2014  Trevor D. Bell                           
Zeke Bella           OF     CT   1957-1959  John Bella                               

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Steve Bellan                --   1871-1873                                           
Albert Belle         LF-RF  LA   1989-2000  Albert Jojuan Belle                      
Mark Bellhorn        2B-3B  MA   1997-2007  Mark Christian Bellhorn                  
Rafael Belliard      SS     DR   1982-1998  Rafael Leonidas Matias Belliard          
Ronnie Belliard      3B     NY   1998-2010  Ronald Belliard                          
Clay Bellinger       3B-CF  NY   1999-2002  Clayton Daniel Bellinger                 
Jack Bellman                --   1889-1889                                           
Rob Belloir          SS     GE   1975-1978  Robert Edward Belloir                    
Edwin Bellorin       C      VZ   2007-2009  Edwin Daniel Bellorin                    
Vince Belnome        1B-3B  PA   2014-2014  Vincent Belnome                          
Duane Below          P      MI   2011-2013  Duane Arthur Below                       
Brandon Belt         1B     TX   2011-2014  Brandon Kyle Belt                        
Carlos Beltran       RF     PR   1998-2014  Carlos Ivan Beltran                      
Francis Beltran      P      DR   2002-2008  Francis LeBron Beltran                   
Rigo Beltran         P      MX   1997-2004  Rigoberto Beltran                        
Adrian Beltre        3B     DR   1998-2014  Adrian Perez Beltre                      
Engel Beltre         CF-OF  DR   2013-2013  Engel Manuel Beltre                      
Esteban Beltre       SS     DR   1991-1996  Esteban (Valera) Beltre                  
Omar Beltre          P      DR   2010-2010  Omar de la Beltre                        
Harry Bemis          C      NH   1903-1910  Harry Parker Bemis                       
Marvin Benard        CF-RF  NI   1995-2003  Marvin Larry Benard                      
Freddie Benavides    SS-2B  TX   1991-1994  Alfredo Benavides                        
Johnny Bench         C      OK   1967-1983  Johnny Lee Bench                         
Chief Bender         P      PA   1903-1925  Charles Albert Bender                    
Art Benedict                --   1883-1883                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bruce Benedict       C      AL   1978-1989  Bruce Edwin Benedict                     
Alan Benes           P      IN   1995-2003  Alan Paul Benes                          
Andy Benes           P      IN   1989-2002  Andrew Charles Benes                     
Joe Benes            IF     NY   1931-1931  Joseph Anthony Benes                     
Ray Benge            P      TX   1925-1938  Raymond Adelphia Benge                   
Benny Bengough       C      NY   1923-1932  Bernard Oliver bengough                  
Juan Beniquez        OF     PR   1971-1988  Juan Jose Beniquez                       
Armando Benitez      P      DR   1994-2008  Armando German Benitez                   
Yamil Benitez        LF-RF  PR   1995-1998  Yamil Antonio Benitez                    
Mike Benjamin        SS-3B  OH   1989-2002  Michael Paul Benjamin                    
Stan Benjamin        OF     MA   1939-1945  Alfred Stanley Benjamin                  
Henry Benn           P      WI   1914-1914  Henry Omer Benn                          
Ike Benners                 --   1884-1884                                           
Charlie Bennett             --   1878-1893                                           
Dave Bennett         P      CA   1964-1964  David Hans Bennett                       
Dennis Bennett       P      CA   1962-1968  Dennis John Bennett                      
Erik Bennett         P      CA   1995-1996  Erik Hans Bennett                        
Frank Bennett        P      MD   1927-1928  Francis Allen Bennett                    
Fred Bennett         OF     AR   1928-1931  James Fred Bennett                       
Gary Bennett         C      IL   1995-2008  Gary David Bennett Jr.                   
Herschel Bennett     OF     MO   1923-1927  Herschel Emmett Bennett                  
Jeff Bennett         P      TN   2004-2009  David Jeffrey Bennett                    
Joel Bennett         P      NY   1998-1999  Joel Todd Bennett                        
Pug Bennett          2B-3B  NE   1906-1907  Justin Titus Bennett                     
Shayne Bennett       P      AU   1997-1999  Shayne Anthony Bennett                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joaquin Benoit       P      DR   2001-2014  Joaquin Antonio Benoit                   
Allen Benson         P      SD   1934-1934  Allen Wilbert Benson                     
Joe Benson           OF     IL   2011-2011  William Joseph Benson                    
Kris Benson          P      GA   1999-2010  Kristin James Benson                     
Vern Benson          OF     NC   1943-1953  Vernon Adair Benson                      
Cy Bentley                  --   1872-1872                                           
Jack Bentley         P      MD   1913-1927  John Needles Bentley                     
Al Benton            P      OK   1934-1952  John Alton Benton                        
Butch Benton         C      FL   1978-1985  Alfred Lee Benton                        
Larry Benton         P      MO   1923-1935  Lawrence James Benton                    
Rabbit Benton        2B     KY   1922-1922  Stanley W. Benton                        
Rube Benton          P      NC   1910-1925  John Clebon Benton                       
Sid Benton           P      AR   1922-1922  Sidney Wright Benton                     
Chad Bentz           P      AK   2004-2005  Chad Robert Bentz                        
Joe Benz             P      IN   1911-1919  Joseph Louis Benz                        
Todd Benzinger       1B     KY   1987-1995  Todd Eric Benzinger                      
Johnny Berardino     2B-SS  CA   1939-1952  John Berardino                           
Lou Berberet         C      CA   1954-1960  Louis Joseph Berberet                    
Jeff Berblinger      2B     KS   1997-1997  Jeffrey James Berblinger                 
Jason Bere           P      MA   1993-2003  Jason Phillip Bere                       
Juan Berenguer       P      PN   1978-1992  Juan Bautista Berenguer                  
Bruce Berenyi        P      OH   1980-1986  Bruce Michael Berenyi                    
David Berg           2B-SS  CA   1998-2004  David Scott Berg                         
Justin Berg          P      WI   2009-2011  Justin Christopher Berg                  
Moe Berg             C      NJ   1923-1939  Morris Berg                              

