The following players have played at least one game for an affiliated minor league baseball team since 1977 but have never played in the Major Leagues.
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Player Name          Pos   HiLvl    Play Years  Full Name                                
Cesar Caamal         C-OF  AAA      2009-2012   Cesar Enrique Caamal (Miranda)           
Christopher Cabaj    P     RK       1998-1999   Christopher Robert Cabaj                 
Antonio Caballero    OF    A        1999-1999   Antonio J. Caballero                     
Carlos Caballero     OF    RK       2003-2004   Carlos Javier Caballero                  
Craig Caballero      OF    A-       1993-1996   Manuel Craig Caballero                   
Eduardo Caballero          A+       1986-1991                                            
Javier Caballero           RK       1994-1994                                            
Jose Caballero       OF-P  A+       1979-1982   Jose Caballero                           
Juan Caballero       P     Rk       2012-2013   Juan Jamil Caballero (Guadalupe)         
Luis Caballero       SS    A        2013-2013   Luis Felipe Caballero                    
Tomas Cabaniel       P     AA       2002-2006   Tomas Eduardo Cabaniel                   
Carlos Cabassa       P     AA       1978-1983   Carlos Juan Cabassa                      
Floyd Cabell         SS    A        1982-1983   Floyd William Cabell                     
Shannon Cabell       P     A        1998-2001   Shannon R. Cabell                        
Robert Cabello       IF    A-       1986-1986                                            
Manuel Cabeza        P     A        2005-2006   Manuel Cabeza                            
Yaniel Cabezas       C     A+       2011-2013   Yaniel Cabezas (Hernandez)               
Taft Cable           P     AA       2000-2005   Richard Taft Cable                       
Irene Cabral         OF    A-       1990-1991   Irene Ramon Cabral                       
Joaquin Cabral       1B    RK       1991-1991   Joaquin Cabral (Delac)                   
Marcos Cabral        SS    AAA      2003-2012   Marcos M. Cabral                         
Victor Cabral        OF    Rk       2013-2013   Victor Cabral                            
Alexis Cabreja       OF    AA       1993-1995   Alexis Cabreja                           
Rafael Cabreja       OF    A        2006-2011   Rafael M. Cabreja                        
Andres Cabrera       OF    RK       2001-2001   Andres G. Cabrera                        
Angel Cabrera        SS    A+       2006-2008   Angel Cabrera                            
Antonio Cabrera      IF    AAA      1984-1986   Antonio A. Cabrera                       
Antonio Cabrera      IF    A-       1992-1995   Antonio Paulino Cabrera                  
Basilio Cabrera      OF    AA       1986-1992   Basilio Cabrera (Solano)                 
Carlos Cabrera       2B    A+       1993-1994   Carlos Cabrera                           
Carlos Cabrera       OF-1B A-       1979-1980   Carlos A. Cabrera                        
Christopher Cabrera  P     RK       2013-2013   Christopher Cabrera                      
Domingo Cabrera      P     RK       2005-2006   Domingo A. Cabrera                       
Edwin Cabrera        OF    A        2003-2004   Edwin Cabrera                            
Enmanuel Cabrera     SS    RK       2006-2006   Enmanuel Cabrera                         
Erik Cabrera         P     A+       2012-2014   Erik Jose Cabrera                        
Felix Cabrera        2B    AAA      2011-2013   Felix Yunio Cabrera                      
Francis Cabrera      P     AAA      2007-2009   Francis Saviel Cabrera Polanco           
Freddie Cabrera      P     A+       2009-2014   Freddie Cabrera                          
Fremio Cabrera       2B-3B A        1986-1986   Fremio E. Cabrera                        
Gerardo Cabrera      OF    A+       2005-2007   Gerardo Yassel Cabrera (Moreno)          
Gustavo Cabrera      OF    RK       2013-2013   Gustavo Alfonso Cabrera                  
Henry Cabrera        P     AA       2005-2007   Henry J. Cabrera (Guance)                
Jacniel Cabrera      SS    RK       2013-2013   Jacniel Camiro Cabrera                   
Jairo Cabrera        C     A+       1994-1995   Jairo F. Cabrera                         
Joel Cabrera         P     RK       2013-2013   Joel Cabrera                             
Juan Cabrera         SS    RK       2007-2009   Juan B. Cabrera                          
Juan Cabrera         3B    A+       1990-1991   Juan A. Cabrera                          
Juan Cabrera         IF    A-       1990-1991   Juan C. Cabrera                          
Leonel Cabrera       IF    A        2000-2002   Leonel Cabrera                           
Luis Cabrera         P     A+       2012-2014   Luis Rafael Cabrera                      
Mauricio Cabrera     P     A+       2012-2014   Mauricio Adolfo Cabrera                  
Mayke Cabrera        3B    AAA      2005-2007   Mayke Cabrera                            
Mayron Cabrera       OF    RK       1998-1998   Mayron E. Cabrera                        
Miguel Cabrera       IF    A        1990-1992   Miguel Cabrera                           
Nasusel Cabrera      P     A        1986-1988   Nasusel Cabrera (Valera)                 
Nathan Cabrera       P     A        2003-2006   Nathan J. Cabrera                        
Oscar Cabrera        P     Rk       2012-2013   Oscar Alexander Cabrera                  
Ramon Cabrera        C     AAA      2009-2014   Ramon Salvador Cabrera                   
Ray Cabrera          OF    AA       1998-2002   Raymond Cabrera                          
Robener Cabrera      P     RK       2013-2013   Robener Cabrera                          
Roberto Cabrera      C     RK       1978-1978   Roberto F. Cabrera                       
Rony Cabrera         3B    RK       2013-2013   Rony Alexander Cabrera                   
Ruben Cabrera        C     A+       2002-2003   Ruben Cabrera                            
Rusbell Cabrera      P     RK       2013-2013   Rusbell Dailes Cabrera                   
Santos Cabrera       OF    RK       2009-2009   Santos Cabrera                           
Victor Cabrera       C     A+       1985-1987   Victor Cabrera                           
Walin Cabrera        P     AAA      2000-2012   Walin Israel Cabrera                     
Willie Cabrera       LF-RF AAA      2005-2013   Jose William Cabrera                     
Yoelmis Cabrera      OF    A-       1999-2001   Yoelmis Cabrera                          
Yordy Cabrera        3B    A+       2010-2013   Yordy Basilio Cabrera                    
Yunior Cabrera       P     AA       1999-2004   Yunior Cabrera                           
Ulises Cabrerra      3B-SS A        2000-2002   Ulises Jose Cabrerra (Valezuela)         
Paul Caccavale             A        1993-1993                                            
Michael Cacciaguida        RK       1984-1984                                            
Paul Cacciatore      P     AA       1977-1983   Paul J. Cacciatore                       
Angel Caceres        P     RK       1987-1987   Angel Caceres                            
Antonio Caceres      P     RK       1998-1998   Antonio G. Caceres                       
Carlos Caceres       P     RK       2013-2013   Carlos David Caceres                     
Carlos Caceres       P     A-       2003-2003   Carlos Caceres                           
Cesar Caceres        P     RK       2011-2011   Cesar Caceres                            
Ernesto Caceres            RK       1985-1985                                            
Wilmy Caceres        IF    AAA      1997-2003   Wilmy Antonio Caceres                    
Robert Caci          SS    A        1985-1986   Robert E. Caci                           
Ron Cacini           SS    A        1991-1999   Ronald Louis Cacini                      
Chino Cadahia        C     AAA      1977-1986   Aurelio Cadahia                          
Carl Caddell         P     A        1996-2000   Carl Edward Caddell                      
Alejandro Cadena     C     A        2000-2006   Alejandro Cadena                         
Nathan Cadena        P     RK       1998-1998   Nathan N. Cadena                         
Nick Cadena          C     A+       2002-2007   Nickolas M. Cadena                       
Martires Cadet       P     Rk       2012-2012   Martires Rodolfo Cadet                   
Victor Cadette       DH    RK       2010-2010   Victor Cadette                           
Brett Cadiente       OF    AAA      1999-2002   Brett Davis Cadiente                     
Roger Cador          OF    AAA      1977-1977   Roger Cador                              
Todd Cady            C     A+       1992-1996   Todd F. Cady                             
Gio Cafaro           OF    RK       1994-1996   Nicholas Gio Cafaro                      
Robert Cafaro        P     RK       1996-1997   Robert L. Cafaro                         
Rocco Cafaro         P     AA       1993-1997   J. Rocco Cafaro                          
Vicente Cafaro       2B    RK       2008-2009   Vicente Alverdo Cafaro                   
Jason Cafferty       P     A-       1996-1996   Jason John Cafferty                      
Bob Caffrey          OF    AA       1982-1988   Robert Caffrey                           
Rob Cafiero          IF    A-       1999-2008   Robert Michael Cafiero                   
Casey Cahill         P     AAA      2002-2011   Casey P. Cahill                          
John Cahill          P     A-       2002-2005   John Brian Cahill                        
Jon Cahill           SS    AA       2001-2004   Jonathan Edward Cahill                   
Kevin Cahill         P     A-       2007-2010   Kevin Michael Cahill                     
Mark Cahill          P     AA       1979-1984   Mark J. Cahill                           
John Caianiello      C     A        1983-1985                                            
David Caiazzo        P     RK       1976-1978   David Thomas Caiazzo                     
Nick Caiazzo         1B    A+       1997-2000   Nicholas Alphonso Michael Caiazzo        
Oriel Caicedo        P     Rk       2013-2013   Oriel L. Caicedo                         
Aaron Cain           2B-OF AAA      1979-1982   Aaron E. Cain                            
Andrew Cain          OF    A        2009-2013   Andrew Harris Cain                       
Cal Cain             OF    A        1983-1987   Calvin Bradley Cain                      
Colton Cain          P     AA       2010-2014   Billy Colton Cain                        
Greg Cain            OF    RK       2005-2006   Gregory R. Cain                          
Jerald Cain          OF    A+       1982-1984   Jerald T. Cain                           
Marty Cain           3B    A-       1983-1983   Marty Gene Cain                          
Michael Cain         2B    A+       1982-1983   Michael L. Cain                          
Nolan Cain           P     AA       2006-2010   Nolan David Cain                         
Russell Cain         C     A-       1978-1978                                            
Sheldon Cain         P     A+       1993-1995   Sheldon Chance Cain                      
Tim Cain             P     AAA      1989-2007   Timothy Cain                             
Travis Cain          P     A+       1993-2000   B. Travis Cain                           
Arturo Caines        OF    A        1989-1990   Arturo Caines                            
Franklyn Caines      OF-3B RK       1997-1998   Franklyn Caines                          
Brandon Caipen       3B-OF A        2003-2007   Brandon V. Caipen                        
Dennis Caira               A+       1978-1979   Dennis M. Caira                          
Jason Cairns         P     A        2002-2007   Jason S. Cairns                          
Troy Cairns          SS    AAA      2000-2004   Troy Michael Cairns                      
Sergio Cairo         OF    AAA      1989-2006   Sergio Antonio Cairo                     
Steve Caito          P     RK       1982-1982                                            
Alberto Cajide       P     AA       1977-1979   Alberto Cajide                           
Eduardo Cajuso             A+       1980-1980                                            
Matthew Cakora       P     AA       1985-1990   Matthew Charles Cakora                   
Craig Cala           OF    A+       1988-1990   Craig Allan Cala                         
Tony Calabrese       OF    AA       1999-2003   Anthony James Calabrese                  
Larry Calahan        3B    A+       2001-2001   Larry S. Calahan                         
Ian Calais           SS    AAA      1996-2000   Ian Clay Calais                          
Donato Calandriello  P     A+       1998-2002   Donato Antonio Calandriello              
John Calarco         3B-1B RK       1992-1992   John A. Calarco                          
Dan Calcagno         OF    AAA      1991-1994   Daniel W. Calcagno                       
Richard Calcano      P     RK       2009-2010   Richard Calcano                          
Jeff Calcaterra      C     RK       1992-1992                                            
Luciano Calcina            RK       1989-1989                                            
Joe Calder           1B    A+       1990-1993   Joseph Calder                            
Alex Caldera         P     AA       2007-2013   Alexander Caldera                        
Ciro Caldera         C     RK       2006-2006   Ciro Angel Caldera (Morales)             
Jose Caldera         P     AA       1977-1978   Jose V. Caldera                          
