The following players have played at least one game for an affiliated minor league baseball team since 1977 but have never played in the Major Leagues.
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Player Name          Pos   HiLvl    Play Years  Full Name                                
Lawrence Baab        1B    RK       1985-1985   Lawrence D. Baab                         
Bryan Baar           C     AAA      1989-1992   Bryan David Baar                         
Keith Baaske         P     RK       1990-1990   Keith W. Baaske                          
Troy Babbitt         3B    A        1991-1995   Troy Edward Babbitt                      
Bill Babcock         P     AA       1981-1986   William Jeffrey Babcock                  
Ken Babcock          P     RK       1980-1980   Kenneth J. Babcock                       
LaRue Baber          OF    A+       1990-1994   A. Larue Baber                           
Edgar Babilonia      IF    A        2002-2006   Edgar R. Babilonia                       
Jose Babilonia       OF    RK       2002-2002   Jose J. Babilonia                        
Brady Babin          SS    A+       1993-1996   Brady J. Babin                           
Travis Babin         P     RK       2008-2009   Travis Babin                             
Ryan Babineau        C     A        2006-2013   Ryan Patrick Babineau                    
Charlie Babineaux    OF    A-       2003-2005   Erroll Charlie Babineaux Jr              
Darrin Babineaux     P     AAA      1994-2001   Darrin Paul Babineaux                    
Zach Babitt          2B    Rk       2009-2013   Zachary Mack-Neal Babitt                 
Blake Babki          OF    A-       1991-1992   Blake W. Babki                           
Joe Babrick          OF    RK       2008-2009   Joseph Babrick                           
Shaun Babula         P     AAA      1997-2009   Shaun Matthew Babula                     
Daniel Baca          P     AAA      2003-2013   Daniel Mario Baca                        
Marc Baca            P     A        2006-2010   Marc Anthony Baca                        
Mark Baca            OF    A+       1987-1988   Mark Arthur Baca                         
Richard Baca         P     A+       1980-1980   Richard Baca                             
David Bacani         SS    AAA      1998-2009   David Bacani                             
Butch Baccala        P     A-       1983-1983   Aldo J. Baccala                          
Tony Bacci           P     A        1997-2003   Anthony Bacci                            
Jon Bachanov         P     AA       2009-2012   Jonathan L. Bachanov                     
Corey Bachman        P     RK       2004-2008   Corey Bachman                            
Kent Bachman         2B-SS A+       1984-1986   Kent L. Bachman                          
Warren Bachmann      1B    RK       1983-1983                                            
Ronald Bachmeier     2B    RK       1981-1982   Ronald C. Bachmeier                      
Joe Baciotti         OF    A        1976-1978   Joseph Carmen Baciotti                   
Brett Backlund       P     AAA      1989-1997   Brett V. Backlund                        
Wally Backman        SS    A        2004-2013   Walter W. Backman                        
Lance Backowski      P     A+       1995-1997   Lance Edward Backowski                   
Jason Backs                AA       1988-1991                                            
Justin Backsmeyer    P     A+       1998-2003   Justin C. Backsmeyer                     
Todd Backus          P     A        1988-1989   Jerry Todd Backus                        
Dwaine Bacon         OF    AAA      2001-2006   Dwaine Paul Bacon                        
Ernest Bacon         P     A+       1984-1985   Ernest E. Bacon                          
Matt Bacon           C     A+       2004-2005   Matthew Allan Bacon                      
Rick Bacon           P     A-       1992-1993   Richard Bacon                            
Paul Bacosa          P     RK       1988-1988                                            
Paul Bacot           P     A        2003-2005   Paul Pochet Bacot                        
Kirk Bacsu           3B    A-       2006-2007   Kirk Lee Bacsu                           
Dakota Bacus         P     A+       2010-2014   Dakota J Bacus                           
Bruce Badacour       P     RK       1990-1990   Robert Badacour                          
Tom Badcock          P     AAA      1977-1977   Walter Thomas Badcock                    
Brooks Badeaux       IF    AAA      1996-2007   Brooks Christopher Badeaux               
Kevin Baderdeen      SS    A        1997-2002   Kevin S. Baderdeen                       
Graig Badger         2B    RK       2001-2006   Graid David Badger                       
Dan Badgley          P     A        2000-2003   Daniel P. Badgley                        
Mark Badgley         P     A-       2003-2007   Mark Badgley                             
Michael Badorek      P     AAA      1991-1998   Michael Gene Badorek                     
Ed Bady              OF    AAA      1994-1999   Edward Bady                              
David Baehr          P     A        1982-1983   David J. Baehr                           
Orlando Baena        P     RK       2005-2005   Orlando D. Baena                         
Ryan Baerlocher      P     AAA      1998-2007   Ryan Lee Baerlocher                      
Mike Baetzel         SS    RK       2000-2000   Michael A. Baetzel                       
Angel Baez           P     RK       1986-1988   Angel M. Baez                            
Angel Baez           P     AA       2010-2014   Angel Luis Baez                          
Berquis Baez         OF    A        1977-1979   Berquis D. Baez                          
Carlos Baez          3B    AAA      2000-2013   Carlos Baez                              
Cesar Baez           2B    RK       2013-2013   Cesar Argeni Baez                        
Diogenes Baez        OF    A+       1991-1994   Diogenes Baez                            
Dubal Baez           OF    RK       2013-2013   Dubal Baez                               
Edgar Baez           P     A        2005-2005   Edgar Jose Baez                          
Edgardo Baez         RF    AAA      2003-2012   Edgardo J. Baez                          
Ernie Baez           OF    A        1998-1999   Ernies D. Baez                           
Federico Baez        P     AAA      2001-2011   Federico B. Baez                         
Fernando Baez        P     Rk       2013-2013   Fernando Baez                            
Fleming Baez         C     AAA      1999-2009   Fleming Baez                             
Francisco Baez       P     A+       1989-1993   Francisco Baez                           
Gregory Baez         P     A-       2010-2012   Gregory Baez                             
Hebel Baez           P     RK       2001-2002   Hebel Daniel Baez (Otano)                
Hector Baez                RK       1990-1990                                            
Igor Baez            C     A        1988-1989   Igor Baez                                
Javier Baez          SS    AAA      2011-2014   Ednel Javier Baez                        
Jeffrey Baez         OF    A-       2012-2013   Jeffrey Nazareth Baez                    
Jesse Baez           C     AA       1977-1983   Jesse Ray Baez                           
Joaquin Baez               A-       1983-1984                                            
Jorge Baez           1B    RK       2013-2013   Jorge Manuel Baez                        
Juan Baez            3B    RK       1983-1983   Juan G. Baez                             
Juan Baez            OF    RK       1997-1998   Juan E. Baez                             
Juan Baez            SS    RK       1983-1983   Juan A. Silva Baez                       
Lizahio Baez         OF    A        2002-2005   Lizahio Baez                             
Luis Baez            3B    A        2011-2014   Luis Enrique Baez                        
Manauris Baez        P     AAA      2008-2011   Manauris Baez                            
Manolo Baez                RK       1986-1986                                            
Manuel Baez          P     AAA      2011-2013   Manuel Baez                              
Manuel Baez          OF    RK       2000-2000   Manuel Baez                              
Miguel Baez          P     A-       1997-2004   Miguel M. Baez                           
Miguel Baez          P     A        1982-1982   Miguel A. Baez                           
Pedro Baez           P     A+       1987-2001   Pedro Antonio Baez                       
Pedro Baez           P     AA       2007-2014   Pedro Alberys Baez                       
Ramon Baez                 RK       1977-1977                                            
Reese Baez           P     A-       2003-2003   Reese Baez                               
Sammy Baez           SS    A-       2005-2007   Sammy Ariel Baez                         
Sandy Baez           P     RK       2013-2013   Sandy Baez                               
Santo Baez           P     A-       2007-2008   Santo Baez                               
Suammy Baez          P     A        2009-2011   Suammy Baez                              
Wangel Baez          SS    RK       2006-2006   Wangel Baez                              
Welinson Baez        3B    A+       2003-2012   Wellinson Ramon Baez                     
Art Baeza            3B    A+       1995-1999   Arthur Baeza                             
Eduardo Baeza        P     A+       2005-2007   Eduardo Baerza                           
Bob Bafia            3B    AAA      1985-1991   Robert Joseph Bafia                      
Cory Bafidis         P     A        2010-2013   Cory Andrew Bafidis                      
David Baggott        OF-2B RK       1983-1986   David I. Baggott                         
Thomas Baginski      P     A+       1996-1999   Thomas Baginiski Jr.                     
Aldo Bagiotti        C     A+       1980-1981                                            
David Bagley         DH    A+       2000-2004   David Joseph Bagley                      
Jamie Bagley         P     A        2007-2011   James Bagley                             
Lorenzo Bagley       OF    A+       1996-2000   Lorenzo Rueben Bagley                    
Sean Bagley          C     A-       1994-1997   Sean A. Bagley                           
Tyson Bagley         P     A-       2008-2009   Tyson Bagley                             
James Bagnall        1B    A        1982-1983   James A. Bagnall                         
Tony Bagwell         3B-SS A        1982-1982   Tony Jacin Bagwell                       
Leon Baham           SS    A+       1982-1988   Leon Anthony Baham                       
Ed Bahns             1B    A        1977-1979   Edward A. Bahns                          
Jesse Bahr           P     A-       2005-2005   Jesse J. Bahr                            
Kayvon Bahramzadeh   P     A-       2009-2013   Kayvon Bahramzadeh                       
Marty Baier          OF    A        1981-1983   Martin R. Baier                          
Adam Bailey          LF-RF AAA      2009-2013   Adam Scott Bailey                        
Austin Bailey        P     A        2008-2012   Austin K. Bailey                         
Ben Bailey           P     A+       1993-1999   Benjamin A. Bailey Jr.                   