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Augie Bergamo        OF     MI   1944-1945  August Samuel Bergamo                    
Bill Bergen          C      MA   1903-1911  William Aloysius Bergen                  
Marty Bergen                --   1896-1899                                           
Boze Berger          2B-SS  MD   1932-1939  Louis William Berger                     
Brandon Berger       RF-LF  KY   2001-2004  Brandon Charles Berger                   
Clarence Berger      OF     OH   1914-1914  Clarence Edward Berger                   
Heinie Berger        P      IL   1907-1910  Charles Berger                           
Joe Berger           2B-SS  MO   1913-1914  Joseph August Berger                     
Johnny Berger        C      PA   1922-1927  John Henne Berger                        
Tun Berger                  --   1890-1892                                           
Wally Berger         OF     IL   1930-1940  Walter Antone Berger                     
Peter Bergeron       CF     MA   1999-2004  Peter Francis Bergeron                   
Brad Bergesen        P      CA   2009-2012  Bradley Steven Bergesen                  
John Bergh                  --   1876-1880                                           
Marty Berghammer     SS-2B  PA   1911-1914  Martin Andrew Berghammer                 
Al Bergman           2B     IN   1916-1916  Alfred Henry Bergman                     
Christian Bergman    P      CA   2014-2014  Christian S. Bergman                     
Dave Bergman         1B     IL   1975-1992  David Bruce Bergman                      
Dusty Bergman        P      NV   2004-2004  Dustin Michael Bergman                   
Sean Bergman         P      IL   1993-2000  Sean Frederick Bergman                   
Jay Bergmann         P      NJ   2005-2010  Jason Chris Bergmann                     
William Bergolla     SS     VZ   2005-2005  William Jose Bergolla                    
Frank Berkelbach            --   1884-1884                                           
Jason Berken         P      WI   2009-2012  Jason Thomas Berken                      
Nate Berkenstock            --   1871-1871                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Lance Berkman        DH     TX   1999-2013  William Lance Berkman                    
Jack Berly           P      LA   1924-1933  John Chambers Berly                      
Roger Bernadina      RF-LF  NT   2008-2014  Rogearvin Argelo Bernadina               
Victor Bernal        P      CA   1977-1977  Victor Hugo Bernal                       
Curt Bernard                --   1900-1901                                           
Dwight Bernard       P      IL   1978-1982  Dwight Vern Bernard                      
Joe Bernard          P      IL   1909-1909  Joseph Carl Bernard                      
Tony Bernazard       2B     PR   1979-1991  Antonio (Garcia) Bernazard               
Adam Bernero         P      CA   2000-2006  Adam Gino Bernero                        
Bill Bernhard        P      NY   1903-1907  William Henry Bernhard                   
Juan Bernhardt       3B-1B  DR   1976-1979  Juan Ramon (Coradin) Bernhardt           
Walter Bernhardt     P      PA   1918-1918  Walter Jacob Bernhardt                   
Carlos Bernier       OF     PR   1953-1953  Carlos (Rodriguez) Bernier               
Doug Bernier         SS     CA   2008-2014  Douglas Paul Bernier                     
Johnny Bero          SS     CA   1948-1951  John George Bero                         
Dale Berra           SS-3B  NJ   1977-1987  Dale Anthony Berra                       
Yogi Berra           C      MO   1946-1965  Lawrence Peter Berra                     
Dennis Berran        OF     MA   1912-1912  Dennis Martin Berran                     
Ray Berres           C      WI   1934-1945  Raymond Frederick Berres                 
Angel Berroa         SS-2B  DR   2001-2009  Angel Maria Berroa                       
Geronimo Berroa      RF-LF  DR   1989-2000  Geronimo Emiliano Berroa                 
Charlie Berry        C      NJ   1925-1938  Charles Francis Berry                    
Charlie Berry        2B     NJ   1884-1884  Charles Joseph Berry                     
Claude Berry         C      IN   1904-1907  Claude Elzy Berry                        
Howard Berry                --   1902-1902                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Berry            P      AR   1942-1946  Jonas Arthur Berry                       
Joe Berry            2B     PA   1921-1921  Joseph Howard Berry Jr.                  
Ken Berry            OF     MO   1962-1975  Allen Kent Berry                         
Neil Berry           SS-2B  MI   1948-1954  Cornelius John Berry                     
Quintin Berry        OF     CA   2012-2014  Quintin Lonell Berry                     
Sean Berry           3B     CA   1990-2000  Sean Robert Berry                        
Tom Berry                   --   1871-1871                                           
Damon Berryhill      C      CA   1987-1997  Damon Scott Berryhill                    
Frank Bertaina       P      CA   1964-1970  Frank Louis Bertaina                     
Harry Berte          IF     KY   1903-1903  Harry Thomas Berte                       
Dick Bertell         C      IL   1960-1967  Richard George Bertell                   
Harry Berthrong      OF     NY   1871-1871  Henry Washburn Berthrong                 
Reno Bertoia         3B-2B  IT   1953-1962  Reno Peter Bertoia                       
Mike Bertotti        P      NJ   1995-1997  Michael David Bertotti                   
Lefty Bertrand       P      MN   1936-1936  Roman Mathias Bertrand                   
Andres Berumen       P      MX   1995-1996  Andres Berumen                           
Fred Besana          P      CA   1956-1956  Frederick Cyril Besana                   
Bob Bescher          OF     OH   1908-1918  Robert Henry Bescher                     
Herman Besse         P      MO   1940-1946  Herman A. Besse                          
Don Bessent          P      FL   1955-1958  Fred Donald Bessent                      
Karl Best            P      WA   1983-1988  Kark Jori Best                           
 Bestick                    --   1872-1872                                           
Jim Beswick          OF     PA   1978-1978  James William Beswick                    
Dellin Betances      P      NY   2011-2014  Dellin Betances                          
Rafael Betancourt    P      VZ   2003-2013  Rafael Jose Betancourt                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Yuniesky Betancourt  1B-3B  CU   2005-2013  Yuniesky Betancourt (Perez)              
Frank Betcher        SS     PA   1910-1910  Franklin Lyle Betcher                    
Wilson Betemit       DH     DR   2001-2013  Wilson Betemit                           
Christian Bethancourt C      PN   2013-2014  Christian G. Bethancourt                 
Bill Bethea          2B-SS  TX   1964-1964  William Lamar Bethea                     
Jim Bethke           P      NE   1965-1965  James Chrales Bethke                     
Larry Bettencourt    OF-3B  CA   1928-1932  Lawrence Joseph Bettencourt              
Jeff Bettendorf      P      CA   1984-1984  Jeffrey Allen Bettendorf                 
Chad Bettis          P      TX   2013-2014  Chad Robert Bettis                       
Harry Betts          P      OH   1903-1913  Harold Matthew Betts                     
Huck Betts           P      DE   1920-1935  Walter Martin Betts                      
Mookie Betts         2B     TN   2014-2014  Markus Lynn Betts                        
Bruno Betzel         2B-3B  OH   1914-1918  Christian Frederick Albert John Henry David Betzel 
Kurt Bevacqua        3B-2B  FL   1971-1985  Kurt Anthony Bevacqua                    
Hal Bevan            3B     LA   1952-1961  Joseph Harold Bevan                      
Bill Bevens          P      OR   1944-1947  Floyd Clifford Bevens                    
Jason Beverlin       P      NC   2002-2002  Jason Robert Beverlin                    
Brian Bevil          P      TX   1996-1998  Brian Scott Bevil                        
Lou Bevil            P      IL   1942-1942  Louis Eugene Bevil                       
Ben Beville                 --   1901-1901                                           
Monte Beville        C-1B   IN   1903-1904  Henry Monte Beville                      
Buddy Biancalana     SS-2B  CA   1982-1987  Roland Americo Biancalana                
Jeff Bianchi         3B-SS  PA   2012-2014  Jeffrey Thomas Bianchi                   
Tommy Bianco         3B-1B  NY   1975-1975  Thomas Anthony Bianco                    
Hank Biasatti        1B     IT   1949-1949  Henry Arcado Biasatti                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Bibby            P      NC   1972-1984  James Blair Bibby                        
Dante Bichette       RF-LF  FL   1988-2001  Alphonse Dante Bichette                  
Vern Bickford        P      KY   1948-1954  Vernon Edgell Bickford                   
Dan Bickham                 --   1886-1886                                           
Charlie Bicknell     P      NJ   1948-1949  Charles Stephen Bicknell                 
Rocky Biddle         P      NV   2000-2004  Lee Francis Biddle                       
Ed Biecher                  --   1897-1898                                           
Oscar Bielaski              --   1872-1876                                           
Mike Bielecki        P      MD   1984-1997  Michael Joseph Bielecki                  
Harry Biemiller      P      MD   1920-1925  Harry Lee Biemiller                      
Lou Bierbauer               --   1886-1898                                           
Nick Bierbrodt       P      CA   2001-2004  Nicholas Raymond Bierbroldt              
Randor Bierd         P      DR   2008-2008  Randor Bierd                             
Charlie Bierman             --   1871-1871                                           
Steve Bieser         CF-LF  MO   1997-1998  Steven Ray Bieser                        
Carson Bigbee        OF     OR   1916-1926  Carson Lee Bigbee                        
Lyle Bigbee          P-OF   OR   1920-1921  Lyle Randolph Bigbee                     
Larry Bigbie         LF-CF  IN   2001-2006  Larry R. Bigbie                          
Elliot Bigelow       OF     FL   1929-1929  Elliot Allardice Bigelow                 
Craig Biggio         2B-C   NY   1988-2007  Craig Alan Biggio                        
Charlie Biggs        P      IN   1932-1932  Charles Orval Biggs                      
George Bignell              --   1884-1884                                           
Larry Biittner       OF-1B  IA   1970-1983  Lawrence David Biitner                   
Dann Bilardello      C      CA   1983-1992  Dann James Bilardello                    
Jim Bilbrey          P      TN   1949-1949  James Melvin Bilbrey                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Emil Bildilli        P      IN   1937-1941  Emil Bildilli                            
Steve Bilko          1B     PA   1949-1962  Stephen Thomas Bilko                     
Harry Billiard       P      IN   1908-1908  Harry Pree Billiard                      
Jack Billingham      P      FL   1968-1980  John Eugene Billingham                   
Bruce Billings       P      CA   2011-2014  Bruce Billings                           
Dick Billings        C-OF   MI   1968-1975  Richard Ardin Billings                   
Josh Billings        P      NY   1927-1929  Haskell Clark Billings                   
Josh Billings        C      KS   1913-1923  John Augustus Billings                   
Brent Billingsley    P      CA   1999-1999  Brent Aaron Billingsley                  
Chad Billingsley     P      OH   2006-2013  Chad Ryan Billingsley                    
George Binks         OF     IL   1944-1948  George Alvin Binks                       
Steve Biras          2B     IL   1944-1944  Stephen Alexander Biras                  
Jud Birchall                --   1882-1884                                           
Doug Bird            P      CA   1973-1983  James Douglas Bird                       
Frank Bird                  --   1892-1892                                           
George Bird                 --   1871-1871                                           
Red Bird             P      TX   1921-1921  James Edward Bird                        
Dave Birdsall               --   1871-1873                                           
Mike Birkbeck        P      OH   1986-1995  Michael Lawrence Birkbeck                
Kurt Birkins         P      CA   2006-2008  Kurt Daniel Birkins                      
Ralph Birkofer       P      OH   1933-1937  Ralph Joseph Birkofer                    
Joe Birmingham       OF     NY   1906-1914  Joseph Leo Birmingham                    
Babe Birrer          P      NY   1955-1958  Werner Joseph Birrer                     
Tim Birtsas          P      MI   1985-1990  Timothy Dean Birtsas                     
Frank Biscan         P      IL   1942-1948  Frank Stephen Biscan                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
John Bischoff        C      IL   1925-1926  John George Bischoff                     
Joe Bisenius         P      IA   2007-2010  Joseph Richard Bisenius                  
Bill Bishop          P      PA   1921-1921  William Henry Bishop                     
Bill Bishop                 --   1886-1889                                           
Charlie Bishop       P      GA   1952-1955  Charles Tuller Bishop                    
Frank Bishop                --   1884-1884                                           
Jim Bishop           P      MO   1923-1924  James Morton Bishop                      
Lloyd Bishop         P      KS   1914-1914  Lloyd Clifton Bishop                     
Max Bishop           2B     PA   1924-1935  Max Frederick Bishop                     
Mike Bishop          C      CA   1983-1983  Michael Bishop                           
Rivington Bisland    SS     NY   1912-1914  Rivington Martin Bisland                 
Del Bissonette       1B     ME   1928-1933  Adelphia Louis Bissonette                
Hi Bithorn           P      PR   1942-1947  Hiram Gabriel Bithorn                    
Joe Bitker           P      CA   1990-1991  Joseph Anthony Bitker                    
Jeff Bittiger        P      NJ   1986-1989  Jeffrey Scott Bittiger                   
Red Bittman                 --   1889-1889                                           
Jim Bivin            P      MS   1935-1935  James Nathaniel Bivin                    
Brian Bixler         OF     OH   2008-2012  Brian Joseph Bixler                      
George Bjorkman      C      CA   1983-1983  George Anton Bjorkman                    
Bill Black           2B     PA   1924-1924  John William Black                       
Bob Black                   --   1884-1884                                           
Bud Black            P      MO   1952-1956  William Carroll Black                    
Bud Black            P      CA   1981-1995  Harry Ralston Black                      
Dave Black           P      IL   1923-1923  David Black                              
Don Black            P      IA   1943-1948  Donald Paul Black                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Black            P      NJ   1952-1957  Joseph Black                             
John Black           1B     KY   1911-1911  John Falcnor Black                       
Victor Black         P      TX   2013-2014  Victor Laurence Black                    
Ethan Blackaby       OF     OH   1962-1964  Ethan Allen Blackaby                     
Charlie Blackburn    P      IL   1921-1921  Foster Edwin Blackburn                   
Earl Blackburn       C      OH   1912-1917  Earl Stuart Blackburn                    
George Blackburn     P      MO   1897-1897  George W. Blackburn                      
Jim Blackburn        P      KY   1948-1951  James Ray Blackburn                      
Nick Blackburn       P      OK   2007-2012  Robert Nicholas Blackburn                
Ron Blackburn        P      NC   1958-1959  Ronald Hamilton Blackburn                
Lena Blackburne      SS-3B  PA   1910-1929  Russell Aubrey Blackburne                
George Blackerby     OF     OK   1928-1928  George Franklin Blackerby                
Travis Blackley      P      AU   2004-2013  Travis Jarrod Blackley                   
Charlie Blackmon     CF-OF  GA   2011-2014  Charles Cobb Blackmon                    
Ewell Blackwell      P      CA   1942-1955  Ewell Blackwell                          
Fred Blackwell       C      KY   1917-1919  Frederick William Blackwell              
Tim Blackwell        C      CA   1974-1983  Timothy P. Blackwell                     
Ray Blades           OF     IL   1922-1932  Francis Raymond Blades                   
Rick Bladt           OF     CA   1969-1975  Richard Alan Bladt                       
George Blaeholder    P      CA   1925-1936  George Franklin Blaeholder               
Rae Blaemire         C      IN   1941-1941  Rae Bertrum Blaemire                     
Bill Blair                  --   1888-1888                                           
Buddy Blair          3B     MS   1942-1942  Louis Nathan Blair                       
Dennis Blair         P      OH   1974-1980  Dennis Herman Blair                      
Footsie Blair        2B     OK   1929-1931  Clarence Vick Blair                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Paul Blair           OF     OK   1964-1980  Paul L. Blair                            
Walter Blair         C      PA   1907-1911  Walter Allen Blair                       
Willie Blair         P      KY   1990-2001  William Allen Blair                      
Dick Blaisdell              --   1884-1884                                           
Casey Blake          3B     IA   1999-2011  William Casey Blake                      
Ed Blake             P      IL   1951-1957  Edward James Blake                       
Harry Blake                 --   1894-1899                                           
Sheriff Blake        P      WV   1920-1937  John Frederick Blake                     
Linc Blakely         OF     CA   1934-1934  Lincoln Howard Blakely                   
Bob Blakiston               --   1882-1884                                           
Hank Blalock         3B     CA   2002-2010  Hank Joe Blalock                         
Johnny Blanchard     OF-C   MN   1955-1965  John Edwin Blanchard                     
Al Blanche           P      MA   1935-1936  Prosper Albert Blanche                   
Andres Blanco        SS     VZ   2004-2014  Andrew Eloy Blanco                       
Damaso Blanco        3B-SS  VZ   1972-1974  Damaso (Caripe) Blanco                   
Gil Blanco           P      AZ   1965-1966  Gilbert Henry Blanco                     
Gregor Blanco        CF-LF  VZ   2008-2014  Gregor Miguel Blanco (Pedraza)           
Henry Blanco         C      VZ   1997-2013  Henry Ramon Blanco                       
Ossie Blanco         1B     VZ   1970-1974  Oswaldo Carlos (Diaz) Blanco             
Tony Blanco          IF     DR   2005-2005  Tony Hemiphere Blanco                    
Nate Bland           P      AL   2003-2003  Nathan G. Bland                          
Fred Blanding        P      CA   1910-1914  Frederick James Blanding                 
Coonie Blank         C      MO   1909-1909  Frank Ignatz Blank                       
Fred Blank                  --   1894-1894                                           
Matt Blank           P      TX   2000-2001  Clarence Matt Blank                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Cliff Blankenship    C-1B   GA   1905-1909  Clifford Douglas Blankenship             
Homer Blankenship    P      TX   1922-1928  Homer Blankenship                        
Kevin Blankenship    P      CA   1988-1990  Kevin Dewayne Blankenship                
Lance Blankenship    2B-RF  OR   1988-1993  Lance Robert Blankenship                 
Ted Blankenship      P      TX   1922-1930  Theodore Blankenship                     
Kyle Blanks          1B-LF  PA   2009-2014  Kyle Nathaniel Blanks                    
Larvell Blanks       SS-2B  TX   1972-1980  Larvell Blanks                           
Cy Blanton           P      OK   1934-1942  Darrell Elijah Blanton                   
Joe Blanton          P      TN   2004-2013  Joseph Matthew Blanton                   
Don Blasingame       2B     MS   1955-1966  Don Lee Blasingame                       
Wade Blasingame      P      NM   1963-1972  Wade Allen Blasingame                    
Steve Blass          P      CT   1964-1974  Stephen Robert Blass                     
Steve Blateric       P      CO   1971-1975  Stephen Lawrence Blateric                
Johnny Blatnik       OF     OH   1948-1950  John Louis Blatnik                       
Buddy Blattner       2B     MO   1942-1949  Robert Garnett Blattner                  
Jeff Blauser         SS     CA   1987-1999  Jeffrey Michael Blauser                  
Henry Blauvelt              --   1890-1890                                           
Bob Blaylock         P      OK   1956-1959  Robert Edward Blaylock                   
Gary Blaylock        P      MO   1959-1959  Gary Nelson Blaylock                     
Marv Blaylock        1B     AR   1950-1957  Marvin Edward Blaylock                   
Mike Blazek          P      NV   2013-2013  Michael R. Blazek                        
Ron Blazier          P      PA   1996-1997  Ronald Patrick Blazier                   
Curt Blefary         OF-1B  NY   1965-1972  Curtis Le Roy Blefary                    
Ray Blemker          P      IN   1960-1960  Ray Blemker                              
Ike Blessitt         OF     MI   1972-1972  Isiah Blessitt                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Clarence Blethen     P      ME   1923-1929  Clarence Waldo Blethen                   
Jerry Blevins        P      TN   2007-2014  Jerry Richard Blevins                    
Bob Blewett                 --   1902-1902                                           
Ned Bligh                   --   1886-1890                                           
Elmer Bliss          P-OF   PA   1903-1904  Elmer Ward Bliss                         
Frank Bliss                 --   1878-1878                                           
Jack Bliss           C      WA   1908-1912  John Joseph Albert Bliss                 
Bruno Block          C      WI   1907-1912  James John Block                         
Cy Block             3B     NY   1942-1946  Seymour Block                            
Terry Blocker        CF     SC   1985-1989  Terry Fennell Blocker                    
Wes Blogg                   --   1883-1883                                           
Ron Blomberg         1B-OF  GA   1969-1978  Ronald Mark Blomberg                     
Ben Blomdahl         P      CA   1995-1995  Benjamin Earl Blomdahl                   
Joe Blong            P-OF   MO   1875-1877  Joseph Myles Blong                       
Jimmy Bloodworth     2B     FL   1937-1951  James Henry Bloodworth                   
Bud Bloomfield       2B-SS  OK   1964-1964  Clyde Stalcup Bloomfield                 
Willie Bloomquist    2B-SS  WA   2002-2014  William Paul Bloomquist                  
Greg Blosser         LF     FL   1993-1994  Gregory Brent Blosser                    
Jack Blott           C      OH   1924-1924  John Leonard Blott                       
Mike Blowers         3B     GE   1989-1999  Michael Roy Blowers                      
Bert Blue            C      OH   1908-1908  Bird Wayne Blue                          
Lu Blue              1B     DC   1921-1933  Luzerne Atwell Blue                      
Vida Blue            P      LA   1969-1986  Vida Rochelle Blue Jr.                   
Ossie Bluege         3B     IL   1922-1939  Oswald Louis Bluege                      
Otto Bluege          SS     IL   1932-1933  Otto Adam Bluege                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Bluejacket       P      OK   1916-1916  James Bluejacket                         
Red Bluhm            H      MI   1918-1918  Harvey Fred Bluhm                        
Geoff Blum           3B     CA   1999-2012  Geoffrey Edward  Blum                    
Jaime Bluma          P      SC   1996-1996  James Andrew Bluma                       
Clint Blume          P      NY   1922-1923  Clinton Willis Blume                     
Bert Blyleven        P      NT   1970-1992  Rik Aalbert Blyleven                     
Mike Blyzka          P      MI   1953-1954  Michael John Blyzka                      
Chet Boak            2B     PA   1960-1961  Chester Robert Bloak                     
Charlie Boardman     P      NY   1913-1915  Charles Louis Boardman                   
Frederick Boardman          --   1874-1874                                           
Randy Bobb           C      CA   1968-1969  Mark Randall Bobb                        
Hiram Bocachica      CF-LF  PR   2000-2007  Hiram Colon Bocachica                    
John Boccabella      C-1B   CA   1963-1974  John Dominic Boccabella                  
Milt Bocek           OF     IL   1933-1934  Milton Frank Bocek                       
Bruce Bochte         1B-OF  CA   1974-1986  Bruce Anton Bochte                       
Doug Bochtler        P      FL   1995-2000  Douglas Eugene Bochtler                  
Brett Bochy          P      CA   2014-2014  Brett Bochy                              
Bruce Bochy          C      FR   1978-1987  Bruce Douglas Bochy                      
Eddie Bockman        3B     CA   1946-1949  Joseph Edward Bockman                    
Randy Bockus         P      OH   1986-1989  Randy Walter Bockus                      
Brian Bocock         SS-2B  VA   2008-2010  Brian William Bocock                     
Mike Boddicker       P      IA   1980-1993  Michael James Boddicker                  
Ping Bodie           OF     CA   1911-1921  Frank Stephen Bodie                      
Tony Boeckel         3B     CA   1917-1923  Norman Doxie Boeckel                     
George Boehler       P      IN   1912-1926  George Henry Boehler                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Boehling         P      VA   1912-1920  John Joseph Boehling                     
Len Boehmer          1B-3B  MO   1967-1971  Leonard Joseph Stephen Boehmer           
Brian Boehringer     P      MO   1995-2004  Brian Edward Boehringer                  
Larry Boerner        P      VA   1932-1932  Lawrence Hyer Boerner                    
Brennan Boesch       RF     CA   2010-2014  Brennan Philip Boesch                    
Joe Boever           P      MO   1985-1996  Joseph Martin Boever                     
Xander Bogaerts      SS     AA   2013-2014  Xander Bogaerts                          
Tim Bogar            SS-3B  IN   1993-2001  Timothy Paul Bogar                       
John Bogart          P      PA   1920-1920  John Renzie Bogart                       
Terry Bogener        OF     MO   1982-1982  Terry Wayne Bogener                      
Brandon Boggs        OF     GA   2008-2011  Brandon Kyle Boggs                       
Mitchell Boggs       P      GA   2008-2013  Mitchell Thomas Boggs                    
Ray Boggs            P      KS   1928-1928  Raymond Joseph Boggs                     
Tommy Boggs          P      NY   1976-1985  Thomas Winton Boggs                      
Wade Boggs           3B     NE   1982-1999  Wade Anthony Boggs                       
Warren Bogle         P      NJ   1968-1968  Warren Frederick Bogle                   
Brian Bogusevic      OF     IL   2010-2013  Brian Thomas Bogusevic                   
Brian Bohanon        P      TX   1990-2001  Brian Edward Bohanon Jr.                 
Pat Bohen            P      IA   1913-1914  Leo Ignatius Bohen                       
Charlie Bohn                --   1882-1882                                           
T.J. Bohn            OF     MN   2006-2008  Thomas Joseph Bohn                       
Sam Bohne            2B-SS  CA   1916-1926  Samual Arthur Bohne                      
John Bohnet          P      CA   1982-1982  John Kelly Bohnet                        
Bruce Boisclair      OF     CT   1974-1979  Bruce Armand Boisclair                   
Dan Boitano          P      CA   1978-1982  Danny Jon Boitano                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Dick Bokelmann       P      IL   1951-1953  Richard Werner Bokelmann                 
Bob Boken            2B-SS  IL   1933-1934  Robert Anthony Boken                     
Joe Bokina           P      MA   1936-1936  Joseph Bokina                            
 Boland                     --   1875-1875                                           
Bernie Boland        P      NY   1915-1921  Bernard Anthony Boland                   
Ed Boland            OF     NY   1934-1944  Edward John Boland                       
Charlie Bold         1B     SW   1914-1914  Charles Dickens Bold                     
Bill Bolden          P      TN   1919-1919  William Horace Bolden                    
Stew Bolen           P      AL   1926-1932  Stewart O'Neal Bolen                     
Carl Boles           OF     AR   1962-1962  Carl Theodore Boles                      
Joe Boley            SS     PA   1927-1932  John Peter Boley                         
Jim Bolger           OF     OH   1950-1959  James Cyril Bolger                       
Frank Bolick         1B-3B  PA   1993-1998  Frank Charles Bolick                     
Bobby Bolin          P      SC   1961-1973  Bobby Donald Bolin                       
Frank Bolling        2B     AL   1954-1966  Frank Elmore Bolling                     
Jack Bolling         1B     AL   1939-1944  John Edward Bolling                      
Milt Bolling         SS     MS   1952-1958  Milton Joseph Bolling                    
Greg Bollo           P      MI   1965-1966  Gregory Gene Bollo                       
Don Bollweg          1B     IL   1950-1955  Donald Raymond Bollweg                   
Michael Bolsinger    P      TX   2014-2014  Michael Bolsinger                        
Cecil Bolton         1B     MS   1928-1928  Cecil Glenford Bolton                    
Cliff Bolton         C      NC   1931-1941  William Clifton Bolton                   
Rodney Bolton        P      TN   1993-1995  Rodney Earl Bolton                       
Tom Bolton           P      TN   1987-1994  Thomas Edward Bolton                     
Mark Bomback         P      VA   1978-1982  Mark Vincent Bomback                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tommy Bond                  --   1874-1884                                           
Walt Bond            OF-1B  TN   1960-1967  Walter Franklin Bond                     
Jeremy Bonderman     P      WA   2003-2013  Jeremy Allen Bonderman                   
Barry Bonds          LF     CA   1986-2007  Barry Lamar Bonds                        
Bobby Bonds          OF     CA   1968-1981  Bobby Lee Bonds                          
George Bone                 --   1901-1901                                           
Ricky Bones          P      PR   1991-2001  Ricardo Bones                            
Julio Bonetti        P      IT   1937-1940  Julio Giacomo Bonetti                    
Hank Boney           P      NC   1927-1927  Henry Tate Boney                         
Jung Bong            P      KR   2002-2004  Jung-Keun Bong                           
Nino Bongiovanni     OF     LA   1938-1939  Anthony Thomas Bongiovanni               
Bill Bonham          P      CA   1971-1980  William Gordon Bonham                    
Tiny Bonham          P      CA   1940-1949  Ernest Edward Bonham                     
Emilio Bonifacio     2B     DR   2007-2014  Emilio Jose Bonifacio                    
Joe Bonikowski       P      PA   1962-1962  Joseph Peter Bonikowski                  
Bobby Bonilla        3B-RF  NY   1986-2001  Roberto Martin Antonio Bonilla           
Juan Bonilla         2B     PR   1981-1987  Juan Guillermo Bonilla                   
Lisalverto Bonilla   P      DR   2014-2014  Lisalverto Bonilla                       
Luther Bonin         OF     IN   1913-1913  Ernest Luther Bonin                      
Eddie Bonine         P      GA   2008-2010  Eddie Keith Bonine                       
Barry Bonnell        OF     OH   1977-1986  Robert Barry Bonnell                     
Bobby Bonner         SS     TX   1980-1982  Robert Averill Bonner                    
Frank Bonner         2B-SS  MA   1903-1903  Frank J. Bonner                          
Bill Bonness         P      OH   1944-1944  William John Bonness                     
Gus Bono             P      MO   1920-1920  Adlai Wendell Bono                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Boof Bonser          P      FL   2006-2010  John Paul Bonser                         
Zeke Bonura          1B     LA   1934-1940  Henry John Bonura                        
Everett Booe         OF     NC   1913-1913  Everett Little Booe                      
Buddy Booker         C      VA   1966-1968  Richard Lee Booker                       
Chris Booker         P      AL   2005-2007  Christopher Scott Booker                 
Greg Booker          P      VA   1983-1990  Gregory Scott Booker                     
Rod Booker           SS-2B  CA   1987-1991  Roderick Stewart Booker                  
Al Bool              C      NE   1928-1931  Albert J. Bool                           
Red Booles           P      LA   1909-1909  Seabron Jesse Booles                     
Aaron Boone          3B     CA   1997-2009  Aaron John Boone                         
Bob Boone            C      CA   1972-1990  Robert Raymond Boone                     
Bret Boone           2B     CA   1992-2005  Bret Robert Boone                        
Dan Boone            P      AL   1919-1923  James Albert Boone                       
Danny Boone          P      CA   1981-1990  Daniel Hugh Boone                        
George Boone                --   1891-1891                                           
Ike Boone            OF     AL   1922-1932  Isaac Morgan Boone                       
Lute Boone           2B-SS  PA   1913-1918  Lute Joseph Boone                        
Ray Boone            3B-SS  CA   1948-1960  Raymond Otis Boone                       
Chris Bootcheck      P      IN   2003-2013  Christopher Brandon Bootcheck            
 Booth                      --   1875-1875                                           
Amos Booth                  --   1876-1882                                           
Eddie Booth                 --   1872-1876                                           
Josh Booty           3B     MS   1996-1998  Joshua Gibson Booty                      
John Boozer          P      SC   1962-1969  John Morgan Boozer                       
Julio Borbon         LF-OF  MS   2009-2013  Julio Alberto Borbon                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Pedro Borbon         P      DR   1992-2003  Pedro Felix Borbon                       
Pedro Borbon         P      DR   1969-1980  Pedro (Rodriguez) Borbon                 
Joe Borchard         RF-CF  CA   2002-2007  Joseph Edward Borchard                   
George Borchers             --   1888-1895                                           
Frenchy Bordagaray   OF-3B  CA   1934-1945  Stanley George Bordagray                 
Joe Borden                  --   1875-1876                                           
Pat Borders          C      OH   1988-2005  Patrick Lance Borders                    
Rich Bordi           P      CA   1980-1988  Richard Albert Bordi                     
Mike Bordick         SS     MI   1990-2003  Michael Todd Bordick                     
Bill Bordley         P      CA   1980-1980  William Clarke Bordley                   
Glenn Borgmann       C      NJ   1972-1980  Glenn Dennis Borgmann                    
Paul Boris           P      NJ   1982-1982  Paul Stanley Boris                       
Frank Bork           P      NY   1964-1964  Frank Bernard Bork                       
Bob Borkowski        OF     OH   1950-1955  Robert Villarian Borkowski               
Dave Borkowski       P      MI   1999-2008  David Richard Borkowski                  
Toby Borland         P      LA   1994-2004  Toby Shawn Borland                       
Tom Borland          P      KS   1960-1961  Thomas Bruce Borland                     
Red Borom            2B     SC   1944-1945  Edward Jones Borom                       
Steve Boros          3B     MI   1957-1964  Stephen Boros                            
Joe Borowski         P      NJ   1995-2008  Joseph Thomas Borowski                   
Hank Borowy          P      NJ   1942-1951  Henry Ludwig Borowy                      
Babe Borton          1B     IL   1912-1916  William Baker Borton                     
J.C. Boscan          C      VZ   2010-2013  Jean Carlos Boscan                       
Don Bosch            OF     CA   1966-1969  Donald John Bosch                        
Rick Bosetti         OF     CA   1976-1982  Richard Alan Bosetti                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Buddy Boshers        P      AL   2013-2013  Jeffrey Alan Boshers                     
Chris Bosio          P      CA   1986-1996  Christopher Louis Bosio                  
Shawn Boskie         P      NV   1990-1998  Shawn Kealoha Boskie                     
Thad Bosley          OF     CA   1977-1990  Thaddis Bosley Jr.                       
Dick Bosman          P      WI   1966-1976  Richard Allen Bosman                     
Harley Boss          1B     LA   1928-1933  Elmer Harley Boss                        
Mel Bosser           P      PA   1945-1945  Melvin Edward Bosser                     
Henry Bostick        3B     MA   1915-1915  Henry Landers Bostick                    
Lyman Bostock        OF     AL   1975-1978  Lyman Wesley Bostock                     
Daryl Boston         CF-LF  OH   1984-1994  Daryl Lamont Boston                      
Andy Boswell                --   1895-1895                                           
Dave Boswell         P      MD   1964-1971  David Wilson Boswell                     
Ken Boswell          2B     TX   1967-1977  Kenneth George Boswell                   
Derek Botelho        P      CA   1982-1985  Derek Wayne Botelho                      
Ricky Bottalico      P      CT   1994-2005  Richard Paul Bottalico                   
John Bottarini       C      CA   1937-1937  John Charles Bottarini                   
Kent Bottenfield     P      OR   1992-2001  Kent Dennis Bottenfield                  
Ralph Botting        P      ME   1979-1980  Ralph Wayne Botting                      
Jim Bottomley        1B     IL   1922-1937  James Leroy Bottomley                    
Jason Botts          LF     CA   2005-2008  Jason Carl Botts                         
Bob Botz             P      WI   1962-1962  Robert Allen Botz                        
Ed Bouchee           1B     MT   1956-1962  Edward Francis Bouchee                   
Denis Boucher        P      QC   1991-1994  Denis Boucher                            
Lou Boudreau         SS     IL   1938-1952  Louis Boudreau                           
Carl Bouldin         P      KY   1961-1964  Carl Edward Bouldin                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jake Boultes         P      MO   1907-1909  Jacob John Boultes                       
Justin Bour          1B     VA   2014-2014  Justin James Bour                        
Jason Bourgeois      OF     TX   2008-2014  Jason Jerrod Bourgeois                   
Steve Bourgeois      P      LA   1996-1996  Steven James Bourgeois                   
Chris Bourjos        OF     IL   1980-1980  Christopher Bourjos                      
Peter Bourjos        CF     IL   2010-2014  Peter Christopher Bourjos                
Michael Bourn        CF     TX   2006-2014  Michael R. Bourn                         
Rafael Bournigal     SS-2B  DR   1992-1999  Rafael Antonio Bournigal                 
Pat Bourque          1B     MA   1971-1974  Patrick Daniel Bourque                   
Jim Bouton           P      NJ   1962-1978  James Alan Bouton                        
Mike Bovee           P      CA   1997-1997  Michael Craig Bovee                      
Larry Bowa           SS     CA   1970-1985  Lawrence Robert Bowa                     
Benny Bowcock        2B     MA   1903-1903  Benjamin James Bowock                    
Mike Bowden          P      IL   2008-2013  Michael Matthew Bowden                   
Tim Bowden           OF     GA   1914-1914  David Timon Bowden                       
Chick Bowen          OF     CT   1919-1919  Emmons Joseph Bowen                      
Cy Bowen                    --   1896-1896                                           
Rob Bowen            C      TX   2003-2008  Robert McClure Bowen                     
Ryan Bowen           P      CA   1991-1995  Ryan Eugene Bowen                        
Sam Bowen            OF     GA   1977-1980  Samuel Thomas Bowen                      
Sam Bowens           OF     NC   1963-1969  Samuel Edward Bowens                     
Frank Bowerman       C-1B   MI   1903-1909  Frank Eugene Bowerman                    
Billy Bowers         OF     AR   1949-1949  Grover Bill Bowers                       
Brent Bowers         LF     IL   1996-1996  Brent Raymond Bowers                     
Cedrick Bowers       P      FL   2008-2010  Cedrick Jerome Bowers                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Shane Bowers         P      CA   1997-1997  Shane Patrick Bowers                     
Stew Bowers          P      PA   1935-1937  Stewart Cole Bowers                      
Frank Bowes                 --   1890-1890                                           
Jim Bowie            1B     JP   1994-1994  James R. Bowie                           
Micah Bowie          P      TX   1999-2008  Micah Andrew Bowie                       
John Bowker          LF     CA   2008-2011  John Brite Bowker                        
Grant Bowler         P      CO   1931-1932  Grant Tierney Bowler                     
Brian Bowles         P      CA   2001-2003  Brian Christopher Bowles                 
Charlie Bowles       P      MA   1943-1945  Charles James Bowles                     
Emmett Bowles        P      OK   1922-1922  Emmett Jerome Bowles                     
Weldon Bowlin        3B     AR   1967-1967  Lois Weldon Bowlin                       
Steve Bowling        OF     OK   1976-1977  Stephen Shaddon Bowling                  
Abe Bowman           P      IL   1914-1915  Alvah Edson Bowman                       
Bill Bowman                 --   1891-1891                                           
Bob Bowman           OF     CA   1955-1959  Robert Leroy Bowman                      
Bob Bowman           P      WV   1939-1942  Robert James Bowman                      
Elmer Bowman         H      VT   1920-1920  Elmari Wilhelm Bowman                    
Ernie Bowman         SS-2B  TN   1961-1963  Ernest Ferrell Bowman                    
Joe Bowman           P      KS   1932-1945  Joseph Emil Bowman                       
Roger Bowman         P      NY   1949-1955  Roger Clinton Bowman                     
Sumner Bowman               --   1890-1891                                           
Red Bowser           OF     PA   1910-1910  James Harvey Bowser                      
Ted Bowsfield        P      BC   1958-1964  Edward Oliver Bowsfield                  
Travis Bowyer        P      VA   2005-2005  Travis Charlton Bowyer                   
Brad Boxberger       P      CA   2012-2014  Bradley George Boxberger                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bill Boyd                   --   1872-1875                                           
Bob Boyd             1B     MS   1951-1961  Robert Richard Boyd                      
Frank Boyd                  --   1893-1893                                           
Gary Boyd            P      CA   1969-1969  Gary Lee Boyd                            
Jake Boyd                   --   1894-1896                                           
Jason Boyd           P      IL   1999-2004  Jason Pernell Boyd                       
Oil Can Boyd         P      MS   1982-1991  Dennis Ray Boyd                          
Ray Boyd             P      IN   1910-1911  Raymond C. Boyd                          
Blaine Boyer         P      GA   2005-2014  Blaine Thomas Boyer                      
Clete Boyer          3B     MO   1955-1971  Clete Leroy Boyer                        
Cloyd Boyer          P      MO   1949-1955  Cloyd Victor Boyer                       
Ken Boyer            3B-1B  MO   1955-1969  Kenneth Lloyd Boyer                      
Dorian Boyland       1B     IL   1978-1981  Dorian Scott Boyland                     
Buzz Boyle           OF     OH   1929-1935  Ralph Francis Boyle                      
Eddie Boyle                 --   1896-1896                                           
Henry Boyle                 --   1884-1889                                           
Jack Boyle                  --   1886-1898                                           
Jack Boyle           3B-SS  IL   1912-1912  John Bellew Boyle                        
Harry Boyles         P      IL   1938-1939  Harry Boyles                             
Marshall Boze        P      AZ   1996-1996  Marshall Wayne Boze                      
Gene Brabender       P      WI   1966-1970  Eugene Matthew Brabender                 
Brad Brach           P      NJ   2011-2014  Brad Brach                               
Gibby Brack          OF     IL   1937-1939  Gilbert Herman Brack                     
Jack Bracken                --   1901-1901                                           
John Brackenridge    P      PA   1904-1904  John Givler Brackenridge                 

