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Amateur Baseball Scouts are crucial to an organization's survival. A steady stream of strong prospects can help build a dynasty. TBC tries to track scouts in a player's Baseball Jobs section and also within draft records.

The list of scouts here is based on the Jobs section.

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Amateur Scouts Listing

Lary Aaron   Signings
Steve Abney   Signings
Raymond Abreu   Signings
Francisco Acevedo   Signings
Hector Acevedo   Signings
Carlos Acosta   Signings
Mark Adair   Signings
Tim Adkins   Signings
Sal Agostinelli   Signings
Alex Agostino   Signings
Dean Albany   Signings
Charles Aliano   Signings
J.D. Alleva   Signings
Joe Almaraz   Signings
Johnny Almaraz   Signings
Felipe Alou   Signings
Jesus Alou   Signings
Juan Alvarez   Signings
Ossie Alvarez   Signings
Ruben Amaro   Signings
Clary Anderson   Signings
Mike Anderson   Signings
Lee Anthony   Signings
Alex Anthopoulos   Signings
Luis Aponte   Signings
Ricardo Aponte   Signings
Fernando Arango   Signings
Tony Arango   Signings
Jorge Aranzamendi   Signings
Russ Ardolina   Signings
Fernando Arguelles   Signings
Antonio Arias   Signings
Eleodoro Arias   Signings
Jesus Aristimuno   Signings
Steve Arnieri   Signings
Joe Arnold   Signings
Rick Arnold   Signings
Rich Aude   Signings
Neil Avent   Signings
Pedro Avila   Signings
Ralph Avila   Signings
Steve Avila   Signings
Shooty Babitt   Signings
Mark Baca   Signings
Butch Baccala   Signings
Frank Baez   Signings
Luis Baez   Signings
Vache Bahadurian   Signings
Allard Baird   Signings
Doug Baker   Signings
Floyd Baker   Signings
Jason Baker   Signings
Mike Baker   Signings
Tim Ballard   Signings
Chris Bando   Signings
Eddie Bane   Signings
Jaymie Bane   Signings
Bryson Barber   Signings
Paul Baretta   Signings
Bill Barkley   Signings
Tom Barnard   Signings
Steve Barningham   Signings
Michael Barnsby   Signings
Ciro Barrios   Signings
Chuck Bartlett   Signings
Jeff Barton   Signings
Larry Barton   Signings
John Bartsch   Signings
Gil Bassetti   Signings
Mark Batchko   Signings
Tom Battista   Signings
Bryan Bealer   Signings
Andy Beene   Signings
Fred Beene   Signings
Emil Belich   Signings
Craig Bell   Signings
Ray Bellino   Signings
Sergio Beltre   Signings
Jim Belz   Signings
Stan Benjamin   Signings
Doc Bennett   Signings
Gene Bennett   Signings
Vern Benson   Signings
Vernon Benson   Signings
Mike Berger   Signings
Miguel Bernard   Signings
Carlos Bernhardt   Signings
Mark Bernstein   Signings
Carlos Berroa   Signings
Billy Best   Signings
Scott Bikowski   Signings
Dave Birecki   Signings
Nate Birtwell   Signings
Jeff Bittiger   Signings
Wayne Blackburn   Signings
Bob Blair   Signings
Darin Blair   Signings
Gordon Blakeley   Signings
Ray Blanco   Signings
Julio Blanco-Herrera   Signings
Carl Blando   Signings
Tony Blengino   Signings
Bill Bliss   Signings
Billy Blitzer   Signings
David Blume   Signings
Todd Blyleven   Signings
Joe Bochy   Signings
Eddie Bockman   Signings
Gib Bodet   Signings
Joe Bohringer   Signings
Brian Boles   Signings
Milt Bolling   Signings
Cam Bonifay   Signings
Jon Bonifay   Signings
Jim Bonnici   Signings
John Booher   Signings
Ray Boone   Signings
Kevin Bootay   Signings
Jeremy Booth   Signings
John Borden   Signings
Rich Bordi   Signings
Steve Boros   Signings
Stan Boroski   Signings
Edmundo Borrome   Signings
Chris Bourjos   Signings
Tom Bourque   Signings
Russ Bove   Signings
Steve Bowden   Signings
Howard Bowens   Signings
Buzz Bowers   Signings
Dick Bowie   Signings
Joe Bowman   Signings
Josh Boyd   Signings
Quincy Boyd   Signings
Ken Bracey   Signings
George Bradley   Signings
Joe Branzell   Signings
Arnold Brathwarte   Signings
Ralph Bratton   Signings
Jim Bretz   Signings
Kevin Briand   Signings
John Brickley   Signings
Brian Bridges   Signings
Enrique Brito   Signings
Mike Brito   Signings
Grant Brittain   Signings
Wayne Britton   Signings
Theron Brockish   Signings
Cary Broder   Signings
Jeff Brookens   Signings
Tyrone Brooks   Signings
Armann Brown   Signings
Bart Brown   Signings
Dana Brown   Signings
Darrell Brown   Signings
Ellsworth Brown   Signings
Mace Brown   Signings
Mike Brown   Signings
Ty Brown   Signings
Jason Bryans   Signings
Erwin Bryant   Signings
Jim Bryant   Signings
Bill Bryk   Signings
Bill Buck   Signings
Chris Buckley   Signings
Skip Bundy   Signings
Jon Bunnell   Signings
Nelson Burbrink   Signings
John Burden   Signings
Smoky Burgess   Signings
Neil Burke   Signings
Tom Burns   Signings
Kevin Burrell   Signings
Dave Burroughs   Signings
Walt Burrows   Signings
