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+ Last Names with 'TO'
College players are listed if they played Division I baseball and did not play in the Minors or higher in the year 2002 or later. Active players are listed if their last active season was any of the last 2 college seasons.

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Players whose name starts with 'TO'

Brody Toal1994--Houston Baptist UniversityBrody Toal2015-2015
Tanner Toal1990--University of OklahomaJohn Tanner Toal2011-2012
Tyson Toal1981-04-28Louisiana Tech UniversityTyson Toal2001-2003
Colin Toalson1992--University of KansasColin Toalson2012-2015
Clint Tobias1985-12-27University of MichiganClint Tobias2006-2007
Conner Tobias1992-02-12Louisiana Tech UniversityConner Ryan Tobias2014-2015
Pat Tobin1981-05-30University of MainePat Tobin2001-2003
Tucker Tobin1992--George Mason UniversityTucker Tobin2010-2014
Tyler Tobin1994--George Mason UniversityTyler Tobin2015-2015
Zach Tobolowsky1989-10-03Yale UniversityZach Tobolowsky2009-2011
Paul Toboni1990-02-08University of CaliforniaPaul Toboni2010-2012
Adam Todd1990-10-22University of Louisiana at LafayetteAdam Joseph Todd2010-2012
Austin Todd1987-07-21Missouri State UniversityAustin Patrick Todd2006-2008
Brad Todd1984-04-28Middle Tennessee State UniversityBrad Thurman Todd2004-2005
Clark Todd1979-04-03University of TexasClark Todd2000-2001
Collin Todd1993-02-06McNeese State UniversityCollin Todd2012-2012
Dalton Todd1993-10-11University of Louisiana-MonroeDalton Graham Todd2013-2015
Josh Todd1980-12-10Auburn UniversitySteven Joshua Todd2001-2003
Logan Todd1988-10-10Sacramento StateLogan Todd2010-2010
Mark Todd1980-06-27USCMark Todd1999-2002
Ryan Todd1983-08-24Bowling Green State UniversityRyan William Todd2003-2003
Wes Todd1983-09-29University of GeorgiaWes Todd2003-2005
Lee Todesco1983-03-16University of Texas-San AntonioLee Todesco2002-2006
Elias Todman1991--Grambling State UniversityElias Todman2011-2013
Joe Todoro1982--University at BuffaloJoe Todoro2001-2002
Joe Todoroff1983-08-23University of CaliforniaJoe Todoroff2002-2005
Chris Toepper1983-12-25Michigan State UniversityChris Toepper2003-2006
Justin Toerner1996--Cal State NorthridgeJustin Toerner2015-2015
Matt Toffaletti1987-10-18University of PennsylvaniaMatt Toffaletti2007-2008
John Toffey1982-11-26University of MassachusettsJohn Toffey2003-2005
Will Toffey1994-12-31Vanderbilt UniversityWilliam Tobin Toffey2015-2015
Gabe Togna1994-01-17University of Maryland-Baltimore CountyGabe Togna2013-2013
Kyle Tognazzini1987-07-13Lipscomb UniversityKyle Tognazzini2006-2009
Colby Tognetti1988-02-08North Dakota State UniversityColby Tognetti2009-2011
Dominic Tognietti1987-09-01University of Texas-Pan AmericanDominic Tognietti2007-2008
Brick ToifelUniversity of OklahomaBrick Toifel1980-1980
Ryan Toimil1992-02-18Dartmouth CollegeRyan Toimil2011-2014
Travis Tokarek1996--University of EvansvilleTravis Tokarek2015-2015
Kevin Tokarski1989-04-21Illinois State UniversityKevin Tokarski2008-2012
Mike Tokarski1986-09-17Illinois State UniversityMike Tokarski2006-2007
Dave Tokarz1981-10-14University of ConnecticutDave Tokarz2001-2004
Jordan Tokarz1987--Eastern Illinois UniversityJordan Tokarz2007-2009
Ryan Tokarz1985-01-15Kent State UniversityRyan Tokarz2002-2008
Frank Tokash1950--Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityFrank J. Tokash1968-1970
Chase Tokunaga1992--University of MarylandChase Tokunaga2011-2013
Kyle Tokunaga1992-08-05University of Texas-Pan AmericanKyle Tokunaga2013-2014
Kevin Tolan1974-08-11Citrus CollegeKevin Tolan1996-1996
Michael TolbertTriton CollegeMichael Tolbert1980-1980
Scott Tolbert1981-09-12Georgia Southern UniversityScott Tolbert2001-2003
Al Toledo1966--Long Island University-Brooklyn CampusAl Toledo1987-1987