Jose Caldera         SS    AAA      2005-2005   Jose A. Caldera                          
Oscar Calderin       P     RK       2013-2013   Oscar Enrique Calderin                   
David Calderon       C     RK       2009-2009   David Andres Calderon                    
Edmund Calderon      P     A-       1988-1989   Edmund Vincent Calderon                  
Henry Calderon       3B    AA       1997-2012   Henry Jovanny Calderon                   
Hugo Calderon        P     RK       2008-2008   Hugo Adolfo (Liscano) Calderon           
Jose Calderon              AAA      1977-1987                                            
Jose Calderon        P     RK       1993-2000   Jose Araby Calderon (Romero)             
Kevin Calderon       C     RK       2013-2013   Kevin Rafael Calderon                    
Leonardo Calderon    P     A        2006-2009   Leonardo Calderon Diaz                   
Oscar Calderon       P     AAA      2010-2013   Oscar Kirk Calderon (De los Rios)        
Ricardo Calderon     1B-OF A        1994-1996   Ricardo L. Calderon (Fradera)            
Yeicok Calderon      RF-OF A+       2011-2014   Yeicok Calderon                          
Yordi Calderon       3B    Rk       2013-2013   Yordi Jose Calderon                      
Adam Calderone       RF-LF AAA      2005-2011   Adam W. Calderone                        
Jeff Calderone       P     A        1989-1990   Jeffery Olen Calderone                   
Allen Caldwell       P     A+       2007-2013   Keven Allen Caldwell                     
Bruce Caldwell       2B    A        2012-2013    Bruce Andrell Caldwell                  
Daniel Caldwell      P     RK       2000-2008   Daniel Michael Caldwell                  
David Caldwell       P     A+       1994-2004   David L. Caldwell                        
David Caldwell       OF    AA       1977-1978                                            
Rich Caldwell        P     AA       1983-1985   Richard R. Caldwell                      
Roger Caldwell       C     RK       1985-1985   Roger Caldwell                           
Ron Caldwell         P-OF  AA       1979-1981   Ronald C. Caldwell                       
Tony Caldwell        C     A        2008-2013   Mitchell Anthony Michael Caldwell        
Angel Calero         P     A+       2006-2010   Angel Gustavo Calero                     
Enrique Calero       1B-3B RK       1991-1991   Enrique Calero Muniz                     
Jose Calero          P     RK       2008-2009   Jose G. Calero                           
David Cales          P     AAA      2006-2014   David Cales                              
Clay Calfee          OF    A+       2006-2011   Clay Calfee                              
Bradley Calhoun      1B    A        1977-1977   Bradley D. Calhoun                       
Daniel Calhoun       P     AA       2006-2012   Daniel Robert Calhoun                    
Ray Calhoun          P     AA       1989-1992   George Raymond Calhoun                   
Joe Cali             P     A-       1996-1999   Joseph Anthony Cali                      
Steven Calicutt      P     AA       2003-2009   Steven Dean Calicutt                     
Kenny Califano       P-OF  AA       1977-1977   Kenneth A. Califano                      
Jay Caligiuri        1B    AAA      1999-2009   Jay Nicholas Caligiuri                   
Daniel Calise              A-       1980-1980                                            
Mike Calise          3B    AAA      1977-1985   Michael Salvatore Calise                 
Mike Calitri         1B    A+       1998-2003   Michael Hennessey Calitri                
Orlando Calixte      SS    AA       2011-2013   Orlando Calixte                          
Keith Call           P     A        1979-1983   Keith P. Call                            
Michael Call         P     A+       1990-1995   Michael W. Call                          
Damon Callahan       P     AA       1994-1999   Damon Ray Callahan                       
Dan Callahan         OF    A        1982-2003   Daniel T. Callahan                       
Dave Callahan        1B-OF A+       1998-2003   David Joseph Callahan                    
Jamie Callahan       P     A        2012-2014   James Douglas Callahan |                 
Mike Callahan        P     A+       1981-1984                                            
Pat Callahan         C     AAA      1977-1982   Patrick B. Callahan                      
Ryan Callahan        P     A+       2004-2006   Ryan Michael Callahan                    
Shawn Callahan       C     A-       2002-2006   Shawn Callahan                           
Steve Callahan       P     A+       1988-1992   Steven D. Callahan                       
Brett Callan         C     A+       1993-1994   Brett L. Callan                          
Ray Callari          UT    A        1990-1991   Raymond Callari                          
Peter Callas         1B    A+       1985-1988   Peter Paul Callas                        
Will Callaway        2B    Rk       2011-2013   Will Callaway                            
Tommy Callen         2B    RK       1997-2001   Thomas P. Callen                         
Joey Callender       2B    A+       2005-2010   Joseph Callender                         
Robert Calley        C     A+       1983-1986   Robert Dale Calley                       
Curt Callicott       3B    RK       1991-1991                                            
Jeremy Callier       P     AAA      1995-2003   Jeremy B. Callier                        
John Callihan        IF    A-       1992-1992   John Franklin Callihan                   
Rob Callistro        P     A+       1989-1995   Robert Callistro                         
Vaughn Calloway      C     A        1982-1983   Vaughn R. Calloway                       
Lance Calmus         P     AA       1995-2004   Lance P. Calmus                          
Art Calvert          OF    AA       1985-1989   Arthur Lee Calvert                       
Chris Calvert        C     AA       1984-1990   Kenneth Christopher Calvert              
Klae Calvert         P     A-       1996-2006   Klae Thomas Calvert                      
Kurt Calvert         OF    A-       2006-2008   Kurt Thomas Calvert                      
Mark Calvert         P     A+       1980-1984   Mark Lee Calvert                         
Mark Calvi           C     A-       1992-1992   Mark P. Calvi                            
Derrick Calvin       P     A-       1993-1993   Derrick M. Calvin                        
Jose Calvo           P     A        1998-2001   Jose M. Calvo                            
Nelson Calvo               RK       1986-1986                                            
Javier Calzada       P     A+       1999-2000   Javier Antonio Calzada (Tejada)          
Josue Calzado        OF    A+       2006-2008   Josue C. Calzado (Guridi)                
Lorenzo Calzado      1B    A        1987-1992   Lorenzo Y. Calzado                       
Sebastian Calzado    IF    A-       1984-1984   Sebastian I. Calzado                     
Armando Camacaro     C     AAA      2001-2009   Armando Jose Camacaro                    
Israel Camacaro      P     A-       2008-2008   Israel Eduardo Camacaro                  
Pedro Camacaro       1B    RK       1996-1996   Pedro R. Camacaro                        
Arnulfo Camacho      OF    A+       1977-1977   Arnulfo Camacho                          
Carlos Camacho             RK       1979-1979                                            
Dan Camacho          P     AAA      1993-2003   Daniel Camacho (Siordia)                 
Eddy Camacho         P     AAA      2003-2012   Edward Alexander Camacho                 
Enmanuel Camacho     P     RK       2013-2013   Enmanuel Camacho                         
Gustavo Camacho      P     RK       2003-2006   Gustavo Jose Camacho                     
Jim Camacho          SS    A+       1981-1982                                            
Johan Camacho        1B    A-       2002-2004   Johan Camacho                            
Jose Camacho         P     RK       2001-2001   Jose R. Camacho                          
Juan Camacho         OF    AAA      2011-2012   Juan Carlos Camacho                      
Juan Camacho         3B    A        2000-2011   Juan Pablo Camacho                       
Julio Camacho        OF    RK       1980-1980   Julio C. Camacho                         
Yoimer Camacho       P     A+       2011-2013   Yoimer Daniel Camacho (Infante)          
David Camara         OF    RK       1983-1984   David William Camara                     
Tony Camara          1B    RK       1979-1979   Tony Camara                              
Brandon Camardese    P     AA       2002-2008   Brandon William Camardese                
Daniel Camarena      P     A+       2012-2014   Daniel Ricardo Camarena                  
Jose Camarena        C     AA       2005-2009   Jose Delarosa Camarena                   
Marcos Camarena      P     A+       2010-2013   Marcos Camarena                          
Melvin Camarena      OF    RK       2010-2010   Melvin Antonio Camarena                  
Miguel Camarena      P     RK       1990-1991   Miguel A. Camarena                       
Rafael Camarero      P     AAA      1999-2004   Rafael Morales Camarero                  
Johan Camargo        SS    A        2013-2014   Johan Valentin Camargo                   
Jose Camargo         IF    A        2008-2009   Jose Valentin Camargo                    
Roberto Camarillo    SS    RK       1989-1995   Roberto Joseph Camarillo                 
Alberto Cambero      2B    A        2005-2008   Alberto Jose Cambero                     
Aron Camelia         P     RK       2000-2000   Aron Camelia                             
Peter Camelo         OF    AA       1982-1987   Peter F. Camelo                          
Antoine Cameron      OF    A+       2000-2003   Antoine Cameron                          
Dustin Cameron       P     A+       2003-2011   Dustin Cameron                           
Gary Cameron         P-1B  A-       1987-1987   Gary A. Cameron                          
Ken Cameron          OF    AA       1995-1999   Kenneth D. Cameron                       
Ryan Cameron         P     AAA      1998-2007   Ryan Elliott Cameron                     
Stanton Cameron      DH    AAA      1987-2003   Stanton Mcghee Cameron                   
Taylor Cameron       P     A-       2004-2008   Taylor J. Cameron                        
Tony Cameron         P     A+       1974-1978   Anthony R. Cameron                       
Troy Cameron         3B    AAA      1997-2005   Troy Michael Cameron                     
Eric Camfield              A+       1992-1996                                            
Jason Camilli        2B    AAA      1994-2002   Jason D. Camilli                         
Kevin Camilli        C     A+       1984-1988   Kevin Thomas Camilli                     
Jose Camilo          OF    A+       1994-1998   Jose L. Camilo                           
Juan Camilo          OF    AAA      1997-2006   Juan Alberto Camilo                      
Juan Camilo          P     A+       2004-2006   Juan Camilo                              
Concepcion Caminero  P     RK       2001-2001   Concepcion Caminero                      
Franly Caminero      P     RK       2013-2013   Franly Chanel Caminero                   
Joel Caminero        LF-RF A        2010-2012   Leandro Joel Caminero                    
David Cammack        P     RK       1977-1977   David Wayne Cammack                      
Brett Cammons        P     AA       2004-2012   Brett William Butts                      
Jorge Camorlinga     OF    AAA      2012-2012   Jorge Camorlinga                         
Jared Camp           P     AAA      1995-2002   Jared Andrew Camp                        
Matt Camp            SS    AAA      2003-2011   Matthew Scott Camp                       
Michael Camp         P     A+       1979-1980   Michael L. Camp                          
Rusty Camp           P     A+       2000-2005   Rusty Dale Camp                          
Scott Camp           P     A+       1985-1986   William Scott Camp                       
Eric Campa           SS    A        1989-1990   Eric Anthony Campa                       
Wandel Campana       IF    A+       1999-2005   Wandel Campana                           
Jim Campanis         C     AA       1988-1994   James Alexander Campanis                 
Martin Campas        P     AAA      2013-2013   Martin Campas                            
Mike Campas          OF    A+       1989-1991   Michael C. Campas                        
Adam Campbell        P     A+       2004-2008   Adam C. Campbell                         
Andrew Campbell      RF-CF A-       2011-2012   Andrew Thomas Campbell                   
Andrew Campbell      P     RK       2001-2004   Andrew David Campbell                    
Brad Campbell        P     RK       1978-1978   Bradley Ronald Campbell                  
Camp Campbell              A        1993-1994                                            
Chris Campbell       3B    RK       1981-1981   Christopher Michael Campbell             
Curtis Campbell      C     RK       1983-1984   Curtis L. Campbell                       
Darin Campbell       C     AAA      1986-1995   Darin E. Campbell                        
David Campbell       P     A+       1980-1981   David S. Campbell                        
Dayle Campbell       P     A+       2000-2009   Dayle Bryan Campbell                     
Donovan Campbell     OF    A+       1988-1992   Donald Carl Campbell                     
Eddie Campbell       P     A        2011-2014   Edward Adam Campbell Jr.                 
