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The following players have played at least one game for an affiliated minor league baseball team since 1977 but have never played in the Major Leagues.
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Player Name          Pos   HiLvl    Play Years  Full Name                                
John Braase          P     A+       1988-1990   John A. Braase                           
Daniel Brabant       P     A+       1993-1996   Daniel Brabant                           
Bill Brabec          P     RK       1993-1995   William J. Brabec                        
Brandon Braboy       P     A+       2006-2013   Brandon W. Braboy                        
Brett Brach          P     AAA      2007-2014   Brett M. Brach                           
Alejandro Bracho     P     A+       1996-2001   Alejandro Bracho                         
Darwin Bracho        C     RK       1995-1996   Darwin E. Bracho                         
Silvino Bracho       P     A        2013-2014   Silvino Bracho                           
Josh Brack           SS    A-       1999-2003   Joshua Conklin Brack                     
Colin Brackeen       P     A+       1997-2002   Colin Andrew Brackeen                    
Lyle Brackenridge    SS    AA       1980-1982   Lyle M. Brackenridge                     
Carlos Brackley      OF    A        1998-2005   Carlos Manuel Brackley                   
Mark Brackman        P     A+       2007-2012   Mark Christopher Brackman                
George Bradbury      2B    A+       1977-1977   George E. Bradbury                       
Josh Bradbury        IF    A+       2006-2007   Joshua Bradbury                          
Miah Bradbury        C     AA       1987-1993   Miah D. Bradbury                         
Junior Braddy        OF    A+       1994-2002   Nehemiah Braddy                          
Leonard Braddy       OF    A+       1984-1984   Leonard B. Braddy                        
Dustin Brader        P     A+       2007-2010   Dustin Dean Brader                       
Tim Brader           P     A        1987-1989   Timothy James Brader                     
Brad Bradford        P     A-       1988-1988   Mark Clifton Bradford                    
Chasen Bradford      P     AAA      2008-2014   Chasen David Bradford                    
Greg Bradford        P     A+       1977-1978   Gregory Dalton Bradford                  
Jared Bradford       P     A+       2005-2011   Jared Ladell Bradford                    
Josh Bradford        P     AAA      1996-2002   Joshua W. Bradford                       
Sam Bradford         OF    AAA      2003-2005   Samuel Joseph Bradford Jr.               
Troy Bradford        P     AA       1988-1995   Troy D. Bradford                         
Vince Bradford       OF    RK       1990-1991   Vincent E. Bradford                      
Mike Bradish         1B    A+       1990-1994   Michael Patrick Bradish                  
Anthony Bradley      P     AAA      2006-2009   Anthony Stark Bradley                    
Archie Bradley       P     AAA      2011-2014   Archie N. Bradley                        
Bobby Bradley        P     AAA      1999-2005   Robert Leonard Bradley                   
Bobby Bradley        1B    Rk       2014-2014   Bobby Bradley                            
Byron Bradley        3B    A+       1990-1994   London Byron Bradley                     
Curt Bradley         2B-OF RK       2005-2007   Curt Philip Bradley                      
Dave Bradley         P     AA       1997-2006   David Michael Bradley                    
David Bradley        P     A-       1990-1991   David S. Bradley                         
Eric Bradley         P     A        1988-1990   Eric Eugene Bradley                      
Gene Bradley         P     A-       1978-1978   Gene Edward Bradley                      
Ike Bradley          C     A-       1984-1984   Ike Bradley                              
J.R. Bradley         P     A+       2010-2014   James Ray Bradley                        
Jed Bradley          P     AA       2009-2014   Jedidiah Custer Bradley                  
Kenneth Bradley      SS    RK       1992-1993   Kenneth D. Bradley                       
Lawrence Bradley     P     A+       1977-1977   Lawrence S. Bradley                      
Len Bradley          P     AAA      1979-1983   Thomas Leonard Bradley                   
Marcus Bradley       LF-CF A+       2009-2012   Marcus Bradley                           
Michael Bradley      P     RK       1978-1978   Michael George Bradley                   
Mike Bradley         P     A        1988-1991   Michael Dale Bradley                     
Otis Bradley         OF    A+       1979-1980   Otis J. Bradley                          
Paul Bradley         C     A+       1980-1985   Paul R. Bradley                          
Rick Bradley         C     AAA      1977-1979   James Richard Bradley                    
Ryan Bradley         P     AAA      2007-2014   Ryan T. Bradley                          
Wade Bradley               RK       1999-1999                                            
Chris Bradshaw       P     RK       1998-2001   Christopher S. Bradshaw                  
Craig Bradshaw       P     RK       1992-1993   Craig LaShun Bradshaw                    
David Bradshaw       P     RK       1979-1980   David N. Bradshaw                        
Kevin Bradshaw       SS    AAA      1986-1989   Kevin Ray Bradshaw                       
David Brady          OF    A+       1982-1984   David Earl Brady                         
Jimmy Brady          2B-SS AA       1977-1978   James Joseph Brady                       
Josh Brady           OF    A+       2002-2005   Joshua Taylor Brady                      
Kevin Brady          P     A        2009-2013   Kevin Michael Brady                      
Lawrence Brady       OF    A-       1985-1986   Lawrence Michael Brady                   
Michael Brady        P     AAA      2006-2014   Michael Brady                            
Michael Brady        P     RK       1993-1993                                            
Mike Brady           P     A+       1987-1992   Michael Brady                            
Mike Brady           P     A+       1988-1991   Richard Michael Brady                    
Pat Brady            2B-OF AAA      1987-2013   James Patrick Brady                      
Patrick Brady        2B    AAA      2007-2014   Patrick A. Brady                         
Sean Brady           P     A        2013-2014   Sean Brady                               
Keith Bragg          OF    A        1983-1983                                            
Sam Bragg            P     A        2012-2014   Samuel Alexander Bragg                   
Matt Bragga          3B    A        1993-1995   Matthew A. Bragga                        
Russ Brahms          P     AA       1981-1984   Russell Brahms                           
Kevin Brahney        P     A        2007-2013   Kevin Edward Brahney                     
Gary Brahs           P     AA       1983-1985   Gary W. Brahs                            
Bart Brainard        C-OF  A+       1981-1981   Bartley T. Brainard                      
Matthew Brainard     C-3B  A        1993-1994   Matthew J. Brainard                      
Greg Brake           P     AA       1984-1986   Gregory Robert Brake                     
Mark Brakebill       3B    AA       1989-1995   Mark Allen Brakebill                     
Bill Brakeley        P     A        1989-1991   William Page Brakeley                    
Jeff Braley          P     AA       1988-1993   Jeffrey Scott Braley                     
Omar Bramasco        SS    AAA      2002-2010   Leslie Omar Bramasco                     
Mike Brambilla       C     A-       1996-1997   Michael Anthony Brambilla                
Bobby Bramhall       P     AAA      2005-2013   Bobby Joe Bramhall                       
Jeff Bramlett        1B-OF A+       1995-1998   Jeffrey S. Bramlett                      
J.D. Brammer         P     AAA      1994-2000   John David Brammer                       
Barry Branam         P     A+       1981-1983   Barry Ray Branam                         
Stephen Branca       2B-3B A        2008-2013   Stephen Angelo Branca                    
Paul Branconier      P     A        1988-1991   Paul Edward Branconier                   
Cole Brand           P     Rk       2010-2012   Larry Coleman Brand                      
Kevin Brand          1B    A        2001-2005   Kevin James Brand                        
Scott Brand          P     A        1995-1998   Scott A. Brand                           
Adam Brandenburg     P     AA       2001-2009   Adam David Brandenburg                   
Landon Brandes       IF    A+       2000-2001   Landon Shale Brandes                     
James Brandhorst     P     A        2008-2011   James D. Brandhorst                      
Eric Brandon         P     A        2001-2004   Eric Todd Brandon                        
Jelani Brandon       OF-DH A        1992-1995   Jelani Z. Brandon                        
Keith Brandon        P     RK       2001-2001   Keith Brandon                            
Derek Brandow        P     AAA      1992-1997   Derek Ashley Brandow                     
Adam Brandt          P     AAA      2001-2005   Adam Kendall Brandt                      
Dale Brandt          P     A-       1993-1995   Dale A. Brandt                           
Donald Brandt        P     RK       2005-2011   Donald Brandt                            
Doug Brandt          P     AAA      2005-2010   Douglas Joshua Brandt                    
Jon Brandt           P     A-       1998-2001   Jonathan Lawrence Brandt                 
Kevin Brandt         P     AA       2009-2014   Kevin Clark Brandt                       
Kevin Brandt         OF    RK       1979-1980   Kevin J. Brandt                          
Nicholas Brandt      P     RK       1982-1982   Nicholas H. Brandt                       
Randy Brandt         OP-1B AA       1977-1978   Randy Brandt                             
Michael Brandts      3B-OF A+       1984-1987   John Michael Brandts                     
Matt Branham         P     AAA      2007-2014   Matthew E. Branham                       
Michael Branigan     C     Rk       2014-2014   Michael Branigan                         
Cooper Brannan       P     A-       2007-2009   Nels Cooper Brannan                      
Ryan Brannan         P     AAA      1996-1999   Ryan James Brannan                       
Blake Brannon        P     A+       2004-2009   Blake Remington Brannon                  
Cliff Brannon        P-OF  AA       1989-1995   Jeffrey Lawrence Brannon                 
Clint Brannon        P     A+       2002-2006   Clinton Mitchell Brannon                 
Evan Brannon         SS    A-       2001-2004   Evan Duncan Brannon                      
Leon Brannon               RK       1978-1978                                            
Nick Brannon         P     AA       1997-2005   Nicholas Bradley Brannon                 
Nolan Brannon        3B    AA       2007-2010   Nolan Boyd Brannon                       
Paul Brannon         OF    A+       1990-1993   Paul Conard Brannon                      
Tony Brannon         2B    A-       1994-1995   Tony Lee Brannon                         
Derek Brant          C     A        2004-2005   Derek J. Brant                           
Brandon Brantley     P     RK       2005-2005   Brandon Keith Brantley                   
Brian Brantley       P     AA       1998-2002   Brian Thomas Brantley                    
Cliff Brantley       IF-OF Rk       2011-2014   Cliff Brantley                           
Harold Brantley      OF    A-       2007-2010   Harold Brantley Jr.                      