Boyce Bailey         P     A        1981-1982   Boyce LeMar Bailey                       
Brandon Bailey       1B    A+       1984-1988   Brandon Michael Bailey                   
Buddy Bailey         C     AA       1979-1982   Welby Sheldon Bailey Dews                
Chad Bailey          P     A+       2003-2006   Chad Avric Bailey                        
Daryl Bailey         P     AA       1977-1979   Daryl Warren Bailey                      
Dave Bailey          P     A+       1998-2001   David Michael Bailey                     
David Bailey         1B    A        1979-1982   David M. Bailey                          
Drew Bailey          P     A-       2008-2013   Andrew C. Bailey                         
Dwayne Bailey        2B-3B AAA      2007-2011   Dwayne Bailey                            
Greg Bailey          OF    AA       1983-1987                                            
Griffin Bailey       P     A-       2003-2012   Griffin Paul Bailey                      
Hunter Bailey        3B-2B A        2011-2013   Hunter Bailey                            
Jack Bailey          1B    RK       1986-1986   Jack Wesley Bailey                       
James Bailey         3B    RK       1987-1987   James C. Bailey                          
James Bailey         P     A-       1981-1983   James Douglas Bailey                     
Keith Bailey               RK       1977-1977                                            
Kirk Bailey          P     A        1981-1983   Kirk Edwin Bailey                        
Lash Bailey          OF    A+       1989-1990   Lash Bailey                              
Lucas Bailey         C     A+       2010-2013   Lucas M. Bailey                          
Michael Bailey       P     A        1991-1998   Michael David Bailey                     
Pat Bailey           C     A        1985-1987   James Patrick Bailey                     
Philip Bailey        P     A+       1995-1998   Phillip W. Bailey                        
Ray Bailey                 A-       1990-1990                                            
Reggie Bailey        1B    RK       1990-1991   Reginald B. Bailey                       
Rob Bailey           OF    AA       1989-1994   Robert Sherwood Bailey                   
Robert Bailey        C     AA       1980-1983   Robert E. Bailey                         
Roy Bailey           P     A+       1991-1993   Roy Thomas Bailey                        
Ryan Bailey          P     RK       1999-2002   Ryan Scott Bailey                        
Tanner Bailey        P     A-       2010-2013   Tanner Bailey                            
Tim Bailey           OF    RK       1983-1983   Timothy E. Bailey                        
Travis Bailey        OF    AA       1998-2003   Travis Eric Bailey                       
Troy Bailey          OF    RK       1988-1989   Troy Anthony Bailey                      
Vince Bailey         OF    A        1978-1982   Vincent C. Bailey                        
Matt Bailie          P     AAA      1997-2006   Matthew David Bailie                     
Stefan Bailie        1B    AA       2000-2005   Stefan Maynard Baillie                   
Kenen Bailli         RF    AAA      2011-2012   Kenen Bailli (Reyna)                     
Paul Bain            P     AAA      1976-1981   Paul D. Bain                             
Tyler Bain           OF    A        1996-1998   Tyler W. Bain                            
David Baine          P     A+       1991-1998   David W. Baine                           
Tom Baine            OF    AAA      1985-1990   John Thomas Baine                        
Michael Bainer             A+       1979-1979                                            
Harold Baines        OF    RK       2009-2009   Harold Baines Jr.                        
Andy Bair            P     A-       1995-2000   Wayne Andrew Bair                        
Denny Bair           P     A+       1994-2003   Dennis Jerome Bair                       
Jeff Bair            P     RK       1980-1980   Jeffrey S. Bair                          
Rich Bair            C     A-       1983-1984   Richard C. Bair                          
Rod Bair             OF    AAA      1994-2002   Roderick Alexander Bair                  
Brandon Baird        P     A+       1993-1998   Brandon Tate Baird                       
Chris Baird          OF    A+       1982-1985   Christopher Scott Baird                  
Dillon Baird         1B    AA       2008-2011   Dillon Michael Baird                     
Jack Baird           P     A-       2004-2004   Jack Francis Baird                       
John Baird           P     A        2005-2008   John Baird                               
Theodore Baird       P     RK       1983-1983   Theodore T. Baird                        
Brad Baisley         P     AA       1998-2004   Brad Michael Baisley                     
Brian Baisley        C     A+       2003-2009   Brian Matthew Baisley                    
Mike Bajda           P     A        1994-1995   Michael J. Bajda                         
Tony Bajoczky        P     AA       2004-2008   Anthony Lee Bajoczky                     
Mark Bajus           P     A        1979-1983   Mark A. Bajus                            
Aaron Baker          1B    AA       2007-2013   Aaron Hawkins Baker                      
Abel Baker           C     A+       2010-2014   Abel Graham Baker                        
Andrew Baker         P     A        1988-1994   James Andrew Baker                       
Bo Baker             P     RK       2001-2001   Bo E. Baker                              
Brad Baker           P     AAA      1999-2007   Bradley Donald Baker                     
Brad Baker           SS    RK       1980-1980   Bradley W. Baker                         
Brett Baker          P     RK       1999-2000   Brett J. Baker                           
Brian Baker          P     AAA      2002-2013   Brian Baker                              
Bruce Baker          P     A+       1975-1979   Bruce G. Baker                           
Casey Baker          SS    AA       1999-2006   Casey William Baker                      
Chris Baker          P     AAA      1999-2007   Christopher Scott Baker                  
Chris Baker          OF    A        1979-1982   Christopher A. Baker                     
Corey Baker          P     AA       2008-2014   Corey A. Baker                           
Craig Baker          P     AA       2004-2010   Craig W. Baker                           
Curtis Baker         3B    A        1977-1978   Curtis Lee Baker                         
Darnell Baker        OF-C  A        1977-1978   Darnell G. Baker                         
David Baker          P     A+       2009-2012   David John Baker                         
Derek Baker          1B    AA       1996-2001   Derek Kearns Baker                       
Derek Baker          P     A        1992-1995   Derek Benjamin Baker                     
Derrell Baker        2B    AAA      1981-1988   Derrell Donell Baker                     
Donald Baker         P     RK       1994-1994   Donald Baker                             
Dylan Baker          P     A+       2012-2014   Dylan Ford Baker                         
Edward Baker         2B    A        1977-1977   Theron Edward Baker                      
Ernie Baker          P     AAA      1988-1992   Ernest Carl Baker                        
Garrett Baker        P     A        2009-2013   Garrett Baker                            
Garrett Baker        3B    A        2003-2008   Garrett Baker                            
George Baker         C-3B  A+       1991-1992                                            
Gerald Baker         C     A+       1984-1986   Gerald Joseph Baker                      
Greg Baker           OF    AAA      1979-1982   Gregory Clyde Baker                      
Jacob Baker          1B    A        1998-2000   Jacob Fulbright Baker                    
Jared Baker          P     AA       1990-1995   I. Jared Baker                           
Jason Baker          P     AAA      1993-2002   Jason Ryan Baker                         
Jason Baker          P     A        2001-2003   Jason Lamont Baker                       
Jason Baker          OF    A+       1995-2003   Jason S. Baker                           
Jason Baker          OF    AAA      1992-2001   Jason Lance Baker                        
Jason Baker          OF    RK       1993-1993   Jason R. Baker                           
Jim Baker            P     AAA      1980-1984   James Neil Baker                         
Joey Baker           P     A        2000-2006   Joseph Ronald Baker                      
John Baker           P     A+       1982-1983   John Scott Baker                         
John Baker           P     A-       1979-1979   John F. Baker                            
John Baker           OF    A        1988-1988   John P. Baker                            
Jonathon Baker       OF    A        1983-1984   Jonathan Craig Baker                     
Jordan Baker         1B    RK       2002-2009   Jordan Christopher Baker                 
Josh Baker           P     A+       2002-2007   Joshua Hendrix Baker                     
Keivi Baker          C     RK       1992-1995   Keivi L. Baker                           
Kenny Baker          OF    AAA      1977-1985   Kenneth T. Baker                         
Kerry Baker          C     AAA      1982-1987   Kerry Michael Baker                      
Mark Baker           OF    AA       1984-1987   Mark Richard Baker                       
Mark Baker           P     A+       1982-1984   Mark Robert Baker                        
Matthew Baker        P     RK       1984-1984   Matthew W. Baker                         
Mike Baker           2B    A+       1986-1989   Michael Baker                            
Nathan Baker         P     AA       2007-2013   Nathaniel Barrett Baker                  
Richard Baker        C     A        1977-1977   Richard V. Baker                         
Ricky Baker          OF    AAA      1979-1984   Ricky Baker                              
Rob Baker            OF    A+       1982-1984   Robert A. Baker                          
Ryan Baker           P     AAA      2007-2013   Ryan J. Baker                            
Ryan Baker           P     AAA      1997-2005   Ryan Richard Baker                       
Ryan Baker           2B    A+       2006-2008   Ryan Mitchell Baker                      
Samuel Baker         P     A        1990-1992   Samuel Wayne Baker                       
Scott Baker          P     A        2012-2013   Scott William Baker                      
Stanley Baker        SS    RK       1979-1979   Stanley F. Baker                         
Steve Baker          OF    AA       2000-2006   Steve A. Baker                           
Trent Baker          OF    AA       2009-2010   Trent L. Baker                           
Kris Bakey           P     RK       2003-2006   Kristofer W. Bakey                       
Paul Bakke           OF    A-       1988-1988   Paul C. Bakke                            