Don Tolen1981-04-18San Diego State UniversityDonald Eugene Tolen 2000-2000
Jeovanny Tolentino1994-08-21North Carolina A&T State UniversityJeovanny Tolentino2013-2013
Robert Toline1983-02-23Middle Tennessee State UniversityRobert Evans Toline, Jr.2004-2004
Austin Tolle1993-07-26Tennessee Technological UniversityAustin Tolle2014-2015
Sam Tolleson1993--University of Central FloridaSam Tolleson2013-2014
Cody Tollison1991-11-28Middle Tennessee State UniversityCody Michael Tollison2011-2014
Will Tollison1982-07-05Oakland UniversityWill Tollison2003-2005
Jordan Tolliver1984--University of MemphisJordan Tolliver2005-2006
Adam Tolman1981-10-10College of CharlestonAdam David Tolman2002-2005
Philip Tolman1989-06-06Western Illinois UniversityPhilip Tolman2011-2012
Mike Tolsma1992-06-16Canisius CollegeMike Tolsma2013-2014
Travis Tolsma1984-09-21Western Illinois UniversityTravis Tolsma2007-2008
Drew Tolson1993-08-02Baylor UniversityDrew Alexander Tolson2013-2015
Stephen Toma1993-02-08Bradley UniversityStephen Toma2012-2015
Walker Toma1986--Cornell UniversityWalker Robert Toma2005-2008
Jim Toman1961-11-28North Carolina State UniversityJim Toman1982-1983
Bob TomanichWestern Illinois UniversityBob Tomanich2001-2002
Mike Tomasi1988-09-06Florida Atlantic UniversityMike Tomasi2009-2012
Mike Tomaszewski1982-11-18Butler UniversityMike Tomaszewski2003-2003
J.T. Tomes1990--Harvard UniversityJ.T. Tomes2009-2012
Davis Tominaga1995--University of PortlandDavis Tominaga2014-2015
Joey Tomko1992-07-09Elon UniversityJoseph William Tomko2012-2015
Andrew Tomlin1985-07-16Florida Atlantic UniversityAndrew Tomlin2004-2007
Marcus Tomlin1993--Southern UniversityMarcus Tomlin2012-2015
Matt Tomlin1981-06-03George Mason UniversityWilliam Matthew Tomlin2002-2003
Eric Tomlinson1979-05-24Texas State UniversityEric Tomlinson1998-2001
Kris Tomlinson1985-11-25Fresno State UniversityKris Andrew Tomlinson2006-2008
Russ Tomlinson1987-06-28College of CharlestonRussell E. Tomlinson2007-2009
Ryan Tomlinson1990-11-28University of Nebraska-OmahaRyan Tomlinson2010-2012
Caleb Tommasini1985-11-07University of OregonCaleb Joshua Tommasini2009-2009
John Tommasini1989-04-27Oregon State UniversityJohn Tommasini2008-2012
Brett Tompkins1993-02-14The CitadelBrett Ryan Tompkins2012-2015
Nate Tompkins1984--Niagara UniversityNate Tompkins2004-2004
Riley Tompkins1990--Seattle UniversityRiley Tompkins2010-2012
Travis Tomsen1991-09-18University of HawaiiTravis Tomsen2010-2013
Kelsey Tomyn1980--Northwestern State UniversityKelsey Tomyn2001-2002
Zach Tondi1994-11-30Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityZach Tondi2014-2014
Brian Toner1984-08-29Northern Illinois UniversityBrian Toner2005-2006
Michael Toner1996--College of William and MaryMichael Toner2015-2015
Chad Tongue1983-02-05Princeton UniversityChad Tongue2004-2005
Ryan Toniolo1987-01-15Wofford CollegeRyan Toniolo2008-2008
Greg Tonnesen1994-10-11Campbell UniversityGregory Todd Tonnesen2014-2015
Chris Tonte1987-01-27University of PittsburghChris Tonte2006-2009
Patrick Toohers1993--James Madison UniversityPatrick Toohers2012-2014
Sean Toolan1980--Fairfield UniversitySean Toolan2000-2002
Cameron Toole1994-03-11McNeese State UniversityCameron Toole2013-2015
Scott Toole1980-05-07Florida State UniversityScott Toole2001-2002
Sean Toole1989-02-04University of PittsburghSean Toole2008-2011
Shane TooleLiberty UniversityShane Toole2006-2006
Tommy Toole1996-04-01Saint Peter's UniversityTommy Toole2015-2015
Andrew Tooley1987--University of Northern ColoradoAndrew Tooley2008-2008
Kyle ToomeyUniversity of PennsylvaniaKyle Toomey2011-2012
Marc Toomey1986--University of HartfordMarc Toomey2005-2008
Ryan Toomey1995--Georgetown UniversityRyan Toomey2014-2014
