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Review of the 2006 United League (Ind) Independent League Season with standings, team totals, awards and more.
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2006 Batting Leaderboards

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Batting Average - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1John AndersonSan Angelo Colts.390
2Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas.339
3Braulio CastilloRio Grande WhiteWings.331
4Danny BravoAmarillo Dillas.329
5Tony SanguinettiSan Angelo Colts.327
6Keto AndersonAlexandria Aces.325
7Gary SchneidmillerAmarillo Dillas.323
8Sergio CairoRio Grande WhiteWings.322
9Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos.315
10John-Paul DavisAmarillo Dillas.307
On Base Percentage - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Gary SchneidmillerAmarillo Dillas.463
2Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas.455
3John AndersonSan Angelo Colts.445
4Braulio CastilloRio Grande WhiteWings.438
5Tony SanguinettiSan Angelo Colts.430
6Kevin BassSan Angelo Colts.428
7Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings.420
8Lorenzo GrijalvaEdinburg Coyotes.419
9Josh TranumAlexandria Aces.416
9John-Paul DavisAmarillo Dillas.416
Slugging Percentage - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings.571
1Braulio CastilloRio Grande WhiteWings.571
3Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts.551
4Scott KrauseSan Angelo Colts.548
5Gary SchneidmillerAmarillo Dillas.527
6Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos.517
7Danny BravoAmarillo Dillas.512
7Tony SanguinettiSan Angelo Colts.512
9Jose OlmedaEdinburg Coyotes.493
10Walkill GuanceAlexandria Aces.484
On Base Plus Slugging - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Braulio CastilloRio Grande WhiteWings1.009
2Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings.991
3Gary SchneidmillerAmarillo Dillas.990
4Tony SanguinettiSan Angelo Colts.942
5Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts.941
6Danny BravoAmarillo Dillas.926
7Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas.915
7John AndersonSan Angelo Colts.915
9Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos.911
10Scott KrauseSan Angelo Colts.897
Games Played - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts90
1Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings90
3Robinson CancelEdinburg Coyotes89
3Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos89
3Keto AndersonAlexandria Aces89
3Jose OlmedaEdinburg Coyotes89
7Walkill GuanceAlexandria Aces88
7Eric GonzalezEdinburg Coyotes88
7Eddie LaraEdinburg Coyotes88
7Jermy AceyRio Grande WhiteWings
Edinburg Coyotes
Plate Appearances - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Keto AndersonAlexandria Aces439
2Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts420
3Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos408
4Eric GonzalezEdinburg Coyotes406
5Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings404
6Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas403
7Jose OlmedaEdinburg Coyotes401
8Tyrone PendergrassSan Angelo Colts396
9Robinson CancelEdinburg Coyotes392
10Eddie LaraEdinburg Coyotes389
At Bats - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Keto AndersonAlexandria Aces385
2Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts363
3Jose OlmedaEdinburg Coyotes361
4Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos356
5Tyrone PendergrassSan Angelo Colts345
6Robinson CancelEdinburg Coyotes343
7Brian BakerSan Angelo Colts342
8Jose SalasLaredo Broncos341
9Eric GonzalezEdinburg Coyotes325
10Eddie LaraEdinburg Coyotes323
Runs - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Keto AndersonAlexandria Aces87
2Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings80
3Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas73
4Tyrone PendergrassSan Angelo Colts71
5Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos70
6Eric GonzalezEdinburg Coyotes68
7Gary SchneidmillerAmarillo Dillas66
8Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts65
8Omar BramascoRio Grande WhiteWings65
10Cleatus DavidsonAlexandria Aces64
Hits - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Keto AndersonAlexandria Aces125
2Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos112
3Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas109
3Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts109
5Jose OlmedaEdinburg Coyotes108
6John AndersonSan Angelo Colts106
7Robinson CancelEdinburg Coyotes102
8Jose SalasLaredo Broncos99
8John-Paul DavisAmarillo Dillas99
10Eddie LaraEdinburg Coyotes98