Garry Bakker         P     A+       2002-2010   Garry Joseph Bakker                      
Kyle Bakker          P     A        2001-2004   Kyle Evan Bakker                         
Scott Bakkum         P     AAA      1990-1996   Scott Gregory Bakkum                     
Brett Bakner         OF    RK       1994-1995   Brett W. Bakner                          
Jonathan Baksh       RF    A+       2004-2009   Jonathan K. Baksh                        
Ray Baksh            1B    A        1994-1997   Raynard S. Baksh                         
Rick Balabon         P     AAA      1985-1991   Anthony Richard Balabon                  
Roberto Balaguer     OF    RK       1983-1983   Roberto Balaguer                         
Yasiel Balaguert     OF    A        2012-2014   Yasiel Balaguert (Gonzalez)              
Ryan Balan           P     A-       2001-2002   Ryan Lucas Balan                         
Carlos Balboa        P     AAA      2013-2013   Carlos Balboa                            
Caleb Balbuena       P     A+       1996-2008   Caleb Francis Balbuena                   
Domingo Balbuena           A-       1977-1977                                            
Michael Balbuena     3B    A-       1997-1998   Michael J. Balbuena                      
Roberto Balbuena           RK       1994-1994                                            
Carlos Balcazar      C     RK       1995-2009   Carlos A. Balcazar                       
Kyle Balch           P     A+       1988-1988                                            
Jasha Balcom         OF    A        2001-2007   Jasha E. Balcom                          
Chris Balcom-Miller  P     AA       2008-2013   Christopher Balcom-Miller                
Alan Balcomb         2B-SS A+       1983-1985   Alan R. Balcomb                          
Joe Baldassano       P     A-       1998-2000   Joseph Martin Baldassano                 
Jesus Baldayaque     P     RK       2013-2013   Jesus Rafael Baldayaque                  
Jan Baldee           SS    RK       2009-2009   Jan Cornelis Baldee                      
Joey Balderston      P     A+       1981-1981                                            
Aarom Baldiris       IF    AAA      2000-2013   Aarom W. Baldiris                        
Alberto Baldonado    P     Rk       2011-2013   Alberto Baldonado                        
Bob Baldrick         P     AA       1980-1986   Robert A. Baldrick                       
James Baldridge            A        1994-1995                                            
Tommy Baldridge      OF    A+       2005-2009   Thomas B. Baldridge                      
Todd Balduf          C     AAA      2003-2008   Todd Joseph Balduf                       
Andrew Baldwin       P     AAA      2003-2011   Andrew Scott Baldwin                     
Andy Baldwin         P     A+       2001-2005   Ancil D'Vaughn Baldwin                   
Anthony Baldwin      OF    A        1987-1990   Anthony James Baldwin                    
Brady Baldwin        OF    RK       1977-1978   Brady Calvin Baldwin                     
Brian Baldwin        P     AA       1977-1979   Brian Edward Baldwin                     
Brian Baldwin        P     A+       1987-1989   Brian Baldwin                            
Bruce Baldwin        OF    RK       2001-2005   Bruce Edward Baldwin II                  
Burke Baldwin        P     A        2006-2008   Burke Thomas Baldwin                     
Chuck Baldwin        SS    A+       1984-1988   Lloyd Dewitt Baldwin                     
Dale Baldwin         2B    A        1978-1978   Dale Keith Baldwin                       
Damon Baldwin        1B    RK       1985-1986   Damon L. Baldwin                         
Geoffrey Baldwin     1B    RK       2009-2010   Geoffrey W. Baldwin                      
James Baldwin        OF    A+       2010-2014   James J. Baldwin                         
Johnny Baldwin       P     AA       1982-1984   Johnny Ray Baldwin                       
Ken Baldwin          2B    AA       1979-1980   Kenneth W. Baldwin                       
Kirk Baldwin         P     A        1986-1990   Kirk Robert Baldwin                      
Oscar Baldwin              A+       1979-1981                                            
Robert Baldwin             AAA      1978-1978                                            
Ryan Baldwin         C     A-       2002-2004   Ryan L. Baldwin                          
Scott Baldwin        P     A+       1993-1995   Scott D. Baldwin                         
Willie Baldwin       P     RK       1993-1994   William J. Baldwin Jr.                   
Zach Baldwin         P     A        2003-2012   Zachary Thomas Baldwin                   
Nezi Balelo          SS    AA       1985-1988   Onesimo Balelo                           
Bryant Balentine           A        1990-1992                                            
Dan Bales            P     RK       1995-1995   W. Daniel Bales                          
Joe Bales            P     A        1993-1997   Joseph P. Bales                          
Taylor Bales         C     RK       1995-1996   Taylor B. Bales                          
Pichi Balet          3B    A+       2000-2009   Frederico R. Balet                       
John Balfanz         1B    A+       1987-1989   John G. Balfanz                          
Ryan Balfe           OF    AAA      1994-2004   Ryan Ross Balfe                          
Nick Baligod         OF    A+       2007-2014   Nicholas Steven Baligod                  
Robert Balint        C     A        1994-1998   Robert. G. Balint                        
Peter Balis          3B    A-       1986-1986   Peter John Balis                         
Blake Balkcom        OF    A+       2003-2005   Blrandon Blake Balkcom                   
Pete Balke           P     RK       1991-1991   Peter Balke                              
Dennis Balkiewicz          RK       1986-1986                                            
Bobby Ball           OF    AA       1979-1983   Robert Michael Ball                      
Bryan Ball           P     A-       2003-2006   Bryan Ball                               
Harry Ball           2B    RK       1989-1990   Harrison I. Ball                         
Jarred Ball          OF    AAA      2001-2010   Jarred Alan Ball                         
Jim Ball                   A        1977-1977                                            
Matt Ball            P     Rk       2013-2013   Matthew James Ball                       
Ronald Ball                RK       1977-1977                                            
Ronald Ball          P     A+       1978-2008   Ronald Joseph Ball                       
Thomas Ball          P     A-       1993-1994   Thomas D. Ball                           
Trey Ball            P     Rk       2013-2013   Ronald Eugene Ball                       
Gary Balla           P     A        1977-1978   Gary S. Balla                            
Dale Ballance        P     RK       1992-1998   Dale R. Balance                          
Juan Ballara         C     AA       1991-1997   Juan Antonio Ballara                     
Byron Ballard        P     AA       1977-1983   Byron Keith Sarson                       
Glenn Ballard        C     AA       1977-1980   Glenn Carl Ballard                       
James Ballard              A-       1983-1983                                            
Jordan Ballard       1B    A-       2007-2011   Jordan W. Ballard                        
Mike Ballard         P     AAA      2003-2013   Michael Aaron Ballard                    
Rhett Ballard        P     A+       2006-2011   Rhett Christopher Ballard                
Robert Ballard       P     A        1977-1978   Robert Daniel Ballard                    
Ryan Ballard         C     A+       1997-2000   Ryan R. Ballard                          
Tim Ballard                A        1981-1982   Timothy J. Ballard                       
Freddy Ballestas     P     A+       2008-2010   Freddy Roberto Ballestas                 
Val Ballesteros      P     RK       1989-1989   Valentin Ballesteros                     
Preston Ballew       P     A-       1995-1996   Preston H. Ballew                        
Travis Ballew        P     AA       2010-2014   Travis Scott Ballew                      
Michael Balli        OF    RK       1985-1985   Michael A. Balli                         
J.R. Ballinger       P     AAA      2007-2013   James R. Ballinger                       
Johnny Ballista            RK       1984-1984                                            
Isaac Ballou         OF    A        2010-2014   William Isaac Ballou                     
Mickey Ballou        OF    A        1983-1984   Gary Dwayne Ballou                       
Khalid Ballouli      P     AA       1999-2006   Khalid W. Ballouli                       
Allen Balmer         3B    RK       2003-2006   Allen Balmer                             
Gary Balmer          3B    A-       1983-1983                                            
Steve Balmer         P     A        1983-1984   James Stephen Balmer                     
Alex Balog           P     A        2011-2014   Alex Balog                               
Nik Balog            1B    A        2009-2013   Nikolas Steven Balog                     
Kevin Balogh         P     A        1978-1979   Kevin John Balogh                        
Jeff Balser          P     A+       2000-2002   Jeffrey M. Balser                        
Darren Balsley       P     AA       1984-1989   Darren Wayne Balsley                     
Antonio Baltazar           RK       1977-1977                                            
Doyle Balthazar      C     AA       1985-1992   Doyle Balthazar                          
Jeremy Baltz         OF    A+       2010-2013   Jeremy Michael Baltz                     
Nick Baltz           P     A+       1978-1980   William Nicholas Baltz                   
Beau Baltzell        C     A+       1993-1997   Beau W. Baltzell                         
Kris Bamberger       3B    RK       1994-1994   Kris A.Bamberger                         
Ricky Bambino        C     RK       2004-2007   Richard Alan Bambino                     
Mark Ban             OF    A        1984-1986   Mark Steven Ban                          
Yoshitaro Ban        P     A-       1992-1992   Yoshitaro Ban                            
Joe Banach           P     A        1980-1981   Joseph Francis Banach                    
Ed Banasiak          P     A-       1987-1987   Edward Louis Banasiak                    
Anthony Banda        P     A        2012-2014   Frank Anthony Banda                      
Joshua Banda         C     A-       2004-2012   Joshua Banda                             
Luis Bandes          OF    RK       2013-2013   Luis Eduardo Bandes                      
Bryce Bandilla       P     AA       2009-2014   Bryce David Bandilla                     
Phil Bando           2B    RK       2009-2009   Philip Bando                             
Sal Bando            1B    A        1993-1994   Salvatore L. Bando Jr.                   
