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Review of the 2000 Carolina League (A+) Minor League Season with standings, team totals, awards and more.
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2000 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Victor RodriguezKinston Indians.327AAA
2Matt CurtisKinston Indians.309AA
3Rich PazFrederick Keys.306AAA
4Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks.302MLB
5Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche.292AA
6Brian RustFrederick Keys.290AAA
7Kevin ConnacherWinston-Salem Warthogs.286AAA
8Brandon BergerWilmington Blue Rocks.285MLB
8Josh BardSalem Avalanche.285MLB
10Ntema NdungidiFrederick Keys.284AA
On Base Percentage - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Rich PazFrederick Keys.448AAA
2Brian RustFrederick Keys.410AAA
3Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks.404MLB
4Ntema NdungidiFrederick Keys.399AA
5Victor RodriguezKinston Indians.393AAA
6Kevin ConnacherWinston-Salem Warthogs.392AAA
7Corey HartWilmington Blue Rocks.384AAA
7Matt CurtisKinston Indians.384AA
9Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche.380AA
10Justin MartinLynchburg Hillcats.377AA
Slugging Percentage - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Brian RustFrederick Keys.528AAA
2Matt CurtisKinston Indians.500AA
3Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche.499AA
4Corey EricksonKinston Indians.488AAA
5Brandon BergerWilmington Blue Rocks.472MLB
6Ntema NdungidiFrederick Keys.457AA
7Kevin ConnacherWinston-Salem Warthogs.453AAA
8Victor RodriguezKinston Indians.450AAA
9Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs.448AAA
10J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats.445MLB
On Base Plus Slugging - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Brian RustFrederick Keys.938AAA
2Matt CurtisKinston Indians.884AA
3Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche.879AA
4Ntema NdungidiFrederick Keys.856AA
5Rich PazFrederick Keys.848AAA
5Brandon BergerWilmington Blue Rocks.848MLB
7Corey EricksonKinston Indians.846AAA
8Kevin ConnacherWinston-Salem Warthogs.845AAA
9Victor RodriguezKinston Indians.843AAA
10Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks.815MLB
Games Played - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs138AAA
2Troy FarnsworthPotomac Cannons137AA
3Chone FigginsSalem Avalanche134MLB
3Terrell MerrimanWinston-Salem Warthogs134A+
3Juan UribeSalem Avalanche134MLB
6Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks132MLB
6Esix SneadPotomac Cannons132MLB
8J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats130MLB
9Junior BrignacMyrtle Beach Pelicans128AA
9Matt BergerWinston-Salem Warthogs128A+
Plate Appearances - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Chone FigginsSalem Avalanche601MLB
2Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs592AAA
3Esix SneadPotomac Cannons582MLB
4Troy FarnsworthPotomac Cannons578AA
5Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks576MLB
6Tim RainesFrederick Keys551MLB
7Terrell MerrimanWinston-Salem Warthogs546A+
8J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats545MLB
9Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche537AA
10Junior BrignacMyrtle Beach Pelicans536AA
At Bats - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs524AAA
2Chone FigginsSalem Avalanche522MLB
3Troy FarnsworthPotomac Cannons512AA
4Esix SneadPotomac Cannons493MLB
5Franky FigueroaFrederick Keys490AAA
6J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats485MLB
6Juan UribeSalem Avalanche485MLB
8Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks484MLB