Eric Campbell        P-C   A-       1983-1984   Eric B. Campbell                         
Eric Campbell        OF    AAA      2006-2014   Eric Singleton Campbell                  
Eric Campbell        2B-1B AA       2004-2012   Eric Scott Campbell                      
Gregory Campbell     1B    RK       1982-1982   Gregory R. Campbell                      
James Campbell       P     A        1979-1980   James Lee Campbell                       
James Campbell       P     A+       2010-2014   James Joseph Campbell                    
Jarrett Campbell     P     AA       1999-2004   Jarrett Wayne Campbell                   
Jim Campbell         P     A-       1991-1996   James R. Campbell                        
Joel Campbell        C     A-       1978-1978   Joel Thomas Campbell                     
John Campbell        C     RK       1990-1992   John Leroy Campbell                      
Keith Campbell       P     A-       2009-2009   Keith A. Campbell                        
Keiver Campbell      OF    A-       1991-1998   Keiver D. Campbell                       
Marc Campbell              A-       1978-1978                                            
Mark Campbell        C     AA       1979-1982                                            
Matt Campbell        P     A        2010-2012   Matthew A. Campbell                      
Matt Campbell        P     A+       2002-2007   Matthew Blake Campbell                   
Michael Campbell     OF    A+       1984-1985   Michael Dermot Campbell                  
Michael Campbell     OF    A        2003-2011   Michael Lyn Campbell                     
Mike Campbell        P     A+       1984-1987   Michael David Campbell                   
Raynor Campbell      CF-3B A        2007-2011   Raynor Oran Campbell                     
Richard Campbell     P     A-       1994-1994   Richard M. Campbell                      
Rick Campbell        SS    RK       1984-1996   Richard Allan Campbell                   
Robert Campbell      C     A+       1980-1981   Robert Thomas Campbell                   
Ron Campbell               A+       1979-1979                                            
Ryan Campbell        P     RK       1994-1994   Ryan P. Campbell                         
Ryan Campbell        P     RK       2004-2005   Ryan Campbell                            
Scott Campbell       OF    RK       1983-1983   Scott D. Campbell                        
Scott Campbell       OF    A+       1989-1992   Scott A. Campbell                        
Scott Campbell       2B    AAA      2004-2009   Scott William Campbell                   
Sean Campbell        C     A+       1996-2000   Sean Matthew Campbell                    
Steven Campbell      OF    A+       1982-1982   Steven J. Campbell                       
Steven Campbell      OF    A+       1981-1982   Steven M. Campbell                       
Tedde Campbell       P     A        1995-1997   Tedde Gene Campbell                      
Tim Campbell         P     A        1992-1996   Timothy J. Campbell                      
Todd Campbell              RK       1992-1992                                            
Wylie Campbell       3B    A+       1994-2001   Richard Wylie Campbell                   
Gary Campfield       P     A+       2007-2009   Garrison Campfield                       
Robert Campillo      C     AAA      1992-1996   Robert Bueno Campillo                    
Mike Campo           OF    AA       1997-2004   Michael Christopher Campo                
Albert Campos        P     A        2010-2011   Albert Campos                            
Christian Campos     P     A        2002-2006   Christian S. Campos                      
David Campos         P     A+       1998-2006   David Campos                             
Francisco Campos     P     AAA      1991-2013   Francisco Campos                         
Frank Campos         P     AAA      1987-1994   Frank Alexis Campos (Martinez)           
Fraylin Campos       P     A-       2010-2011   Fraylin Campos                           
Jesus Campos         OF    AA       1993-1999   Jesus Sanchez Campos                     
Jesus Campos         SS-3B AAA      2007-2011   Jesus Campos                             
Joe Campos           P     RK       1986-1986   Joseph H. Campos                         
Jose Campos          P     A        2009-2013   Jose Rafael Campos                       
Jose Campos          P     RK       2007-2007   Jose Campos                              
Juan Campos          P     AA       1999-2003   Juan Campos                              
Julio Campos         IF    A+       2000-2001   Julio A. Campos                          
Leonel Campos        P     AAA      2011-2014   Leonel Enrique Campos                    
Luis Campos          P     Rk       2012-2013   Luis Francisco Campos                    
Marcos Campos              RK       1981-1984                                            
Mario Campos         OF    A-       2001-2003   Mario Alberto Campos                     
Miguel Campos        C     AAA      1994-1996   Miguel A. Campos                         
Rafael Campos        3B    A+       1988-1989   Rafael Campos                            
Tiago Campos         OF    A        2000-2004   Tiago Campos                             
Marco Campoy         P     AAA      2013-2013   Marco Campoy                             
Albaro Campusano     2B    RK       2008-2008   Yoel Albaro Campusano                    
Anibal Campusano     P     RK       1992-1993   Anibal Campusano                         
Carlos Campusano     SS    AAA      1995-2001   Carlos Antonio Campusano (Arias)         
Edgar Campusano      P     RK       2013-2013   Edgar DeJesus Campusano                  
Edward Campusano     P     AA       2003-2009   Edward Emmanuel Campusano                
Genaro Campusano     1B    A+       1989-1993   Genaro Campusano (Delaro)                
Joelmy Campusano     P     RK       2006-2006   Joelmy Campusano                         
Jose Campusano       SS    AA       2004-2007   Jose A. Campusano                        
Mario Campusano      OF    RK       2003-2003   Mario Campusano                          
Nicholas Campusano   3B    RK       1998-1998   Nicholas Campusano                       
Teofilo Campusano    P     A+       1988-1989   Teofilo Humberto Campusano               
Yoel Campusano       2B    A+       2006-2010   Yoel Albaro Campusano                    
Nelson Cana          P     A+       1996-2001   Nelson Jose Cana                         
Roberto Canache      P     Rk       2011-2012   Roberto Arturo Canache (Soler)           
Brad Canada          C     A-       2003-2005   Bradley Canada                           
Chuckie Canady       OF    AAA      1980-1985   Chuckie Ray Canady                       
Oscar Canaguacan     IF    RK       1997-1997   Oscar Canaguacan                         
Yonelvy Canal        OF    A+       2006-2008   Yonelvy Canal                            
Tom Canale           P     A        2000-2001   Thomas A. Canale                         
Joel Canales               AAA      1998-2006                                            
Josh Canales         3B    AAA      1998-2003   Joshua Brubaker Canales                  
Dick Canan           SS    AAA      1985-1993   Richard Robert Canan                     
Alva Canarte         P     RK       1987-1987   Alvaro A. Canarte                        
James Canavan              A-       1980-1981                                            
David Cancel         OF    A        1994-1997   David Cancel                             
Victor Cancel        OF    A        1988-1991   Victor Daniel Cancel                     
Delmar Canche        SS-2B AAA      2012-2012   Delmar Canche                            
Antonio Cancio       1B    A        2000-2002   Antonio A. Cancio                        
Anthony Canciobello  P     RK       1996-1997   Anthony Miguel Canciobello               
Chad Canda           C     RK       1991-1995   Chad Canda                               
Frank Candela        OF    A        1997-2000   Frank Rosario Candela                    
Enrico Candelari     OF    A        1988-1989   Enrico Candelari                         
Al Candelaria        P     A+       1982-1986   Albert Candelaria                        
Ben Candelaria       OF    AAA      1992-2004   Benjamin Junior Candelaria               
Jorge Candelaria     P     A+       1986-1989   Jorge E. Candelaria                      
Scott Candelaria     3B    A+       2000-2004   Scott Michael Candelaria                 
Tito Candelaria      C     A-       1996-2000   Vidal Candelaria                         
Alexis Candelario    P     RK       2003-2003   Alexis Candelario                        
Eddie Candelario     P     AAA      2000-2010   Eddie Candelario                         
Francisco Candelario C     RK       1989-1990   Francisco Candelario                     
Luis Candelario      OF    A+       1999-2002   Luis M. Candelario                       
Rufino Candelario    IF    AAA      2006-2013   Rufino Candelario                        
Anthony Candelino    OF    A-       1985-1986   Anthony Candelino                        
Danny Canela         C     A        2010-2014   Daniel Canela                            
Erick Canela         P     A+       2013-2013   Erick Canela                             
Chris Canelliz       IF    A+       2002-2002   Christopher L. Canelliz                  
Adonys Canelo        SS    A-       2008-2010   Adonys Canelo                            
Malquin Canelo       SS    A-       2013-2013   Malquin Canelo                           
Willie Canelo        P     RK       2013-2013   Willie Canelo                            
Kevin Canelon        P     RK       2013-2013   Kevin David Canelon                      
Leon Canelon         2B    RK       2013-2013   Leon Jackson Canelon                     
Matt Canepa          C     A        2004-2007   Matthew Charles Canepa                   
Robert Canepa        C     RK       1985-1985   Robert A. Canepa                         
Art Canestro         P     A+       1988-1992                                            
John Canetto         3B    A+       1992-1996   John J. Canetto                          
James Canfield       P     RK       1978-1979   James Michael Canfield                   
Jamie Cangemi        P     A+       1984-1991   James Alan Cangemi                       
Mark Canha           1B    AAA      2008-2014   Mark D. Canha                            
Mitch Canham         C-1B  AAA      2004-2014   Mitchell D. Canham                       
Carlos Canino        C     A        1987-1989   Carlos A. Canino                         
Joaquin Canizal      P     A        2003-2008   Joaquin E. Canizal                       
Aaron Cannaday       C     A        1992-1997   Aaron D. Cannaday                        
Curt Cannedy         1B    A-       1978-1978   Curtis L. Cannedy                        
Douglas Canney       P     RK       1989-1989   Douglas Robert Canney                    
Paul Canning         C     A-       1983-1983   Paul F. Canning                          
Garrett Cannizaro    2B-3B A        2010-2013   Garrett Lawrence Cannizaro               
Chris Cannizzaro     2B    AAA      1979-1989   Christopher John Cannizaro Jr.           