Justin Brantley      P     A        2010-2014   Justin James Brantley                    
Rodney Brantley      P     RK       2004-2008   Rodney Allen Brantley                    
Stew Brase           P     A+       2008-2013   Stewart Brase                            
Justin Brashear      C     A+       2004-2008   Justin S. Brashear                       
Jimmy Brasoban       P     A        2012-2014   Yimmi Yoel Brasoban                      
Tom Brassil          SS    AAA      1981-1988   Thomas W. Brassil                        
Phil Brassington     P     A-       1993-2003   Phillip John Brassington                 
Bryan Braswell       P     AA       1995-2002   Ronald Bryan Braswell                    
Erik Bratlien        P     A        1987-1990   Erik John Bratlien                       
James Bratsen        1B    A+       1978-1978   James E. Bratsen                         
Reggie Bratton       P     RK       1980-1981   Reginald Stanford Bratton                
Scott Brattvet       P     A        2010-2014   Scott Michael Brattvet                   
Troy Brauchle        P     A-       1983-1984                                            
Ken Brauckmiller     P     A        1988-1988   Kenneth R. Brauckmiller                  
Kurt Brauckmiller    P     A+       1984-1985   Kurt L. Brauckmiller                     
Dan Brauer           P     A+       2003-2010   Daniel John Brauer                       
Jim Brauer           P     AA       2001-2007   James M. Brauer                          
Robert Brauer        OF    A        1979-1979   Robert C. Brauer                         
Matt Braughler       C     A+       1993-1998   Matthew Braughler                        
Steven Brault        P     A+       2013-2014   Steven Joseph Brault                     
Barton Braun         P     AAA      1977-1982   Barton Leonard Braun                     
Jason Braun          P     AA       2009-2012   James L. Braun                           
Randy Braun          OF    AAA      1981-1990   Randall Lynn Braun                       
Randy Braun          OF    RK       2002-2003   Randall L. Braun                         
Ron Braun            C     A-       2001-2004   Ronald Jahn Braun                        
Steven Braun         SS    A+       2005-2010   Steven Braun                             
Darek Braunecker     P     A-       1991-1996   Darek R. Braunecker                      
Jeff Brauning        SS-2B A+       1988-1990   Jeff Alan Brauning                       
Arturo Bravo         C     RK       2002-2002   Arturo Bravo                             
Daniel Bravo         SS    A-       2013-2014   Jose Daniel Bravo                        
Danny Bravo          IF    AAA      1996-2009   Danny Alain Bravo                        
Edgar Bravo          P     RK       2001-2001   Edgar A. Bravo                           
Franklin Bravo       P     A+       1996-2000   Franklin Bravo                           
Jon Bravo            P     A        2008-2011   Jon Mikel Bravo                          
Luis Bravo           OF    AA       1979-1983   Luis J. Bravo                            
Wuillys Bravo        P     RK       2006-2007   Wuillys Anibal Bravo                     
Glen Braxton         OF    A+       1985-1989   Glenn Dell Braxton                       
Aaron Bray           IF    A        2006-2010   Aaron Bray                               
Chris Bray           P     A+       1995-1999   Christopher Todd Bray                    
Colin Bray           OF    A        2012-2014   Colin Hugh Bray                          
Jake Bray            P     Rk       2013-2013   Jacob Dean Bray                          
Notorris Bray        OF    A        1994-1995   Notorris J. Bray                         
Scott Bray           P     RK       1989-1989   David Scott Bray                         
Steve Bray           P     AAA      2000-2010   Stephen Matthew Bray                     
Tyler Bray           P     A        2013-2014   Tyler Scott Bray                         
Juan Brayan          OF    RK       1977-1978   Juan Brayan                              
Ross Brayton         C     AA       2007-2011   Roswell Brayton                          
David Brazeal        C     A        1996-2000   David Spencer Brazeal                    
Ronald Brazeal       P     RK       1977-1977   Ronald R. Brazeal                        
Landon Brazell       P     A        2001-2006   Landon C. Brazell                        
Ted Brazell          OF    AA       1977-1979   Ted William Brazell                      
Matt Brazis          P     AA       2009-2014   Matthew Edward Brazis                    
Candy Brazoban             RK       1993-1993   Candido Brazoban                         
Domingo Brazoban     P     Rk       2012-2012   Domingo Yonelly Brazoban                 
Gustavo Brazoban     P     RK       2013-2013   Gustavo Leandro Brazoban                 
Huascar Brazoban     P     A+       2013-2014   Huascar Brazoban                         
Jose Brazoban        P     RK       1999-2005   Jose Brazoban (Ferreira)                 
Jose Brazoban        P     A        2012-2012   Jose Felix Brazoban                      
Luis Brazoban        3B-2B RK       1982-1982   Luis Brazoban                            
Melvin Brazoban      P     A        1997-1999   Melvin A. Brazoban                       
Yeudy Brazoban       OF    RK       2009-2010   Yeudy Rafael Brazoban                    
Donald Brazzell            A+       1977-1980                                            
Ariel Brea           P     A-       2008-2009   Ariel Brea                               
Juan Brea            C     RK       1993-1993   Juan A. Brea (Reyes)                     
Julio Brea           P     RK       1990-1990   Julio Cesar Brea                         
Manuel Brea          OF    RK       2005-2005   Manuel Emilio Brea                       
Vincente Brea              RK       1992-1993                                            
Daniel Bream         P     Rk       2011-2012   Daniel Bream                             
Doug Bream           1B    A-       2008-2012   Douglas Mitchell Bream                   
Scott Bream          SS    AAA      1989-1998   Scott Bream                              
Tyler Bream          1B    A-       2009-2012   Tyler Douglass Bream                     
Kyle Breault         SS    RK       2009-2009   Kyle D. Breault                          
Zack Breault         P     A-       2008-2012   Zachary Thomas Breault                   
Greg Breaux          2B    RK       1988-1988                                            
John Brebbia         P     A+       2009-2013   John Fulboam Brebbia                     
Alan Brech           P     A        2004-2007   Alan Gregory Brech                       
Tim Brechbuehler     P     A        2011-2013   Timothy N. Brechbuehler                  
Mike Brecht          P     AA       1981-1985   Michael Lee Brecht                       
Joseph Breeden             A+       1979-1980   Joseph Thomas Breeden Iii                
Jeff Breedlove       P     RK       2006-2009   Jeff Breedlove                           
Lance Breedlove      P     A        2009-2013   Lance Joseph Breedlove                   
Larry Breedlove      3B    AA       1985-1987   Larry R. Breedlove                       
Christopher Breen    1B    A-       2012-2014   Christopher Allen Breen                  
Jared Breen          SS    A        2010-2014   Jared T. Breen                           
Patrick Breen        OF    AA       2001-2009   Patrick Robert Breen                     
Derek Brehm          P     RK       2000-2004   Derek Stevens Brehm                      
Aaron Breit          P     AA       2006-2011   Aaron Richard Breit                      
Mark Breitenbach     P     A        1977-1978   Mark P. Breitenbach                      
Karl Breitenbucher   P     A        1987-1989   Karl Richard Breitenbucher               
Keith Breitenstein   P     A+       1994-1999   Keith Alan Breitenstein                  
Tyler Bremer         P     A+       2009-2014   Tyler James Bremer                       
Jaime Brena          2B-SS AAA      2000-2013   Jaime N. Brena                           
Thomas Brendel       P     A        2008-2013   Thomas Anthony Brendel                   
Todd Brenizer        P     AAA      1977-1977   Todd Roland Brenizer                     
Michael Brenly       C     AAA      2006-2014   Michael Robert Brenly                    
Brandon Brennan      P     A+       2011-2014   Brandon S. Brennan                       
Chris Brennan        P     A        2003-2006   Chris Matthew Brennan                    
Ed Brennan           SS    RK       1982-1982   Edward Francis Brennan                   
Jackson Brennan      1B-OF A+       2003-2008   Jackson A. Brennan                       
Jim Brennan          P     A+       1987-1987   James F. Brennan                         
Shawn Brennan        P     RK       1992-1994   Shawn Patrick Brennan                    
Floyd Brennecke      SS    RK       1978-1978   Floyd Brennecke                          
Thomas Brennen             A        1979-1981                                            
Mike Brenner         OF    A        1989-1989   Michael A. Brenner                       
Jacob Brentz         P     Rk       2013-2014   Jacob Steven Brentz                      
