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This section contains a collection of baseball lists ranging from awards to feats to the bizarre to the impressive. Click on the topic below to see related players. The tag names will also appear on the player's page.
TagTag DescriptionPlayers listed
15 Strikeouts in a GameMajor League Pitchers who have struck out more than 15 batters in a game.85
20-Win SeasonMajor Leaguers who have achieved 20 or more wins in a season since 1903.363
250 Minor Leaguer HomersPlayers who, between 1978 and the current year, have amassed 250 or more home runs in the minor leagues.20
3 Homers in a gameMajor Leaguers who have hit 3 or more home runs in a game.359
300 Career SavesMajor League relievers who have achieved 300 or more saves in their career.23
300 Career WinsMajor Leaguers who have achieved 300 career pitching victories.19
300 Minor Leaguer Stolen BasesPlayers who, between 1978 and the current year, have amassed 300 or more stolen bases in the minor leagues.89
300 Strikeouts in a SeasonMajor Leaguers who have struck out 300 or more batters in a single season.14
4 Doubles in a GameMajor Leaguers who have hit 4 2-baggers in a game.24
4 Strikeouts in 1 InningYou've heard of pitcher's striking out the side but these guys have gone one step further. In cases where a 3rd strike is dropped by the catcher, the batter may run to first base and though the pitcher is given a strikeout, it does not count for an out. This gives the pitcher the opportunity to strike out an extra batter in the inning.51
40 Homers in a Season MLBPlayers who have hit 40 or more in a Major League Season126
5 or more Stolen Bases in a GameSpeedsters who have stolen 5 or more bases in a game in the majors.18
50 Doubles in a SeasonPlayers who have hit 50 or more doubles in a season.64
50 Saves in a SeasonMajor League relievers who have achieved 50 saves in a season9
500 Career HomersMajor Leaguer hitters who have hit 500 or more career home runs.25
6 hits in a GameMajor Leaguers who have hit 6 or more hits in a game. Includes extra-inning games.69
70 Stolen Bases in Pro BallProfessional Players who have stolen 70 or more bases in a season for a given team. Excludes players with an aggregated total of more than 70 between multiple teams.130
9 or more RBIs in a GamePlayers who have had 9 or more Runs Batted In during a single game. Includes extra-inning games.26
Actors in Baseball MoviesBaseball players who have had roles in baseball movies.119
All-Star Game Most Valuable PlayerMost Valuable of the Mid-season all-star game.46
All-star Game Starting PitcherPitchers who were named to start for the AL or NL in the all-star for a given year.113
Amateur Draft 1st PickPlayers who have been drafted #1 overall in the June Regular phase of the Amateur Draft.46
Baseball America Minor League Player of the YearThe best Minor League player of a given year as selected by Baseball American29
Batting ChampionAL and NL Batting champions since 1903.123
Bizarre PlaysSome of the stranger occurences in baseball history.31
College All-American (1st team)1st Team College-American as named by Baseball America346
College Hall of FamerPlayers who were elected to an NCAA school's athletics hall of fame.1211
College World Series ChampionsPlayers who were part of a College World Series winning team.497
College World Series Outstanding PlayerMost valuable player of the College World Series tournament48
Comeback Player of the YearMajor Leaguers who have been judged to have had the best comeback season.88
Consecutive Games StreakMajor Leaguers with the most consecutive games played, whether they were a starter or a sub15
Cy Young AwardMajor Leagues who have won the Cy Young Award for best pitcher in their league.70
Died while ActivePlayers who died while still an active player. An active player is determined by a player dying during a season where he played or during the offseason subsequent to his last season.48
Expansion Draft PickPlayers who were picked as part of an expansion draft since 1961.400
Famous Baseball WivesThese baseball players married within the celebrity world.15
First Player Drafted from CollegeStarting in 1965, the player who was drafted first chronologically for a particular University, College or Community College.1588
First Round Draft PickPlayers who were drafted in the first round of the June Regular Phase since 1965. This includes players who were supplemental first picks as a result of free agent signings or trades.1585
Futures Game ParticipantThe futures game is played the day before the All-Star game and features the best prospects in the minor leagues, split up into 2 teams. United States vs The World. The following players have participated in the game.568
