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Minor League Baseball Players

+ Last Names with 'DE'
  • Minor Leaguers are listed here if their highest level reached was the Minor Leagues in any season starting with 1977. Players are listed as active if their last active season (with statistics) is in the last 2 seasons.
  • High level is based on the highest level of statistics in our database.
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    Players whose name starts with 'DE'

    Steve D'Ercole1959--RKStephen A. D'Ercole1981-1981
    Milton De Abreu1978-03-10A-Milton Jose De Abreu 1997-1997
    Roly De Armas1948-08-11A+Roland Jesus de Armas1977-1993
    Adrian De Aza1992-11-14RKMiguel Adrian De Aza2012-2012
    Andres De Aza1994-11-17RkAndres Rafael De Aza2013-2014
    Carlos De Aza1990-05-04RkCarlos De Aza2010-2012
    Modesto De Aza1979-02-14A+Modesto De Aza1998-2001
    Remy De Aza1994-09-08RkRemy De Aza2012-2014
    Yeffry De Aza1997-01-14RKYeffry Erickson (Garcia) De Aza2014-2014
    Derek De Carlo1983-03-24ADerek Nicholas De Carlo2002-2005
    Angel De Castro1985-01-22RKAngel De Castro2006-2007
    Nelio De Freitas1993-02-22RKNelio Andre De Freitas2013-2014
    Jacques De Gruy1991-10-25RkJacques De Gruy2011-2014
    Jeroen de Haas1991-01-01A-Jeroen de Haas2008-2011
    Adrian De Horta1995-03-13AAdrian Sebastian De Horta2013-2014
    Angel De Jesus1989-02-03AAngel Natanel De Jesus2009-2011
    Cesse De Jesus1990-05-16RKCesse Tamar De Jesus2011-2011
    Enmanuel de Jesus1994-01-06RkEnmanuel de Jesus2012-2014
    Jhan De Jesus1992-01-30RKJhan Carlos De Jesus2012-2014
    Jharmidy De Jesus1989-08-30AAJharmidy De Jesus2008-2012
    Johan De Jesus1988-08-24RKJohan De Jesus2011-2011
    Johan De Jesus1996-08-01RKJohan De Jesus2013-2014
    Jorge de Jesus1992-01-17RkJorge de Jesus2012-2012
    Sammy De Jesus1996-01-22RKSamuel De Jesus2014-2014
    Santo De Jesus1985-10-15A-Santo De Jesus2009-2009
    Victor De Jesus1993-01-13RkVictor De Jesus2012-2013
    Yoel De Jesus1994-10-08RKYoel Antonio De Jesus2013-2014
    Yunior De Jesus1988-09-22A+Mario Yunior de Jesus2011-2012
    Chase De Jong1993-12-29AChase Louis De Jong2012-2015
    Scott De Jong1993-04-26AScott De Jong2014-2015
    Adonis De La Cruz1994-12-20RKAdonis Berd De la Cruz2013-2014
    Alex De La Cruz1991-10-02A-Alex De La Cruz2012-2014
    Alexander De La Cruz1991-08-22RkAlexander De La Cruz (Fernandez)2012-2014
    Andres De La Cruz1979-12-05A+Andres De La Cruz1998-1999
    Andy De La Cruz1994-08-29RKAndy Argenis De La Cruz2013-2014
    Angel De La Cruz1983-03-20RKAngel D. de la Cruz2005-2005
    Angel De La Cruz1993-10-18RKAngel Manuel (De Los Santos) De La Cruz2012-2012
    Anthony De La Cruz1967-09-03RKAnthony G. Delacruz1989-1989
    Bryan De la Cruz1996-12-16RKBryan Starling De La Cruz2014-2014
    Carlos De La Cruz1982-01-14A+Carlos J. De La Cruz2000-2003
    Carlos De La Cruz1975-07-24A+Carlos De La Cruz1995-1996
    Carlos De La Cruz1982-03-01A+Carlos Emmanuel De La Cruz2004-2006
    Carlos De la Cruz1984-07-02A-Carlos M. de la Cruz2002-2005
    Christopher De La Cruz1982-05-03AAAChristopher A. de la Cruz2002-2010
    Detriano De La Cruz1991-11-27RKDetriano (De La Cruz Mota) De La Cruz2012-2012
    Deybi De La Cruz1990-03-25RKDeybi de la Cruz2006-2010
    Dionicio De La Cruz1994-01-31RKDionicio Antonio De La Cruz2012-2013
    Donis De La Cruz1987-02-25RkDonis De La Cruz2008-2008
    Eddie De La Cruz1981-10-06A+Eduardo de la Cruz2005-2012
    Eduardo De la Cruz1983-10-20A-Eduardo de la Cruz2003-2008
    Emmanuel De La Cruz1992-04-16RKEmmanuel Andres (Tiburcio) De La Cruz2012-2012
    Ercilio De La Cruz1992-10-28RKErcilio De La Cruz2012-2012
    Eric De La Cruz1978-12-06A+Erickson De La Cruz1998-2001
    Fernando De La Cruz1971-01-25AAAFernando de la Cruz1995-2008
    Francisco De la cruz1973-07-09AAFrancisco Javier de la Cruz1997-2000
    Francisco De La Cruz1984-05-09A-Francisco De La Cruz1982-1982
    Freddy De La Cruz1985-10-17RKFreddi de La Cruz2004-2007
    Geisel De La Cruz1993-04-11RkGeisel De La Cruz2012-2013
    Gerardo de la Cruz1954--AGerardo de la Cruz1977-1977
    Giancarlos De La Cruz1989-09-23RKGiancarlos de la Cruz2008-2008
    Guillermo De la Cruz1997-05-13RKGuillermo Alfonso De La Cruz2014-2014
    Hector De La Cruz1965-10-12AAAHector Julio De La Cruz1984-1990
    Henry De La Cruz1976-08-25AHenry Lizaro De La Cruz1997-1999
    Isrrael De la Cruz1997-06-15RKIsrrael De la Cruz2014-2014
    Jairo De La Cruz1987-07-15RKJairo Ovidio De La Cruz2008-2010
    Jason De La Cruz1984-11-21RKJason de la Cruz2005-2005
    Jesus De La Cruz1973-12-15RKJesus M. De La Cruz1995-1995
    Joan De La Cruz1994-09-30RKJoan De La Cruz2012-2014
    Joaquin De La Cruz1995-10-13RKJoaquin Eduardo De La Cruz2013-2014
    Jorge De la Cruz1985-10-02AJorge Luis de la Cruz2005-2007
    Jose De la Cruz1993-06-19RKJose Luis De La Cruz2013-2014
    Jose De La Cruz1987-08-16RKJose de La Cruz2008-2011
    Jose De La Cruz1978-01-27AAAJose Alberto Cruz (Mesa)1998-2001
    Jose De la Cruz1983-09-23AAAJose Wily de la Cruz2003-2007
    Jose De la Cruz1982-12-22RKJose David de la Cruz2002-2002
    Jose De La Cruz1984-07-26A+Jose M. De La Cruz2005-2005
    Jose De La Cruz1992-06-12RKJose Rafael (Carmona) De La Cruz2012-2012
    Juan De La Cruz1993-08-05A-Juan Carlos de la Cruz2012-2014
    Juan De La Cruz1972-03-21RKJuan Luis De La Cruz1990-1990
    Juancito De la Cruz1993-01-21RKJuancito De la Cruz2012-2012
    Julian De La Cruz1984-07-23A+Julian Pato de La Cruz2004-2004
    Julio De la cruz1980-10-07AAAJulio de la Cruz2002-2010
    Julio De La Cruz1995-10-05RkJulio Cesar De La Cruz2013-2014
    Kelvin De La Cruz1988-08-01AAAKelvin Antonio De La Cruz2006-2014
    Keury De la cruz1991-11-28AAKeury De la cruz2010-2015
    Kida De La Cruz1994-08-10RkKida De La Cruz2014-2014
    Laito De La Cruz1963-07-27A-Laito German DeLa Cruz1984-1985
    Leonardo De La Cruz1994-04-29RKLeonardo De La Cruz2013-2014
    Lorenzo De La Cruz1971-09-05AAALorenzo Claudio De La Cruz1993-2003
    Luis De La Cruz1989-05-06AAALuis Miguel De La Cruz2007-2013
    Luis De La Cruz1989-06-15AALuis Felipe de la Cruz2009-2015
    Maikis De La Cruz1990-09-06A+Maikis De La Cruz2012-2015
    Manuel De La Cruz1990-05-08A-Manuel De La Cruz2009-2011
    Marcelino De la Cruz1973-01-16A+Marcelino De La Cruz1991-1993
    Maximino De la Cruz1985-05-29AMaximo de la Cruz2002-2011
    Melciades De La Cruz1993-05-12RkMelciades De La Cruz2012-2012
