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College Baseball Players

+ Last Names with 're'
College players are listed if they played Division I baseball and did not play in the Minors or higher in the year 2002 or later. Active players are listed if their last active season was any of the last 2 college seasons.

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Players whose name starts with 're'

Aaron Rea1991-01-21Wichita State UniversityAaron Rea2010-2012
Wes Rea1991-10-03Mississippi State UniversityWesley John Rea2011-2014
Blake Read1981-12-08University of CaliforniaBlake Read2001-2004
Mac Read1987-10-08Davidson CollegeMac Read2007-2010
Ben ReadeGeorge Mason University2009-2009
D.J. Reader1994-07-01Clemson UniversityDavid Vernon Reader2013-2013
Drew Reagan1985-11-04Samford UniversityDrew Reagan2005-2008
Josh Reagan1995--University of South CarolinaJosh Reagan2014-2014
Kevin Reagan1991--George Washington UniversityKevin Daniel Reagan2010-2010
Mike Reagle1985--Monmouth UniversityMike Reagle2005-2007
Andre Real1994--University of HawaiiAndre Real2013-2013
David Real1994--University of ArizonaDavid Real2013-2013
Dan Reale1987--University of KentuckyDaniel Kevin Reale2006-2007
Blake Ream1994--Longwood UniversityBlake Ream2013-2014
D.J. Ream1990-08-21University of Maryland-Baltimore CountyD.J. Ream2011-2011
Chris Reap1986--University of Northern ColoradoChris Reap2005-2008
Conor Reardon1986-01-27Brown UniversityConor Michael Reardon2005-2008
Dan Reardon1979-11-30University of New MexicoDan Reardon1999-2002
Zach ReardonBirmingham-Southern CollegeZach Reardon2003-2004
Aaron Reasland1982-09-18University of IowaAaron Reasland2003-2006
Robert Reaume1994-02-25Norfolk State UniversityRobert Joseph Reaume2013-2014
Micah Reaves1989-06-29University of MississippiMicah Thomas Reaves2010-2010
Josh Reavis1992--Radford UniversityJosh Reavis2011-2014
Robert ReavisAppalachian State University2004-2006
Andrew Rebar1982-10-25University of KansasAndrew Rebar2004-2005
Dallen Reber1991-04-19University of KentuckyDallen Dean Reber2011-2014
Michael Rebhan1967-09-28Florida Gateway CollegeMichael H. Rebhan1990-1990
Michael Rebok1982-06-17Morehead State UniversityMichael Rebok2002-2005
Zach Reboulet1994-08-20University of New OrleansZachary Allen Reboulet2014-2014
Matt ReboutMurray State University2003-2003
Rustin Rebowe1985-01-07Tulane UniversityRustin Ryan Rebowe2005-2008
Angel RecciCoppin State College2008-2008
Andrew Reck1988-03-29University of Northern IowaAndrew Reck2012-2012
Brandon Records1987-01-04University of Maryland-Eastern ShoreBrandon Records2006-2006
Sam Rector1993-07-15Campbell UniversitySamuel Lee Rector2014-2014
Adam Redd1984-05-03Virginia TechAdam Richard Redd 2004-2007
Makay Redd1995--Fordham UniversityMakay Redd2014-2014
Ricky Joe ReddMississippi State University1992-1994
Dallas Redden1993--NavyDallas Redden2012-2013
Jeff ReddenAlcorn State University2012-2012
Tim ReddenSam Houston State UniversityTim Redden2012-2012
Herman ReddickUniversity of California-Irvine2003-2005
Ryan Reddick1984-06-18Norfolk State UniversityRyan Rafael Reddick2003-2006
Grant Redding1980-01-29University of AlabamaGrant Edmond Redding2000-2003
Bryce Redeker1989-07-07Miami UniversityBryce Redeker2008-2012
Robbie Redic1983-09-25University of North Carolina-GreensboroMichael Anthony Redic2002-2004
Greg Redig1985-08-17University of CaliforniaGregory Redig2007-2007
Matt Reding1981-11-27Gonzaga UniversityMatt Reding2001-2004
