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A current listing of players on disabled lists throughout Major League and Minor League baseball. Minor league Disabled List information is less likely to become available but we have included where possible. The list is of little use during the off-season.

Major League Disabled List only
Angel MejiaP  (DL-60)19.1686/24/2014Released by Phillies
Arizona DiamondbacksPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
J.R. BradleyP ARI (DL-7)22.0497/7/2014DL-7 Injured
Lucas HarrellRP ARI (DL-7)29.0557/13/2014DL-7 Injured
Sean JamiesonSS ARI (DL-7)25.1487/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Justin FitzgeraldP ARI (DL-7)28.1477/15/2014DL-7 Injured
Cody Rosslf ARI (DL-15)   40m33.2177/22/2014DL-15 Strained left calf
Zeke SpruillSP ARI (DL-7)   40m24.3207/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Derek EitelP ARI (DL-7)26.2507/6/2014DL-7 Injured
Jake RobertsP ARI (DL-7)23.1846/21/2014DL-7 Injured
Hector HernandezP ARI (DL-7)23.1587/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Danny Dorn1B ARI (DL-7)30.0087/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Bryan WoodallP ARI (DL-7)27.2775/8/2014DL-7 Injured
David HernandezRP ARI (DL-60)29.0764/14/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Torn UCL in right elbow)
Daniel HudsonP ARI (DL-60)27.1416/19/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from right elbow surgery)
Geordy ParraP ARI (DL-7)20.3254/15/2014DL-7 Injured
Eric Chavez3B ARI (DL-60)36.2336/29/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Sprained left knee)
Gerard HallSS ARI (DL-7)26.0194/19/2014DL-7 Injured
Chris OwingsSS ARI (DL-15)   40m22.3516/29/2014DL-15 Left shoulder strain
Tyler Bortnick2B ARI (DL-7)27.0256/21/2014DL-7 Injured
Matt ReynoldsRP ARI (DL-60)29.2996/1/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from left elbow surgery)
Jose MartinezP ARI (DL-7)20.1055/17/2014DL-7 Injured
A.J. Pollockcf ARI (DL-15)   40m26.2366/1/2014DL-15 Broken hand
Cliff Penningtonss ARI (DL-15)   40m30.0436/3/2014DL-15 Sprained ligament, left thumb
Santos RodriguezP ARI (DL-7)26.2085/8/2014DL-7 Injured
Colin BrayOF-P ARI (DL-7)21.0405/9/2014DL-7 Injured
Patrick CorbinSP ARI (DL-60)25.0094/4/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow surgery)
Chris CapperP ARI (DL-7)23.1734/15/2014DL-7 Injured
Bronson ArroyoSP ARI (DL-15)   40m37.1546/16/2014DL-15 Right elbow tendinitis
Steve HathawayP ARI (DL-7)23.3186/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Atlanta BravesPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Cory GearrinRP ATL (DL-60)28.1054/2/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow sprain)
Josh ElanderC ATL (DL-7)23.1316/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Joey MenesesIF ATL (DL-7)22.0835/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Jonny VentersRP ATL (DL-60)29.1303/30/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from left elbow surgery)
Robby HefflingerLF ATL (DL-7)24.2065/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Chuck BuchananP ATL (DL-7)24.0145/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Brandon BeachySP ATL (DL-60)27.3283/30/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow surgery)
Gavin FloydSP ATL (DL-15)   40m31.1826/20/2014DL-15 Fractured right elbow
David StarnP ATL (DL-7)24.0705/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Kris MedlenSP ATL (DL-60)28.2943/27/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow surgery)
Mikey ReynoldsIF ATL (DL-7)23.3435/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Carlos PerezP ATL (DL-7)   40m22.2516/23/2014Assigned to GCL Braves (Rk) - (DL-7 Injured)
Luis PerezP ATL (DL-7)29.1895/6/2014DL-7 Injured
Chase AnselmentC-OF ATL (DL-7)23.2864/13/2014DL-7 Injured
David BrombergP ATL (DL-7)26.3185/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Luis VasquezP ATL (DL-7)   40m28.1165/7/2014DL-7 Injured
Trenton Moses3B ATL (DL-7)25.1694/13/2014DL-7 Injured
Andrew RussellP ATL (DL-7)30.0924/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Luis MerejoP ATL (DL-60)19.2937/1/2014DL-60 Injured
Nelson LeonP ATL (DL-60)19.0297/1/2014DL-60 Injured
Nathan HassC ATL (DL-7)20.1437/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Dakota DillOF ATL (DL-60)23.0697/1/2014DL-60 Injured
Edison Sanchez1B ATL (DL-7)23.2697/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Jose YepezC ATL (DL-7)33.0397/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Zach JadofskyP ATL (DL-7)24.0417/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Victor ReyesOF ATL (DL-7)19.2967/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Seth Loman1B ATL (DL-7)28.2247/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Wes ParsonsP ATL (DL-7)21.3257/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Salvatore GiardinaC ATL (DL-7)22.0897/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Baltimore OriolesPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Thomas Di BenedettoSS BAL (DL-7)28.2674/1/2014DL-7 Injured
David RichardsonP BAL (DL-7)23.1787/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Jemile Weeks2b BAL (DL-7)   40m27.1837/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Kelvin De La CruzP BAL (DL-7)25.3617/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Caleb KelloggP BAL (DL-60)22.0557/4/2014DL-60 Injured
Brett FrantiniC BAL (DL-60)24.1716/30/2014DL-60 Injured
Suk-Min YoonP BAL (DL-7)   40m28.0047/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Ashur TolliverP BAL (DL-7)26.1867/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Eunchul ChoiP BAL (DL-7)30.2174/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Ubaldo JimenezSP BAL (DL-15)   40m30.1887/13/2014DL-15 Sprained right ankle
Matt PriceP BAL (DL-7)24.3237/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Jack GrahamC  BAL (DL-7)24.2786/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Travis SeabrookeP BAL (DL-60)18.3166/30/2014DL-60 Injured
Jacob BrayP BAL (DL-60)--6/30/2014DL-60 Injured
Johan SantanaP BAL (DL-60)35.1376/9/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from left shoulder surgery)
Bobby BundyP BAL (DL-7)24.1964/23/2014DL-7 Injured
Brock Bond2B BAL (DL-7)28.3204/23/2014DL-7 Injured