Giants (6ft 9 or taller)Players (in any league) whose listed height in our database is 6 foot 9 or greater.88
Gold Glove AwardMajor Leaguers Awarded a Gold Glove Award for being the best fielder in his league at a position.301
Golden Spikes AwardThe best college baseball player in the United States is awarded the Golden Spikes Award.34
Hall of FamersPlayers who have been inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. This is not a complete list as it will not include broadcasters, builders and other related non-players.214
High School All-AmericanNamed by Baseball America as one of the top high school players in the nation for a given year. 1st Team All-Americans only274
Highest PaidPlayers who have been, during a given year, the top paid base-salary athlete.14
Hit by Pitch ExpertPlayers who have a knack for getting on base by getting hit by a pitch. Based on a minimum of 1000 at bats.1645
Hitting for the CycleMajor Leaguers with a single, double, triple and home run in a single game.241
Hitting Streak of 30 GamesMajor Leaguers who have had batting streaks of 30 or more consecutive games reaching base safely via hit.49
Home Run Derby ParticipantParticipants in the All-Star Game weekend home run derby.128
Home Run in 1st MLB At BatMajor Leaguers who hit a home run in their first major league at-bat.109
HR Leader by FranchiseHome Run Leaders by Major League Franchise30
Johnny Bench Award (NCAA Catcher)NCAA Catcher of the year.12
KnuckleballersPitchers who are known to throw the Knuckleball as one of their primary pitches.26
League MVP - MinorsPlayers who have been named as Most Valuable Player for a Minor League530
Little League World SeriesBaseball players in our database who have also participated in the Little League World Series Tournament in Williamsport,Pennsylvania34
Major League All-Star GameMajor Leaguers who have participated in the MLB Mid-Season all-star game.1610
Major League ComebacksPlayers who returned to the Major Leagues at least 3 full years after they last played in the show.1083
Major League ManagerA list of Major League Managers since 1903. For each manager's career record, go to his managers page.423
Major Leaguers who played in JapanPlayers who have played both in the Major Leagues and in the Japanese Professional Leagues443
Memorable Home RunsSome players who have hit memorable Major League home runs.18
Military ServicePlayers who performed military service, mostly from World War II.1312
Minor League 30-30 ClubMinor Leaguers who achieved 30 homers and 30 stolen bases at a single minor league level.14
Minor League HR LeaderMinor Leaguers who have led the entire minor leagues in home runs for a given year.36
MLB 30-30 ClubPlayers who have achieved more than 30 homers and more than 30 stolen bases in a single major league season.37
MLB Most Valuable PlayerMajor Leaguers who have won the Most Valuable Player award in the American or National League142
MLB Rookie of the YearMajor Leaguers who have won the Rookie of the Year award in the American or National League.129
Moneyball - The BookPlayers who were central figures of the Moneyball book by Michael Lewis7
Multi-sport PlayersPlayers who are known to have been a high-level player at another professional sport.41
Named in Mitchell ReportPlayers who were explicitly named in the Mitchell Report released by Senator George Mitchell on December 13,200786
NCAA Conference MVPCollege players who were named the MVP of their conference. Division I only.506
NFL PlayersPlayers who are in the TBC database and who have played Football in the NFL68
No-HittersMajor Leaguers who have thrown a no-hitter in the Major leagues, including Perfect games. This excludes the previously valid <9 inning no-hitters.190
Oldest PlayerThe oldest major leaguer for a given year for the entire Major Leagues.24
OlympicsPlayers who have participated in the Olympics.269
Opening Day StartsPitchers who have been bestowed the honor of pitching their team's first game of the season.577
Perfect Game CatcherCatchers who were behind the plate for one of the handful of Major League perfect games17
Pitcher of MonthPlayers who have been named Pitcher of the Month for a given league.233
Played all positions in a gameThese players have played all 9 positions in a single game. Is this a feat or a gimmick?4
Player of the MonthAmerican League and National League Player of the Month winners since 1958. The National League has handed out this award since 1958 and the American League since 1974. Prior to 1975 in the NL, Pitchers were eligible to win the award and prior to 1978, AL Pitchers were eligible.279