Joe Butler   Signings
Bill Byckowski   Signings
Ruben Cabrera   Signings
Mike Cadahia   Signings
Brian Cakebread   Signings
Kenny Califano   Signings
Dave Callaway   Signings
Jorge Calvo   Signings
Joe Cambria   Signings
Julio Camillo   Signings
Julian Camilo   Signings
Bus Campbell   Signings
Jesus Campos   Signings
Bill Capps   Signings
Lee Carballo   Signings
Carmen Carcone   Signings
Dennis Cardoza   Signings
Rafael Cariel   Signings
Chuck Carlson   Signings
Dan Carnevale   Signings
Doug Carpenter   Signings
Emilio Carrasquel   Signings
Francisco Cartaya   Signings
Bob Carter   Signings
Rico Cartes   Signings
Rolando Casanova   Signings
Wilmer Castillo   Signings
John Castleberry   Signings
Bill Castro   Signings
John Cedarburg   Signings
Henri Centeno   Signings
Pepido Centeno   Signings
John Ceprini   Signings
Scott Cerny   Signings
David Chadd   Signings
Bill Champion   Signings
Keith Champion   Signings
Floyd Chandler   Signings
Steve Chandler   Signings
Tom Chandler   Signings
Keith Chapman   Signings
Larry Chase   Signings
Lionel Chattelle   Signings
Barry Cheesman   Signings
Ben Cherington   Signings
Rich Chiles   Signings
Dom Chiti   Signings
Ed Chonio   Signings
Kevin Christman   Signings
Loyd Christopher   Signings
Bill Clark   Signings
Ron Clark   Signings
Tom Clark   Signings
Ellis Clary   Signings
Todd Claus   Signings
Sherard Clinkscales   Signings
Kevin Clouser   Signings
Arnold Cochran   Signings
Jerome Cochran   Signings
Alan Cockrell   Signings
Paul Cogan   Signings
Steve Cohen   Signings
Jim Colborn   Signings
John Cole   Signings
Tim Coleman   Signings
Lou Colletti   Signings
Jocko Collins   Signings
Ken Compton   Signings
Mark Conkin   Signings
Jocko Conlan   Signings
Steve Connelly   Signings
Darrell Conner   Signings
Keith Connolly   Signings
Joe Consoli   Signings
Murray Cook   Signings
Ray Corbett   Signings
Tim Corcoran   Signings
Luis Cordoba   Signings
Mark Corey   Signings
Scott Corman   Signings
Luis Coronado   Signings
Billy Corrigan   Signings
Larry Corrigan   Signings
Robby Corsaro   Signings
Rico Cortes   Signings
Todd Coryell   Signings
Ty Coslow   Signings
Alex Cosmidis   Signings
Fred Costello   Signings
Paddy Cottrell   Signings
Trip Couch   Signings
Tom Couston   Signings
Dan Cox   Signings
Darren Cox   Signings
Gerry Craft   Signings
Jeff Crane   Signings
Jim Crawford   Signings
Pat Creech   Signings
Mike Crespo   Signings
Chuck Crim   Signings
Clark Crist   Signings
Ray Crone   Signings
Hep Cronin   Signings
Ed Crosby   Signings
Henry Cruz   Signings
Pablo Cruz   Signings
Joe Cubas   Signings
Al Cuccinello   Signings
Kevin Cullen   Signings
Jim Cuthbert   Signings
Larry D'Amato   Signings
Bruce Dalcanton   Signings
Phil Dale   Signings
Martin Dally   Signings
Mike Daly   Signings
Frank Damas   Signings
Dave Dangler   Signings
Clay Daniel   Signings
Curt Daniels   Signings
Jay Darnell   Signings
Bobby Darwin   Signings
Jeff Datz   Signings
Pat Daugherty   Signings
Mike Daughtry   Signings
Balos Davis   Signings
Blake Davis   Signings
Rodney Davis   Signings
Tom Davis   Signings
Boots Day   Signings
Mike Day   Signings
Carlos De La Cruz   Signings
Juan Carlos De La Cruz   Signings
Rex De la Nuez   Signings
Ramon De los Santos   Signings
Reno Debenedetti   Signings
Dean DeCillis   Signings
Ronnie Deck   Signings
Lane Decker   Signings
Jim Dedrick   Signings
Jon Deeble   Signings
Jug Deford   Signings
Arturo DeFreitas   Signings
Whitey DeHart   Signings
Bobby DeJardin   Signings
Brad Del Barba   Signings
Felix Delgado   Signings
Joe Dellicarri   Signings
Joe DeLucca   Signings
Tony DeMacio   Signings
Steve Demeter   Signings
Guy DeMutis   Signings
John DePuglia   Signings
Doug Deutsch   Signings
Peter Deyoung   Signings
Roberto Diaz   Signings
Joe DiCarlo   Signings
John DiCarlo   Signings
Al Diez   Signings
George Digby   Signings
Amado Dinzey   Signings
Johnny Dipuglia   Signings
Cliff Ditto   Signings
Walt Dixon   Signings
Matt Dodd   Signings
Elvis Dominguez   Signings
Dutch Dotterer   Signings
Larry Doughty   Signings
Preston Douglas   Signings
Danny Doyle   Signings
Dan Drake   Signings
Rickey Drexler   Signings
Jim Dreyer   Signings
Jim Driscoll   Signings
Rob Ducey   Signings
Ellis Dungan   Signings
Alan Dunn   Signings
Ed Dunn   Signings
Bob Dunning   Signings
Dan Duquette   Signings
Jim Duquette   Signings
Daniel Durst   Signings
Nathan Durst   Signings
Michael Eaglin   Signings
Bill Earnhart   Signings
Jay Eddings   Signings
Chuck Edmondson   Signings
Jeffrey Edwards   Signings
Dick Egan   Signings
Art Ehlers   Signings
Ron Elam   Signings
Lee Elder   Signings
