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Minor League Baseball Players

+ Last Names with 'NE'
  • Minor Leaguers are listed here if their highest level reached was the Minor Leagues in any season starting with 1977. Players are listed as active if their last active season (with statistics) is in the last 2 seasons.
  • High level is based on the highest level of statistics in our database.
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    Players whose name starts with 'NE'

    Arthur Neal1957--RKArthur R. Neal1979-1979
    Billy Neal1971-09-20AAABilly David Neal1994-1999
    Brian Neal1980-06-10RKBrian Robert Neal1999-2000
    Bryan Neal1958-09-13A+Bryan Keith Neal1981-1983
    Dave Neal1969-02-25A+David Keith Neil1988-1991
    Edwin Neal1958-08-02AAEdwin Earl Neal1977-1982
    Mike Neal1971-11-05AAAMichael Scott Neal1991-2005
    Rob Neal1973-01-28A-Robert Neal1993-1996
    Scott Neal1962-05-10AAAScott Murphy Neal1984-1987
    Steve Neal1977-02-14AAASteven Royea Neal1998-2004
    Tony Neal1980-09-12A+Tony Allen Neal2001-2006
    Willie Neal1959--A+Willie Neal1980-1983
    Zach Neal1988-11-09AAAZachary Sheridan Neal2008-2015
    Rod Nealeigh1958-10-07AARodney Lyn Nealeigh1980-1983
    Andrew Neary1977-11-20RKAndrew P. Neary1999-2000
    Jeffrey Nebel1976-07-07RKJeffrey S. Nebel1998-1999
    David Nebraska1968-02-02RKDavid Michael Nebraska1989-1989
    George Nebrich1958--RKGeorge Peter Nebrich1979-1979
    Kyle Necke1987-08-11RKKyle Rodger Necke2006-2010
    Stephen Necoechea1954-12-04A-Stephen B. Necoechea1978-1978
    Rafael Neda1988-10-12A+Rafael Neda2008-2015
    John Nedeau1970-02-19A-John A. Nedeau1990-1993
    Mike NedeliskyAMichael J. Nedelisky1978-1978
    Eric Nedeljkovic1990-02-14A-Eric Kurtis Nedeljkovic2010-2013
    Tim Nedin1968-10-03A+Timothy John Nedin1989-1992
    Brian Needham1986-09-21A+Brian Christopher Needham2006-2010
    Joel Needham1981-08-16A+Joel Needham2002-2005
    Kevin Needham1975-01-30AKevin Robert Needham1996-1998
    Scott Needham1975-01-15RKScott E. Needham1995-1995
    Chad Needle1979-05-17A-Chad B. Needle1996-1999
    James Needy1991-03-30AAAJames Patrick Michael Needy2009-2015
    Steven NeelA-Steven Neel1983-1983
    James Neely1956--A-James A. Neely1977-1978
    Jeffrey Neely1965-08-09AAAJeffrey David Neely1988-1991
    John Neely1990-07-09AJohn Windell Neely, Jr.2010-2013
    Josh Neese1971-04-22A+Joshua Steven Neese1993-1999
    Marty Neff1970-02-12AAThomas Martin Neff1991-2000
    Steven Neff1989-02-24ASteven R. Neff2009-2014
    Jacob Negrete1990-03-08AJacob E. Negrete2009-2012
    Alirio Negrette1995-03-29RKAlirio Negrette2012-2013
    Richard Negrette1976-03-06AARichard Alexander Negrette1995-2001
    Yoanner Negrin1984-04-29AAAYoanner Negrin2011-2015
    Alex Negron1978-05-02A+Jose Alexie Negron1978-2000
    Miguel Negron1982-08-22AAAMiguel Angel Negron2000-2012
    Miguel Negron1961-03-26AAMiguel Angel Negron (Luna)1978-1983
