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Minor League Baseball Players

+ Last Names with 'KA'
  • Minor Leaguers are listed here if their highest level reached was the Minor Leagues in any season starting with 1977. Players are listed as active if their last active season (with statistics) is in the last 2 seasons.
  • High level is based on the highest level of statistics in our database.
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    Players whose name starts with 'KA'

    Kala Ka'aihue1985-03-29AAAIsaiah Kala Kaaihue1977-2012
    George Kaage1956--A+George E. Kaage1977-1978
    Charles Kaalekahi1992-05-13A+Charles Kekapai Wilson Kaalekahi2010-2013
    Jason Kaanoi1982-08-19A+Jason Keulikahi Kaanoi2000-2005
    Jake Kaase1986-04-14AAJacob A. Kaase2007-2012
    Dustin Kaats1986-12-18ADustin Kaats2006-2007
    Travis Kaats1982-04-27RKTravis W. Kaats2002-2004
    David Kable1960-01-15AAADavid Brad Kable1978-1986
    Randy Kaczmarski1958-04-18AARandy J. Kaczmarski1981-1983
    Gary Kaczor1958--A-Gary E. Kaczor1980-1980
    Daniel Kaczrowski1987-06-17AAADaniel Anthony Kaczrowski2006-2013
    Connor Kaden1992-10-27AConnor Kaden2012-2015
    Ian Kadish1988-08-29AIan Joseph Kadish2008-2014
    Dave Kady1980-07-29ADavid P. Kady2003-2006
    Kris Kaelin1969-10-25RKKristofer R. Kaelin1991-1991
    Matt Kaercher1980-01-02AAMatthew L. Kaercher1999-2003
    Mark Kaeterle1959-06-10A+Mark Anthony Kaeterle1977-1979
    Ari Kafka1983-12-14A-Ari M. Kafka2002-2007
    Robert Kahana1993-05-16A-Robert Kahana2012-2014
    Jake Kahaulelio1985-06-07AAAJacob Kapua Kahaulelio2006-2014
    Roger Kahle1960--RKRoger B. Kahle1982-1982
    Chris Kahler1961-08-14A-Christopher Norman Kahler1984-1985
    Bobby Kahlon1972-09-15AHarbrinder Singh Kahlon1993-1996
    Stephen Kahn1983-12-14AAStephen James Kahn2003-2012
    Danny Kahr1982-09-25A-Daniel John Kahr2001-2003
    Joe Kail1972-08-17AJoseph W. Kail1994-1995
    Tom Kail1979-07-22RKThomas Michael Kail1998-2000
    Marty Kain1958-08-25AAAMartin Aaron Kain1981-1985
    Andrew Kainer1986-08-22A-Andrew W. Kainer2008-2010
    Carson Kainer1984-10-27AACaron B. Kainer2004-2010
    Bob Kairis1966-02-24RKRobert P. Kairis1988-1988
    Bart Kaiser1962-01-06A+Bart Richard Kaiser1984-1987
    Jeff Kaiser1966-09-14A+Jeffrey Michael Kaiser1988-1989
    Keith Kaiser1967-05-24AAKeith Wade Kaiser1986-1991
    Kody Kaiser1985-04-06AAKody P. Kaiser2005-2011
    Marc Kaiser1982-05-07AAAMarc Allen Kaiser2001-2010
    Nick Kaiser1970-04-19A-Nick Robert Kaiser1991-1991
    Thomas Kakabar1964--RKThomas J. Kakabar 1983-1983
    Scott Kalamar1991-03-24AScott Kalamar2010-2015
    Andrew Kalcounos1975-08-17RKAndrew P. Kalcounos1997-1998
    Joe Kalczynski1978-01-25AJoseph Kalczynski1997-2004
    Casey Kalenkosky1989-10-28ACasey Orion Kalenkosky2011-2013
    Brenden Kalfus1991-08-22A-Brenden G. Kalfus2010-2014
    Travis Kalin1984-07-30RKTravis John Kalin2003-2005