Richard Breshears    P     RK       2004-2005   Glenn Richard Breshears                  
Gerard Breslin       P     RK       2004-2007   Gerard Breslin                           
Michael Breslin      P     A-       1980-1983   Michael T. Breslin                       
Dave Bresnahan       C     AA       1984-1987   David Joseph Bresnahan                   
Pat Bresnahan        P     AA       2004-2012   Patrick Jeremiah Bresnahan               
Raymond Bresnahan    2B    A+       1978-1980   Raymond Francis Bresnahan                
Bob Bresnen          P     A+       1977-1980   Robert J. Bresnen                        
C.J. Bressoud        C     A+       2004-2010   Charles J. Bressoud                      
Jason Brester        P     AA       1995-2005   Jason Scott Brester                      
Beau Brett           1B    RK       2009-2011   Beau Brett                               
Jason Brett          SS    A+       1997-2000   Jason William Brett                      
Russ Brett           3B    AA       1977-1980   Russell Henry Brett                      
Ryan Brett           2B    AA       2010-2014   Ryan D. Brett                            
Jimmy Brettl         P     A-       2003-2007   James J. Brettl                          
Bob Bretwisch        OP    RK       1988-1988   Robert D. Bretwisch                      
Mike Bretz           P     RK       1976-1980   Michael Bretz                            
James Breuer         1B-OF A+       1993-1995   Gerald L. Berteotti                      
Ron Brevell          P     A+       1985-1988   Ronald J. Brevell                        
Anthony Brewer       OF    A        2000-2003   Anthony D. Brewer                        
Anthony Brewer       OF    AAA      1980-1985   Anthony Bruce Brewer                     
Blake Brewer         P     A-       2008-2011   Blake A. Brewer                          
Brad Brewer          SS    A        1997-1998   Brad A. Brewer                           
Brandon Brewer       SS-2B A+       2008-2012   Brandon Wayne Brewe                      
Brent Brewer         SS    AA       2006-2010   Brent Edison Brewer                      
Brian Brewer         P     AA       1993-1997   Brian P. Brewer                          
Caleb Brewer         P     A+       2007-2013   Caleb Brewer                             
Chase Brewer         P     A-       2009-2012   Chase Ryan Brewer                        
Clint Brewer         P     A        1997-2000   Clint Walter Brewer                      
Colten Brewer        P     A-       2012-2013   Colten B. Brewer                         
Dan Brewer           OF    AAA      2006-2013   Daniel E. Brewer                         
Doug Brewer          OF    A        1993-1995   Douglas B. Brewer                        
Dustin Brewer        P     RK       1998-2000   Dustin Matthew Brewer                    
Jace Brewer          SS    AAA      1999-2007   Jace Adam Brewer                         
Jeff Brewer          P     A+       1983-1985   Jeffrey Plant Brewer                     
Jeff Brewer          P     A        2002-2006   Jeffrey Alan Brewer                      
Matt Brewer          OF    A+       1989-1992   Matthew Scott Brewer                     
Matthew Brewer             RK       2006-2006                                            
Mudcat Brewer        OF    A-       1992-1997   Buford M. Brewer                         
Nevin Brewer         P     AA       1993-1999   Nevin Albert Brewer                      
Omar Brewer          OF    A+       1987-1988   Omar Brewer                              
Russell Brewer       P     A+       2008-2013   Robert Russell Brewer                    
Ryan Brewer          P     AAA      1995-1999   Ryan David Brewer                        
Stan Brewer          P     A        1982-1983   Stanley Michael Brewer                   
T.J. Brewer          P     AAA      2004-2009   Thomas James Brewer                      
Tadd Brewer          2B    A+       2003-2008   Tadd Aaron Brewer                        
Mike Brewington      OF    A+       1986-1991   Michael Anthony Brewington               
Ben Brewster         P     A+       2011-2014   Benjamin Woolverton Brewster             
Derek Brewster       P     A-       2001-2002   Derek James Brewster                     
Jon Brewster         SS    RK       2001-2005   Jonathon Douglas Brewster                
Richard Brewster     2B    AA       1977-1980   Richard C. Brewster                      
Travis Brewster      OF    Rk       2014-2014   Travis Edward Brewster                   
Josh Brey            P     A+       1999-2010   Josh A. Brey                             
Daniel Brezeale      SS    A        2004-2007   Daniel Scott Brezeale                    
Billy Brian          P     A        1999-2003   William Thomas Brian Jr                  
Braden Brian         C     A-       1986-1987   Braden Thomas Brian                      
Austin Brice         P     A+       2010-2014   Austin Robert Brice                      
Thomas Brice         OF    A+       2002-2006   Thomas Robert Brice                      
Endrys Briceno       P     A+       2011-2014   Endrys Eduardo Briceno                   
Jose Briceno         C     A        2012-2014   Jose Manuel Briceno                      
Pablo Briceno        P     RK       1999-1999   Pablo Briceno                            
Rafael Briceno       P     A        2011-2014   Rafael Segundo Briceno                   
Craig Bricker        P     RK       1979-1979   Craig G. Bricker                         
Bryan Brickhouse     P     A        2012-2014   William Bryan Brickhouse                 
Christian Bridenbaugh P     A+       1998-2001   Christian D. Bridenbaugh                 
Brandon Bridgers     OF    A+       1991-1995   Brandon T. Bridgers                      
Bradford Bridges     P     RK       1990-1990   Bradford Lee Bridges                     
Cory Bridges         OF-3B A+       1981-1982   Cory S. Bridges                          
Donnie Bridges       P     AAA      1997-2007   Donald Wayne Bridges                     
Doug Bridges         P     A+       1996-2000   Douglas W. Bridges                       
Drew Bridges         3B-1B Rk       2013-2014   Drew Evan Bridges                        
James Bridges        P     A        1984-1985   James Edward Bridges                     
Jason Bridges        OF    A+       1988-1990   Jason Edward Bridges                     
Josh Bridges         C     A-       2002-2003   Joshua Alan Bridges                      
Kary Bridges         IF    AAA      1991-2002   William Karon Bridges                    
Tony Bridges         SS    AAA      1986-1992   Anthony Wayne Bridges-Clements           
Troy Bridges         P     RK       1982-1982   Troy W. Bridges                          
Jody Bridwell        P     RK       2002-2002   Jody Dwayne Bridwell                     
Parker Bridwell      P     A+       2010-2014   Parker A. Bridwell                       
Coe Brier            C     A        1981-1983   Stephen Coe Brier                        
Steve Brigante       2B    RK       1980-1980                                            
Anthony Briggs       P     AAA      1994-2001   Anthony Michael Briggs                   
David Briggs         3B    A        1988-1989   David D. Briggs                          
Ken Briggs           OF    AA       1982-1984   Kenneth Gerald Briggs                    
Ken Briggs           C     A+       1989-1995   Kenneth M. Briggs                        
Stoney Briggs        OF    AAA      1991-2004   William Percell Briggs                   
Jake Brigham         P     AAA      2006-2014   Jacob Daniel Brigham                     
Jeff Brigham         P     Rk       2011-2014   Jeffrey John Brigham                     
Adam Bright          P     AA       2003-2009   Adam James Bright                        
Brian Bright         OF    A+       1991-1994   Brian S. Bright                          
David Bright         P     RK       1979-1979   David A. Bright                          
Donald Bright              AAA      1978-1978                                            
Glenn Bright         P     AAA      1977-1977   Glen Donald Bright                       
Nathan Bright        P     A        1999-2004   Nathan Allen Bright                      
Thomas Bright        IF    A        1977-1977   Thomas B. Bright                         
Junior Brignac       OF    AA       1996-2009   James Michael Brignac                    
Paxton Briley        P     A-       1990-1992   Paxton H. Briley                         
Tyler Brilinski      IF    AAA      1985-1989   Tyler Allen Brilinski                    
Clint Brill          C     A        1981-1983   Clinton Wells Brill                      
Tim Brill            OF    AA       1977-1979   Timothy Miles Brill                      
Todd Brill           P     A+       1987-1988   Todd Andrew Brill                        
Zach Brill           P     Rk       2013-2013   Zachary Brill                            
Cecil Brim           OF    RK       1982-1982   Cecil L. Brim                            
Brad Brimhall        P     A+       1989-1992   Bradley Todd Brimhall                    
Mark Brincks         P     A+       1992-1996   Mark D. Brincks                          
Adrian Bringas       2B-3B Rk       2010-2013   Adrian Bringas                           