    Melvin De La Cruz1990-03-05A-Melvin De La Cruz2009-2010
    Michael De La Cruz1993-05-15AMichael De La Cruz2013-2015
    Michael De La Cruz1989-11-28RKMichael De La Cruz2012-2012
    Michael De La Cruz1996-07-10RkMichael Jefree De La Cruz2013-2014
    Miguel De la Cruz1996-03-28RKMiguel Angel De La Cruz2014-2014
    Miguel De La Cruz1992-08-05RKMiguel Emilio De La Cruz2012-2013
    Miguel De La Cruz1979-10-18AMiguel Angel de la Cruz2000-2005
    Miguelito De La Cruz1957-07-05AAMiguelito De La Cruz1978-1979
    Narcisco De la Cruz1973-07-15A-Narcisco De la Cruz1995-1995
    Noel De La Cruz1991-12-17A-Adderlin Noel De La Cruz2012-2014
    Oscar De La Cruz1995-03-04RKOscar Eduardo De La Cruz2013-2014
    Pedro De la Cruz1980-10-15RKPedro A. De La Cruz2000-2000
    Pedro De La Cruz1905-05-16RKPedro A. DeLaCruz1984-1984
    Rafael De La Cruz1991-07-29RKRafael Hermogenes De La Cruz2012-2012
    Raul De la cruz1977-06-05RKRaul De la cruz1997-1997
    Robbie De La Cruz1988-12-30A-Robbie Evan De La Cruz2010-2012
    Robert De La Cruz1989-10-10A-Robert De La Cruz2010-2012
    Roberto De La Cruz1990-11-10ARoberto De La Cruz2009-2012
    Ruddi De la cruz1979-11-02ARudy Encarnacion De La Cruz1997-2000
    Sixto De La Cruz1964--RKSixto De La Cruz1982-1982
    Steven De La Cruz1993-12-13RKSteven De La Cruz2012-2012
    Steven De La Cruz1993-04-26RkSteven De La Cruz2014-2014
    Tomas De La Cruz1993-01-03RKJohan Tomas De La Cruz2012-2012
    Tony De La Cruz1987-03-29RKTony De La Cruz2006-2006
    Vicmal De La Cruz1993-11-20RkVicmal De La Cruz2012-2014
    Vladimir De La Cruz1990-09-23A-Vladimir De La Cruz2011-2013
    Wilfredo De la cruz1976-02-02A-Wilfredo J. De La Cruz1995-1996
    Wilfri De La Cruz1993-12-29RKWilfri Miguel De La Cruz2013-2014
    Yan De La Cruz1995-04-28RKYan Luis De La Cruz2013-2014
    Ynocencio De La Cruz1977-02-28AYnocencio De La Cruz1997-1998
    Yucarybert De la cruz1990-10-23A+Yucarybert De la cruz2010-2013
    Yunior De La Cruz1989-12-23RKYunior De La Cruz2012-2012
    Miguel De La Espada1976-07-08RKMiguel Angel Jose De La Espada1996-1997
    Andy De la Garza1984-10-20AAndrew M. De La Garza2008-2008
    Steven De La Mota1993-10-21RKSteven Azeem De La Mota2012-2013
    Rex De la Nuez1968-01-07AARexford de la Nuez1989-1998
    Danny De la O1983-08-25ADanny Jack de la O2002-2005
    Luis De La O1989-12-15AAALuis De La O2008-2014
    Dominic De La Osa1986-01-13ADominic De La Osa2005-2009
    Alexis De La Rosa1985-05-04RKAlexis De La Rosa2006-2006
    Anderson De La Rosa1984-08-01AAAAnderson De La Rosa2004-2015
    Anderson De La Rosa1991-08-12RKAnderson Yovanny (Medina) De La Rosa2012-2012
    Angel De La Rosa1963-07-13RKEmilio Angel DeLaRosa1981-1982
    Bienvenido De La Rosa1958--AABienvenido De La Rosa1977-1982
    Bryan De La Rosa1994-03-26ABryan De La Rosa2012-2015
    Carlos De La Rosa1984-07-15AAACarlos M. De La Rosa2005-2009
    Carlos De La Rosa1968--RKCarlos M. De La Rosa1986-1986
    Cristian De La Rosa1979-02-05RKCristian Alberto De La Rosa1999-1999
    Edgar De La Rosa1990-11-20AAEdgar De La Rosa2011-2015
    Elvis De la rosa1975-05-05A+Elvis E. De La Rosa1994-1996
    Esmerling De La Rosa1991-05-15A+Esmerling De La Rosa2012-2015
    Felix De La Rosa1981-10-30RKFelix A. (Rojas) De La Rosa2001-2001
    Gregory De La Rosa1993-03-15RKGregory Alfredo De La Rosa2013-2013
    Isaias De La RosaRK2002-2002
    Jairo De la Rosa1985-09-08A+Jairo de la Rosa2004-2010
    Jenso De La rosa1995-05-22RKJenso Noel De la Rosa2013-2013
    Jose De La Rosa1986-02-23RKJose Luis de la Rosa2005-2005
    Juan De la Rosa1968-12-01AAAJuan De la Rosa1986-1998
    Leurys De La Rosa1994-11-05RkLeurys Jose De La Rosa2012-2014
    Luis De La Rosa1993-08-11RKLuis Miguel De La Rosa2012-2012
    Luis De La Rosa1992-01-02RkLuis Alejandro De La Rosa2012-2013
    Luis De La Rosa1992-12-18RKLuis Miguel De La Rosa2012-2012
    Maikel De La Rosa1990-11-25RKMaikel De La Rosa2012-2013
    Marino De la Rosa1964-10-18AMarino De La Rosa1983-1984
    Maximo De la rosa1971-07-12AAAMaximo De La Rosa1992-2010
    Miguel De la rosa1976-10-29AMiguel A. De La Rosa1996-1997
    Pablo De La rosa1994-04-07RKPablo Rafael De la Rosa2013-2013
    Rafael De La Rosa1988-05-12RKRafael Eduardo De La Rosa2008-2008
    Raul De la rosa1976-06-03RKRaul De La Rosa1995-1996
    Ricardo De La Rosa1991-04-19RKRicardo De La Rosa2012-2012
    Ruben De La Rosa1987-04-02RKRuben Dario De La Rosa2009-2012
    Simon De La Rosa1993-05-11RkSimon Alfredo De la Rosa2013-2014
    Starling De La Rosa1987-09-19A+Starling De La Rosa2009-2010
    Wilkin De La Rossa1985-02-21AAAWilkins Anthony de la Rossa2005-2013
    Omar De La Torre1979-12-30AAAOmar De La Torre2008-2014
    Gilbert De La Vara1984-10-04AAAGilbert A. De La vara2004-2013
    Abraham De Leon1989-02-20RKAbraham De Leon2009-2009
    Alex De Leon1991-02-09AAlexander M. De Leon2010-2015
    Ambiorix De Leon1991-07-08A+Ambiorix De Leon2012-2015
    Anderson De Leon1995-05-18RKAnderson De Leon2013-2013
    Angel De Leon1996-05-26RKAngel Antonio De Leon2014-2014
    Antonio De Leon1958-12-18A+Antonio De Leon1977-1978
    Christopher De Leon1992-08-02RkChristopher De Leon2012-2014
    Darwin De Leon1988-09-05A-Darwin De Leon2008-2008
    Emmanuel De Leon1990-12-25AAEmmanuel De Leon2010-2014
    Epifanio De Leon1986-01-05A-Epifanio de Leon (Geraldo)2005-2007
    Evandy De Leon1983-06-29A-Evandy de Leon2004-2007
    Jeyckol De Leon1990-07-25RkJeyckol De Leon2010-2013
    John De Leon1993-10-13RKJohn Alexander De Leon2012-2014
    Jose De Leon1976-10-02A+Jose M. De leon1999-2001
    Jose De Leon1990-08-14AAAJose Marcos De Leon2013-2013
    Jose De Leon1995-08-09RKJose Junior De Leon2013-2014
    Jose De Leon1992-08-07A+Jose Eugenio De Leon2011-2015
    Juan De Leon1992-02-27RKJuan De Leon2012-2013
    Juan De Leon1981-06-24A+Juan C. De Leon2003-2004
    Kelvin De Leon1990-10-29A+Kelvin Miguel De Leon2009-2013
    Manolin De Leon1986-11-23AManolin De Leon2008-2010
    Michael De Leon1997-01-14AAMichael De Leon2014-2015
    Miguel De Leon1991-08-05A-Miguel De Leon2011-2012
    Miguel De Leon1993-05-09RKMiguel Angel De Leon (Almonte)2012-2012
    Noel De Leon1988-07-06RKNoel De Leon2006-2007
    Santo De Leon1983-11-01AASanto De Leon2004-2010
    Victor De Leon1992-04-19A-Victor De Leon2011-2013
    Virgilio De Leon1980-04-03AVirgilio De Leon2001-2003
    Abel De Los Santos1992-05-17A+Abel De Los Santos2011-2014
