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College players are listed if they played Division I baseball and did not play in the Minors or higher in the year 2002 or later. Active players are listed if their last active season was any of the last 2 college seasons.

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Players whose name starts with 'va'

Kyle Vaas1994-02-04Norfolk State UniversityKyle Ruggles Vaas2013-2015
Anthony Vacca1992-04-20University of South Carolina-UpstateAnthony Vacca2011-2011
Eric Vacca1982--Lafayette CollegeEric Vacca2001-2004
John Vaccaro1991-01-01University of California-Santa BarbaraJohn Vaccaro2011-2011
Brad Vachon1991-12-18University of Texas-ArlingtonBrad Vachon2012-2014
Chris Vaculik1985--Eastern Illinois UniversityChris Vaculik2004-2007
Chase Vaden1988-05-22Liberty UniversityChase Vaden2007-2009
James VafiadouFairleigh Dickinson UniversityJames Vafiadou2000-2007
Ross Vagedes1985-04-20Wright State UniversityRoss Michael Vagedes 2004-2008
Matt Vaglica1984-01-20Lamar UniversityMatt C. Vaglica2006-2006
Anthony Vagnier1994--Northern Kentucky UniversityAnthony Vagnier2013-2015
Jim Vagnier1989-11-24Coppin State CollegeJim Vagnier2010-2011
Ethan Vaiana1984--University at AlbanyEthan Vaiana2003-2005
Derek Vail1994-05-07Florida State UniversityDerek Vail2015-2015
Kyle Vail1991-09-29Wichita State UniversityKyle Vail2012-2012
Matt Vaka1996--University of North FloridaMatthew Alexander Vaka2015-2015
Brant Valach1993--Eastern Illinois UniversityBrant Valach2012-2015
Alex Valadja1989--James Madison UniversityAlex Valadja2008-2011
Nick Valaika1996--UCLANick Valaika2015-2015
Miguel Valcarcel1987-12-20St. John's UniversityMiguel Angel Valcarcel 2007-2011
Chad Valcoviak1993--Houston Baptist UniversityChad Christopher Valcoviak2012-2015
Eric Valdes1988--Bucknell UniversityEric Valdes2007-2008
Justin Valdes1985-08-16University of LouisvilleJustin Valdes2004-2005
Ryan Valdes1993-08-22Florida State UniversityRyan Valdes2013-2015
Shawn Valdes-Faul1982-10-06University of South CarolinaChristopher Shawn Valdes-Fauli2002-2006
Adrion Valdez1981-09-15Washington State UniversityAdrion Valdez2004-2005
Alfonso Valdez1981-04-25University of San FranciscoAlfonso Valdez2000-2003
Effrey Valdez1988-08-31New York Institute of TechnologyEffrey Valdez2007-2011
Jacob Valdez1992-09-30San Jose State UniversityJacob Joseph Valdez2011-2014
Jake Valdez1993-10-11St. Mary's College of CaliforniaJacob Valdez2013-2015
Javier Valdez1993--Texas Southern UniversityJavier Valdez2012-2015
Julio Valdez1994-08-19Alabama State UniversityJulio Alberto Valdez2013-2015
Patrick Valdez1983--Saint Louis UniversityPatrick Valdez2004-2005
Alex Valdivia1983-10-08Centenary CollegeAlex Valdivia2003-2006
John Valek1994-01-31University of AkronJohn Valek2013-2015
Ryan Valek1983-08-02University of ToledoRyan Charles Valek2002-2003
Lee Valencheck1989-06-23Wright State UniversityLee Morgan Valencheck 2008-2012
Andrew Valencia1991-09-09Florida Gulf Coast UniversityAndrew Valencia2011-2014
Matt Valencia1994--University of HawaiiMatt Valencia2015-2015
Oscar ValenciaGrossmont CollegeOscar Valencia1984-1984