Stewart Bringhurst   P-C   A        1978-1978   Stewart John Bringhurst                  
Craig Brink          P     A-       1986-1988   Craig Michael Brink                      
Jim Brink            P     AAA      1995-2003   James William Brink                      
Jordan Brink         P     Rk       2012-2014   Jordan Michael Brink                     
Dante Brinkley       OF    AAA      2001-2008   Dante R. Brinkley                        
Darryl Brinkley      OF    AAA      1994-2009   Darryl Maurice Brinkley                  
Greg Brinkley        OF    A        1985-1985                                            
Josh Brinkley        2B    AA       1993-2003   Joshua Ryan Brinkley                     
Greg Brinkman        P     AA       1984-1989   Gregory W. Brinkman                      
Hugh Brinson         P     AA       1983-1988   Hugh Arden Brinson                       
Lewis Brinson        OF    A+       2012-2014   Lewis Lamont Brinson                     
Matt Brinson         1B    A-       2001-2003   Matthew Bennett Brinson                  
Morgan Brinson       P     A-       2005-2008   Morgan J. Brinson                        
Chris Briones        C     AA       1992-2003   Christopher Briones                      
Steve Brisbin        C     AA       1977-1977   Steven G. Brisbin                        
Jamie Brisco         P     AA       1983-1988   Jamie Dale Brisco                        
Janos Briscoe        P     A+       1992-1995   Janos M. Briscoe                         
Keaton Briscoe       3B    A        2012-2013   Keaton L. Briscoe                        
Markus Brisker       P     A        2008-2013   Markus J. Brisker                        
Jason Brissey        SS    A+       1994-1997   Jason C. Brissey                         
Dustin Brisson       1B    AA       1997-2004   Dustin C. Brisson                        
Bubby Brister        SS    RK       1981-1981   Walter Andrew Brister III                
Justin Bristow       P     A        2006-2011   Justin Taylor Bristow                    
Rich Bristow         P     A        1988-1991   Richard David Bristow                    
Adan Brito           SS    RK       1984-1985   Adan N. Brito                            
Alen Brito           SS    RK       1997-1997   Alen Brito                               
Angel Brito          1B    A        2003-2003   Angel Stiwar Brito                       
Antony Brito         SS    RK       2013-2013   Antony Brito                             
Anyelo Brito         SS    RK       2001-2001   Anyelo P. Brito                          
Bobby Brito          C     RK       1996-1996   Bobby E. Brito                           
Bryan Brito          2B-3B A+       2010-2014   Bryan Coradin Brito                      
Claudio Brito        3B-SS RK       1977-1978   Claudio E. Brito                         
Diolis Brito         OF    RK       1994-1994   Diolis Brito                             
Domingo Brito        SS    A+       1994-1996   Domingo A. Brito                         
Enrique Brito        2B    RK       1979-1979   Enrique J. Brito                         
Francisco Brito      SS    A-       1988-1990   Francisco Aquito Brito                   
Frankely Brito       P     RK       2013-2013   Frankely Brito                           
Henry Brito          OF    A-       2002-2003   Henry Oswaldo Brito                      
Ismael Brito         P     Rk       2013-2014   Ismael Brito                             
Javier Brito         1B    AAA      2003-2012   Javier J. Brito                          
Jeanfred Brito       2B    A        2007-2008   Jeanfred Javier Brito                    
Jesus Brito          P     A        2009-2011   Jesus Manuel Brito                       
Joel Brito           P     RK       2003-2004   Joel D. Brito                            
Jose Brito           P     RK       2000-2000   Jose Brito (Angustia)                    
Jose Brito           P     RK       2003-2005   Jose Roman Brito                         
Jose Brito           P     AAA      1977-1985   Jose Oscar Brito                         
Jose Brito           P     A        2012-2014   Jose Brito                               
Jose Brito           P     RK       2013-2013   Jose Francisco Brito (Rosa)              
Juan Brito           P     A        1995-2000   Juan A. Brito                            
Justo Brito          C     RK       1999-1999   Justo Reyes Brito                        
Kristian Brito       1B    A-       2012-2014   Kristian Brito                           
Luis Brito           SS    RK       1977-1977   Luis D. Brito                            
Luis Brito           P     A        2003-2005   Luis E. Brito                            
Luis Brito           SS    AAA      1989-1998   Luis Alberto Brito (Santana)             
Luis Brito           OF    RK       2013-2013   Luis Reynaldo Brito                      
Malquiel Brito       OF    A-       2012-2013   Malquiel Brito (Manon)                   
Mario Brito          P     AAA      1986-2000   Mario Dionisio Brito                     
Miguel Brito         3B-1B Rk       2013-2013   Andres Miguel Brito                      
Modesto Brito        P     RK       1985-1985   Modesto F. Brito                         
Obispo Brito         C     A+       1998-2002   Obispo Brito                             
Ruben Brito                A        1978-1979                                            
Sandy Brito          OF    Rk       2013-2013   Sandy Brito                              
Socrates Brito       OF    A+       2011-2014   Socrates Orel Brito                      
Tulio Brito                A-       1984-1984                                            
Yorbis Brito         P     RK       1998-1998   Yorbis Brito                             
Ysaias Brito         P     RK       1986-1987   Ysaias Brito (Casonavas)                 
Bryan Britt          OF    A+       1994-2003   Ronnie Bryan Britt                       
Daniel Britt         P     A        2007-2012   Daniel Christopher Britt                 
Doug Britt           P     AA       1977-1982   Douglas Richard Britt                    
Ken Britt            P     A-       1990-1993                                            
Mickey Britt         P     A+       1978-1981   Michael Britt                            
Pat Britt            C     A+       1985-1988   Patrick William Britt                    
Robert Britt         OF    A+       1987-1988   Robert Joseph Britt                      
Wes Britt            P     RK       1982-1982   John Wesley Britt                        
Grant Brittain       2B    A+       1989-1992    Christopher Grant Brittain              
Corey Brittan        P     AAA      1995-2003   Corey Wayne Brittan                      
James Brittman       1B    RK       1981-1982   James R. Brittman                        
Buck Britton         2B-OF AAA      2006-2014   Buchanan Clyde Britton                   
Dwight Britton       IF    AA       2007-2010   Dwight Elry Britton                      
Phillip Britton      C     AAA      2005-2011   Phillip M. Britton                       
Dustin Brixey        P     AA       1993-1997   Dustin Brixey                            
Seth Brizek          SS    A-       1993-1995   Seth Charles Brizek                      
Jose Brizuela        3B    A-       2012-2014   Jose Brizuela                            
Ryan Brnardic        P     RK       2003-2008   Ryan Brnardic                            
Donald Broach        OF    AA       1993-2000   Donald E. Broach                         
Scott Broadfoot      P     A+       1987-1989   Scott D. Broadfoot                       
Tom Broadwater       P     RK       1988-1989   Thomas Broadwater                        
Larry Broadway       IF    AAA      2000-2009   Larry Lee Broadway                       
Mike Broadway        P     AAA      2005-2014   Michael A. Broadway                      
Richard Broas        P     A-       1977-1977   Richard S. Broas                         
Eric Broberg         P     RK       2007-2008   Eric Broberg                             
Russell Brocato      P     A-       2001-2005   Russell W. Brocato                       
Caleb Brock          C     AA       2001-2006   Caleb Rudolph Brock                      
Dale Brock           OF    A        1977-1977   Dale N. Brock                            
Danny Brock          1B    A-       2009-2011   Daniel Duran Brock                       
Dylan Brock          P     Rk       2013-2013   Dylan E. Brock                           
Eric Brock           IF    A+       1983-1984   Eric L. Brock                            
J.J. Brock           SS    AA       1996-1999   John Roy Brock                           
Jermaine Brock       OF    A-       2004-2008   Jermaine Anthony Brock                   
Jerry Brock          P     A+       1988-1990   Donald Jerry Brock                       
Joe Brock            1B    A+       1980-1981                                            
Joe Brock            OF-1B A+       1980-1982   Joseph P. Brock                          
Kenneth Brock        P     RK       2004-2004   Kenneth E. Brock                         
Kyle Brock                 A-       1985-1986                                            
Norm Brock           OF    AA       1983-1989   Norman Lee Brock                         