    Colin Kaline1989-04-26AColin Michael Kaline2008-2012
    Josh Kalinowski1976-12-12AAJoshua David Kalinowski1996-2005
    Ryan Kalita1981-02-02ARyan Joseph Kalita 2000-2004
    Tim Kalita1978-11-21AAATimothy Ryan Kalita1997-2005
    Adam Kalkhof1983-09-04AAdam Owens Kalkhof 2003-2006
    Dane Kallevig1966-07-27A+Dane Martin Kallevig1989-1990
    Greg Kallevig1964-01-13AAAGregory Scott Kallevig1985-1990
    Goose Kallunki1989-10-30A-Maclain Thomas Kallunki2009-2014
    Zach Kalter1984-09-19AZachary E. Kalter2003-2008
    Scott Kalush1990-03-22A-Scott Nicholas Kalush2009-2013
    Adam Kam1991-07-31RKAdam Kam2009-2014
    Masaaki Kamanaka1969-04-17A+Masaaki Kamanaka1989-1989
    Julsan Kamara1995-12-20RKJulsan Issa Kolo Kamara2014-2014
    Robert Kamerschen1968-07-31RKRobert W. Kamerschen1987-1990
    Soichi Kamimura1983-01-06RKSoichi Kamimura2003-2005
    Kyle Kaminska1988-10-05AAAKyle Kaminska2007-2013
    Patrick Kaminska1991-02-05A+Patrick Kaminska2011-2015
    Alex Kaminsky1988-02-25AAAlex Ryan Kaminsky2007-2014
    Rob Kaminsky1994-09-02A+Rob Nathaniel Kaminsky2013-2015
    James Kammerer1973-07-21AAJames Patrick Kammerer1995-1999
    Tim Kammeyer1959-04-26AATimothy John Kammeyer1981-1984
    Justin Kamplain1993-02-13AWilliam Justin Kamplain2012-2015
    Doug Kampsen1963-01-26ADouglas Eugene Kampsen1982-1985
    Jeff Kamrath1982-04-06AAJeffrey L. Kamrath2001-2008
    Erik Kanaby1985-07-26AErik Thomas Kanaby2006-2009
    Takeshi Kanaya1978-07-30RKTakeshi Kanaya1999-1999
    Kevin Kandalaft1966-04-22RKKevin Kandalaft1988-1988
    David Kandilas1990-09-14AAADavid Kandilas2009-2014
    Doug Kane1965-06-19A+Dogulas S. Kane1987-1987
    Kevin Kane1959-08-25AAAKevin Wade Kane1975-1985
    Kevin Kane1973-11-27A-Kevin Michael Kane1996-1998
    Kyle Kane1976-02-04AAAKyle Joseph Kane1996-2004
    Mark Kane1960--A-Mark W. Kane1983-1983
    Michael Kane1961-11-26A+Michael Kevin Kane1983-1984
    Mike Kane1970-12-05A-Michael P. Kane1993-1993
    Pat Kane1977-01-09RKPatrick C. Kane1997-1999
    Ryan Kane1974-01-25A+Ryan Thomas Kane1995-2006
    Tom Kane1965-11-02AAThomas J. Kane1986-1991
    Tyler Kane1992-08-23A+Tyler Kane2011-2015
    Taketo Kanei1968-12-28A+Taketo Kanei1987-1987
    In Kyun Kang1989-04-21RKIn Kyun Kang2009-2010
    James Kang1987-10-19AAAJames R. Kang2010-2012
    Kyeong Kang1988-02-06AAKyeong Kang2007-2015
    Kristopher Kann1978-04-22RKKristopher Rand Kann1997-2000
    Scott Kannenberg1963-11-04A+Scott August Kannenberg1986-1988
    Jason Kanovich1977-02-18AJason Matthew Kanovich1998-2000
    Joe Kantakevich1984-05-09A+Joseph W Kantakevich2004-2008
    Pat Kantakevich1986-08-11A+Patrick Kenneth Kantakevich2005-2010
    John Kanter1963-09-01A+John Allen Kanter1981-1986
    Brad Kantor1971-08-06A-Bradley J. Kantor 1991-1993
    Dan Kantrovitz1978-09-08RKDaniel N. Kantrovitz1998-2001
    Gary Kanwisher1963-09-15A+Gary Robert Kanwisher1982-1987
    Jason Kanzler1990-08-20A+Jason Robert Kanzler2010-2015