John Valente1996--St. John's UniversityJohn Marco Valente2015-2015
Joe Valenti1976-08-15Boston CollegeJoseph Valenti1996-1997
Normando Valentin1994-10-11Alabama State UniversityNormando Antonio Valentin2013-2014
Ovid Valentin1978-02-17Creighton UniversityOvid Valentin1997-2000
Kyle Valentine1982-08-03University of HartfordKyle Valentine2001-2004
Mike Valentine1984-08-15Mississippi State UniversityMichael Peter Valentine 2004-2006
Skyler Valentine1996-01-18University of Texas-San AntonioSkyler Valentine2015-2015
Thomas ValenzaCampbell UniversityThomas Valenza2009-2009
Eric Valenzuela1978-07-22Pepperdine UniversityEric Valenzuela1999-2001
Jacob ValenzuelaCal State BakersfieldJacob Valenzuela2009-2012
Marcus Valenzuela1987-11-11University of Northern ColoradoMarcus Valenzuela2011-2011
Rosalino Valenzuela1984-04-22Central Arizona CollegeRosalino Valenzuela2003-2003
Zach Valenzuela1994--Stephen F. Austin UniversityZach Valenzuela2015-2015
Zebastian Valenzuela1995--Grand Canyon UniversityZebastian Valenzuela2014-2015
Jonathan Valenzuela-Reece1994--Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort WayneJonathan Valenzuela-Reece2015-2015
Christian ValerianoLehigh UniversityChristian Valeriano2007-2008
Chase Valerio1996--Coppin State CollegeChase Valerio2015-2015
Jose Valerio1986-05-30University of San DiegoJose Valerio2006-2009
Brian Valero1989-11-22Columbia UniversityBrian Daniel Valero2009-2010
Josh Vales1993-02-05Norfolk State UniversityJoshua M. Vales2014-2015
Kyle Valgardson1994--Utah Valley State CollegeKyle Valgardson2013-2015
Tom ValichkaMonmouth UniversityTom Valichka2011-2011
Corey Valine1988-02-16San Jose State UniversityCorey Kennety Valine2007-2010
Marshall Vallandingham1992-06-10Illinois State UniversityMarshall Vallandingham2013-2013
Matt Valle1991-02-07Long Island University-Brooklyn CampusMatt Valle2010-2010
Mark Vallecorse1976-10-04University of San DiegoMark Vallecorse1997-1999
Ray Vallee1984-10-10University of MaineRay Vallee2005-2005
Rafael Vallejo1983-03-15Western Kentucky UniversityRafael Vallejo2002-2003
Christopher Vallette1978-06-21Angelina CollegeChristopher Vallette2000-2000
Blake Valley1995--University of San FranciscoBlake Valley2014-2015
Brett Valley1991--Prairie View A&M UniversityBrett Valley2011-2013
Nick Vallillo1987-10-14Monmouth UniversityNick Vallillo2007-2011
Rob Vallone1996--Manhattan CollegeRob Vallone2015-2015
Tony Vallone1984--University at AlbanyTony Vallone2003-2005
Nick Valluzzo1983-08-27University of Southern MississippiNick Valluzzo2003-2006
Frank Valois1978-06-30University of MarylandFrank Valois1999-2000
Mike Valter1984-05-23Coastal Carolina UniversityMike Valter2005-2006
Anthony Valvano1982-07-28Long Island University-Brooklyn CampusAnthony Joseph Valvano2003-2004
Cody Van Aken1992-12-07University of South AlabamaCody James Van Aken2015-2015
Ned Van Allan1982-03-20Cornell UniversityEdward Dolan Van Allan2003-2004
Matt Van Alsburg1980-05-02University of KansasMatt Van Alsburg1999-2002
Kyle Van Alstine1992--United States Air Force AcademyKyle Van Alstine2011-2011
Ryan Van Amburg1990--Pepperdine UniversityRyan Karl Van Amburg2009-2012