Reggie Brock         OF-2B RK       1987-1987   Reginald Brock                           
Russ Brock           P     AAA      1989-1996   Russell A. Brock                         
Tanner Brock         P     RK       1998-2002   Tanner Ashdown Brock                     
Todd Brock           SS    A+       1999-2005   Matthew Todd Brock                       
Tom Brock            OF    A        1988-1988   Thomas J. Brock                          
Andrew Brockett      P     A        2011-2014   Andrew Lee Brockett                      
Mike Brocki          IF    AA       1985-1995   Mike Brocki                              
David Brockman       P     A-       2001-2002   David F. Brockman                        
Cael Brockmeyer      C     AAA      2011-2014   Cael Brockmeyer                          
Kevin Brockway       P     A-       1986-1986   Kevin S. Brockway                        
Donald Brodell       OF    A        1977-1977   Donald N. Brodell                        
Sean Broderick       IF    A        1987-1990   Sean M. Broderick                        
Claude Brodeur       P     A-       1980-1981   Claude Brodeur                           
Joash Brodin         1B    A+       2008-2013   Joash David Brodin                       
Daniel Brodsky       C     RK       1984-1984   Daniel Brodsky                           
Howie Brodsky        OF    A-       1980-1981   Howard Brodsky                           
Greg Brody           IF    Rk       2011-2014   Greg Brody                               
Eric Broersma        P     AAA      1978-1987   Eric Adrian Broersma                     
Jeff Brohm           SS    A-       1990-1991   Jeffrey Scott Brohm                      
Thomas Brokop        P     A+       1979-1980   Thomas D. Brokop                         
Owen Brolsma         P     A        2004-2009   Owen R. Brolsma                          
David Bromberg       P     AAA      2006-2014   David Kelly Bromberg                     
Scott Bromby         P     A        1984-1989   Scott Lyle Bromby                        
Norm Bromley         IF    A-       1987-1987   Norman Alan Bromley                      
Steve Bronder        P     A+       2003-2006   Stephen M. Bronder                       
Bill Bronikowski     C     A-       1994-1997   William J. Bronkowski                    
Scott Bronowicz      C     A+       1997-2001   Scott Bronowicz                          
Ben Bronson          OF    A+       1996-1997   Benjamin James Bronson                   
Evan Bronson         P     AAA      2006-2011   Evan M. Bronson                          
Andrew Brookens      2B    A-       1991-1991   Andrew Michael Brookens                  
Casey Brookens       P     A+       1993-1998   Casey Ike Brookens                       
Tim Brookens         OF    AA       1977-1978   Timothy Dale Brookens                    
Ryan Brookman        P     A        1999-2000   Ryan S. Brookman                         
Aaron Brooks         P     A        2011-2014   Aaron J. Brooks                          
Ali Brooks           SS-OF A-       1996-1997   Ali Malik Brooks                         
Anthony Brooks       SS    A        1996-1999   Anthony Jerome Brooks                    
Antone Brooks        P     AAA      1995-2001   Antone Toriano Brooks                    
Beau Brooks          P     AAA      2006-2011   Beau Darryl Brooks                       
Billy Brooks         P     A+       1983-1988   Billy Todd Brooks                        
Bradley Brooks       1B-P  RK       1989-1989   Bradley L. Brooks                        
Brian Brooks         P     AA       1986-1990   Brian Todd Brooks                        
Conor Brooks         P     AA       1997-2005   Conor Patrick Brooks                     
Craig Brooks         OF    AAA      1978-1984   Craig Eugene Brooks                      
Damon Brooks         OF    A-       1986-1987   Damon Edward Brooks                      
Deshaun Brooks       3B    A-       2007-2008   Deshaun J. Brooks                        
Desmond Brooks       C     A+       1983-1987   Desmond B. Brooks                        
Doc Brooks           OF    AA       1999-2008   Cedrick Bernard Brooks                   
Douglas Brooks       P     A        2006-2009   Douglas Patrick Brooks                   
Dylan Brooks         P     Rk       2013-2014   Dylan G. Brooks                          
Eddie Brooks         3B-2B A+       1993-1997   Eddie S. Brooks                          
Eric Brooks          P     AAA      2010-2014   Eric Matthew Brooks                      
Eric Brooks          C     AAA      1988-1998   Eric Eugene Brooks                       
Gavin Brooks         P     A-       2007-2010   Gavin Lee Brooks                         
Jake Brooks          P     AAA      1998-2007   Jacob C. Brooks                          
James Brooks         3B-SS A-       2009-2012   James Brooks                             
Jeff Brooks          1B-3B A+       1997-2006   Jeffrey Shawn Brooks                     
Keith Brooks         OF    A+       1978-1979   Keith Howard Brooks                      
Kevin Brooks         OF    A+       1986-1988   Kevin Brooks                             
Michael Brooks       2B-3B A+       1981-1982   Michael Donald Brooks                    
Michael Brooks       P     A+       1977-1977   Michael L.  Brooks                       
Monte Brooks         OF    A+       1987-1990   Monte L. Brooks                          
Parker Brooks        2B    A+       2003-2007   Parker Phillip Brooks                    
Patrick Brooks       SS    RK       2005-2011   Patrick Brooks                           
Ramy Brooks          C     AAA      1990-1998   Raymond M. Brooks                        
Ricky Brooks         P     AAA      2004-2012   Richard A. Brooks                        
Robert Brooks        SS    RK       2008-2012   Robert E. Brooks                         
Robert Brooks        P     A        1979-1981   Robert W. Brooks                         
Rod Brooks           P     A        1985-1989   Rodney L. Brooks                         
Samuel Brooks              RK       1983-1985                                            
Steven Brooks        LF-RF RK       2008-2011   Steven Brooks                            
Trey Brooks          2B    AAA      1981-1986   Fred George Brooks                       
Wes Brooks           P     AA       1992-2000   Wesley Allen Brooks                      
Wyatt Brooks         P     A        1995-1997   Wyatt Harrington Brooks                  
Chase Brookshire     P     A        2010-2014   Michael Chase Brookshire                 
Corey Broome         C     A        1992-1994   Corey D. Broome                          
Curtis Broome        P     A+       1991-1996   Curtis Broome                            
John Broome          P     A+       1993-1997   John E. Broome                           
Kimberly Broome      P     A-       1989-1989   John Kimberly Broome                     
Mark Broome          3B    RK       2004-2004   Mark A. Broome                           
E.J. Brophy          C     AAA      1990-1995   William Earl Brophey                     
Kevin Brophy         P     RK       2004-2007   Kevin Matthew Brophy                     
Martin Brophy        C     A-       1980-1981   Martin J. Brophy                         
Eric Brosam          1B    RK       1996-1998   Eric Michael Brosam                      
Brandon Brosher      OF    Rk       2013-2014   Brandon James Brosher                    
Garrett Broshuis     P     AAA      2001-2009   Garrett Ray Broshuis                     
Frank Brosious       P     AA       1981-1984                                            
Tyler Brosius        P     A        2013-2014   Tyler James Brosius                      
Bobby Brosnahan      P     A-       2010-2013   Robert Brosnahan                         
Jason Brosnan        P     AAA      1989-2002   Jason Daniel Brosnan                     
Rick Brosseau        IF    A+       1998-2002   Richard F. Brosseau                      
Jay Brossman         1B-3B AA       2004-2011   Jay Aaron Brossman                       
Jeremy Brostrom      OF    A        2001-2003   Jeremy D. Brostrom                       
Hunter Brothers      P     Rk       2012-2014   Hunter Brothers                          
John Brothers        P     A+       1990-1994   John A. Brothers                         
Austin Brough        P     A+       2007-2013   Austin Charles Brough                    
Jay Broughton        P     A-       2006-2011   Matthew Jay Broughton                    
Dave Brous           P     A+       2000-2002   David Lawerance Brous                    
Colby Broussard      P     Rk       2009-2012   Colby M. Broussard                       
Geoff Broussard      P     A+       2009-2013   Geoffrey A. Broussard                    
Joe Broussard        P-IF  Rk       2011-2014   Joseph Neville Broussard                 
Ryan Broussard       2B    A+       2009-2011   Ryan Broussard                           
Woodrow Broussard    P     A        1984-1985   Woodrow W. Broussard                     
Dennis Brow          OF-1B A+       1986-1989   Steve Dennis Brow                        
Cam Browder          OF    RK       1989-1993   Cameron Stephen Browder                  
George Browder       C     RK       1988-1988   George C. Browder Jr.                    