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Andrew Brackman      P      OH   2011-2011  Andrew Warren Brackman                   
Zach Braddock        P      NJ   2010-2011  William Zachary Braddock                 
Dallas Braden        P      AZ   2007-2011  Dallas Lee Braden                        
Don Bradey           P      NC   1964-1964  Donald Eugene Bradey                     
Bill Bradford        P      AR   1956-1956  William D. Bradford                      
Buddy Bradford       OF     AL   1966-1976  Charles William Bradford                 
Chad Bradford        P      MS   1998-2009  Chadwick Lee Bradford                    
Larry Bradford       P      IL   1977-1981  Larry Bradford                           
Vic Bradford         OF     TN   1943-1943  Henry Victor Bradford                    
Al Bradley                  --   1884-1884                                           
Bert Bradley         P      GA   1983-1983  Steven Bert Bradley                      
Bill Bradley         3B     OH   1903-1910  William Joseph Bradley                   
Foghorn Bradley             --   1876-1876                                           
Fred Bradley         P      KS   1948-1949  Fred Langdon Bradley                     
George Bradley              --   1875-1888                                           
George Bradley       OF     AR   1946-1946  George Washington Bradley                
Herb Bradley         P      KS   1927-1929  Herbert Theodore Bradley                 
Hugh Bradley         1B     MA   1910-1912  Hugh Frederick Bradley                   
Jack Bradley         C      OK   1916-1916  John Thomas Bradley                      
Jackie Bradley       CF-OF  VA   2013-2014  Jackie Bradley Jr.                       
Mark Bradley         OF     KY   1981-1983  Mark Allen Bradley                       
Milton Bradley       LF     CA   2000-2011  Milton Obelle Bradley                    
Phil Bradley         LF-OF  IN   1983-1990  Phillip Poole Bradley                    
Ryan Bradley         P      CA   1998-1998  Ryan James Bradley                       
Scott Bradley        C      NJ   1984-1992  Scott William Bradley                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tom Bradley          P      NC   1969-1975  Thomas William Bradley                   
Dallas Bradshaw      2B     IL   1917-1917  Dallas Carl Bradshaw                     
George Bradshaw      C      NC   1952-1952  George Thomas Bradshaw                   
Joe Bradshaw         P      TN   1929-1929  Joe Siah Bradshaw                        
Terry Bradshaw       OF     VA   1995-1996  Terry Leon Bradshaw                      
Bill Brady           P      NY   1912-1912  William Aloysius Brady                   
Bob Brady            C      PA   1946-1947  Robert Jay Brady                         
Brian Brady          RF     NY   1989-1989  Brian Phelan Brady                       
Cliff Brady          2B     MO   1920-1920  Clifford Francis Brady                   
Doug Brady           2B     IL   1995-1995  Stephen Douglas Brady                    
Jim Brady            P      NJ   1956-1956  James Joseph Brady                       
King Brady           P      NJ   1905-1912  James Ward Brady                         
Neal Brady           P      KY   1915-1925  Cornelius Joseph Brady                   
Spike Brady                 --   1875-1875                                           
Steve Brady                 --   1874-1886                                           
Bobby Bragan         SS-C   AL   1940-1948  Robert Randall Bragan                    
Darren Bragg         RF-CF  CT   1994-2004  Darren William Bragg                     
Dick Braggins               --   1901-1901                                           
Glenn Braggs         RF-LF  CA   1986-1992  Glenn Erick Braggs                       
Dave Brain           3B     EN   1903-1908  David Leonard Brain                      
Asa Brainard                --   1871-1874                                           
Fred Brainerd        1B-3B  IL   1914-1916  Frederick F. Brainerd                    
Erv Brame            P      TN   1928-1932  Ervin Beckham Brame                      
Art Bramhall         SS-3B  IL   1935-1935  Arthur Washington Bramhall               
Ralph Branca         P      NY   1944-1956  Ralph Theodore Joseph Branca             

