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Review of the 2012 Atlantic League (Ind) Independent League Season with standings, team totals, awards and more.
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2012 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers.330
2Adam GodwinLancaster Barnstormers.326
2Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers.326
4Andres PerezYork Revolution.321
5Ryan HarveyLancaster Barnstormers.311
5Brian BartonSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs.311
7Jesse GutierrezSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs.307
7Ray NavarreteLong Island Ducks.307
9Michael HernandezYork Revolution.303
10Ofilio CastroSugar Land Skeeters.302
On Base Percentage - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Emerson FrostadLancaster Barnstormers.410
2Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers.409
3Brian BurgamyCamden Riversharks.405
4Chris NowakYork Revolution.383
5Andres PerezYork Revolution.380
6Brock PetersonBridgeport Bluefish.376
7Ofilio CastroSugar Land Skeeters.374
7Brian BartonSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs.374
9Jesse HoorelbekeSomerset Patriots.372
10Adam GodwinLancaster Barnstormers.370
Slugging Percentage - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ryan HarveyLancaster Barnstormers.584
2Chris NowakYork Revolution.565
3Brock PetersonBridgeport Bluefish.563
4Andres PerezYork Revolution.543
5Kody KirklandLancaster Barnstormers.535
6Jesse GutierrezSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs.534
7Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers.530
8Brandon SingLong Island Ducks.523
9Jesse HoorelbekeSomerset Patriots.509
10Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers.507
On Base Plus Slugging - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Chris NowakYork Revolution.949
2Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers.939
2Brock PetersonBridgeport Bluefish.939
4Ryan HarveyLancaster Barnstormers.936
5Andres PerezYork Revolution.924
6Brian BurgamyCamden Riversharks.900
7Jesse GutierrezSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs.896
8Brandon SingLong Island Ducks.890
9Jesse HoorelbekeSomerset Patriots.881
10Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers.874
Games Played - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Luis RodriguezBridgeport Bluefish154
2Jeff NettlesSomerset Patriots134
3Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers132
4Jeremy OwensSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs130
4Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers130
6Ray NavarreteLong Island Ducks128
6Luis LopezBridgeport Bluefish128
6Eddie RogersBridgeport Bluefish128
6Andres PerezYork Revolution128
10Prentice RedmanBridgeport Bluefish127
Plate Appearances - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Luis RodriguezBridgeport Bluefish610
2Ray NavarreteLong Island Ducks570
3Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers565
4Prentice RedmanBridgeport Bluefish564
4Bryant NelsonLong Island Ducks564
6Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers561
7Adam GodwinLancaster Barnstormers557
8Chris WalkerCamden Riversharks555
8Mike DanielSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs555
8Jeremy OwensSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs555
At Bats - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Luis RodriguezBridgeport Bluefish562
2Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers521
3Adam GodwinLancaster Barnstormers515
4Ray NavarreteLong Island Ducks508
5Bryant NelsonLong Island Ducks505
6Chris WalkerCamden Riversharks497
7Brandon HavemanYork Revolution
Lancaster Barnstormers
8Andres PerezYork Revolution495
9Eddie RogersBridgeport Bluefish493
10Prentice RedmanBridgeport Bluefish487
Runs - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers97
2Adam GodwinLancaster Barnstormers88
3Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers87
4Andres PerezYork Revolution85
5Brian BurgamyCamden Riversharks82
6Chris NowakYork Revolution79
6Jeremy OwensSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs79
8Brandon SingLong Island Ducks75
9Eddie RogersBridgeport Bluefish74
10Ray NavarreteLong Island Ducks73
Hits - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers170
2Adam GodwinLancaster Barnstormers168
3Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers160
4Andres PerezYork Revolution159
5Ray NavarreteLong Island Ducks156
6Brian BartonSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs151
7Luis RodriguezBridgeport Bluefish149
8Brandon HavemanYork Revolution
Lancaster Barnstormers
9Eddie RogersBridgeport Bluefish139
10Ofilio CastroSugar Land Skeeters137
Total Bases - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Andres PerezYork Revolution269
2Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers264
3Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers257
4Ray NavarreteLong Island Ducks255