    Abel De Los Santos1992-11-21AAAbel de Los Santos (Mejia)2011-2015
    Alberto De Los Santos1969-12-16AAAOsvaldo Alberto De Los Santos1988-1993
    Alexis De Los Santos1994-08-22RKAlexis M. De Los Santos2013-2014
    Anel De Los Santos1988-06-19AAAnel Manuel De Los Santos Bernabe…2006-2010
    Armado De Los Santos1985-10-29RKArmado Fabian De Los Santos 2005-2005
    Braulio De Los Santos1987-09-19RKRobinson De Los Santos2012-2012
    Carlos De Los Santos1990-11-01AACarlos Bladimir De Los Santos2011-2012
    Carlos De los santos1978-04-11ACarlos Rodriguez de los Santos2001-2005
    Eddy De Los Santos1975-02-24AAAEddyberto De Los Santos1996-2003
    Edinson De Los Santos1983-10-24RKEdinson de los Santos2003-2003
    Erick De Los Santos1994-04-23RKErick Alexander De Los Santos2014-2014
    Estarlin De Los Santos1987-01-20AAEstarlin De Los Santos2006-2012
    Esteban De los Santos1982-12-26AEsteban X. de los Santos2001-2003
    Fernando De Los Santos1990-01-18A+Fernando De Los Santos2009-2013
    Francisco De Los Santos1981-02-19A+Francisco De Los Santos2004-2004
    Frank De los Santos1987-11-17AAAFrank Manuel De Los Santos2007-2014
    German De Los Santos1955-04-11AAGerman De Los Santos (Moreno)1977-1979
    Hansel De Los Santos1991-08-07RkHansel De Los Santos2012-2013
    Hector De Los Santos1980-01-19AHector Julio de los santos1999-2001
    Jesus De Los Santos1992-11-28RKJesus Osvaldo (Santana) De Los Santos2012-2012
    Joel De Los Santos1986-10-02AAAJoel Luciano De Los Santos (Garcia)2009-2010
    Jose De Los Santos1984-08-10A+Jose J. De Los Santos2004-2008
    Jose De Los Santos1985-02-17AAJose L. De Los Santos2006-2010
    Juan De Los Santos1975-12-01RKJuan A. De Los Santos1994-1994
    Juan De Los Santos1983-01-15A+Juan de los Santos (Giron)2006-2007
    Juan De Los Santos1994-01-11RKJuan De Jesus De Los Santos2012-2014
    Julio De Los Santos1966--RKJulio De Los Santos1985-1985
    Leonel De Los Santos1989-10-02ALeonel De Los Santos2007-2011
    Manuel De Los Santos1996-01-15RKManuel Osvaldo De Los Santos2014-2014
    Mariano De Los Santos1970-07-13AAAMariano De Los Santos1989-2001
    Miguel De Los Santos1988-07-10AAMiguel de Los Santos2007-2012
    Nelson De Los Santos1978-10-19A+Nelson Maximo De Los Santos1999-2001
    Omar De Los Santos1981-08-13AOmar de los Santos2001-2004
    Ovispo De Los Santos1987-11-19AOvispo De Los Santos2008-2010
    Pedro De Los Santos1983-08-08A+Pedro de los Santos2001-2002
    Pedro De Los Santos1969-06-20APedro Gonzalez De Los Santos1987-1989
    Ramon De Los Santos1989-12-26RKRamon De Los Santos2010-2010
    Rene De Los Santos1980-12-29A-Santo Rene De Los Santos1999-2001
    Richard De Los Santos1984-06-01AAARichard D. de los Santos2003-2011
    Riquy De Los Santos1985-06-17RKRiquy de los Santos2005-2005
    Samil De Los Santos1994-01-08RkSamil Alexander De Los Santos2012-2014
    Sammy De Los Santos1989-12-09A-Sammy De Los Santos2009-2011
    Tomas De Los Santos1995-04-16RKTomas Eliezer De Los Santos2014-2014
    Vladimir De Los Santos1986-08-06AVladimir De Los Santos2008-2009
    Xavier De Los Santos1988-10-13AXavier De Los Santos2010-2012
    Jose De Luna1994-03-11RKJose De Luna2012-2014
    Luis De Luna1990-06-18RKLuis De Luna2010-2011
    Dylan De Meyer1992-09-16ADylan De Meyer2012-2014
    Eduardo de Oleo1993-01-25AEduardo de Oleo2012-2015
    Jesus De Oleo1995-03-27RKJesus De Oleo2013-2014
    Jose De Paula1988-03-04AAAJose Alberto De Paula2008-2015
    Luis De Paula1992-04-26A+Luis De Paula2012-2015
    Luis De Paula1982-08-23A+Luis Rafael De Paula2000-2004
    Rafael De Paula1991-03-24A+Jose Rafael De Paula (Figueroa)2012-2015
    Sean De Paula1973-11-07AAASean M. De Paula1999-2002
    Enrique De Pena1996-02-19RKEnrique De Pena2014-2014
    Joe De Pinto1989-04-03AAJoseph De Pinto2008-2014
    Allan De San Miguel1988-02-01AAAAllan Murray de san Miguel2005-2015
    Jose De Sousa1992-05-15RkJose Leonardo De Sousa2012-2014
    Jeffrey De Vrieze1986-01-20RKJeffrey De Vrieze2004-2005
    Thomas De Wolf1989-12-22RKThomas De Wolf2011-2011
    Derek De Young1991-12-17ADerek Thomas DeYoung2011-2013
    Blaine Deabenderfer1964-06-06ABlaine Leroy Deabenderfer1985-1987
    Jared Deacon1991-08-25A+Jared Robert Deacon 2011-2015
    Andy Deain1986-10-23A-Andrew Dale Deain2006-2011
    Brian Deak1967-10-25AAABrian Louis Deak1986-1995
    Darrel Deak1969-07-05AAADarrel Scott Deak1989-1997
    Josh Deakman1974-02-25AAJoshua Deakman1993-1998
    Jamon Deal1970-05-04AJamon Todd Deal1990-1993
    Scott Deal1986-12-11A+Scott Lee Deal1999-2011
    Aaron Dean1979-04-09AAAaron M. Dean1997-2005
    Austin Dean1993-10-14A+Austin James Dean2012-2015
    Blake Dean1988-02-25AMichael Blake Dean2007-2011
    Bob Dean1953-05-17AARobert S. Dean1977-1977
    Brent Dean1986-07-27A+Brent Aaron Dean2005-2014
    Chris Dean1974-01-03AAChris Dewayne Dean1994-2000
    David Dean1960--A+David Jeffrey Dean1982-1983
    Erik Dean1982-02-07A+Erik Matthew Dean2001-2005
    Greg Dean1974-04-16AAGregory Brian Dean1993-1996
    Herman Dean1980-11-25A-Herman Lee Dean2001-2003
    Jimmy Dean1968-07-30A-Jimmie D. Dean1986-1986
    John Dean1953--AAJohn W. Dean1977-1978
    Jordan Dean1990-08-12A+Jordan William Dean2010-2014
    Joshua Dean1986-12-24RKJoshua D. Dean2005-2006
    Kevin Dean1967-12-07AAAKevin Dean1986-1992
    Levi Dean1989-12-15RkLevi Curtis Dean2011-2012
    Mark Dean1971-05-04AMark A. Dean1992-1995
    Matt Dean1992-12-22A+Matthew Christopher Dean2012-2015
    Mike Dean1977-08-02A+Michael J. Dean1998-2000
    P.J. Dean1988-10-27A-Philip J. Dean2007-2008
    Pat Dean1989-05-25AAAPat Dean2008-2015
    Roger Dean1962--ARoger J. Dean1983-1986
    Travis Dean1991-05-03A-Travis Caleb Dean2011-2013
    Steve DeAngelis1963-10-03AAASteven Mark DeAngelis1985-1994
    Jeff Deardorff1978-08-14AAAJeffrey Alan Deardorff1997-2006
    Greg Deares1971-04-22A+Gregory J. Deares1992-1995
    Ron Dearth1960--ARonald V. Dearth1983-1984
    Don'l Dease1968-03-26RKDon'l Dease1990-1990
    Kevin Deaton1981-08-07AAKevin Lang Deaton2000-2007
    Craig Deaver1985-01-17A-Craig Andrew Deaver2007-2007
    Inoel Deaza1986-05-10AInoel Deaza (Reyes)2003-2008
    Manuel DeAza1960-12-21A+Manuel Ramon DeAza1977-1982
    Nick DeBarr1983-08-24AAANicholas Adam Debarr2002-2014
    Dan DeBattista1953--A+Daniel J. Debattista1977-1977
    Joe DeBerry1970-06-30AAAJoseph Frederick De Berry 1989-1997
    Johnathan DeBerry1988-07-22RKJohnathan David Deberry2010-2010
