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The following players have played at least one game for an affiliated minor league baseball team since 1977 but have never played in the Major Leagues.
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Player Name          Pos   HiLvl    Play Years  Full Name                                
Young Ma             P     RK       1991-1991   Young Min Ma                             
Jeff Maack           SS    RK       1988-1988   Jeffrey A. Maack                         
Mike Maack           P     AA       1979-1984   Michael C. Maack                         
Jason Maas           OF    AAA      1982-1991   Jason Gregory Maas                       
Steve Maas           P     A        1996-1999   Steven Anthony Maas                      
Gary Maasberg        3B    A+       1987-1988   Gary Ronald Maasberg                     
Patrick Maat         C     RK       2007-2008   Patrick Joseph Maat                      
Todd Mabe            SS    AA       1983-1986   Todd Edward Mabe                         
Henry Mabee          P     AA       2006-2013   Thomas Henry Mabee                       
Victor Mabee         SS    AA       1977-1979   Victor Chester Mabee                     
Louis Maberry        P     A+       1992-1997   Louis A. Maberry                         
Mark Maberry         P     A+       1994-2002   Joseph Mark Maberry                      
Barry Mabry          P     A+       2000-2005   Michael Barry Mabry                      
Mike Macaluso        2B    A        2001-2004   Michael Macaluso                         
Nick Macaluso        2B    A        1988-1989   Nicholas Carl Macaluso                   
Jon Macalutas        OF    AA       1993-2002   Jonathan Dominick Macalutas              
Mark MacArthur       3B-2B A+       1990-1992   Mark A. MacArthur                        
Matthew MacArthur          A+       1987-1987                                            
Andrew Macauley            AA       1979-1982                                            
John MacAuley        2B    AAA      1977-1982   John Andrew Macauley                     
Joseph Macavage      P     A        1986-1988   Joseph James Macavage                    
Chris Macca          P     AA       1995-2000   Christopher J. Macca                     
Tony Maccani         C     AAA      2004-2010   James Anthony Maccani                    
John MacCauley       P     A-       1992-1993   John Stephen MacCauley III               
Brandon Macchi       OF    A-       2000-2003   Brandon Michael Macchi                   
Christian Macdonald  P     A-       2011-2014   Christian Lee MacDonald                  
Connor MacDonald     1B    RK       2014-2014   Connor Alexander MacDonald               
Corey Macdonald      P     A-       2011-2013   Corey James MacDonald                    
James MacDonald      P     AAA      1978-1983   James Wilson MacDonald                   
James MacDonald      P     A-       2006-2009   James Bruce Macdonald                    
Jim MacDonald        1B    RK       1977-1977   James Wilson MacDonald                   
Kevin MacDonald            A        1978-1979                                            
Mike MacDonald       P     A        1993-1995   Michael J. MacDonald                     
Mike MacDonald       P     AAA      2002-2012   Michael P. Macdonald                     
Mitch MacDonald      3B    A-       2006-2008   Mitch MacDonald                          
Ron MacDonald        2B    AAA      1977-1982   Ronald Gordon MacDonald                  
Gabe MacDougal       LF    RK       2009-2010   Gabriel Joseph MacDougall                
Clark Mace           OF    A        1998-2002   Clark R. Mace                            
Jeff Mace            OF    AA       1982-1988   Jeffrey Dean Mace                        
Justin Mace          P     A+       2008-2011   Justin Stephen Mace                      
Luis Macedo          P     AAA      2013-2013   Luis Enrique Macedo                      
Victor Macero        1B    RK       1994-1995   Victor H. Macero                         
Fausto Macey         P     AAA      1994-2001   Fausto Dario Macey                       
Steve MacFarland     P     A        2004-2011   Stephen D. Macfarland                    
Andy MacFarlane      OF    A-       2004-2005   Andrew Thomas Macfarlane                 
Monte MacGillivray   P     RK       1998-1999   Monte R. Macgillivray                    
Kyle Mach            IF    A        2006-2010   Kyle David Mach                          
Tyler Mach           2B    A-       2004-2007   Tyler J. Mach                            
Eric Macha           3B    RK       2003-2003   Eric Andrew Macha                        
Erick Macha          2B    AA       1999-2003   Erick Michael Macha                      
Albenis Machado      SS    AAA      1998-2011   Albenis Jose Machado                     
Andres Machado       P     Rk       2013-2014   Andres Eduardo Machado                   
Dixon Machado        SS    AA       2010-2014   Dixon Javier Machado (Moreno)            
Mike Machado         OF    RK       1992-1993   Michael P. Machado                       
Ruben Machado        3B    A+       1983-1985   Ruben R. Machado                         
Mark Machalec        OF    A        1984-1985   Mark T. Machalec                         
Mike Machen          P     RK       2000-2002   Michael Steven Machen                    
Alex Machillanada    C     Rk       2012-2013   Alex Machillanada                        
John Machin          P     A+       1982-1984   John Joseph Machin                       
Englis Machiz        P     RK       1983-1983   Englis Yunin Machiz                      
Matt Machmer               RK       1994-1996                                            
Ender Machuca        P     RK       2013-2013   Ender Jose Machuca                       
Freddy Machuca       OF    A        1981-1983   Freddy Neftali Machuca                   
Javier Machuca       P     Rk       2012-2013   Javier E. Machuca                        
Luis Machuca         P     RK       2008-2009   Luis Enrique Pachuca                     
Victor Machuca       2B    RK       1989-1989   Victor Machuca                           
Angel Macias         P     A-       1991-1991   Angel T. Macias                          
Bobby Macias         P     AA       1978-1983   Robert J. Macias                         
Brandon Macias       3B    AA       2009-2014   Brandon Christopher Macias               
David Macias         2B    AAA      2005-2011   David Gustavo Macias                     
Gerardo Macias       P     A-       1981-1981   Gerardo Macias                           
Henry Macias         2B-SS A        1977-1978   Enrique Macias                           
Henry Macias               A        1977-1977                                            
Jose Macias          P     A        1999-1999   Jose Y. Macias                           
Jose Macias          P     A+       2009-2013   Jose Macias                              
Juan Macias          OF    AAA      2012-2013   Juan Macias                              
Lorenzo Macias       OF    A-       2006-2008   Lorenzo Gabriel Macias                   
Sam Macias           OF    Rk       2013-2014                                            
Jon Maciel           P     A        2011-2014   Jonathan A. Maciel                       
Chantz Mack          OF    AAA      2010-2014   Chantz Alan Mack                         
Deangelo Mack        LF    AA       2007-2012   Deangelo Lamod Mack                      
Henry Mack           P     AA       1977-1981   Henry Allan Mack                         
Jeremiah Mack        2B    A        1984-1986   Jeremiah Mack                            
Ray Mack             P     A        1989-1995                                            
Ron Mack             P     RK       1981-1981                                            
Tony Mack                  RK       1998-1998                                            
Tony Mack            OF    AA       1998-2004   Antonio Terrell Mack                     
Tyler Mack           P     Rk       2010-2013   Tyler Lewis Mack                         
Doug Mackay          P     A        2002-2005   Douglas C. Mackay                        
Joey MacKay          OF    AA       1982-1985   Joey Dean Mackay                         
Tripp MacKay         2B    A        1993-2000   Jack Whiting Mackay                      
Aaron MacKenzie      P     A+       2003-2005   Aaron Llewellyn Mackenzie                
Shaun MacKenzie      P     A-       1986-1987                                            
Jamie Mackert        C     A-       1992-1995   Jamie L. Mackert                         
Clifford Mackey      P     RK       1977-1978   Clifford D. Mackey                       
Jason Mackey         P     A+       1993-1998   Jason Christopher Mackey                 
Bart Mackie          C     A        1980-1982   Bart V. Mackie                           
Ed Mackie            3B    RK       1993-1993   Edward G. Mackie                         
Scott Mackie         OF    A+       1985-1989   Scott Christopher Mackie                 
Mac Mackiewitz       1B    AA       1996-2001   Richard Dominick Mackiewitz              
Brian Mackin         1B    A-       1983-1983   Brian W. Mackin                          
Jason Mackintosh     P     AAA      2001-2011   Jason Linnea Mackintosh                  
Xavier Macklin       OF    A-       2009-2013   Xavier Mikel Macklin                     
Brad Macko           P     RK       1984-1984   Bradley R. Macko                         
Jeff Mackor          C     AA       1999-2007   Jeffrey Ernest Mackor                    
Greg Mackoul         P     RK       1997-2002   Greg S. Mackoul                          
Tom MacLane          P     A        2002-2004   Thomas John MacLane                      
Kevin MacLeod        P     AA       1987-1990   Kevin Ross MacLeod                       
Chris MacMillan      3B    A-       1997-1999   Christopher E. MacMillan                 
Darrell MacMillan    C     A-       1989-1990   Darrell Shawn MacMillan                  
Jon MacMillan        OF-1B A-       1980-1980   Jon M. MacMillan                         
Max MacNabb          P     Rk       2011-2014   Maxwell MacNabb                          
Doug MacNeil         P     A+       1989-1992   Douglas P. MacNeil                       
Tim MacNeil          P     A+       1988-1990   Timothy John Macneil                     
Randy MacNeill       P     A+       1992-1992   Randy P. MacNeill                        
Leland Macon         OF    A+       1993-1996   Leland D. Macon                          
Zack MacPhee         3B-2B A+       2009-2013   Zack Aaron MacPhee                       
Bruce MacPherson     P     AAA      1977-1982   Bruce I. MacPherson                      
David MacQuarrie           AA       1977-1978                                            
Eric Macrina         C-1B  RK       1988-1991   Eric C. Macrina                          
Robbie Macrory       2B    AA       1994-2000   Robert Preston Macrory                   
Andres Macu                RK       1990-1990                                            
Daryl Maday          P     AAA      2004-2013   Daryl A. Maday                           
Andrew Madden        P     A+       1977-1979   Andrew Stewart Madden                    
Corey Madden         P     AAA      2003-2013   Corey Madden                             
Joey Madden          SS-OF A        1993-2000   Joseph Preston Madden                    
John Madden          P     AAA      2004-2009   John Michael Madden                      
Lachlan Madden       P     RK       2014-2014   Lachlan Allan Madden                     
Robert Madden        P     AAA      1975-1980   Robert K. Madden                         
Scott Madden         P     A+       1983-1988   Scott Allan Madden                       
Scott Madden         C     A-       2001-2005   Scott D. Madden                          
Vic Madden           1B    A        1983-1984   Victor Lee Madden Jr.                    
Jim Maddock          P     RK       1982-1982   James B. Maddock                         
Joe Maddon           C     A+       1977-1979   Joseph John Maddon                       
Austin Maddox        P     A+       2010-2014   Austin Dean Maddox                       
Chad Maddox          OF    RK       2007-2012   Chadwick Art Maddox                      
Craig Maddox         C-OF  A        2007-2013   Craig Daniel Maddox                      
Derrick Maddox       OF    A-       1998-1998   Derrick Lee Maddox                       
Garry Maddox         OF    AAA      1994-2003   Garry Lee Maddox                         
Jeremy Maddox        3B    RK       2001-2002   Jeremy C. Maddox                         
Leland Maddox        OF    A        1987-1987   Leland M. Maddox                         
Marc Maddox          2B    AAA      2003-2010   Marc Richard Maddox                      
Robert Maddox        1B    A        2008-2012   Robert Maddox III                        
Will Maddox          IF    A-       2012-2014   William Paul Maddox                      
Alcibiades Made      3B    RK       2008-2009   Alcibiades Made                          
Carlo Made                 A-       1987-1987                                            
Hector Made          SS    AA       2003-2007   Hector J. Made                           
Jose Made            SS    AA       2007-2009   José Antonio Madé                        
Kelington Made       C     RK       2004-2007   Kellington Made                          
Luis Made            P     RK       2001-2001   Luis Made                                
Maximo Made          2B    A-       2001-2001   Maximo G. Made                           
Pedro Made           OF    RK       2013-2013   Pedro Miguel Made                        
Rafael Made                RK       1979-1980                                            
Ronald Madej         P     A        2005-2007   Ronald John Madej                        
Chris Mader          1B    A+       1992-1995   Christopher S. Mader                     
Josh Mader           SS    A        2002-2007   Joshua J. Mader                          
Michael Mader        P     A-       2014-2014   Michael Mader                            
Perry Mader          P     RK       1982-1983   Perry L. Mader                           
Ezequiel Madera      P     RK       2014-2014   Ezequiel Francisco Madera                
Remberto Madera      1B    RK       1992-1992   Remberto Avila Madera                    
Ronnie Madera        P     RK       2000-2001   Ronald P. Madera                         
Sandy Madera         C     AAA      2000-2013   Sandy Manuel Madera                      
Wilmer Madera        OF    A        1997-1997   Wilmer D. Madera                         
Diego Madero         IF    AAA      2012-2013   Diego Madero                             
Francisco Madero     P     AAA      1999-2013   Francisco Madero                         
Luis Madero          P     RK       2014-2014   Luis Alejandro Madero                    
Dwight Madison       OF    A-       1981-1982   Dwight L. Madison                        
Scott Madison        P     A+       1993-1999   Scott M. Madison                         
Chris Madonna        C     AA       1991-2001   Christopher A. Madonna                   
Luis Madrid          2B    Rk       2012-2012   Luis Madrid                              
Mike Madrid          1B    A-       2001-2006   Mike Anthony Madrid                      
Roman Madrid         P     A+       2010-2014   Jose Roman Madrid                        
Leonardo Madrigal    P     RK       2007-2008   Leonardo Madrigal                        
Victor Madrigal      P     A        1990-2003   Victor Manuel Madrigal                   
Bill Madril          C     A+       1991-1992   William M. Madril                        
Mike Madril          OF    AAA      1982-1986   Michael Anthony Madril                   
Steve Madril         P     A+       1997-2002   Steven Arthur Madril                     
Dan Madsen           OF    AA       1991-2002   Dan Evan Madsen                          
Dave Madsen          3B    A+       1993-1996   David Lawrence Madsen                    
Erik Madsen          P     A-       1988-1990   Erik A. Madsen                           
Lance Madsen         3B-OF AAA      1989-1994   Lance Jerry Madsen                       
Mike Madsen          P     AAA      2002-2010   Michael Edward Madsen                    
Scott Madsen         SS    A        2006-2008   Scott Madsen                             
William Madson       P     A        1997-1999   William T. Madson                        
Jorge Maduro         C     AAA      1999-2006   Jorge Ross Maduro                        
Remy Maduro          OF    A+       1996-1999   Remy Maduro                              
Arthur Maebe         P     A        1979-1980                                            
Katsumi Maebe              A+       1988-1988                                            
Kelly Maebe          P     RK       1986-1986   Kelly Arthur Maebe                       
Kats Maeda           P     AAA      1996-2000   Katsuhiro Maeda                          
Koji Maeda           P     A+       1988-1988   Koji Maeda                               
Yukinaga Maeda       P     AAA      1989-2008   Yukinaga Maeda                           
Hiroyoki Maehara     3B    A-       1988-1988   Hiroyoki Maehara                         
Katsuhiko Maekawa    P     AAA      1997-2009   Katsuhiko Maekawa                        
Takashi Maema        P     RK       1990-1990   Takashi Maema                            
Santo Maertz         P     A-       2005-2010   Santo Maertz                             
Mickey Maestas       P     A-       1996-1997   Mickey Jay Maestas                       
Peter Maestrales     3B    AA       1999-2008   Peter G. Maestrales                      
Alex Maestri         P     AA       2006-2013   Alessandro Maestri                       
Justin Maffei        OF    A+       2011-2014   Justin Aaron Maffei                      
Chris Maffett        P     A-       1991-1992   Christopher Robert Maffett               
Bobby Magallanes     3B    AAA      1990-2001   Robert Magallanes                        
Fidel Magallanes     P     RK       2002-2002   Fidel (Matinez) Magallanes               
Kelvin Magallanes    P     RK       2013-2013   Kelvin Magallanes                        
Neomar Magallanes    P     RK       2013-2013   Neomar Argenis Magallanes                
Wilfredo Magallanes  P     RK       2013-2013   Wilfredo Moises Magallanes               
Willie Magallanes    OF    AAA      1985-1993   William Magallanes                       
Ricky Magdaleno      SS    AAA      1993-2005   Ricky George Magdaleno                   
Westhers Magdaleno   SS    RK       2014-2014   Westhers Eligio Magdaleno                
Donald Magdzuik      P     A        1980-1981   Donald R. Magdzuik                       
Bo Magee             P     AAA      1990-2005   Daniel Webster Magee                     
Brandon Magee        P     AA       2003-2010   Brandon M. Magee                         
Byron Magee          P     A+       1989-1990   Byron Lynn Magee                         
Danny Magee          SS    AA       1993-1997   James Daniel Magee                       
Joshua Magee         2B    Rk       2010-2012   Joshua R. Magee                          
Warren Magee         P     AA       1986-1990   Warren Jerome Magee                      
Kevin Mager          OF    A+       2008-2014   Kevin Joseph Mager                       
Matt Magers          P     A        1997-1998   Mathew Alan Magers                       