Tom Banducci         P     RK       1978-1978   Thomas Raymond Banducci                  
Jett Bandy           C     AAA      2009-2014   Jett Adam Bandilla                       
Ken Bandy            OF-P  A        1986-1987   Kenneth John Bandy                       
Jaymie Bane          P     A+       1994-1999   Jaymie R. Bane                           
Alan Banes           P     A-       1980-1980   Nathan Alan Banes                        
Dave Banes           SS    AA       1979-1982   David Michael Banes                      
Marco Banez          OF    RK       1998-1999   Marco T. Banez                           
Greg Bangert         P     A+       1979-1985   Gregory Brent Bangert                    
Parker Bangs         P     Rk       2008-2012   Parker Hoyt Bangs                        
Pat Bangston         P     AAA      1984-1991   Patrick Kent Bangston                    
Kris Bankowski       P     A+       1980-1983   Kris Eugene Bankowski                    
Almonzo Banks        OF    RK       2000-2001   Almonzo Banks                            
Darryl Banks         P     AAA      1980-1984   Darryl Dwayne Banks                      
David Banks          1B    A-       1985-1986   David Michael Banks                      
Dean Banks           IF    RK       1991-1991   Dean A. Banks                            
Demetrius Banks      P     A+       2002-2011   Demetrius Edward Banks                   
Doug Banks           P     RK       1978-1978   Douglas C. Banks                         
Ernie Banks          1B    A-       2005-2013   Ernie Banks Jr.                          
Gary Banks           OF    A-       2000-2003   Gary Rashad Banks                        
James Banks          P     AA       1992-1995   James W. Banks                           
Lance Banks                A        1989-1991                                            
Stetson Banks        IF    A        2006-2010   Stetson Banks                            
Tony Banks           OF    RK       1991-1991   Anthony L. Banks                         
Tony Banks           OF    A+       1992-1997   Ronald Anthony Banks                     
Tyler Banks          P     A        2001-2002   Tyler S. Banks                           
Maurice Bankston     P     A        2007-2012   Maurice L. Bankston                      
Tom Banner           3B    A+       1982-1982   Thomas W. Banner                         
Doug Banning         P     AAA      1984-1990   Jack Douglas Banning                     
Brett Bannister      P     RK       2002-2005   Brett M. Bannister                       
John Bannister       P     AAA      2003-2010   John David Bannister                     
Tim Bannister        P     A        1977-1978   Timothy Alan Bannister                   
Jeff Bannon          IF    AAA      1998-2008   Jeffrey Matthew Bannon                   
Scott Banton         OF    A        1989-1991   Mitchell Scott Banton                    
Manny Banuelos       P     AAA      2008-2014   Manuel Banuelos                          
Travis Banwart       P     AAA      2005-2014   Travis Jordan Banwart                    
Angel Banz                 A        1979-1979                                            
Brett Baptist        P     RK       1993-1995   Brett W. Baptist                         
Luis Barahona        OF    RK       2013-2013   Luis Alberto Barahona                    
Jose Barajas         P     AAA      2007-2013   Jose Barajas                             
James Baranoski      1B-C  RK       1989-1989   James V. Baranoski                       
Brannon Baranowski   P     A        1998-2000   Brannon Lee Baranowski                   
Andy Barb            C     A+       2004-2010   Andrew Thomas Barb                       
Doug Barba           P     A        1980-1985   Douglas Anthony Barba                    
Mike Barba           P     AA       1979-1985   Michael Joseph Barba                     
Ryan Barba           SS    A+       2003-2010   Ryan J. Barba                            
Mark Barbagelata     SS    A-       1982-1982   Mark D. Barbagelata                      
Joe Barbao           P     AA       1993-1998   Joseph Michael Barbao                    
Daniel Barbara       C     AA       1988-1990   Daniel Barbara                           
Don Barbara          1B    AAA      1989-1996   Donald J. Barbara                        
Michael Barbara      P     A+       2005-2009   Michael Anthony Barbara                  
Joshua Barbarossa    P     RK       1999-2002   Joshua E. Barbarossa                     
Travis Barbary       C     RK       1993-1994   Travis Smith Barbary                     
John Barbato         P     AA       2011-2014   John Edward Barbato                      
Jim Barbe            1B    AA       1977-1979   James Barbe                              
Andrew Barbee        OF    A        1980-1981                                            
Joe Barbeln          P     A-       1992-1992                                            
Andrew Barber        P     A-       1997-1997   Andrew C. Barber                         
Blake Barber         2B    A+       2011-2014   Blake Thomas Barber                      
Brett Barber         P     Rk       2010-2013   Brett Michael Barber                     
Byron Barber         OF    RK       2004-2005   Byron Anthony Barber                     
George Barber        OF    AA       2009-2013   George Barber                            
Ronald Barber              A-       1983-1983                                            
Scott Barber         P     AAA      1998-2004   Robert Scott Barker                      
Craig Barberich      P     RK       1985-1986   Craig D. Barberich                       
Blair Barbier        IF    AA       1997-2004   Blair Matthew Barbier                    
Chris Barbone        OF-IF A-       1978-1978   Christopher Barbone                      
Aaron Barbosa        OF    A+       2011-2014   Aaron Barbosa                            
Andrew Barbosa       P     A+       2009-2014   Andrew Barbosa                           
Rafael Barbosa       3B    A+       1983-1984   Rafael Antonio Barbosa                   
Carlos Barboza       P     A-       1996-1998   Carlos J. Barboza                        
Daniel Barbuena      SS-2B Rk       2012-2012   Daniel Barbuena                          
Jorge Barcelo        P     RK       1986-1987   Jorge Jesus Barcelo                      
Marc Barcelo         P     AAA      1991-1997   Marc Andrew Barcelo                      
Brad Barclay         P     A        1978-1978   Bradley L. Barclay                       
Mike Barclay         OF    A+       2001-2004   Michael A. Barclay                       
Charles Barclift     1B    RK       1980-1980   Charles E. Barclift                      
Scott Barczi         OF    AA       1985-1990   Scott Alan Barczi                        
Chris Barczykowski   P     Rk       2011-2013   Christian Barczycowski                   
Luke Bard            P     A+       2010-2013   Luke Francis Bard                        
Mike Bard                  A-       1991-1991                                            
Paul Bard            C     AA       1980-1984                                            
Andy Barden          C     RK       2002-2005   Andrew S. Barden                         
Timothy Bardin             A+       1980-1980                                            
Gene Bardot          P     A+       1977-1977   Eugene P. Bardot                         
Scott Bardwell       P     A-       1983-1983                                            
Crayton Bare         P     A        2010-2013   Crayton Matthew Bare                     
Michael Barefoot     SS    A+       1988-1989   Michael Barefoot                         
Angel Barez          P     AA       1978-1982   Angel Santiago Barez (Diaz)              
Brian Barfield       P     RK       1994-1996   Rodney Brian Barfield                    
Jeff Barfield        P     A+       2007-2011   Jeffrey Barfield                         
Jeremy Barfield      OF    AAA      2007-2014   Jeremy Lee Barfield                      
Luke Barganier       OF    A        2004-2008   Brandon Lucas Barganier                  
Paul Bargas          P     A        2007-2010   Paul Bargas                              
Rob Bargas           3B    A+       1990-1991   Robert Bargas                            
Mike Barger          OF    AA       1993-1996   Michael Stephen Barger                   
Vince Barger         P     A+       1983-1985   Vincent Harold Barger                    
Brian Bargerhuff     P     AA       1982-1986   Brian K. Bargerhuff                      
John Bargfeldt       1B-OF A+       1977-1979   John Edward Bargfeldt                    
Todd Bargman         1B    A+       1988-1998   Todd M. Bargman                          
Trey Barham          P     AAA      2005-2013   Donald Earl Barham                       
Raiby Barias         DH    RK       2013-2013   Raiby Miguel Barias                      
Mark Barineau        OF    A        1981-1984   Mark L. Barineau                         
Billy Barker         P     RK       1998-1999   William Harold Barker                    
Chris Barker         OF    A-       1978-1979   Christopher Wayne Barker                 
Jeff Barker          P     AA       1978-1978   Jeffrey Everett Barker                   
Jeffrey Barker       P     A-       1994-1995   Jeffrey D. Barker                        
Stan Barker          OF    A+       1980-1982                                            
Tim Barker           2B-3B A+       1985-1988   Timothy Barker                           
Tim Barker           SS    AAA      1989-1998   Timothy Neal Barker                      
Alibay Barkley       1B    RK       2009-2009   Alibay Barkley                           
Richard Barkley      P     A        2000-2004   Richard Grant Barkley                    
James Barksdale      OF    A+       2005-2008   James Alexander Barksdale                
James Barksdale      C     A+       2004-2005   James Alexander Barksdale                
Joe Barksdale        P     A+       1994-1996   Joseph Robert Barksdale                  
Sean Barksdale       OF    A-       2007-2009   Sean Barksdale                           
Shane Barksdale      P     A+       1994-1997   Shane Brian Barksdale                    
Glenn Barling        IF-P  AA       1981-1984   Glenn A. Barling                         
Todd Barlok          3B    A+       1995-1997   Todd Christopher Barlok                  
Chris Barlow         P     A+       2000-2004   Christopher J. Barlow                    
Clem Barlow          OF    A-       1990-1991                                            
Ethan Barlow         OF    A-       1996-1996                                            
Marlon Barlow        OF    RK       1998-1998   Marlon Barlow                            
Ricky Barlow         P     AAA      1981-1987   Ricky Vernard Barlow                     
Scott Barlow         P     Rk       2011-2013   Scott A. Barlow                          
Jeff Barnard         P-1B  AAA      1980-1981   Jeffrey A. Barnard                       
Steve Barnard        C     A+       1984-1985   Steven Andrew Barnard                    
Myles Barnden        3B    A+       1992-1994   Myles A. Barnden                         
Jeff Barndollar      P     AAA      1998-1998   Jeffrey Barndollar                       
Doug Barner          1B    A        1993-1997   Doug L. Barner                           
Austin Barnes        C     AA       2009-2014   Austin Scott Barnes                      
Avery Barnes         LF    A        2006-2011   William Avery Barnes                     
Barrett Barnes       OF    A        2010-2014   Barrett Alexander Barnes                 