Andrew Redman1984-12-18Campbell UniversityWalter Andrew Redman2004-2004
Travis Redmon1989--Morehead State UniversityTravis Redmon2008-2011
Charles Redmond1980--University of Louisiana at LafayetteCharles Redmond2002-2003
John Redmond1981-11-15Santa Clara UniversityJohn Redmond2001-2004
Michael RedmondMount Saint Mary CollegeMichael Redmond2006-2006
Vincent Redmond1989--Le Moyne CollegeVincent Redmond2010-2011
Bobby Rednour1991-09-06University of South Carolina-UpstateBobby Rednour2011-2011
Jimmy Redovian1994--Wake Forest UniversityJimmy Redovian2013-2014
Justin Reece1993-12-10US Military AcademyJustin Scott Reece2013-2014
Mark Reece1994--University of NevadaMark Reece2013-2013
Anthony Reed1985-02-21Cal State NorthridgeAnthony Reed2007-2007
Brendan Reed1981--Harvard UniversityBrendan Reed2000-2003
Buddy Reed1995-04-27University of FloridaBuddy Reed2014-2014
C.J. Reed1992-07-07Mercer UniversityC.J. Reed2012-2013
Caleb Reed1990-04-24Mississippi State UniversityCaleb Martin Reed2009-2012
Chris Reed1983-08-18University of Texas-ArlingtonChris Reed2002-2004
D.J. Reed1984-07-29Towson UniversityD.J. Reed2003-2005
Dan ReedUniversity of Louisiana at LafayetteDan Reed2003-2003
Danny Reed1988-03-06Northern Illinois UniversityDanny Reed2007-2008
David Reed1988--Alcorn State UniversityDavid Reed2007-2010
Denton Reed1994--Southern Illinois University-EdwardsvilleDenton Reed2012-2012
Dequaris ReedAlabama State UniversityDequaris Reed2006-2006
Devon Reed1993-01-20College of CharlestonDevon Reed2012-2014
Jeff Reed1980-08-08Texas Christian UniversityJeffrey Nicholson Reed 2000-2003
Jon Reed1990-09-12University of TennesseeJonathan Rodrick Reed2011-2011
Jon Reed1988--Sam Houston State UniversityJon Reed2007-2010
Jon Reed1992--University of MemphisJon Reed2012-2014
Jonpaul ReedFlorida A&M University2007-2007
Josh Reed1988--University of UtahJosh Reed2007-2010
Justin Reed1982-09-28University of TennesseeJustin Reed2002-2002
Klint Reed1985-12-19Virginia Military InstituteKlint Kyle Reed2005-2009
Matt Reed1994-03-08Clemson UniversityMatthew Isaac Reed2013-2014
Matt Reed1990-04-19University of South FloridaMatthew Colin Reed2009-2012
Michael Reed1990-10-19Louisiana State UniversityMichael Howard Reed2010-2012
Mike Reed1992-04-15Auburn UniversityMichael Alan Reed2011-2011
Oscar ReedPrairie View A&M University2008-2009
Ryan Reed1986--Winthrop UniversityRyan Denis Reed2005-2009
Sam ReedMorehead State University2006-2006
Scott Reed1981--University of Louisiana at LafayetteScott Reed2002-2002
Scott Reed1990--Bucknell UniversityScott Reed2009-2012
Whit Reed1984--Lipscomb UniversityWhit Reed2005-2006
Jon Reeder1980-08-10University of MississippiJonathan Michael Reeder2001-2002
Jonathan Reeder1984-04-09Appalachian State UniversityJonathan Brown Reeder2003-2007
Matt Reedy1987--University of EvansvilleMatt Reedy2006-2006
Ted Reedy1984-06-17Tulane UniversityEdward William Reedy2004-2004
Rob Reel1981-01-11University of CincinnatiRob Reel2000-2003
Willy Reel1991-03-17University of WashingtonWilly Reel2011-2013
David Rees1989-03-27Wagner CollegeDavid Rees2008-2011
Greg Rees1986--University of MemphisGreg Rees2005-2005
Michael Rees1985--Canisius CollegeMichael Rees2004-2005
Charlie Reese1962--Vanderbilt UniversityCharles Reese1982-1984
Conner Reese1990-10-22University of South AlabamaGregory Conner Reese 2010-2012
Dan Reese1995--University of Northern ColoradoDan Reese2014-2014
Jacob Reese1992--Eastern Illinois UniversityJacob Reese2011-2014