Kent Maggard         P     A-       1984-1986   Kent Maggard                             
Zach Maggard         C     AAA      2008-2013   Zachary D. Maggard                       
Beau Maggi           C     AAA      2011-2014   Beau Giusseppe Maggi                     
Drew Maggi           OF-SS AA       2009-2014   Andrew Jerome Maggi                      
Doug Maggio          C     A-       1980-1982   Douglas S. Maggio                        
Jim Magill           P     A+       1988-1993   James Magill                             
Gregg Magistri       P     A+       1984-1986   Gregg Alan Magistri                      
Marc Magliaro        P     A        2013-2014   Marc Albert Magliaro                     
John Magliozzi       P     A-       2012-2013   John Edward Magliozzi                    
Tony Magnelli        P     A+       1993-1996   Anthony Magnelli                         
Richard Magner       C     AAA      1977-1977   Richard B. Magner                        
Pat Magness          OF    AA       1997-2008   Patrick B. Magness                       
Damien Magnifico     P     A+       2010-2014   Damien Jack Magnifico                    
Brett Magnusson      OF    AA       1987-1994   Brett Allen Magnusson                    
Jim Magrane          P     AAA      1997-2011   James Eugene Magrane                     
Peter Magre          P     A+       1993-1997   Peter E. Magre                           
Javier Magria        P     A+       1988-1993   Javier Jose Magria                       
Paul Magrini         P     A-       1991-2000   Paul Joseph Magrini                      
Kevin Maguire        C     A        1991-1992   Kevin M. Maguire                         
Mike Maguire         P     A-       1989-1991   Michael Dennis Maguire                   
John Magyari         P     A-       1984-1984   John J. Magyari                          
Alan Mahaffey        P     AAA      1995-2002   Alan Lee Mahaffey                        
Joey Mahalic         P     A+       2007-2011   Joseph G. Mahalic                        
John Mahalik         SS-2B AAA      1993-1997   John Arthur Mahalik                      
Dallas Mahan         P     A-       1996-2012   Dallas William Mahan                     
George Mahan         P     AA       1977-1977   George K. Mahan                          
Buddy Maher          P     A+       1978-1980   Russell James Maher                      
Caleb Maher          OF    A+       2002-2006   Caleb Christopher Maher                  
Joseph Maher         P     A+       2012-2014   Joseph Thomas Maher                      
Mark Maher           OF    AA       1977-1980   Mark August Maher                        
Nick Mahin           OF    A        2004-2012   Nick Mahin                               
John Mahlberg        P     A        1995-1997   John P. Mahlberg                         
Greg Mahle           P     A        2012-2014   Gregory Norman Mahle                     
Tyler Mahle          P     Rk       2013-2014   Tyler F. Mahle                           
Gary Mahler          1B    A-       1980-1984   Gary P. Mahler                           
Tim Mahler           C     A+       2011-2011   Timothy Michael Mahler                   
Kenneth Mahnken      3B    A+       1984-1984   Kenneth M. Mahnken                       
Reid Mahon           P     AAA      2002-2012   Reid Elliot Mahon                        
Robert Mahon         C     A-       1978-1978   Robert E. Mahon                          
Collin Mahoney       C     A        2002-2007   Collin Matthew Mahoney                   
Daniel Mahoney       P     A+       2008-2013   Daniel B. Mahoney                        
Kevin Mahoney        3B    AAA      2006-2013   Kevin Mahoney                            
Kyle Mahoney         C     RK       2008-2011   Kyle Patrick Mahoney                     
Patrick Mahoney      OF    A-       2005-2008   Patrick J. Mahoney                       
Ricardo Mahoney      C     A-       1996-1999   Ricardo Mahoney                          
Sean Mahoney         OF    A+       1996-1999   Sean P. Mahoney                          
Dan Mahony           C     A-       1991-1991   Daniel William Mahony                    
Mike Mahoski         P     A+       1980-1981   Michael D. Mahoski                       
Mikie Mahtook        OF    AAA      2009-2014   Michael Anthony Mahtook                  
Taber Maier          SS    AAA      1996-2003   Taber Jason Maier                        
Bub Maietta          P     A+       1989-1991   Ronald John Maietta                      
Luke Maile           C     AA       2010-2014   Luke Richard Maile                       
Kevin Mailloux       3B    A-       2008-2010   Kevin W. Mailloux                        
David Mailman        LF    A+       2007-2011   David R. Mailman                         
Kevin Main                 A        1986-1987                                            
Michael Main         OF    AA       2007-2013   Michael A. Main                          
Dalton Maine         P     AA       1991-1997   Dalton C.W. Maine                        
Corey Maines         P     A-       2008-2011   Corey A. Maines                          
Garrett Maines       C     A-       2006-2011   Garrett James Maines                     
Paul Mainieri        2B    A-       1979-1979   Paul D. Mainieri                         
Matt Mainini         OF    A-       1985-1985   Matthew Kimball Mainini                  
Martin Mainville     P     A+       1993-1994   Martin Robert Mainville                  
Mitch Maio           P     RK       1999-2002   Mitchell S. Maio                         
Kenny Maiques        P     AA       2004-2009   Kenneth P. Maiques                       
Samuel Maisonueve    2B    A        1989-1989   Samuel Maisonueve                        
Greg Maisto          P     Rk       2014-2014   Gregory John Maisto                      
Bobby Maitia         P     RK       1987-1987                                            
Mike Maitland        P     AAA      1978-1984   Micahel Daniel Maitland                  
William Maitland     P     RK       1991-1992   William Edward Maitland                  
David Maize          C     AAA      1991-1994   David Allen Maize                        
Jameson Maj          P     A        2007-2013   Jameson Adam Maj                         
Ros Majam            2B-SS A-       1979-1980   Rosben Majam                             
Matt Majcherek       2B-3B A-       1996-1997   Matthew M. Majcherek                     
Joe Majer            P     AA       1979-1981   Joseph J. Majer                          
Steffen Majer        P     AA       1984-1992   Steffen A. Majer                         
Brian Majeski        OF    A+       1992-1996   Brian A. Majeski                         
Carl Majeski               RK       1991-1991                                            
Dustin Majewski      OF    AAA      2002-2009   Dustin Charles Majewski                  
Shane Majors               RK       1994-1994                                            
Scott Makarewicz     C     AAA      1989-1998   Scott Gerald Makarewicz                  
Jay Makemson         P     A+       1987-1989   Jay Douglas Makemson                     
Gordon Maki          P     RK       1979-1979   Gordon D. Maki                           
Matt Maki            P     A-       1979-1979                                            
Tim Maki             P     A+       1980-1984   Timothy Wayne Maki                       
Carl Makowsky        P     A+       2001-2005   Carl Makowsky                            
Joseph Malascewski         A        1982-1982                                            
Benito Malave        P     AA       1982-1988   Benito A. Malave                         
Dennis Malave        OF    AA       1998-2004   Dannie J. Malave                         
Jaime Malave         C     AAA      1995-2003   Jaime Enrique Malave                     
Joshua Malave              A+       1995-1997                                            
Mark Malave          1B-2B A-       2013-2014   Mark Eckersley Malave                    
Omar Malave          3B    AAA      1981-1989   Omar Antonio Malave                      
Ronny Malave         P     A        2004-2010   Ronny Malave                             
Johnny Malaver       P     A        1992-1993   Johnny R. Malaver                        
Tom Malchesky        3B    A        1986-1989   Thomas A. Malchesky                      
Stephen Malcolm      SS    A        2010-2013   Stephen Malcolm                          
Chris Malden         P     AA       1978-1982   Christopher Wayne Malden                 
Albert Maldonado     P     A+       1990-1992   Albert Maldonado                         
Alexis Maldonado     2B    A-       2010-2014   Alexis German Maldonado                  
Brahiam Maldonado    LF    AA       2004-2012   Brahiam Maldonado                        
Carlos Maldonado     IF    A+       1988-1991   Carlos Antonio Maldonado                 
Edwin Maldonado      IF    A+       2000-2009   Edwin David Maldonado (Medina)           
Esteban Maldonado    P     A+       1996-2002   Esteban Maldonado                        
Ismael Maldonado     P     RK       2013-2013   Ismael Maldonado                         
Ivan Maldonado       P     AAA      2002-2010   Ivan Maldonado                           
Jay Maldonado        P     AA       1992-1998   J. Jason Maldonado                       
Johnny Maldonado     P     A+       1987-1991   Johnny Maldonado                         
Juan Maldonado       OF    A-       2004-2005   Juan Maldonado                           
Luis Maldonado       P     RK       1983-1983   Luis A. Maldonado                        
Ovidio Maldonado     P     A-       1981-1983   Ovidio Maldonado                         
Pedro Maldonado      C     RK       2003-2013   Pedro Santiago Maldonado                 
Peter Maldonado      P     A+       1986-1988   Peter Maldonado                          
Phil Maldonado       C     AAA      1986-1990   Phillip Roland Maldonado                 
Ricardo Maldonado    C-1B  RK       1987-1989   Ricardo Augusto Maldonado                
Sandy Maldonado            A+       1977-1977                                            
Chris Malec          2B    AAA      2002-2010   Christopher T. Malec                     
Jason Malec          P     A        1984-1985   Jason Malec                              
Bob Malek            OF    AAA      2000-2008   Robert John Malek                        
Brett Malekovic      1B    RK       1992-1993   Brett Aaron Malekovic                    
Ramon Malena         P     RK       1989-1989   Ramon Malena                             
Dave Malenfant       P     A+       1996-1997   David Charles Malenfant                  
Will Malerich        P     AA       1994-2001   William Scott Malerich                   
Eric Maleski         P     A+       1998-2001   Eric S. Maleski                          
Tom Maleski          3B-C  A        1994-1996   Thomas Maleski                           
Gus Malespin         IF    A+       1979-1983   Gustavo M. Malespin                      
Edgar Malin          OF    RK       1994-1995   Edgar A. Malin                           
Steve Malin          P     RK       1981-1981   Steven B. Malin                          
Michael Malinak      OF    A        1985-1989   Michael Robert Malinak                   
Gary Malinoski             RK       1980-1980                                            
Austin Malinowski    P     Rk       2012-2013   Austin Malinowski                        
Chris Malinowski     IF    AA       1990-1994   Christopher Paul Malinowski              
Scott Malinowski     2B    A        1998-1999   Scott S. Malinowski                      
Patrick Malinski           A+       1981-1981                                            
Ricky Malizia        OF    A-       1985-1985   Ricky R. Malizia                         
John Malkin          C     AAA      1978-1985   John Harold Malkin                       
Bryan Malko          P     AA       1995-2004   Bryan Michael Malko                      
Chase Mallard        P     A-       2011-2014   Benjamin Chase Mallard                   
James Mallard        1B    RK       2009-2013   James T. Mallard                         
Randi Mallard        P     AA       1996-2003   Randi Joseph Mallard                     
Luis Mallea          P     A+       1986-1989   Lusi Rolando Mallea                      
John Mallee          IF    A        1990-1992   John Daniel Mallee                       
Franly Mallen        SS    RK       2014-2014   Franly Antonio Mallen                    
Andre Mallet         OF    RK       1980-1980   Andre D. Mallet                          
Jeff Mallet          C     RK       1981-1981   Jeff Mallet                              
Lane Mallet          OF    RK       1988-1996                                            
Justin Mallett       P     AAA      2003-2009   Justin Jamarr Mallett                    
Michael Malley       P     A+       1988-1991   Michael Francis Malley                   
Melvin Mallinak      2B    A+       1985-1987   Melvin R. Mallinak                       
Andrew Mallory       P     A        1995-1999   Andrew Jason Mallory                     
Matt Mallory         P     A        2007-2008   Matthew W. Mallory                       
Mike Mallory         OF    AA       1999-2006   Michael Devon Mallory                    
Trevor Mallory       P     A+       1991-1997   Trevor L. Mallory                        
Bill Malloy          P     AA       1994-2001   William Patrick Malloy                   
Chuck Malloy         P     AA       1991-1995   Charles Anthony Malloy                   
David Malloy         P     A        1981-1982                                            
Pat Malloy           P     RK       1997-1997                                            
Jeff Malm            1B    AA       2009-2014   Jeffrey Christopher Malm                 
Jon Malo             3B-2B AAA      2005-2013   Jonathan Joseph Malo                     
Chris Malone         P     AA       2003-2011   Christopher M. Malone                    
Corwin Malone        P     AAA      1999-2008   Corwin Wendell Malone                    
Edward Malone        OF    RK       1982-1982   Edward C. Malone                         
Jack Malone          IF    A-       1987-1989   Earl Jackson Malone                      
Kevin Malone         2B    A-       1979-1980                                            
Nick Malone          SS-2B A+       1998-1999   Nicholas Allen Malone                    
Rubio Malone         P     A+       1977-1989   Rubio Meade Malone                       
Ryne Malone          2B    A+       2004-2008   Ryne Patrick Malone                      
Scott Malone         OF    A+       1990-1996   Andrew Scott Malone                      
Scott Malone         C     RK       1984-1984   Scott R. Malone                          
Todd Malone          P     A+       1988-1993   Steven Todd Malone                       
William Malone       2B    RK       2001-2007   William F. Malone                        
Brian Maloney        P     A-       2011-2011   Brian Maloney                            
Chris Maloney        1B-OF A+       1983-1986   James Chris Maloney                      
James Maloney              A+       1982-1982                                            
Jeff Maloney         SS    A+       1995-1999   Jeffrey Matthew Maloney                  
Joe Maloney          1B    A+       2009-2013   Joseph Maloney                           
Joseph Maloney       3B-OF A+       1981-1983   Joseph P. Maloney                        
Mark Maloney         OF    A+       1987-1988                                            
Rich Maloney         SS    AA       1986-1991   Richard Allan Maloney                    
Ryan Maloney         P     A+       1990-1993   Ryan D. Maloney                          
Jack Maloof          OF    AAA      1977-1978                                            
Dave Malpeso         OF    AAA      1981-1985   David Blair Malpeso                      
Martin Malpica       1B    A        2000-2001   Martin A. Malpica (Moreno)               
Omar Malpica               RK       1991-1991                                            
Jim Malseed          OF    A+       1987-1989   James Robert Malseed                     
Steve Maltaglaiti    P     RK       1992-1992   Steve Maltaglaiti                        
Arturo Maltos-Garcia P     A-       2010-2013   Arturo Maltos-Garcia                     
Gregg Maluchnik      C     A        1998-2003   Gregg Alexander Maluchnik                
Stephen Malvagna     C     A-       2006-2010   Stephen Malvagna                         
John Malzone         3B-2B AAA      1989-1995   John Victor Malzone                      
Gerardo Mambell      2B-3B RK       2009-2009   Gerardo Antonio Mannbel                  
Mark Mammola         P     A        1991-1994   Mark D. Mammola                          
Joe Mamott           P     A        1994-1995   Joseph Richard Mamott                    
Matt Mamula          IF    A-       2002-2002   Matthew Moses Mamula                     
Katsumi Manabe       P     A+       1988-1988   Katsumi Manabe                           
Sean Manaea          P     A+       2011-2014   Sean A. Manaea                           
Austin Manahan       SS    AA       1988-1995   Austin S. Manahan                        
Tony Manahan         2B    AAA      1990-1996   Anthony Charles Manahan                  
Jesus Manaure        P     RK       1978-1978   Jesus Rafael Manaure                     
Jose Manaure         P     A-       1991-1991   Jose J. Manaure                          
Mark Manbeck         P     A        1994-1998   Mark E. Manbeck                          
Deni Mancebo         IF    A-       2001-2002   Deni M. Mancebo                          
Jorge Mancebo        P     RK       2014-2014   Jorge Jose Mancebo                       
Melvin Mancebo       OF    A        2004-2006   Melvin (Aguliar) Mancebo                 
Tony Mancha          P     A        1997-2002   Antonio Lopez Mancha                     
Manuel Mancilla      OF    AAA      2014-2014   Manuel Mancilla                          
Domenick Mancini     P     A-       2014-2014                                            
Joe Mancini          3B    A+       1987-1989   Joseph A. Mancini                        
Peter Mancini        2B    A+       1984-1985   Peter T. Mancini                         
Trey Mancini         1B    A+       2011-2014   Joseph Anthony Mancini III               
Paul Mancuso         P     AA       1981-1986   Paul Joseph Mancuso                      
Brett Mandel         SS    RK       1994-1994   Brett H. Mandel                          
Darren Mandel        C-1B  A-       1984-1985   Darren Troy Mandel                       
Jeff Mandel          P     AAA      2004-2013   Jeff Austin Mandel                       
Steve Manderfield    P     AA       1977-1983   Steven William Manderfield               
Michael Manderino    2B-SS A-       1978-1978   Michael Francis Manderino                
Robert Mandeville    SS-2B A        1984-1986   Robert L. Mandeville                     
Sam Mandia           P     A        1988-1991   Samuel Mandia                            
Tom Mandich          P     A+       1986-1986   Thomas Mandich                           
Mark Manering        1B    AA       1983-1987   Mark Allen Manering                      
Chris Maness         P     A+       1995-1999   Christopher R. Maness                    
Dwight Maness        OF    AAA      1992-2007   Dwight Orlando Maness                    