Casey Barnes         P     A-       2007-2013   Casey Philip Barnes                      
Charles Barnes       OF    A-       1978-1978   Charles Harold Barnes                    
Craig Barnes         P     AA       1977-1977   Craig Kevin Barnes                       
Dan Barnes           P     AA       2008-2014   Daniel J. Barnes                         
Jacob Barnes         P     AA       2009-2014   Jacob Andrew Barnes                      
Jeff Barnes          INF   RK       1981-1981                                            
Jeremy Barnes        3B    AAA      2006-2013   Jeremy David Barnes                      
Jon Barnes           P     AA       1991-1997   Jonathan A. Barnes                       
Jordan Barnes        OF    Rk       2013-2013                                            
Justin Barnes        C     A+       2003-2004   Justin L. Barnes                         
Justin Barnes        3B    AA       2004-2008   Justin Paul Barnes                       
Keith Barnes         P     A+       1992-2000   Isaac Keith Barnes                       
Kelvin Barnes        SS-OF A+       1994-1997   Kelvin L. Barnes                         
Larry Barnes         P     AA       1994-1998   Larry L. Barnes                          
Matt Barnes          P     AAA      2009-2014   Matthew D. Barnes                        
Michael Barnes       2B    AA       1978-1980   Michael Charles Barnes                   
Monte Barnes         P     A-       1993-1995   Monte R. Barnes                          
Patrick Barnes       P     A        1998-2002   Patrick Martin Barnes                    
Ronald Barnes        P     A+       2012-2013   Ronald Blake Barnes                      
Tyrone Barnes        P     A        1983-1984   Tyrone Barnes                            
Nick Barnese         P     AA       2007-2012   Nicholas J. Barnese                      
Aaron Barnett        P     A        1998-2000   Aaron Matthew Barnett                    
Brian Barnett        IF    A-       1997-2005   Brian Matthew Barnett                    
Dan Barnett          C     A+       2002-2005   Daniel Bryan Barnett                     
Danny Barnett        P     A-       2002-2004   Daniel John Burnett                      
Darnell Barnett      OF    RK       1977-1977   Darnell Barnett                          
David Barnett        OF    A-       1979-1979   Robert David Barnett                     
Eldred Barnett       LF    Rk       2011-2012   Eldred Levar Barnett                     
John Barnett         P     A+       2000-2003   John Connally Barnett                    
John Barnett         P     A-       2001-2002   John Michael Barnett                     
Lance Barnett        H     A-       1986-1986   Lance Andrew Barnett                     
Marty Barnett        P     AAA      1993-2004   Martin Lee Barnett                       
Michael Barnett      C     RK       1985-1985   Michael Lee Barnett                      
Nathan Barnett             A-       1999-1999                                            
Robert Barnett       P     A-       1979-1980   Robert D. Barnett                        
Toby Barnett         C     RK       2002-2003   Toby Barnett                             
Travis Barnett       P     A        2006-2008   Travis George Barnett                    
Tyler Barnett        SS    RK       2007-2009   Tyler Barnett                            
Jason Barnette       OF    A        1998-2001   Jason E. Barnette                        
Johnny Barnette      OF    RK       1979-1979   Johnny A. Barnette                       
Tony Barnette        P     AAA      2003-2013   Anthony Lee Barnette                     
Tyler Barnette       P     A        2011-2014   Tyler Benjamin Barnette                  
Steve Barnhardt      C     RK       1994-1994   Steven Chad Barnhardt                    
Richard Barnhart     P     A        1979-1980                                            
Tucker Barnhart      C     AAA      2009-2014   Tucker J. Barnhart                       
Scott Barnhouse      P     AAA      1982-1986   Scott Alan Barnhouse                     
Steve Barningham     OF    A+       1998-2001   Steven Barningham                        
Bryan Barnowski      1B    A        1999-2003   Bryan Richard Barnowski                  
B.J. Barns           OF    AA       1997-2003   Barry Gene Barns                         
Jeff Barns           SS    AAA      1985-1994   Jeffrey David Barns                      
Michael Barnsby      P     A+       1998-1999   Michael Scott Barnsby                    
Keon Barnum          1B    A+       2012-2014   Keon Barnum                              
Richard Barnwell     OF    AAA      1989-1995   Richard R. Barnwell                      
Rob Barnwell         P     A-       1987-1987   Jerry Robert Barnwell                    
Brian Baron          OF    AA       1997-2005   Brian Bradley Baron                      
Casey Baron          P     AA       2004-2010   Kenneth Casey Baron                      
Jim Baron            P     AAA      1992-2000   James Thomas Baron                       
Sean Baron           1B    A        1987-1988   R. Sean Baron                            
Steven Baron         C     A+       2009-2014   Steven P. Baron                          
Adam Barr            P     A        1999-2001   Adam J. Barr                             
Clint Barr           C     A+       1998-2000   Clinton B. Barr                          
Jeffrey Barr         3B    RK       1986-1986   Jeffrey L. Barr                          
John Barr            LF    A-       2008-2011   John Francis Barr                        
Timothy Barr         P     AA       1977-1981   Timothy Steven Barr                      
Tucker Barr          C     AA       1994-1999   Jonathan Tucker Barr                     
Jacob Barrack        P     A+       2001-2006   Jacob Anthony Barrack                    
Kyle Barraclough     P     A        2009-2014   Kyle Barraclough                         
Anthony Barraco      OF    RK       1979-1979   Anthony Joseph Barraco III               
Arturo Barradas      P     AAA      2006-2013   Arturo Barradas                          
Roberto Barradas     P     AAA      2000-2008   Roberto Barradas                         
Gerry Barragan             A+       1982-1988   Gerardo E Barragan                       
Jaime Barragan       1B    A+       1986-1990   Jaime Richard Barragan                   
Vince Barranco       OF    RK       1985-1988   Vincent Peter Barranco                   
Jon Barratt          P     AA       2004-2008   Jonathan Barratt                         
Alejandro Barraza    P     AAA      2009-2013   Alejandro Barraza                        
Jesus Barraza        P     AAA      2013-2013   Jesus Gregorio Barraza (Aramburo)        
Jose Barraza         C     A        2012-2012   Jose Barraza                             
Brian Barre          OF    A+       1999-2004   Brian Joseph Barre                       
Manuel Barreda       P     AA       2007-2014   Manuel Antonio Barreda                   
Efrain Barreiro      P     A        1990-1991   Efrain Barreiro                          
Fernando Barreiro    P     A        1988-1991   Fernando Barreiro                        
Davy Barrera         P     RK       1993-1993   Sigfrido Davy Barrera (Lopez)            
Henry Barrera        P     AA       2005-2011   Enrique Henry Barrera                    
Iran Barrera         P     RK       1994-1997   Iran Barrera                             
Luis Barrera         OF    RK       2013-2013   Luis Rafael Barrera                      
Nelson Barrera       IF    AAA      1985-1985   Nelson Enrique Barrera (Romellon)        
Rafael Barrera       OF    RK       1996-1996   Rafael Barrera                           
Reinaldo Barrera     SS    A-       2000-2001   Reinaldo R. Barrera                      
Fernando Barreras    P     AAA      2003-2008   Juan Fernando Barreras (Monroy)          
Rene Barreras        P     RK       2002-2007   Rene Marcelo Barreras                    
Deiferson Barreto    1B    RK       2013-2013   Deiferson Antonio Barreto                
Franklin Barreto     SS    Rk       2013-2013   Franklin Jose Barreto                    
Joel Barreto         P     AA       1999-2005   Joel Alberto Barreto                     
Jose Barreto         SS    RK       1983-1983   Jose A. Barreto                          
Miguel Barreto       P     A+       1977-1978   Miguel J. Barreto                        
Andrew Barrett       OF    RK       1997-1998   Andrew N. Barrett                        
Charles Barrett      P     A+       1977-1978   Charles Norman Barrett                   
Eric Barrett         P     A+       2007-2010   Eric W. Barrett                          
Jake Barrett         P     AA       2010-2014   Jake Dalton Barrett                      
Jimmy Barrett        P     A+       1999-2003   James Eward Barrett                      
Keith Barrett        1B    A-       1988-1988   Keith R. Barrett                         
Mark Barrett         P     A+       1994-1995   Mark D. Barrett                          
Rich Barrett         OF    A        2001-2006   Richard Thomas Barrett                   
Rick Barrett               RK       1993-1993                                            
Ricky Barrett        P     AAA      2000-2012   William Domingos Barrett                 
Scott Barrett        C     A-       1992-1993   Daniel Scott Barrett                     
Scott Barrett        P     A-       1998-1999   Scott R. Barrett                         
Tyler Barrett        P     A-       2008-2012   Tyler W. Barrett                         
Saul Barretto        C     A        1986-1988   Saul M. Barreto                          
Jaime Barria         P     RK       2013-2013   Jaime Jonathan Barria                    
Andy Barrick         2B-3B A-       1988-1988   Andrew K. Barrick                        
Troy Barrick         P     A        1993-1994                                            
Edgar Barrientos     2B    RK       1996-1996   Edgar A. Barrientos                      
Joel Barrientos      P     A-       2012-2013   Joel Barrientos (Rodriguez)              
Miguel Barrientos    C     RK       2005-2006   Miguel A. Barrientos                     
Marcus Barriger      P     A-       2002-2006   Marcus Dale Barriger                     
Reggie Barringer     SS    A+       1984-1987   Reginald Barringer                       
Scott Barringer      OF    RK       1982-1982   Scott D. Barringer                       
Agapito Barrios      P     Rk       2012-2013   Agapito Yoriel Barrios                   
Angel Barrios        P     A        2001-2003   Angel Emiliano Barrios                   
Daniel Barrios       1B    RK       2013-2013   Daniel Adolfo Barrios                    
Esteban Barrios      OF    RK       1995-1995   Esteban Barrios                          
Gregg Barrios        OF    A+       1984-1986   Eugene Gregg Barrios                     
Gustavo Barrios      2B    RK       2013-2013   Gustavo Barrios                          
Johnny Barrios       OF    RK       1983-1983   Johnny O. Barrios                        
Marvin Barrios       P     Rk       2013-2013   Marvin Miguel Barrios                    
Orlando Barrios      OF    RK       1990-1990   Orlando L. Barrios                       
Rafael Barrios       P     A-       2001-2002   Rafael G. Barrios                        
Victor Barrios       OF    A-       2006-2007   Victor Alfonso Barrios                   
Yhonathan Barrios    P     A        2011-2014   Yhonathan Barrios (Blanco)               
Raul Barron          P     AAA      2006-2013   Raul Enrique Barron                      
Robert Barron        OF    A        1980-1980   Robert Charles Barron Jr.                