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Al Brancato          SS-3B  PA   1939-1945  Albert Brancato                          
Harvey Branch        P      TN   1962-1962  Harvey Alfred Branch                     
Norm Branch          P      WA   1941-1942  Norman Downs Branch                      
Roy Branch           P      MO   1979-1979  Roy Branch                               
Ron Brand            C      CA   1963-1971  Ronald George Brand                      
Mark Brandenburg     P      TX   1995-1997  Mark Clay Brandenburg                    
Chick Brandom        P      KS   1908-1909  Chester Milton Brandom                   
Bucky Brandon        P      TX   1966-1973  Darrell G Brandon                        
Bill Brandt          P      IN   1941-1943  William George Brandt                    
Ed Brandt            P      WA   1928-1938  Edward Arthur Brandt                     
Jackie Brandt        OF     NE   1956-1967  John George Brandt Jr.                   
Otis Brannan         2B     AR   1928-1929  Otis Owen Brannan                        
Mike Brannock               --   1871-1875                                           
Dud Branom           1B     TX   1927-1927  Edgar Dudley Branom                      
Kitty Bransfield     1B     MA   1903-1911  William Edward Bransfield                
Jeff Branson         3B-2B  MS   1992-2001  Jeffrey Glenn Branson                    
Marshall Brant       1B     CA   1980-1983  Marshall Lee Brant                       
Cliff Brantley       P      NY   1991-1992  Clifford Brantley                        
Jeff Brantley        P      AL   1988-2001  Jeffrey Hoke Brantley                    
Michael Brantley     LF     WA   2009-2014  Michael Charles Brantley Jr.             
Mickey Brantley      LF-CF  NY   1986-1989  Michael Charles Brantley                 
Rob Brantly          C      AZ   2012-2013  Robert Jacob Brantly                     
Russell Branyan      1B     GA   1998-2011  Russell Oles Branyan                     
Kitty Brashear              --   1899-1899                                           
Roy Brashear         2B     OH   1903-1903  Roy Parks Brashear                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Ryan Brasier         P      TX   2013-2013  Ryan David Brasier                       
Joe Bratcher         OF     TX   1924-1924  Joseph Warlick Bratcher                  
Fred Bratschi        OF     OH   1921-1927  Frederick Oscar Bratschi                 
John Braun           P      WI   1964-1964  John Paul Braun                          
Ryan Braun           P      ON   2006-2007  Ryan Zachary Braun                       
Ryan Braun           LF     CA   2007-2014  Ryan Joseph Braun                        
Steve Braun          OF-3B  NJ   1971-1985  Stephen Russell Braun                    
Angel Bravo          OF     VZ   1969-1971  Angel Alfonso (Urdaneta) Bravo           
Garland Braxton      P      NC   1921-1933  Edgar Garland Braxton                    
Bill Bray            P      VA   2006-2012  William Alan Bray                        
Buster Bray          OF     AL   1941-1941  Clarence Wilbur Bray                     
Craig Brazell        1B     AL   2004-2007  Craig Walter Brazell                     
Dewon Brazelton      P      TN   2002-2006  Dewon Cortez Brazelton                   
Frank Brazill        1B-3B  PA   1921-1922  Frank Leo Brazill                        
Al Brazle            P      OK   1943-1954  Alpha Eugene Brazle                      
Yhency Brazoban      P      DR   2004-2011  Yhency Jose Brazoban                     
Leslie Brea          P      DR   2000-2001  Leslie Guillermo Brea                    
Sid Bream            1B     PA   1983-1994  Sidney Eugene Bream                      
Jim Breazeale        1B     TX   1969-1978  James Leo Breazeale                      
Harry Brecheen       P      OK   1940-1953  Harry David Brecheen                     
Bill Breckinridge    P      OK   1929-1929  William Robertson Breckinridge           
Brent Brede          RF-LF  IL   1996-1998  Brent David Brede                        
Danny Breeden        C      GA   1969-1971  Danny Richard Breeden                    
Hal Breeden          1B     GA   1971-1975  Harold Noel Breeden                      
Marv Breeding        2B     AL   1960-1963  Marvin Eugene Breeding                   

