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Review of the 2010 United League (Ind) Independent League Season with standings, team totals, awards and more.
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2010 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1DJ DixonLaredo Broncos.395
2Rob RecuencoAmarillo Dillas.391
3Jonathan CisnerosLaredo Broncos
Amarillo Dillas
4Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas.372
5Kenny GilbertLaredo Broncos.363
6Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts.361
7Welington DotelRio Grande Valley WhiteWings.357
8Landon CampSan Angelo Colts.355
8Jason LandrethSan Angelo Colts.355
10Javis DiazRio Grande Valley WhiteWings.342
On Base Percentage - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Rob RecuencoAmarillo Dillas.477
2Jonathan CisnerosLaredo Broncos
Amarillo Dillas
3Jason LandrethSan Angelo Colts.447
4Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas.439
5Jason DiazLaredo Broncos.437
6Alberto CruzAmarillo Dillas.435
7Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas.434
8DJ DixonLaredo Broncos.433
9Kenny GilbertLaredo Broncos.424
10Landon CampSan Angelo Colts.418
Slugging Percentage - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Landon CampSan Angelo Colts.714
2Jason LandrethSan Angelo Colts.692
3Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts.586
4Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts.577
5Yeurys TejedaRio Grande Valley WhiteWings.571
6Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas.559
7Welinson BaezRio Grande Valley WhiteWings.552
8Salvador PaniaguaLaredo Broncos
Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings
9Daryl JonesAmarillo Dillas
Edinburg Roadrunners
10Rigoberto AlmonteRio Grande Valley WhiteWings.531
On Base Plus Slugging - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jason LandrethSan Angelo Colts1.138
2Landon CampSan Angelo Colts1.132
3Rob RecuencoAmarillo Dillas1.002
4Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts.994
4Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas.994
6Jonathan CisnerosLaredo Broncos
Amarillo Dillas
7Welinson BaezRio Grande Valley WhiteWings.959
8Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts.954
9DJ DixonLaredo Broncos.949
10Kenny GilbertLaredo Broncos.947
Games Played - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ronnie GainesSan Angelo Colts91
1Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts91
1Rigoberto AlmonteRio Grande Valley WhiteWings91
1Alberto CruzAmarillo Dillas91
5Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas89
5Robert MatlockEdinburg Roadrunners89
7Jason DiazLaredo Broncos88
7Salvador PaniaguaLaredo Broncos
Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings
9Javis DiazRio Grande Valley WhiteWings87
10Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas86
Plate Appearances - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ronnie GainesSan Angelo Colts443
2Jason DiazLaredo Broncos430
3Adam De La GarzaAmarillo Dillas424
4Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas417
4Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts417
6Javis DiazRio Grande Valley WhiteWings414
6Alberto CruzAmarillo Dillas414
8Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas413
9Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas406
10Salvador PaniaguaLaredo Broncos
Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings
At Bats - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ronnie GainesSan Angelo Colts394
2Javis DiazRio Grande Valley WhiteWings371
2Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts371
4Adam De La GarzaAmarillo Dillas367
5Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas363
6Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas348
6Wilmer PinoEdinburg Roadrunners348
8Jason DiazLaredo Broncos347
9Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas346
10Salvador PaniaguaLaredo Broncos
Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings
Runs - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ronnie GainesSan Angelo Colts85
2Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas83
3Jason DiazLaredo Broncos82
4Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas76
5Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts74
6Adam De La GarzaAmarillo Dillas73
6Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts73
6Salvador PaniaguaLaredo Broncos
Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings
9Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas72
9Javis DiazRio Grande Valley WhiteWings72
Hits - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas135
2Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts134
3Ronnie GainesSan Angelo Colts130
4Javis DiazRio Grande Valley WhiteWings127
5Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas115
6Wilmer PinoEdinburg Roadrunners113
6Jason DiazLaredo Broncos113
8Adam De La GarzaAmarillo Dillas112
9Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas110
10Felix MolinaEdinburg Roadrunners108
Total Bases - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts214
2Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas203
3Ronnie GainesSan Angelo Colts200
4Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts194
5Salvador PaniaguaLaredo Broncos
Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings
6Landon CampSan Angelo Colts187
7Javis DiazRio Grande Valley WhiteWings185
8Rigoberto AlmonteRio Grande Valley WhiteWings173
9Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas170
10Yeurys TejedaRio Grande Valley WhiteWings164
Doubles - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ronnie GainesSan Angelo Colts34
2Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas30
3Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts29
4Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas27
5Daryl JonesAmarillo Dillas
Edinburg Roadrunners
6Javis DiazRio Grande Valley WhiteWings25
7Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas24
8Wilson BatistaEdinburg Roadrunners22
8Landon CampSan Angelo Colts22
10Wilmer PinoEdinburg Roadrunners21
Triples - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Rigoberto AlmonteRio Grande Valley WhiteWings10
1Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas10
3Mark RamosSan Angelo Colts8
4Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas6
4Javis DiazRio Grande Valley WhiteWings6
6Vincent BlueEdinburg Roadrunners5
6Welington DotelRio Grande Valley WhiteWings5
6Carlos HereaudEdinburg Roadrunners5
9Jermel LomackAmarillo Dillas4
9Felix MolinaEdinburg Roadrunners4
Home Runs - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts25
2Landon CampSan Angelo Colts24
3Salvador PaniaguaLaredo Broncos
Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings
4Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts17
5Yeurys TejedaRio Grande Valley WhiteWings16
6Alberto CruzAmarillo Dillas14
6Rigoberto AlmonteRio Grande Valley WhiteWings14
8Jason LandrethSan Angelo Colts13
9Carlos HereaudEdinburg Roadrunners11
9Carlos ArroyoLaredo Broncos11
Runs Batted In - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts83
2Salvador PaniaguaLaredo Broncos
Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings
2Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts82
4Alberto CruzAmarillo Dillas78
5Ronnie GainesSan Angelo Colts71
6Landon CampSan Angelo Colts68
7Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas63
8Ambiorix ConcepcionEdinburg Roadrunners60
9Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas59
10Rigoberto AlmonteRio Grande Valley WhiteWings58
Stolen Bases - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Wilmer PinoEdinburg Roadrunners50
2Jason DiazLaredo Broncos40
3Javis DiazRio Grande Valley WhiteWings36
4Rigoberto AlmonteRio Grande Valley WhiteWings35
4Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas35
6Jermel LomackAmarillo Dillas30
7Ambiorix ConcepcionEdinburg Roadrunners23
8Ronnie GainesSan Angelo Colts21
9Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas19
10Daryl JonesAmarillo Dillas
Edinburg Roadrunners
Caught Stealings - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jason DiazLaredo Broncos16
2Javis DiazRio Grande Valley WhiteWings12
3Jermel LomackAmarillo Dillas11
4Felix MolinaEdinburg Roadrunners8
5Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas7
6Welington DotelRio Grande Valley WhiteWings6
6Daryl JonesAmarillo Dillas
Edinburg Roadrunners
6Ambiorix ConcepcionEdinburg Roadrunners6
9Adam De La GarzaAmarillo Dillas5
9Ronnie GainesSan Angelo Colts5
Walks - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas67
2Jason DiazLaredo Broncos65
3Alberto CruzAmarillo Dillas57
4Rigoberto AlmonteRio Grande Valley WhiteWings56
5Robert MatlockEdinburg Roadrunners55
6Adam De La GarzaAmarillo Dillas50
7Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas48
8Osiel FloresEdinburg Roadrunners45
9Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas40
10Jonathan CisnerosLaredo Broncos
Amarillo Dillas
Strikeouts - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts117
2Alberto CruzAmarillo Dillas102
3Salvador PaniaguaLaredo Broncos
Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings
4Rigoberto AlmonteRio Grande Valley WhiteWings95
5Yeurys TejedaRio Grande Valley WhiteWings74
6Landon CampSan Angelo Colts72
7Nick MahinLaredo Broncos70
8Osiel FloresEdinburg Roadrunners67
9Doug ThennisLaredo Broncos65
10Ronnie GainesSan Angelo Colts64
Hit By Pitch - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Alberto CruzAmarillo Dillas25
2Eric GonzalezRio Grande Valley WhiteWings16
3Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts12
3Salvador PaniaguaLaredo Broncos
Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings
5Mark RamosSan Angelo Colts11
6Ronnie GainesSan Angelo Colts10
6Landon CampSan Angelo Colts10
8Butch BallezSan Angelo Colts9
8Kevin GriffinRio Grande Valley WhiteWings9