Ben Barrone          C     RK       2007-2010   Benjamin Allan Barrone                   
Ellie Barros         OF    A        1981-1982   Eleazar Barros                           
Yoandy Barroso       OF    A+       2010-2013   Yoandy Barroso                           
Brandon Barrow       P     A        2007-2010   Brandon . Barrow                         
Corey Barrow         OF    RK       1999-2000   Okorie T. Barrow                         
Mel Barrow           IF    AAA      1977-1982   Melvin Josef Barrow                      
Derek Barrows        3B    A        2002-2009   Derek Alexander Barrows                  
Stan Barrs           IF    A        1986-1988   Charles Stanley Barrs                    
Chad Barry           P     RK       1993-1996   Chad M. Barry                            
Dale Barry           P     A+       1986-1987   Dale A. Barry                            
Dan Barry            P     RK       1993-1993   Daniel K. Barry                          
Eric Barry           P     AA       1980-1985   Eric Walter Barry                        
Jeff Barry           OF    A        2002-2004   Jeffrey Michael Barry                    
John Barry           IF    A+       1986-1988   John J. Barry                            
Jose Barry                 A-       1988-1988                                            
Kirk Barry           OF    A        1985-1986   Kirk Shannon Barry                       
Shawn Barry          P     A+       1993-2000   Shawn Francis Barry                      
Chris Barski         C     A+       1999-2001   Chris David Barski                       
Al Barsoom                 A        1995-1999                                            
Eric Barstad         P     RK       1977-1977   Eric D. Barstad                          
Scott Barstad              A-       1993-1993                                            
Khareth Bartee       OF    RK       1996-2000   Khareta A. Bartee                        
Michael Bartek             A        2006-2008                                            
Richard Bartel       P     RK       2001-2002   Richard J. Bartel                        
Billy Bartels        P     A+       1986-1988   William Frederick Bartels                
Todd Bartels         P     A        1993-1996   Todd A. Bartels                          
Cole Barthel         3B-OF A        2001-2004   Robert Cole Barthel                      
Edy Barthelemy             RK       1996-1996                                            
Ryan Barthelemy      IF    AA       1999-2006   Ryan William Barthelemy                  
Blake Barthol        C     AAA      1994-2003   Barton Blake Barthol                     
Bud Bartholow        P     AA       1979-1983   Foster Wayne Bartholow                   
Brett Bartles        IF-OF A+       2005-2008   Brett C. Bartles                         
Phil Bartleski       P     AA       2003-2012   Phillip Bartleski                        
Chuck Bartlett       OF    A+       1983-1984   Charles W. Bartlett                      
Cody Bartlett        2B-3B Rk       2007-2012   Cody Bartlett                            
Greg Bartlett        P     RK       2003-2003   Gregory W. Bartlett                      
James Bartlett       P     RK       1983-1983   James Mason Bartlett                     
Richard Bartlett     P     AA       2000-2008   Richard Joseph Bartlett                  
Greg Bartley         P     AAA      1982-1987   Gregory K. Bartley                       
Aja Barto            OF    A+       2006-2009   Aja Tai Barto                            
Anthony Bartolomucci P     A        1985-1986   Anthony J. Bartolomucci                  
Nicholas Bartolone   SS    A        2009-2012   Nicholas A. Bartolone                    
Oscar Bartomolde     OF    RK       2013-2013   Oscar Alexander Bartomolde               
Chris Barton         P     A+       1997-2000   Christopher W. Barton                    
David Barton         P     RK       1980-1980   David B. Barton                          
Gregory Barton       C     A+       1984-1985   Gregory S. Barton                        
Jeff Barton          OF    A        1983-1990   Jeffrey Patrick Barton                   
Jeff Barton                A        1984-1984                                            
John Barton          P     RK       1988-1988   John Anthony Barton                      
Kenny Barton         2B    AAA      1977-1981   Kenneth Dean Barton                      
Paul Barton          P     A-       1989-1991   Paul Jason Barton                        
Scott Barton         C     A        1992-1995   Byron Scott Barton                       
Shawn Barton         SS-2B A+       1981-1990   Shawn Christopher Barton                 
John Bartsch         P     RK       2000-2001   John Christian Bartsch                   
Kyle Bartsch         P     A+       2011-2014   Kyle Michael Bartsch                     
Jason Bartz          P     A        1999-2003   Jason Christopher Bartz                  
Lyle Barwick         OF    A        1992-1994   Lyall Clifton Barwick                    
Alex Barylak         P     A-       1991-1994   Alexander C. Barylak                     
Jesus Basabe         OF    A+       1997-2001   Oleidis DeJesus Cubillan Basabe          
Luis Alejandro Basabe 2B    RK       2013-2013   Luis Alejandro Basabe                    
Luis Alexander Basabe OF    RK       2013-2013   Luis Alexander Basabe                    
Lurvin Basabe        IF    A-       2008-2009   Lurvin De Jesus Basabe                   
Zach Basch           P     A-       2000-2004   Zachary Basch                            
Tim Bascom           P     AAA      2004-2013   Timothy Jonathan Bascom                  
Marsalis Basey       2B-3B A+       1990-1995   Marsalis Duane Basey                     
Charles Basford      P     A-       2011-2013   Charles Basford                          
Bobby Basham         P     AA       1999-2007   Robert Wayne Basham                      
Brett Basham         C     A        2006-2010   Brett K. Basham                          
Charly Bashara       P     A        2007-2011   Charles Bashara                          
Lawrence Bashaw      P     AA       1977-1978   Lawrence William Bashaw                  
Will Bashelor        OF    A-       2004-2006   William James Bashelor                   
Denny Bashian        P     RK       1980-1980   Denis Alfred Bashian                     
Tyler Bashlor        P     Rk       2013-2013                                            
Matt Bashore         P     A+       2007-2012   Matthew Scott Bashore.                   