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Fred Breining        P      CA   1980-1984  Fred Lawrence Breining                   
Alonzo Breitenstein         --   1883-1883                                           
Ted Breitenstein            --   1891-1901                                           
Herb Bremer          C      IL   1937-1939  Herbert Frederick Bremer                 
Bob Brenly           C      OH   1981-1989  Robert Earl Brenly                       
Ad Brennan           P      KS   1910-1918  Addison Foster Brennan                   
Don Brennan          P      ME   1933-1937  James Donald Brennan                     
Jim Brennan                 --   1884-1890                                           
Tom Brennan          P      IL   1981-1985  Thomas Martin Brennan                    
William Brennan      P      FL   1988-1993  William Raymond Brennan                  
Jim Brenneman        P      CA   1965-1965  James Leroy Brenneman                    
Bert Brenner         P      MN   1912-1912  Delbert Henry Brenner                    
Lynn Brenton         P      IL   1913-1921  Lynn David Brenton                       
Bryce Brentz         OF     TN   2014-2014  Bryce Everett Brentz                     
Bill Brenzel         C      CA   1932-1935  William Richard Brenzel                  
Craig Breslow        P      CT   2005-2014  Craig Andrew Breslow                     
Roger Bresnahan      C-OF   OH   1903-1915  Roger Phillip Bresnahan                  
Rube Bressler        OF     PA   1914-1932  Raymond Bloom Bressler                   
Eddie Bressoud       SS     CA   1956-1967  Edward Francis Bressoud                  
Jim Breton           3B     IL   1913-1915  John Frederick Breton                    
George Brett         3B-1B  WV   1973-1993  George Howard Brett                      
Herb Brett           P      VA   1924-1925  Herbert James Brett                      
Ken Brett            P      NY   1967-1981  Kenneth Alven Brett                      
Marv Breuer          P      MO   1939-1943  Marvin Howard Breuer                     
Billy Brewer         P      TX   1993-1999  William Robert Brewer                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Charles Brewer       P      AZ   2013-2013  Charles Robert Brewer                    
Jack Brewer          P      CA   1944-1946  John Herndon Brewer                      
Jim Brewer           P      CA   1960-1976  James Thomas Brewer                      
Mike Brewer          OF     LA   1986-1986  Michael Quinn Brewer                     
Rod Brewer           1B-OF  FL   1990-1993  Rodney Lee Brewer                        
Tom Brewer           P      SC   1954-1961  Thomas Austin Brewer                     
Tony Brewer          OF     LA   1984-1984  Anthony Bruce Brewer                     
Jamie Brewington     P      NC   1995-2000  Jamie Chancellor Brewington              
Charlie Brewster     SS     LA   1943-1946  Charles Lawrence Brewster                
Alan Brice           P      NY   1961-1961  Alan Healey Brice                        
Fred Brickell        OF     KS   1926-1933  George Frederick Brickell                
Fritz Brickell       SS     KS   1959-1961  Fritz Darrell Brickell                   
George Brickley      OF     MA   1913-1913  George Vincent Brickley                  
Ralph Brickner       P      OH   1952-1952  Ralph Harold Brickner                    
Jim Brideweser       SS-2B  OH   1951-1957  James Ehrenfeld Brideweser               
Marshall Bridges     P      MS   1959-1965  Marshall Bridges                         
Rocky Bridges        SS-2B  TX   1951-1961  Everett Lamar Bridges                    
Tommy Bridges        P      TN   1930-1946  Thomas Jefferson Davis Bridges           
Al Bridwell          SS     OH   1905-1913  Albert Henry Bridwell                    
Bunny Brief          1B     MI   1912-1917  Anthony Vincent Brief                    
Buttons Briggs       P      NY   1904-1905  Herbert Theodore Briggs                  
Charlie Briggs              --   1884-1884                                           
Dan Briggs           1B-OF  CA   1975-1982  Dan Lee Briggs                           
Grant Briggs                --   1890-1895                                           
John Briggs          P      CA   1956-1960  Jonathan Tift Briggs                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Johnny Briggs        OF     NJ   1964-1975  John Edward Briggs                       
Harry Bright         1B-3B  MO   1958-1965  Harry James Bright                       
Reid Brignac         SS-3B  LA   2008-2014  Reid Michael Brignac                     
Nelson Briles        P      CA   1965-1978  Nelson Kelley Briles                     
Greg Briley          LF-RF  NC   1988-1993  Gregory Briley                           
Frank Brill                 --   1884-1884                                           
Jim Brillheart       P      VA   1922-1931  James Benson Brillheart                  
Brad Brink           P      CA   1992-1994  Bradford Albert Brink                    
Bill Brinker         OF-3B  MO   1912-1912  William Hutchinson Brinker               
Chuck Brinkman       C      OH   1969-1974  Charles Ernest Brinkman                  
Ed Brinkman          SS     OH   1961-1975  Edwin Albert Brinkman                    
Leon Brinkopf        SS     MO   1952-1952  Leon Clarence Binkopf                    
Fatty Briody                --   1880-1888                                           
John Briscoe         P      MX   1991-1996  John Eric Briscoe                        
Lou Brissie          P      SC   1947-1953  Leland Victor Brissie                    
George Bristow              --   1899-1899                                           
Bernardo Brito       LF     DR   1992-1995  Bernardo Brito                           
Eude Brito           P      DR   2005-2006  Eude Ezequiel Brito                      
Jorge Brito          C      DR   1995-1996  Jorge Manuel Brito Uceta                 
Juan Brito           C      DR   2002-2004  Juan Ramon Brito                         
Tilson Brito         2B-3B  DR   1996-1997  Tilson Manuel Brito Jiminez              
Jim Britt                   --   1872-1873                                           
Gus Brittain         C      NC   1937-1937  August Schuster Brittain                 
Jack Brittin         P      IL   1950-1951  John Albert Brittin                      
Chris Britton        P      FL   2006-2008  Christopher Daniel Britton               