    Rob DeBoer1971-02-04AARobert E. Deboer1991-1998
    William DeBoever1964-02-26A-William L. DeBoever1985-1986
    Nicolas Debora1993-12-06RKNicolas Debora2012-2014
    Robert DeBord1960--ARobert E. Debord1981-1983
    Genaro Debrand1970-01-19A-Genaro A. DeBrand1990-1990
    Juan Debrand1969-12-04A-Juan Debrand1991-1995
    Rafael Debrand1971-10-24A-Rafael (Flores) Debrand1993-1993
    Robert Debrino1973-09-25A+Robert Gerard Debrino1992-1999
    Randy Debruhl1970-06-28ARandall B. Debruhl1993-1994
    Grant DeBruin1990-06-28AGrant DeBruin2013-2015
    Jon Debus1958-08-31AAAJon Eric Debus1980-1989
    Mike DeButch1963-08-21AAAMichael Paul DeButch1983-1992
    Tom DeCareau1969-09-16AThomas E. DeCareau1990-1990
    Joe DeCarlo1993-09-13AJoseph Thomas DeCarlo2012-2015
    Mike Decarlo1982-03-13AAAMichael Joseph Decarlo2002-2007
    Austin DeCarr1995-03-14RkAustin Douglas DeCarr2014-2014
    Brad Decater1988-12-28RKBrad S. Decater2008-2010
    Scott Dececco1991-05-08AAScott Thomas DeCecco2010-2015
    Michael DeCelle1974-07-10AMichael J. DeCelle1996-1999
    Albert Decena1991-05-12RKAlbert Miguel Decena2012-2014
    Oscar DeChavez1964-07-30A+Oscar Gonzalez DeChavez1983-1986
    Vinnie DeChristofaro1982-04-02AVincent Anthony Dechristofaro2001-2010
    Dean DeCillis1967-07-09AAADean Anthony Decillis1987-1994
    Tim DeCinces1974-04-26AAATimothy Douglas Decinces1995-2003
    Billy Deck1976-09-16AAWilliam H. Deck1995-2000
    Ronnie Deck1977-10-24AARonald K. Deck1999-2005
    Ed Deckard1977-11-23AEdward J. Deckard1996-2000
    Bill Decker1969-06-08RKWilliam T. Decker1988-1988
    Brandon Decker1988-03-22ABrandon A. Decker2007-2012
    Chad Decker1984-05-14RKChad E. Decker2003-2005
    Cody Decker1987-01-17AAACody Marshall Decker2006-2015
    George DeckerAAA1978-1983
    Kevin Decker1988-02-24AKevin Matthew Decker2008-2011
    Tommy Decker1962--A-Thomas B. Decker1984-1984
    Miguel Declet1979-09-09A-Miguel Angel Declet1997-2000
    Jon DeClue1970-09-17AAJonathan R. DeClue1991-1997
    Daniel Decola1979-07-24ADaniel J. DeCola1998-2001
    David DeCordova1962-01-28A+David V. DeCordova1985-1987
    Bob DeCosta1959--A+Robert J. DeCosta1982-1983
    Adam Dedeaux1986-07-01AAAAdam Dedeaux2006-2011
    Don DeDonatis1975-06-23A-Donald DeDonatis III1994-1997
    Felix Dedos1966-11-11A+Felix L. Dedos1985-1989
    Wayne Dedrick1989-11-21RKThomas Dedrick2009-2009
    Robert Deeb1982-01-22A-Robert Michael Deeb2001-2004
    Doug Deeds1982-06-02AAADouglas Daniel Deeds2001-2012
    Charles Dees1977-07-19ACharles Leslie Dees1999-2001
    Greg Dees1961-04-18AAGregory S. Dees1980-1982
    Ryan Deeter1991-07-27RkRyan Neal Deeter2011-2014
    Dean Deetz1993-11-29RkDean A. Deetz2014-2014
    Robby Deevers1980-06-23A+Robert Brent Deevers2002-2005
    Steve DeFazio1962--A+Stephen B. DeFazio1983-1983
    Johnny Defendis1984-03-12AJohn M. Defendis2003-2006
    Art DeFilippis1952-03-07AAAArthur Dennis DeFilippis1977-1978
    Brent DeFoor1986-01-09AAABrent Lane Defoor2008-2010
    Tony DeFrancesco1963-04-24AAAAnthony John Defrancesco1982-1992
    Damian Defrank1995-02-01RkDamian Ismael Defrank2012-2013
    Dan DeGeorge1987-02-19AADaniel Joseph DeGeorge2006-2012
    Eddie Degerman1983-09-14AAEdward Matthew Degerman2004-2009
    Vince DeGifico1964-09-01AAVincent A. Degifico1986-1991
    Kellin Deglan1992-05-03A+Kellin L. Deglan2010-2015
    Tim DeGrasse1969-07-14ATimothy D. Degrasse 1991-1993
    Ken DeGroot1964--RKKenneth A. DeGroot1984-1984
    Casey Degroote1979-07-13A-Casey Tate DeGroote1998-2004
    Blair DeHart1978-05-04AABlair Adam Dehart1997-2002
    Casey DeHart1977-11-01AAAJames Casey DeHart1998-2005
    Greg DeHart1959--A+Gregory John DeHart1978-1985
    Derek Dehdashtion1967-09-20ADerek Amir Dehdashtion1992-1992
    Eduardo Dehesa1985-07-30AAAEduardo Dehesa2014-2014
    Matthew Dehner1977-04-23AMatthew Edward Dehner1999-2000
    Gabe DeHoyos1980-04-14AAAGabriel DeHoyos2002-2011
    Lou Deiley1964-09-01AALouis Paul Deiley1986-1990
    Todd Deininger1981-09-04ATodd Joshua Deininger2000-2004
    Jeremy Deitrick1976-09-14A+Jeremy Michael Deitrick1995-2007
    Tim Deitz1962-11-28AAAJames Timothy Deitz1983-1989
    Thomas Dejak1958--AAThomas Anthony Dejak1977-1980
    Bobby DeJardin1967-01-08AAARobert Collins DeJardin1987-1995
    Brad DeJardin1966-01-14A+Bradford John DeJardin 1987-1991
    John DeJarld1968-04-23RKJohn B. DeJarld1988-1990
    Brandon DeJaynes1980-09-10ABrandon M. DeJaynes1999-2004
    Paul DeJaynes1965-10-03A+Paul R. DeJaynes1986-1989
    Alex Dejesus1960-03-05AAAlex Dejesus1980-1982
    Anito DeJesus1972-08-26A-Anito (DeJesus) Encarnacion1991-1992
    Antone Dejesus1986-01-25A+Antonio Dejesus2005-2014
    Carlos DeJesus1965-07-16A-Carlos Jose DeJesus1987-1987
    Cesar DeJesus1975-10-30RKCesar DeJesus1994-1994
    Dionisio DeJesus1961--RKDionisio C. DeJesus1981-1981
    Eddie DeJesus1977-01-11RKEddie Dejesus1996-1997
    Elvis DeJesus1981-05-09A+Elvis DeJesus2001-2003
    Henky Dejesus1981-06-17RKHenky Dejesus2000-2001
    Javy DeJesus1971-08-03AAGuido Javier DeJesus1992-2001
    Jorge DeJesus1959--AJorge DeJesus1978-1983
    Jorge DeJesus1992-01-17RKJorge DeJesus2012-2012
    Jose DeJesus1963-07-26A-Jose Eliceo DeJesus1982-1982
    Jose DeJesus1974-10-31RKJose A. DeJesus1993-1994
    Luis DeJesus1991-12-16A+Luis DeJesus2011-2014
    Malvin DeJesus1971-09-16A+Malvin Dejesus1992-1996
    Melvin DeJesus1971-01-23RKMelvin DeJesus (Ortiz)1989-1989
    Michael Dejesus1983-07-16AAMichael C. Dejesus2003-2011
    Misael DeJesus1984-11-04AAAMisael Eliseo DeJesus2006-2010
    Rigoberto Dejesus1981-10-25RKRigoberto DeJesus2000-2000
    Tony DeJesus1978-05-14AAAnthony De Jesus1996-2010
    Wilmer DeJesus1977-08-10RKWilmer DeJesus1997-1998
    Frank DeJiulio1959-03-22A+Frank Michael DeJiulio1978-1981
    Frank DeJiulio1989-08-22A+Frank M. DeJiulio2009-2014
    Mike DeKneef1969-08-24AAAMichael Brian DeKneef1990-1994
    Bradley DeKraii1960--ABradley D. DeKraai1981-1982
    Cesar Del Angel1990-12-01AAACesar Del Angel (Orozco)2012-2014
    Andre Del Bosque1991-03-14AAndre Xavier Del Bosque2014-2015
    Jonathan Del Campo1988-05-18AAAJonathan Del Campo2006-2014
    Manny Del Campo1983-05-11AAAManny Del Campo2004-2012
    Rogelio Del Campo1986-07-25AAARogelio Viramontes Del Campo2006-2013
    Jose Del Carmen1983-08-25RKJose Manuel Del Carmen2003-2003
    Angelo Del Castillo1992-02-04RkAngelo Jose Del Castillo2012-2012