Andy LoomisP BAL (DL-7)28.2454/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Roderick BernadinaRF BAL (DL-7)21.3526/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Scott KalushC BAL (DL-7)24.1286/7/2014DL-7 Injured
Alexi Casilla2b BAL (DL-7)30.0086/29/2014DL-7 Injured
Zach BookerC BAL (DL-7)29.0954/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Matt Wietersc BAL (DL-15)   40m28.0685/11/2014DL-15 Right elbow strain
Pedro PerezC BAL (DL-7)23.0816/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Max HomickP BAL (DL-7)22.0486/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Boston Red SoxPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Henry RamosCF-RF BOS (DL-7)22.1046/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Jesus LoyaRF-CF BOS (DL-7)22.0436/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Brandon SnyderLF BOS (DL-7)27.2476/6/2014DL-7 Injured
Leonel EscobarC BOS (DL-7)23.3277/9/2014DL-7 Injured
Keith CouchP BOS (DL-7)24.2657/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Jayson HernandezC BOS (DL-7)25.3297/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Justin HenryCF-3B BOS (DL-7)29.0897/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Pete HisseyCF BOS (DL-7)24.1927/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Jose VinicioSS BOS (DL-7)21.0187/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Jose ValdezP BOS (DL-7)31.1877/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Chicago CubsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Anthony GiansantiRF CHC (DL-7)25.3037/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Yasiel BalaguertOF CHC (DL-7)21.2077/10/2014DL-7 Injured
Rubi SilvaCF CHC (DL-7)25.0337/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Nathan MaldonadoC CHC (DL-60)25.1124/1/2014DL-60 Injured
Manny RamirezDH CHC (DL-7)42.0597/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Anthony PrietoP  CHC (DL-60)20.2546/27/2014DL-60 Injured
Julio RodriguezP CHC (DL-7)23.3336/12/2014DL-7 Injured
Lance RymelC  CHC (DL-7)24.0876/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Daniel LockhartSS-2B CHC (DL-7)21.2666/21/2014DL-7 Injured
Austin ReedP CHC (DL-60)22.2716/27/2014DL-60 Injured
Brad RennerP CHC (DL-60)23.0746/30/2014DL-60 Injured
John AndreoliLF CHC (DL-7)24.0496/15/2014DL-7 Injured
Edgar GonzalezIF CHC (DL-7)36.0444/21/2014DL-7 Injured
James McDonaldp CHC (DL-60)29.2823/31/2014DL-60 Right shoulder inflammation
Chicago White SoxPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Jake FloetheP CHW (DL-7)25.0605/5/2014DL-7 Injured
Adam LopezP CHW (DL-7)24.1574/28/2014DL-7 Injured
Tommy HansonSP CHW (DL-7)27.3346/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Nathan JonesRP CHW (DL-60)28.1815/3/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Strained left hip)
Jake CoseP CHW (DL-7)23.3345/5/2014DL-7 Injured
Stephen McCrayP CHW (DL-7)26.2964/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Avisail Garciarf CHW (DL-60)23.0464/27/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left shoulder surger)
Matt LindstromRP CHW (DL-15)   40m34.1685/20/2014DL-15 Peroneal tendon subluxation, left ankle
Mauricio RoblesP CHW (DL-7)25.1455/13/2014DL-7 Injured
Nolan EarleyOF CHW (DL-7)23.1237/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Zach PutnamRP CHW (DL-15)   40m27.0257/24/2014DL-15 Right shoulder inflammation
Charles LeesmanSP CHW (DL-7)   40m27.1407/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Dane OpelCF CHW (DL-60)23.0677/2/2014DL-60 Injured
David PutmanP CHW (DL-7)24.1507/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Matt LaneP CHW (DL-7)23.3517/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Tyler SaladinoSS CHW (DL-7)25.0087/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Tim AndersonSS CHW (DL-7)21.0357/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Tyler BarnetteP CHW (DL-7)22.0617/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Francellis MontasP CHW (DL-7)21.1297/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Felipe PaulinoP CHW (DL-60)30.2977/20/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right rotator cuff inflammation)
Daniel McCutchenP CHW (DL-7)31.3057/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Cincinnati RedsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Brandon Phillips2b CIN (DL-15)   40m33.0307/11/2014DL-15 Left thumb surger
Joey Votto1b CIN (DL-15)   40m30.3227/8/2014DL-15 Strained left quadriceps
Jon MatthewsRF CIN (DL-7)23.1137/19/2014DL-7 Injured
Timothy CrabbeP CIN (DL-7)26.1597/10/2014DL-7 Injured
Logan OndrusekRP CIN (DL-15)   40m29.1657/22/2014DL-15 Strained right shoulder
Louis Marsonc CIN (DL-7)28.0327/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Daniel PigottC-OF CIN (DL-7)24.2977/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Nick ChristianiRP CIN (DL-7)   40m27.0117/12/2014DL-7 Injured
Joseph Jocketty3B CIN (DL-60)23.2987/3/2014DL-60 Injured
Elliott HargreavesOF CIN (DL-60)20.1187/3/2014DL-60 Injured
Chad JonesOF-P CIN (DL-60)25.2967/3/2014DL-60 Injured
Scott BrattvetP CIN (DL-7)23.0077/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Dan RenkenP CIN (DL-7)25.0237/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Juan SilvaLF CIN (DL-7)23.2017/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Chad RogersP CIN (DL-7)   40m24.3596/21/2014DL-7 Injured
Joe MantoniP CIN (DL-7)23.0546/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Trevor BellP CIN (DL-60)27.2896/20/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow inflammation)
Edgar GonzalezRP CIN (DL-7)31.1554/15/2014DL-7 Injured
Evan MitchellP CIN (DL-7)22.1325/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Junior Arias3B CIN (DL-7)22.2014/13/2014DL-7 Injured
Austin SalterP  CIN (DL-7)22.3276/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Tony CingraniSP CIN (DL-7)   40m25.0236/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Nick RouttP CIN (DL-7)23.3346/13/2014DL-7 Injured
Layne SomsenP CIN (DL-7)25.0536/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Sean MarshallRP CIN (DL-60)31.3326/20/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left shoulder strain)
Ryan LamarreCF CIN (DL-7)   40m25.2496/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Junior MorilloP CIN (DL-7)22.2724/16/2014DL-7 Injured
Mike Costanzo3B CIN (DL-7)30.3236/12/2014DL-7 Injured