4Chris NowakYork Revolution255
6Brandon SingLong Island Ducks231
7Prentice RedmanBridgeport Bluefish227
8Jeremy OwensSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs225
9Ryan HarveyLancaster Barnstormers222
10Brian BurgamyCamden Riversharks220
Doubles - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ray NavarreteLong Island Ducks48
2Prentice RedmanBridgeport Bluefish38
3Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers36
4Bubba BellSugar Land Skeeters35
4Andres PerezYork Revolution35
6Bryant NelsonLong Island Ducks30
7Jake EigstiCamden Riversharks29
8Brian BurgamyCamden Riversharks28
8Eduardo PerezCamden Riversharks28
8Brandon SingLong Island Ducks28
Triples - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Dominic RamosSugar Land Skeeters7
2Freddie BynumSomerset Patriots6
2Dan LyonsLong Island Ducks6
2Casey BenjaminSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs6
2Adam GodwinLancaster Barnstormers6
6Brian BartonSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs5
7Brock PetersonBridgeport Bluefish4
7James SimmonsBridgeport Bluefish4
7Michael HernandezYork Revolution4
7Richard GiannottiSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs4
Home Runs - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Chris NowakYork Revolution34
2Ryan HarveyLancaster Barnstormers27
3Brandon SingLong Island Ducks25
4Andres PerezYork Revolution23
5Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers22
5Jeremy OwensSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs22
7Casey BenjaminSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs21
7Brock PetersonBridgeport Bluefish21
9Brian BurgamyCamden Riversharks20
9Jesse HoorelbekeSomerset Patriots20
Runs Batted In - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Chris NowakYork Revolution104
2Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers90
3Ray NavarreteLong Island Ducks86
3Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers86
5Casey BenjaminSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs85
5Andres PerezYork Revolution85
7Brian BurgamyCamden Riversharks81
8Bryant NelsonLong Island Ducks78
9Ryan HarveyLancaster Barnstormers77
10Brandon SingLong Island Ducks74
Stolen Bases - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Chris WalkerCamden Riversharks41
2Adam GodwinLancaster Barnstormers38
3Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers32
4Kraig BinickLong Island Ducks29
5Kennard JonesBridgeport Bluefish27
6Freddie BynumSomerset Patriots26
7Reid GoreckiLong Island Ducks
Camden Riversharks
8Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers24
9Brian BartonSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs23
10Joe HoldenSomerset Patriots22
Caught Stealings - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Adam GodwinLancaster Barnstormers16
2Brian BartonSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs12
3Kennard JonesBridgeport Bluefish11
3Chris WalkerCamden Riversharks11
5Brandon HavemanYork Revolution
Lancaster Barnstormers
6Joe HoldenSomerset Patriots9
6Reid GoreckiLong Island Ducks
Camden Riversharks
6Jonathan TuckerSomerset Patriots9
9Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers8
9Jeremy OwensSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs8
Walks - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Brian BurgamyCamden Riversharks77
2Casey BenjaminSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs68
2Chris NowakYork Revolution68
4Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers66
5Luis LopezBridgeport Bluefish63
6Reid GoreckiLong Island Ducks
Camden Riversharks
7Prentice RedmanBridgeport Bluefish59
8Jeremy OwensSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs58
9Josh PressleySugar Land Skeeters57
9Brandon SingLong Island Ducks57
Strikeouts - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jeremy OwensSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs148
2Ryan HarveyLancaster Barnstormers120
3Steve DoetschCamden Riversharks115
4Brandon SingLong Island Ducks109
5Mike DanielSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs107
6Brian BartonSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs106
6Chris WalkerCamden Riversharks106
8Shawn WilliamsLong Island Ducks104
9Michael HernandezYork Revolution98
9Kody KirklandLancaster Barnstormers98
Hit By Pitch - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Kraig BinickLong Island Ducks23
2Ray NavarreteLong Island Ducks13
3Danny GonzalezYork Revolution
Lancaster Barnstormers
4Dan LyonsLong Island Ducks11
5Chris NowakYork Revolution10
5Prentice RedmanBridgeport Bluefish10
7Dominic RamosSugar Land Skeeters9
7Shawn WilliamsLong Island Ducks9
7Scott GrimesYork Revolution9
7Octavio MartinezSugar Land Skeeters9
Sacrifice Hits - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Eddie RogersBridgeport Bluefish22
2Jonathan TuckerSomerset Patriots14
2Mike DanielSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs14
