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Review of the 2007 Golden League (Ind) Independent League Season with standings, team totals, awards and more.
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2007 Pitching Leaderboards

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Earned Run Average - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Roger LuqueYuma Scorpions2.57
2Ben FoxOrange County Flyers2.99
3Dusty BergmanReno Silver Sox3.40
4Dane De la RosaLong Beach Armada3.69
5Derrick LoopChico Outlaws3.82
6Mike NataleOrange County Flyers3.93
7John JeffersonChico Outlaws4.06
8Dustin GoberLong Beach Armada4.25
9Mark WoodyardSt. George Roadrunners4.44
10Ryan ClaypoolLong Beach Armada4.46
W+H Per Inning Pitched - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ben FoxOrange County Flyers1.01
2Roger LuqueYuma Scorpions1.20
3Mike NataleOrange County Flyers1.22
4John JeffersonChico Outlaws1.24
5Dane De la RosaLong Beach Armada1.25
6Nick SingletonChico Outlaws1.33
7Dustin GoberLong Beach Armada1.37
7Nick MoranReno Silver Sox1.37
9Jeff HeaverloLong Beach Armada1.38
9Evan WhiteYuma Scorpions1.38
Wins - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Derrick LoopChico Outlaws8
2Evan WhiteYuma Scorpions7
2Jeff HeaverloLong Beach Armada7
2Ryan ClaypoolLong Beach Armada7
5Charles MerricksYuma Scorpions6
5Reed DickertOrange County Flyers6
5Dusty BergmanReno Silver Sox6
5John JeffersonChico Outlaws6
5Steve SojaYuma Scorpions6
10Ben FoxOrange County Flyers5
10Tyler PearsonChico Outlaws5
10Roger LuqueYuma Scorpions5
10Dustin GoberLong Beach Armada5
10Nick MoranReno Silver Sox5
10Matt ParrisReno Silver Sox5
Losses - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Mark WoodyardSt. George Roadrunners10
2Matt ParrisReno Silver Sox8
3Shannon SprouseSt. George Roadrunners6
3Roger LuqueYuma Scorpions6
3Michael StoreySt. George Roadrunners6
3Tyler PearsonChico Outlaws6
7Don GravesSt. George Roadrunners
Yuma Scorpions
7Steve SojaYuma Scorpions5
7Jeff HeaverloLong Beach Armada5
7Mike NataleOrange County Flyers5
7James JohnsonReno Silver Sox5
7Derrick LoopChico Outlaws5
Games Pitched - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Dane De la RosaLong Beach Armada39
2Todd GelatkaChico Outlaws30
3Josh EvansReno Silver Sox28
3John SegoviaChico Outlaws
St. George Roadrunners
3Taylor GeorgeLong Beach Armada28
6Jesse OsterChico Outlaws27
6Adam NikolicReno Silver Sox
Long Beach Armada
8Sean BullerLong Beach Armada26
8Neil HayesYuma Scorpions26
10Jason MartinezReno Silver Sox24
10John JeffersonChico Outlaws24
Games Started - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jeff HeaverloLong Beach Armada16
1Mark WoodyardSt. George Roadrunners16
3Reed DickertOrange County Flyers15
3Ryan ClaypoolLong Beach Armada15
3Dusty BergmanReno Silver Sox15
3James JohnsonReno Silver Sox15
3Derrick LoopChico Outlaws15
8Charles MerricksYuma Scorpions14
8Nick MoranReno Silver Sox14
8Evan WhiteYuma Scorpions14
Complete Games - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Roger LuqueYuma Scorpions5
2Ben FoxOrange County Flyers3
2Mark WoodyardSt. George Roadrunners3
4Alex McRobbieOrange County Flyers2
4Steve SojaYuma Scorpions2
4Evan WhiteYuma Scorpions2
7James JohnsonReno Silver Sox1
7Chris LangloisYuma Scorpions1
7Jaime DouglasOrange County Flyers
St. George Roadrunners
7Dusty BergmanReno Silver Sox1
7Tyler PearsonChico Outlaws1
7Charles MerricksYuma Scorpions1
7Jorge PerezYuma Scorpions1
Shutouts - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ben FoxOrange County Flyers1
1Roger LuqueYuma Scorpions1
1Steve SojaYuma Scorpions1
1Tyler PearsonChico Outlaws1
1Evan WhiteYuma Scorpions1
Games Finished - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Dane De la RosaLong Beach Armada38
2Todd GelatkaChico Outlaws28
3Anthony PlutaSt. George Roadrunners21
4Neil HayesYuma Scorpions20
5Eric ThomasReno Silver Sox14
6Dave CogginOrange County Flyers12
6Jesse OsterChico Outlaws12
6Matthew SaucedoYuma Scorpions12
9Josh EvansReno Silver Sox11
9Adam NikolicReno Silver Sox
Long Beach Armada
9Nicholas CasanovaOrange County Flyers11
Saves - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Todd GelatkaChico Outlaws18
2Dane De la RosaLong Beach Armada16
3Neil HayesYuma Scorpions10
3Anthony PlutaSt. George Roadrunners10
5Eric ThomasReno Silver Sox7
6Dave CogginOrange County Flyers6
7Amad StephensYuma Scorpions4
8Nicholas CasanovaOrange County Flyers3
8Sean BullerLong Beach Armada3
10Adam NikolicReno Silver Sox
Long Beach Armada
10Matthew SaucedoYuma Scorpions2
10Jesse OsterChico Outlaws2
10Jake McLintockChico Outlaws2
10Matthew PenaSt. George Roadrunners2
Innings PItched - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jeff HeaverloLong Beach Armada106.2
