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College players are listed if they played Division I baseball and did not play in the Minors or higher in the year 2002 or later. Active players are listed if their last active season was any of the last 2 college seasons.

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Players whose name starts with 'NA'

Eric Nabi1986--University of North Carolina-AshevilleEric Nabi2005-2006
Andrew Nacario1985--Dartmouth CollegeAndrew Nacario2004-2007
Malcolm Nachmanoff1994-11-25Stony Brook UniversityMalcolm Brody Nachmanoff.2015-2015
Chad Nack1993--University of Texas-ArlingtonChad Nack2012-2015
Joe Nadale1991--Western Carolina UniversityJonathan Joseph Nadale2012-2013
Chris Nadeau1987-04-23Miami UniversityChris Nadeau2006-2009
Andrew Naderer1994-03-04Grand Canyon UniversityAndrew Naderer2013-2015
Cory Nadler1982--Bucknell UniversityCory Nadler2001-2004
Matt Nadolski1991-02-06San Diego State UniversityMatthew Robert Nadolski2010-2014
Steve Naegle1964--Diablo Valley CollegeSteve Naegle1984-1984
Sam Nafziger1995--Saint Louis UniversitySam Nafziger2014-2014
Kazuhiko NagaiUniversity of North FloridaKazuhiko Nagai2002-2003
Reyn Nagamine1990-09-09University of San DiegoReyn Nagamine2011-2013
Denny Nagel1950--University of CincinnatiDennis W. Nagel1972-1972
Pete Nagel1993-05-26University of GeorgiaPete Nagel2012-2014
Tyler NagelFairleigh Dickinson UniversityTyler Nagel2007-2007
Harley Nager1981-07-07Temple UniversityHarley Nager2002-2002
Chris Nagorski1990--Binghamton UniversityChris Nagorski2011-2012
Greg Nagy1985-09-13Loyola Marymount UniversityGregory Michael Nagy2005-2006
Bill Nahorodny1979-10-18University of South FloridaBill Nahorodny2001-2002
Brendan Nail1996--Western Carolina UniversityBrendan Nail2015-2015
Nick Nail1986--Morehead State UniversityNick Nail2005-2008
Patrick Nailer1982--Dartmouth CollegePatrick Nailer2002-2004
Joe Naill1981-10-21University of KentuckyJoseph Vernon Naill2003-2004
Ivan Nails1986-07-10Southeast Missouri State UniversityIvan Nails2007-2008
Matt Naimoli1984-06-23University of VermontMatt Naimoli2003-2006
Bobby Nairn1988--Saint Peter's CollegeBobby Nairn2007-2007
Eric Naison-Phillips1981-07-01Yale UniversityEric Naison-Phillips2000-2003
Greg Najarian1989-01-04Bryant UniversityGreg Najarian2009-2009
Alex Najera1991--Pepperdine UniversityAlex Michael Najera 2010-2013
Michael Najera1994--Cal State NorthridgeMichael Najera2013-2013
Nic Nakagama1985-01-05University of UtahNic Nakagama2006-2008
Lane Nakamura1990-02-18UNLVLane Nakamura2009-2009
Troy NakamuraUniversity of San FranciscoTroy Nakamura1995-1996
Gary Nakashima1984-09-01University of California-IrvineGary Nakashima2004-2007
Davin Nakasone1985-04-30PacificDavin Nakasone2004-2005
Landon Nakata1986-09-24Penn State UniversityLandon Thomas Nakata2006-2009
Apana Nakayama1982--Brigham Young UniversityApana Nakayama2005-2007
Pen NakazatoWest Virginia UniversityPen Nakazato2012-2012
Robert Nalepa1991-01-23St. Bonaventure UniversityRobert Nalepa2010-2013
Mark Nales1991-10-07North Carolina A&T State UniversityMark Nales2010-2013
Jacen Nalesnik1995--Lehigh UniversityJacen Nalesnik2014-2015