Kellen TooneAlabama A&M UniversityKellen Toone2007-2009
Jordan Topal1983-10-21Campbell UniversityJordan David Topal2003-2005
Drew Topham1977-08-15Lamar UniversityDrew Topham2000-2001
Dom Topoozian1994--Fresno State UniversityDom Topoozian2015-2015
Josh Topp1983--University of HartfordJosh Topp2002-2005
Andrew Toppert1987-10-16Texas A&M University-Corpus ChristiAndrew Toppert2009-2010
Justin Topping1989--Virginia Military InstituteJustin Topping2008-2011
Ryan ToppingCanisius CollegeRyan Topping2003-2003
Jimmy Topps1992-08-09University at BuffaloJimmy Topps2013-2014
Max Torbiner1995--Davidson CollegeMax Torbiner2014-2014
Dustin Torchio1991--PacificDustin Torchio2010-2013
Blake Torgerson1986--Brigham Young UniversityBlake Torgerson2005-2011
Ryan Torgerson1991-03-14Indiana State UniversityRyan James Torgeson2010-2012
Easton Torigoe1990--University of HawaiiEaston Torigoe2009-2012
Kevin TorlaiLower Columbia Community CollegeKevin Torlai1986-1986
Brandon Tormoehlen1984-02-05Butler UniversityBrandon Tormoehlen2003-2007
Jimmy Tornabene1992--Florida Atlantic UniversityJimmy Tornabene2013-2014
Mike Tornatore1984-03-10Iona CollegeMike Tornatore2005-2006
Colin Tornberg1993-02-14University of Texas-ArlingtonColin Tornberg2014-2015
Ty Tornincasa1982-05-24Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort WayneTy Tornincasa2004-2004
Jordan Torr1987--Arkansas State UniversityJordan Torr2007-2008
Jose Torralba1992-01-07Canisius CollegeJose Torralba2011-2014
Bill Torre1985-09-17Duquesne UniversityBill Torre2005-2009
M TorreganoSouthern UniversityM Torregano2005-2005
Miles Torregano1985--Southern UniversityMiles Torregano2004-2006
Ruben Torrellas1990--North Carolina A&T State UniversityRuben Torrellas2009-2012
Mike Torrence1989--Oral Roberts UniversityMichael John Torrence, Jr2008-2012
Daniel Torrente1988--Missouri State UniversityDaniel Torrente2007-2009
Alex Torres1978-11-15Cochise CollegeAlex J. Torres1998-1998
Brandon Torres1996-09-07Delaware State UniversityBrandon Torres2015-2015
Brayden Torres1994-06-07UNLVBrayden Shea Torres2013-2015
Chris Torres1991-02-14University of Texas-Pan AmericanChris Torres2012-2013
Cristian Torres1993-06-08University of Notre DameCristian delRosa Torres2012-2015
Dalton TorresNicholls State UniversityDalton Torres2011-2011
Elfego Torres1991-10-24Lamar UniversityJose Elfego Torres Guerrero2012-2014
Israel Torres1979-08-04Cerritos CollegeIsrael Torres2001-2001
Javi TorresSeton Hall UniversityJavi Torres2009-2009
Joe Torres1992--Iona CollegeJoe Torres2011-2014
Jomel Torres1990-01-23San Diego State UniversityJomel D. Torres2009-2012
Jonathan Torres1993--UNLVJonathan Torres2012-2014
Jonathan Torres1991-04-18Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityJonathan Torres2010-2011
Jose Torres1985-09-05Norfolk State UniversityJose Alexis Torres2004-2007
Kevin Torres1994--St. John's UniversityKevin Orlando Torres2015-2015
Luis TorresJackson State UniversityLuis Torres2012-2012
Osvaldo Torres1986-07-22Wabash Valley CollegeOsvaldo Torres2005-2008
Rafael Torres1981-12-18USCRafael Torres2001-2004
Rob Torres1981--Stony Brook UniversityRob Torres2003-2003
Roberto Torres1983-09-12Loyola Marymount UniversityRoberto Luis Torres2006-2006
Sergio Torres1995--Southern UniversitySergio Torres2014-2015
Sharbel Torres1979-12-24Bethune-Cookman UniversitySharbel Torres2001-2003
Emilo Torrez1994-05-14Arizona State UniversityEmilio Ernesto Torrez2014-2014
Timothy Torsney1992--New Mexico State UniversityTimothy Torsney2011-2013
Zach Torson1994--University of PortlandZach Torson2013-2013
Colton TortorelloChicago State UniversityColton Tortorello2010-2010
Dylan Toscano1993--University of MemphisDylan Toscano2012-2015
Matt Toscano1996--St. Mary's College of CaliforniaMatt Toscano2015-2015