Evan Van Arsdale1981-09-02University of Alabama-BirminghamEvan Robert Van Arsdale2002-2002
Joel Van Asch1992-12-30Georgia State UniversityJoel Ryan Van Asch2012-2012
Wes Van Boom1992--Brown UniversityWesley B. Van Boom2011-2014
Reid Van Bussum1993--Northwestern State UniversityReid Van Bussum2013-2013
Connor Van Caugherty1996--University of CincinnatiConnor Van Caugherty2015-2015
Joey Van Cleave1989--San Jose State UniversityJoey Van Cleave2008-2012
Brandon Van Dam1990-03-29Cal State BakersfieldBrandon Van Dam2009-2011
Tom Van Dam1982-11-20NavyTom Van Dam2004-2005
Matt Van Deelen1985--New Mexico State UniversityMatt Van Deelen2004-2008
Scott van der Poel1994--Gardner-Webb UniversityScott van der Poel2015-2015
Felix Van Der Vaart1993--Georgetown UniversityFelix Van Der Vaart2014-2014
Hendrik Van Der Vaart1983--College of William and MaryHendrik Van Der Vaart2003-2003
Jimmy Van Der VeldtVirginia Commonwealth UniversityJi Van Der Veldt2004-2004
Stijn Van derMeer1994--Lamar UniversityStijn Van derMeer2015-2015
Jeffrey Van Doornum1987-09-11University of HawaiiJeffrey Van Doornum2008-2011
Kyle Van Dusen1987--Santa Clara UniversityKyle Van Dusen2006-2009
Chris Van Dyke1993-03-18Oakland UniversityChristopher Jacob Van Dyke2012-2015
Kurt Van Dyken1983--Western Michigan UniversityKurt Van Dyken2004-2005
Sam Van DykenUtah Valley State CollegeSam Van Dyken2004-2004
Eddie Van Es1987--Virginia Military InstituteEddie Van Es2006-2007
Hestor Van Fleet1994-01-31Marshall UniversityHestor Van Fleet2015-2015
Greg Van Gaver1953--Bellevue Community CollegeGregory Van Gaver1974-1974
Kyle Van Hoeck1996-04-07Purdue UniversityKyle John Van Hoeck2015-2015
Clayton Van Hook1985-01-18University of TexasClayton Briscoe Van Hook2005-2007
Connor Van Hoose1996-02-01Bucknell UniversitySamuel Connor Van Hoose2015-2015
Jordan Van Hoosier1991-02-13San Diego State UniversityJordan Gunther Van Hoosier2010-2012
Brandon Van Horn1993-12-18Dallas Baptist UniversityBrandon Van Horn2012-2013
Hunter Van Horn1996-05-30Clemson UniversityHunter Jay Van Horn2015-2015
Jack Van Horn1992-05-30Wright State UniversityJack Van Horn2012-2015
Matt Van Horn1987-01-22Georgia State UniversityMatthew Joseph Van Horn2006-2009
Pete Van Horn1987--Troy UniversityPete Van Horn2005-2007
Colton Van KomenUniversity of Texas-Pan AmericanColton Van Komen2011-2011
Eric Van Matre1986-05-13Purdue UniversityEric James Van Matre2006-2009
Michael Van MillLewis UniversityMichael Van Mill1984-1987
Grant Van Orden1993-08-14US Military AcademyGrant James Van Orden2014-2014
Matt Van Orden1986--University of California-DavisMatt Van Orden2005-2007
David Van Ostrand1986-11-25Allan Hancock CollegeDavid Van Ostrand2006-2010
Charles Van Schaick1984--Rider UniversityCharles Van Schaick2003-2005
Ryan Van Spronsen1989-08-03Wagner CollegeRyan Van Spronsen2009-2012
Mike Van Winden1985-01-06University of CaliforniaMike Van Winden2005-2007
Brad Van Winkle1980-11-02University of AlabamaLloyd Bradley Van Winkle2003-2003
Jacob Van WinkleTexas A&M University-Corpus ChristiJacob Van Winkle2004-2005
Reid Van Woert1993-01-06Monmouth UniversityReid Van Woert2012-2015