8Travis WilsonMyrtle Beach Pelicans484AAA
10Junior BrignacMyrtle Beach Pelicans475AA
Runs - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Chone FigginsSalem Avalanche92MLB
2Tim RainesFrederick Keys89MLB
3Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs87AAA
4Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks83MLB
5Esix SneadPotomac Cannons82MLB
6J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats77MLB
7Choo FreemanSalem Avalanche73MLB
7Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche73AA
9Kevin ConnacherWinston-Salem Warthogs70AAA
10Troy FarnsworthPotomac Cannons67AA
Hits - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks146MLB
2Chone FigginsSalem Avalanche145MLB
3Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs137AAA
4Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche136AA
5Travis WilsonMyrtle Beach Pelicans133AAA
6Matt HollidaySalem Avalanche126MLB
6Troy McNaughtonPotomac Cannons126AAA
8Franky FigueroaFrederick Keys125AAA
8Victor RodriguezKinston Indians125AAA
10Juan UribeSalem Avalanche124MLB
Total Bases - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs235AAA
2Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche232AA
3Troy FarnsworthPotomac Cannons222AA
4J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats216MLB
5Travis WilsonMyrtle Beach Pelicans212AAA
6Chone FigginsSalem Avalanche208MLB
7Corey EricksonKinston Indians206AAA
8Franky FigueroaFrederick Keys199AAA
8Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks199MLB
8Juan UribeSalem Avalanche199MLB
Doubles - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche40AA
2J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats36MLB
3Travis WilsonMyrtle Beach Pelicans33AAA
4Matt BergerWinston-Salem Warthogs32A+
5Victor RodriguezKinston Indians31AAA
5Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs31AAA
5Scott SealSalem Avalanche31AA
8Matt HollidaySalem Avalanche28MLB
8AJ ZappMyrtle Beach Pelicans28AAA
10Ryan HankinsWinston-Salem Warthogs27AAA
Triples - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Chone FigginsSalem Avalanche14MLB
2Terrell MerrimanWinston-Salem Warthogs9A+
3Juan UribeSalem Avalanche7MLB
3Choo FreemanSalem Avalanche7MLB
3Ryan LangerhansMyrtle Beach Pelicans7MLB
6Jason BowersPotomac Cannons6AAA
6Brian BenefieldKinston Indians6AA
6Jonathan PrietoLynchburg Hillcats6A+
9Travis WilsonMyrtle Beach Pelicans5AAA
9Jesus HernandezKinston Indians5AA
Home Runs - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Troy FarnsworthPotomac Cannons23AA
2Corey EricksonKinston Indians22AAA
3Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs21AAA
4J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats20MLB
5Franky FigueroaFrederick Keys17AAA
6Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche16AA
7Brandon BergerWilmington Blue Rocks15MLB
7Cory AldridgeMyrtle Beach Pelicans15MLB
7Troy CameronMyrtle Beach Pelicans15AAA
10Dan MeierLynchburg Hillcats14AAA
Runs Batted In - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Troy FarnsworthPotomac Cannons113AA
2Franky FigueroaFrederick Keys87AAA
3Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs85AAA
4Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche80AA
4J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats80MLB
6Matt HollidaySalem Avalanche72MLB
6Corey EricksonKinston Indians72AAA
8Brandon BergerWilmington Blue Rocks71MLB
9Troy McNaughtonPotomac Cannons70AAA
10Terrell MerrimanWinston-Salem Warthogs67A+
Stolen Bases - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Esix SneadPotomac Cannons109MLB
2Tim RainesFrederick Keys81MLB
3Chone FigginsSalem Avalanche37MLB