Nick Maness          P     AAA      1997-2010   Nicholas Maurice Maness                  
Mike Manfre          SS    AAA      1981-1987   Michael P. Manfre                        
Brian Manfred        P     A        1999-2002   Brian Patrick Manfred                    
James Manfred        P     A        1990-1996                                            
Joel Manfredi        3B    A+       1995-1997   Joel A. Manfredi                         
John Manfredonia           RK       1988-1988   John Douglas Manfredonia                 
Sean Manfredonia     C     A-       1999-2002   Sean Manfredonia                         
Nick Manganaro       P     RK       2004-2007   Nicholas Alexander Manganaro             
Eric Mangham         OF    AAA      1984-1991   Eric Lee Mangham                         
Mark Mangham         P     A+       1984-1987   Donald Mark Mangham                      
Rodney Mangham       OF    A+       1994-1995   Rodney E. Mangham                        
John Mangieri        P     A+       1997-2006   John Joseph Mangieri                     
Jarad Mangioni       3B    A-       2002-2004   Jarad Anthony Mangioni                   
David Mangrum        P     RK       1978-1978                                            
Micah Mangrum        P     AA       1996-2004   Micah Shiloh Mangrum                     
Victor Mangual       P     A-       1987-1989   Victor Mangual                           
Caleb Mangum         C     A-       2004-2007   Caleb David Mangum                       
Mark Mangum          P     AA       1982-2002   Mark Thomas Mangum                       
Taylor Mangum        P     A+       2008-2014   Taylor Adams Mangum                      
Wade Mangum                RK       1983-1983                                            
James Manias         P     AA       1996-2002   James J. Manias                          
Bryan Manicchia      P     A        1987-1992   Bryan S. Manicchia                       
Matt Maniscalco      SS    AAA      2000-2007   Matthew David Maniscalco                 
Gabriel Manjarrez    P     AAA      2014-2014   Gabriel Manjarrez                        
Adam Manley          1B    A+       2001-2003   Adam Tyrone Manley                       
Kevin Manley         P     RK       1994-1996   Kevin W. Manley                          
Bill Mann            OF    AA       1985-1988   William Scott Mann                       
Brandon Mann         P     AA       2002-2014   Brandon Michael Mann                     
Daniel Mann          OF    A+       1982-1982   Daniel Joseph Mann                       
Derek Mann           2B    AA       1997-2003   Derek Reid Mann                          
Jason Mann           C     A-       2002-2006   Jason Michael Mann                       
Leo Mann             SS    A+       1979-1981   Leo F. Mann                              
Schuyler Mann        DH    RK       2002-2005   Schuyler Mann                            
Thomas Mann          P     A        1990-1991   Thomas K. Mann                           
Tyler Mann           OF    A        2007-2010   Gregory Tyler Mann                       
Will Mann            P     A+       2003-2006   William David Mann                       
Brian Manning        OF    AA       1996-1999   Brian D. Manning                         
Derek Manning        P     AA       1991-1997   Derek Howard Manning                     
Hank Manning         C     AAA      1991-1998   Henry Manning                            
Len Manning          P     AA       1994-1997   Leonard P. Manning                       
Mark Manning         SS    RK       1980-1980   Mark G. Manning                          
Melvin Manning       SS    AA       1977-1981   Melvin A. Manning                        
Mike Manning         P     A-       1993-1994   Michael R. Manning                       
Mike Manning         P     A        1999-2000   Michael A. Manning                       
Nate Manning         3B    AA       1993-2000   Matthew Nathan Manning                   
Otis Manning               A+       1984-1985                                            
Pat Manning          IF    A+       1999-2002   Patrick M. Manning                       
Ricky Manning        OF    A        1999-2002   Ricky Manning                            
Greg Mannion         OF    A+       1987-1990                                            
Brendan Mannix       3B    A-       1999-2003   Brendan John Mannix                      
Kevin Mannix         P     A+       2000-2011   Kevin Patrick Mannix                     
Christopher Manno    P     AA       2007-2014   Christopher Michael Manno, Jr            
Adam Mannon          OF    A        2003-2005   Adam William Mannon                      
Erik Manoah          P     Rk       2014-2014   Erik Isaac Manoah                        
Ramon Manon          P     A        1988-1991   Ramon Emilio Manon (Reyes)               
Peter Manos          P     AAA      1977-1980   Peter Charlos Manos                      
Alberto Manrique     P     AAA      2001-2011   Alberto Manrique Manrique                
Marco Manrique       C     A+       1991-1994   Marco A. Manrique                        
Marvel Manriquez     P     AAA      2014-2014   Marvel Manriquez                         
Salomon Manriquez    C     AAA      2001-2013   Salomon Eduardo Manriquez Rojas          
Jay Mansavage        2B    A+       1996-1999   Jay A. Mansavage                         
Chris Manser         P     RK       1995-1995   Christopher M. Manser                    
Doug Mansfield       OF    RK       1999-1999   Matthew Douglas Mansfield                
Monte Mansfield      P     AA       2000-2010   Monte E. Mansfield                       
Jeff Manship         OF    A        1992-1993   Jeffrey L. Manship                       
Matt Manship         P     A-       2003-2006   Matthew J. Manship                       
Raymond Manship      P     A-       1978-1978   Raymond J. Manship                       
Matt Mansilla        OF    AA       2008-2011   Matthew James Mansilla                   
Anthony Mansolino    3B    AA       2002-2010   Anthony Joseph Mansolino                 
Jeff Mansur          P     AA       1989-1995   Jeffrey O. Mansur                        
Dennis Mantick       2B    AAA      1977-1979   Dennis William Mantick                   
Joe Mantiply         P     AA       2010-2014   Joseph Newman Mantiply                   
Mickey Mantle              A+       1978-1978                                            
Ryan Mantle          OF    AAA      2007-2010   Ryan Christopher Mantle                  
Joe Mantoni          P     Rk       2013-2013                                            
Manny Mantrana       OF    A+       1984-1988   Manuel Lee Mantrana                      
Ronnie Mantsch       P     AA       1978-1981   Ronnie J. Mantsch                        
Anthony Manuel       2B    A        2005-2010   Anthony D. Manuel                        
Craig Manuel         C     AA       2009-2014   Craig Manuel                             
Ferral Manuel        C     A+       1989-1989   Ferral Reagon Manuel                     
Marcellous Manuel    OF    A+       1998-2000   Kenneth Marcellous Manuel                
Michael Manus        P     RK       2008-2009   Michael Lawrence Manus                   
Dylan Manwaring      3B    Rk       2013-2014   Dylan Kirt Manwaring                     
Mark Manwarren       OF    A+       1995-1996   Mark Neal Manwarren                      
Steve Manweller            RK       1984-1984                                            
Tim Manwiller        P     AAA      1997-2001   Timothy Michael Manwiller                
Trey Manz            C     RK       2007-2012   Vernon F. Manz                           
Omar Manzanares      OF    AAA      2006-2012   Omar Manzanares                          
Osman Manzanares     P     RK       2013-2013   Osman Ariel Manzanares                   
Pabel Manzanero      C     RK       2013-2013   Pabel L. Manzanero                       
Ernesto Manzanillo   RF    A+       2008-2012   Ernesto Manzanillo                       
Ervis Manzanillo     P     A        2010-2012   Ervis Manzanillo                         
Gerson Manzanillo    OF    RK       2007-2007   Gerson De Jesus Manzanillo               
Rafael Manzanillo    P     RK       2013-2013   Rafael Amauris Manzanillo                
Santo Manzanillo     P     AA       2006-2013   Santo Manzanillo                         
Adrian Manzano       P     AAA      1998-2011   Adrian Manzano (Ochoa)                   
Howie Manzon         OF    A        1984-1986   Howard Manzon                            
Angelo Manzueta      P     RK       2004-2005   Radhames Manzueta                        
Cristian Manzueta    P     RK       2013-2013   Cristian Adonis Manzueta                 
Jheyson Manzueta     P     AA       2010-2014   Jheyson A. Manzueta                      
Pascual Manzueta     P     A-       2006-2007   Pascual Manzueta (Done)                  
Roberto Manzueta     P     AA       1997-2001   Roberto Carlos Manzueta (Nunez)          
Roman Manzueta       P     RK       2013-2013   Romulo Renato Manzueta                   
Romulo Manzueta      P     RK       2014-2014   Romulo Renato Manzueta                   
Steve Mapel          P     AAA      1978-1982   Steven Lee Mapel                         
Jake Mapes           C     A+       1999-2001   Jake Mathew Mapes                        
Tyler Mapes          P     A-       2010-2014   Tyler Younger Mapes                      
Marcus Maple         OF    RK       1991-1992   Marcus A. Maple                          
Chris Maples         3B    AAA      1999-2008   Christopher David Maples                 
Dillon Maples        P     A        2012-2014   Dillon Sean Maples                       
Randy Maples         C     A-       1983-1984   Randall Stuart Maples                    
Stephen Maples       C     A+       1978-1980   Stephen Ray Maples                       
Tim Maples           P     AA       1979-1983   Timothy S. Maples                        
Eric Mapp            OF    RK       1995-1996   W. Eric Mapp                             
Scott Marabell       OF    AA       1983-1991   Scott Michael Marabell                   
Tony Marabella       2B-3B AA       1989-2000   Antonio Marabella                        
Oswaldo Maracara     2B    RK       1988-1988   Oswaldo Avila Maracara                   
Alvin Maracaro       3B    Rk       2013-2014   Alvin Enrique Maracaro                   
Luis Marache         P     A+       1997-1997   Luis Marache                             
Matt Maradeo         P     A        2005-2010   Matthew Joseph Maradeo                   
Alvaro Maradiaga     C     RK       2013-2013   Alvaro Antonio Maradiaga                 
Jorge Marban         P     A        2008-2013   Jorge Andres Marban                      
Zach Marberry        C     A-       2013-2014   Zachary Cole Marberry                    
Ronald Marbrey       2B    RK       1982-1982   Ronald E. Marbrey                        
Mike Marbry          P     AA       2003-2013   Michael Lee Marbry                       
Ben Marbury          LF    RK       1999-1999   Benjamin Curtis Marbury                  
Antonio Marcano      2B    RK       1986-1986   Antonio Ines Marcano                     
Ivan Marcano         P     Rk       2013-2013   Ivan Rafael Marcano                      
Jose Marcano         SS    A+       1981-1983   Jose M. Marcano                          
Juan Marcano         P     A+       2010-2012   Juan Marcano                             
Luis Marcano         P     AA       2001-2005   Luis Marcano                             
Ricardo Marcano      OF    Rk       2014-2014   Ricardo Marcano                          
Pierre-Luc Marceau   P     A+       2000-2004   Pierre-Luc G. Marceau                    
Jacob Marceaux       P     AA       2003-2010   Jacob Lane Marceaux                      
Anthony Marcelino    P     Rk       2011-2012   Anthony Darleys Marcelino                
Oscar Marcelino      P     RK       2014-2014   Oscar Eduardo Marcelino                  
Ramon Marcelino      OF    RK       2014-2014   Ramon Alexis Marcelino                   
Brandon Marcelli     C     A+       2001-2005   Brandon William Marcelli                 
Rob Marcello         P     A-       2012-2013   Robert William Marcello Jr.              
Doug Marcero         P     A+       1988-1991   Douglas G. Marcero                       
Jose Marchan         OF    A        1992-1997   Jose Gregorio Marchan                    
Rene Marchand        1B    A+       1980-1983   Rene Marchand                            
Nick Marchant        OF    RK       1997-1998   Nicholas Eugene Marchant                 
David Marchbanks     P     AA       2001-2005   Robert David Marchbanks                  
Luis Marchena        SS    AAA      2008-2012   Luis Marchena                            
Joe Marchese         2B    AA       1986-1989   Joseph G. Marchese                       
John Marchese        P     A        1988-1990                                            
Jimmy Marchesi       P     RK       1990-1996   James T. Marchesi                        
Lee Marcheskie       P     AA       1981-1986   Lee William Marcheskie                   
Dan Marchetti        P     A        1997-2003   Daniel Michael Marchetti                 
Mike Marchiano       OF    A+       1997-2000   Michael D. Marchiano                     
Chris Marchok        P     AAA      1985-1993   Christopher Robert Marchok               
Robert Marcial       2B    AA       2003-2009   Robert Anthony Marcial                   
Frank Marciante      1B    A        1998-1999   Frank J. Marciante                       
T.R. Marcinczyk      1B    AAA      1996-2001   Edward Stanley Marcinczyk                
Dave Marciniak       1B    A+       1996-2000   David Thomas Marciniak                   
Billy Marcoe         C     A+       2007-2011   William Patrick Marcoe                   
David Marcon         P     A+       1990-1994   David N. Marcon                          
Alex Marconi         C     AAA      1998-2003   Alexander Dennis Marconi                 
Rob Marconi          3B    A        2001-2009   Robert Nello Hector Marconi              
Emilio Marcos        OF    A+       2003-2004   Emilio Marcos                            
Lance Marcum         P     A-       2006-2006   Lance Marcum                             
Jack Marder          2B    AA       2010-2014   Jack Andrew Marder                       
Shane Mardirosian    2B    Rk       2014-2014   Shane Alec Mardirosian                   
Steve Marek          P     AAA      2003-2012   Stephen Andrew Marek                     
Matt Marenghi        P     A+       1992-1997   Matthew William Marenghi                 
Marcus Marentette    P     RK       1982-1982   Marcus Marion Marentette                 
Juan Ramon Mares     P     AAA      2007-2013   Juan Ramon Mares                         
John Marett          P     A        1988-1990   John P. Marett                           
Ben Margalski        C     A+       2001-2005   Benjamin Jeffrey Magalski                
John Margaritis      1B    RK       1996-2000   John Margaritis                          
Greg Margheim        P     A        1990-1992   Gregory Alec Margheim                    
Manuel Margot        OF    A+       2013-2014   Manuel Margot                            
Alan Maria           P     A+       1981-1982   Alan John Maria                          
Eric Maria           C     RK       2013-2013   Eric Maria                               
Jose Maria           P     A        2006-2007   Jose A. Maria                            
Jose Maria           C     RK       2013-2013   Jose Andres Maria                        
Tomas Maria          P     RK       1977-1977   Tomas Maria                              
Bob Mariano          IF    AA       1980-1984   Robert Joseph Mariano                    
Miguel Mariano       OF    RK       2008-2009   Miguel Angel Mariano                     
Rafael Marichal      P     RK       1998-1998   Rafael Marichal                          
Dean Marietta        P     A+       1977-1978   Dean J. Marietta                         
Lou Marietta         P     AAA      1977-1985   Louis Gerard Marietta                    
Ronald Marietta      P     A        1998-2001   Ronald Anthony Marietta                  
Ron Marigny          SS    AA       1984-1991   Ronald Anthony Marigny                   
Sugar Ray Marimon    P     AAA      2008-2014   Sugar Ray Marimon                        
Zenith Marimon       1B    RK       1989-1989   Zenith L. Marimon                        
Adrian Marin         SS    A+       2012-2014   Adrian Marin                             
Daniel Marin         C     RK       2001-2003   Daniel Elias Marin                       
Fernando Marin       OF    A+       1979-1980   Fernando Marin                           
Ivan Marin           2B    RK       2010-2010   Ivan Salvador Marin                      
Jose Marin           IF    A+       1990-1992   Jose M. Marin                            
Julio Marin          1B-3B RK       1982-1983   Julio L. Marin                           
Leandro Marin        P     A-       2012-2012   Leandro Jose Marin                       
Leonardo Marin       P     A+       2008-2010   Leonardo Jose Marin                      
Terance Marin        P     AA       2008-2014   Terance Marin                            
Willie Marin         P     A+       1998-2000   William Marin                            
Juan Marina          P     A+       1985-1989   Juan Manuel Marina (Vega)                
Tyler Marincov       OF    A+       2011-2014   Tyler Marincov                           
Del Marine           3B    AAA      1992-1998   Wardel A. Marine                         
Justin Marine        P     RK       1994-1996   Justin M. Marine                         
Eric Marinez         SS    RK       2013-2013   Eric Yoel Marinez                        
Yeyser Marinez       P     RK       2005-2005   Yeyser Marinez                           
Anthony Marini       P     A+       1998-2001   Anthony P. Marini                        
Chris Marini         P     A+       2002-2006   Christopher Paul Marini                  
Marc Marini          OF    AAA      1989-1996   Marc Marini                              
Dominic Marino       P     RK       1996-1996   Dominic Marino                           
Harry Marino         P     A        2012-2014   Harrison Louis Marino                    
John Marino          P     A+       1986-1998   John Lee Marino                          
Larry Marino         3B    A+       1997-1998   Lawrence Joseph Marino                   
Mark Marino          P     A+       1985-1988   Mark Anthony Marino                      
Nexcys Marino        P     RK       2002-2002   Nexcys Alexander Marino                  
Thomas Marino        OF    A-       1980-1984   Thomas Anthony Marino                    
Ryan Marion          P     A        2003-2006   William Ryan Marion                      
Lino Mariot          SS    RK       2001-2007   Lino A. Mariot                           
John Mariotti        P     AA       2006-2012   John Mariotti                            
Kevin Maris          2B    A        1982-1982   Kevin J. Maris                           
Christopher Mariscal SS    A-       2012-2014   Christopher Mariscal                     
Jose Marizan         P     RK       2007-2010   Jose Miguel Marizan                      
Mike Marjama         C     A+       2009-2014   Michael G. Marjama                       
Austin Markel        OF    A        2006-2010   Austin Matthew Markel                    
Craig Markel         C     A        2002-2005   James Craig Markel Jr.                   