    Steven Negron1993-05-13A+Robert Steven Negron2013-2014
    Jim Negrych1985-03-02AAAJames William Negrych2004-2014
    Jacobo Neguilis1984-04-25AJacobo Neguilis2006-2008
    Phil Negus1987-11-10A+Philip Francis Negus2007-2012
    Brad Neidermaier1973-02-09AAABradley Gerald Niedermaier1993-2000
    Joe Neidlinger1970-02-23AJoseph Charles Neidlinger1990-1991
    Chris Neier1971-11-19AAChristopher Carroll Neier1992-1999
    Robert Neigebauer1984-03-06A+Robert J. Neigebauer2004-2009
    Jason Neighborgall1983-12-19AJason B. Neighborgall2003-2007
    Derick Neikirk1974-09-05A+Derick Lee Neikirk1996-1999
    Charlie Neil1990-02-01A+Charles Lyndon Neil2009-2015
    Dan Neil1978-08-08AADaniel Patrick Neil1999-2003
    Matt Neil1986-09-05AAAMatthew Hilton Neil2009-2014
    Ryan Neill1977-10-23AAJohn Ryan Neill1997-2002
    Scott Neill1966-10-02A+Scott Warren Neill1988-1991
    Josh Neiman1974-10-19AJoshua D. Neiman1994-1997
    Troy Neiman1990-11-13A+Troy Davenport Neiman2013-2015
    Jason Neitz1984-04-24A-Jason L. Neitz2003-2009
    Josh Neitz1979-07-21AJoshua Richard Neitz2000-2009
    R.A. Neitzel1968-08-23AARoderick A. Neitzel1989-1992
    Rod Nellenbach1967-03-09A-Rodney P. Nellenbach1989-1990
    Skip Nelloms1967-06-03A+Sylvester J. Nelloms1988-1990
    Michael Nelms1958-03-22RKMichael Nelms1977-1977
    Emerson Nelo1995-09-13RKEmerson Miguel Nelo2014-2014
    Hector Nelo1986-11-05AAHector D. Nelo2005-2014
    Andre Nelson1971-05-07RKAndre E. Nelson1992-1993
    Barry Nelson1968-08-24A+Barry D. Nelson1993-2000
    Brad Nelson1982-01-05AAABradley M. Nelson2003-2008
    Brian Nelson1969-05-10A-Brian Paul Nelson1990-1995
    Brian Nelson1976-05-11ABrian A. Nelson1996-2006
    Bruce Nelson1978-08-27A-Bruce A. Nelson2001-2001
    Bubba Nelson1981-08-26AAAKenneth Daniel Nelson2000-2009
    Charlie Nelson1971-08-11AACharles O. Nelson1991-1999
    Chester Nelson1958--A-Chester R. Nelson 1977-1979
    Chris Nelson1973-01-26AAAChristopher Allen Nelson1992-1999
    Chris Nelson1979-10-05RKChristopher Nelson2000-2002
    Cole Nelson1989-07-14A+Cole Hunter Nelson2008-2014
    Daniel Nelson1984-02-12AAADaniel Anthony Nelson2004-2012
    Darnell Nelson1960-04-14RKDarnell James Nelson1982-1982
    Darren Nelson1965-11-25A+Darren M. Nelson1987-1989
    Dave Nelson1949-09-28A+David G. Nelson1977-1977
    David Nelson1980-09-13RKDavid Alan Nelson2002-2002
    Doug Nelson1965-03-26AADouglas Paul Nelson1987-1990
    Douglas Nelson1954-07-29AAAJames Douglas Nelson1977-1985
    Earl Nelson1972-05-02A+Earl James Nelson1991-1995
    Eric Nelson1977-05-02AAEric Lee Nelson1996-2002
    Eric Nelson1966-09-10RKEric Douglas Nelson1988-1988
    Erick Nelson1972-05-22AAErick Warren Nelson1994-1999
    Erik Nelson1966-04-27A-Erik Douglas Nelson1987-1989
    Grant Nelson1991-09-08AGrant William Nelson2012-2014
    Jack Nelson1984-06-07RKJohn Dashiell Nelson2003-2007
    Jeffrey Nelson1957--RKJeffrey L. Nelson1977-1977
