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College players are listed if they played Division I baseball and did not play in the Minors or higher in the year 2002 or later. Active players are listed if their last active season was any of the last 2 college seasons.

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Players whose name starts with 'FI'

Brooks Fiala1991-03-16Miami UniversityBrooks Fiala2010-2013
Kyle Fiala1995--University of Notre DameKyle Roger Fiala2014-2015
Caleb Fialka1992--Chicago State UniversityCaleb Fialka2011-2011
Jiovanni FialloAlabama State UniversityJiovanni Fiallo2008-2008
Conner Fiasco1993-09-26University of Louisiana-MonroeConner Hunt Fiasco2015-2015
Logan Fiasco1991-09-18University of Louisiana-MonroeLogan Fiasco2012-2013
Robert Fiato1995--New York Institute of TechnologyRobert Fiato2014-2015
Paul FibbeFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityPaul Fibbe2008-2008
Domenic Ficco1982-10-31Creighton UniversityDomenic J. Ficco2002-2002
Sam Fichthorn1995-12-07Dartmouth CollegeSamuel Philip Fichthorn2015-2015
Hank Fichtner1982--Lafayette CollegeHank Fichtner2003-2004
Brett Fick1988-08-24University of California-Santa BarbaraBrett William Fick2007-2011
Kelly Fick1989--University of MissouriKelly Fick2008-2011
Tyler Fick1987--University of San DiegoTyler Fick2006-2009
Daniel Fickas1994-11-07University of South Carolina-UpstateDaniel Fickas2014-2015
Kevin Fico1988--Fairfield UniversityKevin Fico2007-2010
Michael Fidler1996-06-24University of Tennessee-MartinMichael Fidler2015-2015
Chris Fidrych1985-09-08Clemson UniversityChristopher Michael Fidrych2005-2007
Carl Fiebig1990--Villanova UniversityCarl Fiebig2009-2009
Tyler Fiebrich1989--Sam Houston State UniversityTyler Fiebrich2010-2011
Blake Fiedelman1993--South Dakota State UniversityBlake Fiedelman2012-2015
Matt Fiedler1995-03-22University of MinnesotaMatt Fiedler2014-2015
Brad Fieger1992--University of MiamiBrad Fieger2011-2014
Garrett Field1987-04-02Penn State UniversityGarrett Lee Field2006-2007
Kevin Field1982--Georgetown UniversityKevin Field2001-2004
Taylor Field1987-12-29Oklahoma State UniversityTaylor Field2008-2008
Tommy Field1994--University of Illinois-ChicagoTommy Field2014-2015
Jacob Fielder1986--Chicago State UniversityJacob Fielder2005-2005
Jeremiah FielderSavannah State UniversityJeremiah Fielder2005-2005
Cody Fielding1986--New Mexico State UniversityCody Fielding2005-2007
Matt Fielding1992-04-02Oregon State UniversityMatt Fielding2011-2015
Buddy Fields1989-05-22Mount Saint Mary CollegeBuddy Fields2009-2013
Chase Fields1994--Seattle UniversityChase Patrick Fields2013-2014
Jacoby Fields1985--Virginia Military InstituteJacoby Fields2004-2007
Jeff Fields1978-11-09University of New MexicoJeff Fields2000-2000
Josh Fields1986-08-25University of Southern MississippiJosh Fields2008-2009
Justin Fields1985--Tennessee Technological UniversityJustin Fields2004-2007
Kenny Fields1980-11-24University of CincinnatiKenny Fields2000-2002
Matt Fields1980--Samford UniversityMatt Fields2001-2002
Nate Fields1986-11-17Ball State UniversityNathan William Fields2006-2009
Pat Fields1983-07-08Towson UniversityPat Fields2003-2006
Patrick Fields1984-08-10New Mexico State UniversityPatrick Fields2004-2006
Robert FieldsPima Community CollegeRobert Fields1984-1984
Zack Fields1994-01-03Central Michigan UniversityZackary Fields2013-2015
Dane Fienning1988-11-14University of CincinnatiDane Fienning2008-2008
Keith Fier1986-06-05Stony Brook UniversityKeith David Fier2006-2009
Eric Fierro1983--Manhattan CollegeEric Fierro2002-2004
Luke Fieser1988-01-18Indiana State UniversityLuke Fieser2009-2010