Lee Eldrige   Signings
Kevin Elfering   Signings
Louie Eljaua   Signings
Joe Emanuel   Signings
Marino Encarnacion   Signings
Bob Engle   Signings
Scot Engler   Signings
Rob English   Signings
Bill Enos   Signings
Theo Epstein   Signings
Mike Ericson   Signings
Cal Ermer   Signings
Ruben Escalera   Signings
Ernesto Espinoza   Signings
Marty Esposito   Signings
Orlando Estevez   Signings
Manny Estrada   Signings
Angel Eusebio   Signings
Greg Evans   Signings
Byron Ewing   Signings
Travis Ezi   Signings
Luis Faccio   Signings
Kip Fagg   Signings
Ray Fagnant   Signings
Jim Fairey   Signings
Jim Fanning   Signings
James Farrar   Signings
Mike Farrell   Signings
Paul Faulk   Signings
Phil Favin   Signings
Felix Feliz   Signings
Roger Ferguson   Signings
Tim Ferguson   Signings
Tom Ferguson   Signings
Orlando Fernandez   Signings
Rolando Fernandez   Signings
John Ferracuti   Signings
Fred Ferreira   Signings
Tom Ferrick   Signings
Joe Ferrone   Signings
Mal Fichman   Signings
Chuck Fick   Signings
Demetrius Figgins   Signings
Angel Figueroa   Signings
Bobby Filotei   Signings
David Finley   Signings
Ricardo Finol   Signings
Jim Fitzgerald   Signings
John Flannery   Signings
Oneri Fleita   Signings
Steven Fleming   Signings
Jesse Flores   Signings
Steven Flores   Signings
Jerry Flowers   Signings
Larry Flynn   Signings
Vern Followell   Signings
Bob Fontaine   Signings
Eddie Ford   Signings
Joe Ford   Signings
Trey Forkerway   Signings
Tim Fortugno   Signings
Dick Foster   Signings
Steve Foster   Signings
Chuck Fox   Signings
Felix Francisco   Signings
Rene Francisco   Signings
Julio Franco   Signings
Willie Fraser   Signings
Dan Freed   Signings
Orrin Freeman   Signings
Jim Fregosi   Signings
Earl Frishman   Signings
Joe Frisina   Signings
Paul Fryer   Signings
Stephen Fuller   Signings
Carmen Fusco   Signings
Grady Fuson   Signings
Jim Gabella   Signings
Ben Galante   Signings
Paul Gale   Signings
Denny Galehouse   Signings
Mike Gambino   Signings
Tom Gamboa   Signings
Rob Gandolfo   Signings
Robinson Garces   Signings
Danny Garcia   Signings
Jose Garcia   Signings
Miguel Garcia   Signings
Ronquito Garcia   Signings
Art Gardner   Signings
Jerry Gardner   Signings
Ray Garland   Signings
Ralph Garr   Signings
Ralph Garr   Signings
Lin Garrett   Signings
Gil Garrido   Signings
Robert Gaskill   Signings
Billy Gasparino   Signings
Doug Gassaway   Signings
Rene Gayo   Signings
Bill Gayton   Signings
Bob Gebhard   Signings
Al Geddes   Signings
Phil Geisler   Signings
Ramon Genao   Signings
Ferrone Genovese   Signings
George Genovese   Signings
Drew George   Signings
Joe George   Signings
Will George   Signings
Mark Germann   Signings
Dick Gernert   Signings
Al Gettis   Signings
Mike Gibbons   Signings
Sean Gibbs   Signings
Mark Giegler   Signings
Daniel Gil   Signings
Jim Gilbert   Signings
Rod Gilbreath   Signings
Rosey Gilhousen   Signings
Steve Gillespie   Signings
John Gillette   Signings
Jack Gillis   Signings
Tommy Giordano   Signings
Tony Giuliani   Signings
Steve Givens   Signings
Alan Goetz   Signings
Lonnie Goldberg   Signings
Scott Goldby   Signings
Al Goldis   Signings
Jason Goligoski   Signings
Jose Gomez   Signings
Orlando Gomez   Signings
Preston Gomez   Signings
Dennis Gonsalves   Signings
Jimmy Gonzales   Signings
Ken Gonzales   Signings
Albert Gonzalez   Signings
Charlie Gonzalez   Signings
Denny Gonzalez   Signings
Julian Gonzalez   Signings
Pedro Gonzalez   Signings
Fred Goodman   Signings
Steve Gossage   Signings
Steven Gossett   Signings
John Gracio   Signings
Joe Graham   Signings
Spencer Graham   Signings
Joel Grampietro   Signings
Brian Granger   Signings
Elmer Gray   Signings
Eli Grba   Signings
Carl Green   Signings
John Green   Signings
Carl Greene   Signings
Larry Grefer   Signings
Steve Greull   Signings
Tim Grieve   Signings
Pedro Grifol   Signings
Antonio Grissom   Signings
Dick Groch   Signings
David Groot   Signings
Michael Grouse   Signings
Dean Gruwell   Signings
Steve Gruwell   Signings
Jimmy Gruzdis   Signings
Manny Guerra   Signings
Patrick Guerrero   Signings
Sandy Guerrero   Signings
Todd Guggiana   Signings
Brian Guinn   Signings
Randy Gumpert   Signings
Ed Gustafson   Signings
Duane Gustavson   Signings
Felipe Gutierrez   Signings
Laz Gutierrez   Signings
Robbie Guzik   Signings
Tony Guzzo   Signings
Danny Haas   Signings
Matt Haas   Signings
John Hagemann   Signings
Dick Hager   Signings
Jesus Halabi   Signings
Bob Hale   Signings
Tim Hallgren   Signings
Kevin Ham   Signings
Leon Hamilton   Signings
Andy Hancock   Signings
Gene Handley   Signings
Larry Haney   Signings
Mike Hankins   Signings