Jason Basil          IF    A+       1998-2003   Jason Matthew Basil                      
Manuel Basillo       P     AA       2001-2007   Manuel Basillo                           
Phil Baskerville     OF    A+       1979-1980   Phillip Baskerville                      
Payton Baskette      P     A        2013-2014   Payton Scott Baskette                    
Ryan Basner          P     AAA      2000-2010   Ryan G. Basner                           
Francisco Baso       P     RK       2011-2011   Francisco Xavier Baso                    
Anthony Basora       P     RK       2013-2013   Anthony Basora                           
Edward Basora        2B-OF RK       1984-1985   Edward D. Basora                         
Aaron Bass           P     A        1996-1998   Randall Aaron Bass                       
Adam Bass            P     AAA      2003-2008   Adam Randle Bass                         
Andy Bass            P     A-       2008-2011   Andrew Duvier Bass                       
Barry Bass           OF-P  AA       1981-1988   Barry Evan Bass                          
Bart Bass            P     A        1977-1977   Bart E. Bass                             
Bryan Bass           SS    AA       2001-2009   Allan Bryan Bass                         
Chris Bass           IF    AA       2000-2005   Christopher Todd Bass                    
Corey Bass           P     A+       2005-2011   Corey E. Bass                            
Corey Bass           C     A-       2010-2013   Corey Lamar Bass                         
Earl Bass            P     AAA      1974-1978   Alonzo Earl Bass                         
Ed Bass              P     A+       1981-1985   Edward M. Bass                           
Frederick Bass       3B    A+       1981-1981   Frederick D. Bass                        
Garrett Bass         OF    A        2006-2010   Garrett Charles Bass                     
Jayson Bass          OF    AAA      1993-2006   Jayson Andrew Bass                       
Jerry Bass           P     AA       1977-1982   Jerry Edmund Bass                        
Justin Bass          OF    A        2007-2011   Kenneth Justin Bass                      
Justin Bass          LF    A+       2007-2013   Justin Charles Bass                      
Kevin Bass           OF    A+       1998-2007   Robert Kevin Cole Bass                   
Michael Bass         2B    A-       2010-2013   Michael Richard Bass                     
Regan Bass           P     A+       1983-1986   Regan L. Bass                            
Richard Bass               A+       1977-1977                                            
Ricki Bass           OF    A+       1980-1982   Ricki C. Bass                            
Terry Bass                 A-       1978-1978                                            
Mike Basse           OF    AAA      1991-1995   Michael J. Basse                         
Mike Bassett         OF    A        1999-2004   Michael Harry Bassett                    
Johnnie Bassham      P     RK       2002-2004   Johnnie C. Bassham                       
Chris Bassitt        P     AA       2008-2014   Chris M. Bassitt                         
Mike Basso           C     AAA      1984-1994   Michael Anthony Basso                    
Ryan Bast            SS-2B RK       1998-1998   Ryan M. Bast                             
Steve Bast           P     AAA      1986-1990   Steven C. Bast                           
Samuel Basta         P     RK       2006-2008   Samuel W. Basta                          
Jack Bastable        3B-C  AAA      1977-1978   John Michael Bastable                    
Alberto Bastardo     P     AAA      2004-2011   Alberto Bastardo                         
Alexis Bastardo      OF    RK       2013-2013   Alexis Rafael Bastardo                   
Angel Bastardo       C     A+       1998-2003   Angel Luis Bastardo                      
Frederick Bastardo   3B    A-       2001-2003   Frederick D. Bastardo                    
Jose Bastardo        OF    AAA      1981-2007   Jose Manuel Bastardo                     
Luis Bastardo        P     A-       2010-2012   Luis Eduardo Bastardo                    
Bernie Bastian       P     A        1980-1980   Bernard H. Bastian                       
Bob Bastian          P     AAA      1980-1986   Robert Gene Bastian                      
Carmelo Bastian            RK       1978-1978                                            
Jose Bastian         P     AAA      1977-1979   Jose Manuel Bastian (Cortijo)            
Evel Bastida-Martinez 2B    AA       2001-2004   Evel Bastida-Martinez                    
Leonel Bastidas      P     A+       2011-2011   Leonel Elpidio Bastidas                  
Rodger Bastien       SS    RK       1979-1979   Rodger A. Bastien                        
Derek Bastinck       C     A+       1985-1987   Derek John Bastinck                      
Chris Bastiste       OF    RK       1989-1989   Christopher R. Bastiste                  
Nick Basto           3B    A+       2012-2014   Nicholas Alexander Basto                 
Stan Baston          OF-3B A        1996-1998   Stanley R. Baston                        
Omar Basulto         P     RK       2013-2013   Omar Basulto                             
Eric Basurto         P     AA       2005-2011   Eric Basurto                             
Bill Batchelder      P     A-       1993-1996   William H. Batchelder                    
Chris Batcheller     C     A-       1999-1999   Christian P. Batcheller                  
Mark Batchko         C     A        1977-1977   Mark J. Batchko                          
Joe Bateman          P     AAA      2002-2013   Jamie W. Bateman                         
Michael Bateman      SS    A+       1977-1978   Michael Joseph Bateman                   
Casey Bates          P     A-       1998-1998                                            
Colin Bates          P     AA       2008-2014   Colin James Bates                        
Dallas Bates         OF    A        2002-2005   Dallas Phillip Paul Bates                
Doug Bates           P     A        1983-1986   James Douglas Bates                      
Eric Bates           P     RK       1989-1989   Eric Brandon Bates                       
Fletcher Bates       OF    AAA      1994-2003   Fletcher Shannon Bates                   
Kevin Bates          2B    AA       1981-1984   Kevin Bates                              
Kirk Bates           2B    A+       1984-1985   Kirk S. Bates                            
Nick Bates           OF    RK       1999-2003   Nicholas J. Bates                        
Sam Bates            1B    A+       2011-2013   Sam Anthony Bates                        
Shawn Bates          P     A+       1994-1996   Shawn Lee Bates                          
Steve Bates          OF    A+       1986-1988   Steven Paul Bates                        
Tommy Bates          SS    A+       1988-1993                                            
William Bates        P     RK       1990-1990                                            
Mike Batesole        SS    AA       1983-1988   Michael H. Batesole                      
Bob Bathe            1B    AAA      1982-1986   Robert Allen Bathe                       
Raul Batis           P     RK       2007-2008   Raul Batis                               
Alexander Batista    3B    A+       2002-2005   Alexander Batista                        
Anatanaer Batista    P     A+       2008-2011   Anatanaer Batista                        
Angel Batista        OF    A+       1997-2000   Angel Batista                            
Antonio Batista      P     RK       2002-2002   Antonio Batista                          
Ariel Batista        OF    RK       2002-2003   Ariel Antonio Batista                    
Carlos Batista       1B    A        1998-2000   Carlos Batista                           
Christian Batista    IF    RK       2001-2002   Christian Marcelo Batista                
Cristian Batista     P     RK       2001-2001   Cristian Batista (Asencio)               
Dario Batista        OF    A-       1992-1994   Dario Batista (Reyes)                    
Deivy Batista        3B-2B A+       2008-2011   Deivy Alejandro Batista                  
Francisco Batista    OF    AA       1980-1984   Francisco A. Batista                     
Frank Batista        P     AAA      2010-2014   Frank Batista                            
Franklin Batista     2B    RK       2005-2006   Franklin Batista                         
Gabriel Batista      P     RK       1986-1988   Gabriel Batista                          
Gean Batista         P     RK       2013-2013   Gean Batista                             
Geronimo Batista     P     RK       2009-2009   Geronimo Nicholas Batista                
Gervasio Batista     1B    RK       1989-1989   Gervasio Antonio Batista                 
Gorky Batista        P     A        2001-2003   Gorky Batista                            
Israel Batista       P     RK       2008-2008   Israel Batista                           
Javier Batista       P     RK       2000-2000   Javier L. Batista                        
Jean Batista         OF    A+       2011-2013   Jean Carlos Batista                      
Jose Batista         P     RK       2013-2013   Jose Rafael Batista                      
Jose Batista         IF    RK       2001-2001   Jose Rafael Batista                      
Juan Batista         SS    A+       1983-1985   Juan C. Batista                          
Juan Batista         IF    A        1991-1994   Juan Gonzalez Batista                    
Kendy Batista        P     AAA      2007-2011   Kendy J. Batista                         
Lay Batista          P     AA       2011-2014   Lay Alejandro Batista                    
Luiyi Batista        SS    RK       2008-2010   Carlos Bernhardt                         
Mario Batista        P     RK       1994-1995   Mario Batista                            
Miguel Batista       OF    A        1985-1986   Miguel Batista                           
Miguel Batista       P     A        1988-1988   Miguel Batista                           
Norberto Batista     SS    A+       2005-2006   Norberto Batista                         
Rafael Batista       P     RK       1998-1998   Rafael I. Batista                        
Rafael Batista       OF    A+       2003-2004   Rafael A. Batista                        
Ricardo Batista      P     Rk       2009-2012   Ricardo Andres Batista                   
Roberto Batista      P     A+       2000-2005   Roberto Batista                          
Sneider Batista      3B    RK       2011-2011   Sneider Batista                          
Wilson Batista       SS    AAA      2003-2013   Wilson A. Batista                        
Xavier Batista       OF    A-       2010-2013   Xavier Alexander Batista                 
Yidid Batista        3B-2B A+       2011-2011   Yidid Batista                            
Darnell Batiste      OF    RK       1993-1994   Darnell P. Batiste                       
Byron Batson         P     RK       2000-2009   Byron J. Batson                          
Tom Batson           3B    AA       1998-2001   Thomas Reid Batson                       
Charles Battaglia    P     RK       1994-1995   Charles R. Battaglia                     
Jeff Battaglia       OF    A+       1986-1988                                            
Ryan Battaglia       C-1B  A+       2011-2014   Ryan John Battaglia                      
Mark Battell         C     A+       1979-1989   Mark T. Battell                          
Jo Jo Batten         2B    A+       2005-2009   Joseph S. Batten                         
Ron Batter           OF    AA       1979-1981   Ron Batter                               
Eric Battersby       1B    AAA      1995-2004   Richard Eric Battersby                   
Earl Battey          3B    AA       1977-1979   Earl J. Battey                           
Mike Battista        P     RK       2005-2006   Michael Battista                         