Richard Browe        OF    RK       1986-1986                                            
Ronald Brower        1B    RK       1978-1978                                            
A.B. Brown                 A        1991-1991                                            
Aaron Brown          RF    A        2012-2014   Aaron Joshua Brown                       
Aaron Brown          P     A-       2005-2008   Aaron Joseph Brown                       
Adam Brown           C     AAA      1986-1995   Adam Cary Brown                          
Alvin Brown          P     AAA      1989-2000   Alvin Ray Brown                          
Andrew Brown         P     A+       2009-2014   Andrew Brown                             
Andy Brown           OF    AA       1998-2005   Andrew Kyle Brown                        
Anthony Brown        IF-OF A-       1989-1990                                            
Armann Brown         OF    AA       1992-1997   Armann Andre Brown                       
Billy Brown          OF    A+       1996-2005   William J. Brown                         
Blake Brown          OF    A+       2010-2014   Blake E. Brown                           
Bo Brown             SS    A        2004-2007   Terrance David Brown                     
Bobby Brown          OF    AA       1977-1979   Robert R. Brown                          
Bobby Brown          OF    A-       1996-2005   Robert Brown                             
Brandon Brown        C     A+       2010-2013   Brandon Arthur Brown                     
Brandon Brown        2B    A        2009-2012   Brandon Brown                            
Breland Brown        LF-CF RK       2009-2011   Breland Brown                            
Brent Brown          P     RK       2001-2003   Brent Joseph Brown                       
Brett Brown          P     A+       1995-1995   Brett M. Brown                           
Brian Brown          OF    A-       1978-1978   Brian J. Brown                           
Brian Brown          P     A        1981-1984   Brian N. Brown                           
Bryan Brown          OF    AA       1991-1993                                            
Bryan Brown          SS    A        2005-2008   Bryan Brown                              
Casey Brown          P     A-       2001-2004   Casey Lynn Brown                         
Chad Brown           P     AAA      1992-1998   Chad Roger Brown                         
Charles Brown              RK       1988-1988                                            
Charlie Brown        P     AA       1992-1997   Charles Jeffrey Brown                    
Chris Brown          1B    A        2004-2006   Christopher Steven Brown                 
Chris Brown          P     A-       1997-2003   Christopher Lee Brown                    
Cory Brown           P     A+       1992-1997   Cory L. Brown                            
Craig Brown          OF    AA       1981-1987   Samuel Craig Brown                       
Craig Brown          P     A-       1995-1999   Craig R. Brown                           
Curtis Brown               A-       2003-2003                                            
D.J. Brown           P     A+       2010-2014   Dennis John Brown                        
Dale Brown           P     A-       1980-1980   Dale L. Brown                            
Dan Brown            P     A-       1989-1989   Daniel Brown                             
Dan Brown            P     AA       1990-1997   Daniel R. Brown                          
Dana Brown           OF    AA       1988-1991   Dana Allen Brown                         
Daniel Brown         P     A+       1977-1977   Daniel P. Brown                          
Daren Brown          P     AA       1989-1999   Daren Dwayne Brown                       
Darold Brown         P     AA       1993-2001   Darold Timothy Brown                     
Darrius Brown        P     RK       2002-2003   Darrius Lavar Brown                      
David Brown          P     A-       1989-1989   David A. Brown                           
Dawson Brown         P     Rk       2012-2014   Dawson Brown                             
Dee Brown            OF    AA       2002-2010   Willie Dee Brown                         
Derek Brown          P     AAA      1994-2003   Derek K. Brown                           
Deshon Brown         OF    RK       1992-1992   Deshon Brown                             
Dickie Brown         P     AA       1990-1997   Clarence Tyrell Brown                    
Don Brown            SS    AA       1985-1990   Don Alton Brown                          
Drew M. Brown        SS    RK       1994-1994   Drew M. Brown                            
Duane Brown          P     A+       1988-1999   Clinton Duane Brown                      
Dylan Brown          LF    A-       2007-2011   Dylan T. Brown                           
Elliot Brown         P     AAA      1997-2003   Elliot Ernest Gerard Brown               
Eric Brown           P     RK       1982-1982   Eric L. Brown                            
Eric Brown           OF    A+       1995-2003   Eric G. Brown                            
Eric Brown           P     A        2008-2012   Eric Michael Brown                       
Eric Brown           P     AAA      1998-2003   Eric Michael Brown                       
Eric Brown           P     A+       2013-2013   Eric Brown                               
Eric Brown           P     AA       2003-2009   Eric Richard Brown                       
Ernie Brown          P     A-       1990-1991   Ernest Wesley Brown                      
Fred Brown           P     RK       1988-1988   Fred Fitzgerald Brown                    
Gavin Brown          OF    A        1994-1997   Gavin Kyle Brown                         
Geoff Brown          P     A+       2008-2014   Geoff Brown                              
George Brown         P     A+       2005-2010   George Brown                             
Graeme Brown         P     RK       1997-1999   Graeme Brown                             
Greg Brown           P     AA       1991-1994   Gregory Joseph Brown                     
Gregory Brown              A        1978-1978                                            
Gregory Brown        C     AA       2003-2007   Gregory Brown                            
Hunter Brown         3B    AAA      2001-2006   Andrew Hunter Brown                      
Ira Brown            P     A        2001-2005   Ira Demond Brown                         
Isaiah Brown         OF    A-       2009-2010   Isaiah Brown                             
J.B. Brown           2B    A+       2008-2013   James B. Brown                           
Jake Brown           P     AA       2007-2013   Jacob A. Brown                           
Jake Brown           SS    A+       2009-2013   Jake Rawlin Brown                        
Jared Brown          P     RK       2005-2007   Jared V. Brown                           
Jarrett Brown        P     Rk       2012-2014   Jarrett Brown                            
Jason Brown          C     AAA      1994-2008   Jason Alan Brown                         
Javier Brown         SS-OF RK       1988-2000   Javier Lamar Brown                       
Javier Brown         SS    RK       2008-2010   Javier Lamar Brown                       
Jeff Brown           OF    AAA      1985-1988   Jeffrey D. Brown                         
Jeff L. Brown        OF    AA       1982-1987                                            
Jeffery Brown              A        1979-1980                                            
Jeffrey Brown        1B    AAA      1984-1985   Jeffery Maurice Brown                    
Jeffrey Brown        P     AAA      1990-1995   Jeffrey Keith Brown                      
Jeffrey Brown        OF    AAA      1978-1984   Jeffrey Lynn Brown                       
Jeremy Brown         OF    AAA      2005-2007   Jeremy Segundo Brown                     
Jeremy Brown         P     RK       2001-2004   Jeremy Wayne Brown                       
Jerome Brown         SS    RK       1994-1996   Jerome D. Brown                          
Jimmy Brown          IF    A-       1989-1991   Jimmy Brown                              
Justin Brown         P     A        2000-2005   Justin Lane Brown                        