    Dan Kapala1985-09-06A+Daniel Joseph Kapala2004-2010
    Corey Kapano1970-05-28AAARandolph Corey Kapano1989-2000
    Danny Kapea1965-06-25RKDaniel Naone Kapea1988-1988
    Brett Kaplan1975-06-08RKBrett A. Kaplan1997-1997
    Jeff Kaplan1985-07-09AAJeffrey George Kaplan2005-2013
    Jon Kaplan1980-01-11A+Jonathan Ryan Kaplan2000-2014
    Brian Kappel1983-01-07A+Brian Patrick Kappel2002-2007
    Dean Kappes1962--RKDean R. Kappes1981-1981
    Bob Kappesser1967-02-14AAARobert John Kappesser1989-1995
    Jacob Kapstein1994-02-24A-Jacob Wallace Kapstein2012-2014
    Zach Kapstein1992-05-28AZachary Kapstein2010-2015
    Braden Kapteyn1989-09-28ABraden Scott Kapteyn2009-2013
    Wade Kapteyn1987-07-11A-Wade D. Kapetyn2007-2009
    Michael Karabin1956-08-03RKMichael Raymond Karabin1978-1978
    Chris Karabinus1975-05-31A-Chris Karabinus1995-1997
    David Karasinski1965-07-20A+David Frank Karasinski1986-1991
    Eric Karch1991-10-15A-Eric Preston Karch2011-2014
    Kevin Karcher1963-10-25A-Kevin Joseph Karcher1985-1986
    Rick Karcher1969-09-01A+Richard Thomas Karcher1990-1992
    Jon Karcich1987-09-10AAAJon E. Karcich2007-2012
    Ray Karczewski1966--RKRaymond J. Karczewski1988-1989
    Robert Karjalainen1962--A+Robert E. Karjalainen1982-1982
    Greg Karklins1965-03-25RKGregory Jon Karklins1987-1988
    Brian Karl1957-10-22A-Brian Robert Karl1979-1979
    Trey Karlen1988-04-23RKFrank Wayne Karlen III2007-2011
    Joe Karlik1989-04-13RkJoseph David Karlik2012-2012
    Grant Karlsen1985-02-21A-Grant Colin Karlsen2003-2004
    Paul Karmas1989-05-18RKPaul Karmas2008-2012
    Joe Karmeris1965-02-24A+Joseph Frank Karmeris1983-1985
    Tim Karns1972-05-21A+Tim Karns1993-1995
    Josh Karp1979-09-21AAAJoshua Follett Karp1999-2005
    Greg Karpuk1963-09-13AAGregory Coffey Karpuk1985-1987
    Jeff Karr1982-09-25A+Jeffrey Daniel Karr1983-1985
    Bryce Kartler1980-06-09A+Bryce Zachary Kartler2000-2006
    Kyle Karvala1971-02-11AKyle C. Karvala1994-1995
    Yuk Kaseda1970-02-20A+Yukinari Kaseda1989-1989
    Michael Kashirsky1977-10-21RKMichael S. Kashirsky1998-1999
    Jonathan Kaskow1988-10-06AJonathan Michael Kaskow 2008-2010
    Kenn Kasparek1985-09-23AAAKenn Anthony Kasparek2005-2015
    Kevin Kasper1967-07-06AAKevin Dale Kasper1989-1993
    Todd Kasper1977-08-13A+Todd Philip Kasper 1996-2000
    Mike Kasprzak1960-11-07AAMichael Francis Kasprzak1982-1985
    Nick Kast1972-08-17ANicholas J. Kast1995-2000
    Bruce Kastelic1959--AABruce A. Kastelic1981-1982
    Matt Kastelic1974-01-07AMatthew A. Kastelic1995-1998
    Steve Kasunic1956--A-Steven Joseph Kasunic1978-1978
    Tetsuya Katahira1967-10-03A+Tetsuya Katahira1989-1989
    Daiki Katayama1975-02-24RKDaiki Katayama1995-1995
    Bunky Kateon1984-08-04RKJohn Brendan Kateon2004-2008
    Merlin Kath1971-01-28RKMerlin James Kath1992-1993
    Blaze Katich1963-04-13RKBlaze A. Katich1983-1983
    Brendan Katin1983-01-28AAABrendan J. Katin2004-2011