A.J. Battisto        P     AAA      2003-2013   Andrew Battisto                          
Jake Battle          C     A+       1978-1978   Jake Lamarr Battle                       
Kevin Battle         3B    RK       1981-1982   Kevin D. Battle                          
Rohn Battle          OF    RK       1995-1998   Rohn E. Battle                           
Tim Battle           OF    A+       2003-2012   Timothy D. Battle                        
Jeff Battles         P     A        1993-1994   Robert Jeffrey Battles                   
Nathan Batts         P     RK       1997-1998   Nathan Gerald Batts                      
Rodney Batts         2B    A        1996-1997   Rodney Glenn Batts                       
Stephen Batts        3B    A        2006-2011   Stephen Craig Batts                      
Ryan Baty            1B    A-       2002-2004   Ryan Kyle Baty                           
Dan Batz             1B    A        2001-2006   Daniel Michael Batz                      
Chad Baucom          C     RK       1992-1995   Chad M. Baucom                           
Larry Baucom         3B    RK       1984-1987   Larry Steven Baucom                      
Mike Bauder          P     A+       1994-1999   Michael James Bauder                     
Albert Bauer               RK       1989-1989                                            
Charles Bauer        P     A+       1995-2000   Charles Edward Bauer                     
Chris Bauer          P     A+       1993-1997   Christopher J. Bauer                     
David Bauer          P     A+       1989-1989   David B. Bauer                           
Eric Bauer           P     AAA      1985-1988   Eric Bauer                               
Frank Bauer                RK       1985-1985                                            
Garrett Bauer        P     A-       2001-2008   Garrett W. Bauer                         
Greg Bauer           P     AA       1997-2005   Gregory James Bauer                      
Mark Bauer           P     AAA      1983-1986   Mark Alfred Bauer                        
Matt Bauer           P     AAA      1991-1995   Matthew Dale Bauer                       
Peter Bauer          P     AA       1985-1991   Peter Kenneth Bauer                      
Peter Bauer          P     AAA      1998-2006   Peter Josef Bauer                        
Phil Bauer           SS    AA       1977-1979   Phillip M. Bauer                         
Phil Bauer           LF    A+       2008-2011   Phillip R. Bauer                         
Ricky Bauer          P     A+       2002-2008   Richard Bauer                            
Ryan Bauer           P     A        1998-2001   Ryan Gene Bauer                          
Jake Bauers          1B    Rk       2013-2013   Jacob C. Bauers                          
Darren Baugh         SS    A+       1996-1997   Darren J. Baugh                          
Dean Baugh           OF-IF A+       1979-1981   Darrell Dean Baugh                       
Gavin Baugh          3B-SS A+       1992-1996   Gavin J. Baugh                           
Kenny Baugh          P     AAA      1998-2009   Kenneth D. Baugh                         
Matt Baugh           P     A-       2005-2009   Matthew Baugh                            
Stan Baughn          OF    A+       1982-1982                                            
Joe Bauldree         P     A        1995-2002   Joseph D. Bauldree                       
John Bauldry         P     RK       1983-1983   John R. Bauldry                          
David Baum           P     A-       2000-2000   David J. Baum                            
Jeff Baum            2B    A        1987-1988   Jeffrey M. Baum                          
Justin Baum          IF    A+       2005-2010   Justin David Baum                        
Mark Baum            P     AA       1977-1982   Mark Baum                                
Allan Bauman         P     A        1977-1980   Allan J. Bauman                          
Brad Bauman          C     AA       1979-1981   Brad LeRoy Bauman                        
Buddy Baumann        P     AAA      2007-2014   George Charles Baumann                   
David Baumann        P     A+       1990-1991   David C. Baumann                         
Matt Baumann         P     A-       1993-1993   Matthew W. Baumann                       
Frank Baumgardner    P     A+       1977-1979   Frank H. Baumgardner                     
Tommy Baumgardner    P     AA       2005-2010   Thomas Baumgardner                       
Thomas Baumgartner         A-       1983-1983                                            
John Baumhouer       P     RK       1985-1985   John A. Baumhouer                        
James Baune          P     A        2011-2014   James Alexander Baune                    
Albert Baur                A        1990-1990                                            
Joe Bauserman        P     A        2004-2006   Joseph N. Bauserman                      
Andy Bausher         P     AAA      1997-2003   Andrew Donald Bausher                    
Timothy Bausher      P     AAA      1998-2007   Timothy Michael Bausher                  
Angel Bautista       P     RK       1984-1985   Angel L. Bautista                        
Angel Bautista       P     RK       2013-2013   Angel Bautista                           
Antonio Bautista     3B    AA       1977-1978   Antonio Bautista                         
Aquiles Bautista           RK       1977-1977                                            
Augusto Bautista     2B    RK       2000-2001   Augusto Bautista                         
Benny Bautista       2B-OF A+       1984-1987   Bienvenido Nicolas Bautista              
Camilo Bautista      P     A        1983-1985   Camilo Mesa Bautista                     
Claudio Bautista     2B    A        2012-2014   Claudio Staling Bautista                 
Felix Bautista       P     RK       2013-2013   Felix Alexander Bautista                 
Francisco Bautista   P     A        1996-1999   Francisco Bautista                       
Gerald Bautista      3B-1B Rk       2013-2013   Gerald Bautista                          
German Bautista      C     A+       1985-1986   Santo German Bautista                    
Hector Bautista      OF    A+       1988-1990   Hector Bautista                          
Hector Bautista      3B    RK       1984-1984   Hector E. Bautista                       
Jorge Bautista       3B    A+       1995-1999   Jorge Bautista                           
Jose Bautista        SS    RK       1997-1997   Jose N. Bautista                         
Jose Bautista        P     A        2012-2014   Jose Yunior Bautista                     
Juan Bautista        IF    AAA      1996-1999   Juan C. Bautista                         
Juan Bautista        SS    AAA      1993-2001   Juan Aquino Bautista                     
Juan Bautista        P     RK       1989-1989   Juan Bautista                            
Juan Bautista        P     A+       2011-2013   Juan Antonio Bautista                    
Juan Bautista        OF    A        1992-1995   Juan Eusebio Bautista                    
Luis Bautista        C     A        2006-2009   Luis Gabriel Bautista                    
Martin Bautista      C     A+       1998-1999   Martin V. Bautista                       
Miguel Bautista      P     RK       2013-2013   Miguel Angel Bautista                    
Pedruin Bautista     2B    RK       2005-2005   Pedruin Batista                          
Rafael Bautista      OF    A        2013-2014   Rafael Darwing Bautista                  
Ramon Bautista       P     A+       1980-1984   Ramon Antonio Bautista                   
Ramon Bautista       2B-SS AA       1986-1991   Ramon Bautista (Velez)                   
Rayner Bautista      IF    AAA      1997-2009   Rayner Rafael Bautista                   
Ricardo Bautista     OF    Rk       2013-2013   Ricardo Bautista                         
Robert Bautista      SS    A        2009-2009   Robert Bautista                          
Rony Bautista        P     A+       2012-2013   Rony Bautista                            
Ruben Bautista       3B    RK       1985-1986   Ruben Bautista                           
Samuel Bautista      OF    RK       2009-2009   Samuel Lucas Bautista                    
Wendolyn Bautista    P     RK       2013-2013   Wendolyn Bautista                        
Carlos Bauza         P     RK       1985-1985   Carlos S. Bauza                          
Claudio Bavera       P     RK       2008-2010   Claudio Alejandro Bavera                 
Brian Bavousett      P     RK       1992-1995   Brian T. Bavousett                       
Logan Bawcom         P     AAA      2008-2014   Logan Ryan Bawcom                        
Thomas Bawden        2B    RK       2003-2004   Thomas E. Bawden                         
Jeffrey Bawlson      P     RK       1993-1998   Jeffrey E. Bawlson                       
D.J. Baxendale       P     AA       2010-2014   Douglas Baxendale                        
Allen Baxter         P     A+       2001-2006   Allen Wayne Baxter                       
Andrew Baxter        1B    A-       2001-2002   Andrew Charles Baxter                    
Bob Baxter           P     AAA      1989-1997   Robert Thomas Baxter                     
Dave Baxter          OF    A        1989-1990   David W. Baxter                          
Gerik Baxter         P     A        1999-2000   Gerik Shawn Baxter                       
Herbert Baxter       P     A+       1992-1995   Herbert Baxter Jr.                       
Jake Baxter          P     A        2002-2006   Jake Russell Baxter                      
Jim Baxter           P     A-       2002-2006   James C. Baxter                          
Jim Baxter           OF    AAA      1986-1991   James Benton Baxter Jr.                  
Lance Baxter         P     A-       2007-2010   Lance Mccoy Baxter                       
T.J. Baxter          OF    A        2005-2010   Thomas John Baxter                       
Thomas Baxter        P     A+       1977-1977   Thomas Robert Baxter                     
Bear Bay             P     AAA      2002-2012   Ronald Perry Bay                         
Shane Bay            P     A-       2011-2013   Shane Aaron Bay                          
Brandon Bayardi      OF    Rk       2010-2013   Brandon John Bayardi                     
Chris Bayer          P     AA       1983-1988   Christopher Rudolph Bayer                
Jeremiah Bayer       P     A+       2006-2012   Jeremiah Bayer                           
Russ Bayer           P     A        1999-2003   Russell David Bayer                      
Trevor Bayless       P     A        2010-2014   Trevor Joseph Bayless                    
Cameron Bayne        P     AAA      2009-2013   Cameron D. Bayne                         
Tom Bayrer           P     A        2000-2002   Thomas Charles Bayrer                    
Angel Bayron         OF    A        1983-1985   Angel R. Bayron                          
Lenny Bays           P     RK       1999-2008   Leonard Ray Bays                         
Dan Baysinger        IF-P  A-       2002-2005   Daniel Scott Baysinger                   
Trent Baysinger      P     A+       2003-2007   Trent Baysinger                          
Juan Bazan           P     A        1998-2000   Juan Antonio Bazan                       
Pete Bazan           C     AAA      1979-1982   Pedro Garza Bazan                        
Matt Bazzani         C     A+       1993-2000   Michael Matthew Bazzani                  
Shane Bazzell        P     AAA      1998-2005   Shane Allen Bazzell                      

Major Leaguers by Letter

Select a letter to see a list of historical Major Leaguers starting with that letter.

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Players who have not (yet) played professional baseball but have listed college stats on The Cube.
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