8Ben WolgamotLaredo Broncos9
Sacrifice Hits - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ryan FlynnLaredo Broncos12
2Jason DiazLaredo Broncos11
3Wilson BatistaEdinburg Roadrunners6
3Roberto RodriguezRio Grande Valley WhiteWings6
5Maiko LoyolaLaredo Broncos5
5Rigoberto AlmonteRio Grande Valley WhiteWings5
7Butch BallezSan Angelo Colts4
7Mark RamosSan Angelo Colts4
7Domenic Di RiccoRio Grande Valley WhiteWings4
7Felix MolinaEdinburg Roadrunners4
Sacrifice Flies - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Robert MatlockEdinburg Roadrunners7
1Jonathan CisnerosLaredo Broncos
Amarillo Dillas
1Felix MolinaEdinburg Roadrunners7
4Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts6
4Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas6
4Wilmer PinoEdinburg Roadrunners6
4Yeurys TejedaRio Grande Valley WhiteWings6
8Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas5
8Kenny GilbertLaredo Broncos5
8Nick MahinLaredo Broncos5
Grounded into Double Play - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas19
2Salvador PaniaguaLaredo Broncos
Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings
2Luany SanchezRio Grande Valley WhiteWings
Laredo Broncos
2Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts14
5Jonathan CisnerosLaredo Broncos
Amarillo Dillas
6Trey CarterSan Angelo Colts12
6Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas12
8Wilmer PinoEdinburg Roadrunners11
8Carlos ArroyoLaredo Broncos11
8Alexis HernandezEdinburg Roadrunners11
Extra Base Hits - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ronnie GainesSan Angelo Colts47
2Landon CampSan Angelo Colts46
2Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts46
2Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts46
2Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas46
6Rigoberto AlmonteRio Grande Valley WhiteWings39
7Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas38
7Javis DiazRio Grande Valley WhiteWings38
9Daryl JonesAmarillo Dillas
Edinburg Roadrunners
9Yeurys TejedaRio Grande Valley WhiteWings37
Secondary Average - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Rigoberto AlmonteRio Grande Valley WhiteWings.503
2Jason LandrethSan Angelo Colts.494
3Landon CampSan Angelo Colts.435
4Adam HaleSan Angelo Colts.421
5Welinson BaezRio Grande Valley WhiteWings.397
6Stephen DouglasAmarillo Dillas.391
7Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts.390
8Carlos ArroyoLaredo Broncos.388
9Rob RecuencoAmarillo Dillas.369
9Alberto CruzAmarillo Dillas.369
Isolated Power - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Landon CampSan Angelo Colts.359
2Jason LandrethSan Angelo Colts.337
3Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts.296
4Yeurys TejedaRio Grande Valley WhiteWings.247
5Salvador PaniaguaLaredo Broncos
Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings
5Welinson BaezRio Grande Valley WhiteWings.241
7Rigoberto AlmonteRio Grande Valley WhiteWings.236
8Carlos ArroyoLaredo Broncos.219
8Daryl JonesAmarillo Dillas
Edinburg Roadrunners
10Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts.216
BAVG on Balls in Play - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Welington DotelRio Grande Valley WhiteWings.447
2Rob RecuencoAmarillo Dillas.440
3Jonathan CisnerosLaredo Broncos
Amarillo Dillas
4Landon CampSan Angelo Colts.411
5DJ DixonLaredo Broncos.408
6Kenny GilbertLaredo Broncos.406
7Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas.404
8Jason LandrethSan Angelo Colts.397
9Osiel FloresEdinburg Roadrunners.392
10Josh CollazoSan Angelo Colts.389
Walks Percentage - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Adam HaleSan Angelo Colts0.17
1Domenic Di RiccoRio Grande Valley WhiteWings0.17
3Osiel FloresEdinburg Roadrunners0.16
3Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas0.16
3Vincent BlueEdinburg Roadrunners0.16
6Jason DiazLaredo Broncos0.15
6Robert MatlockEdinburg Roadrunners0.15
8Rob RecuencoAmarillo Dillas0.14
8Jermel LomackAmarillo Dillas0.14
8Alberto CruzAmarillo Dillas0.14
Strikeouts Percentage - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1DJ DixonLaredo Broncos0.06
2Carlos ArroyoLaredo Broncos0.07
3Luany SanchezRio Grande Valley WhiteWings
Laredo Broncos
3Robert MatlockEdinburg Roadrunners0.08
5Wilmer PinoEdinburg Roadrunners0.09
5Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas0.09
5Alexis HernandezEdinburg Roadrunners0.09
5Jason DiazLaredo Broncos0.09
9Joaquin RodriguezAmarillo Dillas0.10
10Rob RecuencoAmarillo Dillas0.11
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Robert MatlockEdinburg Roadrunners0.51
2Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas0.57
2Jason DiazLaredo Broncos0.57
4Carlos ArroyoLaredo Broncos0.58
5Domenic Di RiccoRio Grande Valley WhiteWings0.67
6Rob RecuencoAmarillo Dillas0.81
7Luany SanchezRio Grande Valley WhiteWings
Laredo Broncos
8Jonathan CisnerosLaredo Broncos
Amarillo Dillas
9Jermel LomackAmarillo Dillas1.05
10Adam De La GarzaAmarillo Dillas1.06
290 record(s)