Parker Markel        P     AA       2010-2014   Parker Michael Markel                    
Jackson Markert      P     AA       2000-2004   Jackson David Markert                    
Jason Markert        C     A-       1995-1995   Jason Markert                            
Jim Markert          C     AA       1984-1988   James R. Markert                         
Barry Markey         P     A+       1995-2005   Barret Winter Markey                     
Brad Markey          P     A-       2011-2014   Bradley Stephen Markey                   
Andy Markham         P     A+       1993-1997   William Andrew Markham                   
Dan Markham          P     RK       1992-1993   Daniel G. Markham                        
Josh Markham         P     RK       2003-2004   Joshua D. Markham                        
Robert Markham       1B    AA       1977-1980   Robert Dell Markham                      
Brandon Markiewicz   1B    A+       1990-1995   Brandon S. Markiewicz                    
Scott Markley        OF    A+       1986-1988   Scott Michael Markley                    
Jason Markovitz      P     A+       2007-2011   Jason Irwin Markovitz                    
Thad Markray         3B    AAA      1997-2010   Thaddius Ahmad Markray                   
David Marks          OF    A        2007-2009   David Jeffrey Marks                      
Jeffrey Marks        P     RK       1980-1982   Jeffrey Robert Marks                     
Lance Marks          1B    A+       1990-1994   Lansing Lewis Marks                      
Terrance Marks       P     RK       1982-1982   Terry M. Marks                           
Tim Marks            C     A        2000-2007   Timothy James Marks                      
Matt Marksberry      P     A+       2010-2014   Matthew G. Marksberry                    
Mike Marksbury       P     A+       2004-2008   Michael P. Marksbury                     
Charles Markson      OF    Rk       2010-2013   Charles Asher Markson                    
Joseph Markulike     3B    RK       1990-1990   Joseph R. Markulike                      
Diego Markwell       P     AA       1997-2003   Diegomar Raymundo Markwell               
Tyler Marlette       C     AA       2011-2014   Tyler Marlette                           
Christopher Marlowe  P     A+       2011-2013   Christopher Arnold Marlowe               
Stephen Marlowe      P     A+       1978-1982   Stephen Eugene Marlowe                   
Leonida Marmalejos         RK       1981-1981                                            
Oliver Marmol        SS    A+       2005-2010   Oliver J. Marmol                         
Hector Marmolejos    OF    RK       2002-2003   Hector Leddel Marmolejos                 
Jose Marmolejos-Diaz 1B    A-       2013-2014   Jose Ramon Marmolejos-Diaz               
Josh Marn            C     A-       1998-1998   Joshua G. Marn                           
Kevin Marn           OF    AA       1994-1999   Kevin Lee Marn                           
Anthony Marnell      C     A+       1994-1995   Anthony A. Marnell                       
Dean Marnell         OF    A+       1996-1997   Dean J. Marnell                          
William Maro         P     RK       1985-1985   William A. Maro                          
Camden Maron         C     AA       2009-2014   Camden J. Maron                          
Chase Marona         P     AAA      2010-2011   Allen Chase Marona                       
Kevin Maroney        OF    A-       1980-1981   Kevin Matheau Maroney                    
Kevin Maronic        3B-2B A-       1977-1977   Kevin J. Maronic                         
Peter Maropis        SS    AA       1977-1977   Peter S. Maropis                         
David Maroul         SS    AAA      2004-2009   David William Maroul                     
John Marquardt       SS    AA       1982-1986   John Funston Marquardt, Jr.              
Roger Marquardt      C     AA       1985-1985                                            
Scott Marquardt      P     A+       1992-1997   Scott Marquardt                          
Steve Marquardt      3B    A-       2006-2007   Steven R Marquardt                       
Agustin Marquetti    P     AA       2002-2009   Agustin B. Marquetti                     
Alexander Marquez    C     A        2010-2014   Alexander Marquez                        
Bradley Marquez      OF    Rk       2012-2013   Bradley J. Marquez                       
Carlos Marquez       C     Rk       2013-2014   Carlos Eduardo Marquez                   
Claudio Marquez      P     AAA      2014-2014   Claudio Marquez                          
Dickson Marquez      P     A        2007-2010   Dickson Marquez                          
Edgar Marquez        OF    A        1988-1990   Edgar Jose Marquez                       
Edwin Marquez        C     AAA      1983-1990   Edwin Noriega Marquez                    
Fabian Marquez       P     RK       2006-2007   Fabian Marquez                           
German Marquez       P     A        2013-2014   German Andres Marquez                    
Ihosvany Marquez     P     A+       1990-1995                                            
Jairo Marquez        1B-C  A+       2009-2011   Jairo Jose Marquez                       
Jeff Marquez         P     A+       2002-2003   Jeffrey Marquez                          
Jesus Marquez        OF    AA       1992-1998   Jesus Marquez                            
Jose Marquez         P     RK       2000-2001   Jose Marquez                             
Mateo Marquez        OF    A-       2004-2007   Roberto Mateo Marquez                    
Miguel Marquez       P     A+       2005-2007   Miguel Areangel Marquez                  
Orlando Marquez      C     RK       2014-2014   Orlando Marquez                          
Ralph Marquez        P     RK       1995-1995   Rafael A. Marquez                        
Rob Marquez          P     AAA      1995-2006   Robert Rene Marquez                      
Soid Marquez         P     Rk       2013-2014   Soid Federico Marquez                    
Uriak Marquez        2B    A+       2003-2012   Uriak Anthony Marquez                    
Winston Marquez      P     A+       2007-2010   Winston Daniel Marquez                   
Craig Marquie        3B    RK       1997-2000   Craig T. Marquie                         
Yoiber Marquina      C     Rk       2013-2014   Yoiber Alberto Marquina                  
Matt Marquis         LF-RF A+       2009-2012   Matthew Christopher Marquis              
Alan Marr            3B    A+       1980-1984   Alan S. Marr                             
Jason Marr           P     AA       1997-2002   Jason Arthur Marr                        
Justin Marra         C     A-       2012-2014   Justin P. Marra                          
Andres Marrero       P     RK       2007-2008   Andres M. Marrero                        
Christian Marrero    1B    AAA      2006-2014   Christian Marrero                        
Darwin Marrero       P     AA       1998-2005   Darwin Otilio Marrero                    
Deven Marrero        SS    AAA      2010-2014   Deven Sommer Marrero                     
Emmanuel Marrero     IF    A-       2012-2014   Emmanuel Marrero                         
Frank Marrero        P     A        1983-1983   Frank J. Marrero                         
Gilbert Marrero      1B    RK       2014-2014   Gilbert Eduardo Marrero                  
Kenny Marrero        P     AAA      1991-2001   Inaldo Kenneth Marrero                   
Miguel Marrero       P     RK       2006-2006   Miguel A. Marrero                        
Miguel Marrero             RK       1986-1987                                            
Oscar Marrero        C     RK       2005-2006   Oscar Alexis Marrero                     
Rogelio Marrero      P     A+       1987-1989   Rogelio Bautista Marrero                 
Ronaldo Marrero      SS    RK       2013-2013   Ronaldo Marrero                          
Samuel Marrero       IF    RK       1982-1982   Samuel R. Marrero                        
William Marrero      OF    A+       1977-1979   William George Marrero                   
Scott Marrett        P     A+       1985-1987   Scott Steven Marrett                     
Mike Marriott        P     A+       1995-2000   Michael M. Marriott                      
Mark Marris          P     AA       1986-1991   Mark Allen Marris                        
Terry Marrs          OF    A+       1987-1989   Terry Ryan Marrs                         
Yeizer Marrugo       P     RK       2013-2013   Yeizer Enrique Marrugo                   
Jose Marrujo         P     AAA      2014-2014   Jose Igancio Marrujo                     
Danny Mars           OF    A        2014-2014   Danny Mars                               
Aaron Marsden        P     A+       2002-2008   Aaron T. Marsden                         
Steve Marsden        P     AAA      1980-1984   Stephen Paul Marsden                     
Mike Marseco         SS    A        2006-2010   Michael Marseco                          
Jake Marsello        P     RK       2003-2004   Jake A. Marsello                         
Jason Marsh          C     A        2000-2001   Jason D. Marsh                           
Larry Marsh          SS    A+       1977-1978   Larry A. Marsh                           
Matt Marsh           P     Rk       2010-2014   Billy Matthew Marsh                      
Quinn Marsh          P     A        1986-1990   Quinn Ralph Marsh                        
Roy Marsh            OF    A+       1993-1999   Roy L. Marsh                             
Scott Marsh          P     A+       1985-1986   Scott A. Marsh                           
Andre Marshall       OF    A        2001-2010   Andre Isac Marshall                      
Bret Marshall        P     A        1988-1989   Walter Brett Marshall                    
Brian Marshall       P     AA       2001-2007   Brian Thomas Marshall                    
Charles Marshall     P     A        1979-1980   Charles H. Marshall                      
Gary Marshall        P     A+       1996-1997   Gary Fox Marshall                        
Greg Marshall        OF    RK       1985-1986   Gregory W. Marshall                      
Ian Marshall         P     A+       2006-2013   Ian O'Neill Marshall                     
Jason Marshall       SS    AA       1992-1995   Jason David Marshall                     
Jason Marshall       OF    A        1992-1993   Jason L. Marshall                        
Jimmy Marshall       P     RK       2006-2011   Jimmy Marshall                           
John Marshall        1B-3B A+       1988-1989                                            
Kris Marshall        P     RK       2009-2011   Kristofer Marshall                       
Lee Marshall         P     AAA      1995-2003   Charles Lee Marshall                     
Michael Marshall     1B    RK       2008-2011   Michael Allen Marshall                   
Monte Marshall       2B    A+       1996-1997   Monte P. Marshall                        
Randy Marshall       P     AAA      1989-1996   Randall Patton Marshall                  
Randy Marshall       1B    A+       1987-1991   Randolph Eric Marshall                   
Richard Marshall     OF    RK       1980-1980   Richard A. Marshall                      
Ricky Marshall       P     RK       2008-2010   Richard Eric Marshall                    
Ted Marshall               RK       1990-1992                                            
Todd Marshall        P     A-       1992-1992   Todd Marshall                            
Fritsroy Marsham           RK       1988-1988                                            
Brandon Marsters     C     AAA      1994-2006   Brandon William Marsters                 
Andy Marston         OF-P  A+       1979-1981   Anderson L. Marston                      
Tod Marston          C     A-       1984-1985   Tod R. Marston                           
James Mart           C     A        1983-1984   James L. Mart                            
Joey Martarano       3B    Rk       2014-2014   Joey Martarano                           
Alex Marte           OF    AAA      1981-1989   Alexis Dejesus Marte                     
Alexis Marte         OF    RK       2008-2008   Alexis Marte                             
Beneris Marte        P     RK       1994-1994   Beneris Marte                            
Enmanuel Marte       P     RK       2005-2007   Enmanuel Martin Marte                    
Felix Marte          OF    A        2011-2014   Felix Manuel Marte                       
Francisco Marte      OF    RK       2014-2014   Francisco Joel Marte                     
German Marte         P     AA       2004-2008   German Enriquez Marte                    
Hamlet Marte         C     Rk       2013-2014   Hamlet Jose Marte                        
Jefry Marte          3B    AA       2008-2014   Jefry Marte                              
Joel Marte           P     RK       2010-2010   Joel Antonio Marte                       
Jose Marte           P     AAA      2005-2010   Jose Enrique Marte                       
Juan Marte           P     RK       2013-2013   Juan Daniel Marte                        
Juan Marte           P     RK       2013-2013   Juan Antonio Marte                       
Juan Marte           P     Rk       2013-2014   Juan Manuel Marte                        
Juan Marte           P     RK       1982-1982   Juan P. Marte (Rodriguez)                
Julio Marte                RK       1977-1977                                            
Junior Marte         P     RK       2014-2014   Junior Antonio Marte                     
Keisy Marte          IF    RK       2008-2008   Keisy Rafael Marte                       
Kelvin Marte         P     AAA      2008-2014   Kelvin Marte                             
Ketel Marte          SS    AAA      2012-2014   Ketel Ricardo Marte                      
Luis Marte           SS    A        2011-2014   Luis Daniel Marte                        
Miguel Marte         1B    A-       2010-2012   Miguel Alejandro Marte                   
Olvy Marte           2B    Rk       2013-2014   Olvy Jose Marte                          
Pedro Marte          2B-OF A        1993-1994   Pedro R. Marte                           
Roberto Marte        P     A        1984-1990   Roberto A. Marte                         
Ronny Marte          P     A+       2008-2011   Ronny Marte                              
Santo Marte          2B    Rk       2013-2014   Santo Marte                              
Violenny Marte       P     RK       2003-2003   Violenny De La Marte                     
Wander Marte         P     Rk       2012-2013   Wander Marte                             
Ydarqui Marte        OF    A-       2011-2014   Ydarqui Marte                            
Yunior Marte         P     Rk       2013-2014   Yunior Marte                             
Ed Martel            P     AAA      1987-1995   Edward Joseph Martel                     
Jay Martel           P     A        1985-1987   Jay Martel                               
Norm Martel          OF    AA       2001-2005   Normand M. Martel                        
Tony Martelli        C     RK       1998-1998   Anthony A. Marnell                       
Vin Martelli         OF    A        1983-1983   Vincent A. Martelli                      
Bryan Martelo        OF    RK       2014-2014   Bryan Arturo Martelo                     
Tom Marten           P     A        1984-1988   Thomas Christopher Marten                
Francis Martes       P     Rk       2013-2014   Francis Euclides Martes                  
Jose Martes          P     RK       2004-2006   Jose A. Martes                           
Mitchell Martes      1B    RK       2013-2013   Mitchell Martes                          
Sixto Martes         OF    A-       1984-1984   Sixto H. Marte                           
Yadel Marti          P     AAA      2011-2013   Yadel Marti                              
Rich Martig          3B    A+       1985-1986   Richard Anthony Martig                   
Jonathan Martijn     OF    Rk       2013-2014   Jonathan Policarpo Martijn               