Player of the WeekThe American and National leagues have honored the best player each week since 1973. It is possible that some months have multiple winners. We have done our best to find this data historically but there might be some missing weeks due to unavailable data.888
Position Player and PitcherPlayers who switched from a position player to a pitcher or from a pitcher to a position player during their minor or major league career. (Excludes College conversions)20
Power-Hitting PitcherPitchers deemed to be power hitters based on their extra-base hits per at bat.179
Reached Majors in draft YearPlayers who were drafted in the first round of the June Regular phase and who made their Major League debut later that summer.69
Regional Home Run LeaderThe Home Run Leader by US State, Canadian Province and Country96
Replacement Player 1995Players who joined Major League teams in spring training despite the fact that the Major League Players Association was on strike. These players still cannot join the union.39
Retired NumbersA complete list of numbers retired by Major League Baseball teams. Jackie Robinson's #42 is the only number retired for all teams. Players who were wearing #42 were allowed to keep the number but it could not be given out as a new number. Mariano Rivera is the last player to wear #42.156
Rookie at 30 or olderPlayers who made their major league debut at the age of 30 or later.447
Rookie of the MonthThe Major Leagues have honored the best rookie player or pitcher each month since 2001. The award is awarded separately for the American and National Leagues111
Rule V Draft PicksPlayers selected in the December Major League Rule V draft. Eligible players are not on the 40-man roster and have been in the organization for 4 years, if signed at age 19 or older and 5 years, if signed at age 18 or younger. The player must stay on the selecting team's 25-man roster all season or else he'll have to be offered back to old team at half-price ($25k)291
Same Franchise for 15 YearsPlayers who played for the same franchise for 15 consecutive seasons.137
Sidearm-Submarine PitcherPitchers who throw from a low arm angle.61
Silver Slugger AwardMajor Leagues who have been awarded the Silver Slugger award for the best hitter at his position for a given league in a given year250
Simpsons EpisodesThese players have appeared in or been mentioned in a Simpsons episode.11
Strikeout BatterBased on a minimum of 100 at bats between the Major and Minor Leagues, these batters have struck out in more than 30% of their at bats.373
Strikeout PitcherBased on a minimum of 700 innings pitched in the minor and major leagues combined, these are pitchers who have a strikeout to inning pitched ratio greater than 1. That is, they have at least one strikeout per inning pitched.109
Struck out side on 9 pitchesThese pitchers achieved three strikeouts in an inning on the minimum 9 pitches.42
SuspensionsA list of all known baseball suspensions either by league or by team. Mostly from the Major Leagues, the list might not be complete.744
Switch-hit Homers in Same GamePlayers who have hit home runs as a left-handed and right-handed batter in a single game93
Teenaged RookiePlayers who made their Major League Debut while a teenager of 19 or younger.572
Tommy John SurgeryPlayers who have had ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction surgery, named after Tommy John who was the first athlete to have the procedure. The surgery involves taking a tendon from elsewhere in the body to replace a ligament in the elbow.200
Top ProspectRankings according to Baseball America's pre-season rankings. Major League Baseball rankings since 1990 and team-related ranks since 1993 are available. The top 100 are ranked for MLB and the top 10 for each team.3181
Topps All-Star RookieMajor Leagues named as a Topps Rookie All-Star.535
Triple Crown - BattingPlayers who have won the Triple Crown in the Major Leagues. Winners led their league in Homers, RBIs and Batting Average.12
Unassisted Triple PlayMajor Leaguers who performed an unassisted triple-play which usually involves catching a line-drive, stepping on second base and tagging a runner who was running from 1b.15
World Baseball ClassicPlayers who participated in the World Baseball Classic which is played every few years in the spring since 2006.531
World Series ChampionPlayers who had at least 1 at bat or inning pitched in a world series game.1500
World Series MVPWorld Series Most Valuable Players56
Yearly Saves LeaderMajor League relievers who led their league in saves.128
Youngest PlayerThe youngest player in the Major Leagues for a given year, having played at least 1 game that season.56

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