Robert Van Woert1987-08-19University of ConnecticutRobert Van Woert2007-2011
Curtis Van Wyck1987--Kennesaw State UniversityCurtis Van Wyck2008-2009
Eric Van Wyk1990--La Salle UniversityEric Van Wyk2009-2012
Andrew Van'Twout1986-07-21Canisius CollegeAndrew Van'Twout2008-2010
Chad Vanaman1993-07-23Tulane UniversityCharles Ellis Vanaman2013-2013
Ryan VanAssche1992-11-14Norfolk State UniversityRyan Lee VanAssche2011-2012
Devin Vanbrooker1989-01-19Western Illinois UniversityDevin Michael Vanbrooker2010-2010
Derek VanBuskirk1985-06-15University of MichiganDerek Vanbuskirk2005-2008
Canyon Vance1980-12-15Utah Valley State CollegeCanyon Vance2004-2006
David Vance1970-08-30Indian River State CollegeDavid Vance1993-1993
Matt Vance1986--Harvard UniversityMatthew Vance2005-2008
Ross Vance1991-12-07West Virginia UniversityRoss Vance2014-2015
Thomas   VanceMississippi Valley State UniversityThomas   Vance2006-2006
Jayce Vancena1996-04-25University of MichiganJayce Vancena2015-2015
Robert Vancour1991--New Mexico State UniversityRobert Vancour2012-2012
Ross Vandehey1982-01-22Bradley UniversityRoss Vandehey2003-2004
Pete Vandenbout1986-01-26Seton Hall UniversityPete Vandenbout2005-2008
Troy Vandenbroek1995--Eastern Illinois UniversityTroy Vandenbroek2014-2014
Ryan Vandenbussche1982--Eastern Michigan UniversityRyan Vandenbussche2004-2004
Sam VandenHeuvel1990--University of Rhode IslandSam VandenHeuvel2009-2012
Jack Vander Linden1993--Georgetown UniversityJack Vander Linden2012-2015
Ryan Vander Tuig1988-12-09San Jose State UniversityRyan Duane Vander Tuig2008-2011
Brian Vander VeldeUniversity of Northern ColoradoBrian Vander Velde2011-2011
Taylor VanderAarde1984-03-24University of MinnesotaTaylor Vanderaarde2004-2007
Colby Vanderbeck1992-02-02Bucknell UniversityEdmund Colby Vanderbeck2011-2013
Adrian Vanderburg1981--Charleston Southern UniversityAdrian Vanderburg2000-2003
David Vandercook1993-01-27Columbia UniversityDavid Russell Vandercook2012-2015
Bradley Vanderglas1991--Northern Kentucky UniversityBradley Vanderglas2010-2013
Zach Vandergrift1994-09-10High Point UniversityZach Vandergrift2014-2014
Scott Vanderhoff1980-01-16Vanderbilt UniversityScott Robert Vanderhoff1999-2002
Frankie Vanderka1992-01-30Stony Brook UniversityFrankie Vanderka2011-2014
Kyle Vanderkin1996--Gonzaga UniversityKyle Vanderkin2015-2015
Luke Vandermaten1993-10-08University of IowaLuke Vandermaten2015-2015
Joe Vanderplas1992-09-01University of TennesseeJoseph William Vanderplas2012-2015
Pat Vanderslice1995--Temple UniversityPatrick Vanderslice2014-2015
A.J. VanderVorste1992--Saint Louis UniversityA.J. VanderVorste2011-2014
Tijl Vanderwege1985--University of MinnesotaTijl Vanderwege2006-2007
Brian Vanderwoude1994--North Dakota State UniversityBrian Vanderwoude2013-2015
Garrison Vandeventer1995--Florida Gulf Coast UniversityGarrison Vandeventer2015-2015
Tanner Vandevere1993-04-15Nicholls State UniversityJohn Tanner Vandevere2014-2015
Steve VandevredeQuinnipiac UniversitySteve Vandevrede2005-2005
Patrick Vandoorne1991--University of North DakotaPatrick Vandoorne2013-2013
Ryan Vandriessche1986--Delaware State UniversityRyan Vandriessche2005-2008