Adam Martin          C     A-       2011-2014   Adam B. Martin                           
Adrian Martin        P     AAA      2004-2013   Adrian Wade Martin                       
Andy Martin          3B-1B A        1992-1994   Andrew C. Martin                         
Anthony Martin             A        1978-1978                                            
Ariel Martin         1B    RK       1993-1996   Ariel Malchus Martin                     
Bill Martin          P-3B  A-       1979-1980   William J. Martin                        
Billy Martin         1B    AAA      1996-2005   Billy Joe Martin                         
Blake Martin         P     AAA      2005-2013   David Blake Martin                       
Brandon Martin       OF    RK       1999-1999   Brandon A. Martin                        
Brandon Martin       SS    A        2011-2013   Brandon Willie Martin                    
Brennon Martin       P     RK       2007-2011   James Brennon Martin                     
Brett Martin         P     Rk       2014-2014   Brett Martin                             
Brian Martin         OF    AAA      1998-2008   Brian Christopher Martin                 
Casey Martin         C     A        1995-1998   Casey Q. Martin                          
Cesar Martin         3B    A+       1991-2001   Cesar A. Martin                          
Chandler Martin      P     AAA      1994-2003   Chandler Jay Martin                      
Chris Martin         OF    A+       1986-1990                                            
Chris Martin         SS    AAA      1989-1999   Christopher Scott Martin                 
Chris Martin         2B    A-       1999-2001   Christopher T. Martin                    
Chuck Martin         P     A        1984-1985   Charles Bert Martin                      
Cody Martin          P     AAA      2008-2014   Cody M. Martin                           
Colin Martin         1B    RK       2006-2007   Collin R. Martin                         
Corey Martin         P     AAA      2006-2011   Corey Thomas Martin                      
Craig Martin         2B    RK       1998-2001   Craig K. Martin                          
Curtis Martin        P     RK       1996-1996   Curtis Martin                            
Darien Martin        CF    A-       2011-2012   Darien Daronthea Martin                  
Darrel Martin              RK       1981-1981                                            
Darryl Martin        OF    A+       1986-1993   Darryl Martin                            
David Martin         P     RK       1987-1987   David E. Martin                          
Doug Martin          P     A-       1991-1995   Douglas Gerard Martin                    
Dustin Martin        OF    AAA      2003-2014   Dustin Layne Martin                      
Eric Martin          OF    A-       1993-1996   Eric David Martin                        
Forrest Martin       P     A+       2003-2005   Forrest Kirwan Martin                    
Gene Martin          OF    A        1989-1990   Alvin Eugene Martin                      
Greg Martin          P     AAA      2002-2006   Gregory Robert Martin                    
Gregg Martin         P     A+       1989-1992   Gregg C. Martin                          
Harvey Martin        P     A        2009-2014   Harvey James Martin                      
Hollis Martin        SS    A+       1980-1981   Ruell Hollis Martin                      
James Martin         OF    AAA      1992-1999   James Ellis Martin                       
James Martin         P     A+       1990-1993   James Paul Martin                        
Jared Martin         OF    AAA      1977-1982   Jared Anthony Martin                     
Jared Martin         SS    AA       1997-1999   Jared William Martin                     
Jarret Martin        P     AA       2010-2014   Jarret R. Martin                         
Jason Martin         OF    A-       2013-2014   Jason Martin                             
Jason Martin               RK       1995-1998                                            
Jeff Martin          P     AA       1991-1998   Jeffrey Carl Martin                      
Jeff Martin          C     AAA      1991-1998   Jeffrey Wyatt Martin                     
Jeff Martin          P     AA       1995-2002   Jeffrey Douglas Martin                   
Jeffrey Martin       C     RK       1980-1981   Jeffrey L. Martin                        
Jeffrey Martin       3B-2B A+       1978-1981   Jeffrey Brian Martin                     
Jeremy Martin        P     RK       1993-1996   Jeremy D. Martin                         
Jerry Martin         P     AA       1992-1997   Jerry Alexander Martin                   
Jim Martin           OF    RK       1991-1991   James Dillard Martin                     
Joey Martin          C     AAA      1977-1977   Joseph William Martin                    
John Martin          P     A        1977-1978   John M. Martin                           
John Martin          C     RK       2006-2010   John C. Martin                           
Jon Martin           C-OF  A-       1988-1990   Jon Casey Martin                         
Josh Martin          P     AA       2009-2014   Joshua Martin                            
Justin Martin        2B    AA       1996-2001   Justin Michael Martin                    
Justin Martin        P     A        1988-1991   Justin G. Martin                         
Justin Martin        C     RK       2004-2008   Justin Martin                            
Kedrick Martin       P     A-       2007-2012   Kedrick D. Martin                        
Kelly Martin         P     RK       1999-2003   Kelly McCain Martin                      
Kenneth Martin       P     A        1979-1981   Kenneth Albert Martin                    
Kevin Martin         P     AA       2001-2004   Kevin Charles Martin                     
Kyle Martin          IF    A        2004-2009   Kyle Kurt Martin                         
Kyle Martin          P     A+       2010-2014   Kyle Jared Martin                        
Kyle Martin          C     A+       1999-2003   Kyle Lee Martin                          
Larry Martin         OF    A-       1984-1984   Larry Martin                             
Larry Martin         P     A        2000-2006   Larry Smith Martin                       
Lee Martin           P     RK       2007-2008   Lee Edwin Martin                         
Leonardo Martin      IF    RK       1981-1981   Leonardo Martin                          
Lincoln Martin       2B    AA       1993-1997   Lincoln Ali Martin                       
Luke Martin          P     A+       1997-2002   Lucas Alan Martin                        
Mark Martin          P     A        1978-1980   Mark Edward Martin                       
Mark Martin          C     A+       1987-1988   Mark R. Martin                           
Matt Martin          2B    A+       1991-1994   Matthew V. Martin                        
Matt Martin          C     Rk       2012-2014   Matthew Martin                           
Mike Martin          P     AAA      1977-1978   James Michael Martin                     
Mike Martin          P     RK       1993-1994   Michael David Martin                     
Mike Martin          2B    A+       1991-1995   Michael Paul Martin                      
Mike Martin          OF    A+       1993-1997   Michael David Martin                     
Nick Martin          P     A+       2001-2010   Nicholas Morrison Martin                 
Paul Martin          P     RK       1990-1990   Paul A. Martin                           
Rafael Martin        P     AAA      2007-2014   Rafael Martin (Romero)                   
Ricky Martin         P     A-       1978-1979   Richard Dean Martin                      
Rodney Martin        OF    A-       1983-1983   Rodney W. Martin                         
Roger Martin         C     A-       1981-1981   Roger Martin                             
Ronnie Martin        OF    RK       1991-1992   Ronald L. Martin                         
Russell Martin       P     A-       1987-1987   Russell Kevin Martin                     
Ryan Martin          OF    RK       1994-1995   Ryan Todd Martin                         
Sam Martin           SS    AA       1981-1984   Samuel F. Martin                         
Scott Martin         P     A+       1996-2002   Scott David Martin                       
Scott Martin         OF    RK       2000-2007   Scott Joseph Martin                      
Scott Martin         P     A-       2002-2004   Scott Andrew Martin                      
Sean Martin          P     A+       2000-2005   Sean Martin                              
Shane Martin         P     A        2010-2014   Shane T. Martin                          
Steve Martin         OF    AA       1989-1993   Steven Whittaker Martin                  
Steven Martin        P     RK       2009-2011   Steven Lloyd Martin                      
Steven Martin        P     AAA      1982-1985   Steven A. Martin                         
Tim Martin           P     A-       1985-1985   Timothy Wayne Martin                     
Todd Martin          IF    A+       2003-2010   Todd Matthew Martin                      
Todd Martin          SS    A-       1989-1990   J. Todd Martin                           
Tommy Martin         SS    RK       1997-1998                                            
Trevor Martin        3B    A        2010-2013   Trevor Martin                            
Trey Martin          P     A-       1995-1997   Cleburne R. Martin                       
Trey Martin          OF    A        2011-2014   Darien Martin                            
Troy Martin          P     RK       2004-2006   Troy T. Martin                           
Tyler Martin         3B    AA       1997-2003   Tyler David Martin                       
Vic Martin           P     AAA      1979-1986   Victor Daniel Martin                     
William Martin       P     A+       1977-1977   William Anthony Martin                   
William Martin             A-       1980-1980                                            
Denny Martindale     IF    A+       1976-1977   Danzel E. Martindale                     
Ryan Martindale      C     AAA      1989-1996   Ryan Dean Martindale                     
Chris Martine        C     AA       1996-2001   Christopher G. Martine                   
Brian Martineau      P     A        1994-2000   Brian Wayne Martineau                    
Paul Martineau       1B    A-       1983-1986   Paul P. Martineau                        
Yves Martineau       P     RK       1991-2000   Yves Bernard Martineau                   
Jason Martines       P     AAA      1997-2002   Jason Martines                           
Abel Martinez        3B    AAA      1977-2013   Abel Martinez                            
Adelaido Martinez    IF    AAA      2010-2013   Adelaido Martinez                        
Adrian Martinez      SS    Rk       2009-2012   Adrian Arturo Martinez                   
Alberth Martinez     OF    AAA      2011-2014   Alberth Martinez                         
Alberto Martinez     C     A+       2005-2006   Alberto Martinez                         
Alejandro Martinez   1B    RK       1996-2009   Alejandro Martinez                       
Alejandro Martinez   P     AAA      2010-2013   Alejandro Martinez                       
Alex Martinez        P     RK       2014-2014   Alex Manuel Martinez                     
Alex Martinez        P     RK       1998-1998   Diego Aleixys Martinez                   
Algenis Martinez     P     RK       2013-2013   Algenis Rafael Martinez                  
Anardy Martinez      IF    A        1979-1980   Anardy A. Martinez                       
Anderson Martinez    P     A-       2014-2014   Anderson Rafael Martinez                 
Andre Martinez       P     Rk       2012-2014   Andre Gabriel Martinez                   
Andres Martinez      SS    RK       2014-2014   Andres Israel Martinez                   
Andres Martinez      C     RK       1997-1997   Andres J. Martinez (Jimenez)             
Andres Martinez      3B    Rk       2011-2012   Andres Martinez                          
Angel Martinez       P     RK       2006-2008   Angel Aneudys Martinez                   
Angel Martinez       IF    A+       1988-1989   Angel Enriquez (Valdez) Martinez         
Angel Martinez       C     RK       1988-1988   Angel Enrique Martinez                   
Angel Martinez             RK       1979-1979                                            
Angel Martinez       P     RK       2001-2001   Angel Ariel Martinez                     
Anillins Martinez    P     A        2007-2010   Anillins Martinez                        
Anthony Martinez     1B    A        2005-2008   Anthony Luis Martinez                    
Argenis Martinez     2B    A+       2009-2011   Argenis Joseph Martinez                  
Art Martinez         P     AAA      1982-1988   Arthur Martinez                          
Belvani Martinez     IF    AA       1997-2001   Belvani Martinez                         
Ben Martinez         OF    RK       1992-1992   Benjaman J. Martinez                     
Bill Martinez              A        1992-1992                                            
Brady Martinez       P     A        2002-2009   Brady Stephen Martinez                   
Brandon Martinez     P     A+       2009-2014   Brandon Anthony Martinez                 
Brett Martinez       C     AAA      2003-2007   Brett Jarrett Martinez                   
Bryan Martinez       P     Rk       2010-2012   Bryan Luis Martinez                      
Caleb Martinez       P     A        1997-2004   Caleb Martinez                           
Candido Martinez     OF    A+       1999-2006   Candido Osvaldo Martinez                 
Carlos Martinez      P     AAA      2005-2011   Carlos B. Martinez                       
Carlos Martinez      3B    RK       2013-2013   Carlos Abdiel Martinez                   
Carlos Martinez      C     Rk       2013-2014   Carlos Mario Martinez                    
Carlos Martinez      P     A+       2007-2012   Carlos Martinez                          
Carlos Martinez      P     A-       1997-2000   Carlos E. Martinez                       
Casey Martinez       C     AAA      1999-2003   Casey J. Martinez                        
Cesar Martinez       P     AAA      2000-2010   Cesar Leon Martinez                      
Christopher Martinez OF    RK       2005-2005   Christopher Antonio Martinez             
Cristhofer Martinez  3B    Rk       2013-2013   Cristhofer Martinez                      
Cristian Martinez    P     AA       1977-1985   Cristian Martinez                        
Dailyn Martinez      P     A-       2013-2014   Dailyn Gabriel Martinez                  
Dallas Martinez      P     A+       2013-2013   Dallas Martinez                          
Dalvis Martinez      3B    A+       1993-1995   Dalvis L. (Ogando) Martinez              
Dan Martinez         P     A        1999-2001   Daniel Martinez                          
Daniel Martinez      IF    RK       1998-1998   Daniel Heredia Martinez                  
Daniel Martinez      P     RK       2011-2011   Daniel Alejandro Martinez                
Daniel Martinez            A-       1977-1977                                            
Dave Martinez        1B    A-       1995-1995   David Martinez                           
Dave Martinez        P     AA       1999-2007   David Guillermo Martinez                 
David Martinez       P     RK       2013-2013   David Martinez                           
David Martinez       P     AA       1984-1992   David deLeon Martinez                    
David Martinez       C-3B  A-       1983-1983   David J. Martinez                        
David Martinez       SS    A        1996-1997   David E. Martinez                        
Dean Martinez        P     A+       1978-1980                                            
Deninson Martinez    P     RK       2013-2013   Deninson Javier Martinez                 
Dennis Martinez      P     A        1995-1997   Dennis Jose Martinez Jr.                 