Dick Hanlon   Signings
Herman Hannah   Signings
Guy Hansen   Signings
Dennis Haren   Signings
Al Hargesheimer   Signings
Chuck Harmon   Signings
Al Harper   Signings
Bill Harper   Signings
Tim Harrington   Signings
Doug Harris   Signings
Mark Harris   Signings
Tony Harris   Signings
R.J. Harrison   Signings
Chuck Hartenstein   Signings
Bob Hartsfield   Signings
Casey Harvie   Signings
Matt Hattabaugh   Signings
Brendan Hause   Signings
Jack Hayes   Signings
Ray Hayward   Signings
Bill Haywood   Signings
Mike Head   Signings
Kelly Heath   Signings
Bob Hegman   Signings
Al Heist   Signings
Dave Henderson   Signings
Dennis Henderson   Signings
Joe Henderson   Signings
Rod Henderson   Signings
Jim Hendry   Signings
Gail Henley   Signings
Scott Hennessey   Signings
Blair Henry   Signings
Chuck Hensley   Signings
Ubaldo Heredia   Signings
Mark Herman   Signings
Joe Hernandez   Signings
Manolo Hernandez   Signings
Dave Herrera   Signings
Josue Herrera   Signings
Bill Herring   Signings
Milt Hill   Signings
Nakia Hill   Signings
Orsino Hill   Signings
Larry Himes   Signings
Bruce Hines   Signings
Tom Hinkle   Signings
Eric Hinske   Signings
Steve Hinton   Signings
Jyun Hirota   Signings
Troy Hoerner   Signings
Brad Holland   Signings
Dave Holliday   Signings
Ron Hollingsworth   Signings
Mike Holmes   Signings
Tim Holt   Signings
Greg Hopkins   Signings
Ron Hopkins   Signings
Nick Hostetler   Signings
Ken Houp   Signings
Jim House   Signings
Joe Housey   Signings
Sterling Housley   Signings
Jim Howard   Signings
Tony Howell   Signings
Zachary Hoyrst   Signings
Barry HScoutolland   Signings
Tim Huff   Signings
Bill Hughes   Signings
Bo Hughes   Signings
Butch Hughes   Signings
Gary Hughes   Signings
Jim Hughes   Signings
John Hughes   Signings
Keith Hughes   Signings
Sam Hughes   Signings
Warren Hughes   Signings
Ken Hultzapple   Signings
Gerry Hunsicker   Signings
Brian Hunter   Signings
Scott Hunter   Signings
Kiki Hurtado   Signings
Daniel Huston   Signings
Phill Huttmann   Signings
Damon Iannelli   Signings
Kevin Ibach   Signings
Mike Ibarra   Signings
Juan Indriago   Signings
Rick Ingalls   Signings
Tim Ireland   Signings
Luis Isaac   Signings
Hank Izquierdo   Signings
Larry Izzo   Signings
Ray Jackson   Signings
Ernie Jacobs   Signings
Rick Jacques   Signings
Scott Jaster   Signings
Andrew Jefferson   Signings
Chris Jefts   Signings
Kerry Jenkins   Signings
Dan Jennings   Signings
David Jennings   Signings
Aaron Jersild   Signings
Elvio Jimenez   Signings
Clarence Johns   Signings
Brian Johnson   Signings
Earl Johnson   Signings
Gary Johnson   Signings
James Johnson   Signings
Mark Johnson   Signings
Randy Johnson   Signings
Sandy Johnson   Signings
Stan Johnson   Signings
Ben Jones   Signings
Calvin Jones   Signings
Dale Jones   Signings
Henry Jones   Signings
Marlon Jones   Signings
Pat Jones   Signings
Pete Jones   Signings
Dean Jongewaard   Signings
Jerry Jordan   Signings
Joe Jordan   Signings
Spider Jorgensen   Signings
David Jorn   Signings
Lon Joyce   Signings
George Kachigan   Signings
Don Kalkstein   Signings
Nick Kamzic   Signings
Jim Kane   Signings
Dan Kantrovitz   Signings
Jesse Kapellusch   Signings
Dave Karaff   Signings
Ed Katalinas   Signings
John Kazanas   Signings
Bill Kearns   Signings
Brian Keegan   Signings
Mike Keenan   Signings
Tripp Keister   Signings
Buzzy Keller   Signings
James Keller   Signings
Larry Keller   Signings
Brad Kelley   Signings
Kirk Kelley   Signings
Pat Kelly   Signings
Tim Kelly   Signings
Bill Kelso   Signings
Kurtis Kemp   Signings
Gary Kendall   Signings
Mike Kendall   Signings
Gregory Kennedy   Signings
Ed Kenney   Signings
Marty Keough   Signings
Charlie Kerfeld   Signings
Scott Kidd   Signings
Gregg Kilby   Signings
Bruce Kimm   Signings
Bob King   Signings
Hank King   Signings
Ronnie King   Signings
Matt Kinzer   Signings
Paul Kirsch   Signings
Bruce Kison   Signings
Tim Kissner   Signings
Richie Klaus   Signings
Bill Klesko   Signings
Kris Kline   Signings
Dave Klipstein   Signings
Steve Kmetko   Signings
Chris Knabenshue   Signings
Kevin Kocks   Signings
Harvey Koepf   Signings
Don Kohler   Signings
Brian Kohlscheen   Signings
Steve Kolinsky   Signings
Wally Komatsubara   Signings
Chuck Koney   Signings
Robert Koontz   Signings
Andy Korenek   Signings
Tom Korenek   Signings
Craig Kornfeld   Signings
John Kosciak   Signings
Tom Kotchman   Signings
Ray Krawczyk   Signings
Aaron Krawiec   Signings
Steve Kring   Signings
Wayne Krivsky   Signings
Eric Kubota   Signings
Al Kubski   Signings
Gil Kubski   Signings
John Kuehl   Signings
Harvey Kuenn   Signings
Harvey Kuenn   Signings