    Jim Kating1965-12-26AAJames Edward Kating1986-1990
    Hideki Kato1968-02-28A+Hideki Kato1992-1992
    Takaaki Kato1974-05-01A-Takaaki Kato1998-1998
    Gosuke Katoh1994-10-08AGosuke John Katoh2013-2015
    Jim Katotakis1981-10-27RKJames Katotakis2003-2003
    Jim Katschke1964-05-06RKJames Gregory Katschke 1983-1986
    Damon Katz1977-11-23A+Damon M. Katz1997-2001
    Ethan Katz1983-07-04AEthan Russell Katz2003-2009
    Glenn Katz1977-01-30AGlenn M. Katz1998-1999
    Jason Katz1973-10-07AAJason Robert Katz1996-1998
    Jeff Katz1986-04-18RKJeffrey R. Katz2004-2006
    Mason Katz1990-08-23A+Mason Bloch Katz 2010-2015
    Michael Katz1992-08-06A-Michael Katz2012-2014
    Steven Katz1950--AAASteven L. Katz1977-1977
    Robbie Katzaroff1968-07-29AAARobert A. Katzaroff1988-1996
    Keith Kaub1965-09-25A+Keith Charles Kaub1987-1990
    Dan Kauffman1987-01-01RKDan James Kauffman2005-2008
    George Kauffman1975-02-25RKGeorge Edwin Kauffman1996-1996
    Matt Kauffman1978-10-08RKMatthew Herbert Kauffman1998-2002
    David Kauflin1976-05-20A-David G. Kauflin1994-1996
    Brad Kaufman1972-04-26AAABradley Joseph Kaufman1992-2000
    John Kaufman1974-10-23AAJohn F. Kaufman1994-1999
    Ron Kaufman1959-10-27AAARonald Kaufman1981-1984
    Shane Kaufman1985-12-11AAShane Paul Kaufman2005-2010
    Kurt Kaull1960-11-24AAKurtis J. Kaull1983-1985
    Nathan Kaup1978-01-11AANathan D. Kaup2000-2002
    Branden Kaupe1994-04-10RkBranden Kaupe2012-2014
    Lonnie Kauppila1992-01-17A+Lonnie V. Kauppila2011-2014
    Josh Kauten1982-04-05A+Joshua J. Kauten2003-2008
    Mike Kavanagh1952-04-13AAMichael Hanley Kavanagh1977-1978
    Tim Kavanaugh1962-09-18ATimothy L. Kavanaugh1983-1986
    Jim Kavourias1979-10-04AAJames S. Kavourias1998-2005
    Kenichiro Kawabata1979-05-08A+Kenichiro Kawabata1998-2003
    Kyle Kawabata1974-01-02AAKyle Seichi Kawabata1992-2000
    Yasuhiro Kawabata1966-07-27A+Yasuhiro Kawabata1989-1989
    Orin Kawahara1977-11-10A-Orin Katsumi Kawahara1996-1999
    Brandon Kawal1984-10-29ABrandon Richard Kawal2003-2008
    Kazuaki Kawamura1962-05-04A+Kazuaki Kawamura1984-1984
    Ryo Kawano1971-05-03A+Ryo Kawano1991-1991
    Brett Kay1991-04-11A-Brett Gregory Kay2010-2014
    Brett Kay1979-10-31A+Brett Davis Kay1999-2003
    Grant Kay1993-05-29AGrant Kay2012-2015
    Josh Kay1982-10-03RKJoshua Drew Kay2002-2005
    Kevin Kay1978-04-24A-Kevin M. Kay1999-2001
    Brandon Kaye1980-07-01RKBrandon R. Kaye2003-2005
    Brandon Kaye1988-08-16A+Brandon W. Kaye2011-2012
    Jeff Kaye1964-01-28AAJeffrey Michael Kaye1983-1988
    Zach Kayne1986-11-22A+Zachary Breuer Kayne2006-2010
    Brent Kaysner1974-04-23ABrent Charles Kaysner1993-1996
    Yuhito Kazama1975-06-04RKYuhito Kazama1995-1995
    Bill Kazmierczak1964-04-27AAWilliam Kazmierczak1986-1990
    Mickey Kazmierski1961--A-Michael R. Kazmierski1984-1984
    Bobby Kazmirski1972-06-24A+Robert W. Kazmirski1995-1997

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