Mark Figgie1990--Bucknell UniversityMark Figgie2009-2012
Kyle Figgins1992-02-08University at BuffaloKyle Figgins2013-2014
David Figoni1981-08-16University of California-Santa BarbaraDavid Figoni2001-2005
Erik Figueredo1991--University of HartfordErik Figueredo2010-2011
Adam FigueroaDelaware State UniversityAdam Figueroa2003-2003
Jerimiah FigueroaUniversity of Arkansas-Pine BluffJerimiah Figueroa2014-2015
Jonathan Figueroa1996--North Carolina Central UniversityJonathan Figueroa2015-2015
Juan FigueroaJackson State UniversityJuan Figueroa2004-2006
Robert FigureroaUniversity of California-IrvineRobert Figureroa2005-2005
Jay Fik1980--University of MemphisJay Fik1999-2002
Conner Fikes1994--Stephen F. Austin UniversityConner Fikes2014-2015
Jason Filarey1984-03-28USCJason Filarey2003-2005
Alan Filauro1990-12-12West Virginia UniversityAlan Filauro2011-2013
J.T. Files1990-04-03University of TexasJonathan Tanner Files2012-2012
Eric Filia1992-07-06UCLAEric Robert Filia-Snyder2012-2013
Brian Filice1987-08-05Sacramento StateBrian Filice2009-2009
T.J. Filicia1989-01-12Loyola Marymount UniversityThomas John Filicia 2008-2008
Tom Filip1987-10-21Baylor UniversityThomas James Filip 2007-2010
Jeremy Filipek1992-09-07University of Texas-San AntonioJeremy Filipek2014-2015
Ryan Filipowicz1993--College of the Holy CrossRyan Filipowicz2012-2015
Mario Filippi1981-03-09University of Louisiana-MonroeMario Anthony Filippi2003-2004
Beau Filkins1995--Western Michigan UniversityBeau Filkins2014-2015
Ryan Fillingim1981-04-10University of South AlabamaRyan Dewitt Fillingim2003-2003
Richard Fillings1950-07-05Indian River State CollegeRichard Renay Fillings1970-1970
Grant Fillipitch1988-11-17Butler UniversityGrant Fillipitch2008-2011
Daniel Filous1990--Cornell UniversityDaniel Elliot Filous2010-2011
Erik Filsinger1982-06-22University of MemphisErik Filsinger2001-2003
Eric FilsonTemple UniversityEric Filson2003-2004
Jimmy Filter1990-06-21Northeastern UniversityJimmy Filter2010-2011
Justin Finan1995--College of the Holy CrossJustin Finan2014-2015
Cameron Finch1991-10-27Murray State UniversityCameron Wallace Finch2011-2014
Charlie Finch1988-07-05Northwestern UniversityCharles Harris Finch 2008-2008
Howell Finch1986-07-24Baylor UniversityHowell Mallory Finch III2008-2008
Jon Finch1982-07-12Cornell UniversityJonathan Michael Finch2002-2004
Kyle Finch1990-12-10University of North FloridaKyle Anthony-Christopher Finch2010-2012
Micah Finch1985--Alcorn State UniversityMicah Finch2004-2007
Rob Finch1982-02-06Campbell UniversityRobert C. Finch2001-2004
Stanley Finch1983-02-05Northwestern UniversityStanley James Finch2002-2006
B.J. Findley1995-08-20Louisiana Tech UniversityBrian Jheffery Findley2015-2015
John Findley1983-12-09University of ArkansasJohn Henry Findley2003-2005
Adam FineOhio UniversityAdam Fine2004-2004
Adam Fine1987--Kennesaw State UniversityAdam Fine2006-2009
Ben FinemanTemple UniversityBen Fineman2008-2008
Sam Finfer1995-04-17Seattle UniversitySam Finfer2014-2014
Cre Finfrock1996-06-26University of Central FloridaCre Finfrock2015-2015
Michael Finigan1987-11-27Southern Illinois UniversityMichael James Finigan2007-2008
Haskell Fink1988-09-07Austin Peay State UniversityHaskell Hardin Fink2008-2011
Jared Finkel1996--Iona CollegeJared Finkel2015-2015
Dan Finkelstein1983-01-19University of PennsylvaniaDan Finkelstein2002-2005
Cory Finkler1992-08-29University of ToledoCory Alan Finkler2013-2015
Tyler Finkler1994-08-23Ohio UniversityTyler Finkler2014-2015
Lee Finley1990--Cleveland State UniversityLee Finley2011-2011
Sean Finley1988--University of MissouriSean Finley2008-2008
Will Finley1993-04-27Wake Forest UniversityWill Finley2013-2015