3Justin MartinLynchburg Hillcats37AA
5Terrell MerrimanWinston-Salem Warthogs28A+
6Junior BrignacMyrtle Beach Pelicans27AA
7Ryan LangerhansMyrtle Beach Pelicans25MLB
7Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks25MLB
9Kevin ConnacherWinston-Salem Warthogs24AAA
9Victor RodriguezKinston Indians24AAA
Caught Stealings - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Esix SneadPotomac Cannons35MLB
2Tim RainesFrederick Keys19MLB
2Chone FigginsSalem Avalanche19MLB
4Ryan LangerhansMyrtle Beach Pelicans11MLB
5Brian RobertsFrederick Keys10MLB
5Justin MartinLynchburg Hillcats10AA
5Alexis GomezWilmington Blue Rocks10MLB
8Victor RodriguezKinston Indians9AAA
8Troy McNaughtonPotomac Cannons9AAA
8Tyler MingesKinston Indians9AAA
Walks - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Terrell MerrimanWinston-Salem Warthogs94A+
2Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks78MLB
3Matt BergerWinston-Salem Warthogs77A+
4Esix SneadPotomac Cannons72MLB
5Rich PazFrederick Keys71AAA
6Tim RainesFrederick Keys67MLB
6Chone FigginsSalem Avalanche67MLB
8Joey HammondFrederick Keys65AAA
9Corey HartWilmington Blue Rocks64AAA
10Ntema NdungidiFrederick Keys60AA
Strikeouts - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats171MLB
2Junior BrignacMyrtle Beach Pelicans145AA
3Troy FarnsworthPotomac Cannons133AA
4Troy CameronMyrtle Beach Pelicans131AAA
5Troy McNaughtonPotomac Cannons124AAA
6Alexis GomezWilmington Blue Rocks121MLB
7Cory AldridgeMyrtle Beach Pelicans118MLB
8Travis WilsonMyrtle Beach Pelicans111AAA
9Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs110AAA
10Franky FigueroaFrederick Keys109AAA
Hit By Pitch - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Brandon BergerWilmington Blue Rocks17MLB
2John LindseySalem Avalanche15MLB
3Tony GarciaWinston-Salem Warthogs14AA
4Bo HartPotomac Cannons13MLB
4Tim RainesFrederick Keys13MLB
6Ramon CastroMyrtle Beach Pelicans12MLB
6Billy DeckPotomac Cannons12AA
8Corey EricksonKinston Indians11AAA
8Troy FarnsworthPotomac Cannons11AA
10AJ ZappMyrtle Beach Pelicans10AAA
Sacrifice Hits - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Luis GonzalezKinston Indians12MLB
2Tim RainesFrederick Keys11MLB
3Henry CalderonWilmington Blue Rocks10AA
4Junior BrignacMyrtle Beach Pelicans9AA
4Esix SneadPotomac Cannons9MLB
4Jonathan PrietoLynchburg Hillcats9A+
4Luis LorenzanaLynchburg Hillcats9AAA
8Luis SuarezWinston-Salem Warthogs8AA
9Jerome AlvisoSalem Avalanche7AAA
9Eric NelsonWilmington Blue Rocks7AA
Sacrifice Flies - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Troy FarnsworthPotomac Cannons11AA
2Carlos RiveraLynchburg Hillcats9MLB
2Cory AldridgeMyrtle Beach Pelicans9MLB
4Ryan HankinsWinston-Salem Warthogs8AAA
5Franky FigueroaFrederick Keys7AAA
5Jerome AlvisoSalem Avalanche7AAA
7Rich PazFrederick Keys6AAA
7Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs6AAA
7Matt BergerWinston-Salem Warthogs6A+
7Steve TorrealbaMyrtle Beach Pelicans6MLB
Intentional Walks - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Brian ShackelfordWilmington Blue Rocks4MLB
2Franky FigueroaFrederick Keys3AAA
2Matt CurtisKinston Indians3AA
2AJ ZappMyrtle Beach Pelicans3AAA
2Roberto RiveraFrederick Keys3AA
2Joey HammondFrederick Keys3AAA
2Corey EricksonKinston Indians3AAA
8J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats2MLB
8Keith ReedFrederick Keys2MLB
8Brandon BergerWilmington Blue Rocks2MLB
Grounded into Double Play - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Franky FigueroaFrederick Keys15AAA
2Henry CalderonWilmington Blue Rocks14AA
3Steve TorrealbaMyrtle Beach Pelicans12MLB
3Matt HollidaySalem Avalanche12MLB