Cleveland IndiansPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Shaun MarcumSP CLE (DL-7)32.2266/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Matt WhitehouseP CLE (DL-7)23.1066/14/2014DL-7 Injured
Matt ColantonioC CLE (DL-7)25.0726/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Matt PackerP CLE (DL-7)26.3356/13/2014DL-7 Injured
Anthony SantanderOF CLE (DL-7)19.2826/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Matt CappsP CLE (DL-7)30.3294/14/2014DL-7 Injured
Matt TreanorC CLE (DL-7)38.1474/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Joe Wendle2B  CLE (DL-7)24.0936/29/2014DL-7 Injured
Robbie AvilesP CLE (DL-7)22.2246/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Tyler NaquinOF CLE (DL-7)23.0956/29/2014DL-7 Injured
David Cooper1B CLE (DL-7)27.1665/31/2014DL-7 Injured
Nyjer MorganCF CLE (DL-60)34.0265/22/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Sprained right knee)
Scott BarnesRP CLE (DL-7)   40m26.3276/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Cody AndersonP CLE (DL-7)23.3177/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Ollie LintonLF CLE (DL-7)28.1127/9/2014DL-7 Injured
Charlie ValerioC CLE (DL-7)23.2637/19/2014DL-7 Injured
Jason Giambidh CLE (DL-60)43.2017/12/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left knee inflammation)
Torsten BossIF CLE (DL-7)23.2137/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Michael Bourncf CLE (DL-15)   40m31.2137/6/2014DL-15 Strained left hamstring
Colorado RockiesPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Troy Tulowitzkiss COL (DL-15)   40m29.2917/22/2014DL-15 Left hip flexor strain
Justin Morneau1b COL (DL-15)   40m33.0747/21/2014DL-15 Neck strain
Seth WilloughbyIF COL (DL-60)24.0307/22/2014DL-60 Injured
Wilton LopezRP COL (DL-7)31.0097/6/2014DL-7 Injured
Kyle Von TungelnOF COL (DL-7)23.3137/15/2014DL-7 Injured
Jhoulys ChacinSP COL (DL-60)26.2037/4/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right shoulder inflammation)
Jefri HernandezP COL (DL-7)23.0927/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Boone LoganRP COL (DL-15)   40m29.3497/21/2014DL-15 Diverticulitis
Jose GonzalezC COL (DL-7)27.0357/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Scott ObergP COL (DL-7)24.1376/15/2014DL-7 Injured
Michael Cuddyerrf COL (DL-60)35.1236/21/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Strained left shoulder)
Tom MurphyC COL (DL-7)23.1165/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Brandon ErbeP COL (DL-7)26.2166/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Danny WinklerP COL (DL-7)24.1766/13/2014DL-7 Injured
Jacob Newberryp COL (DL-7)23.2916/8/2014DL-7 Injured
Tyler ChatwoodSP COL (DL-60)24.2245/5/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow tightness)
Christian BergmanP COL (DL-60)26.0856/26/2014DL-60 Fractured left thumb
Detroit TigersPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Duncan McAlpineC-P DET (DL-7)23.1096/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Matt CrouseP DET (DL-7)24.0274/23/2014DL-7 Injured
Endrys BricenoP DET (DL-7)22.1724/29/2014DL-7 Injured
Brett Harrison3B DET (DL-7)22.0495/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Austin WoodP DET (DL-7)27.2684/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Jeff ThompsonP DET (DL-7)22.3095/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Bruce RondonRP DET (DL-60)23.2313/30/2014DL-60 Right elbow surgery
Jose Iglesiasss DET (DL-60)26.3043/30/2014DL-60 Bilateral tibial stress fractures
Robbie RayP DET (DL-7)   40m22.3016/7/2014DL-7 Injured
Brandon LoySS DET (DL-7)24.0865/21/2014DL-7 Injured
Luke PutkonenRP DET (DL-60)28.0796/22/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow inflammation)
Casey CrosbyP DET (DL-7)   40m25.3145/21/2014DL-7 Injured
Joe RogersP DET (DL-7)23.1604/29/2014DL-7 Injured
Kevin EichhornP DET (DL-7)24.1727/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Andy Dirkslf DET (DL-60)   Rehab28.1857/16/2014Recalled from minor league rehab assignment - (DL-15 Recovery from back surgery)
Joel HanrahanRP DET (DL-60)32.2957/19/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from right elbow surgery)
Tyler ClarkP DET (DL-7)25.2057/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Dean AldridgeP DET (DL-60)19.3647/13/2014DL-60 Injured
Charles GilliesP  DET (DL-7)23.3327/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Houston AstrosPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Will Dupont2B  HOU (DL-60)20.2397/24/2014DL-60 Injured
Matt AlbersRP HOU (DL-60)31.1897/25/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right shoulder tendinitis)
Alex PresleyCF HOU (DL-15)   40m29.0037/8/2014DL-15 Strained right oblique
Dexter Fowlercf HOU (DL-15)   40m28.1287/1/2014DL-15 Right intercostal strain
George SpringerCF HOU (DL-15)   40m24.3127/23/2014DL-15 Strained right quad
Josh ZeidRP HOU (DL-15)   40m27.1267/27/2014DL-15 Left foot
Jordan ScottLF HOU (DL-7)22.3107/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Carlos CorreaSS  HOU (DL-7)19.3096/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Ross SeatonP HOU (DL-7)24.3136/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Nolan FontanaIF HOU (DL-7)23.0526/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Jesse CrainRP HOU (DL-60)33.0235/2/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from right biceps surgery)
Japhet Amador1B HOU (DL-7)27.1904/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Bobby Borchering1B-3B HOU (DL-7)23.2766/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Jose CisneroRP HOU (DL-60)25.1086/21/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow discomfort)
Kansas City RoyalsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Luke HochevarRP KC (DL-60)30.3176/2/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow surgery)
Brian FletcherLF KC (DL-7)25.2756/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Beau MaggiC KC (DL-7)23.2596/21/2014DL-7 Injured
Brett EibnerCF KC (DL-7)25.2386/29/2014DL-7 Injured
Yowill Espinal2B KC (DL-7)23.1184/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Kevin MccarthyP KC (DL-7)22.1574/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Sugar Ray MarimonP KC (DL-7)25.3017/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Lane AdamsCF KC (DL-7)   40m24.2577/16/2014DL-7 Injured
Cody ReedP KC (DL-7)21.1047/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Alfredo Escalera-MaldonadoOF  KC (DL-7)19.1617/16/2014DL-7 Injured