    Miguel Del Castillo1991-10-14AAMiguel Jose Del Castillo2012-2015
    Brent Del Chiaro1979-06-26AAABrenton Michael Del Chiaro2000-2007
    Emmanuel Del Orbe1990-12-20RKEmmanuel Del Orbe2011-2011
    Ramon Del Orbe1992-02-17ARamon Del Orbe2011-2015
    Samuel Del Orbe1982-04-18RKWelmin Samuel Del Orbe2003-2003
    Miguel Del Pozo1992-10-14A+Miguel Eduardo Del Pozo2012-2015
    Roberto Del Pozo1969-08-22A+Roberto A. Del Pozo1988-1991
    Danilo Del Rio1990-09-28RKDanilo Jose Del Rio2010-2011
    Bautista Del Rosario1966-10-30A-Bautista Del Rosario1986-1987
    Eduardo Del Rosario1995-05-19RkEduardo Antonio Del Rosario2013-2014
    Felipe Del Rosario1984-09-08AFelipe del Rosario2003-2008
    Luis Del Rosario1990-05-21A+Luis Alejandor Del Rosario2009-2010
    Manny Del Rosario1981-07-08AAEmmanuel del Rosario1999-2003
    Manuel Del RosarioA+1983-1983
    Maximo Del Rosario1964-06-02AAMaximo Del Rosario1983-1990
    Mervin Del Rosario1992-03-15RkMervin Augustino Del Rosario2012-2014
    Robert Del Rosario1992-07-25RKRobert Wilis Del Rosario2012-2013
    Yeison Del Rosario1994-02-15RKYeison Del Rosario2012-2013
    Yeyfry Del Rosario1994-04-27AYeyfry Del Rosario2012-2014
    Frank Del Valle1989-09-16A+Frank Del Valle2011-2014
    Andres Delacruz1979-12-05AAndres DelaCruz2000-2003
    Carlos DeLaCruz1966-09-13AACarlos Enrique Delacruz1986-1991
    Francisco DeLaCruz1968-12-02AFrancisco J. DeLaCruz1986-1987
    Johnny DeLaCruz1957-08-30A+Johnny DeLaCruz (Mojica)1978-1978
    Jose DeLaCruzRK2007-2007
    Jose Delacruz1966-05-29A-Jose F. Delacruz1985-1986
    Juan DeLaCruz1980-03-21A-Juan A. DeLaCruz1998-2000
    Luis DeLaCruz1981-03-15A+Luis A. DeLaCruz1999-1999
    Tony DeLaCruz1965--A-Tony DeLaCruz1984-1984
    William Delafield1972-02-15AAGlenn Wilcombe Delafield1992-1998
    Andy Delagarza1984-10-20A-Andrew M. De La Garza2004-2007
    William Delage1984-07-12A-William J. Delage2003-2007
    Javier Delahoya1970-02-21AAAJavier Jaime Delahoya1989-2007
    Fred DeLamata1963--A+Fred P. Delamata1986-1986
    Julio Delancer1964-05-06AJulio Raymond DeLancer1985-1986
    Anthony Delancey1962-03-02RKAnthony Bernard Delancey1980-1981
    Bob DelaneyAAA2013-2013
    Donnie Delaney1974-03-24A+Donovan Dewayne Delaney1994-1999
    Jason Delaney1982-11-09AAAJason J. Delaney2002-2010
    John Delaney1985-12-30AJohn C. Delaney2005-2010
    Mitchell Delaney1989-04-14RKMitchell D. Delaney2008-2011
    Sean Delaney1970-05-22AASean Michael Delaney1990-1997
    Alex Delano1958--A+Alexander J. Delano1980-1981
    Michael Delano1977-11-09AMichael Erskine Delano1997-1999
    Orlando DeLaNuez1981-04-16RKOrlando DeLaNuez2000-2000
    Dennis Delany1956-03-10AADennis Michael Delany1977-1984
    Camilo Delapaz1979-07-14RKCamilo de la Paz2000-2000
    Cesar DeLaRosa1968-02-01A+Cesar Mendez DeLaRosa1986-1990
    David Delarosa1966--RKDavid H. Delarosa1982-1982
    Domingo DeLaRosa1967-06-28A+Domingo German DelaRosa1987-1990
    Frandy Delarosa1996-01-24RKFrandy Delarosa2013-2014
    Frank DeLaRosa1980-08-26RKFrancisco G. DeLaRosa1998-1998
    Jairo Delarosa1985-09-08AJairo Delarosa (Agramonte)2007-2007
    Nelson DeLaRosa1962-03-24AANelson DeLaRosa1980-1985
    Chris Delarwelle1967-08-13AAChristopher T. Delarwelle1990-1992
    Mickey Delas1967-01-21A+Michael Andrew Delas1988-1989
    Keola Delatori1978-12-23AKeola B. Delatori1998-1999
    Ernie DeLaTorre1957--A+Ernest M. DeLaTorre1987-1987
    Mark DeLaTorre1963--A-Mark V. DeLaTorre1984-1984
    Brad Delatte1990-01-13A-Brad Michael Delatte2009-2012
    Ryan Delaughter1986-12-31A-Ryan A. Delaughter2005-2011
    Gregory DeLaune1960-04-27RKGregory P. DeLaune1982-1983
    John Delbene1966-10-14RKJohn M. Delbene1988-1988
    Manuel DelCarmen1956-03-07A+Manuel Jesus DelCarmen1977-1978
    Bryan DeLeon1978-08-01RKBryan DeLeon1998-1998
    Carlos Deleon1982-10-09RKCarlos Deleon (Guzman)2001-2001
    Desidero DeLeon1958-02-23RKDesidero DeLeon1977-1977
    Elcilio DeLeon1972-04-14A+Elcilio Y. Deleon1992-1997
    Ernesto DeLeon1991-11-24RKErnesto DeLeon2012-2012
    Gerbacio DeLeon1970-02-25AGerbacio DeLeon1990-1990
    Huascar DeLeon1970-07-02A+Huascar Francisco De Leon1988-1992
    Jesus DeLeon1967-04-08A+Jesus Alberto Deleon1986-1989
    Joey DeLeon1982-10-21AJose DeLeon2001-2004
    John DeLeon1961-08-05A+John F. DeLeon 1979-1981
    Jorge DeLeon1971-02-07RKJorge Roberts Deleon1989-1989
    Jorge DeLeon1974-09-26AAAJorge Luis De Leon1996-2001
    Jose DeLeon1971-01-13A-Jose R. DeLeon (Mercado)1991-1994
    Jose DeLeon1976-10-02A+Jose M. DeLeon1996-1998
    Juan DeLeon1966--RKJuan Elvio Deleon1985-1985
    Julio DeLeon1968-07-08A+Julio Manuel DeLeon 1987-1987
    Julio Deleon1975-11-19RKJulio Cesar DeLeon 1996-1997
    Luis DeLeon1956-01-13AAALuis A. DeLeon1977-1984
    Maikel DeLeon1979-10-26AMaikel DeLeon2002-2003
    Orlando DeLeon1960--A+Orlando A. DeLeon1980-1982
    Paulo DeLeon1955-08-22A+Paulo A. DeLeon1979-1979
    Pedro DeLeon1964-10-26AAPedro Eugenio DeLeon 1984-1989
    Rafael DeLeon1967-08-07A+Rafael DeLeon1984-1986
    Raymond DeLeon1970-03-19ARaymiro DeLeon1995-1999
    Reymundo DeLeon1974-11-20A-Reymundo A. Deleon1995-1995
    Robert Deleon1971-03-29AAARoberto Deleon1990-1996
    Roberto DeLeon1969-02-23A+Roberto Farias Deleon1989-1998
    Santos DeLeon1973-10-18ASantos Matos Deleon1993-1995
    Socrates DeLeon1964--RKSocrates A. Deleon1982-1982
    Yabanne DeLeon1971-07-21AYobanne de Leon1991-1992
    Doug Delett1959--A-Douglas E. Delett 1981-1981
    Adolfo Delfin1973-07-15AAAAdolfo Delfin (Luna)2001-2014
    Lee Delfino1980-05-21A+Lee A. Delfino1999-2005
    Mitch Delfino1991-01-13AAMitchell R. Delfino2010-2015
    Ambroix Delgadillo1983-08-07RKAmbiorix Rafael Delgadillo2002-2002
    Hector Delgadillo1983-01-02AHector David Delgadillo2005-2006
    Juan Delgadillo1982-11-11AAAJuan Salvador Delgadillo (Perez)2003-2014
    Juan DelgadilloRKJuan Delgadillo1977-1977
    Julian DelgadilloRKJulian Delgadillo2000-2000
    Yonalis Delgadillo1991-01-26RKYonalis B Delgadillo2012-2012
    Alejandro Delgado1994-11-01AAAEfren Alejandro Delgado2014-2014
    Alvaro Delgado1964--RKJorge A. Delgado1985-1985
    Alwin Delgado1992-11-03RkAlwin Daniel Delgado2012-2014
    Ariel Delgado1976-09-11A+Ariel Alberto Delgado1994-2001
    Chris Delgado1977-10-08AChristopher Joseph Delgado1997-2000
    Daniel Delgado1976-12-29RKDaniel E. Delgado1995-2001
    Danny Delgado1978-02-10AAADaniel Delgado1997-2003
    Dariel Delgado1993-08-26ADariel Delgado2013-2015