Chip Cannon          1B    AAA      2001-2009   Rhame Berley Cannon                      
Forest Cannon        P     RK       2007-2009   Forest Glen Cannon                       
John Cannon          C     AAA      2009-2014   John Allen Cannon                        
Jon Cannon           P     AAA      1995-2007   Jonathan Richard Cannon                  
Kevan Cannon         P     AA       1993-1999   Kevan Michael Cannon                     
Luke Cannon          OF    A-       2005-2007   Daniel Luke Cannon                       
Michael Cannon       OF    A+       1978-1980                                            
Rob Cannon           OF    A+       1991-1991   Robert Charles Cannon                    
Scott Cannon         P     A+       1983-1987   Scott Vincent Cannon                     
Stan Cannon          OF    A        1977-1979   Stanley O'Neal Cannon                    
Tim Cannon           OF    A+       1980-1983   Timothy M. Cannon                        
Tom Cannon           3B-P  A+       1982-1982   Thomas P. Cannon                         
Tyler Cannon         C-3B  AA       2007-2012   Tyler John Cannon                        
Cristian Cano        OF    Rk       2013-2013   Cristian Cano                            
Joselito Cano        P     RK       2013-2013   Joselito Cano                            
Octavio Cano         2B    RK       2000-2000   Octavio Cano                             
Andres Canot         OF    RK       1994-1994   Andres Canot                             
Eury Cantalizo       P     RK       2013-2013   Eury Rafael Cantalizo                    
Jafet Canto          P     AAA      2004-2011   Jafet Canto (Santana)                    
Michael Canton       SS    A-       1992-1992   Michael Canton                           
David Cantrell       P     A+       1988-1989   David K. Cantrell                        
Derrick Cantrell     OF    RK       1992-1994                                            
Eric Cantrell        P     A        2008-2012   Eric James Cantrell                      
Gregory Cantrell     OF    A        1985-1985   Gregory DeWitt Cantrell                  
Scott Cantrell       P     RK       1985-1985                                            
Tom Cantrell         SS    RK       1985-1986                                            
Angel Cantres        1B    RK       1987-1987   Angel M. Cantres                         
Jorge Cantres        P     A-       1988-1990   Jorge Luis Cantres                       
Alvin Cantu          P     RK       1996-2000   Alvin Cantu                              
Mike Cantu           1B    A+       1991-1997   Michael E. Cantu                         
Tim Cantu            P     A-       2002-2005   Timothy Richard Cantu                    
Keith Cantwell       P     A        2006-2013   Keith Cantwell                           
Pat Cantwell         C     AA       2009-2014   Patrick Francis Cantwell                 
Rob Cantwell         P     A+       1988-1989   Robert B. Cantwell                       
Alex Capaul          P     AAA      2008-2013   Alex Thomas Capaul                       
Amaury Capellan      RF    Rk       2012-2012   Amaury Capellan                          
Byron Capellan       SS-2B A+       2012-2013   Byron Capellan                           
Carlos Capellan      2B    AA       1987-1997   Carlos R. Capellan                       
Domingo Capellan     C     RK       2002-2004   Domingo Capellan                         
Jose Capellan        C     A+       2011-2014   Jose Capellan                            
Jose Capellan        P     A+       2006-2009   Jose M. Capellan                         
Rafael Capellan            RK       1982-1982                                            
Rene Capellan        SS    A+       1995-2001   Rene Capellan                            
Victor Capellan      P     AAA      2008-2013   Victor Capellan                          
Pete Capello         SS    AA       1984-1989   Peter Joseph Capello                     
Freddy Caperton      C     RK       2000-2001   Freddy Caperton                          
Aaron Capista        IF    AA       1997-2002   Aaron Lee Capista                        
Derik Capitillo      C     RK       2013-2013   Derik A Capitillo                        
Chance Caple         P     A+       1998-2004   Chance Christian Caple                   
Kyle Caple                 A+       1991-1992                                            
Tom Caple            OF    RK       2000-2004   Thomas H. Caple                          
Joel Capote          OF    A+       2011-2013   Joel Capote                              
Jim Capowski         SS    AA       1977-1979   James Andrew Capowski                    
Pete Cappadona       P     AA       1982-1986   Anthony Peter Cappadona                  
Chris Capper         P     A        2010-2014   Christopher Capper                       
Tony Cappola         3B    A-       2000-2000   Anthony Cappola                          
Anthony Capps        OF    RK       1977-1977   Anthony C. Capps                         
Brian Capps          UT    A-       2005-2006   Brian Capps                              
Carmine Cappuccio    OF    AAA      1989-2001   Carmine Cappuccio                        
Anthony Capra        P     AAA      2006-2013   Anthony Guerino Salvatore Capra          
Larry Caprio               A+       1979-1980                                            
Joseph Capriotti     OF    RK       1990-1990   Joseph J. Capriotti                      
Ricky Caputo         IF    A-       2003-2007   Richard Caputo                           
Rob Caputo           P     A+       1999-2003   Robert Joseph Anthony Caputo             
Angel Caraballo      P     AA       1998-2003   Angel D. Caraballo                       
Carlos Caraballo     OF    RK       2000-2001   Carlos E. Caraballo                      
Felix Caraballo      P     A+       1987-1990   Felix Rafael Caraballo                   
Francisco Caraballo  OF    AA       2003-2012   Francisco D. Caraballo                   
Gary Caraballo       3B    AA       1989-2002   Edgardo Caraballo                        
Jesse Caraballo      P     A+       2003-2006   Jesse Jose Caraballo                     
Joel Caraballo       2B    RK       2013-2013   Joel Gregorio Caraballo                  
Johnny Caraballo     P     RK       2007-2007   Johnny Antonio Caraballo                 
Jose Caraballo             A+       1978-1980                                            
Nelson Caraballo     OF    A+       1989-1990   Nelson Caraballo                         
Nelson Caraballo     P     RK       1980-1980   Nelson Caraballo                         
Oliver Caraballo     OF-1B Rk       2013-2013   Oliver Rafael Caraballo                  
Oswald Caraballo     OF    RK       2013-2013   Oswald Johan Caraballo                   
Ramon Caraballo      P     AA       1983-1988   Ramon Antonio Caraballo (Lecler)         
Wilmer Caraballo     IF    AA       1982-1987   Wilmer Caraballo (Rodriguez)             
Robbie Carabba             A        1991-1992                                            
Lance Caraccioli     P     AAA      1998-2005   Lance Edward Caraccioli                  
Tony Caracciolo      SS    A-       1997-2003   Anthony Caracciolo                       
Brett Caradonna      OF    AAA      1997-2002   Brett Daniel Caradonna                   
Troy Caradonna       C     A-       2000-2004   Michael Troy Caradonna                   
John Caraher         P     A-       1979-1979   John F. Caraher                          
Yender Caramo        P     A+       2012-2014   Yender Gregoria Caramo                   
Ron Carapezzi        3B    RK       1981-1981                                            
Matt Carasiti        P     A        2010-2014   Matthew Joseph Carasiti                  
Victor Caratini      3B    A        2013-2014   Victor Manuel Caratini                   
Drew Caravella       1B    A-       1999-2002   Andrew R. Caravella                      
Mike Caravelli       P     A+       1995-1997   Michael Louis Caravelli                  
Brandon Caraway      OF    A+       1997-2003   Brandon Conrad Caraway                   
Alex Carbajal        P     A+       1999-2005   Alex Carbajal                            
Nilson Carbajal      C     A+       1991-1992   Nilson Carbajal                          
Julio Carballo       SS    A-       1990-1990   Julio R. Carballo                        
Lee Carballo         P     A+       1987-1988   Leandro Jorge Carballo                   
Michael Carballo     OF    Rk       2012-2013                                            
Pablo Carballo             A-       1977-1978                                            
William Carbonara    3B    RK       2002-2002   William Richard Carbonara                
Scott Carcaise       1B-RF A-       2011-2013   Scott Carcaise                           
Kevin Carcamo              A+       1980-1996                                            
Tom Carcione         C     AA       1988-1998   Thomas Raymond Carcione                  
Allen Carden         3B    RK       1982-1983   Allen Coy Carden                         
Daniel Cardenas      OF    A+       1988-1991   Daniel Fermin Cardenas (Pacheco)         
Eliecer Cardenas     P     AA       2009-2011   Eliecer Cardenas                         
Epi Cardenas         2B    A+       1992-1995   Epifanio N. Cardenas                     
Hector Cardenas      P     A        2007-2009   Hector Cardenas                          
Humberto Cardenas    P     AAA      2005-2010   Humberto Cardenas                        
Johnny Cardenas      C     AAA      1993-1998   Johnny R. Cardenas                       
Leo Cardenas         3B    A        1983-1983   Leo Cardenas                             
Dustin Carder        P     RK       2006-2010   Jimmy Dustin Carder                      
Ron Cardieri         OF    A+       1980-1982   Ronald E. Cardieri                       
Remo Cardinale       P     A-       1977-1978   Remo Joseph Cardinale                    
John Cardinali       SS    RK       1981-1981   John J. Cardinali                        
Adonys Cardona       P     A        2011-2014   Adonys Jose Cardona                      
Alex Cardona         C     RK       1993-1995   Alexander Cardona                        
Claudio Cardona            RK       1992-1992                                            
Dave Cardona         OF    A+       2001-2010   David Cardona                            
Isbel Cardona        P     A        1991-1995   Isbel H. Cardona                         
Ismael Cardona       C     A+       2008-2008   Ismael Cardona                           
James Cardona        OF    A-       1991-1992   James Cardona                            
Jose Cardona         P     A        1990-1991   Jose Alberto Cardona                     
Luis Cardona         C     RK       1995-1997   Luis A. Cardona                          
Paco Cardona         2B    A-       1995-2001   Ruben J. Cardona                         
Raynier Cardona      C     RK       1998-2000   Raynier Cardona                          
Rodolfo Cardona      SS    AA       2007-2010   Rodolfo Jose Cardona                     
Steve Cardona        P     A+       1993-2000   Stephen David Cardona                    
Don Cardoza          OF    AAA      1977-1978   Donald Paul Cardoza                      
Jairo Cardozo        SS-2B A-       2012-2013   Jairo Luis Cardozo (Romero)              
Stephen Cardullo     SS    RK       2007-2013   Stephen Cardullo                         
Brian Cardwell       P     A+       1999-2003   Brian Dean Cardwell                      
David Cardwell       SS    AA       1980-1981   Joseph David Cardwell                    
Elmer Cardwell       3B    AA       1977-1978   Elmer R. Cardwell                        
Al Cardwood          P-1B  AA       1984-1987   Alfredo Cardwood                         
Edwal Cardy          OF    RK       2003-2003   Edwal Raul Cardy                         
Mark Carek           SS    A-       1995-1998   Mark E. Carek                            
Carlos Carela        P     RK       2004-2004   Carlos Millers Carela                    
Daniel Carela        P     A+       2009-2013   Daniel Enrique Carela                    
Jeff Carew           P     RK       1991-1994   Jeffrey D. Carew                         
Ben Carey            P     RK       1999-1999                                            
Bill Carey           P     A+       1987-1988   William G. Carey                         
Brooks Carey         P     AAA      1976-1982   Brooks M. Carey                          
Frank Carey          2B    AA       1988-1991   Frank Allan Carey                        
Michael Carey        1B    A-       1978-1978   Michael Edward Carey                     
Orlando Carey        OF    A+       1996-1998   Orlando R. Carey                         
Peter Carey          OF    A+       1985-1987   Peter Joseph Carey                       
Tim Carey            1B-C  A+       1992-1993   Timothy M. Carey                         
Todd Carey           SS    AAA      1992-1998   Todd Gregory Carey                       
Pete Carganilla      SS    A        1984-1986   Peter Frank Carganilla                   
Neal Cargile         OF    RK       1985-1985                                            
Collin Cargill       P     AA       2008-2014   Jared Collin Cargill                     
Benjamin Carhart     3B    A+       2011-2014   Benjamin Carhart                         
Rollie Caridad       P     A+       1989-1995   Rolando Jose Caridad                     
Ron Caridad          P     AA       1990-1998   Ronald J. Caridad                        
Anthony Caridi       C     RK       1998-2000   Anthony Richard Caridi                   
German Carion        2B    RK       1990-1990   German Vega Carrion                      
Mike Carista         P     AA       1985-1990   Michael Albert Carista                   
Kevin Carkeek        C     A+       2004-2008   Kevin John Carkeek                       
Edwin Carl           P     AA       2009-2013   Edwin Carl                               
Jeff Carl            SS    AA       1979-1998   Jeffrey Scott Carl                       
Todd Carl            P     A+       1993-1999   Todd Michael Carl                        
Paul Carlander             AA       1977-1979                                            
Shane Carle          P     A        2011-2014   Shane Taylor Carle                       
David Carley         P     A        1985-1987   David R. Carley                          
Aaron Carlie         P     A+       1983-1984   Aaron Carlie                             
Brett Carlin         P     A-       2005-2007   Brett Carlin                             
Junior Carlin        P     A        2008-2012   Juan Ramon Carlin                        
Michael Carlin       1B    AA       2001-2007   Michael L. Carlin                        
Mike Carlin          2B    A+       1986-1989   Michael J. Carlin                        
Arthur Carlisi             A-       1978-1978                                            