Keith Brown          OF-1B A        1979-1980   Keith H. Brown                           
Keith Brown          P     A+       1994-1995                                            
Kelly Brown          P     RK       1982-1982   Kelly I. Brown                           
Kelson Brown         1B-2B AA       2007-2014   Kelson U. Brown                          
Ken Brown            IF    A-       1981-1983   Kenneth S. Brown                         
Ken Brown            SS    A+       1987-1988   Kenneth Henry Brown                      
Kent Brown           OF    RK       1996-1997   Kent A. Brown                            
Kevin Brown          IF    A+       1998-2004   Kevin Robert Brown                       
Kevin Brown          P     AA       1983-1986   Kevin Andrew Brown                       
Kevin Brown          P     RK       1991-1995   Kevin Brown                              
Kevin Brown                RK       1992-1993                                            
Kevin Brown          OF    AA       2010-2014   Kevin Brown                              
Kurt Brown           OF    AAA      1985-1991   Kurt W. Brown                            
Kyle Brown           P     A+       2006-2009   Kyle R. Brown                            
Kyle Brown           OF    A        2001-2005   Kyle R. Brown                            
Larry Brown          P     AAA      1979-1984   Lawrence L. Brown                        
Larry Brown          IF    RK       2000-2002   Larry D. Brown                           
Lawrence Brown             A+       1982-1982                                            
Mark Brown           CF    Rk       2010-2012   Mark Brown                               
Matt Brown           OF    A+       2005-2011   Matthew C. Brown                         
Matt Brown           OF    A+       1999-2002   Matthew J. Brown                         
Matt Brown           C     AA       1990-1995   Matthew E. Brown                         
Michael Brown        2B-3B A+       1985-1987   James Michael Brown                      
Michael Brown        P     A+       1979-1980   Michael E. Brown                         
Michael Brown        OF    A+       1977-1977   Michael S. Brown                         
Michael Brown        P     AA       1989-1997   Michael Brown                            
Michael Brown        P     RK       1996-1998   Michael Allen Brown                      
Mike Brown           C     A+       1991-1993   Michael R. Brown                         
Mitch Brown          P     A        2012-2014   Mitchell Brown                           
Nate Brown           P     A+       1992-1997   Nathan Winfield Brown                    
Neb Brown            2B    AAA      2000-2009   Nebassett W. Brown                       
Pat Brown            OF    RK       1983-1983   Patrick T. Brown                         
Paul Brown           P     A        1999-2000   Paul Brown                               
Paul Brown           P     AA       1986-1991   Paul Kalelolani Brown                    
Randall Brown              A+       1978-1978                                            
Randy Brown          OF    RK       2005-2006   Randy Rashard Brown                      
Randy Brown          P     AA       1977-1980   Randall S. Brown                         
Randy Brown          SS    AAA      1990-2000   Randy James Brown                        
Rashad Brown         OF    A+       2012-2014   Rashad Michael Brown                     
Ray Brown            IF    AAA      1993-2005   Raymond Lawrence Brown                   
Reginald Brown       SS    RK       1988-1989   Reginald Brown                           
Renard Brown         OF    AAA      1982-1987   Renard Harrison Brown                    
Rich Brown           OF    AAA      1996-2002   Richard T. Brown                         
Richard Brown              RK       1977-1977                                            
Rick Brown           P     AA       1986-1988   Richard Norman Brown                     
Rob Brown            P     AAA      1988-1993   Robert R. Brown                          
Robert Brown         OF    A-       1985-1985   Robert P. Brown                          
Ronald Brown         IF    RK       1989-1989   Ronald J. Brown                          
Ronnie Brown         OF    AAA      1992-1998   Ronald Dennis Brown                      
Rory Brown           P     A+       1982-1983   Rory Carlton Brown                       
Rudy Brown           P     A        2009-2012   Zachary Brown                            
Rusty Brown          1B-3B A+       2001-2006   Russell Brown                            
Ryan Brown           1B    RK       2002-2009   Ryan J. Brown                            
Samuel Brown         P     A        2007-2012   Samuel Tyler Brown                       
Scott Brown          P     A        1989-1989   Jeffrey Scott Brown                      
Shane Brown          OF    AA       2007-2013   Shane Ryan Brown                         
Shawn Brown          2B    A+       1993-1995   Shawn M. Brown                           
Stacy Brown          OF    RK       1988-1989   Stacy Lavon Brown                        
Stanton Brown        OF    A        1978-1978                                            
Stephen Brown              RK       1977-1977                                            
Steve Brown          P     A-       1995-2003   Stephen Douglas Brown Iii                
Steve Brown          SS-OF RK       1984-1984   Steve Allen Brown                        
Steve Brown          OF    A+       2006-2013   Steven W. Brown                          
Tab Brown            P     A        1989-1992   Terrance Allan Brown                     
Terry Brown          OF    A+       1986-1988   Lawrence Terrance Brown                  
Terry Brown          IF    A+       1986-1989   Terence M. Brown                         
Tibor Brown          P     A-       1992-1992   Tibor Brown                              
Tighe Brown          P     AA       1995-2003   Tighe Andrew Brown                       
Tim Brown            1B    AA       2001-2009   Timothy John Brown                       
Tim Brown            P     AAA      1988-1995   Timothy Todd Brown                       
Timothy Brown              RK       1980-1980                                            
Timothy Brown        P     RK       2009-2013   Timothy Brown                            
Todd Brown           OF    AAA      1984-1990   Todd Joseph Brown                        
Todd Brown           OF    A+       1994-1995   Todd Brown                               
Tonayne Brown        OF    AA       1998-2005   Tonayne Latrez Brown                     
Tony Brown           OF    AAA      1982-1992   Anthony Lynwood Brown                    
Tony Brown           OF    A        1999-2003   Anthony Levar Brown                      
Tony Brown           LF    A+       2007-2009   Anthony B. Brown                         
Travis Brown         SS    AAA      2002-2010   Travis Richard Brown                     
Trent Brown          P     A        1996-1997   Trent E. Brown                           
Trevor Brown         C     A        1997-2005   Trevor Lee Brown                         
Trevor Brown         2B    AAA      2010-2014   Trevor Michael Brown                     
Vick Brown           2B    AAA      1993-2000   Victor L. Brown                          
Warren Brown         OF-P  A-       1977-1977   Warren C Brown                           
Waymon Brown         OF    A+       1984-1985   Waymon B. Brown                          
Will Brown           P     A-       2006-2007   William Brown IV                         
Willie Brown         P     AA       1993-1996   Willard Z. Brown                         
Willie Brown         OF    A+       1992-1995   Willie J. Brown                          
Winston Brown        OF    A        1986-1989   Winston Charles Brown                    
Zachary Brown        IF    A        2004-2008   Zachary Tyler Brown                      
Zadrian Brown        P     A        1997-1999   Zadrian D. Brown                         
Byron Browne         P     AAA      1991-1997   Byron Ellis Browne Jr.                   
