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The following players have played at least one game for an affiliated minor league baseball team since 1977 but have never played in the Major Leagues.
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Player Name          Pos   HiLvl    Play Years  Full Name                                
Jae-Hoon Ha          OF    AAA      2009-2014   Jae-Hoon Hah                             
Jeff Haag            C     A-       1993-1994   Jeffrey G. Haag                          
Ryan Haag            2B    A+       2001-2005   Ryan Gregory Haag                        
Bryan Haar           1B-3B A+       2009-2014   Bryan Jacob Haar                         
Jeremiah Haar        P     A        2005-2008   Jeremiah James Haar                      
Matt Haar                  A-       1987-1987                                            
Rich Haar            2B-SS A+       1990-1994   Richard S. Haar                          
Chris Haas           3B    AAA      1995-2003   Christopher Mark Haas                    
Danny Haas           OF    AA       1995-2001   Danny Haas                               
Jeff Haas            P     A        1992-1993   Jeffrey Norman Haas II                   
Kyle Haas            P     RK       2008-2009   Kyle D. Haas                             
Matt Haas            OF    AA       1991-1997   Matthew E. Haas                          
Stan Haas            OF    A+       1978-1983   Stanley B. Haas                          
Anthony Haase        P     RK       2009-2011   Anthony Haase                            
Dean Haase           C     A+       1991-1992   Dean Haase                               
Eric Haase           C     A+       2011-2014   Eric Michael Haase                       
Frank Haase          P     A-       1999-2001   Frank Ryan Haase                         
Jeff Haase           C     A+       2000-2002   Jeffrey R. Haase                         
Jason Habel          OF    RK       2001-2002   Jason R. Habel                           
Josh Habel           P     AA       1999-2007   Joshua James Habel                       
David Haber          OF    A+       1982-1991   David S. Haber                           
Eric Haberer         P     AA       2002-2007   Eric Michael Haberer                     
Keith Habig          SS    A        1997-1999   Keith R. Habig                           
Abraham Hacen        P     A+       1994-1998   Abraham A. Hacen                         
Mike Hacker          P     A        2005-2012   Michael L. Hacker                        
Steve Hacker         1B    AAA      1993-2000   Steven Thomas Hacker                     
Jason Hackett        P     A+       1994-1998   Jason Orlando Hackett                    
John Hackett         P     A        1985-1986   John William Hackett                     
Richard Hackett      OF    AA       1999-2002   Richard Hackett                          
Roger Hackett        OF    RK       1982-1986                                            
Adam Hackstedt       C     A-       2006-2006   Adam Hackstedt                           
Derek Hacopian       OF-DH A+       1992-1996   Derek Avac Hacopian                      
Jorge Hadad          C     AAA      2001-2004   Jorge Abraham Hadad                      
Radley Haddad        C     A+       2009-2014   Radley W. Haddad                         
Robert Haddad        P     A-       1978-1978   Robert J. Haddad                         
Randy Hadden         P     A+       1999-2001   Randolph Scott Hadden                    
Darin Haddock        P     A-       1991-1991   Darin R. Haddock                         
Donald Haddock       3B    RK       1980-1980   Donald Lynn Haddock                      
Doug Haddock         P     RK       1993-1993   Douglas K. Haddock                       
Mark Haddow          RF-OF AA       2008-2013    Mark William Haddow                     
Josh Hader           P     AA       2012-2014   Joshua Ronald Hader                      
Ryan Hader           P     RK       2002-2004   Jacob Ryan Hader                         
Jeremy Hadley        RF-OF Rk       2013-2014   Jeremy DeAngelo Hadley                   
Kevin Haeberle       P     A        1978-1990   Kevin Clifford Haeberle                  
Greg Haeger          P     A+       1989-1994   Gregory Charles Haeger                   
David Haehnel        P     AA       2002-2008   David C. Haehnel                         
Casey Haerther       1B    AA       2007-2013   Casey Logan Haerther                     
Cody Haerther        OF    AAA      2003-2009   Cody Lee Haerther                        
Jeff Hafer           P     AA       1995-2000   Jeffrey Taylor Hafer                     
Les Haffner          P     A+       1987-1991   George Leslie Haffner Jr.                
David Hafner         2B    RK       1977-1977   David W. Hafner                          
Ryan Hafner          P     A+       2010-2014   Ryan Thomas Hafner                       
Casey Hagan          P     A-       1977-1977   Casey D. Hagan                           
Danny Hagan          P     A+       1993-1995   Joseph Daniel Hagan                      
Sean Hagan           P     A+       2010-2014   Sean Thomas Hagan                        
Tom Hagan            OF    A        2003-2008   Thomas Hagan                             
Joey Hage            OF    RK       2007-2011   Joseph Hage                              
Joseph Hage          OF    A-       1978-1979   Joseph T. Hage                           
Tom Hage             1B    AA       1993-2004   Thomas A. Hage                           
Ken Hagemann         1B    A+       1978-1980   Kenneth Hagemann                         
Tim Hagemann         P     A        1979-1980   Timothy Paul Hagemann                    
B.J. Hagen           P     RK       2005-2010   Brian James Hagen                        
Matt Hagen           3B    AA       2000-2012   Matthew McDermott Hagen                  
Sean Hagen           SS    RK       1993-1994   Sean B. Hagen                            
Ian Hagenmiller      3B    Rk       2013-2014   Ian D. Hagenmiller                       
Jake Hager           SS    AA       2011-2014   Jake William Hager                       
James Hager          P     RK       1979-1979   James T. Hager                           
Jason Hagerty        C     AAA      2007-2014   Jason Timothy Hagerty                    
Luke Hagerty         P     A+       2000-2008   Luke John Hagerty                        
Chris Haggard        C     RK       1999-2001   Christopher Lee Haggard                  
Josh Haggas          3B    A-       1990-1993   Joshua P. Haggas                         
Kirk Hagge           IF    RK       1994-1998   Kirk A. Hagge                            
Cory Haggerty        SS    AA       2000-2006   Cory Patrick Haggerty                    
Jim Haggerty         P     RK       1980-1980   James M. Haggerty                        
Roger Haggerty       3B    AA       1984-1989   Roger W. Haggerty                        
Thomas Haggerty      1B    RK       1977-1977   Thomas John Haggerty                     
Steve Hagins         C     AA       1995-2000   Stephan Patrick Hagins                   
David Hagman         P     AA       1977-1977   David John Hagman                        
Keith Hagman         1B    AA       1979-1983   Keith Allan Hagman                       
Rick Hague           2B    AA       2008-2014   Richard Michael Hague                    
Gary Hagy            SS    AA       1988-1998   Gary D. Hagy                             
Jeffrey Hagy         P     RK       1990-1990   Jeffrey P. Hagy                          
Brent Hahn           C     A+       1989-1990   Brent A. Hahn                            
Camron Hahn          C     RK       1997-1997   Camron K. Hahn                           
Cory Hahn            P     A-       2001-2007   Cory Adam Hahn                           
Dustin Hahn          2B    A+       2002-2007   Donald Dustin Hahn                       
George Hahn          C     A+       1977-1978   George J. Hahn                           
Gordon Hahn          2B    A+       1977-1978   Gordon E. Hahn                           
Jeff Hahn            P     A+       2002-2006   Jeffrey Allen Hahn                       
James Haight         P     A+       1977-1978   James Carl Haight                        
Phil Haigler         P     AA       1996-2000   Phillip Levohn Haigler                   
Daniel Haigwood      P     AAA      2002-2009   Daniel Cain Haigwood                     
Freddie Hailey       OF    AA       1984-1990   Freddie Lorenzo Hailey                   
Roger Hailey         P     A+       1988-1992   Roger Hailey                             
Dennis Haines        C     AAA      1977-1979   Dennis Leroy Haines                      
Kyle Haines          SS    AA       2003-2013   Kyle E. Haines                           
Michael Haines       P     A-       1984-1986   Michael D. Haines                        
Talley Haines        P     AAA      1998-2006   Joseph Talley Haines                     
Tim Haines           P     A-       2004-2012   Timothy Ronald Haines                    
Jeff Hainline        1B    A        1984-1988   Jeffrey D. Hainline                      
Wesley Hair          OF    A+       1978-1980   Wesley Allen Hair                        
Trevor Hairgrove     SS-OF AA       2008-2013   Trevor Hairgrove                         
Kevin Hairr          OF    A-       2001-2001   Kevin Hairr                              
Jason Hairston       C     A        1997-1998   Jason L. Hairston                        
Jeff Hairston        OF    RK       1992-1993   Jeffrey L. Hairston                      
John Hairston        3B    A+       1989-1996   John L. Hairston                         
Rodd Hairston        1B    A-       1991-1992   Rodd W. Hairston                         
Brandon Haislet      OF    A        2003-2008   Brandon Gregory Haislet                  
Rodney Hajdasz       P     RK       1985-1985   Rodney M. Hajdasz                        
Jakub Hajtmar        3B    RK       2008-2008   Jakub Hajtmar                            
Keith Hakala         2B    A+       1977-1977   Keith N. Hakala                          
Travis Hake          SS-2B A        1999-2007   Travis Scott Hake                        
Pat Hakey            P     RK       2002-2005   Patrick Mark Hakey                       
Scott Halama         P     A-       1986-1989   James Scott Halama                       
Kevin Halamicek      P     A        2001-2001   Kevin E. Halamicek                       
John Halasz          OF    A-       1977-1978   John Lester Halasz                       
Mike Halasz          SS    A+       1984-1985   Michael John Halasz                      
Eric Halberg         C     A        1983-1984   Eric A. Hallberg                         
Rick Halbruner       1B    RK       1992-1997   Richard James Halbruner                  
Steven Halcomb       SS-2B A        2010-2014   Steven James Halcomb                     