3Tyler MingesKinston Indians12AAA
6J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats11MLB
6Juan UribeSalem Avalanche11MLB
6Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks11MLB
6Brett CaradonnaWinston-Salem Warthogs11AAA
10Jonathan PrietoLynchburg Hillcats10A+
Extra Base Hits - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche60AA
2J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats57MLB
3Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs54AAA
4Travis WilsonMyrtle Beach Pelicans50AAA
4Troy FarnsworthPotomac Cannons50AA
6Corey EricksonKinston Indians49AAA
7Matt BergerWinston-Salem Warthogs48A+
8Terrell MerrimanWinston-Salem Warthogs43A+
8Chone FigginsSalem Avalanche43MLB
10Juan UribeSalem Avalanche42MLB
Secondary Average - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Brian RustFrederick Keys.460AAA
2Terrell MerrimanWinston-Salem Warthogs.435A+
3Ntema NdungidiFrederick Keys.399AA
4Rich PazFrederick Keys.384AAA
5Kevin ConnacherWinston-Salem Warthogs.375AAA
6Corey EricksonKinston Indians.358AAA
6Matt BergerWinston-Salem Warthogs.358A+
8Tim RainesFrederick Keys.354MLB
9Lee EvansLynchburg Hillcats.348AAA
10Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche.346AA
Isolated Power - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Brian RustFrederick Keys.238AAA
2Corey EricksonKinston Indians.220AAA
3Kevin BurfordSalem Avalanche.206AA
4J.J. DavisLynchburg Hillcats.202MLB
5Troy FarnsworthPotomac Cannons.193AA
6Matt CurtisKinston Indians.191AA
7Brandon BergerWilmington Blue Rocks.187MLB
7Mario ValenzuelaWinston-Salem Warthogs.187AAA
9Troy CameronMyrtle Beach Pelicans.185AAA
10Cory AldridgeMyrtle Beach Pelicans.182MLB
BAVG on Balls in Play - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Kevin ConnacherWinston-Salem Warthogs.369AAA
2Victor RodriguezKinston Indians.366AAA
3AJ ZappMyrtle Beach Pelicans.351AAA
3Ntema NdungidiFrederick Keys.351AA
5Rich PazFrederick Keys.350AAA
6Paul WeichardLynchburg Hillcats.349AA
6Troy McNaughtonPotomac Cannons.349AAA
8Rolando SeguraLynchburg Hillcats.348A+
9Ryan DarrPotomac Cannons.347A+
10Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks.342MLB
Walks Percentage - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Rich PazFrederick Keys0.20AAA
1Corey HartWilmington Blue Rocks0.20AAA
3Terrell MerrimanWinston-Salem Warthogs0.17A+
4Ntema NdungidiFrederick Keys0.16AA
5Ryan HankinsWinston-Salem Warthogs0.15AAA
5Brian RustFrederick Keys0.15AAA
5Matt BergerWinston-Salem Warthogs0.15A+
8Kevin ConnacherWinston-Salem Warthogs0.14AAA
8Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks0.14MLB
8Justin MartinLynchburg Hillcats0.14AA
Strikeouts Percentage - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Josh BardSalem Avalanche0.10MLB
2Victor RodriguezKinston Indians0.11AAA
3Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks0.13MLB
3Bo HartPotomac Cannons0.13MLB
3Rich PazFrederick Keys0.13AAA
3Jerome AlvisoSalem Avalanche0.13AAA
3Ricardo MontasWilmington Blue Rocks0.13AA
8Miguel DiazPotomac Cannons0.14AA
8Vic GutierrezLynchburg Hillcats0.14AAA
10Matt HollidaySalem Avalanche0.15MLB
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (Caro)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)ValuehiLvl
1Rich PazFrederick Keys0.66AAA
2Mark EllisWilmington Blue Rocks0.92MLB
3Corey HartWilmington Blue Rocks0.97AAA
4Josh BardSalem Avalanche1.03MLB
5Brian RustFrederick Keys1.11AAA
6Ryan HankinsWinston-Salem Warthogs1.12AAA
7Terrell MerrimanWinston-Salem Warthogs1.16A+
8Ricardo MontasWilmington Blue Rocks1.17AA
9Justin MartinLynchburg Hillcats1.21AA
10Victor RodriguezKinston Indians1.30AAA
300 record(s)