Jason VargasSP KC (DL-15)   40m31.1767/10/2014DL-15 Appendectomy
Wilking RodriguezP KC (DL-7)   40m24.1487/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Crawford SimmonsP KC (DL-7)23.0487/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Los Angeles AngelsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Yordany ReinosoP LAA (DL-7)20.2857/2/2014DL-7 Injured
C.J. WilsonSP LAA (DL-15)   40m33.2527/10/2014DL-15 Sprained right ankle
Grant Green2b LAA (DL-15)   40m26.3057/23/2014DL-15 Lumbar strain
Ryan EtsellP LAA (DL-7)22.2237/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Dane De la RosaRP LAA (DL-7)   40m31.1777/10/2014DL-7 Injured
Jake BoydP LAA (DL-7)24.2037/10/2014DL-7 Injured
Collin Cowgillrf-LF LAA (DL-15)   40m28.0677/13/2014DL-15 Nasal fractur
Hunter GreenP LAA (DL-7)19.0167/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Brooks RaleyRP LAA (DL-7)26.0296/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Sean BurnettRP LAA (DL-60)31.3146/3/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow)
Kyle McgowinP LAA (DL-7)22.2445/29/2014DL-7 Injured
Brian MoranP LAA (DL-60)25.3014/13/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow inflammation)
Ryan BrasierRP LAA (DL-60)26.3374/16/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow strain)
Jose AlvarezRP LAA (DL-7)   40m25.0835/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Los Angeles DodgersPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Onelki GarciaP LAD (DL-60)24.3603/16/2014DL-60 Recovery from left elbow surgery
James CampbellP LAD (DL-7)22.3126/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Francisco VillaP LAD (DL-7)22.1186/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Arismendy OzoriaP LAD (DL-7)23.3556/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Sam DemelP LAD (DL-7)28.2786/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Chad BillingsleySP LAD (DL-60)   Rehab29.3646/8/2014Recalled from minor league rehab assignment - (DL-15 Recovery from right elbow surgery)
Josh JudyP LAD (DL-7)28.1696/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Justin SouzaP LAD (DL-7)28.2795/9/2014DL-7 Injured
Chris WithrowRP LAD (DL-60)25.1186/6/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Undisclosed injury)
Eric EadingtonP LAD (DL-7)26.1705/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Ross StriplingP LAD (DL-7)24.2473/5/2014DL-7 Recovering from Tommy John Surgery
Luis De PaulaP LAD (DL-7)22.0936/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Griff EricksonC LAD (DL-7)26.1397/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Scott ElbertP LAD (DL-60)   Rehab28.3497/18/2014Assigned to Albuquerque (AAA) for rehab - (DL-60 recovery from left shoulder surgery)
Brandon DixonIF LAD (DL-7)22.1817/9/2014DL-7 Injured
Raydel SanchezP LAD (DL-7)24.1397/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Stephen FifeSP LAD (DL-7)   40m27.2977/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Leo Rodriguez2B-SS LAD (DL-7)22.2307/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Lindsey CaughelP LAD (DL-7)23.3497/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Garrett GouldP LAD (DL-7)23.0097/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Aaron Bates1B LAD (DL-7)30.1407/7/2014DL-7 Injured
Brian Cavazos-Galvez1B-LF LAD (DL-7)27.0727/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Greg HarrisP LAD (DL-7)19.3457/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Alberto RosarioC LAD (DL-7)27.1997/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Miami MarlinsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Kevin GreggRP MIA (DL-15)   40m36.0387/18/2014DL-15 Right elbow inflammation
Andy BeltreP MIA (DL-7)21.0227/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Ryan NewellP MIA (DL-7)23.0407/16/2014DL-7 Injured
Cody HarrisP MIA (DL-60)22.1157/13/2014DL-60 Injured
Rafael FurcalSS MIA (DL-60)36.3387/19/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Strained left hamstring)
Juan SosaP MIA (DL-7)24.2907/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Chipper SmithP  MIA (DL-7)24.1877/15/2014DL-7 Injured
Taylor KrickC MIA (DL-7)26.1197/9/2014DL-7 Injured
Miguel FerminP MIA (DL-7)29.1677/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Drew SteckenriderOF-P MIA (DL-7)23.1997/5/2014DL-7 Injured
Derek Dietrich2b MIA (DL-15)   40m25.0107/4/2014DL-15 Strained right wrist
Max GarnerP MIA (DL-7)24.0477/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Ryan Fisher3B MIA (DL-7)26.0957/25/2014DL-7 Injured
James LevertonP MIA (DL-7)28.0767/12/2014DL-7 Injured
Sean TownsleyP MIA (DL-7)23.3127/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Miguel Tejada2b MIA (DL-7)40.0646/9/2014DL-7 Injured
Jose CeballosC MIA (DL-60)25.2136/25/2014DL-60 Injured
Carter CappsRP MIA (DL-60)23.3556/4/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right elbow sprain)
Raudel LazoP MIA (DL-7)25.1076/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Joey O'GaraP MIA (DL-7)26.0996/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Tyler HigginsP MIA (DL-7)23.0976/5/2014DL-7 Injured
Brian Boguseviclf MIA (DL-7)30.1616/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Joel EffertzP MIA (DL-7)23.3045/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Yordy CabreraSS MIA (DL-7)23.3285/13/2014DL-7 Injured
James WoosterLF MIA (DL-7)25.0395/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Scott McGoughP MIA (DL-7)24.2706/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Cameron FlynnOF-P MIA (DL-7)24.1545/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Milwaukee BrewersPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Casey MedlenP MIL (DL-7)24.3586/29/2014DL-7 Injured
Tyler CravyP MIL (DL-7)25.0156/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Brock KjeldgaardRF MIL (DL-7)28.1875/6/2014DL-7 Injured
Brooks HallP MIL (DL-7)   40m24.0325/6/2014DL-7 Injured
Tyler ThornburgRP MIL (DL-15)   40m25.3026/8/2014DL-15 Right elbow soreness
Hiram BurgosSP MIL (DL-7)   40m26.3595/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Lance RoenickeOF MIL (DL-7)26.0504/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Johnny HellwegSP MIL (DL-7)   40m25.2724/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Josh Princelf MIL (DL-7)26.1847/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Paul EshlemanC MIL (DL-7)23.3287/19/2014DL-7 Injured