Frank Halcovich      P     A        1985-1988   Frank Halcovich                          
Kyle Hald            P     AA       2008-2014   Kyle Edward Hald                         
Jon Haldis           P     RK       2005-2009   Jonathan Matthew Haldis                  
Adam Hale            P     RK       2004-2010   Adam Alexander Hale                      
Alex Hale            P     A-       2005-2008   Alexander T. Hale                        
Beau Hale            P     AA       1998-2007   Beau Jeffery Hale                        
Chad Hale            P     AA       1991-1997   Charles Dow Hale                         
Dan Hale             P     A+       1985-1987   Daniel Joseph Hale                       
Darrick Hale         SS    A+       2007-2012   Darrick J. Hale                          
DeMarlo Hale         1B    AA       1983-1988   Demarlo Hale                             
Edward Hale          P     RK       1983-1983   Edward Michael Hale                      
Jake Hale            P     A+       2006-2013   Willie Paul Jacob Hale                   
Mark Hale            P     A        1995-1998   Mark A. Hale                             
Preston Hale         OF    RK       2007-2010   Preston G. Hale                          
Shane Hale           P     AA       1988-1996   John Deshane Hale                        
Tyler Hale           P     A-       2010-2013   Tyler Coulson Hale                       
Joshua Halemanu      1B    A+       1994-1995   Joshua K. Halemanu                       
Adam Haley           SS    AA       2000-2007   Adam Jennings Haley                      
Bart Haley           P     A+       1984-1989   Bart E. Haley                            
Brad Haley           3B-OF A-       1994-1994   Bradley Haley                            
John Haley           OF    AA       1978-1980   John Michael Haley                       
Justin Haley         P     AA       2011-2014   Justin Haley                             
Nick Haley           2B    A+       2003-2008   James Nick Haley                         
Rich Haley           OF    A-       1992-1993   Richard J. Haley                         
Ryan Haley           P     A        1991-1998   Ryan Kurtis Haley                        
Sam Haley            OF    A+       1983-1986   Samuel L. Haley                          
Trey Haley           P     AA       2008-2014   Curtis Richard Haley                     
William Haley        P     A        1978-1979   Bill Ivan Haley                          
Chris Halgren        C     A-       1998-2000   Christopher Daniel Halgren               
Kevin Halicki        SS-P  A+       1978-1982   Douglas Kevin Halicki                    
Scott Halisky        P     RK       1999-1999   Scott Ignatius Halisky                   
Alvin Hall                 A-       1978-1978   Alvin C. Hall                            
Andre Hall           2B    A+       1995-1997   Andrew J. Hall                           
Andy Hall            C     AAA      1983-1991   David Andrew Hall                        
Austin Hall          P     Rk       2007-2012   Austin Andrew Hall                       
Billy Hall           OF    AAA      1991-2005   William Earl Hall                        
Billy Hall           P     A+       1994-1997   Billy Shannon Hall                       
Bo Hall              P     AAA      2002-2008   Jeremy C. Hall                           
Brian Hall           IF-OF A-       2001-2006   Brian D. Hall                            
Brooks Hall          P     AA       2010-2014   Steven Brooks Hall                       
Carl Hall            OF    A-       1994-1994   Carl L. Hall                             
Chris Hall           SS    A        1989-1990   Christopher D. Hall                      
Chris Hall           P     A-       2000-2001   Christopher B. Hall                      
Cody Hall            P     AA       2010-2014   Cody Kevin Hall                          
Cory Hall            P     A+       2008-2013   Cory Daniel Hall                         
Dan Hall             P     A+       1998-2003   Daniel Alfred Hall                       
Darran Hall          OF    RK       1993-1995   Darran L. Hall                           
David Hall           OF    A+       1976-1979   David Stickney Hall                      
David Hall           OF-3B A+       1980-1984   David Leslie Hall                        
David Hall           3B    A        1983-1985   Roy David Hall Jr.                       
David Hall           OF    A        2002-2005   David Marcus Hall                        
Dean Hall            1B    A-       1978-1978   Dean Montgomery Hall                     
Doug Hall            OF    A+       1996-2001   Douglas Edward Hall II                   
Frazier Hall         1B    A        2008-2013   Charles Frazier Hall                     
Gary Hall            OF    AA       1977-1977   Gary L. Hall                             
Gary Hall            OF    A        1982-1984   Gary Eugene Hall                         
Gerard Hall          SS    A+       2007-2013   Gerard Hall, Jr                          
Grady Hall           P     AAA      1983-1992   Gardner Carlile Hall                     
Greg Hall            OF    A+       1985-1989   Bob Gregory Hall                         
J.T. Hall            OF    AAA      2004-2011   James T. Hall                            
James Hall                 A-       1983-1983                                            
Jeff Hall            C     AA       1980-1984                                            
Jeremy Hall          P     AAA      2003-2011   Jeremy M. Hall                           
Jesse Hall           P     A-       2005-2008   Jesse Allan Hall                         
Joseph Hall                A        1982-1982                                            
Justin Hall          P     RK       2007-2013   Justin McKinley Hall                     
Justin Hall          SS    AAA      1998-2005   Justin Vernon Hall                       
Kevin Hall           OF    A-       1988-1989   Kevin K. Hall                            
Kevin Hall           P     RK       2000-2000   Kevin J. Hall                            
Kris Hall            P     A+       2010-2014   Kristopher William Hall                  
Kurt Hall            C     RK       1977-1979   Kurt C. Hall                             
Lamar Hall           SS    AA       1987-1995   Lamar Alexander Hill                     
Larry Hall           SS    AAA      1977-1980                                            
Mark Hall            2B    A-       1982-1983   Mark C. Hall                             
Martin Hall          P     AA       1985-1987   Martin Daryl Hall                        
Matt Hall            SS-3B AAA      2006-2011   Matthew Ryan Hall                        
Matthew Hall         OF    AAA      1982-1987   Matthew Hall                             
Michael Hall         3B    RK       1980-1980   Michael L. Hall                          
Mickey Hall          OF    AAA      2003-2009   Michael R. Hall                          
Nick Hall            P     RK       2003-2010   Nicholas Bussiere Hall                   
Noah Hall            OF    AAA      1996-2011   Noah Paul Hall                           
Rocky Hall           2B    AA       1977-1980   Rocky James Hall                         
Ronnie Hall          OF    AA       1993-1998   Ronald O. Hall                           
Ryan Hall            C     A+       1994-1996   Ryan G. Hall                             
Shaeffer Hall        P     AAA      2008-2013   William Shaeffer Hall                    
Shane Hall           P     A        2000-2002   Shane Henry Hall                         
Thurman Hall         OF    Rk       2012-2013   Thurman Hall III                         
Tim Hall             C     A        1991-1994   Timothy W. Hall                          
Todd Hall            P     AAA      1984-1990   Todd Bradley Hall                        
Todd Hall            SS    A+       1992-1994   Todd A. Hall                             
Tracy Hall           OF    RK       1981-1981                                            
Vance Hall           P     A-       2003-2004   Vance A. Hall                            
Victor Hall          OF    AAA      1998-2007   Victor Orlando Hall                      
Yates Hall           P     AA       1994-1998   Charles Yates Hall                       
Ryan Halla           P     AAA      1993-2002   William Ryan Halla                       
Jon Halland          2B    A+       1990-1991                                            
Bob Hallas           P     AA       1983-1985   Robert Matthew Hallas                    
Bryan Hallberg       P     A+       2004-2009   Bryan S. Hallberg                        
Lance Hallberg       OF-1B AA       1977-1981   Lance Corey Hallberg                     
Mark Hallberg        2B-3B AAA      2005-2011   Marcus T. Hallberg                       
Andrew Halle         P     A        1987-1988   Andrew John Halle                        
John Hallead         OF    A        1983-1996   John T. Hallead                          
Jim Haller           P     AA       1989-1993   James R. Haller                          
Tim Haller           IF    A+       1985-1986   Timothy John Haller                      
Jason Hallerman      P     RK       2009-2009   Jason Hallerman                          
Allen Halley         P     A+       1994-1997   Claudius Allen Halley                    
Michael Halley       P     A+       1983-1984   Michael W. Halley                        
Shane Halley         P     Rk       2009-2014   Shane Kennedy Halley                     
Robert Hallgren      OF    A+       1977-1978   Robert Arnold Hallgren                   
Tim Hallgren         P     AAA      1977-1985   Tim Coulter Hallgren                     
Allen Halliday       P     RK       1989-1990                                            
Pernell Halliman     P     RK       2006-2009   Pernell Antwan Halliman                  
Pat Hallmark         OF    AAA      1995-2003   James Patrick Hallmark                   
Kyle Hallock         P     AAA      2008-2013   Kyle Hallock                             
Matt Halloran        SS    AA       1996-2001   Matthew Douglas Halloran                 
Michael Halloran     C     RK       1987-1987   Michael Halloran                         
Gary Halls           P     A        1977-1977   Gary R. Halls                            
William Hallstrom    SS    AA       1977-1979   William H. Hallstrom                     
Jason Halper         OF    A-       1997-1997                                            
Mike Halperin        P     AAA      1992-1998   Michael J. Halperin                      
Jeremy Halpin        P     A+       1994-2001   Jeremy D. Halpin                         
Garrick Haltiwanger  OF    AAA      1994-2002   Garrick Deseau Haltiwanger               
Russell Haltiwanger  P     A+       2005-2008   Kevin Russell Haltiwanger                