Jay Reese1987-02-09Houston Baptist UniversityJay Reese2010-2010
Marshall Reese1981--Morehead State UniversityMarshall Reese2002-2003
Phil Reese1995--College of the Holy CrossPhil Reese2014-2014
Ryan Reese1992--University of North DakotaRyan Reese2012-2014
Scott Reese1984-04-13Creighton UniversityScott Reese2004-2007
Trey ReeseNew Mexico State University2000-2002
Kyle Reesing1985-09-04Purdue UniversityKyle Thomas Reesing2006-2008
ReevesGeorge Washington University2006-2006
Andrew Reeves1990-11-07Tulane UniversityAndrew Joseph Reeves2010-2013
Chad Reeves1981-03-20Purdue UniversityChad Reeves2003-2003
Chad Reeves1991-12-26University of South AlabamaJames Chadwick Reeves2010-2013
Cody Reeves1991-05-18Towson UniversityCody Reeves2010-2013
James Reeves1993-06-07The CitadelJames Earle Reeves Jr.2012-2014
Jeff Reeves1981-02-14Winthrop UniversityJeff Reeves2000-2004
Joel Reeves1985-10-06Georgia State UniversityJoel James Reeves2005-2009
John Clay Reeves1992-11-10University of ArkansasJohn Clay Osborn Reeves2012-2014
Kinzey ReevesSaint Peter's College2004-2004
Michael Reeves1961--James Madison UniversityMichael Reeves1981-1984
Mitch Reeves1994-11-18High Point UniversityMitch Reeves2014-2014
Taylor ReevesLamar University2011-2011
Tim Reeves1987-06-30George Washington UniversityTimothy S. Reeves 2007-2009
Zach Reeves1984-03-13University of South CarolinaZachary Stansell Reeves1987-2004
Michael ReffittSavannah State UniversityMichael Reffitt2010-2010
Patrick RegaladoCoppin State CollegePatrick Regalado2008-2008
Dennis ReganUniversity of Connecticut1996-1996
Kevin Regan1983-06-15Elon UniversityKevin Wayne Regan2003-2006
Michael ReganWofford CollegeMichael Regan2005-2006
Morgan Regan1985-03-14Purdue UniversityMorgan Regan2006-2007
Caleb RegerIndiana State University2002-2002
Evan Regez1995--Chicago State UniversityEvan Regez2014-2014
Zach Regier1992-08-15Chandler-Gilbert Community CollegeZach Regier2012-2012
Cody Regis1991-06-08UCLACody Regis2010-2013
Jerome RegisterValdosta State UniversityJerome J. Register1974-1974
Joey Register1985-09-23Texas A&M UniversityJoseph Lee Register Ii2008-2008
Stephen Register1984-02-06Florida A&M UniversityStephen Bryan Register III2006-2006
Logan Regnier1994--Central Michigan UniversityLogan Regnier2013-2014
Nick Regnier1993--Central Michigan UniversityNick Regnier2012-2014
Jeremie Rehak1987-11-13Ohio UniversityJeremie Rehak2007-2009
Jonathan Rehm1983--Rider UniversityJonathan Rehm2002-2005
Tyler Rehmel1986-10-31Eastern Kentucky UniversityTyler Rehmel2008-2009
Kyle Rehnstrom1985-08-24University of Arkansas-Little RockKyle Rehnstrom2007-2007
Austin Rei1993-10-27University of WashingtonAustin Rei2013-2014
Tanner Reibenspies1992-08-20San Diego State UniversityTanner John Reibenspies2012-2014
Jonathan Reich1992--Fordham UniversityJonathan Reich2011-2014
Ryan Reich1981-11-11Princeton UniversityRyan Reich2001-2004
Tyler Reich1991-11-07Villanova UniversityTyler Reich2011-2011
Fritz Reichardt1980-10-04University of FloridaFrederic William Reichardt2002-2003
Clay Reichenbach1983-03-09Rice UniversityClayton Ross Reichenbach2004-2005
Russ Reichenbach1983-09-29University of Texas-ArlingtonRussell Scott Reichenbach 2003-2005
Alec Reichle1986--Southern Utah UniversityAlec Reichle2007-2009
Mark Reichley1982-03-28University of MaineMark Reichley2001-2004
Brian Reid1975-01-21Grand Canyon UniversityBrian Reid1994-1997
Cory Reid1993--University of FloridaCory Reid2013-2013