Jim HendersonRP MIL (DL-60)31.2807/21/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right shoulder inflammation)
Jeremy HermidaRF MIL (DL-7)30.1807/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Jeff Bianchi2b-3b MIL (DL-15)   40m27.2967/18/2014DL-15 Strained right elbow
Andy MoyeP MIL (DL-7)26.3217/18/2014DL-7 Injured
D'Vontrey RichardsonCF MIL (DL-7)25.3637/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Taylor Green1b MIL (DL-7)27.2687/7/2014DL-7 Injured
Lucas MayC MIL (DL-7)29.2777/8/2014DL-7 Injured
Liu Rodriguez2b MIL (DL-60)37.2656/30/2014DL-60 Injured
Wei-Chung WangP MIL (DL-15)   40m22.0947/11/2014DL-15 Left shoulder tightness
Hunter Morris1B MIL (DL-7)   40m25.2947/6/2014DL-7 Injured
Minnesota TwinsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Zack GraniteOF MIN (DL-7)21.3147/9/2014DL-7 Injured
Joe Mauer1b-dh MIN (DL-15)   40m31.1007/2/2014DL-15 Right oblique strain
Lance RayRF-1B MIN (DL-7)24.3297/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Corey WimberlyCF MIN (DL-7)30.2767/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Kohl StewartP MIN (DL-7)19.2947/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Max Kepler-RozyckiLF MIN (DL-7)   40m21.1687/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Miguel GonzalezP MIN (DL-7)19.2897/26/2014DL-7 Injured
D.J. BaxendaleP MIN (DL-7)23.2327/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Leonel Zazuetap MIN (DL-7)19.3047/5/2014DL-7 Injured
Ricky NolascoSP MIN (DL-15)   40m31.2277/8/2014DL-15 Right elbow strain
Taylor RogersP MIN (DL-7)23.2237/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Zach LarsonOF  MIN (DL-7)20.2937/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Damian Defrankp MIN (DL-7)19.1777/5/2014DL-7 Injured
Miguel Sano3B MIN (DL-7)21.0784/27/2014DL-7 Injured
J.T. ChargoisP MIN (DL-60)23.2376/30/2014DL-60 Injured
Jake ProctorIF-OF MIN (DL-60)23.2256/30/2014DL-60 Injured
Carson GoldsmithP  MIN (DL-60)24.0036/30/2014DL-60 Injured
Mike PelfreySP MIN (DL-60)30.1966/19/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Strained left groin)
Chad RodgersP MIN (DL-7)26.2484/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Zachary JonesC-LF MIN (DL-7)23.2364/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Randy RosarioP MIN (DL-7)20.0714/28/2014DL-7 Injured
Corey WilliamsP MIN (DL-7)24.0244/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Ryan TuftsOF MIN (DL-7)25.1776/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Fernando RomeroP MIN (DL-7)19.2166/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Yorman LandaP MIN (DL-7)20.0475/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Tyler StirewaltP MIN (DL-60)23.2346/30/2014DL-60 Injured
David HurlbutP MIN (DL-7)24.2466/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Joshua BurrisP MIN (DL-7)22.2436/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Reyson ZoquielP MIN (DL-7)20.2657/26/2014DL-7 Injured
New York MetsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Brandon BrosherOF NYM (DL-7)19.1616/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Jairo Perez3B NYM (DL-7)26.0487/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Darin GorskiP NYM (DL-7)26.2967/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Tyler VanderheidenP NYM (DL-7)24.0317/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Daisuke MatsuzakaSP NYM (DL-15)   40m33.3187/26/2014DL-15 Right elbow inflammation
Omar Quintanillass NYM (DL-7)32.2777/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Chris FlexenP  NYM (DL-7)20.0277/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Hansel RoblesP NYM (DL-7)23.3497/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Scott RiceRP NYM (DL-7)   40m32.3107/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Hunter CarnevaleP NYM (DL-7)25.3357/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Hamilton BennettP NYM (DL-7)26.0327/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Angel CuanP NYM (DL-7)25.0607/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Joel CarrenoP NYM (DL-7)27.1437/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Taylor Teagardenc NYM (DL-15)   Rehab   40m30.2207/18/2014Assigned to St. Lucie (A+) for rehab - (DL-15 Strained left hamstring)
Matt HarveySP NYM (DL-60)25.1233/31/2014DL-60 Recovery from right elbow surgery
Bobby ParnellRP NYM (DL-60)29.3235/14/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Torn MCL, right elbow)
Jeffrey WaltersP NYM (DL-7)   40m26.2656/13/2014DL-7 Injured
New York YankeesPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Joseph MaherP NYY (DL-7)21.3576/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Dallas MartinezP NYY (DL-7)19.2736/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Caleb FrareP  NYY (DL-7)21.0206/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Preston ClaiborneRP NYY (DL-7)   40m26.1896/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Ivan NovaSP NYY (DL-60)27.1974/24/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Torn UCL, right elbow requiring Tommy John surgery)
Ramon FloresLF NYY (DL-7)   40m22.1246/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Michael PinedaP NYY (DL-60)25.1916/3/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Muscle strain, right shoulder)
Dietrich EnnsP NYY (DL-7)23.0738/13/2013DL-7 Injured
Matthew Duran1B-3B NYY (DL-7)21.0884/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Kevin CorneliusSS NYY (DL-7)21.3344/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Slade HeathcottCF NYY (DL-7)   40m23.3035/31/2014DL-7 Injured
Caleb CothamP NYY (DL-7)26.2655/29/2014DL-7 Injured
Andrew BaileyRP NYY (DL-7)30.0585/8/2014DL-7 Injured
David HerndonP NYY (DL-7)28.3274/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Omar LuisP NYY (DL-7)21.2887/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Dustin FowlerCF NYY (DL-7)19.2117/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Radley HaddadC NYY (DL-60)24.0787/17/2014DL-60 Injured
Eric WootenP NYY (DL-7)24.1327/9/2014DL-7 Injured
Zach Wilson3B NYY (DL-7)23.3567/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Cale CoshowP NYY (DL-7)22.0127/8/2014DL-7 Injured
Masahiro TanakaP NYY (DL-15)   40m25.2697/9/2014DL-15 Right elbow inflammation