Dionnar Martinez     P     A+       1998-2002   Dionnar Jose Martinez                    
Domingo Martinez     C     A        2003-2003   Domingo Martinez                         
Drew Martinez        RF-LF A        2009-2013   Drew Tyler Martinez                      
Eddie Martinez       SS    A        2008-2009   Eddie Martinez                           
Eddy Martinez        SS    AAA      1995-2003   Eddy Martinez                            
Eddy Martinez        P     RK       1999-1999   Erineido Martinez                        
Edgar Martinez       P     RK       2013-2013   Edgar Martinez                           
Edgar Martinez       P     AAA      1999-2013   Edgar Ramon Martinez                     
Eduardo Martinez     3B    A        1991-1993   Jaime Eduardo Martinez                   
Eduardo Martinez     3B    RK       2003-2004   Eduardo Martinez                         
Eduardo Martinez     P     RK       2000-2000   Eduardo Martinez                         
Edward Martinez            A        2009-2009                                            
Edwin Martinez       C     RK       2002-2003   Edwin D. Martinez                        
Edwin Martinez       P     RK       2014-2014   Edwin Augusto Martinez                   
Emerson Martinez     P     Rk       2013-2014   Emerson Rafael Martinez                  
Enfember Martinez    P     A-       2013-2014   Enfember Jose Martinez                   
Enrique Martinez     C     A        1984-1985   Enrique Antonio Martinez                 
Epifanio Martinez          A        1977-1978                                            
Eric Martinez        P     A        1990-1992   Eric Antonio Martinez                    
Eric Martinez        1B    A        1990-1992   Eric Vincent Martinez                    
Erik Martinez        SS    A        1993-1995   Erik Martinez                            
Ernie Martinez       IF    A+       1990-1992   Ernest Martinez                          
Estarlin Martinez    OF    A+       2010-2014   Estarlin Martinez                        
Esteban Martinez     OF    RK       1992-1992   Esteban Martinez (Lopez)                 
Fausto Martinez            RK       1994-1994                                            
Felix Martinez       OF    RK       2007-2011   Felix Martinez                           
Fernando Martinez    OF    AAA      2011-2012   Fernando Martinez                        
Fili Martinez        P     AAA      1989-1996   Filiberto J. Martinez                    
Francis Martinez     OF    RK       2014-2014   Francis Javier Martinez                  
Francis Martinez     P     AAA      1987-1998   Francisco Alberto Martinez               
Francisco Martinez   C     AAA      2013-2013   Francisco Martinez                       
Francisco Martinez   P     Rk       2013-2014   Francisco Javier Martinez                
Francisco Martinez   3B    AA       2009-2014   Francisco Javier Martinez                
Francisco Martinez   P     RK       1997-1997   Francisco J. Martinez                    
Francisco Martinez         RK       1990-1990                                            
Frank Martinez       SS    AA       2004-2013   Frank Felix Martinez (Sanchez)           
Frank Martinez       1B    RK       1982-1982   Frank J. Martinez                        
Fray Martinez        P     A+       2008-2013   Fray Felix Martinez                      
Freddy Martinez      C     A        2003-2003   Freddy Martinez                          
Gabby Martinez       SS    AAA      1992-2004   Gabriel Martinez                         
Gabriel Martinez     1B    AAA      2002-2012   Gabriel Jose Martinez                    
Gabriel Martinez     P     RK       1987-1988   Gabriel Martinez                         
Gabriel Martinez     C     RK       1992-1993                                            
Gilberto Martinez    OF    RK       2005-2005   Gilberto J. Martinez                     
Gilberto Martinez    OF    AAA      1987-2003   Gilberto Martinez                        
Gregori Martinez     C     RK       2014-2014   Gregori Estefan Martinez                 
Gregorio Martinez    P     A+       2005-2010   Gregorio Martinez                        
Gregory Martinez     C     RK       2013-2013   Gregori Estefan Martinez                 
Greidy Martinez      P     RK       2014-2014   Greidy Martinez                          
Guillermo Martinez   SS    A-       2004-2011   Guillermo Martinez                       
Guillermo Martinez   IF    A+       1999-2008   Guillermo Martinez                       
Gustavo Martinez     P     AAA      2000-2007   Gustavo Adolfo Martinez                  
Gustavo Martinez     OF    A+       2013-2014   Gustavo Enrique Martinez                 
Gustavo Martinez     P     RK       2007-2007   Gusatavo Martinez (De Avila)             
Hancen Martinez      P     RK       2001-2002   Hancen Alexander Martinez                
Harold Martinez      3B    A+       2009-2014   Harold Martinez                          
Hector Martinez      2B    RK       2014-2014   Hector Luis Martinez                     
Hector Martinez      P     Rk       2013-2014   Hector Martinez                          
Hector Martinez      C     A+       1991-1993   Hector M. Martinez                       
Henry Martinez       P     RK       2014-2014   Henry Martinez                           
Hersin Martinez      OF    Rk       2013-2014   Hersin David Martinez                    
Hipolito Martinez    OF    A+       1995-2004   Hipolito Yndonecio Martinez (Lora)       
Hiram Martinez       2B    AAA      2010-2014   Hiram Gabriel Martinez                   
Humberto Martinez    P     RK       1993-1995   Humberto A. Martinez                     
Ignacio Martinez     P     AA       1978-1980   Ignacio Martinez                         
Ismael Martinez      1B    AAA      2012-2013   Ismael Martinez                          
Ivan Martinez        P     RK       1988-1989   Ivan L. Martinez                         
J.P. Martinez        P     AAA      2003-2008   Jonathan Paul Martinez                   
Jacen Martinez       2B    A        1992-1994   Jacen A. Martinez                        
Jairo Martinez       OF    A        2007-2009   Jairo Martinez                           
Jairo Martinez       P     RK       2013-2013   Jairo Julio Martinez                     
Jason Martinez       P     A        2003-2007   Jason M. Martinez                        
Javier Martinez      P     AAA      2000-2013   Javier Antonio Martinez                  
Javier Martinez      P     A-       2007-2008   Javier M. Martinez                       
Javier Martinez      IF    A        1990-1993   Javier Garcia Martinez                   
Javier Martinez      P     RK       2003-2005   Javier Enrique Martinez                  
Jeffry Martinez      P     RK       2014-2014   Jeffry Martinez                          
Jesus Martinez       P     RK       2005-2005   Jesus M. Martinez                        
Jesus Martinez       OF    RK       2013-2013   Jesus Manuel Martinez                    
Jesus Martinez       OF    Rk       2013-2013   Jesus Manuel Martinez                    
Jesus Martinez       P     AAA      1992-2001   Jesus Jaime Martinez                     
Jesus Martinez       P     RK       2000-2000   Jesus A. Martinez                        
Jesus Martinez       SS    RK       1977-1977   Jesus M. Martinez                        
Jhon Martinez        P     Rk       2013-2014   Jhon Freddy Martinez                     
Joan Martinez        C     A+       2002-2006   Joan Manuel Martinez (Mesa)              
Jody Martinez        IF    AAA      1996-2003   Jody David Martinez                      
Joe Martinez               A+       1992-1992                                            
John Martinez        P     AA       1989-2002   Johnny Antonio Martinez                  
Jonathan Martinez    P     A-       2005-2007   Jonathan Martinez                        
Jonathan Martinez    P     A        2012-2014   Jonathan Martinez                        
Jorge Martinez       P     RK       2014-2014   Jorge Luis Martinez                      
Jorge Martinez       OF    RK       1996-1996   Jorge Martinez                           
Jorge Martinez       OF    A        2010-2014   Jorge Martinez                           
Jose Martinez              RK       2007-2007                                            
Jose Martinez        SS    Rk       2013-2014   Jose A. Martinez                         
Jose Martinez              RK       1983-1983                                            
Jose Martinez        IF    A-       1988-1988   Jose DeLaRosa Martinez                   
Jose Martinez              AAA      1977-1980                                            
Jose Martinez        P     RK       2014-2014   Jose Manuel Martinez                     
Jose Martinez        2B    AAA      2005-2014   Jose Gregorio Martinez                   
Jose Martinez        OF    AA       2007-2014   Jose Alberto Martinez                    
Jose Martinez        SS    RK       2013-2013   Jose Martinez                            
Jose Martinez        C     A        1983-1985   Jose Miguel Martinez                     
Jose Martinez        SS    A+       1984-1986                                            
Jose Martinez        P     A        2012-2014   Jose Manuel Martinez                     
Jose Martinez        P     A-       2002-2006   Jose Antonio Martinez                    
Jose Martinez        IF    AAA      2010-2013   Jose Jesus Martinez                      
Jose Martinez        P     AAA      1996-2001   Jose A. Martinez                         
Jose Martinez        1B    Rk       2010-2012   Jose Martinez                            
Joseph Martinez      OF    RK       1984-1984                                            
Jossiel Martinez     P     Rk       2012-2013   Jossiel Martinez                         
Joucer Martinez      P     Rk       2008-2009   Joucer Enrique Martinez                  
Juan Martinez        P     Rk       2013-2014   Juan Luis Martinez                       
Juan Martinez        2B    RK       2006-2006   Juan Martinez                            
Juan Martinez        P     A-       1990-1990   Juan Martinez                            
Juan Martinez        P     AAA      1995-2001   Juan R. Martinez                         
Juan Martinez        OF    RK       1982-1983   Juan B. Martinez                         
Juan Martinez        C     RK       2007-2007   Juan Manuel Martinez Jr.                 
Juan Martinez        IF    A        2006-2013   Juan Martinez                            
Juan Jesus Martinez  P     AAA      2010-2013   Juan Jesus Martinez                      
Juancito Martinez    OF    A        2010-2014   Juancito Martinez                        
Julian Martinez      IF-OF AAA      1985-1992   Julian Mariano Martinez                  
Julio Martinez       P     A        1992-1993   Julio C. Martinez                        
Junior Martinez      P     A        2008-2010   Junior Martinez                          
Junior Martinez      3B    RK       1989-1989   Erasmo Martinez                          
Kevin Martinez       C     RK       2013-2013   Kevin Alberto Martinez                   
Kremlin Martinez     P     RK       2000-2000   Kremlin A. Esdaile                       
Lenny Martinez             RK       2006-2007                                            
Leonardo Martinez    SS    RK       1996-1996   Leonardo (Arias) Martinez                
Leonardo Martinez    P     A-       2006-2007   Leonardo Antonio Martinez                
Leybi Martinez       P     RK       2013-2013   Leybi Martinez                           
Lino Martinez        P     A+       2010-2014   Lino Alberto Martinez                    
Lionel Martinez      P     A+       1998-1999   Lionel E. Martinez                       
Lou Martinez         IF    AAA      1996-2002   Louis Anthony Martinez                   
Luis Martinez        SS    AAA      1987-1993   Angel Luis Martinez                      
Luis Martinez        2B-SS A+       1985-1988   Luis Francisco Martinez (Mendoza)        
Luis Martinez        P     Rk       2014-2014   Luis Martinez                            
Luis Martinez        OF    RK       1979-1982   Luis M. Martinez                         
Luis Martinez        2B    AA       1985-1991   Luis Francisco (Mendoza) Martinez        
Luis Martinez        C     RK       1989-1989   Luis M. Martinez                         
Luis Martinez        SS    AAA      1997-2009   Luis Carlos Martinez                     
Luis Martinez        OF    RK       2014-2014   Luis Alfredo Martinez                    
Luis Martinez        OF    RK       1992-1994   Luis Antonio Martinez                    
Luis Martinez        P     A-       1991-1991   Juan Luis Martinez                       
Luis Martinez        SS    RK       2001-2002   Luis Martinez                            
Malvin Martinez      P     RK       2013-2013   Malvin Martinez                          
Manny Martinez       P     A        2012-2014   Manaure Martinez                         
Manuel Martinez      P     RK       1982-1982   Manuel Antonio Martinez                  
Manuel Martinez      OF    RK       1979-1979   Manuel R. Martinez                       
Marcus Martinez      P     A-       1997-2004   Mark A. Martinez                         
Mario Martinez       3B    AAA      2007-2014   Mario Oyar Martinez                      
Mario Martinez       C     Rk       2013-2014   Mario Enrique Martinez                   
Martin Martinez      P     A        1989-1991   Martin A. Martinez                       
Matthew Martinez     2B    A-       1992-1995   Matthew A. Martinez                      
Michael Martinez     P     A        1979-1979   Michael A. Martinez                      
Miguel Martinez      OF    RK       2013-2013   Miguel Alfonso Martinez                  
Miguel Martinez      P     A+       2000-2003   Miguel Martinez                          
Miguel Martinez      P     A+       2002-2013   Miguel Angel Martinez                    
Miguel Martinez      P     RK       1995-1995   Miguel A. Martinez                       
Mike Martinez        P     A+       2000-2007   Michael Martinez                         
Mike Martinez        1B    A-       2009-2013   Michael Luis Martinez                    
Modesto Martinez     2B    A-       1982-1983   Modesto R. Martinez                      
Nicio Martinez       SS-2B A+       1987-1990   Nicio Novel Martinez                     
Obed Martinez        OF    RK       1994-1996   Obed R. Martinez                         
Obispo Martinez      P     A        1998-1999   Obispo Martinez                          
Octavio Martinez     C     AAA      1999-2012   Octavio Martinez                         
Orlando Martinez     OF    AAA      1999-2000   Orlando Martinez                         
Oscar Martinez       P     A+       1996-2002   Oscar Andres Martinez                    
Osvaldo Martinez     P     A        1994-1995   Osvaldo F. Martinez                      
Oswaldo Martinez     P     AAA      2007-2013   Oswaldo Martinez                         
Paul Martinez        P     A-       2001-2002   Paul Martinez                            
Pedro Martinez       P     RK       2001-2002   Pedro Emilio Martinez (Fria)             
Pedro Martinez       P     A+       2007-2010   Pedro Pablo Martinez                     
Pedro Martinez       P     RK       2008-2008   Pedro E. Martinez                        
Peter Martinez       IF    RK       2000-2002   Carlos Manuel Martinez                   
Piter Martinez       P     RK       1996-1996   Pieter D. Martinez (Escalante)           
Porfirio Martinez    P     A+       1984-2012   Porfirio Martinez                        
Porfirio Martinez    1B    RK       2014-2014   Porfirio Argenis Martinez                
Rafael Martinez      SS-2B A        1988-1989   Rafael Felix Martinez                    
Rafael Martinez      1B    AAA      1995-2003   Rafael B. Martinez                       
Rafael Martinez      P     A-       2010-2011   Rafael Wilfredo Martinez                 
Ramiro Martinez      P     AA       1992-2002   Ramiro Martinez                          
Ramon Martinez       IF-OF AA       1990-1996   Ramon Dario Martinez                     
Ramon Martinez       P     A        1987-1990   Ramon Antonio Martinez                   
Ramon Martinez             RK       1991-1992                                            
Ramon Martinez       P     RK       2013-2013   Ramon Martinez                           
Ramon Martinez       P     A+       1999-2004   Ramon Abreu Martinez                     
Randy Martinez       P     A+       1979-1984   Randy L. Martinez                        
Randy Martinez             A+       1979-1979                                            
Raul Martinez        C     AA       2001-2003   Luis Raul Martinez                       
Ray Martinez         IF    AAA      1987-2009   Ramon Martinez (Ramirez)                 
Redy Martinez        OF    RK       1986-1986   Redy  Nicolas Martinez                   
Renan Martinez       P     AAA      2000-2011   Renan A. Martinez                        
Rey Martinez         1B    A+       1980-1986   Rey Williams Martinez                    
Reynaldo Martinez          RK       1990-1990                                            
Reynaldo Martinez    P     A        1989-1990   Reynaldo Martinez                        
Ricardo Martinez     C     RK       2009-2009   Ricardo Jose Martinez                    
Ricardo Martinez     IF    A+       1985-1988   Ricardo M. Martinez                      
Richard Martinez     P     A        2008-2011   Richard Jesus Martinez                   
Richard Martinez     C     AAA      2006-2010   Richard Alexander Martinez               
Rick Martinez        SS    A-       1992-1992   Enrique Martinez                         
Ricky Martinez       OF    Rk       2013-2014   Ricky Yoelvis Martinez                   
Ricky Martinez       P     A+       2009-2012   Ricardo Jose Martinez                    
Robert Martinez      3B-1B A+       1983-1985   Robert Martinez                          
Robert Martinez      OF    Rk       2013-2014   Robert Anthony Martinez                  
Roberto Martinez     P     A        2003-2003   Roberto Martinez                         
Roberto Martinez     P     RK       2006-2008   Roberto Martinez (Celestino)             
Rockny Martinez      1B    RK       2013-2013   Rockny Jose Martinez                     
Rodolfo Martinez     P     Rk       2014-2014   Rodolfo Martinez                         
Rogelio Martinez     P     AAA      2013-2013   Rogelio Martinez                         
Roger Martinez       C     A-       1995-1996   Richard Roger Martinez                   
Roman Martinez       P     AA       2003-2012   Roman Pastor Martinez                    
Romulo Martinez      3B    A-       1987-1987   Romulo Rafael Martinez                   
Romulo Martinez      P     AAA      1995-2002   Romulo Antonio Martinez                  
Ronald Martinez      P     A+       1979-1979   Ronald L. Martinez                       
Ronald Martinez      OF    AA       1977-1980   Ronald Martinez                          
Ronald Martinez      P     AA       2003-2007   Ronnie Martinez                          
Ruben Martinez       OF    RK       2008-2009   Ruben Martinez                           
Rubiel Martinez      SS    RK       2013-2013   Rubiel Miguel Martinez                   
Samuel Martinez      P     A+       2003-2008   Samuel Martinez                          
Samuel Martinez      C     A+       2009-2010   Samuel Martinez                          
Sandy Martinez       C     A        2012-2013   Sandy Martinez                           
Sandy Martinez       IF    A+       1991-1992   Sandy Rafael Martinez                    
Saul Martinez        P     RK       2014-2014   Saul Martinez                            
Sean Martinez        P     A+       1994-1998   Sean Martinez                            
Sergio Martinez      P     AAA      2011-2013   Sergio Martinez (Perales)                
Shawn Martinez       P     A        2004-2005   Shawn C. Martinez                        
Stanley Martinez     P     RK       2013-2013   Stanley Martinez                         
Teodoro Martinez     OF    AA       2010-2014   Teodoro Martinez                         
Thomas Martinez      C     AAA      2001-2003   Thomas More Martinez                     
Tommy Martinez       P-OF  A        1979-1980   Tommy Martinez                           
Tony Martinez        3B    A+       1996-1999   Anthony Aguirre Martinez                 
Tony Martinez        SS    RK       1995-1997   Anthony J. Martinez                      
Uriel Martinez       P     AAA      1995-2000   Uriel Martinez                           
Valentin Martinez    C     RK       2014-2014   Valentin Martinez                        
Victor Martinez      C     RK       1993-1993   Victor Martinez                          
Victor Martinez      IF    AA       1996-1999   Victor R. Martinez                       
Victor Martinez      SS    RK       2014-2014   Victor Danilo Martinez                   
Wilfredo Martinez    C     A-       1980-1983   Wilfredo Martinez                        
William Martinez     OF-1B A-       1985-1985   William O. Martinez                      
William Martinez     OF    RK       2000-2000   William E. Martinez                      
Williams Martinez    P     A        1990-1993   William David Martinez (Betan)           
Wilmer Martinez      P     A-       2001-2002   Wilmer R. Martinez                       
Wilton Martinez      RF-OF A        2013-2014   Wilton Alonzo Martinez                   
Wimber Martinez      P     RK       2013-2013   Wimbert De Jesus Martinez                
Yancarlos Martinez   P     RK       2014-2014   Yancarlos Jose Martinez                  
Yerald Martinez      OF    RK       2013-2013   Yerald Martinez                          
Yoffri Martinez      P     A        2005-2010   Yoffri Martinez                          
Yonquelys Martinez   P     RK       2013-2013   Yonquelys Martinez                       
Yorby Martinez       SS    A        2010-2010   Yorby Jose Martinez                      
Yorly Martinez       1B    RK       2014-2014   Yorly Martinez                           
Zoilo Martinez       3B    A+       1981-1984   Zoilo Tomas Martinez                     
Fabio Martinez Mesa  P     AAA      2009-2014   Fabio Miguel Martinez Mesa               
Alvaro Martinez Sosa P     RK       2002-2004   Alvaro Luis Martinez Sosa                
Eddy Martinez-Estevez 1B    AAA      2003-2013   Eduardo Wells Martinez-Esteve            
Carlos Martinez-Puminaro P     A-       2012-2013   Carlos Martinez-Puminaro                 
Nick Martini         OF    AA       2009-2014   Nicholas Scott Martini                   
Renzo Martini        1B-3B A-       2013-2014   Renzo Martini                            
Marty Martino        OF    A        1981-1982                                            
Wil Martino          P     RK       1995-1996   Wilfredo R. Martino                      
Eric Martins         2B    AAA      1993-2003   Anthony Eric Martins                     
Evon Martinson       C     A+       1977-1979   Evon Orlo Martinson                      
Jason Martinson      SS    AA       2008-2014   Jason Robert Martinson                   
Mike Martinson       C     AAA      1977-1978   Michael Anthony Martinson                
Luca Martone         2B    Rk       2010-2012   Luca Martone                             
David Martorana      DH-1B A        1991-1992   David M. Martorana                       
Matthew Martunas     P     A-       2000-2002   Matthew J. Martunas                      
Charles Marty        P     A        1982-1983   Charles J. Marty                         
Franklin Martz       IF    RK       1987-1987   Franklin Martz                           
Joe Maruffi          P     A        2000-2003   Joseph N. Maruffi                        
Addison Maruszak     SS-OF AAA      2006-2014   Addison J. Maruszak                      
Osman Marval         C     A+       2008-2010   Osman J. Marval                          
Raul Marval          SS    AAA      1993-2007   Raul Arturo Marval (Vera)                
Bill Marx            P     A+       1985-1990   William John Marx                        
Tim Marx             C     AAA      1990-1998   Timothy A. Marx                          
Tommy Marx           P     A+       1998-2003   Thomas J. Marx                           
Jose Marzan          IF-OF AA       1985-1991   Jose Luis Marzan                         
Dayton Marze         P     AA       2009-2013   Dayton Jerome Marze                      
Dickey Marze         OF-2B A        1989-1990   Dickey Jerome Marze                      
Eric Marzec          P     AAA      2007-2014   Eric W. Marzec                           
Evan Marzilli        OF    AA       2010-2014   Evan Daniel Marzilli                     
Blake Mascarello     P     A        2009-2012   Blake James Mascarello                   
Richie Mascheri      P     A+       2010-2013   Richard Kenneth Mascheri                 
Daniel Mascia        P     RK       1992-1994   Daniel R. Mascia                         
Trey Masek           P     A-       2011-2014   Trey Andrew Masek.                       