Brady Halverson      P     RK       2006-2006   Brady A. Halverson                       
Scott Halverstadt    P     RK       1984-1985   Scott Halverstadt                        
Greg Halvorson       P     A+       1997-2001   Gregory William Halvorson                
Kevin Ham            OF    A+       1993-1999   Kevin Kenneth Ham                        
Mike Ham             C     AAA      1987-1990   Michael Lewis Ham                        
Nori Hamada          P     RK       1995-1995   Norihiro Hamada                          
Mack Haman           OF    A        1997-1999   Antwain T. Haman                         
Kenneth Hamann             AA       1977-1977                                            
Michael Hamann       P     A        2010-2013   Michael Lee Hamann                       
Rob Hamann           P     AAA      1996-2003   Robert Paul Hamann                       
Takumi Hamaoka       OF    RK       2006-2007   Takumi Hamaoka                           
Andre Hamb           OF    A+       1983-1985   Andre B. Hamb                            
Chris Hamblen        C     A+       1999-2004   Christopher W. Hamblen                   
Derek Hamblen        3B    RK       2008-2011   Derek Hamblen                            
Reid Hamblet         P     A        2005-2008   Reid K. Hamblet                          
Danny Hamblin        1B-3B A        2004-2008   Daniel Lee Hamblin                       
Miles Hamblin        1B    A        2008-2013   Miles Brent Hamblin                      
Jeremy Hambrice      OF    A-       2004-2007   Jeremy L. Hambrice                       
Marcus Hambrick      OF    A-       1999-2001   Marcus T. Hambrick                       
Charles Hamburg            A        1990-1990                                            
Leon Hamburg         OF    A        1993-1995   Leon S. Hamburg                          
Jon Hamel            C     AAA      1996-1999   Jon Michael Hamel                        
Joseph Hamende             AAA      1979-1979                                            
Mike Hamer           P     AA       1981-1981   Michael M. Hamer                         
Ryan Hamill          C     A+       1998-2003   Ryan Stefano Hamill                      
Al Hamilton          P     A+       1983-1985   Alvin Wayne Hamilton                     
Bo Hamilton          P     A        1993-1996   Paul Elliott Hamilton                    
Bob Hamilton         P     AA       1984-1987   Robert N. Hamilton                       
Bob Hamilton         OF    AA       1978-1980   Robert James Hamilton                    
Brandon Hamilton     P     A        2007-2009   Joey Brandon Hamilton                    
Carl Hamilton        P     AAA      1983-1991   Carlton Bryan Hamilton                   
Chuck Hamilton       P     RK       1998-2000   Charles Edward Hamilton                  
Clayton Hamilton     P     AAA      2001-2012   Clayton D. Hamilton                      
Cory Hamilton        P     AA       2007-2011   Cory D. Hamilton                         
David Hamilton       2B    RK       1987-1988   David Lewis Hamilton                     
Jamaal Hamilton      P     AA       2002-2005   Jamaal Daniel Hamilton                   
James Hamilton       2B    AA       1978-1980   James Dean Hamilton                      
Jason Hamilton       1B    RK       1992-1993   Jason T. Hamilton                        
Jeremy Hamilton      1B    A        2006-2013   Jeremy Curtis Hamilton                   
Jimmy Hamilton       P     AAA      1994-2002   James A. Hamilton                        
Joe Hamilton         OF    AA       1992-2002   Joseph Edward Hamilton                   
Jon Hamilton         OF    AAA      1997-2004   Jonathan David Hamilton                  
Ken Hamilton         P     A+       1990-1993   Kenneth Wayne Hamilton                   
Larry Hamilton       OF    RK       1980-1980   Lawrence J. Hamilton                     
Mark Hamilton        P     A+       1999-2006   Mark Andrew Hamilton                     
Michael Hamilton     C-1B  A+       1987-1989   Michael Louis Hamilton                   
Mike Hamilton        OF    RK       1985-1986   James Michael Hamilton                   
Nick Hamilton        OF    A        2009-2014   Nicholas F. Hamilton                     
Randy Hamilton       P     RK       1995-1997   Randy Hamilton                           
Ryan Hamilton        P     A-       1999-2001   Ryan J. Hamilton                         
Scott Hamilton       P     A+       1985-1990   Scott W. Hamilton                        
Tanner Hamilton      P     Rk       2012-2012   Tanner Stephen Hamilton                  
William Hamilton     C     AAA      1977-1977   William F. Hamilton                      
Zane Hamilton              RK       1989-1989                                            
Victor Hamisevicz    1B    RK       2003-2004   Victor M. Hamisevicz                     
Jonas Hamlin         1B    AA       1990-1997   Jonas Latham Hamlin                      
Mark Hamlin          OF    A+       1995-1999   Mark A. Hamlin                           
Eric Hamm            P     RK       1994-1994   Eric Hamm                                
Stacy Hamm           OF    A        1989-1992   Stacy Lenard Hamm                        
Tim Hamm             P     AAA      1978-1986   Timothy Craig Hamm                       
Brandon Hammack      P     AA       1994-1998   Brandon Lee Hammack                      
Corey Hamman         P     AAA      1999-2010   Corey H. Hamman                          
Roy Hammargren       C     A        1990-1992   Tucker Roy Hammargren                    
Ryan Hamme           RF-LF A        2006-2011   Michael Ryan Hamme                       
Alfred Hammell       C     AAA      1992-1995   Alfred W. Hammell                        
Mike Hammer          SS    RK       1993-1994   Benjamin Hammer                          
Jerald Hammermeister OF    A-       1978-1978   Jerald Lee Hammermeister                 
Andy Hammerschmidt   P     A+       1992-1996   Andrew S. Hammerschmidt                  
Zach Hammes          P     AAA      2002-2013   Zachary John Hammes                      
Randy Hammon         P     AAA      1977-1979   Randal Steven Hammon                     
Allan Hammond        P     A        1989-1993   Millard Allan Hammond                    
David Hammond        P     RK       1990-1990   David Cooper Hammond                     
Derry Hammond        OF    A+       1998-2005   Derry Levar Hammond                      
Greg Hammond               AA       1990-1993                                            
Gregory Hammond      P     RK       1980-1980   Gregory E. Hammond                       
Jamie Hammond        SS    A-       1998-1998   James Warren Hammond                     
Joey Hammond         2B    AAA      1996-2008   Joseph Sidney Hammond                    
Kevin Hammond        P     RK       1983-1983   Kevin M. Hammond                         
Mark Hammond         P     RK       1983-1983   Mark Eden Hammond                        
Paul Hammond         P     A+       2002-2007   Paul Wheeler Hammond                     
Randy Hammond        P     A        1983-1984   Randy I. Hammond                         
Shayne Hammond       P     AA       1980-1983   Arthur Shayne Hammond                    
Steve Hammond        P     AAA      2003-2011   Steven J. Hammond                        
Reggie Hammonds      OF    AA       1982-1986   Reginald Alan Hammonds                   
Kevin Hammons        P     A-       2004-2011   Kevin Blake Hammons                      
Matt Hammons         P     AAA      1995-2011   Matthew Aaron Hammonds                   
Larnell Hamn         OF    RK       1999-1999   Larnell Hamn                             
Peter Hamner         P     AA       1977-1981   James Peter Hamner                       
Anthony Hampton      OF    A+       1984-1986   Anthony Bernard Hampton                  
Mark Hampton         P     A+       1989-2002   Mark Anthony Hampton                     
Matt Hampton         P     AAA      1997-2005   Matt Albert Hampton                      
Mike Hampton         3B    A        1993-1997   Michael A. Hampton                       
Raphael Hampton      OF    AAA      1977-1982   Raphael Ellis Hampton                    
Robert Hampton       OF    A        1994-1997   Robert C. Hampton                        
Royce Hampton        P     A        2001-2002   Royce Lamar Hampton                      
Tim Hampton          P     A+       1981-1982   Timothy S. Hampton                       
Rusty Hamric         2B    AAA      1979-1985                                            
Caleb Hamrick        P     A        2012-2014   Caleb Chance Hamrick                     
Dale Hamrick         3B-C  RK       1984-1984   Franklin Dale Hamrick                    
Randy Hamrick        P     A+       1983-1985   Randy H. Hamrick                         
Randy Hamrick        P     AAA      2009-2011   Randall Hamrick                          
Steve Hamrick        P     AAA      1977-1979   Stephen Andrew Hamrick                   
Cody Hams            P     RK       2009-2010   Cody Hams                                
Dan Hamstra          P     A        1985-1985   Daniel Lee Hamstra                       
Antonio Hamza        OF-1B A        1984-1986   Antonio A. Hamza                         
Blake Hanan          SS    A-       2001-2004   Blake Louis Hanan                        
Bill Hance           OF    AA       1982-1985   William E. Hance                         
Richard Hance        1B    AA       1973-1977   Richard Mark Hance                       
Boris Hancock        2B    A+       1980-1985   Boris E. Hancock                         
Brian Hancock        P     AA       1991-1994   Michael Brian Hancock                    
Chris Hancock        P     AAA      1988-1996   Christopher Martin Hancock               
Everett Hancock      P     A-       1999-2002   Everett Lee Hancock                      
Jeffrey Hancock      2B    A-       1989-1989   Jeffrey Kent Hancock                     
Justin Hancock       OF    A        2001-2004   Justin Kendall Hancock                   
Justin Hancock       P     AA       2010-2014   Justin D. Hancock                        
Kevin Hancock        OF    RK       1986-1986   Kevin Dean Hancock                       
Kyle Hancock         P     RK       2009-2010   Kyle B. Hancock                          
Matt Hancock         P     A        2002-2006   Matthew Bryan Hancock                    
Rodney Hancock             A-       1997-1999   Rodney Hancock                           
Janseen Hand         IF    A-       1992-1992   Janseen R. Hand                          
Jon Hand             P     A        1995-2001   Jonathan L. Hand                         
Richard Hand         C     A+       1977-1977   Richard J. Hand                          
Mark Handel          OF    RK       1987-1987   Mark T. Handel                           