Hal Kurtzman   Signings
Coco Laboy   Signings
Bill Lachemann   Signings
Deric Ladnier   Signings
Jerry Lafferty   Signings
Bill Lajoie   Signings
David Lakey   Signings
J.J. Lally   Signings
Chuck Lamar   Signings
Marty Lamb   Signings
Bryan Lambe   Signings
Manny Lantigua   Signings
Pablo Lantigua   Signings
Gary LaRocque   Signings
Duane Larson   Signings
Wally Laskowski   Signings
Lou Laslo   Signings
Benny Latino   Signings
Doug Laumann   Signings
Bob Laurie   Signings
George Lauzerique   Signings
Bob Lavallee   Signings
Bill Lawlor   Signings
Dick Lawlor   Signings
Chip Lawrence   Signings
Ash Lawson   Signings
Jesus Laya   Signings
John Leavitt   Signings
Mark Leavitt   Signings
Steve Leavitt   Signings
Derrick Lee   Signings
Don Lee   Signings
Jack Lee   Signings
Jae Lee   Signings
Leon Lee   Signings
Thornton Lee   Signings
Jamie Lehman   Signings
Jose Leiva   Signings
Dick LeMay   Signings
Steve Lembu   Signings
Steve Lemke   Signings
Don Lenhardt   Signings
Jim Lentine   Signings
Bill Lentini   Signings
Jose Leon   Signings
Joel Lepel   Signings
Mike Leuzinger   Signings
Tom LeVasseur   Signings
Tony Levato   Signings
Joe Lewis   Signings
T.R. Lewis   Signings
Dennis Lieberthal   Signings
Julio Linares   Signings
Jack Lind   Signings
Don Lindeberg   Signings
Bill Livesey   Signings
Winston Llenas   Signings
Carl Loewenstine   Signings
Terry Logan   Signings
Josh Loggins   Signings
Billy Lohr   Signings
Reggie Loller   Signings
John Lombardo   Signings
Greg Lonigro   Signings
Benny Looper   Signings
Andres Lopez   Signings
Juan Lopez   Signings
David Lottsfeldt   Signings
Scott Lovekamp   Signings
Juan Loyola   Signings
Tony Lucadello   Signings
Robert Lucas   Signings
Jon Lukens   Signings
Mark Lummus   Signings
Jose Luna   Signings
Matt Lundin   Signings
Dan Lunetta   Signings
Donald Lyle   Signings
Dan Lynch   Signings
Chad MacDonald   Signings
Gregorio Machado   Signings
Miguel Machado   Signings
Dave Machemer   Signings
Grady Mack   Signings
Bill MacKenzie   Signings
Lee MacPhail   Signings
Joe Maddon   Signings
Leland Maddox   Signings
Frank Maddux   Signings
Ken Madeja   Signings
Dan Madsen   Signings
Mike Maggart   Signings
Rick Magnante   Signings
Marty Maier   Signings
Demie Mainieri   Signings
Felix Maldonado   Signings
Bobby Malhemus   Signings
Jeff Malinoff   Signings
Kevin Malone   Signings
Dave Malpass   Signings
Mike Mangan   Signings
Charlie Manuel   Signings
Doug Mapson   Signings
Joe Marchese   Signings
Juan Marichal   Signings
Jerry Marick   Signings
Ron Marigny   Signings
Ron Marino   Signings
Alan Marr   Signings
Jim Marshall   Signings
Burney Martin   Signings
John Martin   Signings
Jose Martinez   Signings
Juan Eduardo Martinez   Signings
Marty Martinez   Signings
Ramon Martinez   Signings
Eric Martins   Signings
Joe Mason   Signings
Teodoro Mata   Signings
Victor Mata   Signings
Walt Mathews   Signings
Wil Mathis   Signings
Richard Matsko   Signings
Brad Matthews   Signings
Jay Matthews   Signings
Joel Matthews   Signings
Bobby Mattick   Signings
Frank Mattox   Signings
Bob Mavis   Signings
Larry Maxie   Signings
Jim Maxwell   Signings
David May   Signings
Scott May   Signings
Robert Mayer   Signings
Darren Mazeroski   Signings
Fred Mazuca   Signings
Steve McAllister   Signings
Bob McClure   Signings
Tom McCormack   Signings
Justin McCray   Signings
Howard McCullough   Signings
Tim McDonnell   Signings
Steve McFarland   Signings
John McGill   Signings
Gary McGraw   Signings
Tim McIlvaine   Signings
Jeff McKay   Signings
Vern McKee   Signings
Kasey McKeon   Signings
Lukas McKnight   Signings
Mark McKnight   Signings
Jim McLaughlin   Signings
Jason McLeod   Signings
Cal McLish   Signings
Ben McLure   Signings
Chuck McMichael   Signings
Douglas McMillan   Signings
Tom McNamara   Signings
Marlin McPhail   Signings
Eric McQueen   Signings
Dale McReynolds   Signings
Tim McWilliam   Signings
Scott Meaney   Signings
Erick Medina   Signings
Luis Medina   Signings
Stan Meek   Signings
Bill Mele   Signings
Sammy Melendez   Signings
Kevin Mello   Signings
Scott Melvin   Signings
Jesus Mendes   Signings
Danny Menendez   Signings
Domingo Mercedes   Signings
Jon Mercurio   Signings
Billy Merkel   Signings
Lloyd Merritt   Signings
Matt Merullo   Signings
Alex Messier   Signings
Bill Messmann   Signings
Bill Meyer   Signings
Tony Michalak   Signings
David Miller   Signings
Gregg Miller   Signings
Jim Miller   Signings
Marty Miller   Signings
Richard Miller   Signings
Steve Miller   Signings
Randy Milligan   Signings
Darryl Milne   Signings
Brian Milner   Signings
Bill Milos   Signings