    Jerome Nelson1967-01-22AAARoderick Jerome Nelson1985-1992
    Jon Nelson1980-01-16AAAJonathan Reed Nelson2002-2011
    Justin Nelson1983-04-23AAJustin M. Nelson2002-2009
    Justin Nelson1982-12-15RKJustin Lee Nelson2001-2004
    Kevin Nelson1981-04-08AAAKevin Arthur Nelson2000-2010
    Kevin Nelson1965--A+Kevin T. Nelson1985-1986
    Kevin Nelson1977-02-09RKKevin James Nelson1995-1996
    Luke Nelson1979-09-28A-Luke Richard Nelson1999-2002
    Maximo Nelson1982-04-21RKMaximo Nelson2004-2012
    Miles Nelson1956--AMiles Kim Nelson1978-1979
    Mitchell Nelson1959--AMitchell Nelson1982-1982
    Nate Nelson1984-09-27RKNathaniel E. Nelson2008-2008
    Nathan Nelson1977-02-08ANathan John Nelson1999-2003
    Patrick Nelson1959-01-03APatrick Jerome Nelson1977-1979
    Randy Nelson1958--A+Randy S. Nelson1979-1979
    Reggie Nelson1979-03-30A+William Reggie Nelson1998-2002
    Rick Nelson1964-09-04AARichard Mark Nelson1985-1990
    Robert Nelson1953--AAARobert C. Nelson1977-1977
    Rodney Nelson1974-08-28ARodney B. Nelson1994-1995
    Rodney Nelson1958--ARodney K. Nelson1979-1979
    Ron Nelson1973-12-04ARonald P. Nelson1995-1998
    Ronald Nelson1964-10-01ARonald Alan Nelson1986-1987
    Scott Nelson1967-04-27A+Scott Alan Nelson1986-1989
    Steve Nelson1982-11-10A+Stephen Murray Nelson2001-2005
    Tim Nelson1978-05-10RKTimothy Lee Nelson1999-2000
    Trey Nelson1974-10-15A-Travion D. Nelson1992-1996
    Adam Nelubowich1991-04-28A-Adam Ralph Nelubowich2011-2014
    Carey Nemeth1963-08-06ACarey J. Nemeth1984-1987
    Joe Nemeth1959--AAJoseph M. Nemeth1981-1982
    Mike Nemeth1989-04-04RkMichael Nemeth2008-2012
    David Nenad1959-08-07ADavid Bruce Nenad1980-1982
    Brian Nendza1980-12-09RKBrian Michael Nendza2003-2005
    Daniel Nerat1968-05-16A+Daniel R. Nerat1991-1992
    Yuji Nerei1973-09-09AAAYuji Nerei2000-2005
    Ronald Nero1958--A-Ronald T. Nero 1980-1980
    Joshua Nervis1988-10-25AJoshua E. Nervis2008-2013
    Nathan Nery1985-08-25AANathan Nicholas Nery2004-2010
    Michael Nesbit1981-12-16AAAMichael D. Nesbit2003-2006
    Alan Nesbitt1958-05-10A+Alan Craig Nesbitt1977-1978
    Greg Nesbitt1983-03-06A-Gregory Scott Nesbitt2003-2006
    Walter Nesbitt1963-05-08RKWilliam Henry Nesbitt1984-1984
    Rick Nesloney1955--A+Richard H. Nesloney1974-1978
    Steven Nesmith1959-05-31RKSteven Ernest Nesmith1980-1982
    Travis NeSmith1982-04-26ATravis J. NeSmith2001-2005
    Joe Ness1983-11-04AARoger Joseph Ness2003-2007
    Michael Ness1987-10-20A+Michael Joseph Ness2007-2013
    Mike Nesseth1988-04-19AAAMichael John Nesseth2008-2015
    John Nessmith1969-07-13A+John B. Nessmith1990-1991
    Santiago Nessy1992-12-08AASantiago G. Nessy2011-2015
    John Nester1989-05-28A+John Michael Nester2008-2014
    Don Nestor1972-06-16A-Donald Carl Nestor1993-1994
    Joe Nestor1973-09-29A+Joseph C. Nestor1994-1997
    Scott Nestor1984-08-20AAAScott Allen Nestor2003-2011