Chris Handke         P     RK       2007-2011   Christopher James Handke                 
Matt Handley         P     A+       2004-2007   Matthew Ryan Handley                     
Russell Handy        P     A+       1993-2000   Russell Lee Handy                        
Marcus Hanel         C     AAA      1989-1999   Marcus Herbert Hanel                     
Anthony Haney        SS-2B RK       1982-1982   Ray Anthony Haney                        
Bobby Haney          SS    A+       2007-2013   Robert W. Haney                          
Buddy Haney          1B    A        1982-1986   Joseph L. Haney                          
Chris Haney          P     AAA      2008-2012   Christopher Brooks Haney                 
Josh Haney           2B    RK       2003-2004   Joshua B. Haney                          
Dan Hanggie          SS-3B AA       1978-1986   Daniel Frederick Hanggie                 
Mitch Haniger        OF    AA       2010-2014   Mitchell E. Haniger                      
Tyson Hanish         SS    A-       2002-2003   Tyson Jon Hanish                         
Aaron Hanke          OF    A        2006-2008   Aaron Tyler Hanke                        
Fred Hanker          3B    A        1985-1988   Frederick P. Hanker                      
Cyle Hankerd         OF    AAA      2004-2013   Kevin Cyle Hankerd                       
Derek Hankins        P     AAA      2004-2014   Derek James Hankins                      
Jordan Hankins       3B    A+       2011-2014   Jordan Taylor Hankins                    
Mike Hankins         SS    AAA      1988-1994   Michael T. Hankins                       
Ryan Hankins         IF    AAA      1995-2005   Ryan E. Hankins                          
Todd Hankins         3B-OF AAA      2010-2014   Todd Hankins                             
Chris Hanks          OF    A+       1988-1991   Christopher William Hanks                
Derek Hanks          P     RK       2006-2010   Derek Donovan Hanks                      
Tyler Hanks          P     A        2009-2011   Tyler Jason Hanks                        
John Hanley          C     AA       1977-1981                                            
Richard Hanlin       OF    A-       1989-1989   Richard L. Hanlin                        
Lawrence Hanlon      SS    AAA      1991-1994   Lawrence D. Hanlon                       
Cheyne Hann          P     A+       2007-2010   Cheyne C. Hann                           
Phillip Hann         P     A-       2007-2008   Philip Neal Hann                         
Christopher Hanna    P     A        2010-2012   Christopher Hanna                        
Daniel Hanna         P     RK       2006-2010   Daniel Jason Hanna                       
David Hanna          P     A-       1983-1984   David E. Hanna                           
Don Hanna            P     A+       1974-1977   Donald G. Hanna                          
Warren Hanna         C     A        2001-2002   Warren Lee Hanna                         
Neal Hannah          P     A-       1996-1998   Michael Neal Hannah                      
Shawn Hannah         P     AAA      1996-2001   Shawn M. Hannah                          
Tim Hannah           H     RK       1992-1992   Tim Hannah                               
Buzz Hannahan        OF    AAA      1998-2006   Leonard Bisanz Hannahan                  
Mitch Hannahs        2B    AA       1989-1991   Mitchell Linn Hannahs                    
Ryan Hannaman        P     A+       2000-2004   Ryan Christopher Hannaman                
Patrick Hannaway     P     RK       2000-2001   Patrick Matson Hannaway                  
Blair Hanneman             A-       1992-1994                                            
Jacob Hannemann      OF    A+       2013-2014   Jacob Howard Hannemann                   
Chris Hannick        C     A+       2008-2011   Christopher Tyler Hannick                
John Hannon          P     AA       1977-1978   John Hannon                              
Phil Hannon          OF    AA       1986-1990   Phillip Ray Hannon                       
Tyler Hanover        2B-3B AA       2009-2014   Tyler Wayne Hanover                      
Andrew Hanse         P     A        2012-2014   Andrew William Hanse                     
Tye Hanseen          C     A-       1997-1998   Tye S. Hanseen                           
Damon Hansel         C     A        1985-1987   Damon Jay Hansel                         
Carl Hanselman       P     AAA      1988-1995   Carl Hanselman                           
Bobby Hansen         P     A+       2008-2012   Robert Hansen                            
Brent Hansen         P     AAA      1992-1998   Brent Eric Hansen                        
Bryan Hansen         1B    AA       2001-2006   Bryan Travis Hansen                      
Darel Hansen         P     A+       1983-1986   Darel Ernest Hansen                      
Derek Hansen         P     A-       2010-2013   Derek T. Hansen                          
Elston Hansen        2B    A+       1991-1995   Elston R. Hansen                         
Jon Hansen           OF    AA       1979-1982   Jon W. Hansen                            
Josh Hansen          1B    AA       2001-2006   Joshua Anthony Hansen                    
Kevin Hansen         IF    A+       2005-2010   Kevin David Hansen                       
Kyle Hansen          P     AA       2010-2014   Kyle Robert Hansen                       
Mike Hansen          P     AAA      1987-1991   Michael James Hansen                     
Ray Hansen           OF    A+       1984-1987   Raymond Daniel Hansen                    
Roger Hansen         3B    AAA      1980-1989   Roger Christian Hansen                   
Ron Hansen           C     A+       1983-1984   Ronald W. Hansen                         
Shaver Hansen        2B    A+       2007-2011   Shaver Nagai Hansen                      
Terrel Hansen        OF    AAA      1985-1999   Terrel Ernest Hansen                     
Todd Hansen          P     AA       1984-1990   Todd Carlton Hansen                      
Jeff Hanslovan       P     AA       1978-1981   Jeffrey Alan Hanslovan                   
Adam Hanson          P     AAA      2001-2007   Mark Adam Hanson                         
Alen Hanson          SS    AA       2011-2014   Alen Rery Hanson                         
Craig Hanson         P     AA       1990-1996   Craig A. Hanson                          
D.J. Hanson          P     A        1999-2003   David Houston Hanson                     
David Hanson         P     RK       1977-1977   David K. Hanson                          
Greg Hanson          C     A        1979-1980   Gregory E. Hanson                        
Jake Hanson          3B-SS A        2008-2010   Jason Earl Hanson                        
Kris Hanson          P     A+       1993-1996   Kristofer L. Hanson                      
Michael Hanson       3B    A-       1979-1980   Michael R. Hanson                        
Mike Hanson          2B    A+       2000-2004   Michael D. Hanson                        
Nate Hanson          3B-1B AAA      2006-2014   Nathan Alan Hanson                       
Nicholas Hanson      P     A+       2011-2014   Nicholas S. Hanson                       
Ray Hanson           P     A+       2009-2014   Raymond Alan Hanson                      
Travis Hanson        SS    AAA      2000-2007   Travis Osborn Hanson                     
Frederic Hanvi       C     RK       2008-2010   Frederic Komla Hanvi                     
Tad Hanyuda          OF    A+       1985-1988   Tad Hanyuda                              
Antonio Hanza              RK       1984-1984                                            
Troy Hanzawa         SS    AAA      2004-2014   Troy Itsunori Hanzawa                    
Craig Happel         P     RK       1981-1981   Craig Happel                             
Hidefumi Hara              A+       1992-1992                                            
Ted Haraguchi              A+       1987-1987                                            
Gerard Haran         C-1B  RK       2007-2010   Gerard Haran                             
Daryl Harang         P     AA       2001-2010   Daryl Andrew Harang                      
Adam Harben          P     AA       2002-2009   Adam Benjamin Harben                     
Ryan Harber          P     A+       1998-2002   Ryan Anthony Harber                      
Taylor Harbin        2B-3B AAA      2005-2014   Taylor Kent Harbin                       
Misja Harcksen       P     Rk       2014-2014   Misja Harcksen                           
Guy Hardaker         3B    RK       1984-1984   Guy K. Hardaker                          
Derrick Hardamon     OF    A+       1983-1986   Derrick S. Hardamon                      
Robert Hardaway      C     A-       1978-1978   Robert Allen Hardaway                    
John Hardcastle      P     RK       1996-2002   Johanthan Douglas Hardcastle             
Jason Hardebeck      P     RK       1998-1998   Jason Richard Hardebeck                  
Amos Hardee          P     A        1984-1984   Amos D. Hardee                           
Jon Harden           P     RK       1990-1992                                            
Nathan Harden        P     RK       1996-1999   Nathan Paul Harden                       
Trevor Harden        P     A+       2007-2013   Trevor Alden Harden                      
Ty Harden            P     A+       1984-1987   Ty A. Harden                             
Michael Hardge       SS-OF AAA      1990-2002   Michael Dwayne Hardge                    
Eric Hardgrave       1B    AA       1983-1988   Eric John Hardgrave                      
Tommy Hardgrove      1B    A        1989-1990   Thomas Stanley Hardgrove                 
Gary Hardie          SS    A+       1979-1980   Gary E. Hardie                           
Brandon Hardin       P     AA       2011-2014   Brandon J. Hardin                        
Chris Hardin         1B    RK       2008-2008   Christopher Lee Hardin                   
Greg Harding         1B    A        1988-1989                                            
Scott Harding              A-       1978-1978                                            
Todd Harding         2B    RK       1997-1998                                            
Clark Hardman        OF    A        2004-2007   Clark Randall Hardman                    
Zack Hardoin         P     Rk       2008-2012    Zachary James Hardoin                   
Elwaine Hardtke      P     A+       1977-1979   Elwaine William Hardtke                  
Bubba Hardwick       P     AA       1992-2004   Billy Joe Hardwick                       
Charles Hardwick     P     A+       1985-1986   Charles Anthony Hardwick                 
Darryl Hardwick      OF    RK       1987-1987   Darryl Stan Hardwick                     
Joe Hardwick         OF    A        1991-1993   Joseph Hardwick                          
Willie Hardwick      OF    AA       1978-1985   Willie Andre Hardwick                    
Brett Hardy          OF    A+       1994-1997   Brett J. Hardy                           
Brian Hardy          P     A+       1979-1982                                            