Dana Tosoni1983--University of New OrleansDana Tosoni2004-2004
Adam Toth1992-06-12Baylor UniversityAdam Joseph Toth2012-2015
Anthony Toth1988-06-10University of MichiganAnthony Toth2007-2011
Ben Toth1986--Radford UniversityBen Toth2005-2009
Chase Toth1993-08-05Michigan State UniversityChase Toth2013-2015
Cory Toth1988-06-11Old Dominion UniversityCory Adam Toth2007-2010
John Toth1987-05-06Oakland UniversityJohn G. Toth, Jr2006-2008
Kyle Toth1992-12-05University of MississippiKyle Toth2012-2014
Nate Toth1986--Radford UniversityNate Toth2005-2008
Ryan Toth1984-05-21Le Moyne CollegeRyan Toth2003-2006
Ray Toto1993--George Mason UniversityRay Toto2012-2015
Garrett Totten1989-10-04Texas Tech UniversityGarrett Totten2009-2010
Paul Touchstone1955--Galveston CollegePaul Touchstone1974-1976
T.J. Touchstone1980-03-06University of South AlabamaTyler Jason Touchstone2002-2003
John Touchton1987-07-25University of HoustonJohn Phillip Touchton2007-2009
Adam Touhey1994--University of HartfordAdam Touhey2013-2014
Connor Toups1994--University of Louisiana at LafayetteConnor Toups2013-2015
David Toups1993--Yale UniversityDavid Toups2012-2015
Johnny ToupsTexas Southern UniversityJohnny Toups2000-2009
Jordy Toups1988-08-15Nicholls State UniversityJordy Robert Toups2008-2008
Jason Tourangeau1981-10-16East Carolina UniversityJason Tourangeau2000-2003
Mark Tourangeau1984-05-08University at BuffaloMark Tourangeau2004-2008
Ryan Tousley1984-12-03East Carolina UniversityRyan Michael Tousley2006-2007
Nate Toussaint1988-10-23University at AlbanyNate Toussaint2008-2008
Ben Toussant1986-10-27Ohio State UniversityBen Toussant2007-2009
Hilario Tovar1996--San Jose State UniversityHilario Tovar2015-2015
Luis Tovar1988--University of California-IrvineLuis Tovar2007-2009
Thomas Tovar1989-10-31University of Texas-Pan AmericanThomas Tovar2009-2011
Aaron Tovsky1994--Davidson CollegeAaron Tovsky2013-2015
David Towarnicky1988-03-13Appalachian State UniversityDavid Michael J. Towarnicky 2007-2010
Matt Towarnicky1993-05-24Furman UniversityMattthew Grant Towarnicky2013-2015
Digger Towe1986-10-23University of Alabama-BirminghamDaniel Lee Towe2008-2010
Zack Tower1995--University of Massachusetts-LowellZack Tower2014-2015
Bryan Towler1984--Marist CollegeBryan Towler2003-2006
D.D. Towler1989--University of Texas-San AntonioDavid Towler2010-2011
Kyle Towles1992--University of North Carolina-AshevilleKyle Towles2013-2015
Keith Towne1988--Lamar UniversityKeith Towne2007-2010
Andrew Towns1995-01-20Clemson UniversityAndrew Robert Towns2014-2015
Antone Towns1982-10-07Western Kentucky UniversityAntone Lamon Towns2002-2005
Adam Townsend1981-06-13Stetson UniversityAdam T. Townsend2004-2004
Anthony TownsendGrambling State UniversityAnthony Townsend2006-2007
Brookes Townsend1990-11-18George Washington UniversityBrookes Peterson Townsend2011-2015
Chris Townsend1994--University of Central ArkansasChris Townsend2013-2015
Christian Townsend1995-10-15Florida Gulf Coast UniversityChristian Townsend2015-2015
Derrick Townsend1986--Mississippi Valley State UniversityDerrick Townsend2008-2009
Ian Townsend1993-05-14East Carolina UniversityIan Townsend2012-2014
Joe Townsend1992--James Madison UniversityJoe Townsend2011-2012
Kenneth TownsendAlabama A&M UniversityKenneth Townsend2006-2009
Luke Townsend1989--Longwood UniversityLuke Townsend2008-2010
Matt Townsend1987--James Madison UniversityMatt Townsend2006-2010
Ray Townsend1955-12-20UCLARaymond Townsend1977-1977
Tyler Townsend1991--University of KentuckyTyler Townsend2011-2011
Zach Townsend1993-05-18University of Maryland-Eastern ShoreZach Townsend2012-2013
Bill Toy1985--Northern Illinois UniversityBill Toy2004-2004
Pat Tozier1970-10-30University of OklahomaPat Tozier1989-1990

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