    Dan Netemeyer1965--A+Daniel A. Netemeyer1987-1987
    Jeff Nettles1978-08-20AAAJeffrey Graig Nettles1998-2012
    Marcus Nettles1980-05-15AAAMarcus Antwan Nettles1999-2009
    Robert Nettles1964-01-16A-Robert J. Nettles1986-1986
    Timothy Nettles1977-06-23A+Timothy G. Nettles1999-2001
    Rod Nettnin1968-07-22RKRodney P. Nettnin1990-1992
    Chris Netwall1979-11-17AAChristopher John Netwall1998-2003
    Leigh Neuage1983-07-06ALeigh Sebastien Kenneth Neuage2001-2003
    Adam Neubart1977-07-23AAAdam R. Neubart1996-2001
    Garrett Neubart1973-11-07AAAGarrett Scott Neubart1995-1999
    Marc Neubauer1977-07-02AMarc A. Neubauer2000-2002
    James Neuberger1966--RKJames H. Neuberger1984-1984
    Scott Neuberger1977-08-14AAAScott Thomas Neuberger1997-2005
    Tony Neuendorff1962-03-04A+Tony Ray Neuendorff1982-1984
    Douglas Neuenschwander1955-02-02AAADouglas Lynn Neuenschwander1977-1982
    Jerry Neufang1960-11-23AAAGerald John Neufang1978-1984
    Andy Neufeld1979-02-21AAAAndy Lee Neufeld2000-2004
    Don Neufelder1963-07-17A+Donald J. Neufelder1984-1986
    J.D. Neugent1971-03-19RKJimmy Don Neugent1990-1990
    Tucker Neuhaus1995-06-18ATucker Bradley Neuhaus2013-2015
    Dennis Neuman1989-10-18AAADennis Daniel Neuman2008-2011
    Nick Neumann1991-04-26ANick Neumann2013-2015
    Jeff Neuzil1960--AAAJeffrey S. Neuzil1982-1985
    Yonny Nevada1968-06-23RKYonny Nevada1987-1988
    Travis Nevakshonoff1989-07-22RKTravis M. Nevakshonoff2007-2009
    Efrain Nevares1991-04-20AAAEfrain Nevares2010-2014
    Matt Nevarez1987-02-26AAMatthew Andrew Nevarez2005-2014
    Wigberto Nevarez1991-09-17AWigberto Nevarez2014-2015
    Craig Nevels1978-10-31RKCraig W. Nevels2001-2001
    Dovydas Neverauskas1993-01-14ADovydas Neverauskas2010-2015
    Tom Nevers1971-09-13AAAThomas Gordon Nevers1990-2002
    Kevin Neves1962--RKKevin L. Neves1984-1984
    Glenn Nevill1968-04-01AGlenn E. Nevill1988-1992
    David Neville1966-03-28A+David Urban Neville1988-1989
    Ryan Nevins1978-12-29ARyan Lee Nevins2000-2002
    Brantley New1984-05-01ACharles Brantley New2004-2007
    Jake New1985-12-12RKJacob Paul New2005-2008
    Douglas Newark1961--A+Douglas A. Newark1985-1985
    Jacob Newberry1990-10-10A+Jacob Aaron Newberry2010-2014
    Jake Newberry1994-11-20AChristopher Jake Newberry2012-2015
    Joey Newby1982-03-08AAAJoseph Eric Newby2004-2013
    Kevin Newby1956--A-Kevin Robert Newby1977-1978
    Kyler Newby1985-02-22AAAKyler Patrick Newby2004-2014
    Michael Newby1966-12-13A-Michael R. Newby1990-1990
    Aaron Newcomb1990-03-02AAaron Wesley Newcomb2011-2014
    Chris Newcomb1971-01-06A+Christopher Neal Newcomb1990-1995
    Joe Newcomb1965-12-26AAJoseph Dean Newcomb1987-1989
    Sean Newcomb1993-06-12A+Sean William Newcomb2013-2015
    Donald Newcombe1962-03-27A-Donald Newcomb Jr.1984-1984
    Frank Newcomer1954-06-28AAFrank Breen Newcomer1977-1978
    Brandon Newell1972-01-01A+Brandon D. Newell1993-1996
    Brett Newell1972-10-25AABrett Newell1993-1999