Bryan Hardy          1B    RK       1995-1998   Bryan J. Hardy                           
Carlton Hardy        IF    RK       1991-1991                                            
Frank Hardy          1B    A+       1977-1979                                            
Hayland Hardy              RK       1993-1994                                            
Jeff Hardy           SS    A+       1976-1978   Jeffrey L. Hardy                         
John Hardy           SS    A        2002-2006   John C. Hardy                            
Mark Hardy           P     AA       2010-2013   Mark R. Hardy                            
Mark Hardy           OF    A        1986-1987                                            
Rowdy Hardy          P     AAA      2004-2011   Lenny Franklin Hardy                     
William Hardy        OF    AA       1979-1981   William C. Hardy                         
Rich Hare            OF    A+       1994-1996   Richard Michael Hare                     
Wayne Harer                AAA      1977-1981                                            
Will Harford         IF-C  RK       2007-2010   William John Harford                     
Chuck Hargis         IF    RK       2005-2006   Charles Hargis                           
Dan Hargis           OF    A+       1988-1991   Daniel Paul Hargis                       
Gary Hargis          H     AAA      1977-1981   Gary Lynn Hargis                         
Daniel Hargrave      2B    A-       2005-2008   Daniel Williams Hargrave                 
Brad Hargreaves      C     A+       1997-2004   Braden Lee Hargreaves                    
Elliott Hargreaves   OF    Rk       2012-2014   Elliott George Hargreaves                
Andy Hargrove        1B    AA       2005-2007   Andrew T. Hargrove                       
Harvey Hargrove      OF    A+       1996-2002   Harvey Lorenza Hargrove                  
Brett Haring         P     AA       1995-2001   Brett Michael Haring                     
Ken Haringa          P     RK       1985-1985   Kenneth R. Haringa                       
Cody Harkcom         P     A        2005-2007   James Cody Harkcom                       
Brett Harker         P     AAA      2003-2011   Brett Keaton Harker                      
Scott Harkin         P     Rk       2010-2013   Scott Ryan Harkin                        
Jim Harkins          P     A+       1982-1984                                            
Don Harkness         SS    A+       1977-1978                                            
Kip Harkrider        2B    AA       1995-2007   Kiplan Paul Harkrider                    
Tim Harkrider        SS    AA       1992-1997   Timothy T. Harkrider                     
Dan Harlan           P     A+       1984-1988   Daniel William Harlan                    
Tom Harlan           P     AA       2009-2014   Thomas Patrick Harlan                    
Mike Harlander       P     A-       1981-1981   Michael G. Harlander                     
William Harlee       P     A        1977-1977   William L. Harlee                        
Al Harley            OF    A+       1990-1993   Alquertin Brim Harley                    
Christian Harley     3B    RK       1987-1987   Christian A. Harley                      
Quentin Harley       2B    AA       1994-1998   Alquentin B. Harley                      
Rashad Harlin        RF-LF Rk       2011-2012   Rashad Alexander Harlin                  
Casey Harman         P     AA       2008-2013   Casey Richard Harman                     
David Harman         P     AA       1983-1988   David J. Harman                          
Frank Harmer         C     A+       1994-1997   Francis Joseph Harmer                    
Kris Harmes          C     AA       1990-1996   Kristopher T. Harmes                     
Brian Harmon         OF    A        1994-1996   Brian F. Harmon                          
John Harmon          P     A+       1977-1978   John Olin Harmon                         
Rob Harmon           P     AAA      2003-2008   Robert C. Harmon                         
Tom Harmon           C     AAA      1977-1978   Thomas Harold Harmon                     
Duane Harms          P     A-       1982-1983   Duane Edward Harms                       
Mike Harms           P     RK       1992-1993   Michael E. Harms                         
Tom Harms            OF    A+       1987-1990   Thomas P. Harms                          
Brandon Harmsen      P     A+       2001-2007   Brandon G. Harmsen                       
John Harness         P     A+       1978-1979   John C. Harness                          
Esteban Haro         P     AAA      2004-2013   Esteban Haro (Soto)                      
Jeremy Haro          P     RK       2004-2004   Jeremy Justin Haro                       
Sam Haro             OF-3B AAA      1980-1987   Samuel Haro                              
Keith Harp           P     RK       1991-1991   Keith A. Harp                            
Scott Harp           2B    A-       1996-1996   James Scott Harp                         
Troy Harp            C     RK       2001-2004   Gary Troy Harp                           
Daniel Harpe         P     A-       1993-1998   Daniel E. Harpe                          
Arvis Harper         OF    AA       1978-1980   Arvis Harper                             
Brett Harper         3B-1B AAA      2001-2013   Brett David Harper                       
Bryan Harper         P     AA       2009-2014   Bryan James Harper                       
Daryl Harper         IF    AA       1978-1980   Daryl Thomas Harper                      
David Harper         P     AAA      1977-1978   David Bruce Harper                       
David Harper         P     A+       1996-1997   David W. Harper                          
DeVallon Harper      P     AAA      1982-1985   DeVallon Tracy Harper                    
Grant Harper         OF    RK       2005-2007   Grant Christian Harper                   
Greg Harper          C     A        1987-1990   Gregory Michael Harper                   
Jeremy Harper        P     A+       2001-2005   Jeremy S. Harper                         
Jesse Harper         P     AA       2000-2007   Jesse Andrew Harper                      
Jon Harper           P     A        1976-1977   Jonathan C. Harper                       
Justin Harper        P     A-       2007-2012   Justin Ryan Harper                       
Kyle Harper          P     RK       2004-2007   Kyle Ray Harper                          
Lance Harper         LF    Rk       2011-2012   Lance Harper                             
Landon Harper        P     A+       2003-2004   Landon J. Harper                         
Marshal Harper       OF-IF AA       1977-1977   Marshal L. Harper                        
Milton Harper        OF    AA       1984-1990   Milton Harper                            
Oscar Harper         OF    AAA      2013-2013   Carlos Oscar Harper                      
Rantie Harper        OF    A        1993-1995   Otis Rantie Harper                       
Reed Harper          SS-2B A        2010-2014   Reed Carney Harper                       
Ronald Harper        OF    RK       1978-1980   Ronald Edmond Harper                     
Ryne Harper          P     AA       2008-2014   Ryne Richard Harper                      
Shaun Harper         OF    A-       1999-2000   Shaun Calvin Harper                      
Terry Harper         P     RK       1995-1996   Terry L. Harper                          
Theron Harper        C-1B  AA       1979-1984   Therron Louis Harper                     
Tony Harper          C     A+       2004-2007   Anthony Daniel Harper                    
Matt Harr            2B    RK       1989-1989   Matthew Layne Harr                       
Doug Harrah          P     AA       1991-1995   Douglas Scott Harrah                     
Jonathan Harraid     P     RK       1997-1998   Jonathan R. Harraid                      
Rob Harrand          P     A-       2001-2003   Robert Christopher Harrand               
Donny Harrel         OF    A        1990-1991   Donald Lee Harrel                        
Connor Harrell       OF    A+       2010-2014   Connor Franklin Harrell                  
Ken Harrell          C     A+       1997-1999   Kenneth DeRay Harrell                    
Matt Harrell         OF    A-       1992-1993   Matthew P. Harrell                       
Scott Harrell        P     A        1998-1999   Scott M. Harrell                         
Steve Harrell        OF    RK       1988-1989   Steven Tyrone Harrell                    
Tim Harrell          P     AA       1998-2002   Timothy Allen Harrell                    
Casey Harrelson      1B    RK       1999-1999   George Casey Harrelson                   
Drew Harrelson       P     Rk       2012-2012   Drew A. Harrelson                        
Jim Harrelson        P     A-       1998-2000   Ralph James Harrelson                    
Paul Harrelson       P     RK       2000-2003   Paul Harper Harrelson                    
Brandon Harrigan     C     RK       2005-2008   Brandon C. Harrigan                      
David Harrigan       SS    AA       1979-1982   David Sumner Harrigan                    
Hunter Harrigan      C     AAA      2005-2008   Hunter Ryan Harrigan                     
Mark Harriger        P     AA       1994-2002   Mark Cipres Harriger                     
Cory Harrilchak      RF-LF AAA      2007-2013   Cory Justin Harrilchak                   
David Harriman       C     A+       2001-2004   David Ian Harriman                       
Preston Harriman     3B    RK       2000-2003   Preston E. Harriman                      
Ken Harring          2B    A+       1986-1990   Kenneth Nils Harring                     
Allen Harrington     P     A+       2005-2009   Allen Joseph Harrington                  
Corey Harrington     2B    A        2001-2008   Corey Michael Harrington                 
Dustin Harrington    3B-2B AA       2008-2012   Dustin Allen Harrington                  
Ian Harrington       P     A        2006-2008   Ian R. Harrington                        
Jake Harrington      P     RK       2004-2005   Jake A. Harrington                       
Jesse Harrington     IF    A-       2002-2002   Jesse C. Harrington                      
Jody Harrington      P     A        1988-1995   Jody L. Harrington                       
John Harrington      P     AA       1983-1987   John L. Harrington                       
Kevin Harrington     OF    RK       2006-2007   Kevin L. Harrington                      
Michael Harrington   OF    A+       2005-2010   Michael Harrington                       
Ron Harrington       C     AA       1977-1979   Ronald Edward Harrington                 
Adolfo Harris        OF    RK       1990-1990   Adolfo Harris                            
Alonzo Harris        OF    AA       2008-2014   Alonzo Harris Jr.                        
Bill Harris          P     AAA      1977-1979   William H. Harris                        
Billy Harris         P     A-       2004-2007   William Thomas Harris, Jr.               