Sean Finn1987-01-12University of DaytonSean Finn2006-2009
Tommy Finn1987-01-14Northwestern UniversityThomas S. Finn 2006-2009
Sean Finnegan1983-04-30Xavier UniversitySean Finnegan2002-2004
Chris Finneran1988-08-31Yale UniversityChris Finneran2007-2010
Michael Finocchiaro1994--South Dakota State UniversityMichael Finocchiaro2013-2014
Brandon Finomore1983--Cleveland State UniversityBrandon Finomore2002-2002
Jeff Finucane1983--Niagara UniversityJeff Finucane2003-2004
Greyson Finwood1995--Old Dominion UniversityGreyson Finwood2015-2015
Vincent Fiore1989--University of HartfordVincent Fiore2010-2011
Dave Fioretti1987-01-29Northeastern UniversityDave Fioretti2010-2010
Rob Fioretti1983--Lafayette CollegeRob Fioretti2002-2005
Vince Fiori1992-12-31University of South CarolinaVince Fiori2012-2015
Anthony Firenzi1993--Niagara UniversityAnthony Firenzi2014-2015
Kenny Firlit1984--Eastern Illinois UniversityKenny Firlit2005-2006
Steven Fischback1988-08-29Cal PolySteven Fischback2007-2011
Alex Fischer1989-11-07University of MassachusettsAlexander Aron Fischer 2009-2011
Brian Fischer1979-05-07Coastal Carolina UniversityBrian Fischer1999-2002
Corey Fischer1994-03-07Kansas State UniversityCorey Fischer2015-2015
Dan Fischer1983-05-19Los Angeles Pierce CollegeDan Fischer2003-2004
Ryan Fischesser1986--St. Mary's College of CaliforniaRyan Fischesser2005-2005
Jason FischetteSt. John's UniversityJason Fischette2001-2002
Paul Fischetti1982--Lafayette CollegePaul Fischetti2001-2004
Ben Fish1991-05-09Campbell UniversityJoseph Benjamin Fish2010-2013
Jeff Fish1990--South Dakota State UniversityJeff Fish2009-2010
Josh Fish1985-07-11Campbell UniversityJoshua Keith Fish2008-2009
Josh Fish1983-04-27Coastal Carolina UniversityBrian Joshua Fish2003-2006
Nate Fish1980-01-02University of CincinnatiNate Fish1998-2002
Taylor Fish1993-03-03University of NebraskaTaylor Fish2013-2015
Mason Fishback1994-09-19Oregon State UniversityMason Fishback2014-2014
Alex Fishberg1994--Iona CollegeAlex Fishberg2013-2015
Alex Fisher1995-07-12University of PortlandAlex Fisher2014-2015
Alton FisherSouthern UniversityAlton Fisher2003-2003
Andy Fisher1996--Eastern Illinois UniversityAndy Fisher2015-2015
Austin Fisher1996--Santa Clara UniversityAustin Fisher2015-2015
Ben Fisher1995--Eastern Kentucky UniversityBenjamin Wilson Fisher2014-2015
Brad Fisher1991-03-08Oral Roberts UniversityBradley Chaney Fisher2011-2014
Brandon Fisher1987-08-06Virginia TechBrandon Lee Fisher2008-2011
Brian Fisher1983-11-24University of Tennessee-MartinBrian Fisher2004-2004
Chad Fisher1982-01-25University of VirginiaChad Fisher2004-2004
Chris Fisher1990-01-02Troy UniversityChristopher Burkart Fisher2010-2012
Chris Fisher1980-12-03University of Rhode IslandChristopher David Fisher2001-2003
Clay Fisher1996-03-31University of California-Santa BarbaraClayton Scott Fisher2015-2015
Dave FisherNortheastern UniversityDave Fisher2007-2008
Don FisherPolk State CollegeDon Fisher1973-1973
Doug FisherCentral Michigan UniversityDoug Fisher1984-1986
Drew Fisher1988--St. Mary's College of CaliforniaDrew Fisher2007-2010
Drew Fisher1995-07-18University of South Carolina-UpstateDrew Fisher2014-2015
Erik Fisher1980--United States Air Force AcademyErik Fisher1999-2002
George Fisher1979--Averett UniversityGeorge Fisher1998-2001
Grant Fisher1992-01-13Elon UniversityAnson Grant Fisher2011-2014
Jacob Fisher1990--Southeastern Louisiana UniversityJacob Fisher2009-2012
Jameson Fisher1993-12-18Southeastern Louisiana UniversityJameson Fisher2013-2014
Jonathan Fisher1990--Davidson CollegeJonathan Fisher2009-2010
Levi Fisher1992-01-06Bowling Green State UniversityLevi Benjamin Fisher2011-2013
Mark Fisher1982--Rider UniversityMark Fisher2001-2004