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Drake Britton        P      TX   2013-2014  John Drake Britton                       
Gil Britton          SS     KS   1913-1913  Stephen Gilbert Britton                  
Jim Britton          P      NY   1967-1971  James Allan Britton                      
Zach Britton         P      CA   2011-2014  Zachary Grant Britton                    
Tony Brizzolara      P      CA   1979-1984  Anthony John Brizzolara                  
Johnny Broaca        P      MA   1934-1939  John Joseph Broaca                       
Lance Broadway       P      TX   2007-2009  Lance Daniel Broadway                    
Pete Broberg         P      FL   1971-1978  Peter Sven Broberg                       
Doug Brocail         P      PA   1992-2009  Douglas Keith Brocail                    
Chris Brock          P      FL   1997-2002  Terrence Christopher Brock               
Greg Brock           1B     OR   1982-1991  Gregory Allen Brock                      
John Brock           C      IL   1917-1918  John Roy Brock                           
Lou Brock            OF     AR   1961-1979  Louis Clark Brock                        
Tarrik Brock         LF-CF  CA   2000-2000  Tarrick Jumaan Brock                     
Lew Brockett         P      IL   1907-1911  Lewis Albert Brockett                    
Brian Broderick      P      AZ   2011-2011  Brian Michael Broderick                  
Matt Broderick       2B     PA   1903-1903  Matthew Thomas Broderick                 
Steve Brodie                --   1890-1902                                           
Dick Brodowski       P      NJ   1952-1959  Richard Stanley Brodowski                
Ernie Broglio        P      CA   1959-1966  Ernest Gilbert Broglio                   
Rico Brogna          1B     MA   1992-2001  Rico Joseph Brogna                       
Jack Brohamer        2B     CA   1972-1980  John Anthony Brohamer Jr.                
Troy Brohawn         P      MD   2001-2003  Michael Troy Brohawn                     
Ken Brondell         P      NE   1944-1944  Kenneth Leroy Brondell                   
Jeff Bronkey         P      AF   1993-1995  Jacob Jeffery Bronkey                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Herman Bronkie       3B-2B  CT   1910-1922  Herman Charles Bronkie                   
Jim Bronstad         P      TX   1959-1964  James Warren Bronstad                    
Ike Brookens         P      PA   1975-1975  Edward Dwain Brookens                    
Tom Brookens         3B     PA   1979-1990  Thomas Dale Brookens                     
Aaron Brooks         P      CA   2014-2014  Aaron Lee Brooks                         
Bobby Brooks         OF     CA   1969-1973  Robert Brooks                            
Frank Brooks         P      NY   2004-2005  Frank J. Brooks                          
Harry Brooks                --   1886-1886                                           
Hubie Brooks         RF-3B  CA   1980-1994  Hubert Brooks                            
Jerry Brooks         RF-OF  NY   1993-1996  Jerome Edward Brooks                     
Mandy Brooks         OF     WI   1925-1926  Jonathan Joseph Brooks                   
Scott Brosius        3B     OR   1991-2001  Scott David Brosius                      
Sig Broskie          C      PA   1940-1940  Sigmund Theodore Broskie                 
Jim Brosnan          P      OH   1954-1963  James Patrick Brosnan                    
Terry Bross          P      TX   1991-1993  Terrance Paul Bross                      
Frank Brosseau       P      ND   1969-1971  Franklin Lee Brosseau                    
Rex Brothers         P      TN   2011-2014  Rex Coleman Brothers                     
Tony Brottem         C      MN   1916-1921  Anton Christian Brottem                  
Cal Broughton               --   1883-1888                                           
Mark Brouhard        OF     CA   1980-1985  Mark Steven Brouhard                     
Ben Broussard        1B     TX   2002-2008  Benjamin Isaac Broussard                 
Art Brouthers        3B     AL   1906-1906  Arthur H. Brouthers                      
Dan Brouthers        1B     NY   1904-1904  Dennis Joseph Brouthers                  
Joe Brovia           H      CA   1955-1955  Joseph John Brovia                       
Scott Brow           P      MT   1993-1998  Scott John Brow                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bob Brower           CF-LF  NY   1986-1989  Robert Richard Brower                    
Frank Brower         OF-1B  VA   1920-1924  Frank Willard Brower                     
Jim Brower           P      MN   1999-2007  James Robert Brower                      
Louis Brower         SS     OH   1931-1931  Louis Lester Brower                      
 Brown                      --   1874-1874                                           
Adrian Brown         CF-RF  MS   1997-2006  Adrian Desmond Brown                     
Alton Brown          P      VA   1951-1951  Alton Leo Brown                          
Andrew Brown         P      OH   2006-2008  Andrew Aaron Brown                       
Andrew Brown         RF-OF  TX   2011-2014  Andrew M. Brown                          
Bill Brown           OF     TX   1912-1912  William Verna Brown                      
Boardwalk Brown      P      NJ   1911-1915  Carroll William Brown                    
Bob Brown            P      MA   1930-1936  Robert Murray Brown                      
Bobby Brown          3B     WA   1946-1954  Robert William Brown                     
Bobby Brown          OF     VA   1979-1985  Rogers Lee Brown                         
Brant Brown          LF-CF  CA   1996-2000  Brant Michael Brown                      
Brooks Brown         P      GA   2014-2014  Brooks Steven Brown                      
Buster Brown         P      IA   1905-1913  Charles Edward Brown                     
Cameron Brown        C      NY   2013-2013  Cameron Brown                            
Charlie Brown               --   1897-1897                                           
Chris Brown          3B     MS   1984-1989  John Christopher Brown                   
Clint Brown          P      PA   1928-1942  Clinton Harold Brown                     
Corey Brown          OF     FL   2011-2014  Corey Allen Brown                        
Curly Brown          P      KS   1911-1915  Charles Roy Brown                        
Curt Brown           P      FL   1983-1987  Curtis Steven Brown                      
Curtis Brown         OF     CA   1973-1973  Curtis Brown                             