Omar Minaya   Signings
Bob Minor   Signings
Steve Minor   Signings
Bob Miske   Signings
Mike Misuraca   Signings
Donnie Mitchell   Signings
Tommy Mixon   Signings
Julian Mock   Signings
Brian Moehler   Signings
Dennis Moeller   Signings
Rob Moen   Signings
Steve Mondile   Signings
Darryl Monroe   Signings
Rene Mons   Signings
Danny Montgomery   Signings
Ray Montgomery   Signings
Dan Monzon   Signings
Tom Mooney   Signings
Bill Moore   Signings
Dayton Moore   Signings
Willie Moore   Signings
Alex Morales   Signings
Rich Morales   Signings
Jim Moran   Signings
Jose Moreno   Signings
Julian Morgan   Signings
Wayne Morgan   Signings
Greg Morhardt   Signings
Mike Moriarty   Signings
Joe Morlan   Signings
Jeff Morris   Signings
John Mozeliak   Signings
Brandon Mozley   Signings
Kelcey Mucker   Signings
Bill Mueller   Signings
Rob Mummau   Signings
Carlos Munoz   Signings
Ken Munoz   Signings
Glenn Murdock   Signings
Red Murff   Signings
Carlo Muro   Signings
Brian Murphy   Signings
Kevin Murphy   Signings
Pat Murphy   Signings
Dennis Murray   Signings
Steve Murray   Signings
Joel Murrie   Signings
Nate Murrie   Signings
Tom Myers   Signings
Bob Myrick   Signings
Tim Naehring   Signings
Ramon Naranjo   Signings
Miguel Nava   Signings
John Neiter   Signings
Mel Nelson   Signings
Matt Nerland   Signings
Herb Newberry   Signings
Mark Newman   Signings
Brian Nichols   Signings
Lance Nichols   Signings
Reid Nichols   Signings
Scott Nichols   Signings
Steve Nichols   Signings
Jon Niederer   Signings
Bob Nieman   Signings
Andy Nieto   Signings
Joe Nigro   Signings
Daurys Nin   Signings
Junior Noboa   Signings
George Noga   Signings
Howard Norsetter   Signings
Jay North   Signings
Lamar North   Signings
Wayne Norton   Signings
Cotton Nye   Signings
Sean O'Connor   Signings
Paul O'Dea   Signings
Isao O'Jimi   Signings
Tim O'Neil   Signings
Joe O'Reilly   Signings
Levy Ochoa   Signings
Boyd Odom   Signings
Jim Olander   Signings
Bob Oldis   Signings
Juan Oliveros   Signings
George Omachi   Signings
Dan Ontiveros   Signings
Damon Oppenheimer   Signings
Jorge Oquendo   Signings
Greg Orr   Signings
James Orr   Signings
Hector Ortega   Signings
Jose Ortega   Signings
Raul Ortega   Signings
Tom Osowski   Signings
Hector Otero   Signings
Clay Overcash   Signings
Dave Owen   Signings
Billy Owens   Signings
Deni Pacini   Signings
Marco Paddy   Signings
Willie Paffen   Signings
Buddy Paine   Signings
Les Pajari   Signings
Jim Pamlanye   Signings
Erik Pappas   Signings
Larry Pardo   Signings
Bill Parese   Signings
Ken Parker   Signings
Les Parker   Signings
Larry Parrish   Signings
Roy Partee   Signings
Camilo Pascual   Signings
Joe Pastore   Signings
Cliff Pastornicky   Signings
Jeff Patterson   Signings
Steve Payne   Signings
Mike Pazik   Signings
Ed Pebley   Signings
Steve Peck   Signings
Pablo Peguero   Signings
Gary Pellant   Signings
Claude Pelletier   Signings
Cornelio Pena   Signings
Ramon Pena   Signings
Shawn Pender   Signings
Rusty Pendergrass   Signings
Jeff Pentland   Signings
Edgar Perez   Signings
Franklyn Perez   Signings
Julian Perez   Signings
Leo Perez   Signings
Ramon Perez   Signings
Jim Perry   Signings
Hank Peters   Signings
Fred Petersen   Signings
Ricardo Petit   Signings
Rolando Petit   Signings
Stacey Pettis   Signings
Lefty Phillips   Signings
Mike Piatnik   Signings
J.J. Picollo   Signings
Andy Pienovi   Signings
Jack Pierce   Signings
Paul Pierson   Signings
Myron Pines   Signings
Rolando Pino   Signings
Bill Pleis   Signings
Scott Pleis   Signings
Ray Poitevint   Signings
John Poloni   Signings
Bob Poole   Signings
Dan Poplin   Signings
Carlos Porte   Signings
Pat Portugal   Signings
Jorge Posada   Signings
David Post   Signings
Phil Pote   Signings
Gust Poulos   Signings
Jack Powell   Signings
Vic Power   Signings
Mike Powers   Signings
Tad Powers   Signings
Jim Pransky   Signings
Andy Pratt   Signings
Bob Prentice   Signings
Cesar Presbott   Signings
Nick Presto   Signings
Bill Price   Signings
Paul Provas   Signings
Pat Puccinelli   Signings
Tim Purpura   Signings
Kent Qualls   Signings
Gus Quattlebaum   Signings
Mark Quimuyog   Signings
Bob Quinn   Signings
Dan Radcliff   Signings
Mike Radcliff   Signings
Dan Radison   Signings
Rick Ragazzo   Signings
Gary Rajsich   Signings
Mark Ralston   Signings
John Ramey   Signings
Carlos Ramirez   Signings
Guillermo Ramirez   Signings
Junior Ramirez   Signings
Salvador Ramirez   Signings
Johnny Ramos   Signings
Wolf Ramos   Signings
Scott Ramsay   Signings
Peter Randall   Signings
Earl Rapp   Signings
Steve Rath   Signings
Graciano Ravelo   Signings
David Rawnsley   Signings