    Dario Delgado1980-03-30ADario Enrique Delgado1999-2007
    Dimasther Delgado1989-03-03A+Dimaster Delgado2008-2012
    Efren Delgado1994-11-01AAAEfren Delgado2013-2013
    Elvin Delgado1990-08-17RKElvin O. Delgado2011-2011
    Ernie Delgado1975-07-21AAAErnesto Delgado1993-2006
    Gabriel Delgado1978-10-21A+Gabriel Delgado2001-2006
    Geno Delgado1971-12-21AEugene A. Delgado1992-1993
    George Delgado1984-03-22AGeorge Enrique Delgado2004-2006
    Irwin Delgado1989-06-15AAAIrwin Delgado2010-2014
    Jean Delgado1993-02-05A-Jean Karlo Delgado2011-2013
    Johansel Delgado1990-12-03RKJohansel Delgado2013-2013
    Jorge Delgado1980-07-08AJorge Luis Delgado1999-2013
    Jose Delgado1966--AJose F. Delgado1985-1985
    Jose Delgado1975-03-20AAJose Luis Delgado1993-2001
    Jose Delgado1983-09-10AJose M. Delgado2004-2006
    Joseph Delgado1980-05-10A+Joseph Arnaldo Delgado1999-2000
    Juan Delgado1986-07-18A+Juan Julio Delgado2005-2006
    Juan Delgado1963-01-20AAJuan Delgado1981-1987
    Juan Delgado1955--AAJuan B. Delgado1977-1977
    Juan Delgado1955--A-Juan B. Delgado1977-1977
    Kristian Delgado1993-07-19AAAKristian Oliver Delgado2014-2014
    Mario Delgado1979-08-05AAMario L. Delgado2001-2010
    Mark Delgado1962-04-09RKMark Christopher Delgado1984-1984
    Natanael Delgado1995-10-23ANatanael Delgado2013-2015
    Oscar Delgado1981-04-05AAAOscar Hommy Delgado2002-2003
    Pablo Delgado1970-08-03A-Pablo Luis Delgado1988-1992
    Ramon Delgado1986-09-03AAARamon Ruben Delgado2006-2014
    Rey Delgado1976-12-29A+Reymundo Delgado1997-2003
    Richard Delgado1986-05-15RKRichard Ernesto Delgado2008-2008
    Richard Delgado1979-01-04A+Richard A. Delgado1988-1991
    Robert Delgado1971-01-04ARobert Delgado1992-1992
    Ronny Delgado1984-05-04RKRonny A. Delgado2005-2005
    Rumaldo Delgado1962--ARumaldo Delgado1981-1984
    Ryan Delgado1988-01-11A+Ryan Patrick Delgado2009-2013
    Tim Delgado1967-08-06AATimothy Patrick Delgado1990-1993
    Scott Delgatti1954-05-07AAScott Michael Delgatti1977-1978
    Franky Delie1983-02-23RKFranky Delie2004-2004
    Rafael DeLima1967-12-21AAARafael Alonzo (Gomez) De Lima 1986-1995
    Juan Delis1994-05-29RkJuan Marcos Delis2012-2014
    Carlos Deliza1977-12-19RKCarlos Angel Deliza1998-1998
    Juan Deliza1955-07-05AAAJuan Ernesto Deliza1977-1978
    Trey Delk1985-12-17RKCharles Randolph Delk Iii2006-2010
    Peter Delkus1965-09-04AAAPeter William Delkus1987-1991
    Tim Dell1967-04-08AATimothy Donald Dell1988-1993
    Steve Dell'Amico1966-07-25A-Steven G. Dell'Amico1987-1987
    Robert Della Grotta1984-09-18A-Robert Della Grotta2004-2008
    Peter Della Ratta1974-02-14AAPeter Della Ratta1993-2001
    Chris Della Rocco1982-01-17A-Chris R. Della Rocco2001-2004
    Tony Dellamano1974-08-17A+Anthony A. Dellamano1996-1997
    Nic Dellatorre1991-08-28ANicholas Joel DellaTorre2011-2013
    Bob Deller1968-06-06A+Robert C. Deller1990-1993
    Tom Deller1966-12-09A+Thomas Allen Deller1987-1990
    Joe Dellicarri1967-01-16AAAJoseph Dellicarri1989-1995
    Gerald Dellinger1955--A+Gerald J. Dellinger1978-1978
    Luis DelmonAA1979-1979
    James Delmonico1958--RKJames Paul Delmonico 1978-1978
    Nick Delmonico1992-07-12A+Nicholas John Delmonico2012-2014
    Tony Delmonico1987-04-27A+Anthony James Delmonico 2006-2014
    John DelMonte1958-09-05AAJohn J. DelMonte1979-1982
    Bobby Deloach1967-05-21AABobby D. DeLoach1979-1991
    Lee DeLoach1968-01-26RKLee W. DeLoach1989-1989
    Richard DeLoach1958-10-16ARichard Darwin DeLoach1977-1980
    Tyler Deloach1991-04-12AAATyler Clay DeLoach2010-2015
    Collin Delome1985-12-18AAACollin James DeLome2005-2013
    Jordan DeLorenzo1992-09-08RkJordan A. DeLorenzo2014-2014
    Carlos Delossantos1978-04-11A+Carlos Rodriguez De Los Santos2000-2005
    Rafael Delossantos1986-12-10AJose Rafael Dellossantso2006-2009
    Reynaldo DeLosSantos1970-11-23AReynaldo DeLosSantos1991-1993
    Marc Delpiano1967-07-29A+Marc Anthony DelPiano1989-1990
    Manuel DelRosario1966--A+Manuel DelRosario1982-1984
    Sergio DelRosario1965--RKSergio A. DelRosario1982-1982
    Evan DeLuca1991-03-09A+Evan T. DeLuca2010-2014
    Kurt DeLuca1964-01-23AAKurt J. Deluca1983-1988
    Nick Deluca1971-12-22A-Nicholas F. DeLUca1995-1995
    Sam Deluca1985-09-30RKSam Deluca2004-2009
    Dustin Delucchi1977-12-23AAADustin Joseph Delucchi1997-2006
    Ron DeLucchi1965-01-09A+Ronald Joseph DeLucchi1983-1986
    Dan Delucia1985-06-01A+Daniel Thomas Delucia2004-2011
    David DeLuna1985-01-07RKDavid Samuel DeLuna2004-2004
    Henry Delvalle1972-09-19AHenry Delvalle (Ozorio)1992-1995
    James Delvecchio1956--AAAJames P. Del Vecchio 1977-1979
    Nick Delvecchio1970-01-23AAANicholas Andrew Delvecchio1991-1997
    Gene Delyon1952-06-27AAEugene A. Delyon1977-1977
    Ed Delzer1961-09-20AAEdwin Mark Delzer1981-1986
    Domingo Delzine1973-04-14ADomingo J. Delzine1992-1994
    Lou Deman1973-07-01A-Louis L. Deman1993-1996
    Joe DeMarco1975-10-01RKJoseph Demarco1995-1998
    Matt Demarco1980-01-24AAMathew James DeMarco1999-2007
    George DeMaria1961-02-19A+George Ivo DeMaria1979-1981
    Dominic Demark1974-03-15RKDominic G. Demark1994-1994
    Mike Demark1983-05-20AAAMichael Moise Demark2003-2014
    Scott DeMarrais1963-12-12A+Scott Christopher Demarrais1986-1986
    Dominic DeMasi1993-02-23A-Dominic Anthony DeMasi2014-2014
    Steve DeMatties1959--A-Stephen L. DeMatties1981-1982
    Stephen Dembowski1957--A-Stephen G. Dembowski1979-1979
    Toby DeMello1990-01-03A+Toby Samson DeMello2009-2014
    Dan Dement1978-06-17AAADaniel Kevin Dement1999-2007
    Robert DeMeo1951-12-15AAARobert Michael DeMeo1977-1979
    Tom DeMerit1966-02-10A+Thomas DeMerit1986-1988
    Travis Demeritte1994-09-30ATravis Timothy Demeritte2013-2015
    Marty DeMerritt1953-03-04AAMartin Gordon DeMerritt 1977-1977
    Tim Demerson1969-10-29A+Timothy M. Demerson 1990-1995
    Todd Demeter1961-08-01AATodd Alan Demeter1979-1985
    Chris Demetral1969-12-08AAAChristopher James Demetral1989-2001
    Scott Demetral1973-05-31RKScott David Demetral1992-1997
    Doug Demetre1967-11-27A-Douglas P. Demetre1990-1990
    Joey Demichele1991-02-05AAJoseph Daniel DeMichele2010-2015
    David Deminsky1987-06-12A+David Deminsky2010-2012
    Asher Demme1984-11-01AAsher Paul Demme2003-2008
    Ryan Demmin1988-04-05AARyan Demmin2007-2014
    Herman Demmink1983-09-21A+Herman Demmink III2003-2008
    Paul Demny1989-08-03AAAPaul David Demny2008-2015