Shaun VanDriessche1988--Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort WayneShaun VanDriessche2007-2010
Nate VanDyke1996--Sam Houston State UniversityNate VanDyke2015-2015
Andrew Vaneyck1992--Fairfield UniversityAndrew Vaneyck2011-2013
Joshua Vanfleteren1987-10-13Samford UniversityJoshua Vanfleteren2008-2011
Matt VangeeneCanisius CollegeMatt Vangeene2003-2003
Christian Vangeison1994--Niagara UniversityChristian Vangeison2013-2015
Kevin Vangheluwe1990-08-26University of MichiganKevin Vangheluwe2009-2012
Clint VanhoffSouthern Utah UniversityClint Vanhoff2010-2010
Phil Vanhorne1983--University at BuffaloPhil Vanhorne2002-2005
Luke VanLanen1996--Valparaiso UniversityLuke VanLanen2015-2015
Bill Vanmeerbeke1993-02-04New Jersey Institute of TechnologyWilliam R. VanMeerbeke2012-2013
A.J. VanMeetren1994-04-20UNLVAaron Jake VanMeetren2015-2015
Travis Vann1983-09-01University of North Carolina-CharlotteTravis Vann2003-2004
Ben Vannatter1981-01-18Indiana State UniversityBen Vannatter2000-2003
Matt Vannett1990-05-16Bowling Green State UniversityMatt Vannett2009-2012
Brett Vanover1992--Saint Louis UniversityBrett Vanover2011-2014
Jon VanRemmen1990--Canisius CollegeJon VanRemmen2009-2010
Ryan Vansaghi1993--Morehead State UniversityRyan Vansaghi2014-2015
Dan Vansickle1992-09-21University of North FloridaDaniel Ritchie VanSickle2014-2015
Evan VanSumeren1994--Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort WayneEvan VanSumeren2013-2015
Bryan VanVranken1994--New York Institute of TechnologyBryan VanVranken2013-2013
Arik Vanzandt1979-10-18Stanford UniversityArik Vanzandt1999-2002
Joey VaraksaLongwood UniversityJoey Varaksa2012-2012
Erik Vardijan1981-08-27Saint Joseph's UniversityErik Vardijan2000-2003
Carter Varga1996--Mercer UniversityCarter Varga2015-2015
Jordan Varga1993--South Dakota State UniversityJordan Varga2012-2014
Daniel Vargas1990-07-20Charleston Southern UniversityDaniel Vargas2012-2013
Jonathan Vargas1988-02-12Bethune-Cookman UniversityJonathan Martin Vargas2008-2008
Josh Vargas1994--Cal State FullertonJosh Vargas2015-2015
Michael Vargas1990-08-18Florida International UniversityMichael Vargas2009-2010
Robert Vargas1986--Chicago State UniversityRobert Vargas2005-2008
Chris Vargo1987--University of RichmondChris Vargo2006-2007
Brent Varnado1986--Southeastern Louisiana UniversityBrent Varnado2007-2008
Blair Varnes1978-09-27Florida State UniversityBlair Varnes1999-2002
Josh Varno1986-02-21Indiana State UniversityJosh Varno2005-2008
Adam Varrassi1985--Eastern Illinois UniversityAdam Varrassi2004-2007
Daulton Varsho1996-07-02University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeDaulton Varsho2015-2015
Chris Vartuli1982--Quinnipiac UniversityChris Vartuli2001-2005
Ben Vasko1990-06-16Grossmont CollegeBenjamin Andrew Vasko2009-2011
Aaron Vasquez1983-12-10Texas A&M University-Corpus ChristiAaron M. Vasquez2005-2006
Chris Vasquez1993-05-20Coppin State CollegeChris Vasquez2012-2015
Dan Vasquez1995--Siena CollegeDan Vasquez2015-2015
Eddie Vasquez1983-12-08Kansas State UniversityEduardo Vasquez2006-2007
Jake Vasquez1985-10-14Texas A&M UniversityJacob Kurt Vasquez2004-2007