Steve Ray   Signings
Herb Raybourn   Signings
Jim Reeves   Signings
Alan Regier   Signings
Brian Reid   Signings
Andres Reider   Signings
Anibal Reluz   Signings
Fred Repke   Signings
Carlos Reyes   Signings
Doug Reynolds   Signings
Tim Reynolds   Signings
Brian Rhees   Signings
Chuck Ricci   Signings
J.P. Ricciardi   Signings
Paul Ricciarini   Signings
Scott Richardson   Signings
Jim Ridley   Signings
Clair Rierson   Signings
Pat Rigby   Signings
Joseph Rigoli   Signings
Steve Riha   Signings
Mike Rikard   Signings
Hector Rincones   Signings
Carlos Rios   Signings
Alvin Rittman   Signings
Jorge Rivera   Signings
Ron Rizzi   Signings
Michael Rizzo   Signings
Phil Rizzo   Signings
Steve Roadcap   Signings
Red Robbins   Signings
Tony Robello   Signings
Dave Roberts   Signings
Mike Roberts   Signings
Tom Roberts   Signings
Jay Robertson   Signings
Jim Robinson   Signings
Joe Robinson   Signings
Alejandro Rodriguez   Signings
Andy Rodriguez   Signings
Carlos Rodriguez   Signings
Corey Rodriguez   Signings
Cucho Rodriguez   Signings
Eduardo Rodriguez   Signings
Edwin Rodriguez   Signings
Ed Roebuck   Signings
Gary Roenicke   Signings
Tom Rogers   Signings
Junior Roman   Signings
Deron Rombach   Signings
Maximo Rombley   Signings
Tom Romenesko   Signings
Alberto Rondon   Signings
Al Ronning   Signings
Nelson Rood   Signings
Jim Rooney   Signings
Sean Rooney   Signings
Tim Rooney   Signings
Luis Rosa   Signings
Mike Rosamond   Signings
Bernardino Rosario   Signings
Jose Rosario   Signings
Rodolfo Rosario   Signings
Derrick Ross   Signings
Mark Ross   Signings
Bob Rossi   Signings
Philip Rossi   Signings
Jim Rough   Signings
Donnie Rowland   Signings
Matt Ruebel   Signings
Vern Ruhle   Signings
Toby Rumfield   Signings
John Rumminia   Signings
Mike Russell   Signings
Marc Russo   Signings
Will Rutenschroer   Signings
Mike Ruth   Signings
Mark Ryal   Signings
Billy Ryan   Signings
Connie Ryan   Signings
Vince Sagisi   Signings
Mark Salas   Signings
Joe Salermo   Signings
Gabe Sandy   Signings
Jack Sanford   Signings
Brian Sankey   Signings
Ed Santa   Signings
Angel Santana   Signings
Cesar Santiago   Signings
Delvy Santiago   Signings
Rudy Santin   Signings
Rafael Santo Domingo   Signings
Ross Sapp   Signings
Bob Schaefer   Signings
Gene Schall   Signings
Jeremy Schied   Signings
Mike Schildt   Signings
Greg Schilz   Signings
Richard Schlenker   Signings
Bill Schmidt   Signings
Will Schock   Signings
Jeffrey Scholzen   Signings
Rick Schroeder   Signings
Bill Schudlich   Signings
Jeff Schugel   Signings
Charles Scott   Signings
Ed Scott   Signings
Marty Scott   Signings
Marvin Scott   Signings
Paul Scott   Signings
Matt Sczesny   Signings
Scot Sealy   Signings
Mac Seibert   Signings
Bruce Seid   Signings
Rick Sellers   Signings
Andy Seminick   Signings
Max Semler   Signings
Lee Seras   Signings
Chet Sergo   Signings
Jose Serra   Signings
Mark Servais   Signings
Noel Sevilla   Signings
Mike Sgobba   Signings
John Shafer   Signings
Tom Shafer   Signings
Duane Shaffer   Signings
Scott Sharp   Signings
Jack Sheehan   Signings
Mark Sheehy   Signings
Harry Shelton   Signings
Norm Sherry   Signings
Mike Shirley   Signings
Rick Short   Signings
Rob Sidwell   Signings
Johnny Sierra   Signings
Joseph Siers   Signings
Lee Sigman   Signings
Hubert Silva   Signings
Luis Silverio   Signings
Pedro Silverio   Signings
Mike Silvestri   Signings
George Silvey   Signings
Doug Simons   Signings
Bill Singer   Signings
Anup Sinha   Signings
Alex Slattery   Signings
Tad Slowik   Signings
Alex Smith   Signings
Charlie Smith   Signings
Chris Smith   Signings
Dustin Smith   Signings
Greg Smith   Signings
Harry Smith   Signings
Jason Smith   Signings
Joel Smith   Signings
Perry Smith   Signings
Roger Smith   Signings
Roy Smith   Signings
Steve Smith   Signings
Van Smith   Signings
Keith Snider   Signings
Lou Snipp   Signings
Mark Snipp   Signings
Mitch Sokol   Signings
Michael Soper   Signings
Hilario Soriano   Signings
Rich Sparks   Signings
Jemel Spearman   Signings
Ed Sprague   Signings
Steve Springer   Signings
Keith Staab   Signings
Mike Staffard   Signings
George Staller   Signings
Gene Standley   Signings
Andy Stankiewicz   Signings
Scott Stanley   Signings
Matt Stark   Signings
Ken Stauffer   Signings
John Stearns   Signings
Herb Stein   Signings
Kevin Stein   Signings
Jerry Stephens   Signings
Brian Stephenson   Signings
Joe Stephenson   Signings
Jim Stevenson   Signings
Art Stewart   Signings
Jeff Stewart   Signings
John Stewart   Signings
Tony Stiel   Signings
David Stockstill   Signings
Jim Stoeckel   Signings
Keith Stohr   Signings