Blair Harris         C     AA       2002-2003   Tebe Blair Harris                        
Brian Harris         2B    AAA      1996-2003   Brian Neil Harris                        
Brian Harris         IF    RK       2007-2011   William Brian Harris                     
Bryan Harris         P     AA       1991-1998   James Bryan Harris                       
Bryan Harris         P     AA       2003-2010   Bryan Scott Harris                       
Butch Harris         1B    AA       1977-1978   Wiley Aaron Harris                       
Carlton Harris       C     RK       1982-1982   Carlton J. Harris                        
Cedrick Harris       OF    AA       1998-2005   Cedrick Michael Harris                   
Chase Harris         OF    A-       2011-2014   Chase Harris                             
Clay Harris          1B    AA       2002-2008   Clay Tyler Harris                        
Cody Harris          P     Rk       2013-2013                                            
Cory Harris          OF    A+       1999-2009   Cory Anthony Harris                      
Craig Harris         P     AA       1977-1983   Donald Craig Harris                      
D.J. Harris          P     AAA      1993-2002   David Leland Harris                      
David Harris         LF-RF AA       2006-2013   David James Harris                       
David Harris         2B    A        2012-2014   David Michael Harris                     
Devin Harris         OF    AAA      2008-2014   Devin Alexander Harris                   
Doug Harris          P     AAA      1990-1996   Doug Harris                              
Eric Harris          SS    RK       1988-1989   Eric L. Harris                           
Eric Harris          DH-1B A        1992-1993   Eric Lamar Harris                        
Eric Harris          OF-1B A        1993-1998   Eric D. Harris                           
Estee Harris         OF    A+       2003-2011   Estee Coleman Harris                     
Eugene Harris              RK       1977-1978                                            
Frank Harris         P     AAA      1975-1982   Frank Joseph Harris                      
Franklyn Harris      C     A+       1987-1989   Franklyn A. Harris                       
Freeman Harris       1B-C  RK       1990-1990   Freeman L. Harris                        
G.G. Harris          1B    A        1992-1995   Ghainbria N. Harris                      
Garry Harris         SS    AA       1980-1983   Garry Lamont Harris                      
Gary Harris                RK       1991-1991                                            
Gary Harris          OF    AA       2001-2009   Edward Garrison Harris                   
Glenn Harris         1B    A+       1980-1984   Glenn R. Harris                          
Greg Harris          P     A        2013-2014   Greg Harris                              
J.T. Harris          P     A        1998-2000   John Ellsworth Harris                    
Jalen Harris         1B-3B Rk       2011-2013   Jalen P. Harris                          
James Harris         OF    A        2011-2014   James K. Harris                          
James Harris         1B    A+       1988-2001   James Anthony Harris                     
Jaylen Harris        OF    Rk       2013-2014   Jaylen Harris                            
Jim Harris           OF    RK       1981-1981   James S. Harris                          
John Harris          OF    A-       1993-1993   John Paul Harris                         
John Harris          P     RK       1992-1993   John E. Harris                           
John Harris                RK       1998-1999   John E. Harris                           
Josh Harris          P     AA       2003-2006   Josh Harris                              
Josh Harris          2B    A        2000-2001   Joshua Harris                            
Josh Harris          P     A        1996-1999   Joshua Neil Harris                       
Jullian Harris       P     A+       1997-2005   Julian Edward Harris                     
Justin Harris        SS    A+       2002-2006   Justin Cooper Harris                     
Karl Harris          1B    RK       1999-2000   Karl Anthony Harris                      
Keith Harris         OF    A        1987-1990   Keith W. Harris                          
Ken Harris           3B-SS A+       1981-1984   Kenneth M. Harris                        
Kenneth Harris       OF    RK       1989-1989   Kenneth Randall Harris                   
Kevin Harris         OF    A        1997-1999   Kevin J. Harris                          
LaMart Harris        OF    AA       1977-1980   Lamart D. Harris                         
Larry Harris         P     A        1980-1981   Larry J. Harris                          
Marc Harris          SS    RK       1991-1991   Demarcus L. Harris                       
Marc Harris          OF    A        1992-1993   Demarcus L. Harris                       
Mark Harris          SS    AA       1978-1980   David Mark Harris                        
Mark Harris          P     A-       2000-2007   Mark Frederick Harris                    
Michael Harris       SS    AAA      1980-1986   Michael H. Harris                        
Mike Harris          OF-1B AAA      1989-1996   Michael R. Harris                        
Mike Harris          IF    A-       1996-1996   Mike Harris                              
Mike Harris          2B    A-       2002-2002   Michael Thomas Harris                    
Mitch Harris         P     AAA      2005-2014   Mitchell Andrew Harris                   
R.J. Harris          OF    A        2007-2012   Ronald Harris                            
Rafael Harris        3B    A-       1980-1980   Rafael D. Harris                         
Rainford Harris      OF    RK       1986-1986   Rainford Hughken Harris                  
Ray Harris           OP    AA       1988-1990                                            
Rico Harris          2B    RK       1995-1995   Ronrico D. Harris                        
Robert Harris        OF    AA       1986-1992   Robert Nathaniel Harris                  
Robert Harris        SS    A-       1993-1995   Robert A. Harris                         
Rodger Harris        2B-OF A        1995-1997   Rodger L. Harris                         
Rusty Harris         3B    AAA      1987-1992   Russell Alan Harris                      
Ryan Harris          P     A-       2012-2014   Ryan James Harris                        
Scott Harris         P     A        2014-2014   Scott Harris                             
Silas Harris         P     A        1999-2000   Silas Hankins Harris                     
Steve Harris         OF    A        2003-2005   Steven Harris                            
Steve Harris         P     A-       1985-1985   Steven Harris                            
Toby Harris          P     A+       1997-2000   Toby Scott Harris                        
Todd Harris          OF    RK       1992-1992   Todd Avery Harris                        
Tracy Harris         P     AAA      1974-1983   Tracy E. Harris                          
Twayne Harris        SS    A+       1983-1986   Winford Twayne Harris                    
Ty'relle Harris      P     AAA      2006-2013   Ty'Relle Lee Harris                      
Veon Harris          P     RK       1998-1998   Veon L. Harris                           
Vincent Harris       OF    AA       1986-1996   Vincent Edward Harris                    
Walt Harris          OF    AAA      1983-1990   Walter Lee Harris                        
Adonis Harrison      SS    AAA      1995-2006   Adonis Mcclain Harrison                  
Ben Harrison         OF    AAA      2001-2012   Benjamin Andrew Harrison                 
Ben Harrison         P     A        2003-2007   Benjamin Lee Harrison                    
Brett Harrison       3B    A+       2011-2014   Brett Harrison                           
Brett Harrison       SS    AA       1983-1988   Brett Alan Harrison                      
Brian Harrison       1B    A+       2008-2013   Brian Nelson Harrison                    
Brian Harrison       P     AA       1977-1981   Brian L. Harrison                        
Brian Harrison       P-OF  AA       1986-1995   Brian Lee Harrison                       
Brian Harrison       P     AAA      1992-1998   Brian Lee Harrison                       
Doug Harrison        P     AAA      1977-1980   Douglas Paul Harrison                    
Drew Harrison        P     A-       2010-2013   Andrew Lucas Harrison                    
Jamaal Harrison      1B    A+       1995-1999   Lewis Jamal Harrison                     
Jordan Harrison      P     A+       2010-2014   Jordan Michael Harrison                  
Keith Harrison       OF    A        1986-1988   Keith L. Harrison                        
Keith Harrison       C     A-       1985-1986   Keith Michael Harrison                   
Kenny Harrison       C     A+       1996-1996   Kenneth John Harrison                    
Mack Harrison        SS-2B AAA      1977-1980   Mack Allen Harrison                      
Matt Harrison        P     AAA      1984-1988   Matthew Creevey Harrison                 
Mike Harrison        C     AA       1989-1994   Michael E. Harrison                      
Monte Harrison       OF    Rk       2014-2014   Monte Fitzgerald Harrison                
Phil Harrison        P     AAA      1984-1991   Phillip Victor Harrison                  
R.J. Harrison        C     AAA      1977-1980   Robert Joseph Harrison                   
Ron Harrison         OF    AAA      1981-1987   Ronald Dwayne Harrison                   
Ryan Harrison        P     A        2004-2008   Ryan M. Harrison                         
Scott Harrison       P     A-       1991-1993   Robert Scott Harrison                    
Scott Harrison       P     A        1995-1998   Scott Harrison                           
Seth Harrison        OF    A-       2013-2014   Seth Harrison                            
Tommy Harrison       P     AAA      1990-2000   Tommy W. Harrison                        
Travis Harrison      3B    A+       2012-2014   Travis J. Harrison                       
Vince Harrison       3B    AA       1999-2011   Vincent E. Harrison                      
Wayne Harrison       OF    A+       1983-1986   Wayne Scott Harrison                     
Robin Harriss        C     AAA      1993-2000   Robin G. Harriss                         
Stephen Harrold      P     A+       2008-2013   Stephen Richard Harrold                  
Isaac Harrow         IF    RK       2006-2009   Isaac Reid Harrow                        
Whitney Harry        1B    AA       1979-1984   Whitney James Harry                      
Eric Harryman        SS    A-       2005-2008   Eric Harryman                            
Jeffrey Harryman     P     A+       1977-1979   Jeffrey D. Harryman                      
Nick Harsh           P     AA       1981-1984   Nicholas J. Harsh                        
John Harshbarger     P     A        1978-1979   John Patrick Harshbarger                 
James Harskamp       IF    A        1979-1979   James A. Harskamp                        
Alex Hart            P     A+       2000-2004   Alex Martin Hart                         
Billy Hart           DH    AA       2002-2008   Wilson Bregy Hart                        
Brian Hart                 A-       1989-1989                                            
Brook Hart           P     A        2008-2013   Brook Hart                               
Chris Hart           OF    AA       1989-1995   Christopher Hart                         
Corey Hart           3B    AAA      1997-2005   Corey David Hart                         
Damien Hart          P     A        1998-1999   Damien P. Hart                           
Darrin Hart          SS    A        1988-1989   Darrin E. Hart                           
Dickie Hart          2B    A-       1997-1999   Richard James Hart                       
Donnie Hart          P     A        2011-2014   Donald Scott Hart                        
Edwin Hart           P     RK       1985-1986   Edwin K. Hart                            
Jason Hart           P     AAA      1991-1998   Jason Matthew Hart                       
Jeff Hart            P     A        1988-1990   Jeffrey Lynn Hart                        
Josh Hart            OF    A        2013-2014   Joshua James Hart                        
Keith Hart           1B    A        1998-1999   Richard Keith Hart                       