    William Demo1959--A-William M. Demo1977-1978
    Chris Demons1984-02-21AAAChristopher Ryan Demons2003-2009
    Jimmy Demontel1980-06-07AAJames J. Demontel2002-2005
    Mat DeMontigny1984-09-22RKMathieu J. DeMontigny2003-2007
    Chris DeMorais1992-06-18RkChristopher John DeMorais2014-2014
    Pete Demorejon1974-10-16APedro Demorejon1995-1996
    Ronniel Demorizi1995-07-19RKRonniel Manuel Demorizi2012-2014
    David DeMoss1970-12-26A-David B. DeMoss1991-1992
    Chris Demouy1975-11-03AAAChristopher Stephen Demouy1995-2002
    Michael Demperio1988-02-17AAMichael Demperio2007-2013
    Adam Dempsay1963-05-14AAAAdam Dale Dempsay1982-1988
    Dalton Dempsey1971-08-04A-Dalton Wesley Dempsey1993-1993
    Jacob Dempsey1983-09-24A-Jacob Allin Dempsey2003-2010
    John Dempsey1971-08-18AAJohn R. Dempsey1989-1994
    Mike Dempsey1953--AAJon Mike Dempsey1978-1978
    Nick Dempsey1978-12-15A+Nicholas A. Dempsey1997-2002
    Pat Dempsey1956-10-23AAAPatrick Archer Dempsey1977-1987
    Pete Dempsey1956-12-14AAAPeter Eric Dempsey1976-1982
    Steve Dempsey1970-05-07RKSteven A. Dempsey1992-1993
    Clint Dempster1989-08-29A+Clinton James Dempster2010-2012
    Kurt Dempster1965-09-19AKurtis Robert Dempster1985-1989
    Joe Demus1966-09-11AAJoseph Dominick Demus1990-1992
    Dustin Demuth1991-07-30ADustin Demuth2011-2015
    Kirk Demyan1971-08-28AKirk C. Demyan1992-1994
    Fernando DeNaball1984-06-16AFernando Denaball2005-2007
    Eugene Denard1969-02-13RKNorman Eugene Denard1988-1988
    Joey Denato1992-03-17AJoseph Denato2011-2015
    Gary Denbo1960-12-09AAGary Brian Denbo1983-1986
    Don Denbow1973-04-30AADon Ashley Denbow1993-1998
    Darryl Denby1960-06-01AADarryl Kevin Denby1979-1986
    Todd Denby1960--RKStephen Todd Denby1978-1978
    Edward Denczi1962-12-18A-Edward John Denczi1984-1985
    Mike Denevi1953-03-19AAAMichael Irvin Denevi1977-1978
    Ronald Deneweth1956--A+Ronald K. Deneweth1978-1978
    Dan Denham1982-12-24AAADaniel Christopher Denham2001-2009
    Jason Denham1986-05-01A+Jason R. Denham2004-2008
    Richard Denholm1979-10-31RKRichard Denholm1998-1998
    Mitch Dening1988-08-17AAMitchell John Dening2007-2012
    Orlando Denis1963--A+Orlando Denis1982-1985
    Kevin Denis-Fortier1987-09-22RKKevin Denis-Fortier2007-2010
    Brandon Denison1980-12-02RKDavid Brandon Denison2002-2002
    Ralph Denkenberger1967-03-08ARalph Samuel Denkenberger 1985-1988
    Demond Denman1975-04-22RKDemond Wayne Denman1996-1996
    John Denman1956-11-19AAJohn D. Denman1977-1983
    Ralph Denman1972-08-02RKRalph Cordell Denman1993-1994
    Tim Dennehy1986-09-22A-Timothy D. Dennehy2006-2009
    James Dennett1960-07-13A+James A. Dennett1983-1983
    Bill Denney1931-12-28AAAWilliam Denney1980-1980
    Jon Denney1994-09-28RkJonathan David Denney2013-2013
    Mike Dennhardt1990-06-01A+Michael J. Dennhardt2009-2014
    Wes Denning1972-12-30AWes DeMars Denning1994-1997
    Andrew Dennis1993-03-30A-Andrew Christian Dennis2013-2014
    Bernie Dennis1982-07-05RKBernard George Dennis III2005-2008
    Billy Dennis1980-09-29RKWilliam A. Dennis2002-2003
    Brian Dennis1972-03-04ABrian Paul Dennis1992-2006
    Chris Dennis1989-03-31A-Christopher Wendell Dennis2008-2012
    Chris Dennis1988-09-15A+Christopher G. Dennis2007-2011
    Chris Dennis1984-01-03A+Christopher Bryan Dennis2003-2008
    Eduardo Dennis1959-10-14AAEduardo Manuel Dennis1978-1985
    Greg Dennis1962--RKGregory F. Dennis1985-1985
    Jason Dennis1978-08-12A+Jason Richard Dennis1998-2003
    Les Dennis1973-06-03AALesley E. Dennis1992-2000
    Roberto Dennis1958-07-29A+Roberto Francisco Dennis1978-1981
    Shane Dennis1971-07-03AAAShane Leroy Dennis1991-1999
    Taylor Dennis1989-03-31A+Taylor Dennis2012-2014
    Taylor Dennis1986-09-09A+Lewis Taylor Dennis 2006-2013
    Brian Dennison1969-02-20RKBrian R. Dennison1991-1991
    Jim Dennison1968-05-12A+James Lee Dennison1989-1992
    Michael Dennison1981-01-09A+Michael C. Dennison2001-2005
    Scott Dennison1968-01-09AScott E. Dennison1990-1992
    Steven Dennison1989-03-05RKSteven Dennison2011-2011
    David Denny1963--A+David E. Denny1984-1985
    John Denny1980-02-14RKJohn T. Denny2000-2003
    Shawn Denny1973-07-07RKRasean P. Denny1993-1993
    Ariel Deno1974-02-23RKAriel D. Deno1993-1993
    Chris Denove1982-12-09AAAChristopher Scott Denove2003-2011
    David Denson1995-01-17ADavid Lamont Denson2013-2015
    Cody Dent1991-08-01A+Cody Joseph Dent2010-2015
    Darrell Dent1977-05-26AAADarrell Cedric Dent1995-2002
    Doug Dent1977-03-23AAFrank Douglas Dent1998-2002
    Ryan Dent1989-03-15AAARyan A. Dent2007-2015
    Frank Dente1960--AAFrank J. Dente1980-1982
    Chris Denton1983-11-15RKChristopher R. Denton2003-2007
    David Denton1954-12-22AAADavid Wayne Denton1976-1984
    Chip Denure1976-06-05A-Matthew Denure1998-1998
    Dutch Deol1992-10-20RkDutch Christian Deol2011-2014
    Rich DePastino1968-05-19A+Richard Dominick DePastino1986-1990
    Bartolo DePaula1984-01-24RKBartolo DePaula2003-2003
    Elvido DePaula1960-10-21AElvido DePaula1979-1982
    Freddy DePaula1977-12-09A+Freddy Antonio (Martinez) DePaula 2000-2002
    Michael Depen1992-06-16RKMichael Olibuen Depen2012-2013
    Daren DePew1965-06-01A-Daren J. Depew1988-1988
    Jake DePew1992-03-01AAJacob A. DePew2010-2015
    Jeff DePiano1962--A-Jeffrey G. Depiano1983-1984
    Jeff Depippo1976-04-29AAJeffrey Alan Depippo1995-2002
    Derrick Depriest1976-11-21AADerrick James Depriest1997-2009
    John DePrimo1962-07-20AJohn Steven Deprimo1985-1985
    Benji Dequin1980-06-02AABenjamin George Dequin1999-2004
    Alan DeRatt1985-11-06AAAlan Gray DeRatt1979-2014
    Nick Derba1985-09-09AAANicholas Joseph Derba2004-2012
    Terry Derby1962--ATerrence M. Derby1983-1984
    Albert Derenches1976-08-17A+Albert James Derenches1995-1999
    Keoni DeRenne1979-04-30AAAKeoni Beau DeRenne1998-2010
    John DeRicco1967-09-25A-John Carl DeRicco1990-1990
    Phil Deriso1959--A-Philip G. Deriso1981-1981
    Marcos Derkes1991-09-12A-Marcos Andres Derkes2011-2014
    Rob Derksen1960-01-12A+Robert William Derksen1982-1989
    Anthony Dermendziev1973-02-03AAnthony M. Dermendziev1993-1994
    Matt Dermody1990-07-04A+Matthew Phillip Dermody2010-2015
    Jeff DeRosa1972-03-16RKJeffrey DeRosa1993-1995
    Thomas DeRosa1956--AThomas A. DeRosa1977-1978
    Matthew Derosier1994-07-13A-Matthew Derosier2013-2014
    Tony Derosso1975-11-07AAAnthony Joseph Derosso1994-2002
    Francisco Derotal1974-04-15A+Francisco J. Derotal1993-1995