Chuck Stone   Signings
Jamey Storvick   Signings
Jonathan Story   Signings
Joe Strain   Signings
Doug Strange   Signings
Jerry Streeter   Signings
Len Strelitz   Signings
Craig Struss   Signings
Moose Stubing   Signings
Charlie Sullivan   Signings
Pat Sullivan   Signings
Dale Sutherland   Signings
Gary Sutherland   Signings
Steve Swail   Signings
George Swain   Signings
Billy Swoope   Signings
Bob Szymbowski   Signings
Doug Takaragawa   Signings
Roy Tanner   Signings
Tommy Tanous   Signings
El Tappe   Signings
Paul Tavares   Signings
Jeff Taylor   Signings
Randy Taylor   Signings
Ricky Taylor   Signings
Steve Taylor   Signings
Birdie Tebbetts   Signings
Bill Teed   Signings
Stan Teem   Signings
Wilfredo Tejada   Signings
Lew Temple   Signings
Garry Templeton   Signings
Rudy Terrasas   Signings
Tim Teufel   Signings
Don Thomas   Signings
Larry Thomas   Signings
Phil Thomas   Signings
Todd Thomas   Signings
Tom Thomas   Signings
Fay Thompson   Signings
Junior Thompson   Signings
Tommy Thompson   Signings
Frankie Thon   Signings
Doug Thurman   Signings
Luis Tiant   Signings
Freddy Tiburcio   Signings
Paul Tinnell   Signings
Eric Tokalunga   Signings
Eddy Toledo   Signings
Tim Tolman   Signings
Andy Tomberlin   Signings
Michael Toomey   Signings
Pablo Torrealba   Signings
Mike Tosar   Signings
Ronald Tostenson   Signings
Kevin Towers   Signings
Bill Tracy   Signings
Marc Tramuta   Signings
Danilo Trancoso   Signings
Pie Traynor   Signings
Terry Tripp   Signings
Jose Trujillo   Signings
Bo Trumbo   Signings
Gary Tuck   Signings
Glenn Tufts   Signings
Mike Tullier   Signings
John Tumminia   Signings
Anthony Turco   Signings
Paul Turco   Signings
Steven Turco   Signings
Gerald Turner   Signings
Brandon Tuten   Signings
Rip Tutor   Signings
Dennis Twombley   Signings
Fermin Ubri   Signings
Jackie Uhey   Signings
Ted Uhlaender   Signings
Fred Uhlman   Signings
Al Unser   Signings
Brent Urcheck   Signings
Mike Valarezo   Signings
Ramon Valdivio   Signings
Bobby Valentine   Signings
Derek Valenzuela   Signings
Kyle Van Hook   Signings
Glen Van Proyen   Signings
Calixto Vargas   Signings
Darin Vaughan   Signings
Ron Vaughn   Signings
Joe Vavra   Signings
Bill Veeck   Signings
Nick Venuto   Signings
Giovanni Viceisza   Signings
Oswald Villalobos   Signings
Santiago Villalona   Signings
Dominic Viola   Signings
Adam Virchis   Signings
Junior Vizcaino   Signings
Harry Von Suskil   Signings
Steve Vrablik   Signings
Pete Vuckovich   Signings
James Waddell   Signings
Bob Wadsworth   Signings
Charlie Wagner   Signings
Dane Walker   Signings
Curtis Wallace   Signings
Craig Wallenbrock   Signings
Gerric Waller   Signings
Reggie Waller   Signings
Chuck Ward   Signings
Ryan Wardinsky   Signings
Mark Wasinger   Signings
Fred Waters   Signings
Danny Watkins   Signings
DeJon Watson   Signings
Paul Weaver   Signings
Mitch Webster   Signings
Clyde Weir   Signings
Grant Weir   Signings
Craig Weissmann   Signings
Brad Weitzel   Signings
Jay Weitzel   Signings
Don Welke   Signings
Bob Wellman   Signings
David Wellman   Signings
Gene Wellman   Signings
Elanis Westbrooks   Signings
Terry Wetzel   Signings
Bob Whalen   Signings
Tom Wheeler   Signings
Logan White   Signings
Mickey White   Signings
Edward Whitsett   Signings
Greg Whitworth   Signings
Harrison Wickel   Signings
Dick Wiencek   Signings
Dave Wilder   Signings
Mike Wilder   Signings
Rob Wilfong   Signings
Tim Wilken   Signings
Brian Williams   Signings
Don Williams   Signings
Jacob Williams   Signings
Karel Williams   Signings
Michael Williams   Signings
Steve Williams   Signings
Mark Willoughby   Signings
Brian Wilson   Signings
Dick Wilson   Signings
Doyle Wilson   Signings
Jake Wilson   Signings
John Wilson   Signings
Mark Wilson   Signings
Ric Wilson   Signings
Earl Winn   Signings
Matt Winters   Signings
Walt Witmayer   Signings
Doug Witt   Signings
Tyler Witt   Signings
Darren Wittcke   Signings
Matt Wondolowski   Signings
Jeff Wood   Signings
James Woodward   Signings
Matt Woodward   Signings
Dennis Woody   Signings
Red Wooten   Signings
Frank Wren   Signings
Luke Wrenn   Signings
Danny Wright   Signings
Leon Wurth   Signings
Bill Yates   Signings
Len Yochim   Signings
Gary York   Signings
Bill Young   Signings
John Young   Signings
Walter Youse   Signings
Hank Zacharias   Signings
Len Zanke   Signings
Gabe Zappin   Signings
Jack Zduriencik   Signings
Jim Zerilla   Signings
Marc Ziegler   Signings
Stan Zielinski   Signings
Tommy Zimmer   Signings
Jerry Zimmerman   Signings
Jeffrey Zona   Signings
Harold Zonder   Signings
Bob Zuk   Signings
Greg Zunino   Signings
George Zuraw   Signings