Len Hart             P     AA       1996-2000   Lendon Aaron Hart                        
Mike Hart            P     A+       2006-2012   Michael Hart                             
Randy Hart           C     RK       2002-2003   Randall Alan Hart                        
Shelby Hart          OF    A        1990-1992   Shelby L. Hart                           
Thomas Hart          P     AA       1978-1981   Thomas M. Hart                           
Andrew Harter        1B    A        1987-1988                                            
Stephen Hartery      P     A-       1978-1979   Stephen Corbett Hartery                  
Lyle Hartgrove       P     A+       1991-1996   Lyle Geoffrey Hartgrove                  
Philip Hartig        1B    A        1998-2002   Philip Anthony Hartig                    
John Hartin          1B-OF AA       1977-1978   John Douglas Hartin                      
Todd Hartley         OF-P  A-       1986-1987   Todd Andrew Hartley                      
Tom Hartley          OF    A        1984-1986   Thomas W. Hartley                        
Will Hartley         C     RK       1999-2000   Will C. Hartley                          
Daniel Hartline            A-       1987-1987                                            
Al Hartman           P     AA       1980-1985   Albert Karl Hartman                      
Bryan Hartman        1B    A-       1990-1992   Bryan Kelly Hartman                      
Chadd Hartman        OF    AAA      2006-2009   Chadd Michael Hartmann                   
Ed Hartman           SS    AA       1986-1989   Edward Joseph Hartman                    
Jeff Hartman         SS    A+       1985-1988   Jeffrey S. Hartman                       
Kory Hartman         P     AAA      1997-2002   Kory James Hartman                       
Robert Hartman       P     A+       1985-1985                                            
Ron Hartman          3B    AAA      1995-1999   Ronald Raymond Hartman                   
Ryan Hartman         P     A        2010-2013   Ryan N. Hartman                          
Pete Hartmann        P     AAA      1993-2007   Peter Robert Hartmann                    
Reid Hartmann        2B    AA       1988-1990   Reid Lincoln Hartmann                    
Rich Hartmann        P     A+       1992-1995   Richard H. Hartmann                      
Billy Hartnett       P     A+       1993-1995   William R. Hartnett                      
Chris Hartnett       P     RK       2003-2003   Christopher Matthew Hartnett             
Dave Hartnett        P     A        1983-1987   David Hartnett                           
Jeremy Harts         OF    AA       1998-2005   Jeremy Issac Harts                       
Randy Hartsfield     P     RK       1987-1987   Randall Todd Hartsfield                  
Kyle Hartshorn       P     AA       1982-1988   Ronald Kyle Hartshorn                    
Ty Hartshorn         P     AA       1993-1999   Tyson John Hartshorn                     
Aaron Hartsock       P     AAA      2006-2011   Aaron Scott Hartsock                     
Brian Hartsock       OF    AA       1981-1989   Brian Keith Hartsock                     
Gary Hartsock        P     A+       1978-1979   Gary Leroy Hartsock                      
Andy Hartung         DH    AA       1989-1995   Andrew A. Hartung                        
Michael Hartung      P     A-       1994-2007   Michael Gerard Hartung                   
Chad Hartvigson      P     AAA      1992-1999   Chad Allen Hartvigson                    
Eddie Hartwell       OF    A        1990-1994   Edwin D. Hartwell                        
Dan Hartwig          P     A+       1976-1979   Daniel R. Hartwig                        
Rob Hartwig          OF    A+       1986-1991   Robert Gregory Hartwig                   
Cullen Hartzog       P     AA       1988-1995   Aaron Cullen Hartzog                     
Matt Harughty        IF    RK       2006-2009   Matthew Jack Harughty                    
George Haruta        IF    A+       1987-1987   George B. Haruta                         
Dusty Harvard        LF    A        2007-2012   Dusty A. Harvard                         
Pete Harvell         P     A+       1993-1998   Albert Pike Harvell                      
Rod Harvell          OF    RK       1988-1989   Roderick K. Harvell                      
Aaron Harvey         OF    A+       1995-1998   Aaron Joseph Harvey                      
Chris Harvey         C     Rk       2012-2014   Christopher James Harvey                 
Craig Harvey         P-C   AA       1977-1979   Marion Craig Harvey                      
David Harvey         P     RK       1988-1988   David Dwayne Harvey                      
Greg Harvey          P     AA       1987-1992   Gregory Scott Harvey                     
Hunter Harvey        P     A        2013-2014   Hunter Luke Harvey                       
Ian Harvey           P     AA       1999-2003   Ian William Harvey                       
Joe Harvey           P     A-       2012-2014   Joe Harvey                               
Ken Harvey           SS    AA       1981-1987   Kenneth H. Harvey                        
Kevin Harvey         SS    RK       1975-1978                                            
Kris Harvey          P     AA       2003-2012   Bryan Kris Harvey                        
Nelson Harvey              RK       1979-1980                                            
Randy Harvey         OF    AA       1979-1987   Randall Herbert Harvey                   
Ray Harvey           OF-1B AA       1991-1996   Raymond D. Harvey                        
Ronald Harvey        P     RK       2013-2013   Ronald Harvey                            
Ronald Harvey        3B    RK       1979-1979   Ronald T. Harvey                         
Ryan Harvey          OF    AA       2003-2013   Ryan Michael Harvey                      
Ryan Harvey          P     A+       2010-2014   Ryan Michael Harvey                      
Ryan Harvey          OF    A+       2001-2005   Ryan J. Harvey                           
Seth Harvey          P     A+       2007-2014   Seth J. Harvey                           
Steve Harvey         OF    AA       1978-1985   Steve Harvey                             
Terry Harvey         P     A+       1993-1997   Terry W. Harvey                          
Victor Harvey        P     RK       2000-2000   Victor M. Harvey                         
Brad Harvick         P     A        1987-1989   Bradley A. Harvick                       
Will Harvil          P     A+       2006-2010   William Harvil                           
Oliver Harwas        P     A        1996-1999   Oliver Harwas                            
Bryan Harwell        2B    RK       1981-1981   Bryan A. Harwell                         
David Harwell        P     A+       1987-1990                                            
Clinton Harwick            A-       1985-1986                                            
Clinton Harwick      IF    Rk       2014-2014   Clinton Harwick                          
David Hasbach        P     AAA      1971-1979   David Hasbach                            
Andy Hasburn         SS    RK       1997-1997   Antonio L. Hasbun                        
Kirk Hasenzahl       P     RK       1990-1990   Kirk F. Hasenzahl                        
Kylee Hash           C     RK       2006-2010   Kylee Hash                               
Michael Hashem       P     Rk       2008-2012   Michael David Hashem                     
Kei Hashimoto        P     A-       2001-2001   Kei Hashimoto                            
Naoki Hashimoto      P     Rk       2013-2014   Naoki Hashimoto                          
Mark Haske           IF    A+       2004-2008   Mark Jeffrey Haske                       
Curt Hasler          P     AAA      1987-1991   Curtis A. Hasler                         
Billy Haslerig       OF    AAA      1977-1981   Jacob William Haslerig                   
Chris Haslock        IF    AA       1987-1991   Christopher Michael Haslock              
Charlie Haslup       P     A-       2010-2013   Charles David Haslup                     
Nathan Hass          C     Rk       2013-2014   Nathan Wayne Hass                        
Ted Hassan           P     RK       1992-1993   Theodore Hassan                          
Blake Hassebrock     P     AA       2008-2014   Blake Whittington Hassebrock             
Bob Hassel           P     RK       1984-1984   Robert Steven Hassel                     
Jay Hassel           P     A        1992-1993   Jay G. Hassel                            
Derek Hasselhoff     P     AAA      1992-2003   Derek Carl Hasselhoff                    
Brad Hassey          SS    AAA      1999-2007   Brad William Hassey                      
Brad Hassinger       P     AA       1987-1994   Brad Daniel Hassinger                    
Drew Hassler         P     RK       2000-2000   Drew A. Hassler                          
James Hastings       P     RK       1978-1978   James A. Hastings                        
Joe Hastings         1B    AA       1981-2004   Joseph Coleman Hastings                  
Lionel Hastings      2B    AAA      1993-1999   Lionel Hastings                          
Bobby Hastry         P     RK       2004-2007   Robert S. Hastry                         
Anthony Hatch        3B    AA       2004-2010   Anthony Lee Hatch                        
Brett Hatch                A-       1985-1985                                            
Hal Hatcher          C     AA       1980-1985   Harold Frank Hatcher                     
Jon Hatcher          OF    AAA      1982-1987   Johnny Hatcher                           
Justin Hatcher       C     AAA      2002-2007   Justin Michael Hatcher                   
Kenny Hatcher        P     A        2011-2013   Kenneth Michael Hatcher                  
Rashad Hatcher       RF    RK       2010-2011   Dimetrius Rashad Hatcher                 
Richard Hatcher      P     AA       1978-1982   Charles Richard Hatcher                  
Richard Hatcher            A+       1980-1980                                            
Wayne Hater                AAA      1979-1982                                            
Clint Hatfield       P     A-       1987-1987   Clinton L. Hatfield                      
Richard Hatfield     C     A        1992-1994   Richard A. Hatfield                      
Robert Hatfield            A+       1986-1988                                            
Aaron Hathaway       C     A+       2002-2005   Aaron R. Hathaway                        
Shawn Hathaway       P     A+       1987-1989   Shawn C. Hathaway                        
Steve Hathaway       P     A        2011-2014                                            
Larry Hatley         OF    RK       1982-1983   Lawrence T. Hatley                       
Marcus Hatley        P     AAA      2007-2014   Marcus Allen Hatley                      
Matt Hattabaugh      C     A        1990-1991   Matthew M. Hattabaugh                    
Ray Hattenburg       3B    A+       1998-2001   Ray E. Hattenburg                        
Vern Hatton          OF    RK       2001-2002   Vernon James Hatton                      
Wes Hatton           2B    A        2009-2011   Wesley Hatton                            
Michael Hauff        P     RK       2003-2007   Michael Andrew Hauff                     
Steven Haug          C     AA       1977-1977   Steven John Haug                         
Troy Haugen          IF    A+       1987-1991   Troy Steven Haugen                       
Brendan Haugh        OF    RK       1987-1987   Brendan Joseph Haugh                     
Nick Haughian        P     A+       2006-2012   Nicholas P. Haughian                     
Trevor Haughney      OF    RK       1989-1995   Trevor Haughney                          
Dallas Haught        P     A-       2003-2003   Dallas Trent Haught                      
Chris Haupt          C     A-       2005-2007   Christopher Joseph Haupt                 
Dillon Haupt         C     Rk       2010-2014   Dillon Jared Haupt                       
Richard Haupt        P     RK       1988-1988   Richard Haupt                            
Casey Hauptman       P     A-       2008-2011   Casey Hauptman                           
Vanko Hauradou             AA       1985-1988                                            
Mike Hauschild       P     AA       2009-2014   Michael Hauschild                        
Tyler Hauschild      C     A        2006-2009   Tyler S. Hauschild                       