Jose CamposP NYY (DL-7)   40m22.0014/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Matt SnyderIF NYY (DL-7)24.0417/13/2014DL-7 Injured
Scott Sizemore2b NYY (DL-7)   40m29.2057/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Jose RamirezP NYY (DL-7)   40m24.1887/8/2014DL-7 Injured
Yeicok CalderonRF NYY (DL-7)22.2187/24/2014DL-7 Injured
C.C. SabathiaSP NYY (DL-60)34.0077/1/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right knee pain)
Kelly Johnsondh NYY (DL-15)   40m32.1567/23/2014DL-15 Strained left groin
Kendall ColemanRF NYY (DL-60)19.0677/26/2014DL-60 Injured
Mike FordP NYY (DL-7)22.0247/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Fred LewisP NYY (DL-7)27.2247/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Derek ToadvineIF NYY (DL-7)22.1307/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Jose GilC NYY (DL-7)27.3277/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Oakland AthleticsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Colin Walsh3B-LF OAK (DL-7)24.3057/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Chad OberackerLF OAK (DL-7)25.1957/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Tim AthertonP OAK (DL-7)24.2637/12/2014DL-7 Injured
Andrew WernerP OAK (DL-7)27.1537/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Josh LindblomSP OAK (DL-7)   40m27.0437/7/2014DL-7 Injured
Kevin JohnsonP OAK (DL-60)23.1147/17/2014DL-60 Injured
Aaron ShipmanLF-CF OAK (DL-7)22.1837/15/2014DL-7 Injured
Dakota FreeseP OAK (DL-60)22.0807/17/2014DL-60 Injured
Luke Montzdh OAK (DL-7)31.0217/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Miles Head1B OAK (DL-7)23.0877/12/2014DL-7 Injured
Ryan LipkinC OAK (DL-7)26.2947/22/2014DL-7 Injured
A.J. GriffinSP OAK (DL-60)26.1825/4/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Flexor muscle strain, right elbow)
Kyle Blanks1B OAK (DL-15)   40m27.3206/24/2014DL-15 Strained left calf
Jeff UrlaubP OAK (DL-7)27.0956/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Raul AlcantaraP OAK (DL-7)   40m21.2364/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Tanner PetersP OAK (DL-7)23.3564/19/2014DL-7 Injured
Manuarys CorreaP OAK (DL-7)25.2045/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Jarrod ParkerSP OAK (DL-60)25.2463/21/2014DL-60 Recovery from right elbow surgery
Craig Gentrylf-cf OAK (DL-15)   40m30.2427/28/2014DL-15 Broken right hand
Philadelphia PhilliesPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Matt TolbertSS PHI (DL-7)32.0857/27/2014DL-7 Injured
B.J. RosenbergRP PHI (DL-7)   40m28.3147/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Luis GarciaRP PHI (DL-7)   40m27.1797/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Perci GarnerP PHI (DL-7)25.2277/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Herlis RodriguezOF PHI (DL-7)20.0487/16/2014DL-7 Injured
John Mayberryrf-cf PHI (DL-15)   40m30.2207/22/2014DL-15 Left wrist inflammation
Jason MarquisSP PHI (DL-7)35.3417/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Mike AdamsRP PHI (DL-60)35.3647/2/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Right rotator cuff inflammation)
Chace NumataC PHI (DL-7)21.3486/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Josh WarnerP PHI (DL-7)21.2916/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Brody ColvinP PHI (DL-7)23.3485/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Jonathan PettiboneSP PHI (DL-7)   40m24.0095/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Adam MorganP PHI (DL-7)24.1514/6/2014DL-7 Injured
Shane WatsonP  PHI (DL-7)20.3496/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Ervis ManzanilloP PHI (DL-7)22.3386/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Pittsburgh PiratesPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Ulises Montilla2b PIT (DL-60)22.0776/30/2014DL-60 Injured
Will KendallP PIT (DL-7)22.3255/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Miguel PerezC PIT (DL-7)30.3074/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Jameson TaillonP PIT (DL-7)22.2534/1/2014DL-7 Recovering from Tommy John Surgery
Jon SchwindC PIT (DL-7)24.0597/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Gerrit ColeSP PIT (DL-15)   40m23.3237/9/2014DL-15 Right lat soreness
Taylor LewisCF PIT (DL-7)24.2227/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Quinton MillerP PIT (DL-7)24.2427/12/2014DL-7 Injured
Matt Curry1B PIT (DL-7)26.0017/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Barrett BarnesCF PIT (DL-7)22.3657/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Junior SosaRF-LF PIT (DL-7)23.2987/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Starling Martelf PIT (DL-7)   40m25.2927/23/2014DL-7 Concussion
Orlando CastroP PIT (DL-7)22.1337/25/2014DL-7 Injured
D.J. CrumlichSS PIT (DL-7)24.0967/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Danny CollinsIF PIT (DL-7)23.1677/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Justin TopaP PIT (DL-7)23.1437/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Harold RamirezOF PIT (DL-7)19.3257/10/2014DL-7 Injured
Clint Barmesss PIT (DL-15)   40m35.1447/6/2014DL-15 Left groin strain
Tyler WaldronP PIT (DL-7)25.0887/7/2014DL-7 Injured
Chris DiazIF PIT (DL-7)23.2617/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Rodolfo PenaC PIT (DL-7)35.1434/1/2014DL-7 Injured
San Diego PadresPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Troy PattonRP SD (DL-60)28.3287/2/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left shoulder soreness)
Coby CowgillP SD (DL-7)23.1277/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Erik SchoenrockP SD (DL-60)22.3517/2/2014DL-60 Injured
Christopher Longp SD (DL-60)21.1267/2/2014DL-60 Injured
Everth Cabrerass SD (DL-15)   40m27.2537/2/2014DL-15 Strained left hamstring
Travis BuckRF SD (DL-7)30.2537/6/2014DL-7 Injured
Joe WielandP SD (DL-60)   Rehab24.1887/19/2014Assigned to AZL Padres (Rk) for rehab - (DL-15 Recovery from right elbow surgery)
Reynaldo Bruguera2B SD (DL-7)22.2667/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Tyler DialC SD (DL-60)22.2527/2/2014DL-60 Injured
Jason HagertyC SD (DL-7)26.3197/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Roman MadridP SD (DL-7)23.1527/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Luis DomoromoLF SD (DL-7)22.1757/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Carlos Quentinlf SD (DL-15)   40m31.3347/28/2014DL-15 Left knee soreness