Justin Mashore       OF    AAA      1991-2001   Justin Clyde Mashore                     
Danny Masiello       C     A-       2013-2014   Daniel Rocco Masiello                    
Scott Masik          OF    A-       2010-2014                                            
Adam Masino          1B    RK       2000-2001   Adam C. Masino                           
Michael Mask         OF    A+       2004-2005   Michael S. Mask                          
Joe Maskivish        P     AA       1994-2001   Joseph J. Maskivish                      
Andrew Mason         OF    A-       1993-1993   Andrew L. Mason                          
Anthony Mason              A-       1978-1978                                            
Chris Mason          P     AAA      2003-2011   Christopher Lee Mason                    
Chris Mason          P     RK       1997-1997                                            
Dane Mason           P     RK       2004-2007   Dane Mason                               
Felton Mason         OF    A-       1989-1989   Felton Carvestor Mason                   
John Mason           OF    RK       1982-1983                                            
Kim Mason            P     A+       1977-1978                                            
Lamont Mason         2B-SS A        1995-1999   Lamont Ramone Mason                      
Marty Mason          P     AA       1979-1986   Martin Lee Mason                         
Michael Mason        P     RK       2010-2014   Michael Alton Mason                      
Mike Mason           P     A        2009-2013   Michael Ryan Mason                       
Rob Mason            C     A+       1986-1990   Robert Allen Mason                       
Robert Mason         P     RK       2001-2006   Robert Ryan Mason                        
Steven Mason               A-       1977-1977                                            
Victor Mason         P     A-       1982-1983   Edward Victor Mason Jr.                  
Tony Masone          OF    A        1978-1980                                            
Juan Massa           P     RK       1985-1986   Juan Alberto Massa                       
Jon Massad           P     A-       2010-2014   Jonathan Massad                          
Bryce Massanari      1B-C  A+       2005-2012   Jonathan Bryce Massanari                 
John Massarelli      OF-C  AAA      1987-1996   John David Massarelli                    
Dan Massari          1B    AA       1977-1977   Daniel M. Massari                        
Justo Massaro        1B    RK       1977-1978   Justo Massaro                            
Mike Massaro         OF    AAA      2003-2013   Michael Joseph Massaro                   
Billy Masse          OF    AAA      1988-1995   William Masse                            
Dan Masse            P     RK       1994-1994   Daniel A. Masse                          
James Massey         P     A-       1984-1987   James William Massey                     
John Massey          C     A        1998-2000   John Mark Massey                         
Scott Massey         P     RK       2003-2006   Scott Massey                             
Taylor Massey        P     A        2009-2013   Taylor Joe Massey                        
Tyler Massey         OF    AA       2008-2014   Joseph Tyler Massey                      
Omar Massiah         OF    A        1982-1984   Omar Abdiel Massiah                      
Dan Massiatte        C     AAA      1999-2004   Daniel Massiatte                         
Jeff Massicotte      P     A+       1987-1990   Jeffrey Alan Massicotte                  
Andrew Massie        P     Rk       2012-2014   Andrew Massie                            
Matt Massimi         P     RK       1998-1998                                            
Ryan Massimo         1B    RK       1997-1998   Ryan N. Massimo                          
Matt Massingale      P     AA       1998-2002   Matt Massingale                          
Eric Massingham      P     A        2006-2013   Eric J. Massingham                       
Craig Massoni        1B    A        2012-2014   Craig Joseph Massoni                     
Scott Massucco       C     A        1998-1999   Scott E. Massucco                        
Brian Mast           P     RK       1993-1993   Brian A. Mast                            
William Masten       H     RK       1985-1985   William M. Masten                        
Chris Masters        P     AA       2007-2012   Christopher Byron Masters                
Dave Masters         P     AAA      1985-1993   David William Masters                    
David Masters        SS    A        2012-2014   David Joseph Masters                     
Frank Masters        C     AA       1985-1989   Frank R. Masters                         
Wayne Masters        P     A        1989-1990   Wayne Bart Masters                       
Thomas Masterson     C     A+       1981-1981   Thomas G. Masterson                      
Steve Mastro         3B-OF A+       1980-1981   Steven D. Mastro                         
Dave Mastrolonardo   P     A+       1997-2002   David Michael Mastrolonardo              
David Mastropietro   OF    A-       1990-1990   David A. Mastropietro                    
Mike Mastrullo       2B    RK       1994-1995   Michael J. Mastrullo                     
Anderson Mata        P     RK       2013-2013   Anderson Jesus Mata                      
Angel Mata           P     Rk       2011-2012   Angel Mata                               
Cristobal Mata       P     RK       2008-2010   Cristobal J. Mata                        
Daniel Mata          P     Rk       2012-2012   Daniel Alejandro Mata                    
Gustavo Mata         P     AA       2001-2008   Gustavo Mata                             
Manuel Mata          1B    RK       1995-1996   Manuel Antonio Mata                      
Paul Matachun        3B-2B A        1988-1992   Paul John Matachun                       
Carlos Matamoras     2B    A+       1978-1982   Carlos A. Matamoros                      
Jim Matan            1B    A        1996-2000   James Anthony Matan                      
James Matas          P     A+       1986-1989   James Michael Matas                      
Steve Matchett       P     RK       1989-1989   Stephen Lockler Matchett                 
Toby Matchulat       P     RK       2008-2009   Toby Jonathan Matchulat                  
Steve Matcuk         P     AA       1996-2002   Steven Matcuk                            
Alejandro Mateo      3B    RK       2001-2001   Alejandro Mateo                          
Alexander Mateo      P     RK       2011-2011   Alexander Mateo                          
Alfredo Mateo        IF    RK       2007-2008   Alfredo Mateo                            
Alfredo Mateo        P     RK       2013-2013   Alfredo Mateo                            
Algeni Mateo         C     Rk       2014-2014   Algeni Mateo                             
Aneudis Mateo        OF    RK       2002-2002   Aneudis Manuel Mateo                     
Aneudis Mateo        P     A        2001-2003   Aneudis Willy Mateo                      
Carlos Mateo         OF    RK       2013-2013   Carlos Arismendy Mateo                   
Carlos Mateo         P     RK       2002-2002   Carlos Mateo                             
Daniel Mateo         3B-1B A+       2010-2014   Daniel Mateo                             
Daniel Mateo         SS    RK       2001-2002   Daniel E. Mateo                          
Diomedes Mateo       P     A-       2011-2011   Diomedes Mateo                           
Francis Mateo        OF    RK       2013-2013   Francis Alberto Mateo                    
Francisco Mateo      P     RK       2005-2006   Francisco A. Mateo                       
Huascar Mateo        C     A        1987-1988   Huascar A. Mateo                         
Jackson Mateo        P     A        2012-2013   Jackson Mateo                            
Jhonny Mateo         P     RK       2013-2013   Jhonny Mateo                             
Johan Mateo          3B    RK       2006-2006   Johan Mateo (Tejeda)                     
Jorge Mateo          SS    Rk       2013-2014   Jorge Luis Mateo                         
Jose Mateo           P     A+       2007-2009   Jose Ramon Mateo                         
Jose Mateo           OF    RK       2005-2006   Jose Manuel Mateo                        
Jose Mateo           SS    AAA      1995-2004   Jose David Mateo                         
Jose Mateo           OF    RK       1983-1983   Jose M. Mateo                            
Jose Mateo                 A        1990-1991                                            
Julio Mateo          P     Rk       2013-2014   Julio Miguel Mateo                       
Leandro Mateo        2B    A        2011-2013   Leandro Mateo                            
Luis Mateo           P     AA       2012-2014   Luis Mateo                               
Luis Mateo           SS    A        1988-1989   Luis Edwardo Mateo (Marti)               
Luis Mateo           SS-2B AAA      2008-2014   Luis G. Mateo                            
Luis Mateo           P     RK       2014-2014   Luis Alberto Mateo                       
Luis Mateo           OF    AA       2003-2005   Luis A. Mateo                            
Manuel Mateo         P     RK       2002-2002   Juan Manuel Mateo                        
Natanael Mateo       P     AA       2004-2008   Natanael F. Mateo                        
Reynaldo Mateo       C     A-       2011-2013   Reynaldo Mateo                           
Steven Mateo         1B    Rk       2013-2014   Steven Mateo                             
Victor Mateo         P     AA       1996-2014   Victor Alexander Mateo                   
Wagner Mateo         1B-P  A+       2011-2014   Wagner Mateo                             
Waner Mateo          P     A+       2004-2007   Waner Mateo (Ramirez)                    
Welfrin Mateo        2B    RK       2014-2014   Welfrin Rafael Mateo                     
Wilson Mateo         OF    A-       1978-1979   Wilson Mateo (Tejada)                    
Yeison Mateo         P     RK       2014-2014   Yeison Gabriel Mateo                     
Paddy Matera         3B    A+       2009-2013   Paddy J. Matera                          
Oscar Materano       SS    A        2000-2005   Oscar Ivan Materano                      
Francisco Matew      P     A-       1998-1999   Francisco Matew                          
Curt Mathe           1B-OF RK       1981-1981   Curtis Roger Mathe                       
Brandon Matheny      P     AAA      2000-2003   Brandon Douglas Matheny                  
J.R. Mathes          P     AAA      2001-2011   Alfred George Mathes                     
George Matheus       IF    A        2008-2010   George Frank Matheus                     
Aaron Mathews        CF-RF AAA      2002-2012   Aaron W. Mathews                         
Brian Mathews        3B    A+       2006-2009   Brian Keith Mathews                      
Byron Mathews        OF    A+       1990-1996   Byron A. Mathews                         
Chuck Mathews        P     AA       1983-1986   Charles Otho Mathews                     
Dan Mathews          P     A+       1998-2001   Daniel Lee Mathews                       
Del Mathews          P     AAA      1993-2003   Delmer Richard Mathews                   
Edward Mathews       P     AAA      1984-1990   Edward James Mathews                     
James Mathews              A        1978-1978                                            
Jeremy Mathews       SS    A        1987-1989   Jeremy Knox Mathews                      
Jon Mathews          P     A-       1980-1980   Jon Mathews                              
Jonathan Mathews     1B    A-       1993-1994   Jonathan R. Mathews                      
Kenny Mathews        P     A        2012-2014   Kent David Mathews                       
Ryan Mathews         OF    A        2008-2014   Ryan Taylor Mathews                      
Shane Mathews        P     A+       2004-2009   Shane Dustin Mathews                     
Tommy Mathews        1B    A+       1982-1986   Thomas M. Mathews                        
Doug Mathey          P     A+       1978-1979   Douglas Trent Mathey                     
Ryder Mathias        C     AAA      2002-2006   Ryder M. Mathias                         
Marty Mathiesen      P     A+       1980-1983   Martin M. Mathiesen                      
Ryan Mathiesen       P     A        2001-2001   Ryan C. Mathiesen                        
Zach Mathieu         1B    Rk       2011-2014   Zachary Mathieu                          
Mike Mathile         P     AAA      1989-1995   Michael Joseph Mathile                   
Mike Mathiot         C     A        1987-1990   Michael A. Mathiot                       
Cory Mathis          OF    RK       1990-1991   Cory Bushay Mathis                       
Greg Mathis          OF    A-       2001-2003   Gregory Earl Mathis                      
Jake Mathis          1B    A+       2002-2003   Jacob Dalton Mathis                      
Jared Mathis         IF    AA       1997-2002   Jared Ryan Mathis                        
Joe Mathis           OF    AAA      1993-2008   Joe Robert Mathis                        
Monte Mathis         2B-3B RK       1990-1991   Monte R. Mathis                          
Samuel Mathis        P     A        1995-1996                                            
Tanner Mathis        OF    A+       2010-2014   Tanner Garrett Mathis                    
Wayne Mathis         OF    RK       1989-1990                                            
Will Mathis          P     A+       2010-2014   Will Mathis                              
Wyatt Mathisen       C     A        2012-2014   Wyatt Lane Mathisen                      
Charles Mathison     P     A+       1983-1984   Charles Eugene Mathison                  
Jason Mathys         P     A        1998-2002   Jason William Mathys                     
Adalberto Matias     P     RK       1999-1999   Adalberto Matias                         
Luis Matias          P     A        1979-1980   Luis Manuel Matias                       
Randy Matias         P     A        2006-2009   Randy Israel Matias (Ramirez)            
Danny Matienzo       C     AA       2000-2006   Daniel Matienzo                          
Pedro Matilla        C     A+       1987-1991   Pedro Luis Matilla                       
Dan Matlack          P     RK       1995-1995   J. Daniel Matlack                        
Chris Matlock        P     A-       2006-2009   Christopher Matlock                      
Alberto Matos              A-       1990-1993                                            
Alexander Matos      P     RK       1979-1981   Alexander Matos                          
Andres Matos         P     RK       2013-2013   Andres Ramon Matos                       
Angel Matos          C     A        1999-2001   Angel Matos                              
Aurin Matos          IF    A+       1977-1978   Aurin Rafael Matos (Soto)                
Bernie Matos         C     RK       2001-2001   Vernier Matos                            
Carlos Matos         OF    A        1978-1982   Carlos Peralta Matos                     
Cesar Matos                RK       2000-2000                                            
Darwin Matos         P     Rk       2010-2012   Darwin Matos                             
David Matos          P     RK       2013-2013   David Matos                              
Domingo Matos        3B    A+       1990-1994   Domingo Cuevas Matos                     
Jesus Matos          P     A        1999-2003   Jesus Matos                              
Jorge Matos          P     RK       1986-1986   Jorge Antonio Matos                      
Jose Matos           P     A        1992-1994   Jose R. Matos                            
Josue Matos          P     AAA      1997-2009   Josue Matos                              
Josue Matos          1B    RK       2013-2013   Josue Antonio Matos                      
Luis Matos           P     A        1992-1996   Luis A. Matos                            
Malvin Matos         OF    AAA      1989-2002   Malvin W. Matos                          
Mauricio Matos       C     RK       2008-2009   Mauricio Matos                           
Miguel Matos         OF    RK       2004-2004   Miguel Matos                             
Miguel Matos         P     A+       2007-2010   Miguel Antonio Matos                     
Rafael Matos               A-       1982-1984                                            
Ramon Matos          OF    RK       1986-1987   Ramon Matos                              
Raymo Matos          P     A-       2000-2002   Raymond Miguel Matos                     
Sthervin Matos       3B    A        2013-2014   Sthervin Matos                           
Watson Matos         OF    RK       2000-2000   Watson Joel Matos                        
Wellington Matos     1B    RK       1996-1996   Wellington A. Matos                      
Wilson Matos         1B    A-       2004-2011   Willie M. Matos                          
Yohan Matos          C     RK       2014-2014   Yohan Misael Matos                       
Dave Matranga        P     RK       1991-1991   David Matranga                           
Jeff Matranga        P     AAA      1992-1997   Jeffrey Alan Matranga                    
Steven Matre         P     A        2007-2013   Steven A. Matre                          
Ronald Matrisciano   P     A        1979-1980   Ronald Santo Matrisciano                 
Richard Matsko       P     A+       1998-2002   Richard Andrew Matsko                    
Yasushi Matsubara    P     A+       1987-1987   Yasushi Matsubara                        
Shingo Matsukubo     OF    RK       1989-1989   Shingo Matsukubo                         
Takaaki Matsumura    P     RK       1989-1989   Takaaki Matsumura                        