Total Bases - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts200
2Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos184
3Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings182
4Jose OlmedaEdinburg Coyotes178
5Brian BakerSan Angelo Colts164
6Robinson CancelEdinburg Coyotes156
7Keto AndersonAlexandria Aces155
8Walkill GuanceAlexandria Aces153
9Tony SanguinettiSan Angelo Colts152
10Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas148
Doubles - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos29
2Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts28
2Omar BramascoRio Grande WhiteWings28
4Brett DonahooAmarillo Dillas25
4Danny BravoAmarillo Dillas25
6Robinson CancelEdinburg Coyotes24
6Adam BonnerAlexandria Aces24
6Jose SalasLaredo Broncos24
9Bryce MorrisonAmarillo Dillas
San Angelo Colts
10Erick MejiasAlexandria Aces22
Triples - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Tyrone PendergrassSan Angelo Colts6
1Bryce MorrisonAmarillo Dillas
San Angelo Colts
3Brian BakerSan Angelo Colts5
3Keto AndersonAlexandria Aces5
3Tony SanguinettiSan Angelo Colts5
6J.J. SherrillSan Angelo Colts4
6Braulio CastilloRio Grande WhiteWings4
6David FowlerLaredo Broncos4
6Marcus LewisAmarillo Dillas
Alexandria Aces
6Jermy AceyRio Grande WhiteWings
Edinburg Coyotes
Home Runs - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts21
1Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings21
3Brian BakerSan Angelo Colts17
3Jose OlmedaEdinburg Coyotes17
5Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos13
6Walkill GuanceAlexandria Aces11
7Josh TranumAlexandria Aces10
7Orlando CruzLaredo Broncos10
7Casey ClaryRio Grande WhiteWings10
7Tony SanguinettiSan Angelo Colts10
Runs Batted In - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings80
2Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts78
3Josh TranumAlexandria Aces74
4Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos73
5Jose OlmedaEdinburg Coyotes72
6Brian BakerSan Angelo Colts69
7Walkill GuanceAlexandria Aces67
7John-Paul DavisAmarillo Dillas67
9Rich PazAlexandria Aces64
10Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas62
Stolen Bases - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Keto AndersonAlexandria Aces50
2Marcus LewisAmarillo Dillas
Alexandria Aces
3Cleatus DavidsonAlexandria Aces29
4Robinson CancelEdinburg Coyotes28
5Tyrone PendergrassSan Angelo Colts27
6Erick MejiasAlexandria Aces26
6Walkill GuanceAlexandria Aces26
8Eddie LaraEdinburg Coyotes25
9John AndersonSan Angelo Colts24
10Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas21
Caught Stealings - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Keto AndersonAlexandria Aces13
2Marcus LewisAmarillo Dillas
Alexandria Aces
2Anthony BennettLaredo Broncos8
4Rodney MedinaEdinburg Coyotes7
4Eddie LaraEdinburg Coyotes7
4Ben TiniusLaredo Broncos7
7Eric PadillaAmarillo Dillas6
7Abigail SandovalEdinburg Coyotes
Rio Grande WhiteWings
7Bryce MorrisonAmarillo Dillas
San Angelo Colts
7Evan CherryEdinburg Coyotes6
Walks - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas73
2Gary SchneidmillerAmarillo Dillas66
3Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings62
4Kevin BassSan Angelo Colts57
5Josh TranumAlexandria Aces56
6Eddie LaraEdinburg Coyotes54
6Bryce MorrisonAmarillo Dillas
San Angelo Colts
8John-Paul DavisAmarillo Dillas53
9Omar BramascoRio Grande WhiteWings52
10Rich PazAlexandria Aces51
Strikeouts - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts96
1Brian BakerSan Angelo Colts96
3Casey ClaryRio Grande WhiteWings93
4Kevin BassSan Angelo Colts92
5Jose OlmedaEdinburg Coyotes85
6Orlando CruzLaredo Broncos78
7J.J. SherrillSan Angelo Colts77
8Walkill GuanceAlexandria Aces73
8Bryce MorrisonAmarillo Dillas
San Angelo Colts
10Adam BonnerAlexandria Aces65
Hit By Pitch - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Eric GonzalezEdinburg Coyotes23
2Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts16
3Lorenzo GrijalvaEdinburg Coyotes13
3Jermy AceyRio Grande WhiteWings
Edinburg Coyotes
5Sam McLainRio Grande WhiteWings12
6Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings11
6Tony SanguinettiSan Angelo Colts11
8Carlos GallardoEdinburg Coyotes10
8Bryce MorrisonAmarillo Dillas
San Angelo Colts
8Eli AlbertsonEdinburg Coyotes10
Sacrifice Hits - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Eric PadillaAmarillo Dillas13
2Keto AndersonAlexandria Aces11
3Anthony BennettLaredo Broncos9
4Arnoldo PonceLaredo Broncos8
4Rich PazAlexandria Aces8
6Ryan SmithAlexandria Aces
Amarillo Dillas
6Marcus LewisAmarillo Dillas
Alexandria Aces
6Dalphie CorreaLaredo Broncos6
9Cleatus DavidsonAlexandria Aces5