Brendan Hause        P     A+       1992-1997   Brendan S. Hause                         
Chad Hauseman        OF    RK       2000-2003   Chad William Hauseman                    
Blake Hauser         P     A+       2010-2014   Jonathan Blake Hauser                    
Matt Hauser          P     AA       2007-2014   Matthew Michael Hauser                   
Bob Hausladen        C     A        1982-1983                                            
Isaac Hausmann       P     A        1994-1996   Isaac S. Hausmann                        
Trenton Hauswirth    C     A        1992-1993                                            
Jeff Hauteman              A        1991-1991                                            
Brandon Haveman      CF    AAA      2008-2012   Brandon J. Haveman                       
Jeff Havens          P     A        1994-1996   Jeffery Wayne Havens                     
Reese Havens         3B-2B AAA      2006-2013   David Reese Havens                       
Tom Havens           3B-OF A        1991-1992   Thomas Havens                            
Will Havens          P     RK       1991-1993   Willie Havens                            
Lance Haver          C     RK       1999-1999                                            
Kevin Haverbusch     IF    AAA      1996-2008   Kevin Patrick Haverbusch                 
David Haverstick     P     RK       1997-1997   David P. Haverstick                      
Shawn Haviland       P     AAA      2005-2014   Shawn Parker Haviland                    
Stepan Havlicek      P     Rk       2010-2013   Stepan Havlicek                          
Adam Hawes           P     A+       2001-2008   Adam Timothy Hawes                       
B.J. Hawes           OF    A+       1999-2003   Bobby Hawes                              
Don Hawes            C     RK       1999-2003   Donald Boyd Hawes                        
Steven Hawes         OF    A        1977-1977   Steven C. Hawes                          
David Hawk           P     A        2000-2002   David Michael Hawk                       
Derek Hawk           P     A        2003-2007   Derek Anthony Hawk                       
Shane Hawk           P     A+       2001-2004   Shane M. Hawk                            
Tom Hawk             P     A+       1978-1981   Thomas A. Hawk                           
Tommy Hawk           P     A        2003-2004   Tommy Richard Hawk                       
Phillip Hawke        1B    A+       2002-2011   Matthew Phillip Hawke                    
Al Hawkins           P     AA       1996-2003   Alsharik A. Hawkins                      
Barry Hawkins        P     A-       1999-1999   James Marbury Hawkins                    
Ben Hawkins          P     A+       2010-2013   Benjamin Hawkins                         
Brad Hawkins         OF    A-       1977-1977   Brad L. Hawkins                          
Cedric Hawkins       SS    A-       1986-1986   Cedric Hawkins                           
Chad Hawkins         P     A+       1999-2002   Chad Brandon Hawkins                     
Chris Hawkins        OF    A+       2010-2013   Christopher Dominic Hawkins              
Chris Hawkins        P     A-       1987-1987                                            
Courtney Hawkins     OF    A+       2012-2014   Courtney James Hawkins                   
Craig Hawkins        2B    A+       1990-1992   Craig A. Hawkins                         
Dan Hawkins          P     A+       2002-2007   Daniel Patrick Hawkins                   
Darnel Hawkins       OF    A        1991-1991   Darnel Maurice Hawkins                   
Dustin Hawkins       OF    A        2000-2003   Dustin Lee Hawkins                       
Dylan Hawkins        P     A-       2013-2014   Dylan Rolland Hawkins                    
Eugene Hawkins       OF    A-       1982-1983   Eugene Hawkins                           
Jamaal Hawkins       2B    A+       2008-2011   Jamaal Hawkins                           
Johnny Hawkins       C     AAA      1981-1986   John Battiste Hawkins                    
Kraig Hawkins        OF    AAA      1992-1999   Larry Kraig Hawkins                      
Pedro Hawkins        OF    RK       2004-2004   Pedro A. Hawkins                         
Richard Hawkins            A-       1993-1993                                            
Rodney Hawkins       P     RK       1989-1989   Rodney Hawkins                           
Ryan Hawkins         P     RK       1998-1998   Ryan E. Hawkins                          
Stanley Hawkins      P     RK       1980-1980   Stanley David Hawkins                    
Taylor Hawkins       C     Rk       2012-2014   Taylor V. Hawkins                        
Todd Hawkins         C     A+       1985-1988   Todd Davis Hawkins                       
Ty Hawkins           OF    A        1987-1991   John A. Hawkins                          
Walter Hawkins       OF    RK       1987-1987   Walter C. Hawkins                        
Wes Hawkins          OF    A+       1991-1997   Wesley D. Hawkins                        
Larry Hawks          1B-C  AAA      1990-1992   Lawrence F. Hawks                        
Billy Hawley         P     AA       1982-1987   Gary William Hawley                      
Mitch Hawley         P     RK       1978-1981   Mitchell L. Hawley                       
Ross Hawley          P     A        1999-2003   Ross David Hawley                        
Cody Hawn            1B    A+       2008-2013   William Cody Hawn                        
Brent Haworth        P     A+       1996-2001   Brent Haworth                            
Scott Haws           C     AA       1992-1997   Scott Isaac Haws                         
Kyle Hawthorne       IF    A+       1979-2002   Kyle William Hawthorne                   
Richard Hay          P     RK       1977-1978   Richard Charles Hay                      
Hiroyasu Hayashi           A+       1995-1995                                            
Ross Hayashi         P     RK       1981-1984   Ross M. Hayashi                          
Lee Haydel           LF    AA       2007-2012   Lee Thomas Haydel                        
Rick Haydel          IF    A        1999-2002   Richard Daniel Haydel                    
Alan Hayden          OF    AAA      1985-1990   Alan Darnell Hayden                      
Dave Hayden          SS    AAA      1991-1995   David A. Hayden                          
Paris Hayden         OF    AA       1987-1991   Paris A. Hayden                          
Richard Hayden       C     A-       1984-1985   Richard W. Hayden                        
Terry Hayden         P     A+       1995-2002   Terry Patrick Hayden                     
Zach Hayden          P     Rk       2012-2014   Zachary Lee Hayden                       
Keaton Hayenga       P     A        2009-2011   Keaton Wallace Hayenga                   
Allen Hayes          OF    RK       1990-1991   Allen R. Hayes                           
Alvin Hayes          P     A-       2003-2006   Alvin Lamont Hayes                       
Brad Hayes           3B    RK       2003-2004   Brad Hayes                               
Brian Hayes          P     AA       1977-1980   Brian A. Hayes                           
Calvin Hayes         SS    A+       2003-2006   Calvin L. Hayes                          
Chris Hayes          P     A+       1984-1987   Christopher Scott Hayes Sr.              
Chris Hayes          OF    AA       1989-1999   Christopher Andrew Hayes                 
Chris Hayes          P     AAA      2002-2012   Christopher M. Hayes                     
Daniel Hayes         1B-OF A-       1984-1984   Daniel C. Hayes                          
Danny Hayes          1B    A        2010-2014   Daniel David Hayes                       
Darren Hayes         OF    A+       1993-1997   Darren R. Hayes                          
Drew Hayes           P     AA       2007-2014   Andrew Trent Hayes                       
Dustin Hayes         LF    Rk       2012-2012   Dustin Robert John Hayes                 
Emanuel Hayes        SS    A-       1992-1993   Emanuel E. Hayes                         
Heath Hayes          C     AAA      1994-2000   Heath Oliver Hayes                       
Jamie Hayes          P     RK       2006-2010   James Hayes                              
Jim Hayes            P     A        1987-1990   James Darwin Hayes                       
Mark Hayes           SS-P  A-       1988-1989   Mark R. Hayes                            
Matthew Hayes        P     RK       2006-2006   Matthew I. Hayes                         
Michael Hayes        OF    RK       1989-1989                                            
Robert Hayes         P     RK       1981-1981   Robert Michael Hayes                     
Shawn Hayes          SS    A        2004-2008   Shawn William Hayes                      
Terry Hayes          P     AA       1981-1984   Terry David Haynes                       
Todd Hayes                 A+       1987-1988                                            
Tom Hayes            3B-SS AAA      1980-1985   Thomas Michael Hayes                     
Tyree Hayes          P     A+       2006-2012   Tyree B. Hayes                           
Donald Hayford       P     A+       1978-1981   Donald C. Hayford                        
David Hayman         OF    RK       1994-1996   J. David Hayman                          
Brad Haynal          C     A        2011-2014   Bradley Lewis Haynal                     
William Hayne        P     A-       1979-1979   William J. Hayne                         
Brad Haynes          P     A+       1999-2009   William Brad Haynes                      
Dee Haynes           OF    AAA      2000-2005   Charles Duncan Haynes                    
Hunter Haynes        P     Rk       2012-2013   Hunter Keith Haynes                      
Jeremy Haynes        P     AA       2005-2011   Jeremy Jerrod Haynes                     
John Haynes          P     RK       1984-1985                                            
Kyle Haynes          P     A+       2010-2014   Kyle M. Haynes                           
Larry Haynes         OF    A+       1997-2000   Larry Haynes                             
Matthew Haynes       P     A-       2002-2005   Matthew Albert Leslie Haynes             
Steve Haynes         OF    A+       1981-1982   Kenneth Steven Haynes                    
Jason Haynie         P     AAA      1993-2000   Jason Scott Haynie                       
Daren Hays           OF    A+       1989-1990   Larry Daren Hays                         
Greg Hays            P     A+       1990-1991   Greg Hays                                
John Hays            P     A-       1978-1980   John L. Hays                             
Kevin Hays                 RK       1988-1990                                            
Robert Hays          P     A        1990-1991   Robert Ray Hays                          
Sam Hays             P     A-       2001-2003   John Samuel Hays                         
Brent Hayward        P     RK       1992-1992   Brent A. Hayward                         
Jeff Hayward         P     A+       1985-1986   Jeff Hayward                             
Joe Hayward          OF    A+       1991-1994   Joseph C. Hayward                        
Steve Hayward        P     A+       1992-1996   Steven Kenneth Hayward                   
Vaughn Hayward       P     Rk       2010-2014   Vaughn Hayward                           
Jim Haywood          OF    RK       1987-1987   James Luther Haywood                     
Rick Hazard          OF    A        1983-1984   Richard C. Hazard                        
Jeremy Hazelbaker    OF    AAA      2007-2014   Jeremy Philp Hazelbaker                  
Justin Hazelton      OF    A        1996-2000   Justin Douglas Hazelton                  
Mike Hazen           OF    A        1995-1999   Michael Hazen                            
Andy Hazlett         P     AAA      1995-2003   Andrew William Hazlett                   
Dillon Hazlett       2B-3B A+       2010-2013   Dillon Jaymes Dean Hazlett               
James Hazlett        P     A        1984-1996   James Lee Hazlett                        
Steve Hazlett        OF    AAA      1991-1998   Steve Clinton Hazlett                    

Major Leaguers by Letter

Select a letter to see a list of historical Major Leaguers starting with that letter.

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College Players

Players who have not (yet) played professional baseball but have listed college stats on The Cube.
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