Dennis Carlisle      P     A-       1987-1987   Dennis C. Carlisle                       
Keith Carll                A+       1980-1980                                            
Bobby Carlsen        2B    A        1990-1992   Robert Carlsen                           
Clary Carlsen        P     A+       2003-2005   Clary Thomas Carlsen                     
Jeff Carlsen         P     A        1998-2002   Jeffrey George Carlsen                   
Mike Carlsen         SS    RK       1991-1991                                            
Ben Carlson          P     A        2010-2014   Benjamin Andrew Carlson                  
Ben Carlson          1B    A        2007-2010   Benjamin Daniel Carlson                  
Bill Carlson         1B-OF A+       1986-1991   William F. Carlson                       
Bob Carlson                A        1991-1992                                            
Brad Carlson         P     A        1979-1981   Brad J.W. Carlson                        
Chris Carlson        1B    A+       2004-2009   Christopher Lee Carlson                  
Garret Carlson       P     A        1993-1996   Garret J. Carlson                        
Jeff Carlson         P     A-       1999-1999   Jeffrey Charles Carlson                  
John Carlson         C     A+       1984-1985   John S. Carlson                          
Kris Carlson         P     A+       2012-2012   Kris Ryan Carlson                        
Lynn Carlson         P     A+       1990-1991   Lynn A. Carlson                          
Shane Carlson        IF    AA       2006-2010   Shane Carlson                            
Steve Carlson        P     A        1998-2002   Stephen Gregory Carlson                  
Zane Carlson         P     A        2000-2006   Zane Rodney Carlson                      
Drew Carlton         1B-P  A        1989-1991   Andrew F. Carlton                        
Scott Carlton        P     A        1991-1991   Christopher Scott Carlton                
Anthony Carlucci     OF    AA       1983-1985   Anthony D. Carlucci                      
David Carlucci       C     A+       1984-1986   David Mario Carlucci                     
Rich Carlucci        P     AAA      1977-1987   Richard Alan Carlucci                    
Kenny Carlyle        P     AAA      1991-1999   Kenneth Robert Carlyle                   
Chad Carman          C     AA       2009-2014   Chad Michael Carman                      
Kevin Carmano        P     RK       1995-1995   Kevin R. Carmano                         
Al Carmichael        C     AAA      1982-1987   Alan Gregory Carmichael                  
Christian Carmichael C     A        2010-2014   Christian Keanu Carmichael               
Nick Carmichael      P     A-       2011-2013   Nicholas Donald Carmichael               
Brian Carmody        P     A+       1994-1999   Brian Joseph Carmody                     
Kevin Carmody        P     A+       1988-1990   Kevin James Carmody                      
Stephen Carmon       SS    A+       2012-2014   Stephen A. Carmon                        
Antonio Carmona      C     RK       1996-1996   Antonio Carmona                          
Cesarin Carmona      SS    A+       1994-1999   Cesarin M. Carmona                       
Eliazar Carmona      OF    A+       2005-2007   Eliazar Carmona                          
Greg Carmona         SS    AAA      1987-1993   Gregorio Carmona                         
Ismael Carmona       P     AAA      2006-2012   Ysmael Alexander Carmona (Lorenzo)       
Julio Carmona        P     Rk       2011-2012   Julio Stivenson Carmona                  
Manuel Carmona       P     A        2011-2013   Manuel Carmona                           
Rogelino Carmona     P     A-       2008-2010   Rogelino Carmona                         
William Carmona      P     A+       1989-1994   William M. Carmona                       
William Carmona      1B-3B A+       2010-2014   William Maissell Carmona                 
Williams Carmona           RK       1981-1982   Williams Carmona                         
Dominic Carmosino    P     A-       2001-2004   Dominic Angelo Carmosino                 
Jon Carnahan         C     A-       2011-2013   Jonathan Michael Carnahan                
Greg Carne           P     A+       1981-1984                                            
Aaron Carnes         P     AA       1996-1999   Aaron R. Carnes                          
Ethan Carnes         P     Rk       2012-2013   Ethan Ryan Carnes                        
Matt Carnes          P     AAA      1995-2005   Thomas Matthew Carnes                    
Mike Carnes          OF    A        1998-1999   Michael Shayne Carnes                    
Scott Carnes         SS    AAA      1974-1982   Scott Regan Carnes                       
Hunter Carnevale     P     A        2007-2013   Hunter James Carnevale                   
Jesus Carnevale      P     A+       2007-2009   Jesus A. Carnevale                       
Bartt Carney         OF    AAA      1996-1997   Bartt Matthew Carney                     
Frederic Carney      P     A+       2004-2006   Frederic Lawrence Carney                 
Jake Carney          P     A        1999-2003   Jared Daniel Carney                      
Ronald Carney        OF    AA       1977-1981   Ronald Edwin Carney                      
Bill Carnline        P     A+       2005-2007   William D. Carnline                      
Bienvenido Caro            RK       1985-1985                                            
Hector Caro          OF    RK       2013-2013   Hector Caro                              
Jorge Caro           IF    RK       1991-1991   Jorge I. Caro                            
Luis Caro            P     A-       2006-2007   Luis Caro                                
Roberto Caro         OF    RK       2013-2013   Roberto Caro                             
Bladimir Carofiles   1B    RK       2002-2002   Bladimir Carofiles (Cruz)                
Bladimir Carolfiles  OF    RK       2001-2001   Bladimir Carolfiles (Cruz)               
Levi Carolus         SS    A        2007-2010   Levi Jorge Carolus                       
Rich Carone          C-OF  A+       1993-1996   Richard R. Carone                        
Anthony Caronia      SS-2B A+       2010-2014   Anthony Caronia                          
Marc Carosielli      2B    RK       1988-1988   Marc D. Carosielli                       
Mike Carozza         OF    A-       1984-1984   Michael Carozza                          
Andrew Carpenter     P     AAA      2009-2013   Andrew Carpenter                         
Bill Carpenter       SS    A+       1981-1982                                            
Brian Carpenter      P     A+       1993-1995   Brian D. Carpenter                       
Brian Carpenter      P     AAA      1990-1997   Brian Keith Carpenter                    
Calvin Carpenter     P     A        2001-2005   Calvin Ray Carpenter                     
Danny Carpenter      OF    RK       1987-1987   Danny R. Carpenter                       
Doug Carpenter       OF-IF AA       1983-1989   Douglas Paul Carpenter                   
Gerald Carpenter     C     AA       1994-1996   Gerald V. Carpenter                      
Glenn Carpenter      1B    AAA      1980-1988   Glenn Edward Carpenter                   
Justin Carpenter     P     A        1997-2001   Justin Wade Carpenter                    
Kevin Carpenter      C     RK       1990-1990   Kevin D. Carpenter                       
Matt Carpenter       C     A+       1993-1995   Matthew William Carpenter                
Mike Carpenter       OF    RK       1978-1978   Michael Glenn Carpenter                  
Miles Carpenter      P     RK       2002-2002   Miles Christopher Carpenter              
Ryan Carpenter       P     A+       2009-2013   Ryan N. Carpenter                        
Tyler Carpenter      C     A-       2008-2012   Tyler Justin Carpenter                   
Willie Carpenter     OF    AA       1977-1980   Willie L. Carpenter                      
Robert Carpentier    P     A+       1990-1993   Robert P. Carpentier                     
Mark Carper          P     AAA      1987-1996   Mark R. Carper                           
Jorge Carpio         P     AA       1981-1984   Jorge Luis Carpio                        
Joe Carque           P     AAA      2000-2004   Joseph Bradley Carque                    
Adam Carr            P     AAA      2003-2013   Adam C. Carr                             
Brent Carr           P     RK       1991-1991   Brent Allan Carr                         
Charles Carr         1B    RK       1983-1983   Charles D. Carr                          
Don Carr             P     A        1981-1985   Donald Russell Carr                      
Donald Carr          P-OF  AAA      1977-1979   Donald Ray Carr                          
Dustin Carr          3B-OF AAA      1995-2001   Dustin Wayne Carr                        
Ernie Carr           OF    AA       1988-1990   Ernest R. Carr                           
Jeff Carr            OF    RK       1993-1994   Jeffrey A. Carr                          
Jeremy Carr          OF    AAA      1992-2000   Jeremy Alan Carr                         
Josh Carr            P     A+       2009-2013   Joshua Robert Carr                       
Kyle Carr            P     A        2006-2012   Kyle C. Carr                             
Nick Carr            P     A+       2006-2012   Nicholas L. Carr                         
Robert Carr          P     RK       1992-1994   Robert L. Carr                           
Terry Carr           OF    A+       1986-1990   Terence Carr                             
Tim Carr             P     A+       1996-2000   Timothy Steven Carr                      
Javier Carranza      P     AAA      1983-2000   Javier Carranza (Delgado)                
Pete Carranza        3B    A+       1993-2010   Pedro Carranza                           
Chris Carrara        IF    A        2004-2012   Christopher R. Carrara                   
Armando Carrasco     P     A        2006-2010   Armando J. Carrasco                      
Carlos Carrasco      P     A+       1986-1997   Carlos Robert Carrasco                   
Cesar Carrasco       3B-1B A        2013-2013   Cesar Jacod Carrasco                     
Claudio Carrasco     2B    AA       1983-1989   Claudio Carrasco                         
Edelyn Carrasco      P     RK       2001-2001   Edelyn Carrasco                          
Ernest Carrasco      P     AA       1982-1987   Ernesto Alonso Carrasco                  
Felix Carrasco       3B    A+       2006-2011   Felix Bladimir Carrasco                  
Joel Carrasco        P     RK       1993-1993   Joel Carrasco                            
Jose Carrasco        P     A        1992-1994   Jose A. Carrasco                         
Norman Carrasco      IF    AAA      1981-1989   Norman Rafael Carrasco                   
Ricardo Carrasco     1B    RK       1998-1999   Ricardo Carrasco                         
Troy Carrasco        P     AA       1993-2003   Troy Elliot Carrasco                     
Domingo Carrasquel   IF    A+       1994-1996   Domingo E. Carrasquel                    
Emilio Carrasquel          AA       1980-1983                                            
Angel Carrasquillo   1B    A-       1988-1989   Angel Luis Carrasquillo                  
Andrew Carraway      P     AAA      2006-2014   Andrew Donnelly Carraway                 
Rod Carraway         IF-OF A        1982-1982                                            
Jose Carreno         C     AA       1998-2003   Jose Manuel Carreno                      
Josue Carreno        P     A        2010-2012   Josue Marcelo Carreno                    
Luis Carreno         P     RK       2013-2013   Luis Carlos Carreno                      
Alberto Carreon      IF-OF AAA      2009-2013   Alberto Carreon                          
Franklin Carrera     OF    RK       2000-2000   Franklin E. Carrera                      
Gilberto Carrera     SS    AAA      2013-2013   Gilberto Carrera                         
Mahaly Carrera       2B    RK       1990-1990   Mahaly J. Carrera                        
Alexander Carreras   P     A+       2012-2013   Alexander Carreras                       
Luis Carreras        P     RK       2003-2011   Luis Gerardo Carreras                    
Marino Carreras            A-       1998-1999   Marino Antonio Carreras                  
John Carrico         P     A-       1986-1991   John Thomas Carrico                      
Ricky Carriger       P     AA       1985-1989   Richard Lynn Carriger                    
Mike Carrigg         SS    RK       1994-1995   Michael P. Carrigg                       
Cesar Carrillo       P     AAA      2010-2013   Cesar Carrillo                           
Erick Carrillo       P     A        2008-2011   Erick Carrillo                           
Frank Carrillo       P     RK       1989-1989   Frank Carrillo                           
Guillermo Carrillo   P     AAA      2003-2011   Guilermo Carrillo (Alvarez)              
Jesus Carrillo       P     AAA      2013-2013   Jesus Carrillo                           
Jhonathan Carrillo   P     RK       2013-2013   Jhonathan Jose Carrillo                  
Joe Carrillo         P     A        1992-1993   Joseph Phillip Carrillo                  
Marco Carrillo       P     AAA      2006-2013   Marco Antonio Carrillo                   
Matias Carrillo      P     AAA      2007-2013   Matias Enrique Carrillo                  
Raul Carrillo        P     AAA      2010-2013   Raul Carrillo                            
Robert Carrillo      1B    A-       1998-2000   Robert Carrillo                          
Xorge Carrillo       C     AA       2008-2014   Xorge Carrillo                           
German Carrion       IF    A        1991-1993   German Vega Carrion                      
Jesus Carrion        C     A+       1983-1986   Jesus I. Carrion                         
Jorge Carrion        P     A        1996-1998   Jorge A. Carrion                         
Junior Carrion       SS    A        1987-1988   Junior Gomez Carrion                     
Junior Carrion       OF    RK       2013-2013   Junior Carrion                           
Leonel Carrion       OF    AAA      1977-1983   Leonel Santiago Carrion (Matheus)        
Alden Carrithers     3B-OF AAA      2005-2014   Alden Jeffrey-Adam Carrithers            
Omar Carrizales      OF    RK       2013-2013   Omar Carrizales                          
Gerardo Carrizalez   DH    RK       2013-2013   Gerardo Jose Carrizalez                  
Brett Carroll        P     A+       2007-2011   James Brett Carroll                      
Carson Carroll       2B    AA       1980-1987   Carson W. Carroll                        
Chris Carroll        P     A+       1984-1987   Christopher D. Carroll                   
Damion Carroll       P     Rk       2012-2013   Damion Lowell Carroll                    
Danny Carroll        OF    AA       2007-2014   Daniel Sean Carroll                      
David Carroll        P     AAA      1992-2003   David Andrew Carroll                     
Donnie Carroll       P     A+       1988-1999   Donald Alton Carroll                     
Doug Carroll         OF    A+       1992-1997   Douglas M. Carroll                       
Ed Carroll           P     AAA      1978-1980   Edgar Hamilton Carroll Jr.               