    Mark Newell1977-03-03A+Mark A. Newell1997-2001
    Ryan Newell1991-06-18A+Ryan Newell2010-2015
    Andre Newhouse1972-06-30A+Andre L. Newhouse1990-1995
    Craig Newkirk1966-12-26A+Craig P. Newkirk1989-1992
    J.J. Newkirk1975-08-01AJeffrey Newkirk1996-1998
    Darren Newlin1982-11-20A-Darren Travis Newlin2004-2005
    Jim Newlin1966-09-11AAAJames Russell Newlin1987-1995
    Alex Newman1992-12-07RkAlex C. Newman2013-2014
    Brandon Newman1982-03-12RKBrandon C. Newman2005-2006
    Damon Newman1973-07-17ADamon Leon Newman1993-2001
    Daniel Newman1964-01-18ADaniel David (Danny) Newman1987-1988
    Eric Newman1972-08-27AAAEric Christian Newman1994-2002
    Howard Newman1975-12-05AHoward Newman1997-1998
    James Newman1983-10-23RKJames Newman2006-2007
    Justin Newman1984-04-04RKJustin Newman2004-2006
    Mark Newman1959--A+Mark S. Newman1981-1982
    Matt Newman1988-09-20AAMatthew Newman2008-2015
    Nathan Newman1986-12-17A+Nathan Bradley Newman2006-2011
    Randy Newman1958-10-27AAARandall Arnold Newman1982-1986
    Rob Newman1970-02-28RKRobert Lawrence Newman1992-1992
    Ryan Newman1979-02-25A+Ryan Jay Newman2002-2004
    Tim Newman1978-08-15RKTimothy Newman1999-1999
    Todd Newman1964-09-15A-Todd H. Newman1986-1987
    Tom Newman1966-11-15AThomas Michael Newman1988-1990
    Wayne Newman1973-05-14RKWayne Bruce Newman1993-1994
    David Newmann1985-06-24AADavid Charles Newmann2007-2013
    Gary Newsom1961-04-23AAAGary Alan Newsom1982-1987
    Randy Newsom1982-05-06AAARandall Newsom2004-2009
    Brett Newsome1986-08-24ABrett Newsome2006-2012
    Lou Newsome1964-07-18RKLou Newsome1983-1984
    Tim Newsome1962--A+Timothy W. Newsome1984-1985
    Mike Newson1972-12-25RKMichael C. Newson1990-1990
    Doug Newstrom1971-09-18AAADouglas George Newstrom1991-2000
    Andrew Newton1982-05-12RKAndrew Scott Newton2004-2004
    Chris Newton1972-07-25AChristopher H. Newton1992-1995
    Craig Newton1981-10-01A-Jonathan Craig Newton2005-2005
    Dallas Newton1994-09-03RkDallas Alden Scott Newton2013-2014
    David Newton1986-03-04A+David Newton2006-2010
    Eric Newton1984-06-17RKEric Robert Newton2003-2008
    Geronimo Newton1973-12-31AAGeronimo Cedric Newton1993-1999
    Glen NewtonA+Glen W. Newton1977-1978
    Jordan Newton1985-08-29A+Jordan Reed Newton2004-2011
    Kimani Newton1979-06-16A+Kimani Omari Newton1996-2000
    Kyle Newton1990-07-03RkKyle P. Newton2011-2012
    Marty Newton1964-12-01A-Marvin Bruce Newton1985-1986
    Robert Newton1962--RKRobert S. Newton1984-1984
    Stan Newton1979-05-16RKWilliam Stanley Newton1998-2001
    Steve Newton1966-05-10A+Marvin Stephen Newton 1986-1991
    William Newton1984-09-03RKWilliam B. Newton2004-2004
    D.J. Neyens1983-09-19RKDavid J. Neyens2005-2007
    Chris Neylan1982-09-27A-Christopher James Neylan2001-2004
    Andy Nezelek1965-10-24AAAFrancis Andrew Nezelek1984-1995

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