2Mark WoodyardSt. George Roadrunners105.1
3Dusty BergmanReno Silver Sox100.2
4James JohnsonReno Silver Sox95.1
5Mike NataleOrange County Flyers94.0
6Derrick LoopChico Outlaws92.0
6Evan WhiteYuma Scorpions92.0
8Steve SojaYuma Scorpions91.2
9Roger LuqueYuma Scorpions87.2
10Nick MoranReno Silver Sox87.1
Hits Allowed - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1James JohnsonReno Silver Sox121
2Mark WoodyardSt. George Roadrunners115
3Don GravesSt. George Roadrunners
Yuma Scorpions
4Jeff HeaverloLong Beach Armada105
5Steve SojaYuma Scorpions104
6Evan WhiteYuma Scorpions102
6Charles MerricksYuma Scorpions102
8Dusty BergmanReno Silver Sox101
9Derrick LoopChico Outlaws94
10Mike NataleOrange County Flyers93
Runs Allowed - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Mark WoodyardSt. George Roadrunners74
2Jeff HeaverloLong Beach Armada70
2Michael StoreySt. George Roadrunners70
4Charles MerricksYuma Scorpions67
5Steve SojaYuma Scorpions65
6James JohnsonReno Silver Sox64
7Robert SaliniOrange County Flyers
St. George Roadrunners
7Ryan ClaypoolLong Beach Armada63
7Shannon SprouseSt. George Roadrunners63
10Jake McKinleyChico Outlaws57
10Tyler PearsonChico Outlaws57
Earned Runs Allowed - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jeff HeaverloLong Beach Armada63
2Michael StoreySt. George Roadrunners58
3Robert SaliniOrange County Flyers
St. George Roadrunners
4James JohnsonReno Silver Sox55
4Charles MerricksYuma Scorpions55
4Jake McKinleyChico Outlaws55
7Mark WoodyardSt. George Roadrunners52
8Shannon SprouseSt. George Roadrunners51
9Don GravesSt. George Roadrunners
Yuma Scorpions
9Tyler PearsonChico Outlaws50
9Steve SojaYuma Scorpions50
Home Runs Allowed - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Nick MoranReno Silver Sox15
2Jake McKinleyChico Outlaws14
3Nick SingletonChico Outlaws13
4Matt ParrisReno Silver Sox11
4James JohnsonReno Silver Sox11
6Charles MerricksYuma Scorpions10
6Tyler PearsonChico Outlaws10
8Evan WhiteYuma Scorpions9
8Mike NataleOrange County Flyers9
8Jaime DouglasOrange County Flyers
St. George Roadrunners
Walks Allowed - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Shannon SprouseSt. George Roadrunners57
2Derrick LoopChico Outlaws47
3Reed DickertOrange County Flyers46
4Dusty BergmanReno Silver Sox45
4Matt ParrisReno Silver Sox45
6Charles MerricksYuma Scorpions43
7Jeff HeaverloLong Beach Armada42
8Jake McKinleyChico Outlaws41
9Ryan ClaypoolLong Beach Armada40
10Jason MartinezReno Silver Sox35
10Mark WoodyardSt. George Roadrunners35
Strikeouts - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Mike NataleOrange County Flyers116
2Reed DickertOrange County Flyers112
3Jeff HeaverloLong Beach Armada106
4Nick SingletonChico Outlaws94
5Mark WoodyardSt. George Roadrunners85
6James JohnsonReno Silver Sox75
7Ben FoxOrange County Flyers74
8Roger LuqueYuma Scorpions70
9Dusty BergmanReno Silver Sox64
10Nick MoranReno Silver Sox63
Hits per 9 Innings - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Ben FoxOrange County Flyers7.14
2Reed DickertOrange County Flyers7.88
3John JeffersonChico Outlaws7.97
4Dane De la RosaLong Beach Armada8.16
5Roger LuqueYuma Scorpions8.21
6Dustin GoberLong Beach Armada8.63
7Jeff HeaverloLong Beach Armada8.86
8Danny HallSt. George Roadrunners8.87
9Mike NataleOrange County Flyers8.90
10Nick MoranReno Silver Sox8.97
Home Runs per 9 Innings - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jason MartinezReno Silver Sox0.19
1Dane De la RosaLong Beach Armada0.19
3Dusty BergmanReno Silver Sox0.27
4Shannon SprouseSt. George Roadrunners0.29
5Mark WoodyardSt. George Roadrunners0.34
6Derrick LoopChico Outlaws0.49
7Ben FoxOrange County Flyers0.52
8Ryan ClaypoolLong Beach Armada0.53
9John JeffersonChico Outlaws0.56
10Roger LuqueYuma Scorpions0.62
Walks per 9 Innings - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Eric MaydewYuma Scorpions1.67
2Don GravesSt. George Roadrunners
Yuma Scorpions
3Tyler PearsonChico Outlaws1.80
4Ben FoxOrange County Flyers1.95
5Mike NataleOrange County Flyers2.11
6Nick SingletonChico Outlaws2.24
7Steve SojaYuma Scorpions2.36
7James JohnsonReno Silver Sox2.36
9Evan WhiteYuma Scorpions2.45
10Roger LuqueYuma Scorpions2.57
Strikeouts per 9 Innings - (Gold)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Reed DickertOrange County Flyers11.77
2Mike NataleOrange County Flyers11.11
3Dane De la RosaLong Beach Armada10.29
4Nick SingletonChico Outlaws10.03
5Ben FoxOrange County Flyers9.61
6Jeff HeaverloLong Beach Armada8.94
7Dustin GoberLong Beach Armada7.81
8Eric MaydewYuma Scorpions7.28
9Mark WoodyardSt. George Roadrunners7.26
10Roger LuqueYuma Scorpions7.19
224 record(s)