James Carroll        P     A+       2000-2004   James Christopher Carroll                
Jeff Carroll         3B    A-       2004-2008   Jeffrey M. Carroll                       
Jim Carroll          P     AA       1986-1989   James Andrew Carroll                     
Joe Carroll          P     AAA      1974-1980   Joseph D. Carroll                        
Joe Carroll          OF    A        1976-1978   Joseph F. Carroll                        
Kevin Carroll        C     AA       1989-1993   Kevin J. Carroll                         
Knight Carroll             A+       1980-1980                                            
Mark Carroll         3B    A+       2001-2006   Mark Abraham Carroll                     
Mark Carroll         C     AAA      1997-2002   Mark Edward Carroll                      
Michael Carroll      OF    A+       1980-1981   Michael J. Carroll                       
Preston Carroll      C     A        1981-1981   Preston Alton Carroll Jr.                
Rich Carroll         1B    RK       2001-2002   Richard Carroll                          
Robert Carroll       P     A+       1974-1977   Robert E. Carroll                        
Sawyer Carroll       OF    AAA      2007-2013   Swain Sawyer Carroll                     
Scott Carroll        P     AAA      2006-2014   Scott A. Carroll                         
Sean Carroll         P     A        1995-1995   Sean Carroll                             
Tim Carroll          OF    A        1978-1980   Timothy Terome Carroll                   
Tim Carroll                A-       1980-1980                                            
Wes Carroll          2B    AAA      1998-2005   Wesley Clint Carroll                     
Tom Carrow           OF    A        2001-2002   Thomas F. Carrow                         
Garret Carruth       P     RK       2009-2010   John Garret Carruth                      
Jason Carruth        P     RK       1994-1995   Jason A. Carruth                         
Jeffrey Carsley            A+       1978-1978                                            
Blair Carson         P     A+       2007-2010   Blair Kyle Carson                        
Mark Carson          P     RK       1990-1991   Mark D. Carson                           
Paul Carson          OF    RK       1989-1990   Paul Anthony Carson                      
Ted Carson           P     A+       1982-1986   Henry Theodore Carson                    
Chris Carstensen     OF    A        1977-1978   Christopher Charles Carstensen           
Jeffery Carswell     P     RK       2000-2002   Jeffery Allen Carswell                   
Carlos Cartagena     OF    RK       2013-2013   Carlos Enrrique Cartagena                
Ivan Cartagena       1B    RK       1990-1990   Ivan F. Cartagena                        
Anibal Cartaya             RK       1994-1994                                            
Joel Cartaya         SS    AA       1986-1989   Joel A. Cartaya                          
Luis Cartaya               RK       1993-1993                                            
Daniel Carte         OF    AA       2003-2010   Daniel G. Carte                          
Aaron Carter         P     A        1997-1998                                            
Andy Carter          P     RK       2002-2007   Andrew J. Carter                         
Anthony Carter       P     AAA      2005-2014   Anthony Scott Carter                     
Bart Carter          C     A+       1997-1997   Bartly T. Carter                         
Bart Carter          P     A+       2007-2012   Bartley Wayne Carter                     
Brandon Carter       SS    A        2003-2010   Brandon Christopher Carter               
Brent Carter         P     A+       2002-2007   Brenton Emerson Carter                   
Brian Carter         P     A-       2001-2004   Brian Marshall Carter                    
Bruce Carter         OF    A+       1986-1986   Bruce Carter                             
Bryan Carter         OF    AA       2000-2004   Bryan Edward Carter                      
Cale Carter          OF    AA       1993-1997   Cale Daniel Carter                       
Charles Carter       OF    A        2004-2009   Charles A. Carter                        
Charley Carter       1B    AA       1998-2002   Charles Alan Carter                      
Chris Carter         C     RK       1992-1993   Christopher L. Carter                    
Chris Carter         OF    A+       1999-2006   Christopher Carter                       
Chris Carter         P     RK       1997-1997                                            
Chuck Carter         P     RK       1984-1984   Clinton Charles Carter II                
Clarence Carter      OF    A-       1985-1985                                            
D.C. Carter          OF    A-       1985-1985   Dell Ray Carter                          
Dalton Carter        OF    Rk       2013-2013   Dalton D. Carter                         
David Carter         P     A-       1988-1991   David Larkin Carter                      
Dennis Carter        OF    AA       1984-1990   Dennis Maurice Carter                    
Dexter Carter        P     A        2007-2012   Dexter Carter                            
Don Carter           OF    AAA      1981-1985   Don Keith Carter                         
Dwight Carter        3B    AAA      1977-1978   Dwight Edward Carter                     
Ed Carter            OF    AA       1986-1990   Edward D. Carter                         
Eric Carter          P     RK       1988-1990   Eric Jordan Carter                       
Eric Carter          P     A-       2003-2006   Eric Zachary Carter                      
Fred Carter          OF    A+       1985-1989   Frederick Jerome Carter                  
Garrett Carter       3B-OF RK       1985-1988   Garrett W. Carter                        
Glenn Carter         P     AAA      1987-1995   Roy Glenn Carter                         
Herb Carter          OF    A        1981-1982   Herbert Carter                           
Howard Carter        OF    A+       1980-1980                                            
Jeff Carter          2B    AAA      1985-1996   Jeffrey David Carter                     
John Carter          P     AAA      1991-1997   John Christopher Carter                  
Josh Carter          OF    AA       1999-2008   Joshua James Carter                      
Justin Carter        P     A+       1998-2002   Justin Thomas Carter                     
Kendall Carter       P     A        1984-1984   Kendall F. Carter                        
Kes Carter           OF    A+       2009-2014   John Kes Carter                          
Mark Carter          P     A+       2001-2003   Mark Steven Carter                       
Marvin Carter              A-       1985-1985                                            
Mike Carter          OF    AAA      1989-2002   Michael Hozay Carter                     
Nic Carter           OF    A        2000-2003   Nicholas Adam Carter                     
Quincy Carter        OF    A+       1996-1999   LaVonya Quintelle Carter                 
Ramsey Carter        P     A        2000-2004   Ramsey Manndrell Carter                  
Randal Carter        2B    RK       1980-1980                                            
Richie Carter        P-OF  AA       1982-1986   Richie Jeff Carter                       
Rickey Carter        3B    RK       1993-1993   Rickey Nelson Carter                     
Roger Carter         P     A        1996-1999   Roger D. Carter                          
Ron Carter           OF-3B A+       1986-1987   Ronald Elroy Carter                      
Ryan Carter          OF    A+       2001-2006   Ryan Keith Carter                        
Ryan Carter          P     AA       1998-2003   Ryan Rudolph Carter                      
Sam Carter           OF    AA       2004-2009   Sam Milton Carter                        
Scott Carter         1B    A-       1984-1984   Scott Carter                             
Scott Carter         P     A+       1985-1989   Richard Scott Carter                     
Shannon Carter       OF    AAA      1997-2003   Shannon Michael Carter                   
Steven-Ryder Carter  P     A-       2001-2005   Steven-Ryder William Carter              
Terry Carter         C     RK       1989-1989   Terry Antonio Carter                     
Tim Carter           1B    A+       1989-1992   Timothy R. Carter                        
Tom Carter           P     AA       1991-1996   Thomas Carter                            
Tyson Carter               A+       1981-1983                                            
Yusuf Carter         C     AA       2005-2014   Yusuf Richard Carter                     
Bryan Cartie         P     A+       2005-2008   Bryan Cartie                             
Rich Cartier         P     A+       2002-2005   Richard Allan Cartier                    
Alan Cartwright      OF    AAA      1982-1988   Alan Thomas Cartwright                   
Albert Cartwright    2B    AA       2007-2014   Albert Cartwright                        
James Cartwright     P     RK       1986-1986   James B. Cartwright                      
Mark Cartwright      P     AA       1980-1984   Mark Allen Cartwright                    
Ricardo Cartwright   OF    RK       1988-1988   Ricardo Cartwright                       
Timothy Cartwright         RK       1984-1984                                            
Jorge Carty          OF    A        1977-1977   Jorge O. Carty                           
Ricardo Carty        1B    RK       1991-1991   Ricardo Adolfo Jacobo Carty Jr.          
Gustavo Carubelli    OF    RK       1995-1995   Gustavo A. Carbubelli                    
Gene Caruso          P     AAA      1992-1998   Eugene Joseph Caruso Jr.                 
Joe Caruso           3B    AAA      1991-2003   Joseph Franklin Caruso                   
Joe Caruso           P     AAA      1989-1995   Joseph James Caruso                      
Clay Caruthers       P     AA       1994-1997   Clayton W. Caruthers                     
Aneuris Carvajal     SS    RK       2005-2005   Aneuris Carvajal                         
Crucito Carvajal     P     AA       1979-1981   Crucito Carvajal                         
Dario Carvajal       P     RK       2007-2008   Dario Carvajal                           
Jhonny Carvajal      SS    AAA      1993-2003   Jhonny Rafael Carvajal                   
Jodaneli Carvajal    2B    A        2011-2013   Jodaneli Carvajal                        
Jovino Carvajal      OF    AAA      1990-1999   Jovino Charles Carvajal                  
Luis Carvajal        C     RK       1982-1983   Luis Carvajal                            
Ramon Carvajal       SS    A+       1998-2001   Ramon Orlando Carvajal                   
Ronny Carvajal       OF    RK       2013-2013   Ronny Carvajal                           
Yefri Carvajal       P     AA       2006-2012   Yefri Carvajal                           
Felix Carvallo       P     A        2013-2014   Felix Javier Carvallo                    
Michael Carvelli     P     RK       1995-1995   Michael L. Carvelli                      
Billy Carver         C     AA       1987-1989   William Paul Carver                      
Jesse Carver         P     RK       2005-2008   Jesse Mclean Carver                      
Mark Carver          1B    A-       2005-2008   Mark D. Carver                           
Steve Carver         OF    AAA      1992-2001   Steven Grady Carver                      
Tim Carver           SS    A        2009-2012   Timothy Martin Carver                    
Jeff Cary            P     AA       1977-1985   Jeff Edward Cary                         
Gerardo Casadiego    P     AA       1999-2008   Gerardo Francisco Casadiego              
Cancio Casado        3B    RK       1989-1989   Cancio R. Casado                         
Curt Casali          C     AA       2008-2014   Curtis Michael Casali                    
Omar Casamayor       SS    A        2008-2010   Omar Rafael Casamayor                    
Andrew Casano        P     A+       1987-1989                                            
Adrian Casanova      C     AAA      2002-2009   Adrian Casanova                          
Gabriel Casanova     2B    RK       2005-2008   Gabriel Eduardo Casanova                 
Jeris Casanova       P     RK       2013-2013   Jeris Manuel Casanova                    
Nicholas Casanova    P     RK       2004-2008   Nicholas Casanova                        
Reinier Casanova     P     A+       2011-2011   Reinier Casanova                         
Frank Casarez        P     A+       1978-1980                                            
A.J. Casario         C     RK       2007-2009   Anthony Casario                          
Rich Casarotti       2B    AAA      1987-1992   Richard Scott Casarotti                  
Jordan Casas         LF    AA       2007-2012   Jordan P. Casas                          
Roberto Casasnovas   OF    A+       1981-1983   Roberto Casasnovas                       
William Casbolt      P     AA       1977-1979   William Michael Casbolt                  
Brian Cascadden      P     A+       1979-1979   Brian S. Cascadden                       
Chris Case           P     A        1991-1996   Christopher Isaac Case                   
Mike Case            OF    AAA      1992-1995   Michael M. Case                          
Rolando Casellas           RK       1984-1984                                            
Steven Caseres       1B    A+       2007-2012   Steven Joseph Caseres                    
Brian Casey          OF    A-       1985-1985                                            
Bryan Casey          P     A        2006-2009   Bryan William Casey                      
J.C. Casey           P     AAA      2008-2012   Jonathan Michael Casey                   
James Casey          P     RK       2003-2006   James Byron Casey                        
Jarrett Casey        P     AA       2007-2014   Jarrett Patrick Casey                    
Jermaine Casey       OF    RK       1985-1986   Germaine Ferris Casey                    
Joe Casey            P     AAA      1997-2002   Joseph Lyle Casey                        
Johnny Casey         SS-2B RK       1991-1998   Johnny James Casey                       
Keith Casey          P     RK       1990-1990   Keith Dwayne Hunley                      