Jeremy Vasquez1996--University of FloridaJeremy Vasquez2015-2015
Jesus VasquezAlcorn State UniversityJesus Vasquez2015-2015
Kevin Vasquez1989-01-21University of Central FloridaKevin Vasquez2008-2011
Steven Vasquez1985-01-31University of Texas-San AntonioSteven Andrew Vasquez2004-2008
Brad Vassar1996-01-28University of Texas-ArlingtonBrad Vassar2015-2015
Jason Vaughan1983--Princeton UniversityJason Vaughan2002-2003
Russell Vaughan1992--Texas A&M University-Corpus ChristiRussell Vaughan2013-2014
Scott Vaughan1985-01-21University of Louisiana-MonroeScott Henry Vaughan2005-2007
Bobby VaughnChicago State UniversityBobby Vaughn2004-2004
Brady Vaughn1988--Kennesaw State UniversityBrady Vaughn2007-2007
Brandon Vaughn1993--University of Northern ColoradoBrandon Vaughn2014-2015
Clayton VaughnDelaware State UniversityClayton Vaughn2003-2003
Clayton Vaughn1992-09-25Houston Baptist UniversityClayton Wayne Vaughn2014-2015
Cliff Vaughn1989-03-26University of MississippiClifford Hoffman Vaughn2009-2010
Colton Vaughn1993--Long Beach State UniversityColton Vaughn2011-2014
Dennis Vaughn1988-03-28Bowling Green State UniversityDennis Edward Vaughn2007-2010
Garrett VaughnNorthwestern State UniversityGarrett Vaughn2009-2009
Jarred VaughnJackson State UniversityJarred Vaughn2004-2005
John Vaughn1985--Brigham Young UniversityJohn Vaughn2006-2006
Jordan Vaughn1988-11-27University of Texas-ArlingtonJordan Vaughn2009-2012
Joseph VaughnPrairie View A&M UniversityJoseph Vaughn2004-2004
Matt Vaughn1986-06-13Clemson UniversityMatthew Harold Vaughn2006-2009
Mike Vaughn1989--University of North Carolina-AshevilleMike Vaughn2008-2011
Nick Vaughn1985-01-21Vanguard University of Southern CaliforniaNick Vaughn2007-2007
Phil Vaughn1988-08-11University of Maryland-Eastern ShorePhil Vaughn2008-2010
Rob Vaughn1981--Iona CollegeRob Vaughn2003-2003
Tyler Vaughn1990-09-18Troy UniversityTyler Berton Vaughn2011-2014
Tyler Vaughn1996--Belmont UniversityTyler Vaughn2015-2015
Chad Vaught1980-02-27Louisiana State UniversityChad Schiele Vaught2000-2003
Dustin Vaught1994--Cal State FullertonDustin Vaught2015-2015
Seth Vautaw1992-01-22Ball State UniversitySeth William Vautaw2011-2014
Tyler Vavra1991-01-01Eastern Michigan UniversityTyler Steven Vavra2010-2015
Andre Vazquez1990-04-11Florida International UniversityAndre Vazquez2009-2011
Andres Vazquez1992-11-17Rutgers UniversityAndres Vazquez2012-2012
Ben Vazquez1987--University of MiamiBen Vazquez2007-2008
Chuck Vazquez1993-09-24Lipscomb UniversityCharles Vazquez2015-2015
Dan Vazquez1995--Siena CollegeDan Vazquez2014-2014
David Vazquez1991-12-11Florida International UniversityDavid Vazquez2011-2012
Eugene Vazquez1995--University of Central FloridaEugene Vazquez2014-2015
Ian Vazquez1991-10-27Wagner CollegeIan Vazquez2011-2011
James Vazquez1991--Southern Illinois University-EdwardsvilleJames Vazquez2010-2013
Joe Vazquez1994--University of AkronJoe Vazquez2013-2013
Jose VazquezBethune-Cookman UniversityJose Vazquez2002-2002
Kiko Vazquez1986-09-10University of Central FloridaFederico Jose Vazquez2006-2009
Will Vazquez1985-02-22Kent State UniversityWilliam Vazquez2004-2007

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