Dan Reid1989--New Mexico State UniversityDan Reid2010-2011
Daniel Reid1983-02-20UCLADaniel Stephen Reid2002-2005
Drew Reid1995-04-01Harvard UniversityDrew Reid2014-2014
Jarryd Reid1990--Florida A&M UniversityJarryd Reid2010-2012
Jeremy ReidAlabama A&M University2006-2006
Jesse ReidVirginia Commonwealth University2008-2008
Jim Reid1980-12-31University of IowaJim Reid2000-2004
Joe Reid1982-09-07St. John's UniversityJoe Reid2001-2004
Jon Reid1995--Pepperdine UniversityJon Reid2014-2014
Josh ReidNorthern Illinois UniversityJosh Reid2003-2003
Kurt ReidSt. Louis Community College-MeramecKurt Reid1981-1982
Michael ReidUniversity of Tennessee-Martin2008-2008
Owen Reid1986-09-15Baylor UniversityWilliam Owen Reid2006-2009
Trevor Reid1985--Siena CollegeTrevor Reid2004-2007
Tad Reida1985-05-26Indiana UniversityTad Reida2004-2006
Josh Reidt1983-06-22University of San FranciscoJosh Reidt2002-2003
Tom ReidyFlorida Southern College1995-1997
Chris Reier1979-02-18Jacksonville UniversityChris Reier2000-2003
Grant Reifers1992--Mississippi Valley State UniversityGrant Reifers2013-2013
Jacob Reifers1995--Mississippi Valley State UniversityJacob Reifers2014-2014
Bob Reifschneider1983-07-08Duquesne UniversityBob Reifschneider2002-2005
Matt Reifsnider1987-12-28The CitadelJohn Matthew Reifsnider2007-2010
John Reifsnyder1984--La Salle UniversityJohn Reifsnyder2003-2006
Adam Reikowski1976-10-07University of North Carolina-CharlotteAdam Reikowski1998-1998
Luke Reiland1983-07-22Campbell UniversityLucas Matthew Reiland2005-2006
Michael Reiling1989-12-13San Jose State UniversityMichael Robert Reiling2009-2012
Brett Reilley1984-08-18Middle Tennessee State UniversityBrett Allen Reilley2006-2007
Austin Reilly1985-09-05University of RichmondAustin T. Reilly2005-2008
Connor Reilly1992--Temple UniversityConnor Reilly2013-2013
Eric ReillyRider University2006-2006
John Reilly1990-12-12Campbell UniversityJohn Reilly2013-2014
Luke Reilly1994--La Salle UniversityLuke Reilly2013-2013
Mitchell Reilly1990-02-01Miami UniversityMitchell Reilly2009-2009
Pat ReillySaint Joseph's University2001-2002
Rob Reilly1983-09-27St. Francis CollegeRobert Reilly2004-2004
Ryan Reilly1994--University of Central FloridaRyan Reilly2013-2013
Sean Reilly1989-09-18Florida International UniversitySean Reilly2009-2012
Sean Reilly1986-02-15Tennessee Technological UniversitySean William Reilly2005-2008
Tim Reilly1987-05-25Rutgers UniversityTim Reilly2008-2009
Brad Reimer1991-04-21Long Island University-Brooklyn CampusBrad Reimer2010-2013
J.J. Reimer1993-05-15Western Illinois UniversityJeffrey Reimer2014-2014
Kevin Reimer1986-03-03Canisius CollegeKevin Reimer2007-2008
Tim Reimer1981--Sacramento StateTim Reimer2002-2002
Zach Reimer1984-11-13United States Air Force AcademyZach Reimer2004-2004
Bo Rein1991--North Carolina A&T State UniversityBo Rein2010-2010
Edward Reina1981--Hofstra UniversityEdward Reina2000-2002
John Reina1995--Morehead State UniversityJohn Reina2014-2014
Scott Reinagel1981-08-29Southeast Missouri State UniversityScott Reinagel2002-2003
Cody Reine1990--University of OklahomaByron Code Reine2010-2012
Jake Reinhardt1994-05-09University of IowaJake Reinhardt2014-2014
Chris Reinhart1991-08-19University of Notre DameChristopher Taylor Reinhart2011-2011
Ian Reinhart1986-04-04Southern Illinois UniversityIan Geoffrey Reinhart2007-2008
Keith ReinhartSt Louis Community College-Florissant ValleyKeith Reinhart1983-1984
Porter Reinhart1995--College of William and MaryPorter Reinhart2014-2014