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Darrell Brown        OF     OK   1981-1984  Darrell Wayne Brown                      
Dee Brown            LF     NY   1998-2007  Dermal Bram Brown                        
Delos Brown          H      IL   1914-1914  Delos Hight Brown                        
Dick Brown           C      WV   1957-1965  Richard Ernest Brown                     
Domonic Brown        LF     GA   2010-2014  Domonic Larun Brown                      
Drummond Brown       C      CA   1913-1913  Drummond Nicol Brown                     
Dusty Brown          C      CA   2009-2011  Dustin William Brown                     
Ed Brown                    --   1882-1884                                           
Eddie Brown          OF     NE   1920-1928  Edward William Brown                     
Elmer Brown          P      IN   1911-1915  Elmer Young Brown                        
Emil Brown           CF-LF  IL   1997-2009  Emil Quincy Brown                        
Fred Brown                  --   1901-1902                                           
Gary Brown           OF     CA   2014-2014  Gary Allen Brown                         
Gates Brown          OF     OH   1963-1975  William James Brown                      
Hal Brown            P      NC   1951-1964  Hector Harold Brown                      
Ike Brown            2B-1B  TN   1969-1974  Isaac Brown                              
Jackie Brown         P      OK   1970-1977  Jackie Gene Brown                        
Jake Brown           OF     MS   1975-1975  Jerald Ray Brown                         
Jamie Brown          P      MS   2004-2004  James Monroe Brown                       
Jarvis Brown         CF-RF  IL   1991-1995  Jarvis Ardel Brown                       
Jeremy Brown         C      AL   2006-2006  Jeremy Scott Brown                       
Jim Brown                   --   1884-1886                                           
Jim Brown            OF     MD   1915-1916  James Donaldson Brown                    
Jimmy Brown          SS-2B  NC   1937-1946  James Roberson Brown                     
Joe Brown                   --   1884-1885                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Brown            P      AR   1927-1927  Joseph Henry Brown                       
John Brown                  --   1897-1897                                           
Jophery Brown        P      LA   1968-1968  Jophery Clifford Brown                   
Jordan Brown         1B     CA   2010-2013  Jordan Cassidy Brown                     
Jumbo Brown          P      RI   1925-1941  Walter George Brown                      
Keith Brown          P      AZ   1988-1992  Keith Edward Brown                       
Kevin Brown          P      GA   1986-2005  James Kevin Brown                        
Kevin Brown          P      CA   1990-1992  Kevin Dewayne Brown                      
Kevin Brown          C      IN   1996-2002  Kevin Lee Brown                          
Larry Brown          SS-2B  WV   1963-1974  Larry Leslie Brown                       
Leon Brown           OF     CA   1976-1976  Leon Brown                               
Lew Brown                   --   1876-1884                                           
Lindsay Brown        SS     TX   1937-1937  John Lindsay Brown                       
Lloyd Brown          P      TX   1925-1940  Lloyd Andrew Brown                       
Mace Brown           P      IA   1935-1946  Mace Stanley Brown                       
Mark Brown           P      VT   1984-1985  Mark Anthony Brown                       
Marty Brown          3B     OK   1988-1990  Marty Leo Brown                          
Matt Brown           3B     IN   2007-2008  Matthew Benjamin Brown                   
Mike Brown           OF     CA   1983-1988  Michael Charles Brown                    
Mike Brown           P      NJ   1982-1987  Michael Gary Brown                       
Mordecai Brown       P      IN   1903-1916  Mordecai Peter Centennial Brown          
Myrl Brown           P      PA   1922-1922  Myrl Lincoln Brown                       
Norm Brown           P      NC   1943-1946  Norman Brown                             
Oliver Brown                --   1872-1875                                           
Ollie Brown          OF     AL   1965-1977  Ollie Lee Brown                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Oscar Brown          OF     CA   1969-1973  Oscar Lee Brown                          
Paul Brown           P      AR   1961-1968  Paul Dwayne Brown                        
Randy Brown          C      FL   1969-1970  Edwin Randolph Brown                     
Ray Brown            P      IL   1909-1909  Paul Percival Brown                      
Roosevelt Brown      LF     MS   1999-2002  Roosevelt Lawayne Brown                  
Sam Brown            C      PA   1906-1907  Samuel Wakefield Brown                   
Scott Brown          P      LA   1981-1981  Scott Edward Brown                       
Steve Brown          P      CA   1983-1984  Steven Elbert Brown                      
Stub Brown                  --   1893-1897                                           
Tom Brown                   --   1882-1898                                           
Tom Brown            P      LA   1978-1978  Thomas Tarlton Brown                     
Tom Brown            OF-1B  PA   1963-1963  Thomas William Brown                     
Tommy Brown          SS-OF  NY   1944-1953  Thomas Michael Brown                     
Walter Brown         P      NY   1947-1947  Walter Irving Brown                      
Willard Brown               --   1887-1894                                           
Willard Brown        OF     LA   1947-1947  Willard Jessie Brown                     
Byron Browne         OF     MO   1965-1972  Byron Ellis Browne                       
Earl Browne          OF-1B  KY   1935-1938  Earl James Browne                        
George Browne        OF     VA   1903-1912  George Edward Browne                     
Jerry Browne         2B-3B  VG   1986-1995  Jerome Austin Browne                     
Pidge Browne         1B     NY   1962-1962  Prentice Almont Browne                   
Barret Browning      P      GA   2012-2012  Gary Barret Browning                     
Cal Browning         P      OK   1960-1960  Calvin Duane Browning                    
Frank Browning       P      KY   1910-1910  Frank Browning                           
Pete Browning               --   1882-1894                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Tom Browning         P      WY   1984-1995  Thomas Leo Browning                      
Mark Brownson        P      FL   1998-2000  Mark Phillip Brownson                    
Jonathan Broxton     P      GA   2005-2014  Jonathan Roy Broxton                     
Bill Brubaker        3B     OH   1932-1943  Wilber Lee Brubaker                      
Bruce Brubaker       P      PA   1967-1970  Bruce Ellsworth Brubaker                 
Bob Bruce            P      MI   1959-1967  Robert James Bruce                       
Jay Bruce            RF     TX   2008-2014  Jay Anderson Bruce                       
Lou Bruce            P      NY   1904-1904  Louis R. Bruce                           
Fred Bruckbauer      P      MN   1961-1961  Frederick John Bruckbauer                
Earle Brucker        C      CA   1948-1948  Earle Francis Brucker Jr.                
Earle Brucker        C      NY   1937-1943  Earle Francis Brucker Sr.                
Andy Bruckmiller     P      PA   1905-1905  Andrew Bruckmiller                       
J.T. Bruett          RF-CF  WI   1992-1993  Joseph Timothy Bruett                    
Frank Bruggy         C      NJ   1921-1925  Frank Leo Bruggy                         
Mike Bruhert         P      NY   1978-1978  Michael Edwin Bruhert                    
Cliff Brumbaugh      RF-LF  DE   2001-2001  Clifford Michael Brumbaugh               
Jacob Brumfield      CF-LF  LA   1992-1999  Jacob Donnell Brumfield                  
Duff Brumley         P      TN   1994-1994  Duff Lechaun Brumley                     
Mike Brumley         SS-2B  OK   1987-1995  Anthony Michael Brumley                  
Mike Brumley         C      OK   1964-1966  Tony Mike Brumley                        
Glenn Brummer        C      IL   1981-1985  Glenn Edward Brummer                     
Greg Brummett        P      KS   1993-1993  Gregory Scott Brummett                   
Tyson Brummett       P      MS   2012-2012  Tyson Colby Brummett                     
Tom Brunansky        OF     CA   1981-1994  Thomas Andrew Brunansky                  
Jack Bruner          P      IA   1949-1950  Jack Raymond Bruner                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Roy Bruner           P      KY   1939-1941  Walter Roy Bruner                        
George Brunet        P      MI   1956-1971  George Stuart Brunet                     
Justin Brunette      P      CA   2000-2000  Justin Thomas Brunette                   
Brian Bruney         P      OR   2004-2012  Brian Anthony Bruney                     
Tom Bruno            P      IL   1976-1979  Thomas Michael Bruno                     
Arlo Brunsberg       C      MN   1966-1966  Arlo Adolph Brunsberg                    
Will Brunson         P      TX   1998-1999  William Donald Brunson                   
Eric Bruntlett       SS-2B  IN   2003-2009  Eric Kevin Bruntlett                     
Bob Brush            1B     IA   1907-1907  Robert Brush                             
Jim Bruske           P      IL   1995-2000  James Scott Bruske                       
Warren Brusstar      P      CA   1977-1985  Warren Scott Brusstar                    
Bill Bruton          OF     AL   1953-1964  William Haron Bruton                     
Ed Bruyette                 --   1901-1901                                           
Billy Bryan          C      GA   1961-1968  William Ronald Bryan                     
Clay Bryant          P      VA   1935-1940  Claiborne Henry Bryant                   
Derek Bryant         OF     KY   1979-1979  Derek Roszell Bryant                     
Don Bryant           C      FL   1966-1970  Donald Ray Bryant                        
George Bryant               --   1885-1885                                           
Ralph Bryant         OF     GA   1985-1987  Ralph Wendell Bryant                     
Ron Bryant           P      CA   1967-1975  Ronald Raymond Bryant                    
T.R. Bryden          P      WA   1986-1986  Thomas Ray Bryden                        
Steve Brye           OF     CA   1970-1978  Stephen Robert Brye                      
Tod Brynan                  --   1888-1891                                           
Jaime Bubela         OF     TX   2005-2005  Jaime Lee Bubela                         
Hal Bubser           H      IL   1922-1922  Harold Fred Bubser                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Johnny Bucha         C      PA   1948-1953  John George Bucha                        
Bob Buchanan         P      PA   1985-1989  Robert Gordon Buchanan                   
Brian Buchanan       RF-1B  FL   2000-2004  Brian James Buchanan                     
David Buchanan       P      GA   2014-2014  David Andrew Buchanan                    
Jake Buchanan        P      NC   2014-2014  Jake T. Buchanan                         
Jim Buchanan         P      VA   1905-1905  James Forrest Buchanan                   
Jerry Buchek         2B-3B  MO   1961-1968  Gerald Peter Buchek                      
Jim Bucher           3B-2B  VA   1934-1945  James Quinter Bucher                     
Clay Buchholz        P      TX   2007-2014  Clay Daniel Buchholz                     
Taylor Buchholz      P      PA   2006-2011  Taylor Buchholz                          
Ryan Buchter         P      NJ   2014-2014  Ryan J. Buchter                          
John Buck            C      WY   2004-2014  Jonathan Richard Buck                    
Travis Buck          OF     WA   2007-2012  Travis George Buck                       
Gary Buckels         P      CA   1994-1994  Gary Scott Buckels                       
Garland Buckeye      P      MN   1918-1928  Garland Maiers Buckeye                   
Fred Buckingham             --   1895-1895                                           
Jess Buckles         P      CA   1916-1916  Jesse Robert Buckles                     
Dick Buckley                --   1888-1895                                           
John Buckley                --   1890-1890                                           
Kevin Buckley        1B     MA   1984-1984  Kevin John Buckley                       
Bill Buckner         1B-OF  CA   1969-1990  William Joseph Buckner                   
Billy Buckner        P      GA   2007-2014  William Jennings Buckner                 
Mark Budaska         OF     PA   1978-1981  Mark David Budaska                       
 Budd                       --   1890-1890                                           
Ryan Budde           C      OK   2007-2010  Ryan Dean Budde                          

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mike Buddie          P      OH   1998-2002  Michael Joseph Buddie                    
Don Buddin           SS     SC   1956-1962  Donald Thomas Buddin                     
Mike Budnick         P      OR   1946-1947  Michael Joe Budnick                      
Mark Budzinski       CF     MD   2003-2003  Mark Joseph Budzinski                    
Steve Buechele       3B     CA   1985-1995  Steven Bernand Buechele                  
Mark Buehrle         P      MO   2000-2014  Mark Anthony Buehrle                     
Charlie Buelow              --   1901-1901                                           
Fritz Buelow         C      GE   1903-1907  Frederick William Buelow                 
Francisley Bueno     P      CU   2008-2014  Francisley Trueba Bueno                  
Jay Buente           P      IN   2010-2011  Jay Phillip Buente                       
Art Bues             3B     WI   1913-1914  Arthur Frederick Bues                    
Charlie Buffinton           --   1882-1892                                           
Damon Buford         CF     MD   1993-2001  Damon Jackson Buford                     
Don Buford           OF-2B  TX   1963-1972  Donald Alvin Buford                      
Bob Buhl             P      MI   1953-1967  Robert Ray Buhl                          
Jay Buhner           RF     KY   1987-2001  Jay Campbell Buhner                      
Dewayne Buice        P      CA   1987-1989  De Wayne Allison Buice                   
Cy Buker             P      WI   1945-1945  Cyril Owen Buker                         
Harry Buker                 --   1884-1884                                           
Ryan Bukvich         P      IL   2002-2008  Ryan Adrien Bukvich                      
Jason Bulger         P      GA   2005-2011  Jason Patrick Bulger                     
George Bullard       SS     MA   1954-1954  George Donald Bullard                    
Sim Bullas                  --   1884-1884                                           
Scott Bullett        LF-CF  WV   1991-1996  Scott Douglas Bullett                    
Bud Bulling          C      CA   1977-1983  Terry Charles Bulling                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Jim Bullinger        P      LA   1992-1998  James Eric Bullinger                     
Kirk Bullinger       P      LA   1998-2004  Kirk Matthew Bullinger                   
Bryan Bullington     P      IN   2005-2010  Bryan Paul Bullington                    
Eric Bullock         OF     CA   1985-1992  Eric Jerald Bullock                      
Red Bullock          P      MS   1936-1936  Malton Joseph Bullock                    
Al Bumbry            OF     VA   1972-1985  Alonza Benjamin Bumbry                   
Madison Bumgarner    P      NC   2009-2014  Madison Kyle Bumgarner                   
Nate Bump            P      PA   2003-2005  Nathan Louis Bump                        
Josh Bunce                  --   1877-1877                                           
Melvin Bunch         P      TX   1995-1999  Melvin Lynn Bunch Jr.                    
Dylan Bundy          P      OK   2012-2012  Dylan Matthew Bundy                      
Wally Bunker         P      WA   1963-1971  Wallace Edward Bunker                    
Jim Bunning          P      KY   1955-1971  James Paul David Bunning                 
Dave Burba           P      OH   1990-2004  David Allen Burba                        
Bill Burbach         P      WI   1969-1971  William David Burbach                    
Nelson Burbrink      C      OH   1955-1955  Nelson Edward Burbrink                   
Al Burch             OF     NY   1906-1911  Albert William Burch                     
Ernie Burch                 --   1884-1887                                           
Larry Burchart       P      OK   1969-1969  Larry Wayne Burchart                     
Fred Burchell        P      NJ   1903-1909  Frederick Duff Burchell                  
Bob Burda            1B-OF  MO   1962-1972  Edward Robert Burda                      
Freddie Burdette     P      GA   1962-1964  Freddie Thomason Burdette                
Lew Burdette         P      WV   1950-1967  Selva Lewis Burdette                     
Bill Burdick                --   1888-1889                                           
Jack Burdock                --   1872-1891                                           

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Burg             3B     IL   1910-1910  Joseph Peter Burg                        
Smoky Burgess        C      NC   1949-1967  Forrest Harrill Burgess                  
Tom Burgess          1B     ON   1954-1962  Thomas Roland Burgess                    
Tom Burgmeier        P      MN   1968-1984  Thomas Henry Burgmeier                   
Bill Burgo           OF     PA   1943-1944  William Ross Burgo                       
Ambiorix Burgos      P      DR   2005-2007  Ambiorix Burgos                          
Enrique Burgos       P      PN   1993-1995  Enrique Burgos Calles                    
Hiram Burgos         P      PR   2013-2013  Hiram A. Burgos                          
Bill Burich          SS-3B  MI   1942-1946  William Max Burich                       
Mack Burk            C      TX   1956-1958  Mack Edwin Burk                          
Sandy Burk           P      OH   1910-1913  Charles Sanford Burk                     
Chris Burkam         H      MI   1915-1915  Chauncey de Pew Burkam                   
Elmer Burkart        P      PA   1936-1939  Elmert Robert Burkart                    
Bill Burke                  --   1887-1887                                           
Billy Burke          P      MA   1910-1911  William Ignatus Burke                    
Bobby Burke          P      IL   1927-1937  Robert James Burke                       
Chris Burke          2B     KY   2004-2009  Christopher Allen Burke                  
Dan Burke                   --   1890-1892                                           
Eddie Burke                 --   1890-1897                                           
Frank Burke          OF     --   1906-1907  Frank Aloysius Burke                     
Glenn Burke          OF     CA   1976-1979  Glenn Lawrence Burke                     
Greg Burke           P      NJ   2009-2013  Gregory Francis Burke                    
James Burke                 --   1882-1884                                           
Jamie Burke          C      OR   2001-2009  James Eugene Burke                       
Jimmy Burke          3B     MO   1903-1905  James Timothy Burke                      

