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Billy MartinBatting Stat Details
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Billy Martin
Positions2B-767, SS-118, 3B-97, OF-1Player Listed UnderMajor Leaguers
Proper NameAlfred Manuel Martin
Born DateMay 16,1928PlaceBerkeley,California
Death DateDecember 25,1989 [61.223]
High SchoolBerkeley (Berkeley,CA)
MLB DebutApril 18,1950 [21.337]Awards0Awards Voting2-21
TBC Player ID14809Retrosheet IDmartb105MLBAM ID118330
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Player Notes:   The New York Yankees retired his #1 on August 10,1986
This page contains detailed statisics (mostly) not available on the basic profile page. The data here is limited to the Major League and digs a bit deeper into the events that occured on the field. Its important to note that this is not an "advanced stats" section for analytics and metrics. It is a summary of statistics that are more difficult to find on other sites and are related to play level events.
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TopPH,PR,DR = Entered Game as...PH2,PR2,DR2 = Left Game for...Ejections
GP: Games Played GS: Games in starting lineup GS%: % of Games in starting lineup CG: Games Completed DNS: Did not start game in lineup DNF: Did not finish GF%: Games Finished% PH: Entered game as Pinch Hitter PR: Entered game as Pinch Runner DR: Entered Game as Defensive Replacement GF: Games Finished PH2: Left game for a pinch hitter PR2: Left game for a pinch runner DR2: Left game for defensive replacement P: Games at Pitcher C: Games at catcher 1B: Games at first base 2B: Games at second base SS: Games at shortstop 3B: Games at third base LF: Games in left field CF: Games in center field RF: Games in right field DH: Games as designated hitter 1-9: Games per batting slot

On Base

GP: Games Played PA: Plate Appearances AB: At Bats (Official) TB: Total Bases AVG: Batting Average OBP: On Base Percentage SLG: Slugging Percentage OPS: On Base Plus Slugging H: Hits PH: Pinch hits 1B: Singles 1B-IF: Infield Singles 1B-OF: Outfield Singles 1B-B: Bunt Singles 2B: Doubles 3B: Triples HR: Home Runs HR1: Solo Homers HR2: 2-run Homers HR3: 3-run Homers GS: Grand Slams IPHR: Inside the park homer WO-H: Walkoff hits WO-HR: Walkoff homers ROE: Reached on Error BB: Walks IBB: Intentional Walks BB4: Walked on 4 pitches ldBB: Leadoff walks BB_BL: Bases loaded walks HBP: Hit by Pitch SH: Sacrifice Hits SF: Sacrifice Flies CI: Catcher's INTerference RBI: Runs Batted In on HR: RBIs on Homers Other: RBIs not on Homers HR-BI%: % of RBIs due to homers On Out: RBIS on productive outs (includes sac hit/fly)


Outs: Total Outs SO:Strikeouts GO: Groundouts AO: AirOuts Fly: Flyouts Line: Lineouts Pop: Popouts G/A: Groundout to Airout Ratio GDP: Grounded into double play Opp: Opportunities to ground into double play GDP%: Ground into DP percentage FC: Fielder's Choices FO: Forceouts Prod: Productive Outs (Baserunners advanced on out) SO-Sw: Struck out swinging SO-Ca: Stuck out looking (called) %Sw: Pct of strikeouts that were swinging Tip: Struck out foul tip SO3: Struck out on 3 pitches P: Out on ball fielded by Pitcher C: Out on ball fielded by Catcher 1B: Out on ball fielded by First Baseman 2B: Out on ball fielded by Second Baseman SS: Out on ball fielded by Shortstop 3B: Out on ball fielded by Third Baseman LF: Out on ball fielded by Left Fielder CF: Out on ball fielded by Center Fielder RF: Out on ball fielded by Right Fielder IF: Out on ball fielded by an Infielder OF: Out on ball fielded by an Outfielder IF%: % of outs by infielders.