Bennett Nalley1993-09-18Presbyterian CollegeGeorge Bennett Nalley2014-2014
Tim Nalls1979-10-02University of North Carolina-CharlotteTim Nalls2000-2002
Travers Nammack1993-06-18George Washington UniversityTravers Wesley Nammack2013-2013
Earl Nance1949--Auburn UniversityRichard Earl Nance1971-1971
Ryan Nance1989-09-11University of Alabama-BirminghamRyan Michael Nance2009-2012
Ryan Nance1982--Butler UniversityRyan Nance2001-2004
Will Nance1994-05-05North Carolina State UniversityWilliam Bradley Nance2013-2014
Ryan Nanni1986-09-30University of Rhode IslandRyan Michael Nanni2006-2006
Tim Nanry1984-08-24Liberty UniversityTim Nanry2006-2007
Mikey Nantze1992-04-28University of Tennessee-MartinMikey Nantze2014-2015
Alex Napier1985-11-26Eastern Kentucky UniversityAlex Napier2005-2009
John Naples1984-12-28University at AlbanyJohn Naples2006-2007
Bobby Napoleon1994--Butler UniversityBobby Napoleon2014-2015
Dillon Napoleon1990-06-06University of Alabama-BirminghamDillon Thomas Napoleon2009-2012
Kalani Napoleon1981--University of TexasKalani Napoleon2001-2002
Chris Napolitano1993--Marist CollegeChris Napolitano2012-2015
Joe Napolitano1992-02-20Wake Forest UniversityJoe Napolitano2012-2015
Nick Napolitano1986-01-20Boston CollegeNick Napolitano2005-2006
Jacob Nappi1996--Eastern Kentucky UniversityJacob Patrick Nappi2015-2015
Jacob Naquin1982-10-04Nicholls State UniversityJacob Naquin2002-2005
Ryan Naquin1980-08-07NavyRyan Naquin2000-2003
Matt Narahara1993--University of San FranciscoMatt Narahara2012-2015
Sean Narby1990-10-09Seattle UniversitySean Narby2010-2013
Robert Nardelli1996-05-24Stony Brook UniversityRobert Nardelli2015-2015
Chris Nardo1991--Hofstra UniversityChris Nardo2012-2013
Diaz Nardo1994-10-12University of DelawareDiaz Francis Nardo2015-2015
Marc Nardotti1989--Manhattan CollegeMarc Nardotti2008-2008
John Nargoski1993--Iona CollegeJohn Nargoski2012-2015
Mike Narkter1972--Kent State UniversityMike Narkter1994-1994
Nick Narodowy1992-04-12University of Rhode IslandNick Narodowy2011-2014
Alex NarusManhattan CollegeAlex Narus2003-2003
Jeremy Narvaez1989-08-31Texas A&M University-Corpus ChristiJeremy Andrew Narvaez 2009-2010
Mike Narveson1985--Mercer UniversityMike Narveson2004-2007
Darren Nasatir1983-08-09Michigan State UniversityDarren Nasatir2003-2004
Scott Nasby1982-09-22Missouri State UniversityScott Michael Nasby2002-2005
Derril Naschke1982-11-03Nicholls State UniversityDerril Naschke2002-2002
Brandon Nash1983--Western Carolina UniversityBrandon Nash2004-2004
Garrett Nash1988-08-24Oregon State UniversityGarrett Nash2008-2011
Jake Nash1994--Lamar UniversityJake Nash2015-2015
Jason Nash1986--Western Illinois UniversityJason Nash2005-2005
Josh Nashed1996--San Jose State UniversityJosh Nashed2015-2015
Dylan Nasiatka1989-03-31Hofstra UniversityDylan Nasiatka2008-2011
Ryan Nasiatka1983--Winthrop UniversityRyan Nasiatka2002-2005
Aveeno Nasiloski1993--Chicago State UniversityAveeno Nasiloski2012-2015
Charlie Naso1993-01-30University of IllinoisCharlie Naso2012-2015
John NasoLafayette CollegeJohn Naso2009-2009
Sean Naso1982-09-05Iona CollegeSean Naso2004-2004
John Nasshan1991-07-13Bradley UniversityJohn Nasshan2010-2014