Steven Reinhold1985-03-02University of South CarolinaSteven Michael Reinhold2004-2007
Jesse Reinstein1989-04-05University at BuffaloJesse Reinstein2008-2011
Derick ReisLa Salle University2005-2005
Ryan Reisbeck1978-08-01University of UtahRyan Reisbeck2001-2002
Jordan ReismanHigh Point UniversityJordan Reisman2004-2004
Cole ReissigGeorgia State UniversityCole Reissig2004-2005
Mike Reitcheck1995--University of PennsylvaniaMike Reitcheck2014-2014
Cabe Reiten1994--Gonzaga UniversityCabe Reiten2013-2014
Jason Reitenbach1988-05-13Youngstown State UniversityJason Reitenbach2008-2009
Dane Reiter1983-10-04University of Southern MississippiDane Reiter2004-2004
Matt Reitz1987--Lehigh UniversityMatt Reitz2006-2008
Daniel Reitzler1994-08-11University of San DiegoDaniel Reitzler2013-2014
Zach Reks1994--United States Air Force AcademyZach Reks2013-2013
Tucker Rekucki1993-04-17Bucknell UniversityRobert Tucker Rekucki2012-2014
Brandon Relf1986--Brigham Young UniversityBrandon Relf2005-2010
Tyler Relf1989--University of UtahTyler Relf2008-2013
Aaron Rembert1981--University of North Carolina-AshevilleAaron Rembert2000-2004
Matt Rembielak1993--University of AkronMatt Rembielak2012-2014
Brett Rembold1985-05-13George Mason UniversityBrett Tyler Rembold2004-2005
Toby Remedies1990-08-27Northwestern State UniversityToby Remedies2010-2011
John Remick1995--University of KansasJohn Remick2014-2014
Sam Remick1992-08-14Charleston Southern UniversitySam Remick2014-2014
Iannick Remillard1992-08-21Canisius CollegeIannick Remillard2013-2014
Zach Remillard1994-02-21Coastal Carolina UniversityZachary Remillard2013-2014
Andy Rempel1981-04-18Purdue UniversityAndy Rempel2000-2003
Jack Rems1990--Lafayette CollegeJack Rems2009-2012
Will Renaker1980--Morehead State UniversityWill Renaker2000-2002
Nathan RenaudTexas Southern University2006-2007
T.J. Renda1992-11-10Alabama State UniversityThomas James Renda2012-2014
Tommy Renda1987-05-20University of PortlandTommy Renda2007-2010
Dale Reneau1986-03-05Oral Roberts UniversityWilliam Dale Reneau Ii2007-2010
Kiel Renfro1986-03-11Texarkana CollegeKiel Renfro2005-2007
Trevor Renfro1994--Texas State UniversityTrevor Renfro2013-2014
Daniel Renfroe1988-01-15Chipola CollegeDaniel Renfroe2007-2009
Zack Renna1994-05-15New Jersey Institute of TechnologyZack Renna2013-2014
Tim Rennard1989-06-11North Carolina Central UniversityTim Rennard2009-2011
Blake Renner1982-05-24Texas Tech UniversityBlake Renner2004-2004
Garrett Renner1980-07-30Stony Brook University2001-2003
Matt Renner1989--Santa Clara UniversityMatt Renner2008-2009
Michael Renner1991-06-13University of North FloridaMichael Stephen Renner2010-2014
Quinn Renner1990-09-19Saint Joseph's UniversityQuinn Renner2010-2013
Tanner Renner1992-05-30Southern Illinois UniversityTanner Renner2012-2013
Tyler Renner1984-08-13University of AkronTyler Renner2004-2004
Rich Rennhack1984--Western Michigan UniversityRich Rennhack2005-2006
Keith Renno1985-04-30Cal State NorthridgeKeith Renno2004-2004
Andrew Renshaw1982-04-04Norfolk State UniversityAndrew David Renshaw2003-2004
Homer Renshaw1979-05-24Marshall UniversityHomer Francis Renshaw, Jr.2000-2002
Seby Renta1982-03-02High Point UniversitySeby Renta2004-2005
Chipper RenteriaNew Mexico State University2002-2002
Gerardo Renteria1990--New Mexico State UniversityGerardo Renteria2009-2011
Lance Renton1984-12-28University of Tennessee-MartinLance Renton2006-2007