Baserunning Statistics


Pitch Summary

GP: Games Played PA: Plate Appearances AB: At Bats BB: Walks SO: Strikeouts HBP: Hit by Pitch Pit: Pitches Faced Str: Strikes Bal: Balls Fou: Fouls Ca: Called Strikes SwMs: Swing and Miss Strikes Int: intent Balls InPl: Balls in Play P/PA: Pitches per Plate Appearance FPS: First Pitch Strikes FPS%: First Pitch Strike% FP-Sw: Swung on first pitch FP-IP%: First Pitch in Play % Ct: Contact (In Play + Fouls) Sw: Total Swings SwMs%: Swing/Miss% Sw%: Swing % Str%: Strike % (Strikes/Pitches) Bal%: Balls % (Balls/Pitches) Foul%: Foul % (Fouls/Pitches) IP-SW%: % of Balls put in play on swings IP-PA%: % of plate appearances with balls put in play 3-0: Counts of 3-0 3-0sw: Swings on count of 3-0 3-0sw%: % of Swings on count of 3-0

Player Ejections

Game DateUmpireReason
1953-05-21Grover FroeseBalls and strikes
1953-07-26Joe PaparellaFighting
1957-04-28Joe PaparellaCall at 2B
1957-06-13Larry NappFighting
1960-04-20Frank DascoliBench jockeying
1960-08-04Stan LandesFighting
1969-04-22Larry BarnettBench jockeying
1969-06-24Jim OdomBalls and strikes
1971-04-24Larry NappBalls and strikes
1971-05-09George MaloneyBalls and strikes
1971-06-04Jerry NeudeckerBalls and strikes
1971-06-14Larry BarnettBalls and strikes
1972-04-18Dave PhillipsBalls and strikes
1972-05-29Larry NappCall at 2B (on pickoff)
1973-04-28Russ GoetzChecked swing
1973-05-25Larry McCoyCall at HP
1973-06-22Russ GoetzCalled third strike
1973-08-07Larry McCoyChecked swing
1974-04-27Joe BrinkmanArguing call from previous game (Kicked dirt on umpire)
1974-05-22Joe BrinkmanBalls and strikes
1974-07-14Ron LucianoWarning non-call
1974-07-14Ron LucianoThrowing at batters
1974-08-14Dave PhillipsBalls and strikes
1975-04-11Rich GarciaFoul ball call
1975-05-07Marty SpringsteadFair/foul call
1975-06-01Terry CooneyCall at HP (Kicked dirt on umpire)
1975-09-06George MaloneySecond visit to mound
1976-06-09Larry McCoyCall at 1B
1976-07-01Greg KoscCall at 2B
1977-06-03Terry CooneyBalls and strikes (During pitching change)
1977-09-25Ted HendryCatch/trap call
1978-06-05Steve PalermoCall at 2B
1978-06-10Larry BarnettCall at HP (collision)
1979-07-11Nick BremiganCall at 1B
1979-08-16Dallas ParksBalls and strikes (Kicked dirt on HP)
1980-04-14Larry McCoyChecked swing
1980-04-30Jerry NeudeckerCall at 3B
1980-06-08Dale FordBalls and strikes
1980-08-31Jerry NeudeckerArguing hit by pitch
1981-05-29Terry CooneyRequest to check baseball (Bumped umpire)
1981-08-31Don DenkingerBalls and strikes
1982-05-09Dallas ParksWarning to pitcher
1982-05-20Bill KunkelCalled strike on Henderson for stalling
1982-06-06Al ClarkBalls and strikes
1982-07-25Durwood MerrillThrowing at Cal Ripken Jr
1982-08-24Durwood MerrillCall at 2B
1982-09-08Rich GarciaBalls and strikes (Kicked dirt on umpire)
1983-04-15Vic VoltaggioBalls and strikes
1983-04-29Drew CobleCalled third strike
1983-07-31Dale FordDemanding warmup throws for Wynegar
1988-05-06Tim WelkeBalls and strikes
1988-05-30Dale ScottCatch/trap call
52 ejection(s) listed