Pete KelichSS SD (DL-7)23.1625/9/2014DL-7 Injured
Ryan Jackson2B-SS SD (DL-7)   40m26.0795/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Ruben MejiaP SD (DL-7)22.1565/6/2014DL-7 Injured
Andrew CashnerSP SD (DL-15)   40m27.3206/23/2014DL-15 Right shoulder soreness
Matthew ChabotP  SD (DL-7)22.3214/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Casey KellySP SD (DL-60)24.2976/23/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Recovery from right elbow surgery)
Stephen CarmonSS SD (DL-7)24.1595/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Cory LuebkeP SD (DL-60)29.1463/9/2014DL-60 Left elbow surgery
Burch SmithRP SD (DL-7)   40m24.1075/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Robbie ErlinSP SD (DL-60)23.2936/26/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow soreness)
Adam Moorec SD (DL-7)30.0816/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Josh JohnsonSP SD (DL-60)30.1794/25/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Strained flexor, right forearm)
Devin JonesP SD (DL-7)24.0245/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Kyle GaedeleCF SD (DL-7)24.2695/20/2014DL-7 Injured
John BarbatoP SD (DL-7)22.0176/14/2014DL-7 Injured
Ben PaullusP SD (DL-7)24.3316/8/2014DL-7 Injured
B.J. GuinnSS SD (DL-7)25.1156/5/2014DL-7 Injured
San Francisco GiantsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Mac WilliamsonP SF (DL-7)24.0134/28/2014DL-7 Injured
Jesus NavarroC SF (DL-7)26.2076/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Javier HerreraOF SF (DL-7)29.1105/5/2014DL-7 Injured
John PoloniusSS SF (DL-7)23.1966/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Angel PaganCF SF (DL-15)   40m33.0266/25/2014DL-15 Back strain
Derek LawP SF (DL-7)23.3176/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Juan CiriacoSS-LF SF (DL-7)30.3486/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Chris JohnsonP SF (DL-7)22.3395/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Jeff ArnoldC SF (DL-7)26.1974/13/2014DL-7 Injured
Ryan Tuntland3B SF (DL-7)22.0897/10/2014DL-7 Injured
Ehire AdrianzaSS SF (DL-15)   40m24.3417/25/2014DL-15 Strained right hamstring
Marco Scutaro2b SF (DL-15)   40m38.2727/25/2014DL-15 Strained lower back
Adalberto MejiaP SF (DL-7)21.0387/22/2014DL-7 Injured
D.J. SneltenP SF (DL-7)22.0607/10/2014DL-7 Injured
Mario Lisson1B-3B SF (DL-7)30.0587/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Brandon Belt1b SF (DL-7)   40m26.0997/21/2014DL-7 Concussion
Matt CainSP SF (DL-15)   40m29.3007/21/2014DL-15 Right elbow inflammation
Hector Sanchezc SF (DL-7)   40m24.2537/26/2014DL-7 Concussion
Jose De PaulaP SF (DL-7)26.1467/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Keury MellaP SF (DL-7)20.3607/6/2014DL-7 Injured
Christian JonesP SF (DL-7)23.1827/24/2014DL-7 Injured
William SimpsonP SF (DL-7)22.3177/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Seattle MarinersPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Nick HillP SEA (DL-7)29.1797/8/2014DL-7 Injured
Jack MarderC-2B SEA (DL-7)24.1577/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Jordan ShipersP SEA (DL-7)23.0317/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Moises HernandezP SEA (DL-7)30.1327/25/2014DL-7 Injured
David HolmanP SEA (DL-7)24.0587/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Tommy BurnsP  SEA (DL-7)20.3047/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Michael SaundersLF-cf SEA (DL-15)   40m27.2517/11/2014DL-15 Strained left oblique
Willie Bloomquistss SEA (DL-15)   40m36.2437/24/2014DL-15 Right knee contusion
Joe DeCarloSS  SEA (DL-7)20.3186/14/2014DL-7 Injured
Tyler O'Neillc SEA (DL-7)19.0365/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Nathan MelendresCF-LF SEA (DL-7)24.1156/21/2014DL-7 Injured
Ian MillerOF SEA (DL-7)22.1586/7/2014DL-7 Injured
James PaxtonP SEA (DL-60)25.2646/9/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left lat strain)
Austin WilsonOF SEA (DL-7)22.1726/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Thyago VieiraP SEA (DL-7)21.2026/10/2014DL-7 Injured
Anthony FernandezP SEA (DL-7)   40m24.0505/6/2014DL-7 Injured
St. Louis CardinalsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Jose AlmaranteP STL (DL-7)25.2826/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Brian Vigo-SuarezOF STL (DL-7)22.2296/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Steven GallardoP  STL (DL-60)21.2736/30/2014DL-60 Injured
Michael HolbackP STL (DL-7)21.3165/30/2014DL-7 Injured
Danny Stienstra2B-3B STL (DL-7)25.1494/19/2014DL-7 Injured
Jesus MonteroC STL (DL-7)23.0376/17/2014DL-7 Injured
David Washington1B STL (DL-7)23.2506/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Cory JonesP STL (DL-7)22.3126/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Keith ButlerRP STL (DL-7)   40m25.1795/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Jacob WilsonIF STL (DL-7)23.3646/20/2014DL-7 Injured
David AardsmaRP STL (DL-7)32.2136/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Michael WachaRP STL (DL-15)   40m23.0276/23/2014DL-15 Stress reaction, right shoulder
Thomas LeeP STL (DL-7)24.2817/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Justin WrightP STL (DL-7)24.3447/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Juan Herrera2B STL (DL-7)21.0307/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Yadier Molinac STL (DL-15)   40m32.0157/10/2014DL-15 Torn ligament, right thumb
Jaime GarciaSP STL (DL-60)28.0207/11/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left shoulder inflammation)
Aledmys DiazSS STL (DL-7)23.3617/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Starlin Rodriguez2B STL (DL-7)24.2277/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Leobaldo PinaSS STL (DL-7)20.0297/6/2014DL-7 Injured
Tampa Bay RaysPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Ryan Haniganc TB (DL-15)   40m33.3467/17/2014DL-15 Oblique strain
Wil Myersrf TB (DL-60)23.2307/18/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Sprained right wrist)
Jorge Rodriguezp TB (DL-7)22.2267/19/2014DL-7 Injured
Lucas BaileyC TB (DL-7)23.1397/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Yoel Araujoof TB (DL-7)21.2377/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Joey RickardOF TB (DL-7)23.0687/14/2014DL-7 Injured
Jake ThompsonP TB (DL-7)24.3547/13/2014DL-7 Injured