Mark Casey           2B    A        1985-1985   Mark Daniel Casey                        
Pat Casey            OF    AAA      1980-1987   Patrick M. Casey                         
Reid Casey           P     A+       1999-2005   Russell Reid Casey                       
Ryan Casey           P     A        1994-1995   Ryan M. Casey                            
Shaw Casey           P     A-       1996-1999   Shaw P. Casey                            
Tim Casey            OF    AAA      1984-1990   Timothy Joseph Casey                     
Condor Cash          OF    A-       1999-2002   Lavalroe Condor Cash                     
David Cash           SS    A+       2004-2009   David Cash III                           
David Cash           P     AAA      1999-2006   David Allen Cash                         
Earl Cash            P     AA       1984-1992   Timothy Earl Cash                        
Johnny Cash                AA       1984-1986                                            
Mike Cash            2B    AAA      1977-1978   Michael Lewis Cash                       
Preston Cash         OF    RK       1982-1982                                            
Ralston Cash         P     A        2010-2013   Ralston Alexander Cash                   
Todd Cash            IF    A        1986-1987   Todd C. Cash                             
Brandon Cashman      OF    A+       2001-2005   Brandon J. Cashman                       
Randall Cashore      P     A+       1977-1978   Randall Wayne Cashore                    
Ron Cashore          OF    RK       1980-1980   Ronald R. Cashore                        
Jose Casilla         P     AA       2008-2014   Jose Altagracia Casilla                  
Luis Casilla         C-1B  RK       1998-1998   Luis G. Casilla                          
Adam Casillas        1B-OF AAA      1984-1993   Adam Casillas                            
Ismael Casillas      P     A+       2005-2007   Ismael Casillas                          
Omar Casillas        C     A        2003-2006   Omar Casillas                            
Richard Casillas     C     AA       1978-1978   Richard Anthony Casillas                 
Uriel Casillas       2B    AAA      1995-2003   Uriel Casillas                           
Ranfi Casimiro       P     A        2012-2014   Ranfi De Jesus Casimiro (Luna)           
Willie Casique       SS    RK       1993-1993   William A. Casique                       
Brett Casper         OF    AA       1996-2001   Brett Alan Casper                        
Michael Casper       P     A-       1998-1998                                            
Tim Casper           2B    A+       1991-1993   Timothy David Casper                     
Pat Cassa            P     RK       2004-2008   Patrick William Cassa                    
Roberto Cassanovas         RK       1980-1980                                            
Nick Cassavechia     P     A        2005-2009   Nicholas Anthony Cassavechia             
Justin Cassel        P     AAA      2004-2012   Justin J. Cassel                         
Tim Cassell          P     RK       1981-1981   Timothy S. Cassell                       
Chris Cassels        OF    AA       1987-2001   Christopher Lee Cassels                  
David Cassetto       P     AA       1976-1979   David Lee Cassetto                       
Bill Cassidy         P     A        1987-1987   William F. Cassidy                       
David Cassidy        P     AA       1986-1992   David Cassidy                            
Michael Cassidy            RK       1981-1981                                            
Reid Cassidy         P     A        1978-1979   Reid Joseph Cassidy                      
Jorge Casso          OF    RK       2006-2006   Jorge A. Casso                           
Federico Castagnini  2B    A        2013-2014   Federico Castagnini                      
Arcilio Castaigne    P     A+       1979-1980   Arcilio A. Castaigne                     
Maurice Castain      OF    A        1983-1984   Maurice Edmond Castain                   
Eric Castaldo        C     RK       1993-1996   Eric T. Castaldo                         
Gregg Castaldo       2B-SS AA       1990-1996   Gregg Thomas Castaldo                    
Joe Castaldo               A-       1991-1991                                            
Vince Castaldo       3B    AAA      1988-1996   Vincent Perry Castaldo                   
Cesar Castaneda      3B    A        1998-2000   Cesar Castaneda                          
Federico Castaneda   P     AAA      2009-2013   Federico Castaneda (Sonora)              
Hector Castaneda     C     AAA      1993-2010   Hector A. Castaneda                      
Jose Castaneda       3B    AAA      2006-2013   Jose A. Castaneda                        
Jose Castaneda       C     AAA      2000-2011   Jose E. Castaneda                        
Nick Castaneda       C     AAA      1980-1991   Nick Robert Castaneda                    
Rob Castaneda        P     A-       1991-1991   Robert R. Castaneda                      
Adrian Castano       OF    Rk       2013-2013   Adrian Jordan Castano                    
Brent Casteel        C     A+       1984-1986   Allan Brent Casteel                      
Ricky Casteel        P     A        1997-2001   Raymond I. Casteel                       
Ryan Casteel         C     AA       2010-2014   Ryan Alexander Casteel                   
Angelo Castellano    3B    RK       2013-2013   Angelo Alfonso Castellano                
Anthony Castellano   P     RK       1983-1983   Anthony Castellano                       
John Castellano      C     AAA      1998-2006   John S. Castellano                       
Josue Castellano     P     RK       2013-2013   Josue Castellano                         
Julio Castellano     P     RK       2009-2009   Julio Cesar Castellano                   
Miguel Castellano    OF    AA       1989-1993   Miguel Castellano                        
Alex Castellanos     OF    A+       2008-2009   Alexander A. Castellano                  
Gabriel Castellanos  P     Rk       2013-2013   Gabriel Enrique Castellanos              
Hugo Castellanos     P     AAA      2000-2013   Hugo P. Castellanos                      
Jonathan Castellanos P     AAA      1999-2013   Jonathan Gerardo Castellanos             
Jose Castellanos     OF    RK       1999-2003   Jose Cariel Castellanos                  
Robert Castelli      P     A+       1998-2000   Robert Michael Castelli                  
Carlos Castelono     P     RK       1982-1982   Carlos J. Castellano                     
Hector Castenada     C     A        1992-1992                                            
Pat Castiglia        1B    A+       1981-1983   Pasquale Anthony Castiglia               
Albenis Castillo     P     A+       2001-2006   Albenis E. Castillo                      
Albert Castillo            A+       1978-1979                                            
Alex Castillo        1B    AA       1997-2010   Alexander M. Castillo                    
Alexander Castillo   C     A        2007-2007   Silvio Castillo                          
Ali Castillo         SS    AA       2011-2014   Ali Jesus Castillo                       
Amauri Castillo      P     RK       2013-2013   Amauri Castillo                          
Amaury Castillo      P     RK       2009-2010   Amaury Castillo                          
Angel Castillo       RF-CF AAA      2006-2012   Angel Antonio Castillo Herrera           
Antonio Castillo     P     RK       2009-2010   Antonio A. Castillo                      
Arismendy Castillo   P     A        2005-2007   Arismendy Castillo                       
Axel Castillo        OF    RK       1986-1988   Axel A. Castillo                         
Benny Castillo       OF    AA       1987-2000   Benigno Enrique Castillo                 
Bill Castillo        P     A-       2011-2011   Bill Alejandro Castillo                  
Carlos Castillo      2B    A+       2000-2001   Carlos Castillo                          
Carlos Castillo      C     AAA      1999-2001   Carlos M. Castillo                       
Carlos Castillo      IF    AA       2002-2004   Carlos Castillo (Fonte)                  
Carlos Castillo      OF    A+       1981-1983   Carlos A. Castillo                       
Carlos Castillo      P     AAA      1991-1998   Carlos Amador Castillo                   
Cesar Castillo       IF    A-       1978-1978   Cesar A. Castillo                        
Cesar Castillo       C     A        2001-2004   Cesar Adrian Castillo                    
Dan Castillo         P     AAA      2001-2004   Daniel A. Castillo                       
Darwin Castillo      P     Rk       2012-2012   Darwin Castillo                          
Dave Castillo        C     A-       2000-2001   David Castillo                           
David Castillo       SS    RK       1984-1985   David M. Castillo                        
David Castillo       C     AAA      2001-2008   David Jonathon Castillo                  
Deivy Castillo       OF    RK       2013-2013   Deivy Nathaniel Castillo                 
Dennis Castillo      2B    RK       1989-1989   Dennis Castillo                          
Eddy Castillo        P     RK       2013-2013   Eddy Jesus Smil Castillo                 
Eduardo Castillo     P     Rk       2010-2012   Eduardo Castillo                         
Elio Castillo        1B    RK       2013-2013   Elio Ramon Castillo                      
Erick Castillo       C     Rk       2013-2013   Erick Jose Castillo                      
Erodis Castillo      P     RK       2013-2013   Erodis Castillo                          
Fabian Castillo      C     RK       2013-2013   Fabian Castillo                          
Fabio Castillo       P     AAA      2006-2014   Fabio Castillo                           
Felipe Castillo      P     AAA      1986-2001   Felipe Castillo                          
Felix Castillo       P     RK       1977-1978   Felix A. Castillo                        
Felix Castillo       C     A-       2012-2013   Felix Castillo                           
Francisco Castillo   2B    A        2013-2014   Francisco A. Castillo                    
Francisco Castillo   P     A+       2005-2009   Francisco Castillo                       
Geraldo Castillo     P     RK       2000-2001   Geraldo Castillo (Quezada)               
Geramel Castillo     OF    A        1997-2000   Geramel Castillo                         
Gernaldo Castillo    SS    A+       2009-2010   Gernaldo Jose Castillo                   
Henry Castillo       2B    Rk       2013-2013   Henry Castillo                           
Ismael Castillo      P     AAA      2013-2013   Ismael Castillo                          
Ivan Castillo        SS    Rk       2013-2013   Ivan Enrique Castillo                    
Javier Castillo      SS    AAA      2004-2010   Javier Castillo                          
Jeff Castillo        P     RK       1988-1988   Jeff J. Castillo                         
Jeiler Castillo      P     A        2008-2011   Jeiler Castillo                          
Jesus Castillo       P     AAA      2010-2010   Jesus Adrian Castillo (Vega)             
Jesus Castillo       3B    AAA      2004-2013   Jesus E. Castillo (Montano)              
Jesus Castillo       P     AAA      2005-2014   Jesus Adrian Castillo                    
Jeury Castillo       P     RK       2010-2011   Jeury (Familia) Castillo                 
Joel Castillo        P     RK       2008-2008   Joel Javier Castillo                     
Jonathan Castillo    P     A+       2003-2008   Jonathan Alberto Castillo                
Jorge Castillo       P     AAA      2003-2013   Jorge L. Castillo                        
Jorge Castillo       LF    A        2005-2011   Jorge Castillo                           
Jose Castillo        P     RK       2013-2013   Jose Enriquez Castillo                   
Jose Castillo        P     Rk       2013-2013   Jose Gregorio Castillo                   
Jose Castillo        P     RK       2005-2007   Jose Osmar Castillo                      
Jose Castillo        P     A+       1997-2000   Jose Leonardo Castillo                   
Juan Castillo        OF    A+       1979-1981   Juan T. Castillo                         
Juan Castillo        C     AA       2008-2013   Juan M. Castillo                         
Julio Castillo             RK       1983-1983                                            
Julio Castillo       P     A        2005-2008   Julio Castillo                           
Keith Castillo       C     AA       2007-2013   Keith Ezequiel Castillo                  
Leonardo Castillo    1B-3B A        2011-2013   Leonardo Castillo                        
Luis Castillo        P     AA       1982-1987   Luis Trinidad Castillo (Hinojosa)        
Luis Castillo        2B    RK       2007-2007   Luis Alberto Castillo (Reyes)            
Luis Castillo        P     RK       2013-2013   Luis Felipe Castillo                     
Luis Castillo        OF    AA       2009-2013   Luis Eduardo Castillo                    
Luis Castillo        3B    A        2003-2007   Luis Enrique Castillo                    
Luis Castillo        P     A        2013-2014   Luis Castillo                            
Manuel Castillo      2B    RK       1988-1996   Manuel Castillo (DeJesus)                
Marcos Castillo      P     AA       1998-2008   Marcos Jose Castillo                     
Marino Castillo      P     AAA      1992-1997   Mariano M. Castillo                      
Nestor Castillo      RF-LF A-       2008-2012   Nestor Castillo                          
Noel Castillo        P     AA       2007-2010   Noel Castillo                            
Osbek Castillo       P     AA       2006-2007   Osbek Castillo                           
Oscar Castillo       C     RK       2001-2001   Oscar A. Castillo (Donato)               
Osmar Castillo       2B    A+       2001-2003   Osmar A. Castillo                        
Phillips Castillo    OF    A-       2011-2013   Phillips Castillo                        
Rafael Castillo      SS    RK       1980-1981   Ulises Rafael Castillo                   
Rafael Castillo      IF    RK       1991-1991   Rafael Perozo Castillo                   
Ramon Castillo       1B    AAA      2008-2011   Ramon Enrique Castillo                   