    Tim Derryberry1958-04-21AAATimothy Dale Derryberry 1977-1984
    Eric Dersin1964-01-06AAEric Lynn Dersin1982-1987
    Gary Desa1963-07-21RKGary D. DeSa1981-1982
    Mark Desabrais1975-07-10RKMark D. Desabrais1994-1996
    Gene Desalme1979-09-14RKGene Edward DeSalme2001-2004
    Nick Desantiago1991-04-17ANicholas Desantiago2010-2013
    Dom DeSantis1969-05-14A+Dominic DeSantis1988-1994
    Frank DeSantis1960-02-26A+Frank Conrad DeSantis1982-1983
    Thomas DeSanto1958-11-12A+Thomas Michael DeSanto1979-1981
    Jim Desapio1966-12-03A-James R. Desapio1988-1989
    Jim Deschaine1977-09-18AAAJames J. Deschaine1997-2005
    Marc Deschenes1973-01-06AAAMarc Andre Deschenes1995-2006
    Pat Deschenes1978-04-26AAPatrick Deschenes1999-2010
    Francis Desena1983-05-30A+Francis Desena2002-2003
    Sergio DeSena1960-09-14RKSergio DeSena (Ozuna)1978-1981
    Craig Desensi1972-10-27RKCraig Desensi1992-1995
    Jeremy DeShazer1976-08-18A+Jeremy David Deshazer1995-1998
    Torey Deshazier1993-09-16ATorey Jerrell Deshazier2012-2015
    Chris Deshetler1976-12-25RKChristopher L. DeShetler1997-1999
    Jerry DeSimone1957--AAAGerald F. DeSimone1978-1984
    Ray DeSimone1971-08-01ARaymond A. Desimone1992-1994
    Matthew DesJardenRKMatthew T. DesJarden1982-1982
    Keith Desjarlais1959-07-04AAAKeith Richard Desjarlais1979-1983
    Casey Deskins1972-04-05AABrian Deskins1993-1998
    Grant Desme1986-04-04A+Gregory Grant Desme2005-2009
    Geoff Desmond1983-07-09RKGeoffrey Clark Desmond2004-2006
    Juan DeSoto1962-08-11RKJuan Enrique DeSoto1981-1981
    Daniel DeSouza1984-11-27RKDaniel F. DeSouza2004-2005
    Nathan Desouza1994-07-13RkNathan Alan Desouza2012-2014
    Alfredo Despaigne1986-06-17AAAAlfredo Despaigne2013-2014
    Charles Despaux1957--A-Charles Frederick Despaux1980-1981
    Erik Desrosiers1974-09-21A+Erik Desrosiers1995-1997
    Chris Desseliler1974-06-29RKChristopher M. Dessellier1992-1995
    Geraldo Desten1986-08-10RKGeraldo Desten2007-2007
    James Deters1983-06-04AAAJames P. Deters2005-2008
    Dave Detienne1979-08-16AAADavid Joseph Detienne1998-2008
    Jamie Detillion1978-06-22A+Jamie M. Detillion1997-2002
    Tom Detmer1960--RKThomas J. Detmer1982-1982
    Kris Detmers1974-06-22AAAKristian Thomas Detmers1993-2000
    Jared Dettman1992-05-18AJared James Dettmann2012-2014
    Joey Dettrich1988-09-23A-Julius Joseph Dettrich2007-2010
    Brian Detwiler1971-04-13RKBrian E. Detwiler1993-1994
    James Detwiler1976-06-11A-James Allen Detwiler1998-2000
    Matt Deuchler1981-06-06RKMatthew Glenn Deuchler2000-2004
    Mark Deushane1964-10-29RKMark Allan Deushane1988-1989
    Curry Deutsch1972-09-11A-Curry M. Deutsch1994-1995
    John Deutsch1966-11-11AAJohn Jeremy Deutsch1989-1993
    Mark Deutsch1956-08-08RKMark Joseph Deutsch1978-1978
    Mike Deutsch1966-09-22A+Michael J. Deutsch1988-1990
    Brian DeValk1960--A+Brian D. DeValk1981-1983
    Alan DeVall1962--RKAlan C. DeVall1983-1983
    Brett DeVall1990-01-08ABrett Alexander DeVall2008-2010
    Edward Devan1963--RKEdward B. Devan1983-1983
    Michael Devaney1982-07-31AAMichael Alan Devaney2004-2007
    Noel Devarez1978-12-24A+Noel Devarez1999-2003
    Todd DeVaughan1968-06-16RKJeffrey Todd Devaughan1988-1992
    Michael Deveaux1984-05-09RKMichael Deveaux2006-2007
    Nick Devenney1980-07-31ANicholas Rollin Devenney2001-2005
    Chris Devenski1990-11-13AAChristopher Michael Devenski2009-2015
    Dale Deveraux1979-09-28RKDale B. Deveraux1999-1999
    Brandon Devereaux1971-01-27RKBrandon Corey Devereaux 1990-1990
    Todd Devereaux1966-09-25A+Todd Michael Devereaux1988-1990
    Chad Devereux1970-07-22AACharles Warren Devereux1989-1996
    Ed Devers1972-05-31AEdgar I. Devers 1991-1993
    Rafael Devers1996-10-24ARafael Calcano Devers2014-2015
    Phil Devey1977-05-31AAAPhilip Alexandre Devey1999-2005
    John Devich1960--RKJohn D. Devich1983-1983
    Dan Deville1967-05-30A+Daniel David Deville1989-1991
    John DeVincenzo1956--AAJohn Michael DeVincenzo1978-1980
    Rich DeVincenzo1959-08-10AARichard Robert DeVincenzo1979-1987
    Dean Devine1979-10-04A-Dean Joseph Devine2002-2002
    Kevin Devine1963--AAKevin Devine1985-1988
    Rich Devine1977-09-12A-Richard D. Devine1999-2002
    Travis Devine1979-12-03ATravis James Devine1998-2001
    Rick Devinney1983-11-21RKRichard Charles Devinney 2001-2002
    Matt Devins1983-05-23A+Matthew T. Devins2002-2007
    Fred DeVito1958--AAFrederick Gustine DeVito1978-1980
    Bob Devlin1962-09-16AARobert Arthur Devlin1983-1988
    Don Devlin1962--ADonald J. Devlin1983-1984
    Paul Devlin1965-07-09A+Paul Joseph Devlin1988-1989
    Jordan Devoir1982-08-13AJordan D. Devoir2003-2007
    Gregory Devone1964--RKGregory L. Devone1982-1982
    Daniel Devonshire1992-03-30RkDaniel Devonshire2012-2013
    Meoli Devora1987-11-27RKMeoli Ismael Devora2008-2008
    Kyle Devore1990-12-23A+Kyle Devore2010-2014
    Ted Devore1967-10-20A+Paul Edward Devore1989-1992
    Zeke Devoss1990-07-17AAAEzekiel Mark DeVoss2010-2014
    Charles Devoy1959-12-27RKCharles Devoy1983-1983
    Andy Devries1973-03-19A+Andrew G. DeVries1994-1996
    Jon Devries1982-08-22AAJonathan Thomas Devries2001-2006
    Josh Dew1985-01-15AAJoshua Dew2006-2013
    Owen Dew1988-09-26A+Benjamin Dew2008-2013
    Mark Dewalt1975-06-16RKMark A. DeWalt 1993-1994
    Andrew Dewar1984-03-09RKAndrew Francis Dewar2002-2003
    Pat Dewechter1961--APatrick M. Dewechter1983-1983
    Duane Dewey1958-08-28AAADuane Arthur Dewey1979-1984
    Jason Dewey1977-04-18AAAJason Michael Dewey1997-2006
    Todd Dewey1963-12-07AAATodd Alan Dewey1985-1990
    Robert DewhirstA-Robert T. Dewhirst1978-1978
    Brandon Dewing1984-01-01A+Branden Lloyd Dewing2003-2008
    Anthony DeWitt1982-05-30A+Anthony L. DeWitt2001-2006
    Chris Dewitt1974-03-24A+Christopher Stephen DeWitt1995-1999
    Don DeWitt1959-01-30RKHarold Don DeWitt1980-1980
    Harold DeWitt1959-01-30A-Harold Don DeWitt1981-1981
    Kentrell Dewitt1991-03-20A+Kentrell Andrew Dewitt2010-2015
    Martin Dewitt1973-01-29AMartin W. Dewitt1993-1994
    Scott DeWitt1974-10-06AAScott R. Dewitt1995-2002
    Rob Dewolf1963-07-05AAARobert King DeWolf1984-1989
    Charles Dexter1959--ACharles P. Dexter1980-1980
    Dan DeYoung1976-03-24A+Daniel J. DeYoung1995-1998
    Kyle Deyoung1984-08-15AKyle Deyoung2006-2007
    Rob DeYoung1966-10-25A+Robin Eugene DeYoung1986-1989
    Fredy Deza1982-12-11AAAFredy Deza2001-2009

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