4Luis RodriguezBridgeport Bluefish11
4Christian LopezSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs11
6James ShanksYork Revolution
Southern Maryland Blue Crabs
7Joe HoldenSomerset Patriots9
7Chris WalkerCamden Riversharks9
9Chin-lung HuSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs8
9Iggy SuarezSugar Land Skeeters8
Sacrifice Flies - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Bryant NelsonLong Island Ducks9
1Dan LyonsLong Island Ducks9
3Ray NavarreteLong Island Ducks8
4Ramon CastroYork Revolution7
4Jeff NettlesSomerset Patriots7
4Casey BenjaminSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs7
4Tommy EveridgeLancaster Barnstormers7
8Josh PressleySugar Land Skeeters6
8Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers6
8Jesse GutierrezSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs6
Intentional Walks - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Casey BenjaminSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs7
2Eduardo PerezCamden Riversharks5
3Jeremy OwensSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs4
3Brian BurgamyCamden Riversharks4
5Jason BottsSugar Land Skeeters3
5Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers3
5Andres PerezYork Revolution3
5Freddie BynumSomerset Patriots3
5Jesse HoorelbekeSomerset Patriots3
5Jesse GutierrezSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs3
Extra Base Hits - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ray NavarreteLong Island Ducks65
2Andres PerezYork Revolution61
3Chris NowakYork Revolution60
4Prentice RedmanBridgeport Bluefish57
5Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers56
6Brandon SingLong Island Ducks54
7Jeremy OwensSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs52
8Casey BenjaminSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs51
9Ryan HarveyLancaster Barnstormers50
9Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers50
Secondary Average - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Chris NowakYork Revolution.450
2Casey BenjaminSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs.405
3Brock PetersonBridgeport Bluefish.399
4Brian BurgamyCamden Riversharks.384
5Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers.373
6Kody KirklandLancaster Barnstormers.371
6Brandon SingLong Island Ducks.371
8Jesse HoorelbekeSomerset Patriots.355
9Reid GoreckiLong Island Ducks
Camden Riversharks
10Scott GrimesYork Revolution.344
Isolated Power - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Chris NowakYork Revolution.286
2Ryan HarveyLancaster Barnstormers.274
3Kody KirklandLancaster Barnstormers.271
4Brock PetersonBridgeport Bluefish.270
5Brandon SingLong Island Ducks.238
6Casey BenjaminSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs.236
7Jesse GutierrezSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs.227
8Jesse HoorelbekeSomerset Patriots.224
9Andres PerezYork Revolution.222
10Jeremy OwensSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs.208
BAVG on Balls in Play - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ryan HarveyLancaster Barnstormers.386
2Shawn WilliamsLong Island Ducks.385
3Brian BartonSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs.383
4James SimmonsBridgeport Bluefish.376
5Joe HoldenSomerset Patriots.374
6Adam GodwinLancaster Barnstormers.371
7Michael HernandezYork Revolution.370
8Steve DoetschCamden Riversharks.361
9Fehlandt LentiniLancaster Barnstormers.354
10Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers.348
Walks Percentage - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Emerson FrostadLancaster Barnstormers0.15
2Brian BurgamyCamden Riversharks0.14
3Casey BenjaminSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs0.13
3Chris NowakYork Revolution0.13
3Danny GonzalezYork Revolution
Lancaster Barnstormers
3Reid GoreckiLong Island Ducks
Camden Riversharks
7Josh PressleySugar Land Skeeters0.12
7Luis LopezBridgeport Bluefish0.12
7Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers0.12
10Jesse HoorelbekeSomerset Patriots0.11
Strikeouts Percentage - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Bryant NelsonLong Island Ducks0.05
2Octavio MartinezSugar Land Skeeters0.07
3Kraig BinickLong Island Ducks0.08
3Yunesky SanchezSomerset Patriots0.08
5Luis LopezBridgeport Bluefish0.09
6Ray NavarreteLong Island Ducks0.10
6Andres PerezYork Revolution0.10
6Ofilio CastroSugar Land Skeeters0.10
9Jesse GutierrezSouthern Maryland Blue Crabs0.11
9Pedro FelizCamden Riversharks0.11
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (Atl)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Bryant NelsonLong Island Ducks0.64
2Luis LopezBridgeport Bluefish0.79
3Emerson FrostadLancaster Barnstormers0.96
4Kraig BinickLong Island Ducks1.00
5Ofilio CastroSugar Land Skeeters1.02
6Blake GailenLancaster Barnstormers1.11
7Brian BurgamyCamden Riversharks1.18
8Andres PerezYork Revolution1.20
9Jonathan TuckerSomerset Patriots1.23
10Chris NowakYork Revolution1.28
290 record(s)