Luis Renvil1992-10-22University of North Carolina at WilmingtonLuis Francisco Renvill2011-2014
Andrew RenyerUniversity of Portland2004-2004
Sean Renzi1993--Central Michigan UniversitySean Renzi2012-2014
Mike Renzo1988--Villanova UniversityMike Renzo2007-2008
Chris Renzoni1991--Central Connecticut State UniversityChris Renzoni2010-2013
Wes Reohr1980-02-23Penn State UniversityWesley Douglas Reohr2001-2003
Dominic Repetti1976-08-23De Anza CollegeDominic Lawrence Repetti1998-1999
Devin Repine1993-03-25University of Maryland-Eastern ShoreDevin Repine2012-2014
Charlie Reschke1982-10-21University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeCharlie Reschke2002-2005
James ReschkeImperial Valley CollegeJames Reschke1983-1983
Mike Rescigno1995--University of MarylandMike Rescigno2014-2014
Jarrod Resendez1982-04-05University of ToledoJarrod Joe Resendez2001-2004
Zack Reser1992-04-23Oregon State UniversityZack Reser2012-2014
Michael Resnick1993--Texas Christian UniversityMichael Resnick2012-2012
Peter Resnick1993-10-06Bradley UniversityPeter Resnick2013-2014
Will Resnik1992-10-12High Point UniversityJohn William Resnik2012-2014
Jauquin Respress1987--Alabama State UniversityJauquin Respress2006-2008
Juaquin RespressAlabama State UniversityJuaquin Respress2005-2008
Curt RestkoEastern Illinois UniversityCurt Restko2007-2010
Wilson Resto1982--Manhattan CollegeWilson Resto2002-2002
Zander Retamar1995-02-11Villanova UniversityZander Retamar2014-2014
Travis Rettke1983--Columbia UniversityTravis Rettke2003-2005
Shawn Retz1986-10-19University of Maryland-Baltimore CountyShawn Retz2008-2009
Kirby RetzerFlorida Gulf Coast University2012-2012
Jesse Retzlaff1985--Bucknell UniversityJesse Retzlaff2004-2007
Paul Reuer1980-04-14University of MemphisPaul Reuer1999-2002
Lee ReumannUniversity of Florida2009-2009
Adam Reuss1995-03-14University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeAdam Reuss2014-2014
Dustin Reuter1990-01-06Xavier UniversityDustin Reuter2009-2009
Mike Reuvekamp1990-08-21University of CaliforniaMike Reuvekamp2010-2014
Jimmy Revan1990-03-22University of South CarolinaJames Grant Revan2009-2013
Steven Reveles1993-01-08University of NebraskaSteven Reveles2014-2014
Michael Revell1989-09-06Chipola CollegeMichael Lance Revell2010-2011
Matt Revelle1984--Lafayette CollegeMatt Revelle2003-2006
Andrew Revello1991-05-09St. Bonaventure UniversityAndrew Revello2010-2013
Terry Revere1983-03-16College of William and MaryTerry Revere2002-2005
Jason Revesz1992-09-17Kent State UniversityJason Revesz2013-2014
Jeff Revesz1992-09-17Kent State UniversityJeff Revesz2012-2014
Rande Revilla1991-11-12University of HoustonRandle Rey Revilla2011-2012
Daniel Rew1981-12-05Oklahoma State UniversityDaniel Rew2001-2004
Kevin Rex1995--Harvard UniversityKevin Rex2014-2014
Austin Rexroat1990-08-01Eastern Kentucky UniversityAustin Rexroat2010-2013
Chris Rey1986-11-25Florida International UniversityChristopher Luis Rey2006-2009
A.J. Reyes1990--Chicago State UniversityA.J. Reyes2010-2012
Carlos Reyes1989-02-04University of HoustonCarlos Manuel Reyes2009-2009
Daniel Reyes1988--New Mexico State UniversityDaniel Reyes2007-2010
Edwin Reyes1992-05-20University of Alabama-BirminghamEdwin Ramon Reyes2012-2012
Elliott Reyes1983-07-31Chicago State UniversityElliott Reyes2002-2005
Erik Reyes1984-09-10Loyola Marymount UniversityErik Anton Reyes2003-2007
Jeff ReyesIllinois State University2002-2003
Jonathan Reyes1986-12-24Texas A&M University-Corpus ChristiJonathan Matthew Reyes2006-2009