James Browne         1B    RK       1985-1985   James J. Browne                          
Richard Browne       P     A+       1983-1986   Richard Browne                           
Jesse Brownell       OF    RK       2004-2006   Jesse R. Brownell                        
John Brownell        P     A-       2003-2013   John C. Brownell                         
Joe Brownholtz       P     A+       1990-1994   Joe Brownholtz                           
Matt Browning        3B    A+       2007-2011   Matthew William Browning                 
Mike Browning        P     AAA      1981-1996   Michael Eugene Browning                  
Steve Browning       C     A-       1987-1988   William Steven Browning                  
Wil Browning         P     AA       2010-2014   Wilson Charles Browning                  
John Brownlee        P     A+       1978-1978   John Arthur Brownlee                     
Paul Brownlee        SS    RK       1977-1978   Paul Brownlee                            
Bobby Brownlie       P     AAA      2000-2009   Robert M. Brownlie                       
Mike Brownstein      2B-SS AA       2006-2012   Michael A. Brownstein                    
Cory Brownsten       C     A+       2007-2013   Cory Michael Brownsten                   
Cliff Broxton        P     A-       1988-1988   John Clifford Broxton                    
Keon Broxton         OF    AA       2009-2014   Keon D. Broxton                          
Jason Broyles        P     A-       1990-1991   Jason Paul Broyles                       
Shane Broyles        P     AA       2010-2014   Shane Allen Broyles                      
Wade Broyles         P     A-       2007-2010   Michael Wade Broyles                     
Philip Brua          P     A        2011-2012   Philip Joel Brua                         
Matt Bruback         P     AAA      1998-2006   Matthew Kenneth Bruback                  
Douglas Brubaker     P     RK       2001-2003   Douglas Alan Brubaker                    
Franklin Brubaker    P     A+       1989-1990   John Franklin Brubaker                   
Bob Brucato          OF    A+       1988-1991   Robert J. Brucato                        
Andy Bruce           3B    AA       1989-1994   Andrew G. Bruce                          
Cole Bruce           IF    AA       2002-2006   Cole Ryan Bruce                          
Derek Bruce          SS    A+       2002-2007   Derek Steven Bruce                       
Mo Bruce             IF    AAA      1996-2001   Maurice DeWayne Bruce                    
Robert Bruce         OF    A+       1997-1998   Robert E. Bruce                          
Tim Bruce            P     A        1993-1994   Timothy E. Bruce                         
Tom Bruck            P     A        1989-1990   Thomas David Bruck                       
Glen Bruckner        IF    RK       1985-1988   Glen Robert Bruckner                     
Dean Brueggemann     P     AA       1996-2002   Dean J. Brueggemann                      
Jeff Brueggemann     P     AAA      1977-1980   Jeffrey Alan Brueggemann                 
Steve Brueggemann    P     A-       1985-1985   Steven John Brueggemann                  
Darin Bruehl         C     A-       1989-1989   Charles Darin Bruehl                     
Brett Bruening       P     A        2008-2014   Brett Bruening                           
Jaycob Brugman       OF    A+       2011-2014   Jaycob Brugman                           
Giancarlo Brugnoni   1B    Rk       2014-2014                                            
Reynaldo Bruguera    2B    A+       2013-2014   Reynaldo Bruguera                        
Rafael Brujan        P     RK       2006-2006   Rafael Brujan                            
Jeff Bruksch         P     AAA      1999-2006   Jeffrey Lawrence Bruksch                 
Kyle Brule           P     A-       2008-2011   Kyle Frederick Brule                     
Harvey Brumfield     OF    AA       1986-1990   Harvey Andrew Brumfield                  
Matt Brumit          P     A+       2001-2005   Matthew James Brjmit                     
Jeffrey Brummer      OF    A+       1989-1990   Jeffrey Thomas Brummer                   
Thomas Brummer       C     A+       1979-1981   Thomas Robert Brummer                    
John Brummett        C     AAA      2005-2008   John Robert Brumemtt Iii                 
Sean Brummett        P     AA       1997-2002   Sean Brummett                            
Travis Brummitt      P     A-       1997-1998   Travis C. Brummitt                       
Luis Brun            P     RK       2013-2013   Luis Manuel Brun                         
Dave Brundage        OF-P  AAA      1984-1998   David Charles Brundage                   
Tyler Brundridge     P     RK       2006-2009   Tyler Brundridge                         
Jim Brune            C     A        1987-1988   James Phillip Brune                      
Rod Brunelle         OF    A+       1985-1988   Rodney Austin Brunelle                   
Barry Brunenkant     OF    AAA      1982-1987   Stephen Barry Brunenkant                 
Clay Bruner          P     AA       1995-1999   Clayton Barrett Bruner                   
Mike Brunet          P     AAA      1997-2006   Michael Andrew Brunet                    
Joe Brunink          1B    A-       2001-2003   Joseph Lee Brunink                       
Tyler Brunnemann     P     A+       2013-2014   Tyler Brunnemann                         
Michael Brunner      C     A-       1994-1995   Michael Brunner                          
Ryan Brunner         OF    A        1998-2002   Ryan R. Brunner                          
Angelo Bruno         3B-2B A+       1983-1984   Angelo D. Bruno                          
Christopher Bruno    OF    RK       1988-1989   Christopher J. Bruno                     
Fernando Bruno       P     A        1977-1977   Fernando E. Bruno                        
Joe Bruno            P     AAA      1979-1990   Joseph Ernest Bruno                      
Julio Bruno          3B    AAA      1990-2000   Julio C. Bruno                           
Michael Bruno              A+       1982-1982                                            
Paul Bruno           C     A        1990-1991   Paul F. Bruno                            
Stephen Bruno        2B    AA       2010-2014   Stephen Francis Bruno                    
Eddie Brunson        OF    AA       1978-1983   Eddie Lee Brunson                        
Matt Brunson         SS    A+       1994-2007   Larry Matthew Brunson                    
Mark Brunswick       C     A+       1984-1987   Mark Anthony Brunswick                   
Thomas Brunswick     SS    AA       1977-1980   Thomas Joseph Brunswick                  
Brad Brusky          P     AA       1985-1989   Brad Brusky                              
Greg Bruso           P     AA       1999-2005   Gregory Burton Bruso                     
Dave Brust           3B    A+       1989-1991   David Phillip Brust                      
Jerry Brust                AA       1977-1977                                            
Lenny Brutcher       P     A+       1988-1992   Lenny Cole Brutcher                      
Tim Bruzdewicz       P     A+       1988-1989   Timothy Paul Bruzdewicz                  
Robert Bruzik        IF-OF AA       1983-1987   Robert Michael Bruzik                    
Bobby Bryan          P     RK       2000-2003   Robert Donald Bryan                      
Curt Bryan                 A-       1978-1980                                            
Frank Bryan          P     A+       1985-1989   Frank Robert Bryan                       
James Bryan          OF    AA       1977-1979   James L. Bryan                           
Jason Bryan          OF    A+       1999-2008   Jason Travere Bryan                      
Leonardo Bryan             A-       1994-1995                                            
Luis Bryan           SS    A-       2009-2010   Luis Miguel Bryan                        
Melvin Bryan         P     RK       2007-2007   Melvin Bryan                             
Russ Bryan                 RK       1990-1990                                            
Sam Bryan            P     RK       1978-1979   Sam Tibets Bryan                         
Sean Bryan           3B    RK       1998-1998   Sean P. Bryan                            
Vaughn Bryan         OF    A        2012-2014   Vaughn Bryan                             
Renay Bryand         P     AAA      1988-1994   Renay Bryand                             
Jason Bryans         P     A        1989-1991   Jason Richard Bryans                     
Adam Bryant          RF-OF A        2008-2012   Nicholas Adam Bryant                     
Adam Bryant          P     AA       1992-2000   Adam John Bryant                         
Carson Bryant        P     A        2006-2009   Carson E. Bryant                         
Chris Bryant         OF    A+       1986-1997   Christopher Lee Bryant                   
Chris Bryant         3B    A+       1995-1999   Christopher Wayne Bryant                 
Clint Bryant         3B    A+       1993-1998   Clinton C. Bryant                        
Craig Bryant         SS    A+       1989-1993   Craig Lee Bryant                         
E.B. Bryant          P     A+       1987-1989   Erick L. Bryant                          
Erwin Bryant         SS    AA       1977-1983   Erwin Lamont Bryant                      
Frank Bryant         P     A+       1979-1987   Franklin S. Bryant                       
James Bryant         P     AA       1983-1986   James Alton Bryant                       
Jody Bryant          OF    RK       1989-1989   Jody D. Bryant                           
John Bryant          OF    AA       1983-1987   John Walden Bryant                       
John Bryant          P     AA       1981-1985   John R. Bryant                           
Keith Bryant         P     A        1989-1989   Keith A. Bryant                          
Kris Bryant          3B    AAA      2011-2014   Kristopher L. Bryant                     
Matt Bryant          SS    AA       1997-2000   Matthew Michael Bryant                   
Michael Bryant       OF-P  A-       1980-1980   Michael Bryant                           
Michael Bryant       P     A+       1981-2003   Michael A. Bryant                        
Neil Bryant          P     AA       1980-1984   Robert Neil Bryant                       
Pat Bryant           OF    AAA      1990-1999   Patrick Antonio Bryant                   
Patrick Bryant       P     RK       2004-2006   Patrick Boyd Bryant                      
Phil Bryant          P     AAA      1987-1995   Phillip G. Bryant                        
Robert Bryant        OF    AAA      1977-1979   Robert Lee Bryant                        
Scooter Bryant       P     RK       1995-1995   Braxford W. Bryant                       
Scott Bryant         OF-P  AAA      1988-1997   Scott Walter Bryant.                     
Shane Bryant         P     RK       1993-1993   Shane Everett Bryant                     
Shawn Bryant         P     AAA      1990-1995   Shawn Wayne Bryant                       
Stephen Bryant       P     A-       2002-2005   Stephen James Bryant                     
Tony Bryant          CF-LF Rk       2010-2012   Anthony Dante Bryant                     
Tony Bryant          P     A-       2010-2014   Anthony Gary Bryant                      
Whit Bryant          P     A-       2000-2002   James Whitfield Bryant                   
Christian Bryeans    2B    A        1981-1983   Christian R. Bryeans                     
Brian Bryles         CF    A-       2008-2011   Brian L. Bryles                          
Rob Bryson           P     AAA      2007-2013   Robert L. Bryson                         
Marc Brzozoski       P     A-       1995-1996   Marc A. Brzozoski                        

Major Leaguers by Letter

Select a letter to see a list of historical Major Leaguers starting with that letter.

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College Players

Players who have not (yet) played professional baseball but have listed college stats on The Cube.
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