9Casey ClaryRio Grande WhiteWings5
Sacrifice Flies - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings8
2Jermy AceyRio Grande WhiteWings
Edinburg Coyotes
2Abigail SandovalEdinburg Coyotes
Rio Grande WhiteWings
2Evan CherryEdinburg Coyotes6
2Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas6
6Rich PazAlexandria Aces5
6J.J. SherrillSan Angelo Colts5
6John AndersonSan Angelo Colts5
6Tyrone PendergrassSan Angelo Colts5
6Orlando CruzLaredo Broncos5
Intentional Walks - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas7
1Braulio CastilloRio Grande WhiteWings7
3Jose OlmedaEdinburg Coyotes6
3Bryce MorrisonAmarillo Dillas
San Angelo Colts
5Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos5
6Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts4
6John AndersonSan Angelo Colts4
8Walkill GuanceAlexandria Aces3
8Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings3
8Sergio CairoRio Grande WhiteWings3
Grounded into Double Play - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Robinson CancelEdinburg Coyotes15
2Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos14
3Eli AlbertsonEdinburg Coyotes11
3John-Paul DavisAmarillo Dillas11
5Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts10
5Brian BakerSan Angelo Colts10
5Casey ClaryRio Grande WhiteWings10
5Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas10
5Eddie LaraEdinburg Coyotes10
10Evan CherryEdinburg Coyotes9
Extra Base Hits - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts49
2Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos44
2Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings44
4Brian BakerSan Angelo Colts41
5Bryce MorrisonAmarillo Dillas
San Angelo Colts
6Jose OlmedaEdinburg Coyotes35
6Omar BramascoRio Grande WhiteWings35
8Robinson CancelEdinburg Coyotes34
8Walkill GuanceAlexandria Aces34
10Danny BravoAmarillo Dillas33
Secondary Average - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Gary SchneidmillerAmarillo Dillas.500
2Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings.492
3Lorenzo GrijalvaEdinburg Coyotes.438
4J.J. SherrillSan Angelo Colts.422
5Walkill GuanceAlexandria Aces.418
6Braulio CastilloRio Grande WhiteWings.411
7Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas.398
8Danny BravoAmarillo Dillas.393
9Omar BramascoRio Grande WhiteWings.392
10Bryce MorrisonAmarillo Dillas
San Angelo Colts
Isolated Power - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings.273
2Jason CroslandSan Angelo Colts.251
3Scott KrauseSan Angelo Colts.245
4Braulio CastilloRio Grande WhiteWings.239
5Brian BakerSan Angelo Colts.234
6Gary SchneidmillerAmarillo Dillas.204
7Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos.202
8J.J. SherrillSan Angelo Colts.200
9Jose OlmedaEdinburg Coyotes.194
10Bryce MorrisonAmarillo Dillas
San Angelo Colts
BAVG on Balls in Play - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1John AndersonSan Angelo Colts.430
2Braulio CastilloRio Grande WhiteWings.417
3Kevin BassSan Angelo Colts.413
4J.J. SherrillSan Angelo Colts.375
5Eddie WilsonEdinburg Coyotes.371
6Sergio CairoRio Grande WhiteWings.370
7Gary SchneidmillerAmarillo Dillas.368
8Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas.367
9John-Paul DavisAmarillo Dillas.363
10Bryce MorrisonAmarillo Dillas
San Angelo Colts
Walks Percentage - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Gary SchneidmillerAmarillo Dillas0.20
2Lorenzo GrijalvaEdinburg Coyotes0.19
3Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas0.18
4Kevin BassSan Angelo Colts0.16
4Adam BonnerAlexandria Aces0.16
6Bryce MorrisonAmarillo Dillas
San Angelo Colts
6Marcus LewisAmarillo Dillas
Alexandria Aces
6Omar BramascoRio Grande WhiteWings0.15
6Antoin GrayRio Grande WhiteWings0.15
6Josh TranumAlexandria Aces0.15
Strikeouts Percentage - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Trey BeamonAlexandria Aces0.09
1Danny BravoAmarillo Dillas0.09
1Matt GuilianoSan Angelo Colts0.09
1Robinson CancelEdinburg Coyotes0.09
1Keto AndersonAlexandria Aces0.09
6Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos0.10
6Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas0.10
8John AndersonSan Angelo Colts0.11
8Josh TranumAlexandria Aces0.11
8Lorenzo GrijalvaEdinburg Coyotes0.11
Strikeout-Walk Ratio - (untd)
RankPlayer NameTeam(s)Value
1Carlos FigueroaAmarillo Dillas0.56
2Lorenzo GrijalvaEdinburg Coyotes0.61
3Danny BravoAmarillo Dillas0.69
4Josh TranumAlexandria Aces0.73
5Gary SchneidmillerAmarillo Dillas0.77
5Omar BramascoRio Grande WhiteWings0.77
7Robinson CancelEdinburg Coyotes0.81
8Edwin MaldonadoLaredo Broncos0.85
9Eddie LaraEdinburg Coyotes0.87
10Rich PazAlexandria Aces0.96
300 record(s)