Ramon Castillo       P     A        1999-2001   Ramon Castillo                           
Randy Castillo       P     RK       2008-2012   Randy K. Castillo                        
Rauly Castillo       P     RK       2013-2013   Rauly Jose Castillo                      
Richard Castillo     P     AAA      2008-2014   Richard Jose Castillo                    
Roberto Castillo           RK       1986-1986                                            
Roberto Castillo     P     A        1989-1992   Roberto Castillo                         
Ronard Castillo      OF    A+       2011-2014   Ronard Castillo                          
Ruben Castillo       P     A+       2003-2004   Ruben D. Castillo                        
Ruben Castillo       SS    AAA      1998-2003   Ruben Castillo                           
Tomas Castillo       OF    A-       1980-1982   Tomas M. Castillo                        
Victor Castillo      C     A        2006-2009   Victor E. Castillo                       
Victor Castillo      P     RK       1995-1995   Victor M. Castillo                       
Victor Castillo      SS-2B A        1999-2000   Victor Manuel Castillo                   
Vidal Castillo       C     AAA      2012-2012   Vidal Castillo                           
William Castillo     2B    A-       2011-2013   William Daniel Castillo                  
Wilson Castillo      P     A-       1998-1999   Wilson Castillo                          
Yefry Castillo       1B    A+       2010-2012   Yefry Castillo                           
Yeiper Castillo      P     AA       2008-2014   Yeiper De Jesus Castillo                 
Yrelvis Castillo     P     RK       2013-2013   Yrelvis Castillo                         
Yunier Castillo      P     A        2008-2012   Yunier Raul Castillo                     
Heath Castle         P     A+       2003-2006   Heath Bradley Castle                     
Ryan Castle          2B    A-       1993-1994   Ryan Castle                              
Kevin Castleberry    SS    AAA      1988-1998   Kevin Joseph Castleberry                 
Stephen Castleman    P     A+       2000-2004   Stephen Castleman                        
Kevin Castner        P     A-       2007-2009   Kevin Castner                            
Rodger Castner       P     A-       1987-1988   Rodger Burton Castner                    
Parrish Castor       P     A+       2004-2006   Parrish Castor                           
Bruce Castoria       1B    A-       1982-1982   Bruce Richard Castoria                   
Christian Castorri   P     AA       2006-2009   Christian Alexander Castorri             
Andrea Castri        3B    A        1998-1999   Andrea Luca Castri                       
Angel Castro         P     AAA      2007-2014   Angel M. Castro                          
Carlos Castro        1B    RK       2013-2013   Carlos Alfredo Castro                    
Confesor Castro      P     RK       1988-1989   Confesor Castro                          
Daniel Castro        2B    AAA      2012-2014   Daniel Castro                            
Dennis Castro        3B    A+       1994-1996   Dennis R. Castro                         
Domingo Castro       SS    AAA      2000-2013   Domingo Castro (Acosta)                  
Eddy Castro          P     A+       1982-1985   Eddy Castro (Rivera)                     
Edgar Castro         1B    AA       1980-1985   Edgar Castro                             
Efren Castro               RK       1982-1982                                            
Eleuterio Castro     P     A+       1999-2000   Eleuterio Anibal Castro                  
Erik Castro          1B    AAA      2007-2014   Erik B. Castro                           
Ernest Castro        OF    A        1989-1997   Ernest Castro                            
Felix Castro         1B    RK       1984-1984   Felix D. Castro                          
Francisco Castro     2B    A-       2003-2004   Francisco A. Castro                      
Francisco Castro     OF    RK       1994-1994   Francisco A. Castro                      
Frank Castro         C     AA       1980-1986   Frank Lazaro Castro                      
Frendy Castro        C     RK       1989-1989   Frendy Castro                            
Gamalier Castro      P     RK       1993-1994   Gamalier G. Castro                       
Genaro Castro              A        1984-1986                                            
Guillermo Castro     P     A+       1980-1983   Guillermo Albert Castro                  
Harold Castro        2B    A+       2012-2014   Harold Arnaldo Castro                    
Humberto Castro      SS    AAA      2013-2013   Manuel Humberto Castro                   
Isaac Castro         P     AAA      2013-2013   Isaac Castro                             
Ismael Castro        IF    AAA      2002-2010   Ismael Castro                            
Ivan Castro          C     A        2007-2010   Ivan E. Castro                           
Janluis Castro       3B-2B A-       2012-2013   Janluis Castro                           
Javier Castro        SS    RK       2000-2000   Javier Omar Castro                       
Jonathan Castro      2B    A+       2005-2009   Jonathan Castro                          
Jorge Castro         P     RK       1985-1985   Jorge Ernesto Castro                     
Jose Castro          OF    AAA      1996-1998   Jose Luis Castro                         
Jose Castro          2B    AAA      2005-2012   Jose H. Castro                           
Jose Castro          SS    AAA      1994-2000   Jose Antonio Castro (Nunez)              
Jose Castro          SS    AAA      1977-1990   Jose Ignacio Castro Jr.                  
Juan Castro          OF    RK       2000-2000   Juan Ramon Castro                        
Juan Castro          OF    A-       1996-1998   Juan Castro                              
Julian Castro        OF    AAA      2009-2013   Julian Castro                            
Julio Castro         P     RK       2005-2005   Julio Cesar Robert Castro (Orellana)     
Julio Castro         P     A+       2000-2006   Julio Cesar Castro                       
Kelvin Castro        P     A+       2007-2013   Kelvin Castro                            
Kyle Castro          P     A-       2011-2013   Kyle Nathan Castro                       
Leandro Castro       OF    AAA      2008-2014   Leandro Castro                           
Liliano Castro       SS    A        1987-1988   Liliano Castro                           
Linder Castro        P     AAA      2011-2013   Linder Ivan Castro (Arjona)              
Luis Castro          IF    RK       1994-1994   Luis Castro                              
Luis Castro          3B    RK       2013-2013   Luis Castro                              
Manuel Castro        3B    AAA      2012-2012   Manuel Humberto Castro (Cruz)            
Martires Castro      OF    A        1997-2000   Martires Castro                          
Miguel Castro        P     Rk       2013-2013   Miguel Angel Castro                      
Nelson Castro        SS    AAA      1995-2009   Nelson Daniel Castro Reynoso             
Nelson Castro        P     AAA      1990-1996   Nelson J. Castro                         
Ofilio Castro        3B    AAA      2003-2013   Ofilio A. Castro                         
Orlando Castro       P     A+       2011-2014   Orlando Javier Castro                    
Oscar Castro         P     A        2008-2009   Oscar Castro                             
Pablo Castro         P     A-       1987-1988   Pablo R. Castro                          
Rafael Castro              RK       1998-1998                                            
Rafael Castro        P     A+       2002-2003   Rafael C. Castro                         
Ramon Castro               RK       2007-2007                                            
Randy Castro         P     RK       2003-2003   Randy M. Castro                          
Renato Castro        OF    A        2001-2001   Renato Castro (Sorbet)                   
Ricardo Castro       P     RK       2009-2009   Ricardo Castro                           
Rubell Castro        OF    RK       2013-2013   Rubell Clemente Castro                   
Ruben Castro         1B    A-       1984-1985   Ruben G. Castro                          
Ruben Castro               RK       1993-1994                                            
Tony Castro          OF    A-       1991-1991   Tony Castro                              
Tony Castro          P     AAA      1991-1997   Antonio Castro                           
Victor Castro              RK       1983-1983                                            
Victor Castro        OF    A        2012-2014   Victor E. Castro                         
Vince Castro         OF    A        1999-2001   Vicente Antonio Castro                   
Yeliar Castro        P     AA       2005-2011   Yeliar Elias Castro                      
Greg Catalanotte     OF    AA       1998-2004   Gregory Christopher Catalanotte          
Dan Cataline         OF    AA       1980-1986   Daniel Mark Cataline                     
Paul Catanese        OF    RK       1978-1978   Paul John Catanese                       
Maxx Catapano        P     RK       2008-2012   Massimo Vincent Catapano                 
Heath Cataulin       P     A-       2001-2001   Amador Heath Cataulin                    
Chris Cates          SS    AA       2004-2011   Chris Cates                              
Gary Cates           2B    AA       1999-2008   Gary Wendel Cates                        
Richard Cates        1B-3B AA       2006-2010   Richard Cates                            
Tim Cates            P     AAA      1979-1985   Timothy Leslie Cates                     
Zachary Cates        P     A+       2001-2013   Zachary James Cates                      
Zack Cates           P     A+       2009-2014   Zachary A. Cates                         
Gary Cathcart        OF    AAA      1984-1988   Gary John Cathcart                       
Joe Cathey           SS    A        1997-1998   Joseph Patrick Cathey                    
David Catlett        1B    A        1993-1997   David A. Catlett                         
Justin Catlett       P     A        1982-1983   Justin D. Catlett                        
Wayne Cato           C     AA       1977-1980   Wayne Edward Cato                        
Vincent Catricala    3B    AAA      2007-2013   Vincent Catricala                        
Eugene Cattane       OF-P  A-       1978-1978   Eugene A. Cattane                        
Clarke Caudill       OF    A-       1997-2000   J. Clarke Caudill                        
Chuckie Caufield     LF-RF AAA      2004-2012   Charles A. Caufield                      
Lindsey Caughel      P     A+       2009-2014   Lindsey Robert Caughel                   
Trevor Caughey       P     A+       2002-2009   Trevor Leland Caughey                    
Wayne Caughey        SS    AAA      1977-1982   Wayne Howard Caughey                     
Chris Cauley         P     A+       1987-1989   Chris Michael Cauley                     
Mark Cauley                A-       1978-1978                                            
Tom Caulfield        P     A+       1983-1984   Thomas J. Caulfield                      
Marcos Causey        OF    RK       2005-2006   Marcos Nairori Causey                    
Matt Cavagnaro       IF    A+       2004-2010   Matthew Gregory Cavagnaro                
Kevin Cavalier       P     A+       1987-1989   Kevin Paul Cavalier                      
Brian Cavalli        C     A-       1990-1993   Brian C. Cavalli                         
Pablo Cavallo        3B-SS A-       1977-1977   Pablo J. Cavallo                         
Ryan Cavan           3B-2B AA       2006-2013   Ryan David Cavan                         
Andy Cavanagh        P     RK       1997-1998   Andrew Cavanagh                          
Michael Cavanagh     C     AA       1992-1995                                            
Bob Cavanaugh        P     A-       1983-1986   Robert Alan Cavanaugh                    
Brian Cavanaugh      OF    RK       2002-2002   Brian J. Cavanaugh                       
Brian Cavanaugh      OF    A        2002-2005   Brian P. Cavanaugh                       
Nick Cavanaugh       P     A+       2005-2008   Nick Bernard Cavanagh                    
Jorgan Cavanerio     P     Rk       2012-2013   Jorgan Argenis Cavanerio                 
Brian Cavazos-Galvez OF    AAA      2006-2014   Brian Cavazos-Galvez                     
Ken Cavazzoni        1B    A        1991-1992                                            
Jake Cave            OF    A+       2011-2014   Jacob Andrew Cave                        
Kevin Cave           P     AA       2000-2006   Kevin Christopher Cave                   
Eric Cavers          C     A        2002-2006   Eric D. Cavers                           
Mike Cavers          P     AA       1987-1990   Michael Cavers                           
Jonathan Cavin       OF    A+       2000-2003   Jonathan C. Cavin                        
Elmer Cavner         P     RK       1980-1980   Elmer Cavner                             
Gerad Cawhorn        3B    A+       1992-1996   Gerad Sweet Cawhorn                      
Dallas Cawiezell     P     A+       2005-2009   Dallas Cawiezell                         
Jack Cawley          C     A        2005-2009   John James Cawley                        
Chris Cawthon        OF    A        1982-1983   Chris Cawthon                            
Exicardo Cayones     OF    A        2010-2013   Exicardo Cayonez                         
Tony Cayson          OF    A-       1987-1989   Tony Cayson                              
Jason Cayton         P     A        2003-2006   Jason James Cayton                       
Amaury Cazana        LF    AAA      2006-2013   Amaury Antonio Cazana                    
Jose Cazares               A+       1979-1981                                            
Jim Cazet            SS    RK       1981-1981   Jame M. Cazet                            

Major Leaguers by Letter

Select a letter to see a list of historical Major Leaguers starting with that letter.

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College Players

Players who have not (yet) played professional baseball but have listed college stats on The Cube.
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