Terumasa Matsuo      P     A        2008-2008   Terumasa Matsuo                          
Robert Matta               A+       1987-1987                                            
Travis Mattair       1B-3B AA       2007-2014   Travis Lee Mattair                       
Mick Mattaliano      P     A+       2004-2011   Michael Joseph Mattaliano                
Erik Mattern         2B    A-       1995-1999   Erik Josef Mattern                       
Michael Mattern      OF    RK       1981-1983   Michael Joseph Mattern                   
Ryan Mattes          P     Rk       2010-2013   Ryan Lee Mattes                          
Kent Matthes         OF    AAA      2006-2014   Kent Richard Matthes                     
Adam Matthews        OF    A        2009-2013   Adam Michael Matthews                    
Barry Matthews       P     A+       1999-2002   Barry Matthews                           
Brad Matthews        2B    A-       2005-2007   William Bradley Matthews III             
Delvon Matthews      3B    RK       1998-2000   Delvon Maurice Matthews                  
Dustin Matthews      SS    RK       2004-2008   Dustin Michael Matthews                  
Fred Matthews        P     RK       1993-2000   Donald Frederick Matthews                
James Matthews       SS    A        1978-1978                                            
Jaren Matthews       RF    A+       2008-2013   Jaren D. Matthews                        
Jarod Matthews       P     AA       2002-2007   Jarod Mark Matthews                      
Jedon Matthews       3B    RK       2007-2008   Jedon Matthews                           
Jeffrey Matthews     SS-2B AA       1977-1980   Jeffrey Michael Matthews                 
Jon Matthews         OF    A+       2010-2014   Jon K. Matthews                          
Kevin Matthews       P     A        2011-2014   Kevin Francis Matthews                   
Lamont Matthews      OF    AAA      1999-2003   Lamont Jayme Matthews                    
Michael Matthews     OF-1B A        2000-2002   Michael Joel Matthews                    
Ron Matthews         P     RK       1992-1995   Ronald D. Matthews                       
Tom Matthews         P     RK       1990-1990   Thomas D. Matthews                       
Tony Mattia          1B    A        1987-1989   Tony T. Mattia                           
Gary Mattice         P     A        1977-1978   Gary Russell Mattice                     
Preston Mattingly    RF-LF A+       2006-2011   Preston Michael Mattingly                
Steve Mattingly      OF    A-       1989-1997                                            
Taylor Mattingly     1B    RK       2003-2003   Taylor Patrick Mattingly                 
Nick Mattioni        P     AAA      1998-2007   Nicholas John Mattioni                   
Corey Mattison       P     A-       1998-2001   Corey D. Mattison                        
Justin Mattison      OF    A-       2002-2007   Justin Wendan Mattison                   
Kieran Mattison      P     AAA      1999-2010   Kieran Yohance Mattison                  
Tim Mattison         P     A+       2003-2007   Timothy Lyle Mattison                    
Garrett Mattlage     SS    A-       2012-2014   Garrett Mattlage                         
David Mattle         OF    A+       1999-2005   David P. Mattle                          
Rich Mattocks        2B    A+       1983-1985   Richard Donald Mattocks                  
Brian Mattoon        P     A+       2000-2005   Brian Alfred Mattoon                     
Anthony Mattos       P     A-       1994-1994   Anthony J. Mattos                        
David Mattox         P     AA       2001-2010   David Ardis Mattox                       
Frank Mattox         2B    AAA      1982-1990   Frank L. Mattox                          
Gene Mattox          P     A        1995-1996   James Eugene Mattox                      
Craig Mattson        P     AAA      1993-2003   Craig Donald Mattson                     
John Mattson         P     A        1997-2000   John Russell Mattson                     
Kurt Mattson         P     AA       1982-1985   Kurt Allen Mattson                       
Rob Mattson          P     AAA      1991-2001   Donald Robert Mattson                    
Ronald Mattson             A+       1977-1978                                            
Jeff Matulevich      P     AA       1992-1998   Jeffrey Brookes Matulevich               
John Matulia         RF-CF AAA      2005-2011   John Kenneth Matulia                     
Matt Matulia         IF    AAA      2003-2010   Matthew Michael Matulia                  
Mario Matulich       C     AA       2003-2005   Mario Matulich                           
Chris Matulis        P     Rk       2009-2013   Christopher Joseph Matulis               
Jo Matumoto          P     AAA      2007-2009   Jo Matumoto                              
Francisco Maturin    OF    AAA      2014-2014   Francisco Javier Maturin                 
Jonathan Matute      2B    RK       2014-2014   Jonathan Alejandro Matute                
Jose Matute          3B    A-       1981-1981   Jose Joaquin Matute                      
Michael Matvey       SS    AA       1993-1997   Michael Martin Matvey                    
Scott Matyas         P     RK       2008-2011   Scott C. Matyas                          
Brian Matz           P     AA       1994-2001   Brian Patrick Matz                       
Chretien Matz        RF    RK       2008-2013   Chretien Donovan Matz                    
Steven Matz          P     AA       2012-2014   Steven Jakob Matz                        
Mark Matzen          3B    A+       1981-1982                                            
Brian Matzenbacher   P     AA       1998-2003   Brian Robert Matzenbacher                
Dan Matznick         P     A+       1989-1994   Daniel Clarence Matznick                 
Ryan Mau             P     RK       2001-2003   Ryan Christopher Mau                     
Dennis Mauch         OF    RK       1995-1995   Dennis R. Mauch                          
Harry Mauch          OF    A-       1978-1980   Harry Louis Mauch                        
Tom Mauch            OF    A+       1984-1988   Thomas G. Mauch                          
Matt Mauck           3B    A        1997-2000   Matthew Ryan Mauck                       
Bill Mauer           P     A        2003-2005   William Michael Mauer                    
Jake Mauer           2B    AA       1999-2005   Donald Charles Mauer                     
Eric Mauldin         OF    RK       1991-1991                                            
James Mauldin        P     A        1989-1990   James R. Mauldin                         
Jason Maule          OF    AA       1996-2003   Jason Alan Maule                         
Oliver Maull         C     RK       1981-1982   Oliver K. Maull                          
Jeff Mault           P     A+       2003-2007   James Jeffrey Mault                      
Kyle Maunus          IF    RK       2004-2013   Kyle Maunus                              
Justin Maureau       P     A+       2000-2004   Justin Michael Maureau                   
Mike Maurer          P     AA       1993-2000   Michael James Maurer                     
Ron Maurer           SS-3B AAA      1988-2000                                            
Joan Mauricio        SS    Rk       2014-2014   Joan Manuel Mauricio                     
Michael Mauro              A-       1990-1990                                            
David Maust          P     AA       2000-2008   David Michael Maust                      
Tyler Mautner        3B    Rk       2012-2014   Tyler Mautner                            
Arlett Mavare        P     AAA      2010-2014   Arlett Jose Mavare                       
Deivis Mavares       P     A+       2009-2011   Deivis Mavares                           
Randy Maville        C     RK       1986-1987   Randy George Maville                     
Daniel Mavo          P     RK       2014-2014   Daniel David Mavo                        
Coby Mavroulis       P     A        2002-2009   Coby B. Mavroulis                        
William Max          3B-1B AA       1981-1984   William M. Max                           
Jason Maxey          C     AA       2002-2007   Jason Maxey                              
Kevin Maxey          OF    A+       1987-1988   Kevin Maxey                              
Zach Maxfield        1B    RK       2009-2011   Zachary Carl Maxfield                    
John Maxson          P     A        1978-1979   John Daniel Maxson                       
Anton Maxwell        P     A        2004-2007   Anton T. Maxwell                         
Blake Maxwell        P     AAA      2003-2011   Blake A. Maxwell                         
Bruce Maxwell        C     AA       2010-2014   Bruce T. Maxwell                         
Fernando Maxwell           A-       1987-1987                                            
James Maxwell        SS    AA       1980-1982   James R. Maxwell                         
Keith Maxwell        OF    A+       1997-2007   Keith Renea Maxwell                      
Levi Maxwell         P     A+       2004-2009   Levi Maxwell                             
Martyn Maxwell       OF-3B AA       1977-1979   Martyn S. Maxwell                        
Patrick Maxwell      2B    AA       1991-1996   Patrick Joseph Maxwell                   
Scott Maxwell        OF    RK       1986-1986                                            
Trent Maxwell        C     A+       1992-1993   N. Trenton Maxwell                       
Vernon Maxwell       OF    A+       1996-1999   Vernon L. Maxwell                        
Brandon May          3B    A        2007-2011   Brandon Michael May                      
Brennan May          RF-CF A        2009-2013   Brennan Shariff May                      
Davis May            P     AAA      1975-1980   Davis Edwards May                        
Fred May             OF    A+       1995-2001   Frederick R. May                         
Jacob May            OF    A+       2011-2014   Jacob Alexander May                      
Larry May            P     AA       1979-1982   Larry G. May                             
Lee May              OF-1B AAA      1986-1993   Lee Andrew May Jr.                       
Scott May            C     A        1996-1997                                            
Shawn May            SS-2B RK       1989-1989   Shawn Timothy May                        
Steve May            P     RK       1988-1993   Stephen J. May                           
Ted May              C     AA       1978-1980                                            
Johan Maya           2B    A        1999-2000   Johan M. Maya                            
Chan Mayber          SS    A+       1992-1996   Chandis L. Mayber                        
Germaine Mayberry    OF    A-       1992-1995   Bennie Germaine Mayberry                 
Greg Mayberry        P     AAA      1984-1990   Gregory Scott Mayberry                   
Marvin Mayberry      C     RK       1988-1988   Marvin C. Mayberry                       
Whit Mayberry        P     A+       2010-2014   Whitley Thomas Mayberry                  
Neal Maybin          OF    RK       2001-2002   Neal Maybin                              
Anthony Maye         P     RK       1989-1989   Anthony E. Maye                          
Steve Maye           P     AA       1984-1994   Stephen D. Maye                          
Aaron Mayer          C     A+       1993-2000   Aaron Cory Mayer                         
James Mayer          SS    A        2003-2008   James M. Mayer                           
Michael Mayer        OF    RK       2007-2007   Michael Joseph Mayer                     
Robert Mayer         P     AA       1977-1980   Robert J. Mayer                          
Jacob Mayers         3B    A-       2010-2014   Jacob Mayers                             
Mike Mayers          P     AAA      2011-2014   Michael Christopher Mayers               
Craig Mayes          C     AAA      1990-1999   James Craig Mayes                        
LaCurtis Mayes       P     A        1985-2012   Lacurtis Eugene Mayes                    
Brandon Mayfield     P     A+       1997-2004   James Brandon Mayfield                   
Chris Mayfield       OF    A-       1992-1993   Christopher J. Mayfield                  
Jack Mayfield        SS-2B A+       2010-2014   David Jack Mayfield                      
James Mayfield       P     A-       1997-2001   James B. Mayfield                        
Montye Mayfield      P     RK       1980-1982   Montye Dean Mayfield                     
Keith Mayhew         P     A-       1995-1995   Lester Keith Mayhew                      
Jose Mayi            IF    RK       2007-2007   Jose Amaurys Mayi                        
Leonardo Mayi        P     A        1998-2005   Leonardo Mayi                            
Alan Mayles          P     A+       1979-1980   Bernard Alan Mayles                      
Chris Maynard        SS    A+       1984-1985                                            
Daniel Maynard       C     A+       1985-1986   Daniel J. Maynard                        
Ellerton Maynard     OF    AAA      1988-1993   Ellerton Maynard                         
Pratt Maynard        C     A+       2009-2014   Pratt L. Maynard                         
Ronny Maynard        C     A-       1980-1980   Ronny D. Maynard                         
Scott Maynard        C     AAA      1995-2004   Scott Alan Maynard                       
Howard Maynor        3B    A-       1981-1982   Howard Maynor                            
Tonka Maynor         OF-1B A-       1994-1995   Tonka Sean Maynor                        
Blake Mayo           P     AAA      1996-2002   Dustin Blake Mayo                        
Jeremy Mayo          C     AA       2008-2013   Jeremy D. Mayo                           
Ricky Mayo           P     AAA      1977-1979   Ricky E. Mayo                            
Terry Mayo           OF    A        1999-2002   Terry Maurice Mayo                       
Todd Mayo            OF    AA       1987-1992   Todd Pete Mayo                           
Vianney Mayo         P     A        2010-2012   Vianney Jose Mayo                        
Cesar Mayora         P     A        2005-2007   Cesar A. Mayora                          
Daniel Mayora        3B    AAA      2005-2014   Daniel J. Mayora                         
Hector Mayora        P     A-       2010-2011   Hector Alfonso Mayora                    
Yorman Mayora        P     A        2008-2010   Yorman Jose Mayora                       
Jose Mayorga         C     AA       2013-2014   Jose Mayorga                             
Roberto Mayorga      OF    A-       1977-1977   Roberto Mayorga                          
Manuel Mayorson      3B-2B AAA      2000-2013   Manuel A. Maysorson                      
Henry Mays           OF    A+       1977-1977   Henry G. Mays                            
Jarrod Mays          P     AA       1994-2001   Jarrod Ray Mays                          
Jeff Mays            P     AA       1985-1988   Jeffrey Dean Mays                        
Keith Mays           P     RK       1988-1989   Keith Duane Mays                         
Marcus Mays          P     A        1993-1995   Marcus J. Mays                           
Terrance Mays        OF    A-       1990-1991   Terrance L. Mays                         
Gregory Mayse        SS-3B RK       1982-1982                                            
Rob Mayse            P     A+       1994-1995   Robert D. Mayse                          
Gregory Maysonet     P     A+       1986-1988   Gregory George Maysonet                  
Jose Maysonet        SS    A+       1994-1999   Jose Luis Maysonet (Lopez)               
Roberto Maysonet     P     A+       1998-2002   Roberto Xavier Maysonet                  
Kelly Mayz           2B    RK       1987-1987   Kelly Gregorio Mayz                      
Tim Mayza            P     A-       2013-2014                                            
Hommy Mazara         3B    RK       1993-1993                                            
Nomar Mazara         RF-OF AA       2012-2014   Nomar Shamir Mazara                      
Darren Mazeroski     2B    A-       1984-1984   Darren Mazeroski                         
Randy Mazey          OF    A+       1985-1989   Randy Eugene Mazey                       
Rodney Mazion        SS    A-       1993-1993   Rodney K. Mazion                         
Brian Mazone         P     AAA      1995-2010   Brian Keith Mazone                       
Bryan Mazur          P     AA       1999-2001   Christopher Bryan Mazur                  
Graham Mazur         P     RK       1997-2003   Graham Scott Mazur                       
Justin Mazur         P     RK       2007-2012   Justin A. Mazur                          
Robert Mazur         OF    AA       1977-1978   Robert D. Mazur                          
Steven Mazur         P     A-       2007-2011   Steven Andrew Mazur                      
Brian Mazurek        1B    A+       1994-1999   Brian M. Mazurek                         
David Mazurek        P     A+       2000-2005   David Gene Mazurek                       
Chris Mazza          P     A        2011-2014   Christopher James Mazza                  
Giuseppe Mazzanti    3B    RK       2002-2002   Giuseppe Mazzanti                        
Donald Mazzilli      OF    AA       1982-1983   Donald T. Mazzilli                       
L.J. Mazzilli        2B    AAA      2010-2014   Lee Louis Mazzilli                       
Josh Mazzola         1B    A+       2005-2013   Joshua M. Mazzola                        
Anthony Mazzone      P     A-       1994-1995   Anthony D. Mazzone                       
Cory Mazzoni         P     AAA      2009-2014   Cory Mitchell Mazzoni                    
Joe Mazzuca          SS    A        2001-2004   Joseph Salvatore Mazzuca                 

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