Jorge ReyesMiami-Dade CollegeJorge Reyes1981-1981
Manny Reyes1991--Western Illinois UniversityManny Reyes2012-2013
Marcus Reyes1995-03-10San Diego State UniversityMarcus Reyes2014-2014
Matt Reyes1993-02-20University of New MexicoMatt Reyes2012-2014
Matt Reyes1989-08-15Cal State BakersfieldMatt Reyes2008-2010
Ralph Reyes1988-03-04Elon UniversityRafael Reyes2008-2008
Randy ReyesSaint Peter's College2012-2012
Ronny ReyesNew York Institute of TechnologyRonny Reyes2004-2004
Russ Reyes1980-10-20Xavier UniversityRuss Reyes2001-2002
Steve Reyes1981--Illinois State UniversitySteve Reyes2000-2002
Tommy Reyes1990--University of California-IrvineTommy Reyes2009-2012
A.J. Reynolds1994--Jacksonville State UniversityA.J. Reynolds2013-2013
Alex Reynolds1991-05-29East Tennessee State UniversityAlex Reynolds2010-2013
Bryan Reynolds1995-01-27Vanderbilt UniversityBryan Patrick Reynolds.2014-2014
Chad Reynolds1976-11-11Texas Tech UniversityChad Allen Reynolds1996-2000
Chris ReynoldsUniversity of Arkansas-Pine BluffChris Reynolds2004-2005
Chris Reynolds1994--Manhattan CollegeChris Reynolds2013-2014
Chris ReynoldsSouth Dakota State University2006-2008
Clint Reynolds1987-03-05University of South AlabamaClinton Owen Reynolds2007-2010
Colin Reynolds1985-05-20Valparaiso UniversityColin Reynolds2004-2007
Dave Reynolds1988-07-02Northern Illinois UniversityDavid Robert Reynolds2007-2010
Drew ReynoldsEastern Kentucky University2003-2005
Drew Reynolds1992-04-25East Carolina UniversityDrew Weston Reynolds 2011-2014
Gregg Reynolds1982-01-07PacificGregory Maurice Reynolds2002-2005
Jake Reynolds1978-02-14Southern Utah UniversityJake Reynolds2002-2003
Jarrod Reynolds1980-01-07University of KentuckyJarrod Wayne Reynolds2000-2002
Jason Reynolds1983--University of ArkansasJason Reynolds2002-2002
Jay Reynolds1981-07-20Charleston Southern UniversityJay Reynolds2002-2005
Jeff Reynolds1986--Rider UniversityJeff Reynolds2005-2007
Jeff ReynoldsUniversity at Albany2004-2004
John Reynolds1987--Manhattan CollegeJohn Reynolds2006-2007
Jonathan Reynolds1989--Coppin State CollegeJonathan Reynolds2008-2009
Kerisi Reynolds1981-12-25Oregon State UniversityKerisi Reynolds2001-2003
Lance Reynolds1980-10-04Auburn UniversityLance Anthony Reynolds2002-2002
Luke Reynolds1993--University of Massachusetts-LowellLuke Reynolds2014-2014
Manny ReynoldsUniversity of Arkansas-Pine Bluff2004-2004
Mason Reynolds1990-12-02Miami UniversityMason Reynolds2010-2010
Matt Reynolds1982--University of MassachusettsMatt Reynolds2001-2004
Matt Reynolds1993--Monmouth UniversityMatt Reynolds2013-2013
Nate Reynolds1992--Le Moyne CollegeNate Reynolds2011-2011
Pat Reynolds1986--Manhattan CollegePat Reynolds2005-2007
Riley Reynolds1989-12-20Vanderbilt UniversityRiley Richard Reynolds2009-2012
Russell Reynolds1994-03-10Louisiana State UniversityRussell Damon Reynolds2013-2013
Simi Reynolds1984-02-03Washington State UniversitySimi James Reynolds2003-2008
Will Reynolds1984--Miami UniversityWill Reynolds2003-2006
Luis Reynoso1984--Chicago State UniversityLuis Reynoso2004-2006
Mark Reynoso1989-08-31Coppin State CollegeMark Reynoso2010-2010
Wade Reynoso1988--New Mexico State UniversityWade Reynoso2009-2010
Chris Rezabek1986-04-10University of Tennessee-MartinChris Rezabek2005-2008
Chase Rezac1990-09-21Southern Utah UniversityChase Rezac2010-2013
Reed Reznicek1992-10-07Indiana UniversityReed Reznicek2011-2013

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