Willie Nastasi1993-07-23University of ConnecticutWilliam Martin Nastasi2013-2013
Mike Nastold1989-08-21University of LouisvilleMichael Christopher Nastold 2009-2013
Lee NastuSacred Heart UniversityLee Nastu2001-2003
Chuck Nat1960--Solano Community CollegeCharles Nat1982-1982
Joseph Natale1983-06-27University of MarylandJoseph Natale2002-2005
Nick Natale1989-08-22Rice UniversityNicholas Natale2008-2012
Johnny Nate1994-07-18Michigan State UniversityJohnny Nate2014-2015
Jake Nath1992-10-12University of Illinois-ChicagoJake Nath2014-2014
Mack Nathanson1996-08-09Wofford CollegeMack Nathanson2015-2015
Patrick Nathanson1989--Florida Gulf Coast UniversityPatrick Nathanson2008-2012
Evan Nations1995-06-05Charleston Southern UniversityEvan Nations2014-2014
Roy Natoli1990--Central Connecticut State UniversityRoy Natoli2009-2011
Caleb Natov1992-02-20San Jose State UniversityCaleb Joseph Natov2011-2012
Erik Natusch1990-04-23Lipscomb UniversityErik Natusch2010-2012
Mitchell Nau1992-09-07Texas A&M UniversityMitchell Allen Nau2012-2015
Jeff Naughton1985-04-21Duquesne UniversityJeff Naughton2006-2007
Packy Naughton1996-04-16Virginia TechPatrick Joseph Naughton2015-2015
Greg NaugleMississippi Valley State UniversityGreg Naugle2006-2007
Shawn Naugle1987-02-09United States Air Force AcademyShawn Naugle2006-2006
Jarred Nauls1992--Grambling State UniversityJarred Nauls2012-2013
Jake Naumann1991--University of EvansvilleJake Naumann2010-2013
Nick Naumann1993-11-14University of Maryland-Baltimore CountyNick Naumann2014-2015
Nick Nauracy1992-07-03Ohio UniversityNick Nauracy2014-2014
Tito Nava1992--Duke UniversityTito Nava2011-2011
John Navage1987-04-26Western Michigan UniversityJohn Navage2007-2010
Max Navalinski1987-08-07University of DaytonMax Navalinski2006-2009
Dan Navarette1983-12-01University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeDan Navarette2004-2004
Richie Navari1991-04-21Louisiana Tech UniversityRichard B. Navari2013-2014
Frankie Navarrete1994-01-08Samford UniversityFrankie Navarrete2013-2015
Alexis NavarroMississippi Valley State UniversityAlexis Navarro2004-2006
Marc Navarro1989-08-04UCLAMarc Christopher Navarro2009-2011
Nick Navarro1988-09-20University of Arkansas-Little RockNicholas Navarro2008-2012
Sam Navarro1983-01-03Davidson CollegeSam Navarro2002-2005
Hector Navedo1984--Chicago State UniversityHector Navedo2005-2005
Joe Navilhon1994--Cal State FullertonJoe Navilhon2013-2015
Larry Navilhon1958--College of San Mateo207271977-1980
Tim Navin1983--Western Illinois UniversityTim Navin2004-2005
Taylor Nawrocki1991-06-05Northern Illinois UniversityTaylor Nawrocki2012-2012
Kevin Nay1990--Southern Utah UniversityKevin Nay2011-2011
Dean Naylor1961-05-12University of FloridaDean Eugene Naylor1980-1982
Matthew Naylor1995--University of North FloridaMatthew Naylor2015-2015
Will Naylor1987--Radford UniversityWill Naylor2006-2009
Rich Nazario1988-04-11New Jersey Institute of TechnologyRichard Nazario2007-2008
Jonathan Nazarko1992-01-07University of Rhode IslandJonathan Nazarko2014-2014
J.J. Nazzaro1992--Gardner-Webb UniversityJ.J. Nazzaro2013-2014

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