Pat BlairSS TB (DL-7)22.3017/14/2014DL-7 Injured
David DeJesuslf TB (DL-15)   40m34.2216/19/2014DL-15 Left hand fracture
Jeff AmesP TB (DL-7)23.1784/19/2014DL-7 Injured
Brandon HendersonP TB (DL-7)22.1005/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Ian KendallP TB (DL-7)22.2606/13/2014DL-7 Injured
Ty MorrisonCF TB (DL-7)24.0064/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Lenny LinskyP TB (DL-7)24.1464/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Jacob PartridgeP TB (DL-7)23.2194/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Roberto GomezP TB (DL-7)24.3596/27/2014DL-7 Injured
James Darnell3B-LF TB (DL-7)27.1905/10/2014DL-7 Injured
Jerry SandsLF-1B TB (DL-15)   40m26.3046/24/2014DL-15 Strained left wris
Matt MooreSP TB (DL-60)25.0405/27/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow discomfort)
Eduar QuinonezP TB (DL-7)24.3535/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Juan Carlos OviedoP TB (DL-15)   Rehab   40m30.3494/15/2014Assigned to Durham (AAA) for rehab - (DL-15 Recovery from right elbow surgery)
Texas RangersPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Jurickson Profarss-dh TEX (DL-60)21.1584/12/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Torn right shoulder muscle)
Yu DarvishSP TEX (DL-15)   40m27.3464/6/2014DL-15 Neck stiffness
Prince Fielder1b TEX (DL-60)30.0806/20/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Neck surgery)
Derek HollandSP TEX (DL-60)27.2923/4/2014DL-60 Recovery from left knee surgery
Yohander MendezP TEX (DL-7)19.1925/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Martin PerezSP TEX (DL-60)23.1155/20/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow inflammation)
Alexi OgandoSP TEX (DL-15)   40m30.2976/4/2014DL-15 Right elbow inflammation
David PerezP TEX (DL-7)21.2204/15/2014DL-7 Injured
Tanner ScheppersRP TEX (DL-15)   40m27.1926/11/2014DL-15 Right elbow inflammation
Kelvin VasquezP TEX (DL-7)21.1136/9/2014DL-7 Injured
Matt HarrisonSP TEX (DL-60)28.3466/10/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Lower back inflammation)
Sam StaffordP TEX (DL-7)24.0926/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Pedro FigueroaRP TEX (DL-60)28.2475/7/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left elbow inflammation)
Alex Buchholz3B TEX (DL-7)26.3026/3/2014DL-7 Injured
Cody KendallP TEX (DL-7)24.2287/19/2014DL-7 Injured
Ryan CordellOF TEX (DL-7)22.1197/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Jason DonaldSS TEX (DL-7)29.3277/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Jake SmolinskiLF TEX (DL-15)   40m25.1697/25/2014DL-15 Bone bruise, left foot
Randy HenryP TEX (DL-7)24.0797/19/2014DL-7 Injured
Wilmer FontRP TEX (DL-7)   40m24.0657/25/2014DL-7 Injured
Scott RichmondP TEX (DL-7)34.3337/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Jimmy ReyesP TEX (DL-7)25.1437/24/2014DL-7 Injured
Kensuke Tanakalf TEX (DL-7)33.0697/9/2014DL-7 Injured
Jason Knappp TEX (DL-7)23.3317/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Mitch Moreland1b TEX (DL-60)28.3257/24/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Os Trigonum Syndrome, left ankle)
Geovany Sotoc TEX (DL-15)   40m31.1897/22/2014DL-15 Strained right groin
Erik HamrenP TEX (DL-7)27.3417/27/2014DL-7 Injured
Kevin Kouzmanoff3B TEX (DL-60)33.0037/25/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Herniated disc)
Toronto Blue JaysPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Edwin Encarnaciondh-1b TOR (DL-15)   40m31.2027/7/2014DL-15 Strained right quadriceps
Roberto OsunaP TOR (DL-7)19.1717/13/2014DL-7 Injured
Kramer ChamplinP TOR (DL-7)24.1427/22/2014DL-7 Injured
L.B. DantzlerIF TOR (DL-7)23.0677/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Yusuf Carterc TOR (DL-7)29.1727/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Pierce RankinC TOR (DL-7)25.0937/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Cole Gillespierf TOR (DL-15)   40m30.0387/9/2014DL-15 Strained oblique
Adam Lind1b-dh TOR (DL-15)   40m31.0117/11/2014DL-15 Fractured right foo
Dan BarnesP TOR (DL-7)24.2807/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Brandon MorrowSP TOR (DL-60)30.0025/4/2014DL-60 Torn tendon sheath in right hand
Melky Mesarf TOR (DL-7)27.1786/15/2014DL-7 Injured
Neil WagnerRP TOR (DL-7)30.2096/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Ricky RomeroSP TOR (DL-7)29.2646/7/2014DL-7 Injured
Aaron MunozC TOR (DL-7)25.2165/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Brett Lawrie3b TOR (DL-15)   40m24.1916/23/2014DL-15 Fractured right index finger
Chris SchaefferC TOR (DL-7)26.2524/15/2014DL-7 Injured
Maicer Izturisss-2b TOR (DL-60)33.3194/19/2014Transferred to 60-day DL - (DL-15 Left knee surger)
Adonys CardonaP TOR (DL-7)20.1935/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Thomas RobsonP TOR (DL-7)21.0315/20/2014DL-7 Injured
Brett CarrollRF TOR (DL-7)31.2986/8/2014DL-7 Injured
John StilsonP TOR (DL-7)24.0006/29/2014DL-7 Injured
Washington NationalsPosStatusAgeDate on DLNotes
Sammy SolisP WAN (DL-7)25.3526/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Erik DavisRP WAN (DL-60)27.2932/13/2014DL-60 Sprained right elbow
Jeff HowellC WAN (DL-7)31.1186/29/2014DL-7 Injured
Pat LehmanP WAN (DL-7)27.2836/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Danny RosenbaumP WAN (DL-7)26.2924/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Taylor JordanSP WAN (DL-7)25.1926/13/2014DL-7 Injured
L.J. HollinsP  WAN (DL-7)22.3635/17/2014DL-7 Injured
Omar PovedaP WAN (DL-7)26.3046/16/2014DL-7 Injured
Tyler RobertsonRP WAN (DL-7)26.2185/14/2014DL-7 Injured
Rob GilliamP WAN (DL-7)26.2425/11/2014DL-7 Injured
Zach JacksonP WAN (DL-7)31.0767/22/2014DL-7 Injured
Ryan Zimmerman3b WAN (DL-15)   40m29.3037/23/2014DL-15 Strained right hamstring
Jerad HeadLF WAN (DL-7)31.2557/2/2014DL-7 Injured
Blake SchwartzP  WAN (DL-7)24.2927/18/2014DL-7 Injured
Sam RunionP WAN (DL-7)25.2617/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Matt PurkeP WAN (DL-60)24.0117/25/2014DL-60 Left elbow surgery
Brian GoodwinOF WAN (DL-7)23.2687/4/2014DL-7 Injured
Wander SueroP WAN (DL-7)22.3177/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Ronald PenaP  WAN (DL-7)22.3137/26/2014DL-7 Injured
Mitch CanhamC WAN (DL-7)29.3067/1/2014DL-7 Injured
Will Piwnica-WormsOF WAN (DL-7)24.1187/9/2014DL-7 Injured

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