Matt Fisher1985-10-16University of MichiganMatt Fisher2006-2007
Nate Fisher1996-05-28University of NebraskaNate Fisher2015-2015
Nolan Fisher1993--Southeast Missouri State UniversityNolan Fisher2012-2015
P.J. Fisher1986--University of MiamiP.J. Fisher2005-2008
Scott Fisher1985-09-30Seton Hall UniversityScott Fisher2005-2007
Scott FisherUniversity of MissouriScott Fisher2004-2004
Scott Fisher1982--Virginia Commonwealth UniversityScott Fisher2001-2002
Steven Fisher1993-05-26University of California-Santa BarbaraSteven Fisher2012-2013
Taylor Fisher1993-08-16Gardner-Webb UniversityTaylor Fisher2013-2015
Tyson Fisher1986--South Dakota State UniversityTyson Fisher2005-2008
Uriah Fisher1989-10-18Oklahoma State UniversityUriah Fisher2009-2011
Zach Fisher1980-03-24Washington State UniversityZach Fisher1999-2002
Darrell Fisherbaugh1984-10-15University of HawaiiDarrell Fisherbaugh2004-2006
Eric Fishman1980--Bucknell UniversityEric Fishman2000-2002
Carrington Fisk1981-02-21University of TampaCarrington Fisk2000-2003
Joey Fiske1996--St. Mary's College of CaliforniaJoey Fiske2015-2015
Alex FisteUniversity of HartfordAlex Fiste2012-2012
Cody Fitch1996--University of North Carolina-GreensboroCody Fitch2015-2015
Colby Fitch1995-07-27University of LouisvilleColby Fitch2015-2015
Daniel Fitch1983-11-03San Jose State UniversityDaniel Fitch2003-2007
Jeffrey Fitch1993-12-31Coppin State CollegeJeffrey Fitch2014-2015
Josh Fitch1994--Youngstown State UniversityJosh Fitch2015-2015
Tyler Fitch1981-04-21Cal PolyTyler Fitch2000-2003
Alex Fitchett1994--Sacramento StateAlex Fitchett2013-2013
Drew Fittry1992--Niagara UniversityDrew Fittry2011-2014
Trevor Fitts1992-11-04Mississippi State UniversityTrevor Glen Fitts2012-2015
John Fitz1996--Lehigh UniversityJohn Fitz2015-2015
Justin Fitz1986--Eastern Kentucky UniversityJustin Fitz2005-2008
Dan Fitzgerald1985--Le Moyne CollegeDan Fitzgerald2005-2005
Dylan Fitzgerald1991--Texas Christian UniversityDylan Fitzgerald2011-2014
Eric Fitzgerald1981-08-09Princeton UniversityEric Fitzgerald2001-2004
Jamie Fitzgerald1988--Manhattan CollegeJamie Fitzgerald2009-2009
Michael Fitzgerald1979-12-29PacificMichael Wayne Fitzgerald2001-2002
Mike Fitzgerald1993-11-15Northeastern UniversityMichael Fitzgerald2013-2015
Pat Fitzgerald1992-01-25Towson UniversityPat Fitzgerald2011-2014
Rob Fitzgerald1982-12-02University of TennesseeRobert Emmett Fitzgerald2002-2005
Ryan Fitzgerald1982--United States Air Force AcademyRyan Fitzgerald2002-2004
Ryan Fitzgerald1994--Creighton UniversityRyan Fitzgerald2013-2015
Steven Fitzgerald1995--Lehigh UniversitySteven Fitzgerald2014-2015
Tim Fitzgerald1982--Niagara UniversityTim Fitzgerald2003-2004
Todd Fitzgerald1987-02-08San Jose City CollegeTodd Fitzgerald2008-2009
Burk FitzPatrick1993-06-15University of MaineNorman Burk Fitzpatrick2013-2014
Chase Fitzpatrick1987-02-21Davidson CollegeChase Fitzpatrick2006-2009
Chris Fitzpatrick1987-02-21Davidson CollegeChris Fitzpatrick2006-2009
Drew Fitzpatrick1991--University of LouisvilleDrew Fitzpatrick2010-2010
Ed Fitzpatrick1993--Brown UniversityEdward J. Fitzpatrick2012-2015
Joe Fitzpatrick1985--Manhattan CollegeJoe Fitzpatrick2005-2007
Kevin Fitzpatrick1993-10-30Arkansas State UniversityKevin Fitzpatrick2013-2014
Kyle Fitzpatrick1988-09-27Florida International UniversityKyle Fitzpatrick2009-2011
Mike Fitzpatrick1984-08-24University of Maryland-Baltimore CountyMike Fitzpatrick2004-2008
Connor Fitzsimons1994--Central Connecticut State UniversityConnor Fitzsimons2013-2015
Brett Fitzwater1994-02-10Bowling Green State UniversityBrett Steven Fitzwater2013-2015

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