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Joe Burke            IF     TN   1890-1891  Joseph Aloysius Burke                    
John Burke           P      PA   1902-1902  John Patrick Burke                       
John Burke           P      CO   1996-1997  John Chandler Burke                      
Leo Burke            OF-2B  MD   1958-1965  Leo Patrick Burke                        
Les Burke            2B     MA   1923-1926  Leslie Kingston Burke                    
Mike Burke           SS     --   1879-1879  Michael E. Burke                         
Pat Burke            3B     MO   1924-1924  Patrick Edward Burke                     
Steve Burke          P      CA   1977-1978  Steven Michael Burke                     
Tim Burke            P      NE   1985-1992  Timothy Philip Burke                     
Jesse Burkett        OF     WV   1903-1905  Jesse Cail Burkett                       
John Burkett         P      PA   1987-2003  John David Burkett                       
Ken Burkhart         P      TN   1945-1949  Kenneth William Burkhart                 
Morgan Burkhart      1B     MO   2000-2003  Morgan Burkhart                          
Ellis Burks          CF-RF  MS   1987-2004  Ellis Rena Burks                         
Rick Burleson        SS     CA   1974-1987  Richard Paul Burleson                    
A.J. Burnett         P      AR   1999-2014  Allen James Burnett                      
Alex Burnett         P      CA   2010-2013  Alex James Burnett                       
Hercules Burnett            --   1888-1895                                           
Johnny Burnett       SS-3B  FL   1927-1935  John Henderson Burnett                   
Sean Burnett         P      FL   2004-2014  Sean Richard Burnett                     
Wally Burnette       P      VA   1956-1958  Wallace Harper Burnette                  
Jeromy Burnitz       RF     CA   1993-2006  Jeromy Neal Burnitz                      
Bill Burns           OF     TX   1908-1912  William Thomas Burns                     
Billy Burns          OF     GA   2014-2014  William John Burns                       
Britt Burns          P      TX   1978-1985  Robert Britt Burns                       

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
C.B. Burns                  --   1902-1902                                           
Cory Burns           P      AZ   2012-2013  Cory Wade Burns                          
Dennis Burns         P      OK   1923-1924  Dennis Burns                             
Dick Burns                  --   1883-1885                                           
Ed Burns             C      CA   1912-1918  Edward James Burns                       
Farmer Burns                --   1901-1901                                           
George Burns         OF     NY   1911-1925  George Joseph Burns                      
George Burns         1B     OH   1914-1929  George Henry Burns                       
Jack Burns           1B     MA   1930-1936  John Irving Burns                        
Jack Burns           2B     PA   1903-1904  John Joseph Burns                        
Jim Burns                   --   1888-1891                                           
Joe Burns            OF     MA   1910-1913  Joseph Francis Burns                     
Joe Burns            3B-OF  PA   1943-1945  Joseph James Burns                       
Joe Burns            C      NJ   1924-1924  Joseph Francis Burns                     
Mike Burns           P      CA   2005-2009  Michael John Burns                       
Oyster Burns                --   1884-1895                                           
Pat Burns                   --   1884-1884                                           
Todd Burns           P      CA   1988-1993  Todd Edward Burns                        
Tom Burns                   --   1880-1892                                           
Pete Burnside        P      IL   1955-1963  Peter Willits Burnside                   
Sheldon Burnside     P      IN   1978-1980  Sheldon John Burnside                    
George Burpo         P      KY   1946-1946  George Harvie Burpo                      
Buster Burrell              --   1891-1897                                           
Harry Burrell               --   1891-1891                                           
Pat Burrell          LF     AR   2000-2011  Patrick Brian Burrell                    

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Brian Burres         P      OR   2006-2011  Brian James Burgess                      
Larry Burright       2B     IL   1962-1964  Larry Allen Burright                     
Al Burris                   --   1894-1894                                           
Paul Burris          C      NC   1948-1953  Paul Robert Burris                       
Ray Burris           P      OK   1973-1987  Bertram Ray Burris                       
Emmanuel Burriss     SS     DC   2008-2012  Emmanuel Allen Burriss                   
Henry Burroughs             --   1871-1872                                           
Jeff Burroughs       OF     CA   1970-1985  Jeffrey Alan Burroughs                   
Sean Burroughs       3B     GA   2002-2012  Sean Patrick Burroughs                   
John Burrows         P      LA   1943-1944  John Burrows                             
Terry Burrows        P      LA   1994-1997  Terry Dale Burrows                       
Dick Burrus          1B     NC   1919-1928  Maurice Lennon Burrus                    
Frank Burt                  --   1882-1882                                           
Ellis Burton         OF     CA   1958-1965  Ellis Narrington Burton                  
Jared Burton         P      SC   2007-2014  Levi Jared Burton                        
Jim Burton           P      MI   1975-1977  Jim Scott Burton                         
Moe Burtschy         P      OH   1950-1956  Edward Frank Burtschy                    
Dennis Burtt         P      CA   1985-1986  Dennis Allen Burtt                       
Bill Burwell         P      KS   1920-1928  William Edwin Burwell                    
Dick Burwell         P      IL   1960-1961  Richard Matthew Burwell                  
Jim Busby            OF     TX   1950-1962  James Franklin Busby                     
Mike Busby           P      CA   1996-1999  Michael James Busby                      
Paul Busby           OF     MS   1941-1943  Paul Miller Busby                        
Steve Busby          P      CA   1972-1980  Steven Lee Busby                         
Ed Busch             SS     IL   1943-1945  Edgar John Busch                         

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Mike Busch           3B     IA   1995-1996  Michael Anthony Busch                    
Brian Buscher        3B     FL   2007-2009  Brian Phillip Buscher                    
Don Buschhorn        P      MO   1965-1965  Donald Lee Buschhorn                     
David Bush           P      PA   2004-2013  David Thomas Bush                        
Donie Bush           SS     IN   1908-1923  Owen Joseph Bush                         
Guy Bush             P      MS   1923-1945  Guy Terrell Bush                         
Homer Bush           2B     IL   1997-2004  Homer Giles Bush                         
Joe Bush             P      MN   1912-1928  Leslie Ambrose Bush                      
Randy Bush           RF-OF  DE   1982-1993  Robert Randall Bush                      
Jack Bushelman       P      OH   1909-1912  John Francis Bushelman                   
Frank Bushey         P      KS   1927-1930  Francis Clyde Bushey                     
Chris Bushing        P      NY   1993-1993  Christopher Shaun Bushing                
Doc Bushong                 --   1875-1890                                           
Joe Buskey           SS     MD   1926-1926  Joseph Henry Buskey                      
Mike Buskey          SS     CA   1977-1977  Michael Thomas Buskey                    
Tom Buskey           P      PA   1973-1980  Thomas William Buskey                    
Nick Buss            OF     MI   2013-2013  Nicholas Buss                            
Ray Busse            3B-SS  FL   1971-1974  Raymond Edward Busse                     
Hank Butcher         OF     IL   1911-1912  Henry Joseph Butcher                     
John Butcher         P      CA   1980-1986  John Daniel Butcher                      
Max Butcher          P      WV   1936-1945  Albert Maxwell Butcher                   
Mike Butcher         P      IA   1992-1995  Michael Dana Butcher                     
Drew Butera          C      IN   2010-2014  Andrew Edward Butera                     
Sal Butera           C      NY   1980-1988  Salvatore Phillip Butera                 
Ed Butka             1B     PA   1943-1944  Edward Luke Butka                        

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Bill Butland         P      IN   1940-1947  Wilburn Rue Butland                      
Adam Butler          P      VA   1998-1998  Adam Christopher Butler                  
Art Butler           2B-SS  MA   1911-1916  Arthur Edward Butler                     
Bill Butler          P      MD   1969-1977  William Franklin Butler                  
Bill Butler                 --   1884-1884                                           
Billy Butler         DH     FL   2007-2014  Billy Ray Butler                         
Brent Butler         2B-3B  NC   2001-2003  Justin Brent Butler                      
Brett Butler         CF-OF  CA   1981-1997  Brett Morgan Butler                      
Cecil Butler         P      GA   1962-1964  Cecil Dean Butler                        
Charlie Butler       P      FL   1933-1933  Charles Thomas Butler                    
Daniel Butler        C      AZ   2014-2014  Daniel John Butler                       
Dick Butler                 --   1897-1899                                           
Eddie Butler         P      VA   2014-2014  Timothy Edward Butler                    
Frank Butler                --   1895-1895                                           
Ike Butler                  --   1902-1902                                           
Joey Butler          LF-RF  MS   2013-2014  Joseph Frank Butler                      
John Butler          C      MA   1904-1907  John Albert Butler                       
Johnny Butler        SS-3B  KS   1926-1929  John Stephen Butler                      
Josh Butler          P      CA   2009-2009  Joshua James Butler                      
Keith Butler         P      KY   2013-2014  Keith Allen Butler                       
Kid Butler           2B-3B  PA   1907-1907  Willis Everett Butler                    
Kid Butler                  --   1884-1884                                           
Rich Butler          LF-RF  ON   1997-1999  Richard Dwight Butler                    
Rob Butler           LF-CF  ON   1993-1999  Robert Frank John Butler                 
Tom Butters          P      OH   1962-1965  Thomas Arden Butters                     

Player Name          Posit  Born MLB Years  Full Name                                
Frank Buttery               --   1872-1872                                           
Ralph Buxton         P      SK   1938-1949  Ralph Stanley Buxton                     
Joe Buzas            SS     NJ   1945-1945  Joseph John Buzas                        
John Buzhardt        P      SC   1958-1968  John William Buzhardt                    
Bud Byerly           P      MO   1943-1960  Eldred William Byerly                    
Bill Byers           C      IN   1904-1904  James William Byers                      
Burley Byers                --   1899-1899                                           
Randy Byers          LF     NJ   1987-1988  Randall Parker Byers                     
Freddie Bynum        2B     NC   2005-2008  Freddie Lee Bynum                        
Mike Bynum           P      FL   2002-2004  Michael Alan Bynum                       
Harry Byrd           P      SC   1950-1957  Harry Gladwin Byrd                       
Jeff Byrd            P      CA   1977-1977  Jeffrey Alan Byrd                        
Marlon Byrd          RF     FL   2002-2014  Marlon Jerrard Byrd                      
Paul Byrd            P      KY   1995-2009  Paul Gregory Byrd                        
Sammy Byrd           OF     GA   1929-1936  Samuel Dewey Byrd                        
Tim Byrdak           P      IL   1998-2013  Timothy Christopher Byrdak               
Bobby Byrne          3B     MO   1907-1917  Robert Matthew Byrne                     
Jerry Byrne          P      MI   1929-1929  Gerald Wilfred Byrne                     
Tommy Byrne          P      MD   1943-1957  Thomas Joseph Byrne                      
Eric Byrnes          LF-CF  CA   2000-2010  Eric James Byrnes                        
Jim Byrnes           C      CA   1906-1906  James Joseph Byrnes                      
Milt Byrnes          OF     MO   1943-1945  Milton John Byrnes                       
Marty Bystrom        P      FL   1980-1985  Martin Eugene Bystrom                    

Major Leaguers by Letter

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Minor Leaguers

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